Are Democrats Stupid, Dumb, or Ignorant? (Maybe It’s all Three)

When Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., approached Vance Jones at the Democrat National Convention for an interview, Jones declined. He was smart. Undeterred, Mr. Schiff went on to interview a number of delegates about corporate profits. Their responses were shocking. Well, not really. These were Democrats. And so many of them with the same views. Scary

When Schiff asked a delegated whether corporations should lose money, she said, “Yeah, I think so.” Another delegate agreed: “Maybe we should have corporate losses.”

These interviews took place in the Time Warner Cable Arena. The last night, September 6th, was originally scheduled to be held at the 72,000-seat Bank of America Stadium, where President Obama was to deliver his acceptance speech. It was moved inside the arena in order to accommodate a smaller crowd.

There wouldn’t be an arena or a stadium if corporations didn’t make profits. Who would risk investing in equipment, hiring employees, and paying their insurance, Workman’s Compensation, Social Security, and Medicare and then spend millions of dollars to build either of these venues if there wasn’t a sizeable profit in it for them?

The cost of the Time Warner Cable Arena was estimated to cost around $260 million. The Bank of America Stadium cost $368 million. Time Warner Cable employed 48,500 people in 2011.The only corporations that have enough money to rent these venues are those that make a lot of money. They, too, are in business to make a profit.

If you want to know what a nation looks like when people are not allowed to make a profit, go to North Korea. Cuba’s closer.

What do people do with profits? They spend them, invest them, distribute them to share holders, and save them. If they invest them, the money goes to help other companies to build things. To build things means that they’ll need to hire people.

There is an economic ripple effect in the profit motive. Spending also means that other people benefit with no need of government. Liberals believe that taxation is a better distributor of wealth. This is nonsense since the wealth is only redistributed to groups that will vote for the tax confiscators. Since the money was not earned, politicians have no concern for what government programs cost. Any time they need more money for a new program or to prop up a failed one, they pass laws to tax more people at a higher rate.

Ronald Reagan understood how government works:

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

Corporations don’t have this authority and power.

A dependent class of voters is created in order to keep the redistribution process going. The bureaucracy that is needed to confiscate and then redistribute the money costs a multi-million-dollar fortune.

Schiff then asked some of the delegates if they would be in favor of a law that would put a cap on corporate profits. Do these people have any idea what would happen if such a law were to pass? People would only work up to the profit level allowed by the government and then close up shop for the rest of the year. This would mean fewer items produced at a higher cost to consumers.

One delegate said that she would support anything her president wanted to do. Schiff asked, “Anything?” She said, “Anything.”  People always wonder how the sane people in Germany went insane in electing Adolf Hitler. Wonder no longer.

There’s a lesson here for people who claim there’s no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The major difference is in the people who support each man.



  • Robalou01

    Yes, yes and Yessssssssssssss!

  • deeme

    Funny Warren said corporations aren't people..but I have a feeling that doesn't apply to General Motors, they are people who sit arround the table and make cars...they want lots and lots of cars..however, they don't feel the same way about the people who sit around the table and make the things that cars run on..Oil evil, Cars good...If they are'nt picking the winners and the isn't good...

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      NOBODY is talkIng ABOUT why GM IS STILL GOING ! OUR Government is the one BUYING THE VEHICLES !! WITH OUR TAX MONEY !! WE need to form a UNION- "OUR UNITED STATES UNION" for NOBODY will DESTROY " OUR " COUNTRY !! It is time to take BACK OUR COUNTRY !!

  • Screeminmeeme

    Obama's re-election is dependent on his gullible supporters remaining stupid, lazy and apathetic.

    No one aware of the truth about this man and his policies would vote for him.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Just look at the Crowd-? Probably the most are on WELFARE ? Just saying? IF,You promise EVERYTHING FREE from OUR Government why would you NOT vote for this IDIOT ?

      • Daniel Watland

        Bottom line Robert. What is it you own in the U.S.? As far as that goes, do you think it's posible to own something that isn't yours in the first place. Do you really think that a simple exchange of money makes it "Yours?"

    • David Peacock

      not so;; there are many of them who know he is wrong for America and they like that about him.

      • Screeminmeeme

        David Peacock....You're right. i should have said....No American-loving patriot aware of the truth about this man and his policies would vote for him.

        There are indeed many like-minded people who along with Obama would love to see the demise of this great country.

    • Daniel Watland

      Why do you guys hide your identity? I've been studying truth in politics for over 10 years with a pile of information a foot high. Can you tell me something about the meetings our prime time, most influential
      tele evangelist have with presidential hopefuls in Colorado.

      • GramE

        Daniel - who is our "prime time, most influential tele evangelist" ?

  • jango

    I'm a registered democrat. I did it in order to vote in the corrupt New Mexico political atmosphere that does not allow Independent voters to participate in Primary elections.
    When I vote for a Democrat it is to thwart the front runner ie: I voted against Obama in 2008 and gave the equally horrendous Hillary my vote.
    I may be registered as a Democrat but I'm far right of any position that a true blue Democrat might take. I am a traitor in their midst, a "Manchurian Voter" if you like. I get their mailings and I know what they're trying to accomplish and if a vote truly does matter I will vote against them everytime.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
    I am the enemy of the Democrat. My intent upon them is to destroy. I know many of them here...they will suffer for their treason when they bring their ruinous ideology to fruition upon this nation.

    • Savedru

      Jango, I'm proud to call you my fellow American Patriot. Welcome to the land of Truth. Keep up the good fight and stay strong. Your fellow patriot.

      • Daniel Watland

        Would you define truth for me Savedru?

        • Savedru

          Sure Daniel. define Truth. Here is my Truth John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father
          except through me. ... Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. ... if you have eyes to see then you will see know what is TRUTH.

        • Jack

          He must e a dumbocrap, as they wouldn't know the truth if it came up to them & smacked them in the face

        • Roger Meyer

          I could easily define truth, but a Democrat wouldn't understand it. A Democrat wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit them on the A**.

        • Disgusted

          What, are you related to Pontius Pilate?

      • maryflaur

        Oh I am too!! Luv ya!

    • Ipquik

      You are my hero...Hoover would be proud.

      • Dave the Liberal

        Would that be the closet queen Hoover from the FBI or the director of the Great Depression Hoover. Either way I'm sure they are both proud.

        • Dustin W. Taunton

          Just like a lib...more concerned with someones sexual identity than what their job entails.

        • Old Observer

          Sheesh! Another koolaid blind libbie. In time He'll find out just how wrong he is---but for our own B/P's--lol--we need to tune him out and ignore him. There are none so blind as those who will not see----he's like those idiotic female Obama-lovers at the Dem convention--made me sick to see it--utterly ridiculous--practically "swooning" as the old term goes---

        • guest

          Dave, I thought you liberals were supposed to be tolerant, but you are a homophobic bigot.

        • twoshooter

          Be kind to Dave..we are supposed to have compassion for the mentally ill...Dave probably has a very close relationship with his feet...his shoe-size and IQ are identical.

        • GramE

          What is the matter with you Dave? The new Democrat loves the homosexual - wants them to marry. Are you a closet conservative?

    • Dave the Liberal

      Wow jango, what a guy. Your my hero. I bet you and Mitt served together during Viet Nam in France in the bike patrol. Those Democrats will never know what hit em with a brave American like you to spy on them. Stay safe my brother. And the next time you go to a gay bar be sure to tell them your only doing undercover work. wink, wink

      • Roger Meyer

        In what branch of the service did you serve? How many firefights were you in?
        I thought so.

      • jango

        I didn't see Mitt Romney in 'Nam.. but I did serve with a Marine named Benjamin Romney, he was one hell of a Marine, he was KIA in October of 1971.
        Your lame attempt at sarcasm aside...that 19yr old Marine was a hero. He was posthumously awarded The Navy Cross.
        And the only reason you can make such snarky disrespectful remarks is because I don't know where to find you. You hide behind the computer and spew your ignorance upon your betters.
        Dave the Liberal...I would snuff you in a heartbeat.

        • charles

          Welcome home Brother Vietnam 68-69

    • David Peacock

      who created that situation Bill [what's his name}?????

      • David Peacock


    • Daniel Watland

      Let me ask you a question about corporate power. Do you think patriotism has a greater power than corporate power? Let me put it this way. If we were to take all foreign products off our shelves, would our nation be in worse condition than the great depression? I can understand a man believeing in slavory over seas in order to make a huge profit margin, but I do not understand a man from the United States flying an American flag at such a business. Do you have slaves? Do you go around burning crosses in a persons front yard that opposes slavory? Do you fly a confederate flag? Are we the big brother of the world?

      • LeSellers

        Aside from Africa and the Muslim world, where is this hypothetical "slavory [sic] over seas" you're ranting about?

        The people who work in what you seem to think are plantations in China, Indonesia, and Pakistan are choosing to work in factories USmerican buy from because it's better than any alternative that actually exists (unlike the imaginary alternatives people conjure up).

        While no USmerican would willingly work for 50¢/hr, they do because it beats 25¢ or 3¢, which is what other employers there are paying. And it really beats 0¢/hr, which is the other option they must consider.

        Remember Korea in the 1970s (or even Japan in the 1950s)? The Koreans were working for the same 50¢ back then. As more and more people worked for that rate, the demand for Korean-made products rose, which forced the 50¢ to become 85, then 90, then $1.20, then $4.50 and up to about the same as what USmericans doing the same things earned. (The same thing happened in Japan a decade or so earlier.) This is what will happen to Indonesia (assuming they don't fall into the Muslim Brotherhood trap). It will happen in Pakistan (wth the same caveat). It's already happening in China. The Philippines will be next, and on and on.

        In early XX USmerica, "sweat shops" existed for the same reason, and people worked there on their way to a more desirable economic state: the sweat shops were way stations to prosperity, and no one stayed there long.

        Failing to buy items from India, Pakistani products, fillips from the Philippines, is condemning the workers there to toil for even less than they earn now, and to relegate them to eternal poverty.

        You can't be that heartless.

        Moreover, if I buy a more expensive USmerican-made product, I am unable to buy something else because I can only spend one dollar one time. So, instead of buying a second $17 snow shovel when the old one wears out, I buy one for $45, and use it two more years because I can't afford to replace it. In the meantime, I could buy an extra jacket and two shirts for the $28 I saved buying the Chinese shovel. My own self interest incents me to spend my money wisely. Why? Because that money cost me a part of my life. $28 might represent an hour, two hours or 30 minutes, but it's my life. I choose to respect it, even if no one else does. I respect it by getting the most benefit I can from it.

        USmerica has become so aggressively anti-capital (especially, but not exclusively, under O'bama) that the entrepreneurs who would create jobs are unable, not merely unwilling, to do so. It now takes four years, rather than one, to secure a patent for a new medical device, and the cost rises dramatically while the odds of actually securing that patent have fallen. No investor is willing to wait four times as long for a much lower potential return. Would you put your money a lower interest rate in a bank that had little hope of surviving until the CD matured? If you wouldn't, why do you expect others to do the same thing.

        Capitalists do not have a stash of cash they can use to create jobs with. They must have both a product (or service) that people really want before they can hire. Our economic culture has so soured that the possibility of finding the product is falling day to day. So, the entrepreneur no longer has any reason to do what he did so readily in the past.

        Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

        • fatman45

          Brilliant observations! It gives me great hope to know that there are others out there who truly understand how the free market works, and what the economic reality is behind a catch phrase like "A rising tide lifts all boats"! Sadly, there don't seem to be nearly enough of us. I fear it will take a catastrophe to wake people up, and even then we will have to struggle against the collectivists who will try to take advantage of the catastrophe they are creating. Obama's "failure" is not accidental or the result of ineptitude - it is by design!

      • NewOrleans143

        I won't answer all your questions....but the flag is a symbol of support and love of America. It has nothing to do with slavery! During the Civil War or War Between the States....the South flew our Confederate flag for our love of our Southern states, and the North (Union) flew the American flag. We were divided....(still are today)! We fly the Am. flag on our building to support our county....not because we have slaves?! I have a flag on my slaves inside! This is 2012....not 1865...??!!

      • Roger Meyer

        I certainly do fly a Confederate Flag in my front yard.
        The South will rise AGAIN, but this time it will win the session from the north BSers that elected Obama.

        • Old Observer

          Got news for you, buddy--a great many of us in the northern states did NOT vote for that fraud, and won't this time, either. Who will??? All those folks looking for "Obama money" like that woman last time--they think he will give them endless welfare so they can sit back and not work, because their wonderful messiah will take care of them----and many many of them ARE in southern states. You want the south to rise again?? Then you are part of the problem. And here in California, the problem causing people are the libbies----DOWN SOUTH!!

    • Daniel Watland

      My wife attempted to register to vote in NM and guess what... It took 2 1/2 months to correct a spelling mistake. She wouldn't have been able to vote in the presidential election. Do you understand now jango, why NM is a prime example of why Republicans go off half cocked in criticle voting legislation. It most deffinantly not for the benefit of the average American.

      • Pebbles

        Daniel Watland - I have never heard of anything in government being done efficiently and with speed unless it's taking our hard earned money. Then they are right in your face withing a few minutes. And, your wife's problem is no different from any other state in the union. It has nothing to do with party affiliations. I know this first hand, having lived in Mass., Conn., Wyo, Louisiana and now Nevada. They are all the same.

    • maryflaur

      The last time I voted democratic was when Lyndon Johnson ran, but no more. Yeah, I used to be a democrat. We are both registered republicans, but are very independent in our thinking. Whenever the other party comes up with a better person, male or female, we will vote for him/her. But so far, we haven't seen it, not in a long, long time.

      • Anthony San Diego

        Among other heinous crimes he committed, Lyndon Johnson was a traitor and a murderer. Research the USS Liberty before you say otherwise, I guarantee it will piss you off. LBJ played America the way Nero played the fiddle.

        • maryflaur

          *Yeah, and the more I read about him, the more I find out just how crooked he really was. There is a book called "Texas Mysteries", and one chapter in it tells about the first time he was "elected" to a public office. She had all the money in the family.*

        • fatman45

          Many people voted for LBJ out of sympathy and grief for his predecessor. Without that sympathy vote I don't think he could have beaten Goldwater.

    • NewOrleans143

      I applaud you!! Know exactly what you're doing and takes a lot of guts. A hero in disguise! As a former Southern Democrat, years ago, but had to change... I stand beside you in recognition of your patriotic spirit!

    • Pebbles

      Nevada doesn't allow independents to vote in the primary elections, either. Oh, I take that back, they can vote for the local JP's.

    • Buster Atkins

      WTG Jango

    • Esquire

      I am a Black American Republican. You can guess what the Democrats and other black leaning Democrats call me. But, the Democrats are intent on turning this country into a Socialist Country.

      • Dustin W. Taunton

        God bless you Esquire.

      • Charles

        Esquire -- people such as you are a great hope for the future of this country. Thanks for your post.

      • King 58

        Bless you, my Brother !!!

      • MYinsight

        Be encouraged friend - You are very special and this country needs you.

      • Disgusted

        Good for you! You know--Decency behaves in a certain way and you are decent, so you behave in a certain way. We need more people like you. Stand tall and proud and hold your head up high. Never mind democrat, or republican--You are a decent person.

      • James Tabone

        Thank God Esquire, He has given you the sight!!!

      • Paula

        God bless. Let's all pray for this country...

      • Ziggie

        Esquire, continue to be your own person. Color doesn't matter, only the content of your character.

      • Jimmy Douglas

        Esquire, thank you for calling yourself a Black American and not African American. This to me states that you are an American that happens to be black and owe allegiance only to America.

    • Jack

      The problem her is they are in no herry they wil get their agenda done if it is only one step at a time. Now we have to watch out for the muzzies too as they to have an agenda & they multiply like rabbits, oh that's right we can thank the dembocraps for them being here too because they have opened the doors to them, just like they have opened the door to SS for anyone that can get here & apply without paying a dime into it they can get the benefits, P.S. I am an independent & don't think much better of the gop both parties seem to me to be trying to ruin our great country, the dumbocrps just seem to be a little better at it

    • Dustin W. Taunton

      Know your enemy. Thank you for recognizing our true enemy. God bless.

    • fatman45

      I am a traitor in their midst, a "Manchurian Voter" if you like.
      It's called a "fifth column". Like the members of what used to be called the "fourth estate" (journalists) before they became a fifth column for the Communists (50+ years ago).

  • Doodlebug

    I not only believe they are all three, stupid, dumb and ignorant, they also don't want to hear the truth. Perhaps they just rather support whatever their president says. It just easier to go with the flow than to stand up for what is right, to listen and comprehend what is going around them.

    • Daniel Watland

      Tell me what truth is and who it is that tells you the truth?

      • Roger Meyer

        It is God through His Son, Jesus Christ who tells the truth.
        If you are a Democrat, the term TRUTH is undefined in your psych.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Liberals are all three.

  • John Emery

    They have the ultimate dumb ass as vice president.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Jimmy Carter's was close to this one? BUT remember -They pick the ILLITERATE because they do not want competition !! BUT when ya have a PREZ. & V.Prez. with the same intel.?

      • Mike Tanco

        You have that absolutely correct. The Democratic base is made up of the people that are basically ignorant and the Dems would prefer to keep it that way so they can get their vote.
        The Prez and VP are your typical professional politicians. Limit terms for Congress like you do for the President and you get rid of these professional pricks that live off of the taxpayers. Mike Tanco

        • Repcon1945

          I would take exception to this since the Union bosses are by far not ignorant, they are the ten percent that rule in a socialist state. Way back when I attended college we were taught some of this, a course where we read the "Utopian Series" and discussed that futile short comings of a Socialist State. now you aren't allowed to think that much in the dumbed down education system you are supposed to accept the views of the "State" and become dependent upon your party and computer to do everything for you.

        • Scientist5

          You were lucky. Two of my duaghters were taught the Sociailist Utopia was the solution to all man's problems in college. Now both are over 60 and their heads are still filled with this garbage. They voted for Obama and will do it again - proving that if you are wrong the first time, try it again because you know it is the right thing to do - worng again and again - still do it over. Two of my kids didn't get the vaccination and are as conservative as me.

      • Darwin Gene Price

        You mean Erkle and Barney Fife.?

      • braxos

        The method Republicans have used to block all jobs legislation in the past two years is the same. A jobs bill comes up, it is filled with positive things for the economy, Republicans filibuster debate, this shields them from having to make floor speeches on why they don't want tax breaks for small businesses... etc. Why? Well, if the economy recovers too strongly before an election, Republicans will lose power. If jobs numbers look too good, people will want to keep the same party. By Republicans blocking all jobs legislation and keeping jobs numbers from improving they believe this is their ticket to power. n other words, if you and other Americans suffer just long enough it will pay off for Republicans. They sacrifice the citizens' jobs with the hopes that they will create more Republican jobs in Congress.

        • Keith Conder

          I guess you forgot that Harry Reid eliminated the filibuster when Deathcare was up for a vote. At the same time, the House of Representatives has passed at least 30, possibly more by now, jobs bills that Harry Reid won't even put on the calendar for consideration. The House of Representatives the last two years has passed a budget and sent it to the Senate. Likewise, Harry Reid won't even put a budget proposal together for consideration. Why? So morons like you can keep believeing the ignorance youe spew.

        • Plaintruths

          Don't waste your breath on someone like Braxos. If he/she (it?) does not already know that Harry Reid has stopped votes on over 30 jobs bills, and still argues it is Republican fillibusters (when they do not control the Senate), then he/she (it?) will never know. Unfortunately this is so true of many liberal voters.
          And it is not just jobs, that is simply the easiest thing to see. (and disguise as we have seen in the unemployment reporting).
          The real issue is freedom of choice. Liberals want freedom to choose to kill a child, but not freedom to decide where to work, and negotiate your own salary package.
          Inconsistency is a necessary part of their system.

        • Edd

          So true.....the problem with a 'Braxos' is the same problem most Dems have....they vote 'party', so have no motivation or incentive whatsoever to examine their own candidate....notice that every 3rd word is 'republican'......with nary a thought aboiut his own candidate .So it's easy being a Dem...they don't have to think,,.just vote party, put your brain back to sleep, and you don't have to use it again until 4 years later when you surprisingly make your way to some voting booth & push the 'D' button again for all candidates. They sleep well, knowing that the 'D' button will save them. It could be Donaqld Duck, Mickey Mouse,or OB , makes no difference. But it's something like having your arm in a sling for 4 years. By the time they use it, it's useless....same with a Dem's brain. And some haven't used them 20-30 or 40 don't bother talking to Braxos....sounds like his brain has been dead for years.

        • thismustend

          Jobs legislation, you mean redistribution of wealth to buy votes & collapse our economy, right?
          Now crawl back to your basement, pull out your ObaMAO pics & leave the THINKING, INTELLIGENT ADULTS alone.

        • Kathi Mcdermott

          Well if such is the case for your argument Braxass then we can blame the entire recession on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid then since Jan. 2007 they have run the whole show, disguisting pitiful inept show.

        • TLady62

          Thanks for pointing that out, Kathi. It's obvious braxos probably got his Talking Points from the DNC website, Daily Kos, or both.

        • Ginnygran

          Or more probably..Debbie Wasserman Slut

        • Consultant In Action

          Ginny, though I vehemently disagree with Wasserman Shultz, I don't believe we need to dip into the name calling, why slip to the D's level

        • Ginnygran

          After FOUR DECADES of allowing the Democrats to libel and slander us, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stand up Conservatives and give them hell right back!!

        • King_of_the_Road

          The 'rats labled themselves
          Remember ? ? ? ?

        • docalpha

          It seems that is all they understand. If even that much.

        • luci

          are you nuts??? your post is one big phony joke.

        • houdini1984

          You're delusional, braxos. Obama has had no job proposals - period. What he calls "jobs bills" are nothing more than additional redistribution attempts that do long-term harm to the economy. It is unfathomable to me how leftists like you cannot seem to grasp the simple concept that government cannot create wealth. It has no capital to invest, and has proven itself incapable of picking winners and losers.

          The Republicans have not blocked "jobs"; they have blocked make-work projects that would have been just as inefficient and wasteful as the 2009 porkulus bill the Dems shoved down the country's throat. As for tax breaks for small business, Democrats have no serious proposals. Take the payroll tax cut, for example. Their stupid idea to cut everyone's payroll taxes has done nothing but hasten the insolvency of Social Security and Medicare - since it is those taxes that have been reduced. Meanwhile, that reduction offers only a few dollars a week to the average wage earner. Not enough to stimulate the economy or better lives.

          It is not that the Republicans do not want the economy to recover - they do. It is just that they understand that the leftist approach to economic development does nothing positive for the economy. It merely seeks to redistribute wealth from the makers to the takers in a pathetic attempt to grow the dependent class and secure Democratic votes. The Dems are satisfied with seeing all of us poorer, just as long as they get to grow their government programs, reduce the wealth of the rich, and enjoy the trappings of power for themselves and their like-minded peers.

          Bottom line: this suffering is your President's fault. He could have chosen the path of Reagan and seen a renewed economic boon. He could have even chosen the path of Clinton and adopted a business friendly attitude while working with Republicans and adopting the Republican ideas that helped to create prosperity in the 90s. Instead, he chose the leftist path of destruction, made an enemy of job creators, and stirred the embers of envy and covetousness among his mindless followers. End result: he today stands alone as the worst President in American history - bar none.

        • TLady62


        • Ziggie

          You are 100% correct. It's good to see clear thinking. If you all want to see the real plan, see the Movie: 2016. It really makes Obama's plans crystal clear. he must be stopped.

        • Keith Myatt

          The movie 2016 points out the total hate that Obama has for America. As Mr. DiSouza points out that even the poorest of American lives better than 99 percent of the rest of the earths population. These OWS people who were protesting and saying they were from the 99 percent had shelter, food, clothing - three of the basic needs for survival. They also had cell phones, TVs, and computers. How many of the worlds population have these items? Obama does not want to distribute any wealth to them. He wants to distribute all that America has to other countries and bring us to third world status. He thinks we have grown rich off other countries backs by "taking their natural resources and selling back the refined product and much higher prices." Part of the problem with thinking as Obama does is that it is not Americas fault that these countries remain in poverty. It is the desire of their leaders to do this.

          As for jobs bills, you cannot legislate job creation. All you can do is create legislation that prevents companies from expanding or even continuing to do business. Think of the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley in California who have watched their property dry up and be destroyed because they cannot get water. The reason is some small fish called a Snail Darter that the environmentalists are concerned might be wiped out if not protected. Or a farmer in California who was wiped out because there were some protected species of mouse on his property. Or the use the wetlands standards to ruin peoples lives. I read about a guy in (I think Georgia) whose property was flooded because a drainage ditch was blocked with debris. He contacted the county land commissioner and was told he could clear it he wanted but they did not have the resources to do it. When he did, the EPA fined him tens of thousands of dollars per day that he did not put the debris back to make the property back into a wetland.

          Or we can go with the NLRB that sued Boeing and forced them to not open a factory in South Carolina because it was a right to work state and you did not have to be a union member to work there.

          Obama is bypassing Congress with his creation of czars for everything. They come up with regulations that end up destroying jobs. Have you heard about the diversity board in the FCC. They could not get the Fairness Doctrine reinstated so they came up with a group who will decide if a radio station meets the local community's needs. This is an attempt around the First Amendment to shut down Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or any other conservative talk show host who has a national audience. You may think this is a good thing but what happens when you as an individual may say something bad about the government that the regulators decide is "not good for the community". This is also why the FCC wants to get control of the internet. Then, they could shut down any one who posts something on the social websites they don't like. Don't think it can happen? Look at China.

        • snowmaggedoned

          Well said Houdini1984!!!!

        • Jane Horton-Leasman

          Obama had a "jobs" bill...the stimulus...and wasted every penny of it on solar and electric vehicles. Then they gave out big grants to Cities and States, that they will have to maintain the programs on their own in the future, meaning big tax increases to residences and business. Electric bills are going up to make up for any "solar" credits. OBAMA AND HIS THUGS ARE ROBBERS and KILLING OUR ECONOMY...Wait until you see the increase in cost of insurance and medical care under 2014 you won't recognize the fact he has eliminated the middleclass and created a higher degree of poverty.

        • Taquoshi

          And those solar companies are going belly up even as I type....

        • Consultant In Action

          Fillibuster, if I recall, didn't good ol' Harry Reid pull that one> The D's seem to have forgot the the tactics Ried used while Bush was President.
          It would appear to me, what with the performance of his last 3.5 years We've had enough, let's quit kidding ourselves, he did what he was capable, but as you all know Socialism has never done much, that is except for create turmoil...
          braxos, I agree the R's haven't done much, why is that, two words; Harry-Reid. You really need to reflect on the last two years of Bush's Administration, now do you get it?

        • fuzzyman1945

          You my friend are at the top of the list for this article. Every piece of legislation is being stopped by Harry Reid. Nothing positive done by the Republican House is ever looked at by the Senate......who is blocking Jobs??????

        • Jayne Nielsen

          Debating a Liberal is like shooting an unarmed fool. Obviously Braxos can be compared to the same "sane people who went insane electing Hilter". Well, we don't have to wonder any more. Common sense and reason among many other qualities are rarely found in Liberals. Those same qualities were lacking in Germans during the Hitler era as well.

        • dondehoff

          Braxos, your statment, surely follows the "party-line". I suggest you do your homework. I agree that the Repblicans, like the Democrats, have some greedy, corrupt and power minded individuals.

        • Steve Tanton

          Hey braxos - you from Mars, or maybe from Bamer's neighborhood in Chicago? I will not refer to you as an "idiot" because it would embarrass most real idiots.

        • mitch hampton

          If you had any idea about this subject, you would know that the Reps already have the House and by Nov. will have control of the Senate through ligitimate elections and don't have to resort to causing the economy to be pitiful. The Dems do a great job of ruining our recovery, without any help from anyone. Any questions?

        • John Williams

          Braxos , you are a true Koolade drinker ! You're like the Parrot that repeats what he hears ; if Obama said it you believe it , and never question it to see if it makes any sense or if it's true . A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves !

        • Scientist5

          In the first two years they could not filibuster. In the last two years they didn't need to filibuster - they had the majority and passed bill after bill only to have Harry the Hoodwinker stall them, refuse to bring them up for a vote, and generally create an impasse in Congress. braxos - you'd believe anyhting that comes from the mouhts of our Demo liberals. Agai, you are inviting Hitler to return from the grave.

      • dogbyte

        The first Prez and Vice Prez with a minus sign in front of their IQ, and they were elected by a group of people with a collective minus IQ higher than the national debt. Such a demented lot. All the losers in the US and Mexico and the graves.


      If Biden had written the headline for this story, it would have been "Are Democrats Dumb, Stupid or Ignorant, (Maybe it's Both!).

  • kyrunner

    This is the real face of the new democrat party. It is a very scary scene and these people are a threat to America, our freedoms, liberty and our way of life. This is the failed educational system of the past 40 years on full display!

    • Savedru

      Kyrunner, you are exactly right. The Democratic party are now "SOCIALIST" anti God Country and faith. Their code name now is "progressive" which equals Socialist. go back into history and you will see that all the corruption in this nation were caused by,you got it "Democrats" which I now call Democraps.

      • King 58

        SIMPLE: NO God? - NObama in 2012!!

        • Shannon

          My sentiment exactly! No God: NObama EVER!

        • Joann

          A big AMEN to ALL the above.

      • SofiesVoice

        If you want to know what Obummer's agenda is for our country, I urge you to go to a theater near you and see 2016, The Obama Story. It is frightening. Taking away all our freedoms, our capitalism, our financial system, our way of life is right in his playbook. This is a must see documentary. Google the name of movie for location of theaters and times because it is not on the theaters marquee nor is it advertised. See it before Obama takes it down.

        • James Tabone

          Also, there is a book out there that is called the "Blue Print" Obama's plans for America after 2012. Believe me his agenda isn't the pie in the sky rhetoric he spouted at his acceptance speech, but one of a more tyrannical and dictatorial nature. Enough to scare the bejabbers out of you!

        • Jane Horton-Leasman

          I felt drained after the documentary (yes, documentary) 2016. Anyone who would still vote for him has to be numb to reality!

        • Taquoshi

          Right after some friends and I saw the film, we met some mutual acquaintances who were from Mumbai. I was able to ask them if they felt D'Souza's portrayal of the India/Indonesia similarities were accurate. They replied with a resounding "Yes!"

          Two days later the story about how B.O.'s brother, George, ended up asking Mr. D'Souza for financial assistance and how Mr. D'Souza graciously helped George Obama out. Interesting, no?

    • Dave the Liberal

      I know it kinda reminds me of the Tea Party.

      • motasrob

        You know very little of the Tea Party movment. Your ignorance is showing!

        • Don

          Dave the liberal listens to people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. What do you expect of someone who is on the Obama plantation?

        • Leslie Correia

          is he dumb, stupid or ignorant?

        • Gordie


        • luci

          all three.

        • Joann

          Right. the Tea Party is for the Constitution. Too many folks listen to the news media about the Tea Party and get their opinions from that.

      • Arlene Tanham

        Study the facts! You are comparing apples with lemons. I used lemons instead of oranges because they make so many sour statements.
        One party is for America, Democracy, Capitalism, God and Patriotism!
        The lemons are for socialism, keeping the middle class down, anti-God,
        killing of very small humans. If you kill a pregnant woman you are charged with DOUBLE homicide. If that is correct then why is it not HOMiCIDE when
        you kill a baby??
        I have a feeling Dave that you are a reasonable person so I would like you
        to consider voting for Romney/Ryan. Thank you.

        • Disgusted

          He knows the facts and don't think he doesn't. He is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome. He's a coward and is hedging his bets with the democrats because he sees them as all-powerful and he's helpless before them so he thinks he'd better ally himself with them and make nice with them so they won't kill him. The poor fool.

      • A_Nobody

        Then you fit the mold of which we speak.

      • Dustin W. Taunton

        You have no idea what your talking about. Move to North Korea and you will wish and maybe even pray that you could flap your gums like you do. Show me one bad thing the Tea Party has done in comparison to your beloved Occupy movement( movement being the operative word). Oh by the way The original tea party was a revolt against the same taxes your beloved messiah is trying to impose on us hard working folks. Yeah I posted my real name. I dont have to hide behind fake like you do.

        • Dan Williams

          Well said Dustin!
          signed: Dan Williams, proud member of the Tea Party

      • rosemarienoa

        You are a perfect example of the average liberal/ know NOTHING!!! You should be embarrassed but you are too stupid to realize how stupid you are!!!

      • Bob N.

        Dave if you knew anything about the Tea Party, you'd know that they are the best hope to get America back to being a strong and prosperous country. Unlike the liberal Dems. and RINOs, the Tea Party believes in the true American way.

      • sara34243

        Instead of being a follower as dems
        are do yourself a favor and research what Obama is about and how the democrat
        party has changed over the years and who is controlling it. If you educate
        yourself and if you're a reasonable person, a Christian, a Jew, senior or a
        business person or a person that loves this country and your freedom, you
        wouldn't possibly vote for Obama. If you're for socialism, communism, Islam and
        entitlememnts then he's the guy for you. If you believe in punishing those who
        are successful and rewarding those who are failures, then he's the guy for you.
        If you have children and grandchildren and you don't care what kind of a future
        they'll have, then he's the guy for you. He's smoke and mirrors - incompetent,
        and a liar and this he has proven - it's fact. Watch tapes of him from over the
        past 5 years and compare them to what he has done and what he has said since.
        The Tea Party isn't violent they're not out to occupy anything, and they care
        about America and aren't going to be fooled. So Dave - don't be too proud about
        being a liberal - it shows your lack of knowledge about what you believe in.

        By the way - I was
        once a Democrat when I was young and stupid

      • SofiesVoice

        Dave, educate yourself before you spout off. Go to the Tea Party meetings and learn about it to cure your ignorance. Perhaps you're loo lazy to do that and instead just parrot what others say. Try having an original thought.

      • gertie

        The Tea Party is based on the constitution and the freedoms that were instituted. Why does a liberal want anything other than that? Government is supposed to be of the people- not our dictator government. The tea party believes that and wants less government and for America to be run efficiently and without incurring more debt. A few politicians who want what is right for the country instead of their personal pockets would be nice too.; I hope there is karma and people like Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Reid, Sheila Jackson Lee, and the black minister congressman are dealt some form of justice. They say there is a judgement in heaven. They obviously don't believe in God but they will find out ...soon.

      • Rob Dalton

        Dave is Paid by Demonrats for Obama. Ignore him, though he won't go away

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      Actually, they have become the American Communist Party. If you listened to even a sentence or two from all of their speakers, it was like being at a Communist Party meeting. Really scary people!

  • David Peacock

    DUMB,yes [emotionally driven]; IGNORANT,yes [knowledge cures ignorant, but you must want to learn]; STUPID, yes [stupidity is terminal];;;;;;;;;;;;a combo of all three pretty much sums up the average lib/dumocrap.

    • pogramma

      I agree but I have been calling them the Triple D Democrats for a couple of years now. What's the triple D you ask...Dumber than Dirt D...Democrats. Works for me!

      • MalikTous

        Reminds me of the rating on the meat used in military cafeterias and messhalls: Deformed, Diseased, or Dying! Yet another fumble by socialist elements - government procurement agents 'liberally' skimming finds!

        • Roger Meyer

          I contracted Rheumatoid Artheritis while in basic training because of a vitamin deficiency. The Master Sergeant who was the surpervisor of the mess hall was stealing our class A rations and substituting inferior food.
          Nice huh.
          At least they caught him. He got a dishonorable discharge and two years in Levenworth, but I still have artheritis.

        • Disgusted

          I'm sorry that happened to you. You deserved better and were betrayed by one of your own. Glad he got caught and put in prison. I hope he will never be successful with anything in his life for that betrayal.

    • RightWingLeftyGolfer

      Got a bumper sticker on the tailgate of my truck with a picture of Barry & Biden that simply says "You Can't Fix Stupid - But You Can Sure Vote It Out"!!
      The Time Is Now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    A stupid question deserves a stupid answer. The reverse would be - should we guarantee corporations make a profit.

    I'm sorry that you are too dumb to understand complicated issues. Why don't you pray to your magic god to give you a better brain. In the time you waste at church and reading that same fictional magic book over and over.I have learned and developed something new.

    • Harley_Charley

      A Charlie Sheen "Winning" post.

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        Sheen would probably be a relief? At least he had 2 things on his mind-and it wasn't POLITIC'S !! LOL

    • Ray

      Such a pitiful soul are ye Chris. One day you'll be on your knees repenting!

  • willyt

    Some like Sharpton and Jackson are evil.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Along with , PELOUSEY,Reid , His WHOLE CABINET as they are from the CHICAGO MAFIA !!

  • mctiredofit

    I don't agree they have the same view, I do believe at this time they are willing to tolerate each other's views for each of their special interests; pro-abortion holds hands with the queers, the islamic's, professional welfare recipients, etc., vice versa. When the taxpayer money is gone; Katey bar the door.

  • Harley_Charley

    To watch the DNC convention unfold so awkwardly in front of America was both disturbing and comical to see.

    1st they forgot to have child care - something they DEMANDED from business for decades.

    2nd they loudly and publicly claim voter ID is illegal, then turn around and DEMAND their very own attendees produce one to enter the Arena.

    3rd their organizers fail to provide umbrella checks, so thousands end up strewn on the sidewalk outside (the attendees just leave them scattered willy-nilly expecting SOMEONE else to organize them).

    4th they don't even mention God, preferring "Spirituality" instead - which includes the Wacko-Environmentalist deity Gaia (the Earth itself is a sentient being).

    5th when America tells them "that's horrifying", they quickly call a vote for the Attendees to approve adding the God language back in. Their own rules state that takes a 2/3's vote. Three times the Attendees voted God down, and the guy who called for the vote declares it "Passed". Thereby ignoring their own RULES.

    6th Fluke calls for taxpayer paid sex change operations on demand even when they are in jail, 9 month partial birth abortions on demand paid for by taxpayers, birth control on demand, taxpayer paid of course.

    7th they roll out Bill "I did NOT have sex with that woman" Clinton as a role model to emulate.

    8th they praise FDR and Carter as role models.

    9th they set up Mainstream Media 'pleasure areas' with organic food and drink, New Age Music, massage tables. Obviously expecting to influence their writing ('what's wrong with that' the DNC says).

    10th topping it all off we got the Empty Chair giving his Empty Ideas about his tenure getting an "Incomplete" grade. Totally ignoring this signature "accomplishments" Obama care, his broken promise to cut the deficit in half, his broken promise to cut the unemployment in half.

    11th they refuse to accept responsibility for their own failures by continuing to blame Bush. When every mature adult knows to accept responsibly for their own actions.

    12th they attempt to smear an America Icon, 'a guy with Alzheimers', when said Icon is successfully producing 2 movies a year - in his 80's.

    And they really believe in their heart-of-hearts that is what America wants?

    Are they NUTS?

    Sadly, yes they are.

    If America is to recover, it must drive these wackos back into the dank corner where they belong.

    The rest of us are going to pull together to rebuild America under a plan, instead of wandering around aimlessly as union types do when awaiting orders.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Yep, A nice agenda-An Illegal, A Rapist , a LOUD MOUTH , One who proclaim to hate OUR AMERICA & a SLUT ?? (in order Obama,Clinton,Biden,Michelle & Fluke !)

    • Daniel Watland

      I believe you are missing the point. Are you a judge of man kind? Sounds like you are firmiliar with New Age movement. Go back and read all the comments and see if you can tell which are Republicans. Let me give you a clue. "nuts" "godless"...

      • Harley_Charley

        I only speak for myself, not believing in collectivism. I don't CARE what they think.

        My point was, the Dims 'figure things out as they go', ignoring their own policies and rules of behavior. I KNOW this as I TALK to them. No business properly organized and run can operate that way. None.

        Dims think money grows on trees and only needs some government bureaucrat to "harvest it." That is why they are completely unconcerned with the deficit and what devastating effects will result letting it grow "unencumbered by the thought process."

        You hit a nerve when you wrote "Are you a judge of man kind?" 1st it is "mankind" not "man kind", but that is beside the point. The attitude out here, where Obama has a 60+ % approval, is chock-full of those New-Age types expressing "being judgmental is bad". Yet they possess very, very little tolerance for those that think differently. Which is, of course, being judgmental in and of itself.

  • Savedru

    America has been raising up for the last 20 years complete Morons. Uneducated unable to think for themselves. Dumber than a box of rocks. These are the Obama lovers,tards.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Savedru- We haven't RAISED these IDIOT'S- WE ALLOWED THEM IN HERE!! WE are controlled by ILLEGALS of ALL NATION's . DID you look around at the DEMO. Convention? A LOT of RAGHEADS I seen? WE have been infiltrated by OUR enemies and will be eliminated by the same ??

      • Savedru

        Land of the Free and home for our Enemy's

  • Jane

    The democrats are living in dream land instead of reality. It's shame that we have such weak leaders. No wonder some people refer to Americans' as rich, stupid, dumb people. Look at where we were in 2008 and where we are now in 2012. This is a reality.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      OH, OBUMER will say BUSH took us to war twice ? Seems to me I heard that ALL the DEMO'S in OFFICE voted to go to war? My question is-What would this so called PREZ. have done IF he would have been in BUSH's SHOES ?? Went over to these COUNTRIES and BOWED DOWN and asked PLEASE don't KILL US ? WHAT other PREZ. has BOWED to ALL the enemies that this PREZ. has?
      Don't tell me that there wern't WMD's in IRAQ just because we didn't find them? They were hauled OUT at NIGHT JUST before we went in !! GUESS what- THINK-WHAT IF these are the same ones being used on the SYRIAN PEOPLE ?? JUST SAYING ?

  • Aimee

    People that have the illusion that healthcare is free are ignorant; people who think that government should take care of them are stupid and if people think that the government produces jobs are dumb!
    If your congressman; senator or president are for all of the above then you are a socialist!

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Health Care should be part of your Benefits for a GOOD Job you do for a Company !

      • Aimee

        I agree with you, a company provides as a benefit not having Obamacare shoved down our throat!

      • maryflaur

        Yeah, my first husband and I were teachers in West Texas, and the school district paid for our health insurance. But if we wanted to include the kids on it, we had to pay for them. And we paid into Texas Teacher retirement, if we wanted to participate in it. Now the state legislature did match what we put in almost dollar for dollar. But we had to pay into it. The school district did not pay any part of that. And we did not have to belong to anything to keep our jobs.

      • Daniel Watland

        What if your unemployable and not qualified for Social Security?

        • Jack

          That is what medicaid is for

      • Arlene Tanham

        You added , "for doing a GOOD job". How many are taking advantage of their employer and cheating them by doing a very mediocre job and even a terrible job? Should they all get the same rewards, aka benefits???

      • LeSellers

        Why should it be connected to your job?

        That's the sign of an impoverished imagination.

        First, health insurance isn't what it ought to be. Modern health insurance is really two separate things, and only one of them makes any sense. The other one is primarily responsible for the insane rise in health care costs seen since "health insurance" appeared on the horizon seventy years ago.

        Second, what we think of as health insurance is associated with employment only because of wage and price controls in the 1940s.

        Third, if health insurance were an individual choice, as it should be, no one would have to worry about whether he could keep coverage when he changes employers. And he would never have to be concerned about what the new policy will mean to his family and their health: he would have the power to make those decisions.

        Fourth, why should your boss, whose only interest in this is (and should be) how he can get "health insurance" at the lowest cost be the one to decide what coverage you get? If you were responsible for your own policy, you could get what you want (and are willing to pay for), without a middle man who may or may not have your interests at heart.

        Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

    • Daniel Watland

      What would you call a social darwinist? Let us suppose the 35 million un-employed in our nation were making 50% accurate accounts of finding a job. Would you let them die along with the rest? What if 25%? Or what about only 10 people? Sound firmiliar?

      • Roger Meyer

        What if one had to WORK to get welfare aid? Sound familiar?

      • Aimee

        Daniel I will try and understand what you are is going to be difficulat but here goes! I am all for helping someone improve themselves but I will not go down the road of watching them sit on their a___s while others support them from cradle to grave! You can thank the current federal government for how many people are unemployed....regulate regulate. Americans are extremely smart and if Washington would get out of the way we would be very successful!
        Obama keeps saying pay your fair about the 49% who pay no taxes and are living off the ones that are taxed to the max (I am not rich by any means).....we left europe over 200 years ago and I do not want europe's mess period!
        And if you want to evaluate social darwinist theroy look up Margaret Sanger....

      • David Peacock

        JUST WHAT THE HELL IS A SOCIAL DARWINIST??? some one who believes in the evolution of social dependency? like ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny ?

  • Joanne Long

    Birds of a feather flock together, i.e. evil, ignorance and selfishness.

    • Daniel Watland

      Is helping the poor and needy evil?

  • Informing Christians


    • Daniel Watland

      I believe that too. Jesus left His riches in Heaven and lived among the poorest of poor, taking one boys lunch and turning it into a meal for 5,000. Jesus is my example to follow throughout my lifes experiences. Jesus told the rich man to sell all that he owns and give it to the poor. Our founding fathers put all the crops in one central location in case one farmers crops did poorly, his family could still eat. Some where along the time line one of the rationers decided he was worth more mony than the farmers, so he began diping into the crops and giving himself a greater portion. The downfall of our nation I believe is greed.

  • paul

    thank you for pointing that out I through they were dumb but I didn't want to say it after all who am I to Judge.

  • BonnieU2

    I vote for ALL three: Stupid, dumb, and ignorant, but would add another: Godless people looking for a Paper Idol to "worship" Someone who will subsidize laziness and dependence, and take wealth away from independent workers and give it to them! Dependence on Government is just another form of slavery because Washington D.C. is too far away and has no money except what they get from taxing and regulating, collecting fees from the people who work. When Katrina hit New Orleans, they waited on rooftops for the Government to help them. In Mississippi, they helped themselves, helped their neighbors, and Churches and Private citizens and Non-profit Christian groups helped them recover and rebuild. Are those FEMA trailers in New Orleans still occupied?

    • daves

      I would much rather have my taxes spent on helping poor people than see them spent on helping wealthy people.

      • Don39

        I vote for those that pay the way for the rest, the tax payers and wealth creators!

        • daves

          That's very nice but I am not running for office.

      • forjusticenow

        In case you do not know as it appearas by your statement that you do no know, many wealthy (people & Corp) help poor people such as the Gates Foundation and Walmart who contributed over $10mil last year

        • daves

          That doesn't mean that they need my tax dollars.

        • forjusticenow

          I just thought of something else regarding your statement, If you gave all the tax money to the poor then they would not be poor but rich and the government would be poor, then what would we do because there would be no one to collect taxes because the government could not pay anyones government salary, umm.... no congress, no president, what else could we do without

      • Arlene Tanham

        You can send in extra money at Tax time. Put your MONEY where your MOUTH IS.

        • daves

          I already pay a lot of money in taxes and it is not being spent the way I want it spent so I just give the extra to the causes I support.

      • Buster Atkins

        Looks like you will get your wish.

    • Daniel Watland

      You sound like a person not firmiliar with scipture. WWJD

  • Savedru

    To all my fellow American Patriots. We must stay strong and vigilant aginst the Marxist,Socialist threat that is now destroying our once beautiful Republic. Obama has been groomed and schooled by the hard left in this nation to be exactly where he is right now. We all know that the Media is bought and paid for by the elite and their goal is to cover up the Truth about what is really going on in this Nation. YOU cannot believe what is reported by ABC,CNN,CBS,NBC MSNBC,and forget the newspapers too. our weapons of choice are YOU the Individual. if you will Email, post videos,face book, and twitter everyone you know then the "EXPONENTIAL"
    factor starts. this is how we fight against the Media's stronghold on this Country. Let's be smart and use the Internet to reach Millions. I have already lost my family because I took a stand against all the lies that are being shoved down our throats by our own Government,ie oBama and all his Socialist Regime. Please stand with me in this fight.

  • rg

    I'm amazed that in my life time so many Americans have gotten so damn stupid, they're cutting their own throats and to ignorant to realize it.

    • David Peacock

      thanks to the dumocraps creating the 'GREAT SOCIETY" aka LBJ;; and all the free rides to minorities;; even the dumbing down of the school tests and standards;; unionizing teachers and forcing school systems to take federal money to insure desegregation

      • Roger Meyer

        I was a vocational school teacher for 10 years in Philadelphia. When I first started, a 70% was a D-, by the time I left teaching a 70% was a B.

        • David Peacock


  • Jack Wilkins

    They are not called Dumocrats for nothing. They earn that moniker each and everytime they choose to speak..

  • Weez

    This is a reflection of our educational system. People are not taught that capitalism, profits to those that provide a product or service that is desired, is what made this country the greatest one on Earth. They are now trying to destroy that and make us just another 3rd world poverty stricken nation. They are too "stupid, dumb, or ignorant" to realize if they get their wishes, their own lives, as well as their children's, grand-children's,, will become much worse off than they ever dreamed.

    • maryflaur

      As a retired public school teacher, I'm tired of people saying that our educational system is bad. We have the best educational system in the world with the most dedicated teachers and administrators. After all we cannot bore a hole in a kid's head and pour the knowledge in. They have to really work to get what we are trying to teach.

      • LeSellers

        The reason government-run, tax-funded welfare schools are so incredibly bad that one wise man said of them that only a maniacal enemy could have invented them is that they are government-run, tax-funded and welfare.

        The reason we have no serious religious probem in USmerica is because government is not involved with religion. But we have mammoth problems with education because the state has woven itself into the issue so thoroughly. I find it interesting that the last state to disestablish its church was Maryland in the 1830s. It took only 20 years for Massachusetts (1852*) to invent government-run, tax-funded welfare schools which had the same effect: influencing (and controlling) what people think and what they think about.
        * There were no "public schools" in USmerica until Horace Mann imported them from militaristic Prussia in the mid-XIX. there were schools, but they were very much different from what we have today.

        Government does nothing well, and state power is always perverted to increase control over people's minds and actions.

        I also find it interesting that you implicitly claim that USmerican children are dumber than student in other countries. Because, as you know, Japanese teachers, Korean, and Finnish teachers "cannot bore a hole in a kid's head and pour knowledge in," either. So, if you are better than teachers in those other countries ("[W]e have the best …"), it must be the "kids". Your assessment screams your disdain for USmerican children and their families. It must be hard to force yourself to go to "work" every day. (And, please don't pull the "teacher bashing card" out of your hat: I am a former teacher, my wife, mother-in-law, one sister, three sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-law, and others in my close family are all teachers or former teachers.)

        The USmerican government-run, tax-funded welfare school system is a failed experiment, and it's only because so many people have bought the lie that government must run schools and control education that we are in the predicament we are.

        USmerican schools are not broken. They are doing exactly what Mann and his ilk designed them to do: divorce children from their parents, create a docile populace, and one that will obey without question.

        Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

        • maryflaur

          *I did not show any disdain for American children. I just simply said that they are going to have to work hard to learn what we are trying to teach. Those in my class who really worked, learned. Those who didn't work, didn't learn. *

        • LeSellers

          Of course you did, and yo've just done it again.

          We're running near the bottom of the "educational totem pole". You claim our system is the best. That system includes you, of course, and the Dept/ed in each state and the federal government. Since it's the best, that cannot be the problem.

          So, whether it's that they are stupid or, as you claim here, lazy, it's the children's fault.

          No chance it could be that school is irrelevant, boring, and a total waste of time, is there?

          I can teach any hearing child who wants to (and they all do, eventually)how to read in less than six weeks. It akes the government-run, tax-funded welfaer schools three years (or more, many never do learn) because of the "reading wars" (phonics v. whole language v. whatever flavor of the month is buying time at the convention this year). It;'s the same with math. John Taylor Gatto definitively shows that schools are desinged to waste a child's time, to bore him, to make him into a "good citizen" (meaning, one who doesn't think — unless told what, when and how to do so). Gatto is no bumpkin: twice the New York City teacher of hte Year, and once the state laureate, he spent well over 20 years in the classroom. His letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal ended with "… if you know of a job where I don't have to hurt children for a living, please …" Taht sums it up: the grtf-welfare schools, not jus tin USmerica, but especially here, are designed to hurt children. And it's all they do reliably.

          Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

      • Roger Meyer

        I also, was a public school teacher in Philadelphia.
        I have never seen a more politically and morally bankrupt group of individuals than the school board.
        Teachers were not permitted to teach and make the students do any work because it was a "violation of their civil rights". I could not keep a student after school for a detention because it was a "violation of their civil rights".
        I was attacked by students three times in one week with knives, pipes and fists, and they weren't even my students ( who might have had reason to want to kill me) but rather, were just wandering the halls because a teacher was not permitted to tell them to go to their classroom. When they caught my attackers they told the police that they attacked me because they "wanted to beat up a white teacher". Unfortunately for them I am a Vietnam Veteran and also carried a 12 inch wrench in my lab coat pocket. They got the worst of it.
        I also HAD to be a member of the teacher's union, another corrupt group.
        When the school district came up for evaluation it was found to have such a poor rating on National Tests that the state government had to take over running the schools.
        This all happened under the previous PA governor Ed Rendell when he was mayor of Philadelphia, another Democrat.

  • TxGCB

    Windfall profits tax took place in the late 70's and 80's and brought the oil industry to its knees. If that happens again, watch the interest rates and prices for everything skyrocket.

    • Daniel Watland

      So what do you want? More billionaires voting in their own sky rocketing wages?

      • TxGCB

        If it keeps people working, I do not care what they do.

  • ron

    One word: zombies. I have seen it many times. brainwashed, hateful toward RNC zombies. I am so sorry for them...

  • Tim Chew

    Question to ask is if the corporations have no profits, what is their tax. No profit = no tax (no matter high high the tax rate). Talk about dumb!

    • gbsmitty

      Once you come to terms with the fact corportations pay no tax, then the idea becomes clear. When they don't charge their tax back to you, you have more and them Obama can come right to you to get it. End result...the USSR, where all industry is run by the government and all taxes are income taxes on the populace.

  • jeffro

    VAN Jones was the first attempted interview...c'mon, man...ya gotta know the players!

  • bmg28

    I said 35% of women like this one who said she would do anything her president asked and she meant anything. She along with the 35% will vote for this muslim and they will wear burks'a for him. I didn't realize we had so many ignorant uneducated women in this country.

    • maryflaur

      I think most of them drank all the "koolaide" that he offered. They acted as if they were drunk on something.

  • gbsmitty

    The question misses the point. They are not stupid or ignorant. Was Lenin stupid? Was Mussolini? They are wrong, but they are also advancing their plan for the ecomony a little every generation. It's why I wish people would stop thinking they were simplistic or dumb or even like thoughtless cute little children...they are sinister, malevolent, intelligent beings trying to bring down the capitalist economy of the west. It's deliberate and Obama is one of them.

    • LeSellers

      I think the question was not about O'bama, Biden, Reid, or Pelossi. It was about those who swallow their insanity whole and grin at the prospect of more.

      Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

  • Dave the Liberal

    This would almost be a good argument. However when you said that arenas and stadiums would not exist without Corporate profits. Every arena and stadium in this country was built and most are run with some kind of tax dollars.

    • 529_Barb

      ....and where do you think the tax dollars come from? Corporate profits along with individuals make up our tax base and I can tell you that alot of these buildings are NOT built with tax fact......the corporations that own these buildings get tax abatements from municipalities to encourage bringing these arenas to areas to prop up other businesses that people use when visiting whether it's a sports arena or a place for conventions.

    • Don39

      What a stupid statement. Typical troll!

    • Savedru

      Tax dollars generated by the "PRIVATE SECTOR" The Free Enterprize system. The Government doesn't create crap. Just a bunch of takers.share the Wealth around.



  • Jerry

    Todays Democrats are, in my opinion, are either stupid, dumb, ignorant or blinded by the truth. But some of them simply "love" the entitlements/freebies too...

  • MrsVL

    Guess we already knew there are a lot of really stupid people in the US. I think it's getting worse, too. Obama will destroy this country and make it like Europe (socialist). He said that's what he wants and all you need to do is look at Obamacare. It's worse than Europe's and will bankrupt this country. So if you have 401K or pension, it will be reduced because Obama will need your money from it. Romney will protect our rights and freedoms. He knows how to create jobs that bring in more revenue (taxes). Obama can't create jobs, therefore will have to find the money in other ways. Good luck America!

  • Don39

    This article highlights the fact that it is the ignorant voters that are ultimately responsible for the deterioration of the Republic. The notion that those paying the bills should loose money is typical of the stupid and manipulative voting public.The Damnocrat Convention had to be historically the largest ever assemblage of ignorance and trash on the planet !

  • Rodger

    I think the Democratic Party is on its' last leg. Nominating a Communist Muslim twice in a row should cause all right thinking Americans to quit the party. All that will be left are welfare recipients that don't bother to vote and dead people that can't stop voting.

  • JDH

    I would be a little more gentle. Clueless and mindless would be bettr description. Have pity, as some of them may be the survivors of partial birth abortions.(they suck the brain out first) Makes it easy to identify idiots and Progressives-you shine a flashlight in their ear and their eyeballs light up. I only one lights up, its an idiot. If both light up,its either a progressive or an Obama democrat. If it shines straight through and out the other ear, its a voter who is going to vote for Obama again. If he has no pulse, he will vote for Obama at least ten times in Illinois.

  • 529_Barb

    This about sums it up for dumbocrats: "Ignorance can be educated, sickness can be medicated, but
    there's no cure for stupid."

    • Buster Atkins

      There sure as hell is ! Its called a BULLET.

  • Crystal

    I ask this Question on My Facebook page a few weeks ago, but since Stupid and Dumb mean the same thing, I worded it Thus.....
    Are Demoncrats, Crazy, Stupid, Or Ignorant?

    • maryflaur

      And what answer did you receive?

  • CajunPatriot

    Dumb and Dumber. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance of truth leads to destruction. Maybe it all comes from "Obama's stash."

  • Mys77

    I would like to ad.... most if not all democrats have not lived or visited any nation outside of the US and have NO idea what a wonderful.... fair....great opportunity it is to live in America where anyone can fulfill their dreams. The idea that these people would prefer someone to put them in prison and to live like a slave is beyond stupid. If these people want that... I have a great idea...export them the hell out of this country. This should be a nation of workers and freedom loving creative people. Lets export the undesirables.... and immigrate those who want a piece of the American dream. I deem there are some who need to prove their self worth to stay in this country and if they contribute nothing and want a medicore life.... they can exit...stage left .... .

  • williamboylan

    Where is the link to the interviews?

  • Liberty Rock

    Democrats Are Enemies Of The United States Constitution & Christianity.
    A Party Stands For Communism, Islam, Sharia Law, Socialism, Marxism, Anarchy & Lawwlessness & Anti-Capitalism & Pro-Global Government & Pro-Gays & Slavery.
    This Is The True Democrats Colors & Agenda That Would Destroy America As We Know It. America Wake Up. Time To Call Out Our Governors To Gather The State Troopers, State Police, National Guards, Military To Join With The People To Arrest The Lawbreakers & Muslims Enemies In America To Send Them All To Life In Prison.

    • maryflaur

      And if the muslims and athiests don't like the way things are here, they can just go live somewhere else.

  • jcgreen2

    One of the pundits commented at the DNC this week, that the people were not paying any attention to what was being said at the convention. Even going so far as to say they would cheer wildly if someone merely read from a phone book with enthusiasm. Clearly demonstrates the mindlessness of these party members. It's no wonder our country is going down the tubes so rapidly. Too many uninformed stupid citizens... Who will support a moron like Obama.

  • MalikTous

    Stupid? Yes. Socialism is quite stupid, disabling incentive and creativity. It's the Road to Serfdom.
    Dumb? Hardly, they were talking at the DNC even if it was all lies. (Howdy Doody is dumb - he's a puppet. People without tongues are dumb.)
    Ignorant? Obviously. The USSR died after 70 years, a socialist dystopia shut down by its last master before it self destructed and took half the planet with it. The Libtards are ignorant of that history if they press for socialism. The Roman Republic lasted about 250 years - right about the age of the USA. As a model for our republic, they provided warnings we have yet to take full advantage of.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    It's the brain washing the psycopolitico's condition the people with. A few real schrinks train a few then they train a few it goes on like dominos spreads like a virus. Because these people don't have any idea of what the word history means. Have not been trained to think for themselves and to make matters worse they don't have any morals so you might as well add morons to that list.

  • Pink man

    Whiff asked a "delegated". Not sure if that meant like one delegate but would think so since he then said "she said". So logically ALL democrats think corporations shouldn't make profits. You right wing RepsmMustmhave learned all your logic 101 from maybe all those commie teachers who want to dumb down America. Well they were successful. I haven't seen such pitiable analysis since like yesterday. Y guys have enough facts to fuel your labeling and hateful thoughts. Try to act a bit intelligent. Eat more chicken. You guys love that kind of silly stuff. Made y feel proud.

  • Liberty Rock


  • Randy Brown

    Stupid, dumb, or ignorant? Yes. For their leaders, my personal favorite, corrupt! For our nation, it's not just a question of what works and what doesn't; it's a matter of what's moral or immoral. Vote wisely.

  • DandBA

    I did not watch any of the DNC. My stomach could not stand it. However, while "station hopping" I chanced by a station that was broadcasting the fiasco in Charlotte. I got a look at two people, two black women to be completely truthful. They looked as if they were in a daze; eyes glazed over like they were on drugs, idiotic grins on their faces. In other words, they looked like exactly what they were, "useful idiots" for Obama's evil intent for this nation. God help us because people like that vote without any thought given to the consequences of their actions.

  • Hudmar

    Scary, and yes they are out there and can vote.

  • Salty Sailor

    The woman who said she would support the President no mater what he said or wanted She is a big reason this country has been in decline for the last several years And she is allowed to vote. We can only hope that there are not t to many out there like her if there is God help us all.

  • Savedru

    To all my fellow American Patriots,we have a job to get done. What is that job? Our job is to get the word out on this FAILED President and his Socialist employes's that work for him. I have posted a Great video on "Obamacronium" the Densest Element Known to Man. You will love this video. Here is the Llink to You Tube

  • Savedru

    To all my fellow American Patriots from across this Great Nation. we have a job to do,and that job is to rid our Country of all the Socialist Democrats,and the R.I.N.O. Republicans,that have been destroying our Nation for decades. Lets vote this cancer out of our country once and for all. November is our Independence month.

  • Savedru

    My fellow Americans,finally the truth is out on the democratic party on what they believe in or not. At the D.N.C. Convention 2012 they voted God out and Israel out from their Platform. If you want proof,I have posted the video on you tube so you can see for yourself. here is the Link

  • Savedru

    2nd Cronicles 7:14
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • Savedru

    luke 6:45
    A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.

  • NewOrleans143

    All three...without a doubt! This was a Pep Rally for the minorities,...mostly Gimmiecrats!! Low intelligence, scrounging for favors from Uncle Sam. Disgusting to watch the lack of intelligence....and when Obama said, "I'm the President!!" That cinched it for him to lose the election!!!....(What an your face people...I am He the great one....I am the Dictator!) Wake up America!!

  • Salty Sailor

    Alas it's true there not anyway to fix stupid. The DEMORATS thrive on stupid people . you know it's there base. Most of them my have the mentality of a two year old

  • AlarmBelle

    I can sum up their whole entire outlook and character; it's ALL based on the fact they are godless rebellious against God & satan worshippers. That alone explains why they are so angry, fearful of everything, paranoid, are never successful in life or work and end up in little white jackets in barred windowed rooms or nursing homes on anti-psychotics. God does NOT look out for and bless those who fight 'against' Him and his laws/commandments. These 'characters' are rebellious and unteachable. The more they are 'corrected' by Him, the more they 'rebel.' Their futures don't look too good for them right now.

  • Tommy S. Buster

    Stop and think about the question. If these people were going to vote for Obama, I would say they are ignorant and stupid. If their in it for the free loading I would say they are a bunch of dumb a$$'s

  • Reelman1946

    The arrogant apostles of utopian socialism can only sell/defend their naturally toxic policies with distractions, bold lies, demons and smears…
    it is what they MUST do...their enemies are time and reality. Bold lies are simply another tactic to win elections/gain power over people.
    Learn that if nothing else.
    The real evil is the pawn media enablers change the dimdem dirty diapers daily and thus rob America of REAL journalism…
    the media elected OzBama and they, for some freaky reason, believe monster gov-meant/hi taxes and secular values fit America.
    Go figure that if u can...I can't.

  • msgirl

    My vote? All three!

  • Esquire

    Democrats are all three. They really do not get it. They can be lead off a cliff without thinking it through. This nation was build on businesses make profits and reinvest to grow the businesses. However, if businesses loses money the company lays off workers and/or go out of business. With that senario, everyone loses. Dumb Democrats.

  • A_Nobody

    All three and flagrant.

  • Independent

    No Comments needed. The Article says it all. Great job, Gary!

  • Jim S

    My argue-it-over-a-beer theory is that leftists come in three types. There are the parasites who want government handouts. The dupes who are reasonably well off themselves, but feel guilty about it and can't stick with being charitable with just their own income. Then there are the manipulators - politicians & other lower life forms who pander to the other two types to stay in power.

  • ed

    We Americans turn our schools over to Marxist Democrats so the truth about capitalism never comes out. Schools at one time taught the benefits of capitalism and now they do not teach at all. Unless Americans wake up our democratic republic is going to die.

  • Public_Citizen

    The attitude described here has a terminal phase, historians have a name for it.
    They call it "the Dark Ages" It's what you get when the REAL MONEY to pay for the Bread and Circuses runs out.

  • Alan

    It's interesting that these people never want to put a cap on government profits.

  • rosemarienoa

    Democrats ar insane, stupid & ignorant! They are unable to think for themselves because they never learned how in our "progressive" school system which is failing our students!!!

    • Guest

      You got THAT right!

  • thecelt1

    The title of this information bit is absolutly correct. Yes, all three! It is so obvious just what the intellegence level is in these people. Especally Obobblehead and the excuse Biden.
    Come November 6th, you know what to do. Vote them out!

    • Guest

      If they DON"T replace Obama they'll all be wearing a path to Mexico and Canada. They'll be joinging the Mex's on the way south because there won't be any work for them either.
      The path to Canada will be rockier still. They can't work there unless they have a greatly needed specialty (which there are VERY few of) and a job offer from a company needing that specialty. And if they apply for a work status they'll have to have a CANADIAN citizen sponsor them (meaning pay their way), file for a status (start looking at the 1100 to 1300 bucks payable IN ADVANCE with the application), and then wait about a year to find out if they're acceptable to the Canadian Government. Or not. Either way the money AND the year are gone.
      Yeah, re-elect Obama. But it will be to the destruction of your own employment (if you have any), and also the moving of most of the people in the area who DO pay taxes. They'll be losing their's as well.
      Good luck with Obama in November. Luck is the ONLY thing that will do you any good.

  • Spite Hammer

    If trickle down economics worked, if making sure that the top 2% paid as little as possible lead to job creation...then we should be drowning in jobs right now. Do you know when we had the most jobs in this country most recently? Under Clinton. He did what he could to empower the middle class. Yes that meant that corporations and those top 2% paid more in taxes. Guess what, they still made money hand over fist. Why? Because the top 2% aren't the job creators. They aren't the ones boosting the economy. The middle class is. The middle class get's money, then turns around and buys things, thus creating jobs and making the economy move. What happens then? Well the top 2%, who are the big business owners, see more money coming in because more of their products are being bought.

    Why is this simple concept so hard to get through to people? Give money to person A, and he just keeps ahold of it because it's shiny. Give it to person B, and they spend it on person A's products, leading person A to get the money anyway, and for person B to lead a better life.

    • Guest

      Truly dumb. Clinton inherited a thriving economy and all that occurred under his watch was that the people coming out of school were able to find jobs quickly. Clinton himself did nothing.
      Frankly, if I were one of the top 2% I'd simply inform all of my employees that I was going to close the business and let them all find employment elsewhere since it is believed that my monetary investment in buildings, people, and product do NOT help. Of course, anyone with any brains knows that the government will now lose not only MY taxes, they will ALSO lose the business taxes, the employee's income taxes, and all of the salaries they paid their mortgages/rent with. Not to mention food, clothing, and all the rest.
      THEN they can collect their unemployment- until it runs out- and take welfare.. which will NOT be paid by me.
      Yeah, I really think to get the attention of the Democrat voter, just have ALL businesses shut down for a week or two. Without pay.
      And then we'll see if the "top 2 %" have any influence on the economy.jj
      (I've read truly ignorant posts about economy and business, but this ranks right up there with the best of them. This is just another in a long line of fools who do grasp even the most basic fundamentals of how the "trickle down" works. There is no more wonder as to why idiots and unions elect Democrats.)

      • Spite Hammer

        I suggest you talk to an educated economist next time before attempting to derail my statement with absurdity.

  • 'John Beam

    John Stewart actually had people at the convention asking the delegates about their "tolerant" and "inclusive" BIG TENT party, and who they WOULDN'T accept in it, and of course they went on irrational tirades about how they couldn't stand "tea-baggers," and used absurd generalities to point out how WE use "generalities" all the time. Hypocrisy never sounded so idiotic.

  • Marc J

    It is really sickening for this former refugee to listen to the communist rants by the Democrats in Charlotte.

  • Guest

    "One delegate said that she would support anything her president wanted to do. Schiff asked, “Anything?” She said, “Anything.”
    I suggest she get in her car along with several of her fellow delegates, increase speed until the car is at it's fastest, then point it at the nearest bridge abutment or tree.
    Results are much better if no seat belts are worn.
    Guaranteed to improve the voter pool instantly.

  • ron

    The current bunch of democrats are stupi,dumb,ignnorant, and corrupt. They are so stupid they want to kill the major corporations that are the jo creators. I guess it is part of their socialistic agenda to ensure everyone is dependent on the government. Never has been successful and never will be because the government eventually runs out of money and the everyone is broke and hungry. Look at what is going on in Europe, socialsim is killing them.

    • daves

      Where do you get this stuff from?

  • daves

    It is a confusing question.

    If someone asked me if corporations should lose money I would assume they meant lose money rather then get bailed out and I would say yes.

  • Charles

    I frequently find myself addressing corporate taxes with liberal idiots. I maintain that one CANNOT tax a corporation. To a corporation, a tax is an expense. There are only three things a corporation can do in response to a tax increase: pay its employees less (or have fewer of them); charge its customers more; pay its shareholders less. (Today anyone saving for retirement is a shareholder -- almost all significant savings include mutual funds which largely own corporate stocks -- and that even includes pension funds.)

    And of course the corporation can do some of each: pay employees less or have fewer of them; charge customers more; pay shareholders less. But all three courses of action result in PEOPLE paying the tax levied on the corporation -- the employees, the customers and the shareholders all lose something.

    While it sounds radical, I honestly believe we'd be better off if we didn't tax corporations at all.

  • northbrook

    You have it right the democrats are stupid, dumb and ignorant. Especially if they believe the con job Obama fed them Thursday night. No MORE YEARS for Obama

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    One way to stop this is to pass a law that if they draw a government check they give up the right to vote. After all it's like stealing is it not? Taking something you did not work for. Social Security, people had to pay into it even if they did not wish to so they invested in to the program. But if they did not invest then if they draw just cann't vote. It's not taxation without representation because they did not pay taxes to start with so why should they vote.

  • JACX

    Sometimes, it is not 'nice' to say the obvious. You know what I mean. Am guilt of this myself.

    • JACX

      But wait, it may not be so obvious to some after all.

  • guest

    The problem with these philosophical debates is they are always waged from an either/or, all or nothing ...position. Yes profits are necessary, but not all business practices are fair or just. According to Ron Paul's website, a soft-audit of the Federal Reserve reveals they just sent $16T to themselves via EU bank stockholders. Berny Mad-off with over $20B. Haliburton made a bundle on Iraq reconstruction ("Beware the military-industrial complex.") Anyone who reads the WSJ gets an eyeful, cases of corporate greed & excess; so PLEASE Mr. Godfather, stop painting these institutions as bastions of virtue and self-restraint. Unions were necessary to protect workers from the most egregious abuses. The role of government is to serve as umpire. Freedom allows for a lot of things-- greed, stupidity and a lot passes under the radar. Capitalism even does well under a police state, business boomed under Hitler. At least you can't accuse Obama of that. Wait, I guess you can, but that would require you assume one of your own above labels.

  • Evermyrtle

    I don't think it is any of these things. These people, Obama and his select ones, have miraculously been placed where they are and they know exactly what they are doing.They are handing the country over to the Muslim Islamists. GOD'S people have few who are willing to fight for, or with them. Of course, we don't really need anybody else, we have GOD on our side and he is capable, we do not need to doubt or fear.

  • Wolfman Smith

    they are the new Democratic Libtard Party

  • Shannon

    All three - dumb, stupid & ignorant. I have a lot more adverbs & adjectives to describe them too, but we'll leave it at that for now!

  • VocalYokel

    Please do not underestimate the enemy.

    While Barry-O and his band of reprobates may appear to bumble from mistake to crises, it is my considered opinion that there is a diabolical plan being carried out by his handlers to carry out an anti-American agenda.
    What better way to hoodwink the opposition than have the Imposter-in-Chief appear inept and clueless, acting the fool while moving 'forward' with the very steps necessary to undermine the foundations of government.

    This is a war for the heart and soul of our Republic.

    If I am wrong, and they actually are just "stupid, dumb, or ignorant", overestimating them will have done no harm.
    If I am right, and we underestimate their cunning and willingness to go to the lengths I believe they will, we will be operating from a position of distinct disadvantage.

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Democrats are deaf, dumb, blind, ignorant and stupid. Head 'em up and move 'em out of America.

  • Charlie

    Numbers don't lie,($6,000,000,000,000.00 added debt in almost four years),but the democracts lie like a rug, kie like a sleeping dog. All of the sheep following this group should wake up. Our employees at all levels of our government have it backwards "we the People" do not work for them they work for us. The out of control spending and/ or just giving our money away has to stop. Who the heck do our employees think they are the boss,well let me tell you they are not the boss in this country we are.No I'm not sounding off of Clint Eastwood's remarks, have been stating this for decades.

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    If you think one vote can't make a difference, then think of the following: If you
    think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't been in bed with a

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    We need to remove Adolph, er Obama from Office before he can become more powerful. This is a superior article. Your point on how 70 million Germans allowed 7 million Nazis to come to power is poignant. Thank you.

    One delegate said that she would support anything her president wanted to do. Schiff asked, “Anything?” She said, “Anything.” People always wonder how the sane people in Germany went insane in electing Adolf Hitler. Wonder no longer.

  • USAops

    I have a really strong feeling that November 6th is going to resemble the "Chick-Fil-A" Wednesday very, very much. People are going to be completely shocked at the turnout for the Romney / Ryan ticket because it will be just like the turnout for the Chick Fil A day.
    And liberals will be completely silent.

  • Ciaran

    Try "evil".

  • Texas Tanker

    Democrats suffer from a mental illness. That illness is progressivism. Progressives hate the Constitution and God in any form. The Constitution because it constrains what they can do and God because they refuse to believe there is anything greater than Liberal/Leftist Government. This has been true since Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and other Democrats of note.
    A rising young Italian politician studied how Wilson organized America during WWI to get ideas to use if/when he came into power. His name? Benito Mussolini. It is scary, but reality folks. Be afraid of people who follow Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels' strategy of telling the big lie loud and often.

  • Don

    Some of these people are "dumber than dirt". They worry not, for their savior, Barrack Obama will provide for them!!!!! Problem is, it is you and I who will be providing the funds.

  • BH206L3

    See I could never be a Democrat, because in order to be a democrat, you first have to leave any sort of common sense at the door. Second I don't consider myself stupid, you have to really be stupid to sign on to this junk. But its been a long time coming, And when the Adults get put back in charge, the clean up of the mess can begin. A lot of things are going to have to get cut way back or abolish them all together. Stop this ethanol business and all the blends of gasoline that dose nothing but drive up costs for starters.

  • SofiesVoice

    Regarding democraps being stupid, dumb, or ignorant (or maybe it's all true)....add homely to that list! They are drowning in Kool Aid and should be quarantined. Their disease has spread to the lame stream media......

  • irene

    All comments I read are exact. But you should also add to these three a fourth disease:
    CORRUPTION. Last three years I've been reading about Governors, senators, representatives, etc. --all belonging to the Dems-- who have been judged and found guilty. My guess is that once obummer is finally defeated , he too will have to be judged and found guilty.................... Hope Republicans win election in November. At least that is my wish from far away Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Mark Ward

    It would have been VERY INTERESTING (and telling) if, after asking if corporations should LOSE money, they had asked if GM should have LOST MONEY?
    I'm betting that - because Obama spent TAXPAYER DOLLARS to "buy" GM (ILLEGALLY SCREWING the BOND HOLDERS) in order to GIVE IT to the Unions - that that SAME person would think that Obama "bailing out" GM was a GOOD THING!
    Damn Hypocrites!
    You KNOW (don't you), that IF GM had been making a PROFIT, WE, THE TAXPAYERS (and the bond holders) wouldn't have been SCREWED by Obama!
    I guess Solyndra is the POSTER CHILD for a "perfect" corporation to these Liberal Morons!

  • Tig Dupre

    What's the difference between a Romney supporter and an Obama supporter?

    Romney supporters sign the front of a check. Obama supporters sign only the back of the check.

  • el_loco_jp

    The article left out "criminally naive"!

  • librtyship

    Definitely without a doubt ALL THREE!

  • xthred

    The fool says in his heart, "There is no God."

  • jeremyah

    Don,t forget mentally challenged.

  • ATLDave

    I would say all threee! Add naive and easily led. How else can the Democrats ever exist without these people They are the only ones who would follow an empty suit or serve dinner to an empty chair. Better add nuts and insane to that list

  • Macdonald Cory

    Heil, Obama! What else is there to say?

  • the_uglydog

    COMMUNISTS! That says it all! There is no longer a Democrat Party, it has been taken over by the Communists.

  • mark


  • Silas Longshot

    It has been demonstrated time and again how dangerous stupid people, in large numbers, with the power to vote, can be.

  • 6141littlefox

    If I didn't need to keep my aim, I'd be driven to drink 😉

  • Charles Steele

    The Socialist-Democratic Party is against capitalism and God. They follow the teachings of Karl Marx who wanted to "destroy capitalism and dethrone God." Many of them are Marxist including the President. Many under educated Democrats are blindly following because they think they will always get free stuff! They are fools!

  • David Jines

    That is true...Corps. need to make a profit, but they also need to spend it here. I have watched corp.'s throw money by the fistful away. I wonder how they can afford to do it. Then I get my paycheck.....I now I know... :/

  • v steve

    Gary Demar, The Democrats are not stupid, dumb, or ignorant. Its sites like this one and many others that are keeping we the people distracted from what is really happening with things like (are the democrats stupid, dumb, or ignorant).

    What is really happening the Democratic as well as the Republican party both are wanting to turn America into a socialist/communist country. The fight is between the two parties. Both parties want their party to be the one that goes down in history as the one that to took America down and turned it into a socialist/communist country. Stop with the distractions and talk about what is really happening.

  • Bob

    I am not that fond of Romney but I would vote for Hitler before I would vote for Obana. At least Hitler knew what he was doing.

  • harrydweeks

    Can not believe one party has attracted so many stupid, ignorant, uneducated , morons. They think they are the elite and well educated but my God ( oh sorry they don't believe in God), they are so out of touch they need to rename the Democratic Party to the Give me Something Free Party. How can anyone stand up and speak about freebees with a 16 Trillion dollar deficit.

  • Rebecca

    Is Gary DeMar stupid, dumb, and ignorant? Yes.

  • mrbillsdog

    They're a bit dumb, are somewhat stupid, but mostly ignorant.....which increases the stupidity factor.

    • harlan evans

      They will never belive what you just said and they will not invite you to thanksgiving dinner.

  • Dan Williams

    Yes, there are the educated independent thinkers and then there are the lemmings that will follow the pied piper over the fiscal cliff. Which one will you be?

    • harlan evans

      I'll be the one with the bull dozer to make sure they go all the way over the cliff.

  • oldfox [terry seale]

    "WorkMAN's Compensation?" This incorrect usage reveals a deep and bitter hatred of women, who are ALSO eligible for SWorker's Compensation.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    It would be wonderful to be able to say that Republicans are different from Democrats. Republicans may be a bit more polished, but when a Tea Party Leader or Favorite makes an endorsement, Republicans move like lemmings to the next candidate. We watched this in the primaries. Republicans did not seem to be analyzing the candidates for themselves and taking a stand. Quite frankly, I found the vascillating from candidate to candidate that was going on of great concern. And, the Republican platform sounds good, but both of the Republican team members have Socialist voting records. Socialism with a thing veneer of respectability is still Socialism. We have also seen some very odd forays against freedom from the Republican Party recently, the rules change at the RNC and more recently, Tea Party Patriots trying to destroy the farm program for farmers, even calling the farmers thieves. The farm program for farmers is a carefully crafted program that gives all Americans lower-cost food by having the public take part of the farmer's risk. If the farmer took all of the risk himself, food costs would need to be higher. There are no farm surplusesm as in the past, and those were artificially created in the first place by government regulation of the crops that could be planted - throwing too much farm production into grain crops. Hemp, grown for rope and sisal products, was a good cash crop for farmers, until the government decided that people shouldn't smoke the leaves. Hemp oil and seeds are now popular with raw foodists and as a nutritional additive. The point here is that not only the Democrats, but also the Republicans, seem to be trying to ruin the Middle Class, and now the farmers are on the radar, even though more than every dollar the tax payer spends on the farmer part of the farm program is returned in lower food costs. The Tea Party needs to separate out the farmer part of the farm rpogram from what the USDA is doing with the food stamp party program.

  • Gary Jones

    The progressive liberals can't get the people to agree to a tax hike, then comes Obamacare 2,700, 13,000 regulations. There's enough tax covering on the top that you can't smell the garbage. An insurance contract is less than 5 pages long, why didn't they regulate the insurance companies. A lot of people when reading an insurance policy don't under stand the legality portions so how much more in this pile of paper called Obamacare.
    Now here's an example: take the weight of 2,700 pages, 13,000 regulations and carry the burden. 10 people - 5 = -5 carrying the load. The clue: paper keeps being added. and only half of the people supporting the other half. Didn't work in Europe but go for it. Obama doesn't understand and the progressive democrat s are off their medications.Holder,Reid, Pelosi Walters and they took the straight jacket off Schultz
    If this lunatic Obama is re-elected I'm closing my business and selling the property, I have had standing offers I will not be dictated to or forced to buy into Obamacare. Pay the sales tax eliminating the burden of property tax. I have given notice to my 30 employees, that I'm selling if Obama is re-elected. At 60 years old an have worked all my life to have options of which is true freedom, I won't be a slave to AdolfObama.and his court of lunatics.
    The multinational corporations that moved abroad, had options given to them with our tax dollars and they no longer pay taxes. The auto industry GM still owes $35B that we our paying interest on. The corporations that stayed Now they want to raise taxes on them and the private sector of small businesses will be burdened until they close their doors or move abroad.Talk to people that have businesses or read about the options that corporations are considering for options. Tariffs are taxes of which are considerably lower There is a bill in Congress, to eliminate the taxes(tariffs) on the companies that moved abroad. People Obama has the change but no hope. If you vote for Obama , you're enslaving the children and grandchildren. This will be my last time voting because I won't have a country with four more years with AdolfObama and his lunatics breeding and hating. 2012 Romney/Ryan probably the last hope and change

    • harlan evans

      Your comment is elegantly written but if you think you are educating the liberal with that knowledge for get it, but thanks for for your wisdom on the subject any way.

  • Progressive Republican

    "Are Democrats Stupid, Dumb, or Ignorant? (Maybe It’s all Three)"

    It doesn't really matter as any combination is infinitely preferable to the utter unmitigated destructive mendacity of the party of Greed Over People.

    • harlan evans

      What ever you do never try and tell that to any liberal he won't stand for it .

  • LOL

    corporations that take losses will get the next bailouts ! i!
    D'emocrate look stupid but they know how to "milk the cows"......

  • cmjay

    DEMOC RATS demonize Romney and BAIN CAPITAL. The NINCOMPOOPS are not aware that the RETIREMENT funds of most PUBLIC employees like POLICEMEN and FIREFIGHTERS are invested at BAIN and they are enjoying the high RETURNS of these investments. Even OPRAH WINFREY is a BENEFICIARY, but then again, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

  • Dale52

    Look. I am a conservative on many, especially proFamily and proLife Issues. I do NOT idealize and worship multibillion dollar corporations ((and by the way, these corporations with their super low tax rates, are (I know this and have seen it with my own eyes) the MAJOR sponsors of the radical leftwing groups such as those trying to redefine marriage. THE BIG CORPORATIONS are FUNDING these Leftist godless groups. I **know** this. The big corporation I work for is doing it, too. So DON'T make the mistake of idealizing the rich. MOST of them are LEFTISTS politically and morally. My multibillion dollar Employer pays us AS LITTLE as the law will allow and then STEALS BACK part of our hard-earned pay (an abomination in God's eyes) when customers RETURN something they bought -- but it is THEY who ENCOURAGE them to RETURN what they buy -- but lay the economic cost of their "generous return policy" on us Hourly-workers backs by STEALING our commission back, that we EARNED. GOD WILL GET THEM FOR THIS. The generous return poicy, allowing frivolous returns at MY paycheck's expense (they do not lose a dime, they have a way around that, it is called a "damage ticket" by which they are FULLY reimbursed for the Return, but they STILL steal back our pay. THIS is what multibilionaires do: abuse their workers, steal back our pay, then FUND the Far Left to pretend that they "care" about people. They DON'T. Your sympathy for them is sincere but sincerely MISplaced. THEY are the funders of the evil causes that you and I LOATHE. I only keep working there because AT MY AGE and in THIS economy, I cannot find another job at this time. ALL THAT HAVING BEEN SAID, however, I am voting for the Republican ticket. WHY? BECAUSE: I may not agree with ALL Republican Economic theories (and I DON'T, I have seen too much), BUT I find the Dem's Platform, personally, to be ABSOLUTELY SATANIC in my opinion. I wouldn't vote for THEM if you paid me 100 million dollars to do so. Vote ROMNEY-RYAN in 2012 !!!!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Democrats are stupid like a Fox. They have an agenda, they are like the ocean that pounds against a rock until it finally becomes particles of sand on the beach. It's not done in a short time frame, it's spread out over decades. We as citizens of this nation need to realize that we are at war, a war for the heart and soul of this nation. We need to be just as determined as the demcorats to save this nation from this path of destruction. We need to be ready for the long haul of assaults of the democratic/communist party. Just because we may win this election with Mitt Romney doesn't mean the war is over. Winning a battle in war does not win the war. You can bet that the democrats are planning another attack for the next election after this one, and the one after that. Like Bush once said after 9-11-2001 when he declared war on terrorism " This is going to be a very long war ". The same can be said about the war we battle with the democrats for our nation.

  • tyedyed69

    " Lets back the Titanic up and hit the Iceberg again Captain Obama ". ~ Any Liberal Democrat.

  • cstrasburger

    Americans truly get dumber by the day, and our education system? Releasing wave after wave, generation after generation of incredible, uneducated morons into the world. And who controls that education system, and has for 60 years?

    While we were sleeping, or just being mindlessly apathetic, liberals have dumbed down the education system, to create more losers that ultimately end up on the gub'mint dole, that somehow think they are owed something....although some of that blame has to go to the parents of these losers. You will find the majority of those are usually liberal democrat parents. And then, the government confiscates money for "the children", the schools, which ultimately ends up doing nothing more than laundered funds through the NEA and SEIU back to the liberals and dumbocrats. And don't lull yourself into thinking this is not is.

    Liberals have to have mindless, idiotic, uneducated drones that they can lie to....those too stupid to understand what is happening. The black community comes to mind, and they want the hispanic community now....and, of course, "the children...".

    We either eliminate liberals and liberalism in perpetuity, or we end up here again, in perpetuity.....and once the parasites outnumber the game over...

    Think about that when you vote this year....we cannot do anything about the stupid, but we, the majority can change this nightmare....

  • KK

    All three

    • harlan evans


  • josephm

    when is the people going to wake up and see things for what they are. maybe the comp. just needs to shut down a few days so the people can tell the differance. they need money to stay open, elec. there health care to buy parts, to pay taxs like they do, and then some. owning a business is not cheap. ins. there is so much it takes to run one. like a family finances times glad you have a job. like to see these demcs. would do, if thhey had no jobs. and the goverment wasnt paying them to set on there a--ss.

  • Walter Portier

    All of the above might fit some of the americans that want to give our anti american persident four more years. Some are just stupid , Now this come out of Obama mouth. Check the picture out and you will understand..I think lots of them are just unamerican and traders. They do not want america to be a free country. I still a true american and will fire Obama and his staff. obama need to be held accountable for his pass crimes . A good aG will see that happen..............OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE '''''''' >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!*********

  • Rwolf

    better title for this article would have been— Democrats Stupid, Dumb, Ignorant
    or Communists?

    • harlan evans

      They wear that like a badge of Honer

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    'Democrat' is a mental disorder of the highest degree.

  • theoldguy44

    If that was not a stunning indictment of the Democrats' I don't know what is. Astounding display of absolute morons.

    • harlan evans

      Well you know the saying fool us once shame on you fool us twice and shame on them , vote those bums out of office and this time keep it republican for the next fifty years it will take that long to educate those people.

  • nik

    Count on Tea Party hackster Gary North to continue to deliver unintentionally hilarious irony on a grand scale. He asks whether Dems are "Stupid, Dumb, or Ignorant? (Maybe It’s all Three)" for not understanding that Time Warner built Time Warner Cable Stadium, the convention site from their profits. What poor Gary doesn't know, apparently, is that the stadium was built with money in a classic example of the kind of corporate welfare conservatives love so much. TW just bought naming rights from the prosports team that plays there. How hilarious is that? And what does that make Mr. North and all of you if not "Stupid, Dumb, or Ignorant?" Or maybe its all three. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • nik

      Oh my apologies its the other hackster Gary DeMar. I got my TP hacks named Gary confused.

  • wizard

    Smarter than a fifth grader? Are they even smarter than a five year old?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    "Democrats" are an unholy alliance of communists, Moslems, niggers, leftist Jews, queers and the Lady's Auxiliary of Marxism, the "feminists." They are all parasites, and wouldn't survive a nanosecond without someone subsidizing them.

    Their very telling answers regarding corporate profits are not worthy of a third-grader...

  • Jane Horton-Leasman

    Actually, I listen to them, and actually in disbelief that they are actually American citizens. It is like the Democrats cloned the most inept people of this Country and they are all a "Union" of imports from some other planet...and especially their leader and his troops. Just dismays me that these people call themselves "Democratic".....

  • DavidG

    Reagan Warned Us About Obama

    Are you an informed voter?

    The media has again, neglected to
    tell us about the skeletons in Obamas closet ... especially in 2008!

    Would anyone really have voted for a guy who "CROTCH SALUTED" our
    flag, genuflected to the Saudis & apologized to the world whilst backing
    back room deals with the Russians?

    To disrespect & denigrate the sanctity of the office of presidency, is
    immoral indecent & callous. All by someone who is inept, inexperienced more
    than likely illegitimate; an idiot.

    This is NO longer about this idiots opponent, Mitt ... this is NOW about this
    country OUR country!

    Please watch the movie: 2016 ... for your sake, your families sake & your
    countries sake.

    Simply be an INFORMED voter! Our
    media will NOT tell you anything! They have their own nefarious agenda.

    Obamas agenda is NOT at all liberal as it may appear outwardly … Obamas agenda it
    more in the realm of world-wide!

    The clues at the DNC were seemingly ominous. Compare them to the bible!

    Just as Peter denied Jesus three
    times ... so too did Obamas administration deny the insertion of
    "God" in their platform THREE times! Notice that the 'nay' votes were
    just as loud & ignored!

    The exclusion of the word: 'Jerusalem" brought the biblical verse of
    Genesis 12:3 to mind.

    God cursing those who cursed Israel
    & blessing those who blessed Israel!

    Did the exclusion of Israel’s capital a diss against Israel? Maybe.

    Obama is a charismatic man, well mannered, well liked, educated, great dresser,
    great orator ... the perfect guy a young lady would be only too happy to bring
    home to mom & dad, right?

    So was Ted Bundy!

    Consider Obama ... a Trojan Horse. Dont buy into his outward countenance &

    So again ...

    Be an INFORMED voter ... watch the movie: 2016!

    Didn’t Ronald Reagan say: “Trsust …
    but VERIFY!”?

    Then watch the movie: 2016

  • Beer Can Beev

    They are lost in their sin.

    • harlan evans

      They are lost in their under standing of what america is all about , america is a nation with Utopian qualities the illegals come to this country they say to do better and no doubt they are because of all the freebies but they are cheered on by the liberals on this side of the border neither one understand that success / trust /honesty / hard work truth and love of God is the engine that drives America period.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    There's no 'maybe' about it. It's all three for sure.

  • Jimmy Douglas

    I don't know if that if all three is true or not. I choose to think that they are brainwashed. How many of you have actually discussed politics to your children when they were growing up? I did in an attempt to counter the socialist indoctrination coming from our education system. For decades we have allowed our children to be "educated" by the most far left socialist teachers and then spend thousands to send them on to Universities for continued socialist education. It began with the removal of God from our schools and then the changing of the curricular to get away from teaching about our founding fathers and the constitution. Not the Progressives idea's of the Constitution, but the real meaning of the Constitution. Do they even teach civics in high school now? When I was in high school they even had an accredited course on the Bible. OMG!... yes teaching God's word in the classroom.
    So, I think it's brainwashed or else a little chip embedded into the brain to connect to one central mind that will dictate what to say or think at any one time.

  • williaml

    Those that believe everything obama and Biden puts out.

  • Tim Lucas

    When Obama goes away so does Sorus the communist. When Sorus goes away so does his funding and those groups that interfere with America through his funding knowing that when his Manchurian president fails the failure will be at least thirty years just as it was forty years or better last time. We need a strong grass roots effort to get rid of these communist. It is much easier to ship them to Europe as it is to bring Europe here.

  • hongryhawg

    It's hard to imagine why anyone would opt for another 4 years of what this Nation is going through (unless you work for GM). The stupid rarely know they are. My theory is that while too many Democrats are stupid, many are not. Which leads me to believe that it goes deeper than mere IQ. I believe it to be a genetic aberration. I'm serious. I cannot think of any other reason why a sensible person would be liberal. One of the genetic faults I have discovered is that liberals have an overabundance of hypocrisy genes.

  • ste1021

    Dems want a socialist system where they can be totally dependent on government for everything. And they certainly made progress under the community organizer.

  • Consultant In Action

    Let me see; How much does Welfare Doe contribute to the Economy?
    Duhhhh, N O T H I N G !
    There is a clear distinction between the New Marxism and the Old Marxism, the Old Marxism, well it believes the State is all powerful, though costly, ineffective and serves only itself. The New Marxism, let's see, it too believes the State is not only all powerful, but imune from criticism, Costly and more than ineffective, Oh, Yes, the New Marxist is now disguised as a Democrat.....This President is just that, Black, White, whatever, he's set some dangerous precedents....
    If we do not make a change this election cycle, it will be so difficult to turn back for years to come.....
    Remmeber his words to Putin, Once I'm Re Elected, I will have more flexibility...I'll bet
    Osama Obama????? and his Crescent Direction

  • TheGizmo51

    Only the ones that don't vote.

  • Consultant In Action

    The Obama Team Should be referred to as; Do Little and See More

    • harlan evans

      My freind they are a very dangerous bunch don't underestimate what they will or will not do they are desperate party and they realize that america will no longer tolerate what they have been putting down we have aloud them to get away with to much to long , and now they are bold ans brash in their demands even the illegals because no pressure has been applied yet .

  • Ishmael_137

    Add a fourth category: malicious toward America. It explains a lot.

  • The Old Senior

    They are whores and prostitutes. Willing to give up something valuable for personal gain as money, food stamps, and power.
    Politicians and people frustrated in life as they, perhaps, are too lazy or too untrained to work for success and are led to hate those who do work hard for success.

  • Jerry S

    You all talk about how stupid Obama and Bidien are...but remember...the ones that
    are even more stupid are the ones who VOTED for them. To be honest, I hate a
    damn democrat. They have just about destoryed this country...and they will if Obama
    is re-elected. Then the WAR will come....and it'll be open season on all democrats...
    parasites and fags. It won't be pretty. I hope it doesn't happen, but it will because
    good men (working men) will have had enough. I know I have and I'm ready.

  • TM

    Dumb devil worshipers and hates God
    Evil and love killing baby's
    Misguided and in a daze
    Openly stupid look at obama and biden
    Crazy as nancy pelosi
    Rotten to the core
    Total disaster

    • harlan evans

      This is what I mean when I say no compromise with a liberal we may as well be on different planets, they are intent on having it their way even if they have to fight God to do it , if you try and be nice you will regret it they can't see it any other way .

  • jong

    There is a 1990's song that refrain goes " the world is full of stupid people" and their entire leadership was in Charlotte last week.

  • Dave Friece

    Some of each Stupid, Dumb, & Ignorant, but mostly Evil.

  • Holedupandwaiting

    Romney supporters sign the FRONT of the check..

  • adamenochnoah

    This article sounds good to the uninformed, but the fact remains that the International Bankers & Corporations are running this country, & that is precisely why we are in the mess we are in.

    • harlan evans

      Well as long as we continue to put the same clowns back in office look for the same results,when in the first time they don't give us what we ask for they should be fired no next term for them, look how John McCain has long been arizona's senator and he courted Ted Kennedy until the day he passed away, as a republican I don't want my elected official reaching across the aisle unless it's to slap another liberal , he's a liberal for a reason their is no room for compromise,

      • adamenochnoah

        I'm glad you get it, why others don't is beyond me...

  • dondehoff

    Come on people. Let us keep the discussions civil and stop using the "broad-brush" treatment of bad-mounthing "all" Democrats. Like the Republicans, about 80% of the Democrats are very good people; they are your neighbors, friends, business associates, co-workers, classmates, fellow church members, and on occasion, one's spouse or siblings. We are going to need some of those "right-thinking" Democrats to get on our "bandwagon". Equally important, stop the profanity, gutter talk and obnoxious nick-names. Nowhere in the Constitution does it imply that one can say just anything they want. We already have extensive "slander" laws and most everyone knows one cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theater. Such foul language is tantamount to yelling "fire" and seriously degrades the communication process, just as improper use of guns (the right to bear arms) can cause severe consequences. I note there is no foul language stated or even implied in the Constitution or the Federalist Papers. I anticipate the Supreme Court will address this issue in the near future. They will not be restricting "free-speech", just the manner in which in which is stated The biggest change will be that all parties will have to "clean up their acts". In my 80 years young life, I have found that most who use such tactics seldom have any factual contributions to make and they jump into the gutter to get attention and "followers"---and the only ones that respond are those similiarly afflicted. Also, all too frequently such gutter tatics break down into an off-subject, one-on-one, game of mental masturbation, which at times could be humorous if they did not detract from very serious issues at hand.

  • Steve Tanton

    Gary continues to amaze! So difficult for most, so easy for Gary. Gary for President!!!! (next time)

  • wmgill

    Only a liberal would be stupid enough to think a business of any size should not be allowed to make a profit. Really, how stupid are these people?

    • harlan evans

      That's something we have not figured out yet you have to keep listening to them rant and rave they will never cease to amaze you .

  • Joel Price

    FOR SURE....ALL 3,,,,,you need to ad morons to the list since they think Obama is so great!

  • John Hancock

    No need to ask such a question. The answer to all three is obvious. If all three weren't true. We'd have no need to come to places like this and LAUGH.

    • harlan evans

      I think it's the best place to come for comedy the laughs you get listening to liberals.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Has anyone told dimmiecraps that being a idiot is not a virtue?? They support corporate losses? Who the hell do them morons think employ folks who WORK & PAY TAXES?! Folks these are sad days,when some of our population are sooooooooo blind and uneducated,that they are against companies makin a profit!!!!! GOD BLESS & WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • harlan evans

      I beg the differ the Democrats are not idiots but they think we are ,or they just wish you wouldn't complain, just give them your money and their entitlements and all the freebies you can muster it does not matter where it comes from , just see to it that they get it .

  • Dennis

    Liberal democrats are brain-washed and they don't even know it. They are Satan's puppets.

  • randy

    What I have always want to see is those crying for no profits for companies to start on Hollywood. You have highly overpaid actors and their production companies to not make so much money. Instead of paying 40 to 50 million to an actor, let them make no more than a million per movie and pay the rest to the government. The same way with the movie companies. This would reduce the price of going to see most of their crap and would help reduce the debt. No one ever mention the obsene profits they are paid or make.

  • Anne Caston

    Idon'tknow how the democrats find each other as they all have the same thoughts! I used to be a democrat and didn't remember being this way. I changes to Rep. because of Clinton.

  • Scientist5

    Just what I have been saying for years - everything has to be dumbed down to a grade school level for a large minority of voters. Then, you have the 15% or more of self appointed elitist, ideologues, activists, environmentalist that have their heads in the clouds or in the garbage. They don't waste time THINKING - they just vote for goofy unelightened politicians that spew nonsense. Hello, Hitler! *I rermember this monster - he was a great speaker, but lied and fomented racial tension within Germany. Then the sheep were led to slaughter.

  • Anna Emmons


  • Eli Jones

    I say all three plus dims are fascist control freaks. That makes four negatives.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Thats not how. People once believed. in years past.When. Did these opinions change?Why. Has it?Liz

  • Guest

    There is one thing regarding politics that pisses me off more than anything else in the world; it is the ignorance and unintelligence of liberal democrats. How, in the name of god, did half the county vote for Obama after his performance in the 2012 election! How the hell did those ignorant democrats not see exactly what every single republican saw in the election. All Obama did throughout the entire presidential debate was criticize every single foreign and domestic plan put forth by Mitt Romney. The basis of Obama's argument throughout the entire election was "That is not a recipe for America." He did not put forth a single economic strengthening plan for America; all he did was criticize Romney's plans, which were all based on getting the U.S. economy back on track. I do not understand how the American people can elect a man into office who criticizes an opponent who is actually giving a legitimate argument as to why he should become president. It's just plain ignorance. Romney presented economic strengthening plans; Obama took every single one of those plans and threw them right back in Romney's face! That was the basis of Obama's argument throughout the entire election, and the face that half the county was willing to elect a man who presented that kind of an argument is one of the most unintelligent and ignorant things I have ever heard of!

  • Chris

    There is one thing regarding politics that pisses me off more than anything else in the world; it is the ignorance and unintelligence of liberal democrats. How, in the name of god, did half the country vote for Obama after his performance in the 2012 election! How the hell did those ignorant democrats not see exactly what every single republican saw in the election. All Obama did throughout the entire presidential debate was criticize every single foreign and domestic plan put forth by Mitt Romney. The basis of Obama's argument throughout the entire election was "That is not a recipe for America." He did not put forth a single economic strengthening plan for America; all he did was criticize Romney's plans, which were all based on getting the U.S. economy back on track. I do not understand how the American people can elect a man into office who criticizes an opponent who is actually giving a legitimate argument as to why he should become president. It's just plain ignorance. Romney presented economic strengthening plans; Obama took every single one of those plans and threw them right back in Romney's face! That was the basis of Obama's argument throughout the entire election, and the face that half the county was willing to elect a man who presented that kind of an argument is one of the most unintelligent and ignorant things I have ever heard of!