Was Barack Obama Once a Muslim and Indonesian Citizen?

Questions about Barack Obama’s background have been circulating since he first announced his intentions to run for president in 2007.  Even former U.S. President Bill Clinton openly declared his doubt on Obama’s birth and eligibility to run for president until it was reported that the life of his daughter Chelsea was threatened by someone associated with the Obama campaign.

There have been several lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility, but so far, the courts have ruled in favor of the President.  On behalf of over 200 residence of his county, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had his Cold Case Posse investigate the birth certificate presented by the White House as being that of Obama.  The investigation has discovered numerous pieces of evidence that indicate that the birth certificate and Selective Service Registration are both forgeries and constitute fraud.  Unfortunately, Congress appears to be impotent and unwilling to do anything about what could be the greatest case of fraud in the history of the United States and possibly all of history.

There has even been some question about whether or not Barack Hussein Obama was really born in Hawaii as he claims or in Kenya as they claim.  And to be honest, as often as he has lied to the American people about everything else, how can anyone trust him about this, especially when he has worked so hard and spent so much to hide his records.

Now, WND is reporting that they have information that indicates that Barack Hussein Obama was an Indonesian citizen during his youth.  According to the WND story, Wayne Allyn Root received a phone call from a Breitbart.com reporter claiming to have documentation proving that Obama at one time was an Indonesian citizen whose religion was listed as Muslim.  When Obama’s mother married her second husband and moved to Indonesia, he adopted Obama, making him a citizen of Indonesia.  Later on when young Obama attended public school, he was listed as a Muslim.

The WND article presents a lot more information, but I honestly feel that this close to the election that nothing will be done until after the elections in November.  Other than the few private lawsuits filed that have challenged Obama’s eligibility, no government official, no one in Congress, and no court is willing to broach the subject.  Whether they have been threatened as Chelsea Clinton was or are just plain scared of crossing the powerful backers behind Obama, no one really knows.  The only thing clear is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence is made available, Obama seems completely untouchable and this is the scariest aspect of it all.



  • Majorsteve

    It's a trick question. Obama is STILL a Muslim......Anyone who doubts that is just fooling
    themselves. . It's time for people in this country to wake up to the fact that BHO has no love loss towards Americans...Everything he has done, before and while in the WH, has been with an aim toward destroying our culture and our society....Shame on you if you haven't realized this yet...If this Socialist is re-elected in November America is toast.....

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542853208 'Amanda Pski'

      I sincerely doubt he will be reelected so much as bully, steal, lie, and cheat his way to it, as they do in most dictatorships. And there is not a soul in Washington speaking for WE THE PEOPLE! IF there were, He and a lot of others up there in that regime would be in prison if not dead for treason!

      • Vette66

        BO is sounding more and more like he has another half brothr, Hugo Chavez.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith

      The dream of Obama's father is a socialist utopia. That dream has no place in the United States of America or anywhere else where economic prosperity is valued and freedom is prized.

      • lindajoyadams

        Obama sr married a young woman pregnant with a dead man';s child? in Topeka, ks where he was born. see my facebook 7.26/12 stick to the issues and whether R@R can do better! it is a sotry of what happens when parent s don;t tell the child the truth of their origins. this is not a pplitical endorsement, but shows just how vicous both sides have been when the nation and constittuional rights of all are being shredded.

  • Wayne

    The real problem is not impotency of congress, it is the cowardliness of Congress. Congress has the full legal and moral backing to investigate these substantiated pieces of evidence. They have done so in the past for other Presidents, despite the liberal claim they haven't. Liberals are just betting you won't take the time to look up history and see the facts. And they are right, you won't.
    Representatives and Senators alike are so afraid of being called racist they won't even make the challenge. Yet you keep re-electing them. The liberals love you because they know the average Joe and Jane American won't do the research.

    • Wayne

      Incidentally, I know you won't look it up, but Chester A Arthur, the 21st President faced a major challenge as to his citizenship and the validity of his birth credentials. No one called it racist to challenge him. McCain, Goldwater and others have also been challenged. No one called it racist for their challenge. It is the right of the American people to challenge credentials when they have such a suspicious cover up.

      • sophistryproof

        It was Obama, Hilary and co. who challenged McCain's citizenship. Alinsky tactic, do to others what you don't want done to you, accuse others of what you are doing, first and cry fowl when you are challenged.

        • Givendoly

          Like Obama said " Those who won't show proof are people with something to hide". Again, reverse psychology in action!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542853208 'Amanda Pski'

        Our rights have diminished GREATLY under this administration. We've no right to ask much of him apparently!

        • Born Skeptik

          What rights have we lost?

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.nicoletti.54 John Nicoletti

        Pure and simple. They are all afraid of the Black outrage that would occur, if even a hint of impeachment was mentioned. Just think, the first Black President, being impeached by the white majority. It would never work, and the politicians would never touch it, for fear, their political carriers would be over. Sadly, only a black man could pull this off.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith

          That is one of the many reasons why I supported Herman Cain.

        • 1American1st

          Colonel Allen West is a Congressman, a patriot & a man of honor, and could present the challenge without being called a racist. Isn't it sad that the 21st Century is upon us & we have to think that way because so many black Americans have become anti-white racists since BHO became prez. Obama has divided this country along racial lines and caused more bitterness and hate than any time since the 60's. It has set black Americans back decades. We got along just fine until BHO & his horrible, hateful wife came on the scene. Maybe that is by design, to divide our country & destroy it. Like his stupid, racist remark "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon". That was a remark to keep blacks riled up & it worked. Look how many whites have been attacked, beaten, raped & even murdered in "revenge for Trayvon". I wish I had never heard Obama's name.

        • Screeminmeeme

          1American1st.........I would vote for Col West in a nanosecond. Hes a great American and a committed Christian...knows Islam well...and has no issue confronting marxists.

          I''d love to see him go head to head with Obama.
          There's no comparison between them.
          One is criminal and the other is a hero in my book.

        • Pebbles

          I agree, and I think he would make a great secretary of state.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Of course he would be called an Uncle Tom or even worse a racist. There is no rhyme or reason for any of this nonsense. If you are familiar with Alinsky it all makes sense(to them anyway).
          Our Congressman came out to speak to us last week. He said there were no articles of impeachment being considered. Basically we are on our own. That was also the message from John Roberts. He said the Supreme Court was not responsible for who was elected President. Again, we are on our own. I just pray that there are enough of us to make Obama go away.

        • Diogenese

          Yes, and because Allen West is very out-spoken, the Dems and liberals are really zeroing in on him now. They squelched Hernan Cain, pretty much, out of running ( would have voted for him) and now they're after West. Boehner is a joke as are the rest of our so-called elected representatives, with a few exceptions, like Rubio, perhaps.

        • BD Katt

          Not the first black president,he hates his white mother & identifies with marxists & mooslimes.You cannot impeach an illegal occupant of the WH,this would only validate him & all he has done.He must be removed,arrested & executed for his treasonous acts while sitting in the Presidential chair.The military should have already acted on this.Their oath to the Constitution is sacred,why are they waiting.Black outrage be damned.The Tree of Liberty requires feeding.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

          Precisely, BD! Black outrage be damned. Water the Tree of Liberty as required.... (the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor)

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

          Black outrage is completely overblown! Blacks constitute 13.1% of the population and most are concentrated in the slums of the inner cities. The are outnumbered almost 8:1, they are surrounded, outgunned, out-ammo'd and out trained. Once they burn down their ghettos in outrage, as they usually do, they will have sealed their fate. Having destroyed the infrastructure, the supermarkets and the utilities and are very quickly out of food and water they will either start killing each other and/or they will venture into the 'burbs where they will be picked off like ducks on a pond. It will be brutal and it will fortunately be brief.

          Bring it black bad azzes, we here in middle America will appreciate the target practice.....

        • eve hunter

          one to one you can get along with black people. when the odds change they will start in on a white. when i (teacher) was transferred to a black school they made life uncomfortable for me. if the whites ate lunch together the blacks complained. if we ate with them they made constant remarks to annoy us. we couldn't win. then we just left them alone to be together. to hell with them.

      • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

        Wayne Wayne Wayne. Grow a brain son! All these other characters where white, as were all of their challengers. What are you talking about? All of the challenges were as frivolous too, just like the birthers.

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

          I suppose you will be first in line to start shooting anyone who didn't support OBUMER when he looses ?

        • omgic

          Robert, don't worry about sunset. He is a lib and obviously a democrat. He does not know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of!!!

        • danstewart

          Sunset, it's time to go back to sleep, or at least get out of the US. You are evidently a lying lib dumocrat. You may even be a commie, I don't know, but one sure thing, your intelligence level is so low it's probably not measureable.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Sunset Parker.......Do tell...........As a racist, what's it like to be a part of a Marxist movement, licking the boots of your dear leader?

        • BD Katt

          Screem,That aint his boots she's licking.

        • lindajoyadams

          Birthers have known for some time Pres obama born in Topeka,,ks of native born Americans. They just keep collecting moey and won't go get the records. See my facebook 7 /26/12 and forward. My mom took her to hospital in Topeka,

      • BD Katt

        Arthur was "native"born,his father not a citizen at his birth,therefore not a "natural "born citizen & ineligible for P/VP.This info,hidden by him, was discovered after he was out of office

        • Zagros

          That is your opinion. The idea that the fathers of citizens must themselves be citizens has not been tested in court for the natural born citizens ruling to apply and the Supreme Court has declined to rule on that point yet. By the way, Charles Curtis (31st Vice President of the United States) was not born in the United States (he was born in Kansas Territory before it became a state) and was not solely American as he claimed and held Kaw citizenship (a native American tribal affiliation).

        • Givendoly

          And so, then what happened? Can we convict obama after bieng ousted from office by election? What if he cheats his way into staying? Don't be so sure he hasn't wrapped up the election in his favor AGAIN.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Add to that the cowardliness of the courts. There have been many brave men and women who have put themselves in harms way, and many have died, to keep this country secure. The fact that these people in congress and the courts are "to afraid" to put themselves in harms way to protect this country so they can keep their jobs says loads.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542853208 'Amanda Pski'

        not cowardice by the courts. Rewriting of our constitution by our courts. ALSO by design. And yes, again, there is NOBODY up on the hill speaking for WE THE PEOPLE, but there are all kinds of acts against America happening from our very "leadership">

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Mathis/1207714182 Ron Mathis

        I watched the whitewater and travel office hearings pertaining to clinton and they were a joke! Idiots such as Dodd would hold up a piece of paper that someone signed and say, "You didn't sign this, did you?"

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        Stop & THINK ? WE are defeating the Radical ISLAMISTs in the middle east so this is thier way of infiltrting us with a MUSLIM to take OUR COUNTRY over without a fight !!!!! He is DESTROYING OUR CoUNTRY little by little and WE are allowing it along with our CONGRESS !!!! Wake up , NOVEMBER is not FAR AWAY !!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

          All they have to do is waltz across the border.

    • joanc

      I wonder, if they what they are really afraid of is inciting riots from various groups who stand with Obama. I didn't understand why he disliked the peaceful Tea Party, but was so "gung- ho" for the out of control occupiers,and their criminal acts, but now I do. The occupiers, could join with other hate groups, and eagerly cause rioting in the streets to take America over. As Rham Emanuel once said-- "never waste an opportunity." .Believe me, this President, will follow that premise, when the need arises. Lets hope it's not before we vote him out.

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        Look what is happening to Chicago since Emmanuel became Mayor ! MORE CRIME THAN EVER !! YES, You are EXACTLY RIGHT when it comes to them being afraid ! The NEW BLACK PANTHERS are already set for NOVEMBER, watch the killings that will go NATION WIDE !!
        The OCCUPIERS , were paid for by OBUMERS people and ALL thye want is EVERYTHING FREE and he is giving it to them !!

        • joanc

          Robert, You and I get exactly what is going on, but so many don't , either because they work long hours, have children to attend to, or just don't have time to keep up. I hope some will become enlightened by co workers, friends or on net sites, that will open their eyes, that is if they can filter out the jerks who think Obama is King, and can do no wrong. They are legion, unfortunately..

    • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

      The only thing the birthers have been able to substantiate about Barack Obama is his eligibility for the office of president. Of that there is no doubt. The birther freaks' inability to substantiate any of their claims has, however, been thoroughly substantiated. That's why y'all have been laughed - and I mean laughed - out of every single court you've been able to get in.

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        I'm not a birther BUT I am a Natural BORN US CITIZEN and I don't like the way OBUMER is destroying MY COUNTRY ! Race & color has NOTHING to do with how he is destroying My COUNTRY!! BUT, I WILL BE READY to defend myself come NOVEMBER when he LOOSES !!

        • lindajoyadams

          Amen! stick to the issues and whether R@R can do better? Will someone get this birth reocrds out of Toepka, Ks.?

      • Screeminmeeme

        Sunset Parker......Whether or not he is a natural born citizen, he is destroying this Country with YOUR complicity and you don't have an ounce of guilt about it.

        You and those like you are pathetic sycophants who would sell their own grandmothers to advance their marxist ideologies.


        • eve hunter

          i don't care whether he has a certificate or not. he is a stupid assh-le and deserves to be voted out and ignored.

      • Pebbles

        You are deluded! If that were the case, why has he spent millions to keep it under wraps? He has also done the same with his college transcripts, and there is a lot in the news this week on that very subject. It also would confirm that he was a foreign exchange student. How else do you think a poor person such as he professed to be in his own book, afford an education at Occidential, Columbia and Harvard? God gave you a brain, I suggest you start to use it and stop repeating the pathetic pundancies you have chosen to expound upon. He does not deserve the loyalty he is being given in the wake of his lies and anti-American actions. Just his turning over our missle storage information to Russia and promising to be more flexible after his re-election should be enough to make you think twice about him. If not, I feel sorry for you. And if he is re-elected, you will no longer have the right to voice your own oppinions, and America will cease to exist as we know it.

    • 1American1st

      Exactly why I keep saying, "Vote them all out", especially the Democrats. They ALL need to go, except Colonel Allen West, so we can get some fresh, patriotic Americans who will represent the interests of legal American citizens.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/DE-Navarro/707890428 DE Navarro

      When the CIA tells you to back off because National Secrets are at stake, Congress tucks its tails. It is going to take someone strong enough to say, hey, who put the CIA in charge? And then reveal all the cover-up for Obama. Obama was a CIA agent in the 80s between the US and Taliban. Look it up. Enough is out there for you to make your own decision.

      • BD Katt

        Informant,NOT an agent.Like he was a lecturer,not a professor.Like he is an Indonesian citizen,not an American.Like he is a mooslime,not a christian.He just hosted another iftar at the WH,absent all jewelry.


      You need to lay off the K.A., The Republican House has passed over 30 pieces of Major Legislation including three Budgets and Jobs Bills and the Senate controlled by the Democrats has shelved them all and not allowed a vote and denying the American people a vote on the floor of the Senate yet Obama and the Democrats have convinced people that it is the Republicans that are the Obstructionists and here you are talking about the :Cowardice of Congress. You are part of the attitude that allows this to happen due to your posts.

    • Military Vet

      Bohener the yellow belly has no back bone to do anything,this guy needs to be voted out of office also. Re-Elect no one. time for term limits. Lots of Treason going on in DC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-P-Delaney/1405268840 James P. Delaney

    All true. Note, however, that overlooked is the fact that since he was under 18 while in Indonesia means that he could not have renounced or otherwise lost his US Citizenship, this per our own Immigration & Nationality Act. (I believe it's 329(5)(a). That said, if Breitbart does, in fact, have incontrovertible proof that Barry was an Indonesian Citizen--and I haven't seen the proof as yet--such would render Barry a dual citizen, and the Framers would never, ever have intended that a dual citizen would be eligible for the office of President/Commander-in-Chief.

    • spidermike

      Let's put aside for a moment where Obama was born and the issue of dual citizenship. Apparently, while in Indonesia, Ann Dunham had Barry removed from her passport and did not apply for one for him. Did he get an Indonesian passport? Did he later use that passport to self-identify as a foreign student in order to get preferential entrance and financial treatment while attending Occidental and Columbia? Is that the reason he has had a battalion of lawyers shielding his college records? Like Wayne Alan Root says, if he is so smart, got such good grades, why hide his school records? And if he was just an average student, why would it matter after all these years, especially since he is now president? No, there is something else in the records that is a game changer. If not an eligibility game changer, something that would tear apart his entire specious personal narrative that convinced so many to vote for him. All politicians embellish, but Obama's entire personal story may well be a work of fiction. If he lied about virtually everything before being elected, how can he be trusted on anything now? How would you feel about a girl you met, were head over hells in love with and then found out she was a prostitute and ex-felon? Would you still want to take her home to mom? Probably not, she would be fun to party with but not to marry. The voters would have the same reaction to Obama. Fool me one, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Heck, if you or I lie on a job application regarding a degree, previous work experience or salary and it is later uncovered, we get fired. Should not the same happen to Obama?

      • joanc

        He had to give up his law license, because some reports claim he lied on his documentation The report went on to say he withdrew, rather than have to appear before a board. The lies from him are what we've come to expect, but where were the board members who knew in 2008, but didn't speak up?

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

          also remember Michelle LOST her LICENSES for INSURANCE FRAUD about the same time?? SO we have 2 Frauds in the White House !!

        • joanc

          Where were all the researchers, when Obama's name was entered into the race? Many of them, had to know about him and the Chi town way, ,just as Nancy Pelosi did when she signed off on his paperwork to run. Did someone grease the palms of those in the know, it sure looks like it ,and from the reporting on some channels, it is still in play. To paraphrase an old saying from World War 2, Never have so many, hid so much to fool the citizens, they were selected to represent. I find the bias of the press, is disheartening and feels like the loss of an old friend. .My local daily paper of thirty years, will once in a blue moon, carry a cartoon that laughs at Obama, but not in a cruel way. The many other cartoons they print, almost daily, constantly skewer Romney, with malice and disrespect. They had the gall, to make fun of a Priest in a confessional, talking to a distressed woman about birth control.and it was offensive. It is very obvious the paper never prints a cartoon, that might be offensive to another religion..Could the reason be, the other religion might be as accepting to the paper insulting their beliefs,and might retaliate? I am going to retaliate, in my own way, by not renewing when my subscription runs out in November, maybe I'll be lucky by voting both the paper and Obama out of my life.

        • lindajoyadams

          most of congress can;t read. reason we are in trouble now!

        • joanc

          They can't add either, all they want to do is reward their friends back in their home states, which is acceptable at times, for projects that help the citizens of the area. However, they also never miss a chance to opt out of programs like Obamacare,and to give waivers to friends who are their big donors. They work a few days a year, and never seem to get things done, even when they had the majority in both houses. The only stinker they put forth was Obama care, written by a Soros org. and a few other insiders, and was completed in the middle of the night during the Holiday season,because it was to be their leaders Signature Act. It didn't matter that the majority of US citizens, did not like it or want it and expressed their views, only to be called ASTROTURF by Botox Pelosi who admitted she never read the bill, nor did anyone else in either party have the chance to read it, despite Obama's promise to post a major bill 72 hours before a vote, it never happened. The one good thing we learned, is our Elected officials do not read before signing some bills, no wonder we are in such dire straits. My gut instinct is to read before I sign, Doesn't everybody? Maybe, because it's not their money ,they don't feel it's necessary, but it is disturbing.

      • lindajoyadams

        What was on his passport when he arrived in washignton st in 1/71 when i saw him the second time. with his grandmother. When was the removal, when he got his own to come? he came by himself. Birth in Topeka, ks

    • David in MA

      obozo is not the commander in chief, he can only assume that title if the country is engaged in a declared war, we are not.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4JEYX35VKREUP4AZNP4RAV4WA Susan

        No, he's the chain smoking muslim in thief!

      • RonMar

        David, as usual, you are wrong. The President is POTUS/CINC by title regardless of whether we are in a declared war or not. If you believe otherwise please share your evidence so all readers here can verify it.

    • Sandman

      Yes correct but if he was listed as a foriegn student for college he has then declared himself as something other then a US citizen. This in itself would cost him his claim to being an American citizen. This is why it is so important to unseal these records. A full investigation by our Congress should have been taken. The lying, cheating and immorality must stop in the leadership of Our country. We the People must take back our America and elect the right people to lead us.

      • lindajoyadams

        We need to know: when did he ow he was born in toeka, ks and that his real dad was amiercan> he may never have been told! I have e-mailed the witehouse whoite i have psoted on my facebook.

    • RonMar

      Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at the time Barack Hussein Barry Obama Sotero Davis was an Indonesian citizen.

      • lindajoyadams

        Wo said davis was his dad? not me! see my facebook

        • RonMar

          I'm not interested in your FB. If you imagine you have something worthwhile to say, please say it here.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      Leads to more suspisious reason that Brietbart was killed?

      • lindajoyadams

        My death was orderde back a decade ago and the survival of my family and i is increasingly worse by those who don't want the truth out and don't want him to know? only gettng worse is reason i have come forward with what I know. Obama born in Toepka, ks.

    • lindajoyadams

      Thank you . doen';t one adoeted by a foreigner have the right still to declare by age 22? The natural parentst were americans from Toepka, ks where he was born.

  • Christopher P Smith

    It appears to be hopeless in terms of ever knowing the truth or seeing documentation of Obama's true personal history, and combined with a most cowardly Congress [fearful of the cry of racism] Obama has this country and its people in a stranglehold. He also has accumulated more executive power in the last 8 months than any president in history, by edict, fiat and executive orders. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama is without doubt a malevolent dictator, unstoppable, and anti-American. We do not care what color his skin, for he is dragging this once great nation down to unsustainable third world status. America is likely doomed, unless there is a 21st Century American Revolution. Good luck, America. Good luck.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

      I, for one, am not afraid of being called a racist. I have been called a lot worseby people much higher in the government than the poor, dellusional staff at Obama's campaign headquarters.
      And do you no what? It hasn't hurt me at all and I palin don't give a "hoot" what they say.


        Roger I'm w/you~!!~I could care less if some lame wit calls me a racist. Matter of fact I enjoy the hell out of it. My reply`?~~ "I am just as much a racist as you are"~!!~Amazing to watch them stutter to that admittance, then observe them stumbling for a reply~!~It absolutely makes my day because they don't expect it & don't know how to reply.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

      The blacks only constitute 13.1% of the population and they play the race card at the changing of the wind. Who cares about their cries of racism? Let them carry on about it before, during and after the investigation into the utter fraud seated in the Awful/Offal/Oaf-full Office. The people have a right to know who this Flim Flam man really is, the wishes of the black population be damned!

    • lindajoyadams

      Starts at his birth in topeka, ks and moves forward from there.Grandfather assumed the name of stanly dunham, he was Daniel wayne Pope ad family rumor is he is the mr X that met with jimfgarriosn in wahsngnton, dc. about the JFK assassination

  • Screeminmeeme

    According to Islam.....once a muslim........always a muslim........or die.
    Obama has professed to have become a Christian...and yet no fatwa has been released demanding his death for leaving Islam.

    Why? Cause he didn't leave it at all but is practicing deception....al taquiya...the lying sanctioned by allah in order to advance Islam. His lies have bought the truth of many Americans....which he will use against them at a later date.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542853208 'Amanda Pski'

      when did he profess to have become a Christian? I don't believe he answers questions on his faith either?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Mathis/1207714182 Ron Mathis

        He at least pretends to be a Christian, if that's what you call someone who sits and listens to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years. When he does a church photo op he goes to a Christian church, yet ignores the National Day of Prayer every year and honors Ramadan at the WH.

        • Larry

          This is a typical minion of the devil. He is known for not what he says but what he follows. (what he does)

        • Remington 870

          I remember the interview and was stunned to see Step-In-dork-u-los correct Obama. This interview was an omen for how the Red Media would cover for Obama. Someone is going to produce the necessary evidence proving Obama was and is a foreign citizen. Then what?

        • mfernandez57MN

          "Then what?" Then Nothing.

          The evidence has already been presented and promptly buried by all the media, FOX included; and let's not forget the entire House and Senate, and all presidential candidates `08 and `12, who, knowing at the least, that obummer's qualifications to be president were questionable at best, didn't allow the questions to be asked; i.e., his associations with Bill Ayers and co., Rev. Wright, His B.C., SSN, Selective Service Card, etc., etc. None of them would allow any serious questions be asked or allowed, and so, they are all accomplices before, during, and after the fact, in allowing a non-qualified, anti-American, Muslim(?), socialist become president.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZEOQODRWSKBJEQWKYJKATYCX2U iwojimafan

          The video of Obama saying he was born in Kenya is on you Tube, All anyone has to do is put it on National TV and to the courts, that is if they are either too scared or been bought off.

        • marny

          The YouTube video is a "fake" and even says so. Look at it closely and read about the team who doctored it - "ObammaSnippets". They did it as a joke!

        • OleDad48

          In "The Amateur" (Ed Klein) Jeremiah Wright is quoted as saying he **does not know** if BHO ever became a Christian. He mentored him, taught him, how to speak to Christians. Gotta read this NYT best seller on what Obama's friends and supporters said about him.

        • opar5

          But Ron, he attended but admitted he couldn't remember Wright's most memorable, fiery sermons. He apparently wasn't listening, so what does that tell you about why he was sitting there? Islam blesses those who claim to embrace some other religion - if it advances Islam; if it doesn't, they'll be killed for apostasy IAW Islamic doctrine: Koran 6:158 - "A veritable sign has now come to you from your Lord, a guide and a benison. And who is more wicked than the man who denies the revelations of God and turns away from them? Those that turn away from Our revelations shall be sternly punished for their indifference." (among many others)

        • David S. McQueen

          He has skated by, like he did in college, attending a black supremecist church to bolster his street cred. He never went there for the religion, just attended to show that he was one of the brothers.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

          I would call this a Black Nationalist church and Obummer a lying Muslim.

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.barinas Joe Barinas

          In the church of Jeremiah Wright ,Obama is the High Priest of Assholism!

      • RonMar

        In his infamous interview with George Stephanopoulos, Obama said "my Muslim faith." An obedient Leftist Dem Lib media slug little Georgie corrected him.

        • John the Hospitaller

          And the coward Stephanopoulos is an Orthodox Catholic from NY.
          Eastern (Orthodox) Christians have been persecuted by Muslims for
          14 centuries. Stepanopoulos sacrificed his faith and nation for an interview.

        • RonMar

          Thanks for the info. I was not aware of Georgie's faith belief other than Liberalism. His greed got the best of him.

        • the leader

          stephanopoulos is a Gay Blade anyway and is a joke. I believe him about as much as I do O BUM A

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Don't all liberals do that. Think Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Sebilius, Napolitano etc ad nauseum. They are all the devil incarnate.

        • MIKE6080

          They are only demons , barry is satan their leader

        • Bob N

          Stephanopoulos doesn't care anything about faith or truth. Remember when he was Clinton's press secretary?

        • cyberhackster

          And George "Step on all of us" corrected him like a good DemocRAT

        • whackajig

          George S. did NOT correct him. He helped ovomit cover up a faux pas which revealed his true religion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183833160 Brian H Hale

          yeah they want you to believe a christian could .actually make that mistake and then there always advertising that 50 percent of america cant tell you what religion as if we could all make that mistake

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

          There is NO way that an ex Muslim would make that mistake. Converting from Islam is not like converting to or from anything in America... In Islam, if you leave, there is an automatic fatwa on you for any Muslim to kill you because you are an apostate. Trust me, I have many ex Muslim friends who live with this fear everyday. If you have converted, you would NOT make that mistake. I don't believe that he converted but he is practicing taqiyya, lying for the sake of Islam, and kitman, withholding information for the sake of Islam.

        • Read

          Incorrect. Check your facts RonMar.

        • buzzard

          Get Real! Snopes is a Left Wing gang that pretends to fact check. Actually they cover the lies of their masters.
          Fact checking with Snopes is equivalent to checking with Obama to see if what he just said was true.

        • RonMar

          Read you are a funny person but at the same time a pathetically sad case
          living your life on false assumptions and lies that you most likely tell
          yourself first.

          I don't need to check my facts. You need to check out snopes.com and learn exactly who they are by their names,
          citizenships and political

          You falsely assumed I did not check my facts and needed to do so, then
          cited snopes. com as an authority. That
          is what makes you both a funny person and at the same time a pathetically sad

          I saw the interview. I know exactly what Obama and Stephanopolous said.
          Not only that but I also know what
          Obama said in his two purported autobiographies, another statement about the
          Muslim call to prayer being the sweetest sound he has ever heard, his apologies
          to Muslims for us and our country, what Muslims have said about him - calling
          him one of them - how he has handled Judeo-Christian and Muslim observances as POTUS/CINC, why he attended "G-D America" Wright's church in
          Chicago teaching Black Liberation Theology and honoring Nation of Islam leader Louis
          Farrakhan, how many times he has gone to a Christian church or service since
          becoming POTUS/CINC, and more.

          Obama is a Muslim. There is no doubt about it. He is also a Marxist. Your
          trying to claim he is not either of those and citing snopes.com is laughable and only makes you look like a fool
          on a worldwide, public site.

          The only thing I expect to hear further from you and the only thing I am likely to
          respond to from you is that you have checked out snopes.com, your admission that
          you are wrong and your apology to me. Thank you.

        • Taydwa

          Don't trust Snopes - it is done by a very liberal couple, from all I've read.

      • Sama

        His Baptism records are also 'sealed'.

        • Givendoly

          WHAT BAPTISM?

        • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

          Born again records, they kept records and usually it was published in a church bulletin that you joined that Rev Wright's G-d Dam church. When you change religion you baptized the old fashion way by claiming christ as my savior and dunked in a pool, I'm sure a black church would and still do it that way., it was to wash all your sins away when you joined your new religion.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jpatton Joseph Carlson Patton

        Before the 2008 elections he was interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren. Warren asked Obama what he thought about Jesus and about his(Obama's) Christian faith. Obama gave all the textbook answers about Jesus and even admitted to being Christian at that time. Even though a lot of us saw thru it, many did not. In a seprate interview/speech he claimed that he became a Christian in his 20's. But, I think that the point remains the same. Even if he is not Muslim, he definitely is not a Christian.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Joseph Carlson Patton...In his own bio, he said that when he was working as a community organizer in the city, he had his offices in inner city churches and saw the faith of those people and became a Christian.

          1. That is not how one is saved.
          2. One does not deny the Christ who is the Savior
          3. Christians don't mock the Bible as he has on several occasions.
          4. Literally EVERYTHING the man does is out of political expediency. Its not hard to see his using his claim of being a Christian to gain the trust with those inner city church goers.

        • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

          he became a christian after he & michele were married in 1992 and she told him he needed to change religion like it was his dirty drawers, if he was going to run for office so he was in his middle 30's. not 20 years old.

        • 81643

          That is an understatement! He is as much a muslim as the pope is a catholic!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

          He has never denounced Islam... and that is the key. "by their fruit you will know them..."

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/DE-Navarro/707890428 DE Navarro

        Amanda, you haven't been watching or done research - he professed it all the time in his first campaign which led to the whole Jeremiah Wright scandal, and in his books, and during many interviews he's stated he was Christian. But all his actions show he is Muslim, he prays with them, bows to them, and supports their influence in the US while he pushes Christianity down.

        • Screeminmeeme

          DE Navarro....And I think we will learn after he leaves office (maybe from some of the WH staff of housekeepers, etc) that he went in the little room off the Oval Office to pray on his little muslim rug.

        • Pebbles

          Yes, and the yellow drape we see behind him instead of the American flag or presidential seal, actually has islamic writing on it. I noticed that the flag reappeared when he started campaigning in ernest. How interesting.

        • marny

          Oh for heaven's sake! That gold drape has hung in that same spot all through the GW Bush administration. Some of you should actually visit the White House and see it up close and personal for yourselves. There ARE NO ISLAMIC symbols on it! What are you guys doing? Writing your own conspiracy theory novel?

        • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

          is that the same little room monica changed into her blue dress that clinton threw up on

        • Screeminmeeme

          jude...........Yes...but Clinton didn't throw up on that little blue dress. It was another precious bodily fluid.

        • 81643

          Good one jude!!

        • 81643

          Wouldn't it be a thrill if the CIA or secret service would plant James Bond type undetectable cameras and listening devices wherever he goes to kneel on his prayer rug and praise Allah? The technology is most definitely available and the CIA/secret service has the capability to pull it off. The problem with that scenario is that they don't have the BALLS!!! Even they are scared sh--less of dumbo ears and his backers!

      • B. W. Wright

        Only one time that I know of and I wanted to throw up! I saw it on TV. Then he went to church one time after that.

      • Screeminmeeme

        "Amanda Pski'...Where have you been? He's talked several times about being a Christian and attended Rev Wright's ''church'' for 20 years. (Wright is a Black Liberation preacher, a heretical teaching based on marxism....so it's no surprise that Obama went there).

        He is a poser....a phoney. He has said and done things that NO TRUE CHRISTIAN would ever do.

        He gave an interview to a Chicago newspaper reporter about his ''faith''. In it he said that he wasn't sure that there was a hell and that Jesus was just one of many ways to God....while Jesus himself said that HE was the ONLY WAY.

        Obama has mocked the Bible many times...ignored and insulted Christian pastors/leaders...ordered Christian pastors to stop using the name of Jesus in their prayers.....wouldn't allow Franklin Graham to speak to our troops........ignored Christian holidays and National Day of Prayer while celebrating Ramadan and having dinners in the White House for muslims.

        He is NOT a Christian......is anti-American.....and evil.

        • BD Katt

          Can you say.....mooslime...& gay crackhead

        • wkelly10103


        • Pebbles

          And he has also stated in a speech, was it in Egypt?, that America is no longer a Christian nation. It is also rumored that his wife did not go to the middle east with him because being a muslim, she would have to wear a burka and walk so many steps behind her husband, and BO could not allow his true faith to come out.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Pebbles...Yep....Michelle has never accompanied him to a muslim country for those reasons.

      • SkipSC

        I wish I could remember who interviewed Obama concerning his alleged Christian faith [seem to remember it was Franklin Graham], but his answer gave no indication that he was a Christian as defined in the Bible. His answer was something to the effect that he was a nice guy and so deserved Heaven. There was no mention of repentance, asking for forgiveness, the shed blood of Christ, and trusting Him to save him. Like everything else about Obama, it's all about himself. Unlike his usurpation of the Constitution, our Creator God won't let him get away with ignoring His requirements!

        • Screeminmeeme

          SkipSC.....In 2004, Obama was interviewed by Cathleen Falsani of the Chicago SunTimes, about his faith. In it he says that he is a Christian, but goes on to say that he's not sure there's a heaven or hell and believes that Jesus is just one of many ways to God.

          Like the tare among the wheat that the Lord warned us about, Obama is a poser, backed by satan himself, and bent on deceiving the church.

          You can find a transcript of the interview here:


      • wkelly10103

        he claimed to be a methodist. at least he did once...

      • jo_ella

        I don't believe he is a Christian, he celebrates Ramadan.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      I have always believed that, islam would grant anything to further the cause, just like they have sanctioned people to have bombs shoved up the @$$ and must have anal sex to enable the packing of whatever, so they will stoop to anything, given the fact they kill all homos, If this all comes to fruition, WATCH THE HOMOS SLITHER BACK TO THE CLOSETS............these morons that still want this @$$hole in the oval office are complete degenerates.

      • CMY


      • Givendoly

        The Homo thing was just a ploy to get their votes.

      • Esther Mae Egan

        I do not understand why Americans do not see Obama and Hitler as the same. What the government can give it can take away. Hitler used the homosexual, Gypsy, and even some Jews to get what he wanted and then gassed them. Obama uses and disposes Here in Central Valley California, Obama used the Mexicans to get into office and then turned the water off forcing their jobs to dry up. What I do not understand is why Obama gets free pass about his involvement with Larry Sinclair.

        • opar5

          Esther, Hitler took a humiliated, beaten Germany, made the nation strong and salvaged German pride (we needn't discuss how he used it against Jews, Gypsies and those who'd humiliated Germany in WWI); Obama has taken the most successful and richest nation this world has ever seen and crippled us, divided us and nearly bankrupted us. Obama's working books are the "Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis," to overextend and bring down Government, by overloading the U.S. welfare system and bankrupting the nation, and Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Any clearer now?

        • http://twitter.com/ricoSacto ricoSacto


        • Victor

          Aman, To bad Obomber isn't Hitler, Hitler wasn't the bad guy! do some research/homework , All these Dems and Republicrats are in the same club! and as George Carlin put it, and u my friends are not in it, When u find out that U don't have a voice who is in the selected 2 b in the Oval, Only then will u have woken up.[ ZIONIST ] THE HANDLERS RULES WA. AND HOLLYWOOD, THE MEDIA AND THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD INCLUDING DISNEY WORLD 33RD DEGREE

        • MIKE6080

          First of all , remember that welfare is easy to get in California and barry wants to eliminate the work clause in welfare. There are over 100 million getting benefits not counting ss.larry sinclair would never be brought up by the liberal media, in fact how many people except homosexuals know this about their champion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

          Not if you are an Amerian citizen. I tried to get Medical for my daughter who was going to need medical help because she was born premature and they said I made too much money to get help. I was an E6 in the Navy and all alone. But Juan can jump the border and get section 8 housing, food stamps, Medical, and a cell phone with NO proof of anything... all I needed was help with medical because the Navy did not cover all of it for dependants! Thanks California!!! They deserve to be bancrupt!

        • politicstick

          Cut California off on the dotted line!!!

        • NancyJ

          I hope you eventually got help. Try a Catholic hospital. They helped my daughter when she had no where to go.
          She lost her job in Colorado, had Cobra, unemployment was so low that it wouldn't pay the premiums.

        • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelHONeill Mike O'Neill

          so much for the military taking care of its own again.... been there done that..... RM1 USN RET.

        • dee

          but this is not a new thing. this has been coming for a long long time..it isn't right, so i in no way condone it, but all this has been happening a long while, it is just now so huge it has finally gotten attention.

        • librtyship

          If you want to stop all of this garbage, vote out the Democrats in November. California in particular will be the first to go over the cliff as the place is on the brink of financial collapse and has been totally Democrat controlled for the past 15+ plus years. Ranking wise California has gon drom the top to the very bottom and now the Democrats are taking this nation down the same road! Kick out the Democrats or lose your country!

        • Victor

          Listen Pepole! Forget this Repub and Dem Bullshit , JFK was the last Prez 2 b elected, The only Prez 2 try 2 do anything for the USA, aND IT GOT HIM KILLED! AND JUST IN CASE U DON'T KNOW IT THAT WAS George Bush SR'S orders as he was CIA at the time Since then they have been selected, Both D $ R SO AS 2 MAKE U THINK U HAVE A CHOICE [ U DON'T] Just like with John McAmnesty and Sara Palin, were selected 2 lose just like the illegal alien was selected 4 the Oval!! Obomber has stated on an open mike that the powers that be destroyed Ron Paul so their new man would be his opponent, This is a total joke passing the Oval back and forth like it was G.D football! Believe it or don't, This is the way it is, U all better wtfu while u still can, In other words get yer head out of yer ass h.

        • pollyatlanta

          BTW ... the bathhouse stories are NOT in the 2016 movie. Surprised but it did lined him up with the worst of the worst.

        • exshuttleguy

          In February 1932 Hitler was found to be ineligible to run for any office in Germany since he was born and reared in Austria. On March 13, 1932 Hitler waselected president of the Nazi party. On January 31, 1933 the Nazi party came to power in Germany.

        • librtyship

          As it says in the Bible "they have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but do not hear"

      • Paul Christensen

        What else do they have so they keep grasping atr straws. They are not smart enough to know their ars from a hole in the ground.

      • Raymond

        Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) admits that he was born in Kenya.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZEOQODRWSKBJEQWKYJKATYCX2U iwojimafan

          @disqus_2YMn2BTEfN:disqus you are so right about that video on you tube and I have it as one of my top sites. My question to Sheriff Joe and anyone else that has taken this ILLEGAL OBAMA to court have not shown this Video to every Judge. If after seeing that video,any judge that does not disqualify Barry, is either aLEFT WING LUNATIC OR IS AFRAID TO RULE AGAINST HIM FOR FEAR OF THERE LIFE

        • Victor

          For fear of theirs and their family's life's, The handlers know where they live where their children go to school, and besides all that they get paid B.F'ING M. by Powers that beeeeeeeeee

      • http://twitter.com/ricoSacto ricoSacto


    • CMY


    • rosemarienoa

      Well said Screeminmeeme!!! I have never believed a thing this creep has said.....& I never will!!! He never tells the truth!

    • Notademass

      and.... why does he remove his wedding band and watch during ramadan as required by Islamic law? And says his wedding band is out for repairs -- when is the last time you knew an man to have his simple gold wedding band needing repair??? i have never known of one man - ever......

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

      You are right once a muslim always a muslim. But, if you take a look at what type of "Christianity" Obama or King Barry believes in you might not be so surprised that he is a muslim. In Hawaii he was a Unitarian which is not in my opinion really Christianity. Then we have him in Wrights church not because he believes in GOD but, because it was politically expedient to belong to a church while he was a community organizer. A muslim is allowed to lie, cheat, steal and kill in the name of "allah" a Arab moon god. So what kind of person do you think he turned out to be a believer in GOD or a false Idol that allows you to do what you wish

      • Zagros

        Your opinion of Unitarianism does not matter. Look at what Unitarians themselves say, that is all that matters.
        "Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion with Jewish-Christian roots."
        Source: http://www.uua.org/association/index.shtml
        Thus, by their own admission, they are not Christian and have not been Christian since at least 1961 when they were founded as a merger of the Unitarians (believers in the unity of God, not the trinine God) and the Universalists (believers that everyone is saved), both of which did at one point in time argue that they were Christian.
        In fact, they are closer to Muslims and Jews than Christians since they reject both trinity (the Unitarian tradition) and the notion that you must go through Jesus to be saved (the Universalist tradition).
        I would caution you, however, not to argue that earlier Unitarians were not Christian, unless you want to admit that the following Presidents were not Christian (since all of these US Presidents were officially Unitarians):
        John Adams
        John Quincy Adams
        Millard Fillmore
        William Howard Taft

        • Screeminmeeme

          Unitarianism is a cult.....portraying itself as Christianity which teaches doctrines which contradict the doctines of the faith. It also believes the Bible is full of errors and not inspired.

          It teaches that "Human reason and experience should be the final authority in determining spiritual truth," which is most revealing about this cult. Instead of God and his word being the final authority on truth
          and error, or right and wrong, Unitarian Universalists subject God and his word to their understanding, feeling, and reason.

          In other words, its a subjective experience that verifies that one is saved...not the inerrant Word of God.

        • Zagros

          Unitarian Universalism is not and has never been a "cult". By definition, a cult is "A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object" or "A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister."
          There is no overarching person or object that is venerated, so it fails to be a cult by definition 1. It is not a "relatively small group of people" who have "strange or sinister" beliefs or practices -- indeed, they have no real beliefs or practices or creed, so it is not a cult by definition 2. It is, however, by its own admission NOT Christian.
          Still, if you castigate pre-1920 Unitarianism as "not Christian" then you cannot simultaneously argue that all Presidents have been Christian nor can you even say that the founding fathers were all Christian. Remember that John Adams (2nd US President and 1st US Vice President) was a Unitarian (as was his son, John Quincy Adams, 6th US President and promulgator of the Monroe Doctrine).

        • Screeminmeeme


          I disagree.

          1. A cult is a religious group originating as a heretical sect and maintaining fervent commitment to heresy. Cults contain deviations from the doctrines of historic orthodox Christianity. The numbers of members involved are incidental.

          The Christian cult claims to have the truth of Christ and salvation but they deny one or more of the core doctrines of the Christian faith.

          Areas that are usually in conflict with Biblical teachings are: Who is Jesus, How is one saved, What is the final source of authority, Do they accept the concept of the Trinity. The Unitarian Universalist Church meets the criteria to be defined as a cult.

          2.Unitarian Universalism is a fairly small, yet widely influential, cult. Having some 300,000 registered members, mostly in the United States, they are becoming more and more popular.

          The Unitarian Universalist name comes from their denial of the doctrine of the Trinity and their belief that all human beings gain salvation. According to Universalists, the mere idea someone might go to hell is not compatible with the character of a loving God. Its roots go all the way back to the sixteenth century when Unitarian beliefs became popular during the Reformation.

          Unitarian thought and Universal thought were merged together during the late eighteenth-century in America during the Age of Reason. The intellectual elite of that time refused to believe in such biblical teachings as total depravity and eternal damnation, but rather embraced the idea of a loving God who would never cause someone to suffer.

          Adherents of Unitarian Universalism base their beliefs primarily upon their own experiences and are not committed to any one religious system. They believe that individuals have the right to decide for themselves what to believe in and that others should not infringe upon this right. As a result, one such believer might lean toward liberal Christianity, while another might lean toward New Age spirituality.

          There is no real dogma beyond tolerance—for everything except biblical Christianity. They reject the Bible as a book of myths—denying it is the Word of God—equating it with barbaric writing that has little to do with modern man. They reject the Bible's portrayal of a Triune God, leaving the concept of God up to each individual's imagination.

          To the Unitarian Universalist, Jesus was a good moral teacher, but nothing more. He is not considered to be divine, and every miracle associated with Him is rejected as being outside of human reason. Most sayings of Jesus recorded in the Bible are regarded as embellishments on the part of the authors.

          Among the Universalist beliefs: Jesus did not die to save mankind from sin, as man is not a fallen sinner; emphasis is placed on humankind's capacity for goodness; sin is completely relative, and the term itself is rarely used; man saves himself through personal improvement, salvation being a purely worldly experience, a "waking up" to the world around oneself. This is very important, for death is final. Most Unitarian Universalists deny the existence of an afterlife, so all we have on earth is all we'll ever get.

          The Bible, on the other hand, refutes these falsehoods.

          Unitarian Universalism has nothing in common with biblical Christianity. It is a false gospel, its teachings are contrary to the Bible, and its members strongly oppose traditional, biblical Christian beliefs (while purporting to be free of discrimination or prejudice of any kind). The Bible clearly refutes Unitarian Universalism on all the major points of its teachings.

          3. I don't argue that all the Presidents have been Christian. I do, however, quote them often and both Adams' admit to being Christians.

        • Zagros

          1. Since Unitarian Universalism does not claim to be Christian, you cannot call it a heretical cult of Christianity. It is not a cult, it is simply a non-Christian religion. It espouses nothing that would render it a cult, so the term is inaccurate as you used it. To argue otherwise is to argue that all non-Christian religions are cults. Read their website, they say that they are not Christian but that it came out of Christianity. There is a difference: "Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion with Jewish-Christian roots." -- from the Unitarian Universalist website. They do NOT claim to be Christian. In fact, fewer than 20% of UU adherents even think of themselves as Christian--hardly sufficient for you to call them a Christian cult.
          3. The statements by John Adams and John Quincy Adams points to the fact that the Unitarians used to be Christians.
          Remember: You are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts.

        • Screeminmeeme


          1. One could rightly say that UU is an eclectic belief system that borrows concepts from a number of philosophical sources. That it morphed from a Christ-espousing credo to one that is the typical New Age mix of humanity-centered, self-worshipping doctrine is born out in history.

          My concern is this: The duplicity of the group is striking.
          One of the most dangerous aspects of the UU movement is its ability to pass itself off as simply a liberal Christian denomination. According to the UUA, each congregation is individually governed.
          Therefore, if the majority of a particular congregation were raised in Christian churches, they’ll use primarily Christian terminology in the conduct of their services. This free use of Christian terminology has lured many new Christians or seekers into the UU fold.

          Once inside though, each person will be pressed to put aside their beliefs about the exclusivity of Christ being the ONLY way, and will be told that to be a good UU, he/she must acknowledge that the Buddhists and Hindus, pagans and Muslims have as much
          claim to spiritual truth as any Christian. So the Christian is pressured to deny their former orthodox Christian beliefs.

          The UUA (Unitarian Universalism Association) website states, “In the end, religious authority lies not in a book, person, or institution, but in ourselves. We put religious insights to the test of our hearts and minds.”

          In other words....there IS no UU dogma but everything is purely subjective. It is an ideology of relativism. No Absolute Truth. No Absolute Truth-Giver. No Book which contains Absolute Truth. All is based on the feeling and perceptions, on the human reasoning and the personal experience of the adherent and he is placed in a position that is superior to God.

          In their attempt to be "free thinking" and "non-creedal," the UUs have become so liberal that they deny almost every doctrine of the Christian faith, replacing the worship of God with a worship of self.

          2. Whether or not they call themselves ''Christian'', in our community, for instance, they represent themselves as following Christ. The sign of the Cross is on the front of their ''church''. Once in the fold, you learn that they don't believe in sin, the need for salvation, certainly not in the deity of Christ, nor in the veracity of the Scriptures.

          You learn that it is THE perfect religious system for those who want the anarchist's approach to life, liberty to sin, freedom from accountability to God. People who arrogantly enjoy being known as more enlightened beings who tolerate all faiths and beliefs.......and, I might add, who are unencumbered by integrity or Absolute Truth.

          Believing everything............they believe nothing.
          And bottom line.....are lost.

          3. Fact. John and John Q Adams claimed to be Christians. That the UU formed centuries later and now reject orthodox Christianity doesn't change that fact.

        • Zagros

          2. Funny, every UUA denomination I have ever seen uses the chalice, not the cross, so it appears as though the denomination may be a cult but the ones in my community definitely are not. In fact, the majority of UUA adherents in my city do not consider themselves Christian. I would love to know where the UUA is using the cross because that is actually contrary to everything for which the UUA stands.
          3. I never disputed that John Adams and John Q Adams claimed to be Christians. However, they were members of the Unitarian Church. That would make them members of a Christian cult by your definition (they accepted Jesus but denied the concept of trinity).

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

        that is not completely true.. "once a Muslim, always a Muslim." I know MANY ex Muslims that are either athiests or Christians now and they denounce Islam and are living life in the way of their new faith (or lack of). They are considered apostates and must be killed according to Islam.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020382320 Curtis Edward Turner

      There is no free moral agency in Islam, something that is part and parcel of the American's birthright.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Curtis....That's right.

        Islam and liberty
        Islam and love
        Islam and compassion
        Islam and honor
        Islam and peace...are all mutually exclusive terms.

        • Christian Soldier

          islam has nothing to do with liberty, love, compassion or peace. To adhere to islam is to submit to it

    • Zagros

      Taqiyya is not used "in order to advance Islam". To say that it means that would be both too broad and also too narrow a definition. It can be used to advance the faith but it can also be used for legitimate reasons, such as to save one's life or the lives of others. At the same time, it is not supposed to be used if telling the truth will achieve the same purpose. Here is a quote from the eminent legal scholar Abu Hamid Ghazali:
      "Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish it through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible..., and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory. ...One should compare the bad consequences entailed by lying to those entailed by telling the truth, and if the consequences of telling the truth are more damaging, one is entitled to lie…"
      Now the problem with arguing that Taquiyya is practiced all the time by Muslims is that Muslims themselves have written about Taquiyya, so it would be impractical for Muslims to lie about things that are easy to discover. A superior argument would be to say that many Muslims may have cognitive dissonance rather than that they are lying in that they, like many people, tend to ignore the bad parts and only believe the good parts. Thus, it is not that (most) Muslims lie but rather that they are selective in what they truly do believe. As for the Al Qaeda representatives, they are not lying either. They truly do believe in "convert or die". That isn't true for most Muslims (if it were, there would have been no Christians or Jews in any of the Muslim countries). Remember we cannot know what is in a person's heart, so throwing taquiyya around willy-nilly is not a prudent way to think and will make it nearly impossible for Christians to convert Muslims.
      As for leaving the faith = death, that is true in many cases but not all. I know many Muslims who have converted to Christianity without fear of reprisal (again, if it were universally true, then it would be nearly impossible for Christians to convert Muslims). Furthermore, if Obama left the faith prior to puberty, Muslim jurisprudence would suggest that he would not be an apostate since one must declare the statement of faith in order to be a Muslim (i.e., If one never practiced, one cannot be an apostate regardless of whether one's parents list you as Muslim on a school form). Thus, the question of apostasy would revolve around whether Obama ever knowingly embraced and practiced Islam. Given his support for same-sex marriage, I think he is an atheist (homosexuality is punished by death in Islam).

      • Screeminmeeme


        1. I believe what I said about al taquiyya was accurate. I never said it couldn't be used in other certain circumstances.

        Obama is a pathological liar and I believe his behavior since taking office has spoken volumes about his allegiance to Islam.

        2. As for his being a genuine muslim, I have no doubt. According to reports, when in Indonesia, his mother wanted him to go to a Jesuit school, but he wanted to attend a muslim one and he won the argument. He was close to becoming a hafiz in memorizing the Quran.

        3. In 2007, Obama told the NY Times that the Islamic call to prayer, the “Adhan” is the most
        beautiful sound to him and is like music to his ears..
        NO CHRISTIAN would ever say that.

        4. Unless your interpretation of the Quran is purely allegorical, the homicidal insanity of Islam is crystal clear and so is the impetus to lie to the infidel.

        5. Since I believe he's a pathological liar (based on my having read every speech, book, interview and seeing that he often contradicts his own words and says whatever is politically expedient) don't believe a thing he says.

        6. Just because Islam is opposed to homosexuality (although sex with ''hairless'', genderless, prepubescent boys is accepted practice, as is bestiality) does NOT mean that there are no muslims who are homosexuals.

        7. Thank God most muslims do not obey the Quran...but instead choose to live in harmony with non muslims.

        • Zagros

          7. It is improper to state that "most Muslims do not obey the Quran...but instead choose to live in harmony with non Muslims." It is better to say, "Thank God most Muslims do not obey the Quran literally but instead have come to interpret the Quran in a manner that allows them to coexist with others." Once again, there is no need to up the ante against those Muslims who do not choose a literalist interpretation. However, to argue that they do not obey the Quran would be to ascribe that you (or someone else) knows better than they do about what the Quran means and you do not know how that will lead. Indeed, continually arguing that non-literalist interpretations are wrong tends to radicalize the moderates. Not a good idea. Better to argue that a literalist interpretation of the Quran is bad and suggest that a non-literalist interpretation that leaves out the bad parts and only keeps the good parts is good. Then, and only then, can you hope to try to convert a Muslim because then you can deal with their cognative dissonance that will surely occur at that point (however, if you try the first strategy by arguing that a non-literalist interpretation is wrong, they are more likely to solve the cognative dissonance problem by radicalizing).

        • Screeminmeeme


          1. I never said that all Muslims lie. I said that Obama is a liar.

          2. While I appreciate your attempts to clarify these aspects of Islam, your hair-splitting of what/when/how/why/ lies could be/should be/ can be told is silly and diversionary. A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie however one justifies it. In Biblical terms, this straining at a gnat and convoluted style of explaining away certain behaviors, I believe, is problematic to understanding and respecting Islam.

          3. I appreciate the attempts of reasonable Muslims like Dr. Juhdi Jassar's stand against the literal interpretation of Islam and his efforts to see the Quran revised and those homicidal passages thrown out. I believe he is a good man who has served this country honorably.

          However, I have a hard time understanding how a person can on the one hand adhere to a faith which is supported by an authoritative text, and yet, on the other hand be working to expunged portions of that text.

          It would be akin to my ripping out pages of my Bible with which I disagreed. It would be conforming that religion to MY will, to what I thought it should be.

          4. As far as converting Muslims---- As a Christian for over 50 years and an ardent student of Scripture, I have a heart to see all Muslims saved and set free of the bondage of Islam I trust the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and direction, discretion and patience in dealing with any Muslims I have the opportunity to minister the truth to. I trust the Holy Spirit to open up their eyes and hearts to Jesus Christ.

          He who plants is nothing, nor he that waters....but God giveth the increase.

        • Zagros

          3. The problem with the "literalist-only" idea is that context is everything. Sura 2:256 "Let there be no compulsion in religion" clearly would indicate that Muslims can leave the faith. Furthermore, it is clear from Sura 2:62 that Muslims should accept Christians and Jews: "Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans [before Prophet Muhammad] - those [among them] who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness - will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve." However, then there is:
          Sura 3:85-86: "And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their belief and had witnessed that the Messenger is true and clear signs had come to them? And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people." There is also this: Sura 9:73: "O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination."
          Now there is a traditional way of reading these passages but that does not mean that it is automatically the only way. So while religious scholars of Islam (and the radicals) would agree that Sura 2:256 and 2:62 have been abrogated, the liberal Muslim would argue that Sura Sura 3:85 deals only with the afterlife and that Sura 9:73 is a command only to the prophet.
          Thus both liberal and radical Muslims choose to ignore passages in the Quran preaching violence or tolerance as the case may be but the reasoning for ignoring is different. Liberals use the mind to interpret Quran and that is not necessarily an incorrect method (though you seem to think that it is). Radicals (and traditionalists) use the method called abrogation.
          So it is not quite "ripping passages out", it is instead taking a different way of examining the Quran than the traditional method. Since the Quran says that God clearly separates truth from error, such Muslims are attempting to reinterpret with this in mind. Since killing Jews and Christians would appear to most Muslims to be a clear error, they ignore the traditional interpretation and go with their own.

        • Screeminmeeme


          I believe the correct method of interpreting any book is to do it literally, except when the context would lead one to do otherwise. Other wise, why use words? Why not just pictures?

          Either words have meaning or they do not . Allegorical interpretation is by definition subjective and arbitrary. If people can't agree on what a word means, then how can they communicate anything?

          This is one of the things that makes understanding Islam problematic. Words don't really mean what they say. Saying that you use the ''mind' to interpret is nonsense. We ALL use our minds.

          For people to insist that they are good muslims, and yet ignore certain passages ( from the authoritative book establishing their religion) with which they disagree, is absurd.

          You can't be a little bit pregnant. You cant be a little bit Christian. But apparently...you can be a little bit muslim.

        • Zagros

          "Either words have meaning or they do not . Allegorical interpretation is by definition subjective and arbitrary. If people can't agree on what a word means, then how can they communicate anything?"
          Yes, but the Qu'ran cannot be translated (according to the Qu'ran) because its words actually have multiple meanings and, according to some experts, the Qu'ran isn't even in Arabic (see Chrisoph Luxembourg's thesis on the Qu'ran as having about 20% Syric and Aramaic words). In addition, what to do with the opening letters found at the beginning of 29 different Surahs? In any case, to liberal Muslims, the interpretation can differ because they are interpreting it for God, not their fellow human beings. In other words, you are judged by God based on your personal interpretation under liberal Islam and not how in conformance you are with your neighbors.
          "For people to insist that they are good muslims, and yet ignore certain passages ( from the authoritative book establishing their religion) with which they disagree, is absurd."
          No, it is absurd to you because you are thinking that they are ignoring the passages. Instead, they would likely tell you that they are interpreting the passages contextually. This is akin to how Jews read the Torah. Remember that there is all of those laws that are quite problematic (you know, like kill your children if they dishonor you and kill those who do not keep the Sabbath). I challenge you to find even one Jew who agrees with this. Christians do a similar thing with regard to certain passages in the Bible. After all, circumcissed Christians do not keep the law, even though Paul says they should (Gallatians 5:3). Of course, Paul contradicts himself in the previous sentence so it is likely that he is simply suggesting that if you do get circumcised because you think you are following the law, then you should follow the entire law and Jesus does "not benefit you" (Gallatians 5:2) but since circumcission means "nothing" (Gallatians 5:6), it is a moot point.
          "You can't be a little bit pregnant. You cant be a little bit Christian. But apparently...you can be a little bit muslim."
          Actually to be a Muslim, requires only five things (the pillars of Islam):
          1) the shahada (Islamic creed), (2) daily prayers (salah), (3) almsgiving (zakāt), (4) fasting during Ramadan (sawm), and (5) the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) at least once in a lifetime (if possible).
          Beyond that Muslims are judged based on the balance of their acts, whether they on balance do good or evil. However, salvation in Islam is oftentimes incorrectly believed to be based on works rather than faith, when, in fact, both are needed. Muslims believe that God is "most gracious, most merciful" and that intellectually honest interpretation errors are forgiven. As to the meaning of "intellectually honest", that is for God alone to decide but hadith suggests that ignoring the bad parts and focusing on the good would qualify, but deciding to go out and deliberately target innocent babies because their parents are of another faith would not (I use this example because even the most radical Islamic terrorists cannot find a justification for executing a baby under Islamic law).

    • DAY8293A


    • 1American1st

      This is an E-mail I received today:
      HOME - Interesting!
      Sheppard Smith, Fox News.

      "If you check
      President Obama's last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to
      France . She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. Why
      is Michelle returning to the states when 'official' trips to foreign countries
      generally include the First Lady."
      Here's one thought on the matter.
      in a Blockbuster renting videos I came across a video called "Obama". There were
      two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama. These guys were
      Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the
      President's recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and
      Turkey with her husband. They told me she could not go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey
      or Iraq .
      I said "Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and
      Dubai ." They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to
      bring his wife into countries that adhere to Sharia Law.
      Two points of
      interest here:
      1) I thought it interesting that two American Arabs at
      Blockbuster believe that our President is a Muslim, who follows a strict Islamic
      2) They also said that's the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi
      Arabia . It was a signal to the Muslim world, acknowledging his religion.
      further consideration, here is a response from Dr. Jim Murk, a Middle Eastern
      Scholar and expert on Islam.

      This is his
      explanation of what the Arab American's were saying.
      "An orthodox Muslim man
      would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which
      practices Sharia law, particularly Saudi Arabia where the Wahhabi sect is
      dominant. This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe . She will
      stay home when he visits Arab countries. He knows Muslim protocol; this
      includes, bowing to the Saudi King. Obama is regarded as a Muslim in the Arab
      world, because he was born to a Muslim father; he acknowledged his Muslim faith
      with George Stephanopoulus. Note that he downplays his involvement with
      Christianity (after touting it in the election campaign, by not publicly
      joining a Christian church in DC. And occasionally attending the chapel for
      services at Camp David.

      He also played
      down the fact that America is a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that
      it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense. He has
      publicly taken the side of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel and he
      ignored the National Day of Prayer, something no other President has ever done.
      He conceals his true faith to the detriment of the American people."
      --- Jim
      Murk, Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern Culture & Religion.
      speak louder than words.

      interesting item regarding Sharia Law. Why has Barack Hussein Obama insisted
      that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials of the 911 Muslim Terrorists in
      Civilian Courts as Common Criminals instead of as Terrorists who attacked the
      United States of America ? If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military
      Tribunals, convicted and sentenced to death, by LAW, Barack Hussein Obama, as
      President of the United States , would be required to sign their death warrants.
      He would not be required to sign the death warrants if they are sentenced to
      death by a Civilian Court . Muslim Jihadist, Army Major Hassan slaughtered
      non-Muslim soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas rather than go to Afghanistan and be a
      part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that
      Muslims 'could not and should not kill fellow Muslims.' Is the motive for Barack
      Hussein Obama's insistence on civilian trials, to make sure he doesn't have to
      sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he, as President of
      the United States , not sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who
      attacked the United States and murdered over 3,000 U. S. Citizens on 9/11? Could
      it be that he is FORBIDDEN by his RELIGION to authorize the execution of

      Think about that!
      Open your eyes, ears and mind to who the President is, how he behaves and what
      he is doing!
      interesting item regarding Sharia Law. Why has Barack Hussein Obama insisted
      that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials of the 911 Muslim Terrorists in
      Civilian Courts as Common Criminals instead of as Terrorists who attacked the
      United States of America ? If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military
      Tribunals, convicted and sentenced to death, by LAW, Barack Hussein Obama, as
      President of the United States , would be required to sign their death warrants.
      He would not be required to sign the death warrants if they are sentenced to
      death by a Civilian Court . Muslim Jihadist, Army Major Hassan slaughtered
      non-Muslim soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas rather than go to Afghanistan and be a
      part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that
      Muslims 'could not and should not kill fellow Muslims.' Is the motive for Barack
      Hussein Obama's insistence on civilian trials, to make sure he doesn't have to
      sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he, as President of
      the United States , not sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who
      attacked the United States and murdered over 3,000 U. S. Citizens on 9/11? Could
      it be that he is FORBIDDEN by his RELIGION to authorize the execution of

      Think about that!
      Open your eyes, ears and mind to who the President is, how he behaves and what
      he is doing!

      Actions speak louder than teleprompter-written words.
      pass on to family & friends around the country and ask they do the

      • Screeminmeeme

        1American1st.....Thanks for posting this information. I've posted it myself many times, always with the same hope that you have...that many Americans would wake up and smell the sharia....and realize that we have been scammed and elected a muslim marxist to the presidency.

        Keep it up. If those of us who know the truth, keep telling it, maybe just some people will wake up before it's too late.

    • Raymond

      Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, Admits That He's A Muslim.

    • Raymond

      Barack Hussein Obama's 7 lies in under 2 minutes.

    • http://twitter.com/ricoSacto ricoSacto


    • Mike6

      Obama demanded that the Holy Cross be removed from Georgetown University for his speech and no Gdd Fearing Christian would ever ask for such a thing. Obama told George Stepenopoulus about his "muslim faith" on ABC Tv and he wrote that the Islam prayers were the sweetest sounds he ever heard. Once a muslim always a muslim. I worked in an Islam country,I know what they do, and what they are capable of doing, and it is not pretty.
      Tell your family, neighbors, and friends never to vote for Obama again. Lets recite the Prayer of Our Lord that Obama the muslim is defeated next November.

  • wannahug

    The only way to get that liar Obama out of the White House is to vote him out come November and if we don't as America, then America is totally lost to a Marxist kind of leader that has already cost America trillions of dollars! Our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake here - you will find out if you are ignorant enough to vote for for Obama again in November! GOD help America!

    • David in MA

      It is either the ballot or the bullet, obozo has to go.
      (and yes, i expect to be visited and very likely end up dead or in a FEMA Camp)

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

        Many of us will be soon, but there are some who won't go quietly!

      • peter

        David, lets have him water boarded and see if he spills the truth.
        That scumbag!


          Rest asurred, he 'is a coward' & would puke up the truth quickly~!~That is of course if he had a teleprompter so he could be understood~!!~ I would give most anything to witness that bug-eyed, plastic faced Pelosi being pulled from a water board treatment~!~Don't we all know how ugly a sight that would be & she wouldn't be able to talk because her hands would be tied~!!~~Too funnY~!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith

        While I agree completely that Obama has been a disaster for this country, it is important that we act completely within the law. Should we act outside of the law, Obama and his minions would take that as an excuse to deprive us of our rights and our freedom. We do not want to give him any excuse to suspend the Constitution and rule buy decree.

        • kysteelgirl

          I thought he was already doing that with his executive orders that circumvents the Constitution, the law and Congress

        • XX

          he has already suspended the Constitution and is ruling by decree. Now he thinks he can rule other countries the same way. Somebody promised this guy the world, he is just the front man.

    • sophistryproof

      Mitt is not the answer, unfortunately, Mitt is an anti-American, anti-Christian puppet, approved by George Soros and trained by Saul Alinsky. Mitt and his dad are Mormon liars. we are doomed......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOvUe1cdwoY

      • gary gibson

        I know you are wrong in your opinion. I am a Mormon and I know people around him and he is a wonderful person. Mitt is not anti-American, he is a follower of Jesus Christ and he has nothing to do with Soros or Alinsky. He will be a great president and make you life better and more prosperous.

        • Screeminmeeme

          gary gibson...I agree. I believe Mitt is a good man who holds the values of most God-fearing Americans. And I'm thrilled through the roof that he has chosen Paul Ryan to be VP.

          Absolutely GREAT ticket!

      • UncleBob 386

        Certainly you have been listening to the foolhardy talking points of Obumma and the Democrats. Win by smearing the opposition.with falsehoods! The question in this election is ...Do you want to live in an American Capitalistic society or do you want to live under the failed Socialism of Europe? Should you choose the Socialism approach, you are a fool!.

      • RonMar

        Your post reveals that you are insane and most likely a Paulite.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith

        Obviously, you want Obama to win. Everyone else understands that Mitt will be a far better President than Obama. Obama knows that he can't run on his horrible record, so his strategy is to have people like you to throw mud at Mitt Romney. We don't believe your lies!

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        boy, what BS ! Romney trained by Alinsky & Soros ? LOL,LOL . You'VE been DRINKING THAT KENYAN COOL-AIDE !! He is closer to being a Christian than MUSLIM OBUMER !!

    • joanc

      Just think we will have to support the @@@@@@# for the rest of his life.,Maybe that's why Obama thinks Michelle should be on the payroll,so she will get a pension too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        Probably, But it might be he CAN'T FIND another MONICA ? jUST SAYING ?

        • BD Katt

          He likes Montes,not Monicas.

        • joanc

          Maybe, he'll just go back to Chi town's "Mans country" and the "down low club" again and pick up where he left off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith


  • Mary

    new video: Wayne Allen Root on Obama:


  • Mary
  • Sutekh

    I really don't care about Obama's past. His present says everything. I mean, would anyone in 1933 really need to know that Bonnie and Clyde both had ancestors who were psychotic killers? We know way more than enough about Obama by this time, and it is time to do something, if only to vote him out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.atkinson.948 Steve Atkinson

    of course he's a muslim and non citizen. we can correct this mistake in november!

    • JENNIE1


      • lindajoyadams

        Congress just gave the president more powers to not have to confirm appointemts last week. pay attn to your congressional and senate races!

    • lindajoyadams

      I agree there is a quesiton of his citizenship changed in indoniesa, but the law used to be one could declare by age 22. and this was his adotped fatherl his natural ones were in Toepka, ks where he was born. see my facebook 7.26.12. the birthers are collecting monies and won;t go getthe records.

  • notoshariah

    Now he is an illegal-pres. muslim in the USA - on a jihad of creeping -SHARIAH---to bring down the first amendment -among his other quests to destroy the CONSTITUTION.

  • Minizorg

    It is SO much worse than anyone thinks, to find out how much worse and how far the rabbit hole goes, watch this presentation by Trevor Loudon: Please watch this entire presentation by Trevor Loudon. Trevor spoke at our Tea Party last night and the packed, overflow crowd was RIVETED.

    Please share this with EVERYONE that you know!

    Arizona »Full Presentation by Trevor Loudon: Barack Obama and the Enemies Within[ 9 Aug 2012 ] This post contains a video of the full (50-minute) presentation by Trevor Loudon on his latest research. Loudon is an internationally known researcher, writer, blogger, and speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. The venue for this presentation is the Surprise, Arizona, Tea …

    • Buz Davis

      How about a link ?

  • MakesOwnWeather

    WHY, WHY, WHY do we care about this? This is a relatively phony issue compared to things are are here right now like his statement that he wants to do to other industries like he did the car industry (pave the road to nationalize them). There are so many real things that this emotional issue from the past is just a distraction. YourMomma likes that these issues are brought up because if blinds people so they get emotional and do not look at the real issues.

    • SallyE

      People care because they think that if they can prove that Obama is not eligible under the Constitution to be president, he will have to resign and not be allowed to run again. I have even heard some of his supporters say that it doesn't matter whether or not he is eligible; he is president now and that is all that matters.

  • oscar

    Just ignore the SOB, Lying Bigot, racist, musilim, POS until after the election, then either do whats neceswsary or over turn everything he has done to out Country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-K-Thompson/1710283638 John K Thompson

    I can't read the article on my phone with that floating retweet bar. Please put it at the end or bottom. Read first, then fwd.

  • CombatBoots

    Voting him out is not enough. Undoing all the disaster he has created would also help. But shouldn't he be prosecuted for pulling off the biggest fraud in world history???? And don't count on the current Republicans to check him out. The Republican-controlled House of Reps had its big chance to defund Obamacare and didn't even try. Just kicked the can down the road to January -- AFTER the election. Need more Tea Party and Independents in there to turn this around. Still -- better the Mormon than the Moron.

  • Sandman

    +Flag as inappropriate If he was listed as a foriegn student for college he has then declared himself as something other then a US citizen. This in itself would cost him his claim to being an American citizen. This is why it is so important to unseal these records. A full investigation by our Congress should have been taken. The lying, cheating and immorality must stop in the leadership of Our country. We the People must take back our America and elect the right people to lead us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Gary-Hunt/100000794991436 Joseph Gary Hunt

    Obama's father was a Muslim, therefore Obama is a Muslim...Obama's father was Never a US citizen, therefore Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be President...also, Obama's Mother renounced her US Citizenship..the GOP want bring up these facts because they want Rubio to be able to run for President or VP in the future.....

    • RonMar

      Rubio can be VP but not President according to our current laws. If Rubio is VP and the President becomes incapacitated or dies Rubio would be skipped over in the Presidential Line of Succession and the Presidency would go to the next eligible person in the Line of Succession.

  • Frank

    Maybe God is bringing about what would happen to this world of the godless.

  • Al T


    • danstewart

      Arrest the SOB first, then check his elligibility. By his own words he is NOT elligible to be president, he is not a "natural born citizen". I'm not talking about the method of birth as some idiots will assume, I'm talking about both parents being US citizens at time of birth. I expect the idiots to dispute this, but it was declared to be true by the supreme court more than 100 years ago. Don't believe it, look it up, if you can read.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      I HOPE I am wrong BUT , IF He see's he is going to loose the Election , He and his BLACK PANTHERS WILL cause reason for him to DECLARE Martial Law so he can KEEP PREZ. ! Just be PREPARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gfsomsel

    There are numerous theories such as the one that he was adopted and became an Indonesian citizen or that he was actally born in Kenya or that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis (which I think has some legs), but we will probably never know with any certainty what the truth is. Obviously he must be hiding something or he wouldn't seal all of his records. I remember when my son was in Little League we had to bring a birth certificate to prove his age so that they could "feel the seal." I think it is more important that we be able to "feel the seal" on the birth certificate of anyone aspiring to become President of the United States.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J7CDZTJZ3GLJC2R56OU3M3LBU Not Surprised

    Q: If it is proven - now or at any time in future - that Obama is NOT a US citizen, what would happen to all of the laws and executive orders that he signed while he occupied the White House? Would they be nullifed, and if so, how?

  • sophistryproof

    Seriously? This was news, in 2007, was it not? His record from Indonesia elementary school has been circulating for years, proving he is a lying Muslim with Indonesia citizenship. Fox News is the most traitorous of all news networks because they claim to be fair and balanced but they are owned by the Saudis and are betraying the American people big time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542853208 'Amanda Pski'

    So...where's the new evidence? Did I miss something?

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    I do remember that the Clinton's shut up rather quickley shortly after accusing obama of being a muslim and noncitizen. Why is everyone in Congress and Our Senate so quiet on this issue? It could be that these so-called politicians are sheep in people's clothing. It could be that their own political careers are more important to them than their own country. This president is a danger to our society and much has happened to prove it. During the last presidential election there were black panthers intimidating people at the polls and protected by Our Attorney General when brought up on charges. I believe that there is a correlation between the Attorney general, the black panthers and the fast and furious gun running issue, and I know that there is a hidden danger there. If obama is reelected we will learn the hard way what that hidden danger is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      You just stated WHY he has gotten away with everything he has & is doing to our COUNTRY ! Did you not see on the news when they interviewed the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY ? Just saying "BE PREPARED " ? They are ALL afarid of him ? I also HOPE I am wrong as I don't believe in RACISIUM- A person is who they portray?
      I have GOOD friends of all races and color BUT I beleive this has been made a RACIST thing to scare everybody ?

  • Still Waiting...

    Would our own Military turn on it's own people...If ordered by president Ovomit?

    And what would happen if at the Republican Nat'l Convention


    At the Elections 2012 ...


    then again from Nov and the 2012 Elections...until...January and the inauguration...
    If he knew that he'd Lose the Presidency...

    If president Ovomit would create such violence that he would call for Military action and call for Martial Law...?

  • Cadillac Dave

    What good does it do to continually talk about this issue when no one seems to be able to do anything about it.


      Exactly. Why are all these people whining about it?. During the 2008 campaign.
      1. Michelle Obama stated that she was never proud of America until then.
      2. Obama stated that the U.S. Constitution was "FLAWED" and he would change it to reflect more help for the more disadvantaged,
      3. Obama stated that under him the price of Electricity would sky rocket and he would Bankrupt the Coal Industry. Patriot Coal went bankrupt last month and six more are on the verge of it.
      Yet people voted for him and judging by the Polls they are ready to re-elect him.The Obama Deputy campaign chief stated that the Obama campaign had no interaction with the Cancer ad. It is a fact that the husband was offered a Buyout by Bain Capital and refused it. His wife had a different job and had her own Health Insurance and didn't get Cancer until six years after Romney left Bain. Finally there is an audio tape of this Deputy campaign Manager having a conference call with the guy in May and not a peep of outrage out of the Media. This Country is finished . Prepare for it:
      1. When you count ALL the Unemployed since the Government only counts you as Unemployed if you are actively looking for work AND those that want full time wok and had to settle for part time work then the true Unemployment rate is 15%.. Because Obama changed Immigration and enacted part of the Dream act there are now a possible 1.76 million Illegal immigrants who are eligible for a work permit who will be competing with these 15% Unemployed Americans for a job and will probably work for a cheaper wage.
      2. The Republican House has passed over 30 pieces of Major Legislation including three Budgets and Jobs Bills and the Senate controlled by the Democrats has not allowed a vote ans shelved them hence denying the American people a vote on the floor of the Senate. Yet Obama and the Democrats have convinced the Morons that the Republicans are the Obstructionists and are holding up Congress.
      People get the Government they Deserve. All the warning signs were there and were ignored by the Majority of the Voters and it looks like he will be Re-elected as even more Morons are gullible, Naive Misinformed and Uninformed and beleive everything they are spoon fed.

  • denny

    why don't obama have a real S.S.# its as fake as his birth c. that is easy to check out and no one is talking about that

  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.doe.14 Fred Doe

    Look up the term "fifth column" if you aren't familiar with it.

    • joe

      this guy is a communist, american hating animal!

  • PO'd at our elected officials

    A "friend" swore to me "they" heard an elected official say "we know obama is illegally in the White House but, if we say so..there will be riots in the streets of America and we can't have that." To me, they took the oath to defend this country and that statement won't do at all!

  • krdave

    Once a Muslim and Indonesian citizen?????

  • Chloe09

    All this really doesn't matter now. He's president and if anything should a have been done, it should have been when he was running for President but the media didn't care to ask and neither did McCain. The good thing is, we have a chance in Nov. to send him packing back to Kenya or Indonesia, where he came from and hope that we've learned a lessen. That lesson would be to not ever take our eye of the ball again and not let the liberals progressives, moderates( blue dog) ,Democrats or Left wing get their agenda put in office again and get rid of all the people on the Hill that don't have the spine to do it themselves.

  • Matt39

    I don't think the obama supporters care one way or the other as long as he takes care of the welfare dregs of society, amnesty for the illegals and taxing the hell out of the job creators. This country is in for a rude awakening, especially his welfare coat tailers, when this economic crisis manifests itself full bore. Generation after generation make a career living on welfare and OUR tax dollars while doing absolutely NOTHING except laying on their lazy and worthless butts.

  • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

    It really is a threat to the Republic that Obama is somehow impervious to Da Tagliare's bizarre paranoid fantasies. Nobody should be above his mindless delusions after all. NOBODY!


    If you can lie and say that he is Muslum than I guess Warren Jeff's is secretly advising Mitt Romney how set up the new white house in Utah right !?

    • RonMar

      You reveal in your post that you are an ignorant going to stupid Obamaniac, mentally ill like Britney Spears and the other recent Gollywood gals a danger to yourself and others, and to be treated like them. Obama himself has said many times, in many ways and places that his is a Muslim. So you are calling your Dear Leader a liar. I agree with you, he is a habitual liar as he must be to continue his deception of fools like you.

  • chuckster

    What about baptizism, no record of ever being baptized in any church. I dont know of a christian church that dont believe in baptizism but yet there is no record

    • Mark~n~Louisiana

      Isn't it difficult to baptize 'slime' which oozes from beneath a rock???

  • Yahoo

    I want to know what Christian Pastor or Priest, baptised Barry Soeto, aka [ Barrack Hussien Obama]?

  • RonMar

    da Tagliare does not show the slightest understanding of Islam. If Obama was a Muslim he still is a Muslim; otherwise he would have a fatwah - order of death - issued against him by Islamic leaders. There is no fatwah on Barack Hussein Obama Barry Sotero Davis' life.
    He is most certainly a Muslim, an enemy foreign agent who has usurped the Office of POTUS/CINC by his lies, pretense and theft of the election supported by Marxists and Islamic jihadists determined to destroy the U.S.A. and to enslave all of us, including those stupid enough to have voted for Obama and likely to do so again.
    Obama should be charged, arrested, tried, convicted and punished according to the U.S. Constitution and its following body of laws that he has violated in gross, tyrannical, despotic and evil ways.

  • nanci

    It matters not if he ever was a Muslim or a citizen of Indonesia. What does matter . . . is he an American citizen? With all the questionable non proof, I say he is not.

  • JeanB

    He has no history because he has "taken care" of anyone with any evidence. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • joe

    He's a rotten, lying anti-America stinking muslim in the same vein as osama bin laden.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

    The real problem is that the progressive liberals don't care to be a part of the coverup as long as the party of traitors win. The majority of people won't demand proof of his identity and go to the streets for his removal from office.. I didn't like Bush but look at the attacks on Romney by this pig Obama, attacks on the military voting privileges, ignoring Constitutional laws and giving away your rights to UN rule. , .

  • SallyE

    I suspect that low grades in college would not hurt Barry Soetoro that much. Joe Biden had low grades in college and law school. Low grades would only tell us what we already know; that he smoked a lot of dope and wasn't as smart as the media keeps telling us he is. I think the sealing of his records probably has more to do with his foreign student status. When Obama was running for office in Illinois, the divorce record of his opponent mysteriously became unsealed. The same should happen to Barry.

  • icemancold


    • http://www.facebook.com/kristin.nap.9 Kristin Nap

      Must you lower yourself to the standards of the Left? I don't dislike Obama because he is black. I dislike him (vehemently) because of his policies and his lies and obfuscations. I dislike him because he is unAmerican, because he wants to steal from ALL Americans, regardless of their color. Don't be like one of them that spew hatred on the blogs. Be an example of what's true and correct.

      • icemancold


  • Allah

    f..king crackhead a..holes. believe whatever dumba.. sh.t you make up.

  • nanci

    Question: If Ovomit is found to be illegal, what will become of all his orders, laws, Bills and other unlawful actions? I see no provision in the US Constitution for that situation. That RECTAL POLYP AND HIS HEMORRHOID WIFE currently sitting in the White house HAS TO GO.

  • Vet

    He sure celebrates ramadan but not christian holidays, just a considence I'm sure, move along nothing to see here !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    The ayatollah barack hussein obama comes from a country that has elephants - his ears say it all. enough already

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wayne-Johnson/100000582068078 Wayne Johnson

    Its working amerafrica II,is now coming. were can we hide they are in every contry and many ggod ones but hte bad out number the good,So congressman have you and your money found a place to hide and spend it,i dont think so. just put your hands over your mouth as you do any way and kiss America good bye.The young are changing the power and we must like it.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    So he got maried in Rev. Wright's chuch does that also mean that his marriage is also bogus other than the Licence, YES! It means he also lied to Rev. Wright and to God himself and he wonders why God is not smiling, hmmm. If Michele knows this she's going down too!
    Like Johnny Cash sang...Que the music! Down down down in that burnning ring of fire he went down down down and flames got higher he's going to burn burn burn in the ring of fire the ring of fire.

  • StandsWithTruth

    This is why they cannot give up the power they have now. They
    know that if they allow Romney to take power, charges are going to be brought
    down on a lot of Democrats. This will get the truth out about who obama really

    America, we are in
    trouble. Serious trouble. What we are up against, only God can fight. You have
    know idea of the evil we are dealing with. Hitler will look amateurish compared
    what will begin within the hour of his re-election or I what I feel is they are
    going to steal this country.

    Whether you want to believe it or not, the Book of Revelations
    was written for our times. We have the technology described within the Book of
    Revelations today. The Book of Revelations also describes the evil that comes with

    I guess what I am saying is, Get On Your Knees and pray with
    meaning or we are absolutely done with and with much, much suffering.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      Trust me on this, God is, watching.

  • Aubrey Jack Young

    There is no doubt that our President is an American citizen. The reason is simple, his mother is a citizen and therefore unless she renounced her citizenship, he is by law a citizen.

    Now, I do believe our President is a Muslim and I do believe he is a Socialist. I don't be the well being of our Nation is his first priority as it is suppose to be.

    Aubrey Jack Young

  • ketrout

    Why is the media so afraid of Obama???? You would think that having the truth be revealed would make a lot of news.

    I do agree that Obama digs up dirt on people and then uses it against them. SOMEONE NEEDS TO HAVE A SET OF BA### AND STAND UP AGAINST THE IDIOT!!!

  • GrumpyOleMan

    One has to wonder how they bought off the Judiciary. They are appointed for life. I wouldn't be surprised if the length of that life was in jeopardy if they didn't play along with Holder and the Chicago Crime Family, current crime leader Obama.

  • Aubrey Jack Young

    For me, a person of the Islamic Faith will never get my vote. For that religion demands that all Governments put their faith first. I would vote for any person beyond that no matter their religion or lack of.

    Be Well,

    Aubrey Jack Young

  • mrsawdust


  • Oscar Dar

    We as citizens of this our beloved country, we now in the "GREATEST DANGER" of all time. When our politicians are SCARED, AND AFRAID TO DO THEIR JOBS, to tell the truth of the violations of our laws by men in our country, most disgraceful to think when it is committed by the "COMMANDER IN CHIEF".. IT IS WORST THAN COMMUNISM from Russia and China. It is "SHARIAH". IF this is so, that no one is brave enough to prosecute this violator of our laws and Constitution, then CONGRESS IS USELESS.WE ARE IN THE DARKEST AMERICA we ever had. WE CAN NOT EXPRESS OUR DISAPPOINTMENT enough,,, We are REALLY MAD TO THE CORE OF OUR BONES, that we can not wait until we GET RID these DESTROYER OF OUR NATION. WE MUST VOTE THIS NOVEMBER.

  • Patricia McGehee

    Here is what the wikipedia says about impeachment: "The impeachment process is a two-step procedure. The House of Representatives must first pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon their passage, the defendant has been "impeached". Next, the Senate tries the accused. In the case of the impeachment of a president, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the proceedings."
    We know those in the Senate would be against it. I do not know if it takes a majority. Frankly, with the way Obama rules by fiat I think he should be impeached for that alone regardless of his other offenses i.e. disregarding the laws of the land he is sworn to uphold. I blame the House for not having the guts to impeach because of Obama's color but I also think they fear this country would break out in a civil war if they impeached the first black President. They are most likely correct but the damage Obama had done to this country is horrendous.
    As far as being Muslim I don't know but if he's Christian, as he "claims", but he sure doesn't recognize the commandment that says "thou shalt not covet". He is teaching the country to covet with his rich against poor. His division of the country is not a Christian Principle. In my humble opinion, I do not recognize Obama as a practicing Christian.

  • Victor Magilke

    We don't have the foggiest idea what this heathen in the white house is.. He is a pathological liar. This disciple of Satan has deceived those of his own race and they are to stupid to realize that Barack and Michelle Obama are loyal to no one. The only concerns they have are their own avarice desires and lust for power.

  • CMY


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3SWNP47BLHIAZU35HRIRKQVGAY bungicord

    Actually it's the Christians ourselves who are at fault. Its almost discusting to find close to 50 % of us vote for sodomite advocating, abortion loving, adultery pushing, marxists. I'm not sure but isn't that a sin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/DE-Navarro/707890428 DE Navarro

    He's a former CIA agent, he was a runner for the US in the 80s under the guise of a foreign exchange student. He speaks Farsi and ran between the US and the Taliban in the 80s when we supported the Taliban against the Soviets in the Soviet-Afghan War. As such, his past actions and aliases are all classified and so he remains hidden behind these shrouds of who he really is because he gets CIA immunity - "if his records were known it would reveal national secrets," as they say.

    So the judges and such in these cases receive a classified memorandum from the CIA telling them to lay off.



  • Fsuszka

    "The only thing clear is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence is made available, Obama seems completely untouchable and this is the scariest aspect of it

    This is true. Why do you think it's so? Congress tried several times to rewrite the eligibility
    clause so anyone who wasn't a naturalized citizen could become president. Obama, like Hitler came to power not through legal channels but through the elites and the power of money. If any intelligent American would have listened to Obama’s speeches and read between the lines they would have seen right away he was a liar. Then again was he? He promised change but did say what that change would be. Like Obamacare. Pelosi said you had to vote it in before you would know what it was. Well folks, for those who voted for him I hope you’re satisfied with the results. He has changed our country into what will soon become another socialistic outhouse like most of Europe. Make no mistake about it, we the people will suffer at the hands of our oppressors. The government. Why do you think they want to take our guns away? Why did they do this in Germany and Russia? An
    unarmed people can’t fight for what’s right and the government takes over without a battle. But wait! Too many people are out there who hunt for survival. Go for it Obama.

    Grocery store shelves will be empty, Marshall Law will be in effect, citizens will be whisked off to FEMA concentration camps because they voiced their dislike for the government, troops who are fighting to save our country overseas will now be fighting their own people here in our nation. Roving bands of thieves will break into your house
    and take what they want and kill you in the process. The next war will be right here on our won shores. It is planned that way and will happen shortly after the election if Obama is reelected. He will turn the screws further to oppress the people. What better way to do this than defend food distribution centers against a hungry nation. The government will have succeeded.

    There will be a one world government and the UN will be the seat of that government. Look at the power they already have and the American people are unaware. We the people are blind and apathy is the order of the day. Most will not fight those that do
    will lose their lives for liberty. Wake up America… You're not free anymore.

  • Larry

    1.....bottom line, he is not a Christian

  • halfbreed

    So What! no one cares. There is not a Judge, Cop, Prosecutor anywhere that will touch this with-out fear of being called a racists, or better yet killed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6LE5GJQNKBUMSIWBTG2LMPFH4 Douglas

    If the American people realized how large of a pool of people are behind this guy in getting into our White House and doing just what he has been doing for the past 3 years and 9 months since taking office....they would getting out the tar and feathers! People think that it is Only Billy Ayers, and the few others the American people over looked....but it is a much, Much larger group!! To finance the billions it required to get this person no one even knew before 2007-2008 to become a household name and the guy millions Americans Backed! The American people would realize why trillions...yes trillions of our hard earned tax dollars are going to pay for foolishness in Solar Panels that cost $559 Million (half a billion dollars) when the courts all ready had this company in near bankrupcy...and Obama's money didn't do squat to turn this company around to make just one (1) panel for an American Home...and the Billions of tax dollars going to aid other nations like Africa. Some much wrong with this guy operating out of our White House...and it cost a great deal more money than anyone person could afford! No this was a well planned gang of people that has paid into the Obama chest for many years to groom to take over America! 3 years and 9 months this guy has done nothing to turn America around! One day he is going to help illegals, the next the gays, the next the blacks...and the obvious truth is he isn't going to help anyone unless they are members of this group that only few can or want to be members of...Bring Down America!! Think not..but to be safe than sorry!

    • Ree

      He will promise to help all groups you mentioned, then if (I hope not) he is re-elected, he will say tough s***, and throw all of these groups under the bus.

  • Harold 223

    Christians are not in favor of abortion/murder nor are in favor of same sex marriage/turd burglars.The moon bat is nothing more than a fraud, sociopath,communist p o s that needs to be evicted from the wh the day after the election. It will take at least half a term + for the clean-up crew to make it livable after the wh occupiers have trashed the place.GET HIM AND THE FIRST DINGBAT OUT WHILE WE STILL CAN!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.cloud.71 Jeremy Cloud

    Obama will lie at the drop of a hat in order to push his agenda. His real agenda as far as
    America goes, is the Cloward-Piven model which overwhelms the entitlement systems and makes as many people as possible dependent on government hand outs. Sound real familiar? The utter "transformation" touted by Obama is its destruction down to a Marxist state. He is no Christian by most standards, and as he himself said ... he would come down on the side of his Muslim brothers in any turmoil. What more do the voters need? Apparently they need a lot, according to some recent polls. Exasperating and disgusting.

  • Ed Mallory

    Every word from Ovomits mouth is a lie. He is the great deciver!

  • Bill_from_Huntsville

    "Nothing will be done until after the November election"...? What can we as citizens do to see that this fraud against America is dealt with by our elected.representatives???

  • mocha10

    Impeach him for his lies and throw him in prison for his actions. Where is our law enforcement people?

  • Vette66

    Even former U.S. President Bill Clinton openly declared his doubt on Obama’s birth and eligibility to run for president until it was reported that the life of his daughter Chelsea was threatened by someone associated with the Obama campaign.
    I forgot all about this. Could be why no one in Congress or any judges are willing to press the point. Don't want their kids removed by BO's henchmen.
    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6548/was-barack-obama-once-a-muslim-and-indonesian-citizen/#ixzz23GYrtyyB

  • mocha10

    Actions speak much louder than words. And this guy has been lying for 4 years now.

  • essence428

    A fraud? I've always felt he was a fraud. I've even felt he was a terrorist that was planted to destroy this Country. Remember how long they "planned" for 9/11 before they implemented it..they( Mus lims) have much patience before implementing....now read this and think about how much of it is actually happening NOW. Very scary.
    Is Osama really dead? Did any of us see him? .. So much propoganda they feed us...has Obama been "planned" for years. Is he a part of Osama's plan in that letter to America? Too much we don't know about this man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1186478542 Ralph E. Zecco

    I don't care how close we are to the elections, He is illegally in the White House and should be removed and all of his bills/laws he signed should be made null and void. Also the DNC as well as the leadership of the RNC should be arrested for conspiracy and Traitorous inaction. The news media should also be investigated for complicity in this Traitorous act and the American people for their main silence on the falsehood that has been done to them, should hang their heads in shame for being sheep. We have no excuse because if this had been anyone else except for a supposed black man, there would have been investigations out the yingyang. Don't believe me? Why did McCain have to prove his citizenship and eligibility on the floor of Congress and Obama did not? Think about it.

  • Harold 223

    satan in the flesh

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1186478542 Ralph E. Zecco

    Is Obama above the law? IF not then why is there inaction in the Congress and our law enforcement community? I guess there is a privileged class. I'll apply this to all politicians, "You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Obi-Wan Kenobi. And Yes, actions do speak louder then words.




  • old white hair

    untouchable until the lead starts flying

  • georgetheclown

    More Daily Hate from the RIGHT WING WACKO'S. Romney just blew any chance he had today by taking another RIGHT WING WACKO as V.P. Even introduced him as next President. LOL.

    • VocalYokel

      Your circus has left town george..if you hurry I'm sure you can still catch whatever sideshow wagon you fell from.

  • newsel

    Correct...apprently being "untouchable" is the really scary part.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Depends on whose laws you say count. America's laws would not have recognized his Indonesian citizenship. As for whether or not Obama was Muslim, it depends on who his father actually was.

  • B. W. Wright

    I just hope SOMETHING can be done after the elections! I want the guy and his cronies, including Pelosi in jail. Unfortunately, federal prisons are too good for those people. Obama is a Muslim. He quoted the Bible totally out of context. If he were a Christian, he would have known better. I am also convinced that the man hates this Country.

    What I don't understand is why Romney doesn't call his bluff with all the bruhaha about tax returns and tell Obama, "I'll show you my tax records if you show me your sealed records." Sealing records like that should be against the rules when running for office.

  • arden68

    Running the country is like running a business. So, if you had
    a business that was failing and you needed help… who would you ask for advise, Obaffoon
    or Romney… I rest my case!!!!

  • tiger

    dont say anything against king hitler obama you may get pick up by his black shirts and put on a train to king hitler obama camp for learing the obama way and if you dont agree you will be put into the grasschamber or forced to drink obama kool aid

  • Docs357

    This guy has more tales then streamers on New Years eve.lol or not

  • savage24

    Don't you think that worrying about this is about four years to late. People that have read the Constitution knew that he was illegible to be president. The "useful idiots" and a lot of others thought we needed a black president, well they got one and look at what he has done to the country. Only idiots and their ilk will vote to re-elect this disaster again, whining about what you got will not help. What he was has nothing to do with what he has done to this country,and that should be the primary issue. Vote for Freedom First not slavery.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      Amen to your post

  • lindajoyadams

    President Obama was born in Topeka, Ks and his real dad and mother were natural born Us citizens. I've tried for over a year to get the birthers to go get the mountains of available proof in Topeka, Ks. Orgs. have been given millions to seek the truth and have not done so. . Obama Sr risked his life to give Obama his name and according to Kenya culture he is his son and Kenya accepts him as a native son. DNA isn't an issue. Dunham was an assumed name my cousin. Daniel Wayne Pope 'took';in the forties. and when my mother enrolled Ann at Topeka HS in 1/61 filled the papers out as Stanley Ann Pope not knowing this, even though the gdnshp papers for school purposes she'd been given were under Dunham and we've thought that was the name of the family at westboro Baptist she;d been living with as her parents were away doing ; govt business'. and the registrar went to find her Capper Jr HS records and looked up grinning , can't find them under Po[e and Ann said they are under Dunham. Even Hillary got fooled by documents put in place to save the life of mother and child in 1961 Topeka, Ks where interracial relationships had resulted in murders/ Threats should never have taken place and did the president know then or were his 'handlers; hiding it from him.? Its possible he has not known. I have e-mailed the White House of my postings on my face book and no one has asked me to stop. This is not an endorsement for him to be reelected. Its is a plea to stick to the hard issues facing us in this nation. We forget how bad it was a few decades ago. and we could make things much worse based on whom we elect to every level of govt in November. If it had not been for citizens united, I believe in January 2013, we may have been welcoming President Huckabee. and the uneasiness over the final choices we have to pick from wouldn't be there. I pray for our leaders always. i want to know how R@R plan to fix our problems that have evolved into corruption and take over by a few corrupt with great wealth.over the last few decades.Both parties have a lot to answer for. . Congress can overturn or modify any executive order of a president and they've been too busy raising money to even read what they are voting on. few that have done the job we sent them to do for us. Too often, they find lots of money opposing them in re elections. Focus on the issues don't let anyone evade answering the tough questions of how to solve problems and jow their plan will affect each of us. Linda Joy Adams ( my mom , Florence Hardy, present at the birth)

  • jb80538

    I'm certain he's muslim. Also in the event he declared Indonesian citizenship to attend school there, I doubt he ever then became A US citizen on coming to the US.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Will someone please tell us how the supposed US Citizen Barry Obama went to Pakistan and why? We should know how he visited the Taliban when NO US Citizen was legal to do so? Was it his supernatural powers that swept him into Taliban Controlled Pakistan. For what purpose did this Village Idiot go to Pakistan?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      I think you know the answer to your question. The Rubber head is a muslim and his citizenship was not American.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OVOF27MIIY3ML4EN5W2FOUMR4U easyb

    once a muslim always a muslim,so says the koran so ive heard would never even try to read it

  • flaphil

    With the media in his pocket, along with Bollywood, Oblamo could say he's the kissing cousin of Osama and still get the ignorant anti- American liberal to vote for him. They're not looking for the truth, but the cause and control.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CherelAnn7 Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    Obama has an Agenda! I believe he will stop at nothing! If he sees he is losing the election he will create a phony crisis; "war" "oil spill" "riot" etc. and declare a "State of Emergency" and in accordance with his Executive Order" already in place, Congress cannot act for six (6) months. This will allow him to cancel the elections and have TOTAL POWER! In that scenario, we don't stand a chance! Here is a "What if
    Scenario" "What if" Barry Soetero (Not Barrack Hussein Obama)
    attended Occidental College for a while as an Indonesian Citizen under a
    Foreign Student status? If so, both the U.S.A. and Indonesia did not allow
    "dual citizenship" at that time so he would not have been an American
    Citizen! "What if" he did not finish but "dropped out"
    became homeless and on drugs? "What if" he then traveled to Pakistan
    with his "male lover" and stayed a few years traveling around the
    middle east! again, as Barry Soetero, an Indonesian Citizen? "What
    if" he then returned to New York, some speculate as a "Drug
    Mule" again as Barry Soetero and hung around New York? "What if"
    while in New York and to avoid New York taxes he illegally arranged to assume
    the Social Security Account Number of a dead man in Connecticut which is when
    he began using the name of Barrack Hussein Obama? "What if" he never
    legally changed his name from Barry Soetero nor his citizenship from Indonesian
    to U. S. Citizen? "What if" he never, ever attended Columbia
    University but instead bought his diploma from Columbia? That's why none of the
    people from his class remember him there? "What if" the "bleeding
    heart liberal" establishment at Harvard bought his phony stack of
    documentation and files presented that he was a "Jihadist Freedom
    Fighter" from Saudi Arabia and not only allowed him entrance but awarded a
    20 million dollar grant to his "cause" as well? "What if"
    All of America has been fooled for some time and we have a total fraud in the
    White House? I would say the fact we may have a total fraud as Commander In
    Chief of the greatest military power in the world, the U.S.A., is a
    "National Security Threat"! Congress must act! Congress represents us
    and speaks for us! They must open a committee to review Sheriff Joe's work and
    act on it by issuing a Subpoena for Obama's birth certificate, Social Security
    Account Number records (including application), Obama's Occidental College Records
    (Including Application) Obama's Columbia University Records (Including
    Application) Obama's Harvard University Records (Including Application) as well
    as all aliases, i.e.,Barry Soetero! As Commander in Chief, Obama carries the
    highest security clearance and has access to all of our security information
    for our nation! If Obama's subpoened records are not available and/or if they
    show what a two year old could observe, Obama must immediately be arrested,
    charged with Treason and removed immediately from office, along with the
    leadership of the Democrat Party who were complicit in his treason and
    responsible for vetting him as a candidate for President. This cannot continue!
    Our nation is at stake!

  • Ben Dover - U.S.A.

    The person now known as Barrack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetero, & possibly Barry Schwarze, whatever he choses to call himself, - is clearly a Muslim as was purported Father Obama Senior of the Luo Tribe in Kenya. In Swahili - Africans describe a person of such a mixed race birth as a "Nusu Nusu" or half and half. Now the hard part is that a person who has been brought up as a Muslim, until he was brought into Hawaii as a Foreign Born Student on a Foreign Passport, cannot be a U.S. Citizen. Any Muslim who abandons Islam for any other religion is an apostate and subject to a "fatwa" which means death, but Barry Soetero is alive and wrecking what is left of the U.S.A. Romney should do a deal with him, promise him "ALL" of his Tax Returns, in an exchange for Obama's carefully hidden birth, personal educational, passport documentation, transcripts, financial payment records etc,etc, and then we can all see exactly where this intensely secretive, and this so far, untraceable person - really came from ! I don't think we will be at all surprised, after all just watch & listen to his own freely televised speeches when he first ran for both the Senate and the Presidency. The entire Democrat Party has aided and abetted in this felony - but they will not cease until they have turned the U.S.A. into A Third World Communist Paradise. They will certainly achieve this if this mystery man is re-elected.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hardman.79 John Hardman

    After spending considerable time sifting through many bits of information, it has become clear that Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya. His mother was swimming at a local beach when the onset labor became apparent, and she was rushed to a local Hospital where she delivered her baby Barrack Obama. There is a detailed birth Certificate from that Hospital, complete with all disclosure of things commonly found on such forms and signed by the attending Physician. Apparently Obama's father was not legally married to Obama's Mother. He was already married to one of the local Kenyan Ladies.
    Barrack's Mother later married a Indonesian named Lolo Soetoro, and moved to Indonesia.
    Obama enrolled in a Catholic School (as a Muslim) ???. Lolo Soetoro died of unknown causes ...leaving Barrack to fend for Himself as Barrack while His mother was in college in the USA. Barracks maternal Grand Mother who lived in Hawaii went to Indonesia to rescue Obama from a life on the streets of Indonesia, and take Him to live with Her in Hawaii.
    He was never legally registered as an American Citizen (inspite of all the phony documents that have been presented as valid Birth Certificates.)
    Barrack Obama's Indonesian citizenship automatically expired when He failed to formally accept it in writing at age 18 or 21 as per Indonesian Law.
    Obama is in essence a "MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY".

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      Obama will back you up on this story. He him self has told it many times. the perverts in this country still will not except it.everyone else knows it to be true.

  • sac

    a muslim will lie to his mother to get what he is after, i use to sale to muslims until 9/11 that was the last straw, they are as crooked as any snake crawling, and as low down as whale s$%#

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      The whole history of Muslims was founded on lies, So they had to incorporate lying into their Koran as being OK

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelley-Eidem/1076776653 Kelley Eidem

    The report that a Breitbart reporter had proof of Barry's Indonesian citizenship has been dropped by the media like a hot potato. There has been no follow up either by the media or by the Breitbart reporter.

    Did the Breitbart organization kill it? They haven't been fans of showing Obama's ineligibility.

    How can a story this monumental be instantly evaporated with not so much as an echo?

  • DockyWocky

    The left-wing fanatics in the White House couldn't care less if Obama was a Kenyan war baby, an Indonesian moslem, or a Iranian Candidate (Which looks more and more promising with every passing day that the world's most cursed, but unstopped political hack continues to play ball with his Iranian ayatollah employers).

    The shear number of pro-Obama operatives working against American citizens' best interests boggles the imagination.

  • AlFromMaine

    I believe that the whole Kenyan birth idea is classic midirection. You cover the truth by focusing attention away from it. Was Obama born in Kenya? I don't think so but this guy is hiding something pretty big, why is everything sealed?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      Why do you not believe Obama?? He has said in writing and on tape he was born in Kenya.

  • SkipSC

    I would think that inherent in the Constitutional requirements for the office of POTUS is the obligation for candidates to PROVE IT before even filing for the office. I'm no lawyer, but I'm thinking there must be a way to force O to do just that. SCOTUS could, if it wanted to, settle the issue right now. If they can intervene at the last minute to settle GWB's election they can surely rule on O's eligibility before November. Now if we can only find someone with the courage to pursue it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      What could be done and what will be done are worlds apart.Way to many Muslims and Communist in Washington.They took over all the Democrats and a third of the republicans.

  • samtman

    That horse died long time ago, its a waste of time to beat that dead horse again. Besides that, he was babtized with real holy water, what else do you need to know. I know, you'r grabing at straws, you need something big to turn this thing around since Obama is leading Flip Romney by 9 points. Ryan will help some, but not with the under 55 folks who don't want to loose their health care.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

      Samtman all the Doctors in the world can not help you.Please get your head out of your A-- .Your free stuff is gone. its over. get a job.all you do is listen to Wolf Blitzer, Brian Ross and Brian Williams.Hey stupid they sold their soul quite awhile ago.Sure wish you could read and do a little research on the federal reserve. Communism, Shari law and a few other subjects that most of us have a little knowledge of.

  • HappyClinger

    The image of his Indonesian school enrollment card have been around the internet for years, clearly indicating that he was listed as a citizen of Indonesia and a Muslim. I don't know what more proof will accomplish if that didn't do it.

  • Earth Angel

    Is obama a muslim? Is the Pope Catholic? HELLO...

  • drtevans

    I wonder how many bodies are buried in the wake of obama becoming president.

    • Don39

      That started before he became president!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mickey-Davis/1746325734 Mickey Davis

    Obama is still a Muslim. and will go to his grave a Muslim.

  • Endgame

    It's rather difficult to believe that a TRUE Muslim man would mary a whore (Ann Dunham) who had posed in several Pornography magazines engaged in B&D and Lesbianism back in the early 60s, but hey, maybe he didn't know this when he married her. And as far as why Obama doesn't want anyone to see his school records? It's probably because the Ruling Elite don't want the American public to find out that Obama's REAL father was Franklin Marshall Davis, the former head of the Communist Party USA. How does it feel to know that 230 years of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice is all being destroyed by the love child of one Communist whore and her Communist pimp as a result of their disire to engage in a taboo (at that time) interacial relationship? America is doomed so that two Comministic Liberals could release bodily fluids. Irony.

    • Don39

      I am with that theory as I have stated before. You just need to figure out the roles and ties of the FBI and CIA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leprecaun14456 Robert Myles

    Obama has to have some of the richest and most powerful people in the world behind him as he seems to be able to get away with the lies and deception that he has done to the American people and to America itself. Yes i do believe he is a practising muslim and his lies are designed to deceive the American people. He selebrates every islamic special day but refuses to address the national day odf prayer, objected to the words of of the president on the cowardly attack by the japanese on us at pearl harbor. He hates what America stands for and wil not cease till America is a poor 3rd world country

  • am2sweet

    I wonder how it is the all of Congress is scared of doing anything. Does Soros and friends have enough hit men to take out all the members of Congress or their families? I don't think so. Since Soros has dual citizenship revoke the part for the United States and keep him away. Have Congress man up and escort this liar back to wherever he came from.

    • Don39

      DHS and the CIA have plenty of hit men!

  • del

    This puke has had to slime over everything in his past and thankfully the old crook soros paid for his coverup. Nothing good showed in his background and no one really knows who his father was(not that it matters anyway) because mom banged so many people she may not have known herself. His drug habits were concealed, no known people ever saw him or knew him at occidental, no girl friend ever came forth however a couple of fags seemed to have relations with him sexually....yuck so get rid of him from our governemt. He has done a great job of ruining our country along with his commie minions!

  • TravisT

    The only thing that the fake journalists that is incredibly bias for Obama and the liberals is that to draw out Obama's college transcript which would inform the public how he received his foreign financial aid. If he claimed that he received foreign financial aid as a student than it will obvious point that he's a foreign leader in our government which is unconstitutional and immediate impeachment. The American people are tired of Obama and liberals that make decisions that is out to destroy America.

  • RD

    Focus on Obama destroying jobs and the US economy. Everything else is a distraction he wants to be the dialog.

  • Wayne Henry Braden

    Weak reporting.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Didn't BHO write two books which contain ample evidence of this? Why is it so difficult to "prove?" He "made faces in Koranic Studies?" Only MUSLIMS were allowed to study the Koran. He was ADOPTED by AN INDONESIAN ...where is all the paperwork showing how he
    reclaimed the name BHO and became an AMERICAN again? C'mon anyone with half a brain knows that both Dems & GOP agreed to allow him to take office-- especially old Justice Roberts who could have nipped the whole thing in the bud at the swearing in- but we saw with his contemptible Obamacare ruling that he was bought & paid for too.


    OB"s father was chosen by his mother so that he could stay in the US, so his father could be anyone, probably a US citizen. OB wants you to look at the phony birth certificate because it will distract you from the real reason he is not eligible to be president. OB used his alias Barry Soetoro and his Indonesian citizenship to attend college for free, that is one of his big secrets. After the free education he chose to revert to his original name because it automatically made him a US citizen, maybe not legally, but good enough to stay in the country with out any questions . So we have an Indonesian citizen as our president. So everyone is tracking the history of OB when they should really be investigating Barry Soutoro. If OB's alias was, and, is an Indonesian citizen the question mister president is where are your citizenship papers not where is your original birth certificate.

    • Don39

      And the FBI and the CIA are part of the fraud and coverup!

  • HAWKEYE1945

    Here it goes again talk about Obama and not a thing is going to be done about it,
    looks like the ones that could do something about this are scared of going up against
    Obama are intimidate not too do a thing. I wish sombody would do something to stop this
    a prove what is being said if it is TRUE.

  • Granpa David

    Where ever he was born and whatever his religion, he is not one of us.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    I agree there has been death threats on many of the Congress and Senate leaders. When there were not enough votes to pass Obamacare there were airplane rides if you remember the Chicago Mob is strong and have most likely joined forces with the Black Panthers and the Muslim Brotherhood. For them killing is nothing but a thing. Evil is running wild in Washington and in many states that have strong evil spirits over them. New York is under strong demonic power and the leaders yes even the people that are voting. Our country has sold it's soul to the devil. Many people say there is no god, but then where do'es the evil come from. Is there how more people that think bad rather then good is the evil making things better are we better today then in the 1950's I think not by far. Evil wins when good people do nothing. So is there now more evil people then good? I like Romney's pick for VP Paul Ryan is a fair and good man but he is only one person.

  • Winston

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are hypocrits when it comes to "the life of his daughter Chelsea was threatened by someone associated with the Obama campaign", because there are several persons very close to the Clintons who met the end of their days due to questionable "accidental death" or "suicide" who knew too much about them. After all Clinton was a former President and don't they have Secret Service protection?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    What many of us have known for years a few media outlets are just admitting now. Even if its forced in congresses face though, they wont do one thing. They are all criminals. They should be all tried for treason.

  • marlio

    I have never believed Obama is legitimate president, or a Christian. In fact, I dont believe much of anything he says!!!

    • Don39

      How can you deny his impact on the nation?

  • djw663

    It doesn't matter what proof we may have the powers that be will not do anything to challenge Obama because of his race due to the fear of being called a racist and the potential civil altercations this will cause this has never been about race it is about the policies and beliefs that this man has as well as the plan for an American version of socialism. A small majority of Americans are too stupid to see what is right in front of their face either that or they want socialism because they don't understand what it really entails. Under no circumstances can Obama be allowed to win this next election. Wake up before it is too late.

  • AppraisHer

    The an interview with Ed Klein after Barry threw him under the bus, "Rev" Wright said that "Obama was steeped in islam, but knew nothing about Christianity", when he met him. When asked "did you managed to convert him to "christianity"? His answer was "I don't know about that", but I can tell you that I made it easy for him to come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and not turning his back on his islamic friends, traditions and his understanding of islam. This from his spiritual advisor for over 20 years...he's not sure if he ever converted him to Christianity. OK folks, are you going to believe his "spiritual advisor" for over 20 years, his own statements in his books, his family in Indonesia or are you going to believe the fake bio Barry has dreamed up for himself? He...is...a... muslim.

  • TooLongInTheSun

    No, I think we should really start heating this up from now on... Romney should start calling for the release of all records and start asking some serious questions...or maybe Ryan, who has less to risk... Then we could use our Trump card for a 'just before election surprise...and beat the man with his own game...

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MW4WUFXTL6RGFQ4XMXJP3Q6OMM jean

    I've been reading all these blogs and see "Fear" is riding the horse that should be bucking Obama out of the White House....fear of losing the tremendous pay, health coverage, golden status, golden parties, and just to "be in the know" - these politicians are all going the road of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, with the attitude of "kiss my a_ _ , I'm in here now and you can't get rid of me" taunts. When are we going to talk to young voters truthfully, who are so swayed by Obama's lies and lures? They will be the real sufferers of Obama's warped ideals of "no guns" for one; his blessing of Hollywood's Lady Ga-Ga and others to live life whether it's good or bad!" Parents, young voters age 18-38, wake up and realize how very important your votes are this November 6, 2012! See the truth now before it is too late for our future!

  • Jerry

    Find out who is behind and you will know their goals. Who
    pays, who got him to the position to which he is not eligible but for which even does not have knowledge, but his goals are very clear by now. Or do we
    have the blind people in the Congress and Senate. I do not believe, but what is
    there is cowardice and brown nosing.

  • I. Won Bhe Hearlong

    Whether we like it or not, Romney will throw the election mao-mama's way and that will be the end of America as we know it. The popular vote won't elect the president...the electoral college does. By now all delegates have been counted and the powers that be, know who's the winner, guess who!!! Whether you vote or not, means nothing, the electoral college controls everything, including the theater and the drama they will provide for us in November.

    • Don39


  • Earl P. Holt III

    Our recurring question of Mitt Romney should be:

    "If you are elected President, will you instruct your Attorney General to investigate the numerous felonies committed by Obama and his Administration, and will you direct your AG to pursue these wrongdoers all the way to a verdict?"

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

    MAObama is an 'Apostate', and under Muslime belief and under their law he is to be killed for it. However, the worst kept secret in the world is that Barry is a devout Muslime who practices taqqiya - lying to the 'infidels' to further the interests of Mohammedanism in their ongoing attacks on the Judeo-Christian world. So, he gets a blink and a nod on his apostasy as he furthers the degradation of America and its Judeo-Christian beliefs.

    The Marxist Mulatto Muslime must be voted out of office on November 6th!

    Who do you want running this country? A Marxist Muslim or a Christian Capitalist?

    It is a no-brainer, people!

    • Don39

      Not to me and you, but there are a lot of amoral asocial fools and government dependents out there!

  • conscience voter

    But, is he in fact a citizen of the US? Probably not, connect the dots. Mom marries Indonesian and revokes Am. citizenship with him. Registers in school as Indonesian. When, if ever, did he try to get back Am. citizenship? And how did he travel to Pakistan at a time when Am were not permitted to do so? Besides all that, his alleged father was not natural born. If this were a baseball game he'd be "OUT" many times over.

  • cobra

    Send him back to his hut

  • gbandy

    I just hope the media would allow a clear and honest real vetting of this guy. Obama has more secrets and skeletons in the closet than any other person in politics. Hey Obama what about your college records and how did you get your SS Number???

    • Don39

      YOU HOPE! After all these years?

  • ADT

    What's wrong with congress? Why won't congress investigate and dismiss this impostor who has not been a good president for America

    • Christian Soldier

      The media won't cover it so Congress is afraid of being labeled "birthers" that they can't handle their business without this "technicality" and they're afraid to be wrong, that it will weaken their other points. The Demolishers don't care and the conservatives are afraid. It's that simple

      • Don39

        The controllers of the propaganda machine are part of the conspiracy! The other amoral asocial conspirators are beneficiaries! There are not yet enough Constitutional conservatives (those dedicated to their oath to protect and defend against the massive federal conspiracy) to press the point!

    • Don39

      Who in congress do you think is stupid enouigh to run up against a federal intelligence and federal law enforcement coverup! If you think that Oba,ma/ Soros could pull off this fraud without the complicity and coverup of the worlds intelligence agenciesand CIA coordination and FBI coverup you are not thinking. It is a known fact that the FBI was involved with most of Obama's known associates from the early fifties on. They penetrated the Underground weathermen , Ayers and Dorn and all known communist organizations. All those that are n ot and did not end up in prison or dead were informants on the rest.That includes the survivors like Ayers and Dorn! It probably included Obama's mother and grandmother. That is likely the reason Obama has never been exposed for the fraud he is! He has something on the CIA and FBI and they have something on him! a very unfortunate standoff for the people and the Republic! But who cares about the Constitution, it is just in the way of the feds and the looming tyrant!

  • Christian Soldier

    The left doesn't care. The left is completely disinterested in the Constitution or any law (except how they can manipulate it as it applies to their cause). Obama's a radical left wing-nut and they don't care what religion he is or in what country he was spawned. People in Hawaii's records office know his published birth certificate is a forgery, that it doesn't exist and they're protecting that fact. They laugh about it. We're stupid because we're impotent to do anything about it. It's funny to them. I've seen a printed copy of that fake birth certificate on somebody's door window as if it's proof. They malign anybody that questions its validity. They call them "birthers". The left have no regard for societal stability, law, our Constitution, our religious beliefs, our first amendment rights, whether the men and women that defend our country have a right to vote, whether Iran is in charge of an international registry that knows which US homes have what weapons or even how their beliefs are going to affect them.

    They want to believe what the guy says and don't care if he lies as long as it's consistent with the leftist dogma. That's the world we live in and the world we've allowed because one group believes in God, Country, Constitution and the other believes in a liberal interpretation of all of these things we hold dear.

  • Givendoly

    What do you mean WAS?????

  • Michael Todd

    I don't believe the president is a cryptoMuslim. But then again neither is he a Christian. He's a secular humanist.

    • Don39

      He is the perfect Islamic tool!

  • True American

    There's information Obama went to Patrice Lamumba University, in Moscow Russia, a Communist school, when he was supposedly at Columbia, according to Atty Stephen Pidgeon, author of The Obama Error. His mother and grandfather were alleged to be Communists. Where has everyone been??? Watching star search on the lamestream media? If Obama's surrogates allege Romney was a killer, why isn't it fair game to reveal Obama's Communist, Socialist (New Party membership), and his alleged homosexual relationships with Larry Sinclair and the 3 other Chicagoites, or his membership in the male gay club. What's relevant about that-that's why he now favors gay marriage, because of his alleged homosexual relationships with men.

    • Don39

      I believe his mother was a loving member of the Frank Marshall Davis communist clan! And that Davis may even be Obama's real father, Obama just a convenient crutch. Lots of the available info from records at Stanley's and Obama's school, post HA, indicate this! Thay had seperate addresses, he listed no marriage and no son and they were never seen together. on the otherhand there are paralels between her movements and those of Davis. Also even a photo on the Obama web site points to Davis as recently revealed. I suppose it has been further doctored by now or has disappeared like everything revealing of the fraud has over the past few years!

  • just ramblin

    Just remember the Founding Fathers were willing to give up LIFE,LIBERTY,and Fortunes to make this a FREE COUNTRY,(and a lot of people died to preserve it).
    Today we have a bunch of YELLOWBELLIES and HORSETHIEVES,and PERVERTS that make up CONgress,and care ONLY about their life and their fortunes that they have made at TAXPAYER expense,(ie beohner,brown kaptur ,dennis the idiot,shumer,reid the horsethief and pimp,piglosi,and many more like them,including the clintons).
    God help us all.
    just rambling

  • Brian

    yes i agree with most of the posts here, if he is successful in winning again I wonder just how long it will take those he has hypnotized to realize they have been DUPED! and are nothing more than useful idots

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Davison/100003667299183 Mark Davison


    * TruNews with Rick Wiles (Including the archives).
    The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.

    * Politics & Religion with Irvine Baxter.

  • bigjack1

    Who knows anything about Obama ? He is one big Lie. My personal thought is that he is a puppet , someone or some group is pulling his strings. He becomes what is convenient.
    Truly a chameleon . But he sure can read a TelePrompTer.My question is how in the world can 50% of the people of America be so deceived.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmie.king.127 Jimmie King

    To OPPOSE Christ in anyway, fashion are form, IS to be Anti-Christ. Obama, his wife and the Whole Democrat Party, Supporters, and Followers ARE upholding Baby-Murdering and Queerism against the God and Christ of the Bible. Muslims also do by saying Jesus is not the Son of God. Therefore they are ALL Anti-Christs the Word of God says. ,, God Bless, oldgrapeape

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1187127934 Sheila Simmons

    I believe there is a reason, beyond apathy or indifference, why the findings of a credible law enforcement agency of "probable cause" that Obama's birth certificate AND selective
    service registration are forgeries is being ignored by Congress and the media. Every conspiracy is not a theory.

  • 1xgi

    Stop all this non sence and vote for Romney he is an American first and will represent America first. an old saying fool me once your fault fool me twice my fault, so if WE do not vote this who ever he is out of office, now, it will be to late, and it will be our own fault that our grand kids will be paying for bho's attack on American values. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • bobmann101

    We have heard all this before. Besides this illegal, phony, lying, foreign national, Muslim POTUS has openly admitted that he was born in Kenya and his wife comments of them returning to his home country. If nothing has been done by now nothing will ever be done.

    As I have posted and commented many times I believe there are too many people who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed, threatened
    or their loved ones threatened.
    I think BHO will remain in office until his big money string pulling puppet masters are finished with him. Then he will somehow be eliminated. But that is just me.

  • haroldson

    this news has been out for over 2years, Along with the threats to Clintons daughter,, there have been many things shown that he is a fraud, he must have some big money behind him even the courts are afraid of him, But some one will come along take him to task for his lies and illegal doings. There is always a downfall

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Horton/100000278827311 Jeff Horton

      Yeah big Money George Sorros plus others.

  • frank

    then he can go back all he has done here is cause problems and lie a lot.plus he bullied his way in this country because he never was a leader,just a bully

  • Atillathehun

    The separation of an alleged non violent Muslim and a radical Muslim is like the separation of the Nazi's from the silent Germans. The answer was and is carpet bombing at least until the silent Islamists become non silent.

  • salvatore

    if it is PROVED that obama is indeed a muslim non-american citizen......i propse obama's punishment to be a savage viscious bare-knuckled beating by israeli prime minister BENJAMIN NETANYAHU............................

  • http://twitter.com/Deeaton1 David Eaton

    The only question about B. Hussein Obama's religion is "Is he a Suffi or Shitte Muslim?"

  • Upaces

    Check the INS Records if they haven't destroyed them yet.

  • johnfromchicago

    This is old old OLD news.

  • beelp

    Lets see if this post lasts. Something else, never mentioned, but abundently clear. Barrys mother just couldn't resist "spreading" for radical, socialistic black guys.

  • Ayn Rand

    World Nuts Daily reports that Paul Ryan is one of the escaped Area 51 aliens. So what? Are you saying, along with America, "Big whup."? According to police reports, Ryan wants to transvaginallyl probe all American women. Uh-huh, I read it online.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elton.robb Elton Robb

    "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, 22:13

    "I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of Bondage.

    "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me."

    Exodus 20:1, 2.

    A lot of people are saying that there are many ways to God. Although, Jesus is correct, he is the Way and the Life; no one could come unto the Father except through him. I.e. his sacrifice.

    Obama is correct, there are many religions that teach a path to God. But they all have the same destination, i.e. path. Obama is incorrect in his stated intended meaning, though. There are many strange roads and paths on the way to God. But Jesus makes it possible that we can stand in the Father's presence at least once again.

    There is far too much evidence mounting up against Obama intentionally misrepresenting himself to the people. The only thing he's counting on is that Christians stay ignorant about the Law of Moses and believing it's done away . . .

    IT HAS NOT BEEN DONE AWAY! All the laws of Moses are still in effect, just that the need for Blood Sacrifice and Burnt Offerings unto the Lord has been done away. Even the penalty for sodomy has not been done away.

    I think if he was truly honest with the American people, he would have ran as a Muslim and Michelle would be wearing a burka. He would have brought our troops home and ended the War over there and removed our presence from most of the Middle East.

    But Alas, if he is a Muslim, he is apostate. And he seems to enjoy the boys more than he enjoys the women. There's too much evidence that he's "on the down low." An unconfirmed eyewitness testimony to his homosexual activities has come forward -- but not to the Mainstream Media. And muslims don't like another muslim being gay. In fact, they are slain.

    America, the Heavenly Kingdom, is designated to be a homeland for Christians and all who thirst for Freedom to worship God as they please and according to their conscience. It is the duty of the Constitution and the Law of the Land to protect a man's right to worship as he pleases. It doesn't matter if he is sikh, muslim, hindu, Shinto, buddhist, Christian, atheist, or wiccan.

    If Obama is a muslim through and through, then he should come forward and revel in his faith in Islam. He should make Michelle and his daughters wear a Burka. But as President of the United States of America, he should also respect the good people in this country the right to worship as they all please. He should at least, respect the National Day of Prayer and ask everyone to pray to the good of the country.

    He should also bring home our troops and have them defend our home soil while developing our huge oil reserve in Alaska or at least tell the American people to start looking into Zero Point Energy as a resource to make cars that run without Gasoline.

    But alas, he doesn't do these things. He's a complete Amateur at politics. And since most outspoken Americans voted for him, we deserve what we get down the road.

  • Repcon1945

    I don't care if he was born in the United States or not the one thing making him illegal is the fact that his father was NOT a citizen of the United States!! This requirement was ruled on already by the Supreme Court and not once in over 135 years has the Supreme Court even reviewed the case.

    • sovereigntyofone

      Let's just hope that it isn't ruled on too soon. If justice Roberts gets his hands on it, someone from mars could be considered a U.S. citizen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Daviddh111 Julian Harper

    Once a lier, always a lier. PERIOD
    Needless to say he is one of the best of all time. He has also been bought and paid for by every radical left wing, socialist progressive group in the world. And one would quickly surmise that he is a Muslim, of illegitimate birth, and an illegal alien, too. Sadly there are so many stupid, yes STUPID, people in this country that he was elected.

  • thismustend

    Obama has no God but himself. Like George Soros he truly has a god complex & a healthy contempt for religion. He uses mu slims as a wea pon to further divide our once Christian country & to destroy the values it was founded upon.

  • don carlos

    the sahria law lovers will be able to watch beheadings over the satilite tv in the
    comfort of their own living rooms

  • Brazen

    da Tagliare, I could create evidence that you were King Richard the Lionhearted if I or anyone else wanted to. Much like W's WMD's that never existed. And much like W hiding the evidnce he made up WMD's to start a war. Any evidence means nothing these days. Find another liar to create false information.

  • beijingyank

    We are under occupation by a group of thugs that promote and engage in mass murder, torture, baby killing, illegal wars, and the theft of the U.S. Treasury.

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisHollyMusic Chris Holly

    Romney Girl says Vote in "America Street" video...and she's hot (video) http://youtu.be/PiPYv4NIOEg

  • americanveteran

    the leftytards are now calling obowma the "black jesus"... the real truth is he's a racist bigoted loser.ahahhahhahah

  • dHb

    I agree with the article that Barry is "the greatest case of fraud in the history of the United States and possibly all of history".

  • Mike Travis

    The final sentence is the essential comment, one everyone needs to hear loud and clear. Ovomit is above the law which means we HAVE no law. That is why it is so critically important that he be charged with his numerous crimes, for if he is allowed to get away with all he has done, America will have lost its ability to seek justice for all. Without justice, what are we but another dictatorship in fact even if not openly acknowledged.

  • bobk90

    Presi-Debt Obama has been a "Dictator",on paper, since NDAA 2012 was passed by the 'Republican' Controlled House & Democrat Senate in Dec. 2011... Hell in the first 6 months of this year, Okenya has written over 40 Executive Orders! He even told us that if Congress did not act that he would govern by EO's to complete his vision of America. In other words, Obama has been "Ruling By Decree" just like a Monarch and/or Dictator! If anyone who thinks we are going to have a Legitimate Election in November 2012, you are Sadly Mistaken! If it looks like 'Romney Soup' & 'The Kid' are going to win the general election be prepared to see 'Thousands' of Americans Die in Multiple Cities across the US!! This False Flag attack by Obama will be his Excuse to "Declare Martial Law", suspending the Election and the Constitution!!! He will come on TV looking all sad and claiming that he will get who ever did this to us and that once the Nation is Secure again, he will Restore the Constitution and have a Free Election................................................

  • beijingyank

    I want to see every member of the Obama administration penniless, in jail, or on food stamps. I want them to taste their tyranny first hand.

  • MIKE6080

    he and everyone associated with this should be brought to tral for high crimes and sentenced accordingly

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    This is something that anyone with half a brain already knew ,, the facts have always shown ODUMBA to be a stinking MUSLIM ,,,,,

  • harleydavidson

    The conspiracy resembles that of Lee Harvey Oswald, and so many unsolved political crimes. Not even Congress can get to the truth. This proves that there are some very powerful people behind the scene orchestrating this...and that is the scary part. Who are these people? Never mind obama, he is only a puppet.

  • 81643

    It is as obvious as the nose on Jimmy Durante's face (when he was alive) who and what this idiot really is and what he stands for and what his agenda is. I can't believe the people who believe anything he says and does! I have family members that actually get perturbed if someone even brings up any negative aspects about Oblame-a! It's as if they are walking zombies that drank the kool aid and now it's a part of their DNA!

  • robm

    Dont' you just love Islamic Supremicists ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5LTIUY2CJEO55SEOISW367HYU PeterW

    Maybe he's the anti-Christ.

  • Norma

    So Romney is a Mormon and y guys do not care. its a cult that has only token acknowledgement to Jesus. Y let Karl Rove pick you another über liberal with a slightly different veneer than the great W. Ryan overwhelmingly voted for everything W proposed, including loving TARP, the granddaddy of economic stimulus that also didn't result in any jobs. So you got two guys professing to be über conservatives. You gotta love Karl. He's a master in getting you suckers. Go eat some chicken, tomorrow. And find a homo or Muslim to taunt. Its all the rage. Next time try a real conservative Christian. Y guys are really amazing.

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      Vote for the Mornon not the Mulsim
      I will vote for the Mormon not the MORON!
      OMG 2012
      R & R 2012

  • rea

    there is NO question that he is a muslim....all his actions prove that point.

  • twiceshy

    It's not that something can't be done about Obama. But as long as the most of the press, if not all of the national media, stand behind him, no one will dare to go after him. We should all be ashamed that this man was ever elected to anything without checking into his shady past.

  • Obfusk8

    No court has ruled in favor of Obama. The courts have never heard a case against him. The only way to get to the truth is through quo warranto, which can only be brought about by Holder or Machen, the DC Attorney (no chance with either), or one sitting Congressman or Senator. It must be brought in DC. No one else has standing to file it. A quo warranto forces Obama to produce the required documents quickly or vacate the office.

  • ESQ

    I'm not so sure!I can't see any one messin with Buba's Daughter.Buba's got a lot of friends in Looooow Places.See what I mean?

  • JC

    Also highly probable the same "technique" was used against Justice Roberts. What a disappointing collection of sheeple.

  • Eddie

    Nothing, sticks because what is needed is a reall person. That person has to get up in front of the nation and say " Obama is not a citizen of your country. Then that person has to have the documents we seek and a lot of witnesses to force the hand of congress.
    That would make Obama go to the microphones and try to weasle out of it. But it has to be a live person that is protected and hidden away.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XFSLQ5ZBZK65BI2QCI4O452XA Mama Mia

    If we could simplify this situation, there are two blatantly obvious FACTS that should remove Obama from office: 1.His father was NOT an American citizen (which makes him ineligible for the presidency) 2. He has NOT fulfilled his Oath of Office to uphold the US Constitution (as promised when he was sworn in as president). End of story. End of the 4 year NIGHTMARE he has inflicted upon the American people!! Imprison the FRAUD NOW!!

  • Guest

    The story of Obama, his upbringing, his lack of affection from any mentor and his embarassment of his family and his earliest educartion in a Muslim country. Indonesia has the largest poopulation of Muslims as we all know now. They train children to hate Americans and now they are using their children to strap bombs to and glorify their death as as it's for Mohammed .
    There are many reasons why Obama is the way he is. One is jealousy the primary reason he hates the American way and tries to destroy the values of the people. He attacks everyone with law suits, lies, and threats. He has the mind of a serial killer and like them he puts on a completely different face for the public American image he thinks we like. What we as a nation do not condone lies and Mr BHO has lied so muh he forgets what he says right after he says it.
    IMPEACH HIM NOW along with Reid, Pelosoi, Holder and more including Supreme court justices who took oaths to protect the Constitution and three of them vote FOR the demise of the greatst country on the planet. The free-spirited, the Patriots and the good honest way of living is the American dream unless you get into politics. They are there in DC too long and get jaded quickly. making thier own raises, doing insidier trading (illegal) and making now laws that are unbelievably anti Constitutional.
    Time to wake up and kick em all out.. .

  • Hank

    Is this supposed to be news? I've been reading about Obama's being a Muslim for years, now. Everybody who has read anything about him knows that he was in a Muslim school as a child in Indonesia and that attendance required that he be an Indonesian citizen. So, where's the news? If you want to write a story about this, then find out when he gave up his Indonesian citizenship and completed the requirements to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Find out how he was able to afford to go to Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard when he was poor as a church mouse. Did he apply as a foreign exchange student? Did he fraudulently obtain financial assistance by qualifying as a foreign exchange student? If not, then who paid his college expenses? The other stuff is old and not worthy of a news headline.

    • ves

      Why do y'all think he was ever poor ..... he wasn't!!!!!!
      His grandparents owned property in Hawaii .... they had servants ...they were Communist and traveled all over ...... do you know how expensive that was???!!!
      Obama's mother designed some program to get US aid for Foreign Countries...worked under Tim Geithners Dad .....StepDad was some bigwig between his government and Big OIL ...... they had servants and lived well!!!
      Obama was a lousy student and a dopper in hawaii and else where in the US!!
      This is a proven fact and documented!!!

  • agbjr

    Obama is a narcissist and pathological liar so there is no way he can be believed on anything especially his personal past. Why exhaust so much energy and expense to hide records if there's nothing to hide? I, too, do not believe he is eligible under the Constitution to hold high office, however, I'm still waiting for the irrefutable proof ... either way.

    • Ihatelibs

      Throw him a rope!

  • 44Mag

    If Obama would have threatened Clintons daughter, Clinton would of had him killed. Clinton Did not mess around in Arkansas, that was part of that administration, look at the people that disappeared or came up dead.

    • devilrider

      Obama probably did not threaten Clinton's daughter - sounds more like the Chicago mob who most likely supported the Obama campaign as they did the Kennedy's.

  • Zinc Foil Hat Wearer

    Interesting article. When Da Tagliare said, "When Obama’s mother married her second husband and moved to Indonesia, he adopted Obama, making him a citizen of Indonesia," I've heard and read that Lolo Soetoro could not have adopted Obama because Islamic and Indonesian laws allow adoptions of youngster up to age five. Obama was six when he and mommy arrived to Indonesia.

    Still, whether Obama was an Indonesian citizen or even a Muslim, and whatever the merits of the other "birther" issues mentioned in this article, Obama is NOT concerned with them. He may even be mildly amused by them.

    But I came across an article that revealed "the REAL birther issue that Obama is deathly afraid of." I thought it was a compelling article. You can read it here: http://manhattanlp.org/the-real-birther-issue-that-obama-is-deathly-afraid-of/

    Check it out.

  • devilrider

    There are several types of people who vote for OBAMANATION: welfare recipients, homosexuals, illegal
    aliens through fraud, abortionists, morons, democrats, socialists, communists, muslims
    and certain other religious U. S. minorities, urban dwelling renters, certain
    young people who through ignorance thought it would be cool to have a black
    president, certain other urbanite twenty-somethings who are really trying to find
    themselves, athiests, and fools


    Duh, he went to college as Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen, so he could get his tuition free. Who in Washington has the balls to stand up and take this man out? Why are the political ads ignoring these facts? Why does not every ad include his alias Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetoro so that everyone can look up his alias and find the true Obama?

  • blackyb

    Barak Obama is not a Christian. He is a usurper using Christianity to gain entry. Barak Obama is a liar, a man of no principal and those in North Carolina who are not aware of this should be allowed the benefit of researching the various sites showing proof, such as Joe Apario and Susan Daniels and another PI who assisted her. Barak Obams is hiding information about his applications to college showing he was a foreign student requesting financial assistance. He has used fraudent social security numbers, forged birth documents, and his service registration card has been altered. Obama has had multiple address and used different social security numbers at these address. These were found by a skiptracer and PI. This is something even those in N.C should know about and realize that Obama is on a mission to destroy this country from within. North Carolina, across the state has no idea what this man really is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

    Again, it is written that we get punished first for putting in office both the "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15 & self-professed "Anti-Christ"(MARXIST) over u.s. of Revelation, chapter 11. However, Revelation also makes it clear that all "anglo-saxons" who voted for his promised "fundamental transformation of government" into MARXISM, the only SIN THAT NEVER CAN BE FORGIVEN will be punished FIRST leaving only 144,000 anglo-saxons alive from the 12 tribes of Israel by the seed of Joseph, including Judah(Gen. 48:16) & 3 1/2 days after the two-witnesses are allowed to be killed, all gentiles, including Obama himself become "toast," Obama for ever, also as written. Furthermore, when our Jewish Savior Yahshua returns, all Islam will be destroyed in one hour(Rev. 18:12). Watch!

  • devilrider

    Obama is probably a criminal being supported by the Chicago mob.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

    Unlikely, as his father, his white mother & her whole family, MARXIST TO THE CORE! Even Obama's father was a self-described Marxist & Obama's half-brother is the MARXIST DICTATOR NOW OF KENYA! Just saying...Welcome to Adam's world, especially once Cain was born!

  • http://twitter.com/ricoSacto ricoSacto

    hussein obama the untouchable.......hmmmmmm, sounds like treason to me, but i'm just guessin' as a constitutional scholar..... 😉


    There's one way to deal with the POS but it needs to be the super PACs a la Swifboating. Romney can denounce it all he wants, just like Bush did with the vets. The damage will be done in the eyes of the public. If the Obama thugs really do make threats, it's up to the militias to retaliate in like manner.

  • Ralph

    ..... and know we know why Mr. Breitbart is dead

  • Read

    The only thing clear is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence
    is made available that proves President Obama is a natural born citizen, ignorant lemmings will follow any cause of hatred that incites their internal lust for evil.

  • pollyatlanta

    Obama 2016 the movie ... just went today .... WOW ... even the dems should see this as credible. Please go see it ... you will be speechless even if you are like me and have read and heard 2x that much ... it is shocking to hear the live testimonies on the soil of Kenya and Indonesia. Did you know that his brother George ... you know the one who live in the hut the size of a small bathroom ... wrote a book ... he is NOT a of same belief on anti-America as his brother ... but he did say that Obama takes care of everyone which includes him ... no need to single him out, right?

  • JennyJ

    My question for the Republicans is WHY when the Democrats are attacking hard about Romney's taxes WHY in the world are the Republicans not saying " OK, when Obama shows his college transcripts, medical records, passport applications, thesis, school records, reason he has to surrender this law license, THEN Romney will release all this taxes". It is STUPID that the Republicans are keeping their mouths shut like little sheep. If they blasted Obama about his records, you could be sure this tax record crap would stop!

  • RightReason

    We need to vote him out of office, then pursue a case after Romney is President. If it was proven that he committed fraud between now and the election, the public protests and rioting would be devastating and destroy the very fabric of America.

  • DouglasDauntless

    We all know that Obama is a citizen of Indonesia, and not an American ctizen. Yet there is not one Governer in the USA that has the guts to keep Obama off the ballot

  • Kim Clifford

    I have not seen anyone mention this: His birth certificate states he is African American...How can that be if you look up your history. In the 40's it was colored then it crossed into negro ( he was born in 1961) the late 60's or 70's into black and much later into African American.

  • David S. McQueen

    Daniel Noe was a classmate of Obama's at Columbia for 4 years and doesn't remember seeing him there, even though they were both political science majors. How Obama got through Columbia and Harvard Law without spending a dime is odd, to say the least . . .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Curl/100000321180279 Michael Curl

    This clown needs to go down. He must be removed from office.

  • Zinc Foil Hat Wearer

    Interesting article. When da Tagliare said, "When Obama’s mother married her second husband and moved to Indonesia, he adopted Obama, making him a citizen of Indonesia," I've heard and read that Lolo Soetoro could not have adopted Obama because Islamic and Indonesian laws allow adoptions of youngster only up to age five. Obama was six when he and his mommy arrived to Indonesia.

    Still, whether Obama was an Indonesian citizen or even a Muslim, and whatever the merits of the other "birther" issues mentioned in this article, Obama is NOT concerned with them. He may even be mildly amused by them.

    But I came across a compelling article that revealed "the REAL birther issue that Obama is deathly afraid of." You can read it here: http://manhattanlp.org/the-real-birther-issue-that-obama-is-deathly-afraid-of/

    Check it out.

  • http://twitter.com/mitch7788 Mitch Graves

    I have been telling you ppl since this all started that it was NEVER EVER going to stop Obama from being in office. It will NEVER cause his removal from office. The courts are too slow. Even if the 1st judge had accepted the case and you had irrefutable proof, it would still be a decade before all the wrangling and appeals were exhausted. Not in a million yrs would the top lawyers BO got allow it to go quickly.
    It's a distraction and a waste of time. Take all the time you spend on this and spend it informing the 70% of the public out there who has no idea what BO is doming to this nation.
    I am telling you all what I have told everyone for yrs ...this will NEVER cause BO's removal.
    They got OJ off when he was CLEARLY guilty and everyone but the insane knew it. Learn from history...ask a defense lawyer or a judge. BO is a marxist and probably a muslim and there is tons of evidence to show by his words and actions. Each of you convince ten ppl to vote against him and we don't need documents or courts!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tietac Dean Godbee

    Yes he is and a Muslim terrorist also

  • Ben Dover

    Barrack Hussein Obama Sr was a Moslem Luo tribesman of Kenya. It is claimed that this "Gentleman of Kenya" was already and his relatives, a man married to another Luo African woman, and the sire of other African Luo children, when he entered into some form of desperate concupiscence with Ms Stanley Dunham of the Peace Corps, who was photographed at about the ninth month of pregnancy frolicking in the surf in the Malindi/Mombasa beach areas with her African Paramor. Such was her advanced state of pregnancy that no Airline of those days , Panam, BOAC, Air France. Lufhansa etal would ever have allowed any woman in such an advanced state of pregnancy to have flown half way around the world to Hawaii to give birth to "Our New Messiah" ! These merry events occured approximately 18 months before the famed "Uhuru" (of Kenya), so purely British Law prevailed at that time in Kenya. So somewhere there is documentation of an alleged marriage ? - or merely an illegitimate birth of he who became eventually the New Savior of the United States of America ? He has in the past claimed to be Kenyan Born - but his origins change as swiftly as his socks ! No one except in the highest officials of the Democrat Party knows the real origins of this man foist upon us all as a president with or of, very dubious origins. Our great and mighty maximum leader himself claims to be the true son of Barrack Hussein Obama Sr., a Kenya Luo Politician. who at the time of Obama Jr's birth was a British Subject and never an American. The nationality of the father denotes the Citizenship of the progeny ! QED.

  • wizard

    Was and probably still is.

  • joe

    Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali, Lew Alcindor became Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Barry Saetoro became Barrack Husein Obama ?Isn't that a muslim thing?!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/crzydancer Richard Holmes

    bammyboy is a traitor, a liar, a thief, a homosexual and a socialist and NOT an American.

  • flameinhair

    This is old news about Mr. Obama.

  • az native

    he still is and everybody knows it....trying to make Islam and Muslims part of our heritage - I don't think so......

  • DeMenace

    I can't believe somebody threatened Chelsea Clinton, that was the case the Clintons and their murdering thugs would have wiped out 1/2 Obama's campaign staff and whoever threatened Chelsea! To prove my point look up Clintons and the Arkansas murders! I wish Obama had chosen Hillary to be his V.P. - Hillary would be president right now and Obama would have been shuffled off to Buffalo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniela-Todescu/100002019930047 Daniela Todescu

    should not be President – Birth Certificate from Kenya – Congress should
    investigate – this may be the PROOF – Where are the experts? Can anyone
    verify this?

    It sounds good but I’m not an expert.

    This really needs to be looked into by Experts and this needs to be
    addressed to Congress.

    I’m going to write my Congressman and Governor. I believe that THIS
    needs to be investigated.

    Where is the media to investigate this?

    This would absolutely be an UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT

    Is This Obama’s Birth Certificate From Mombasa, Kenya?

    How did this little INDONESIAN Muslim child – Barry Soetoro,
    (A.K.A. Barack Obama) get around the issue of nationality to become President
    of the United States of
    America ?

    PART 2:

    In a move certain to fuel
    the debate over Obama’s qualifications for the presidency, the group “Americans
    for Freedom of Information” has released copies of President Obama’s college
    transcripts from Occidental
    College …

    The transcript indicates
    that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign
    student from Indonesia
    while an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College
    in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior
    Court of California
    . The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and
    was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation
    Scholarship program. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must claim
    foreign citizenship. This document provides the smoking gun
    that many of Obama’s detractors have been seeking – that he is NOT a
    natural-born citizen of the United States
    – necessary to be President of these United States. Along with the
    evidence that he was first born in Kenya
    , here we see that there is no record of him ever applying for US

    Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has
    released the results of their investigation of Obama’s campaign spending. This
    study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in
    the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block
    disclosure of any of his personal records.

    Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still on-going
    but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder.
    Mr. Holder has refused comment on this matter.




  • snytz

    Obama was never a citizen and I have never understood how this creep got elected as our countries president.........It's been a sad day in history.....lots of people have suffered because of this communist,socialist and marxist S.O.B.

  • finabiscotti

    Even though Obama's documents have been exposed as Forged and Fraudulent =
    Reminder: Lt. Col TERRY LAKIN - requested Obama's records - to ensure he was not being given illegal orders by a Usurper. Military tribunal would not allow Lakin to submit his own evidence - when he was denied access to obama's personal information; Lakin was not even allowed to submit his own evidence of Obama's ineligiblity - for Lakin to defend himself at his court-martial.
    Lakin was stripped of everything - and sent to prison for Six months.
    When Lakin tried to get a medical license as a "doctor' in Civilian life - to support himself and his family, Obama interfered in this process - and Lakin was denied the medical license - based on "political reasons".
    However, another doctor - ? - who applied at the same time - was granted a license to practice medicine - although he has numerous complaints and lawsuits against him for medical malpractice = crippling his patients; insurance company had already paid out numerous settlements for malpractice. Instead of this doctor getting denied for a license to practice medicine, the Medical Board denied someone like Lakin - who would have been an asset to the civilian medical world for his work ethics in a War Zone handling Trauma.

  • finabiscotti

    Check out on the internet = Globalists and Islamist Alliance

  • finabiscotti

    US Congressman Allen West made a Public Demand for Obama to produce the Passport that he used to travel to Pakistan in the 1980s.
    Obama solicited and acquired a State Grant as evidenced by the California State Assembly records - under his identity of Barry Soetoro - as a "foreign" student - to attend Occidental College registered as a foreign student - from Indonesia - of Muslim faith.
    It can be rightly assumed that Obama made use of his Indonesian passport - to travel to Pakistan - since US citizens were banned from entering Pakistan - as well as Christians and Jews. Only Muslims could enter Pakistan in the 1980s.

  • snytz

    This flag represents Obama's america. Hammer and sickle,Obama's face on the flag shows what he wants for the american people. He's a communist,socialist and marxist S.O.B.

  • snytz

    After this election we can tell Obama to pick-up his trash and go home....Kenya?

  • snytz

    I noticed my comments don't stay published long here......what's up with that

  • http://aliasbarackobama.blogspot.com/ Dr. Ron Polland

    Obama IS a Muslim and has always been a Muslim. Islam is a totalitarian ideology and religion is just one part of it. Obama has done, by words and deeds, according to that Islamic ideology . People think that he annot be a Muslim because he says he's a Christian.

    How stupid is that? He's a compulsive, pathological liar, and the more aggressive the lie the more true is the underlying premise.

    People think that a person cannot be a Muslim if he does not pray 5 times a day or attend a mosque.

    When you hear that, you know the person speaking knows nothing of the strategy and tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood who, when living in an infidel country and is in a  role of power, has a religiously-permitted reason to NOT reveal his religious behaviors, but to lie and deceive instead.

    Muhammed said, "War is Deception," and we have been at war with the Muslim Brotherhood and its  spinoff grops, like Al Qaeda, since 1991 when they declared war on the United States.

    People refuse to investigate his Muslim ideology for fear of being called a "conspiracist, kook, lunatic," or any of the other 3,000 epithets that are thrown at them by the Media, politicians, and phony Muslim civil-rights groupd like CAIR, MSA,  and ISNA (ALL fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood)  covering up the truth.

    The Left lies and tells more lies to cover up the previou ones. It is one o the reasons why radical leftwing leaders and radical Muslims get along so well.

    Obama has a deep-seated hatred for Jews and for Israel. THAT IS HIS MUSLIM SIDE IN ACTION. If you need any more proof, read up on how he and the rest of his Administration treat Israel as a whole and their leaders individually. Obama pisses on Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu every chance he gets while turning his back on Israel and throwing her to the bararic hordes.

    He's cut off funding to their missle defense system. He won't sell them the bunker buster bombs they need to take out Iran's reactor,  he's leaked Israel's secret strike plans to the Iranians, and now begged Iran not to attack American bases because the US will NOT back Israel if she is forced to stop Iran from getting a nuke.

  • deena01

    Obama is most definitely a Muslim.  How someone can say one thing and then deny it and the media lets them get away with it is beyond me.  The media today holds NO credibility with most people.  (Me for sure.)  Obama to me is a Liar who changes his story depending on who he is talking to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.hickey2 Christopher Hickey