Real Unemployment Rate Is 23%, Not 8.1%

Whenever you see the monthly official unemployment rates, you have to realize that they are modified rates, not actual rates.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes people that are unemployed during the week of the survey and without a job for the four previous weeks.  Hence, the latest report says that 8.1% of Americans are currently unemployed.

But that is not a real picture of what is going on in the American job market.  The BLS figures do not take into account the millions of Americans that have had to take part time jobs because they have not been able to find full time work, those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and those who are so discouraged that they’ve given up looking for work.

There is a second statistic called the Alternative Unemployment Statistic.  The AUS is always higher as it counts all of the employed except for the discouraged workers who have been out of work more than a year.  The current AUS figure is 14.6%.

However, there is another even more realistic unemployment statistic that portrays a far more accurate picture of America’s job market.  The SGS or Shadow Government Statistics encompass all of the different factors that deal with unemployment.  The current SGS unemployment figure is a staggering 23%.  That means that nearly 1 of every 4 Americans are either unemployed, underemployed, exhausted unemployment benefits or are so discouraged that they’ve given up looking for work.

Another indicator of the devastating employment picture is the cling rate.  In better times, a number of people readily move from one job to another.  However, that is not the case today.  The number of people clinging to their current jobs is the lowest it’s been in decades.  People are afraid to leave their current jobs for a new one for fear of losing the new one if there is any kind of layoff.

With all of these figures painting a very bleak picture of Obama’s America, I still don’t understand why so many people want to re-elect him.  The last president to be re-elected with unemployment figures over 8% was Franklin D. Roosevelt, but he didn’t have 44 consecutive months over 8% like Obama.  Actually, no president in the history of our nation has come close to Obama’s record.  And yet, he continues to lead Mitt Romney by several points in most of the latest polls.

America can’t survive a second term with Obama.  We’ve barely survived the first term let alone consider four more years of gloom and doom.  To borrow a line from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with slight modification:

“You are without doubt the worst president I've ever heard of.”

And Obama’s response would probably be the same as Captain Jack Sparrow’s:

“But you have heard of me.”



  • deeme

    The President doesn't care about employment..He has spent the last four years campaigning for the next four years..These four years have been about handing out free stuff , bribing voters for future votes..and socializing the best medical system in the World .ask doctors how this is all going to work ..especially in a country that's not allowed to have borders..So the real happy people who actually are better off are the illegals..break the law and get rewarded and they don't even like this country..the people who did it legally did and can't believe their eyes..His base the takers, easily overlook all the criminal waste of taxpayer's money ,that was used to keep pensions running and not creating any jobs.,and building up failed green companies , where the money still hasn't been found..I just read the volt is costing 50,000 dollars per car , are you freaking kidding me, they don't care it's not their money ,not only that but that runs on coal which they are trying to rid the World of..Is there anything they don't do that's not backwards??Taxpayer's money is of no concern to any of them..they applaud everything he says and make fun of actual taxpayers because they are the chosen who don't have to "share" anything..How can the very people who's unemployment is the highest , the blacks and hispanics vote for more of the same..He so takes your vote for granted, why do you let him??

    • Screeminmeeme

      deeme....I will NEVER understand how blacks and hispanics, who have the highest jobless numbers can support this phony. Is it so important to have a '''man of color'' in the WH that they will sacrifice their own family's future to ensure it?

      • PMDavis

        They want the freebies and handouts, plain and simple.

        • armedlamb

          Dummies, yuppies and gimmies...the base of the Obama voters.

      • Joanne Long

        It is mind boggling how people will follow that what will harm them. Maybe they just like to be punished, they don't like themselves.

        • armedlamb

          Most of them are so full of ignorance, laziness and hatred for this country...they would vote for the devil incarnate if it meant the destruction this country..a country that supports them for generations to come.

      • gary

        I think they have given up and want to drag the rest of us down with them.

      • lilolady

        It is the Jewish vote I will never understand .......

        • armedlamb

          Because they "relate" to the slavery thing and the "racist" mantra.

      • froggy

        Blacks and hispanics voted for oboma because they say Oboma is "COOL" and that is the only criteria a black president requires to be elected by them ,makes sense to me .

        • 09dogg38

          What? Arrogance,and Marxism is cool now? Not to me.He's all you don't want your kids to grow up to be.

        • armedlamb

          Idiots have NO idea what marxism/socialism/fascism/nazism(cut from the same cloth) really are. All they concentrate on is "redistribution of the wealth". They are too dumb(literally) to realize that the "wealth" comes from every hard working tax-paying citizen of whom they have no qualms from stealing! And that golden goose is rapidly going to its grave.

      • johnsnare

        You got it. It is all about COLOR, brother.

      • armedlamb

        Right, but it has to be a black democrat. They would never vote for someone who is actually intelligent like Love, West, Cain, or any othe black Republican. Those who vote for Obama do not want a job and they know that a Republican governor or President would put them to work!

        • emerutil

          For many, work is the worst punishment imaginable!

      • emerutil


    • mattwm

      I agree, but the thing is, Obama doesn't care about jobs or the economy and he has said that. He said he doesn't care if the economy get better, as long as it is fair according to his liberal socialist point of view. Fair to him is taking money away from those who work for it, and giving it to those who do not work. That's what Obamacare is all about. They take 700 Billion from Medicare to hire IRS agents to make it fair. Obama is the biggest scammer to ever be president, and to this day, I cannot believe that America, only 7 years after 9/11, voted a guy name Barack Hussein Obama into our White House.

      • JennieWalsh

        The momentum is growing for a HUGE, WRITE-IN vote for Ron Paul! Romney also wants a communist/socialist/Satanic/liberal government controlled HELLthcare system. Every polling place MUST have a sign-up sheet (names, addresses and phone#s) for Ron Paul voters so that the Satanic neo-cons who are running both the DNC and the RNC cannot steal Ron Paul's votes. We must do all we can to overthrow the bankster-gangsters and their organized crime cartel/shadow government who are running, plundering, enslaving and destroying America. Let us all vote for Ron Paul while we still have the right to vote. We are fools to believe the so-called "polls" that the Satanic media neo-cons put out. Ron Paul has TREMENDOUS support!

        • 09dogg38

          Please don't waste your vote on Ron Paul.If you are voting for him,you are voting for Obama. You know damn well he's not going to get enough write in votes to be elected.Surely you're smarter than that. You may not like Romney,but I'd give my neighbors dog a vote before I'd vote for Obuma. Please think about it.Supporting Paul is supporting Obuma.

        • hjjusa

          You're going to spllt the vote again so o can win. Thanks for nothing.

        • Keith Conder

          Unfirtunately, 09/07 was the drop dead date for filing for write-in status in ALL remaining states that allow write-in. I supported Paul after Cain dropped out but between the GOP royalty and Democrat idiots running him in the ground, he had no chance. At least he had the gonads to speak what Obama bin Lyin been doing in regards to Iran and nukes. He is going to allow a nuclear Iran while pretending to be doing something about. Paul quite simply said let them have it. But, the takers are likely going to win this election anyhow. Quite like the GOP to nominate the easiest target in the stack for the Democrat class warfare tactic. I can even envision a cartoon with Romney being the target and Obama being Robbin Hood. Each arrow in the quiver has a different name like Rich, Aloof, Out of Touch, etc and Obama is endlessly hitting the Romney bullseye with each shot. Maybe in 50 years the GOP will finally pull its cranium out of its rectum and actually look around and figure out why they always lose. It's not because your not main stream enough, it's because you are too much like your opponenf to have much of a measureable difference.

      • 09dogg38

        Not just the name,no vetting of any kind.Not even proper I.D. Phony credentials,phony from jump street,and he's leading in current polls.I'm glad I'm not a young guy starting out in this mess he's created.If he gets reelected,the end is very near.

      • emerutil

        I believe it. Ho boy, do I ever believe it!

  • Screeminmeeme

    The ONLY job that Obama is concerned about is his own.
    Its as simple as that.

  • gunsmithkat

    The polls this year are horribly skewed towards the Dems. The reality is that Mitt is probably leading by several points now. It's going to be a year of Bradley voters, Reagan Democrat voters and just about every other demographic you can think of. The squishy middle got their change good and hard and now they want it changed back.

    • tom s

      I hope you are right. I have found it unbelievable that people voted him into office 4 years ago & even more unbelievable that they would support him again. I have to admit that I was glad when he got the nomination 4 years ago as I didn't think that he could be elected and was afraid that hilliary could. Boy was I wrong.

      • armedlamb

        The 08 election was rigged just as it will be in 2012. Obama and thugs might even create a crisis in order to declare martial law; therefore, suspending the election indefinitely. Then he will become dictator-in-chief......the plan all along.

  • PMDavis

    This just gets me that we keep portraying such a deceptive number for the unemployment rate. Anyone that is keeping up with what's going on knows this number, 8.3%, is completely wrong but yet everyone keeps using it and everyone knows it's just a coverup to try and make Obama look good. Romney and Ryan should keep hammering the "Real" numbers and keep reminding everyone how deceptive this administration is and how untruthful they are portraying everything.

    • John

      PM you are not considering that the left is in control of the media and the educational system. And i remind you that the American communist party, because of the pressure that Joe McCarthy put on them disbanded and merged with the democratic party in 1953. Since then they have worked forcefully to take more control of the educational system which they have done. Jimmy "stupid" Carter started the Department of education so the demodorks could get even more control of the system. There were more then 30 million in the American communist party. We have a great many idiots in this country. But do take heart, the polls are a fabrication of the left and are not true. Very few conservatives will answer poll questions. So Ovomit thinks he is ahead when in reality he is far behind.

  • marcusB

    obama is going to win. your figures make Romney even more unbelievable. He's gonna employe 12M in year 1. Yea right. And nows he's for Obamacare Light; except he walked that one back. And Im gonna close loopholes but you guys are too stupid to tell what. And Ryan voted for sequestration (on tape praising) before he told everyone he didn't vote that way because he voted for it because it wasn't going to be done. Boy your Rove Boys are excellent. Hope you have your tickets to a non socialist country. Maybe Newt will speed up that moon colony. You white boys are gonna need some help.

    • DWinch

      I don't know for sure what we will get with Romney but I do know what we have had with obama. I would vote for a bag of cat litter over obama.

    • RadioRay

      Hey Marcus. Us "white boys" do not need or want what you and your non-brother BHO are selling. You fail to realize that slavery still exists in the form of entitlements that prevent you from being all you can be.

    • Nottakenyan

      Marcus, were all your special education classes difficult for you?

    • John

      Marcus you seem to lack a coherent mind. The leftist polls are a joke. Did you see any of the demodork convention? The place was not full even once, but the leftist media tried to hide that fact. Ovomit has lost a great many of the voters he had the first time around. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    • JSDA

      Dream on. Since he last promised he would focus like a laser on jobs and Joe Biden agreed the only THREE letter word he and Barach cared about was J-O-B-S, jobs, Barach had made 205 fund raising trips and played 104 rounds of golf while meeting with HIS jobs commission exactly 0 times. He almost word for word in his convention speech last month made the same promises he did in 2008. Big corporations are sitting on $1.7 trillion dollars awaiting the outcome of the election, knowing they are going to need it for taxes and regulations if Obama winds and would use it to hire millions of Americans - 12 million in the 4 year term Romney promises I am told from my friends in industry is not unreasonable.

    • JSDA

      Dream on. Since he last promised he would focus like a laser on jobs and Joe Biden agreed the only THREE letter word he and Barach cared about was J-O-B-S, jobs, Barach had made 205 fund raising trips and played 104 rounds of golf while meeting with HIS jobs commission exactly 0 times. He almost word for word in his convention speech last month made the same promises he did in 2008. Big corporations are sitting on $1.7 trillion dollars awaiting the outcome of the election, knowing they are going to need it for taxes and regulations and deal with skyrocketing health care costs if Obama wins... and if Romney wins, would use much of it to hire millions of Americans - 12 million in the 4 year term Romney promises I am told from my colleagues in industry is not unreasonable.

  • Tank

    Should have left the word Pirate in that quote...

  • Nottakenyan

    This country is headed to third world status by an illegal, lying, Kenyan spearchucker.
    You cannot ask a Kenyan boy to do a man's job, but unfortuneately there are too many voting morons that do not understand this.
    America will reap what it sews!!!!!!!

    • Mike Tanco

      You are absolutey correct but too many people don't give a __it. They are the one's that are getting government checks each month or they are dumb as rocks. I got an email from a group wanting money from me so Romney can't counter-act Obama's negative ads about Romney. If you're going to a fight with a switch when the other guy has a gun, you're a dumbass. You have to fight fire with fire. Ask the people why Obama has sealed his records. Ask why his SS# was issued from the state of Connecticut. Ask why he has so much love for Muslims. Ask why his birth certificate was altered. Just get nasty like they do and stop being a bunch of woosies.
      Mike Tanco

      • Don39

        You may not know at the time you wrote this that Israeli intelligence has verified that the BC is a fraudulent document!

        • WVF

          Don39, I knew it, but no one over here who should act on that information will do anything about it. Congress is AWOL!

      • WVF

        Mike, for some reason, Republicans don't know how to fight. They remind me of the wimp on the playground who was bullied everyday, and never fought back. It is time Republicans take it to these liberal nut-jobs! For heaven's sake we are about to start the 4th quarter of this game!

    • Mike6

      Our Constuction workers are living out of their cars and feeding their kids dogfood. Moochelle is eating to many fine steaks and getting fat. Did the WON marry her because she looks like a man? Obama is shooting too much golf and living like a king. We were sending too much money to arab terrorist who are using this loot to make bigger bombs to kill more of our heroic boys. Does Obama hate America so much for slavey that he care little about American soldiers dying in silly projects.
      Murderous American made automatic rifles were sold to Mexican drug cartels to murder two American Border patrol agents. Eric Holder still has not told Congress who authorized these illegal gun sales and when he first learned about it. Perhaps these weapon transfers to criminals were OK'd on the Moon. Perhaps Obama and Eric Holder were trying to criminalize the Second Amendmend?
      Let us recite the Prayer of Our Lord that the muslim is defeated next November.

      • 09dogg38

        I am praying brother. Daily.Amazing the morons that believe in this disaster,masquerading as a president. Absolutely amazing.

        • armedlamb

          They are total idiots and it's disgraceful and will be the ruination of this country.

        • Mike6

          I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim, an atheist, or just a Communist. I know that he hates women as much as Chairman Mao hated women, and that is why he married a woman that looks like a man.

      • armedlamb

        He and Obama had to authorize it.

        • Mike6

          I agree that Obama and Eric Holder had to authorize the gun sales to the drug cartels, and then they lied about it to Congress. Their purpose was to criminalize gun shows and gun shops. Marxist dictators always confiscate guns. They want to avoid armed showdows and that is why they make guns illegal.

      • georgetheclown

        WHY do you idiots pray to a god that already picked two people for president. In their own little feeble mind. How well did that work for ya?? Now he is just TOO BUSY picking football players. LOL

    • spirit 72

      Allen West for President with Mia Love as his VP!
      It is not that the Oblamer is black, nor Kenyan, nor totally un-vetted, nor Democrat that is the cause of the devastation to America, it is his Marxist views which make him the worst US President ever.

      • Anne Caston

        I would vote for Adam West in a second over this ass we have now. In a Second!

        • 09dogg38

          Not Batman Adam West? I know,you meant Alan.

        • DrBarbara

          Hey, I'd even vote for Robin. ABO!

        • ConservaDave2

          Actually, it's "Allen."

    • JennieWalsh

      You are absolutely right. The majority of voting Americans MUST be total idiots.

      • armedlamb

        Who said the 08 election was an honest one...just as the 2012 election will be rigged as well.

    • armedlamb

      Those moronic kool aid drinkers want exactly what Obama wants. They really are the same as the Jim Jones kool aid drinkers. They would kill or die for that freak.

    • connie


    • pmudub

      Nottakenyan, I am very impressed with your reason and logic as well as the love that shines through your post.

  • Mike

    The current President says we are in for a long hard road. This is not very inspiring since he has no clue how the economy works and how permanent jobs are created. Everything he does brings the economy down. It is no wonder why small business will not hire or expand until the government changes hands.


      I seem got the solutions for creating job for America ! Copy the way of the Pizza guy.. I am not sure 100% . Forgive me if I were out of touch with the human being Lol.

    • armedlamb

      Obama is quite skilled and mentored on making the road long and hard!

  • Proudamerican

    You mean the dems fudged these numbers too??? You must be kidding! Why would a nation like the USA put up with the BS from the dem sewer rats??? America we MUST oust these crooks ASAP!!!! They simply are not capable of honesty or truth in any regard! They are as bad as the muslims! The muslims are not a religion and the dems are not a political party but rather a den of thieves looking for the next scam to pull and nothing more. They are nauseating!

    • armedlamb

      They're part of the same pattern.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    The Propaganda Ministry in the White House has been a'lying since January 2009 when the Fraud took office. Obama is full of Inconvenient Truths and Situational Lies. He is on his way to destroy American Exceptionalism and remake us into a 3rd World Socialist Crap Hole.

    The Marxist EPA is killing American Jobs - Union Ones and non-Union Jobs - on an unparalleled basis. There is so much Teacher Union Communism and other Public Sector infighting BECAUSE the Tax Payer is losing their jobs due to the Moron in the White House and the Incompetent Academic Dolts he has surrounded himself with.

    The Dems are the most corrupt group of "compassionate" governmental officials not because of their Charity...but because of their Graft, Swindle and Pandering. also helps Dems when American Voters are such Dim Wits!

  • Texian

    We are not better off. We did build it. We are a Christian nation. We don't want ObamaCare. We don't want to be controlled by the UN. We don't want to be a socialist state. We don't want amnesty for illegals. We don't want a liar of unknown origins as President.

    • warriorsmom

      No...we are not better off! We didn't ask him to define the "change" part when he was campaigning in the last election. we have seen what he means. He is well on the road to fundamentally changing everything that is good about the American way of life. Maybe he's happy...I'm certainly not. The unemployment rate was 7.2% when Bush left the White House. The "change" I am looking forward to is Gov. Romney cleaning up this mess we are in, and it can't come soon enough...especially for the almost 1 out of every 4 Americans who don't have a job anymore.

      • Doodlebug

        Ya, he never did say what the changes were. However, I find it devastating, all the people who are going to vote for him again. Don't any of these jerks realize what the arrogant, lying, nose in the air dummicrat donkey (translated a$$) has done to this country and what will happen to American if he is in for another four more years? Why isn't the real unemployment number given out? How do we get those who won't vote for him off their dead duffs onto their dying feet and get them to vote? The undecided better decide pretty darn soon and take a good look at the real unemployment number and all the lies this jerk has told before they do vote. If they haven't decided by now, perhaps they shouldn't vote at all!

        • politicstick

          Obama actually said to his minions:
          "I need more time to finish the job"!!!!

          Scary indeed!

        • Daniel from TN

          Many of those plan to vote for obama because they see only the benefits and freebies the Liberals are offering. The strange thing is Liberals have been offering these things for many years but have still yet to deliver on those promises; and yet, those same people continue voting for the Liberals.
          America or obama this November! You can't have both!

      • Raymond

        Recession -
        When your neighbor loses his job…

        Depression -
        When you lose yours…

        Recovery –
        When Obama loses his!

      • Floss

        The economy was already in free fall when Bush left office. And the "fake" unemployment rate was at 7.2%, just like the "fake" unemployment rate is currently 8.1%

        • armedlamb

          That came with a democrat controlled Congress(since 07) with Nancy Pelosi at the helm coupled with Chris Dodd and Barney Franks who sent the housing market to hell in a hand basket! With the dems in charge the unemployment goes no where but up! But that is by design. The socialist/marxist gang in the government want nothing less than the destruction of this country.

        • connie


        • Richard Holmes

          If we can't vote them out we must drag them out. If we drag them out and they try to get back in then all we can do is unload on them. The worms got to eat too.

        • WVF

          Floss, I'm going to get into trouble by agreeing with you about these "fake" numbers, but the truth is that both parties have been doing this as long as I've been alive, and I imagine long before I came into the world. But, BHO has taken lies and fake numbers to a new level of deceit and obfuscation. Anything he has an association with should be questioned.

      • armedlamb

        The unemployment rate was under 6% during the first 6 yrs of the Bush adm. The dems took over Congress in 07 and the unemployment rate immediately went up to over 7% and has been going up ever since with the dems in charge! The "democratic" party is definitely a socialist/marxist gang of thugs now who will do any and everything to destroy the United States of America.

        • georgetheclown

          Spoken by a true RIGHT WING WACKO RACIST TERRORIST!!

        • armedlamb

          You really are the ignorant one. I was statingf FACTS...find them for yourself. Good grief, what is your problem that you think that you are smarter than what the facts say! Did you not pay any attention at all to the unemployment rate durin the first 6 yrs of Bush and even the last two years of the Bush adm(dem controlled Congress) did not reach what it has been since Obama and thugs. Do some research.

        • charles

          Please leave Georgie alone. He is amusing, witty, witless and is the gift that keeps giving like Joey B. Every post from him gets all the liberals laughing and distancing themselves from this clown. He is part of the "Big Tent" the Democrats brag about. Ms. Fluke sure told us. He is dating her. Can anyone loan her $9 a month? Her parents must be so proud.

        • Tomk777

          Your arguing logic with a person who has made an emotional decision to follow someone blindly, logic won't work.

        • WVF

          Tomk777, that is the point. Logic and rationale are not hallmarks of liberalism, so someone should give him his meds, and hopefully he will go back to sleep.

        • politicstick

          Maybe his mommy slept in this morning and he's on the loose, without his Ridilin and Prozac.

        • WVF

          politicstick, in the 1970s we usually gave Chloropromazine to these types of patients.  It was know as Thorazine in the U.S.  Just about anytime a patient missed a dose, this is the kind of behavior we would expect.

        • armedlamb

          I know but as a teacher for over 30 years I still refuse to admit or acknowledge the pathetic state of ignorance in which this country has sunk. And it's that ignorance that has/is determining who leads(destroys) this country. It's beyond disgraceful.

        • Daniel from TN

          The three R's of education used to be "Readin'," "Ritin'," and "Rithmetic." Today the three are R"s are Racism, Revisionism, and Ridalin.

        • armedlamb

          and Obama's CCC...the Common Core Curriculum!

        • armedlamb

          P.S. Something has got to work with idiots such as that or we as well as the idiots will be eating from a trough with another Obama term.

        • Richard Holmes

          There are people that will follow a fool into hell because they are told. (You want it, you need it, you will like it.)

        • Don39

          Look in the mirror, you are no clown, you are a public enemy. You are even getting the words down. You are to stupid to even verify facts before opening your black racist mouth! It just automatically spews forth, the filth, the venom the hatred.

        • WVF

          georgetheclown, please, get back on your medications. I sure hope your voter's registration has expired. Ah, I forgot, Obots don't have to have any ID to vote or formal registration to cast a ballot.

        • Richard Holmes

          You are assuredly a bammy butt kissing idiot liberal. The democrats started the K K K to kill black republicans. They killed white republicans when there weren't any blacks around. Democrats are the real racists WACKOS. Shut up. Sit down. Or just go away quietly.

        • cnoydg

          Maybe a right wing wacko, but why do you say: "RACIST TERRORIST?"

      • jude

        to make matters worst he has asked some companies to delay laying off employees until after the election how devious is that.
        HP slashing additional 2,000 they said they will eliminate 29,000 jobs by Oct 2014 up from 27,000
        kodak bankrupt protection laying off 1,000
        digital domain florida just laid off hundreds
        There are many more of such companies laying people off that does not hit the news.

        • WVF

          jude, if the layoffs did hit newsrooms, they would never report it.

      • connie

        AGREE 150%!!!!

    • scott2345

      Very Lucid and succinct Texian.

    • Raymond

      I'd like to add obama to the unemployment roll...

      • connie


      • Rick

        Let's throw his real a s s under a real bus Raymond.

        • georgetheclown

          HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! THREATING THE PRESIDENT. FBI needs to investigate you.

        • Don39

          Ha, ha! You think we care georgy? They will not do anything because they know to much about your fraud in chief and we are beginning to also! None of them can stand the scrutiny of the press releases.

    • connie


    • bigbadude

      We do not need a mooslim exodus!

      • STMA

        Don't you mean that we DO need a muslim exodus- they all need to leave NOW- starting with barry! (exodus means to leave and go far, far away)

        • bigbadude

          as hatful as that mob is they deserve no respect mooslim!

    • DAY


    • rwduncan

      Texian, We also don't want an illegal president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don't want communism!!!

    • wolly dog

      what you don't understandis as long as we have a welfare nation this S.O.B. will be voted back in as p.o.t.u.s.( and that's a sicking thought ) the way he promiceing to take care of them they don't have to work tthey can stay home and still get a monthly check and food stamps the blacks and muslims and ilegals will put him right back into the white house for another term and that's scarey. if it happends he will tear the consitution to schreads and we will nbe forced to live under muslim laws and their religion

  • Red_Ruffansore

    You know this, I know this, most any conservative knows this. Libtards know nothing and even if you showed this to them they would deny it and or not care because at this time they are still employed so it's not their problem. Only fear of their ulitimate demise will they step away from the cliff and there lies the problem, they're too stupid to know their toes are currently hanging over the void. The lamestream educates 70% of America, there is your enemy, the one providing the informational sedatives to the masses.

    • Rose

      So true

  • David Peacock


  • singer23

    The truth will never be told by the MSM, they are in the tank for the Democrats and Obama!

  • tom nogaro

    a kid i know was hired by mc donalds on monday and fired on friday, week after week. wonderful employment stats we got, just on this one kid alone!! and didnt mickie d's get a special obamacare waiver? ain't it cool?! lol.

  • flaphil

    The dummycratic party is now known as The Great Lie Party. They speak of solving problems people are facing, but the more they do makes it worse. This is done intentionally. With most of America being a horde of socialist public school teaching now, they don't want results, they just love to talk about it. Since they've been schooled in socialism, they don't have a clue how to figure anything out, the just lie about it.

  • John

    Thats not even counting all the illegal Immigrants and the Welfare recipients, This Government is so good about lying about everything, and to think of the people that fall for it and are going to cause the destruction of this country.

  • vaquerobob

    I absolutely HATE to hear ANY politician talk about "creating" jobs... it is the Private Sector that creates the jobs that run America... NOT the government. Politicians should be talking about how they intend to help the private sector or how they intend to help restore economic confidence and a fertile environment for private sector job growth.

  • Jerry Miller

    It might be a good ideal to invest in eggs, because if Obama is reelected there's going to be a lot of progressives wanting to put egg on their face, when the economy collapse.

  • Steve Atkinson

    things will only get worse under obama!

  • momoatkm

    Great report! I hope many of our people read this report, because I know it will not be show or discused on the National news anywhere but Fox. We sure need to get the money grubber out of our house in November.

  • TheGizmo51

    And yet the republinos refuse to work with President Obama and the Democrats as their number one priority is to make President Obama a one term President. More important than the economy and jobs. You and all of you republinos should be ashamed of yourselves and help vote all republinos out of congress.

    • kelly s

      It really doesnt matter if you are a repub or dem, neither party or candidate is talking about the repeal of Nafta or Gatt which sent our jobs overseas. When you find a candidate that will do this you have found the man for the job. Right now neither party or candidate is fit for the office.

  • Fitzy

    I agree with everything in the article. However, I think there's a misstatement. Things are certainly bad. As a result, I would think the "cling" factor would be at its highest. People know there aren't any jobs out there so they are clinging to their current job.

    • kelly s

      The economy is based on either fear or greed, right now it is based on both fear of losing/not finding a job and the greed of corporate America and the government.

  • silvercity18

    We could always use the TRUTH or the RULE OF LAW to remove this treasonous muslem scum bag. The truth may be considered racist since the biblical qoute used by MLK and Honest Abe Lincoln "the truth will set you free" comes from the same book that opposes faggots or is that the holy koran I get confused. Either way, with demoncats voting against God and Republicans afraid of the truth and against the rule of law it is only a matter of time before we become a lawless nation. God Bless Susan Daniels and Sheriff Joe at least they are trying.

  • CajunPatriot

    Misinformation from our government? Naw, not in America! The national debt just crushed through 16 trillion dollars but that is not our debt, its well over 220 trillion dollars. Our unemployment rate is not 8.1% but at 23%. Neither parties want to tell us the truth. We're screwed. I thought the unemployment in my area was about one-fourth, and thought our area just was harder hit than the average across America. I never realized our area was representative of America!

  • Tommy S. Buster

    The writings on the wall. The United States is heading for the biggest downfall in the history of this country. Obama is trying to destroy this great nation and the way it looks his little sheep are going to march right along with him. Such a shame.

  • patsy

    POOR white guys. hows ROMNEY gonna fix at that the black guy broke. I mean 12M jobs in fist year is nothing. how come you let Karl pick yet another one. I say more tax cuts. I love spending money and we are rich. But you know it looks like you got you an Obamacare light supoorter and a sequestration voter before he said he only voted cause it wasnt going to happen. Yea you got you some winners. You think commie moronic citizens are gonna buy that kind of stuff. NOT. Better get you come tickets to a non socialist country. Maybe Newt can speed up that moon colony. Lock and Load old white men. You gonna be ina FEMA internment camp 11/7 guarded by the new and old black panthers and food by the dumb, ugly, fat, gay gorilla. you are doomed.

  • Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA is a black negro liar from Kenya who hates white people and wants to lock all whites up in retraining camps to be brain washed or exterminated and these stupid white socialist can't see him for what he is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Anton

    I think there is one misstatement. The cling rate comment should say the numberof people clinging to their obs is the HIGHEST it has ever been. No one is job hopping.

    • lilolady

      Thanks for catching that and commenting, Anton. I was just going to let it go, but we have been doing a lot of that, and it is better to correct misconceptions as they occur.


    The true unemployment numbers seem realistically accurate at 23%. Most Politicians, Democrat or Republican, won't highlight these shadow figures for obvious reasons. Obummer doesn't want tne uninformed public, to know just how bad things are in this country. If they did, he would lose tons of votes.
    The non-Conservative Republicans, (RINOS) don't talk much about it because a good part of the problem lies with inaction on their part, and their acquiescence over the last several years, to the liberals in the House and Senate. Ie. Sub-Prime mortgages, taxing and feeing businesses to the point of their outsourcing jobs abroad, etc.
    I will take issue with the writer on the polls, however. The Obummer administration, in true Chicago gangster style, has threatened the Gallup poll organization with a lawsuit, for publishing poll figures, favorable to Romney and against Obummer. Since that lawsuit was threatened, amazingly, the Gallup polls have changed to Obummer's favor. Hmmmm.
    Right now, I am taking these poll numbers with a grain of salt. The Left, controlls the MSM, why not the polls. I also understand that a much higher percentage of Democrats are included in the polls, than Republicans. If this is the case, all poll numbers are skewed toward Obummer.

  • Oops!

    More idiocy from Giacomo! He quotes "statistics" from some distortion-addicted source called "Shadow Government Statistics", which couldn't be trusted to tell you how much toilet paper is left in their bathroom. As usual, this website -- and it's "brother" online hate outlets ("Freedom Outpost", "Political Outcast", and "American Vision") -- use quotes from rags like World Net Daily,, Glen Beckkk's "Blaze", and right-wingnut propaganda outlets like Fox Noise, to spread lies and disinformation. But that's what they do, and it's doubtful that the majority of their followers have the slightest interest in facts. Sad but true.

    • timpclimber

      All those sources you quote are more factual than Debbie BS Schultz, Big Eddie, Never had sex Bill, Obumble Joe, Excited Leg MSNBC, Hollywood parasites and the biggest of all, Oscammer the anointed.

  • garry williamson

    How is it everyone I know hates Obama and is planning to vote for anyone but him, yet all of the polls say he is ahead. Just who is doing these polls and who are they polling.

    • Shannon

      Charles Payne was on FNC this morning with the 'who was polled' in that Gallup poll that had Obozo ahead by 5 points after the White House (Axelrod) complained that the polls were not favoring Obozo & they were going to sue (which they did). Following is who was polled: DemoRats = 447, Republicans = 331, Independents = 39. That pretty much tells the entire story. Do you remember the 2010 midterm elections when the polls were all saying the Republicans would only take 30 seats in the House. We ended up taking 66 seats in the House of Representatives! The only person that predicted correctly was Dick Morris. He's the only guy I believe. Go to every now & then. He should be coming up with the predicted electoral college soon (by state) for you to view. Keep the faith!

    • armedlamb

      Gallup was called on the carpet by obama thugs.

  • Nana Christine

    Americans are still drinking the Kool-Aid! It amazes me that anyone with an ounce of intellect can believe in this administration. Why would blacks trust him? Their unemployment rates are the worst. Why would hispanics? Same story. Why would Jews? His actions scream a hate for them, his constant siding with the countries of muslum faith
    over our only true friends, Israel?

    • armedlamb

      Who cares about trust, honesty,integrity...he's black and that is ALL that counts to most blacks. The Jews(in the US) relate to the dems because of the slavery thing and the racist mantra.

  • Endgame

    I've been telling people about this for 2 years now, but it seems that between Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and the Globalist owned and controlled lamestream news media, people just don't want to accept the scary truth. I guess it's much easier to live in a world of make believe that TV propaganda provides for them, than to face the harsh reality. The Global Elite criminal banking cartel even announced back in 1986 that they had decided that they were going to work towards turning the USA into a 3rd world country in order to lower the morale of Americans enough that they will accept their one world global Communist government (New World Order) that they're laying the groundwork for at this very minute. Who do you think engineered the false flag operation known as the 9/11 terrorist attacks? If you answered Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, you answered wrong. If you answered the USW Government, Israeli Mossod and "Al CIAduh", you answered correctly.

  • Ray Y.

    The only way Obama can be beat is by encouraging those who do not support him to vote. If we want him out of office the most likely candidate to beat him is obviously Romney. We have to do more than just plan to vote for Romney, we need to volunteer time to promote him, especially in California, which is predominately Democratic. To win California would not only be an upset, but could be the winning difference.

  • Independent

    I am a Conservative, right leaning in Politics. I have a question; When the Unemployment Rate was given during the Clinton and Bush years, was the same criteria used? Just asking! I voted for Bush and for McCain (There was no other choice,)

    • lilolady

      Independent/Conservative where have all the standards gone? Weights and measures? Have you seen the packaging, less in the same size wrapper, 1/3 less in the fractionally smaller can, same price, every third can they profit by one. Lying cheating and stealing is the New Standard ...... get used to it or call them on it every time you come across it. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY THING AT FACE VALUE. Research it yourself and let the world know what you have found.. Silence now is our enemy.

  • Stupid like Hell

    I don't believe in the Polls at all. They are just psychology war between two guys . Just try to vote no then you will understand. And when you said the Guy is the problem and he is doing the poor performing then people will label you " stupid " and low IQ and a lot more hell. I just wait for more news so I can be the first one habitat in the Mars.

  • tomtom

    Obama cannot be trusted, he is a serial liar and world class FRAUD!!

  • timpclimber

    The employment picture is even worse than the article paints. Of the new jobs created on Obama's watch 47% pay less than those lost and women and youth are 67% less. Obama's abject failure to tell the truth or even use his Job's Counsel reveals either his lack of understanding or his intolerant statist views of free enterprise.

  • Pat Alexander

    At a young age (60 plus years ago) I was taught that the democratic party were not trustworthy and that they would lie to move ahead for there cause. My dad is gone now but was he ever right! I was also taught that the truth is always easy to remember!

  • [email protected]

    This number is so far off!!!!! How about including the self employed people unable to list themselves in this count.

  • Harold

    Obama or Barry or what ever his real name is. should go back to eating watermelons that's all he really knows how to do. That and have boyfriends.

  • samtman

    The big problem is also that many retirees have gone back to work and are declaring themselfes out of work. We know that there are many people who declared themselfes out of work, yet are workin under the table getting paid under the table. Over 600,000 state, local and federal Government workers have lost their jobs and have become part of the jobless. I am also of the opinion that there is a unwritten not talked about cabal amongst many businesses not hireing antil after the election becaus they don't want Obama to win. They are holding the voters hostage by demanding that if you want anykind of a job, you must vote for the interest of business only, not for the worker, because business looks at the worker as an expense not as an asset to the company. We know that businesses can't do anything and make big profits and pay CEO's millions without the grunt work of the middle class and the working poor. They can't hold out much longer because they will loose their competive edge, they also must grow as a business, otherwise they will start to stagnate and become less competitve. No matter who wins, hireing will start again after the elelclion, Corporate greed can not last for ever.

  • Ben

    The people controlling Obama are the same people cooking those numbers, as well as the poll numbers.

  • the_uglydog

    He is following the same playbook the dictators before him followed, divide, agitate, protest loudly and violently, align splinter groups and haters, eliminate religion, take over then eliminate all opossition. Stalin did it, Mao did it, Hitler did it. The only reason he is showing so well in the polls is he has to. If he was behind in the polls by the 10 to 20% he really is behind, then when he won the election there would be too much protest and an investigation. If he doesn't win with the dead, the illegals, the pets and the idiots, he has SCYTL counting the votes.
    We need to have a MASSIVE OVERWHELMING TURNOUT on our side to overcome the dishonesty of the Communists.

  • froggy

    Oboma lie about unemployment ??? Gee I cant believe that ,he never lies except when he's awake.Look at who follows this guy ,there asleep and when its time to wake up they'll wonder why they live in boxes under a bridge if they are lucky enough to own one ..Im glad Im as old as I am and I can still remember America as it was before the demoncrates destroyed it ,It was NOT like it is today ..tsk tsk for you young ones who will have to bow to the government just to stay alive ..

  • deprofundisclamavi

    You surely mean that the cling rate is unusually high.

  • samuelafugglas

    No wonder the Obama can win an election. He has around 45 to 47 million citizens on Food Stamps and a further 11 million illegals. The first group every American pay for, the latter group you will be paying for later.

  • bitemehardleft

    The Oscumbag administration is a pack of liars and thiefs this report is no surprise. If anyone was to report the true numbers Eric Gun Running to the Drug Cartel Holder would file a tantrum law suit. WHERE IS OUR MILITARY?????? OBAMA IS A PART OF HEZBOLLAH A DOMESTIC TERRORIST TO OUR COUNTRY. HE HAS SUPPORTED IRAN AT EVERY TURN. WHAT ARE WE WATING FOR????? LETS ROCK...THIS TEACHERS UNION STRIKE IS THE MARTIAL LAW EXCUSE HE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR AND ITS NOT GOING TO WORK...NO ONE IS GOING TO LISTEN TO THIS MARXIST.

  • John Mueller

    I like the Employment Rate, taken from Dept of Labor. It is a measure of the percentage of working age Americans that actually have jobs. For the last 3 years the rate is under 59% vs Bush years of 62%+.

  • Sandie Corbin Biddle

    I'm one of those "shadow" unemployed. I'm self employed and lost my biggest client, losing more than 3/4 of my income. I pay into state and federal unemployment compensation funds but by law can't collect unemployment (so I can't just fire myself and ask for a check!) I have far below poverty-level income and no way out. Still, I don't have my hand out. I won't apply for food stamps or medical assistance (no health insurance either). Please help get Obama out of office so all small businesses like me can thrive again. My time is running out.

  • bill

    Please don't tell the demorats, they think they are doing a good job,

  • tyedyed69

    Mr. Obama says his programs are working. I think that in order say a
    program is working it has to make something better. Mr. Obama's
    policies have not done that since 2009.

  • Gmarshall

    Urge your friends, family, and neighbors to see the movie "2016". This film gives an insightful and realistic look at President Obama and his political ideologies. His promise to fundamentally change America was not an idle boast. He has succeeded in accomplishing part of this goal but he needs another four years to complete it. If he is re-elected, the America you and I know will no longer exist. It will be a third world, socialistic country with the majority of people depending upon the government sharing the wealth. There will no longer be a middle class and your country will no longer be a super power but just another third world nation struggling to survive. The future of your children will be mortgaged to a national debt that can never be repaid. The election coming in November will be the most important in the history of the United States and the outcome will determine it's survival as a free republic.

  • ste1021

    From the latest polls it appears a lot of voters have decided a welfare check is okay in place of a paycheck and better standard of living. We're heading towards a bankrupt socialist country. Thanks, MSM! We couldn't have done it without you!

  • giley1

    The only thing that makes any sense as to why Obama still has such high numbers is that people feel secure with receiving government hand outs which Obama will continue to promote. I guess nothing else mattters to these people, not an illegal president, by his own admission, our Constitution and the rule of law. I guess our Congress, those that are not Comnunist or Communits sympathizers, just sit there a let all of this happen. The ones I really feel have been betrayed are those who fought and sacrificed everything to keep us free from tyranny. Wake up America you have being sold down the river of no return.

  • Shane

    Too many Americans are ignorant about what is happening in our country and most of these people will either not vote or vote for Obama. Obama will easily get most of the moron vote.

  • Anne Caston

    I can't beleive that people still think Ostinko really cares about them. Blacks Spanish or otherwise! He don't care if women have birth control free or otherwise. He only cares about that fancy jet and going to talk shows.He cares nothing about Jews or anyone that is white either! Jobs he has one and he don't care if you have one or not! Vote this jive slimeball out in November and you will see how much this country improves!

    • pappy gringo

      Anne remember, Hitler had everyone hoodwinked back when till it was too late for the sheeple to wake up. History has shown us that even in the US people believe socialism will save us. Our pharoh is just a deeper symtom of what really has afflicted us for so long. Yes there are people who get it, unfortuanelly we will all pay a price for all those with learning disability.

  • Anne Caston

    I believe that the national medias are controled by that rich disgusting individual who tells the people on NBC CBS ABC what to say and he wants that liberal marxits muslim in the WH to control him.

  • Proud Texan

    23% I would believe - 8.1% I do not!!!

  • M

    You don't understand why so many support Obama and want him re-elected? What makes you so sure they do? Because the 'News' says so? Did you check their claims yourself? Do you buy everything you see advertised? No? Why not? What do you mean "They aren't telling the Truth"? (Have you any idea how many BRAIN-DEAD VOTERS believe that if it is said on Television, it must be true?) Unlike most, you don't watch enough television. If you don't, how can you be mesmerized by the reporters who worship the Obama god? How can you be secretly mass-hypnotized by all the subliminal messages? Did I say it? No? Okay. Many in the media lie like the whores they are! If the script says tomorrow the sun will shine bright green, they wont question that. They have been brainwashed into believing the world IS what they want it to be, and a Afro-American President is a cool idea!

  • jon

    Glad someone brought it out. I've been saying it for over a year. These idiot statistical people haven't a clue to the true figures. Many have just given up and many live off the government and always have. Put a tariff of 15 to 20% on all imports and watch manufacturing come back and I mean all imports American owned as well as foreign owned. Also, put a tax on all foreign made cars brought in or made here owned by foreigners.

  • pointdan

    Can't believe the polls. They had Reagan losing to Jimmy Carter the October before their election. The TEA Party will prevail.
    Nov 6th - TAKE BACK AMERICA - The White House, Senate & House !!!
    Repeal obamacare, cut taxes, start domestic energy production and put Americans back to work !!

    • Shannon


  • jon

    It takes an idiot to vote for a back stabber, liar, and socialist again. The only thing hes done is try to kill the American spirit and true Americans are tired of it !!!!!l
    Here's your sign Obama-Osama any resemblance.

  • floramae

    don't believe the polls this sob, f**ks with number, REMEMBER OHOMO HAS HIS OWN MATH..........2+2=10 and if it doesn't like the numbers he sues!!!!!!!!!!!lmao, this has got to be the most arrogant sobpos in the entire world, hell at this point if the choice was between this pos and chavez............I would pick chavez hands down............this freak is due for da trash can

  • ConservaDave2

    "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. ...God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it... Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting...Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the [Chinese] and [Muslims]." -the Book of Daniel chapter 5 applied to today's U.S.A
    If we, as a nation, are stupid or evil enough to give Obama a second term then I will assume that Almighty God has passed judgment on America and we, as a nation, have chosen to go into slavery, just as the ancient Hebrews begged Moses to go back into Egypt after they became a free people and ended up dying in the wilderness, we will eventually (probably 2 to 3 years) end up trying to survive in a society that has collapsed into chaos, a situation we are not grasping and aren't ready for.

  • Floss

    The things I'm reading in the comments section are scary. I mean, I know there are a lot of stupid people on the internet but holy crap.

  • KimmyInCali

    Well,,,you're only better off if you haven't been affected by the economy and have investments in Wall Street. Obummer's bailing out the banks only helped investors. Didn't help those of us who's homes WERE an investment who have lost 35-40% of their investments! Or help anyone who is now upside down looking for a refi so at least you can pay less interest on the money you had to borrow. Oh wait...that wouldn't be a benefit to the banks what was I thinking??

  • underthewire

    This man is more a muslem than a Christian.....................Muslem by their faith alone are encouraged to be deceptive and i's the end result, not how you get there. No one in congress has the gondads to call him by his muslem name. But you can be sure the muslems do.

  • therock

    He won't win again unless people stay home and don't vote, that's what he's counting on but as far as I can see the ones that voted for him the last time, young and the seniors will drop since he told them nothing but lie after lie and they are certainley not better than 4 years ago.The polls, I believe are accurate are close but the undecided will come out and turn the tide!

  • johnsnare

    Why the heck would any clear thinking American, vote for this fraud.?

  • Mark Caplinger

    And the Left vs Right game continues....and We The People are being used as pawns. Mittens will not save America, we are beyond saving. Over 100t in debts... the only thing that can save us is God Almighty.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    No meard!

  • Stanley Kerns

    There is a fellow from Wyoming who sometimes comes to our Greeley (Colorado) Republican breakfasts. He is a retired economist and spends a lot of time emailing each and every county in the US and finding out how many people living there are on assistance. By his figures the actual number of unemployed is 28%.

  • Keith Conder

    Yes, 23% would be about accurate, which would put us on par, in that metric, with the Great Depression. I hear people talk about it not being as bad. I saw a chart a while back whwre some organization had charted the economic course of the great depression and the current recession to that point in time and overlayed them. The courses were virtually identical. Keynesian economics is fine. The problem is, aa with anything else liberal idiots put their hands on, they sbuse it until it can't take any more. Keynes advocated the government stepping IN, but, BUT, THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NEVER EXCEED 25% OF GDP IN DEBT DOING IT!!! We are already over 100% of GDP and climbing.

  • AmericaSleeps

    Give me break Gallup just came out with real poll putting Romney ahead, and the white house is going to take them to court for the truth.
    Bloomberg and Rassmusen have been caught fixing up fake poll numbers for B0 on iIIegaI immigrants, and CNN has naturally been caught with fraudulent polls favoring B0.
    So how does B0 stay ahead the same way the fake polls kept Reagan behind his liberal opponent until election day, but now we have Diebold electronic fake elections with a part owner being Chavez in Venezuela.

  • alio

    I'm still reeling from the stupidity of $89,000 per car, they can't sell for $49,000, so they're going to the government for a fraction of the cost to the government.
    Solyndra went broke, GM is probably heading South again with this fiasco.

    Believe me, I could have done a better job than this prez. I know how to squeeze a penny when I have to, when we're already in a hole; sensible people would quit digging.

  • bigbadude

    Is Jesus the Christ your Lord and savior? If you died right this miniute where would you go
    heaven or hell? WHat could be stopping you from having salvation right now!
    Jes loves you! ask him to be the Lord of your life! let him know you know he dided on the cross for us and our sins! and you will be saved!

  • HerrCapitanFick

    You should have gotten off your lazy butts and took a bigger part in changing your government! You people sat in front of the T V taking your drugs, watching sports and drinking your beer! The thugs, politicians and the foreigners now have and rule your country and you aren't going to get it back! Lack of backbone! Now go lay down in a corner, lick your like the worthless dogs you are!!!

  • charles

    Just remember that when you take away hope you have little left to lose! It IS coming.

  • quipster

    Do you people believe all the polls in the (MSM) if you do you are all morons. (MSM) from what I get out of them only one person is going to vote for Romney & Ryan, what a bunch of dog doo !!!!!!

  • Tomk777

    I think Yoda said it best when confronting the Emperior in Star Wars, " At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was"

  • fridihem

    At last Godfather""" got something right for once..................unemployment at 23%.................but thats only the start. I know Romney has promised 12 million new jobs, doing what....................if there are 23 mn out of work now, cos there are no jobs available, is he going to wave a magic wand and 100s of thousands of jobs will appear every 3 guys are so GULLIBLE..................the sun shines out of his ArSeHoLe as well.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    This Needs to be brought out more in the public. Why can't we be honest?Liz

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser


  • Frogman

    After all your pissing and whining, most of you still don't realize we are directed by the Constitution (Law of the land, which they want to do away with), that if/or when our government become a threat to the country, WE THE PEOPLE are charged with the task of taking whatevr steps are deemed necessary to return control of our country back to the citizens. At this point,that can only be accomplished by removing the corrupted officials. The problem that presents is that they are all corrupt. If not actually guilty of a specific crime, very few indeed, they sat by and allowed the others to commit their ccrimes, and that would include that group on the hill called ther Supremes. The whole machine is corrupted and the only way to fix it, is to tear it down and rebuild it from the bottom up, and never let our government EMPLOYEES usurp the powers tey have taken this time around. It can be done, but WE THE PEOPLE must not expect a broken and totally corrupted machine fix itself. That would be like putting the wolves in charge f watching the sheep herd.

  • le Chef

    Obama isn't a go it alone dictator yet , so stop bashing him ....with retoric ...
    There's an old saying in France concerning politics , it goes like this :
    "Everybody likes to sit at the table but no one wants to cook "

  • Usa Flagflyn Gal

    Unbelievable Commie SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We should have Impeached him a year ago for the lying fraud that he is.

  • WVF

    Since there is so much confusing data and misinformation out there, it is difficult to believe that 23% is an accurate number; however, I'm willing to wager that it is at least double the 8.1% put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a federal governmental agency. Unemployment, under-employment, and the number of people whom have just given up looking for work is staggering. I would estimate that it must be at about 16%.

  • johndillinger

    we do not want 30 thousand drones watching us, we do not n eed a SS police force, we do not need a marxist Muslim president giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood to build U boats.etc....What the hell is happening here?

  • NoPlaceForCorruption

    Both Obama and Romney are very bad for the US Economy and Jobs Romney is so bad he makes Obama look good see Docs Section

  • USAF1969

    Maybe we need to stop name calling and look at the bigger picture. Is a Morman a better choice, yes he may not be the ideal but is 4 more years of 24% unemployment or underemployment better than being a nation that has pride in leading the world into the best ways of life. Stop and realize that Iran is the fastest Christian ppulation in the world. As a veteran of a war that was a conflict speaks out I did not risk my life for this type of a nation. A Marxist homosexual loving Marriage hating politically grabbing nation in which politicians elected to support me and my views telling me to shut up for they know best. I don't know about you but that is totally out of character with this nation. Washington needs a clean house. If we let this current group continue say good-by to ALL freedoms. We are on the pathway of Germany before Hitler took control. We are on the road of The Roman Empire. Wake up now you who are out there wishing things will get better and doing nothing. Let us prove the polls wrong and push new leadership in who believes in America and the Constiution and the Billof Rights. Kick out the bums!

  • USAF1969

    Oh yes, I forgot to add who can vote for a party that endorces Muslim extremists, Homoxexuals, and out of control politicians who are so caught up in lies they woudn't know what the truth is if it bit them. The unemployment rate needs to add the current political idots to its rolls. Kick them all out NOPW or say goodby to this nation.

  • bill

    This should be nothing new to the American public except for the fact the media hides this from everyone. Look at the number of new food stamps they're giving out. Look at how long the lines are at the food banks. Sad state of affairs.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    "Liberals Can't Handel the TRUTH" Lie from the Wast House we are in recovery Yea right Fire him.

  • BoBo

    i don't believe the polls due the organizations that report these polls. Come on, The washington post, new york times? The gallup poll showed Romney ahead, and they get a visit from axelrod and are currently being sued by the justice dept. This corrupt administration will stop at nothing. Don't believe all this crap the chicken noodle network reports either. Vote these heathens back under the rock they crawled out from.

  • Daniel from TN

    Don't take stock in the polls. A poll will say whatever the person sponsoring, and, therefore, paying for, the poll wants it to say.
    At this time there are only two polls worthy of any attention; Zogby and Rasmussen. Both of these contact thousands of people during a poll vs. the FEW hundreds by other polling organizations. Zogby and Rasmussen also report the EXACT question used in the poll, the EXACT demographics of those polled, and report some of the answers word for word.
    Zogby and Rasmussen produce honest and reliable polls. That's probably why we do not see many polls from either of them.
    America or obama this November! You can't choose both!

  • Charlie

    Are not our employees in DC just a bunch of grand old liars. Guess we all should be just saying yes sir and yes ma'am an a doing everything them folks want us simple folk to do with out questioning. The more these morons believe they are god like the more we loose. Either our employees tell the truth or get fired , after all there surely is enough people not working that would take the job opening created.

  • Don Ciccio

    Those states most hurt by the economy - the so-called "rust belt" states, will overwhelmingly vote for Obaamaa's re-election since the want more hand outs.

  • Richard Holmes

    Anyone that thinks the unemployment is 8.2% is sticking their head up their back side.
    It has been 15% to 20% for a long time and is going to get worse. Thanks to bammy, the unions and all the socialists that want to destroy this country

  • Richard Cappetto

    Obama is keeping his promise of Fundamentally Transforming American, He is transforming us into a slow growth, high unemployment European like socialists state with a huge dependent class that will keep his kind in power. This is what a Fundamental American Transformation looks like.

  • YosephGL1

    Obama claims for 2 achievements:
    1. Creating new jobs- no one talks about natural growth in number of jobs created by free markets.every country has its own numbers.I wonder how many of those 143,000 new jobs are achieved due to government initiative and how many by natural growth?

    2. Eliminating Been laden-good thing by itself but did the entire terror organization severely damaged? it seem s not -otherwise there is no other explanation for the terror attack in Libya and most important -the administration's cover up.