MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Fears Educated President

MSNBC anchor newsman Chris Matthews has long been known for his religious and conservative bigotry and his latest tirade is no different.

Matthews' guest on his program was Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus. Ignoring the current economic crisis, job crisis and immigration crisis, Matthews attacked the RNC chair and the leading Republican candidates when he said:

“Aren't you worried, though, that in a world where we have to compete with science, in science and technology with Chinese and Indian young geniuses, and some of them move here, and some that are still over in their countries around the world, we're competing in a world of science and technology to be a country that might be led by someone who doesn't believe in evolution? Who doesn't believe in climate change? Who doesn't believe in the scientific community of his own country, the National Academy of Science, for example, on climate change? Wouldn't that be kind of scary to have somebody who is so anti-intellectual as president?”

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Matthews is typical of those that are so married to the theory of evolution that they will hang every part of their being on it. They equate it as being equal to science when in reality it isn’t science. Evolution is a belief system just like any other religion. Their god is humanistic naturalism. They worship it as devoutly as Muslim suicide bombers believe in Islam. And like the suicide bombers, they are willing to die for their religion.

Additionally, note that Matthews implies that anyone who does not believe in evolution is unintelligent and ignorant, and that applies for any conservative evangelical Christian who believes in a literal biblical creation as taught in the Bible. Evolutionists’ extreme blind prejudice will not allow them to believe that anyone who believes in creation could have any kind of credibility or intelligence.

I’ll have you know that some of the most intelligent people I have ever met believe in a literal 6 -24 hour days of creation a mere 6,000 years ago. Men like Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, retired physicist who worked at the famous Sandia National Laboratory. Humphreys, using his knowledge of Scripture and physics has successfully made a number of predictions of the planets in our solar system that science later proved to be accurate. Dr. John Baumgardner, who worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory created the most sophisticated three dimensional supercomputer model of the earth known as TERRA. There is also Dr. John Sanford, geneticist at Cornell University. And the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, some of the most intellectually blind people I have ever met are renowned evolutionary scientists like Dr. Niles Eldredge and Dr. Jere Lipps. Their complete faith in evolution would not allow them to see the plain evidence in front of their face.

And to top it off, you have people who at least are honest enough to admit their religious adherence to evolution regardless of the evidence, such as famed Harvard geneticist Dr. Richard Lewontin who said:

“Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.”

And what Matthews fails to realize is that evolution goes against the very foundational laws of biology, chemistry, physics and information. So to believe in the theory of evolution is actually demonstrating one’s lack of intelligence, honesty and integrity in science.

So what Chris Matthews is really saying is that he would prefer someone of his own religious persuasion than someone who might be able to bring our nation out of its current crises and save us from complete economic collapse.



  • Joan

    Hey, You Matt, Who the devil do you think you are saying anyone who does not believe in evolution has a lack of intelligences,honesty,integrity. My, my, where ever did Matthews learn such big words I always thought his vocabulary
    was so limited gee go figure!!

    • Fighting Grandma

      Well, apparently descendants of monkey's can be taught some bigger words ~ they may not know the definitions of the words, but can be trained to 'spout' them...He does kinda resemble his ancestors. Actually, monkeys are kinda cute and very survival oriented and smart, so I probably shouldn't associate them with him on second thought...

    • Dr. John E. Russell

      Right on, Joan.

      1. "Darwin's Black Box" by Michael J. Behe, PhD places evolution in the hoax category.

      2. Global warming is also a hoax--so say 31,487 scientists! See

      Dr. John E. Russell
      Chaplain (COL) AUS Retired
      Vietnam, 1969

    • Mark

      MSNBC is trying very hard to carve out some market share and I think that they are on the right track. FOX has conservatives, CNN has Europe and African Americans, MSNBC is now the official "Homosexual News Channel" they have Chris Matthews, /Maddox and look alike twin male counter part "same glasses same butch hair cut just that he's male with a fem voice,/ the socialist homosexual and finally Progressive Commi Socialist homosexual Rev Sharpton I always wondered about that EasOff oven cleaner hair doo. He's a Homosexual it all makes sense now.

      So, MSNBC was getting 1/2 % of the News market and now they can climb out of the hole back into a NEW HOLE. WOW Thats just sick

    • webkraken

      Frankly, evolution seems to be taking place. I see little reason to gainsay the theories. It is obvious that dinosaurs existed prior to the biblical timeline stated in Genesis. I don't see it as a problem. The ancients frequently mixed up timelines. They just did not have good and accurate ways to track time. Look at Daniel. He left us with an arcane conjecture described as "week of years". It has been a difficult formula to say the least, but we are seemingly in the final throw of the last week allotted. So we are back to 2012 theory, again.
      Regardless, what is a million years to an eternal entity like God? Hell if he did it in a just week what would he do with the rest of his time. Get bored probably..... So he played around a little... Are you gonna say he doesn't have the right?

      I would like to share one spiritual set of evidence. This is TRUTH: My wife and I were sitting on a couch in our apartment. We were discussing a neighbor that lived across the court yard. In short we were having an extreme clash of personalities. Very intensely. Our angst was really revved up ( getting me?). Difficult to describe, but the front room was adjacent the kitchen. The front door was between, and a counter top made the divider. The distance between the counter and door was about 8-10 feet. SO we were intensely discussing this guy/couple, and spontaneously my wifes hair clip (plastic clippy jaws) flew from the counter top at a slight upward angle. It hit the wall! flew 10 feet, upwards, generally towards the guys apartment, and we were both 15-20 feet away! The clip was plastic so magnetism can't explain it. It flew upwards and ten feet: no random event! A guardian spirit?
      There must be a place for spirituality in the scientific equation, if what I say is true. It happened: FACT.

    • The Punisher

      Well, we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and have a President who DOESN'T believe in, or FOLLOW the Constitution, So, WHATS YOUR BEEF, Matthews???
      HERE'S the $ 100,000 QUESTION, Chris Matthews.... WHAT person with INTELLIGENCE, watches YOUR SHOW????
      L M A O, at you, you ignorant one sided Libturd!!!

    • rocky

      Chris Matthew's arrogance only inhances his stupidity. It's laughable. How serious he takes himself and yet what comes out of his mouth (with his spit) is so unbelievably lame. He definitely likes to hear himself talk. From what I can tell, he is the only one.

    • lasvegasjerry

      Amen, sister, Evolution contradicts some of the most elementary laws of physics and genetics. To believe in evolution is to believe the incredible human body, the complexity of the eyes, ears, and the brain came about through chance. How did the body know the eye was supposed to be developed so that the body could see. The evolutionists are the neanderthals, from an educational standpoint, Chris Mathews is the head of the tribe.

    • Patriot56

      Chris Matthews is a MORON, end of story!!!

    • johnsnare

      Right on,Joan. this guy has to be the most arrogant, obnoxious,mean spirited, and dumbest man on Television. How MSNBC allows this idiot to rant, and humiliate his guests is amazing. He is close minded, and infantile. Did I leave anything out? That chill crawling up his leg is probaly part of his brain.

      • Wlmitch1

        That tingly feeling he gets running up his leg whenever he hears Obama speak is actually a TINKLY feeling running DOWN his leg! He gets, as Obama would word it, all wee-wee'd up whenever he hears Obama speak.


      Matthews is a monkey and hasn't evolved yet

  • Bill Malone

    If Chris Matthews wants to believe he was descended from a monkey, who am I to argue?

    • Troy

      Great point. I have always pictured those who believe in evolution as swinging from a vine. If you want and listen to their behaviors you will also see the similarity. They act and talk like bafoons. I truly am not trying to be funny. Really pay attention to them when you get their blood pressure up from you lack of agreement with them. I have to say, as little as I would enjoy doing, that there are those who believe in evolution who have a real level of great intelligence, they just forget to use it when they are caught up in something that they just cannot explain. Because they cannot get a definitive answer to the life and creation question they result to the science of Magic; hense the big boooooooom. I do not know about you but that sounds a little spooky to me.

    • Nick

      The same stupid and ignorant phrase as used by so many anti-evolution people. No, you are not descended from a monkey, although with statements like that some would wonder. In the 21st Century, nobody with an education beyond 6th Grade and an IQ higher than room temperature believes that humans descended from monkeys, or apes like chimpanzees (which are not monkeys, although you're probably too ignorant know.) Evolution postulates that all species had a common beginning, probably a single-cell organism. Those that adapted to changing circumstances, like changes in climate or food sources, survived; those that did not went extinct. Over hundreds of millions of years, entire classes, like the dinosaurs, became extinct, probably due to a massive meteorite causing global dust clouds that killed off vegetation they depended on. The tree of evolution branched off into distinct classes, like birds, reptiles, insects, arachnids and mammals. Each branch split into smaller branches, so that the mammalia were split into smaller classes like cetacians (whales, for example), ruminants, monotremes and the primates like apes and, yes, man.

      • Eric

        In essence, you're agreeing with the author of this article when he states "They equate it as being equal to science when in reality it isn’t science. Evolution is a belief system just like any other religion". All religions postulate what they believe in. If I'm not mistaken, one of the definitions of postulate is to to assume without proof. Evolution is not a proven belief, it is a well thought out argument, but that does not equate it to a science.

        Don't fall into the trap of making fun of others for their comments by calling them, for lack of a better word, stupid...

      • Greg

        you assume that because people do not believe your religion (evolution) that they are stupid
        the argument that is consistent with science is DNA your "blueprint", if you alter the blueprint you end up with failure
        say someone was handed the blueprint for a bicycle and delivered the space shuttle you would ask what happened and they might reply we evolved the design, problem is that a single cell contains a smuch information as it takes to design complicated devices like the shuttle, your DNA is so far beyond that, this is where many people in the scientific community have agreed that there must be a planner for such complicated beings, they don't profess a religion like the evolutionists they just suggest a creator, designer or whatever label you choose, but they don't call the evolutionists stupid they just don't agree

      • Roy Acryin

        Since the dinosaurs were on the earth much longer than man, and they too went through the evolution cycle of higher and higher forms, why didn't they evolve into an intelligent race that build societies, cities, machines, books, Ipads, etc, etc.? The geological record supports no such things. They merely were there , and then they were gone, probably from a comet striking earth as you suggest. Random processes produce chaos, not intelligence design. There is a correlation between intelligent creation and the scientific record, but it doe take time and study to see it. It does not have to include a literal six 24 hour day creation sequence. And previous biases have to be put aside

      • WAPotter

        If evolutionists would remember that the Theory of Evolution is just that--a THEORY which cannot be based on scientific reconstruction or observation, the playing field could be leveled somewhat. Creationists only observe facts as proposed in Scriptural accounts.

        Many evolutionists disregard creationist claims because they wish to deny claims prescribed by religion. However, if the evolutionary model were accurate, why can we not see similar species changes today?

        Creationists rely on the accuracy of historical accounts from Scripture which have been confirmed from extra-Scriptural sources as a basis for accepting Creation Theory.

        Since neither theory can be scientifically reconstructed or observed, each theory relies on faith of some sort to formulate a basis for the belief.

        Labeling either camp as stupid or non-intellectual is baseless and lazy. A truly thoughtful discussion of this debate can never be presented as long as the participants of the debate present themselves as all-knowing and self-righteous. As long as the holders of the microphone continue to squelch debate by name-calling and derision, we cannot come to the table with ideas that can be discussed.

        When someone belittles my religion, beliefs and thought process, I have very little desire to listen to what they have to say and I will tune them out even if they are speaking the Truth. My faith is NOT based on whether or not anyone else believes as I do. However, common sense dictates that I listen and respect those who have opposing beliefs in order for them to listen to my side of the discussion. I wish that this same manner would be observed by Chris Matthews and others in the fifth estate. However, I must filter everything and temper it with a knowledge that he is actually being as closed-minded as he is accusing the conservatives/creationists/religious right of being. Pity.

        • Eric

          Well said.

      • Tasha

        Many people who believe in evolution believe eaxactly that. The AMerican Museum of Natural hHitory took down the human evolution exhibit, because so much has been proven wrong. Homo habilius & homo erectus weren;t sequentlail, but contemporrary (breaks the sequence.) Lucy was not what they claimed it was ; they have decided now that it is a different spe ies altogether. Sequence borken again.
        There;s no connection between the creatrues that lived before the Cambrian Explosion and those that lived after. They were killed off, then suddenly, the Cambiran explloded in a mass of new species.

        Evolution is largley devoution, a mutatio; one genus tdoes not turn into anohter. Aniimals may develop differnet colors e.g. ploar bears are a form of grizzly and cane still mate with them and produce fertile offspring pizlies or grolars). They shouldn't have been illogicaly labeled as threatened---esp. when their numbers have almost quintupled in the past 50 years; there are so many of them in FInland that elmentary school kids are given shotguns to protect themselves from polar bears. (Who are the only bears that hunt and eat people)>

        • NoCAGal

          ......"The entire Universe is alive. There is nothing dead, nothing inanimate. When Jesus said, "God is not a God of the dead, but a God of the living," he was revealing the basic truth of all Creation. For all is living and all is intelligence and all is conscious; and the great motivating force of all life is its attempt to expand its consciousness. In other words, it seeks to know itself!

        • NoCAGal

          ....To consider this further, let us attempt to visualize all space as consisting only of vibration.........we need not postulate as to what causes the vibration, for the vibration is intelligence alone and the force it exerts is of intelligence alone. The vibrations in pure universal intelligence are established on many different frequencies and all vibrations of one frequency are inevitably attracted together to form a unit. This unit, this center of corresponding vibrations, we know as an atom, or as the Solar System, the first sign of visible form, the first evidence of tangible matter, called into existence by the very nature of infinite law acting within and upon itself.

        • NoCAGal

          The formed atom also sets up a vibration and seeks out other atoms of a corresponding vibration, and in this coalescence of units vibrating on the SAME FREQUENCY there is FORMED MATTER as we know it in our physical world.

          Thus matter is formed from INTELLIGENCE; and more important, INTELLIGENCE must be CONSCIOUS, it is an indisputable fact that we are surrounded by a living universe, that there is consciousness in ALL THINGS

        • NoCAGal

          ....the form which results from the union of many individual lives or consciousnesses is the result of the consciousness of the whole. In other words, the form of the rock is the result of the consciousness of the rock. The form of the amoeba is a result of the consciousness of the amoeba, and the form of the human being is the result of the consciousness of the human being!

          .....What is evolution? It is life expanding to a CONSCIOUS ONENESS WITH GOD. As time progresses and our consciousness expands, we are growing closer and closer to this attainment. Indeed, this is the clue to the mystery of life and evolution and the destiny of man."

        • NoCAGal

          ....Jesus said "I and my Father are one." One, one, one! One with all men, all life, all things, all substance! The attainment of the consciousness of the whole. The attainment of the consciousness of GOD!"

          Three Magic Words, US Andersen, 1954

    • Sharky

      Great point - I always thought he sounded like a monkey, maybet hat explains it all

    • KnowThe TruthToday

      If he didn't descend from one he is headed in that direction - evolution in reverse.

    • Tony

      Actually, wouldn't it be hard to accept he did not descend from a monkey?

    • toto

      He's definitely a throwback.

    • John

      I'm with you! So tell me Chris, if we are descended from monkeys why are they still monkeys? like you.

    • H.R.I.M.

      In his belief / support of the theory of evolution, maybe Matthews was inflenced by the physical appearance of the first lady. jms

    • John Williams

      So let me see if I get this right , Chris . We come from nowhere ; we are headed nowhere ; which means there is no meaning or purpose to our existence ! So what is the point of having any discussion with you about global warming , or anything for that matter ! What difference does it make anyway ? We might as well stop worrying about it and do whatever the Hell we want to do , right Christ ? Or is that too intellectual an argument for you to grasp ! According to evolutionists , we are headed toward total extinction by one means or another ! So Chris , it really does not make any difference whatsoever who our next President is ; or how smart or stupid he/she is , since intelligence will be irrelevant in NOWHERE!

    • @scismgenie

      In his case the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. he is emotionally driven, not intellectually driven. I believe he in almost all circumstances has no knowledge of what he chooses to speak about. If you speak from Ignorance, you prove you are an ignoramus. He belongs in the dust bin.

    • ronald yurchak

      I've seen monkeys smarter than him.

    • lucitee

      AMEN! HIS family may have hung from a tree by their tails, but MINE DID NOT!

    • Paul

      Seems to be proving it every time he opens his mouth,.

    • Rico

      I suspect that the monkeys will argue vehemently. Why would they want to be associated with a moron like Matthews. Just because he throws poop doesn't entitle him to be a monkey.

    • letitsnow1

      hey, if he wants to believe he came from a monkey, ok, glad i didn't come from a monkey. see, folks if you don't believe in god, well then you came from a monkey. just stay out of my dam trees!

    • NoCAGal

      Good one, Bill! We can always thank God that Matthews isn't qualified or intelligent enough to run for POTUS; however, being a liberal, he could skip the process of being vetted like we've experienced with Obumma! God does work His miracles in wonderful ways......

    • Joy

      Bill, I agree, except I haven't seen any of those half ape/half man evolvers around all of my 62 years ....wonder where they all are? How can anyone that has intelliegence believe that there was a bunch of cells that multilplied and knew how to develop all by themselves because of a big bang....and make eyes to see and ears to hear and vocal cords to talk, and a stomach to digest food and a nervous system...and have all the DNA that we know each human has without any help from a higher power, someone much smarter than all of mankind? Gee, I guess Matthews has the problem, not us!!

    • Keith

      I think he descended from some oozing evil slime along with our president and congressmen.

    • Dan Hedglin

      I wish I woul have said that.

  • Rachelrao

    Chris Matthews is a spitball of vengance and this along with his ignorance and bigotry comes through every time he opens his mouth. He is a washed up has been and should not be given any credence. Most of what he says and does is to get attention like a 2-year old wanting attention, but that would be an insult to any 2-year old. He is trying to claw on to this job, and like that Garafflo (buffalo), and Maddog Maddox is just one of the extreme liberals who talk nonsense. I would like to see how the would adapt or accept socialism when it starred them in their faces. Not believing in God is why they are the way they are. Ignoring such people is the best course.

    • Goodforall

      I think those Obama tingles he has gotten running up his leg has fried his brain-what little of it that was there in the first place. The man is a total moron, plain and simple. He is everything that is wrong with the left and a complete embarrassment. His show rivals in ratings to that of Jor Behar-that syas it all.

    • Mike

      Chris Matthews is the personification of the arrogance of ignorance. Were it not for his vituperations he would have no claim to fame and recognition.


      matthews will find out soon enough that he is wrong

    • JC in SC

      Mathews is not a has been...He is a never was!

  • johnny d

    who the heck lends any credibility to what chris sez or thinks? he only sez what he is told to say.........

    • The Punisher

      Ahh, a NEW TERM comes to mind here...... LIBPUPPET!!

  • Lee

    Anytime Chris Matthews talks, I do not listen...I cannot believe he has turned into such an ignorant bigot against true Americans...he is not a real journalist in any sense of the word. I saw his true colors when he let the tremble run up his leg upon listening to Obama speak...OK, read from the teleprompter that Chris thought made Obama so intelligent. Yeap, Obama is intelligent alright, he's taking this whole nation for a ride and "journalists" are not calling him up on it. I saw it when he was running and said so many times...I called him the Pipe Piper then and still steroids now.

    • usfrog

      That's because he takes Liagra.

    • HARRY


  • Wil

    Perhaps Mark Twain said it best--
    "It's not what I know that bothers me. It's what I know that ain't so that really bothers me."
    The mind of man has to find a way to explain what it cannot understand. Since "science" cannot prove God, they must find another plausable explination--even if there are gaping holes in their logic--like the Law of Thermo-dynamics.
    If you look at the evidence with 'glasses' that filter out a loving Creator, you miss the blessing of being a creation of the God who is love, and you miss the security of a promised eternal relationship with "Love" himself. God is love!

    • gorgar

      What "EVIDENCE" might you be referring to in particular? This might explain how you come to your conclusion that there even is a God.

    • Buddell

      Prove it. There is no proof. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem. The proof for evolution is legion, tons of it. It has never been proved incorrect. Never. As soon as it is proved incorrect, it ceases to be a "scientific" theory. Good luck with that.

      • thoughtful

        Can evolution answer the most basic question, "what is the origin of life?" No one can explain how life came from non-life (even the extra-terrestrial theory doesn't answer how the extra-terrestrials came to be). But in case that detail is not fun enough, Darwin agreed that to find a single complex organ that could not be explained in how it could have evolved by some series of small mutations - given each mutation would need to be independently sustainable and represent progressive capability (or else it would be inconsistent with the theory) - would be enough to disprove his theory. Hmm - there are SO many such examples. Maybe more interesting - which requires more faith? Believe in random chance evolution leading to many complex species - a process which runs counter to fundamental laws of nature - or to believe that a Creator exists?

    • ronald yurchak

      And we all should love Him too. He will give us all the answers soon.

  • Alice

    Poor Chris Matthews. He knows nothing about economics, foreign policy, real racial issues, border security - in fact, he knows nothing about anything except talking points sent to him, no doubt, by the Democratic machine. Talk about a mouthpiece; that is Matthews. Unfortunately, he is a stupid one.
    My recent post A Nation’s Prayers Being Answered

    • The Punisher

      He knows nothing about anything?? OMG!! He must be... LIBERAL!! LOL!!

    • slide and glide

      How on earth does anyone know what Chris Matthews or the likes of him has to say? I for one don't watch or listen to such garbage. I do think that there are some people that think that they evolved from monkeys and they most probably did. They aren't that far down the ladder yet.

  • Dread Pirate Roberts

    If we have descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

    • TNinfidel

      Because you don't understand how evolution works.

      • Marty S

        No one knows because there is only micro evolution. Dogs from wolves. etc. Not from pond scum. Man from man not a monkey.
        Science will never be able to confirm either way because what it all boils down to is FAITH. Either you have it or you dont. Those that believe in our Creator will move on. Those that dont will perish. Simple.
        God Bless you all.

      • The Punisher

        Oh, so it starts, then STOPS, when it FEELS LIKE IT?? EXPLAIN, and DEMONSTRATE this "theory" for us!!

      • lasvegasjerry

        Sorry TN infidel, but you are the one who doesn't know how evolution is supposed to work. Tell me the process by which inanimate matter (dirt) came to be a living entity. No one in the vast field of science has ever created life from a non living being. You are not aware of Mendel's laws of genetics which show that almost all mutations are harmful, many of them are fatal. Three thousand generations of fruit fly experiments have never produced a fruit fly of more complexity. Explain how we developed a four chambered heart when the cold blooded creatures who we are distant relatives of had three chambered hearts. The heart would have stopped working before it converted to four chambers. How did they go from cold blooded to warm blooded. could go on and on. sGet some education before you accuse other of not understanding something.

    • wayne74467

      There are, Chrissie makes that point.

    • Winston

      One of those moneys is sitting in Chris Matthew's chair.

    • price66

      Hey, without evolution we would not have Barack the Obambulating Manure Spreader!!

      • The Punisher

        Sorry, WRONG THEORY!! The is mankind DEVOLVING... as in GETTING DUMBER!! Not Smarter or BETTER!!

        • The Punisher

          "THAT IS mankind".. sorry for the typo!!

      • Roger

        Yea I agree

    • Sandyb

      Evolutionists believe that man evolved from a separate branch and the "missing link" has never been found. That's what makes it a theory, not fact. MGW is also a theory. Facts are few. Computer models are suppositions not facts.

      • The Punisher

        So, scientists, have to take the theory there is a "missing Link.... on FAITH?!?!!?! BWAHAHAHA!!!

    • John Williams

      To suggest that Chris Matthews descended from monkeys is an insult to monkeys ! I've seen some pretty smart monkeys !

    • hickerbilly

      maxine waters is the link.

    • GODSRevolution!

      That is exactly what I say to the kids and grand kids. It stops them in their tracks and makes them think.

      I remember when I was in high school in the early 70's. My science starting talking this evolution crap. I told him there was no way I was going to sit there and listen to this ridiculous crap. I went to the office and took the F for his class. Why people allow others to change their belief's is beyond me.

    • TheThinker

      And the other question it seems NO ONE ever asks- what did MONKEYS and APES evolve from?!!

      • SweetOlBob

        Ahhhh. You Homo Sapiens think you're soooooo smart just because won the first evolution race.
        But take care. We are watching you through the eyes of our disguised prophet and broadcaster, Christopher (chee-chee) Mathews.
        One day, when we are ready, we will send you back to the trees. May the Monkey God bless the efforts of the Mathews and shower him with a mana of bananas. (please pass the peanuts.)

    • Korean Vet

      "You might try asking the "Soviets"--since "Evolution to the Apes"--was their 'Training Exercise' to 'Subdue the Masses'-!
      Bur of course--this makes 'All of their Leaders'--just monkey's with a yearn for power'-! They don't like bananas any more!

  • David

    Equating certain scientists accurate scientific inquiries and accomplishments with a equally accurate understanding of the evolution of not only our planet but of the cosmos is a non-sequitur.

    Newton was the 'father' of the Newtonian theory of gravity but was not dismissed because Einstein added to that line of thought with new insight that later proved Newton incorrect in some aspects of his thinking. In other words, it is irrelevant to the idea of evolution that some scientist may refute it because of beliefs. (beliefs are simply hypothesis, and no one has proven creationism or God. I say this AS a believer in God . . . but that's a personal matter, not proof).

    Faith - in evolution or one's personal life - must be rejected. The scientific rule of thumb is 'what is REAL' . . . not how to fit one's beliefs into 'scientific' packages. Whether 'global warming', or 'evolution' . . . or theism itself.

    With that in mind - 'true believers' in ANY theory can be a real danger to our nation, as Obama's true believer stance in socialism has. It is no less a danger that the wrong ideological believer in certain forms of mysticism could be at least as dangerous.

    • Glenn Fuller

      Whenever science and belief stand at odds, it is important for each person to try to reconcile the two. Either our understanding of God's creation (as advanced by science) is in error, or our interpretation of the bible is in error. A scientist is simply God's way of studying his own creation. Never forget the lessons of Galileo.

    • VT Patriot

      Science is absolute, no questions asked. The earth is round (or very nearly so) so that can be a science. The flat earthers (like mathews) can give you a dozen reasons why he THINKS it's flat, and he's welcome to his beliefs. That doesn't make it so. The louder he shouts, generally is a symptom of less proof, more noise. Science is absolute, feelings or beliefs are just that.

    • Charlie

      Very elegantly stated. I appreciate your thoughtful discourse and enjoyed reading it.

      Einstein had once said something to the effect of religion without science was unfathomable, and science without religion was lost.

      I think science and religion need to call a truce. Many things from both camps are beyond provability. To be constantly at war with thought from either camp does more of a disservice than a service to man.

      Science should not be hijacked to prove or disprove religion (think Galileo,) nor should religion be hijacked to prove or disprove science (think the Scopes Monkey trial.) The forces of our universe- God, Yahweh, Buddah, the gods of ancient times, and yes, as repugnant as this may seem to many people here, even Allah, have given us these tools- of faith and belief in something larger than us all, and the ability to inquire and discover- to help answer the mysteries of the wonder of the universe.

      For extremists on either side to poo-poo the other or to attack those who find truth in both camps does no service to anyone, and in the search for the truth, is, I believe, most displeasing to what I shall collectively call God.

      Ignorance, to me, is a sin, correctable by education; to me, it is a sin because you are wasting the most valuable tangible gift man has- the power of your mind. Willful and forced ignorance is lying to yourself and others- which makes it a double sin.

      Let us all continue in the quest for truth, no matter where it may lead us, even if the answer may be disquieting. The truth, is ultimately what will set us all free.

    • SparkGap

      Remember that the first true and productive scientists were Christians who originated the "Scientific Method." Don't forget that fact. I believe in the God, described in the Bible, the one who is said to have created the heavens and the earth. I am also a believer in the use of the scientific method, to discover many things encompassed in HIS creation.
      I have spent many years in laboratories of various sorts. Mathematics, chemistry, electronics, meteorology & metrology have been in my experience. Six languages, performing arts and theology are also in my portfolio. Yet. the more that I explore, the more that I know that I don't know Nothin'--folks. Any pride that I once had in all that I'd learned, has collapsed into a little pile of ashes - and replaced, rather, by a certain humility.
      This much I do know, that God somehow made THIS world, and me also. I do know that I am HIS "property" by reason of creation. I do know that HE has demonstrated that I can & do have a personal relationship w. HIM.(& so can anyone else).
      In summary: The more that I know --The more that I know that I don't know very much. But because "HE IS" - so I derive reality from the fact that HE IS, and so HE does. SparkGap

      • SparkGap

        In Addition - the Global Warming/Cooling/Change is a topic in the mix here. I submit a paper for you to consider --- "Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide" by Arthur B. Robinson, Noah E. Robinson, & Willie Soon -- from the Oregon Institute of Science & Medicine ([email protected]). My copy of only 12 pages, is replete with 29 charts & graphs and 132 references at the end.
        That paper does not support human-caused global warming. I will also direct you to investigate the effect of solar cycles (esp. "sunspot cycles) on earth weather. Consider within that topic, the "Maunder Minimum." In the mean time, I have an amplifier to repair & I'll be monitoring the Hurricane net on 14.325 MHz. SparkGap

    • NoCAGal

      ..".the form which results from the union of many individual lives or consciousnesses is the result of the consciousness of the whole. In other words, the form of the rock is the result of the consciousness of the rock. The form of the amoeba is the result of the consciousness of the amoeba, and the form of the human being is the result of the consciouness of the human being." "Evolotion is life expanding to a consciousness oneness with God."
      US Andersen, Three Magic Words, 1954

  • Dee

    Chris Matthews is the most unbalanced man in the world...I dont believe he is stable enough to be on tv the way he treats his guest.....I wouldnt even waste my time going on his show...............He is no Media person worth listening to either........................

    • URKiddinMee

      Almost! he is the SECOND most unbalanced man in the world. Joe Biden has the prize for number one!

      • glennTX1966

        Joe Biden, is a box of rocks or a bag of hammers.

    • JerryP

      Well I won't directly refute your claim, I'll just ask that that other wizard of dimentia Al Sharpton is now an anchor on MSDNC too.

      • Jerry P

        me Again, I dropped a few words, I meant "I'll just ask that you consider that other wizard of dimentia Al Sharpton is now an anchor on MSDNC too".

    • jim

      The only thing this IDIOT knows is what ole barry sends him to Read, probably daily!!

    • dan creech

      He is a moron. Tell him to put on his spandex and take a dive. I don't expect him to be around when the cable company takes over.

  • Lee

    Dee...I soooo agree with you. I don't understand why perfectly smart people even go on his show to just be treated with so much disrespect. I never watch, but read about it online like with this article.

    • dfrank

      While the Republicans, at their convention were nominating George Bush in his re-election bid against John Kerry, a democratic senator from one of the southern states gave a speech supporting Bush. At an interview later in the evening, Chris Matthews said something insulting to the senator upon which the extremely agitated Senator said that he wished the law still permitted dueling.

      Chris was so taken aback by the implied desire on the part of the senator to meet him on a field of honor, he could only over his mawkish giggling to cover his obvious embarrassment. For me, it was a high light of the entire political season.

      • dfrank

        Oops: ...he could only offer his mawkish giggling...

  • Jerry

    Chris Matthews is the biggest idiot on TV. Why would anyone want to listen to him. I would not waste my valuable time following his program.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Jerry. I have to disagree with you. I watch and read as much stuff from the "other" side as I do ours just to keep up somewhat with their crapola.

      While my dad was in North Africa and Italy during WWII, my mother became very close with his father, her father-in-law.

      She said his most used saying regarding enemies was something to the effect, "The closer you stand to the mule, the less intense his kick," meaning of course that being intimate with the enemy's BS made it easier to contend with.

      I agree, and try to keep up with what's going on in the enemy camp. It's often hard to "stomach" but it does let me know what "they're" up to. We all should do this for our own good. Sometimes it allows us to "see" a plot and begin a defense "before" they "spring their trap."

  • Nick

    Anyone who believes the literal idea that the earth, and all its species, were created in 4004BC, in an afternoon, as postulated by Archbishop Usher, has drunk the KoolAid of ignorance and superstition that was rampant when the stupid old men wrote the bible, with its contradictions, rubbish and Bronze-age ignorance. As a wag once said, Noah apparently brought on board disease-causing pathogens, but forgot the dinosaurs. Of course, the bible authors knew nothing about ancient extinct species like the dinosaurs, since the science of paleontology did not exist. And yes, "missing links" are being found regularly, including late-era dinosaur fossils with feathers, supporting the theory that a few survived and became today's birds. Whale-like fossils with primitive legs have also been found, reinforcing the theory that they were originally land mammals (not fish) that went into the sea for food, as do seals and penguins, for example, and in time remained in the sea permanently.

    • URKiddinMee

      And fosslized remains of a few liberals with intelligence have been unearthed also. But they walked the earth eons ago and are totally extinct today.

    • glennTX1966

      Your ignorance of the Bible and Bible facts are evident in your comments, the Ark was large enough to hold all of the know dinosaurs species, in addition to all other animal species. After the flood the earth's atmosphere was alter in such a way that over a period of time many species became extinct. And to believe that the world came in to existence with a big bang? Tell me where the big bang came from? So did the car have a creator? Or did it just evolve from a big bang? For more information check out the Creation Evidence Museum.

    • Eric

      You do love to use phrases like: as postulated by, and supporting the theory. You forget that Religion and Science cannot commingle. One is based on faith, the other on fact. There are no facts supporting Evolution, only theories.

      Ann Coulter probably stated it best in an article I read yesterday:

      Darwin's theory was that life on Earth began with single-celled life forms, which by random mutation, sex and death, would pass on the desirable mutations, and this process, over billions of years, would lead to the creation of new species.

      The (extremely generous) test Darwin set for his theory was this: "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down."

      Thanks to advances in microscopes, thousands of such complex mechanisms have been found since Darwin's day. He had to explain only simple devices, such as beaks and gills. If Darwin were able to come back today and peer through a modern microscope to see the inner workings of a cell, he would instantly abandon his own theory.

      • Steven

        Religion and Science CAN commingle. Where they APPEAR to disagree, someone is wrong. As often is not, it is the not so scientific interpretation of the evidence. As Albert Einstein stated, science can NEVER actually prove any theory. It can only disprove a theory. The only evidence FOR a theory is the failure of attempts to disprove it. If Einstein were alive today, he would be working to disprove the Theory of Relativity, if he had not already done so.

      • John S

        Actually, no, they can and do mix. What is true is that you can't replace one with the other. It helps to remember that the proper name for "science" is "Natural Philosophy", and thus "science" is both a sub-set of the whole of philosophy, and by design and intent incompetent to address matters of philosophy.

        Evolution and God are not only not incompatible, they complement one another. Holy Mother Church, however, warns us that while evolution may be true, it can't nor should we be tempted to believe that it disproves the existence of God. After all, the existence of a screwdriver does not disprove the existence of the auto-mechanic.

        Indeed, evolution is a process of near God-like genius, and I personally believe that it provides evidence of the existence of God. Unless you believe God is an incompetent engineer, then the same God who invented time had to invent a way for his creation to adapt to change over a period of time. Religion and science do commingle, and for a good Christian, they must. Christianity is a religion of faith AND reason in equal measure. That was the heart of the Pope's Regensburg address. I would recommend reading the transcript of that address to every person, but most especially to those who do not realize the overwhelming importance of a well reasoned, strong, philosophical foundation to country, community, and person.

        To correct your misunderstanding: Darwin was not wrong, but you misunderstand what he was saying. To understand how evolution works, one needs to study how genotype and phenotype relate, and that what Darwin was talking about was small changes in genotype, which can produce large and sudden changes in phenotype. As an example, consider what changing just a single bit in a program can do to that program. Mind you, Darwin did not understand coding theory, nor did he know about DNA, so he was unable to knowledgeably the mechanisms of evolution. But I'm sure you didn't mean to imply that Darwin's original theory had not evolved enormously over time, as everybody is well aware of just how much progress has been made in understanding and expanding the theory, right?

        The "proof against evolution" that you refer to, found in the inner workings of cells, can be ascribed to evolution with no violation or even change of the theory by understanding that small changes in coding can result in brand new structures arising in the expression of the modified genes.

        As a Catholic, I have to say that evolution is some of God's finest work.

    • Love

      It is written: To God - "A day is as a thousand years".

      Just for you - One of my favorites in the written "Word" just for you: "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

    • K.A.

      Nick, the 6,000 year theory of creation is even by Biblical standards just a theory. That number is arived at by making assumptions about the average amount of time that passed in the gaps in geneologies. A further assumption is made about how long a day is when the Earth and Sun aren't even fully brought into being. Point being, there is nothing tying a literal interpretation of the Bible to a 6,000 year old world. In fact sound scholarship should be challenging a similar number of years placed by anthropologists on the age of human civilization. Ironically this number probably wont withstand the history of both science and archaeology. Keep your eyes peeled for the 20,000 year old city ruin.

    • Joshua Warren

      First, let me say that as a Bible-believing Christian, I believe that God is the First-Cause (Creator) of the entire universe, and that the original words written in that Bible are the inspired Word of God; thus are Truth.

      Secondly, as a rational human who has studied scientific theory and methods, I believe that the earth, the moon, stars, and the entire cosmos are a lot older than a mere 6,000 years. However, if God created all of this, AND is the God of the Bible, why the discrepancy?

      That's just it--there is no discrepancy. The Bible (if True) AND the evidence of what we have discovered scientifically, MUST BE IN HARMONY; and they are. Let's face it: God gave us a mind designed to study His Creation. Why then, would He frustrate that effort by Creating a cosmos full of lies and distortions? If He is real, and He did Create the universe, and He is a God of Truth, then the answer is obvious: He would not lie to us through His Creation. It would take a book to explain this, so I'll just recommend the book that does: "Creation and Time", by Dr. Hugh Ross. This book is a "Biblical and scientific perspective on the Creation-Date controversy" that leaves no doubt that both the scientists (who believe in the Big-Bang) and those who believe that God created the universe, are correct. They have been arguing with each other for a long time--over nothing. Read the book.

      • Charlie

        Well-stated and thoughtful. The book you mention sounds very interesting, and like one I'll enjoy reading.

    • Tasha

      No connection betweeen pre Cambrian fossils and those afther the Cambrian explosion. Usher was accurate about the descxent from Adam and Eve. What he missed was that between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2 when the earth BECAME empty and desolate (tohu va bohu--without form and void) all life kileld off by an ice age.

      On day 1, light is energized, NOT created. There are only three acts of creation in Genesis 1, the heavens and the aarth, soul life (breath life --oxygen breathing ) in animals, and spirit in man. There can be NO connection between those life forms before and after and the fossil record bears it out. Genesis tells you that light precedes all life, that plant life prexceds animal life, and that light can exist without the sun---which "sicentists" couldn't figure out until the Curies discovered radium.

    • Don

      Nick, Truth is always there and if you REALLY wanted to know what is true you will find it. I DARE you to use your claimed intelligence and opened mindedness to find the REAL truth. Others who were where you are but really wanted to know the truth found it. In the process they found the lies and fabrications made to support the THEORY of evolution. Those with agendas FEAR the search because it might undo what they have CHOSEN to believe as THEIR thruth and call everyone that refuses to accept their opinion(s) as fact unintelligent. The real intelligent and truth seekers are not intimidated by name calling.

    • ARNEY

      Yeah, Nick! I guess you decended from the ostritch, You just bury your head in the sand of evolution. That is all.

  • URKiddinMee

    Since he often pisses down his leg, I'm not certain that he has achieved a very high limb on HIS evolutionary tree.

    • d rash

      "Pisses down his leg"? No, he "squats" to piss.

    • Kangaroo

      Come on now, he only pisses down his leg when he excited to see his slowly evolving white house TelePromter reader.

    • Jerry

      Right on.

  • Spyder Dalton

    He should fear anyone with intelligence...

    • Steven

      He does.

  • gene

    I just don't understand why reason and scientific method to determine what is fact is rejected for stone age beliefs.
    Mathews is wrong when he lumps Climate Change with evolution. Climate Change is a fact of life but the Al Gore
    version of twisting of scientific facts to distribute wealth from rich countries to poor in the name of Cap & Trade is simply criminal.

    When are we goong to use our reason and stop dancing around a burning bush and praying to some invisible super duper power?????We are still a nation of idiots.

    • KnowThe TruthToday

      On the nation of idiots I have to agree. One just wrote this column.

      • kowboy335

        That's a little like the pot calling the kettle black. The true idiots in this nation are those who elected obama. I don't believe obama has failed - on the contrary. I think his plans to destroy this country are right on track. Folks like you see the problems in this country as "the solution." Cris Matthews and you are just two of many!

    • glennTX1966

      The fool has said in heart there is no God.

    • Believer

      God is not invisable....all you have to do is look.

    • Neal

      You sir are an intire nation of idiots on your own...One day you will learn the truth...In the mean time, God Bless You!!!

    • Neal

      You sir are an intire nation of idiots on your own...One day you will learn the truth...In the mean time, God Bless You!!!

    • John S.

      Neither reason nor the scientific method have to be rejected in order to know the truth. But only a fool, one who is ignorant of science, would believe that science can, or does, say anything about the nature or existence of God.

      Science is, by design and intent, not competent to talk about those areas of discussion that are the purview of philosophy. Anybody who is knowledgeable about the philosophy of science ("science" is short hand for "Natural Philosophy") would not even dream of trying to use only natural philosophy when talking about religion, moral philosophy or any non-natural, non-temporal truth.

      If you truly wish to use your reason, you have a lot of studying and learning to do. Your reason is damaged by a false and in coherent philosophy, and that philosophy is actually at odds with the true philosophy of "science."

  • proudamerican

    gimmecrats fear ANYONE that is educated! gimmecrats are to truth what a cross is to Dracula!

  • Sharon

    Chris Matthews, is getting scary. Why won't those in his family get him some mental help?

    • usfrog

      Lawrence O Donnell is another one. Makes you wonder what the requirements at MSNBC are ?

    • LANI

      I think he is hitting the bottle again. They better check his baby bottles for signs of Alcohol. Dribbles may be back to his Alcoholic Days

  • Yacov

    The Cajun Supreme Court ruled that the Theory of Evilution is a religion and that Intelligent Design is Science thanks to the Expert witness that has a Masters in Micro-Biology from Brown University - the Gov. of the Cajun State.

    • yoto

      As long as there is disagreement and not consensus, there is no definitive proof, both ideas remain theories. Why such rancor? Why does one have to be the absolute truth? Could it be that God created the evolutionary process?

      • Charlie

        This is an argument I've long-used. Those who are hard-rooted to their beliefs, usually in a religious context, think I'm the most horrible person ever to walk the Earth for saying so.

        My answer for them is simple: if God can do whatever He wants, just what would rule that out based on their pretext?

        The argument usually stops.

        As strange as many people here may find this- most people I know who are involved in the sciences are actually very open to such a postulation, with many readily agreeing to it being as reasonable as any other explanation that's been offered, and based on what's been found, probably as good as one as any other.

    • Nils


  • stan

    Give me one, just one, solid fact that evolution is real!!
    My truth is in Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." That's all I need.

    • price66

      Ok, here's one......the Obambulating Manure Spreader!!!


      AMEN !!!!!!!

  • Pastor Carmen

    Matthews is nothing more then a Communist working for his boss BHO and MSNBC.

  • captelaine

    Globull warming is a HOAX, and those that believe in it are FOOLS... was NOBODY paying attention, when they OUTED the scientist for cooking the books, to make the answer they wanted, has Chris not seen the articles about the NASA scientists, that LIED, and changed DATA... Globull warming is not SCIENCE, it is Marxist wealth redistribution from wealthy (USA) countries, to poor (THIRD WORLD) countries... not one degree of temperature or climate will be effected by raising taxes... if Chris BELIEVES in CO2 as harmful to the planet he should STOP exhaling... right NOW!

    • The Bobster

      Those were not real scientists. They were bought off charlatans. We real scientists are outraged by their antics, as we're supposed to be intellectually honest.

    • John S.

      Not necessarily. While the Earth has actually been cooling down over the last 11 years, from a temperature that marked a 1600 year high, the Earth was and on average still is warming.

      What is a hoax is the entirely irrational and unreasonable predictions made by the true believers, and more importantly, the cause and effect relationships remain mostly hypothetical. For example, while the Earth is warming, how much of that warming is anthropogenic, and how much is natural, are questions that can't yet be answered.

      It is clear that progressives are using the fear of grossly exaggerated and entirely hypothetical outcomes to acquire yet more political power, but their misuse of science does not disprove or falsify those parts of the theory that do have a factual basis.

      In summary, the Earth has warmed some, but we don't know how much is caused by Man, nor do we know enough to even estimate what will happen next. We need to be extremely cautious about allowing political opportunists to use this over-hyped fear to take away our liberty.

      What I find personally amusing is that people who proudly call themselves liberals are constantly and perpetually trying to destroy our personal liberties. Is this some kind of cosmic joke, or just yet more evidence of the effectiveness of "BIG LIE" propaganda?

      In any event, it makes us look foolish to call "Global Warming" a hoax when it clearly is not one. What we need to be able to do is to point out the difference between observed fact, which is true, the hypothetical cause and effect relationship (which is just that, at present, a hypothesis) and the entirely manufactured "disaster scenarios" played out in the media by the Progressive Propaganda Machine.

  • Mike

    If evolution is true, Matthews brain never evolved past being a frog.

    • Hollywood

      I like that

    • usfrog

      I guess those gamma particles missed his brain every time.

    • Charlie

      There is a bit of resemblance...

    • Charlie

      Amen Mike, Amen.

  • TNinfidel

    Sorry guys but evolution is fact. Who are you to dictate how your God creates?

    • AUMom

      Sorry guy-but evolution is a theory! It is only a fact that species do evolve within themselves-survival of the fittest as it were. But there is no scientific proof that man evolved from apes-none-zip-nada! It is even called the "theory of evolution"! Now I don't think that intelligent design necessarily rules out some form of evolution, but I don't buy that man evolved from apes. Plus, there are quite a few scientists today who now are finding more evidence that the earth is not as old as the evolutionists seemed to think. I would say the jury is still out on all of this and taking a firm and immoveable stand on either side is foolish. Keep an open mind and you might be surprised what you learn.

    • Mandy

      We don't dictate how He created. He told us. You aren't arguing with us, you are arguing with Him.

    • PassTheWord

      HAve you ever looked at the details? Do you know that the used a model of the earth's crust to date items found, but have never found that model in it's structure as they depict it? How about the 2nd law of thermal dynamics?? (look it up)

      Where did the matter come from to create the world?

      A hypothesis maybe, a theory or fact NO WAY.

    • Rosiegirl

      It is not a fact. It is a theory and a most very logical one at that.

    • letitsnow1

      another monkey, who left you lose?

    • Charlie

      Another non-believer who will burn in hell for not believing in a creator. Evolution is not a fact it is all theoretical and has had holes blown it many times. Creation has been proven by archaeological finds.

    • The Dean

      Evolution is a fairy tale for adults who are unwilling to be humble before a Creator. Pride comes before destruction.

    • Mary Kilbride

      Where did you ever get that evolution is FACT??? What Sci-Fi book were you reading, because nowhere in the real world is evolution fact. And, as far as we trying to dictate how God creates? It is YOU who are doing such. The truth ot if all: "In the Beginning God....." There is nothing about evolution. He created man.

  • Harry

    This article is literally the funniest thing I've read in a while. Mocking Matthews' intelligence, and in the same sentence, talking about how your imaginary friend in the sky ate a bad burrito and farted out everything in the universe 6000 years ago.

    • PassTheWord

      Mock now.... Hell is full of unbelievers..

    • Harold Clark

      There is only one meaning to the word "fool", you get the prize.

    • Neal

      God Bless You Sir...One day your eyes will see. For now you remain blind...

    • Bud Weezer

      Amen, brother!!!!!!

      • bob

        the fool in his heart says there is no God. All of the logic and reason God gave us humans points to HIM.
        In the beginning He said let there be light. Amazing light. Use your light of reason to seek the truth and
        you will find. Do not harden you heart against what is obvious. It is easy to do: be self ruled. To believe and do
        whatever you please. The reality is that there is a maker and a judge who is all powerful and knowledgeable.
        I would not want to meet Him to tell Him He is a Fool.

    • Phyllis

      You will rue this comment on Judgment Day when you bow before God the Father, the creator of the universe, who gave you life. I fear He will not see the humor in your depiction of Him.

    • John S.

      At one time, radiation was undetectable, and thus, "imaginary."

      This "imaginary" radiation killed Marie Curie stone dead.

      You are fool in two different ways: You don't know the philosophy of science, nor do you know the difference between "imaginary" vs. "not scientifically provable".

      Love, Justice and Fairness . . . do you believe in any of these? If so, then you are also a hypocrite, as "Natural Philosophy" is by design and intent incompetent to even discuss these things.

      At one time a liberal arts degree taught philosophy, logic and reason. Now we have a world run by people who have only been taught natural philosophy, or worse, who are little better than trade school graduates.

      "He who is solely and only a Natural Philosopher is a genocidal tyrant at heart, waiting only for the opportunity to reveal himself in full flower."

    • Mary Kilbride

      Are you losing it? Couldn't you have been at least a bit more offensive in your post? LOL! That's ok. Unless you find God before you leave this earth, you will be most sorry. God has it all under control, and you only get to play for a little while.

  • DocIardi

    Mathews is another piece of evidence that this old saying applies: "Never try to teach a pig to whistle. Its a waste of time and it annoys the pig"! CM is a finger looking for a place to scratch and lacking one he simply casts wide his irritations to see who reacts. After all, even those many who are displeased with his verbiage help to pay his salary. Ladies and gentlemen, CM is an example of how some public school money is wasted. No matter how hard teachers try, some students will fall between the cracks.

    • Blake

      CM can fall in my crack.... not on the left side, not on the right side, but right in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KnowThe TruthToday

    Not familiar with what you are saying, but the worship of evolution is certainly a religion.

  • colonialgirl

    Science and observation of evidence has proven that the earth has been around a LOT longer than 6000 years. I do believe that God created it and made the animals, but not necessarily the ones we see today, again bones and fossils have proven THAT. I do think that since the creation the variou species HAVE evolved, but NOT from single cell amoeba but based on climatic changes and other natural pressures. Even mankind has evolved and continues to evolve but all of this evolution is under God's control and watchful eye. To deny that fact is the height of stupidity and displays an astounding arrogance that does not sit well with a supposed "man of God" who assumes he's smarter than God and everybody else. Man HAS been on this earth fppr more than 6000 years, they have found traces of mankind MUCH older than that.

    • PassTheWord

      Science and observation of evidence has proven that the earth has been around a LOT longer than 6000 years.

      Really what evidence??? Man relies on his on thinking and means of dating the earth. Carbon 14 has been used for decades eventhough it has proven to be faulty...

      The OT speaks of dragons, and that the earth is a ball..

      Your faith in God is based upon what??? You believe parts of the Bible, you choose which ones you want???

  • KnowThe TruthToday

    Who really cares what Matthews or his followers says or thinks?

  • Hank


  • John Stewart

    If Matthews had the intelligence of a tomato juice can, he would be ahead of where he is now. This guy is so enthralled with the sound of his own voice, he says things that would befuddle a neanderthal.
    The really sad part is, when you think about it he is talking to the progressive/socialist crowd.

    • Phyllis

      Best comment I have read yet! Love it!

  • bogie b

    Somebody tell me what is with Chris Mathews does he like anybody, if he was so good why is he on the bottem of ratings as cable news goes. He tried to fit in with the kennedy chan but they stayed away

  • cheryl jessup

    Anyone who knows about Matthews knows he has a real love affair with the liquor bottle. Those tinkles going up his legs is the DT"S. I like they way Mark Levin refers to him as Chris yes I will have another drink Matthews.

  • Byrdie

    I am a far right Atheist. And he sounds very stupid, even to me! Why has it got to be "my way or the highway?" I love that people believe in God, I think our country needs to get back to God. It comes down to blind faith... for me.... I have none.But I say more power to those who do! Matthews is an Idiot by any standards.

    • PassTheWord

      Your whole post is a contradiction

    • price66

      Yes, your post is contradiction but I know some one who can help you with that.......his name is JESUS!!! No matter what you have read, or been told, or possibly studied in some liberal institution, the Bible has been tried and tested for thousands of years and know one, KNOW ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO REFUTE IT! Get a grip man before it is to late!!

      • Byrdie

        Excuse me price66, I am a 53 year old wife, mother, and grand mother. NOT a man. I am a contradiction, I get that a lot. I believe that Just because I choose not to follow a supreme being, on nothing more than blind faith, does not make me a bad person. I was saying that Matthews is an Idiot to think that nobody else in the world is entitled to their beliefs. It's not my way or nothing! Every now and again I run into people like you who think ( just by your post) that you are all knowing on this subject. And that makes you better somehow. I disagree! I live my life, and have raised my children to have the same high values, and morals that are listed in your bible. NOT because it was in the bible, but because it is what is right. I resent you for talking down to me as if ALL atheist are horrible people. But I will once again turn the other cheek. NOT because it was written in your bible, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

        • VT Patriot

          Byrdie, you are entitled to your own beliefs, and I for one, respect that. I'm a God loving Christian, and try to live my life that way. As long as you don't corner me and make me say "OK, I believe", enjoy your own theories and beliefs. This post is pretty much about how CM is trying to force his crackpot ideas on everyone because thats what he believes (or is told yo say)

          Enjoy a clean and healthy life.

        • Bob

          I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Jim

    We are making a big mistake here. The Dems are trying to shift the focus of the debate from Obama's performance on the economy to social issues. By getting into this Evolution/Creationism debate we are handing them a big gift. My belief is in Intelligent Design wherein God created the universe through an evolutionary process that He determined through His infinite knowledge and wisdom.

    That doesn't matter. What a person believes on this subject has no bearing on what kind of Pres. he/she will be. The Dems and the Press are trying to make us look like the preacher in "Inherit the Wind". We are letting them. We have to keep our eyes on the single target, which is to vote Obama out of office in 2012 and start reversing the damage he is doing to us.

  • Bart Stewart

    Mathews is one of the Barry O worshipers. I wonder if he still gets the "thrill" going up his leg when he hears Barry stutter.
    Those who don't believe in GOD and that GOD created the heaven and earth, have got to be asking themselves, "what if" in their thoughts The only thing that scares me is when I meet Jesus face-to-face he would say that he does not know me!!.

  • Sharon

    Chris Matthews, has been overly-feminized; as with most Democrat men. Their women; are more masculine. I shudder to think; what he will do, when Obama in ousted in 2012. No Republican politician; should give a single interview with this nut. I only hope, when the love of life (Obama) is gone, Matthews and comrade's follow. Once again, America would thrive; without the lying Liberal/Socialist media elite's.

  • bpf53

    The limited mental capacity of Mr. Matthews is quite amazing! So anyone who doesn't believe in the prescribed theories of Global Warming or Evolution must somehow be brain dead is the common mantra of the left-wing, anti-God, anti-American socialist / antagonist's in America. To even debate these theories is paramount to blasphemy to the progressive zealots who rant either agree or off with your heads is just a real waste of time.

  • John Stewart

    His life is designed around insulting other people. He just loves to hear himself talk.

  • Brtexan

    Chris who???? Who cares and who watches?

  • Winston

    It would be interesting to see Chris Matthew's face when asked how many of his ancestors wallowed up onto a muddy river bank out of the water and changed into his mother and father. What a tadpole brain he must have.

  • AceMan

    Everybody knows that aliens bred with monkeys to create us! To say otherwise is obsurd! Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. Join Today!

  • Harold Clark

    Chrisy Matthews gives a whole new meaning to the term 'village idiot' and thats an insult to the village idiot. One thing about it they will never have to operate on him for a brain injury, (you have to have a brain before you can injure it.)

  • sagecitizen

    Einstein believed in GOD!

    Chris Matthews thinks he knows where the Universe came from!

    What a stupid deluded wimp!

  • JMcCarthy

    Since Chrissy is a Marxist what he is REALLY saying is 'Since "they" don't believe in COMMUNISM they are 'Anti-Intellectual' according to 'thrill up my obama leg' Chrissy, ONLY Communists are capable of being "intellectual elits" and EVERYONE else, even the "useful idiots" who voted for him and other 'democrats', will be the little worker bee's attending to their EVERY Marxist Want.....for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!! Congratulations African-Americans (with the help of White Communists) after only 140 years of FREEDOM you have sold YOUSELVES and White, Brown, Red and Yellow America back into Slavery!

  • toto

    I've come to the conclusion that progressives just want to think about stuff and not actually work. That's how we have come to have nothing but liberal pontification across all forms of the media. Conservatives are mostly too busy working, creating and trying to mind their own businesses.

  • vanram

    Since CM ascribes to the theory of evolution then he (and all Liberals) must realize the the current Commander in Chief is quite probably much closer to the roots of Human Evolution than a lot of others

  • Glenn Koons

    The MSM will kill any Pub except one of course,that would be a squish like ...the Hunt. No more Dole or McCain inside the Beltway people please. Poor Chris. One time he hosted Rush's program and got so much flack from the Left that is blew what was left of his mind. BTW,why would evolution or many scientific theories come into play for a Prez dealing with Obamacare, regulations from EPA-NLRB-OSHA and other suspect lefty enviro baloney? And borders? Energy use of our domestic resources?? Iran-Russia-Islamofascist states,China??? This is just the egghead defense that has been upset ever since Stevenson was defeated by IKE.

  • Biden or not biden

    The debate is fruitless and vapid. Evolution? Certainly, as evolution is of God's design, undoubtedly. Trying to imagine or deconstruct God's plan, intention, or method is the extreme exercise in futility. As for Chris Matthews, he is not so stupid. Think of the money that hypocrite makes. Remember and do not forget Chris Matthews is simply an entertainer and apparently a good one since he has raised such ire with all of these observers. He only speaks for those who sign his fat paycheck. And, good for him, I do not disparage him his livelihood, but his on-camera persona is pure assclown!

    • Joe Biden

      Likewise Sawah Pailin

  • Mike Fischer

    2Peter 3
    3. Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

    4. And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

    5.For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

    6. Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

    7. But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

    The Bible says "willingly ignorant" They choose to be ignorant of the flood and of creation. "The Fool hath said in his heart, "there is no God."


      Good word Mike !!

  • joe

    I fear moron liberals like him! Anyone who gets a thrill up his legs from the likes of osambo, has to be an idiot.

  • Ted

    I've always believed in creation. But, one look at who is in our white house and I have to concede that maybe Darwin had something to his theory!

  • Ed. Borner

    Chris Mathews is a fool, No he is a Fool of Gargantuan Proportions. He is a puppet to the DNC and El Presidente.

  • Montie R

    The first thing that comes to mind is the term educated IDIOT, If you don't understand, you ARE.

    • David

      This argument about evolution makes me want to reguritate. Any person with a braincell understands that evolution is just a word. All the word means is "to evolve". An example: a man from one race marries a woman from a different race and have children. The children are now a result of both races. They have evolved into a mixture of both races and have characteristics of both races. Man has been doing this for thousands of years with animals. Scrub cattle developed into more meaty cattle. That is evolution. Has nothing to do with religion. Look around you at the people of mixed races and you see evolution at its best or worse. Your choice.

  • Dale

    Chris said he felt a tingle down his leg. I think it was probably a tinkle instead!

    • DEE

      The best part of Chrissy ran down the inside of his mommy's leg . . . . .

  • Pappy

    After reading many of the comments I have to ask that you folks stop casting aspersions upon the ape/monkey families. Mathews could not have descended from either one and it is unfair to them to say he did. As for the other posters who support Mathews views, you are entitled to your OPINION, and we to ours.. name calling and personal attacks about intelligence are not needed for the discussion, so I will refrain from mentioning how low your IQ must surely be.

  • Bacon

    Matthews is a very religious man! Truly his fear, like that of most of humanity, is other religions. He may be right, he's probably wrong, but my religion is Liberty and Responsibility and Matthews is the spawn of Satan. Thomas Jefferson, save us!
    My recent post Rick Perry, Who Is This Guy?

  • bargal

    I can't for the life of me understand why someone hasn't taken this azhole out---to the wood shed and beat the crap out of him. He is a more disgusting individual I have ever had to continue to hear and read about and it is time he be removed from the media altogether.

  • martin

    Just about every introductory university course in Geology discusses the various ages changes over thousands of years and the corresponding climatic conditions. That seems to be well recorded fact. But most of those changes predate any evidence of man. Thereby refuting the notion that climate change is man made.

    Perhaps those in the National Academy of Science believing in man made climate change missed out on taking introductory Geology. Idealogues such as Mathews seem ignore all science that doesn't support their ideology, while sticking like glue to any that does. And remember that statistics can be made to support just about anything, if in the hands of the unscrupulous or the just plain ignorant.
    My recent post Free Report: A Head Start In Planning To Sell Your Business.

  • Harold Clark

    When I hear of Christy Matthews, I am inclined to beleive in evolution, if it is so he is masquerading as a human being.! He should actually still be swinging in a tree. " No insult to the rest of the baboons intended."

  • Old gray haired lady

    It's amazing to me that a person can get to his age and still be stupid enough to believe in the Theory of Evolution. I remember back when they first started this bs in public schools. (Public schools also taught us to think for ourselves back then.) There was an out cry about it and I remember parents being reassured that it was only a theory. It's like everything else, if you say it often enough, it becomes fact. Just think of all the bs that is now fact.....I could make a list a yard long but you know what I mean; at least if you can think and reason for yourselves.

    • John S

      Part of the problem here is that people who are not trained in science do not understand what the words "hypothesis" and "theory" mean.

      The science around understanding gravity is contained in a number of theories. Thus "gravity" is a theory. No, not a fact, still just a theory FOR A SCIENTIST speaking AS A SCIENTIST.

      The problem is that non-scientists and poorly trained scientists don't understand the philosophy (and thus, the limits of) science. Evolution is "settled science" (in that there are no outstanding challenges to the current theory), which is the closest thing that science gets to "facts".

      To extrapolate from the the theory of gravity, or the theory of evolution to the existence or not of God is to stop "doing science" and to start doing, at the very least, philosophy. Those who would try to disprove the existence of God by talking about the theory of evolution are, in summary, doing philosophy, and they are doing it absolutely, totally wrong.

  • glennTX1966

    Chris Matthew's and his fellow believers worship at the altar of self importance, socialism, communism, tyranny. Even if they had the facts staring them in the face they would rather cut their own throats and die than to admit they were wrong. They are blind and closed minded, in most cases hopeless cases to waste the effort and time trying to convenience them other wise.
    They believe they are elite and know better than most, so we should become mindless serfs and just go along with what mother government say's is best for us. Remember freedom is not free! When good men do nothing evil men prevail.

  • rob

    This author is a sick puppy! If he or she (do not want to really put their name out there) had any intelligent thing to say, they blew it when they stated: "Evolution is a belief system just like any other religion. Their god is humanistic naturalism. They worship it as devoutly as Muslim suicide bombers believe in Islam. And like the suicide bombers, they are willing to die for their religion." Evolution is not a religion, but then some people are on both sides just want to fight and bicker. Religion vs. science, religion vs. religion , always them and us. The theory of evolution does not go against religion...unless of course you just want to perpetuate a rift that is not necessary.

    • John S.

      The theory of evolution is part of a belief system when it is used to attempt to disprove the existence of God.

      While the author was using a short hand, if properly understood, their statement was correct.

      When limited to just the actual science, then I would agree with you, but people like Richard Dawkins insist on trying to make science into more than it is, thus "evolution" means more than just a scientific theory, especially in the context the word was used in this article.

  • patrick stanley

    Liberals are total ideologues and big government proponents. At one time they might have had valid claims to be well educated, tolerant, etc. But they have willingly surrendered that mantel by unquestioning support of the corrupt political elites. Where was the billiant Mathews while wall street and Washington was sucking the financial blood out of the country? Isn't the "press" supposed to guard truths and liberties?

  • Redneck John

    Mr Mathews is extremely correct. The curent president is a superior example of intillectual ignorance. He has never held a job inwhich he collected a w2 forn at the end of the year. Has no basic understand of the economy or economics. The tax structure needs to be revamped/modified or whatever so that ALL people earning a living and drawing a wage pays for their fair share of taxes. I feel that it is unconstitutional to increase the taxes of the very rich, just because they have more money than us, the middle class. Who cares who or what a individual belives wheather or not he desended from a monkey. I came from what the Bible says I came from ,none of my ancestors came from a ape

  • OrlandoRican

    Chris Matthews is supposed to be a Catholic. I am a Catholic and have studied in Catholic schools all my life and have studied some theology. I must assume that there are different church teachings for Liberal Catholics because none of what this moron stands for conforms to Catholic teaching. And this scum bag will go to communion this week-end and his priest will give him communion. I don't get it.

  • blackindependent

    What a bunch of MAROOONS! My ten year old granddaughter knows that by the time Noah built the ark, the Dinosaurs had long ago perished and the Earth itself was already billions of years old. As for the "Big Bang", I believe it is true. I don't know what blew up but I know who lit the fuse.

    • glennTX1966

      It is apparent you do not know the Bible, the ark was big enough to hold all of the know species of Dinosaurs, in addition to the rest of the species on earth. The big bang, you can't be serious!!! So who lit the fuse? The fool has said in heat there is no God.

  • Hollywood

    It has been people who thiks like Chris ( over the years ) who has put this country in the hole it's in!

  • Kangaroo

    Actully look closley at Chris Matthews, he may have decended from a baboon, or maybe they decended from him, & not millions of years ago I mean, literaly Matthews is a "Monkey's uncle". As far as being anti-intelectual BO has flunked out of every college he has attended, it is so bad they hid his college grades and papers, except where his but buddy the Packastany who's dad paid Harvard $20 million to put him through, However with $20 million I could get a law degree for my pet monkey Chris from Havard or Yale, take your pick. For a white house man that can barely read TelePrompters with a great deal of stuttering and stammering, I think Matthews needs to fear that anti-intelectual dummy in the white house now! Soros must produce his Tely Promter programs while BO is taking his Billionare vacations, and who know maybe Soros' boss Rothschild may also be producing Promters for his almost evolving white house invader, after being elected by the diebold European controlled computer non-paper trail, trust me elections.

    • The Bobster

      Nah, he looks more like Tweety Bird.

  • Gary in Texas

    Another thrill down the leg, he is just following behind what obammy feels, he is a useful idiot....

  • Theseus

    Evolution is at best an historical science with nothing practical resulting from its theories. There have been no breakthrough developments resulting in benefits to mankind from evolutionary studies. It functions as a humanistic religions exalting man at the center of the universe.

    • John S.

      That turns out to be incorrect.

      There have been huge advances made based on the value of the theory of evolution.

      The best Human Intelligence Competitive artificial intelligence research results have been created by a process called "Genetic Programming", which is an evolution of "Genetic Algorithms", where the Genetic Algorithm is a computer simulation of evolution.

      See: "Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence"
      By John R. Koza, Martin A. Keane, Matthew J. Streeter, William Mydlowec, Jessen Yu, Guido Lanza

      Also, evolutionary theory has produced cause and effect explanations for some serious human diseases. Between 7 and 11 percent of the people reading this article will die of a disease whose inception is one of the evolutionary "operators" identified by research whose direction was suggested by the "Sex of Unicellular Organisms".

      While I am highly disdainful of anybody stupid enough to claim the evolution disproves the existence of God, as a scientific theory, it is settled science, and the math and operations of evolution are producing cutting edge advances in computer science.

  • Hollywood

    Sorry about the typo (thinks).

    • JPH


      Chris Matthews should get on a plane and go any other country where he would be happy, along with all of the Muslims that want to strap on a bomb and take Obozo with him. This country was founded on Christianity and freedom. We need to put God back into this country and all of the courts and all of the schools. If we would just take all illegals and others that paid nothing into social security off of our payroll and stop sending money to countries that don' t even like the United States. Deport all illegals that just want a handout and a drivers license. This is of course after we elect a republican as president in 2012 when we take out all of the other trash.

  • Big Lou

    Chris Matthews lost it many years ago. He should see a doctor about the tingle up his leg, it could be peripheral
    artery disease.

  • Jerry

    The guy will yell out oh God when he has a close to death situation, but in the mean time he's just a horse's ass!!!!

  • joe

    The Bible talks about those who are foolish enough to believe in evolution in Romans Chapter one. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.""The fool has said in his heart there is no God." God is very real, whether you want to believe in him or not, determines if you are a fool or not. God is a Spirit, so in order to know God, you must be Spiritually born again. Adam, the first man, was created from the dust of the ground, then God breathed his own Spirit life into Adam, and he became a son of God. When Adam sinned, God's Spirit left him, he was no longer God's son, he was Spiritually dead. We are all descendents of Adam, and are born Spiritually dead, separated from God our creator. God loved us so much, that he incarnated himself into the human race, in the person of Christ Jesus, his only begotten son, through the virgin birth, became the only sinless man. He did this in order to save us from eternal punishment. He took our punishment and death on himself, when he died on the cross. When he rose the third day he conquered death, hell, and the grave. That's the Gospel truth, If you believe the Gospel and want to be saved, you must truly repent of your sin, and ask Christ to save you. When his Spirit enters into your heart, you will be born again, you will be a child of God. There is no other way to heaven than by Jesus. He said," I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man can come to the Father except by me."

    • Nellie CA

      Thank God you are not afraid to say what your heart is telling you to share!
      Yes! We must repent and ask God to come into our lives and take us to where He wants us to go. I am a Christian and I believe in the dwelling of the Holy Spirit and salvation!
      I also like it when the H.S guides me to where he wants me and helps me to witness to people! Sometimes the H.S has to kick butt!
      I am very sensitive to evil people! There is only two times I have had people come to my home, later I ask the person who brought them, not to bring them back. She ask "why"?? this woman is a Christian and I said "no" she is not a true Christian she is an evil person using this as a way to fraud. Later I was right and the mail man caught her and she was into credit card fraud. The other person is into evil worship! We can only pray for these people and allow God to work in their lives.

    • John S

      And this is the perfect demonstration of how people misuse science.

      As a scientific theory, evolution says nothing about the existence or lack thereof of God. Those who try to use evolution as a proof that God does not exist aren't doing science, and they don't even know what science is.

  • Steve

    Romans Chapter 1

    30 libellers, slanderers, enemies of God, rude, arrogant and boastful, enterprising in evil, rebellious to parents,

    31 without brains, honour, love or pity.

    32 They are well aware of God's ordinance: that those who behave like this deserve to die -- yet they not only do it, but even applaud others who do the same.



  • Alice Maxwell

    You have compoany among the well educated. Ann Coulter wrote a bang uo column showing just how outdated Darwin and his followers are when stacked against the new microbiology finds...those advance now pushing medicine to new frontiers that promise so much to life here on earth.

    It is time for all of us to get out there and demand the educational institutions rid themselves of the neaderthals sitting in high priced professorial chairs and leading so many young Americans to follow false paths. It is time to revolt agains the Bioards that control our high instutions and one way to do this is to deny them any more funding, personally and through government agencies!

  • Tpatriot

    Now it's easy to understand why Matthews acts like a goon!

  • Jeff

    Evolution isn't a science. Science is a provable fact, there are no valid missing links. Darwin himself said that if there were no missing links his theory would be void. Plus, the climate changes all the time. It may be hotter than normal now, but it will go back down to normal. It always has.

  • Kathleen

    NEWS BREAK MATTHEWS!...Darwin himself was going to become an Anglican priest until bad things happened...the death of his young daughter and his best friend. Darwin's first "theory" of evolution was that it happens during conception not these so called "intelligent liberals" believing that giraffe's necks just started stretching to eat tree leaves. He abandodned his own beliefs in God and conception based evolution if you want to call it that when things got tough. He HATED God after his losses so what the liberals hold dear is a man who dropped all realistic beliefs in revenge for what God "did to him" FACT Tell a liberal to read ALL of Darwin's books! Bet they don't! Whose "intelligent" now?


    this guy is crzy dont pay any attention to him he is a nut.

  • da BIG ox

    The Simpleton Matthews would probably get tingles on his other leg if he heard his President fart.... he's just a fat head...

  • Thinkist

    One time not long ago I heard G. Gordon Liddy repeat the substance of eveloution on his radio program:

    "First there was NOTHING---then it EXPLODED"

    Please ask Matthews to explain where the force of the explosion came from when there was NOTHING. Huh???

    • Kat

      What evolution IS:

      Evolution is a process that results in heritable changes in a population spread over many generations. One can quibble about the accuracy of such a definition but it also conveys the essence of what evolution really is. When biologists say that they have observed evolution, they mean that they have detected a change in the frequency of genes in a population. (Often the genetic change is inferred from phenotypic changes that are heritable.) When biologists say that humans and chimps have evolved from a common ancestor they mean that there have been successive heritable changes in the two separated populations since they became isolated. Once we realize that evolution is simply "a process that results in heritable changes in a population spread over many generations" it seems a little silly to pretend that this excludes religion!

      What evolution is NOT: The Big Bang Theory.

  • David R. (Canada)

    The god (creator) of the Theory of Evolution (Darwin) was a devout Christian.
    Does that mean he was unintelligent?
    If so, what does that make his theory.

  • AttilaTheHun

    Why is everyone (author included) going ballistic over evolution? I believe in it, but so what? The dogma that REALLY needs to be challenged is man-made global warming. We know that there's been extreme corruption of the scientific process to prove man-made global warming is real. Follow the money. It should be obvious to any observer that the global warming scare deserves to either be dismissed or to have a VERY real second look because the first one was soooooo tainted. Matthews is really showing HIS lack of intelligence.

  • Robert Kroesser

    Chris Mattews is an idiot, a left wing ideologue, and a bigot ! The Theory of Evolution is just that, a THEORY !!! Those, like Chris Mattews and Bill Maher, who don't believe in a divine power, will readily deride anyone who believes in God. There are many reasons why I believe in God, and the least of which is: Will people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Genghis Khan, etc., who killed millions ruthlessly, not have to pay for their evil ? If they don't, then woe are we... On Global climate change, the world has gone through global climate change many times in its history. There were few if any humans, no cars, buses, airplanes, factories, etc. What caused the climate change then ? Many factors including the sun, asteroids, natural disasters, etc.

  • Samuel Clemens

    What happened to the President Perry poll?

  • Nancy

    How would Matthews recognize intelligence??

  • Peter Hof

    You think evolution is a "religion" like any other??? No wonder we Republicans are in trouble. Please unsubscribe me at once.

  • glennTX1966

    Psalm 14

    1The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

  • John Wayne

    Having spent 10 years in death investigation and learning what must occur in any organism in order to sustain life, I have concluded that only Devine Intervention could possibly have conceived such intricate systems. Believe what you choose but that's my belief.

  • MongooseST3

    He smokes in the shower and smokes DOPE. Opinions are like A__Holes everyone has one and in his case a whole bag full.........................or is that his face?

  • Ron

    First off we didn't come from monkeys. Evolution states that we branched off from primates to become humans so we are not direct descendants of apes. Second, both religion and evolution are theorys,have things in their favor, and both have many unanswered questions. Obviously evolution stopped in the Matthews family , for intelligence doesn't come from your religous views.

  • Tucci78

    Science is defined by scientific method, which is not a belief system but rather a way to approach observations of real (objectively verifiable) evidence as much without prejudice as possible.

    Now, an idiot (see "Chris Matthews") might accept the scientific theory of the evolution of species in the same way a Christian or a Muslim or a Zoroastrian accepts the peculiar creation myth of his tribe, but there is nothing genuinely scientific about that belief in evolution.

    Chris Matthews has obviously invested no thought at all in any consideration of why the theory of evolution fits the observed empirical evidence of speciation and has never yet been proven wrong. He's just precisely as lazy, stupid, and willfully ignorant as the religious whackjobs who hate the theory of evolution because they conceive it to offer an explanation of the human condition at odds with their Great Sky Pixie myth.

    Contrariwise, we've got Chris Matthews and the rest of the "Liberal" fascisti who have embraced the "man-made global climate change" fraud as a vehicle by way of which they can increase the malignant and pillaging reach of civil government - which they idiotically think that they will always control - to crush out industrialized civilization, control every aspect of their innocent neighbors' lives (to "spread the wealth around," of course), and make a pretense at morality ("I'm saving the world for our children!").

    The Climategate revelations really put the screws to that, didn't it?

    Okay. The religious whackjobs are wrong about the theory of evolution - it's science and nothing else, and doesn't stray into or degrade the religionist's ghostly beliefs in any way at all - and Chris Matthews is a lying scumbag when he claims that those of us who are properly skeptical (applying scientific method, no less) of the utterly preposterous bogosity of the anthropogenic global warming excuse for a conjecture are "anti-science."

    You got that, folks? Scientific method, honestly and scrupulously and persistently applied to the investigation of phenomena in the physical universe, yields the theory of evolution and the debunking of the "Cargo Cult Science" behind the AGW fraud.

    For those of you - both warmista "Liberal" fascists and religious whackjobs - who obviously don't know doo-dah about what scientific method actually is, let me quote from that 1974 address by Richard Feynman:

    There is one feature I notice that is generally missing in "cargo cult science." It's a kind of scientific integrity, a principle of scientific thought that corresponds to a kind of utter honesty — a kind of leaning over backwards. For example, if you're doing an experiment, you should report everything that you think might make it invalid — not only what you think is right about it; other causes that could possibly explain your results; and things you thought of that you've eliminated by some other experiment, and how they worked — to make sure the other fellow can tell they have been eliminated.

    Details that could throw doubt on your interpretation must be given, if you know them. You must do the best you can — if you know anything at all wrong, or possibly wrong — to explain it. If you make a theory, for example, and advertise it, or put it out, then you must also put down all the facts that disagree with it, as well as those that agree with it. There is also a more subtle problem. When you have put a lot of ideas together to make an elaborate theory, you want to make sure, when explaining what it fits, that those things it fits are not just the things that gave you the idea for the theory; but that the finished theory makes something else come out right, in addition.

    In summary, the idea is to try to give all of the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another.


    We've learned from experience that the truth will come out. Other experimenters will repeat your experiment and find out whether you were wrong or right. Nature's phenomena will agree or they'll disagree with your theory. And, although you may gain some temporary fame and excitement, you will not gain a good reputation as a scientist if you haven't tried to be very careful in this kind of work. And it's this type of integrity, this kind of care not to fool yourself, that is missing to a large extent in much of the research in cargo cult science.

    So what is missing both from Chris Matthews' excuse for a life and from the religious whackjobs' squalling against evolution as if it were some kind of rival "belief system" threatening their own particular dead-from-the-neck-up dogmata?

    Right; any "kind of scientific integrity, [any] principle of scientific thought that corresponds to a kind of utter honesty."

    You religionists just keep right on kicking Chris Matthews in the figurative crotch. He certainly deserves it.

    But so, of course, do you.

    • Albert E

      Great post.

    • blackindependent

      One thing we "religionists" can take heart in: If we are wrong, we lose nothing when we die. If we are right we gain everything. If YOU are right, you lose nothing (except the comfort of faith in God), but if you are wrong you lose EVERYTHING.
      One more thing. You anti God nuts should be GLAD there are so many of us "religionists" Do you have any idea what would happen if millions of fanatic, dedicated, committed fundamentalist wackos (such as myself) had nothing to do with all that energy?
      My recent post Are These “Myths” About Blacks Really True

  • Klaus

    The biggest idiot is Mathews. How can anyone take this fool seriously? The most ignorant people regarding science are liberals.

  • Jim

    Matthews is a bogoted idiot that could only work for one so called news comapant MSNBC. He never has his facts straight because he is constantly trying to put a bright light on his socialist progressive agenda that brings a tingle up his leg. This is a guy if I ever met face to face I believe I could not conrol myself from planting a big one right on his big mouth.

  • Bonnie

    Chris Matthews is an ass!! He shows his ass everytime he's on the air!!!!

  • Robert FG

    I have a question on evoulotion. If we came from monkeys or apes, why are there still any monkeys or apes. Do they believe that only a few monkies or apes evolved into humans? Who decided who would evolve into humans? Could it be that there is a Divine party who decides these things?
    Also on climate change. Why does the federal government have to put their temperature sensors in places that are hotter than normal places. And why did the feds no longer tell us where the sensors are located when questioned as to the locations they picked. I think the whole climate change theory is a ruse to further tear down the USA. Also when the daily temperatures are noted on the television with highs for the day, that the last high for that day was long long ago. If the temperatures are increasing I would think that the daily temperature highs would increase ever year.

    • Ron

      Evolution doesn't teach that we came from primates. We branched off from them to become humans. We, as evolution says, are not direct descendants of apes, therefore both can be here at the same time. Climate change, by liberal standards, is a farce. Decades ago they were yelling we were headed for an ice age. These morons can't make up thier little minds.Fact is world temps haven't changed in the last 10 to 12 years.

    • Tucci78

      At 4:13 PM on 26 August, Robert FG asks: "If we came from monkeys or apes, why are there still any monkeys or apes. Do they believe that only a few monkies or apes evolved into humans? Who decided who would evolve into humans? Could it be that there is a Divine party who decides these things?"

      The parsimonious answer is that those primate species which remained non-sapient after our own progenitors grew greater glutei to become bipedal and developed the ability to reason and to communicate by way of verbal symbols conveying abstract concepts is that the ancestors of those surviving "monkeys [and] apes" survived adequately by exploiting ecological conditions that didn't require all the costs of developing sapience.

      It takes effort to conduct reasoned thought. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary for children to undergo years of education, even in the most primitive cultures, before they can function as self-sustaining individuals. You have to consciously decide to reason instead of simply stumbling along without real critical consideration of the world around you.

      The "monkeys [and] apes" we have seen surviving in tropical environments since species H. sapiens became capable of recording our history (and therefore our observations of the world around us) had descended from primates who weren't required to develop sapience in order to survive.

      Our progenitors? For them, it was apparently a matter of "learn to reason or die."

      They learned to reason.

      Regarding "climate change," there has for many years been examination of how "the federal government" had located their Stevenson screens and other thermometric instruments "in places that are hotter than normal places. . Look up meteorologist Anthony Watts' Surface Stations project" and the published findings of this continuing effort.

      Back in 2009, before the Climategate information dump hit the 'Net, physicist Jeffery D. Kooistra wrote about the Surface Stations project and commented:

      I have long wondered why most of my fellow physicists haven’t been as skeptical of global warming alarmism as I have been. I think one reason, perhaps even more important than their politics affecting their judgment, is that they naturally assume other scientists are as careful in how they obtain data as physicists are. I’ve been a global warming skeptic for some time now, and it didn’t even occur to me that most of the time the thermometers would be "sited next to a lamp." What’s really ironic is that, if someone claims to see a flying saucer, which hurts no one and costs nothing, debunkers come out in force. But let a former vice-president claim environmental apocalypse is upon us, and suddenly we’re appropriating billions and changing our lifestyles.


    • Kat

      Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans are more closely related to modern apes than to monkeys, but we didn't evolve from apes, either. Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. Scientists believe this common ancestor existed 5 to 7 million years ago. Shortly thereafter, the species diverged into two separate lineages. One of these lineages ultimately evolved into the great apes, and the other evolved into early human ancestors called hominids.

      The great apes include orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas—are thought to have diverged from the lesser apes about 11 to 16 million years ago. Today's lesser apes include the gibbons and siamangs.

      People please....pick up a biology book. Just because you acknowledge the truth of evolution does not mean that you have to give up your faith in God.

      • Kat

        As Shakespeare so eloquently stated, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  • Glenn Fuller

    The evidence for genetics (such as our ability to manipulate the color of flowers by modifying their genes) is unshakable. That evidence, it turn, supports evolution (because we can literally trace the macro movement of people across the globe by looking for markers in their genetic makeup). Science tells us, without any room for argument, that people have been moving around this world for about 40,000 years. Science tells us that people have been in North America (using these same genetic markers) for about 12,000 years.

    Genesis is at the start of the bible, in part, to show us how to interpret the rest of the bible. We now know, with certain proof, that the bible is not to be taken literally.

    You can choose to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. You might as well believe that the sun revolves around the earth, and the earth is flat. No such person qualifies for the title of "intellectual". No such person as the mental capacity to run this country.

  • Elwood

    Let's see now I have a choice as to what to believe because God is sovereign(all powerful, all knowing, ever present) and in his sovereignty he decided to give me a choice as what to believe. I can either believe that I am here by accident having descended from some lower form of animal after some kind of "big bang" that happened of its own accord and the lower form of animal came into being all by itself and after I live a few years here on earth with all its pitfalls and woes I pass into oblivion or I can believe I was created by a gracious, loving, forgiving God who offers me the opportunity of a full and abundant life on earth and an eternal home in heaven. Let's see now, the choice is easy, I choose to believe the latter because the former is totally, entirely, completely unacceptable to me!

    • Glenn Fuller

      There is no reason to believe that our evolution from lower order animals is an accident. There is no reason to believe that the big bang happened in the absence of God's grace. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that a miracle or two took place during the evolution of species. Science can't use the word "miracle". Instead, they say that something was extremely unlikely.

      • Elwood

        Yes, and notice I didn't say how or how long God took in the creation process. Some say the Bible means what it says. I believe it means what it means. If God created everything there is, besides himself, in six days, I believe it. If, for reasons, known only to Him, "day" in the first chapter of Genesis means some longer period than 24 hours then so be it. I believe that, too! it is not my desire to quibble with God about exactly how he went about the creation process. I probably wouldn't understand it, anyway. My desire is to let it be known that I trust Him, no matter what! My mind is thoroughly made up and final on that score. If I don't trrust God, who am I going to trust, Darwin, Freud, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens or some other person I don't even know? i don't think so!

  • msbets123

    and he is reproducing, talk about gene pools arghh.

  • the

    From a real, honest to God scientist:

    The Scientific Method is ONLY that. Not a belief system, just a way of learning facts. For those who turn it into a belief system, you are no better than the Alpha-Omega Bomb worshipers in the original Planet of the Apes movies.
    I've made my pile applying the Scientific Method to find out the facts that allowed us to build the fastest supercomputers..and the original DARPAnet that you are using right now.

    Theory is just theory. You tread dangerous ground when you trumpet it as fact...

    • the_punnisher

      Darn thing wouldn't let me finish my handle the_punnisher

  • s casey

    Chris Matthews is an ass. But then what would you expect from the mouthpiece of the DNC, MSNBC??

  • McKannick

    For me, all the talking heads on the left tallied together would be worth about a teaspoon full of "P". I have encountered mentally deranged homeless people who have more savvy and intellect than this moron.

  • Brent

    @ Stan,Right on, Genesis 1:1:

  • Lindsey

    In the words of Mike Huckabee, "I don't see the connection between my belief on whether we are descended from primates or not and whether I can govern effectively." While I don't believe that we descend from primates either, I don't understand Mr Matthews' obsession with the subject! After all, Albert Einstein, probably the greatest scientist of all time didn't believe in evolution! Matthews is a fool!

    • The Bobster

      In the other words of Mike Huckleberry, "I never met an illegal alien or Big Mac that I didn't like."

  • Bulletbob

    Evolution is patently and very obviously foolish. Two simple reasons - first, MILLIONS of years are required (and even that is not enough for all the necessary mutations to occur) - it's only been 2,000 years since the time of Christ. so we are talking thousands of times more! The problem is that the conditions for life are very finely tuned and impossible to have remained stable for that long a period of time. Second, complex structures like the human eye only would provide a competitive advantage if mutated in complete form - just an optic nerve alone would provide no advantage so that mutated organism would not survive. Evolution is only a theory because it cannot be demonstrated in the laboratory - i.e. by the Scientific Method. Evolution is dogma/religion. That's why any professor who questions it is ridiculed and ostricized.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I'm okay with evolution, as long as the libs admit God did it. Man made warming, however, is complete bull****.

  • Patriot50

    Matthews and his old boss (Tip O'Neal) both share a weakness. John Barleycorn has/had them both in a headlock.

  • The Bobster

    I happen to be a scientist who knows junk science when he sees it. Too bad the libtarded media sees fit to silence or demonize us when we speak the truth about AGW.

  • Bill Senior

    Chris Matthews .... is simply a "Quack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Jeff

    If Chris is afraid of getting a president that is not intelligent about things maybe he should look at the one he indorses. Obama can not claim he intelligently "changed" anything for the better in the US!

  • Peter Gioe

    Chris Matthews is still evoleving into a grown man?

  • Graywolf

    He is the proof that a Liberal is someone educated far above their intelligence level. They are educated by kooks that received big name degrees from institution that do not believe in handing out poor or failing grades for read of hurting some one's feelings or damaging their self esteem. Stupid is as stupid dooes, and he sure dooes it gooder than normal people. Last sentence is for the liberals that can read it to have something to carp about.

  • Gary A.

    IMO, Chris is believeing in the wrong theory, I know because I was sitting on the kamode, and heard a muffled cry escape from within it, looked down and saw a look alike of Chris M flaoting in the bowl. This tells me he is absolutly wrong on evolution, he never evolved from an ape, but rather the discarded mess that fell from some humans behind.
    Kind of like bacteria, or mucus,the man is a class act of ignorance for sure.

  • EJ

    Matthews is an idiot.... I will pray for his soul.... What a putz.

  • don

    Too bad his sire's thrill did not go down his leg instead of into his female counterpart. I cannot say Mother and Father. This boob cannot be human.

  • Kat

    Evolution and Christianity are not mutually exclusive. My biological anthropology professor--the person who gave me my foundational knowledge in evolution, was a devout Christian who saw no conflict between her belief in evolution and her belief in Christ.

    Evolution is a fact--not a theory. As an anthropologist, I have no problem reconciling the possibility of the existence of God with the truth of human evolution.

    To the person who feels that they are not descended from a monkey...well, you're right. The pre-modern human line of hominids and the great apes shared a common ancestor, but the lines diverged 5 to 7 million years ago. So technically you're not descended from a monkey. You're descended from a monkey's uncle... 😉 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but humans and chimpanzees share 95% of their DNA sequence, and have 99% of the coding DNA sequences in common. I like to believe that if God does exist, he/she has a terrific sense of humor.

    But regardless of the truth of the science of evolution, Chris Matthews is a tingling horse's *ss.

  • ted

    Chris who??????????????/ Does being a card carrying certified jerk and posing as a journalist or "news person" make one an expert on anything? He got quite a lot of valuable "experience" preaching to the boys at the SF bathhouses. Sorry, I cannot put together a meaningful statement about this fugitive from SF. It is awkward for me to stoop that low. I heard he was famous for the needle exchange programs and several other "progressive" ideas from the Embarcadro trash bins.

  • lin

    Well he should know about having an anti-intellectual for a president - we've had one for nearly 3 years now! Matthews is a moron that will never change. WHY is he appearing on any show? He's a complete loud-mouthed, opinionated bigot! He is closed-minded and pathetic like so many others on the left - if you don't agree with them you are the ENEMY! God help us all. I would rather believe in my God and find out he truly does exist when I die, than go to hell for not believing. Besides it's so much better to believe in good versus evil. Hell must be getting awfully crowded right about now with all the self-serving people that are already there - make room down there, there's a lot more left here yet.

  • usfrog

    They don't believe in climate change in India either.


    WHO listens or pays any attention to Chris Matthews???! ~ Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER, of which Mr. "Tingle" Matthews is a chronic victim thereof!!! ~ ONLY Fools follow professional BS artists; Matthews missed his calling as a Carnival Barker bringing in the Suckers!!!

  • patty

    Chris Matthews is in love with Obama. He believes everything he says. Poor Chris. He is being led astray. Obama is nothing but a liar.

  • Jackie

    I heard a good one the only thing Obama's stimulous package stimulated was Chris Matthews leg.

  • Robert L. Fennell

    Chris is a stupid, and ignorgant (complete) fool that makes statemens without thinking of the ramifications ofhis statements . Why is he still an anchor on MSNBC?? Because of liberals.

  • glennTX1966

    Chris Matthew's and his fellow believers worship at the altar of self importance, socialism, communism, tyranny. Even if they had the facts staring them in the face they would rather cut their own throats and die than to admit they were wrong. They are blind and closed minded, in most cases hopeless cases to waste the effort and time trying to convenience them other wise.
    They believe they are elite and know better than most, so we should become mindless serfs and just go along with what mother government say's is best for us.

    Remember freedom is not free! When good men do nothing evil men prevail.

    Psalm 14

    1The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

  • Jackie

    God created the earth He is not about to let man destroy what He created, in the last days God is going to destroy the earth in a big ball of fire, now if you want you can call that global warming.

  • EWRoss

    It never ceases to amaze me how the evolution/creationism debate is abused. Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" is flawed because it has subsequently been discovered by science that complex organisms that got that way without evolution exist. That the earth has been around for billions of years and that species have evolved is clear. Great discoveries in astrophysics have been made just in the last few decades. Evolution is not a closed science. More about it has yet to be discovered. None of this prevents anyone from believing that God is the ultimate hand behind creation. Science tells us how things happen. Faith and religion tell us why they happen. Playing these silly games with politicians is gotcha politics. If the news media wants to shed any light on this subject they should produce a series that allows scientific experts and theologians to explain the issue so that simple minded news people can understand it.

  • gordon

    chris hasnt gotten to far up the family tree from the monkey and he fell out and hit his head o well hitting his head not any damage there obama might have been on same branch probably most monkey's have higher iq than either one of those idiots

  • AlNewman

    The communists are just thowing out another 'divider' :

    1. If you belleve in pro choice, then you must vote democrat.
    2. If you believe in evolution, then you must vote democrat.
    3. If you believe in gay marriage, then you must vote democrat.
    4. If you believe the 'govt' owes you, then you must vote democrat.
    5. If you don't believe in war, then you must vote democrat.
    6. If you have been kept down by the man, then you must vote democrat.
    7. If your neighbor has more crap than you and that's not fair, then you must vote democrat.

    • AlNewman

      8. If you should be able to do drugs legally, then you must vote democrat.
      9. If you believe in open borders, then you must vote democrat.
      10. If you are a failure in life, you must vote democrat.
      11. If you have been collegiately indoctrinated, you must vote democrat.
      12. If you have NO COMMON SENSE what so ever, you must vote democrat.
      13. If you HATE America, you must vote democrat.
      14. If you are stupid, you must vote democrat.
      I could go on and on. This is one of the reasons the democrats insisted that 18 year olds could vote and passed the law in RECORD TIME. The communist attach themselves to the wing nut, unintelligent side of every topic and rally for the idiot. Pretty soon they have so many minorities of morons rallying with them, they have a majority.

  • husseinout2012

    Chris has accomplished what he set out to do....irritate those who seek wisdom from God. He is a god and believes in his holyness that has so substance and he does look like his beliefs...just like his ancestry.... a monkey. I am in wonder how these faithless people walk the earth. Why God doesnt strike them dead...they blasphem and still God showers them with his grace. Fools that they are, they will have to answer AND I am glad I wont be in their shoes. . Lord come quickly.

  • AlNewman

    Dont get sucked into the 'devisive' trap.

    Lets just cut spending, balance the budget, follow the Constitution and get people back to work. Let people have their opinons on the other stuff. I'm frikkin tired of seeing the communists separate us over topics that should be solved on local basis.

  • Tig

    Religion is a good framework to study thoughts in the head (Cognitivism);

    Science is an epistomology, a way of knowing, that relies on things we can measures with our senses or the instruments we develop for more refined data gathering (Materialism).

    Science cannot be used to measure the intentions of a creator; that is a debate for theology and other humanistic research domains. The world is obviously more than 6,000 years old. Those were calculations by a Irish priest a few hundred years ago I think! Seriously.

    Religion and Science are talking past each other. That does not have to be the case.

  • cincorva

    Chris Matthews is a raving idiot!

  • Yeshua friend

    It wouldn't be theologically correct for a follower of Yeshua HaMashiach like myself, to comment on the likes of Chris Matthews. So all I will say is, some poor souls are born that way.

    Shabbat shalom!

  • Paul R

    Chris needs to keep his mouth shut. When he opens it, anyone who thinks he is an idiot lets Chris remove any doubt.

  • Glenn

    Chris, sounds as smart as a rock. When Archaeologist everyday are unearthen Christian finds. I quess those were buried when we had the big bang?

  • Lloyd Welch

    The science I was educated in rested on two principals which were experimentation and observation and the THEORY of evolution passes neither. Darwins understanding of what a cell is was as limited as my understand of what a lunar rocket is which isn' t much. The two most popular consensus are that proteins rode on the backs of crystals until they became a living cell or that beings from outerspace seeded the living cells which evolved from there. Is this what any thinking person would consider science? Well not by me because I would call this uneducated thinking or at best grasping at straws. It takes a much greater leap of faith to believe either of these theories as opposed to intelligent design. We don't even have a clear definition of what a species is much less what their origins could possibly be. Purely out of curiosity I attempted to read Richard Dawkins book. In the end I really just glossed through it and came to the conclusion that he really does believe in God he just hates Him. Occam's Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. Therefore using this line of reasoning the obivious conclusion would be these people who spew this tripe have an agenda.

  • AliveStillKickin

    We are NOT competing....Our government is giving away our secrets and technology to China.
    That's not competition....That's sedition.

  • JIM


  • Robert Ridge sr

    Idid not know Chris was still on tv i learned years a go not to listen to liberal TV they are all Liberal Liars .

  • hedy

    my god , some one shouild look chris up , he is a loon, he is a danger to him self, whit al the stupid things he sayes,
    total ,out of controll , what a stupid ass

  • Joanne

    Well he thinks OBAMA is so intelligent and look at the job he's done. He's a big failure , incompetent and inept at his job. Seems to me he doesn't know the meaning of real leadership, maybe Matthews should speak about that on his show.

  • Dale Netherton

    Equating evolution with faith based mythology is nonsense. Evolution is substantiated by evidence. Creationism is simply mythology. As for climate change , trying to bundle this political movement with science is a stretch that is constantly being rebuked. Chis Matthew's wouldn't know an intellectual if he met one.

    • Tucci78

      At 7:01 PM on 26 August, Dale Netherton writes: "Equating evolution with faith based mythology is nonsense. Evolution is substantiated by evidence. Creationism is simply mythology."

      It's rather more like so: the theory of evolution is a conceptual model that has been derived from the thoughtful and dispassionate consideration of all observed and objectively verified physical evidence available. There has been no evidence to disprove this theory. Therefore it stands.

      Creationism, by contrast, is an appeal to what is absolutely and unavoidably ineffable. No possibility of getting evidence to disprove it or prove it, and the various arguments of the "intelligent design" religious whackjobs are merely demonstrations of scientific illiteracy and willful stupidity.

      "As for climate change" speak precisely of "man-made global climate change" to keep it accurate. Purposeful human action is known to be capable of effecting microclimatic changes (consider the "urban heat island" effect, for example, as well as both deforestation and intensive "monocrop" agriculture.) Look at a hill in Southeast Asia terraced from top to bottom to create rice paddies, and don't try to peddle the notion that human beings don't change their local ecosystems and the climates thereof.

      But the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) conjecture is a concept that has never had any empirical evidence whatsoever to support the extraordinary (indeed, preposterous) contention that atmospheric carbon dioxide level increases caused by the combustion of petrochemical fuels had caused - or could ever cause - worldwide adverse changes in the climate.

      • Jerry

        Nice comment with lots of fancy words. Guess I'll have break out the dictionary. Anyhow, I think I agree with you.

    • AliveStillKickin

      Evolution is substantiated by CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence.

  • Bruce

    The fact is, evolution IS science and there is overwhelming evidence it is a real and ongoing natural phenomenon such that it is accepted as a fact, whereas creationism is merely a religiously driven speculation for which there not one shred of evidence. The credulity with which people cling to religious dogma is astounding and is based on nothing more than fear of the truth. Why conservatism seems to be inextricably linked with creationism is also astounding and the result of demagoguery from both sides, especially the left. The stupidity of this article is in the fact the author criticizes Matthews for being the pinhead that he is while at the same time making the ignorant statement that "Evolution is a belief system just like any other religion", and then goes on to compare anyone who accepts evolution as scientific fact with islamic suicide bombers. Quite the moronic article. Congratulations. You're officially more a pinhead than Chris Matthews.

    • VT Patriot

      Wow Bruce, if we could all be as brilliant as you. I'd give up my degrees in theoretical physics if I could just be the genius you are. BTW, would you like some more kool-aid??

      • Tucci78

        At 7:11 PM on 26 August, VT Patriot speaks about his "...degrees in theoretical physics."

        I'm moved to ask how one gets awarded "degrees in theoretical physics." I've heard of postgraduate degree-granting programs in astrophysics, condensed matter, optics, mathematical physics, materials science, even ultrafast imaging & structural dynamics, but I've never heard of anybody getting a Masters' degree or a doctorate in "theoretical physics."

        Isn't all physics at the postgraduate level kinda "theoretical" anyway?

        Or are we simply to deal with you as yet another instantiation of the "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" phenomenon?


    We might have to grab the sissy boy Matthews and put depends on him and then put some kerosene on the tops of his socks to keep the ants from eating his candyass........gots to save the motor mouth before ya kin fix'em.

  • Pete Kennedy

    And to think that The College of the Holy Cross, which at one time was a model of Jesuit Classical Education, allowed someone(Chris Mathews) with a mind so lacking in the ability to abosrb the "truths" of hls Faith and the inability to use logic in his arguments rather than supposition to become a HC student (apparently he never was).

  • downs1

    I feel sorry for Chris Matthews, and for people like him. They deny the existence of God and believe rather that man is the ultimate wisdom and power, and that mankind evolved from pond scum several billion years ago. Science "proves" it! Right? The big bang is the answer! So . . . Who made the stuff that made the big bang! "Nothing" can't explode! Where did those gases come from? Something or Someone caused it to exist. Perhaps it was from what "Harry" alluded to; however, then Harry would have to admit that God esists! Both Matthews and those like him are basically angry people none of whom has a clue as to the origin of "life", or what "life" really is. They just attempt to live it, and apparently not too well!

  • Shoestring47

    Chris Matthews is afraid of someone who can compete in math and science. He is afraid of Conservatives because they have brains and faith and he doesn't. Evolution says we descend from apes, juding from Matthews science is right.

  • Jack Wagner

    A scientific theory is crested and sustained by evidence. Religious belief is sustained in spite of evidence. Governor Perry's religious beliefs are his, and nobody else's, business. Those who believe that an almighty being chose a tribe of desert nomads to be his "Chose People"; those who believe that a priest can transmute a wafer into the actual body of the "Son of God"; those who believe in the existence of s literal heaven and hell, do so without, or in spite of, a total lack of evidence. They are all in the same boat as Governor Perry. More importantly, we need to consider the political record and platform of the various candidates. Barack Obama, for instance, subscribes to a religion that holds that the wealth of the world was created by blacks and stolen by whites. Would Mr. Matthews care to comment on that.

  • Steven

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Fears Educated President
    Actually he fears ANYONE that exhibits the ability to engage in rational thought. Education is not relevant.

  • Daniel from TN

    And we take anything Chris Mathews says as serious because.....?

  • Mike

    Someone needs to remind this BOOB that we have something called 'freedom of religion' in this country. As such, most religions are based on the Bible and NOT, repeat NOT on anything written by Charles Darwin. Chris, kindly reread your copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., ok? If there's a more snotty ASS on TV these days I can't think of one. Along with freedom of religion, we have 'freedom of speech' too Chris; so in my book you are free to believe or say anything you wish to--regardless of how much of an IDIOT it makes you sound. By all means, leave your stupidity out there for all to see and laugh at--we need the chuckles nowadays under King Barack the First's impressions of King George III.
    Lastly, I think your famous 'thrill running up your leg' went all the way to your brain--which of course is located just above your legs in the rear, that 2-cheeked thing you sit on--remember? It all adds up as to WHY you are so loathed and ridiculous--your family is descended from APES and MONKEYS!!! The truth is out and I for one absolutely BELIEVE you are an 'evolved' chimp--no questions asked! If you would, please inform us on your next broadcast just which generation of your family was the FIRST to walk upright without knuckles dragging the ground? I'll bet you also like bananas more than most people too--don't you Chris? Are any of your ancestors in American zoos anywhere; please tell us that too so we can stop by and say hello to them as well. Perhaps ACORN has found a way to register them to vote too I'll bet!!! hahaha Remember--no picking your ASS on TV Chris--it's just NASTY!!!

    • USAF VET

      I can think of another one right off the bat. Keith Olberman. He is just as idiotic as Chris Mathews who left the vibrator on, on his cell phone and thought he was getting a tingle up his leg instead.

  • Bill Lee

    The aspects of irreducible complexity (the smallest molecular sub-systems being amazingly complex) and the genetic code unable to support macro mutation from one species to another are a couple of scientific examples of how evolution is unfounded. Evolution is a POLITICAL theory based upon layers of massive conjecture that has been used by leftist forces to maintain an agnostic or atheistic outlook on life that there is no God. Yet in fact, the proof is right before them in true science. The Bible warns against people who will not identify who the Creator is when the evidence is plain. Those who say evolution is fact are in fact not scientists but political lapdogs who've been fed darwin chow for so long they have no taste for anything else.

  • Jerry

    Global warming is still a hypothesis, a big, important sounding word, but still just an unproven idea, and a long way from being a fact. As for Chris Matthews, you could put his skivvies on his head, turn him upside down, and the same unintelligent sounds would come out where his head used to be, only with less spittle.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    i read that rant and there wasn't one coherent thought in it.

  • Slanted Heart

    Chris Matthews is a idiot enough said....

  • Watchman

    MSNBC with this annoying idiot just makes me want to shoot him to put him out of OUR misery that he daily dishes out to the dumbed down. I wonder when MSNBC will start to wonder why they're losing the viewers. I do not watch him but, I constantly hear of him bothering someone. He;s like a fly that keeps buzzing around your face annoying you. I do so hope someone takes a swatter to his arse. He can deny it but he displays all the tell-tale signs of someone who did alot of dope when he was younger. Maybe he's graduated to pills today. Matthews.......just go away.


    Chris Mathews is a repugnant and reprehensible individual, his arguments as always have absolutely no basis in fact, like every other pablum puking liberal when unable to debate on the basis of truth and merit they attack the person with the oppossing intellegent, coherent and logical view point. At the end of the day Chris Mathews is a sorry excuse of an American, he and his viewers ( all twenty three of them ) are to be pitied.

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    I love this. So far no one on this web is talking sensibly. People who talk about evolution generally speaking pro or con do not know what they do not know. The fundamental premise of Darwin's theory of the selective evoluton of species is that at some point in man's evolution both man and the great apes had a common ancestor. Darwin may well have been influenced by the Austrian Monk Gregor Mendel who's study of the evolution of bred species of peas laid the frame work for modern day genetics. There two holes that Darwin left in the theory of selective evolution: first and foremost that the fittest survive selective evolution. This is a tautology which goes: "..they survived, therefore because they survived they must be fit, so if the fitest survive, then all animals are dogs and all dogs beinbg animals have four legs therefore all animals have four legs. Does anybody here see the tautology or shlould I say the fallacy. What about the dogs that got hit by buses and survived but lost a hind leg? They survived therefore are they fit as dogs?
    First hole in Darwin

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    The second and greaest whole that Darwin left in his so called theory is that if there was indeed an evolution of man's physiogonomy or for that fact the ohysiogonomy all animal life then where oh where are the skeletal remains of intermedite genotypes between let us say CroMangon and Neanderthal; surely they interbred, or between the common Pine tree and man after all both have DNA strands that are identical. If that were indeed so then a pine tree cone is a rabbit, is a dog, is a rhesus monkey, is a gorilla, is a boy, is a horse ad infinitum. Now the idiots that propose evolution have failed to demonstrate or confirm for scientific skeptics that lack of discovered evidence. What is more idiotic is that those who oppose them do not pick up on that. They cannot because of oine fact that is a truth self evident.

  • Tom

    Does anyone actually watch this clown? I mean, really!

  • Vince

    Mr. Matthews confuses proof with belief. I *believe* there is a Heaven and I have *believe* that God and his son, my Savior, are there amongst the Holy Host. But, I do NOT "believe" in science. The Scientific Method which science is based on must PROVE IT! If it can NOT prove the theory then it remains that a theory. Now, even some theories like Einstein's theory of relativity are widely used and put into practice but, until it's proven it's not factual science. I LOVE how people like Matthews eschew religion as this archaic mythology while creating their own mythology about how the universe, and their place in it in particular, are these magnificent delusions of grandeur that Scheherazade would have been proud to tell!

  • Jim

    I see absolutely no contradiction or conflict between Evolution & belief in whatever Creator Deity there may or may not be. Even the Declaration of Independence mentions "the Laws of Nature as set forth by the Creator," so doesn't that imply that the Laws of Nature are nothing more (or less) than the Laws of Physics? Scientists still haven't figured out EVERYTHING, ya' know...They're still learning just like everyone else.

    Who's to say that the progress of evolution isn't simply one of the processes that the Creator "set forth" at the beginning of Creation so that the Laws of Matter & Energy would eventually bring about Life (& us)? From the deepest observations of space (with our various types of telescopes) to the smallest of micro-organisms, there's plenty of evidence to support the idea that, as matter & energy interact/exchange with each other, the simplest atoms combine (under the right conditions) to form ever more complex molecules...

  • Jim

    ...Molecules interact with each other to form more complex compounds & so on. Scientists have noted how their tests on short-lived lifeforms can change over the course of multiple generations...Even in humans, there is the epigenetic (look it up yourself) processes that passes down traits from ancestors to decundants.

    This is the real idea behind Evolution; that the universe is set under specific Laws to create ever more complex & diverse forms of matter...Even Life itself. So where's the conflict here? The Theory of Evolution just is not "expansive" enough to deny the existence of any Creator. Indeed, evolution only addresses one of the ways that the Laws of Nature (same as the Laws of Physics) progresses through time...It says NOTHING about what CAUSES may have started the whole thing going in the beginning, it speaks only about ongoing observable effects on lifeforms.

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    The truth self evident is that there are none and that the whole of the rather short record of life on earth in this universe points to the wholesale extinction of "all" animal species. If not there would be intermediary homopathic genotypes between Zinjanthropus ercetus, Australopithicus, Piltdown, Java, Neanderthal, and CroMagnon. There are none, no skeletal remains have been found, and there are "no" artifact records. Additionally both Piltdown, and Java have been found to be fraudulent, both specimens of which were prominent in highschgool biology books of the middle twentieth century as arguments for Darwinian evolution, even in the Catholic parochial system.

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    Chris Matthews is an "over-educated whiteboy": with a post graduate Master's Degree in glassblowing and a minor in Gothic stained glass windows, masquerading as a "journalist". He does not know what he does not know,. and his best days were when he was press secretary for fatso Tip O'Neil; now he's a shrieking drunk. But, when he speaks everybody gets their Hanes's in a wedgie. As for God!? you either believe or not. It is that simple and "Evolution" Darwin, the Scopes Monkey trial, or a drunk Chris Mattrhews have nothing to do with. But, if you don't believe in God, then you don't believe in man and Darwin's got nothing to say about that.

  • tiredoffools

    Chris Spithews, let me ask just one question to al you evolutionists. What is first cause? We come from apes? Where did the ape come from? We crawled out of the ocean? Where or what did they come from. The big bang therory? What caused it? God created the heavens and the Earth. Please Mr. Spithews, quit spitting your vile out on the TV screen and do us all a big fat favor and crawl back under the rock from which YOU came from.

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    Global warming presumes that there is a correct, or proper temperature for the earth.
    What is that temperature?
    Why does over 70% of the earth's population live on or near the equator?
    So, if Global warming is a bad thing, then why does such a high percentage of the earth's popoulation luve where it really is "warm"?

  • Dave

    I'm not saying there is a legitimate excuse for abortion....but if there were one it would be named Chris Matthews. His kind are the ones who make you wish that his brother was an only child

  • LANI

    They say that a lot of those who DO NOT believe in God & something very horrible happens to them or a family member ask for God. There must be an Emptiness for those who are Non Believers. There is just to much awesomeness all around to think that it all started from some Slim.

  • carolandv

    And I suppose that 2000 years ago 40 people from around the world--a world that could ONLY be navigated by foot and donkey--got together to perpetrate the largest hoax on people since literally the beginning of time. This hoax being that everything in the first history book--the Bible--was made up and foisted on a world filled with gullible people.

    Now with the passage of time and 2000 years this book--which has more books printed than any other in the WORLD--is still fooling millions of believers with its contents and the accounting of the facts leading up to God's son rising from the dead and a prediction of the end of the world (which is now coming to pass).

    Kind of sounds like the theory that an animal still in its present form evolved into man, but is still in existence; somehow genes mutated, he walked upright, and a brain grew in intellectual thought. Both are equally ridiculous and Chris Matthews is really too old to be this ignorant!

    God will sort out the unbelievers...Chris, don't say you weren't warned!


    Aw! Come on!matthews is an expert at one thing - shooting off his mouth.

    Sign of a con-man.

  • Benjo4677

    Have you ever noticed that a liberal's brain works just below stupid and just above ignorance. Is this why they seem to be in La-La-Land when you tell them the truth about things.

  • SLY

    i have many more important things in my life than matthews....his thoughts mean nothing to me !

  • hardscrabblemary

    not sure about evolution vs. creationism. I'll have to look it up a bit more. Seems like there's an attitude you object to among evolutionists that indicate God didn't have a hand in creation, meaning that the evolutionists' view is that we all just happened pell mell. I believe God created us, but it could have happened different ways. I will admit that I might be missing something here, but the important thing to me is that creation is totally the ACT of God, according to His plan. Comments?

  • dbassd

    .Matthews does not even deserve commentary. . .
    Please change his man sized diaper, as he is about to pee himself again. . .
    He is one of the reasons I do not participate in Lamestream media, and I do not support any of the advertisers. It is how you break them, please follow suit!

    • lane Burns

      I agree totally..we need a list of the products and corporations who support these people. I personally refuse to have HBO for the simple reason I dont want to watch Bill Marr either. Rachel Mad cow is another voice like finger nails scraping on a blackboard.

  • lloyd middleton

    I believe Mr Mathews is well beyound mental health care at this time.He needs a time out.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    I think we need to have a "Kill Chris Matthews" Day of Outrage.

  • rick jones

    Chris Matthews has exactly who he wants as president and for the same reasons...they agree !!

  • Charlie

    Chris Matthews is a bird brain idiot. An absolute REPROBATE.

  • Robert Casale

    Very few watch Chris Mathews because he is crazier than Keith Obermann. He will eventually disappear if he hasn't already. How this jerk lives with himself is remarkable. Remember he wasn't always a moron but time has taken its toll. Sad.

  • libwatcher

    What an idiot this guy is. He is claiming that he wants someone educated, and in the same paragraph promotes the ideal as a believer in all sorts of theories. That tingle destroyed his brain, what little there was of it.

  • The Dean

    I continue to be amazed that any company would employ Chris Matthews, but then it's MSNBC. I see them as a blight on our society, pimples that need to pop and go away. I virtually never go to that channel ever--nothing intelligent or inspiring. They are the prime example of "Critical Theory" of the Marxist agenda, which is to just criticize--no intelligent conversation or reason, just raw criticism. Shame on them. (See the 22 minute online documentary THE HISTORY OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS or Kevin MacDonald's book THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE for more on the Marxist link to critical theory...those who sit in the seat of the scoffers.) It's unproductive and destructive. What is the definition of wicked and evil--to be destructive rather than constructive. Go away.

  • pilot

    Well lets consider eveolution for a moment.. Possibly he is the missing link science has been looking for all these centurys! Apparently his evolution is stuck somewhere between a "3 Toed Sloth", and a tree slug! His mind is still stuck up there somewhere between the limbs -- possibly he is pre-monkey or ape! I do not want to disgrace monkeys and apes! Give him time,- possibly his mind might speed up a little! But don't stake your life on it! Note that the "Fariness Docturine" was dropped last week, so he could be out of a job soon! As TRUTH may soon overcome "fairness"-- which in "liberal" means deep six conservatives,--- and elevate liberals

  • Bob Clarkson

    A "day" for the Lord is probably not a 24 hour segment of time on Earth. Simply compare the difference in the length of day from Mercury to Earth to Jupiter. My personal belief is that God created man, which MAY have left evidence in the form of paleontology results. Is it possible that "man" is so sure of himself that he believes nothing he cannot see, feel, taste or hear? If that's true, then the speed of light doesn't exist for most of us.

    As for the Theory of Evolution, it was Darwin himself who said his theory couldn't explain, by way of evolution, the human eye.

    I can believe in the 100% in the Biblical story of Creationism AND see where significant parts of the theory of Evolution fits in.

  • William Raines

    Chris Matthew is ass whole, he does not know what he is talking it out. He needs to be turned off if necessary.

  • Bob

    More Anti-Christ Actions from Matt and MSNBC::

    This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed this weekend. He asked her what she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him...She said, and I quote, " His love for Christ" and then continued with a few other things...through out the day and on MSN homepage...when the story is replayed they have edited the "Love of Christ" part out...
    Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone...well I am a Christian and I am offended! Offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion.
    I think anyone who missed the original broadcast this morning should know what NBC has done. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him...
    Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your email list..There are emails that go around saying " If you believe in God" then forward this...well I am starting one..right here, right now...I am not ashamed of God but I am becoming more ashamed of my country...It is time to take a stand.
    Please GOD, have mercy on us and help us all.

  • Tom_M


    Just hang on... all of the nonsense quoted here (and on every other webpage) will not amount to a hill of beans.

    We're in a position to watch the greatest "gotcha" ever to plague the mind of man! When Christ returns to collect the faithful, the remainders will be so overcome that they will be speechless! If they never considered believing in God, then they'll have awhile to rethink their suppositions.

    We'll all be watching from the finest box seats anywhere... Don't fret the small stuff.

    • Yah Coyote

      Read the Book of Revelation. No secert rapture - it is just a misinterpretation some theologian hoped was true. It will disapoint many who as a result will follow the Beast. Just like the true state of the dead, asleep and totally awaiting resurrection. Satan's Angles will impersonate dead relatives and tell the decieved to follow the Beast. Contact Wake Up Ameica to get the truth on apoalyptic prophecy.

  • Dave

    One of the most under-commented upon facts of Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" is the fact that it is based upon 1860s science. In 1860 there were no electron microscopes and the myriad other modern scientific instruments which have been able to explore life all the way down to the intracellular level. Darwin had no concept of the natural facts that existed beyond the reach of Victorian era scientific knowledge and instruments, and therefore, for anyone who wanted to look for another theory of creation that excluded Divine intervention, his theory of evolution seemed to fit the bill. Today, however, with the infinitely more expansive knowledge base and sophisticated equipment, the idea that some highly-eductated individuals refuse to acknowledge how out-moded Darwin's theory is, and therefore try to build their discoveries upon 1860s scientific theory is particularly bullheaded and unscientific, akin to trying to build a study of pathogens without acknowledging the presence of germs that were unknown in the 1860s.

    • philwynk

      I'm sorry, Dave, but you're spouting ignorance here. The entire field of evolutionary biology has shifted since Darwin's day to the genetic model. Virtually nobody in biology is a strict Darwinist anymore, and it is generally understood among them that Darwin was incorrect for exactly the reasons you name.

      This is why many of them will scoff at you if you call them "Darwinists," and why some of the rest of us who engage them in the public arena call them "NEO-Darwinists" instead.

      The piece of Darwin's theory that has persisted is called "descent with modification," sometimes called "gradualism." It holds that the gene pool changes by drift and mutation, and then harmful changes disappear in a process called "natural selection." That part of his theory is not outmoded at all; in fact, it seems to have some validity in some cases. It is reasonable to argue that descent with modification does not have the power to produce all the variety we see in the biosphere; but it is not reasonable to say that it never occurs at all.

  • Bud Grounds

    I think the caption says it all. Matthews has a habit of saying things before he thinks. As far as his little diatribe, he likely was reading cue cards because he doesn't have the intelligence to present this view on his own.

  • vmelangham

    Now that guy is what is scary... to imagine or think that a media group no matter how blatantly left they may be inclined to lean affording this guy a soapbox to climb up on and pontificate such drool before the people of our nation... It is refreshing to view the entire article which properly addresses the truth of the matter.. what famed Harvard geneticist Dr. Richard Lewontin said, "we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door." So it appears that their prime modus operandi stems from no belief in God and their subsequent departure from the wisdom of these words garnered from "Contempt prior to investigation", "
    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
    which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail
    to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is
    contempt prior to investigation."
    — Herbert Spencer

    • vmelangham

      Ergo, the humanistic liberals are as one adrift upon a vast sea of information without a moral compass for steerage and therefore surely destined to acquire only that knowledge that feels right and feeds their characterless lives.... thus frees them to prosecute from the sidelines all they fear to be true but unprovable because of their "priori adherence to material causes...."

  • Mike Dorsey

    Chris Matthews is one of the brain washed socialist who are making huge headway in the down fall of America, that they have molded for their use! He and those like him is why our Heavenly Father is allowing America to suffer.

  • Mike Dorsey

    The main thing everyone needs to realize about these 70 Socialist Party members is that they have infiltrated our government by lying and defrauding the voting American who thought they were casting their ballot for a real Democrat. These people are a danger to your children and grandchildren. Some of the names on the list you will recognize but most you won't because most of them prefer to be low profile. They count on socialism taking over America slowly but surely. But the socialist party leaders plan on taking it all a step further. Next comes Communism. To do any of this they know America has to hit rock bottom which means the Socialists & Commies already have a good start with Obama as their puppet. Pick on the link . .. . it will scare you if you love America.

    Click below:

  • Gary

    This moron is another reason not to pay for cable/satellite TV. There is better news, more interesting topics and more truth on free talk radio.

  • Bruce

    Matthews used to get beat up all the time when he was a kid...nobody liked him then and nobody likes him now....he is a blowhard and I NEVER watch his show. Hell, his own family can't stand him, probably.

  • philwynk

    Thanks a million, mook. Yet another instance of a person taking the intellectually correct position that evolution might not be infallible -- and then associating it with the intellectually ridiculous position that the earth is only 6,000 years old.

    I'll wager that not one of the candidates for President believes that, so the Young Earth position is completely irrelevant to the race for the presidency. But the strongest argument neo-Darwinists have in the public fight over Intelligent Design is the false dichotomy, "If you don't believe evolution, you must be one of those Young Earth nuts." It's not true, but that's how they defend themselves, and thanks to you, it works.

    You'd be doing us a favor if you just SHUT THE HELL UP, and let people that actually know something about the sciences do the hard work. Thanks.

  • Henry

    Personally I won't be happy until a group of Muslim terrorist hang Mathews from a pilon on the White House in front of obama and his wife. I believe maybe at that point Muslims, Christians, and Jews can live in peace. Mmm. probablu not. But at least Mathews will be dead.

  • The G-Man

    If Chris Matthews wishes to believe that he is no more than a jumped-up monkey, whose only benny over those monkeys is an opposable thumb, it is his business. It does however explain much about him, liberals, and their Dear Leader whom Chris has his man-crush on.

  • RagtimeCowboy

    Chris has always had problems holding an idea together long enough to express it. Of late he seems to be having a hard time stringing words together in a sentence that makes any kind of sense at all. There are those who think Chris is imbibing a bit too much of the distilled spirits during air time to be actually responsible for what comes out of what he claims to be a mouth. From the amount of vile sewage that normally flows from that orifice, I suspect he is anatomically reversed and is actually spewing crap from there and possibly talking out his ass at the same time. Either way I'm sure his regular viewers (all 20 or 30 of them) hardly notice, since they are all most likely in the same boat he is. The hate filled, logic free, spawn of monkey's boat where everyone who is not like you (except Socialist radicals and Muslims) is evil, vile and a danger to all. Or, it could be that he is just frantic and tipping the glass too much over the overwhelming evidence that the party is over and the Obama Socialist train wreck will crash, burn and go down in flames in the 2012 elections.

  • David Dorris

    It seems to me that the people who staunchly believe in evolution, many are the same ones who belive in man made global warming. Have they forgot that the earth is a living environment that has been constanly changing and evolving since creation? Global warming is simply the earth evolving.

  • patriot

    I do not WHO he is but after I watch "few times" of his show, I do not like it. I really can not watch his show again.

  • pete0097

    IU have always felt that putting someone down for their beliefs is foolhardy. I believe in God, Jesus, and evolution. If God created the first single cell living thing, that in itself was a miracle. Since there is scientific evidence that carbon 17 radioactive decay occurs at a very well known rate, allowing carbon dating to be used to date organic materials to good ages up to about 12,00 years, shoots the 6000 years since creation theory out the window. But all else is fair game.

  • Bill

    Matthews is just the democrat insultor in chief at MSNBC. Get Obama out of office andf this guy will be gone along with many of the liberals on the other democrat channels. We need some sensibility restored to media news. A string of insults and pompous lying is not news.

  • Phyllis

    Isn't it amazing? The explanation of evolution and other so called scientific theories is much more complicated than the truth as recorded in God's word. Won't the disbelievers be surprised on the Day of Judgment when they must bow before the Lord and make their defense?

  • Brian

    Evolution is real, at least to educated people.

    • Edwin Radler

      You can have more degrees next to your name than a thermometer, but if you don't know any Bible you have no true education. The chief end of education is to know Christ who is eternal life.

  • Brian

    I've never seen so many uneducated people in one spot, unless it's Sunday at church.

  • Bonnie

    One can believe in both evolution and that God created both heaven and earth...when the bible went through many translations from Aramaic to Hebrew to Latin to Greek then to English, the vocabulary limits of some languages caused them to translate the ancient word "day", meaning any indeterminate length of time, into the modern definition of day as a 24 hour period. So when we read that God created the earth in 6 "days", it is very likely that the original meaning was that the creation took place over huge chunks of time, as supported by science.

  • Ronald Johnston

    What is scary is that people like Chris Matthews and the other yellow bellies of the media are having such a big impact on our information sources!

  • Jim

    What will you do? What will Mr. Matthews', and those of his ilk do, when it becomes time to meet they're creator. I would love to be there just to see the looks on they're faces when they suddenly discover they've spent an entire lifetime being wrong. You think they might ask for a second chance? I don't think so. I think they will Scream for one, but they won't get it.
    They had a lifetime of chances.

  • Mary B

    I agree Matthews is a complete fool. Obviously I don't watch him or the network he is on, why doesn't this clip have Reince's answer. It would be nice to know he made a bigger fool out of Matthews (if that's possible)?

  • sharyn

    I don't understand why Muslims want to come here only to live the way they did when they were oppressed. They want to change our country to be like there's. What's the deal?? Either love our country or leave it! Go back to where you came from. That includes all illegals! I'm disgusted with our patronizing government afraid to insult foreigners. Go overseas and see what they do to illegal aliens and try and see if you can get a job! Let alone a life style like ours! Stop giving away our country!

  • Patricia

    I rarely watch Chris Matthews, but I believe deep down he is a total racist, who reflects his own views and then says that other people feel that way!!!!!
    He is not credible, he needs to watch O'Reilly and give fair and balanced interviews, and the truth would be nice also. !!!!
    Chris Matthews only fuels the fires of racism!!!!

  • Edwin Radler

    No God.LOLOL
    The heavens declare the glory of God(Psalm 19:1) and the FOOL has said in his heart there is no God(Psalm 14:1). Creation, the many species of birds, fish etc. is evidence God is speaking 24/7(Romans 1). The Bible was written by 40 men isnpired by the Holy Spirit what to write(2Peter 1:21), on five continents taking 1500 yrs. The greates prophecy of the last century was the birth of Israel OVERNIGHT in May 15, 1948 foretold by Isaiah in chapter 66:8. The Bible faith is not blind but based on prophecy, fact and eye witnesses. The Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth 40 days after his resurrection. He was seen by over 500 people at one time(1Corinthians 15:6). This is historical documentation. If you can't believe a host of witnesses like that, then let the rapists and murderers out of prison that were convicted by just one or two witnesses. I KNOW the Lord is real because when i accepted Him as my Savior He changed and turned my life around and changed my whole value system. And i know others bound by drugs and other vices that would have died in their sin had it not been for JESUS CHRIST.

  • Edwin Radler

    This is in reply to the folks that can't reconcile God and science. They, in fact, pit one against the other. God is OMNISCIENT which is all knowing, in whom is hid all knowledge and wisdom(Colossians 2:3). I hear all the time science discovering this and that. NO, it is God who lets man discover what in this present time wants man to discover. God and science is perfectly compatible because God is the author of science. For by HIM were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by HIM all things consist(Colossians 1:16,17).

  • C.Stanley

    Matthews has gone off the deep end! A few years ago I could listen to a few things he said! Now,he is a talking idiot! Anyone who listens to him on a regular basis has to get a life! He is the most racist commentator on TV and has evolved into a Marxist! He is a disgrace to any American who cares about our country! He has become a vile human being and doesn't deserve a platform for his hate and racisim! The only thing that spews from his mouth today are half truths, bigotry and Marxist tainted remarks!