First Gay General Sign of Obama Tailoring Military to Support His Dictatorial Takeover

In many of my previous writings, I’ve stated my belief that if Barack Obama gets elected to a second term that he will purposely cause an economic emergency which will allow him to exercise all of the powers he has given himself.  He will declare martial law, disband Congress and assume dictatorial control of America.

The most frequent question I’m asked in response to this is, ‘do you think the military will support him?’

I believe in about 2-3 years the answer will be yes.

There was a reason Obama pushed the Pentagon to allow gays to openly serve in the military and to carry out policies that will drive many traditional members of the military to resign and opt out of service.

A number of career military personnel already opted out of the service once they opened the doors to homosexuals.   I recall watching an interview on the news with an Army sergeant who had 15 years in the military.  Rather than serve in close quarters in Afghanistan with homosexuals, he was opting out of the Army, even though he only had five more years till he was eligible for retirement.

This sergeant also expressed concern over Obama’s plans to change the military retirement program so that all retirees will have their retirement go into something similar to a 410k and then they would have to wait until they were 65-67 years old to draw upon it.  One of the things that has drawn many men and women to devote 20 years of their lives to their country was the promise of being able to draw their military retirement after 20 years, allowing them to start a second career in the civilian world and still take care of their families.

The Pentagon, run by Obama’s puppet known as Leon Panetta, has also launched a war on Christianity in the military.  They have taken action to force chaplains to perform duties that are against their religion under threat of court martial.

The Obama administration is also working to open more combat positions to women.  In the past, this has proven dangerous for the women, not because of combat, but from sexual assaults committed by the men serving with them.

From what I have heard and read, the U.S. military will have an entirely different look in another 2-3 years.  It will be run by liberals who will be promoted though the ranks into positions of leadership.  This point came home this week as I read the report of the promotion of Tammy Smith, a lesbian, to Brigadier General.  The promotion ceremony was highlighted when Tammy’s wife, Tracey Hepner, pinned her general star on her uniform.  Smith is reported to be the first openly gay general in the military.  I suspect that she will be joined by many more in the next couple of years, if Obama has his way.

Service men and women who cling to traditional biblical and family values will become a shrinking minority.  Such a liberal army would be more than willing to support Barack Obama’s takeover of America in a couple of years.  Everything else is virtually in place for such a move and the military will be liberally tailored to support it soon enough.



  • Doodlebug

    Four more of this #^&()*&^%#$#&*&(*&^^&*(^&%^$#&^*( and, we will never get back to the America our founding fathers wanted and worked for us. This arrogant dummicrat donkey has absolutely no respect for the American people or for our Constitution and it would not surprise me if he gets back in, he would disban Congress. Look at all he did with out ever consulting Congress especially in the past year, year and a half.
    Thank you to all my fellow citizens who
    helped make this possible by voting for this inexperienced, ideologically
    radical, unaccomplished shell of candidate.

    • Michael Fernandez

      Yeah, well you can thank Congress for a lot of it as well. It was Congress that failed to vet obummer in the first place, it was/is Congress that lets him get away with all the illegal stuff he and his buddy Holder are doing, with nary a word. If you ask me, the whole lot of em need to go.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    One word...Disgusting!

    • jayzees


  • Mary

    He knows the military has a strong conservative base and following so he wants to taylor it to be more loyal to the left. The bottom line is he'll never succeed because it takes a certain quality man and minority of women to hold positions within our military.
    For example he could never put flaming gays in the position of being navy seals or special forces. A lot of those positions require true grit and a certain mindset. He may put a few high ranking gays in top positions but I just don't see them overtaking the military genius we have in place. And I say this as a mother of 4 service men/woman.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      If those sick Gays began to disappear it wouldn't be long before they would seek other jobs!

  • jango

    I would surmise that if the Communist in Chief did those things there would be no safe haven for ANY government worker..from the lowest to the highest...their worlds would be rocked to the core.

  • DauTieng59

    Try get a job in Key West, FL or Provincetown,MA as a straight and you will see the military in a couple of years.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    What did she do to get promoted to Brigadier General? This is nothing but a PC promotion.

    • canucksam

      He did the same thing with Napolitano. She was and is totally ignorant of Immigration Law and hasn't a clue about border security. Then she hired on her lesbian girlfriends, who also don't have a clue, and see what's happening now? Back in the 50s, when I was in the AF, the lesbian WAFs were the most vicious people I ever saw. They would attack and beat each other; one time sending a straight WAF to the hospital for 3 months......they were fighting over her. Maybe we'll get to see a good (tom?) cat fight amongst our lesbian government officials one day. The media wouldn't touch that story if they were paid.

      • dogleg

        The real question here is will gay generals fight over obumble when he comes out of his white house closet and becomes a transgender ex- president

        • canucksam

          Depends on how desperate they are by then.

    • Dustin W. Taunton

      Mowed the lawns...

    • Screeminmeeme

      As a bisexual/gay? himself...Obama likely thinks he's giving his kind a leg up.

    • Belinda Dearing

      she probably did him

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        No she did Michelle and he got to watch!

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Ate Michelle and Hillery and Jill often!

    • mjem

      pencil pusher i'm sure, the first crack of a '.50cal' will send her screaming for 'rear' where Murtha made his money......

    • Donnie Cheesman

      Indeed, what did she do? Who are the leaders who let her do it?
      Why does history repeat? I wonder what the German people
      thought as their nation was mis-led and destroyed by Hitler's cult?

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    This is why Obama must be defeated.

  • Don DeCamp

    He sure is trying hard to shape the military to his liking

  • Susan

    Machiavelli stated in his "Discourses on Livy" that it is vital to have a Virtuous military to keep Power. Obama is intentionally destroying Virtue by promoting Vice through LAW. Totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL, folks. Justice---is a Virtue--and Just Law can NEVER promote Vice. You will create a military with absolutely no morality like the homosexual SA Brownshirts who were used to debasing human beings and calling it "love".

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Obama want to make America WEAK, then his Muslim Brothers can take over! Vote the Ba*ta*d out in November!

  • Ciaran

    Why are concienscious military personnel tolerating ANY of this? Why are they just "taking it" or running away? They are merely craven paid whores, if they just want their retiree benefits. The military is sworn to PROTECT America from enemies DOMESTIC as well as foriegn.

    • Belinda Dearing

      they're in his pockett what else. otherwise he'd be dust now

  • Freodom

    Look Out! Russia & China are closely watching this.

  • Abiathar

    Younare most correct that the new military will do the bidding of the sodomite in chief. I am a thirty year military veteran and made the same point as we witnessed the political vetting that began under Bill Clinton when the military of 1992 handed him a major defeat in his attempt to sodomize the military as his first act as president. Clinton set in motion a political/moral vetting for the flag ranks which continued under Bush and gave us the likes of Admiral Mullen and General Petraeus which handed success to our current crop of sodomites promoters in DC. Please remember that VP Dick Cheney was the first to suggest open homosexuals in the military as SEC DEF under the first Bush. The senior ranks are so corrupted now that it would take another fifteen years or more to purge the corruption under no less than three morally sound administrations, and there is no one on the political landscape to inspire hope. Please recall that Ron Paul voted twice to approve of open Sodomites in the military.

  • Floridastorm

    I wouldn't worry too much about all of this. Alfred E. Newman only has 2 1/2 months more. He is so hated by a majority of Americans that there is no way he has a chance in hell of being re-elected. I would not be surprised if his loss was worse than Carter's.

    • vincent

      I can only hope, but McRomney/Ryan is not very vocal and not very strong. They could go after Hussein on Fast & Furious or even the amnesty for illegals, but they will play defense. Obama will win in Nov, and he might even abolish term limits.
      Romney's half-wit consultants will get millions of $$$ whether he wins or loses! Wanna bet that Romney's campaign consultants will go to work for the Obama/Holder administration as a reward for their sabotage!?
      Forget about tax returns, MITT!! Mount vigorous attacks (proactive) on the growing dictatorship and the race mobs. Show clips of the NBPP, OWS mobs. MS-13 and the race mobs.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Your right, if obama can override the Constitution by going around congress to give illegal aliens amnesty by executive order. He can sure do it with EO to abolish term limits, or for that matter anything he wants to do. And don't think he won't try it.

  • Robert

    Just another step in Obama's master plan to destroy the US military from within. Anyone who will not agree with him will be sent to some jerk water Stone Age country for no reason other than to be killed for his leisure. If he is not removed and if the military is not reorganized than the United States is dead. This president is doing everything in his power to make sure that he has the people in place to support his takeover.
    People it's time to stock up on ammunition get to know your neighbors and make up your mind whether you're going to stand with the Constitution and free Americans or hearing a rollover and take it in the rear from perverts like Obama . Make up Your Mind times running out very fast.
    I'm not preaching revolution , or overt violence. What I am saying is that the American people had better be alert and watching what's going on around them at all times . America is no longer a kinder gentler place .

  • PMDavis

    If that ever comes to pass, and the military is nothing but a bunch of gays, I can assure you some other foreign nation is going to take advantage of that and attack us. Our military will be a joke as they will be too busy in the bathrooms to fight and if Obama slashes our defense budget, we will be sitting ducks for whoever or whomever wants to try.

  • Larry

    You are right on in this article. But if history repeats it self when the communists and Nazis took over they then rounded up the homesexuals (like the brown shirts) and interned them in prison camps. Because those countries know if you have men and women marrying each other a society will not or cannot exists. Even the laws of nature tells even an athiest that.

  • sandman4X4

    The Honorable Gen. George Patton, is roling in his grave, he must be looking down at these fools running the Country and boy does he have the last laugh!

  • VocalYokel

    Perhaps I am naive, but I do not think the placement of high-ranking perverts will necessarily bring about PC in the ranks.

    I know more than a few current military service people whose morality would not allow them to blindly follow orders which would endanger our Republic and its citizens.

    And I know a heck of a lot more former members of the military who are armed and ready for any overt acts of treason that may be foisted upon us by the Imposter-in-Chief.

    • Swampfox

      For Americas sake I hope your right.

    • Bass_Boat_Bill

      Here's the problem, as I see it... Not one single officer in the U.S. Army stood behind Lt. Col. Terry Lakin when he challenged Obama to show proof of his constitutional qualifications to be C-i-C... Not only was Lakin court marshalled, but he was stripped of his rank and sent to Ft. Levenworth for 6 months... I find it hard to believe that some, if not most military personnel don't know that Obama is a fraud.. And yet to this point only Lakin has had the stones to call Obama out on his massive deceit.. I can understand congress allowing this to happen.. Those people are all morally bankrupt, they have no honor... But I don't understand why the military has not done something to end this charade

      • VocalYokel

        It also puzzles me why there was not more support shown for Lt. Col. Lakin.

        It is my considered opinion that some folks need to perceive a more direct threat before they are willing to take action...not that the question of a C-i-C who is not qualified should not reach that standard.

        I base my supposition of lack of support for orders that countermand personal morals on the fact that the actual number of sexual deviants in the military is proportionately few, and I do not see the revocation of DADT and the accompanying 'approval' as being an impetus for other perverts to enlist.

        It has been my experience that Leftards loathe the military, given its sense of discipline, personal accountability, and necessity to function as a cohesive unit.
        I also do not think that given their perpetual victim mindset they have the fealty to the Imposter-in-Chief necessary to implement the sort of revolution that Barry-O and his minions envision

        Those who have entered military service with the ideals necessary to preserve our Republic may take longer to react to subterfuge than we would like, but I have no doubt that when the excrement interacts with the oscillator these people will do the right thing.

        Which does not mean I think the rest of us should be unprepared for what is to come.

  • dean


  • Swampfox

    Obama has been issuing millions of rounds of ammo to all the different federal agencies around the country that have never needed guns for what they do much less this much ammo. Now he puts a gay General in charge of our military. Looks like a hostile takeover to me. If Obama is reelected in November we the people will once again have to fight for our freedom. The only question is how many of you out there are willing to fight to the death so that our children and grandchildren can stay free. If we do not stand there will be no freedom in their future. God Bless America.

  • Reality Check

    Interesting points, though there are flaws in the theory. Regardless of what public policy polling may state, the vast majority of Americans are more conservative in nature than they are liberal; they just need to be constantly reminded of it. Secondly, the "troops" (aka the enlisted men and women who will be commanded to pull the trigger on fellow Americans) out number the flag officers by a great number. I don't see the vast majority of the troops being able to stomach firing on their fellow citizens. Two or three years is probably far too soon for this type of a scenario to happen.
    Having said all of that, I'll say this: Give Dear Leader another term in office and he will never leave. The Republican "leadership" has already shown no stomach for holding his constitutional powers in check, and unfettered from "having to run for re-election" he will, indeed, seize all the power he can. Dear Leader's power base sits in the DOJ and the DHS. For all practical purposes, you can say that is where Dear Leader's "brown shirts" are.
    It took Hitler about a decade before he could consolidate his power base firmly enough that the population was cowed into obedience. Hitler was also able to show "prosperity" to the German people, which is partly how he got them on his side. Dear Leader doesn't have that going for him, and the American people (all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding) are not who the German people were in the late '20's and '30's. Dear Leader MUST be defeated, no doubt. But he is a good 5 - 7 years away from being able to have his people in place to take over the military.

  • jbeach

    We can be thankful that we served at a time when, although there was serious disagreement over foreign policy, there was a unity of purpose and moral conviction. Personal, moral character in military commanders is not a negotiable issue. It is no wonder that there are so many serious problems being endured by military personnel. The conflicting values that are accommodated at the official level create insecurity at lower levels in the chain of command. Political representation is not a military concept.

  • The Texas Cooke

    Ain't going to happen.

  • Doc

    It's not who you know, it's who you lick

  • RonMar

    Now there is an interesting dot connection. Obama's original intent has been and still is to destroy the U.S. economy, bring the country down and make the weak ones among us willing to accept a bailout from the oil-producing, especially Arab Islamist countries, and turn the U.S. A. into the Islamic Republic of Obama ruled in dhimmi by Shar'ia Law. Anyone not already a Muslim will then be forced to convert to Islam, be subjugated or disposed of at the whim of the Muslim masters.
    This is not difficult to figure out at all. Connect the many dots as Obama has connected them. Then you have it.
    Look up dhimmi, learn it. If you are not Muslim already or willing to convert I doubt you will like it much.

  • Victor Barney

    Do you folks really believe that our 70+% majority of women & blacks really care about such issues? They have the POWER & CONTROL & THAT'S ALL THAT THEY SEE! Just saying...

  • gary

    times are a changing ---this wont last long___GB

  • defender3

    I am sad to say that worse than liberal democrats, are spineless Republicans in Congress whom we trusted to protect our constitution and preserve our traditional values who are allowing Obama and supporters to destroy this country. They are the most despictable ones, and they have betrayed us. Write these career boot-licking Republicans who have betrayed us regulary, and demand they change their course immediately or they will not get your vote at election time.

  • barb patton

    This spells pretty much the end of the military as we know it. My retired Vietnam vet husband shakes his head - and - I am disgusted. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Sure glad I'm not in the service now days because the first QUEER [ not Gay] officer general or not gave me an order would die on the spot! Obama may just find himself in the very same position that Gadaffy, and the leaders of the other countries he he helped over throw and I can't wait to see the head lines and T V news about it and see him hanging from a tall tree at the white house! Obama and all the NUTS who support him hate god,straight people,armed Honest,sane people and legal people over Illegals and want to bring the U S A down! Remember Obama Michelle when to a Racist church with a racist pastor that was his friend and who hated white people and America! It's time to vote Obama out!

  • FritzXO

    I wonder if the new General wears a dildo and uses the Men's latrine. Like I have always said,"Another woman trying to do a mans job without the right equipment."Do you think they will trade their weapons in for flowers to throw??

  • Candyman

    The new and improved gay military might be willing to stand up and fight civilians (probably not), but it will never be able to defend our borders or enforce national policy as intended. Sorry, gang, but homosexuals don't have the commitment to their fellow soldiers required to "hold the line".

  • Work2SnowSki

    Sorry, but she looks like Janet Napalatono's little brother.

  • Kit Hogan

    she makes me want to vomit. do you honestly think the MEN and real WOMEN she commands have any respect for her?

    • windeaces

      You can kick a dog only so long and he will turn on you. This bunch of ignorant morons are trying to force the public into obedience by kicking them into submission. Just wait' the dog (public) will turn.

    • Hudmar

      They may not have respect for her but they have to carry the orders out or else. It really is pitiful to say the least but that's how life is and we have to live with it or change it. I say lets change it this coming elections and send them packing.

  • Silas Longshot

    Turning the military on the American civilian population, no matter how liberal or 'gay' they have tainted the leadership, would NOT be successful. There are multiple factors to cause a bloody failure of the effort. Thousands of 'oath keepers' throughout the military and police forces. Thousands of rank & file who would mutiny against such orders. Then there's the millions of military retirees out here, millions of avid hunters, millions of just plain ol' gun nuts. A report from around 2002 stated that there are in excess of 40 million 'registered' hunters across the USA. Not saying they could all qualify as military grade snipers, but are decent enough shots to put meat on the table. What kind of moral would an opposing force have, against 40 million snipers? Death from behind every tree or bush or window, at any second from any direction.

    • Don39

      None of which says that it can not happen and that it will not be bloody!

  • Its my military too

    Facts: Tammy Smith has "26 years" in the U.S. Army. Until the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy (which began in December 1993 under President Clinton and ended in September 2011), an enlistee was required to state on the Armed Forces application that he or she was not a homosexual. So, when Tammy enlisted (approx. 1986), did she lie on the application about her sexual preference? If so, she entered the Armed Forces under fraudulent circumstances. Fraudulent enlistment was punishable by a $5,000 fine and 2 years imprisonment. Today, at minimum, Tammy Smith should be court-martialed and booted out of the Army.
    Enlistment fraud includes lying about one's age, education, citizenship, drug use, mental and criminal history, and in 1986, homosexuality. During Tammy's 26-year service tenure, many service members were kicked out because of fraud. Perhaps the new Brigadier General and the Commander-in-Chief do not remember the regulations under which she enlisted.
    Investigate further. Request her enlistment records under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Big Manuger

    Just wonderfull. As we slip into degredation apparel. I dont think I'll be voting for this friggin communist president and his "friends". As a former military man I dont think I wiould be giving this freak of nature my respect. With these types being placed in positions of powere were sure to go down the drain and lickity split.

  • flaphil

    I bet she was a war hero. She won a medal in the war against straight military men. The military is now like Bollywood and the movies, a work of fiction. Between the fags, atheists and Oblamo they've done a job on making the country a disaster area.

  • john parry

    in 1975 , my boss asked me to accompany him to general thurman's quarters at ft. leavenworth ks only to discover this general was as gay as a goose ... so what's new ?

  • Donnie Cheesman

    America began in (Bondage). With faith
    came courage to overthrow tyranny and
    to obtain liberty which begot abundance,
    then complacency, then apathy, and now
    dependency--dead ahead--(Bondage). A
    deviant leader removes God, demoralizes
    the people and is supported by a cult made
    up of likeminded deviants. Hitler, Mao, Pol
    Pot, Stalin, Oba'ma, Ahmadinejad, The Ayatollah,
    Assad, Shrillery, Huma, farakhan, the New
    black pansy's, Ayers, Wright and a few million
    other deviants intend to lead America to hell.
    Does global war and millions dead await the U.S.
    and WE THE PEOPLE?

  • ex-o-wife

    Way back when, the joint chiefs of staff did a dis-service to all military when they did not resign enmass when BO was elected. It was obvious then who he was (a street fighter) without the credentials to be CiC. But when the media began covering up for him the LEAST those spineless men could have done was shown the respect for the flag that BO did not by getting out of the way to lead the American citizenry against this impostor who has been insulting me and others for 4 yrs by masquerading as a black man!

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Reminds me of Ernst Rohm----- read HIDDEN HITLER for greater understanding---

  • David S. McQueen

    Affirmative action promotions for lesbos? You can't have man-hating commanders in charge of men!

  • Don39

    She is an abomination , a fraud for many years, a violator of the UCMJ, a disgrace and dispicable!

  • jim28threg

    Getting zero out is small consolation when you consider you and I will still be paying him and his security as well as health insurance for the rest of his life. Now don't that make you happy.
    Just read about officers leaving short of retirement . Well now there's congress who have giving themselves full retirement after ONE TERM folks ONE TERM - FOUR(4) years not 20 like yours 4 .74,000.00 Still think these clowns are there to serve you?? Are you still convinced they are loyal Americans? Just how many of them have challenged Zero or even tried to prosecute him or maybe AHHHH tried to stop the appointments of these anti American scum he's covered himself with ?
    This my friends is just one more nail in the coffin of freedom and no-one will do a dam thing about it.
    Welcome to the new America where freedom was sold for votes.

  • windeaces

    The public should support this and after a time pick a fight with Russia, North Korea or Iran on their territory. Good cleansing process.

  • von anderson

    Will she behave as Janet Napolitano with inappropriate appointees and sexual prejudice in running her dept.

  • rikem9984

    This is a joke, "General Tammy!" leading armies of faggots and cross-dressers into battle! Sounds scary only if I happen to bend over. Anyway, if we can't beat an army of women, queers and college money drones, we don't deserve to live.

  • danclamage

    But such a military will get its butt kicked abroad.

  • TLady62

    Makes me glad I'm now fully retired from military service. And I don't care what anyone says in response. What these do-do head Progressives do not understand is the issue of readiness. That's why for many years, men and women were segregated in basic training for obvious reasons. Progressives only use the military for their sick and twisted social experiments. And of course few to none of them ever volunteer to serve.

  • nanblan

    I beg to differ with your assertion that "if Obama gets
    elected to a second term that he will purposely cause an economic emergency
    which will allow him to exercise all of the powers he has given himself. He
    will declare martial law, disband Congress and assume dictatorial control of
    America." My disagreement, however,
    is only in the timing of such an event.
    Along with a large group of conservatives, I believe he will be taking these
    actions BEFORE the election with the very purpose of STOPPING the election. One of the "rumors" suggest that the
    Obama & Co. is planning to set up a "fake" assassination attempt
    in order to incite a racial uprising, thus giving him a reason to call martial
    law. This was supposedly reported by a
    White House insider/whistleblower, but, of course, we can't know what is really
    true in such assertions/accusations. I personally
    am planning, however, to prepare for just such a situation, regardless of what
    the timing may be. I would strongly suggest
    that everyone else at least consider doing the same.