Circuit Court Says Okay for Teachers to Bash Christianity

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals not only resides in the land of nuts, fruits and flakes (California), it also has them serving on the bench.

In a decision rendered by the court of Friday, they upheld a high school teacher’s right to defame, degrade and debase Christianity in the classroom in front of students.

In 2007, a suit was filed by Chad Farnan against Capistrano Valley High School teacher James Corbett.  Farnan’s case listed over twenty-two statements made by Corbett that were “derogatory, disparaging, and belittling regarding religion and Christianity in particular."

Some of the statements listed in the suit were:

  •  "When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."
  •  "Aristotle was a physicist. ... He argued that there sort of has to be a God. Of course that's nonsense."
  •  "How do you get the peasants to oppose something that is in their best interest? Religion. You have to have something that is irrational to counter that rational approach."
  •  "People believed before the scientific revolution that the Bible was literal and that anything that happened, God did it. They didn't understand."
  •  "The people who want to make the argument that God did it, there is as much evidence that God did it as there is that there is a giant spaghetti monster living behind the moon ... ."
  •  "What part of the country has the highest murder rate? The South. What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The South. What part of the country has the highest ... church attendance? The South. Oh, wait a minute. You mean there is not a correlation between these things?"
  •  "Well, we know abstinence doesn't work. And we know one other thing, and that is, once people become sexually active, they often don't stop for, like, 40 or 50 years. I mean, generally, when you start you don't, like, have a conversion and try to become re-virginized, you know. It's not going to happen."

Then to my surprise I read where the judges said that Corbett “is a Christian who regularly prays and attends church services."

In the court’s ruling, Judge Ray C. Fisher stated “exhibiting some hostility to religion do not violate the Establishment Clause if the government conduct at issue has a secular purpose, does not have as its principal or primary effect inhibiting religion and does not foster excessive government engagement with religion."

Also in the court’s ruling it stated:  "Teachers must ... be given leeway to challenge students to foster critical thinking skills and develop their analytical abilities. ... At some point a teacher's comments on religion might cross the line and rise to the level of unconstitutional hostility. But without any cases illuminating the … demarcation between permissible and impermissible discussion of religion ... we cannot conclude that a reasonable teacher standing in Corbett's shoes would have been on notice that his actions might be unconstitutional."

This is one of the most hypocritical statements I've seen come out of any federal court.  The courts state that teachers must be given the leeway to challenge students to foster critical thinking skills but at the same time the courts keep telling teachers that they cannot discuss biblical creation or offer challenges to the theory of evolution.

In other words, it’s okay to openly ridicule and demean a student and their faith in front of other students, but it’s not okay for a teacher to openly defend the Christian faith or challenge the deified religion of naturalism.

I truly wish some legal advocacy group such as the Rutherford Institute or the Christian Law Association would take this court’s ruling and challenge it on the premise of contradicting prior court rulings over the discussion of religion in the classroom.

I also wish the public was aware that any federally appointed judge is subject to impeachment.  If they were aware of it, I’m sure the impeachment list would be a lengthy one, including the three hypocrites sitting on the bench in this case.



  • Ron

    I truly believe, that ALL JUDGES should be subject to being voted in, and voted out, by the people, as in "WE the people", and NOT appointed by some other nut job governor or president. Then we shall see more common sense rulings in this nation.

    • The Punisher

      The Ninth circuit, is the MOST REVERSED Court in the NATION!! seems such a record, shows these Judges are NOT capable of correctly doing the Job, hence, TERMINATION is the solution! FIRE EM!!
      As to Judicial ACTIVIST Judges, and the Liberals in General... they "God" THEY all worship?? BIG GOVERNMENT CONTROL........

    • daves

      So you think the founders got it wrong when they chose not to have elected judges so their decisions wouldn't be clouded by election advantage?

    • night-hunter

      I want my judges free of the political maneuvering, and "mob" opinion as possible. Electing some judges is fine; NC does that, and there has been a good history of leaving politics out of the courtroom. But the reason the Supreme Court justices are appointed for life is particularly to make sure the decisions rendered are not "politically motivated", and that their opinions cannot be swayed by threats of removal. Our forefathers were VERY wise in doing this.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    The reason for the Constitutional Republic's prejudiced treatment against Christianity is inherent in Amendment 1: "Although the First Amendment does not allow for establishing one religion over another, by eliminating Christianity as the federal government’s religion of choice (achieved by Article 6’s interdiction against Christian test oaths), Amendment 1 authorized equality for all non-Christian and even antichristian religions. When the Constitution failed to recognize Christian monotheism, it allowed Amendment 1 to fill the void by authorizing pagan polytheism.

    Amendment 1 did exactly what the framers proclaimed it could not do: it prohibited the exercise of monotheistic Christianity and established polytheism in its place. This explains the government’s double standard regarding Christian and non-Christian religions. For example, court participants entering the United States District Court of Appeals for the Middle District of Alabama must walk by a statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. And yet, on November 18, 2002, this very court ruled that Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments Monument violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. Despite many Christians’ protests against this hypocrisy, it was in keeping with the inevitable repercussions of the First Amendment."

    Excerpted from "Amendment 11: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism" at

    • daves

      One is art the other promotes a way of thinking.

    • night-hunter

      I disagree with your second paragraph. The amendment does exactly as it was designed to do. And in NO instance has anybody been prohibited from worshiping. What HAS been prohibited is the forcing of Christianity on those that wish to attend public places that are non-Christian., and the forcing of Christian beliefs on the population in general. Consider for a moment the effects of a national religion in other countries, and I'm sure you will recognize the difference. Already the US has established Christian Holidays as the ones celebrated where government offices are closed. The government does not cease their activities in celebration of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, or other religious holidays - why? Are the practitioners of those religions not entitled to the same benefits as other citizens?

      What Christians are bemoaning is that they are being forced to behave exactly like the other religions. And I have zero sympathy.

    • Bud Grounds

      It would seem that religion should not be discussed in the first place according to what you said. Therefore, the atheist should not have been discussing it in the first place and this should have been an issue in the court as well.

      For the record, I wonder how many decisions the 9th circuit court has issued has been overturned in a higher court. I have seen quite a few and just proves we have judges there who make up their own rules of law so it fits the liberal view.

    • James Corbett

      And Themis did not demand that, "Thou shall have no other Gods before me," which seems to me to be a fairly clear ESTABLISHMENT OF A RELIGION.

  • Leo

    If its OK to defame, degrade and debase Christianity in the classroom in front of students, then it must also be OK to defame, degrade and debase Islam in the classroom, to be fair. I bet if a teacher defamed, degraded and debased Islam in the classroom in front of the students, he would be dead within a weeks time. Whats right about that?

    • sharyn

      I agree whole heartedly. What's fair is fair. Actually with separation of church and state there should not be a discussion of religion of any kind in the classroom.

      • Ann American

        Sharyn the separation of Church and state is a deliberate and skewed version of the truth.
        Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist Church in CT. to reassure them that
        there was a "wall of separation" that would prevent the Govt. from interfering with their right
        to worship according to their faith.
        The 1st Amendment to the Constituion reads , "Congress shall make no law respecting (aka-regarding)
        an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
        or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress
        of grievances. Modern liberals like those in Jesus time, are intimidated by Chrisianity, therefore, they
        seek to silence Christians. Make no is not constitutional!

    • Ann American

      Hey Leo...You are right on, we need a fairness doctrine in the classroom that requires equal time
      for all view points. Start with Islam and try bashing their prophet! These lunatics would stone
      and behead you.
      Jesus prayed for those who crucified him.
      This is the difference. Love vs. Hate.
      There are none so blind as the pointy headed leftist, Marxist, "nattering nabobs of negativity"
      so busy being politically correct in the classroom they leave little room for intelligent dissent.
      This teacher/professor should be dismissed!!

    • Daryl

      Or better yet let a teacher in that school stand up and teach out Jesus Christ and she would be fired.
      Wake UP America

    • Karen

      My thoughts exactly! We need to test this theory. Know anyone in CA that is a teacher that is willing to"fall on a sword" for freedom?

    • James Corbett

      What's "right" about that is your politics. As a matter of fact, I taught in Beirut using the same technique (modified Socratic method) as I do now. Yes, some Islamic fundamentalists were quite upset. Then again, it's worth the risk to open a few minds. Kids deserve to have teachers who open minds, even if their pastor wants them closed. Martin Luther: "Reason is the greatest enemy God has." Truer words were never spoken.

  • Papabear

    If one speaks against Islam, its considered hate speech. If one speaks against Christianity, its fair game.

    • No fool

      Yuppers, you got it. Slam Islam and you get your head cut off and some corrupt moron judge (who likely getting paid off) will rule Shariah law to be okay, in the USA ... even though Shariah Law total violates the US Laws. These judges be barred shortly after they are sent to Gitmo.

    • James Corbett

      Actually, I don't speak "against" any religion, but I have spoken out against those who use religion, including Islam, as an excuse to justify intolerant or criminal behavior. BTW, I taught in Beirut, Lebanon using the same techniques I use here, and some Islamic fundamentalists were quite upset. Opening minds involves risk.

      Jim Corbett

    • grannysmith

      That is where liberalism has taken us. To insanity with no sign of logic.

  • james corbett

    Chad’s lawyers argued that questioning “Creation Science” violated the First Amendment, but American law gives no special place to any religion. One person’s religion is another person’s superstition. To Jews, Muslims, Hindus and dozens of other religions, the New Testament is “Christian Superstition,” just as their views are superstition to Christians. When I referred to a religious belief as “superstition,” I sought to show respect for all by favoring none. My classes have Jews, Hindus, Bahai, Muslims, Buddhists, and others. Chad would demand a special place for his views, but in America, all beliefs should be treated equally by government.
    The one thing that bothers me most about this case is that neither Chad nor his parents nor the so-called Advocates for Faith and Freedom, ever made an effort to talk with me before filing the suit. In my view, they were all more interested in gaining publicity for themselves, and donations for the Advocates, than in protecting Chad’s rights. They cost our schools hundreds of thousands of dollars when the whole thing could have been settled with a phone call that they never made.


      Your comments on religion are hateful. If one made derogatory comments about anything or anyone ells point of view, say same sex, derogatory comments on evolution and how it go's agent the Bible, or women, or blacks and so forth they would have been sent to jail or fined. a year or two ago a young girl was harassed for being a Christian and she said "that is so gay" which was the term used by everyone when something was said or done that was dum, she was expelled and the kids who harassed her were never punished for it. and the Judge up held the school explosion. In other words it is ok to bullies a Christian and get away with it.


        It is wrong to belittle anyone for there point of view and it is time for people like you to come to grips with fairness and you sir are not fair. Your are mean and hatful, you point out the short comings of religious people who are not perfect but fail to point out the good that comes from religious, people of all walks of life believers and non believers do a lot of good and should not be judge based on the few bad ones out there. You say you were trying to be fair to other people’s faith or non faith yet you only said bad things about Christian’s so were is your fairness then? Like I said you are mean and hatful.

      • James Corbett

        Gee, I wonder how you would fell if people decided that "that's so Dennis" was a catch phrase for "dumb" (not spelling).

    • Truth

      Mr. Corbett, you are an arrogant ass and so full of hate. You make me sick

      • James Corbett

        Ah, arrogant and a hate-filled ass. Well, there is a precedent for a talking donkey--look it up.

        • SunnyinVegas

          Mr. Corbett, what subject do you teach at Capo Valley High?

        • James Corbett

          Advanced Placement European History and AP Art History. The first subject mentioned by the College Board in the suggested topics for instruction is "Changes in Religious thought."

    • Jeff

      james corbett,

      Although you have a right to your opinions of Christianity, your remarks came across as badgering, condescending, and demeaning. Critical thinking should always be engaged before expressing any thought to anybody, anywhere.

    • Gregory C.

      That is a ridiculous argument. There is a distinct stench in the words you cardfully crafted. I guess pushing critical thinking is OK as long as the end results are on your agenda.

      And since when did anyone is public education become concerned with careless spending?

      You disgust me

    • @Earthking1961

      They shouldn't have to have called you. You should have enough brains as an educator, not to act in such a despicable manner. It should have cost your job! I am an English teacher and find you to be the dregs of the education community.

      • James Corbett

        Really? 23 years of teaching and one complaint that was found baseless and you think I should be fired? How about firing teachers who demonstrate a lack of understanding of the principle of fairness?

        • Rachel

          I find it horrifying, that you sir are teaching our youth. An even more horrific thought is that there are a whole lot more that think the way that you do and are putting that kind of garbage in our children's minds. Very sad indeed. :(

        • Darfur Deng

          Well Mr. Corbett, it would appear that you have been found overwhelmingly guilty in this court of public opinion. Obviously you are the one who lacks the understanding of the principle of fairness, and just because you have only been called to task once does not mean you should not have been.

          It is pathetic excuses like yourself that give grounds to abolish the right to tenure in the public school system.
          Stay in the land of fruits and nuts, because you most assuredly will not fair as well in a court not controlled by Racist Liberal Nazi Bigots, like those of the 9th Circuit.

        • James Corbett

          Wow "Racist, Liberal, Nazi Bigots," quite a phrase and indicative of such overwhelming stupidity that I'm reminded never argue with a fool or a drunk.

          "Racist" judges in the 9th?
          "Nazi" judges, when about half are Jewish?
          "Bigots," now your being redundant.

          BTW, Mussolini invented fascism. He called it the "corporate state." Which political party is closer to that ideal?

          Liberal? Guilty.

    • Darfur Deng

      ”What part of the country has the highest murder rate? The South. What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The South. What part of the country has the highest … church attendance? The South. Oh, wait a minute. You mean there is not a correlation between these things?”

      What part of the country has the highest African American population? The South.
      Does this correlation mean that you are also a RACIST BIGOT Mr. Corbett? I personally would remove my children from your class for the sheer idiocy of your reply, and I have no doubt Mr. Corbett that you truly are a vile RACIST BIGOT, based on your attempt to state as fact that there is a correlation between these things.

      As a Christian member of the African American community, I denounce you as the RACIST BIGOT that you are.

      • James Corbett

        First of all, Chad and his lawyers edited the tapes and made it appear that I said something I did not say. What I did say was that there is NO CORRELATION BETWEEN CHURCH ATTENDANCE AND SOCIAL STABILITY OR ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR. I pointed out that those countries that have the highest weekly attendance at religious services also tend to have the highest rate of social disruption (crime, etc.), while those countries that have the lowest weekly attendance at religious services tend to have the lowest incidences of social disruption. That is as true of a comparison of Mass. and Georgia as it is of Sweden and the U.S. I specially told the class that I WAS NOT IMPLYING A CAUSALITY. THE LESSON WAS CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSALITY. Please pull your head out of your posterior long enough to acknowledge that you know nothing of my class or me.

    • LetsBReal

      American law should give special place to Christianity for one reason only - the founders were Christian and they operated on Christian principles. If you think Islam or Hinduism or any other ism created a better country tell me about it. Why are we embracing the beliefs of these other inferior societies (sorry to be so 'judgmental') while rejecting the faith that brought us greatness? Are we just plain stupid or do we hate the real God and want to be god in his place?

  • Leo

    The biggest problem with this ruling is, the student will in most cases do a lot of sitting in the principles office if he stands up and defends his faith in the classroom. The students don't always have the right to defame, degrade and debase the teacher in front of the other students, either. If someone defames, degrades and debases my faith its the same as if they were doing it to me. Its got to be both ways if it is to be fair.

    • Gregory C.

      Nailed it, Leo. Can you imagine the courage it would take for a kid that age, and in the surrounding the teacher described, to stand and defend his faith and beliefs in a respectful and dignified manner.

      Pure bullyism and leftist tactics.


    • Nina Stone

      all the kid had to do was slam his books shut and walk out and go to the office call his parents to take his home! the next day enroll in a private school!!! I went to a private school and a nun told me we could believe in Evolution IF, AT SOME TIME WE BELIEVE THAT WE EVOLVED TO THE POINT OF HAVING ENOUGH GREY MATTER, THAT gOD INSTILLED A SOUL! Remember we have no idea of how long 7 DAYS were! from what scientists have discobered it was possibly millions of years!

  • PreacherCruz

    Incidents like these are going to increase. We are starting to see the natural consequences of having allowed Christ, prayer and Judeo-Christian morality to be removed from society. Couple that with people of faith thinking they should be removed from the political process or being too self involved to stand up and be counted as against anything............Well, in many respects, we are reaping what we've sown. We need to start thinking about Christian Civil Disobedience, what it means and what we can do to take back our country for the good of all. I do NOT advocate theocracy or legislating morality. I DO advocate a return to traditional, CONSTITUTIONAL values... For my article on Christian Civil Disobedience
    My recent post Who Knew? Walmart Policies Are Decided By Each Manager?

  • Big Ugly

    So, if you can defame Christians, you can defame a bunch of ignorant camel-jockeys who wipe their butts with their fingers and have sex with their donkeys?

    Speaking of the South - doesn't the South also have the highest percentage black population? Therefore, the same correlation must be drawn for the South and blacks, as has been drawn for the South and Christianity?

    As regards 'sexual activity' ..... aren't humans supposed to be better than the lower animals and thus able to 'control' our base emotions and carnal drives?

    As regards the "Spaghetti Monster behind the moon", how do you know there isn't one? Besides, evidence of God is everywhere you look ....... Prove that God did NOT make everything you see - I dare you.

    Jesus didn't wear glasses ..... Jeez, are you stupid, or what?

    Aristotle was a physicist ..... who argued that there must be a God ..... that's nonsense ...... therefore all of Aristotle's arguments must be nonsense, as must all of science. Besides, I seriously doubt that this teacher is anywhere near as smart as Aristotle.
    People, this is why YOU must teach your children. Teach them to argue, logically, when the 'teacher' is being stupid. The teacher is NOT God and must never be allowed to act like they are. They are there to disseminate CORRECT information to the students and it is YOUR JOB to ensure that the information being taught your children is correct. Talk to you kids, find out what LIES they are being taught ..... like 'diversity is good', 'socialism is a good system, and 'man causes global warming'.


      I agree with you, I would love of someone to prove there is no God. We earthlings are trying to understand the science of God and falling short. All anyone as to do is look around them look at the universe and this should tell you there is a God.

    • Rachel

      Ahhhh... just one more reason to homeschool. :)

    • james corbet

      Hello: I'm James Corbett. You posed a challenge, "Prove that God did NOT make everything you see. I dare you." Such a statement demonstrates your utter lack of, even limited, understanding of the standards of scientific proof. In simple terms (so you can understand), "you can't prove a negative." For example, I dare you to prove that everything you see was not made by a Chinese shoemaker in a suburb of Shanghai on a Tuesday in October at four o'clock in the afternoon in the year 1212 (Chinese calendar). Your views would be hilarious if they weren't so aggressively ignorant and easily transmitted, like a virus, to other dull thinkers.

  • stephenfroweblog

    What do you expect from a state that requires the tearing down of three crosses that have been standing in San Diego for almost 100 years because some "anonymous" individual complained and then told a church that said that they would take the crosses that, that is not good enough. Apparently the state of California is on its way to outlawing Christianity entirely.

    • Nina Stone

      What do you expect from a country that elected a half-breed Muslim for president???? There are too many people with their hand stuck out. They really are the uneducated, listening to politicians who promice the moon, etc. and then reach behind them and steal it back! An underhanded way to garner votes! I wish they would bring back poll taxes and litericy tests!!!! The majority of the citizenary would not be eligable!!!!!

      • James Corbett

        wonderful and subtlety humorous post. Complaining bout lack of learning and then misspelling "eligible," priceless. On the other hand, if it was a serious post, I, too, wish they would bring back literacy tests.

  • bz0fgf

    Maybe if Christians start blowing themselves up along with innocent women and children, our government will begin to embrace Christianity as a religion of peace.

  • JBR

    If you can talk against Chistianity in school, Youshould be able to talk about Jesus. Talking against Christianity is talking about religion.
    Pray America for God's mercy on us.

    • Nina Stone

      A Bible quote for the times:"If you deny me, I will deny you before my Father"!!!!! A country that turns its face from God, will end up weeping and knashing its teeth!!!!

  • sharyn

    We have become way too PC. Tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may! enough of this BS. These muslim fanatics will eventually take over our country if we don't do something about it now. We have a POTUS who doesn't appear to be a practicing Christian despite his claims that he is christian, but dismisses the national day of prayer. In the meantime he honors Muslims and bows to them and their customs! Wake up and smell the coffee people. Now we allow Christian bashing in the courts, who's next the Jews? Sounds like " Remember me" will have a part two in the near future!

  • GA Christian

    If you are going to require someone to type in some non-sense response before they can email your article, at least present it so it can be read....

  • George

    I applaud the student, Chad Farnan, and his parents or guardians, for recognizing and understanding these types of statements to be fundamentally wrong. Given the content of the messages, it would appear that the teacher may have had issues and was struggling with his religion, himself. It was not clear if these types of statements were made throughout the day, every day, or sporadically, as the anti-Christian moments attacked him.

    I still wonder why it is okay to have anti-Christian statements made by teachers degrading the Christian faith, but it is NOT okay to have Christian statements made by teachers presenting the Christian faith? Individuals and groups that take an atheistic or any anti-religion point of view should be treated as their own cult or "religion", so to speak, and likewise be prevented from promoting their ill will in a public environment.

    I don't feel the judge was wrong in his upholding the law, I would think that the law is wrong that does not uphold fairness.

    • Jeff


      It is not illegal for a teacher to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the context of any class discussions. However, if their confession of faith morphs into an alter call, they have crossed the line. There is a time for "proselytizing", such as after class, or on a class break. We as Christians need to know when to express our faith and when not to. Yes, there are times when it is neither appropriate nor advantages to winning a soul to Christ. This is just part of what it means to be "lead by the Spirit." We must be in tune with the Word and Spirit of the living God when doing such things.

  • Jeff

    I don't think the right comparison is being made here. The "Christian teacher" making such remarks are protected under the U.S. Constitution (unless his words are deemed fighting words, which are not). In general, everybody has a right to their opinion about whatever. Personally, I don't find the teacher's opinion consistent with being Christian, but that's just my opinion. There is one main issue we in America have, when it comes to implementing constitutional law. Although I am Christian and have been so all my 52 years of life (yes, I believed in Jesus Christ even as a very young child), where would the protest end if we Christianize public learning? That's great if you are Christian like me, but what if you are non-Christian? Public education should and must be administered in a non-religious context, but not devoid of morals and ethics. This would be consistent with protecting everyone's constitutional right to freedom of religion. When prayer from schools was removed, I feel it was the best thing. The way it was done was, during the morning assembly, someone was appointed to pray over the assembly. This was fine if you happen to share the beliefs of the one chosen to pray for everybody. Personally, I don't want anybody praying for me who does not serve my God through Jesus Christ. But when prayer was in public schools, out of fairness, how could the school not allow a non-Christian their time to pray for everyone, i.e. those who worship Satan, either directly or by proxy of some other false religion? We as Christians need to consider these things when mounting up in protest of others who have not violated us constitutionally.

    • Nina Stone

      How stupid! I went to public school for two years and graduated from there. fortunately the teachers were more caring and helped me get the required credits. In the private school system I attended for 11 years, they didn't really care and it was here's the material , sink or swim!!!
      In public school something was read from the Bible every morning and the Pledge of Allegiance was said (it is not any more). If it were an assembly someone got up and read from the Bible, even a Jewish girl! She read from the KJV and never thought about it! That was the good old days! Not now where liberal communists have taken over the country. To do this you have to have 'the duming down of America, which has been going on since the '60's.

  • Maureen Krueger

    During a walk our pastor took during his vacation he came across a man that was quite distraught with a fresh human bite mark on one side of his face and a bruise on the other side. He stopped and asked if the man was okay and the guy explained that he had gotten in a fight with his gay lover who had bit him and hit him.

    Our pastor is such a compassionate man. He invited the man to sit down and he listened to the man. After quite some time our Pastor told the man that God loved him and had a plan for his life. That God wanted good for him and a personal relationship with him. Tears sprang to the man's eyes on hearing this and he was deeply moved by these words. As our Pastor continued to loving share the truth of God, he told the man that mankind has a problem and it is called sin. He explained that he (the man) had sinned just as he (our pastor) was a sinner.

    I don't remember how far our Pastor got in telling the man the gospel message. But at the point our Pastor talked about sin the man's body language changed dramatically from calmness, he stood up and said are you trying to tell me that my homosexual lifestyle is a sin? I was born this way. Our pastor noticed the change, but continued to calmly talk and told him that we are all born with a sinful nature and that the Bible does state that homosexual sexual relations are a sin. This infuriated the man and he punched our Pastor in the jaw with all of his strength. Than started to rant and rave that it was people like our Pastor who were causing all of the problems.

    He raised such a ruckus that the resort security was called. Then the man told the security that our Pastor had attacked him and caused the injuries on his face. Our stunned Pastor gave the security guard his statement about what had transpired. Since the statements didn't match and assault had taken place he needed to call the police. (Our pastor envisioned being arrested for assault based on this man's accusations.) But when the police were mentioned the man said no he didn't want to call the police, and then he confessed that our Pastor had not hit or bitten him, that it was caused by someone else and then he ran off to his room in the resort. The Security guard did call the police and our Pastor waited.

    When the police questioned our pastor about what had transpired the police officer told him that had this happened in Canada our Pastor would have been arrested for hate speech. The Hate Speech law in Canada makes it illegal to call homosexual sexual behavior a sin. (Our pastor never said that being a homosexual is a sin, but rather the behavior) Anyway, our pastor would have been taken to jail even though he had never threatened the man, never belittled or insulted him, our Pastor would have been arrested in Canada.

    The officer than told our Pastor that this law was coming to the USA. We have seen the liberal left trying to pass the "Hate Speech" law with language to "protect" the gay community from not only violence, but words and thoughts. In reviewing the crime statistic's, less than 1% are classified as "hate crimes" Of this less than one percent 18% of the let's say 1% are against someone's sexual orientation. That is less than .0125 percent. These were considered "hate" crimes and it includes name calling in addition to physical violence. There are more hate crimes committed against people for their religious beliefs (primarily targeted at Jew's.)

    Yet, the gay community can say anything they want against Christians because Christians believe that homosexual sex is one of thousands of sins and that the lifestyle is harmful. And the message Christians give is that God forgives and has a better plan for our lives than the one we are living without him. A life filled with peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, love and more. But this message is considered "hateful" by our government. This man's lover assaulted him and than he assaulted our Pastor. Yet Christians are being demonized. No one objects to violence or "hate" speech against Christians. And of course our Pastor did not press charges.

    But our Pastor is not going to be silent about the truth. Be aware more is coming to silence the Christian community. You need to ask yourself if you are truly a Christian? Do you truly believe that Jesus is God in the flesh come to earth to save mankind from our sinful nature that leads to violence, anger, jealousy, sexual immorality, revenge, and more. Will you stand firm in your faith and speak the truth or will you do what they want, stay silent and try not to "offend" anyone. Repent, fall on your knees and cry out to the Lord for mercy. Turn back to God and give up anything in your life that separates you from Him. God has not turned his back on us, we have turned our back on God by allowing and putting up with the harmful environment that we now live in; the highly sexual content that is allowed on TV and now the schools. Contact your Congressman and Senators and object to the assault on Christianity and Jesus our Christ. Also turn off any TV programs that are contrary to your Christian belief's. Contact advertisers that support highly immoral and with a lot of sexual content. Complain to advertiser who use sexually charged commercials. No wonder teen pregnancy is epidemic. God forgive America.

  • alegalcitizen

    I thank God that I do not have any children in a public school. This ruling is OUTRAGEOUS & judges, etc., like this need to be FIRED, one way or another. To you who have children, no matter what it takes, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO ATTEND A PUBLIC SCHOOL WITHOUT CHECKING OUT ALL THE TEACHERS, PRINCIPAL ETC. as many of them are haters of Christians & will "teach" your children to love SATAN. BEWARE of the evils that are trying to take away our Christian faith. First & foremost, we have to rid ourselves & our Country of the SATAN in the Whitehouse, then we can work on down to all the other Satans that are trying to destroy our Country, our children, our faith.

  • wlitchford

    Elements within the Southern Baptist have been trying to get their leaders to tell their millions of members to pull their children from public schools.

    • Nina Stone

      They would like to live in that big house in the 'burbs and drive a Volvo and belong to the country club! If protestants pulled their kids out of the public system, schools around the country would collapse!! The next best alternative is home schooling, before its over that will be outlawed!

  • Nick

    Why is public insults toward Christianity allowed in schools, but teachers posting their religious beliefs on their own personal Facebook pages during the SUMMER a reason to be fired? The devil has really gotten to our country!

    • Nina Stone

      No, Obama and his commie henchmen have gotten to this country! People better vote right come Nov. 2012! We need to get rid of the rat in the white house and the whole Congress!!!

  • Nick

    "Remember we have no idea of how long 7 DAYS were!"

    Um, last time I checked 7 days was 7 days. And God created things OLD. Adam and Eve weren't babies, they were grown adults as were the plants and animals! When Jesus turned water to wine, the wedding attendees said it was the best wine they have ever had. Well, the best wine is OLD wine. It has to ferment and all that. So there is an example of God instantly created old things. Unless you think that, that wedding took place for multiple years

  • Terry

    Circuit Court Judges who rule like this are atheists and also gay.

  • pat


  • pat


  • god

    Never have I seen such a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I am very glad I don't come here often, it reminds me of

  • Della Creighton

    Evil Pure evil at play in our country can anyone say crystal Noc Coming. They came for the Jews and I said nothing