Liberals Love to be 'Generous' With Other People's Money

It's been said that the last bastion of Communism is found on the campuses of American universities. Alan Wolfe is the poster child for soft-core Communism. He is currently on the faculty of Boston College and serves as director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life. He rejects the conclusion of a "new study produced by the Chronicle of Philanthropy  [that] shows that 14 out of the top 20 states in charitable giving are red, or Republican states, while 12 of the bottom 15 are blue, or Democrat states."

Dr. Wolfe “said it’s wrong to link a state’s religious makeup with its generosity. People in less religious states are giving in a different way by being more willing to pay higher taxes so the government can equitably distribute superior benefits, Wolfe said. . . .

“Wolfe said people in less religious states ‘view the tax money they’re paying not as something that’s forced upon them, but as a recognition that they belong with everyone else, that they’re citizens in the common good. . . .  I think people here believe that when they pay their taxes, they’re being altruistic.’”

Forced altruism is a contradiction. A person is not being altruistic if he votes for people who take money from property owners in the form of taxes to pay for programs that a voting majority wants. Spending other people’s money is not being charitable.

A number of religious leaders follow Dr. Wolfe’s soft Communism worldview by an appeal to the Bible. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37) uses his own money to care for the robbery victim left for dead. This story cannot be used as a directive for social spending by governments. Jesus never calls on the State to act in an altruistic way. The State can’t be altruistic since it has nothing of its own to give. The eighth commandment applies to civil governors in the same way that it applies to self-governors. Neither is permitted to steal to help others.

Religious liberals take verses from the Bible that are directed at and turn them on their head by giving them a political twist. To base government programs like welfare, food stamps, and social security on Matthew 25:31–46 is without foundation. The division in Matthew 25 is between sheep and goats, that is, individuals. Nations don’t visit people in prison. Private citizens do. Governments put people in prison. Private citizens do not.

Civil governments are the biggest hindrance in helping the poor, and it’s not because they don’t tax enough and redistribute wealth. High taxes and manipulation of the money supply (inflation/deflation) enable civil governments to control people and their property. A ten percent tax is a sign of tyranny (1 Sam. 8:15), and yet these so-called social justice Christians believe in higher taxes on the rich to help the poor.

It was a taxing policy by Rome that forced Mary and Joseph to leave their stable home environment, Joseph’s job, and spend money they probably did not have in order to register for a government taxing program (Luke 2:1–7). Wealth redistribution policies, with all their good intentions, hurt the poor and make them wards of the State.

Dr. Wolfe’s comment that people in less religious states ‘view the tax money they’re paying not as something that’s forced upon them, but as a recognition that they belong with everyone else, that they’re citizens in the common good.” This is nonsense. If 100% voted for the tax, then he might have a point. But if everybody votes for the tax, then why bother with the taxing power of the State? Why not set up a charitable foundation to distribute the money? The answer to these questions is easy to come by: Not everybody agrees that their property should be taken from them to pay for programs that are best left to charities.

Walter Williams writes:

“In 1796, Rep. William Giles of Virginia condemned a relief measure for fire victims, saying that Congress didn't have a right to ‘attend to what generosity and humanity require, but to what the Constitution and their duty require.’ A couple of years earlier, James Madison, the father of our constitution, irate over a $15,000 congressional appropriation to assist some French refugees, said, ‘I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.’”

By the way, Dr. Wolfe’s PH.D. is in political science. It’s time that Dr. Wolfe dust off a copy of the Constitution and read some original source documents by our founders.



  • Screeminmeeme

    ''People in less religious states are giving in a DIFFERENT WAY by being more willing to pay higher taxes so the GOVERNMENT can EQUITABLY DISTRIBUTE superior benefits, Wolfe said. .''

    More willing?

    Right..... ......and it's called arm-twisting in the name of the ''common good''......otherwise known as Marxism.

    Karl Marx wrote:

    ''In a higher phase of COMMUNIST SOCIETY, after the ENSLAVING SUBORDINATION of THE INDIVIDUAL TO THE DIVISION OF LABOR, and therewith also the antithesis between mental and physical labor, has vanished.....after LABOR has become not only a MEANS OF LIFE but LIFE'S PRIME WANT.....after the productive forces have also increased with the all-around development of the individual, and all the springs of CO-OPERATIVE WEALTH FLOW more abundantly.......only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be crossed in its entirety and society inscribe on its banners:


    THIS is the America that Obama, a serious and sober proponent of Marxism throughout his adult life, dreams of.

    It's interesting to note that journalists at PRAVDA, the once stalwart propaganda machine of the Communist Party in the Kremlin, are stunned at America's rapid race towards Marxism and have written often about it.

    Some excerpts:

    ''The CORRUPTION OF AMERICA IS COMPLETE. The Congress is corrupt. The Supreme Court is corrupt, and the President is both corrupt and a fraud. How can this be possible? Because the CITIZENRY of this nation, for the most part, is the product of an education system that has BRAINWASHED it students for several decades.''

    ''It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the AMERICAN DECENT INTO MARXISM IS HAPPENING WITH BREATH TAKING SPEED, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple.....''

    ''The corrosion of education and religion are correctly identified as laying the groundwork for the unfolding catastrophe......The FINAL COLLAPSE has come with the election of Barack Obama........''

    ''THE PROUD AMERICAN will go down into his SLAVERY WITHOUT A FIGHT, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.''

    Folks.....if we go down without a fight, WE DESERVE the world's contempt.

    • deeme

      Here you go Jrs..who's name when touched, says nothing...
      First of all if you think fast and furious wasn't about disarming us then you are misinformed and I doubt all the proof in the world would help you..this was in our local newspaper and it was proven they hand picked which dealerships would shut down..but I am misinformed..again..and you are what exactly, it's hard to say because this same icon constantly attacks me but has no History and constantly changes names...
      column. Here are just a few reasons that should be considered.

      President Obama believes that the U.S. Constitution is flawed, and despite
      his oath to protect and defend it, he has consistently ignored it. Almost
      immediately after taking office, he assumed power not granted to him by the
      Constitution. He took control over the auto industry. He picked GM’s board of
      directors. He cancelled debt owed to bond holders and gave that money to labor
      unions instead. He, through his people, decided which dealerships would close
      and which would remain open. Most of those that were closed, not surprisingly,
      were owned by Republican supporters.
      President Obama sent military forces to bomb Libya without even notifying
      Congress. No war was declared, and, and according to the War Powers Act (Section
      2(c)), to use military power without Congressional approval, the nation has to
      be under eminent threat of attack. Libya was not about to attack the U.S. His
      Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, told a Congressional committee that the
      Obama administration would seek permission from the U.N. for military action,
      before informing Congress of what action was taken.

      Forty-three Presidents and 111 Congresses found no authority in the
      Constitution to force free Americans to purchase a government-specified product.
      Obama assumed and declared this authority in his “ObamaCare,” bill.
      There is no Constitutional authority for these actions.

  • deeme

    I dont' think anything is worse then the way they are going after anyone who disagrees with their politics, like when the car bailouts happened and the Republican dealerships were shut down..This picking of winners or losers, while using the chosen losers money is intrinsically evil...
    Tax payers money can go toward failure businesses
    that promote one person's beliefs even if others know it is bogus with the money
    never being found.
    They promise not one taxpayer dime will be spent on abortion and yet we find this to be a lie, and the force even Churches to support their beliefs..

    Schemes can be set that try to rid us of rights to
    bear guns..even if it costs the lives of hero border agents and no one pays

    The Federal government can control the private
    sector and the public sector and even put private sector businesses out of
    business while colluding with unions..the epa and the Department of Energy to
    control such companies..

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
    from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are
    willing to work and give to those who would not. – Thomas Jefferson

    • rosemarienoa

      Well said!!!

    • jrs

      You do realize they didn't bail out individual dealerships, but rather American car manufacturers right? Republican car dealerships shutting down has nothing to do with this at all. Fast and furious also had nothing to do with trying to inhibit American citizens from bearing arms. I am not sure where you are getting these misinformed connections.

      • Bill Hartman

        After the takeover, GM disenfranchised many of its dealerships, as a "cost cutting" exercise. (Actually, individually owned dealerships cost GM nothing, so the claim was pure pretense. It they make fewer cars, the number of dealerships will drop through competition.) There is some sense that they included politics in their approach to choosing which to eliminate.

        The purpose of Fast and Furious was to prove that border state gun shops are a source of weapons for Mexican criminal organizations, and doing so, support federal actions to restrict firearms. Instead of showing that, it showed the Department of Justice fostering transfers that would never have taken place without its involvement.

  • Real American

    $716Billion stolen out of Medicare by the dictaror, or Socail Security Lockbox drained! Need I say anymore?????

    • jrs

      You are so misinformed, that 716 is saved by using the bargaining power with insurers of insuring a large pool of individuals (akin to buying in bulk), which you don't have if you buy individually. It is not a benefits reduction, it is just smart business on medicare's part that insurers agreed to because it is offset by having more customers. It is a good idea everyone agreed upon, even Ryan included this in his plan until Romney decided he needed something to lie about. The difference is Obama planned to use it to provide more coverage to people, while Ryan wanted it for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

      • pcsrocky

        Ryan included it because the $716 being cut from Medicare was already signed into law by virtue of Obama care!!! It is already marked to be cut out.
        There are many people who are already being "cut-off" from Medicare benefits because the new cost is too high for a particular test or for a doctor to even take on a patient. Why don't YOU checkw ith some of the doctors and with my friend who was denied a vital test?? She, thankfully, pushed to have the test, and is now alive to talk about it; without the test, she would most likely not be here! By the way, she is only 2 years older than when a similar set of syymptoms presented and she was immediately given that test and the problem was corrected. She was at the same hospital and saw the same doctor. What changed - OBAMACARE WAS PASSED!!

        • Kay

          That part of Obamacare not in effect yet. So your story is bogus, as usual. It's not the cost of particular tests that are being cut. It's not allowing hospitals to gouge the government. Private insurance turns down live saving tests all the time. Read private. Try reading Ryan's budget. Not tests, hospitals and other providers. Extends Medicare by 8 years. Encourages efficiencies. Read some amazing projects at hospitals that have save much money through efficiencies. This is what will save Medicare. Many real stories available.

        • anonymous1

          The argument that he included it because it was already in law makes no sense whatsoever, all budget plans are about changing fiscal policy, he is not obligated to keep anything and his (and all) budget plans propose changing tons of laws. He kept it in because it was a no-brainer cost savings, but now Romney wants to spin it in a false way so he is backtracking.

    • LeSellers

      Neither antiSocial inSecurity nor MediDontCare is constitutional. Both are theft and redistribution, the buying of your vote with, ironically, your own money in return for a lessening of your freedoms and an increase in governmental power.

      In spite of the rhetoric, antiScocial inSecurity is nothing but a Ponzi scheme (illegal except when the government does it a the point of a gun). Its main purpose, I believe its only purpose, was to assure a Democrat majority in Congress for four decades. Now most USmericans believe antiSocial inSecurity is a "good thing"(tm) while our grandfathers (or great grandfathers, depending on your age) knew it was insidiously evil and an incursion into family and personal prerogatives and rights.

      MediDontCare is a total waste and worse. It has done nothing at all to reduce what seniors pay for health care and medical treatments. In 1966, before MediDontCarewas forced on us, the average senior citizen paid ~20% of his income on health care and medical treatments. Today, the average senior pays ~20% of his income on health care and medical treatments. Only the politicians, bureaucrats and Big Pharma have won. There rest of us, having paid huindreds of billions of dollars in taxes for their benefit, have nothing to show for our "contributions".

      Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

    • Mike6

      Communists are too lazy or stupid to work hard and to create anything worth while and that is why they want to rob the American rich. Democrats want to raise the 47% that are getting welfare to 51% so they have a better chance of winning the next election. Obama is the dumbest DemocRAT that I have ever seen.

  • Dad

    Unfortunately, there is another large bastion of communism in America... alive and well in the Executive branch.

  • jrs

    I would like to see the figures if we exclude contributions to churches. Funding to teach sunday schools or deliver mass is not really charity. Some of these very successful mega churches with tons of followers have very wealthy pastors, huge buildings, and very little of their revenue goes to anything resembling charities (feeding and clothing the needy, helping the sick etc.), it to a large extents lines the pockets of the pastor. I'm not saying it is true of all churches, but it is true of some of the largest which receive the most donations.

    It is also very odd that these less-religious states all have the lowest poverty rates as well (so less local charity is needed or it is already addressed in other ways, supporting education etc.). Something is wrong with the basic conclusions here.

  • superdog

    Under the Obama regime,everything belongs to the State. a typical left wing liberal A.Hole.

  • DockyWocky

    Paying taxes is not charitable giving. Those Blue State babies get no credit in the hereafter (which they don't believe in anyway) for paying taxes, and they remain the cheapskates of the universe no matter how they try to justify paying Caesar's little socialists to blow their money for them.

  • Mary

    The biggest users of online porn and sex toys are from Republican states. Bet y guys are proud. Too bad the Commie Dems are so prudish. Must be out reading the little red book or Communist Manifesto. Hope y Reps like the soft porn. The hard stuff is really ad.

  • Miroco

    Children, children,
    If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, humanity harbors several sub-human contingents, otherwise we we would be unable to populate categories like lawyer and college professor. NonPersonae (People with no real value) are very similar to that alien breed Camopersonae (Politicians, not only have no value but change shape and color so the low end of the human spectrum (Dimocrits) thinks they are human.

    • anonymous1

      A good chunk of all the greatest thinkers and contributors to knowledge and technology in modern history have been professors. The vast majority of those remaining contributors to knowledge have been educated by professors. Knowledge and technology are basically the key determinants of improving standards of living over time.

      • whackajig

        You left out "work ethic" . Professors and those educated by them have no desire to work. the professors teach that everyone can live off of the largess of Republicans, the people who do work and produce.
        I have a college 4 year degree, but I got over it.

  • dad666

    If the people in the states with the highest taxes feel good about it thenwhy are they leaving In record numbers???????
    Just look at the prime example CALIFORNIA.
    Now look at the primary beneficiaries of this mass tax generated exodus TEXAS.
    Does this answer your question. Politicians----what a bunch of morons!!!!!

  • samtman

    What money, there are no Fed. tax payers on this posting. Only 43% of Americans pay any income tax.

    • whackajig

      Where on earth did you get those numbers? No where near 43% of Americans pay federal income tax. As a matter of fact only 53% of the people who file a federal form 1040 pay any fed tax. Out of 300 million people, only 138 million file with the feds and of those, only 73 million pay any federal income tax. I ain't a math genius, but it looks like about 24% pay any tax at all. And just for your info, the top 1% contribute 38.02% of all the federal income tax paid. You can see that less than 1 1/2 million rich guys are carrying this nation. Better you kiss their ass or maybe they will move to foreign nations.

  • JennieWalsh

    The liberals (leftist fools, who put dictators into power by giving the government more and more authority and power) will be lined up and shot when the power mongers get total authority and power. The power mongers will murder the leftists, whom they call "useful idiots" before they wake up, wise up and realize that they have been deceived and used.
    See: Yuri Bezminov KGB U Tube and watch his videos to see the power mongers' agenda.

  • Sarg

    One more Compus Nut Case,teaching his own form of crap.
    Why do they even hire these nuts.

  • smartgranny55

    Is the tax rate for the 99% higher than 9.999%? A thithe, paid by a religious person is 10%

  • TheGizmo51

    Don't you mean "congress" instead of Liberals?

  • windeaces

    It defys my understanding that there are those that label social security with welfare and food stamps. Social security is taken from a working person against their will if they work. It supposedly is for their latter years after retirement. Our government doesn't think the public has sense enough to provide for themselves so they force this on them. These monies belong to the one paying them; not a government that insist on giving them a paltry monthly check which in many cases qualify them for poverty. After their death all the money left becomes the property of the government.
    Welfare and food stamps are social programs which are paid to people in most instances which haven't contributed to any of the source from which they benefit.
    If one would use the dictionary which gives meaning of words; entitlement is something that a person is entitled to by having met a standard; worked for, paid for or something which would make them elgible in collecting.Social programs; totally different.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    Liberals follow the, "if it feels good, do it", and "it's all good" pathway in life and that eventually will catch up with them because, At the end of their road, they WILL meet GOD!

  • Charles_Higley

    "People in less religious states are giving in a different way by being more willing to pay higher taxes so the government can equitably distribute superior benefits"

    This is disingenuous. People do not voluntarily pay higher taxes because they want to government to redistribute their wealth. It is the duty of every citizen to give the government as little as possible. A government should always be short of money and not flush, which encourages spending on stupid things just because they have it.

    The government cannot be relied upon to do this well and efficiently. Why would I giver the government $100 so that maybe $60 gets distributed after the government bureaucracy shaves of the rest? I would, instead, donate the whole $100 to a charity that has much less overhead. How stupid does he think people are? He cobbled that up out of another hole below his waist.