Hollywood’s Finest Wishing Storm Would Wash Away GOP Conservatives

As Tropical Storm Isaac skirted west of Tampa, Florida and headed into the Gulf of Mexico, some of Hollywood’s finest were wishing the storm would made a direct hit on the GOP convention, killing thousands of Americans.

Over the weekend, Ellen Barkin, retweeted a message she received.  The message read:

“C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC.”

By forwarding the message on without any disagreement, it would indicate that she fully agreed with what it said.

Another of Hollywood’s finest to tweet in on the GOP convention and Tropical Storm Isaac was Samuel L. Jackson.  On Monday, Isaac moved further west, sparing Tampa and the GOP convention.  Jackson tweeted:

"Unfair s---."

"GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f----- again!"

A short time later, he did tweet an apology, but knowing his pro-Obama and anti-GOP history, the first tweet represented how he really felt.  He only apologized because so many people took offense to it.

More and more we see this kind of attitude by the liberal left who condemn conservatives for not being tolerant of their ways.  Not only are they extremely intolerant of others, but they vocally express their desire to see conservatives washed away and drowned by a storm.  They don’t even seem to be willing to tolerate allowing conservatives to breathe the same air as they breathe.

In another example of extremism on the part of liberals is the recent comment by Cher concerning Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri.  Even though Akin has issued several apologies, the extreme liberal left again show their violent disdain for someone who accidently offended them.  Cher tweeted about Akin saying that it would be karma if Akin would:

“Get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism.”

And these are the people that are supporting the Obama administration and claiming that he will make America a more tolerant and better place to live.  You can see just how tolerant they are of those they disagree with.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Barkin's hate-filled tweet is indicative of the level of animosity directed to anyone outside of their camp.

    With all of their rabid self-promotion, their endless warm-fuzzy-award ceremonies held to soothe their self-centered need for constant head-patting approval, and their militant intolerance for conservatives, the Hollywood elites have shown themselves to be NOT such an attractive bunch after all..........and alas...there's no cosmetic surgery that can fix it.

    • PMDavis

      Excellent comment. All their plastic surgery does it show them for the fake and artificial human beings that they are.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Even if these believer were to die they know where they are going to . Morons like Barkin and Jackson are going to have a rather large surprise when they die.

    • obhfwb

      May they reach room temperature real soon.

  • Luong the Viet

    I'm so ASHAMED to be from California!!!

  • nanci

    This is typical Hollywood tripe. Ignore them for they know not what they say. They are fools and imbeciles.

    • Raymond

      You have reached the office of the President of the United States.
      President Obama is either away from his desk or not in the Oval Office
      at this time. At the tone, please leave your name, your telephone number,
      the size of the bailout or earmark that you are seeking and the aggregate
      dollar amount of your campaign donations to date.

      • nan1

        Raymond, you could have said that Obama wasn't in the Oval Office as he is one of 3 places. Either vacationing (on our money), or on a golf course (again our money) or he's off on a fund raiser or politicking somewhere. (again, not a dime of his own money) We all know he isn't doing what a president should be doing. Why should he change tho, he hasn't for 3 1/2 years.

    • Dean

      Did Ellen Barkin have a botox treatment that went bad?????

      • shack

        She had acting lessons that went bad.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RMAWLL2AOOYIHXRM7P3DH3GQ2Y Bill F

    MsBarkin is to humanity what a used tampon is to used up. Any questions?

  • tnisaforvolunteers

    Her perverted, gutter sex, hetero-phobic rhetoric is so ignorant as to be pathetic! Just look at HER!! Is this what the Liberal/Progressive/Marxist life-style of the elite leads to? Jeeeezzz! Deliver me from the results of debauchery and total ignorance!!

    • JoJo58

      I was really shocked at how her tweet read like she was a rabid dog. It's amazing how someone can be so filled with hate towards someone because they are pro LIFE. Whatever happened to the so-called "pro choice" movement? Oh, that's right...the only CHOICE liberals allow is infanticide, partial birth abortion or abortion on demand. God forbid a woman chooses life. Sick

  • kathyd

    Ms. Barkin is a washed up has been who wanted another 10 minutes of "fame."

    • http://www.facebook.com/healthnut1 Fernande M Rivers

      Her ex husband washed his hands of her bull and left her broke...and very bitter...

      • obhfwb

        You can wash your hands but her filth will always be there,after all shes a sleaze ball from hell.

  • America

    Hollywood needs to be washed. Not washed away, that would be mean and I am a conservative Republican, I don't wish mean things, but just washed clean from all the filth and hate. Romney/Ryan 2012

    • Victor

      Oh yeah Rombama and Ryomney will fix everything Dumb Ass,

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Penrose/1372252513 Bill Penrose

        It will take a miracle to fix this country and if we don't get a real leader it is already gone. You can't spend what you don't have.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        You are amazing! You have your head tucked completely up your moronic liberal , anti- American Arse! Yet you can still type dumbass comments on the computer! Your parents must be so proud! Please take the time to step infront of a speeding train!! By the way ellen barkin is one facelift away from being a pisslosi look a like! No wonder she ain't been in a movie in 15 years! PISS ON HOLLYWOOD!!!!

        • mia

          Her ex husband Ron Perleman threw her out of his apartment when they were married. Then asked her for a divorce. She is garbage.

        • TLady62

          Ellen who?

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        Much better choice than the o. Or you.
        Go suck on a urinating toad, Victor. You are too stupid for words. Whassamatter? Get your dope money cut off by the state?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GZGC6LEN3P4GRAZ5VJ7COEO5JY Syd

      Mayhaps that big overdue earthquake will do it !

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        Sure hope so!

  • sly311

    Not lookin' so good Ellie. Age hasn't been good to you. And, you'd look better with your foot out of that nasty mouth of yours. Hope your new show tanks (and it will) like your soul mate's Julia Louis-Dryfeus did.

    • obhfwb

      She looks like my turds with out corn.

    • Sam in NC

      Man, you ain't kiddin', Sly. She use to be one hot babe. Remember the movie " Sea of Love " ? She has obviously not been takin' care of herself. She's 58, but looks 68.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jlzack Jeffrey L. Zack

        She looks to have found the beauty of Crack. Sounds like it too.

        • Sam in NC

          That's exactly where my thoughts were leaning, Jeffrey !

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I hope Ellen Barkin gets terminal cancer, and succumbs to it only after she has had about every appendage amputated years before...

    • GramE

      That type of comment puts you right in her category.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZEOQODRWSKBJEQWKYJKATYCX2U iwojimafan

    Ellen Barkin has the right last name Barkin just like a DOG with a face to Match. She and the rest of the douch bag DOPE HEADS all need to commit Hari Kari

    • rosemarienoa

      There are very few "hollywood finest" now.....almost all gone!!!She's not one of them....never was!!!

  • joe sabin

    these hollywood people believe what they spout is true and they want everyone else to believe what they are saying because they entertainers. TOTAL ignorance on their part. I must ask does she really act that well or is it her love scenes that draw viewers and they are even very poor.
    Another Hollywood dumb and dumber

  • Proudamericann

    Unfortunately it will not wash ANYTHING away! Truth and justice will not go away, it will always come back and true Americans will bring it! goodbye dems. your scams did not work.

  • Jim DeHart

    One day there will be enough conservative thought prevalant in our nation, someone with big bucks can start their own Hollywood. Just imagine if all us conservative thinkers stayed home instead of spending whatever for the price of a theater ticket and a bucket of popcorn.

  • ARMYOF69

    The dog is Barkin...Fits.

  • DOC224

    Sher may know this from personal experienc3. She is like a porcopine, olls over easy, but has so many pricks that she never knows from who.

  • USMC 1963

    Why do we care what these people say. They live in a make believe world and their only thoughts are what people write for them. They have God given talents but think that they have made it on their own, they can't believe in God because there is no love in them.
    They remind me of the movie Anger Management.

    • JoJo58

      LOL yeah, they didn't build that! When you listen to these people speak off script, they're all dumb as a box of rocks. It's the brainwashed kids that look up to these morons.

      • jpcec

        Perhaps that box of rocks is more intelligent than most liberal actors. While I see Hollywooders open mouth and insert foot continually, a box of rocks is silent. My Grandfather told me long ago it is far batter to remain silent and allow people to believe you are stupid than to speak and remove all doubt...

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      All of the libtards in Hollywood have holes in their souls.
      Losers all.

  • truthseeker 2012

    Another dumbass actor that I will never pay a single dime to watch ever again. Being that no one has heard of her in about 10- years she's got to get back in the public eye somehow, right?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HIBPP4RZNZPFXC46YHCVTATNYM WilliamH

    I like the bollywood comments-------Makes my "to see" movie list shorter-----------------2016 is right now on top

  • PMDavis

    Ellen Barkin is a washed up actress who has a new show coming out this fall. What better way to get publicity, no matter what kind, than to say something that would get a lot of attention. All of Hollywood is evil and full of lascivious perverts. The fact that Obama hangs with them shows what kind of character he has. It is NOT a good endorsement.

  • Docs357

    Well, she seems to look as if she's mad at the whole world. Nope just the patriots that aren't big on communism

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.j.charles George Charles Jr.

    Did New Orleans' mayor remember to move the freaking buses this time?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443371258 Tbark Knives

    Funny how they all want what their not wiling to give huh ? May God Bless them abundantly for their choices , 10 fold in fact would be my wish for them according to His Will , t

  • jdbixii

    Boy, has John Wayne got a revelation for her...."Life's hard if you're.......

  • jhforsythe

    This old bag is sick! She is just trying to be relevant among the Hollywood idiots.

  • Republican All Day Long

    Lets see how popular these Hollywood has beens are going to be after thiers statement. Did you not learn anything when you were young. If you do not have anything nice to say keep you mouth shut. See how many people will still pay to go see any movies Samuel Jackson is in and then once your fame ends you will need to talk to the high power. Barkin's remarks will not make a difference because no one even knows who she is anymore just another Hollywood Has Been.

  • Tea time!

    Its ok I often find myself wishing unholywood and san fransicko would break off into the ocean only to realize that the libs would find another place to spread their unholyness and hatred. I guess I should pray for my own dis content.

  • Joey

    Trust me...I live here....there's nothing FINE about MOST working in the TV/FILM industry! Just a bunch of bums who think they mean something, but they REALLY don't. They only turn people off when they get political....stuff it Barkin! .

  • neleh

    I used to really like Ellen Barkin because she was a great actress (note I said "was a great actress"). She has now sold her soul to the devil.

  • JaniceSix

    Actually, Barkin is not a "has been" she is a "never was." Same for Jackson. He, at least, had potential. Unfortunately, his racist, bitter attitude turned me against him a long time ago. Their blind hatred will be their downfall.

  • kkc003

    Another long in the tooth has been actress!

  • S.A. Croft

    Well, Ellie, instead of hitting the Republican Convention it did hit New Orleans during their big Homosexual Celebration week. Do you know what the name Isaac means in Hebrew? It means laughter. God sits in the heavens and He laughs and holds those who are opposed to Him in derision.....

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      What a great entry, S.A. Croft! I love it! I always knew those perverts were "all wet!"

  • mbh2mt2d

    We all have the right to free speech unless it calls for the harm and death of others...then they need some retribution.

  • Harleyrod45

    Ellen, it looks like soon we're gonna see your face on bags of dog food.
    Maybe you should create your own brand. I mean, the face and the name go together.

  • ste1021

    Barkin is one of Hollywood's finest? She hasn't had a decent role in a hundred years! She should lay off the politics and do something to revitalize her career.

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      Why bother? She's now pissed in her Wheaties! Let her move to France or Iceland, far, far away from us!

  • rockyventi

    obama is 8% black and this woman is uglier than my anus!!

    • Sam in NC

      LOL !

  • Sol of Texas

    Please - not everyone one in LA is a progressive. I don't put much credence in wht any celebrity says whether they are characterized as right or left wing. I like to think for myself. And I can sense there are some very frustrated people blogging here, but to use ad hominem attacks against left wingers reinforces their point. I try to avoid "argumentum ad hominem" whenever possible in discourse.

  • NoRINO

    With a face like that no wonder her name is Barkin. Woof woof.

  • Coffie

    We the viewers made these famous people by watching, attending their films, sitcoms, etc. Best thing we can do stop giving our money to the theaters and sponsors who support them ... and let them know, if possible.

  • Graywolf12

    At first I thought the title could not possibly be correct, but then I thought if you are selecting the finest from the bottom of the manure pile it may be correct. People that do nothing but play act other people with little or no education, real life experiences, or association with normal people will never act rationally. Remember dumb and dumber, we are looking at one and reading about more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.russo.35 Joseph Russo

    Ellen Barking your hatred and intolerance shows both in your black heart and the lines on your face.
    No amount of makeup can cover that up.
    I'm sure you wouldnt call for the death of innocent men women and children to make one your liberal points now would you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.russo.35 Joseph Russo

    As to samuel the loser Jackson, just another turd in the liberal punch bowl!
    Be careful what you wish for tough guy, karma might just bite you in the ass some day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lee.cox.1420 Lee Cox

    To show how stupid Dems are: remember Hope Lange, Sissy Spacek appearing before a congressional committee on Agriculture because they PLAYED FARM HOUSEWIVES in movies?
    These has-been and never-was people can't help it! The sun has set on them, and the only way they can generate even a modicum of notice is to pimp for Obama Admin. Let's leave them in the past where they belong.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Always thought Barkin was a good actress - I will not be watching her new sitcom!

  • Gary

    We all should encourage Ellen Barkin to move out of this country and renounce her US citizenship. If she hates it here, then why stay here?

  • CoolApple

    New age Hollywood scum. Big 180 degree turn around from the days when many Hollywood stars served in WWII & Korea. Hollywood & the media, just hateful, bigoted hypocrites.Don't patronize their movies.

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      Don't you love the fact that the movie, "Obama: 2016" is whipping the dickens out of Hollywood. Of course, you can't in greater downtown Pervohomoville, you might have to go to Orange County or the Valley to see it. My theatre was packed and sold out for the next 3showings on last Sunday. I ordered tickets on Thursday and got 4 of 10 that were left! It is, apparently, No. 1 in the country.

      Hee, hee!
      Romney-Ryan 2012. FOR SURE!!!

      • CoolApple

        I have looked forward to that movie for months. I have not seen it and if I don't get a chance to get to a theater that is showing it, I will buy it the first day it becomes available. I watched the video produced by the producer at least 2 times. It is really funny to watch the media attack it and, avoid it. The L A Times came out with the most negative out cry against it so far.

  • dad666

    Hollywood does a great job of actingout parts. See them act out Stupid and do it so convincingly. You would never guess they were playing a part or reading from a script.
    Especially if you have half a brain.

  • GWY

    I pay little attention to the left wingnuts of Hollywood. They're lost in lies and can't help what they believe. I doubt there is anyone who can change them with the truth.

  • fliteking

    "Hollywood’s 'Has Been Sk*nk' Wishing Storm Would Wash Away GOP Conservatives"

  • Jack_Reacher

    I can remember only one time in my life when watching a movie that I actually shut my eyes and turned my head away from the screen while I grabbed for some Pepto-Bismo tablets after seeing Ellen Barkin NAKED on screen. She was as close to disgusting as disgusting can get. That saggy, dog-faced women just made me ill.

    So now that you've brought back that horrible, vivid image to my brain again, what did this twerp do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Coming from those for whom immorality is a life-style choice and the business they are in, this is not surprising.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.guthrie.35 Tony Guthrie

    We don't need two sad washed up hags to tell us how they think. We have two in the White House. We must vote them out as soon as possible. Next week they will drag out these has beens at the convention and expect America to slobber over their every word. Eva should stay home too. She does nothing to help the hispanic people. Just a face for BO to parade out there , get the vote and put to the back of the bus till he needs them again.

  • JoJo58

    Wow, Ellen Barkin is quite a hate filled old sow. All of this hate must be coming from her lack of a career.

  • christie

    IF she is still on Broadway, conservatives should boycott this racist. What a hypocrite

  • Gman

    Stupid is what stupid is and you just can't fix stupid.

  • flaphil

    Duh, for Bollywood. If the storm would have hit Tampa bay, my home, we would have lost more than just the GOP. Goes to show you, these people want you to believe acting is a profession, that should show you it isn't. Even Spencer Tracy made a comment about acting. It wasn't very nice to them.

  • rosemarienoa

    Hollywoods Finest are for Romney/Ryan.......all the rest of them are brainwashed idiots who need a script in order to know what to say! Gone are the Really Good Guys in tinsletown....John Wayne, Ronald Reagan & actors of that era. Clint Eastwood is the last of them & once he's gone hollywood & it's inhabitants will be worthless!!!

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      You are absolutely right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/PatreciaMccurdy Patrecia Kay McCurdy

    File these haters away in the recesses of your mind. When payback arrives in the form of Karma - send them a sympathy card and sign it: Na na ... na na na!!

  • OHtree

    I don't think Condonleezza Rice will be inviting Samuel L. Jackson to play golf at Augusta National anytime soon.

  • fixfen

    The statement "get raped by man with HIV/AIDS...."is why I try to avoid homosexuals. Many of them carry dangerous, infectious diseases in addition to being mentally and emotionally unstable.

  • Moe

    These folks are actors; they get paid to quote what someone else said or wrote. If they were intelligent, Hollywood producers whould not have to go through the pains of have "take 12" or "take 23" (referring to the count of repeated filmings of one 3 to 10 second filming sequences). They have learned how to parrot the words and use vocal emphisis combined with the needed body language as directed by a director. Being a good actor does not mean someone is even familiar with any sort of political arena. Their comments have the value of a F--- (bodily gasious discharge) in a wind storm. They should recall the downfall of "Hanoi Jane" (Fonda) and Bagdad Sean (Penn). Jane lost all credibility in Hollywood now trying her best to sell workout videos, and Sean worked for years to get into television with occasional "B" movie parts. Both were excellent actors but their big mouths got them in trouble with the public, not the government, but the movie-going public.
    I am not comdemning them for voicing their opinions, it's their right the same as it is for the Conservative Republicans to voice their's.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whonoze Craig Cunningham

    I feel sorry for Cher and the rest of the "Hollywood elite. They have so much and are so unhappy. Go figure.

  • Moe

    Point here: Obama wants total socialism. That means taking from the rich and dividing it among the less rich. These Hollywood Liberals are very rich. Do they not understand that Obama wants to take their cash and property and divide it among the poor. Hey, Mr Jackson, I hear you want to retire to a 2 room cold water forth floor apartment with no working elevator in the building. Get Obama elected again and that is what you are looking at.
    Under Socialism the State owns everything and a small select committee distributes according to their own will, even your toilet paper and toothbrush. Under Communism, the "people own everything abd a small select committee distributes everything according to their own will, even your toilet paper and toothbrush.
    Simplistic explanation but quite accurate.

  • http://twitter.com/MarthaChandler9 Martha Chandler

    Hollywood liberals. The absolute dumbest people on the face of the planet.

  • NavymanBill

    Ellen Barkin-a B actress. Some talent, and relatively attractive in her day, but that day is past. She last showed her teeth during the Occupy Wall Street nonsense when an unwitting NY cop touched her arm and asked her to move. Same venom,same ill-considered nasty tweets-I think they actually cuffed her. The writer who mentioned that this is all about "Notice Me!" probably had it right-even a bad headline is a headline if you're an actor. If she weren't so nasty, I'd almost be sorry for her.

  • Proudamerican

    Who do you think buys the tickets to watch your movies genius? Not anymore biatch

  • gbsmitty

    Where is this progressive compassion I hear so much about? She sounds like a 1930's storm trooper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nannybear50 Elaine Bruemer

    I wish hollywood would fall into the ocean!!!!

  • Jack

    Lets look at these people who have said these things .Look at ellen she has not been a hit movie for years .Has anybody look at what show she will be in on NBC think that will last long, no and she knows it .This is way for her to get attention and getting more jobs in the industry by saying the right stuipd liberal gas that these people talk to when they are at there partys. If she and the other two liberal idiots went to anywhere in the United States they would be look at as stuipd .But they think we all think like them and the entertainment industry crowd thinks.Now as for Cher the woman that cares about other peoples thoughts opinions .MMMM think she was nice at first when her daughter had a sex change no not at all.But this is a woman that cares about other peoples thoughts .Hypocrite .Now as for Samuel Jackson .I found it funny that he never sayed a word that a woman like Viola Davis from the movie "The Help" should have won for best actress .But instead him and his suppose liberal open minded industry have the award to white liberal woman Meryl Streep that made fun of a conservative leader . But yet I dont hear a word from him or any of his liberal friends in the industry .No you and Cher and Ellen and the people you work with the Entertainment industry are the only ones that are close minded and hypocrites as well

  • jpcec

    Liberals preach tolerance but disagree with one and the fangs come out. Yes they are tolerant...as long as you agree with them! Who cares what the dreamers in Hollywood think? Oops, judging from the remarks, they don't think, do they?

  • jwright673

    Ah yes, ellen barkinghog - the face that sunk a thousand ships. That is how the saying goes, isn't it? Whatever, I don't know of anyone who calls ellen, or sam jackson, rosie, alec, babs, any of the "top" libtards for advice before making important decisions. Our only recourse against the pitts, looney clooneys, is to withhold our money for their "services" which have no value but are priced as if they have. Boycott hollywoodenheads and maybe they will go away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neal-Avery/100003816547114 Neal Avery

    Ellen, You look like a Crystal Meth user. Well, the Hurricane went to New Orleans. (San Francisco South.)

  • Buster

    We need to stop taking the opinions of those who do not possess knowledge of issues the common man faces, as important. They are clueless. While they are entitled to their opinions, their celebrity as entertainers do not sway most clear thinking people. Those who allowed themselves to be influenced are not capable of forming their own opinions and rely on others to be told how to think. Celebrities should stick to what they know.

  • oinklesam

    It's ok, you have to consider the source.

  • daffidil

    Who is Ellen Barkin?

  • Rithisone

    I don't think that is a picture of E Barkin but Chaz Bono in drag.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TIERLS2PDXYGIGDPN4ZCAVKDVU Mark

    Cher and Ellen, both bisexual so no matter who they are with they stand a 50/50% chance of ending up in bed. I can't stand either one of the bitches and I wish they would both crawl back under the rock they came out from under.

  • Gee

    Hollywood BUMS, Anti-American, SCUM. Cheers Semper Fi.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YQQR5H3GGKFU3GVBT3GUG5KS5Y roger

    You can lead a ho(rse) to water, but you can't make her think!

  • Mark

    Ellen Barkin....who really cares what this old washed up has been has to say? She like many of the Hollywood crownd don't live in reality. They believe they are who they portray in their acting jobs. This one can't even get a job now!

  • http://twitter.com/Deepizzaguy George Bernard Vieto

    When you wish evil on your enemies the punishment hits you instead. Got that liberals?

  • Barto

    Barkin is a female dog (look it up ) and Jackson is a black racist AND Cher, well when your offspring don't know what sex it wants to be, what else can you expect from these Hollyweird idiots!

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      If Cher has anymore facelifts, she's gonna have a goatee.

  • patriot

    All of these phony actors & actresses were all born with the same birth defect,that part of the anatomy that does not see the sunshine was placed under their nose and thats why I call them a#@ holes.

  • Carlos

    Childish attention whores, all. But, isn't that what Hollywood is all about?

  • sfcpete

    Evidently she supports anti-life supporters. Guess that sez nuff 'bout htis has been.

  • shearwater

    Hollywood is ignorant for the most part. Sad that they have so much of President Obama's ear. I guess the saying is true "Birds of a feather flock together."

  • LikedTheOldUSABetter

    Ellen Barkin is such a has-been. Time has not been kind to her...check out that butt-ugly face. She was no beauty to begin with. Guess we know how she became "discovered".

  • StandingStrong

    that tweet makes them sound islamophobic. islam is all of those things! All though it would be gay killing, not bashing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GEJYXREM3KZPVCMATZ65ORJRMQ Kay

    Who cares what a washed-up has been says?

  • http://openid.aol.com/botighecatfan Joeboo

    Who is Barkin and why would anyone care what this apparent slut has to say about anything. Perhaps a 9.9 earthquake will hit Californicate and Hollywood will slip into the Pacific. Now that would be something to hope for.

  • simmy1029

    "Get raped by a man with HIV/Aids." Why is Cher pinning this on men? I thought the lefties believe ANYONE/EVERYONE could have this disease.

  • rmwayne

    Hollywood has become a dump. Actually is has been for a long time now. And this dog Barkin, and her pal Sammy Jackson are typical of the punchbowl turds that infest nearly all of the so called entertainment industry of modern times.

  • aurora9

    These celebrities who wish ill on people, because they do not agree with them, are mentally ill!

  • Baf

    Barkin needed to get into the news somehow. Her acting is so bad that getting into the spotlight may have brought some attention to herself with her agency. She doesn't have brains that our maker gave her. It's pretty sad when the hollywood elite thinks they are smarter than the rest of the country. They remind me of Biden.... open their mouth to remove the foot that is already in it and replace it with the other foot.

  • billwhit1357

    These so called stars are nothing more than ignorant have-alls who think people care about what they have to say. I was one of Ellens biggest fans, until this. Screw this lowlife leftist Skank! Got to admit, she is getting downright ugly with age. Also a big fan of Samuel Jackson but he is just a racist pig in real life. They poop just like normal folk, their poop smells just as bad as normal folk, and they can be just as empty headed as other folk. I don't put them on pedistals for entertaining me, they are just doing a job, and are just as ignorant as all Leftists usually are. Some do wake up from their stupor though, I am one of them. Used to be leftist, even voted Carter, but was intelligent enough to vote him out when he proved worthless. I am proud I did not fall for Obama's Lies and BS in 2008, I could tell from the first speech I heard him give, that he was full of himself and himself only. Those kind of people are worthless except in their own eyes.

  • serious

    Never would have believed Hollywood had the same attitude as the gays. But, they are outrageously rude and aggressive. Oh, well--they are all from the land of fruits and nuts.

  • Big Al

    Actor Lee Ermie "Full Metal Jacket" was just cut by GEICO because of his views of sorry Azz Obama and his administration. You get black balled in Hellywood if you speak your mind against them pukes.

  • 1xgi

    I wonder what Sonny would think about cher's bone head comment??? It is pretty much a given that actor's live in a scripted world.. They are actors after all. The best way to fix that problem is boycott their movies. They seem to forget that republicans do go to the movies, just not theirs, especially when they start bad mouthing the good people that have choosen not to support, what is without question, the worst president this country has ever had. I am registered as a republican but I can tell these phoney's (they are actors) that if the person I was supporting turned out to be a communist marxist puppet like bho is I would no longer support that person, my party or not. There are some good Americans in the movie industry, they have stood up against what bho is doing to distroy America. The ones that don't are reading the wrong script or maybe they are like pilosi they pass it first (gas that is) and read it later or in this case maybe they don't read it at all, just make stupid comments to get a little publicity. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • spidermike

    Replace "Jew" with "Conservative" and Ellen Barkin would have felt quite at home in 1930s Germany.


    I think your 100% wrong calling her Hollywoods finest. She's a has been hoping to get another part in a classless movie. She should keep bleaching her hair it shows just how has been she is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Salerno/100001437400168 Anna Salerno

    The Hollywood mentality will never be missed in this country nor will it be taken seriously... No morals for these airheads who speak about politics as if they knew something about politics and the majority DO NOT!! Hollywood and Las Vegas remind me of a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!! They have millions and how many actually help sick or needy people with all that money... They bad mouth the conservatives but love the capitalists way of life that lets them keep their wealth!! Think about it what kind of mentality would pay thousands of $$$$'s to have dinner with barry hussein ovomit!!

  • Think About It

    This is from the wonderful, unbiased, peace (piece) loving and tolerant left coast actors who want the rest of us to pay for overpriced tickets to see them in their fantasy (acting) land world.  No thank you, Buh By.

  • nanblan

    Hey, everybody, let's boycot her new TV show.  She deserves it!

  • Tunnelbob

    Both of those self absorbed fools should find a new country and move there. 

  • Gringo Infidel

    Who is 'Ellen Barkin?' Just another washed up 'celebrity?'

    WTF cares?