Akin's Real Problem Believing There's an 'I' in 'USA'

Some things are just bigger than one man. At moments like those, it's time to make a heroic sacrifice, put yourself aside for the good of the team.

Unless you're Rep. Todd Akin and you've just killed your campaign for the Senate against one of the most eminently beatable of foes, Claire McCaskill, in which case it's time to drag down the entire Republican Party and possibly condemn the United States of America to a bleak socialist future.

How's that for "stick-to-it-iveness"?

If this guy's not already on the payroll, King Obama should send him a thank-you check.

By now you know the story of how Akin was asked the most obvious of questions that every pro-life politician is asked, "What about abortions in the case of rape?"

Instead of simply saying the obvious, that rape cases only make up 1 percent of all abortions so let's talk about the other 99 percent, Akin had to demonstrate his ignorance of human biology and the psychology of rape in just about the most offensive way possible.

In Akin's view, a "legitimate rape" apparently causes a woman to switch into superpower pregnancy shield mode, which one assumes is sort of like a truck transforming into Optimus Prime.

Perhaps there was a point somewhere in what Akin said, but unfortunately the only point that was made obvious by his comments is the one on his head.

First effect of Akin's comments: Kiss his chances for winning his race goodbye.

Second effect of Akin's comments: GOP could lose the Senate, which was within its grasp.

Third effect of Akin's comments: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan could lose the presidential race in the wake of negative publicity.

Fourth effect of Akin's comments: You and I could find ourselves waiting in long lines for a loaf of bread under the watchful eyes of Big BO as America becomes yet another Third World socialist nation.

Obama must just be laughing himself to sleep these days. Not only has Akin put a bow on the Democrats' "War on Women" theme, but by refusing to drop out for the good of the country, he is transforming the image of his entire party.

Obama's gotten this far into the campaign without discussing anything more substantive than that Mitt Romney is rich. Obama's re-election strategy has been all about distraction, and Akin has handed him a huge one.

If there are just two functioning brain cells in the Obama camp, they've already filmed the commercial featuring Akin repeating his comment and then a picture of Obama with his best winner's smile and just saying, "Really?" Close with the Obama logo. Election bagged.

Speaking of bags, would someone please throw one over this Akin guy before it's really too late?



  • CARLjr

    Akin should have to carry his candidacy to term, even if it endangers the life of the Republican party.

    • bob

      Wow...U R a man with no brain!!! How do you survive???..O..U R A Democrap!!!!

    • Lia Watson

      Really swift comment!!! He needs to be kicked out of BOTH parties and not allowed to run again. That comment was so off the wall, it doesn't even make sense. I personal disapprove of abortion for any and all reasons, as I don't believe the baby is responsible and shouldn't have to die for the actions of the adults, but this isn't what Akin is all about...he is just simply an idiot, but then who knows, he may just beat old liberal McCaskill...Missouri is going very conservative and very evangelical, which isn't at all bad!!

      • Born Skeptik

        Aiken is STILL ahead in the polls, and there are many who believe his apology to be heartfelt and sincere.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Akin needs to take one for the team and get out. He'll never be able to overcome his inexplicably stupid and incoherent comments and he's now a huge drag on the GOP's chances of winning.

    • dead in my tracks

      If this is the case,What about the stupid things Biden say's, Don't seem to be hurting him that bad. Take Akin out of the race and I for one won't vote at all! GOP quit stirring the pot just let the dust settle for God's sake! At least Akin don't think there is 57 states like Obama!

      • Screeminmeeme

        dead in my tracks.....

        I know that the man's reputation is one of being a solid conservative and totally pro-life. That's great...and he would make a good Senator.
        Problem is....THAT isn't the point.

        He said things...used the phrase, legitimate rape, regardless of how he meant it.... and the democrats are going to run with it and try to transfer the whole issue to Ryan until November if he doesn't get out of the race now.

        No matter how much he apologizes, the left is going to magnify and harp on the issue.

        I'm saying...he should get out and be replaced by Sarah, Palin's pick. The polls show that she could be beat McCaskell .

        It will be a shame if Romney were to win but the Republicans didn't get control of the Senate...because of one Senate seat: Missouri's.

  • Kimbo

    Maybe everyone just needs to quit stirring the pot and move on to more important issues. Haven't you ever heard that the more you stir it the more it stinks? The GOP mafia needs to shut up sometimes and let the people decide.

    • Steve Tanton

      Hear! Hear!

    • Plumbly

      You are so right! Rush, Sean and the like are stirring this pot and elevating a very dumb remark to sainthood status.

    • steven60

      What about the Liberal gansters, shouldn't they try the truth every once in awhile. factscheck.com has proven that every one of Obamas attack ads are either mostly lies or all lies, I guess that this is OK to you Liberals. Akins is just ignorant/insensitive, Obama thinks you are just stupid enough to believe him.

      • The New Dealer

        As usual bull-tickie- you'll have to cite that claim. The Romney/Ryan medicare ad is patently ridiculous and a ball faced lie!

        • steven60

          Well it is obvious that you will not believe me since i sited my proof in the statement, so go to Factscheck.com and look them up for yourself. Start with Bain, then go to Obama ads. all the proof is there.

    • Frankcastle1958

      The PEOPLE ARE deciding.... and Deciding AGAINST AKIN now.. GROW UP!!

      A new poll shows that support for Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-Mo.) Senate
      candidacy has sharply declined since he remarked in an
      interview broadcast Sunday that “legitimate rape” rarely causes
      pregnancy. Akin now trails Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) 50 percent to 41
      percent in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll, which showed him leading the Democrat by 5 points in late July.

  • Mac McKinney

    Todd Akins is going to beat McCaskill if the Christians get the vote out. God Bless .

    • georgetheclown

      I'm sure your worthless God will vote for him. If he gets time from picking presidental candidates and football players. What a joke you people are. Grown up adults believeing in fairy tales.

      • toddschul

        The joke is in your hand "clown".

        • georgetheclown

          When you leave go of it. You WACKOS love M2M sex.

        • SouthernLadyNC

          You are absolutely disgusting.

        • georgetheclown

          WHAT kind of a LADY???? Talks this way. Unbelieveable. Put some soap in that potty mouth or something. HEY, I have a idea what you would like.

        • SouthernLadyNC

          Go away little boy.

        • triple t

          what would realy expect from a liberal an inteligent conservation ? your lucky you never got called a raceist because of you being a conservative with conservative views

      • SouthernLadyNC

        My hope is that you live long enough to know without a doubt that our view is truth, and I hope it is not too late for you to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If we're wrong, it costs us nothing; but, if you're wrong, it costs you everything.

        • georgetheclown

          LOL. You will die just as quick as me. Believe in SANTA CLAUS too. Cause your MOMMY told you so. And you WACKO TERRORISTS can KMA! Starts with Kiss as your probably too stupid to figure it out!

        • SouthernLadyNC

          Oh, I've got you figured out just fine. You know you have nothing to look forward to after you die so you're trying to take others down with you. You just remember one thing, georgie. You mock God at your own peril. I feel sorry for you. And I abhore you using ANYTHING pertaining to clowns -- no self-respecting clown would EVER say some of the things you've said. I should know, because I AM a member of a clown troupe.

        • georgetheclown

          I thought you looked like someone I know. Your that hugh fat lady with the ugly face. Thought that was you. NOONE has anything to look forward after death. Get real. Give up your phony wishes.

        • SouthernLadyNC

          Oh, and by the way, you need to learn how to write correctly. In this context, you used a personal pronoun for a contraction ... "your" should have been "you're." Check mate on the stupid.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher

        You sure are Clown, a rotten one at that.
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

    • The New Dealer

      No real Christian would vote for that low-life nor any Repugnican! Even the Catholic Bishops excoriated Ryan's repulsive views.

  • DockyWocky

    So far, all Akin has done was to reveal his basic stupidity and bias. Multiply that by 400 or so and you have an idea of what our ruling classes are all about. He's been that stupid throughout his elected career, and they are just noticing that now?

  • Steve Tanton


  • Devasahayam

    And note the readiness of the LSM to make great ado about these comments (which were quite stupid) while totally ignoring the proven rapist (Bill Clinton) who is the keynote speaker at Democratic National Convention!

    • jn

      Wow someone who got it right, LSM is correct NOT MSM. Go Ron Paul!

  • bob

    When Biden says things like this it seems to be OK

    • Kay

      PLEASSEEE. Even commie Dems have more intelligen e to say the totally unintelligent things Todd did. Even rush and Sean thought it was over the top. Oh and it is so nice y guys are now so concerned about a possible racial slur. Caring, loving Reps. Let's give them all more food stamps. ThNks geezers for bei g so caring.

      • http://twitter.com/gmhunt4 Joseph Gary Hunt

        Moron, liberal mole.........

      • Arcturus6

        Sounds like you have a special agenda kiddo. He apologized. But of course you will have none of that, because you are obviously a "liberal mole."

        • The Advocates

          I am no liberal mole, but a sensible American that rejects the anti-scientific views of the flat-earth wing of the GOP. You folks who rationalize his conduct are stuck with him. He'll be a poster child for your campaign, dumb and dumber.

        • Progressive Republican

          More like Dumb and Dumberer. Here's the REAL poser: which on'e which?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Davis/1703670660 Frank Davis

          You may not be a liberal mole but you are clearly a dumba$$

    • Korean Vet

      Once a dumb ass and he never will change, how he ever made it into politics is beyond me.

      • Harley45

        Probably the same way most of them do!!

    • Doodlebug

      You're right about Biden and all he gets away with and is even made to look good for his foolishness but, this comment showns just how dumb this jerk this Todd Akin is. I only hope that he gets out and stays out of politics or if he is going to make such stupid statments he should joing the dummicrats!

      • Bill Lanphar

        Well someone That Dumb probably has no other options other than Politics.

    • jorland428

      The difference is when Biden screws up, the majority of the
      people don’t hear about it.

      When a Republican gaffs, its front-page coverage 24/7.

      • The Advocates

        That wasn't a a gaffe- its his perverted belief.

      • Frankcastle1958

        This may be TRUE, but it does NOT alter the reality, that Akin blew the game big time.. and needs to LEAVE THE FIELD now....

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

      Bob, you should know by now...anything a Demwit says regardless of how stupid or racist it is, will always be glossed over by the lame stream media or their pundits.
      I think Dana Perino made a comparison last night about Biden and Akin. She said, "Nothing Biden has said has Obama linked to any of those comments even though Biden's the VP. On the other hand Akin is a Senate candidate and now the media is linking Romney to those comments". I'm paraphrasing of course but it's the truth.
      NO ONE holds Biden, Obama, or any Demwit accountable for what they say or do yet the media and Demwit pundits will always accuse All Republicans for thinking and believing alike.
      Biden called Republicans a bunch of "squealing pigs"...well, who should know better what squealing pigs sound like since Biden and the rest of the Libtards (Pelosi and Reid) have been wallowing around in the country's biggest pig pen since Obama took office.

      • The Advocates

        Comparing Biden to Akin is invidious. Biden can stick his foot in his mouth, and he can make a poor metaphor, but Akin is a true believer. He invented theory about rape, by quoting some quack doctor. His idea of rape, pregnancy and whether it is legitimate is ridiculous. That a-s was on the air with Matt Lauer on Today and he with all of his backing and filling he's still a dope and a fool. Biden is ten times the man Akin is and his record in the Senate has been excellent. That is why he was elected in a swing state many, many times. He'll be elected Veep once again and Akin will be defeated and forgotten.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher

          Spoken life a true blind liberal!
          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        • Annie

          Dr. John C. Willke, founder of National Right to Life, is NOT a quack! If you don't know of him, you are the quack! What Akin said has been taught in medical school for years now. You are showing your ignorance and stupidity!

        • Danomorr

          The phrase "legitimate rape" was pulled out and stretched in such a manner as to be unrecognizable. To the point, if legislation is passed and abortion is only legal in cases of incest, rape or mortal health issues, then what is the bright line to be used to trigger these exceptions? If a couple shacks up for a few months, then separate on poor terms but a pregnancy is caused, what will be the criteria that would stop this woman from showing up at a clinic and professing she has been raped and wants an abortion? Do we need a rape conviction, a suspect fingered? Think hard about this point. I have heard the full context of this argument, from Cong Akin directly at other events, and it is these exceptions that will make the legislation unenforceable and thus just another failed attempt to preserve life. What the man said, though poorly articulated in the moment, is factually correct and he was using common vernacular. More interesting is that the RNC has jumped on this band wagon to excoriate Cong Akin and force him to quit the race!?? Cong Akin is still VERY popular here in MO because he does what he says, he speaks plainly and he is still the same guy with the same principles, morals and values that was elected 6 terms ago to the US House...DC hasn't changed him. He is pro-life, pro 2nd amendment, he's signed the contract from America because he believes in it and he hasn't been swayed from his principles by lobbyists. What more do you want from a Tea Party supported candidate (yes, he, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman were all supported by "the tea party" though there are many factions of said tea party that chose their own candidate to back) who actually believes what the Tea Party stands for and is on board with everything they are trying to accomplish? Those that would abandon Todd Akin for this attack on him are tipping their own hand on their conservative convictions. Todd is well liked here in MO for good reason and at this point, if "the good of the party" is truly in everyone's interest, they'll find a way to reconcile their quick abandonment of Mr Akin and get in line behind him to help him overcome this obviously staged attack. A 3rd party run (per Sarah Palin) is the dumbest and most effective way to split the vote and hand the election to Claire McCaskill - who is a progressive shill if there ever was one. Put your courage and convictions to the sticking place and quite jumping to ill conceived conclusions - Todd Akin is the one to be the next US Senator from MO. Overcoming this attack will be huge to the conservative campaign cause in general. Going with it pretty much shows the progressive/libs what our weakness is...lack of conviction in times of adversity.

        • D Paul

          It's called practicality and common sense. From here in Missouri, Todd Akin came across as Gomer Pyle, a well intended boob. He wants to do his "Custer" impression and pull down the entire country around him. He is anything but Samsonesque. Let Sarah Steelman "carry the flag" and let Akin "fold up his tent" and quietly go away.

    • Progressive Republican

      When did Biden say anything like that?

  • brownscout

    Do not underestimate the power of the Missouri conservatives who do not like to be talked to by the liberal wings of the party. As a result of this debacle, I sent Akin even more money as have several friends. They can withdraw their support but Missouri thinkers realize that even if he goofed in his statement, he always takes the high road where politics are concerned. Wish we had 100 more like him!

    • Walker

      I agree with you 100%, brownscout. I wish I lived in MO so I could vote for him.

      • georgetheclown

        Takes a moron to vote for one. Keep sending money fools! More daily hate from you RIGHT WING WACKO TERRORISTS!

        • toddschul

          The "moron" is in the mirror clown.

        • georgetheclown

          LOL, Got YA! You must have just shaved.

        • Korean Vet

          You must be related ????????

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/U76KUG7QYRRXDXVGG4O3BM7FLE William

          The name certainly fits..."georgetheclown"....I can make it better..."Idiotgeorgetheclownmoron".

        • http://www.facebook.com/gradeschoolcop Tom Culleny

          George I think your right, that's how Obama got elected

        • Progressive Republican

          From, "RIGHT WING WACKO TERRORISTS"? Really?

        • georgetheclown

          Exactly what you are and RACISTS!

        • Progressive Republican

          Well gee, you said it; thus it must be so... heh.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher

        You can by contributing to him!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

    • MegamomLo

      Thank you brownscout for having the courage to stand up for a decent man when he is down instead of kicking him for all the years of good service he has done for his country.

      • The Advocates

        He's decent? He's a moron, a clown and a purveyor of idiocy, myth and b-llsh-t.

    • jaymarie

      Exactly my thoughts brownscout! I've voted for him in the past and will vote for him in November. The witch McCaskill must go. I find it hard to fathom how quickly they turned on one of their own, until you realize he is not really one of them, never was. Rep. Akin is a true conservative, he has a good heart and loves this country. These are the things that count in MO.

      • The Advocates

        He's a low-life, who has phony values that he trumpets to get you yahoos and rednecks on his side. But he was exposed as a dope!

        • jaymarie

          You are the yahoo redneck James360. Get off your faux soapbox and give it a rest moron. You lack the intelligence to find the truth and evidently believe the media tripe as the gospel,knowing no actual facts the are relevant to the discussion. Go away. The people of MO were already on his side, they elected him to be their candidate. We here know his values, his faith and allegiance to this country. You have nothing of value to add to the discussion putz.

        • The New Dealer

          Sorry clown, you are delusional- read Elmer Gantry, nothing has changed.

        • jaymarie

          You want me to read a fictional novel to get my facts? You've got to be kidding. That clears up a lot of the b.s. you've been spouting. Who needs a historical reference publication when we can entertain ourselves with getting the truth from fictional sources.

    • The New Dealer

      For your money he took the high road, for every one else, he's a jerk! This is not a case of a misstatement, but a reflection of an ignorant clown who doesn't belong in the House no less the Senate. His views are a reflection of the vast amount of dummies who contribute their primitive views here.

    • ReginaT

      I live in Missouri and as a result of this I sent him money and signing up with his campaign to volunteer at a grass roots level.

      • Frankcastle1958

        Regina.. he went from easy WIN.. to LOSING in the Polls.... Akin shot his OWN foot off... NOW, he REFUSES to MAN UP to it... and is willing, to HELP the LEFT WIN?? You SUPPORT THAT kind of a guy????

        • D Paul

          I agree completely.

  • Wise American

    Akin, it's not about you. You're nothing ANYMORE! Don't run before you screw up the country for your grandkids. *****THINK ABOUT YOUR GRANDKIDS FOR A CHANGE!!!!***

  • Sunflower

    Akin "confirmed" in many women's minds what they have long suspected (believed?): The GOP really doesn't like women very much unless they are "in their place." I vote Republican (Libertarian if I possibly can) and am quite conservative. Men like Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, and even Sean Hannity do no service to conservatives with their rhetoric and sexist jokes. (Eg. Rush's "femi-nazi" comments.) Many of us are NOT religious, we have jobs, expect equal pay, use birth control, etc. Akin insulted all of us. The comment revealed an underlying philosophy--and that's why women are pissed.

  • JR

    Tad Cronn - are you in the pocket of the GOP establishment? How much do they pay you to write this garbage?


    +Flag as inappropriateI do not agree with what he said but Democrats in Missouri have a GIGANTIC UGLY RAPE PROBLEM of their own.......my ex-husband the neo -nazi beat me and raped me for about two years he also sexually molested my son Democrats in Missouri have known about this including those who were supposed to do their jobs (but did not).....but he got a free pass at being a rapist and a child molester because of the Democrats....see he is a union member so he got ALL KINDS of little political favoritism and he has hurt yet another child. Before Democrats go getting all self rightous and wagging their fingers at others they need to answer for their GIGANTIC UGLY RAPE SECRET theirselves. Chris Costner the Democrat Attorney General was who the FBI referred me to..when I first went to them because Democrats would not do their job- the women in his office LAUGHED at me...I am trying to explain the bizarre sexual things myself and my son experienced they laughed at me they think being beaten and raped and having your child molested is hilariousespecially if you are a conserative (They are Public Employee Union Members)they refused to help me and they said bad things about the FBI. So the Democrats in Missouri do not have any room to criticize anyone. Oh and after I fled to Texas my home state, I called Claire McCaskill's office at the time she was supposed to be cracking down on State Family Services workers not doing their job ....this is because children were dying in the hands of people the State placed them with.....and NOTHING the guy did not want to talk to me.....Democrats are full of EMPTY words and NO Action!!!!!!!!!

    • georgetheclown

      You must of loved it. TWO YEARS!!. My, My, you were still there after two years.

      • toddschul

        You are a f-ing pig. Post your address so you can be dealt with you f-ing coward.

        • georgetheclown

          OK RIGHT WING WACKO get your gun. I don't see your nane SISSY!

      • Charlie

        Had you considered that at the hands of a mad-man like that that escape was "impossible?"

        I NEVER, EVER resort to personal attacks, but I must say, in your instance, the word "clown" is a very fitting description of you, and about as polite as it can get.

        Please...go away before you embarrass yourself any further.

        • georgetheclown

          Go Away. SMD!!!! Starts with Suck.............M............D == Got that MORON.

    • Watchmanonwall

      JK, I am sorry for your suffering. Secondly, sorry that this so called guvmint that everyone praises about, ignored your plea for help. third, that you have to put up with left wing extreme ignorant loudmouth bullies and clowns when you plead your cause on this forum. bullies are always cowards. they would wet and stain their pants if they were confronted. Stay strong in the Lord.

  • Walker

    I am tired of the "Republican leadership" telling everyone what to do. This is Akin's race and Akin's decision. He misspoke . . .as all of us have at one time or the other. People who were supporting Akin before, will probably still vote for him. They know what he meant. The "Republican leadership" needs to SHUT UP and let the people decide who to vote for. So do all the "know it all" columnists . . . including this one.
    Adkins is a good man with a strong moral character. We need men like that in Washington. Let he who has never misspoke cast the first stone.
    Go Akins!!

    • zulu

      I don't know that much about Akin, however, I'd have to agree that he miss-spoke. He didn't realize just how it would sound. Being a woman, I can understand where some would be upset by this, but being a woman I also know that men don't really have a clue about what this is all about anyway. Every election women's rights are discussed by men who will never experience the things they are talking about so they'd be smart to leave it alone. Even on the campaign trail when I asked how he stands on
      abortion, he can state maybe what he thinks, but it is really a question that he isn't qualified to answer. That should be enough said.

      • Watchmanonwall

        I don't think that saying its above my pay grade is a good answer either. The issues can be researched and sources checked and verified. I don't have to be a slave to know that I am against it. I don't have to be raped to know I am against it. I don't have to be killed to know I don't want to be murdered. We have to get out of our parochial thinking and get beyond only what effects us.

        • zulu

          I agree that one doesn't have to be a slave to know that they don't like it, etc., however if you are a man, your body will never know the experience of being pregnant. I've seen men march around and preach pro-creation,etc., but you tell me how many men yell they've pro-created in the throes of orgasm? And I'm not thinking about what affects me because I'm 75 so it would be another miracle if I got pregnant! I am merely stating that most of the women that I know are tired are being used to kick around the issue of abortion. I don't think either party needs to discuss it.

    • Patrick

      He didn't "misspeak." He made a lengthy statement on what he believes, which is a horrible view he believes in. Misspeaking is saying a word you didn't mean, then immediately correcting yourself, not saying something that ostracizes women as victims and attempts to nullify entirely the horrid ordeal they go through, in the most heinous of crimes committed against them.

      He should step down because he's now an albatross around both the Romney and Ryan ticket and the Republican party, not to mention putting the Senate control in jeopardy (for a done deal win that this seat was!). But an even bigger a reason than that for his removal: no-one should want anyone who believes the craziness he does as a representative of them.

      I am pro life. In the case of rape, the baby is not at fault and should not be punished for the criminal act that created its life. This is what he should have said, but he believes something entirely insane.

      Incidentally, when democrats "misspeak" by saying their terrible lies, racial rhetoric like Biden, or terrible things about people, they aren't misspeaking either. Just like Akin, this is what they truly believe and who they really are. They're just backed by a party that doesn't care about integrity and moral/ethical standards, and they're backed by 90% of the press that's in their pockets. That relativism should not be made that "the democrats get away with it!" This is who Akin really is and he should not be excused for it.

      • Gary K

        I believe you misread. Rep Akin

        • Nancy

          Hey Gary. It's good to know that if I happened to get rape, I'll never have to worry about getting pregnant. Thanks for verifying what Todd said. And we all know good girls don't get raped so what's the big deal. Most that get raped are just mad at their boyfriend. Or you know had too short a dress on or you know just made it up.. So thanks Gary. I always say men know best. But I dress modestly so I don't have to worry.

        • Gary K

          That is NOT what he said. If you would take the time to know his position and what is in his heart, you would not make such and outrageous claim. What he said (and admittedly not a wise statement in this political climate) was that pregnancies caused by forcible rape are rare; and this is backed up by statistics and some medical experts have claimed that because of trauma to a woman in a forcible rape she may not be as likely to become pregnant. He did not say that no woman has ever become pregnant by forcible rape. The reason that the pro-abortion people make such and issue of the rape pregnancies is because they think that justifies all abortions. A very small number of abortions are from rape but millions of abortion occur every year. And, on top of that although the abortion lobby will not admit it; statistics prove the woman and the baby are better off if the victim would carry the baby to term. Abortion only victimized the woman again, She now has a higher risk of breast cancer and mental illness. God knows the baby is better off even if adopted by another couple who would praise God for the child.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher

          You know darn well that that is not what Akins said. Are you a Demoncrat or a Republicrat?
          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        • The New Dealer

          I am sure, in the words of Winston Churchill, as he was characterizing his successor, Clement Atlee, when he was told he was a modest man, Churchill, stated: "He had much to be modest about." I am sure that I could say the same for you. You wear a modest dress, and I assume you have much to be modest about. But, one thing you do excel at is being an apologist for atrocious action. You rationalize stupidity and I can guess your view of women is that they provoke all the unwanted attention they get. Thankfully most educated and independent women disagree and find your views primitive.

      • glock 19 fan

        And the mainstream media give Biden a free pass whenever he makes aa dumba$$ speech. Now it's the "squealing pigs" remark; did he watch "Deliverance?"

      • Kenneth M. Fisher


        If you are really pro-life, you should know that what Akins said was factual!
        As a former Republican Official who fought the RINOS tooth and nail, I hope and pray that the Akin's constituents won't let the Establishmen RINOS and pseudo Establishment cowards convince them.
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

    • jimmy john

      "Republican leadership" hell it's stupid ass
      Democrats that got us where we are to day, Democrat congress when bush was
      president, and a piss poor excuse for a president now

      • http://twitter.com/SnakeArbusto Snake Arbusto

        "In 2000-2001, the last
        year of President Bill Clinton’s two-term presidency, the federal government
        ran a small surplus (not counting money “borrowed” from Social Security);
        between 2001 and 2007, the costly
        war on terror and the notorious across-the-board tax cuts gave rise to huge
        annual budget deficits totaling some $3.686 trillion in just six years

        The “tax and spend” chief executive with the compliant Congress during
        those years was George W.
        Bush. The other "conservative" president who ran up the
        biggest deficits in the nation’s history was, of course,Ronald Reagan."

        • EstebanCafe

          Sir, Mssr Clinton had TWO Republican houses of Congress controlling his spending -- thus his "legacy" and his surplus. BTW, it is your Congress that holds the purse strings in your extended federal republic. Which is why Mssr Obama could give drunken sailors a bad name the first two years of his reign. He outspent everyone before him by factors.
          Note also that these same bi-cameral houses shut down Hillary Clinton's medical care fiasco. The same would have happened to Mssr O had the Republicans held any power.

        • jaymarie

          Hey hey, watch the drunken sailor comments! Har har. Excellent points EstebanCafe! Spot on. I find it amazing that every one always points to the president for the failings/success of the country when spending is dependent on congress' largesse. When two of the three branches are in collusion, with a possibility the third is compromised, we see how quickly our country fails. The failure under the Poseur in the white house is a failure in leadership. Obama is a follower - Marx, Lenin, Mao, etc.. you get the picture, he is not a leader. Personnel in the military recognize his lack of ability, unfortunately the UCMJ and code of conduct severely reduce service members first amendment rights and keeps them silent. We the people need to employ only those who respect our country, her values, and places her well being above their own. There is a lot of cleaning to be done in D.C.

        • seektruth

          So, your point is, Snake?
          Gee! let's support bad behavior by pointing out the bad behavior of others. Obama's debt, run up by ALL those currently in power, is OK because of the republicans who ran it up before him are guilty as well?
          What are you in, the first grade?
          When Bush left office the debt was at 74% of the GDP. We are now at 101% of GDP.
          DO YOU GET THAT?!?
          We are in serious trouble!!!

        • Harleyrod45

          Unemployment has been over 8% for 43 months and counting.
          Nobama has added 5 trillion $ to the deficit. More than all the presidents before him combined.
          More people on food stamps now than ever before in the nation's history.
          Over 50% of the population is on some sort of public assistance. This is the highest percentage ever.
          Shall I go on??!!

        • The Advocates

          That's not true. Reagan tripled the debt and in real dollars WWII far outstripped the current debt. You clowns want it both ways. You complain about debt and unemployment, but your answer is more tax cuts for the 1% and by the way, more debt! Is that addition by subtraction?

        • jaymarie

          Under Bush our taxes went down, we are not rich. The poseur and you, evidently, claim that only the rich got tax cuts and that is a flat out lie. Tax cuts do not equal more debt. Moron you need to get out of the basement and take a basic course on the economy and finance.

        • Progressive Republican

          Where did he, "claim that only the rich got tax cuts"? Everyone got tax cuts. It's just that the wealthy got more.

        • jaymarie

          Really, considering over 45% of Americans pay 0% of the tax burden you believe the "rich" got the higher tax break. I believe in a fair tax. Not this group pays this and this special interest group pays that. This is the kind of crap that has brought us to where we are now. The special interest groups control D.C. and where the money is collected/spent.
          On an aside, how many times must a person be taxed on money they earned? How long should a person be taxed on property they bought 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago? When do they finally get to say "I own that, I don't owe nobody nothing, I own that"? When have you been taxed enough?

        • Progressive Republican

          You didn't answer the question,

        • jaymarie

          Sorry I went offline, I don't spend all night on the computer. The poseur clearly stated " the Bush tax cuts for the rich" during the '08 election cycle multiple times. I clearly stated that everyone got tax cuts. If the "rich" got a better cut - fine. They pay a heck of a lot more than I. I personally do not care. I am not a class warfare person. I would prefer to be one of the has, but I don't begrudge them their wealth. Class warfare is raging in America, and Obama brought us to this sorry state. You should note I did say "I believe in a fair tax". Even a flat tax will do. Think about this, do you own your home? Don't pay your taxes and see what happens. Do you own your vehicle? Don't pay your taxes and see what happens. As I said "When have you been taxed enough?".

        • Progressive Republican

          Like you I do not begrudge the wealthy their largess, so long as it's garnered ethically. However, since their accumulation of wealth likely required a higher level of use (read: stress) on our infrastructure, it's only fair that they pay for the larger portion that they require for the production of said largess.

          This, of course, is in addition to the realities of financial stress. A 20% tax rate places significantly more stress on a $20,000/yr income than it does on a $20,000,000/yr income. Many call this fair. I call it "fair" at best.

          Your claim of, "Obama brought us to this sorry state" is supported by a significant dearth of credible evidence. Class warfare has indeed been raging in America and after more than thirty years of it the novelty begins to wear thin. The right, of course, blames the Democrats and Obama for this despite the fact that for these claims to be true requires an as not-yet invented time machine. As least I've not heard of such a device having been successfully tested and/or employed. Therefore, one COULD exist.

          Diverting the power of the economy from those who drive the demand to those who supply it, and then convincing poor people they can become rich by giving rich people more money? When he presented us with this nonsense during the 1980 primary I said to myself, "Who the hell would be stupid enough to buy this?" Now we now, and it's only been getting worse ever since.

          In fact, in “The Battle for Reagan’s Soul,” published in the Wall Street Journal on May 16, 1980, Irving Kristol wrote:

          "… And what if the traditionalist conservatives are right and a Kemp-Roth tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem? The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards."
          Except for the fact that the last two Congresses have refused to allow us to attempt the aforementioned tidying up. The irony of this is that they call this "patriotism" while wrapping themselves in the flag so that we can't see them defecating in it, but it STILL stinks.
          A great and wise man once said that taxes are what we pay to live in a civilized society. One is struck by the increasing lack of civility over the last thirty or forty yeas, but especially in the last four during which that dark-skinned guy with the funny name got elected and then effectively shut down.
          You asked, "When have you been taxed enough?". There are few good answers to that. The best answer I can come up with would be, "When it is sufficient to afford a just and fair society.", a sufficiently subjective response, I hope. I say subjective because there are those who would define that as being able to do as you wish, when you wish to whom you wish. Clinically, this is sociopathy. Some of these are people, some corporations.
          When a government is starved into a sufficient level of weakness a la Grover Norquist's dogma, oligarchy is inevitable. History has shown this repeatedly, even within the confines of America's lifespan. With SCOTUS' reintroduction of the concept of corporate personhood as well as other odious concepts like granting an organization the right to lie and call it "news", or granting a candidate the right to lie and calling it protected free speech, or conferring the title of "speech" onto what was once "money", SCOTUS tells us that money = speech. If this is the case, would not "stealing" someone's money more rightly be classified as plagiarism?
          Yes it's ridiculous. The whole thing is completely and utterly ridiculous.

        • jaymarie

          You've made so excellent points. Others were slanted according to your experiences encountered throughout your life. I appreciate all, especially your thoughtful response on the "taxed enough" question.
          There is only one thing I will add. Incivility between those actively seeking political office has been prevalent since man first stepped up to a "stump" many centuries ago. It is the hostilities pouring from the common person, the general populace, and the media that has changed for the worse. When mobs converge on private citizens in the homes, that is truly reprehensible and not to be accepted.
          Au revior

        • The New Dealer

          Every working American pays payroll taxes at the rate of 8%. Obama cut the SS payroll tax for every American worker the last two years.. The 8% for low income workers who pay zero FIT is still a Federal tax, it goes to the the part of the budget that need it most: Medicare and Social Security and it is a higher percent of their income than earners who make more than $106K, the cap on Social Security taxes. The deductions for low income workers was from bi-partisan Congressional action. Your use of a double negative "I don't owe nobody nothing," reflects not only a poor understanding of grammar, but an immature understanding of our system. If you don't like taxes, tough sh-t. As the late Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, a Republican, sad, "paying taxes price of civilization!" Grow up!

        • The Advocates

          Sorry, again you are wrong. Taxes went down for the rich at a much larger rate. The economic disaster that ensued under his watch is historically a fact. Tax cuts create deficits, just look at the Reagan record,

          From January 2008 through January 2009 – the last 13 months
          of the Bush Administration, 3,651,000 jobs were lost. In the following 11
          months of the Obama Administration there were 4,243,000 million jobs lost. It
          would be a stretch to blame that job loss completely on Obama. In fact in the
          first 6 months from February through July 3,300,000, of those jobs were lost.
          In the last five months of 2009, 873,000 jobs were lost. In 2010, 957,000 jobs
          were gained and so far in, in the last 2.5 years over 4 million jobs were recovered.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Davis/1703670660 Frank Davis

          Please explain how odumbo added more debt than all previous presidents combined when it was 10 trillion when he took office and he added 5 trillion?

        • The New Dealer

          Unemployment almost averaged 8% in the Reagan eight years. When he took office in 1980 unemployment was 7.3%, two years later it was 10.5% and when his VP, Bush 41 left office unemployment was 7.3%. So the 12 years of Reagan-Bush barely moved employment and quadrupled the National Debt and made the rich, very rich.

          Unemployment Rate, U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics

          period start end chng President

          Jan 1993 Jan 1997 7.3 5.3 -2.0 Clinton I Democrat

          Jan 1985 Jan 1989 7.3 5.4 -1.9 Reagan II

          Jan 1961 Jan 1965 6.6 4.9 -1.7 JFK/Johnson Democrat

          Jan 1965 Jan 1969 4.9 3.4 -1.5 Johnson

          Jan 1949 Jan 1953 4.3 2.9 -1.4 Truman

          Jan 1997 Jan 2001 5.3 4.2 -1.1 Clinton II Democrat

          Jan 1981 Jan 1985 7.5 7.3 -0.2 Reagan I

          Jan 1977 Jan 1981 7.5 7.5 0.0 Carter

          Jan 2005 Aug 2008 5.2 7.7 +2.5 Bush, GW II

          Jan 2001 Jan 2005 4.2 5.2 +1.0 Bush, GW I

          Jan 1953 Jan 1957 2.9 4.2 +1.3 Eisenhower I

          Jan 1969 Jan 1973 3.4 4.9 +1.5 Nixon

          Jan 1989 Jan 1993 5.4 7.3 +1.9 Bush, GHW

          Jan 1957 Jan 1961 4.2 6.6 +2.4 Eisenhower II

          Jan 1973 Jan 1977 4.9 7.5 +2.6 Nixon/Ford

          For all you doubters, Democrats have created far more jobs than the GOP. On a year by year basis- Clinton,
          Carter, Reagan, LBJ, Truman, Nixon and JFK lead Ford, Bush I and II and
          Eisenhower by a wide margin. In 28 years the Democrats created 57 million jobs
          to the GOP’s 36 million in 36 years. Those are the facts. Look it up from the

        • The Advocates

          Yes, but we had a mini-Depression. Is it debt that counts for everything? Ryan voted for the Bush $730 Billion stimulus, how come he called Obama's worthless? A bit inconsistent, hypocritical and mixed up.

        • Progressive Republican

          Not mixed up.

        • Progressive Republican

          Coming out of WWII the national debt was 127% of GDP. Instead of the kind of austerity that reinvigorated the Depression in 1937 America invested in it's infrastructure because that's what was bringing us out of the Depression prior to '37.

        • The New Dealer

          The debt argument means nothing. When Bush 43 left office, unemployment was growing at 800K per month, That surge lasted for 6 months, The stimulus reversed that free fall and the first quarter of the recovery was the strongest in decades. That cost MONEY! The debt will be dealt with just like WWII. FYI info 98% of the GNP during WWII was war and defense related and almost all of that was debt!

        • http://www.facebook.com/william.a.roderick William A. Roderick II

          Have you heard, the federal government has just put us in debt in the last 3.5 years under BHO an amount equal to half of what ALL previous 43 president's have. DO NOT BLAME GWB FOR BHO FAILURES.

        • The Advocates

          Sorry wrong numbers when you account for inflation. Another red flag smokes screen of inaccuracy.

          Another myth promulgated by the anti-government, flat-earth
          Tea Bag Brigade. Every day these sites come up with most fantastic insanity to
          get their lunatic-fringe base riled up over another non-issue. What else is
          expected by kooks?

          On top of the specious
          issue of the “birthers,” the lack of an education (only made the President of
          Harvard Review, taught law for ten years at the University of Chicago Law
          School), and he never had a job (had his pick of any big time law firm). But,
          the lunatic fringe claims he is pro illegal immigration (more people deported
          in 3.4 years then his predecessor in eight years), not strong on national
          defense (getting rid of Bin Ladin and almost all of the top Al Queda leadership
          with the use of drones, not the blood of American soldiers, arming and
          assisting NATO to get rid of Khadafy, with little expense and no American

          Obama spending binge never happened

          Commentary: Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s

          May 22, 2012|Rex Nutting, MarketWatch

          WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President
          Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.

          As would-be president Mitt Romney tells it: “I will lead us out of this
          debt and spending inferno.”

          Almost everyone believes that Obama has presided over a massive increase in
          federal spending, an “inferno” of spending that threatens our jobs, our
          businesses and our children’s future. Even Democrats seem to think it’s true.

          But it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama,
          federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought
          the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.

          Government spending under Obama, including
          his signature stimulus bill,…

          Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:

          In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal
          spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the
          official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.

          • In fiscal 2010 — the
          first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.

          In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.

          In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to
          the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to
          last August.

          Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is
          scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s
          latest budget outlook.

          Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from
          $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.

          There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president,
          despite what you hear.

          Why do people think Obama has spent like a drunken sailor? It’s in part
          because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the federal budget.

          What people forget (or never knew) is that the first year of every
          presidential term starts with a budget approved by the previous administration
          and Congress. The president only begins to shape the budget in his second year.
          It takes time to develop a budget and steer it through Congress — especially in
          these days of congressional gridlock.

          The 2009 fiscal year, which Republicans count as part of Obama’s legacy,
          began four months before Obama moved into the White House. The major spending
          decisions in the 2009 fiscal year were made by George W. Bush and the previous

          Like a relief pitcher who comes into the game with the bases loaded, Obama
          came in with a budget in place that called for spending to increase by hundreds
          of billions of dollars in response to the worst economic and financial calamity
          in generations.

          Suck that up, dunces!

        • Progressive Republican

          Uh, oh. Facts. Prepare for blowback.

        • Progressive Republican

          Yeah, we heard, but there's a bit of a problem: there's no credibly accurate information to back up his claim.

        • The Advocates

          From January 2008 through January 2009 – the last 13 months
          of the Bush Administration, 3,651,000 jobs were lost. In the following 11
          months of the Obama Administration there were 4,243,000 million jobs lost. It
          would be a stretch to blame that job loss completely on Obama. In fact in the
          first 6 months from February through July 3,300,000, of those jobs were lost.
          In the last five months of 2009, 873,000 jobs were lost.

          Who should we blame for that mess? Abe Lincoln?

        • The New Dealer

          Reagan's legacy, for better or worse, will have to stand the
          test of history. Many people loved McKinley and Harding in their time, and
          because of their deaths in office they were lionized. In the same sense JFK,
          being struck down at a young age, was mourned almost universally. In a sense,
          every one emoted regarding the death of JFK. They saw in his death, the loss of
          innocence and youth. But, JFK's legacy of Camelot and the new Frontier, had a
          greater half-life then Harding's or McKinley's, and for obvious reasons. Reagan
          was a genial guy, whose familiar visage was pleasing to many. No doubt, the
          fact that he survived an assassin’s bullets endeared him to many. He was seen
          as a survivor, and most thought he had a decent self-effacing sense of humor.

          All in all the GOP’s has been desperate for heroes. McKinley
          was seen by history as a white man’s burden imperialist who was all for
          business at the expense of the working man. Teddy Roosevelt was too progressive
          and abandoned the GOP and scuttled the 2nd term aspirations of the
          ineffectual William Howard Taft. Harding, Coolidge and Hoover were seen as failures. Eisenhower,
          though a WWII icon, failed to move us forward. Three recessions, failure on the
          farms, diplomatic mistakes and a crumbling infrastructure, doomed Eisenhower to
          mediocrity. Nixon was impeached and though sharp, more moderate then any of his
          GOP predecessors was done in by his paranoia and lack of core values. Just
          listen to the guy’s own words on tape! So we are left with the two Bushes, the
          first one, a Peter-Principle fool, who even squandered the popularity and
          success of a war, and the second an utter disaster and maybe our worst
          president. So the GOP is left with the Great Communicator! For my money he was
          an uniformed dolt, who was manipulated by his handlers, and finally was set
          straight by his concerned, loving, and mixed-up politically-speaking wife, who
          saw how his staff had abused him!

        • markinla

          Reagan was a ventriloquist dummy for corporate America and the NWO crowd. He did his part exactly as they planned. He got to parade around and go to fancy parties while Nancy got free designer dresses and the people behind the curtains ran the country for themselves.

        • The New Dealer

          You forgot his main adviser, an astrologist!

        • markinla

          You also forgot to mention that Clinton had a stock market bubble that was artificially inflating the taxes coming in to government. Lots of highly paid web developers, corporate officers, bonuses, stock IPOs generating fees and stock options. Those gains caused California to increase public pensions by 50% for public safety employees and now California is broke. Bush got the bust side of that bubble.

          Clinton's surplus was just another fraud, nobody has been worth a damn since Eisenhower.

        • The New Dealer

          Keep on writing revisionist history. But, let's look at the Eisenhower record:

          With regards to President Eisenhower, I was a teenager in
          1960 when he left office. My parents were life-long Democrats and certainly
          admirers of both FDR and Truman. They distrusted military men as politicians
          and voted for Stevenson in both 1952 and 1956. I had been a history and World
          War II “buff” since the age of ten, and by the age of thirteen, in 1958, I had
          read most of the books on World War II in the Mount Vernon,
          NY public library (the 6th largest
          in the State of New York.).
          Of course in 1958 there was only a tiny fraction of the books available today
          on the war. Also because of statutory limitations on the release of information
          regarding the Ultra Secret, or the Enigma Code, most histories of the war were

          I read Eisenhower’s best-selling book, Crusade in
          Europe and still have it in my huge historical library. I was never
          impressed with Eisenhower as a general, and as President who could be impressed
          with his uninspiring speaking style. He
          was an ant-intellectual who basically liked golf, bridge, and reading Zane Grey
          westerns. His wife was no real help. She was jealous, for good reason, was a
          possessive military wife, who had a reputation for being an alcoholic that
          arose at noon from bed, and who said little and stood for less. His cabinet was
          undistinguished and was derogatorily referred to as ten millionaires and a
          plumber. The plumber was his Secretary of Labor, named Martin Durkin, and he
          was gone the first year. He was a vindictive man and terribly disloyal to the
          memory of FDR his Commander-in-Chief, Truman, who appointed him and sustained
          his career, and George Marshall his greatest ally and sponsor. He let Senator
          Joseph McCarthy insult, libel and excoriate Marshall without coming to his defense. He
          hated Truman, who had the courtesy and decency of inviting and ordering his
          active duty officer son John, to his inauguration. He felt Truman had betrayed
          some sort of military custom. I am sure FDR never was not unhappy when his
          active military sons were given time off to serve their father! Eisenhower had
          a vindictive streak about himself.

          Eisenhower was not prepared to be President. He was
          inexperienced politically and operated his administration as a “Chairman of the
          Board.” He allowed his cabinet to create policy. Two of his real disastrous
          appointments were at Commerce, Sinclair Weeks, and at Agriculture, Ezra Taft
          Benson, an elder in the Mormon Church. His farm policies created a political
          disaster for Republicans in the farm belt. In the 1958, the GOP, because of
          Benson’s policies, lost more Congressional seats in the Midwest than at any
          time since Lincoln,
          except during the depths of the Great depression and FDR’s landslides. Aside
          from our domestic problems with three severe recessions, Eisenhower’s foreign
          policy was not a sterling success. Not only did Eisenhower oppose the Suez
          Intervention by our Allies in 1956, but left the Hungarians and their revolt
          out on a limb. The Russians regarding the Suez
          bluffed him, and his intervention in Lebanon in 1958, without
          consultation with NATO, left us vulnerable in that area in the coming years. He
          prevented Israel
          from getting arms and left them having to rely on the French. He did nothing
          about the rise of Castro in Cuba
          and his CIA left the inexperienced Kennedy with a disaster on his hands
          regarding the “Bay of Pigs.” His South
          American policies set back FDR’s Good Neighbor outreach policy by decades, and
          Nixon’s so-called “goodwill tour” ended in riots and chaos. The
          Eisenhower-Dulles policy in Indo-China also wound up creating more problems for
          us in the future. As part of their “containment” policy they failed to see the
          inherent nationalism in the 100 year Indo-Chinese rebellion against the French.
          Wherein FDR promised Ho Chi Minh independence from colonial rule if he helped
          the Allies against Japan,
          after his death that promise was not fulfilled. As the armed revolution by the
          Viet Minh gained intensity, Eisenhower provided $90 million in cash and arms to
          the French, but would not promise or deliver men. Of course the French fell at
          Dienbienphu, and instead of the Allies recognizing an independent Vietnam, they divided the country, not unlike Korea,
          into a north and south bifurcated region. If the United States had seen the reality
          of the situation, and had understood that Indo-China nationalism was much more
          important than Communism, the disaster of the future Vietnam War may have been
          averted. Eisenhower did not understand that the southern part of the country
          was more agrarian and more dominated by the “land reformers” and the Communists
          and the industrial north around Hanoi and Haiphong was the more
          capitalistic oriented. Therefore, when Dienbienphu collapsed, the northern
          “business” class fled south, and was able to take command of the new government
          in the south. JFK’s connections with the northern Catholic minority, led by the
          Diem family, would have never happened. In other words, when Ho Chi Minh
          defeated out the French, we would have been able to have our own relationship
          with that new country, and helped them be weaned away from ancient rival China.

          Besides all of that, Eisenhower became entrapped in a
          disaster regarding his “lies” about U-2 over-flights of the Soviet
          Union and the capture of Captain Francis Gary Powers. When he was
          confronted by those facts at the Geneva Summit by Premier Khrushchev, he and
          the United States
          were embarrassed and the meeting collapsed and failed. Well he was certainly
          right about being “entrapped!” On the domestic front, the Sherman Adams scandal
          exposed Eisenhower’s office to the charge of corruption. Adams
          was accused of accepting a bribe of a vicuna coat from one Bernard Goldfine,
          who had pending business with the government. Not only was his administration
          tarnished but also Eisenhower really lost his “assistant” President. It was
          really Adams a former New Hampshire
          Congressman and Governor who ran the White House, as Eisenhower’s Chief of
          Staff. After Adams, who had appeared on the cover of Time Magazine twice, the
          White House started to really drift with the aging and sick President. In the
          1958 disastrous midterm elections, the Republicans who were slightly in the
          minority in the Senate, 49-47 lost 15 seats, giving the Democrats a 30-seat
          majority, 64 to 34. In the House where they also were in the minority 233-220
          they lost 50 seats and the Democratic majority went from 13 seats to 130.
          Because of this “landslide” Eisenhower became a “lame duck” for the remainder
          of his term.

          He regretted
          appointing Earl Warren to the Supreme Court, but did federalize the Arkansas
          National Guard in 1957, and did bring the 101st Airborne in to help
          integrate Little Rock’s Central High School.
          But he did little for Civil Rights except encourage delay and obfuscation and
          the formerly solid Republican Black GOP vote never returned. The economy
          languished under his so-called benign, pro-laissez-faire leadership. We had
          three severe recessions under his watch.

          During his administration, a time of plenty for some, and
          great prosperity for the white suburbs, the cities were crumbling under his
          administration. Crime grew in America
          as Blacks languished in ghettoes in the center city. All over, the vision of Black
          Board Jungle and West Side Story were played out in America’s
          inner cities. As these white-middle class suburbs prospered, we started to
          decline academically all over the country as many sections of the cities became
          enclaves of gangs, and their “mean streets” could not be traveled and were
          subsequently uninhabitable. People were in fear in those neighborhoods, as
          “white flight” became a tsunami. Finally in 1957 with the launching of Sputnik,
          by the Soviets, some awakened in Congress to the reality that many of our
          schools were 2nd and 3rd rate. Young people were out of
          shape and lazy and Washington’s
          uninspired leadership had little connection with the either the problems of
          that day or young people’s aspirations. Ironically this divide between rich and
          poor, and those who knew and didn’t were repeated in the 1980’s with Ronald
          Reagan at the helm, and today with George W. Bush. It is said that “patriotism
          is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” and both Reagan and Bush have masked over
          many of our problems by wrapping themselves in the flag. In the Eisenhower
          Administration patriotism and the blurring of the “Establishment Clause” of the
          US Constitution started to emerge. Remember, it is at that time, that the
          Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag had “under G-d.” added to its words.
          Ironically Eisenhower, like Reagan never were Church-going or religious

          If any man should not have been elected President it was
          Dwight Eisenhower. He covered up his heart attack in 1948 and because of the
          serious nature of that type of condition he would have been almost disqualified
          for that nomination by either party. What was the result? Eisenhower was by far the unhealthiest man to
          serve as President. He suffered a serious heart attack in 1955, had a stroke,
          and an attack of Ileitis. He was out of circulation more than any other
          President, and of course, this is where Sherman Adams stepped in to fill the
          breach. Ironically he remained popular, and if he were younger, healthier, and
          constitutionally able he probably would have won a third term. Probably the
          same could have been said for Ronald Reagan.

          Eisenhower knew little about America. He had not really lived
          much in the country from mid 1930’s until the early 1950’s. In his early career
          he had little contact with average Americans as he was posted in dusty
          backwater billets. He missed out of serving in combat in World War I. After the
          end of hostilities and the de-mobilization he was considered a good staff
          officer and was assigned to General Douglas MacArthur in the early 1930’s. He
          was involved with the “Bonus March” cleanup and resultant political
          embarrassment to the Hoover Administration. He followed MacArthur to Philippines after the former Chief of Staff was
          exiled from Washington
          by FDR. It was said that he never knew how to use a dial phone or drive a car.
          After his success in World War II he was selected by Truman to head NATO and
          after a short period he came back to the states and was selected to be
          President of Columbia University. Insiders derided his appointment, because it
          was said that it came from a mix-up. The talk was that the Trustees wanted his
          brother Milton, a renowned educator and that the wrong Eisenhower was asked!
          His tenure at Columbia
          was short-lived and basically a disaster. Eisenhower had a difficult time
          relating to the dynamics of academia. He was used to giving orders, having
          someone else listen and react. He had little or no sense of humor and the
          prospect of raising money for the university was anathema to him. Not only was
          he not comfortable with Columbia
          but also he was not really comfortable with the press. When he became
          President, his Press Secretary Jim Haggerty staged his press conferences and
          the questions were pre-screened. He did few off-the -cuff interviews and he
          never seemed to have a real grasp of the issues at hand. Personally, I was too
          young to fully digest much of the detail regarding his public appearances. But
          as an individual with a great interest in history and World War II, I did watch
          with great relish his television special with Walter Cronkite regarding the 20th
          anniversary of D-Day in June of 1964. Of course Eisenhower was 74 years old at
          that time, and not a really well man. But he was alert enough to make the
          program interesting. When I later saw
          complete re-runs of the famous broadcast I was less impressed. Eisenhower had
          no sense of humor, very little wit and in reality the show was not too terribly
          enlightening. Could the same show with General Bradley or Admiral Alan Kirk,
          the naval commander at Normandy
          been more interesting? Who knows? Eisenhower had the cachet value as the former
          head of SHAEF and a popular two-time President.

          In 1960 he barely
          campaigned for his Vice-President, Richard Nixon. Later on he regretted not
          doing more for him. Nixon only lost by 2/10 of a percent in the popular vote
          and a swing of 25,000 votes in Illinois and Texas would have given
          him the election in the Electoral College. He capped that campaign off with
          another faux pas. When asked by the press if he could think of something
          worthwhile that the Vice-president had done in eight years, he answered that if
          they gave him some time he could come up with something. Again, ironically,
          Eisenhower hadn’t really meant that and deeply regretted the impression he had
          given. With all of Nixon’s warts, Eisenhower actually liked the star-crossed
          Nixon, who he had supported right from the beginning, that had included the
          “Checker’s slush fund crisis. All in all, he was a mediocre President and in
          the Schesinger historian’s poll of the mid 1960’s he was rated below average.

          So what the h-ll do you really know?

        • markinla

          What do you really know? You post a lot of revisionism as well. Truman gave us French Indochina to deal with not Eisenhower. He also gave us that wonderful "ally" Israel. Truman should have done what the OSS wanted and backed Ho Chi Minh but Truman backed the French to get them as allies for NATO. As for a lot of stuff like the Suez Canal. Eisenhower was right. It was time to stop pretending the British owned the place. Blaming Eisenhower for the inner city rot is another joke. Since when is that the federal government's job. Maybe you haven't noticed but nobody, even black people, really want to live in black neighborhoods.

          Given the gutless crap we have had since WWII, Eisenhower was the best of a bad lot.

        • The New Dealer

          It was a large surplus fro 3 years and with a tax increase!

        • http://twitter.com/SnakeArbusto Snake Arbusto

          Thanks for the correction.

      • Evermyrtle

        Well, what do you expect with a foreigner acting as president??

      • The Advocates

        The GOP got us where we are, did you forget the Crash! You must have forgotten the Depression also!

        • jaymarie

          The failure under Bush was caused by the DemonRats in congress. The housing bust was given it origins under Clinton. The DemonRats stopped any attempt to correct looming crisis. The DemonRats were in control of both houses of congress for over a year and a half prior to the crash moron. The great depression actually started in the 30's under FDR.

        • Progressive Republican

          The Depression started in '29. FDR took office in '33. It would take a time machine to make you right.

        • jaymarie

          No actually the stock market crashed in '29 and the depression really started in '30 after the congress passed a tariff bill that took a recession into a depression, that with even worse decisions by those in control and acts of nature led to a great depression by the mid 30's. You are correct about FDR, it started under Hoover.

        • Progressive Republican

          Actually, there was a recession going for several months before the stock market crash, but you're right about the Depression actually starting in '30 under the Hoover administration who decided that the best thing to do was nothing. Cost him the election. Oopsy.

          The Smoot-Hawley Tariff actually had very little effect on America's Depression. With imports forming only 6 percent of the GNP, the 40 percent tariffs work out to an effective tax of only 2.4 percent per citizen. Even this is compensated for by the fact that American businesses are no longer investing in Europe, but keeping their money stateside. This served to exacerbate Europe's Depression badly.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Davis/1703670660 Frank Davis

          No such thing as a Progressive Republican. Progressive is just code for communist. You self contradict so how can anyone take you seriously?

        • The New Dealer

          Are you just absurd or stupid!

        • The New Dealer

          You are a jerk, plus stupid! So now Republicans are commies? Who isn't? You!

        • Progressive Republican

          Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt would likely disagree as do I. You're right about one thing, though. There are TONS of brainwashed or uninformed idiots out there who think that , "Progressive is just code for communist." Which are you?

        • The New Dealer

          You are not only stupid, but historically misinformed. The stock market crashed in 1929, FDR took office in March of 1933. The economic meltdown was halted by the100 Day legislation and the economy reversed by July of 1933. The hole was deep, the climb was steep and it took years to really recover. In 2008 we had the most severe meltdown since the 1929 Crash and the climb out will be long and hard.

        • jaymarie

          Guess what jackazz, I know I misstated who was the president. I corrected it hours prior to your snarky point. Hoover was such a failure I blocked him out. However, the recession was caused by a tariff passed and signed by Hoover in '30 and became a depression. It became a great depression, jerk, by the failed policies of both Hoover, FDR and then crop failure/drought. Any of this sound like we are repeating a pathetic period of our history?
          To bad you couldn't have scanned down just a couple entries below this prior to opening your dumb trap!

      • The New Dealer

        The Democrats took over Congress in January of 2007. get your facts straight. They won Congress because of the Bush disastrous 6 years, not long after their election we went into Recession, had the Market Meltdown and the Crash. Understand what the timeline was.

        • steven60

          At the end of 2006, the Growth rate was 3.4%, the price of gas was $2.39/gal, unemployment was 4.3%, deficit spending was 2.7%, at the end of 2007 after the Dems took over, the growth rate droped to 2.4%, gas was, $2.79/gal, unemployment had risen to over 5.3%, and deficit spending was climbing to 5% ( it hit 6%, by 2008). barney Franks ignored all of the red flags about the housing bubble for 2 years. Pelosi/Reid were in charge of the government, they approved of all spending.

        • jaymarie

          Excellent points, spot on! How soon people forget the truth.

    • Gary K

      Yes, this is part of the Republicans problem. As soon as a member (and in this case one of their best members) makes an honest mistake (not even sure it was a mistake) they turn on him/her like a pack of wolves. The Democrats on the other hand will back their members to the hilt even if they are wrong and lying through their teeth.

      • mishkacoats

        Gar K - True statement, but here is the "real Republican/Conservative" truth: We have principles and values we chose to follow. We do NOT and should not support any politician who promotes or takes action in contrast to our core beliefs. (For that is the how the DemocRats act)

        • http://twitter.com/SnakeArbusto Snake Arbusto

          To paraphrase Conservative French presidential candidate Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, debating with Socialist candidate François Mitterand in 1974, "You've got no monopoly on principles and values."

        • Gary K

          Agreed, as long as the core beliefs are in line with moral law. The Republican platform while much closer to moral law then the Democrats, it still has a way to go. Although Rep Akin chose a poor time to talk and did it ineffectively, I believe that he is a moral person and attempts to do the right thing, which is more them I can say about many of the Republican leaders that want to throw him under the bus.

      • Annie

        My words, exactly!

    • mr mike reality

      unfortunately the future of our nation depends on him doing the right thing. the democrat party of treason will run with this and there is no way he can now win the election. if you want the country destroyed by obama keep thinking your way. the nation is more important than one mans ego.

      • mr mike reality

        by the way, on casting the first stone, He also said he who has much, much more will be required. slightly paraphrased.

        • EstebanCafe

          Yes, I noticed that your republicans write personal cheques to charities as opposed to your liberals who vote to send 'other people's money.'
          One is 'giving' the other is taking. Yet both feel righteous for "giving"? LOL

      • Watchmanonwall

        the news cycle is so short, it is already old news. november is a long ways off politically speaking. claire mc cats kill (value meal) will be seen as piling on if she brings it up.

    • John Brashear

      actually he didnt misspeak, there are cases of "illegitimate Rape...in cases of sexual remorse, a person changing their mind, later filing charges, and his biggest issue is the liberals have convinced many this is their winning issue, because rinos seem to be controlling the GOP, and diluting our cause to STOP the Murdering of Innocents, Akin is a minority now in the party, and it's because we voters have failed to keep watch on who is governing us...

    • Kenneth M. Fisher

      Please explain how stating a medical fact held by many a Gynecologist, including if I remember correctly, my late friend, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, and stating the truth that the rapist should be punished and not the unborn baby (they kill them, that is real punishment) is a actually and factually a misspoken statement. Perhaps he could have prhased it better, but it was the truth!
      Has anyone else noticed how when liberals can't logically state their position, they engage in profanities, and lies?
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
      Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

      • Annie


      • The Advocates

        Have your wife, daughter or sister carry the baby of some rapist! You are an unfeeling clod. What in the h-ll do you and your Bible-Thumping, anti-women clown friends know? By the way your time is passing! Get used to it. You rail against the Muslim abuse of women and you are just a modern Western version of the same tripe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Ally/100000172241964 Susan Ally

      Akin's real problem is that he committed the crime of expressing-what both the left party and the right party dictated as- inappropriate thought.
      Good going GOP and Rush and Levin and all the other policers of thought for you have grotesquely become the political opponent you were suppose to stand against.
      Your End justifies your Means-you are willing to criminalize thought in order to acquire victory.
      You will win your next election and you will have your Jobs and your wallets will be fatted and you will have achieved all of this by joining the Left in defeating America.

      • Jamieos

        I think you have a lot of right on your side. I am so sick of hearing the conservatives whine about this that I have turned off the radio. And I have one thing to say: Missourians are stubborn as mules (my lot came from just across the river in Illinois so I know) and if Akin were to be hounded out for his misuse of ONE WORD, a lot of the conservatives will stay home on Election Day. I know, it a "cut off your nose to spite your face" situation, but Missourians are tough and stubborn, and they don't suffer fools gladly. The stupid Republicans have made a mountain out of a molehill! And one more thing: if you read about what the Left has planned for demonstrations/destruction at the convention in Tampa, I predict any little tongue slip will be forgotten next week! And maybe a hurricane will slam in and wet the Lefties AND the Righties. God speaking, doncha know!

    • The Advocates

      He didn't misspeak, he believes that tripe. He apologized for being outed as a dope and a moron.

    • steven60

      What about the Democrats in Minn. They are pressuring a Congressman, to withdraw from his race, merely because he was caught having ORAL SEX with a 17 year old in a Rest stop.

    • D Paul

      The "shrew" in the race outfoxed "Hot Toddie". Mass numbers of Demos crossed over to vote Republican. In 2006 in the primary, "Poor Claire" received 350K votes. In 2012 and unopposed, she got 290K. The total Republican vote in 2006 was 325K while in 2012, it was 603K (source: Mo Secr of State). Akin believes that he has a mandate with a 37K vote advantage (36%-30%-29%).D Paul His ego has just been pumped sky high by a devious pro abortion charlatan. He has no mandate. He has just been manipulated by a master.

  • padeeya

    I guess you can call him the Steve Bartman of the Republican Party!

  • geneww1938

    Rep Atkins will win if the RHINOs would stop fighting a conservative. He should be supported because that is who the won the nomination. Now the losers of that run-off are playing the 'spoiler'.
    I pray the Christians and Conservatives will double down and push for a landslide win.

    • Walker

      The person who won the nomination, Akins, should be on the ticket, period!! Not someone the RNC picks. We've had too much of that.
      Go Akins.!

      • rhoda

        I agree. What Akins said is not that big of a discussion. Let's get on to the real issues at hand. let the people vote. I hope Akins wins. The democrats say crazier things and nothing is said. The media makes me sick!

    • jn

      Time for a RINO hunt? Willard should yield the nomination (which he does not yet have) to Ron Paul...and FAST!

      • geneww1938

        I could agree with Ron Paul if it is without a big fight

  • CAM

    The people in Missouri will rally behind him ... especially since the Republican elite have denounced him. Most Missourians are sick of the congress we have and Todd is a solid canidate. Everybody messes up, lord knows .. but Todd will win. Stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution here guys.

    • mr mike reality

      I hope you're right but in Missouri the party of treason still has the majority and that doesn't help him at all.


    JKGOULD • a few seconds ago −+Flag as inappropriateI do not agree with what he said but Democrats in Missouri have a GIGANTIC UGLY RAPE PROBLEM of their own.......my ex-husband the neo -nazi beat me and raped me for about two years he also sexually molested my son Democrats in Missouri have known about this including those who were supposed to do their jobs (but did not).....but he got a free pass at being a rapist and a child molester because of the Democrats....see he is a union member so he got ALL KINDS of little political favoritism and he has hurt yet another child. Before Democrats go getting all self rightous and wagging their fingers at others they need to answer for their GIGANTIC UGLY RAPE SECRET theirselves. Chris Costner the Democrat Attorney General was who the FBI referred me to..when I first went to them because Democrats would not do their job- the women in his office LAUGHED at me...I am trying to explain the bizarre sexual things myself and my son experienced they laughed at me they think being beaten and raped and having your child molested is hilariousespecially if you are a conserative (They are Public Employee Union Members)they refused to help me and they said bad things about the FBI. So the Democrats in Missouri do not have any room to criticize anyone. Oh and after I fled to Texas my home state, I called Claire McCaskill's office at the time she was supposed to be cracking down on State Family Services workers not doing their job ....this is because children were dying in the hands of people the State placed them with.....and NOTHING the guy did not want to talk to me.....Democrats are full of EMPTY words and NO Action!!!!!!!!!

  • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

    Akin stayed in the race, so now we have to decide
    how to approach winning that seat in MO. The more I think about it, the
    more I’m starting to get a feeling that Akin is not completely out of
    it. He’d have to run smart, but it’s not an impossible hill to climb.

    My strategy for him would consist of two parts.

    First, make a second commercial about the gaff. The first was an okay
    start, but I think he needs to make a stronger point. Specifically “My
    words sucked, but here’s the issue – why are babies conceived in the
    tragedy of rape any less deserving of life than other children? What
    about those people out there who were conceived in rape? Are they less
    of a person because of it? Yes, it takes a woman of incredible strength
    to take the life inside her to term. But does that innocent child lack a
    right to life?”

    Part two: Get off the subject, run on the economy, and only answer
    direct questions about the statement, and only with the statement I
    suggest above.

    • scott

      Yeah,just keep repeating how McCaskill charged the govt. for her plane expenses when it wasnt on official business.

      • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

        Or pick some bigger, broader issues, like needing the Senate seat to help ensure overturning ObamaCare, or cutting into the debt and deficit, or to support reform for Medicare before it goes bankrupt in several years, or any number of other issues that impact our lives. No need to pick a narrow issue.

    • The New Dealer

      Latest polling McCaskill 48- Akin 37. a 22 point turn around- we love him in this race. He's the lunatic-fringe, poster child for anti-science!.

      • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

        See, you almost made cogent point there, but had to throw in an insult. I think Obama's nastiness is contagious to his followers.

  • Rex

    Well beening from Mo let me say we dont like Out sider twlling us what to do and who to vote for. Did he step on his Tie, yes, and not one of us here that hasnt. Most dont say they are sorry but Todd did. The true story here is that he was talking about the Killing of a UNBORN Baby, wich has got lost thru all the the BS beening shoveled . I was on Steelmans camp she lost i got over it and now iam supporting and will contue to support Todd Akin it not about him its about MO and what outsider are trying to do now

  • PerfectHold

    To say you don't want to talk about that 1% implies maybe those things in the womb aren't always babies. Like saying all races and nationalities (okay except for the 1% that are Jews) have a right to life.

    • georgetheclown

      You would like to kill all Jews??? Your not only a RIGHT WING WACKO TERRORIST but a RACTIST Too!!!

  • Marte

    Republicans should quit screaming and stirring the pot as Kimbo said. Stand up, say "That's one man's opinion," and don't allow it to drag down the entire party.

    This whole hoopla is as stupid as saying "All men believe..." or "All women believe..." or that everyone in any age group, financial category, race, city, occupation, etc. believes the same thing.

    It's simply stupid. WE have far more important issues to discuss - such as saving America from a slow death.

  • JDH

    Guess what? He's still leading in some polls. Secondly, his statements were not completely scientifically incorrect. Thirdly, when did political incorrectness become a federal offense? Maybe it is time for us to tell those who get all upset about this type of misstatement to shut up and get a life. I don't live in Missouri and I cant vote way or another in this race,but Akin still seem bter than the female dog he is running against

    • georgetheclown

      Is that why you Republicans always get caught having sex with men.?? You think all women are dogs and want to control them.

      • mr mike reality

        the last one I saw was a democrat and a 17 year old boy. explain that!

    • mr mike reality

      sadly the polls are a lie and have been planted by polling inaccuracies in whom they called.

    • Jesussaid Love

      So explain which part of a woman's anatomy secretes something because of a rape that prevents pregnancy? It sure wasn't in my biology classes, maybe in your "Christian Bible Biology" class, but I skipped that.

      • Jamieos

        It's about ovulation - the shock may prevent what would be a normal on-time ovulation, so pregnancy would not occur. Makes sense to me.

  • dskancer

    I am a woman - have had 4 children and no abortions. While I do not advocate abortions - I do NOT believe that any politician has the supreme right to govern a woman's body. If they want to make decisions on rape - then I would suggest the 1st time a man rapes a woman - he be castrated. When men find out that it can and will happen - they will stop taking advantage of women's bodies. As for deciding the healthcare, contraception for only women - It is the woman's choice and not the politician. There is not any reason for politicians to be concerned about a woman's body - the entire country's women - are not their concern. If a woman doesn't want to bear a child - no matter the reason - it is between the woman and her doctor - NOT a politician. This subject should not even be a part of the presidential race. The supposed president is an admitted bi-sexual and an illegal. He has no right to even be in the office, based on his absent records alone. He has sold us out to China - and wants to control...control...control. If Americans are that naive - then they deserve to be punished by BO - the rest need to shove his illegal butt out of office and into prison to away treason charges.

    • jn

      It's NOT her body, if we are talking the baby in the womb!

    • georgetheclown


  • cantonst

    It's been 72 hours, what do current Missouri polls say? If Obama wins, if the Senate stays Democrat, if the House becomes Democrat, it's what we will deserve. Most voters will have wanted to be socialist/communist. I guess this is what "the greatest generation" and Doctor Spock left us with...

  • 12 gauge

    you forgot to mention the fifth effect: the assination of b.o.

  • DixieAngel_76

    I think everyone is over-reacting about this. O k, so the guy is ignorant about biology. He's not running for President. Most of us women do not hang our choice for President to one issue. Many of us are past childbearing age, and even if we weren't we realize that in the real world, abortion's not going to go away anytime soon, so even if the guy is clueless about biology, he's not going to be deciding the issue all by himself. Everyone needs to just stop hyperventilating.

    • mr mike reality

      have you seen the latest ad's from the party of treason about him? it is much bigger than you think.

      • http://twitter.com/SnakeArbusto Snake Arbusto

        Treason is intelligence with a foreign power against the interests of your own nation in order to win a presidential election (Reagan). Treason is invading a sovereign nation that has committed no act of war against you under false pretenses (Bush).

        • jaymarie

          There were no false pretenses, just inaccurate information. Your definition of treason is sorely lacking. It also means: betrayal; treachery; breach of allegiance; etc... It also means: a breach of faith; fraud. I do believe the fully definition fits mr mike reality post to a "T".

    • Jamieos

      Clueless about Biology? Ignorant? Here is what I found back a number of posts: "Please explain how stating a medical fact held by many a Gynecologist,
      including if I remember correctly, my late friend, Dr. Bernard
      Nathanson, and stating the truth that the rapist should be punished and
      not the unborn baby (they kill them, that is real punishment) is a
      actually and factually a misspoken statement. Perhaps he could have
      phrased it better, but it was the truth!"

      I have heard this about rape many times in my life (81 years) and if it is not true I will consider this wrong information, but I would never abandon a good candidate because of one word. That's really sick!

      And I also must say that as vile as rape is, there are cases where the so-called rape was consensual intercourse, but the female decided to punish the male for some reason by reporting it as rape. I would say this was a War Against Men. There have also been cases where a female flat out lies about something that never happened, like the Tawana Brawley case which was milked for all it was worth by the rotten Al Sharpton.

      Lord knows there is enough evil stuff going on at all levels in our country, but trying to destroy a man for one word is abominable.

  • dbassd

    Akin can win, look whom he is running against, a regular full time abortion practitioner. . .

  • John Eidsmoe

    Mr. Cronn, This is pure nonsense and you know it. I have known Congressman Akin and his family for years. He is a decent man and would never condone rape.
    What happened is obvious to anyone who is not trying to distort the Congressman's meaning. When he used the term "legitimate" rape, he meant actual forcible rape, in contrast to statutory rape or instances in which the woman's consent is at issue. His choice of words (actually, choice of word) was unfortunate, but his meaning is clear.
    As to whether psychological or biological factors do in fact reduce the likelihood of pregnancy in rape cases, I don't know the answer to that. But before we dismiss the Congressman's statement as ignorant nonsense, consider what Physicians for Life has to say at http://www.physiciansforlife.org/content/view/492/26/.
    Mr. Cronn, if Physicians for Life is wrong on this point, please present the evidence that refutes them. Your sarcastic comments are a disgrace to the pro-life movement as well as a discredit to an honorable man.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Somebody will you please confirm--there is 1(one) pregnancy in 5000 rapes because of metabolic affect on the person who was raped. Akin did not fully understand how to answer the question is all. Is there a Doctor who will stand up and defend Akin. This is ridiculous. Please talk to and ob-gyn and confirm this please.

  • gapch12

    I don't like the fact that GOP talking heads think they know more than the average Missioui voter. It is the fault of these so-called talking heads why the Republicans don't have a stronger candicate running for president now. As far as Akin goes, he can believe what he wishes. Let it go folks. Get on to the real problems facing America.

  • Gordon

    Strip Akin of all support, run an independent candidate against McCaskill and at the same time, strengthen Tea Party goals for the future. A win for the "indie" would be a much bigger humiliation for Akin than his bowing out now,WHICH HE SHOULD DO!!!

  • Kleine

    Which is a dumber remark?

    "Rape does not cause conception"


    "We have to spend more money so that we don't become bankrupt".

    One of these guys will probably lose the election to the Senate. The other is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Which one of these two said something stupid AND matters more?

  • blancojoe

    Akin stayed despite threats to cut off funding by the party bigwigs. Now what? Do they really abandon him and LET the Dems win for sure? I say they now get behind him and try everything to win the seat in the Senate. There is a Dem who just had sex with another male who was a 17 year old boy, at a rest stop. The Dem trolled for sex on Craigslist. He is also running for a position in the House. Where is the outrage about him??? Again .. Akin has opted to stay and run ... now help him win the election ... all of you!

  • P. Griffith

    it's funny... when i get stuck with Dole or McCain or Romney, i'm told to keep a good attitude, don't be negative and vote for them because it'd will hurt things for me not to go along to get along... and yet here when the Republican Establishment don't like a guy cause he's like me... they are willing to join the Liberals to destroy him... I guess that logic only works when it's their guy getting my vote...

  • Proudamerican

    Akin's problem is simply that he is a conservative and he said something stupid. What about joe dumbiden? He says stupid schitt all the time? If a dem had said this, they would be defending him all the way calling racism, or whatever they could come up with at the time. Remember America- there is a double standard only because WE allow it!

    • jn

      yup and RINOS are too stupid to see tar baby zer0 laughing in the bushes...

    • mr mike reality

      the double standard is something we have to deal with in this election or we will lose this race. it is not going to change.

  • James DeHart

    This man should be wrapped in newspaper and thrown out with last week's fish. We have enough stupid people in Washington, DC; time to start cleaning house, and ridding ourselves of these full time politicians.

  • Gordon

    Akin is not to be faulted for being pro-life, but for being unable to maneuver politically in the big leagues. Better this revelation came now than later. He is in over his head, like a contestant in a singing competition who cannot stay on pitch!
    ***If the problem would be loss of income, there are wealthy conservatives who would gladly help Mr. Akin for the next few years to get him off the political stage right now.

  • AuntDebbie

    Does he think islands can capsize? Does he think animal-husbandry is some sort of kinky sex? Why should he quit?

  • NittyGritty

    Hey Cronn, get off this. No matter how many ways you keep harping on this, most folks don't stand with you. You've seen it over and over that if most of us had the op to vote for the guy, we would. He is the ONLY candidate right now that seems to have a backbone. Where is yours?
    Get off it.

  • Remember in Novemenber

    With the limited short term memory our voters have....this won't amount to a hill of beans by the time Nov. 6th comes along. It will be whatever is the phony news event du jour at that time that catches the eye of the voters...and that will be how they pull (or don't) the lever.


    Does he think islands can capsize? Does he think animal-husbandry is something kinky? Why should HE quit?

  • rcaamo

    I don't know where he got the termonolgy he used to describe is idea. "Legitimate" was a shock and a mistake. It seems he has chosen to fight on. Well, seemingly, he can. Time will tell what the people of his state choose. If they forgive his blunder of explanation and out of this world understanding, then that is their choice. I would urge the GOP to watch the people and then make their choice to support or not.

  • tncdel

    Why are Republicans so SLOOOOOOW on the up-take?

    Before the Akin thing got anywhere, they should have been pouncing on Obama advocating killing NEWBORN babies! See:


    And instead of feeding into that nonsense about Romney hiding his tax returns, they should have been all over Obama about his fake birth certificate, his social security number from a Connecticut man born in 1890 who died in Hawaii when Obama was 15, his selective service number, his father not being a U.S. citizen, plus all his school records and other records he sealed.

    Additionally, why isn't Romney denouncing Obama for giving illegal aliens over a million work permits, despite over 23 million of our own citizens out-of-work. Plus unconstitutionally giving illegals amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee!

    There's all that, plus a lot more, and his deplorable record. It's a virtual smorgasbord of material to indict Obama. WHY AREN'T THEY USING IT?

    • jn

      They aren't because they are full of RHINOS withe Willard as their chief. Move over Willard and let the real statesman Ron Paul whip up on MaObummer!

    • sunnyblues

      I completely agree. The rules for radicals is to destroy their enemies by demonizing and discrediting them on a personal level. The politics of personal destruction is an inevitable weapon of choice for radicals. It would behoove conservatives to turn the tables and at the very least use the material out there to focus on obama's lies and coverups and sealed records and stay on it relentlessly. You ask, "why aren't they using it?" Conservatives embrace the system they believe in and its rules of fairness and decency but they had better fight fire with fire if they want to save what is left of America. This is war.

  • Ilene

    does anyone think that Aiken was paid to say this? Some woman called up radio in Boston and said that in the 1970's the femminists used the same terms about rape. Open your eyes libs. Barry, as Senator in Illinois was for late term abortions and if a baby didn't die, he wanted doctors to come in and finish the job. Oh, and Barry said he never wanted his daughters to be inconvienced by a pregnancy.

  • Kathy

    You know... If bloggers like you and Coulter would lay off of Akin and suck it up and get behind the man, he could still win. Yeah Akin said something dumb and proved he's not in this to become an OB/GYN. I didn't vote for him in the primaries, but he's what we got... so if you want to beat McCaskill, get behind him. If he loses because all the republicans were out there shouting in their self-righteous pompous fury - because we all know THEY'VE never said anything stupid - then it is the Republican party's fault more than it's Akin's. He's apologized. He is contrite. You all claim to be the party of Christianity - where's the forgiveness. Lay off already. Quit judging him based on one standard and yourself by your own intentions.

  • Esther Mae Egan

    The baby should never be punished because of some adults sin. I read about a woman who was raped and her son went on to be a wonderful man of God. The Bible says that children are a gift of God, and to me that means no matter how they are conceived they are a gift. I was raped 30+ years ago and I ended up with a baby. I could not kill my baby no matter what that person did to me. God in His mercy took that child, and there was always a place in my heart that finally got filled about 15 years ago when I named that child. I will get to see him in heaven. I did not know what sex the baby was so prayed and asked. Then I named it. I believe so often a woman cries rape just because she does not want to face the fact she might have had something to do with that child coming into the world. Actually, it took me forgiving that man and naming that child to have freedom to love. I may upset many here but I agree with this man Akin and his statement and I am a woman. I guess you could tell since a man would not have a child. I do not feel Akin should step down as I feel many Republicans are the same as Democrats and should step down. It is time for men and women of character and righteousness stand and for us to vote them in. I am tired of voting for evil just because they belong to the establishment.

  • Fred Campbell

    Akin misspoke regarding his position as to the sanctity of life. He
    flunked Politics 101 which says never frame your position in such a way
    that it can be spun against you by your opponents.
    But, Akin's
    ethics represent the very best of American conservatism. This explains
    the "piling on" by the MSM and the Republican establishment. Akin is a
    man they do not want in the Senate for ideological reasons, i.e., as a
    man of strong moral and ethical beliefs he is an anathema.
    The "rush
    to judgment" tells it all, here was an opportunity to get rid of a
    principled conservative (read "Tea Party type) and replace him with
    another, more establishment compliant, Republican.
    Shame on Romney and the rest of the Republican hierarchy.
    suggest that Akin is highly electable, once he finishes his "mea
    culpas" and moves along with a full exposition of his beliefs and
    values, which will resonate well with Missouri voters.
    Now, if only his fellow Republicans will shut up and get on with their own campaigns......... .

  • reggiec

    I heard on the news last night that the Mo. GOP is clamoring for him to quit so they can appoint a moderate to run in his place. I am sure the RNC would go along with that idea. Was his statement clumsy and insensitive? Yes and he appologized for that. The sad part is that every attempt he has made to put his comments in context with his beliefs have been completely ignored. It may be that the establishment GOP sees an opportunity to throw Aken under the bus and replace him with another RINO more to their liking.

  • jn

    Willard, Brown, et al. All RINOs need to resign and leave Akin alone. It's time for a RINO hunt, period. Move over Willard and give Ron Paul the nomination, we simply can't beat zer0 with Flip-Flop RINOs that thrown "their own" under the Bus. At least Dems circle the buses.

  • toddschul

    Cronn, if you "knew" who was and was not going to win elections, you could stop writing below average articles and make a killing on inTrade.com.

  • giley1

    Rep. Akin needs to find another line of work. He did a major, "Biden style" gaff and being a Republican it is a sin but if it was a Democrat it was just a "Biden gaffe"

  • BKG

    His real problem is that he is stupid....

  • Poly Ester

    His real problem? The comb-over.

  • SSMcDonald

    Brain dead, career media hacks have no integrity. An apology, a misstatement is just that...except to the vicious unaccountable 5th columnists that permeate the media these days.

  • Scott

    As a Tea Party member, I have not heard one official come out to defend Akin.I cant believe we are this worked up over an abortion comment.This man won his primary and deserves to represent the GOP against McCaskill and should be supported with zeal.The comments I heard from the likes of Levin and Hannity turn my stomach and makes me wonder just who IS on our side.To say Akin could cost Romney, Missouri, is very presumptive and lacks any validity. For once, I wish our " so-called spokespersons " would use their ardor against the democrats.We conservatives need to practice what we preach and that is to respect states rights and let the people of Missouri decide who their next senator will be.

    • jn

      And coward nondefenders should be considered RINOs or RINOID and should be "aborted" from the party...

      • scott

        The RINOS have had their say, now its time to Rally-round-the-flag

  • bmoore

    Todd Akin has not killed his campaign and if it does die it will be because all his fellow soldiers decided to shoot him. Todd has been a faithful conservative for a number of years. He is a true conservative unlike your presidential candidate. I fault the educational system for producing a generation that is only one sound bite deep. The man was trying to make a point about not killing the baby, did you catch that?
    I suggest you view the following for more level headed thinking:
    Akin is an outspoken opponent of abortion in all cases, including health reasons or in cases of rape or incest. He opposes embryonic stem cell research, is a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, and is generally opposed to increases in taxation and spending. As a U.S. Representative, he has continued to support these views, earning a 96% rating from the American Conservative Union in 2008, and 100% in 2007.[16] Akin has an A rating from the National Rifle Association.[17]
    Everyone is being whipped into a frenzy by the media which plays into the hands of liberals.

    • Esther Mae Egan

      Amen, it is the Rino's killing the Republican party. I will vote for neither Romney or Obama. One is for homosexuals and the other against blacks and wants multiple wives. As a Christian I can not align myself with either party at this time. Vote Goode.

  • drmdellis

    Tihs one statement in no way disqualifies Mr. Akin in light of scores of blunders in the speechs of Obama and Biben. I may not agree with the words he chose but I do not agree with many tihngs but do not disqualify a person because we don't agree. I think Republicans on this issue are cowards. They are so afraid of offending the Left that they are willing to through their own under the bus to prevent offending some leftist. Akins is a good man. It is so stupid that this whole issue is taking over the media without a word on all the good he stands for. You will see soon on certain truthful media that studies in the 70's do give evidence that in some cases tramma in rape will prevent preganecy but certainly not all or even most which is what Akins said if you listen. Tramma in many marriages cause infertility in couples. The media has oversimplified his statement and misquoted most of it.

  • Phyllis

    Although I completely agree that Akin made an idiotic and poorly informed comment, I cannot believe the instantaneous dumping of him that took place. It is as though they were looking for him to mess up so they could dump him. Previously, when a canditate has been
    involved in something truly scandalous, I have not seen this quick of a call to withdraw all funding of his campaign and set aside his election. I know that this is a very important election, and I count myself among the "anybody but McCaskill" voters, but I think there has definitely been a terrible rush to remove Akin from the ballot------even by his strongest supporters among the Missouri Republican hierarchy.`I think all of this has been rather hasty.

  • snidely1

    How sad a commentary on our electorate that people are running around now saying the election is in jeopardy because a Senate candidate made a hugely inappropriate statement on rape? Obama has been the worst President ever, and his agenda will destroy our very country, and yet people are willing to vote for this jerk Obama because of something some Senate candidate said? If you heard his full statement, you know Akin just didn't put it in the right words. Clearly "legitimate rape" seems an oxymoron, but what if it is your 16 year old daughter who had sex with your 16 year boy neighbor, and it was fully "consentual"? Well, that would be rape, ladies and gentlemen. Statutory rape, pure and simple. Cause for jail time in some jurisdictions. Is that "legitimate rape"? And we have all read of "date rape" that was anything but (" a woman scorned" comes to mind in some instances). All legitimate? So this man's career, his service to his State, his future, it is all tied to a single sentence in an interview? How shallow are we?

  • Rush to Judgement

    I'd really like to see Akin win this election and make all the pundits and scared Republicans look like the cowards they are. The American people hopefully will not be so shy and will see the feminist lynch mob and speak their reasonable mind. If he's being abandoned for the greater good (getting rid of Obama) then so be it. But I like the fact that he's not going down without a fight and hope he's able cut some liberal ideology to ribbons on his way out.

  • afoolsday

    I believe this is an insult to the intelligience of woman, I believe women can read between the lines because if this is only issue that will hand a win to Obama, then I must say this country is really in sorry state of affairs. This is not a defining moment unless we make it one.

  • Lifesupport

    Godfather is a dope and the GOP "leadership" also. By denying funding support to Akin, they are apparently willing to hand over a Senate seat to McCaskill, one we need to win and can win if they are willing to fight for it. Anyone who argues that a baby resulting from rape needs to be killed has no claim to be Pro-Life. All Akin is saying is that murdering the baby is wrong and that penalizing the rapist is what we should do. Akin is a far better poker player than the GOP "leaders". He's not folding. Will they?

  • ladykroft


    • jn

      quit shouting and look in the mirror

  • jn
  • sunnyblues

    I feel bad for the guy because if he had a "D" behind his name, this would not even have been reported or would have been explained away like the dems always do when one of theirs spew ignorant or stupid or false statements. I have more faith in the American people, though, who must choose between lying, fraudulent politicians or ones who at least have a plan. I feel this whole political war is going to end in a bloody revolution anyway. Maybe that is just what needs to happen so we can get on with our lives after the dust settles.

  • ltbl123

    I guess its time to find out, Can the nation only bear stupidity and sterotyping at the hands of Democrats like Joe Biden? Will women who are apparently the ones most agreived by the stupid insensitive remarks of this Senator set aside the wholesale plan of destruction charted by our current President for our nation. A plan that includes destroying our military capabilities. Attacking our religious freedoms, and undermining traditional marriage. Spending trillions of dollars and establishing a new unaffordable health care program without any substantial improvement in the economy? Unfortunately these women like all the rest of us will have to choose between the lesser of two evils. If not, I guess we as a nation will have to go through the entire process of tyranny become slaves then finally when everyone "gets it" start all over to secure the freedoms we lost, fighting one bloody battle after another to get back what we lost through true stupidity.

  • jimmy john

    I'd still vote for akin sure what he said was out of line, But he beets the hell out of McCaskill she really needs to go, and no one says a thing when Biden come out with both feet in his mouth ranting and raving about put you all back in chains, now that was stupid
    and Obama probable put him up to it

  • Tom K.

    I am a registered Republican and have NOT been real happy with our party's "Leadership" for quite some time. Todd Akin was selected by Missouri voters to be THE Republican challenger for their U.S. Senate seat. How about showing some solidarity within the party and backing up the choice of the people. Akin has the right to free speach and he exercised that right. The leftwing knucklehead media jumped on ONE WORD of his comments ! This is the same Obama loving media that did not vet the ineligible man who is in our White House and NO Thinking person pays attention to them - they have long ago lost ANY credibility. These media knuckleheads actually " HOPE " that Obama will win a second term and finish his Destruction of America Program. Republicans, from top to bottom must finally stick together for a " CHANGE " !

  • Pam

    There is actually some science to back up a hypothesis that extreme stress can reduce the risk of pregnancy. There were studies done on the relationship of stress and infertility and the role of stress induced hormones. Hormones such as adrenaline released during stressful situations affect the action of other hormones and every system in the body. These studies found that women who claim to be experiencing increased stress released fewer eggs and it was suggested in at least one study that the metabolic changes resulting from the effects of these hormones MAY prevent the implantation of the fertilized ovum. Does it occur in every case? No, but is it POSSIBLE ? Yes.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Akin did not explain his position very well. And I personally, as a woman was not offended by his choice of the word legitimate. There are cases every year of women who claim to have been raped which are proved false. Don't we all remember the stripper who claimed she was raped by several Duke lacrosse players or the young woman that Al Sharpton almost caused a race war over her claims she was ganged raped by several white men?

    • Libertarian58

      Finally, a sensible reply, right on!

  • The Bucko

    I think the actions of everyone of the Republican establishment should have been to basically ignore his remarks, have him apologize (which I understand he has done), and move on. When Biden makes a huge gaffe, what do the Dems do? But the Repulicians have caused a big uproar over this, and the party asking him to step down over one (big) gaffe is plain stupid. He was leading the race, and after all this as Tad stated, he is not just going to lose but is pulling down the entire party.

  • Janey

    Why don't y guys have a big old eat chicken day for Todd. Yes we are laughing everyday. Especially since Todd and Paul believe in the same thing...just switch forcible for legitimate. We all know good girls don't get rape. And we know that male politicians need to tell us weaker sex what to do with our bodies. I mean look at Sandra Fluke who just had to keep cramming down those birth control pills to keep up with all the sex she was having. Think y males of the conservative species need to go back to Biology 101. So thank you less than intelligence old politicians. Yes. Get ready for the FEMA interment camps and all your great guns long gone. HA HA HA. GO BARRY

    • sunnyblues

      Bring it on, sister, bring it on.

  • Marti

    Stop the political cannibalism.

  • Supertad108

    He that is without Sin cast the first stone.

    It makes us feel good to be able to redirect our misgivings onto others.

    And, what happen to faith and miracles? My God IS big enough.. Greater is He...

    Biology and Science can't hold a candle to the fact that God promised that there is no situation or circumstance new under the Sun that He would not step in if needed. BTW, He created biology.

    I trust God in the situations of rape and/or incest NOT man's solution. Murder!

  • gbandy

    We all must realize there is no fairness in the media today. Biden can make gaffe after gaffe and get a pass. All Dems get the same free pass! Like Rangel and his tax evasion fiasco. Now Akin stuck is foot in his mouth to the knee now he must think what is best for the Nation and not his own professional polician self. He represents the type of self serviing politician we all do not like and he must quit.

  • Victorianlane

    The Republicans have thrown this conservative under the bus and you are helping by writing this article. Why don't you all just keep your mouths shut? If you would do this the whole thing would have blown over by now. The lies of what he was trying to say (which is backed medically...do your research) would be stilled. This makes me want to take YOU all off my e-mail list. YOUR judgement is the one lacking!!! No wonder we can't get good conservatives to run....we shoot our own!

  • 2bvictorius

    One would get the impression by the author of this article and by the "political know it alls" that Akins has committed a terrible sin and is the only politician, public figure or human being to have ever uttered something that offends some or even a lot of people. I think there is much ado about nothing here. If the people of Missouri (especially the women) are that naive , then it is no wonder how or why they keep electing people like Claire McCaskill to public office.
    It is astounding that so many people live only in the present moment and have no recall of the past. It was only a few short years ago that Bill Clinton was elected twice as president of the United States, even though there was very strong evidence that he had physically raped at least one woman and possibly several more. But, the vast majority of the news media jumped to his defence and shielded him as best they could to divert attention to something or someone else. And the press is doing the same thing now by using this and some to make people forget that they elected a ineligible candidate and then elected him president of the United States, where he has successfully enacted either by congressional inaction or by executive fiat, laws, regulations,and government programs that have all but destroyed the country. And that same president is unilaterally ordering the murder of civilians around the world.
    The biggest danger to the Romney /Ryan campaign and other republican candidates is not Akin's comment but the commentary coming from the republican party and their eagerness to throw a sacrificial offering into the fire and brimstone created by the leftist media, the Marxists Obama campaign, and the jack rabbit , yellow bellys in the republican party. They all make me sick to my stomach and sorry that I must participate in the slime pit called public politics.

  • A.

    The problem here seems to be that Democrats don't wion elections - Republicans lose them. Especially with guys like Akins making assinine remarks.The Missouri Repubs need to get this man off the ticket pronto!

  • jdbixii

    Nonsense! Take it with a grain of salt. If the seriousness of the crime of rape is justifying of the elimination of the consequence, liberals will add it to their ongoing collection of "choices." Look on the bright side....one of these days they will have wised up enough to stop studying law. What is the point?

  • Froggy

    Maybe he was paid of by the democrats to say that,maybe he is a democrat in disguise maybe all the republicans are too ,maybe thats why Oboma say's "Bring it on "Maybe Oboma will be the King of the "United States"oops! I meant 'Ununited states " because without a doubt this country is divided ,no maybes about .Ya gotta Oboma credit ,he is half way through his fundamental change that he promised ...

  • http://twitter.com/chipmurray Chip Murray

    So Godfather...Political Expediency at all costs? Never thought I would see that endorsed here of all places!

  • The Marine

    Ok, I agree Akin should drop out, but it just fries my grits, just what did Akin's words do?
    It's not like he condoned the murder of millions of pre born male & female babies.
    It's not like he ordered no life saving medical practice be made available to living breathing babies who have survived in spite of the murdeous abortion attempts.
    It's not like he murdered a pregnant intern by letting her drown in the Chappaquitic River.
    It's not like he raped numerous women while governor of Arkansas and president of the United States of America.
    It's not like he has ordered the U S Department of Justice to ignore and not prosecute the hate crime of the rapes of 30,000 European-American females by African-American males, while serving his first 4 years as president of the United States of America.
    Ok, I agree Akin should drop out, but it just fries my grits, but I repeat, just what did Akin's words do?

  • ferril

    only the media & gop could make the wrong move & castigate a good man. any medical person knows what he was trying to answer is accurate. his choice of words were confusing. he could have quoted the gop platform on the subject of abortion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.lunkwitz Wayne Lunkwitz

    OK so what he did was wrong....if the GOP were ready and really want to win this. Throw Akin to the wolves turn the page and move on....The GOP NEEDS this Presidential election. Focus on what Obama has already done to this country and don't hold back OR prepare for the worst...I say never give up and NEVER give in! Obama MUST NOT be allowed a second term!

  • peter Pirzadeh

    Akin must be suffering from hypo-intellectualism. The idiot can not see what damage he has caused from multitude of direction and does not have the courage to call it quits. As a republication I am ashamed to have someone like him be a member of my party, let alone vote for him. One would not be certain how the guy processes information and issues if he were to be elected. If what he said is any indication, he should disavow his allegiance to the republican party and basically get lost. Mr. Aiken quit now, if you have any conscious!

    • Jamieos

      Peter Pirzadeh - Very stupid commentary on every level. I stand with the Missourians who gave him the nomination. Time to move on to the many other crucial issues.

  • Libertarian58

    No, the real problem is that the majority of Americans can't see past the "PC" part of this and just get over it. . .

  • EstebanCafe

    Looks like you American Conservatives now have your own Mssr Biden, no?

  • MoGal

    Go Todd Akins! One mistake will not destroy you. I have listened to what was said and what I heard was don't kill the baby, it was not responsible for the mother's inability to not do what causes babies. Even if she was raped, she can put the baby up for adoption! There are many people looking to adopt babies!!!!! I'll vote for Todd :-)

  • Jesussaid Love

    I just want to know which organ in a woman's body "secrets" a substance to prevent pregnancy by rape. Why is this guy on the congressional science committee. He is supposed to be and engineer, does he have a degree? Did he ever take a basic biology course? Where does he get the balls to think he is qualified to make laws that the rest of us have to live by, when he doesn't even understand the basic laws of nature?

  • Kenneth M. Fisher

    As a former Republican Official, a Conservative, I must say the real problem is that the "Stupid" Party has once again proved it is so, and you so called commenters are also part of that problem!
    I have sat through many a conference where a highly qualified Gynecologist (I beleive that the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one ot them) said basically the same thing. The stress factor does limit the possibilities of pregnancy; further more, what Akins said about we should punish the rapist and not the child is right on!
    The Republican Establishment is afraid of their own shadow, and this further proves it.
    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  • The RIght1

    He mispoke. GIve him a break. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Certainly not the blithering idiot that wrote this article.

  • napensnake

    Even if he is elected, he has already demonstrated that he places himself above all else. He considers himself above the party, will he also consider himself above the Constitution?

  • LCMDiana

    How about we let the intelligent people of Missouri decide who speaks for them in Congress. Akin made a mistake--so what!! Faith and prayer people, will get us through until November 6th. Go Todd Akin--you have my prayers.

  • http://twitter.com/gmhunt4 Joseph Gary Hunt

    Tad Cronn you are a political hack. Akins real problem are people like you that do the liberal biding. The real reason the Republican elite are condemning him, is he is a Tea Party person, they want a "fall in line" go o'boy......if he losses the race, it will be because of people like you and the Party not supporting him. This same thing happened in Nevada, Alaska and Delaware in 2010. That is why we have Reid now.....

  • Korean Vet

    What about dumb ass Biden and Big O who traveled 57 states, I'm still looking for those missing states, and Biden they will put you in chains, where the hell is the no good liberal media to keep pushing on those dumb ass remarks.I would have loved to see Biden and Big O along side me while i was fighting in Korea, bet they would have turned and ran.

  • Terry

    No Akin's problem is that he told the truth. The Jews and liberals don't want to hear that. It is true, a woman can be legally raped. It happens all the time.

  • victorbarney

    Not for nothing, but the Democrats, marxist incognito, have a 70% plus voting pool edge over the Rhino's! Women are gatherer's by their own biology & I also believe that ever since Cain, black even is in their DNA! Just saying...

  • johnfromchicag

    I don't agree with you at all. Akin actually said what was true. First, statistics show that some (not all) women fake rape. Secondly, their body can be so traumatized that it does naturally abort. Thirdly, the "gynacologist experts" said that 1 in 20 rape victims become pregnant. That would certainly show that indeed the body has the ability to not get pregnant as he said. Just do the math concerning when a woman can get pregnant. He is right, but of course no one is really concerned with TRUTH!!! Rather with a bunch of political correctness garbage. When will Republicans actually stand their ground???? When was the last time you heard a DEMOCRAP actually apologize???? They don't, it's IN YOUR FACE garbage, makes me sick and should everyone else also.

  • Terry

    May I give you an example? When I was in the Air Force stationed in Virginia i worked with an airman who was going out with a very good looking girl. I commented to him about how good looking she was and where he met her. He told me that he met her about a week earlier and that he will be in bed inside of a month. I asked him, "how do you know." He told me that he planned it that way. I asked him, "You mean you're going out with her just to have sex with her? He said yes. I then asked him, "What are you going to do after you have sex with her?" He told me that he was just going to dump her and find another woman and do the same thing. About two weeks after I talked to him I received a phone call from this girl, she asked me if I knew where he was. I said No; and than I asked her if she had sex with him. She hesitated. I than told her to forget about him because all he wanted to do is to have sex with her and than he was going to dump her. He basically raped her, and did it legally by giving her all kinds of kindness, understanding, and so forth. He did this just to get in her pants, and than he was going to dump her. In which he did.

  • John

    Ok, here's what I want to say. If you don't live in Missouri, keep your nose out of it. Everybody says Akin should go. Bull Crap! Listen, McCaskille is a menace to the society and stinks in the nostrils of most Missourians. The last pole I saw was that Akin still leads her by 8 points, and that was after Sunday's stumble. So if you don't know Missouri, and you don't live here, stay out of it. Akin is staying in the race because he is a principled man who made one bad call on a bad day. McCaskille is a woman who gets up every morning making a bad call for Missouri and for America. What you don't know is that Jaco, the reporter, sat on it for 2 days before airing it. Although sitting is not really what he did I am sure. I bet the White House knew about this before it ever aired. Listen, McCaskille is bad news for Missouri and bad news for our country. She will be defeated and then all of the talking heads and Republican leaders are going to be thanking God he didn't get out of the race. This is Missouri man. The democrats elected a dead man for a Senator just about 10 years ago. Now, the bell-weather state has turned and they will elect Akin.

  • Terry

    May I give you an example? When I was in the Air Forced stationed in Virginia I worked with an airman that was gong out with a very good looking girl. I commented on her good looks and asked him where he met her. He told me that he met her about a week earlier and that he will be in bed with her inside of a week. I asked him, "How do you know?" He told me that that was the way he planned it. I asked him, " Than what are you going to do after you have sex with her?" He told me that he would just dump her and find another girl to go to bed with. I told him, "You must be kidding?" He said nope, that is the way I plan it. About two weeks later I received a phone call from her, and she asked me if I had seen him. I told her no, and than asked her if she had sex with him. There was hesitation on the phone. I told her to forget about him because he only wanted to have sex with her and than he was going to dump her. I also told her that he is probably with another woman right now. Here is someone that I worked with that in all practical purposes raped a woman. Subtly of course, but he just wanted to have sex with her with no intention of a commitment. This in essence is legal rape. He romanced her, showered her with kindness only to get into her pants and dump her.

  • Daniel from TN

    Congratulations to Godfather Politics. Your ridiculous comments about Akin's foot-in-mouth moment now makes you an official part of the mainstream media. How does it feel to betray all you stand for?
    America or obama in November! You can't have both!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    I totally agree! Akin must go.

  • Sam

    Tad, you are off and so is the Republican party. What Akin said was correct. No matter how life is conceived it is worth saving. The Creator can take a tragedy and turn it into triumph. Children who are here by rape are not mistakes and they need to know that. The problem is we cannot dictate a person's conscience we can only give them the truth and point them in the right direction. However, should we not uphold the right to life for the unborn child, no matter how it comes into this world. If we keep killing our children then our enemies will increase and we will decrease. This is an opportunity to proclaim life for the unborn. They don't have to keep them, there are multitudes of loving people who want children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    Its unbelievable that not many people are going back and looking up the totality of what this man said. They willingly go along with a crucifiction that is actually a linch mob. They totally took the mans words out of context just like they did constantly to Ron Paul. Party systems have become so corrupt.

  • golfcrackerjack

    Akin should have done what you suggest. First he shouldn't have made such inflammatory comments he made even if accurate (they were irrelevant but not entirely inaccurate physiologically, esp. in-context) and second, once made, he should have quit the race. The fact that Biden gets away with consistently more inane nonsense is a fair observations, but irrelevant as well -- 'cause the mainstream media loves Obama and the left.

  • metoo

    He was insensitive and should do all a favor and back down, instead of being egotistical.

  • ste1021

    Akin made some of the stupidest statements I've ever heard. Yes, Republicans are held to a high standard. We must see that as a complement. Akin cannot win. He should have resigned yesterday.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    So...when the election comes and Akin's name and McCaskill's name is on the ballot...then what? What will people do? Vote for McCaskill because Aikin said something in error? That would be shooting us all in the foot. What else do you propose we do? Liberals defend their idiots to the death when they say something stupid. Aikin apologized for his error, we have to get past this. No point forming a circular firing squad, that's what the liberals want us to do.

  • drdbiggs

    Remove all Republican financial support and run an independent candidate. Sen Joe Lieberman won as independent but caucuses with democRATS so it should not be hard to run the woman that Sarah Palin supported (she was right) and win.

  • Irene

    Having been in the medical field for 50 yrs, in public health, family planning, I can tell you that what Mr. Akin said is truth. Pregnancy after rape is rare and our bodies do have some protective physiology that helps in preventing a pregnancy. Also--- in our culture a 14 yr old girl having sex w/her 19 yr old boyfriend is legally "rape", though usually not in reality. I agree he could have handled the question much better & his answer w/"legitimate" was misunderstood, as it would be for folks uneducated in the subject. I do not know Mr. Akin & don't know if he should step down. He is the best candidate to beat his opponent. I agree our party is known for killing our own! But then, our leaders are mostly elite moderates anyway. So why be surprised?

  • Richard Cranium

    Sigh.. I've become to conspiratorial. Perhaps he meant legit rape of the people? I had even read a piece where he had decided to drop out and then the next day, THERE HE IS! Not dropping out.
    This only reaffirms my belief that the good people die being good and evil never ever sleeps.
    Either we have some of the most stupid "smart" people "leading" this country or it is all a big sham..
    But then, how many people have figured out that capital in it's truest sense is what determines what will be and he who controls that capital wins..

  • barney

    Is there such a thing as illigitimate rape, definately. Is there such a thing as a victim grabbing the rapist privates and ending it, definately.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5CG5GXW7DWXZY5FZHNHSNCW5Q Joe L

    I wonder how much he is getting paid.I cant believe the mans disgusting ignorance.Nobody could possibly be that stupid.......and he is a senator ?This sounds like bribery to me.....somebody should commit him,at least !!!!!

  • Watchmanonwall

    Only in the GOP do they shoot their wounded. Dam o craps rally around each other. They dream up excuses and offer possible alternate meanings (what he really meant was...) and point fingers and blame W.
    Was it stupid, yes. was it innacurate, yes. old science.
    I am also against killing the innocent baby, who is also a victim and should not be victimized twice, by a death penalty. I will still vote for Akin. Akin is 100% pro life, 100% pro 2nd amendment. For economic accountability. the rinos can kiss my a$$.

  • samtman

    Aikin is not the only broblem the Grand Old Party Has (GOP) there is also Michell Bachman and about 4 other over the top in that group of idiocracy. If this continuous the Republican Party will have to change its innitials from GOP to SOP. I think that after this election the party will go back to the sensebility's of the 1960's and 1970's.

  • Layla

    Dems have put nearly $2 million into Aiken's race. For them, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Viles/100000555613715 Larry Viles

    I would advise Mr. Akin to immediately switch party affiliation. If he can become a Democrat, this story will never be mentioned again.

  • oldtexgal

    The Republican Party HAD to distance itself from Akin's moronic comment. NO WAY could the comment, and by extension, Akin, be excused or supported. He SHOULD have gracefully stepped down after his apology. His hanging on is all about his own ego... not what is best for his constituency, the Senate, or the country.

  • di from Oregon

    Akin is what we used to label: "a sleeping dog." Looks like a rebublican, smells like one, but no! It's really a Dem dog!

  • Bteri

    All of you continuing to support Akin have the rigth to, especially Missouri voters, but you must realize that you are thinking VERY SMALL - Akin staying in the race makes abortion a big issue in the general election which distracts from Obama's biggest weakness- the economy - Akin is going to hurt our chances of taking over the Senate, getting into the White House and repealing Obamacare --- nothing else matters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/neal.bross.9 Neal Bross

    I believe the word he used "legitimate" means 'real or actual' not that it is a good thing. This is opposed to contrived or lied about for the various reasons such as social stigma, justify abortion, etc.

  • tomnchrist

    Another example of self cannibalism by the republican hiarchy. The statement is taken out of context and is not scientifically wrong. It may not be politically correct, but the better choice for the benifit of the party would have been to stand behind their candidate. As an Independent I see condeming Adkins as a bone headed move by the Republican Party.

  • Arcturus6

    I am sick over hearing about Mr. Akin's remarks concerning rape and he has apologized so let's move on. If I were a Missouri voter I would still vote for him over that incumbent who is nothing more than a pathetic lap dog for Obama. Biden has compared Republicans to "squealing pigs" LOL.. Obviously this demo-moron hasn't looked in the mirror lately as he is the only one doing any squealing. He does it so well that he is a perfect match for the marxist Obama as all of them love to squeal and blame others for all the ills of the world when it is they who make life miserable for those who work and produce.

  • Activist

    Does anyone remember that in the race for U.S. Senator in Illinois, a Republican was leading in the polls until some negative information came up about his divorce? The Republican candidate dropped out of the race and cleared the field for Obama to win. I wish the GOP would stop trying to force Akin out and let him go on with his campaign. He has a good record in the U.S. House of Representatives, so let the voters determine whether or not he should be their Senator.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Of course....if he stays in the running "Guam may tip over".......

  • thankfulheart

    Congressman Akin should press on and keep running for the prize. I do not agree with this article or with the Republican top dogs telling Akin to quit. I do agree with the following article that's written by my good friend, Juda Myers. Juda was conceived during the multiple rapes of her mother. If Juda supports Todd Akin, no one should dare challenge his right to continue in his campaign for Missouri's U.S. Senator. Go, Akin!


  • Fenderman52

    Akin didn't rape a woman, he didn't cheat on his wife, he didn't play footsies in a men's room stall.....get off his back! So he's a D student in biology, it ain't no hangin' offense. I think the GOP men are overreacting and that the women voters will forgive his ignorance and see his true motives and still vote for him. What's the alternative? Quit and leave the field wide open for a for sure Democrat win? NO WAY! When you're down you don't quit...you FIGHT HARDER and YOU WIN!

  • MegamomLo

    Is it really down to just one man that Obama will win and Repubs lose the Senate? Shall we use Akin as a scapegoal to blame? The man has apologized - the Demos will tear up any new Repub put in. They don't have to tear up our own - we're doing a pretty good job at that.

  • Dave M.

    Yes, there was a point, and if you had listened to the entirety of what he had to say you would have heard it. This man does not believe in abortion and does not make exceptions for rape. While the first part of his statement was most assuredly a boneheaded remark, he did answer the man's question. Give him credit for having the courage of his convictions and the willingness to put them out there instead of engaging in the typical politician's weasel dancing when asked a hard question.

  • thankfulheart

    John Kerry (so glad he was never POTUS) just sent this message in an email. Really wish I could vote for Akin and against McCaskill but I don't live in Missouri.
    "Dear Friend,

    By now, everyone has heard the deeply disturbing and offensive comment made by Todd Akin -- who is running against my friend Claire McCaskill in Missouri. But it's worth reading it again:

    "From what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

    It's bad enough that a supposedly serious major party candidate apparently has such an utter lack of understanding of science and basic medicine that he thought this statement was true, but to diminish rape and question reproductive choices for women who are raped?

    We have to make sure this man is not elected to the Senate. He's doubling down on his campaign even as he runs away from his comments and his Party runs away from him.

    Please donate $25 or more to Claire's campaign today, so she can defeat Akin and continue to stand for women.

    I've been a prosecutor. I've prosecuted rape cases. I've seen the victims of these horrific crimes. The last thing they need are more politicians who make their experiences even worse by diminishing what they've been through.

    This type of language has no place in the public discourse -- especially not from someone running for office.

    But sadly it's just the latest in a remarkable streak of statements from major Republicans on issues affecting women's health and women's rights. The Republican Party, led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, are consistently promoting policies that will hurt women.

    Together we can make sure that Claire defeats Akin and his anti-women agenda.

    Thanks for supporting Claire,


    GO Akin!

  • eagle1jim

    I want to thank Kirk Cameron for his thoughts and also making available the entire Akin interview. I would be surprised if 5% of the people complaining actually listened to the entire interview. Rep. Akin misspoke and he apologized for his error. During the interview, I saw that Rep. Akin appeared to be a very compassionate human being and he showed high moral values concerning life and his patriotism for America.
    I would rather have him in the Senate than Senators Murray, Cantwell, Feinstein, and Boxer who are my present Senators in Washington and California. Unfortunately, political correctness is killing America similar to that in the UK. The GOP Establishment needs to focus on attacking President Obama and VP Biden.
    If Senator McCaskill had made the same comments, you wouldn't hear one peep out the media or the Democratic Party. Misspoke and no apology would be the only explanation needed. I have learned there is no double standard between the Republican and Democrat Party. The reason is as follows: The Republican Party has high standards that all Republicans must follow to the T. Democrats have no standards when it comes to doing the right thing so they just "circle the wagons".

  • cleanwater2

    How many cases of woman having "consensual sex" then later changed their minds for whatever reason -then alleged they were "raped".

    Bill Clinton and Al Gore know about the" Alleged Rapes." of hotel maids and political campaign workers.

  • Andrew Burns

    I'll have more respect for the Republican Leadership when it focuses some desperately needed attention on the findings of the Arpaio Cold Case Posse findings !!

  • jaxtom

    He's a politician with an ego the size of a supernova. He has no other reason to exist & cannot fathom anyone not returning the love he has for himself. He knows the populace needs his guidance & wisdom to make their lives bearable. I give you the great obama, son of clinton...
    (Akin's just an idiot)

  • Greg

    I'm a Missourian and see this as another wimpy RNC reaction to kowtow to liberals at an obvious misstatement. I also interpreted that he meant to case 'legitimate claims of rape'. There ARE studies that show as many as half of rape accusations on college campuses are false! I don't buy his other argument that the stress of rape causes conception to not take place but obviously he'd only be speaking of 'legitimate claims of rape' not regret turning into false charges of rape. If rape were one of the few excuses to allow an abortion then you know there would be tons of illegitimate rape claims. Missourians know better than the belt-way wimps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.tolliver.52 Bob Tolliver

    Tad, with friends like you, Akin needs no enemies. What you somehow missed are two things. First, Akin's position on abortion has not changed from what he's held throughout all his exemplary years in the House. His lousy use of words in an "off the cuff" comment reveals no change in his long-held position that all of life is sacred and to be protected, even if that life comes from a rape. Second, both his personal life and his record in Congress speak nothing but the highest accolades for one of the most consistently conservative men in the House. He did Missouri proud then, and he will again in the Senate. It seems you have bought into the Democratic and moderate RINO agenda to oust Akin because he sees life as being just as sacred if created by a rape as it is when created by a husband and wife. Your proposal that Akin step down is absurd.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Has anyone checked his past voting record. Is Akin just another Democrate in Republican cloths. If anyone would look into his record, please post it.

  • markinla

    I didn't realize that the Republicans were "my" team and they were going to save the US. I have been waiting for them to do something right since the idiot Reagan was President and nothing has ever happened unless you think amnesties for illegals, deficit spending, police state laws, and banking bailouts have saved the US.

  • HappyClinger

    Ok, it's time for people to get past this. It's too late, I think, for the Republicans to name another candidate. So unless you want Claire McCaskill to run unopposed, I suggest people get past this, and do what you asked Akin to do: Put the country first, and see that a Republican (the only option now is Akin) takes that seat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chaimmoshe.ansbacher Chaim Moshe Ansbacher

    good lord! really?! we can't shut up about this?! yes, todd akin made a huge mistake, he appologized , and he is trying to move on! but no the appology doesn't cut it and nothing less than his head will do! some of these conservatives are driving me insane

  • Sandals...

    Is it possible for the GOP to back a "write in"? This guy should acknowlege that he knows zero science or medicine.

  • Hopeful_One

    Leave it to so called conservatives to eat their own. Personally, any politician who is honestly against abortion is probably a half-decent person. No politician supporting abortion should ever be put in office. Why do conservatives cave so easily with the criticisms of the leftists? Such a minor mistake by Akins compared to the horrendous, anti-american, ungodly positions of all Obamaites and progressives/socialist/communists.

    You need to get a grip on who your enemy really is, oh American conservative, and stop eating your own candidates. If men must be perfect and never misspeak, how did Obama ever get in office...the man who said we have 57 states...what an idiot.

    • HappyClinger

      That was 57, with one more to go, and they wouldn't let him go to Alaska and Hawaii. So, 60.

  • gray_man

    the problem is most people didn't actually listen to what he said. in extreme violent situations ie. rape, woman can reject their egg. the new england journal of medicine will verify that, any medical doctor can verify that. what he said was essentially true. it the ignorant on the right that piss me off, because you are so afraid of the left you sacrifice one of your own. science validates what he said. emotion does not.

  • Hopeful_One

    To me, a great number of Republicans are just plain stupid. Obama, Biden, and a hundred Demonrats will misspeak, lie, obfuscate all day long with no condemnation or criticism, but a Republican does it and the sky is falling. How gullible can you get? Really, y'all need to wake up and recognize just how stupid most of you are to fall for this stuff. Get a grip and stand and stop caving over any little fault. You expect perfection, yet who is willing to put themselves through the constant bashing, lying, and demonizing? Are you? I think this article is a prime example of the stupidity of the Republican "supporters," falling right into the trap...the lack of wisdom is just plain depressing. You really are yet to understand politics and who your enemies really are...Why condemn the "liberal media" when conservatives are so stupid and gullible? The other side must be laughing their heads off.

  • CamoCoyote

    This clown looks and acts like an idiot. Get him out of the way ASAP!!

  • thankfulheart

    Ranting John Kerry, now Sandra Fluke spouting her own liberal rhetoric. I'm disappointed in Romney and a lot of other Republicans at the moment for basically supporting Kerry and Fluke. Stand with Akin and stop throwing him under the bus!

    Sandra Fluke's rant:

    "In a recent statement that was both factually inaccurate and horribly offensive, Republican Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin said that victims of "legitimate rape" don't get pregnant because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to distance themselves from the remark -- but the fact is they're in lockstep with Akin on the major women's health issues of our time. Just this morning, the Republican Party voted to include the "Human Life Amendment" in their platform, calling for a constitutional ban on abortions nationwide, even for rape victims. Several Romney supporters and advisers stood silently by while this vote took place, and the Los Angeles Times reports that the platform "was written at the direction of Romney's campaign."

    President Obama spoke out in response to Akin's comments: "What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women."

    This controversy is not an accident, or a mistake, or an isolated incident. It's a reflection of a Republican Party whose policies are dangerous for women.

    (Link asking for money has been omitted.)

    I entered this national debate on women's rights in February, when, as a Georgetown Law student, I testified before members of Congress on the issue of contraception.

    Without knowing me or my story, Rush Limbaugh called me a "slut" and a "prostitute" on his radio show.

    Many Americans stepped forward to tell me they agreed with me, and supported my right to speak out without being verbally attacked. President Obama stood with us.

    Mitt Romney, on the other hand? He didn't even condemn the remark, instead saying only: "It's not the language I would have used."

    Since that moment, I'm even more resolved to continue the fight to make sure every single woman -- and every man who cares about the women in his life -- knows exactly what's at stake in this election. The Republicans are frighteningly clear on these issues.

    The party platform itself includes a "salute" to states that have pushed "informed consent" laws, such as those that force women seeking an abortion to first undergo an invasive and medically unnecessary ultrasound.

    Just last year, Paul Ryan joined Todd Akin and more than 200 other Republicans in co-sponsoring legislation that would have narrowed the definition of rape, limiting which victims of rape were "legitimate" enough to receive financial assistance for access to abortion care.

    Mitt Romney famously says he would "get rid of" Planned Parenthood if he had the chance. And both Romney and Ryan pledge to go back to a system where insurance companies can discriminate against women and charge us more than men for the same health insurance.

    Akin's comments shouldn't be surprising. But this isn't about him -- just like it was never about me.

    President Obama has told us what he's fighting for: "I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons."

    Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us.

    President Obama trusts us to make our own.

    It's as simple as that. Join me and stand with him today:

    (Link asking for money has been omitted.)


    Sandra Fluke"
    GO AKIN!

    • jaymarie

      I am with you. The GOP's flopping and twitching on any contrived controversy makes McCain's '08 campaign bid look like an all out assault instead of the wimp fest it really was.

  • jaymarie

    The snarkiness the author of this Akin hit piece is amazing in its B.S. Telling duly elected candidates that if you don't play with the GOP the way they want, take your toys and go home. Rep. Akin won his candidacy fair and square, he is the choice as elected by the registered voters of MO. Just because you don't agree with what he said, how he said it, doesn't make it wrong. Off key, inelegant, too scientific for the common lay person, doesn't make him completely inaccurate. Insensitive, most definitely. Thus the heartfelt apology. When was the last time a politician admitted a mistake, even a verbal gaffe like this, and asked for forgiveness? I always understood that Christians could forgive almost anything if the person asking was truly sincere in their regret. Tad Cronn is nothing but a GOP hack.

  • seeker_n

    This man is the personification of a egotistical, self centered, narcissist! He is going to drag down the entire party and our chances to get rid of the libs. God.... Help Us!

  • James360

    Readers are leaders---you can tell who reads and studies--who is prepared--and who is not.
    Every one of the republicans--should read and study and lift themselves to the highest level they can. They should be prepared to the point they silence their critics. It is like mental marshall arts. Wake up guys....there is a lot at stake

  • http://themorningafter.us/ Pharmer1

    It's too bad that people don't have the background from which Akin's comment was derived. Because he expressed it badly, the guy is being "gang raped" by the media, and the republican establishment is only too happy to grab a piece of the action once he's down. Forcible rape is not the optimum way to get pregnant, though we now have claims from the leftists that this could be so. John Wilke is a pro-life ob-gyn who noticed, decades ago, that the reporting of pregnancies from rape were much lower than expected, and surmised that the stress and violence of the experience might have an inhibitory effect. The most salient point to get across is that only a small fraction of the abortions performed in the U.S. are done on women who are pregnant from rape. In medicine, stress is frequently blamed for the general failure of bodily systems, so reproductive failure from stress is not out of the question.

    Most of the republican establishment is comprised of back stabbing cowards, and this last demonstration of their true nature has convinced me that the tea party not only needs to reform it, the party needs to be entirely replaced.

    People have been suffering the bad health care decisions of the various government agencies for decades. Todd Akin's only mistake was to try to soft pedal his idea that killing an unborn human for the crimes of her father is not logical or ethical. I do not find this to be an unforgivable error, and therefore am sending a contribution to Akin to help compensate for what he is losing from his own cowardly party (which really wants an exception for rape, just case they "need" it).

    Akin has decided that our political landscape should not be shaped by the media or the republican establishment, and that's not an "I" decision. More politicians need to follow his lead.

    • The New Dealer

      You should replace him on the ballot. You are a perfect replacement for the Democrats to obliterate. The man is a dope, his remarks were stupid and his understanding of biology is nil. We do not need dopes in Congress! Who the h-ll is he anyway?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Acord/100000280725097 John Acord

    Tad, you and Mitt and Paul are card carrying Republirats. The world is not made in your image. Women are not fools and those who lean towards Akin will accept his apology and the storm will pass over. It time for Akin to throw you fools under the bus and campaign without any constraints by the Republirat establishment. GO AIKIN!

  • reinhold

    What? You have the audacity to put words in the
    mouth of Senator Akins in order to make all manner of bogus accusations.
    Without a scintilla of particularity you declare that his alleged faux
    pax is transforming the image of his entire party (GOP). Indeed?
    and what image is that? The one that looks exactly like the Democratic
    (mob) Party? Here is why you lie: Akins declares facts like this,
    “America has got the equivalent of stage three cancer of socialism because the
    federal government is tampering in all kinds of stuff it has no business
    tampering in.” If you were really interested in Liberty you would
    have written exactly what he said. Instead you take the phrase “legitimate
    rape” - remove the context and insert what will serve your nefarious purpose. The GOP has used every criminal device to PRESUME Mitt Romney and his Rodeo Clown Partner Paul Ryan are the leaders we wish to elect. This imbroglio about facts declared by Akins is pure burlesque. Those claiming that he will ruin the GOP are liars. They wish to prevent the reform that is needed. They say the same about Ron Paul. This election is the final opportunity for peaceful reform. Elect Romney-Ryan or That Little Mulatto Prick From Kenya and find the Uprising. We shall no longer request insolent public servants to obey. We The People declare to the Bolshevists, "Stand down or fall where you stand."

  • The Advocates

    His problem is he is a jerk, like most of his peers in the Tea Bag Brigade. The New GOP is anti-science, flat-earth, flat-tax dominated. Akin and Ryan are like two peas in a pod and the public will soon learn more about their sordid legislation and their squalid anti-woman agenda. Tough luck it happened so close to the RNC Convention. I sent a donation to keep that low-life in the race.

  • Reagan Conservative

    Todd Akin wants to become of of the elite 100 presidents in waiting aka a United States Senator.He would be a Senator like Turd(Ted)Kennedy an arrogant ass.
    That does not give a damn about Missouri or America.He wants the power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Acord/100000280725097 John Acord

    GO AKIN!

  • MadmaxUSA

    Akin's statement wasn't simply a gaffe, as Biden is prone to making. It was an example of a brain-dead comment. To make things worse, he tried to explain it by stating that what he meant was to use the word "forcible" instead of "legitimate". GTF out of the race, Mr. Akin. NOW

  • swamprat1937

    Hush already about Akin. He made a mistake and said the wrong word. So tell me, who hasn't? And as Bob said in his comment "When Biden says things like this it seems to be OK."

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Stupid statements mostly originate from the democrats, but they don't have a monopoly. They DO however, have the press. If Joe biteme had said this exact thing, he would get a pass just like all his stupid statements do.

  • Al T


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

    Aikin didn't build that

  • Bill


  • Jeff

    Actually, Obama/Biden didn't need Todd Akin's "gift". For Romney to have been the only republican hopeful for president, only underscores the desperation of the GOP, to get Obama out of office. Add to that, Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as a running mate. Paul Ryan, who wants to among other things, replace Medicare with essentially giving us a "coupon" to go out and buy healthcare insurance after people have been taxed all their working lives to pay for the benefit of Medicare after they are in their old age. Paul Ryan is nothing less than Romney's poison pill, so that if it wasn't clear that only a politically misguided individual would vote for Romney, only a fool would do so now. Particularly if you aren't rich, and vote for Romney and he wins (not a snowball's chance in Hell that he will win), then you would deserve exactly what Ryan wants to do to your Medicare benefits among other things. And no, I'm not voting for Obama/Biden either. Neither did I the first time around. But I absolutely regretted voting for Bush, for sure.

    • http://openid.aol.com/botighecatfan Joeboo

      Yea...Ryan wants to save medicare from bankruptcy.

      • Jeffrey Liggens

        ...which is a farce, because the money they might save by robbing the tax payer, they will squander on more pet and secret projects. They already can't account for more than a trillion dollars missing. They know exactly where it went; right into their pockets. Thieves are in charge of the treasury and spending.

  • Bill


  • Phred

    Do what is BEST for the country and not what is just good for you. This is the biggest problem with everyone in Washington.

  • http://twitter.com/StevePerkowski Stephen Perkowski

    Todd Akin is not the problem. it's the unborn baby bigots and those who will not stand to end the war in the womb. I'm with Akin, he technically said nothing wrong, and the people he offended will never vote for him anyway. It takes guts to talk without a tele-prompter!

  • http://openid.aol.com/botighecatfan Joeboo

    Akin spoke as he believes and is being chastized by a bunch of half wits. Although this is "fury" is another nice distraction by the Democrats, pseudo conservatives like: Hannity, Colter and Romney have bought into the trap and are guilt of aiding and abetting a nonsensical proposition that is of no importance. Akin is right with what he said and their is plenty of proof to that effect. As long as silly balderdash such as this exists Obama and his minions do not have to address the issues and Obama's lack of success as POTUS.

  • roark1948

    I am not trying to justify what Atkins said, I don’t think
    of myself as a RepubliCan’t either but I am amazed at how much you posters do
    not know. First off a low of less than 5% or a high estimate of 6.5% of all
    rape victims get pregnant. Rape/incest abortions account for less than 1% of
    all abortions or less than 1300 per year. Most women ovulate once every four
    weeks and are fertile for about four days.
    So you see that a woman only needs a man four or five days per month so
    there is only a about a 10% chance that she would settle. I don’t see how this
    as such a big deal except in the modern America if you say anything that might accidently
    be true it scares the hell out of the alumni of the government schools.

  • Georgiagirl64

    I like to think that people who are going to vote Romney/Ryan are not silly enough to let an idiot like Akin change their mind.

  • Zanesville Patriot

    I think the majority of the commentators that I have read need to do their homework. Akin knows his information on rape and abortion. He was not given an opportunity to clarify his statement and most of the population does not have the medical understanding that Akin does.
    What are all the Rinos and politicians doing but gang raping Akin. He has made the decision to stay the race and now it is time to give him grace as the left media and demos do for Biden and Obama.
    The RNC and the Romney-Ryan team would do well to do their homework and not shoot their wounded. They are doing more the split the voting than the media. Can we not have unity?
    Maybe, the question should be put to the voters as to how the unborn child would vote. Most voters think that rape is usually the case for abortion forgetting the child's life. This could be one of our greatest learning experience with the need to pass the Personhood Amendment.

  • salvatore

    this senate race could change the way the COUNTRY is run....and what bills can get passed in the senate if the repubs get the majority...THIS RACE IS CRUCIAL.......if this moron akin stubbornly runs and LOSES........his life will be a living HELL for him and his family ...AKIN for yor family's sake...GET THE F OUT

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Hurley/100000867242212 Frank Hurley

    I also oppose abortion, but Akin apparently belongs to that fraternity of idiot zealots who believe that it's OK for the country to go down the toilet as long as TOTAL PURITY on the right-to-life issue is enforced. Darn it, we needed that Senate seat, but due to Akin's stupidity it will remain in the hands of an enthusiastic abortionist and Obama teammate.

  • Hillbilly No one

    The problem is YOU> This guy make's a small mistake and you and other's keep doing what you always do.. America is in trouble not in spite of, but because of you... Support Todd or SHUT UP. Got it, Get it...; I Like Todd and will Whole Heartily support him.. Down with RINO'S, not T Akins.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XHCL7AICG5DQBJM2R34MFGEVVI russells

    If America is truly stupid enough to allow something this trival to change their vote, when we laud a rapist who sat in the W.H. for eight years, then I pray this nation collapses ASAP, so we can start from scratch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jrittskramer John Kramer

    Congressmen Tod Atkin should resign for the good of the Republican party. He could have phrase things better about the abortion issue without trying to offend women. All the Republican have seen the writting on the wall. It is time to end the war on women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fran-Corsiglia/100003914776350 Fran Corsiglia

    Say what you will about Akin, but "The state GOP committee choosing Akin’s replacement
    worries me more than Akin staying in the race, to be completely honest." I wish I were, but I'm not the author of that statement, but there are a lot of us here in Missouri who have less than no faith in the Republican Establishment here in Missouri.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3FFQPUPI7O26EKCTEL3XM5DKCU DanielK

    Most politicians can't do anything else because they are too stupid. And Biden as well as Aiken prove that there are idiots in both parties.

  • 9Spoon9

    This "article" falls under the heading, "Everybody's got opinions...even self-righteous A$$holes". Whose "side" are you on Mr. Cronn?

    Todd said what has been a medically/scientifically studied. It is an accepted and proven fact that a woman's body reacts totally different toward a casual encounter and an act of coitus with a cherished man.

    While it is true that a woman in the heart of her menstrual cycle may conceive with the presence of any male’s sperm, the likelihood of pregnancy is much lessened in the circumstances of an unwanted, violent and criminal assault of rape. The one word that set this whole thing off was his use of the adjective, "legitimate". Have you never misspoken? Judge not lest ye be judged!

    You're back stabbing piece only adds to the fire of negativity and cohorts with the MSM's attempt to make a mountain out his slip of the tongue. I know damn well that with all the pokes and prods that republican or libertarian candidates receive from so-called journalists is incessant. I would have probably bluntly told many of them to kiss my arse and left many an interview in disgust or given them something to really talk about.

    Congressman Akin's record far outweighs this little blunder a 1000 fold or more.
    Did I hear MSNBC calling your name for a staff position...or was it CNN? Your pomposity leads thinking and reasonable voters to believe you are about as much a narcissist as the commie-in-chief that sits at the desk in the offal office.

  • hk

    At least Tad Cronn is right about the stupidity of Akin to think and say such a thing about rape. I can't believe how ignorant he is about America becoming a third world socialist country under Obama. That conclusion is about as far from the truth as Romney being a poor man. When will he admit that he is personally repulsed by Obama and that is coloring his whole thinking about this country. Why should be go back to the 8 years under George Bush, who got us into this mess with his horrible tax cuts that gave away the store when Clinton (and some Republicans) had arranged the budget to be balanced and with even some surplus that should have been used to pay down the debt. Come on, Tad, get with a real program, not the fakery that Romney and Ryan are trying to pull over on everyone.

  • http://twitter.com/TIMBERLINECC CDC

    Murder is Murder there is no excuse for killing an unborn child. Put the child up for adoption

  • Dennis Howard

    No doubt Akin shot himself in the foot when he opened his big mouth and talked about something he knew very little about. The best answer to the abortion/rape question is the testimony of women who have survived abortions after their mothers were raped. Their very good question is: why should I have been killed because my father was a rapist?

    But as a former Democrat, I'm amazed at how fast the GOP chickens abandon ship when one of their members makes a gaffe that should be no more than a one-day story. Conservative Queen Bee Ann Coulter even called Akin a "swine" on the Sean Hannity show. Washington learned that same lesson after his troops ran after the Battle of Long Island with the Brits chasing them out of New York. That's no way to win a war. He later won because he learned how to keep his cool and his powder dry for the rest of the war.

    By running around like chicken little, these guys have done themselves more harm than Akin ever could. They are so easily embarassed and intimidated, it makes you wonder whether they can win at all. Notice that the Dems never make that mistake. When one of theirs sticks his big foot in mouth, they just grin and bear it. The sooner these guys circle the wagons and fight back -- even with their Akin handicap -- the better off they will be. If Akin's that stupid, he'll self destruct on his own.

  • Tionico

    Tad Cronn, you need to read the article written by Joel Mc Durmon this morning on this topic. Find it at American vision, I think it is. Akin is correct.. there ARE a number of "mechanisms' active in the body of a woman enduring the trauma of forcible rape which hugely reduce the likelihood of conception. Do your homework before ranting on what you know not about. Further, consider that there are a few "types" of rape.... forcible, assault rape most often involving violence or threat thereof... these "events" are "legitimate" cases of rape, and the trauma triggers the female body's responses that DO minimise the possibility of conception. Then there is "statutory rape", legal rape by technicality.. as when the junior high teacher engages in sexual activity with a fifteen year old boy who "likes her". Thisis not "legitimate" rape, and does NOT trigger the responses to which Akin alluded. The other significant "category" of "rape" is an incident such as when the silly college coed goes along with her "hot date" and they engage in sex, consensually. In the morning, she decides to head off to the school "clinic" for a free pill to "fix" the problem she created last night, telling them she was "raped".. or, worse yet, waits until she learns she has conceived and changes the "status" of the liason to "rape" to "justify" her abortion. Obviourly, this is not a case of "legitimate rape" either.

    Further, Todd Akin is correct in opposing ANY abortion, at any time, for any reason. Why punish by execution the unborn child because their sperm donor is a pathetic jerk? Face it, there are plenty of children who see the light of day who are in this category... yet no one is clamouring for the murder of those children.

    I hope Todd Akin stands his ground. He is right, and should not cower in the corner to the hideous legitimate rape of a candidate for public office... received at the hands of his own party. If Romney goes down in flames, it will be more because he has now revealed his own stance on the matter... and that he is NOT genuinely pro-life as he has claimed to be. On that round alone he will not get MY vote, as long as there is a candidate with a stronger pro-life stand.. and there IS one such.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.burns.3950 Andrew Burns

    Most of the criticisms I see of Akin's Commentary are, logically speaking, as sloppy as the remarks of Congressman Akin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debullie Debbie Radziewicz

    Akins comment was out and out stupid but it hasn't changed my mind about which way this country is headed if Obama gets re-elected. Romney needs to stay on track. The point that both Romney and Ryan asked him to step down proves to me they don't agree with him. Though Romney is not my first choice, he is the only choice at this point if we don't want to lose our country.

  • Disapointed

    Cronn is soooo negative...not worth my time!!

  • TheGizmo51

    He's just plain stupid and stupid people vote for stupid people. Yes, you have convinced me. From now on I will only vote for the
    dumbest, most ignorant politician so he can pass stupid laws. That is
    the only way for America to maintain its world dominance, prominence,
    and military might. We need a politician with the will to drop THE BOMB
    without asking questions and without knowing facts and not caring about
    the consequences. "Yeah, right." We all wish for the weakest, dumbest,
    most inefficient government possible. one that stands outside in the
    rain and must wear slip on shoes because they don't know how to tie the
    laces. Yes, no government is the best government. This is called
    republino "common sense" get government out of our pockets and into our

  • votervic

    I disagree, wholeheartedly! If the GOP's chances to take the U.S. Senate AND the White House, are based on one man, one race in 'fly-over country', then the writer of this story is correct, and in my opinion they weren't very good anyway. If this is the case, this cause is lost and B.O. will be KING, not president! I agree that most officials in the GOP are spineless and have their finger in the air, some say that's the middle finger to the conservatives that vote them into office, but to even weigh in on this insignificant story is to give it LEGS....Stupid!! I understand that Mr. Akin's voting record is a conservative one - the man 'misspoke', for crying out loud. Will we now ask ALL GOP candidates to resign when they misspeak? Romney and our reps are setting a dangerous trap or precident that the media will grab and run with! We are all WIMPS! I would have told the media that this man has his opinion, but the GOP platform is pro-life, end of interview!

  • J-M

    Akin's real problem is that he thinks women are liars and that rape that results in a pregnancy wasn't a "legitimate" rape. If a woman gets pregnant from some vile violent ANIMAL or group of animals, then she shouldn't "take it out on the child." No, of course not, she should lose her job, go on welfare, wreck her body, go through 9 months of some Satan's seed growing inside her,the pain of childbirth etc. for the sake of the rapist(s) offspring. Sure. I'm rethinking my political party.

  • Marees1963

    So the man was not articulate in what he was trying to say and everyone is ready to throw him under the bus? Likely Akin was attempting to explain that there is a reason why it is rare for a woman to become pregnant from a rape is that she is likely to stop ovulating due to the physical and psychological trauma if she has not yet ovulated at the time of the trauma. Granted, he should have avoided the topic all together, but the truth of the matter is that this does happen in a lot of cases of psychological and/or physical trauma to a woman of childbearing age. I'm a woman, and even I understand that there are "rapes" and then there are rapes. Woman can and do make up stuff to get even with a man or for attention. As a woman who supports both women and the life of the unborn, rape is not an excuse to abort a child. Attempting to trade one psychological trauma (rape) for another psychological trauma (abortion) is an exercise in futility at the expense of a child who did nothing wrong other than be conceived. I know a few women personally who were raped and had a child resulting from that rape, they are fine and do not regret giving birth to the child. More time and money should be spent on helping these women with their psychological trauma rather than giving them the band-aid solution of abortion that does nothing to heal them but rather will cause even more psychological harm. Before anyone says that I don't know what I'm talking about because I've never been raped...I have been raped.

  • jim hesselrode

    The dems contributed 1.2 millions to this guy primary campaign and voted for him in droves. They knew from the start he was the weakest candidate. I would not be supprised if he is not a plant and is too dumb to know it.

  • Donald
  • DebbieDoRight

    I woke up this morning and we still have our Constitution. We are all free to do things we like to do. This man can run for office in my opinion. Until Romney asks Barach Obama, Nasty Pelosi, Harry Reid, Wasserman Schultz, V Jarret, to step down and not run, then Romney needs to stop playing God. Romney is no prize in my estimation.
    Then RNC machine can also stop playing God. Let whomever is elegible to run, run. Obama was not questioned in 2008 and now see where we are.

    • DebbieDoRight

      Akin will not be the man who wins the race for Obama. Romney and Ryan have a huge part to play, so play it boys.

  • 2bvictorius

    If I were a voter in Missourri, I would stand up and support Akin and urge everyone to vote for him. The voters in Missourri have a perfect opportunity here to demonstrate once and for all just how fed up (real) American's are with both political parties (actually one party, with diffrent names) and elect a man who has the guts and morality to stand up and speak the truth. and the MSM and what apears to be every member of the republican party leadership have joined forces to defeat him.
    I have not seen or heard one elected representaive in the leadership of the republican party defend AKIN. Is it because they are all cowards or is it, they in fact actually agree with and share the same philosophy as the Marxists democrat party, the MSM, and pro abortionists.
    The republican party is once again demonstrating they do not have the morality or the guts to represent me and I am more convinced than ever that there must be a massive purging of the Marxists/communists from the ranks of the republican leadership and elected representatives of the people.
    Electing Akins would go a long ways to begin that process.

    • daves

      Akins is a member of the two parties with one name, why not just get a new candidate that understands women can get pregnant from being raped?

  • ReginaT

    One comment does not erase years of consistent conservative values like pro life and small government. Maybe if people like you would defend his conservative record instead throwing him under the bus we might actually turn this condemned ship of America around.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.friedlander Maxwell Friedlander

    Akin for the sake of the country has to go. He should check his ego at the door & do the right thing & get out.

  • SSMcDonald

    Want to know what’s really
    going on with Todd Akin? This article is spellbinding. Steve
    Coach Dave Daubenmire, NewsWithViews.com
    August 23, 2012
    I don't know much about Missouri
    Senatorial candidate Todd Akin but I am giving serious consideration to going
    out to Missouri and volunteering for his campaign.
    It is about time somebody stood up to
    the Republican establishment and the man-haters who are responsible for the
    neutering of the American male.
    Instead of worrying about the
    lesbian-conspiracy currently purging the USA of any vestiges of the founding
    father’s leadership that made America great, the biased media, in cahoots with
    the Republican establishment, are doing everything they can do to run
    Christianity and Christian values out of the public square.
    I cannot believe how blind
    “conservatives” are.
    Skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee
    gets more attention than Fast and Furious. Expecting women to pay for their own
    contraceptives is publicized as a “war on women,” and defending the right to
    life for unborn children, no matter who his/her daddy is, now disqualifies one
    from holding office.
    Thank goodness Todd Akin didn't
    bend-over to those who wanted to rape him of his legitimately-earned candidacy
    for the US Senate in Missouri.
    Distract, distract, distract. That is
    all politics is about. Both parties have turned very liberal. The Republicans
    just aren't as aggressive with their socialism. They take “conservative”
    positions...they just don't fight for them.
    Wake up!! This is not your father's
    Democrat Party. AND it is not your papa's Republican Party either.
    Have you noticed that the one's
    screaming the loudest for Todd Akin to quit are the Establishment hierarchy?

    And what was Akin's sin? He challenged
    the thought that not every woman who cries “rape” was actually raped. He didn't
    rape anyone nor cover-up the rape of anyone. He merely stated what
    law-enforcement statistics have proven. Not every rape is a forcible rape. Can
    you recall Tawana Brawly? How about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas?
    Did you know that thousands of men
    across America have been accused of rape where no actual rape occurred? Did you
    know that with the introduction of DNA as evidence many men have been released
    from prison after having spent years in jail for rape?
    Akin should have used the term
    “forcible rape” rather than legitimate rape. Either way, miss-characterizing
    rape is not the same as committing rape. But don't tell the Establishment
    Republican Party.
    They can't wait to show how magnanimous
    they are by throwing under the bus anyone who happens to say anything that might
    “offend” some protected-class of Americans against whom no challenges are ever
    to be made.
    Establishment Republicans love to eat
    their own...especially when one of their own is a conservative who wants to
    defend unborn babies. They hate Palin, Bachmann, and Alan Keyes, but loved Dole,
    McCain, and Romney.
    We all know “conservatives” hate women.
    Haven't you been listening to what the progressives have to say? “Conservatives
    hate.” “Conservatives” hate every group of people except rich white folk;
    especially “Christian-conservatives.” They embarrass the blue-bloods in DC. Todd
    Akin is a Christian-conservative. The establishment elite and media hate Todd
    Akin and his ilk more than they hate socialism.
    Romney and the Republican Party would
    rather please the Democrats than they would their base. God bless Todd Akin for
    sticking to his guns, and, more importantly, defending unborn babies.
    The lame-stream media and the
    Republican establishment are so vile.
    Wanna talk about legitimate rape? How
    about Bill Clinton and his harem of out-of-wedlock woman? What was the response of both the media and the
    Republicans to “legitimate” rape accusations of Paula Jones, Juanita Brodrick,
    and Kathleen Willey... et al?
    Remember the mantra during that
    despicable period of American history...”everyone lies about
    sex”...so I guess that does make some rapes not
    Do the Republicans fight back and point
    that out? Do they come running to the defense of Todd Akin the way the Democrats
    have protected Eric Holder? No. They join the chorus of critics.
    You would think that Todd Akin was
    running a gay-brothel out of his home! (No...That was Barney Frank.)
    Todd Akin committed two Republican
    Number one, he subtly pointed out that
    women lie about sex. Some women lie about rape to cover up an illicit affair.
    Some women lie about rape to get an advantage in divorce proceedings. Some women
    lie about rape to gain a financial advantage from a married man concerned about
    being exposed. Some teenage girls lie about rape to protect them from angry
    parents. Some women lie about rape because of the guilt associated with their
    Women control the bedroom. Are you
    honest enough to admit that? If momma ain't happy...ain't nobody happy. All the
    woman has to do is yell “rape” and the man's life is ruined. The NOW gang has
    made men so afraid that they wine, whimper, and bow rather than fight
    Sin number two?
    Akin had the courage to point out that
    the unborn child is a human being from the moment of conception no matter how it
    was conceived.
    America is schizophrenic in our
    treatment of the unborn. A baby is a human being from the moment of conception.
    Even the law recognizes that. Wasn't Scott Peterson found guilty of murder when
    he killed his unborn “fetus” during the process of killing his wife? Wasn't his
    baby unborn? Wasn't he merely exercising “choice”...something his wife could
    have done without any legal ramifications?
    If Laci Peterson had chosen to end the
    life of her son she would have been considered “brave” for making such a
    “difficult decision.” Scott's “choice” cost him his freedom. Yep...murder is
    always a difficult decision. If the child is a “wanted” child it is murder. If
    the child is not wanted it is choice.
    How often do you read in the media
    about the unfortunate death of a “pregnant” woman and the resulting death of the
    innocent child? Aren't all babies innocent? Doesn't a civil society protect the
    innocent...even if the Daddy was a “legitimate” rapist? We certainly don't give
    the death penalty to the child for the rape that the father committed...do
    Does the rape of a woman make the life
    of the child non-existant? Is the baby now non-human or non-alive because of the
    sins of the father?
    That is why the Establishment
    Republican leadership wants to see Todd Akin step down. They don't know how to
    handle their own hypocrisy of the “pro-abortion-with-exceptions” position that
    they hold.
    Willard Romney has been pro-abortion
    his entire political career. The Republican Party has been promising to end
    abortion for 40 years. For most of them it is a plank in a platform...not a
    conviction that they hold.
    Sit down and hold onto your
    The Republican Party does not want to
    end abortion...they only want to regulate it. They are counting on the votes of
    desperate pro-lifers to keep them in power.
    Here is how you will know when they are
    serious about ending abortion. The Republican
    nominee would announce that on his first day in office he would issue an
    Executive Order placing a moratorium on all abortions until a panel of medical
    doctors conclude a study to determine when life begins. Abortions would be made
    illegal until it can be determined if the “fetus” is a human being. Err on the
    side of the babies...not nebulous “choice.”
    Why hasn't any
    pro-life Republican Presidential candidate every proposed that? Votes, Baby. If
    abortion was ever made illegal again the Republicans would lose the strangle
    hold that they currently have on their largest group of voters in their base. If
    “voting pro-life” was no longer an issue, millions of “Christian-conservatives”
    would then turn their sights to other issues.
    The Republican Party would have to fold
    their tent.
    Todd Akin wants to make ALL abortion
    illegal. No wonder he and his ilk have to go. The biased media will continue to
    crucify Akin, you watch.
    Odd isn't it? The same gaggle of
    politicians calling for him to resign are the same twits that gave us McCain,
    Dole, & and Romney.
    Talk about rape. Forcing Christians to
    violate their conscience by voting [again] for the lesser of two evils is the
    rape of one's dignity.
    That is the real legitimate rape.
    Republicans lie and babies die.
    Order the CDs here.

    Do you think like a Christian or a
    humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny
    ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach
    © 2012 Dave Daubenmire

  • Remington 870

    Mr. Akin needs to withdraw. In the present unforgiving political atmosphere, such topics as abortion, sex, religion and gay marriage should be avoided at all costs. Mr. Akin did what most non thinking GOPers do best....put both feet, and hands in mouth. Dems always get fee pass, remember Congressman Weiner, who sent young women pictures of his.....???
    Goodbye Mr. Akin....do your country a great service and withdraw.

  • kygator

    Hmmm - you know it's highly possible that he did a greater favor for the readers!!
    I'm absolutely convinced that a person with your exceptional moral code and political
    intelligence will not hesitate a second, after the elections conclude, to stick you head
    in a fully loaded toilet and take deep breaths until they cease in the event Rep. Akin
    has become Senator Akin!! Everyone will benefit from your finally learning to keep
    your mouth shut forever!!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Todd Akin was trying to differentiate pregnancies "legitimately" resulting from rape, from those phony ones in which a woman becomes pregnant and opts for an abortion by claiming the "rape" exception. The Corrupt Leftist Media seized on his use of the expression "legitimate" rape, suggesting it was an oxymoron.

    However, apparently there IS such a thing as a "legitimate rape: Bill Clinton committed one against a woman named Kathleen Willey, and got a free pass from the Corrupt Leftist Media in the process.

    In fact, Todd Akin may have mangled his explanation about rape exceptions, but Bill Clinton actually IS A RAPIST, who's going to address the "Democratic" National Convention, and there won't be a peep out of the Corrupt Leftist Media about it...

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The same Establishment Republicans who advised Akin to withdraw from his Senate race are the same people who crossed the aisle to vote with "Democrats" to censure Joe |McCarthy, who advised Nixon to resign, who advised Reagan to raise taxes in 1986, who advised George HW Bush to raise taxes in 1990, who advised George W Bush to support amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens, and who told John McCain not to attack Barack Hussein Obama.

    Akin should run against "Establishment" Republicans as well as "Democrats"...

  • Beepster

    Has anyone considered what me MIGHT have been wanting to say? That "legitimate" rapes, those that actually happened, was what he meant. Not someone consenting, and then regretting what she had done. Happens in these cases more often than you want to admit. And, no, I'm not an accused.

  • salvatore

    this is simple......the DEATH THREATS combined with COMPLTELEY DEFUNDING HIS CAMPAIGN....will force this moron to slowly rot.....and eventually die and drop out..................AKIN.....you and your personal ambitions are NOT bigger than the PARTY...

  • PastorRuth1

    I've heard all this before...the DOUBLE STANDARD Press...It's OK for Biden to be the Gaffer that never quits, but let a Republican slip up and the Democrats AND Republicans act like vultures at a BBQ serving Akin for lunch! This Akin bashing has gone far enough!! The Missouri conservative base is rallying around him realizing his statemens, albeit wrong, were at least shared in defense of the Unborn, NOT in defense of the rapist!
    If he has been able to rally Missouri Conservatives and is taking in donations, if Missouri conservatives are speaking out in support of him, then everyone else should shut up and butt out!! Democrats at least defend the gaffs or blunders of their own; Republicans seem to round up their own and take aim. It's not enough that Republican Conservatives have to battle the liberal left, the media, and a hostile administiration; they now have to fight off the gang beatings from their own party!!!
    ENOUGH!! Back off, Ann Coulter! You smell blood and your vulture nature is getting the best of you!! BACK OFF Palin! You're like a PMSing Mother Bear!! MISSOURI DOESN'T NEED YOUR HELP!! They need you to LEAVE THEM ALONE AND ALLOW A FAIR AND HONEST VOTE!! Split the party, or add a write-in and we can THANK YOU, not Akin, for a lost seat!!! YOU are doing more to not only split the vote, but the party, than anything Akin has said!
    And the rest of you Republicans, your condemning self-righteous indignation over a conservative comrade's blunder is GETTING TIRESOME and is ITSELF SPLITTING THE PARTY at a time when we need UNITY!!
    SO, SHUT UP and MOVE ON! You are sending a message to voters that will repel the very ones you want to draw!!! I am hearing ALOT of dissatisfaction over the Republican REACTION and lack of loyalty, more so than Akin's few words mistakenly spoken...STOP picking at the wound and let it heal before an infection develops that TRULY WILL harm our prospects at the Presidency!
    And by the way, when YOU make a blunder, which I am sure you will, hopefully you will not have to endure a beating by your own comrades besides fending off attacks from the left!! Meanwhile, perhaps Akin can find it in his heart to forgive the perfect politicical pundits so eager to throw the first stone!

  • coachbrian

    Drop out Akin! Let Sarah Steelman go to Washington!

  • gregz

    He told the truth. That's why he is being crushed by the liberal left. They can say and do anything they want and it is O.K. by the majority of the half witted voters who vote many more times than once.

  • Paul454

    Akin you selfish SOB, drop out of the race which you cannot possibly win. Take a back seat now but quietly support someone who is still untarnished. Start rebuilding your reputation by doing what is best for the country. What in the hell is wrong with you?!!!

  • pamaki

    Yeah, we're throwing out a super guy with a super conservative voting record, who has done so much for MY STATE--MISSOURI, because of one mistake that he has apologized for over and over. That is the reason I will not financially support the RNC. You all are unbelievably messed up!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Akin did not misspeak. He made an ignorant statement that any intelligent person would know to be untrue. Get lost Akin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Shelton/1681393257 Mike Shelton

    Akins is a selfish politician. He should have immediately quit for the good of the country. Now its too late. Legally, he can't just walk off the ballot. Shows the poor intellectual quality of candidates that continually get that far.

  • Frankcastle1958

    I'm from Missouri, and Akin SHOULD GO, for the GOOD of the Party, State, and NATION!! we cannot AFFORD more McCASKILL!!

    • Frankcastle1958

      A new poll shows that support for Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-Mo.) Senate
      candidacy has sharply declined since he remarked in an
      interview broadcast Sunday that “legitimate rape” rarely causes
      pregnancy. Akin now trails Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) 50 percent to 41
      percent in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll, which showed him leading the Democrat by 5 points in late July.

      If Akin stays in.. it a REAL GOOD bet, WE ALL LOSE..... is it worth his EGO???

  • No Rino Wayne

    This was a sick effort to harm Todd Akin and I do not like it one bit. You lost in your effort to destroy him, so get over it and go back to the real issues. I will take Todd Akin over you people any day.

  • IronladyUSAF

    What Akin said has no basis in science and was totally inappropriate. He could well cost the Republicans the presidential election and/or control of Congress. He needs to step down now. The fact that Biden is a moron, makes absurd, irrational and inappropriate statements is beside the point here; the mainstream media does their best to cover for him and he is unlikely to impact the democratic party in any significant way.


    ok the people of missouri will vindicate Akin by electing him. Hang in there TODD. You have something none of your detractors, including most of the commentaters here have./ PRINCIPLES. WE ARE WITH YOU.

  • 1xgi

    What Todd Akin's said was fact, something that seems to slip by and not used in this administration. First this issue of abortion is immoral and the government should not condone or pay for it.. Akin did opologize, more than bho has ever done, but facts are still facts. biden can claim Romney is going to put ya all back in chains and get away with it, OK, what was factual about that, not a dam thing. bidin's statement was an attempt to smear Romney no facts involved. Akin's statement was fact, based on the actual number of women that were on police records as being raped, getting pregnent, or what he called "ligitimate rape" apposed to some gal getting pregnent and cries rape to get a free abortion, what is wrong with this statement, not a dam thing. Further bho can not stand on a good record because there is no good in his record so rather than speaking on fact it is just some more smear tactics, trying to make the other guy look worse than he is. Here is another fact, this has nothing to do with fixing America, WE still have no jobs, a poor economy, high gas prices, to many taxes (unrelated to healthcare) from a healthcare debacle that should have never been passed, green failures, and more, that out weigh's this low priority issue. so if what Todd Akin said and apologized for is going to get your undies in a bunch, remember what bho has done to our country, without an apology had enough of his hope and change ? then put the dope in chains for the fraud he is. Vote for Romney and Ryan and if you are in Mo. vote for Todd Akin at least he stands up for what he says, if he ran from what he said then he should stand down but he did not.. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • 1xgi

    I should have read that tad cronn wrote this article... your as bias a person I have ever incountered, you are the tool that bho needs to keep people distracted from the real issues, what a poon...........:-(

  • Happy Customer

    I'm a woman and I'm voting for TODD AKIN. And not with an anti-McCaskill motive (although anyone would do). Mr. Akin may have answered a single question questionably, but no one can deny the man is a man of character, true American values, and a lover of America. He's voted consistently on the side of right - i.e., not wrongly - and we voters must get behind this man. Don't abandon him because the talking heads and bloggers believe he's done irreparable damage. I'm ashamed of their abandonment of this fine man. Sometimes I believe that the media, the star-makers, the advisors think we simple folk can't think a single thought without their guidance.
    Look closely at Akin - don't let anyone decide who or who shouldn't be a sacrificial lamb. To think that AKIN - amongst all the true perverters of truth, all the purveyors of lies - should go down in flames, especially after his years of true service to our country, is something we should seriously PREVENT. Doesn't anyone have the nerve to stand up for this man?
    DON'T give in to what's ultimately behind this disgraceful situation. And that, my friends, is THE LEFT.

  • Marlowe Scott

    The problem with this situation is that fellow believers and party members could not wait to get to the print and broadcast media to condemn Todd Akin! They piled on as fast as they could, but nary a one has said anything about Biden's recent 'gonna put chains on you all" . Hey, guys, do you think it might have been wise to hold back instead of destorying a fellow Republican?

  • salvatore

    akin WILL drop out of the race because of 2 simple things........DEATH THREATS ( many of them ) and no money from the RNC.....PERIOD!!!

  • D Paul

    "Poor Claire" is devious and heartless. She is a pro abortion Catholic. Akin fell nto a well laid trap. Massive numbers of Demos crossed over in the primary and voted for Akin. In 2006, Claire received 350K votes. In 2012, she received 290K while unopposed. The other 60K plus other voters crossed over. Akin won by 37K and believes that is a mandate even though the other two challengers received 59% of the vote with his 36%. For the good of the nation, he has to withdraw. He has until Sept. 25 to do so with the courts being involved. His lack of judgment is the same as John McCain adding an untested Sarah Palin and setting the female populace "on fire".

  • Calvin Wortman

    You couldn't be more wrong, Todd Akin is a man with integrity and there are precious few of those. He is right to stand his ground and continue the race to defeat McCaskill. The actions of the RNC are more likely to derail his campaign than anything he might have said in an interview. The RNC is more interested in electing lapdogs than men who are truly statesmen. GO AKIN!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMGE7HEFKKAJFS6B6BG6CGORLI TR

    I live in Missouri and know Todd Akin personally.  I did not vote for him in the primary as I felt there was a better candidate to beat McCaskill.  I truly believe that the democrats elected Akin in this primary, one by running ads claiming him to be "too conservative" and secondly by crossing over in the primary since they didn't have to vote for McCaskill.  I think what Todd said was terribly stupid and wished he would have or would still get out of the race.  Apparently he has decided not to do that, but I will say this:  It is still very possible that Akin will win because a large number of Missourians will vote for anyone but McCaskill, myself included.  I am a woman, and I believe that if the Democrats run on abortion and women's health(their words, not mine) they should lose.  Those are not the issues that are important at this time.  Those issues will never go away and if women are stupid enough to vote for them basing their decisions on that issue alone, it will be a sad day for America.