Black Bishop Calls For All Christians To Leave Democratic Party

Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr. (E.W. Jackson) has issued a plea for all Christians to leave the Democratic Party.

Like Barack Obama, Jackson is a graduate of Harvard Law School.  Unlike Obama, Jackson served in the U.S. Marine Corps and knows what it really means to serve your country.  Following law school, he was a practicing attorney for 15 years in Boston.  During his time in Boston, he served as chaplain for the Boston Red Sox for 5 years and as a Protestant chaplain for the Boston fire department.  He was involved with The Samaritan Project to help churches that had been damaged by arson.  In 1998, Jackson was ordained as a bishop and head of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia.

In 2009, Bishop Jackson launched a national grassroots organization aimed at restoring America’s Judeo-Christian foundations.  S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) is dedicated to restoring the faith, values and Christian culture that America once had but has since lost.  Earlier this year, Jackson ran for U.S. Senate in the Virginia primary, but was soundly defeated by fellow Republican George Allen.

In his plea for Christians to make an exodus from the Democratic Party, Jackson refers to the Party as cult-like and cites the following reasons for his statement and actions:

  • Pro-abortion
  • Rejection of biblical family model and values
  • Open hostility to anyone who expresses their Christian values including Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A and Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas
  • Actions taken against cities and towns for displaying crosses at memorials
  • Actions taken against anyone who invokes the name of Jesus during prayers at official events

Jackson expressed his disappointment in the way journalist Mary Elizabeth Williams with wrote about Gabby Douglas’s tribute to God.  Williams wrote:

“I've often wondered what it is about Christians like Douglas that unnerves me so ... Douglas and her ilk seem to espouse a faith based on what is commonly referred to as 'The God of Parking Spaces.'”

When the Democratic Party officially endorsed same-sex marriage, Jackson said:

“They will be saying, 'We don't care what you think, what you believe, or what the Bible or the God of the Bible says. We know better than God.'”

This has led him send the following message to all Christians in America:

“The Democrat Party has turned its back on Christians. It is time to turn our backs on the Democrat Party.”

So here we have one black Harvard law grad telling the other Harvard law grad that he has turned his back on God and that it’s time Christians turn their back on him and the rest of his progressive liberals.  I hope and pray that the message would reach every Christian and that they follow Bishop Jackson’s plea.



  • DontTreadOnMe11

    Is it too late to put him on the ticket? Of course, nothing against Ryan.

  • smackaliberal

    Hey just figured this out? He just figured out that blacks are lik Esau, who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, or Judas, who could be bought for 30 pieces of silver. This man needs to go further and point out the harlotry of the black race in America, allowing commie-white democrats to pimp them. He needs to point out their utter lack of morals, righteousness and principles, and rebuke them for being a race of cheap whores who sold out their God, race and country for some free money and a seat at the table with power-brokers who are traitors to this nation. Like Black leader Jesse Lee Peterson has said for years--the black race and culture in America is immoral and wicked, and they need to repent of it all. No Christian could EVER be a democrat for one day! No real christian could be with an antichrist party except a Judas sellout with his hand out. Look at the judgment upon the black race in America for what they have done--they are being utterly destroyed in every way, completely oblivious. The ONLY REASON a black person voted for Obama is because that person is a RACIST. They didn't care what he stood for or believed--he could have said he would wipe out every Jew on the planet, and they still would have voted for him because they are stupid racists. They have MUCH REPENTING and confessing to do. They must admit that these things I write are true, because they are.

    • Cherokee Sue

      Rather than villifying a gentleman who is taking a stand in HIS community, perhaps you could reach out to the WHITE community, which has many democrats as well, including my own pastor and his wife. Let's support Bishop Jackson for recognizing what's happening and taking an unpopular stand with his own race . . . and do the same for ours!!!

      • Charles C

        Good thought there, Cherokee Sue. Even if he's late seeing the truth, he's doing something about it now. That's so much better than doing nothing that I support the bishop.

      • Prfssrbill

        Well put, Sue.

      • Old Observer

        Sue--we should stand for Christian principles regardless of skin color. Many, many of us are mixtures, anyway---I am part Native American, though with no tribal affiliation--but I believe we are all the same, regardless of what we look like on the outside--it is our character that counts, and there are good and bad across the spectrum. The Bishop is right that Christians--(of ALL colors) should turn their backs on a party that is destroying our country.

      • Biblically salty David

        Cherokee Sue. I am convinced from much study in the Bible that any pastor who is a Democrat and/or votes Democrat is not fit to be a pastor because he is deceived and probably is not a Christian but a wolf in sheep's clothing. I encourate you get out from under his influence ASAP. Pray for him that he will repent.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Do not bundle all of the black race with this leftist socialist nazi in power (Zero). This man, like hundreds of other honorable and honest black and hispanic folks, know the liar-in-thief is exactly that. They don't want the slavery handouts from the government. They want left alone and given equal opportunity WITHOUT special privilage. And I'm speaking of thousands, not dozens. Our church is over 10000 in membership and a large portion have left the radical leftist churches that proclaim another gospel besides the one proclaimed by Christ.

    • Daniel from TN

      Bishop Jackson could have said all thos things, but then his message would be too long; and people tend to overlook long messages. A short message, limited to just what has happened recently, will get people's attention and increase the probability they actually read it.
      America or obama! You can't have both!

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      I've heard and read white conservatives/Christians exhorting their black compatriots to speak out. Well, this gentleman spoke out. Don't see what the problem is. Many other black Americans have been doing so for quite some time.

      We are allowed to judge many things about people--except their relationship with God the father. So ease back. BTW, the "black race" didn't turn away from God by themselves. See: 1962 and the removal of prayer from schools.

      • LibertyLady2

        Read "Uncle Sam's Plantation by Star Parker. She has the same basic message..and she has been there and escaped the welfare dependency trap.

        • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

          Thanks for the tip. I get Ms. Parker's newletter in email but I haven't read her book...yet. :) She ran for Congress in the district I used to live in but lost. I was sorry that I didn't get to vote for her.

    • MikeHatton47025

      True? In a way..but..we must also think this way too.."Judge not..least you be judged likewise". Correct? It all needs to be said..but phrased a little different..and I don't mean in a "Politically Correct" fashion

  • David

    And those who criticize Obama are called by many 'racists' because they can think of nothing else to say. This bishop has plenty to say!!

    • hotrod41mag

      dem/lib/soc/progs own racism ,hatred and bigotry in America---and they enjoy showing that

    • Doodlebug

      You are so right David. And, just this morning there was some dummicrat (Juan Williams, I think) ranting about how there are still some of us who do not believe obummer was born in the US. He wants years and years of Romney's tax info but obummer has never shown us a undoctored birth certificate and he has had his college records sealed instead of letting us see them. This is the most arrogant jerk I have ever seen! I'm glad Bishop Jackson is telling it like it is!

      • Rosiland Bagnerise


  • e1313ruth

    I refused to vote even for Democrat friends since 1980...I knew dims were destroying the morality of America.. I also knew they used the ten on one gang mentality with anyone who opposed them........But I confess I never knew in a billion years we would vote antichrist in as president....I knew that in 2007...and he has proved me 100% right...

    • Cheryl

      i felt from the beginning like you. He is an anti-Christ, but i don't know if he is THE anti-Christ.

    • Old Observer

      I don't believe he is the antichrist--but is being used to prepare the way for it
      lol--though there is an old series of movies in which the american president becomes the president of the global govt--and is the antichrist!

      • El_Love

        are you talking about the Left Behind Series? If so -- they are worth the watch just to see the parallel in these movies to how they portray the lying media and our media today -- it is weirdly, oddly, scarily accurate and prophetic.
        (warning - first movie is poor acting - others not great -- but the message is worth the watch)

        • wearyconservative1946

          Back in the 90's, these books actually started me on the road to salvation, but as for the movies. Yuk! Hard to believe they're even part of the same story line.
          In any case, you're correct about the parallels and in fact, I was just discussing this with my sister a few weeks back. I was in the process of re reading the series and honesly, at times, the correlations gave me shivers at the eerily accurate description of exactly what we're seeing unfold day by day right now.

        • PoorPitifulPearl

          Better to read the books. Unfortunately, most democrats would rather not read anytrhing that might change their minds. They are big books and well worth reading.

  • Dogmeat1949


  • Macdonald Cory

    Let's face the Democratic Party has gone to the dark side; it is evil. It embraces evil. The hippy freaks of the 60's have taken over.

  • IDConservative

    MSNBC will call this Bishop an "Out of touch Uncle Tom"

    • TheSunDidIt

      I would welcome him into my family and call him whatever the right term was for his position in the family. For now, I'll call him BROTHER. God bless him in speaking the truth.

  • Davy2010

    About time the agenda of the democrat party is known. A party that encourages dependency so that the leaders of the party can continue keeping their supporters in perpetual life support and feed on it for their own survival .

  • ron dailey

    Thank you Bishop Jackson. If more folks like you don't stand up, we won't have a Jesus, and will be arrested for having an original idea. You are a role model.

  • e1313ruth

    WE ALL BUNDLE, hmm
    Matthew 13-30..Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in BUNDLES to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn...
    I am pretty sure the democrat party is a bundle being gathered to be burned in the unquinchable fire of Islam....
    The Obamageddon is seeing to it....
    No real Christian could remain in the democrat party, only the hypocrites and tares...

    • wearyconservative1946

      For the most part you're correct, but there is another group; a group of democrats who truly are Christians, but are utterly, totally oblivious to what the democrat party stands for these days, or for that matter, any other era in time. I know a number of them; they've voted democrat all their lives, their parents and grandparents voted democrat all THEIR lives, and truth be told, none of this group can even tell you which party is in control or who's the speaker of the House; some can't even tell you who the vice president is. Yes, their ignorance is apalling, but they are allowed to vote and they are Christians, saved by Grace.

      • krdave

        I aso know some of these types, and I asked how they could support Obama, withy him being Muslim-which he has said, and they argued that he wasn't and then had no idea what Sharia law was. Very ignorant, indeed

  • Nelson

    This is one guy with TRUE intestinal fortitude. We need more people like him that have the guts to speak up without fear of being denounced as an Uncle Tom.
    Great going Reverend Jackson.

  • LindaP

    I am not a religious person but I do think that everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe in. Since the election of Obama we have seen continual bashing of our traditions, and people's beliefs other then Islam. Putting up a Christmas tree in a public place is now wrong, for fear of offending someone. Flying the American flag is wrong in many communities.Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is being banned in many schools across the nation. Park personnel in Washington cannot refer to the word God when speaking about the Washington monument. The list goes on and on. I am a proud American. An American who welcomes all faiths, ideas, beliefs, but do not try to change this country. Do not mock our traditions. Do not tread on me.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Liberal Democrats will only use Scripture when it suits their purpose. Other than that all you hear out of their mouth is "separation of Church and state". I doubt Liberal Christian Democrats will leave that Party because they're like Judas. They've sold out their Christian beliefs, values, and souls for a greater "god", which is the government and Obama, who has become their new Messiah.

  • EIvisPresIey

    They need to replace Akin with Earl Walker Jackson Sr. for the senate race, and Jackson could win it for republcans.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I LOVE this fellow Marine. Semper Fidelis brother. Thank you for your service before, and your service to God now. Keep speaking the truth to the lies. The GATES OF HELL cannot stand against you in Christ.

  • Doc

    I am truly encouraged that a man of faith would make such a bold and honest statement. I admire his courage and commitment to God's word. Of course, he is right about abandoning the Democratic Party if you are a true Christian. How can a person claim to be a Christian and belong to a party which at every turn in the road disparages Christianity and the fundamentals upon which Christianity is based? In all honesty, you can't. This is a man of God raising the standard to rally around and calling out loud and clear for us to be true to our faith and for us to make a stand. Previously, I have voted all across the board, but I will never, ever vote Democrat again. Not in a million years.

  • the_uglydog

    I must say I agree with Bishop Jackson. Until recently I had thought "The Party of Slavery' had put hatred and racism behind them, but now I realize that is what they are built on and that they stay true to their heritage.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    At last a word of wisdom...

  • flaphil

    This brave man just put his reputation and life in danger. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I DO NOT trust the liberals, left and Obama in any way. These groups and cults are killers of all things good.

  • steven60

    I believe in GOD, very much, but I would not want this COUNTRY, to become like the ISLAMIC Countries, intolerant of others, or like the SPANISH INQUISITION, where religeon takes control of this country either. POLITICS, should be about the working of this country, and RELIGEON, should be about the SOCIAL/MORAL, workings of this country. Politics should stay out of Religeon and Religeon should stay out of Politics.

  • El_Love


  • Dean

    Thank you Bishop E. W. Jackson SR. for your insight into this administration and today's democratic party. GOD BLESS YOU and continue to give you the courage to stand up for all christians.

  • steve69licks

    To all Democraps,start working out on your arms so that when Nov. gets here you won't be getting any cramps from waving goodbye to Washington and your dethroned A.H. king

  • Jake

    I will take Bishop Jackson's advice and leave this un American Democrat party that I have stayed a part of for far too long.

  • gbandy

    Honestly what has the Democrat party done for the Black community in this country? Seems now the Dems only want to devide and raise the race issues to cause guilt in the Whites and anger amognsts the Blacks. Just look at the Travon case, or the Black Panthers in Philly. I agree with this Bishop and the people should listen.

  • Anne Caston

    Jackson is a good man, the kind we need in this country. A patriot and proud to be here, doing God's work. All BO does is his work! I hope democrats leave that party in droves as they are just keeping black people and all people down.

  • ConservaDave

    "For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God." -Romans 8:5-8
    This is why Mary Elizabeth Williams is in darkness, totally devoid of any kind of reasoning powers that might help her understand where someone like Gaby Douglas is coming from. Her carnal mind hates God and will never understand Him or anything concerning absolute Truth.

  • Warren Reynolds

    I totally agree, you cannot be a democrat and a Christian, they are opposing ideals.....

  • Nadine

    Christians Unite...there is a Muslim in the White House & a traitor!

  • gw4

    Thank God that some of our leaders, like you, Bishop Jackson, are acknowledging God before the world. My prayers are with you for your success and safety.

  • djw663

    A man after my heart. It has been 40+ years since the Democrat party shifted it's goals to what they have finally evolved into today and I would hate for that evolution to continue on the same path. I am glad that leaders within communities are seeing the direction and using their influence for what they now see is a better path. No one is saying that it is perfect, it is far from it, but it is better than the current path we are on.

  • Sonia Jones

    It is difficult to believe that Harvard University was able to turn out one single person with this level of education and common sense.

  • Guest

    What is it that persons continue to misuse the term "democratic" in relation to the Democrat Party? Just out of ignorant habit?

  • Sonia Jones

    Proves that Christianity is the only belief that can actually unite people of various races together.

  • Sonia Jones

    As far as the "God of the parking space" comment. The reason they say these things is because it is impossible for them to believe that a relationship with God is personal, and not based on rituals and "religion".

  • black9

    I have always seen the anti-Creator stance of the Party, They feel that since they attended a Institution of higher Learning to learn the theories of men they know more than the Creator.

  • Joan

    God Bless You, Bishop Jackson! Hope you can reform some of my fellow Catholics who are still buying into the dangerous social justice lie. Thank you, thank you for speaking out!

  • TxGCB

    Lord, hear our prayer.

  • chrismercy2003

    "........I hope and pray that the message would reach every Christian and that they follow Bishop Jackson’s plea."

    Amen and Amen!!!

  • Claudia Beebe Stewart

    This is a TRUE man of Courage! I applaud him!

  • Bill

    Thank goodness for people like Bishop Jackson who openly expressed his beliefs. Righteous people need to step up to the plate and let others know what they stand for. The future of our country depends on it!

  • francis

    it's a shame back in slavery days the slaves knew who the master was, because then they had wips and anything else to controll the slaves, today they wear suites and ties, makes promises they will not and cannot keep to the people. all because the receavers don't know today who there master is. i didn't voted for this monster, i'm a black man, also a christian this message is more so to the black community. i know there are some whites who also voted for this monster. they felled for the good gaft of words, which had no substance....

  • samtman

    A good way to get your name in the media for a Bishop of no renoun and of one little church.

    • Pebbles

      Samtman: can't call him a racist because he is black, so you have to come up with some worthless attack instead. Typical democratic tactic, and just compounds what is being said about democratic pundancies. Worthless pieces of baloney with no facts to back them up. It is quite evident that you did not read the article and absorb the information presented about this man's background. It would benifit you greatly to become better informed before you open mouth, insert feet.

    • PoorPitifulPearl

      Do you not have anything better to do than to disparage a man who actually can think and reason? Obviously, you do not, so why don't you do a little research on his life and get back to, oh....about 3 years.

  • vietnamvet1971

    You are the "Man" E.W. Jackson and Obuma is a WannaBe Man.You stand head & shoulders above him. Obuma is a Weasel (Wolf in Sheeps Clothing). He is Destroying America.

  • am2sweet

    I am white and have had black friends through the years, and legal hispanics. I don't hate anyone for their race. I will dislike someone for the way they act or something they do. We are all facing people that dislike a race, a Conservative, and anyone with beliefs. It reminds me of what the Bible said about a Holy War. Wouldn't that be between Christians and anything or one evil? I see a lot of evil around now and while I won't point out names I'm sure you all can figure out who all I am talking about. I have to admire Bishop Jackson for encouraging Christians to follow their faith instead of going along with the 'crowd' of evil.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Bishop Jackson May the Lord Bless you and Keep you May the Lord's Face shine upon you Lift up his continence upon you and give you Shalom!



  • Luong the Viet

    HURAAHHH FOR THE BRAVE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN MAN OF GOD YAHWEH!!! If we have 100 saints like him, we will take back this lost doomed country. Amen.

  • liberty49

    I bet this Bishop even knows all the history that proves it was the REPUBLICANS who have always championed the rights of Blacks, passed the civil rights legislation, etc., too!

  • BobInVA

    I was lucky enough to hear Mr. Jackson speak earlier this year. He is a wonderful speaker and is really a true American. I voted for him in our primary, but alas, he did not get the coverage that George Allen got.
    He won the debates against his opponents, but again, the media ignored him. It is a pity.

  • rubykatherine

    Let's just hope the good Bishop doesn't suddenly die of "mysterious causes", or a sudden heart attack.

  • Tony Guthrie

    Someone who speaks the truth. They will try and hurt him in any way they can. We must vote BO out of office.

  • deena01

    Bravo! Well said Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr. I hope your message reaches many.

  • El_Love


  • ellen

    If we turn away from god there will be no usa ---god bless america

    • True Patriot

      The USA has already turned it's back on God. That's why it has gone down so very low in the last four years. How can we expect God to help us when we have pushed Him away?

      • Michael G.

        While many in the US have done so, I haven't.
        All this brings to mind the Scriptural passage when one of the OT profits (I thihi it was Elisha--don't quite me...) told God to take his life because there was no one left who believed in God. God response was that he had 7,000 in Israel who had now bowed the knee to baal...
        I know there are more than just me.

      • Linda Miller Manns

        Ummmmm the US didn't just start going down. This drop in the economy started long before this presidency, it's just unfortunate that this president has been stuck with trying to fix what Bush and presidents before him has corrupted. So please you wish you could blame President Obama for the mess that this country is in. It took our economy more then any 4 years to become what it is today.

    • Brista

      First though we have to bless GOD, then and only then will GOD bless America.

  • MEG

    Alas, we need more MEN like Bishop Jackson to lead the black Americans. Upwar,d whole leadership, not more broken dependency. May God bless you, please don't give up.

  • Goodspellingpatriot

    The way that the Democratic Party is now, I doubt that there is a single Christian left in the Democratic Party. the term liberal Christian is an oxymoron, while a Conservative Christian, to me, is redundant.

    • Dave


  • TPS12

    al and jesse must hate this man for his honesty.

  • don

    you can t be a christian and be a liberal, just does not go along with the bible. there is more evil and making the way for the beast in this party. this is the devils party and they are full filling the bible and paving the way for the beast . their push for socialism will bring the one world government. right now america is the only thing holding it up with our conservative gov. but once its over ,it over. i wont be here for the 7 years of the beast, i will leave in the rapture . these liberals dont think no further than their nose ,its all about me and their selfish ways ,they are the stupids people and blinded by the devil, when u are saved the devil cant fool u, because you see him for what he is

    • Darcy Jackson

      What are you talking about? The bible and the tora (you refer to it as the old testament (this is incorrect)) are full of contradiction. Choose almost any subject you want and you can use the bible to promote it (slavery, socialism, child abuse, war, rape, murder)

  • Barto

    Talk to your brethren Bishop Jackson, help them see the light before it goes out for us all!

    • MikeHatton47025

      And while he is doing that..we "whites" better start looking in the mirror also! Because we sure as heck are not perfect.

  • Libertarian58

    I just can't see how anyone can be a "Christian Democrat". Can you say "OXYMORON?"

  • apache6

    This is true,because ya can't be a "CHRISTIAN",and a "COMMUNIST",there total "OPPOSITES" !!

  • Tim

    I applaud you Mr. Jackson. The analogy of Esau is right on the mark, blacks and many union members while we are on the subject, have been selling their values for a mess of pottage for far too long. Thank you Earl Jackson for your integrity and you leadership.

  • Doodlebug

    Let's hear more from Bishop Jackson, Sr. and let's hope that the blacks start listening! It would be nice if he could turn around all the obummer voters from the last election but, that won't happen. It sounds like our young people are coming around. I don't know if we can get the "love obummer women" to see the light or not.

  • Beeta46

    Biblically they cannot call themselves Christians... They go against everything the Bible teaches is wrong. There are scipture against Homosexuals and it says they will not inherit the Kingdom of God...Of course there are many others listed there also but the Libs have pushed this sin on America.. These issues need to be voted on by the Americans.. 3% of the people determine what the rest of America have to tollerate... Insane!!! Abortion is Murder... Kiling one of Gods most precious creations.. They will answer for it all when they stand before God. We need more men like The REV. to take a lead against these sins and the Christians need to be out in support of each and everyone... God expects us to be a witness for his sake... I do not want to offend God but do his will.

  • Dave

    Everyone here has to agree? Wow!

  • Dave

    If everyone agrees it means there's no integrity.

  • Dave

    It's actually fun to read these mindless posts and to know that someone has the job of keeping everyone in line!!! Isn't this totalitarianism? That's why we must avoid the GOP at all costs!

  • Dave

    Down with mindless Christian totalitarianism, up with Jesus!!!

  • Dave

    It's actually fun to read these mindless posts and to know that someone has the job of keeping everyone in line!!! Isn't this totalitarianism? That's why we must avoid the GOP at all costs!

    • Robalou01

      Is that your job, Dave, to keep us "all in line"? Did Odumbo appoint you opinion Csar?

  • kaprice

    As an Africa American, its people like this that make me dislike my skin. People honestly believe the GOP will help you, be there for you because you're just as narrow minded and hypocritical as they are? MLK is probably turning over in his grave. You do remember who he is right? Equal right advocate, but seeing how its no longer your rights that are being violated then it no longer becomes you problem. Rather, the idea of equal rights becomes an abomination. You do know that the same book you live your life by was also used to justify the segregation and slavery of our people. I shake my head in shame for what this country has become and what it will be once Romney is in office.

    • friedpotatoes

      He was also a registered Republican...

      • Hatterasman

        ...and his assassin was a Democrat / racist who idolized George Wallace, also a Democrat / racist. Learn your history, people.

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      Why do you expect a political party to "help" you? Get help from God and help yourself.

      And just because a book was *used* for certain things doesn't mean that the book advocates that thing. Try reading it. Did you know that Moses was married to a black woman? He was and when his sister, Miriam, made a big deal about it, God punished her. Look it up.

      • Hatterasman

        And your point is? Anyone who is a true Christian already knows the story of Moses. I see no other posts where interracial relationships were even mentioned. Why are you bringing it up?

        • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

          Try reading the thread. I was responding to kaprice who, apparently, doesn't know this. He/she said that the Bible was *used* to justify slavery of Africans and racism against blacks. Bringing up the Moses marriage demonstrates that those who used the Bible to justify such racism were distorting the Word of God.

        • windeaces

          Many try to use God's Word to justify an argument. Could anyone deny that all mankind is the creation of God and He has the same love for all His creation. The same applies to roughly fifty million of His that has been murdered in the name of womens rights. His Word says that thou shall not kill. Who will pay the price for these unborn at the day of reckoning.

        • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

          Yes I know. I'm responding to the person *you* just responded to. *That* person is the one who doesn't get the fact that many do this. BTW, that commandment is properly translated as "thou shalt not *murder*"--the taking of innocent life.

          We agree that abortion is murder and so do pro-abortion advocates--which is why they want to pretend that humans in the womb are really human. Nothing new under Heaven--ancient Israel (both kingdoms) paid the price for murdering the innocent. As you point out, our day is coming.

      • Al

        The Bible was used to justify slavery, which we now know is wrong. Was the Bible wrong or the people using it? How can you be sure that you are not in the same position regarding gay marriage? The bible can be interpreted many different ways. It denounces all kinds of things like witches, seafood, and children who criticize bald men. However, Christians only focus on homosexuality. Sounds like you just have a problem with other people having sex without your permission.

        • bj

          How can we be sure that the bible denounces gay "marriage"??? Have you ever read the bible? There are numerous references to "immorality", "sodomy" and "if a man lay down with another man...", etc.; the bible consistently speaks of these things as ABOMINATION. How can anyone possibly "misinterpret" that? If there's anything the bible is crystal clear about, it is that Jehovah despises homosexuality.

        • Sandollar89

          " It denounces all kinds of things like witches, seafood, and children who criticize bald men." HAHAHA Critiquing bald men.....
          NO one is making a big stink over those issues.

    • Edward53

      We're not the ones who screwed over the was the Democrats. Sounds like you're a racist.

    • windeaces

      None of it has anything to do with a political party, a persons race or which group has the last word. To each of us it has everything to do with our eternal destiny. For those that believe in a God of creation there are penalities for choosing to support something contrary to the teaching of God's Holy Word.For those that deny a God of creation there isn't a penalty and in their mind it is alright to follow this avenue because there is nothing after death. It all comes down to the end decision of whether one has a belief or not.

    • Sandollar89

      This is the problem with Democrats that believe it is the governments JOB to take care of their needs?
      This is NOT the job of the government. IT IS YOUR JOB TO DO THE BEST YOU CAN TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOURS.....
      Yes I would speculate that MLK is turning over in his grave over the lack of improvement the African American population has achieved from his movement. Still crying "VICTIM"....and "Oh woe is me".....Get off your butt and make something of your life...quit waiting for the government (dem or rep) to take care of you.

  • Jeb

    We need more men like Bishop Jackson to reaffirm slavery in America and to unify Church and state just like the founding fathers wanted!

    • Sandollar89

      Idiotic statement...NO ONE wants to reaffirm slavery anywhere and the state (aka Gov) needs to stay out of the Church's business just like the founding fathers wanted.....

  • Hatterasman

    It truly amazes me when I hear a Liberal claim to be a Christian. Liberal beliefs and Christianity do not mix. Liberals are pro-choice, Christians are pro-life. Christians do not complain and file lawsuits over our Ten Commandments being posted in government buildings, Liberals do. Christians do not push for gay rights and same sex marriages. Liberals such as openly gay, former Massachusetts US Representative Barney Frank do. It is totally disgusting that Liberals can call for the removal of our Ten Commandments from government buildings, but not a single Liberal called for the removal of Barney Frank from the floor of the US House of Representatives when he addressed the room looking like a shemale that just exited a walk-in freezer. No... I'm sorry. Liberals and Christianity just do not mix.

    Finally, I have never understood why the majority of blacks are Liberals, yet they praise the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King who was indeed a great Christian man... and a Republican. The bill declaring King's birthday a national holiday was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, a Republican. Ironically, King's assassin, James Earl Ray, had his own personal idol... George Wallace, a lifelong Democrat / racist. Today, when a well educated black man is a Conservative Republican, the majority of his own race will call him a sellout or an "Uncle Tom". Can someone explain the reasoning behind this to me? Liberals are destroying the moral fiber of this country, a country founded on Christian beliefs.

  • Delores Randall

    This is an bunch of BS to make it about race. Tell the Cathlic church to leave little boys alone, go to Atlanta and preach this sermon to Eddie Long Stroke.

  • Christian Democrat

    I'm a Christian and believe that conservatives are more concerned about themselves and their money than helping those in need or truly caring for others as the Lord instructed us to do, regardless of their background or beliefs. What happened to treating others as you want to be treated? I believe God wants us to love others and leave the judging to

    • windeaces

      Dear Christian democrat, if you will read God's Holy Word it says that if a man will not work neither should he eat. I know of none that is not for helping those in need based on scripture. It's another thing for satans government to take from those working and giving it to those that would not take a job as CEO OF A COMPANY but will sit on their lazy behind and live off the efforts of others.

    • bj

      Just recently I saw articles about how much more generous conservatives are in their charitable giving than liberals (studies cited, google it). So you don't have to "believe", there are facts. As for loving others and leaving the judging to Jehovah, the bible says hate the sin, love the sinner; it also says if a sinner knows his sin and refuses to repent, believers should have nothing to do with him.

      • Darcy Jackson

        It also says to stone your children.... DO YOU?

  • TCoff

    Im much more at ease with people saying alternative views make them uncomfortable , as opposed to using god as a way to promote prejudicial thinking.
    Men in holy vestments are hypocrites , liars and thieves.

    • Sandollar89

      Religion is flawed as much as humans are flawed.....imperfect human beings make those choices.

  • rightsman

    Bishop Jackson, Allan West, Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus, Alan Keyes, and so many other Americans with black skin will, in short order undo the evils of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and others of their ilk. We can help them by sending this message to every address in our email lists.
    They are fighting an uphill battle, and the support of the non blacks is vital.
    Robert Walker

  • Pax

    mfw the first eight or so comments are full of idiotic fallacy. No more broken dependency, unless its on god. Turning away from god = the country 'going down' in the last four years. America or Obama, you cant have both. You cant be a Christian and a Liberal. You cant be a liberal and pro-life (inferred).

    And that's to say nothing of the article above and the supposed tenets of the Democratic party Bishop Jackson presents.

  • Jody

    Missed the fact that the country was founded by secularists who felt the most important thing was the freedom of religion so that all people could practice their religious beliefs unobstructed by Government. This is not only Judeo-Christian beliefs but the Amish, Hindu, etc. As a Church Leader following Jesus, one would expect him to not be so exclusionary.

  • windeaces

    During our time on this earth we choose to follow one of two directions; good or evil. The democrat party has openly decided to follow the latter and as such a person has to make the choice as to what is in his heart by either siding with this or going with another. Anyone siding with the democrat party that has openly endorsed same sex marriage and the murder of unborn children is openly defying the God of creation and choosing to side with satan. This decision determines their eternal resting place. Choose carefully because your LIFE depends on it.
    It is impossible to be a Christian and democrat at this time based on the goals of the democrat party.

  • Anita

    We need a lot more citizens like Bishop Jackson to speak up!

  • williaml

    We can expect that the press will now come down on this man with full force. How a person call himself a christian to follow obama. I believe that those in congress and washington have sold out to the devil for the love of money and public notice. The stand today of our goverment against the good christians shows that we can expect to get treatment down the line as those did in the old Roman empire days.

  • annie get your gun

    I commend Bishop Jackson's stand to restore the Christian Faith back into America. We Christians have been silenced for too long and it's time to STAND TALL to the liberals and this so called president & congress in Washington.This country is in very bad shape. I can only imagine what our Lord & Savior is thinking! The day of judgement is closer than we realize folks!

  • Paul Mitchell

    Where have the men of character gone, where is the conviction and the faith of standing up for what is right. Ah.... there are some still around and in much need of encouragement. Toward this endeavor may God Bless you and provide strength even in the depths of any of uncertainty. For we have seen one here.

  • Morgan Hill Steve

    Correction, Dave Jolly, it's the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party, but otherwise a great article.

  • Rachel

    Amen! It's about time the clergy spoke up.

  • Darcy Jackson

    How many of you out there make sure that you dont wear blended materials?

  • sgfan

    To black Chrisian Americans I would ask; is it more important to be black or to be a Christian. Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Christian. He actually believes that babies that survive an abortion should be killed. INFANTICIDE! He very seldom took a position in the Illinois senate, voting "present" most of the time, EXCEPT for this one issue where he stood up and defended the killing of babies, many of them black babies. How can any Christian take that position. Did God cause that conception? Who is man (Obama) that he should thwart God's design?

  • Linda Miller Manns

    Bishop E.W. Jackson sounds like a bitter old man. First of all isn't he a bit judgmental to be calling himself a christian? An secondly what is his definition of a christian. This man is a joke you have more hypocrite hiding behind the cloth of God pretending to be christian's then you do everyday sinners. My advice to him would be, worry about if you're living right because at the end of the day you can't save anyone's soul but your own. And from the looks of it you off to a bad start.
    "The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment." (Psa 37:30).
    We are to judge without hypocrisy. "And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?" (Rom 2:3)

    So while he's talking all this christian crap I wonder if he's read these two scripture.

  • DixieRecht

    A man of integrity calling for the masses to wake up and do the right thing.

  • Primadonnajean

    More religious leaders need to follow his example. If you truly believe in the bible you would not be a democrat

  • Phillip Trent Sr.

    Re-registered yesterday! I am no longer registered as a Democrat! After over 40 years of which the last 15 have just been because of local elections, I have had it. They left me many years ago and yesterday my wife and I left them!

  • Latisha

    We blacks thank God for honest and upright pastors who are not afraid to 'say it like it is'.
    Actually there are a number of like-minded black politicians---but, of course, the MSM tries to hide/ignore/slander them. Unfortunately so many of us are blind and refuse to see the evils of 'obama the bum'---let's hope that the Bishop's message resonates loud and clear.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bishop Jackson