Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Begins Crucifying Opponents - Reports

A number of Arabic media outlets have reported the crucifixion of political opponents of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi outside the presidential palace, according to WorldNet Daily.

Computer translations of several Arabic news websites seem to support WND's report.

According to the Arabic reports, opponents of Morsi had been crucified and others had been publicly attacked and beaten during a recent rampage by Muslim Brotherhood "partisans."

The violence apparently began as mobs surrounded a Cairo media center last week in anger about criticism of Morsi's dismissal of military leaders and the Brotherhood's securing of power.

According to The Algemeiner, a Jewish newspaper, Egyptian sources reported the following:

"A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others. Likewise, Muslim Brotherhood supporters locked the doors of the media production facilities of 6-October [a major media region in Cairo], where they proceeded to attack several popular journalists."

The mob attacks were also documented on the Egyptian website El Balad: "(On Aug. 8) thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters” attacked 6-October’s media facilities, beat Khaled Salah—chief editor of the privately-owned and secular Youm 7 newspaper—prevented Yusif al-Hassani, an On TV broadcaster, from entering the building, and generally “terrorized the employees."

El Balad also reports that when supporters of journalist Tawfik Okasha gathered at the presidential palace, they were surrounded by a Brotherhood mob who "attacked them with sticks, knives, and Molotov cocktails, crucifying some of them on trees, leading to the deaths of two and the wounding of dozens."

Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy told WND that crucifixion is a punishment commanded by the Quran, Sura 5:33, and is part of Shariah law. "It's been a traditional punishment within Islam since the beginning. ... So, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood haven't the option not to include crucifixion within their legal code."

In June, President Obama told the newly elected Morsi that the United States would stand by Egypt, despite calls by conservatives like Allen West to denounce the "democratic" election results.

A year earlier, Obama had described the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings that were being fomented by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies as “a historic opportunity” for the U.S. “to pursue the world as it should be.”

He said America must promote “change that advances self-determination and opportunity."

The proof of Obama's naivete and incompetence is now laid bare for all the world to see. The Arab Spring that his Administration promoted and supported publicly, politically, militarily and financially is revealing itself for what it has been all along, a bloodthirsty bid for naked power by fanatical savages.

The world is far the worse today for Obama's so-called leadership.



  • James White, M.D.

    Crucifixion? Why am I surprised? They are the last of the slave traders, also. Can you envision Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary in a burka?

    • The Great Ricardo

      They might look more appealing to their husbands.

    • Lorna Doone

      By the way slavery still exists in many middle east countries. Namely black African slaves.

    • colleenf

      They would look better than they do now!

    • Joe Zimmerman

      Well they would sure LOOK BETTER !!!!!!!!!!

    • Poppo

      Would be an improvement over the botox look. Can you wear pearls and a burka at the same time?

    • cmdors

      I hate ENVISIONING Pelosi or Hitlery in anything. We have been under the CLINTON RULE for over 20 years now. Billy boy taught our children what B-jobs were and that lying was okay. Absolutely disgusting. My dad almost sent Mr. Bill and new pair of kneepads. My dad wanted to take Billy's pointy, crooked forefinger and crack it in half. Then he wanted to hang him upside down in hog crap. He had all kinds of fun things he wanted to do to these thugs. But he's gone now. He had them all figured out. On second thought, if we MUST look at Pelosi/Hitlery, maybe a burka would be an improvement cuz we wouldn't have to look at their hag faces.

    • Phillip in TX

      I can see Michelle in a full burka. It will be a wonderful improvement.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Good article. Not at all surprising that the MB would rapidly set about their real intentions of ridding Egypt (and then the world) of ALL no less than the barbaric practice of crucifixion.

    Those of you with any doubt about the evil of Islam need to take along hard look at what's going on in Egypt because its a microcosm of the future of America...the template that Muslim victors will use ....should Islam gain ascendancy in our country.

    Cronn said: ''The proof of Obama’s naivete and incompetence is now laid bare for all the world to see.''

    I would strongly disagree with any notion that Obama is naive. He is an imperious, shrewd, hard-boiled, cut-throat calculating thug with a thin veneer of ''peace-seeking'' leadership and patronizing lingo. A total fraud and a facile liar.

    His support of the Muslim spite of terrorism experts' many warnings that it is the organizer and chief architect of worldwide jihad and should never be indicative of his allegiance to the Islamic masterplan of worldwide domination and establishment of the Caliphate.

    The most unschooled individual can clearly see that from his first day in office, Obama has done everything he could to AID AND ABET our ENEMIES.

    IMO we should dust off our treason laws and apply OBAMA.

    • Joe Zimmerman

      AMEN ,,, well said !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hpinnc

      He said this is an "historic opportunity" for the US to pursue the world" as it should be" Now what does it sound to you like he is saying? If congress wasn't so blind they would impeach him & try him as a traitor to this country..

      • Military Vet

        The reason they would not impeach is because we have a bunch of yellow belly elected cowards in congress, wonder what closet Bohener is hiding in? Your military vets and patriots are going to have to save this country.

        • dana

          Impeachment has to be tried in senate, a waste of time until the Senate is not controlled by the democrates,

        • Conservativesniper

          very good point.

      • rosemarienoa

        Except dirty harry would bury it along with everything else the House has passed!!! He's as big a traitor as ovomit!!! He's nothing but an obstructionist!!!

      • Conservativesniper

        Congress isn't blind. They are a bunch of self centered cowards.

    • bobbylang

      Great noun!! "Screeminmeemie"
      "THUG"!! that IS "Obama"!! raised among them, taught by them, had his hate instilled by them, it really hits the "Nail!!
      Let's "Purify" the atmosphere this November by removing any and all Islamists and send them "Packing"!!

    • rosemarienoa

      He is also mean spirited & very petty & childish!!! Just look at his face when things dont go his way!!!!

  • Lorna Doone

    Muslim Brotherhood begins crucifixions and torture against opponents:
    Christians being warned to think like Jews and plan their escape.

  • colleenf

    Obama is neither naive nor incompetent when it comes to his views on islam and the muslim brotherhood. He knows exactly what and who they are. And he supports them.
    And how nice to be back into the time of Christ to be using crucifixion as a method of punishment against those who do not believe as you do....religion of peace my arse!
    Where is the UN? Why aren't the libs wailing about all the "torture"??

    • VocalYokel

      "Obama is neither naive nor incompetent..."
      He may appear to bumble along 'mishandling' crisis after crisis, but I agree with you, he knows exactly what he is doing.
      This appearance of ineptness is just a cover for implementing the agenda his handlers seek to impose on a deceived and ignorant populace.

      As for the UN...

      Get the US out of the UN &
      Get the UN out of the US !

      • Joe Zimmerman


      • hpinnc

        You are soooo on the money,VocalYoker.I have preached that for some time now. Will some one tell me one thing the UN has done that is in the best interest of the US.We give them millions of our tax-dollars & what do we get in return? Absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

        • colleenf

          The UN is nothing more than a money laundering, muslim pandering and thug run organization that extorts $$$ from the US for it's own agenda. We truly need to get out of the UN and the UN out of the USA!

        • hpinnc

          I agree colleenf,That is something I would love to see,I also would love to see the ACLU [a commie organization] and a lot of un-American activities should go.We should ouit handing out money to people who are our enemies.If you don't stand with us,then you stand against us.There are a lot of things that needs fixin in the USA,but it's still the greatest country in the world.

        • colleenf

          I agree with you completely. I have never understood why we feel we have to try to "buy" friendships with countries who openly declare they want to wipe us off the face of the earth. If a country does not do exactly as we say, no monies. You want our money? Fine. Then educate your people, give women the same rights as men, and allow all of your citizens the right to free and equal treatment under the same laws WE have! Simplistic, I know, but I am tired of giving money to those who hate us.

        • rosemarienoa

          Especially the present occupants of the White House!!!

        • Phillip in TX

          ACLU stands for "American Collection of Losers and the Useless."

        • rosemarienoa

          A lot of grief is what we get from the UN......they are worthless, ineffective & irrelevant! Nobody listens to them especially the Iranians & the N. Koreans.....we should disband them altogether & rent the space they occupy to something or someone worthwhile!!!

        • Tom

          The answers are in the book, "Brotherhood of Darkness, by Dr. Stanley Montieth. It is a real eye-opener that I just finished and it is enough to make you sick to see how long this plot has been going on and what the end game is. And NO I am not vested in any way with the book or posting this note. I just think everyone in America should read that book.

        • David J. Goetz

          NO thats BILLIONS !!!

        • hpinnc

          Thanks for corecting me David. You are right.

        • hpinnc ????

          Preach you say. Bible thumper are we? Cannot get a real woman so you use a book.

      • bobbylang

        Now - Now - Vocal Yokel
        These folks are just misguided and loving, and really nice to have living next door!
        The reality of this group, is to "Get You, BEFORE you wise up"!!
        Feign agreement until they've got the upper hand! go along to get along!
        You hit the nail on the head! They cannot be trusted, want no part of democracy, hate our Constitution, and will slaughter our kids as if they were nothing but "Roaches"!
        "Sharia" this!!!!!
        keep you guns loaded and "forgettabout" the UN!!
        Let's put a "Real" president into office!!

    • blaineiac

      "Where is the UN?..."

      You've got to be kidding! They're behind it all, in cahoots with our muslim POTUS, "Obastard"!

    • hpinnc

      Because obummer & his socialist jack-asses support these hoodlums.To think this muslim has given millions of tax-payer $$$ to them just makes me furious.and he has the gall to say the muslim brotherhood uprisings are "a historicopportunity" for the US "to pursue the world as it should be". If he thinks this is the way the world should be,then he should be impeached & tried as a traitor to the country he is commander-and-chief of.I knew these bastards were a bunch of fanatical thugs from the beginning.They are probably backed by hazbala & Iran.They are probably the ones who took over Libya & are now trying to take over Syria. Sec.Clinton said one time the reason we were reluctant to send aid to the rebels in Syria is because we don't really know who they are.Well go figure, who has been stirring up all this "Arab Spring" B/S? and I would not be one bit surprised if obummer hasn't found a way to send them guns & ammo. Why does this country think we have to get involved with these freaks anyways? Leave them alone & maybe they will destroy each other.

      • rosemarienoa

        It would make the world a much better place if they would destroy each other!!!

    • Raymond

      Every American that enjoys their freedoms and liberties, need to know and understand what Islam is all about. When Islam claims "Peace" they are using Deception. Muslims depend on people and nations remaining ignorant of their teachings. My desire as a Patriotic American, is to enlighten my fellow citizens with the Truth. Raymond

      A. Overview of Islamic Law of Marriage

      The concept of marriage is radically different under Muslim law than in Christian and Western practice. This is inevitable because Western marriage is based upon only two people being joined, whereas Islam allows one man to wed up to four women. For example, adultery is not a grounds for divorce in Islam, according to David Forte in Studies In Islamic Law.
      Marriage in Islam is not a sacrament, but a private contract (nikah) with no need of a ceremony. Under classical Shari’ah doctrine, it is considered an agreement between two families where the woman’s opinion holds no sway. Further, she can be married without being present, and divorced without her knowledge. Divorce can be achieved instantaneously by the husband, without courtroom or judge.

      Ancient “arranged marriage” is still used under Islamic law. In fact, under Shari’ah, the woman’s opinion is considered meritless when choosing a husband, according to Mounira M. Charrad, in States And Women’s Rights, The Making of Postcolonial Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Charrad writes,

      A bride need not express her consent to marriage when the contract is established. The law actually does not require the bride’s presence at the marriage contract (agreement) for the marriage to be valid. The bride has a “matrimonial guardian,” usually the father or, in his absence, another male relative whom family members designate as her legal guardian…Only the guardian’s verbal expression of consent, and not the bride’s, makes the marriage legally valid.

      A marriage contract is a simple private agreement between the parents or woman’s guardian, and the groom. Even if she disagrees, this has no legal impact, as only the guardian’s decision has legal standing.

      Weddings were arranged in traditional Islamic society since no concept of courtship existed. Unrelated men and women could not mix or even see one another, according to David E. Long in Culture & Customs of Saudi Arabia. Sometimes a “marriage broker” is employed, but often families simply work together.

      • rosemarienoa

        They live in the 6th century & we should see that they ALL go back there!!!

      • Conservativesniper

        Islam is a disease which needs to be cured. When does the next Crusade begin? Semper Fi, Raymond.

    • Raymond

      Every American that enjoys their freedoms and liberties, need to know and understand what Islam is all about. When Islam claims "Peace" they are using Deception. Muslims depend on people and nations remaining ignorant of their teachings. My desire as a Patriotic American, is to enlighten my fellow citizens with the Truth. Raymond

      Women are property in Islam

      In Muhammad's time, women's roles were notably inferior to men's. One of the most difficult verses reads: "Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God's guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them" (Surah 4:34). The Arabic word "beat" or "scourge" does not mean tap lightly; it is the same word used to beat a violent criminal or a camel. Muhammad himself once deliberately struck ‘Aisha "on the chest which caused me pain", according to Sahih Muslim vol.2:2127

      In matters of inheritance, women are to receive half of what men receive (Surah 4:11). Men are the "managers" of women (Surah 4:35) and can "come unto [their] tillage as they wish" (sexually) (Surah 2:223); can divorce their wives by stating "I divorce you" three times (2:229-230); and may take more than one wife (4:29).

      More that await women in a pure Islamic country of "bliss" (following are in the Noble Koran):

      Surah 4:3 - A Muslim man can marry up to 4 women; a Muslim woman can have only one man.
      Surah 2:229 - Men can ask for a divorce. Women can't.
      Surah 4:11 - A woman can only inherit half of what a man can
      Surah 4:34 - Women cannot serve as imams, but they can't even lead a prayer in front of men.
      Surah 33:53 - A woman cannot answer the door at home if a husband is not there.
      Surah 33:33 - Women should stay in their houses and not travel without permission of husband/fathers.
      Surah 4:34 - A husband can beat a wife into submission if the wife refuses sexual relations.

      • PWe72

        Don't forget their practice of genital mutilation.

    • neilshog

      You said exactly what I was going to post, Colleen. Why should anyone be surprised that he gives his support? The MAN IS A MUSLIM. What else does he need to do before people wake up to this fact?

      • d rash

        Well, if he is a Muslim, I am not convinced! MOOCHELLE will kick his A Z Z if he tries that Muslim crap on her! Moochelle Obama is the boss in the white house family quarters! Believe it.

        • rosemarienoa

          She already kicks his a$$....every single day!!!

        • neilshog

          Ha! I have to agree with you on that one. But it just seems to me he's very sympathetic to the muslims. And he just had another white house dinner to honor them for Ramadam. ----- Original Message -----
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          Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 1:08 AM
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Egypt’ s Muslim Brotherhood Begins Crucifying Opponents – Reports

          d rash (unregistered) wrote, in response to neilshog:

          Well, if he is a Muslim, I am not convinced! MOOCHELLE will kick his A Z Z if he tries that Muslim crap on her! Moochelle Obama is the boss in the white house family quarters! Believe it.
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        • Conservativesniper

          It is pointless to reason with a fanatic. He is a Muslim. I think we need some powder to cure the rash.

    • Michael Hilton

      You got it exactly right. Those who've said (repeatedly) that Obama is naive or stupid are totally wrong. He knows! His support for them is unflagging, and he's dragging THIS nation into the fold. The UN? Forget them! They're an impotent force, under the best of circumstances.

      Why aren't libs....?

      They're the stupid, naive ones. Not Obama.

    • freedom

      Tell it, sistah!

  • GDC97

    Obama's plan is working!!!!

  • GDC97

    Obama and EVERYONE in his administration MUST be EXECUTED for TREASON!!!!!

    • bobbylang

      Hell NO!!!
      Make them earn a living by their wits, "EXPOSE THEM"!! dump them all in November!
      Put the "Community organizer in chief" back where he's used to doing a bang up job!
      You know what THEY all do --pay off the whores and prostitutes for the "suits", give the drunks a "fiver" to vote democrat, give the bookies the "Walkin-round money", arrange for the union thugs and "rent a riot" buses, organize the local "Bums" and "Drunks" for "sit-in's"!
      Let the world know, just who voted for that "scum"!
      Show the world there is a "soul" in America!!

      • Conservativesniper

        There is no benefit to the country by engaging in childish behavior like exposing them. Try them for treason during wartime and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Barto

    What does Obama think of his Brotherhood now OR will he just continue to support them and look the other way while they do their dastardly deeds!! What a poor excuse of a human being AND to think he is the leader of OUR country!

  • donl

    I bet Obama is thrilled about this. And the liberals are getting off on this sh--.

  • donl

    The liberal left in this country are applauding this kind of treatment, they love it!!!

  • Davy2010

    He has that innocent campaign
    grin which captivates the idiocy of white
    liberal guilt.

  • lurabyss

    Obama and Hillary with high visibly and assured verbal support of these KNOWN terrorists were with them from the beginning and now are amazingly silent as the number of innocent victims of their terrorist pals rises...

    F-14 Navy Vet
    "Facts SUCK if you're an Obammunist!"

  • M.J. Marsalek

    Well Gee Whiz !! Egypt's hope & change ain't working out so hot either !!

  • Cathy Chancellor Wright

    "I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian- brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom." "I will hand the Egyptians over to the power of a cruel master, and a fierce king will rule over them," declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty. Isaiah 19:2, 4
    We're seeing the Bible in real time, folks.

    • Poppo

      You are so right Cathy!

  • Poppo

    How can the left continue to support this tyrant that claims to be our President! Does he have the power of hypnosis over them? I find it hard to believe that all the democrats are fooled by this anti-American, anti-Christian demon. I cannot even bring myself to call him a man! I don't believe he is THE Anti-Christ, but here is 2 Thessalonians 2:
    The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,

    and with all unrighteous deception
    among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the
    truth, that they might be saved.

    And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should BELIEVE THE LIE,

    • cmdors

      Same as what Hitler did. He got all the people to follow and idolize him and when he took power, horror happened. Hitler banned smoking, same as the USA is doing. I have NEVER understood why pundants on TV say what a GREAT speaker and how cool and good looking and smart he was. I saw right thru his crap and it just made me so FRUSTRATED each time I heard what a great orator he was. He is nothing but a slug whom I wish would crawl back under his demonic rock.

  • blancojoe

    Now, now ... so Obama and Hillary kind of messed up about Egypt and the Arab Spring. Is that any reason to not support them? Gee whiz, Barry has a real neat smile and he can sing Al Green songs in Harlem. Barry and Hillary are for the po' people. Can't you Bible holding people understand that? (If anyone misses this sarcasm, shame on you).

  • bobbylang

    I don't know which is worse, this lying, dumb-a#s president or his lying, dumb-a#s religion of "Peace"!
    Each lives on mendacity, untruths, and bodily threats and intimidation!!
    It's about time the "Christian" men in this country, stand up for the God-given rights to freedom of speech, Religion, and Press, or we will all be gagged and murdered at the behest of the "loving", "Religion of Peace"!!
    Maybe it's time to "crucify' a few "Infidels"!!

  • Danmo43

    It's takes a large crowd willing to do something about it which means they have to put down their damn cell phone cameras and GET INVOLVED!!

    • cmdors

      HAVE YOU EVER HIT the nail on the head. If I didn't know better, I would think all kids are now BORN with cellphones hooked to their ears.

  • poorboyrex

    I have a 223, 9mm, 22mag, 44 mag, 270 win, 303 Brit, 38 special to keep me warm at knight. and just for the heck of it, Ill get a judge 410. Jihad that you terrorist scum bags !!

  • Robert

    I wonder, did Dirty Diaper Head Obama invite Hillary over to watch tapes of this action over popcorn and beer? This type of action has never not been expected. I can just hear the cheers from the White House like those you might hear the football game, something like" hang them up and they'll the suckers". Everyone should watch any recordings of this and be prepared for what's coming to America with the viral Moslem cult is not stopped. To stop it you must remove the head of the serpent.
    Look at what's happening in Michigan now.

  • cmdors

    My dad and I used to visit for hours about this govt. He warned many years ago that UNIONS were slowly taking over our education system to slowly dumb them down and turn them all into little 'brown shirts'. He was so right on about that. He was an AF vet stationed in Iceland when he was only 18. He HATED school so he quit and earned his GED while in the service. He was a mechanic for the planes and worked on radar systems. Anyway, he passed in 2009 and so, needless to say, that year was probably the worst in my life, because I could see and I knew what Obama was. I told dad in 2008 that I thought he was a 'plant' to infiltrate our govt. and to finish America off because they didn't get the job done on 9/11. And as intelligent as he was, he told me it probably wouldn't be quite that way. But I KNEW IT. And a large majority of our so-called representatives dropped the ball and let it happen. Tom Harkin is one of my reps. He makes my stomach turn. He is stealing tax dollars to give to LaRaza and he was just THRILLED when DEATHCARE became law. He's been in office TOO long and is nothing but a marxist. I've been warning anyone that would listen to me about this THUG and his ilk in the White House. It just gets to the point where they roll their eyes when I spoke. But NOW? They can't believe how correct I was because the truth of this Islamic thug and his love of Islam is coming true. Egypt is now muslim brohood. Unbelievable. And if we don't get this Piece of Crap and his ilk out of OUR HOUSE, the Arab BS will be here. They are already infiltrating. We have a couple of them in congress. No matter. I will NEVER denounce my love of God and Jesus Christ. NEVER. But I am fearful and I pray that martial law won't happen but I think it's their last trump card to stay in office.

  • cmdors

    I wish CA would wake up and get Marxine Waters, Boxer and Pelosi out of office. Marxine Waters is the one PUSHING FOR SHARIA LAW. I believe that Anyone who wants this BS should be chained onto a SLOW BOAT TO IRAN.

  • Larry Hughes

    Savages behaving true to form. Nuke the da** place and save the world years of grief.

    • Sniper

      We can pick anyone of those countries over there and turn it into a king size parking lot for the rest of the rag heads to park their camels in.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Obama would ONLY act on these atrocities IF they were committed against Muslims...not Christians. He is a World Class Hypocrite and the MOST Dangerous man in the world.

    He hates Christ, Western Culture and All Things American. He is the Serpent in the Room.

  • Barb Patton

    when when when WILL THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR THE AYATOLLAH BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA realize that they have hurt not only themselves but also for America.. Since it is a given fact that the ayatollah barack suffer from Monarchy syndrome - he will not be satisfied until he is made the MAHDI - the very last islamic imam. GOD HELP AMERICA

  • jong

    Once again the war is heating up with this trash. I would suggest that when they feel like trying the same thing here (and they will historically) that we cut off the right hand, cut off their privates and stick them in their mouths with a pork chop. Execute then and wait three days. Stick a quran up their butts with their butts pointing to mecca. To top it all off have a large dog defecating on them. For huge numbers take a page from Vlad. Impale all of them. It can last for hours and is a powerful reminder of what happens to people killing innocent Christians.

  • Joseph Gary Hunt

    These are the people Hilary gave 3 billion dollars of our tax money too. The very ones Obama had to the White House........

  • L2D3B

    Nothing new or
    surprising here, if you have studied the history of the Muslim
    "religion". They've been systematically murdering non-Muslims, by
    plan, for well over 1000 years. The big question is, “When will we, and the rest
    of the world, wake up and recognize the enemy ?” We screwed up and showed them
    where the oil was, showed them how to produce it and how to refine it. They can’t
    do squat on their own initiative except form dictatorships, marginalize and demean
    women, and terrorize and kill people.

  • Lorna Doone

    Christian children in Iraq being crucified as well as Islamist's want to force
    Christians to flee:

  • Larry

    This man is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Remember how Carter pushed the shah of Iran to allow the Iattolah back in the country. Which started the first Islamic Revolution. Jimmy Carter called him a true holy man, before the "holy man" had the USA'S embassy taken over. Liberals are so out of wack they don't see the forest because of the trees.

  • mike

    You can give a "high-five" to Hillary Clinton for helping the Muslim Brotherhood get a major hold in Egypt. Once again the Clintons are at their liberal agenda.

  • mitchskram

    Nothing like the honor/love of Islam to start the day off! How pathetic must one be to follow the tenants of faith that is obviously as perverse as it is shallow!


  • northbrook

    Now this administration needs to stop the flow of money to Egypt, We now see the true colors of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama invited Morisi to the White House what an insult to this nation.

  • rosemarienoa

    Isnt that the truth? He also has the Muslim Brotherhood visiting the WH!!!They are HIS brothers after all!!!

  • flaphil

    Nothing says anti God like a cult that calls itself a religion. Welcome to the world of Islam, they teach to hate and kill others of a different faith, laws that conflict with civil behavior, train members to be terrorists and make women slaves. Just the group the left loves to protect. They have an open invitation to Oblamo's White House any time and have infiltrated our military and society.

  • coconuisse

    Agreed. Obama is better described as feral and cunning. Now that he's helped put sharia law in place in so many Arabic countries, watch his next move putting it in place in your backyard! I hope the trees on you property are strong enough to support the crucified that Obama wants to nail on them.

  • Pavelina

    Last year the Hamas govt., in Gaza, instituted crucifixion as a punishment for enemies of Islam. Obama is still sending them money, too.


    Yesterday I got censored for telling you that this administration supported this cult of intolerance and ignorance called cult islam, I suppose the truth just scares these simpletons to death and by putting their heads under the covers the boogey man will leave them alone...How possibly wrong can you be.
    The results are in egypt now, cruxification, intolerance, mideveal thinking, 12th century achievement only and we will see more killing, maiming and oppression by this cult before we make the attempt to eradicate that kind of tyranny.....Don't fear a tyrant, ruin his world and find the ways to make real freedom a way of all. Question all and fear none.

  • Barto

    Obama's brethren at work!

  • Esther Mae Egan

    We are seeing Obama for who he is. He came into office to bring change and a lot of people allotted him privileges because he was black. It people wanted to clear their conscience by electing him, why not Alan K eyes, J C Watts or any number of Black men more worthy.. But we soon forget that Bush had the Muslims in the White House long before Obama having prayer meetings with them. Bush also said that the Muslims worshiped the same God. Will it is not God, but Jesus that will get us into heaven. You can mention God but you can not mention Jesus without the Muslim rejecting anything you might say. I was very angry with Bush as he claimed to be a Christian and yet hob nobbing with the Muslims. On the other hand Obama told everyone he was a Christian and went to Jeremiah Whites Church to prove his words, but has he been there since. I see pictures of him in Mosques and hear of him sitting down to eat with them. Some of my family and friends have in the past told me I did not know Muslims and now that we are learning it is almost to late. I told my granddaughters they better not date a Muslim as I was going to do all I could to stop the relationship. My one granddaughter accused me of being prejudice and I agree with her. You bet I am. This problem with the Muslims has been going on a long time. I have some Muslim people I have done business with and trying to witness to them, but they are liars for the most part. My family for years was telling how horrible a certain church was, and I tried to tell them about the Muslims, but they only put me down as these people were sweet and kind. Maybe if it gets them what they want. Why is it people do not see the truth? Maybe if all these people on this site would tell one person we might change things, but it gets getting that person to listen. Obama has lied. It us to be a saying when Clinton was in office :"Do you know when Clinton is lying? His lips are moving" I think what upsets me the most is radio show hosts that will turn someone off that calls in to tell them something because it does not fit their program. How many men and women called in to say something about Obama to Rush and he turned them off. How about the lady that tried to tell McCain about Obama and he refused to listen to her. What is wrong with us? Get us out of the UN and get rid of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Holder, Fienstein, Walters and a host of others, vote them out.

  • Megan Renee Mose

    this is not part of anything it is evil, the true Bible is from God. the quran sounds evil

  • trm

    And who/whom should be surprized by this?

  • Texas Tanker

    We are in a war we refuse to acknowledge against an
    enemy we refuse to name. Why one might ask? It is because our leaders of all
    stripes are too politically correct, too civilized, or in fear of being thought
    of in terms “not kinder and gentler” that causes them to bury their collective
    heads in the sand.

    Once we had
    leaders of strength, vision, and integrity in this nation. Leaders who were
    unafraid to call things as they saw them – come what may. The roll of such
    leaders stretches back to our founding. It includes such names as Washington,
    Patrick Henry, Jefferson, George Mason, Roger Sherman, and Henry Knox. The roll
    includes R.E. Lee, W.T. Sherman, J.J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, George
    Patton, L.B. “Chesty” Puller, Chester Nimitz, and W.F. “Bull” Halsey. Recent
    leaders come close, such as Petraeus and McChrystal, but they are not in the
    same league. I served with some officers who have gone on to achieve high rank,
    to include two who became the Chief of Staff of the Army. One of them is the
    current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. History will tell if they are in
    the league of giants like those mentioned.

    None of the
    current crop, save McChrystal, seems willing to “rock the boat”, a-la “there is
    no substitute for victory” Gen. MacArthur 1950. None of them are willing to
    acknowledge that the 14-century long war between dar al-Islam (House of Islam) and dar al-harb (House of War/the entire non-Muslim world) is still
    on-going. It may have waxed and waned but it has never ended. Why, one
    might ask? That is because the principal driving force behind the expansion of
    Islam is that there will only be peace in the world when every nation on the
    surface of the planet and all of the people living acknowledge that there is
    but one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet, blessed be his name.

    Read the Koran/Quran. I have. The information is
    there. You need to know about the Islamic doctrine of abrogation before you
    read the Koran or the Sunnah or the Hadith. The Koran is supposed to be the
    actual word of Allah as revealed to the prophet Muhammad via the Archangel
    Gabriel, which Muhammad then revealed verbatim to his flock. Abrogation says
    that earlier revelations can be altered or completely reversed by later
    revelations. So you have to know when the different Chapters (Suras) came to
    Muhammad to know which ones are more current theologically. The Prophet was in
    Mecca at the beginning of his prophetic career and fled to Medina for the later
    part. The Suras that call for conciliation and kindness come from his early or
    Meccan period of ministry. Suras 8 & 9 are from his later or Medinan
    period. This is where one finds the verses that call for the subjugation,
    Islamification, or killing of those who refuse to submit to Islam.

    It is not considered chic or cosmopolitan to think
    that we are involved in a religious war in the 21st Century. It is
    far easier to say that those who attack us are terrorists who have hijacked a
    “religion of peace.” That is pure bovine scatology. The simple bastards who
    make that statement have never really studied the Koran, the Sunnah, or the
    Hadith. If they had, then they would know that those attacking us are the ones
    following the precepts of Muhammad and Islam to the letter.

  • yadontwannano

    It sure wasn't muslims that built the ptramides takes clear reasoning and the will to work hard to acheive an engineering master piece ...........other than mosques , what do muslims build ? cerrtainly not skysrapers

  • netandyawho

    Obama has entertained members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. We need to kick that illegal alien out of the White House.

  • Noone

    When he mentioned "the 57 states" in the 2008 election campaign it was a serious Freudian slip, and a horrible omen.
    Personally, I don't wan to wind up living in an islamic theocracy because my 'fellow citizens' were ignorant enough th reelect Barry Hussein.

  • David Miller

    Who didn't see that coming?

  • vrajavala

    Hillary is also complicit in this as well, with her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, family to the Muslim Brotherhood.