• Screeminmeeme

    It's tyranny of the many  by the few.

    • Pastafarian

      The Bill of Rights spell out the immunities of individual citizens.    

      Liberty means that even in a democracy, individuals have rights that no majority should be able to take away.

      • Screeminmeeme

         Pastafarian.....WHAT RIGHTS have Christians  taken away from atheists?

        NO ATHEIST is being deprived of his rights but yet its the atheists that are trying robustly to take away the rights of Christians to freely practice their faith.

        • Pastafarian

          Right back at you - WHAT RIGHTS have Atheists taken away from christians?

          You may freely practice your faith all you want,as long as it is not involved in governmental affairs or property. 

          You cannot take away my right to have my children educated without your indoctrination.  You cannot take away my right to freely make my own medical decisions.   You cannot pass laws that only pass muster with your religion.   The church cannot arrest me, put me on trial, or punish me.   I have the right to live free of the mental slavery you have agreed to.  Keep it away from me - I want no part of it.   I am guaranteed this right as an American.

      • WARII

        The bill of rights amendment 1 " CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW REGARDING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION NOR THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF"  does not say that a city CANNOT use a cross on thier city logo, THEY ARE NOT CONGRESS!!

        • gray_man

          even if they were congress they can use christian symbols.

        • gray_man

          warII this comment is for pastafarian, discus would not let me respond to him.
          pastafarian said: "You cannot take away my right to have my children educated without your indoctrination.  You cannot take away my right to freely make my own medical decisions.   You cannot pass laws that only pass muster with your religion.   The church cannot arrest me, put me on trial, or punish me.   I have the right to live free of the mental slavery you have agreed to.  Keep it away from me - I want no part of it.   I am guaranteed this right as an American." sorry, that is a phony argument...called a straw man... no one is depriving you of any of the things you mentioned. An american citizen has no right to be kept away from something he finds offensive. If that were the case I would demand all atheists are deported because they are offensive to me.

      • gray_man

        atheists are trying to take away the rights of Christians not the other way around. you try to limit our freedom to worship, whenever and wherever you can.

  • unclejohnson

    Another example of the need for tort reform/loser pay laws. If they had to pay for the costs of their frivolous lawsuits their threat would be greatly diminished.

    • Davnkatz

      You are absolutely correct.  First thing the Court should do when receiving  a law suit is make a determination whether it is frivolous or has "standing". If deermined to be frivolous, plaintifs should be notified what the cost will be to go ahead with the suit and have plaintif sign agreement to pay ALL court costs (incl defendents costs) if the plaintif should lose.

      I retired from the TX Dept of Criminal Justice (YDCJ) and we did that with inmates who were flooding TX courts with frivolous lawsuits.  Guess what!  About 75% of inmates QUIT FILLING LAWSUITS.

      What if the loser refuses to pay court costs. HEH HEH  Laws are on the books (incl Contempt of Court) that adds stiff fines and jailo time.   o = before going to jail   O = afterr going to jail HEH HEH

      • unclejohnson

        Texas is well known for granting attorneys fees to respondents in court cases. Alas, the rest of the country is way behind. I think we all know that you can get a different brand of justice in many other states. Perhaps we should improve the laws to make attorneys in frivolous cases financially responsible. Sanctions laws are rarely used and need to be strengthened to include penalties against attorneys and law firms that file nuisance suits in an effort to negotiate a handsome settlement. Many people don't realize the cost to the taxpayer for nuisance suits. Not to mention the backlog they create for courts and citizens seeking legal remedy. Vexatious organizations need to be regulated.

    • JacktheFAC

      Tort reform is sometihing that you will never see this congress take up. Do you really think this bunch of lawyer who actually make up 90 % of congress will pass a law that will require THEM to pay if they lose a case. Lawyers are only concerned about GETTING money from us, not having to actually PAY OUT money.

      • unclejohnson

        It's really a states rights issue. We have a watered down version in Texas. One day some states will see it. Just like immigration law. Arizona had a big victory today.

  • deeme

    They go after the small communities because they are easier to bankrupt, and they are a group that stands together and they hate anyone devoted to anything aside from their liberal utopia...

  • NAM 68

    People stand your ground and tell them to go to hell.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629817934 Phyllis Jackson Boyse

      Yes, because that is where they came from and that is the only place they need to be.  So go back and leave us "normal" people alone.  Why don't you take your Obozzo and his radical muslims with you.  Oh you idiots - Obozzo worships muslim religion - that is a religion so why don't you criticize or demand he and all the radical muslims take their symbols down - because you are part of them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hilton.773 Michael Hilton

       Don't have to 'tell them', NAM.  They're already headed there, without help.

  • muf69

    As I have said before in other columns on this issue, people need to go back and study the history of the founding fathers. They also wish they would take it as a whole rather then slicing and dicing it to suit their cause. George Washington and others were very adamant on religous tolerance. Tolerance of all religions that had come to America. Government was not to be dictated by any one religion but to share in the Christian values that is a core to them all. At no point did are founding fathers state that religion was to be excluded in government as we see today. It seems that as we have contionued to add more and more to the list of religous and non religous groups have we started becoming intolerant of Christianity.
    I am in total agreement that these anti-christian attack groups seek out small financially weak communitties to push their hate. Bring on tort reform and stop this attak on the lifes of so many Americans who must pay for and suffer due to uneducated people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.jacobs.376 Bruce Jacobs

    It's not FROM, it's OF.  If you don't like religion, just move right on along and ignore.  No one is expressing a desire you have to be religious to survive.  Just leave those alone who feel differently from you, as they leave you alone to wander thru live.

  • Irked

    Let them take on Las Cruces, NM, which has three crosses as very prominent parts of its city logo.  After all, the very NAME of the city translates [from Spanish] as "The City of the Crosses"!  And how about all those cities in Texas with Spanish heritage: Corpus Christi, San Antonio, San Marcos, San Angelo and the rest?  How about that big "City of the Angels" in California?

  • GrizzMann

    When I see the Cross, I think of the Romans and Greeks that used that form of punishment. Now used by Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood.  A reminder not to relapse.

  • GrizzMann

     Sounds like an Islamic stance by  the FFRF. You know, do it my way or die, convert or die.

  • http://twitter.com/MacdonaldCory Macdonald Cory

    They have won in the City and County of Los Angeles. All the crosses on the city and county logos were removed years ago because of such suit. It is usually the cities that give up especially if there are liberals who hold positions of authority.

    • 529_Barb

      That's what happens when they're  either intimidated thinking they won't get re-elected or they are all aethists....

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629817934 Phyllis Jackson Boyse

    Why don't all of you atheists - non-religion groups go find something to come down on Obozzos muslim for a change.  You are stupid - and it must be nice to have nothing else to do with your "supposed intelligence" which you have none.  This city sign in Stuebenville Ohio has been there for a lot longer years than all of you put together.  It will stay - it is part of the city landmarks and if you don't like it - don't look at it.  No one asked you to come here so turn tail and get the h*** out of her and go back to where you came from - H***.   And take Obozzo and his "radical muslims" with you.

    • gray_man

      atheist are not non-religious, it's just that their religion is atheism.

  • gnafuasusual

    To remove all crosses they have to take down all telephone and electric poles. They have to cut down trees because some of the branches have crosses on them. Pine trees have to go because at budding time, the buds are crosses.  These people are nuts and need to be put in their place. It's TIME.

  • Bryan

    Too bad for them, theres nothing to put on their grave when they die. Hey, maybe thats a good ides. Lets put crosses on the graves of all athiests, Muslims, anyone who denies Christ exists.

  • El Coyote

    Don't get so pissed at these fudgepackers.  They have to find something to do till their next welfare check arrives. 

  • timothy godfrey

    even if ordered to remove the cross---I would not do it

    • jim s

       I agree... what's the court gonna do? Fine the city? Suppose they don't pay the fine...

      • Pastafarian

        Simple,  cut off their state and federal funding.

        Fix your own highways and infrastructure.  Fund your own programs for the poor, sick and disabled.  Pay for your own schools, police, and fire departments with no federal or state help.  Maintain your own park systems and community projects.  Run your own transit systems and get your vehicles and equipment on the open market.  Don't take advantage of programs designed to help small communities like this.    

        • gray_man

          numnuts, that is what we want, get the fed out of our business.

        • ReconVeteran

          I believe the States and Commonwealths of this country could do that, if they and the people put their mind to it.

      • ReconVeteran

        Depends on what court you are talking about. Each State  is a sovereign State and the same with each Commonwealth.

  • Floridastorm

    I'm an Agnostic as I don't feel that mankind yet has much of a clue as to the meaning of life and death. I'm not an Atheist as Atheism is actually a religion. It's the religion of no God. Atheists are convinced that there is not any God. That to me is a religion. Atheists, in my opinion, are terribly arrogant and also ignorant people (I did not say uneducated as many Atheists are educated). To think that this universe just materialized out of a huge explosion is the height of hypocrisy. To think that, out of this explosion, we became what we are today, is laughable. What fools believe this nonsense? I'm sorry, but this universe and our world did not just happen by accident or by any scientific theorem. Every aspect of life is so intricate and beyond calculation that mankind may never understand or even discover the meaning of it all. As an Agnostic I am inclined to believe that the universe was created by something. Maybe that something is so advanced that it is beyond our imaginations. Not an ethereal God but an intelligent force of some kind.

    At any rate, many people, who do not believe in the traditional theory of a ethereal all loving God, do believe in a multitude of other theorems. Most of us have no problem whatsoever with any type of religious ceremony including symbols, teachings, etc. It is only the lunatic hard core Atheists that want to destroy all aspects of religion. May I state that many of these Atheists are also Marxists. Marxism teaches the destruction of religion as one of its core values. No intelligent Atheist or Agnostic would ever support limiting the absolute freedom of religion. After all, every idea expressed, is a quest for knowledge, including the traditional religious beliefs.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

      Floridastorm, you need to use a dictionary once in a while.  Look up the definition of "religion" and then read that you wrote.  Or maybe you don't believe in the dictionary.

      • WARII

        I do not completely agree with Floridastorm , I am a born again, Bible believing Christian, but he is right about what a religion is. From the internet Dicrtionary-------re·li·gion   /rɪˈlɪdʒən/ Show Spelled[ri-lij-uhn] Show IPA
        noun 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

        • gray_man

          sounds just like atheism to me.

      • gray_man

        no, floridastorm is correct, atheism has all the characteristics of a religion, and atheists treat it as such.

        • Pastafarian

          Atheism is not a religion. I am however a full fledged member of the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

        • gray_man

          “Atheism is [the inmate's] religion, and the group that he wanted to start was religious in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being,” the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said. like I said atheism is a religion. the flying spagetti monster is for morons to worship.

        • Pastafarian

          How dare you denigrate my religion!

    • Mang


  • M Biolchino

    It is very interesting and revealing that the only ones this group attacks are Christians, but leave the Muslims alone. why is that? Maybe we Christians don't stone to death young girls that refuse to marry their rapists or maybe we don't cut of enough head of innocent people. After all we are told Islam is a religion of peace. Yeh, and if you believe that you will vote for obama this November and the blood of Christians will be on your hands and you will not escape the final judgement. You might not believe in our God but rest assured he believes in you. No peace for you but eternal damnation.

  • Ranchman

    Separation of church and state was never meant to get church or religion out of government but government out of religion. It has been completely blown out of proportion and turned backwards by these atheists. But we are to blame. By being nice, decent people and not wishing to offend anyone, we have allowed these vile, hateful creatures to intimidate us and walk all over us. It is time we came to our senses and started sticking up for our Lord by standing up to these people. Enough is enough! We cannot be pushed around by them anymore. These frivolous lawsuits need to be seen for what they are; a complete and total attack on our faith. They don't simply want to separate church and state, they want to rid society of all vestiges of Christianity. Have you noticed that they don't go after Islam? Muslims would NEVER sit quietly while THEIR faith is attacked! Why in the world are Christians being such pansies and allowing this?!? It's time we grew a pair and refuse to allow these swine any more victories!

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • Rosie46

      Thank you and you are correct!!!  The concept was distorted from a letter by Jefferson that meant what is described in your first sentence.  People need to wake up and reject this extortion. 

  • 529_Barb

     If these morons don't like living in a christian nation......go spend your days in abjact squaller in Iran.

    • Pastafarian

      If you morons don't like living in a nation that has religious freedom.....go spend your days in a country that restricts those freedoms, like Iran.

      • ezekiel22

        I believe that countries have tried to seal out religion from public life.  It was even to the point that the ordained ministers had to be liscensed and permitted by the state.  One such country was the USSR and another is China today.  You can see how that has worked.  
        BTW why should you make it easier for a community to get by?  I mean if a community is going to have a cross as a "religious" symbol as you suggest that puts the burden on them to live up to the ideals of Christianity.  By having it removed after all these years lets them off the hook now doesn't it?  Then they can turn homeless people away without having anyone calling them to the Christian ideals that their seal seems to suggest.

      • gray_man

        we have religious freedom numnuts, what you want is freedom from religion.

  • rockyventi

    Let them protest. They are making their reservations in hell...

    • Nexgenesis

      And fools of themselves.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

    Why don't these negtive people get a job or something to keep their feeble minds busy?

  • Nurse56

    They sue the smaller cities because they do not have the funds to fight and will be more likely to roll over to stop the suit.  We need to fight this group of bigots.

    • oldwarhorse2

      I agree. We need people to understand how radical and invasive these hate groups are.

    • WARII

      When BHO was sued by certain individuals for him to come forth with his birth cetificate, some of the judges ruled the the plantif has no standing in the court becuse the plantif was not a resident of the affected jurisdiction, if the judge in this case could do the same --- what a nice victory !

  • Donna Casas

    We have to fight back, not only in the small towns, but all towns and cities, as well as in the voting booth and who we support to run for office!

  • Be

    don't give in to their anti-Christian blasts.  We must take a stand and be firm.  They can as suggested below go somewhere there are not Christians or an attitude the Christian community allows and see how they like that atmosphere.???????    

  • oldwarhorse2

    They can do all they want to erase our heritage but they can't erase what is in our hearts and minds. I'm glad this town is fighting back... the FFRF is an outright hate group. I will stand my ground against them and their ilk anytime. Bravo Steubenville!!!!

    • Bigkoala

      No one cares what's in your heart.  The concern is what is on an official city seal.  

      • FlaTater

        Another wrong answer AO....we do care what is in people's hearts....but yourl so black hearted and hateful that we can do without yourl sicko comments.  America is so full of hateful bitches like you its pathetic.....Everyone should at least once in their miserable lives do something to improve America instead of demeaning everyone and everything ....go live in another country and see just how damned good you have here. I know  you are user and taker and never give back anything but we all know your just the perfect AO.

      • WARIII

        And we do not care what is in yours!!!

      • WARIII

        You sir are incorrect ,there are many that care what is in his heart!!!

      • gray_man

        which the majority dictate, as simple as that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6KFXTHZ6ATARKGYKTXRMTYQSA TCDave

    If a community wants to depict a star of David, Cross or Crescent in their logo that is up to the people in that community. It's called RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

    • Bigkoala

      The Constitution clearly forbids any govt. action that favors one religion over others. If you're going to advertise Christianity on a city seal, you have to advertise others as well.  Since that's clearly impractical in this case, best not to advertise ANY religion on the city seal.

      • underthewire

        Really.............and just what religion do you belong to?    Did i guess right......none?

      • smartgranny55

        No Bigkoala, the constitution says,  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press......."   Nothing in the constitution or its amendments says you can't have a cross (an executioner's tool, currently being used in Egypt to silence Christians) as a memorial, or as part of a city seal.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mel.kaplan.37 Mel Kaplan

        The Constitution says nothing of the sort.  We didn't fall from the turnip truck!!  The closest the Constitution gets to saying what you read into it, for your own purposes, is:  "Congress shall make no law establishing religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  The city of Steubenville, OH is not the Congress, nor is it a federal entity.  The Constitution serves citizens by limiting the power of a federal government.  Finally, it's called Steubenville, not Stupidville!

         Those who believe in nothing will fall for anything

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        I didn't mean to hit like, I meant to "ABORT," your post, as that is what you liberals want!! Abortion, and you should have been one!

      • blaineiac

        The Constitution clearly forbids any govt. action that favors one religion over others..." No, you’re wrong – the Constitution clearly says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …"

        The last time I checked, an "exercise" is not a "LAW", so this whole issue is moot. Period. There is no such thing as an "establishment clause" that prohibits a Cross or Nativity scene on Public or Government property. If the predominant feeling of the Community of Steubenville desires a Christian symbol on their logo, the "national busybodies" who don’t live there should take their "ACLU", "FFRF", and their "INTOLERANCE", and go suck eggs. And if Dearborn, MI, wants to put up a statue of muhammad, why not? (Although THAT would bother nobody on the left…)

        What I don’t get is SO WHAT if these malcontents sue? Even if they sue and win, if the defendant fails to "remove the offending article", it won’t be removed. What are they going to do about it? Bring in Federal troops to remove it? Jail the mayor, town council, and all their "replacements" until they get a mayor that’ll remove it? What a bunch of cowards if they give in to this! "So you sued, and won…now go home…it changes nothing because NO LAW WAS BROKEN!" Got it?

      • WARIII

        That is only for the Federal gov it does not include State, county or local!

      • gray_man

        apparently you have a modern education, one where the teachers don't teach comprehension. the constitution does not say that. if the majority of the community chooses to advertise christian symbols, the government has no say one way or the other.

  • Pastafarian

    boy that was easy!

  • sandman4X4

    Can you imagine any of these fools trying this in say Beruit? or any Muslim country?

  • Cte56660

    Stupid people who have nothing better to do than try to make something of nothing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lloyd.revalee Lloyd Revalee

    The First Amendment to OUR CONSTITUTION clearly states:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    • ezekiel22

      Absolutely correct.  I don't see the government establishing a religion here.  Move on FFRF.

  • msgirl

    My suggestion:  Every person in that town ought to mount a cross on their private property!  Front and center!  I am sick of these b......s and we need to fight back with prayers and crosses everywhere! You don't want crosses on our city logos!  Take this!  Crosses everywhere!  In every private business and on every private property!  See if they faint then!  

    • Pastafarian

       This is what you do not understand.   Private property is just fine.  You can put crosses on your own property all you want.   You can even have the bloody corpse of Jesus on it if you like.   Keep the nativity scene up year round, put up signs that say you hate anyone who doesn't believe in the Lord.  All that is fine with us Atheists.    Just keep it out of my government.

      • Michaellaborde

        It is not just your government and we outnumber you bully.

        • Pastafarian

          Using superior numbers to force a minority to bend to your will makes YOU the bully. 

          I was not saying mine personally - but that it is as much mine as it is yours. 

      • smartgranny55

        Do you live in Steubenville? 

      • Ralph

        Your're the problem with the government today. They bend to allow a small group of atheists like you and yours to push this crap through. It's not your government, it's ours and mine, adn if you don't like crosses on religious colleges/universities, then go somewhere where they don't have them. In other words---kiss off.

        • Pastafarian

           Ralph, I'm fine with them on religious colleges, just not on state schools. 

        • Tionico

          if they are on state schools, which law did CONGRESS make that purportedly "establishes" a religion? THAT is the basis of the First Ammendment... that CONGRESS shall make NO LAW establishing a religioni, (that is, making it the state-funded and run religion) or preventing the free exercise thereof) which such crosses are legal examples thereof, since CONGRESS made no law restricting them

          You want to get constitutional, let's get Constitutional... but ACCURATELY so. This lawsuit has NO BASIS in law or fact, the plaintiffs have not been harmed, therefor lack standing. It should be dismissed in summary judgement with prejudice, and the bill for the defendants' lawyers and court costs sent as damages against plaintiff.

      • ezekiel22

        Too late buddy,  Our laws were written with respect to the Bible.  If you don't like the crosses etc. don't look.  
        Why don't don't you get a little bit of gumption and demand that the /Ten Commandments be taken from the US Supreme Court Building?  Cut through all the time wasting you are doing and be what you claim to be.  
        The only thing you guys are accomplishing is upsetting people for no good reason.  Someone is going to take you guys down a peg or two and they won't even e a Christian.  They will be tired of the bull.
        By the by how does this violate the establishment clause?

        • Pastafarian

          The Supreme Court building's depiction of Moses as a allegorical figure only includes commandments six through ten - specifically chosen because they are not inherently religious.
          Would it surprise you to learn that the sculptures also include:
          -Hammurabi holding the Code of Hammurabi
          -Draco who committed Athenian code of laws to paper for the first time
          -Confucius - father of Confucianism
          -Solomon - King of Israel
          -Octavian - first emperor of the Roman Empire
          -King John holding a copy of the Magna Carta
          -Hugo Grotius holding a copy of Concerning the Law of War and Peace
          -Muhammad holding the Qur'an

          There are also sculptures depicting Minerva-goddess of wisdom, Zeus-father of gods, Juno-guardian of female sex, and even the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.   These are allegories that represent law - a history of law so to speak, they are not meant to be taken literally and none of it offends me.  But I bet it cheeses you off to know Muhammad and the Qur'an are there too.

        • ezekiel22

          Not at all.  You did a great job of proving a point I have made before.   All laws are based on a religion.  All relibions have a Supreme Being which can range from Man (Humanissm) to Jehovah which gives light to St. Paul when he stated that all men are born with the knowledge of a Creator so that no man is without excuse.  This was said concerning the coming judgement of God of Man.  
          I know this may offend you but I will apologize in advance.  People that say that they do not know which is the correct God are more honest than the ones who say there is no God.  Evolution and all of its derivatives seem to manage to break a lot of laws in the scientific world upon which the worlds very existence does rely on.  Accepting that fact and proceeding from there I found it takes more faith to believe in evolution etc. than it does to believe in God.

        • Pastafarian

          These sculptures and carvings do not support your theory that "all laws are based on religion".   It also shows that our judicial system is equally influenced by other works of historical fiction including Aesop and Shakespeare. 

          Were the Ten Commandments important in the history of law?  Yes.   Were they the BASIS for our laws? No. 

        • Tout

          PASTAFARIAN With the ten commandments as basis for our laws, we would be in much better shape. Many unbelievers can't stand seeing a Cross. Believers are forced to see many places that don't have a Cross. Why don't atheists study the several miracles that are visible and can not be explained by any scientist. One of many points: If there is no God, the strongest person(group) is the boss. The mafia understands that very well. "If we can get away with it, we can do it !" A thief steels your money, and he is never found, what did he do wrong (for himself); never mind if you don't like it. If Stalin is not punished after death, what did he do wrong, as far as he is concerned; never mind what his victims think.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        It's NOT YOUR Government!!!!!! It's Government of the people, by the people, for the people! Not special interest groups. You don't like a cross? Look the other way you crazy a.s fool! You have another option also! You don't like it here? LEAVE!!!!!

      • Christian_Patriot7

        Read the book "A Devine Revelation of Hell" so you'll know what hell is like when you get there since you don't believe in God.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.mayenscheinyoast Sharon Mayenschein-Yoast

        sorry but it is not your goverment it is the people's and we was founded on God.. and what he has to offer us all..you have a choice to accept him or not... But we the (people) our country was still founded on him...check back in history and you will find this to be true... 

      • Dannio

        So, you prefer the vast majority to bow down to your religion of atheism? No thanks.

        • Pastafarian

          Nope, I think you have every right to worship however you like, as long as it does not interfere with others.

      • WARIII

        If you do not reside in that lacal IT IS NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT!!!

      • gray_man

        this is what YOU do not understand, if the people want crosses, the government cannot stop it. the point of the amendments is to limit government, not the people.
        if the majority chooses to have public displays of christian symbols they get to have public display of christian symbols.

        • Pastafarian

          The government can absolutely stop having religious symbols on their property and in their institutions.  In fact - you cannot legally force the government to bend to the will of your church.
          You want crosses?  put them on your own letterhead, buildings, and property.  You are the majority - they should be everywhere I look.  If these symbols are so important to you - why aren't they?   Why must  you push to get the City, County, State, or Nation to sponsor your idolatry?   Your massive numbers should be showing me Jesus being tortured throughout my day as I drive about town or shop in local businesses.

        • gray_man

          I don't need to argue with you, it is black and white ..."Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."
          don't argue the constitution if you can't read. if you can read work on your comprehension.

      • Tout

        PASTAFARIAN We do not hate anyone who doesn't believe in the Lord. We often pray for you. But many atheists do insult believers, regardless of the ongoing miracles they can go and see for themselves. How about studying the reports of scientists about H.Host, in Italy and in America. Of course, one can always deny the facts (before death).

  • Michaellaborde

    The slavery committee of the FFRF have nothing good to do. Why don't they feed the hungry, visit the sick, or visit prisoners and try to help them out instead of wasting their money on hate and bullying.

    • smartgranny55

      Because their job is to hate and bully, not to do something that would better the community.

  • GDC

    Christains ARE PSYCHOTIC!!!

    • Iceecclesiastes

      Christians, and that's an attack ad hominem. God bless you anyway!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      I'd rather be "Psychotic," Than an "As.hole," like you!!!

    • WARIII

      One day you will understand the sycosis is yours, when you neel before God the Father and proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord to the Father's glory, and if it is after you are physically dead, you will enter the lake of fire for eternity!

    • MYinsight

       So -GDC - Tell me, who are you that you are able to proclaim such an edict on a group of people who are many in number living all over this world? I wonder where you get your information from? Who has given you this word of knowledge that you so freely share with us? Could it be that you are the soul decider of this thought? That is that you have come to that conclusion by your own train of thought? I wonder how you could be so able to come to a conclusion on your own when you do not even know what will happen on this earth in the next minute of your existence? Or maybe you do. How do you know another persons heart? Seriously, can you actually know what is in another person's heart? What they are thinking? What they are going to say or do next? Are you able to see what is going on around the corner from you at this very moment? Do you actually know whether or not you will still be on this earth alive by this time tomorrow? I ask you all these things because I am anxious to know who you really are if and if you know all these things. Just exactly who are you that you know what is in the heart of a group of people that you can say with such clarity that they are Psychotic? Tell me, I want to know. Because a person as gifted as you is rare beyond all odds. Where did you get such insight? Please I want to know.

  • Dave

    A simple message:  "Screw you and the horse you rode in on!!!"  And then ignore them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BM4S5V3R3I3G4LN32G6LZ5OPBA Pazuzu

    Betcha' the FFRF makes an exception for moslems.

  • Ponderosadon

    Maybe the judges need to start fining the organization for its frivolous lawsuits which waste court time and taxpayer money.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.mayenscheinyoast Sharon Mayenschein-Yoast

      that is a great idea.. if we had judges with some back bone...

      • WARIII

        If our corts were as the rest of the world weere the loser pays ALL costs, we would have a better court system.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    When will people get the "Cajones,": to say, S.T.F.U! You don't like? MOVE A..HOLE!!!!!!!

  • SBaggins

    These idiots always base their baseless claims on the understanding that the constitution says, Freedom from Religion.  In fact it says, Freedom of Religion.  So what's so damn hard to understand
    that these claims to exclude religion from everything that any governmental institution/agency/office wants to include references to religion on, aren't covered by the constitution.  You clarify this fact and they just keep arguing for "freedom from religion". 

  • Hawkcw4

    Amazing that so many stupid groups like this are running around demanding you and I think like they do Well that will be the day. Our constitution gives us all the right to religion and expression of that religion. Having a nice tall Cross seem very appropriate. Maybe I should begin demanding that parts of their free speech be eliminated in public ad it offends me and my family.

    • MYinsight

       Do not fret Hawkcw4 - God will have His final say when all is said and done....Just be aware of what He expects of you since His the decider of your eternal destiny. And be encouraged - God is also the decider of their eternal destiny.

  • Evermyrtle

    These people are anti-GOD, anti-American and are the enemies of America, of  GOD and of the citizens of America.

    • MYinsight

       Well said Evermytle....

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    I think that it is high time to act instead of reacting with the liberals.  Let us shine a light on their activities and put them out for the public instead of defending its time to go on the offensive.

  • RonMar

    If members of the group want to protest effectively I respectfully suggest they go naked one at a time and sit, actually impale themselves so they don't fall off, on the top of the cross until the next protestor replaces the previous one.

  • The_American_Way

    It is time we stop allowing the 5% to control the 95%.  This is what happens when you allow lawyers to be in charge of anything.  Unfortunately way to many politicians are/were lawyers.  The majority of Democratic Party's elected politicians are attorneys. Why doesn't that surprise me?

    I think Mark Twain's quote is most appropriate: “There is no distinctly American criminal class - except Congress.”

    • MYinsight

       Yes - and Mark Twain left a lot to be desired when it came to his view of God and our rights to freedom before Him. To make such a remark about Congress is not appropriate under any circumstances. Think about it, congress a "Distinctly American criminal class"?  And if this were so,  certainly is not  expedient to the issue under discussion. Where is there any common sense here?

  • granny007

    This targeting of small entities assures they will be victorious because the small ones don't have the funds to fight a lawsuit...that's the threat.  Until these bullies get a bloody nose, this will sadly continue.

  • http://www.highcalibersystemsllc.bravehost.com Bayou Castine

     Freedom From Religion Foundation a group of about 17,000 [nationwide membership according to their own homepage]  attempting to override the desires of the people, citizens, of the USA.  And, so many government entities simply backdown??  Please, take 'em on and shut FFRF DOWN.

  • Captnorman44

    Bully for them if they don't believe in God!!!  By the same token they are most very welcome to leave MY country, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, as they DO NOT deserve ANYTHING that this country and God hath provided for them!!!  AS for me and mine, we will worship the Lord our God with all our hearts and souls!!!

    • Shep1960

      Captnorman44,  I notice a couple of things in your reply, that was a little shocking.
      My father raised us kids to stay away from using the words, me,my,mine. To always be aware of using we,us, ours.
      He was a WWII veteran,machinist,farmer and athlete.
      Team play is about us, we win & lose as a team, you sacrifice for the team.
      It's a mental awareness of where your heart is and why so many American troops have died and put their lives on the line for the rest of us. Everything is Gods, not ours.
      Just an awareness to share with you, it wasn't meant as a dig at you.


    Stuebenville is a tough town, bred on steel and the coal industry, ethnic neighbor hoods, gambling, Catholic and Baptist mostly, the home town of Dean Martin and Jimmy the Greek. these Leftist low lifes think they can bully this town lol its laughable, I suggest that if these anti American anti God creeps are that resolved , I'd come up and demonstrate. but you will get your BUTTS kicked quickly and thouroghly.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    I can't think of a nice Christian way to stomp these lowlifes into the dirt, but I'll keep working on it. 

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Judges doesn't have a backbone because most Americans has none! The Sheria law will exist in this country because the American people aren't stopping actions like this!!!

    • Kari

      You are right....therefore we have to STAND up and make a difference just like these awful people have done.....it's OUR turn now.  Maybe all of this happened to OPEN our eyes and ask the Lord for help.  Now we just need to believe in Him and help him turn this country around!

  • Richard Coletti

    Why doesn't the FFRF just sit down and shut up.

  • Jim Kremsreiter

    Richard Cloetti, the answer to your query is stated by HerrCapitanFick.  Judges and the American people lack backbone.  I, along with Silas Longshot, can't think of a nice Christian way of stomping those lowlifes into the dirt, but both of us will continue to try.

  • http://twitter.com/FrancisFaustina Elizabeth Warynick

    I say let Jay Seculow and the ACLJ take them on!!!  Since WHEN does 1 % of the population rule over the Majority????

    • Bmarrs

       Since beating an empty barrel make the most noise.  The rest of us are to busy working, teaching our children, help with charities to make an issue of something that is none of our business.

    • Kari

      I think that's "since Obama became President and Dictator"!!!  The Athiests and haters have been on a roll ever since.  We need to change the President and I believe many other good things will fall into place. 

      • GTMO


        I have to agree with you..Get rid of the pretender and we will come back..

    • canucksam

      Since the communists took over OUR HOUSE.

  • SweetOlBob

    I hope they come on down to Birmingham where our City logo features the bare buns of Vulcan telling them just what we think of their efforts.
    Moon to you, idiots !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486141321 Joanne Satmary

    Athiest are terrified of Christians. We must constantly pray for them. Their eternity is in great danger. In fact, their lives as well as our lives are in immediate danger under the current administration.  When did our Country become so anti-God, anti-decent, anti-good, pro-evil? I believe it is just the few who have a voice and votes under the dictatorship of Obama with the great support of Eric Holder. As Dirty Harry so wisely put it; We have to let him go.  So, all good people 
    get out there in November and vote for freedom  and ask God to once again Bless America.

  • Beverly

    Just tell the anti Christian morons in Ohio (my home state) to take a hike and mind their own business.  It's a know fact that most anti-Christian people ask God for help in their last moments of life.  Isn that strange though and ya know what else, I'm sure Our Lord forgives at that point too.  

    • Tleloveslife

      He doesn't if they haven't confessed. And asked Jesus to save them. They have to acknowledge Jesus, and what he did and believe and accept his Free gift of salvation.

    • Evermyrtle

       I don't know if that will bring them to glory. It is something they need to think about, since that could be just a reaction not really a prayer.

  • BlueViolets

    These are people with way too much time on their hands and way too much money to waste.  If they are offended then don't look.  I think their time and money would be well spent if they used it for the betterment of the poor and needy.  But then that's a Christian thing to do and they certainly wouldn't want to do that.

  • F Gregg Meagher

    I would be more concerned with other aspects of 'graphic symbolization' that are apparent in the design... even if unintentionally.

  • http://profiles.google.com/rigger45usn Glenn Mark Cassel

    Under the guise of being for freedom, it is on the level of the muslim groups now surfacing in this Country

    • Evermyrtle

       Their freed om will produce bondage.

  • blackhawk132

    They must do what they do. Imagine if they find out that God exists.

    • canucksam

      Which they will when Judgement Day rolls around.

    • Evermyrtle

       Not if they find out that GOD exists, but when they find out, adnhope that it is not too late.

  • Tleloveslife

    I almost feel sorry for them..Almost. They haven't a life of their own
    .. so they intrude into ours. What they need is to find Their Own life,, and leave ours alone. They are empty and mad that we are not...so they want to take it (Jesus..and God) from us...nut they will NEVER. Succeed because our beliefs are more than tangible objects...it is the intangible Holy Spirit that Lives In Us!!!They can't touch that. ALMIGHTY GOD fights our battles ...but we need to stand up Boldly and declare our freedom.Whom the Son sets free is free. Indeed. We need not fear them...They Fear Us. He who lives in us is stronger than the evil and already defeated in this world. FEAR NOT. I am with you says THE LORD..and I am your HEALER and PROTECTOR.

    • Earth Angel

      Your first sentence says it all.  I will add, however, that because this is a free country (and I want it to stay that way) "they" can believe in whatever they choose just as we choose to believe in the cross.  If those who do not like our belief's they can look the the other way, and go about their lives.  Clearly, that brings us back to your first sentence.  They have no life so intrude on someone elses.  And these arrogant morons vote.  Ugh...   

      • JOE_FELS

        and if you have ever spoken to an atheists why is it that they always have a gaunt sunken look upon their face....oh thats right they have the spirit of being a spawn of satan with out realizeing ......

    • Evermyrtle


  • olddad

    Any court that pays attention to this absurd claim should be removed form the United States.
    Tell these 2 %r's to Go to He** and Now.  GET A LIFE

  • Kevin

    I believe that the muslims are paying these ant-christian groups to get rid af all christian symbols as possible.

    • JOE_FELS

      Well the pres. Told the Catholic clergy that he doesnt want them at the dnc..Only to praise the terroist who want sharia law to demolish the constitution to have a two hour prayer service on friday durning the dnc...You do the math  O+O=0

  • RGS48

    Where have we come. This never happened in the day of Amricas greatest generation. My Dad is gone now. If he were alive he would be so sad to see his beloved America going to Hell. He at the age of 20 helped I think save the world. He along with others stormed the beach at Normandy. He went to Germany one hill one battle at a time. He lost a brother and so did my Mom in the war. Thes American God haters make me sick. Alot of good people have fought and died for God and country. Lets not those people along with Obama takeus all to Hell. I will not let them take me and America down.

    • Myrtle

       Thank you for your beautiful "write." So many people in America remember those days. My late husband was on his way to Japan when the bombed us.

    • The Carpathian

      How DARE you say that America is going to Hell?  That is a religious-dominated profession of faith -- and you are trying to force the rest of us to follow your religion!

      Just because your religion teaches there is a hell, why do you feel it necessary to try to establish your belief as the religion of Godfather Politics?  What's next .. will you similarly attack HuffPo?   Townhall?   Weazelzippers?  Will you sue Politico to establish your religious preferences?  Are we not guarenteed individual freedom of expression?

      Oh the humanity !!!  

      My god passes out Klondike bars and Jack Daniels (doubles) as a sacrament -- and yet I don't try to force my preferences on you!  Please do the same.   But come to think of it, even without the sacramental aspect, Klondike Bars and Jack Daniels don't sound too bad. 

      • rhetorical1

        I think I'll just go grab a Klondike bar!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iiibowles Linda Bowles

    This group recently made our high school board in our town stop praying at the board meetings. They are going to every rural town in America.

    • JOE_FELS

      No they didnt stop you your leaders on the board  have taken a stand of passive resistance and wont stand for what is correct.....When good men don't stand for truth then lawlessness will prevail and your school board just let that happen

    • Evermyrtle

       They are working for the "evil one" who wants to take over our lives, our mind, our hearts, our souls. WE belong to GOD, it cannot be done!!

  • Brusagr

    I am an atheist but I don't agree this stupid SOB.You should not let this minority of stupid people terrorized you. Fight them because they don't represent the majority of the atheist people.

  • QuisPercusit

    If they want freedom from religion so bad why don't we give it ti them relentlessly. Just start declaring them loudly an often as domestic enemies of the constitution, minions of evil, and New World Order lackeys. send letters, E-mails, post cards to every one every where and ask them to do the same. Flood your local radio & TV stations with complaints about them expose their faces in public places.   If ya'll just want to piss and moan; or do something bout it, ya'll gotta git sum dirt under yer finger nails. else shut up and take it all where the sun don't shine like a good sheeple should. The NWO overlords are bettin' ya'll got no guts for any kind of fight, and they know all ya gonna do is piss and moan about it. 

    • Evermyrtle

       I do not know any one person or any group of people who is hindering them from "Their freedom of religion." True  Christians had rather see them as Christians, because that this is the only they can be saved and go to heaven.  WE know though, that GOD gave them the choice to whom they would serve GOD or the world . We will not try to force them to follow GOD.  In fact, we will leave them alone and wish the would honor us in the same way. Their/our  eternal life will be determined by the choice we make.

  • Bigkoala

    Just remember that during WW2, every German soldier wore a belt with a buckle that showed a swastika, and proclaimed, "GOD IS WITH US," (Gott mit Uns).
    All believers think God is one their side in every battle.  Atheists say that there is no god, no Zeus, no Odin, no Allah, no Satan or Easter Bunny, no Amon Ra or Baal or Santa Claus.  We Atheists don't hate any god, we just don't believe they exist.

    • Evermyrtle

       You are in for a very rude awakening. Matthew 25: 31-34 to see what will occur when JESUS returns, We are in the last days according to HIS WORD

      31. When the SON OF MAN shall come in HIS glory, and all the holy angels with HIM, then shall HE sit upon the throne of HIS GLORY:
      32. And before HIM shall be gathered all nations: and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats:
      33. And HE shall set the sheep (HIS loyal people) on HIS right hand, but the goats (those who never accepted HIM) on the left.
      34. Then shall the KING say unto them on HIS right hand, Come, you blessed of my GATHER, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

      You need to read the rest of the chapter, for the rest of the story

    • The Carpathian

      You don't hate any god -- just don't believe that they exist?  Then why are your organizations so forcefully attacking Christianity?  This is not a benign non-recognition -- this is a full frontal attack every time one of you sees a religious symbol or something you think can be a religious symbol and strokes out from the indignity of being forced to somehow follow a religion by seeing someone else follow their faiths.

      BY THE WAY:
      Santa Claus is a god?  Please stop self medicating at least seven hours before making any definitive satements about someone else's religion. 

      Question: Are the eitht tiny reindeer realy Santa's deciples?  What about the elves at the north pole ... are they the Church leaders like Cardinals and Bishops?

      You are ruly one dmb piece of work.

      • The Carpathian

        Please excuse my typos.  I'll try to proof read a little better next time.

        • rhetorical1

          Bravo - bravo - bravo  I couldn't have said it any better myself - except you left out the Easter Bunny. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Marshall/1738727638 Dennis Marshall

      Why should 5% of the populace tell the other 95% how to live? Maybe I am confused, but I believe the majority should have some rights too.

    • johnsnare

      Who won the war?  You Atheists, make us want to puke.  Who the hell do you think you are, complaining about a cross atop a building, that has been there for years.?  What a pathetic bunch of malcontents.  You all really need a good old fashioned ass kicking.

    • rhetorical1

      Fine keep your non belief, he that doth protest to much!!!!  I don't force my beliefe on you DON"T force your non belief on me

    • Tom

      One point at a time,  , for the majority of German troops God was with them, he is with everyone who has the belief,  God does not endorse bad behavior, just allows you to do what you do, forgive those who are truly remorseful and I am positive many were and were in the Military and required to follow directives,or be held to the ultimate punishment.  If in the service you follow orders--any question!  Most have been forgiven and received salvation from worldly sin.  That's my belief and you are entitled to yours.      Second point,        Where do you think life comes from,,science did not create life, there is not such proof,  in fact,  --fact,  there is the life in your body to give you pause to consider  the belief that there is creation of  life an undeniable fact, science is derived by humans,  should tell you that the belief is in things you and everyone else does not understand,  that includes "God"   Please give belief another chance  , just for your sake .     Thanks

  • Evermyrtle

    Their aim is to rule, to control everything about us, not only our actions and words but they want to possess and rule our minds and souls. By not knowing GOD AND HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, they do not have an idea that this is impossible. HIS people will remain HIS people whatever they may door say and we will be loyal to HIM at all times, which if time last very long we will be punished for our stand. WE MUST BE READY TO STAND STRONG.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Marshall/1738727638 Dennis Marshall

      Exactly Evermyrtle...I am tired of the minority telling the majority how it is going to be. Our country was formed under majority rule. It is time we take charge. Jesus is Lord and we have an obligation to make this know. In a Christian nation, we should tell the world and all in our country that, that is the way it is going to be from here on out. God Bless the USA.

    • rhetorical1

      Yes Americans need to stand strong and firm.  Who gave these few the right/ability to overturn everything this country was founded upon??
      Please believe me when I think I know the answer - please look into the UN Agenda 21 - removing all religion and the ability to think for ourselves is part of their 'master' plan to take over humanity.  I'm not a nut case I'm just really worried for my grandchild.  I'll be long gone from this earth before the full effects of this abomination are felt by those of us that think this can't happen here.  Please learn, become educated on this issue you will find that a lot of the 'strange' things that are happening now will make sense to you


    Realise this absent from the body presence with the lord! And every word from our mouths will be judged...Only by the John 3-16 will those words of a beleiver will be deleted.......You are only here on this plain once, so when you deassociate from this physical form and enter into the vasness of eternity you and only you will direct your path of uncertianty or of certinty....You who want to be bold and say God does not exist and Jesus was not the son of our Creator...Bothers me that I pray for each and everyone of you that you would open your eyes and heart to the truth...Sure most of you will demean for this but that is fine with me! You see we who are alive cant see past the veil! When the time comes and by your standards it is over then story ended,but when the time comes and the truth is that becasue of our spirtual entity from our creator we are standing before God Almighty that the judgement occurs where will you spend eternity....Whising that you should have opened up to the scriptures while in eternal darkness, or will you be standing in the light of redemption.....We can go round for round and I am not here to change you...So my question to you why are you fighting against something that you dont beleive in and if one of yours is gonna pray at the dnc to what are you praying to...If it be to a man than falability is present and his falultyness cannot keep up to his emppty words of promise......This is a country that has the freedom of religion (not freedom from)......May the seed of progreess be planted and take root in you......Just one man'''''s opinion...again for those of you who will probably have harsh and slanderest things to say back...I forgive you for you and hope God will forgive you....

  • 1teapartyme2009

    Hey it is their town, their logo, if you don`t  like it,  MOVE

    • Didwell

      I'm from there and they are great people with pride in this country! Steel town shouldn't put up with this lib. stuff.

  • Dude

    I grew up there and I am furious that a minority group of anti-American crappers should be able to dictate their feelings and rights.... GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Texas Pete

    To the FFRF if you dont like religious organizations participating in our cities, in our schools and in american, than just get the h*** out of the USA and try this crap in other countries! I am willing to stand up for our freedoms but get real, a picture of a cross on a bldg and churches feeding school children before a football game, yall are lunatics! Why dont you go after the Muslim leader that was wearing a tattered USA flag as a scarf!!!! Do something that is important and has meaning!!!!


    FFR Has to much lib money, to much time to make trouble and small minds that are very dangerous like little brown shirts in training.......

  • Jamin Jayman

    I think they forgot to  mention this is Wild Cherry's hometown.  Remember "Play that Funky Music White Boy" from the 70's? Glad to hear of their resistance. They don't have a legal leg to stand on, especially with a name of Freedom FROM Religion when it is clear that our 1st Amendment is about our freedom OF religion. What idiots are these bullys.  

  • bigbadude

    Ill support any thing in suport of christian values the ACLU needs to be put back in their place.
    dodgen drafts and quiet! "ACLJ.org"
    2% of the population can not dictate! why do they care if they do not believe.
    time to fight the notzi's

  • Darfur Deng

    Being one who was raised and taught the traditions of the old Southern Brogue by my elders leads me to thank the likes of such groups, not to spurn them.

    The Christian principles upon which our nation was founded have for to long been in serious decline, and thanks to religious oppressors such as these our nation has seen its greatest revival of the Christian Principles in America since those who first arrived here in search of that very freedom.

    That said, I encourage them to keep up the good work; if for no other reason then the fact that the results of their foolish attempts are rendering the opposite of their true intent. They are causing the masses to once again favorably revisit, and once again embrace those cherished principles upon which our nation was founded.

    There has throughout history been no greater salesman for Christianity than the evil rendered forth by its wantoned oppressors.

  • mamasview

    There is no respect for a group whose sole reason for being is to tear down and destroy what someone else believes in. They are so morally and spiritually empty that they cannot stand someone else having faith to fall back on in times of trouble.

  • Bigkoala

    Imagine that cross was a Islamic crescent instead of a Christian cross.  You might feel a bit differently.

    • SouthernPride

      That's the problem!  If it WERE an Islamic Crescent, the media and the government would call it freedom of speech.  The only group that does NOT have the right to free speech seems to be the Christians!

      • Pastafarian

        You are wrong.  There would be the same issue with the crescent with the FFRF.  The Government needs to remain neutral in religious matters.  Period.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AM7GT4D6F4R4C3VZKRHJAD5K3I African Warrior

          The government needs to remain neutral in virtually everything it has its unconstitutional corrupt hands in.

          A states, and/or; towns logo falls under the 10th Amendment purview of a states Constitution; and has absolutely nothing to do with the federal government to begin with.

          There is absolutely nowhere in our Constitution that states the so called "Separation of Church and State" requirement of the federal government. What all anti-religion zealots fail to quote, is precisely what the federal government is barred from doing by our Constitution.

          First Amendment
          of the national constitutions' Bill
          of Rights :
          "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR
          The Constitution bars all respects of the federal government from acting in such regards, that includes the federal judiciary.
          It does not ban freedom of religion from with-in the government. It in fact bans the government from enacting any law doing so, even with-in the government itself. 
          If there can be no law made, there can be no Constitutional grounds for a lawful judicial review. Therefore, any judicial ruling in that regard is on its face Unconstitutional; thus per our Constitution UNLAWFUL.

  • Tateinlafl

    For those who are Anti Christian, I have one question...what year it this? Think about this as I leave the answer....2012 A. D. In Latin, A. D. means Anno Domini which plainly translates as  - In the year of our Lord!!!! And you said you were Anti Christian! If you don't believe me, look it up & start studying Latin, the root of most languages! Now I've said my peace!

  • Giansomo61

    "Whosoever believeth in me,shall have everlasting life", that pretty much leaves the FFRF idiots out not in the cold,but where there's heat,a lot of it !!!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    It's freedom of religion not freedom from it.  Freedom from religious oppression is the key.  The test is to prove that this logo is oppressive rather than a tribute to it.

    • Pastafarian

      It gives the impression that this city will discriminate against non-Christians.   That anyone not of this faith is not welcome here.  

  • Woulddragon

    What is it with the Freedom "From" Religion Foundation? What on Earth will they protest next: the very existence of human beings?

  • carolrhill814

    What I want to know why are all these people so afaid of God?

    I guess they don't want to face the man who created them because they would have to answer to him and that won't be fun so they would rather hate him and NOT deal with him at all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AM7GT4D6F4R4C3VZKRHJAD5K3I African Warrior

    government needs to remain neutral in virtually everything it has its
    unconstitutional corrupt hands in.


    A states,
    and/or; towns logo falls under the 10th Amendment purview of a state’s
    Constitution; and has absolutely nothing to do with the federal government to
    begin with.


    There is
    absolutely nowhere in our Constitution that states the so called
    "Separation of Church and State" requirement of the federal
    government. What all anti-religion zealots fail to quote, is precisely what the
    federal government is barred from doing by our Constitution.


    Amendment of the national constitutions' Bill of Rights:

    shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE


    Constitution bars all respects of the federal government from acting in such regards,
    which includes the federal judiciary.


    It does not
    ban freedom of religion from with-in the government. It in fact bans the
    government from enacting any law doing so, even with-in the government itself.


    If there
    can be no law made, there can be no Constitutional grounds for a lawful
    judicial review. Therefore, any judicial ruling in that regard is on its face
    Unconstitutional; thus per our Constitution UNLAWFUL.

  • CMY

    My third son has graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio!!!
    He regards this campus as Heaven Sent... these crummie hate groups better
    Be careful or we will send the Italian mafia after the Bullies...

  • bigpawn01

    FFRF foundation is about separation of government and religion. I on the other hand do hate christianity and certainly am glad to see it come under attack as it is a destructive practice that is of zero profit to society. But I don't have to do nothing christianity is doing a good job of destroying itself. And judging by the youth we are only a generation or two from seeing it totally disappear. I will be glad to see it gone.