FEDs Hunt Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Rather than People Who Killed US Ambassador

The filmmaker of the anti-Islam film lives in the United States. If this is true, then why is our government tracking down any filmmaker for any reason? Let’s rehearse the First Amendment for our government officials:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

In addition to protecting “the free exercise of religion,” even if it’s one religion criticizing another religion, the First Amendment also prohibits our national government from interfering with speech and the press.

Every day in America people attack worldviews they don’t agree with. Some do it with factual statements and reasoned argumentation, and others try to make their case with satire and ridicule. The First Amendment was put into place to protect people from tyrants who would use their power to prohibit speech that was critical of the way the governed.

King James I of England detested the Geneva Bible, first published in 1560, because he believed it questioned the divine right of kings. He did a novel thing. He commissioned a group of scholars to produce a new translation. We know it today as the Authorized Version or more popularly known as the King James Version of the Bible.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a critic is to ignore him. If this anti-Muslim film is so bad, the Muslims should have ignored it or produced an answer to it. Like fascists and tyrants of the past, they use terror to force compliance.

Just because you’re able to shut someone up doesn’t mean that you’ve convinced that person that your position is correct.

There is nothing criminal in producing a film critical of Islam. The real criminals are the ones who killed four United States citizens on United States soil. Our embassies are an extension of the United States. If people attack an embassy, they attack the United States.

Not only has our government attacked the filmmaker but the media, who are protected by the First Amendment have also gotten into the act. For example,

“ABC journalist Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday compared the rioting and murder that followed Middle Eastern anger over an anti-Islamic movie to yelling ‘fire in a crowded theater.’ Regarding filmmaker Sam Bacile and the killing of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya, Amanpour derided, So, now, one has to, really, try to figure out the extremists in this country and the extremists out there who are using this and whipping up hatred.’”

Crying “fire” in a crowded theater is not about inciting people to violence and rioting. No one’s going to shoot up the place if someone shouts “fire.” It’s the trampling that might take place as people race for the exits. The analogy is false.

Neal Boortz writes, “Perhaps Christiane Amanpour should spend more time worrying about a religion that condones this type of violence, then one American exercising his right to free speech.”

It's possible that there's more to this story than meets the eye.

I’ve posted the article “Was the Anti-Muslim Film Actually Produced by Muslims and Blamed on Christians?” on the Political Outcast site.



  • ginjit.dw

    This is typical of the organizer in chief. deflect the blame. i expect nothing different of this fraud. he has followed his agenda and will continue to do so. he is ruthless.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Gee...I haven't seen many of the Hollywood set out there protesting and supporting this guy's right to make movies about Muhammed (or any subject, for that matter) without being arrested and tried for it. Wonder why? Afraid of blow-back from ''peaceful'' Muslims, maybe?

    Muslims will use any and every excuse to justify the barbarism they are already committed to, and if our government sides with them in taking actions against the filmmaker, then we are fools, aiding and abetting those who seek our ruin.

    • Dave

      Hope the Feds arrest the muslim that made this film.

    • PMDavis

      Yes you are right but when we have "one of them" in the White House the funding will continue.

    • CaptTurbo

      I think you might be missing the point. Our "leaders" number among them.

    • Wrangler Rob

      Couple of thotz:

      1. It is not Islamophobia when they really are out to kill you.
      2. Mohammad is still recruiting as many good psychopaths as possible.

  • deeme

    I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when Hillary was still apologizing for this , on Fox they showed the tape of the cleric saying this is in direct retaliation for the drone attack that killed their number 2 Al Queda man...I guess that would not look good towards the end of a campaign that has lasted four years for "YOUR " drone attacks to be the direct cause so they needed some sidetrack as usual...Seriously they are unstoppable, and went right back to Las Vegas even after saying the Libyans carried our guys to the hospital..that's not what I heard they did when they were dragging ,not carrying them through the streets..Lying is the new normal..

    • Screeminmeeme

      deeme...Me either. I gagged. Except for Carter, I don't remember ever seeing any Presidents or their cabinets so determined to bow to the rest of the world.

      I can't wait to see this ever-apologizing , hate-America bunch is gone.....preferably to live somewhere in the Middle East, under the bondage of sharia law.

      • deeme

        My mom said I guess these voters who are voting for sharia and have no idea what it is are going to have to see with their own eyes what it is like to have one of their children who befriends one of their children be run down by one of their angry fathers cars , who doesn't like them befriending Americans, to see they don't really want this..

    • Deb

      the only reason her and her hubby are coming up with that garbage is they are afraid more will come out about their personal life. Mom always said if you lie with dogs expect fleas.

  • http://christiancitizenshipforum.blogspot.com/ OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    They hung a piece of feces in the National Art Gallery depicting Christ soaked in urine and covered with ants...but now they are going after a guy who think's Islam is all wet????? Anyone doubt what faith our fearless leader really believes in?

  • Mark_OneTwo

    If he was president; would have osama bin laden caused any less damage to our country than barry "ovomit" soetorro ?
    I Think Not
    ovomit is the one who should be investigated.

  • Mark_OneTwo

    “ovomit is moslem, hillarys lesbian girlfriend is a moslem brotherhood member,
    both need to be tried for treason (and many other assorted crimes).

  • ultor de deus

    When Obama was gifted with an unearned Nobel Peace Prize, he
    proclaimed his desire to bring, “tolerance among people of different faiths and
    races and religions, peace between and security for Israelis and Palestinians.”
    Bang up job so far B.O.

    CNN said on October 9, 2009, “The
    committee said it honored Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to
    strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Now
    that the Middle East that Obama created has erupted and lead to the deaths so
    far of 4 Americans, will the Peace Prize be taken away?

    • CaptTurbo

      Exchange it for the piss Prize.

      • smoky

        no, we can't degrade or belittle piss by referring to it along with anything "obama"

    • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

      CNN a/k/a Communist News Network is just another of the jack-booted thugs who have joined Obama in his efforts to destroy America.

    • Wrangler Rob

      Naw - it's a liberal prize given by liberals to liberals.

      It is meaningless.

      Think of it as an empty gesture of good will toward international socialism.

      He can keep it as a symbol of his shame.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        It's kind of like giving "Jack the Ripper" a Nobel Prize for Medicine.

      • ginger

        Except he has no shame...and no sense either...I cannot understand how any rational person cannot see what he is but seems there are those who are still with him...makes me heartsick.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ray.ake Ray Ake

      the nobel peace prize has become a big pile of $&@T,,they give it to anyonenowb day's

    • Tom

      Look at some of the people who won the Nobel Peace Prize in the last 10-20 years. It is a joke awarded to liberals by liberals.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      Never happen

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.mcelfish Jim McElfish

    So let me get this right. The attacks on the embassies are caused by a stupid film, right? Wrong, it is caused by a hatred of this country by much of the world.

    • Jeff Miller

      Most of the world actually likes America. It's a minority of activist ingnoramuses who are rioting with the same kind of envy-bias that leads some of our own people to blame corporations for not enough handouts.

    • Wrangler Rob

      I have lived about 20 of my 66 years in other countries. i can tell you the rest of the world envies our American freedoms and wishes they could be like us.

      The only ones who hate America are the rulers, dictators, and Mohammedan preachers who are HIGHLY threatened by their subjects gaining the freedom to question them.

      • Nurse56

        My husband and I lived in the Philippines for six years and traveled extensively in Asia at that time. In general people love, envy and desire to live in America. Only the envious who have no hope of freedom hate us.

      • ginger

        It is all about power and thirst for blood.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arthur-C-Nicholas/1506228696 Arthur C. Nicholas

      Wrong. It was caused by the "Hategroup named Islam".


    BO policies is back to front isnt it? any many will vote for BO again this Nov? Really? I am getting really paranoid now. Who made this film? I heard he sort of does not exist?? You dont know anymore these days.... 6 cities in the ME now in chaos, storming US embassies. Some good foreign policies BO has, eh and he thinks he is an expert. Amateur! His policies of apologies have weakened this country

    • Deb

      he doesn't want to do anything for us, he has fund raising to do, in the town he almost bankrupted 4 years ago. I did't vote for him then and I pity the fools who do it now.

      • PYPYPY

        This man is arrogrant beyond words. He thinks that he is so clever and does not need to sit with others for daily intelligent briefing. If he had done his job he was hired to do, and not so full of it, perhaps 4 innocent Americans would be alive today!!
        He is arrogrant and incompetent to boot. He needs to be voted out of office in Nov!!!!

        • smoky

          americans are expendable if it helps the divider in chief to remain in our white house. he knew full well about these events well ahead of time.

        • PYPYPY

          U should have heard jay carny trying to blame the violence on the video, that it was spontaneous, that it wasnt planned. Hilary too made the same excuse. Both, well all of them is a disgrace!

    • glock 19 fan

      BO is more interested in being re-elected; he has already bragged that he is the last elected US president. All this about the video -- interesting that you thought of this, pypypy -- whether real or a fabrication is that BO is looking toward fomenting massive riots in order to declare a "National Emergency" and cancel elections. And become dictator a k a "president for life."

      • glock 17 fan

        you sir are exactly right.

      • PYPYPY

        I said to myself that something related to national security will erupt as election approaches. Is this it? I dont know.
        Some events where BO could tout his national security (ie he got rid of OBL) and foreign policies credentials (what credentials? I ask) See how he boasted during his DNC speech that he far superior to Gov Romney?
        wel if he was so brilliant, all these violence in various ME cities would not have erupted and 4 innocent americans would still be alive!!! I hope this recent events will backfire on him!!! and get him booted out in Nov 6th
        The thing that many voters dont seem to realise is, if we have a weak economy and in debt we would not have the money necessary to build our defence? Where is the money coming from? Strong defence and a strong economy is intertwine but BO and his co-horts is trying to fool everyone. If he was doing such a good job and worked on a true energy policies rather than giving money to his solyndra pals, we would have not been affected by the violence in the ME!!! We would have been able to say to the ME, "go ahead, may my day!!!" let them destroy each other!

      • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

        You are soooo right, glock.

    • Patriot bob

      Had Obama attended any of the intelligence meetings since SEPT 5th, he'd have gotten the message that this was PLANNED- The British told us well in advance. He had higher priorities like fundraising and golf.
      BY THE WAY, Obama doesn't care if Republicans win both the House and Senate as long as he wins Presidency. He will veto everything they put before him and "RULE" by Executive Orders. He will also appoint at least 2 more Supreme Court Justices.
      YOU MUST VOTE OBAMA OUT. Don't be fooled again America.

      • PYPYPY

        Patriot Bob, Sadly and blindly many will still vote for him. I cannot fathom why any Catholics or Jew would vote for him. See how he disses the PM many times over and recently too. How he forces Catholic churches to hand out contraception. I ask myself, are these people glutton for punishment? If one is a true Catholic, you cannot, you simply cannot support BO after he voted against giving medical aid to babies surviving botched abortion. I ask myself, is the baby not a human being and a living being? IMHO that is murder!!!!

  • pduffy

    Now you can see why these 'false flags' are so important to killing liberty. If you can blame a film instead of the murderers for such crimes, the public will accept the loss of such liberty in exchange for 'safety' provided by the censorship. Brilliant but demonic.

  • lwareagle

    I have never understood the fact that it is okay for Muslims to say they are going to kill all non-muslims, but it is NOT okay for anyone to criticize their religion. Would someone explain that to me?

    • PMDavis

      Because they use their violence to scare everyone to death so no one will stand up to them because of the threat of death.

      • Docs357

        You got it right they're are brutal and people give in to them out of fear. Remember a giant named Goliath and a young adult named David?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          We are here to serve others. Sometimes we are forced to serve bullets!

        • Docs357

          To be slaughtered without rhyme or reason is hard to take. I'd be hard press not to pull a trigger in defense of myself or another. i believe they kill for pleasure knowing under this administration their will be no retaliation from the law. He has gone to far calling a mass murder a work place incident of violence . His hypocrisy has no limits.

      • ratler

        This is mafia tactics.

        • JOHN T. FOX


        • r

          Islam is a cult of HATE. Might as well be the KKK. They HATE anyone who is a NON-believer.

        • PYPYPY

          anyone who is a non-believer is an infidel to them and in their opinion, dont deserve to live. Somehow I dont see it as a religion of peace, do you?

        • cyberhackster

          A religion of "piece" you being in pieces

        • philipsquires

          I don't. To me a religion of peace would not attack embassies around the world just because they are offended. If you are apart of a group of people whose first thought after being offended is to attack and physically hurt the person or people who offended you, then you need to rethink your life choices.

        • whitetumbleweeds

          That Satanic religion has been the only thing taught and learned by those heathens for centuries. There's absolutely no place for a mudlim in a civilised world.

        • An American

          Their so called religion is really violent and does not belong in America. We need to tell these people to go home and practice their religion in their own country, and this is not their country. "We the People" must speak out and vote Obama out of office before he allows these people to take over. VOTE FRO ROMNEY

        • CommonSense

          But they're NOT murdering the people who offended them, just people whose only crime is being handy. It's like you being executed because someone from your hometown said something rude on the other side of the planet. Somehow to Muslims that's fair.

        • philipsquires

          Exactly right!

        • ijohn69

          They also believe anyone who been raised in the Muslim faith and renounces it is a heretic and to be killed on sight....where does that leave Obama???

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1221391611 Tami Kelly Appleton

          They also say we NON-believers just wouldn't understand.....How could we?!?!?!?!

        • MANGO

          the muslims respect 2 things:
          remember please,after RONALD REAGAN bombs TRIPOLI, M.Gadafi
          give up the terorist activity,ghive up production of chemical weapon.
          today will be no the same because we have at W.H. A MUSLIM.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          In the famous words of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, "git there fustus with the mostus!".

        • Mike6

          I agree wiht Nathan Bedford Forrest. Obama is a coward and he is on the run. The Republicans need to scare him, scare him again, and keep him scared. Romney must damn the torpedoos and march full STEAM AHEAD TO WIN THIS ELECTION

        • RescueKyron

          r, so waddaya wanna do with the people? Christian?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          Well, we could use a glass parking lot.

        • SickoftheBS

          You mean they are RACIST?

        • MANGO


        • notoshariah

          and our leaders are complicit, I would be satisfied if i s l a m were wiped off the face of the earth.

        • Chris

          Christian tactics

        • edc

          "THe fool has said in his heart there is no God"

        • Skip

          Now that's a lie. "Love thy neighbor as thy self for the love of God," this is most fundamental to anyone professing to be Christian.

        • BrianMccleaf


        • timpclimber

          Chris, even the "eye for an eye' of the Old Testament is more rational than the Koran's rants to kill non-believers and to kill those who leave the Islamic faith. Read it and compare its teachings to the Bible. The side by side comparison will show a logical person where the Muslim hate comes from.and its not form the teachings of Jesus.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

          We no longer live in Old Testament times.

        • Tionico

          true enough, but the laws laid down in that time are universal, and still valid. That "eye for an eye" is often misuncerstood.. what it means is that, if someone steals your cow, you can't go kill them. If someone attacks you and takes off your arm, you STILL can't go kill them. The punishment can be no more than the original crime.. except in cases of theft, when restitution (NOT jail time) of two, four, sometimes even more, times what was stolen or destroyed was prescribed. Thus,,l in no way could a moslem, seeing an "infidel" not submitting to islam, kill the "infidel" for his unbelief, or even blasphemy (whatever THAT is). Nor could they come and destroy a whole village because one man in the village killed one of them.. or drew a cartoon or made a video. "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, defined the UPPER LIMITS of retribution. No one could go beyond that limit. It also prescribed "life for a life", thus, when someone murders another, their punishment was death.... not life in prison at taxpayer expense. We'd be a whole lot better off if those old laws would be brought back and codified in our penal codes.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          You had better hope that you still live some of the beliefs of the Old Testament or you are going to be in for a BIG (burning) surprise.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

          Chris read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and see what Jesus said. It is the exact opposite of what Mohammad taught. Turn the other cheek, do good to your enemy. Educate yourself so you can see what the truth is.

        • thismustend

          The Bible does NOT teach us to allow crazed murderers to ra pe, blow up or saw the heads off our loved ones.
          Quit cherry picking passages from a Bible you obviously do not understand & crawl back to your basement.

        • peter1589

          Don't bother to argue the point, no matter how true it is. The liberal mind detests the crusades as a crime of Catholicism, rather than the salvation of Europe and western civilization, which the Catholic Church built.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

          Yes, liberals hate it when Christians defend Christianity, as liberals have allied themselves with Islamists. Liberals and Islamists have a common enemy, faithful Christians.

        • thismustend

          EVERY HUMAN BEING has a RIGHT to DEFEND THEMSELVES against MURD EROUS ATTACKS. Now go ja ck off to your ObaMAO pics & leave the thinking to those who actually can.

        • Smilin' Jack

          Yes, even the Dalai Lama said that if someone is attempting to kill you, you have the right to defend yourself.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7H4EQGZ7DXXT7Y7VSSES5NTDXA King 58

          ...Time for the B-2's and NAPALM!!!!!!

        • a

          Maybe MUSTARD gas. Long lasting effects....

        • A.

          How about Tabun or VX. Effects shorter lasting but more lethal!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Horton-Leasman/1130532905 Jane Horton-Leasman

          Time for a President and Administration who are not afraid to grow a backbone!!!

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          The Washington politicians have already demonstrated that they never will have a backbone.

        • Disgusted

          Jane--They need to already have a backbone before they get elected. Trying to grow one after the fact isn't good enough.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          Tha would take some cajones too!

        • Sadi

          Are you kidding?
          Obama is cheering them on!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          Yes, General William Tecumseh Sherman's scorched earth plan! They are breathing tear gas over there now. Should be breathing Napalm. I would allow all forms of delivery systems.

        • Gregg Weber

          Sounds like a flight of B-52's carpet bombing as in Vietnam. A bit much and Obama wouldn't do it unless he felt a show of strength, as compared to his current wimpiness, would help in his re-election (highest priority).
          Actually he has less re-election worries. The card up his sleeve is fraud.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Horton-Leasman/1130532905 Jane Horton-Leasman

          Well, isn't that what Obama and Holder have done to the people of this Country over the last 4 years. Rule by intimidation and threat. Listen to that stupid ass President....the whole planet knows he is destroying the U.S. from within and this is their perfect opportunity.

        • letitsnow1

          right on, and i still think obuma is so apart of it. didn't he make a lot of calls to moho or what ever, who knows what he said, and what they agreed on! like waite till i get elected, then you all can come in, and islam will live forever in AMERICA , we will rule!

        • An American

          They will take over if we allow them to!!!!! we all must speak up and stop this takeover. This outrageous FRAUD IS DISGUSTING and so is everyone who voted him into office and may do so again. HELP SAVE AMERICA, VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN

        • Mike6

          If Obama is re-elected i predict that the Democrats will start bulding FEMA camps in some Mohave desert for Tea Party Members and NRA activists. These camps may have barbed wire and machine gum towers just like the President Roosevelt camps in 1942. DemocRATS have put American patriots into concentration camps before and may now do it again.

        • CC

          There are FEMA camps already made and ready, along with large size coffins that can hold several people, look it up you will be shocked!

        • Mike6

          I never thought that FEMA camps could come to America. The hate I hear from the Democrats about conservatives scares me. Maxine Waters yelled that the Tea Party can co to hell and Obama did not say a word. Moochlle said that:"America is a mean country" and Obama asked for his own private army from the getto as large as the American Army. Black Panthers will stand in front of polling booths next November with lead pipes and Eric Holder will not say a word. Black gangs will go around cities beating up old white conservative people to scare them into not voting.
          Obama is transforming America into a Kenyan Marxist Dictatorship. Democrats have put American patriots into camps before and it can happen again. Obama, Moochele and Valerie Jarrett know nothjing about history and they are promoting the events that could make it possible.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

          Exactly. Muhammad had more in common with a Mafia Don than he did with Jesus or Buddha, who were true men of peace.

      • msgirl

        I'd LOVE to see something like what Renaldo Magnus did to Khadafy when he bombed his house. Just go in and do it! You want a fight? Here! Take THIS!
        That's what bullies deserve! Bigger bullying!

        • Docs357

          I understand what your saying. Ring the door bell when they answer say hello and start shooting.. Definitely a tension reliever. a stress modifier.

      • steveni

        Better to die standing up than to live as a coward bowing down to their false god.

      • danstewart

        A few well placed nukes would maybe change their behavior. At least there wouldn't be as many of them.

    • hongryhawg

      Muslims are like liberals; too many hypocrisy genes.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HM63OD3M3DCXW4RFTETVMJBMOM Shell

      It is with the same method of hate that the Ottomen Empire ruled in "peace" for hundreds of years. If you don't agree with the ruling body, usually a sultan dictator, off with you head and no more disagreement.

      • Mike6

        Muslims have been at war with Christianity for 1300 years and their armies were stopped in the mountains by one hundred brave French Knights. If it were not for their bravery we would all be praying in mosks today and speaking Arabic.
        I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim or just a communist. He is still blaming this horrible muslim violence in Libya on that silly video and i am getting tired of that.

        • smoky

          there's no question that he is both: a muslim first, and a marxist as well. and he was no doubt involved in the events taking place. it's well know now that his regime knew about it before it occurred.

        • Mike6

          Obama is blaming the muslim violence on Romney's comments and he sound just like Jimmy Carter.

        • smoky

          true, obama always says: "not my fault". always blame someone else. why on earth hasn't he blamed bush yet?

        • Mike6

          Hillary and Obama are blaming the murders and muslim violence on that silly video and I am getting tired of it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

          wah wah wah ;; it's bush's fault;; I have no stones so I can not be a REAL MAN.

        • ginger

          And we know how well Carter handled Iran then.....both inept, stupid losers.

        • Mike6

          Obama just has no class. I am expecting him to start blaming this Cairo violence on George W. Bush. Not taking responsibility for you actions is an indication of a narcissist personality like Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

        • ginger

          you have that right...he will find someone or something to blame this on...the muslims murder because they can.

        • Mike6

          Obama and Hillary are blaming everything on that silly video. I heard on Hannity last night, that our Ambassador was sodomized before he was suffocated. That is a horrible, terrible, brutal crime.
          I don't know how that nasty Hollywood video went out in the streets, murdered people, and burned down the building?

        • ginger

          more and more info is coming out about the video..seems it has been around since June or July..just another excuse for the blood thirsty savages to murder and commit more and more atrocities. They don't need excuses..they just never waste an opportunity to do so.

        • Mike6

          I worked in a muslim country and I know what they do, what they are capable of doing, and it is not pretty. George W Bush kept the peace for eight years and the Dems and our Pravda media demonized him. Is our media all DemocRATs, or pinkos or just communists?
          Now we have this idiot in the White House placating and praising muslims because he is a muslim himself. This is going to get nasty folks. I don't even want to talk about it.
          Hillary is incompetant and she should retire, keep an eyed on Bill Clinton, before he exposeses himselt to a younger Paula Jones.

        • ginger


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock


        • Mike6

          Obama and Rahm belonged to the same Chicago Mens Gay Bath Club and Rahm was a male ballet dancer and we know what that means. I noticed the swichy way the WON walks to the podium. Obama hates women as much as Chairman Mao ( Mao never took a bath) and that is why the WON married a woman that looks like a man.

        • http://www.facebook.com/alice.ray.988 Alice Ray

          Thank God for the brave French Knights who saved the world from
          darkness & hate incarnate.

        • Mike6

          There was also a brave Polish king who stopped the Turks at the gates of Vienna and he spearheaded his faboulous cavalry charge. The Turks had their Jainichars which were the finest infantry on the planet. Without him and his lancers, the Turks would have taken over most of Europe. Obama is a muslim or a communist and I am sure he would not mind if the Wahabbe muslims took all of North Africa, and then the entire world.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

          wow you guys are really good. i prefer the United States Marines my self;;;;;;;;

        • Mike6

          Don't underestimate the Turkish infantry because they are still very good.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reinhard-Schumann/644757548 Reinhard Schumann

        Read your history. Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities lived quite well under the Ottomans, and also in Spain under the Muslims. Toledo in Spain was an island of learning and tolerance while the Dark Ages had a firm grip on Europe. When the Spanish reconquered the Iberan Peninunsal, they kicked out or forcibly converted not only the Muslims but also the Jews. That caused the second Jewish Diaspora. Jews did quite well in most Muslim countries until the establishment of the State of Israel.
        That said, there are indeed several extreme radical movements within Islam right now. But these are more devastating, at least until now, for moderate Muslims. It behooves us to not marginalize moderate Muslims and thus drive them into the radical camp.

        • JMWinPR

          So you're saying the Arab states were aligned with the Allies during WWll? Oh that's right, Israel was started in 1928. No Jews immigrated from Iran in the late 70's either. Can you explain the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Which side were the Jews on in that conflict? Or in Chechnya? What about the Philippines, lots and lots of Jews there?
          Isn't alternate, fantasy, selective, history grand

        • SheilaRae

          Yeah, the Armenian Christians lived GREAT under the Ottomans, until the genocides, when millions of Christian Armenians were killed because they refused to convert to ISLAM. Wonderful analogy, genius. It is not ancient history, it is still happenning to this day! Look what the Muslims in Egypt are doing, killing the Coptic Christians. In church. With bombs. No matter WHAT WE DO they will still hate. It is all they know, from birth. Hate. Moderate muslims? Like the Fort Hood guy Major Nadal? He was moderate. Until he wasn't. I am tired of waiting, hoping and praying that the muslims in the U.S. will take our side and BE Americans. It behooves YOU to go to Detroit and you will NOT believe you are in an American city. And guess what? They attack those who aren't muslim, just like they did in their homelands. At first, Americans welcomed them! But now, those Americans who could, left. And Detroit looks like a Middle Eastern hell hole.

        • GramE

          Read a little more history - you will find that the Moors went up into France to occupy the country. They were repelled by Charles II I think he was Charlemagnes(sp?) grandaddy. They haven't been sweet gentle people for many years.

    • SammysDad

      According to Islam, I could, but I would have to kill you afterwards.

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

        So much for a "RELIGIOUS " Group? How can you call that a religious group who call for KILLING everyone that don't believe in ISLAM ? I don't think OUR AMERICA is a place for this to be RECOGNIZED as a religious group ?

        • 18corn

          Absolutely NOT. I'm so sick of PC'ness. They are just a bunch of savage murderers who need to be taken out....bomb them to hell.

    • glock 19 fan

      There is another reason why the Feds are supporting Islam: our Declaration of Independence states that our [pre-existing] rights are given to us by our Creator, a higher authority than any government. Power-greedy politicians want to change that by banishing our Creator and turn our rights into privileges that can be revoked at will. They are cozying up to the Muslims to divert our attention because -- under Islam -- only the Imams have any rights. The Dems think that they can keep the Muslims on a leash but they are flirting with a Frankenstein monster. Everyone, or almost everyone, knows the result of playing with fire: one gets burnt.

    • Mike6

      Obama is blaming this horrible violence on the proper Romney comments. What Obama is saying is an outrage folks. Hillary is still blaming everything on that silly video and I am getting tired of this. She should retire for incompetance before she is run out of town.

      • Chris

        And you are trash talking.

        • Remington 870

          Get off this site liberal. Take your anti conservative trash to your parents basement where you can do what you do best....play with yourself. See you on the battlefield and I will cut your ears off.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

          Come on Remington, don't lower yourself to sounding like a liberal. I see this kind of talk on lib sites, don't embarrass yourself and everybody else here.

        • jondarmes

          Now now Remington, you know you can only take one ear for bragging rights, according to the Turks.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

          actually I prefer a remington 30,06 and it is going into your eye hole.

        • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

          I disagree with you, Chris.

        • anewpher

          And trash talking is JUST as bad as killing someone just because someone of the same nationality (sp?) insulted their God! Do I have that right Chris?

        • Mike6

          Sorry, but I am just discussing the facts and only the FACTS.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

        Tar and feather both of them, and run them out on a rail.

        • SheilaRae

          And take Chewbaca with you!

        • Mike6

          Hillary look like she gained weight and that she never washes her hair. She should retire and keep an eye on Bill before he corrupts a new generation of American kids.

        • thismustend

          You mean ra pes another generation of kids.

        • Mike6

          You have that right about Bill Clinton.

      • jim

        the muslim's god must be a wimp that mortal people have to defend him.my GOD can take care of him self like he has done for 1000's of years

        • tbwritings

          Millions of years, Jim. However long the heavens have been created, would be an understatement of how long God has been in control.

        • Disgusted

          God is ageless. In any case He can take it. We mere mortals cannot comprehend the depth of the love God has for us. I'm sure His heart is heavy when He sees all of us struggling to make sense of evil when we really can't make any sense of it. We do all kinds of ridiculous and evil things to ourselves and others. I'm speaking in generalities, not of everyone.

        • Mike6

          I worked in a muslim country and i know what they do, and what they are capable of doing, and it is not pretty. I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim or just a communist. This is muslim violence going to get ugly folks.

      • timpclimber

        Remember who is Hilary's right hand middle east aide? An Egyptian woman whose father and brothers are members of the so benign Muslim Brotherhood. The aide even wrote for the Brotherhood's publications. Then there's Obama's Columbia mentor Said who constantly beat the drum about Israel returning to the pre 1967 undefensable borders.

        • SheilaRae

          YES! And Hillary's assistant's mother is one of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood's women's division (Muslim sisterhood?) And Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran, so she could be a muslim too.

        • dangkids

          That is why big 'n beasty Hillary is so sympathetic to the muslims............
          Hillary is dumb as a brick. Between her, Noblamya, and Holder, they have screwed up our country.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          A brick is a very intelligent thing compared to Hillary. I think that she is probably as dumb as a bag of hammers.

        • GramE

          I am not sure that Hillary is dumb - more like wily. Remember when she laughed at her early years when she was campaigning for Goldwater?
          I am sure that Billy Boy is promoting her so that he can became the First Man - or is that First Gentleman? or what would be his name??

        • Mike6

          Hillary is gaining weight and she never washes her hair. I read that Huma dresses in Prada and Chanel and they sleep in the same bedroom. Hillary dresses like a frump. I know that Obama hates women as much as Chairman Mao ( Mao never took a bath) hated women and that is why the WON married a girl who looks like a man

      • paul

        You guys get nuttier all the time. Obama couldn't blame the attacks on Romney because no one including Romney is that stupid. Obama said Romney should have perhaps got the facts before he issued his inaccurate statement. Embassy statement against religious intolerance came BEFORE the terrorist attacks. So really figute out some other thing you hate about the illegal with the fat, dumb, ugly, gay gorilla wife. And be sure to comment on how ugly and fat Hillary looked and maybe a Bill joke. Or go eat some more chicken. Does the soul good. FACTS....Lets try to get them in our tirades.

        • patriot

          You liberal bummer party is a anti American bunch of leftist tree hugging, baby killing, homo loving pricks

        • XX

          Paul, the point is not timing, it is the fact that Clinton apologized to a foreign nation for an American using their rights of free speech. She is apologizing for our Constitution, and the freedom it guarantees us. Now they want to prosecute the film maker? I don't care what was in the film, he has the right in this country to make it.

        • Mike6

          Obama won in 2008 because our Pravda media hid his muslim background, marxist sypathies, and black power loyalties, and these are the three pillars of modern hate. What a terrible background for an American President. However, I am so not sure that he will win next November

        • GramE

          I believe that O will win. I would give all I own (not much - I'm like the widow who gave her pence and was commended ) if I am wrong. The probability is that if O wins, they will take all I own.

        • Mike6

          You may be right, but I am of the opinion that this horrible Egyptian muslim violence will unmask his muslim background, marxist loyalties, and total incompetance. The WON cares nothing for America or our Constitution. HE preached freedom and democracy to Cairo students after they have been under the moolahs for 1300 years. The man is an idiot.
          I predict the Romney will win with 51% of the vote and that is still a victory. I will be pleased to buy Obama and Moochlle one way, first class, airline tickets back to Africa.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

        Hillary can't even take care of Bill and her own house, she is not capable of taking care of the house of America.

        • Mike6

          I have a friend who knows a woman who went to college with Hillary. She told him that no girl would dare enter the woman's locker room when Hillary was inside. I read somewhere that Huma ( she dresses in Prada and Chanel) and Hillary share the same bedroom. Hillary dresses as a frump and never washes her hair.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

        Obviously to me BHO's entire focus is on Romney, no matter what else is going on in the world. Attack, attack, attack Romney. So then there is Romney's response. Taking the high road and offering up positive leadership for our future. Should we vote for the current negative approach or the positive one. You get to decide soon.

        • Mike6

          I predict that Romney will win with 51% of the vote and that is still a victory. I will be pleased to buy Obama and Moochelle one way, first class airline tickets back to Africa.

    • Remington 870

      Answer...we have a communist Muslim occupying the White House. This fake president continually trashes Christians and panders to Muslims. A new era for the Crusades is ongoing and this fake president must go or I will be seeing you on the battlefield.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jan.owen.56 Jan Owen

        The thing to remember is that Obama didn't just magically appear on the scene...
        He was voted into office by a bunch of morons. Those morons represent about 50% of our population. So, when you look around you for who's to blame for this disaster we're in, it's about half of everyone you know. It's your neighbors, and your family. Someone needs to wise these morons up...
        Lacking that (most folks in America today are too busy playing with their latest i-phone, or watching TV, and have NO clue what's going on in the rest of the world), EVERY ONE OF US needs to go to the polls and VOTE this November.
        The current state of affairs stink, and it's as a result of idiots at the polls... Only WE can fix this... We can't blame someone else... Voters did this, and voters MUST fix it!!!

        • FED UP

          EXCELLENT JAN, Couldn't have stated it any better.

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.tomei.75 Joe Tomei

          Here here! I havemade someenemies and some friends but I am determined to let the facts out. this is the responsibility of all American's. to realize just what is at stake this next elelction!
          "just Sayin"

        • John The Baptist

          Jan, do you realy think for one minute that your vote is going to count for anythink come Nov.? Well kido I hate to tell you you are mitaken. If BHO thinks he's going to lose, he will enact martial law and kill every chance of leaving the White House.

      • 18corn

        I am with you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

      First off, When you have a MUSLIM President you ARE going to be SUPPRESSED in what you say ! So much for the FIRST adm.of OUR Constitution !! Now our Feds are going after a man exposing the Muslims? WHY? Obama oped OUT our seal-team 6 and NOW they WILL GO AFTER OUR Troops to kill them. These planned attacks like the one that killed OUR 4 Americans-2 of which were retired Seals, will happen again BECAUSE OUR PREZ. OPTED THEM OUT !!

    • http://www.facebook.com/wally.stewart2 Wally Stewart

      ill try to
      we have a admitted muslim s presidentw who said in his that he would stand behind muslims so what can is say he's living up to it, i look for the muslims in this country to riot next an thnere be no elactions, the fraud n chief will decalre martial law i pray im wrong, ans americans wake up before it's to late

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.tomei.75 Joe Tomei

        Get ready this is next! Obummer already signed the declaration of amrtial Law and presidential mandate back , I think, in May of this year. This may be the only way he stays in office and this is how Hitler came to power as a dictator. The left 50% is in denial of this fact.
        "just saying"

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • GWC

      If I were to make a statement that I will kill all non-Christians, I would be arrested for making a threat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.carr.731 Craig Carr

      Its because The GREAT Muslum Obama says you cant!!!!!:(

    • msgirl

      Can't explain. Irrational. It's all bizarre and the most bizarre is us cowtowing (sp) to these idiots. Look at Hillary, Jay Carney, and bho all going around apologizing to these people. Disgusting. So, no. Cannot be explained. That would make sense and we can't have THAT!

    • SallyE

      They are thugs. Their goal is to instill fear in the rest of us so that we are afraid to speak out. Eventually they plan to force us all to convert and sharia law will be the law in every land.

    • johnanaguski

      well it may be time to turn the table on this.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      It's all about the so-called "Liberals" invention of Political Correctness. We're supposed to know how to think. Eventually, we're supposed to learn what to think.

    • rwduncan

      Iwareagle, This is all Hussein Obama's doing. Since the day he walked into all of our lives everything has gone to hell!!!!!! He is a muslim, just like his father ( his words not mine) and he has defended everything muslims do and fought Christains! He got rid of National prayer day, but yet has the muslim brotherhood meet at the White House. When are people going to wake up and realize what this man is doing to our country!! We will be living in a third world country if Obama gets his way, because he hates America ( no matter what his persona) and will destroy America for good if given another 4 years! God help us all!!!

    • Disgusted

      There isn't any explanation for it. Sorry.

    • shamil

      Nothing on earth can explain this. Spiritual battle? End times delusion?

    • cyberhackster

      Ask your mus-slime presidente

    • victorbarney

      History: The founder of Islam was a caravan robber named Mohammed, who robbed raped, and mudered all infidels in his name! He then comes across both Christianity & the Jewish people in his terrorist campaign & copied their techniques of religion in the 600's I'm sure that it was, although centering his NEW RELIGION upon himself, a notorious murderer, robber, rapist, & TERRORIST! That is the TRUE STORY OF ISLAM, who CONQUERED ALL THE MIDDLE EAST, AS WELL AS, ALL EUROPE IN HIS TERRORIST'S CONQUESTS! Did I also mention that one of his wifes was like 6 years old, so he obviously also was into pederasty(sexual relations with children)! That's history folks! Just saying what's already been written in the history books...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

      kinda like it is OK for Malick Shabazz to say he is going to kill white babies and skin honkies;;;but I can not say I am going to kill a ni666er,

    • krmike

      Like there muslim comrade nobama they fancy themselves as superior beings !!!!

    • willyt

      It's the same philosophy that allows a bank robber to rob banks and if anyone tries to stop him gives him permission to kill them - because they are interfering with his decisions and plans, wants and desires.

    • notoshariah

      THEse are"throw-backs" from the 15th century-and they will whine- be the victim no matter what --- and attack when the time is set-- It had nothing to do with the film--It was planned for 9/11 . Hillary and bho being complicit is what lets them continue, This is a government and Congress complicit with this evil of islam.

    • GramE

      Because we Christians never denigrate other religions! We just try gently to explain how much better the Christian way of life is. One of the ministers in my church is so gentle and kind that she is a socialist. I am very frustrated - we are taught to love all mankind. WWJD?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alice-Ingham/1231190556 Alice Ingham

      There is no explaining it !!! very sad

    • Raymond

      Barack be nimble

      Barack be quick
      Barack be history
      November 6th.

    • Raymond

      Because there's a muslim sitting in the oval office.

    • letitsnow1

      obumna will not go against them for they are his people and his plan is to change AMERICA to islam, and sharia law.

    • Judy Ladd

      I dont think they like their own religion. but if they say that, they can be killed.. they are a truely unhappy bunch... they would rather be out killing than being peaceful. all that junk about being a religion of peace is untrue or else they would BE PEACEFUL.. and learn to ignore the few who tick them off.. like we Christians have been doing for years..... i used to get mad about the adult cartoon that depicted Jesus as a hippie.. and made him say terrible things on that dumb show. but we Christians did not murder the creators or bomb the tv station.. they are like unruly, distrubed children..

    • yo

      Your country is totaly dependant apon thier oil ...and your share holders don't want to loose thier investments ...lol

    • Mike6

      Obama is still praising the Arab Spring because he is a muslim. He and Hillary dropped Mubarek and Kaddafi under the bus because Mubarek and Kaddafi were pro-Western and they reminded Obama of British and French ancient colonialism. Obama is still angry about Churchill suppressing the Mau Mmau rebellion in British East Africa and the humiliations that his African grandfather may have suffered from the British.
      The WON is blaming the muslim violence on that silly video and I can't understand how a nasty video can go out into the streets, murder people, and burn down a building.
      He and Hillary are idiots. Hillary should retire before she is run out of town, and she should keep an eye on Bill before he exposes himselt to a younger Paula Jones.

  • agbjr

    Marxists and Muslims care not a whit for our Constitution and cherished rights. The only thing they understand is violence and death so ... nuke 'em and be done with it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

      Do not forget that Jorge "Wetbacker" Bush said "That Goddam Constitution" when advised one of his liberal schemes would violate it. There is not a politician in Washington who protects the Constitution. The Republican Party is just as abusive of the Constitution as the Democrats. Both parties must be cleared out of Washington and true Americans elected.

      • Patriot bob

        To Don Rorschach. Notice NOBODY agrees with you stupid? You are an idiot.





    • 1marg

      Is it true that our Marines were not allowed to carry live ammo?
      If this is true, why are Social Security security guards (union) allowed to be armed with .3 57 holl low pt. bull ets?

      Are foreigners safer than US citizens?

      • medivac

        A good C.O. would "slip" his troops some ammo. There are several good C.O.s in the Corps, too !!

        • 1marg

          You give me hope.

      • lou7

        It probably is true. The troops in Afghanistan training the Afghan police and military were not allowed to carry loaded guns but the trainees were and that is how 10-15 of our troops were killed in cold blood. When all were killed OUR government gave permission to load the weapons of our soldiers.


        And the guy at Ft. Hood was not a terrorist according to OBAMA THE NUT.

        • 1marg

          I only wish he was a nut. I don't know whether to call him Adolf obama or barack hussein Stalin.

          His executive orders (coupled with his well-armed civilian (union) army) show he is just waiting to make his move to destroy what's left of our freedoms.

          Nothing else makes sense.

    • ves

      What damn Law Enforcement are they doing these days ... Oh! Forgot harrassing Legal US Citizens and leaving ALL of uS Borders UnProtected!!

      • Phillip_in_TX

        They DIDN'T pay! That is what all the uproar was about.

    • Deb

      so we are to follow the rules and be treated like dung? same demo dog crap. hope your daughters aren't treated to their rules.

  • PMDavis

    This administration still going after this filmmaker and apologizing for his film completely shows their ignorance of what's really going on here or their coverup of the truth. Obama and Clinton, the two that are the most responsible for opening the doors of America to these radicals and they are not going to do anything to stand in their way. The grandson of the original founder of the Muslim Brotherhood has been given cart blanche to our country when all other president's have denied him entry into this country. We are seeing what is going to start happening in this country once they feel they are strong enough to get away with it and be backed by this administration. We haven't even begun to see what is going to happen to this country if Obama gets re-elected.

    • DWinch

      Shutting people up who speak out against is-lame is one of the first steps in implementing sharia law in America. All American's had better wake up to what our so called president is up to.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

      Hillary Clinton's No. 1 assistant is a Muslim who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. When this was pointed out by several Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner and Senator John McCain attacked those Republicans. It is time for a wholesale clean-out of those in Washington.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Washington D.C. needs one GIANT enema!

      • NewOrleans143

        Really?! Well I don't know about McCain...I think he is half and half....even tho' he got my vote....I would not do it again! Boehner needs a kick in the rear too! New blood.....new blood!

  • conscience voter

    The film is irrelevant; anyone that has a functioning brain knows that. But, after having seen it, I would say that, if anything, it does show the twisted teachings that are being thrust upon the civilized world. Realistically, these radicals are responsible for their own actions and using an obscure made-in-the-garage amateur movie as an excuse for sodomizing and killing is unthinkable. That kind of rhetoric should be stopped cold. Again, the media is out there perpetuating an unbelievable idea and sucking up to the very barbaric criminals that should be exterminated as soon as possible. Justice will be served when the Liberals who facilitate all this be sentenced to live out their pitifully revolting lives in one of those back-to-B.C. Arab countries.

  • Proudamerican

    There simply would be a lot more people against muslims if they knew what was contained in the koran about killing those that do not convert to islam. No legitimate religion condones violence or killing those of another religion. islam is nothing but a political cult where some claim power and thus resources on the backs of the naive. The naive masses live mostly in misery as a result. Take a good look America-oblama is trying to accomplish this right now in our country, he just wont tell the truth about his intentions! As in the middle east, the naive masses put this phony in power not realizing that he will use them for cannon fodder as well as everyone else.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

      Proudamerican, you are correct that the problem is millions upon millions of IGNORANT Americans.

    • Wrangler Rob

      Well said.

      Come on November - we need a real American President who grew up in the USA and understands that we have done more to free people and develop 3rd world nations than any other nation in the history of mankind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

    Everyone should be insulted, how dare they make a movie critical of a pedophile, butt lovin, wanna be demi god with delusions of grandeur.

    • DWinch

      So you're saying Mohammed was a democrat?

      • Phillip_in_TX

        With those qualifications, he could be the head of the DNC!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

        Yes! :) I wondered if anyone would pick up on that

  • Tim

    Suppose this film was made/paid for by the AGITATORS ... after all, it showed up at a very interesting time in our history(9/11 + 11). We don't need to hunt for anyone ... except for a new President!

  • Atikva

    "anti muslim" ? Th'at's a laugh! The whole story reeks of islam taqyiah.

    Who else but muslims would systematically put the blame on Jews and Christians for whatever they find not to their liking? Why would 2 Egyptians create a moronic video that drew no one's attention for 2 months, then send the link to muslim newspapers just on time for the anniversary of 9/11, while pretending to be American/Israeli Jews? And why, once their identities known, would they change their minds and pretend to be Christian Copts ?

    • MYinsight

      Because Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood are.....well....just saying....something does not pass the smell test. Who has even seen the movie? Does it really exist? Does Obama want to bring this country down as a Muslim himself? Does Obama want to be president of the world? Will this escalate to the point where Obama calls off the elections? Don't sell these lying, corrupt, godless people short. They have an agenda. That is convert or you're dead all Christians and Jews. Just saying....Obama is one of them.

  • sebastiancchristi

    what do we expect from a muslim...they elected a man who wanted to change the US...well, he is and the wrong way...its not for the better...how can our president, so called, bow to another dictator...that should give us some evidence of who he was and is...would he kiss or bow to the Pope...the head of the largest denomination in the world?....

  • 1marg

    Didn't Michael Moore make this film?

    • medivac

      I heard he made this film from a reliable source !! It was supposed to star several liberal actors , also. Clint Eastwood WASN'T included in the lot of them.

    • ves

      Actually I thought obama ... the clintons ... harry reid ... nancy pelosi ... barney franks ... rev wright .... thought this up and had the film made to start trouble and then they would play hero!! Thought I heard their muslim brotherhood staff and friends said this!! Hmmmm .... I mean it was on 9-11 and so well planned an coordinated and the guards weren't even allowed AMMO and our people were raped and tortured before they were killed!!

      • 1marg

        The live ammo that IS allowed to be used is at Homeland Security, Social Security Admin and the weather bureau. And it's deadly ammo--the kind the Geneva Convention won't allow our military to use overseas. Adolf obama has plans for those holl ow pts. on our soil and against our fellow countrymen.

    • Patriot bob

      Michael Moore is more likely to be on the side of the terrorists.

  • Brendajanetorres

    Bush took the war TO them....Obama has BROUGHT it to us!

  • rich_47

    Don't they always say"What a non-violent religion they are"? I guess I must have really missed something here!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      It must have a slip up. You know, violent and non-violent sound so much alike! Hey, we can substitute the word "DEADLY" for non-violent, no confusion there!

  • ObozoMustGo

    "Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity" - ObozoMustGo
    Have a nice day!

  • lou7

    All the garbage we and especially our children are subjected to in hollywood films and they are going after this amateur? This is just more instance of Eric Holder picking and choosing who and what he will prosecute regardless of our constitution.

    Wake up America, is this what you want for our future?

  • neleh

    I would not be surprised to hear that our own government was behind all of this

  • samtman

    They have been looking for him for cheating people out of money, cheating banks out of money not for the movie. Freedom of speech lets any idiot do or say anithing he wants. The FBi Fodrenclik team is in Libya working with the Libyan Government now looking for the killers, So far 4 suspects have been arrested, The dornes are already out there looking for them, like the FBI the drones get our enemies every time, So far drones have taken down some 25 tiop Alkaeda leaders and about 300 Alkeada fighters accoding to the military. Don't you worry Obama will get these killers too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132616097 Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Muslims do not like the fact that Muhammed was everything the Video sad He is no nothing but a BUM. Allah was one of three hundred gods he worshiped and he pick the moon god Allah he is made up just like Islam man made not made by God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.miller.37604 Jerry Miller

    Is it any wonder this administration would go after the guy that is using the 1ST Amendment. This White House is communist and they don't believe in free speech, after all, they and we are being lead by a communist Muslim and we are sure not going to disavow anything Muslim, but we'll help them bury Israel. This will continue if he is not voted out, or until the White House is rushed by Patriots, which ever comes first...

  • Barb

    I would like to know why our Ambassador was raped. I was under the impression that the Muslims didn't tolerate such activity and condemn it...what, by death, or whatever means of punishment they feel appropriate? The news media simply ignored that...if it is true. But then they seem to be pretty consistent in ignoring truths...

  • drtevans

    lets see.... hummmm... hilary is a liberal slut, obama is a muslim kenyan fag, biden is his
    su ck buddy, harry reid is an old homo that has outlived what little usefulness he ever had and the democratic party has strayed so far from its roots is is just a farce. Politics in general both dem and repub have abandoned the people and we live in a socialist soceiety rewarding failure.
    Dont know the answer but armed resistance seems the only alternative left

  • http://twitter.com/stevor_h steve holmes
  • JaniceSix

    Are you getting this America? You better make your voice heard loud and clear in November!

  • CaptTurbo

    It's simple folks. Get the Muslim out of the White House and flush the Senate.

  • http://2wheels2lanes1camera.blogspot.com Ryderwriter

    Where is your evidence the "FEDS hunt the anti-Muslim filmaker." Facts man. Where are your facts??!!

    • drtevans

      check numerous news services he is being "sought for questioning" aka the gestapo wants him

  • Disgusted Patriot

    Hmmm, perhaps we need a new Presidential edict from Barry suspending free speech so we don't offend those sensitive, peace loving muslim extremists.

  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

    FBI = F*** Bravery and Integrity.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hector.da.98 Hector Da

      Remember, the FBI is guided by the Administration of Obamination

  • Captain America

    This has nothing to do with the movie, and everything to do with Islamic nutcases wanting to hurt America on the anniversary of 9-11. The media is too stupid to see through this, as is the Administration.

  • vietnamvet1971

    The Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment is the Problem.

    • drtevans

      1.7 billion dollars in aid to an oil rich country like egypt that allows this anti american bulls hit. go figure with people hungry in the USA

      • Phillip_in_TX

        The "priorities" are definitely screwed up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

    It is understandable that the police arm of the U.S. government is tracking down the producer of a film showing the filth that is Islam since the President of the United States of America is a Muslim. Islam is not a religion, it is a form of oppressive government like Nazism and Communism. The film had nothing to do with the scummy Muslim attacks on the embassies. It was another celebration of the murder of 3,000+ Americans on 9/11 and thugs like Mayor Bloomberg wants to build a Muslim shrine celebrating that attack.

  • ste1021

    This administration certainly does have its priorities!

    • drtevans

      but they are not the uSA or its people

      • ste1021

        Right on!

    • http://www.facebook.com/hector.da.98 Hector Da

      Yeah! Side with the Muslims.

      • ste1021

        You got that right!

  • freedomforall

    It is apparent that odumbo's foreign policies and his apologetic approach didn't and doesn't work. Muslims hate us just as much now and they did four years ago. It is time to oust this cretin from the WH along with his anti-American, lying wife and their entire 200+ entourage that we are supporting. In fact, send them both back to his country of origin, Kenya. Odumbo has no one to blame for this mess than himself and his lack of leadership. He was better off remaining the poor community organizer (socialist) he was meant to be.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      I'd rather see him doing 20 to Life at the Super Max Prison in Colorado. He can hang out with Richard Reid (?) the shoe bomber.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HM63OD3M3DCXW4RFTETVMJBMOM Shell

    Often when you try to "shut someone up" it has the opposite effect. Remember Chick fil A? When someone's freedom is threatened is when they get strong and deifient and eager to revolt!

  • rmwayne

    I've been saying for the past four years that the federal govt. is as much an enemy of real Americans as the muslim goons they take up for. Looks like I'm more and more right every day now. And these left wing politicians like Obama and company along with ordinary muslims and their atheist allies continue to show their hatred for Christians worldwide to the point where sooner or later it's going to get violent in this country too. It's in north Africa now, but sooner or later they're going to be ready to kill all non muslims in this country too. Lock and load people, unless you want to end up like the Christians who have already been murdered in north Africa.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karaoke60 Dennis M. Young

    If the Feds are looking for this filmmaker for any reason other than to provide him with security from brain dead Islamic terrorists then we should all be standing between those officers and this man. These things which occured on September 11, 2012 were planned well in advance of the occurance and had nothing to do with any film. The followers of Mohamed are animals who bow to the memory of a thug and criminal...If he was a prophet he fell in the same catagory as Satin and should have been made into pig food rather than emulated and worshiped. There is only one of two ways to win this war on stupidity and radical terrorist violence. You have to either kill them all or out terrorize them in the fashion of General Pershing a century ago. An even Pershings cure was shortlived because fear fades with time if not actively reinforced from time to time. Maybe making a parking lot out of Iran, Egypt, Syria, and all the other U.S. (and western civilization hating areas) would get the attention of the survivors and make them give up their 1000 year war on the west.

  • djw663

    Remember it was Bush's fault! So now the attacks where because of this ridicules video. Blame everyone but the real owner of these attacks. Hillary failed and Obama failed.

  • eezzed

    Just wondering.... Does anyone know if Christine is a US citizen????

  • flaphil

    So the Muslims don't like a film made here. I don't like most of the films either, but I don't pick out someone to kill. Muslims cheer and chant when an American is killed, I don't go to one of their embassies and kill their ambassador. But yet again, Obama's regime is blaming US for what the Muslims did, not the bad guys. And the Democrats and many Americans picked him as a leader of the free world. What free world? Free for the Muslims to kill us and for Obama to humiliate us? Anyone that votes for this idiot again must be very very very anti American.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1533846184 Leah LoneBear

    Tell the feds we have a constitution

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    See this is the simple lesson today kids. YOu just dont pick on the government poster children.

  • RangerMom1

    Why did you leave the most important part of this article to the very last sentence? It seems plausible to me from reading the Political Outcast article http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/09/was-the-anti-muslim-film-actually-produced-by-muslims-and-blamed-on-christians/#ixzz26SraZrBf that it was in fact produced by muslims.

    • ed in Alabama

      I would like to believe that, but Moslems have no need to orchestrate a reason for violence. It is in their blood, and what culture they might have. They are raised from birth to hate Christians and Jews......and any other people they choose to include. They truly fear Judeo/Christian values as well as all freedoms. These things take away control. Especially from the Moslem men. Ever noticed that females have no rolls of responsibilty.....other than to do the bidding of the husbands. Those husbands are not real men! Not in the recognized sense. FEAR is the main component of Islam......fear and control. Until the Moslem/heathen hordes overrun the Infidels, they will pursue you and me and all freedom loving people. I was listening to a talk radio show recently and a caller made the inane comment that Obama is really trying to save us all......and protect us from violence. The host of the show said....."so, Kool Aid really is the next step, huh?" Kind of made me want to start buying up all of the Kool Aid and flushing it. Unfortunately that is about as realistic of an approach as is what we are doing now.......sitting back and waiting to be "overrun."

  • ves

    I want whoever gave these peoples names to the press to be charged with breaking their oath of office and high treason!! Sick of these so called leaks!!
    This movie didn't cause this ... these attacks were well planned and coordinated and the guards weren't allowed AMMO ... what are they supposed to do spit at them???
    The ROT starts at the TOP in the WHITEHOUSE!!

  • Deb

    the muslims attacking us are ignorant dogs who don't believe what they have been taught, they listen to their masters and do their bidding while they are laughing their butts off at these fools. We should not allow these people to tell us what to think, even though the vote at the dems convention showed us God is being thrown out of their party, if you had your ears open the nay's had it for kicking out God or the arabs, they didn't vote on which opne they objected to. It is our country, if you don't like what we do or say go back to where you came from, don't expect our business or money or food.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486141321 Joanne Satmary

    As I watch these martyrs being brought back to the United States their murderer is there to give aulogy. Why aren't we hanging him for treason. If you do not like this post delete it but it is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ed in Alabama

    This is typical of the discreet (if you would!) predjuice Mr. Prez harbors for non-Muslims. The film maker has three reasons to be despised by the Administration.....(1) The fillm was based on the truth regarding MOOOOhamad and IS-SLIME. Moohamm married his own cousin at her mature, ripe old age of 6. The child reportedly became impregnated between the age of 9 and 13. (2) The film maker reportedly is an AMERICAN. Not the wishy washy, knee jerk liberal type, but a solid, upstanding AMERICAN....who had the intestinal fortitude to speak out and tell it like it is! (3) He is Jewish....and embraces the true Judeo/American values that speak for most all true Americans. I am afraid this is the path that our Great Country is now taking, under the lack of leadership we have. I hope and PRAY to God that WE can change this course. Otherwise freedom loving Christians and Jews are doomed....world wide!

  • Thomas Allen

    There are so many good comments that I would like to reply to and support. But, I think at this point the bottom line is that we currently have a government that is not for the people, by the people nor of the people. Our nation does not come first. Everyone else is more important to our Government than we are. My gosh, even our speech spells disaster. We use us and the government as two entirely different bodies, when we are supposed to be the government. Now Cornelius Dolt, what you said may be true to a point, but then why are we always involved in everyone else's country with our men paying the ultimate price. How did we get Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden without getting out of our jurisdiction? And why should we care anyway, they sure don't. You're basically saying that we have to play by the rules and they don't. Heck, people got more upset about hazing of some terrorists in that Iraqi prison than they did about them announcing, publicizing, and bragging about beheading our people. I think we need to get our priorities straight and that being first and foremost, that America comes first before any other government or country.

  • feotu

    This is akin to killing the hounds in a fox hunt, apologizing to the fox and then letting the fox bite you.

  • ed in Alabama

    Correction....."Judeo/Christian values.......

  • savage24

    With the upside down government of the Obama regime, this shouldn't be a surprise. The Justice Department has become the Department of Injustice. We still have a State Department, but we don't know who's state they represent. We also do not know who's homeland the Department of Homeland Security is securing, but we do know it's not ours. This is only a small sample of the Obama administration and it shows that this country is in deep doo doo. Make your vote count in November, don't vote Democrat!

  • Greg137

    False hype is a crime, but making a movie is not a crime,or we wouldn't have Uwei Boll films.. A religion that is centered around genocide is supported by the Left, but any other public reference to God who taught us to love our neighbor, and to love our enemies is forbidden? This is more proof Liberals are murderers themselves, and they celebrate their own!

  • urbisoler

    The Obama Administration can harp on the video all they want but I say with equal confidence that it was the killing of Osama bin laden that has led to these uprisings in the mi-East and Africa. Therefore, the President of the the United States is equally responsible for the chaos along with the video maker. No, more responsible!! The film maker simply made a film. Obama killed people. So, who is most responsible?!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DonR2010 Don Rorschach

    Everyone should go see the movie "2016."

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beverly-Irvine/100000878247062 Beverly Irvine

    This is a distraction from the responsibility of the matter. Make a lot of noise over there and maybe people will forget your messes! No way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gloria-Wedemeyer/100000979472300 Gloria Wedemeyer

    See the Feds will track down this film maker but did absolutely nothing on tracking down who was responsible for Fast and Furious. Are the saying the ambassador was more important than a border agent. I am quite sick of all this and don't think for a moment that this film caused the chaos. It was just used as an excuse. How about all the nuts who bash Christians at every turn right here in this country. How about all the disgusting films that are made showing soft porn and all kinds of awful things. The radical muslims truly hate Americans and this is why this happened.

  • Greg137

    The original film had a different script.. It was believed to be scrripted by a muslim...

  • CalPaul1949

    A Muslim president going after someone with the guts to make a film of how Mohammed really was according to the Muslim Surrahs. Go figure.

  • forrealcommonsense

    The feds ought to be surveiling every Mosque and Muslim places of gathering, that's where the real crimes are being committed, not to one who speaks the truth about their religion. As for Crescent News Network reporter Christiane Amanpour she is out of her veil...

  • Billy

    ABC journalist Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday compared the rioting and murder that followed Middle Eastern anger over an anti-Islamic movie to yelling ‘fire in a crowded theater.’
    You are WRONG Christiane as you have been about so many things on your shows.

  • Lowell

    Diplomacy is a good thing when you are dealing with people of good faith. When they burned our flag,raped and murdered our Citizens time for diplomacy had passed. While those cut throats were grouped together we should have taken action to prevent them from ever doing something like this again. I suppose we had to do something so issuing a sympathy statement to the Cut Throats and going after the film maker was the logical next best thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.ake Ray Ake

    WHAT did you expect from him ??? he's been french kissing the muzzie's but so long,,and he doesen't want t lose his money from them eather..or his future home.. BY liberal law the muzzie's have the right's,,NOT AMERICAN'S,,,,so get busy and help VOTE him out of OUR country...

  • Ruthie3

    There is an even more sinister motive behind this and it's soon appearing in USA if Obama is reelected!
    · PICKET: Egyptian prime minister calls out U.S. government to abide by 'international charters' on producers of anti-Muslim film
    by Kerry Picket — Published September 13, 2012 Comments (5)Egypt's prime minister said on Wednesday that the U.S. government is not to blame for a film that was made in the United States and found to offensive to Muslims. However, he wants the federal government to take a "firm position toward" the film producers, reports Reuters. : "What happened at the U.S. embassy in Cairo is regrettable and rejected by all Egyptian people and cannot be justified, especially if we consider that the people who produced this low film have no relation to the (U.S.) government," Prime Minister Hisham Kandil said, reading out a statement. He added: "We ask the American government to take a firm position toward this film's producers within the framework of international charters that criminalize acts that stir strife on the basis of race, color or religion." While Americans may scoff at the idea of foreign countries dictating to the United States what our free ...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Hitchcock/1155035390 Rick Hitchcock

    The nuts and murders are going to be so sad when they sift through the ashes of the consulant and find cases of burnt Quarns that were supposed to be distributed by the U.S government. They will probably have to burn more building because or their rage against america for not keepng the unpoetic masterpeice in a fireproof vault.

  • steven60

    The first thing we have to get past, is that this may not be a first amendment issue, but a conspiracy, to give Al Qeda, an opportunity to inflame the Muslim people and to make America look bad, and strike back at America on 9/11 for killing and bragging about Osama Bin Laden. We have feds in Lybia, Eygpt, and Yemen, so lets find the jerk who made the film and find out the truth.

  • kpjlaw

    Part of the Obama philosopy. 1. Repeal the First Amendment. 2. Apologize to Islamic terrorists. Disgusting.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      3. Repeat # 2 as often as necessary.

  • Jeff

    Were we supposed to expect a different response from the anti-American scum in Washington ????

  • Docs357

    This guy is the most repulsive biased evil twisted repugnant excuse for for a human being since time began to be recorded. We have no laws no freedom, no liberty no Constitution as long as we have him! Freedom or Obozzo Get him packed and ready to go.
    When he loses this election all the illegals hes let stay here will turn on us plus every radical muslim he has curried favor too . We let this happen we must stop it.. The last four years have been his opportunity to disgrace America the American people our way of life The God we worship; he has not missed a beat . IMPEACH HIM NOW. before he kills more innocent people .

  • JacktheFAC

    This goes right along with Caliph Hussein the Obamanation and his islamic upbringing.

  • ratler

    My thoughts are :That this man is an eccessory to murder,and should be held responsible. You are free to say anything you want but you cannot holler fire in a closed theater when there isn't a fire.each of us is responsible for what we say.I say some bad thing about muslimes and to me this is justifided, but I wouldn't want them killing someone else because of what I say. Of corse they are to chicken sh-t to come after me

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.gulliford.92 Robert Gulliford

    All This And At The Same Time InterPol Are Seeking A Lady Whose Crime Is Apostacy. She Left Islam. Who Or What Is Now Ruling?

  • Patriot bob

    Where are the "peace loving" Muslims voice in this. Don't be fooled. They ALL want us DEAD. There is NO SUCH THING as a good Muslim. In the Quran they are told to LIE and DECEIVE.
    It is time to act when our Ambassador is RAPED, KILLED, AND DRAGGED THRU THE STREETS to the cheering of everyone there. When are we going to MAN UP????

  • colleenf

    Islam is a cult of death and destruction.......death to those who do not believe as they do.....destruction of personal liberties and freedoms except as those deemed appropriate by the a 7th century thug, pedophile, rapist, and murderer.
    Heard a comment by a retired Army general yesterday: "You kill four of ours, we kill 400 of yours."
    Not a bad idea.
    It just makes me sick to see those four caskets taken off the plane..........and then obama and hillary at the podium.

  • debrazz

    Obama and Hillary need to be applauded with this stunt! Talking about going around the barn to change the first admendment. There is no explanation other then he is on of them.

  • debrazz

    There is no explanation other then a way to change the first amendment...a slow applaud for Obama and Hillary. It won't work though...we are still Americans!

  • Tom

    Only 10 people saw this movie when it was screened 6 months ago. Everybody but the administration knows that this is just an excuse to attack us on a 9/11 anniversary. Actually the adm. knows, they are just lying to protect their sorry a##.

  • mo

    Did the Feds hunt the "artist" who created or the museum that displayed a crucifix in urine (given the name "Piss Christ") … or the Virgin Mary smeared in cow manure? Or the numerous other pieces of anti-Christian "art" No, they did not. In fact, our tax dollars that go to support NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) which funded it and verbally supported it as "art"! I do not recall Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama denouncing either of those two anti-Christianity displays or any other. Anti-Christian art is commonly displayed by federally organizations and many anti Christian policies have been enacted. Would NEA or any other federal institution allow a picture of Mohammed in a jar of urine? or a pile of dung on his face? Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton: tell the truth about what really happened in the Middle East on 9/11 and why it happened (it was not a little video on youtube), the terrible details on how Christopher Stevens unnecessarily died … and why he was not properly protected because of your lack of a solid foreign policy, lack action when warned of an attack, and your unnecessary and pathetic apologies over the years. Talk about how Marines in some areas of the world are not allowed to have bullets in the guns they yield. Obama's actions and inactions have intentionally weakened our country. And when Mr. O talks about bringing those to justice … when will he start? After his campaign re-election tour?

  • mrbp

    Muslims, liberals, democrats, obama, clintons, reid, pelosi, feensteen, turbin durban, bagdad mcdermott. etc etc. They are all terrorists. They hate the USA and want to destroy us. Its a good thing a lot of the old WWI and WWII vets are not here to witness the downfall of this fgreat nation. We can thank the head terrorist in the white house and all the crimminals in conress for allowing this to happen. That goes for all you ignorant voters that put this traitor in office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001278949392 George L. Randle

    When the Government seeks out the Maker of this film, when out government is there to protect out right of free speech, it tells the whole world and our own citizens that their is an empty promise. How are we to have stability in our lives, when those who we have elected are more interested in what is expedient for themselves?

  • Dale in Wy

    Let's examine, for the moment, just exactly what is going on here. First... a poor quality, under budget, under developed movie is presented. Second, radical terrorists, half a world away, suddenly have time to aquire access and watch a movie.... then "plan" a response, but attacking an embassy of the respresented country..... Really?... Really???????
    So.. with all that all over the "News"... just what is really happening all over the country... this one... not that one.... what is someone doing that they don't want anyone to see.. take notice of... ... .. .. oh.. wait.. just who would be KNOWN to do that?... who has been doing that tactic, since occupying the office? Ok.. so we now know why the movie.. thing was brought out.. and we know for what purpose.. and it is working quite well.
    What we don't know ..... is why. Not to get an embassy shot up... people killed... war declared... but something far far more sinister. The diversion is very seldom ever... as evil as the act it is to cover.

  • cordwinder

    Tyranny of government at work, Obama has failed america

  • FuukkinFedUP

    Posted once before and I'll post it again Once this whole attack started (especially on the day it started) a true leader would have evacuated all Americans from all foriegn embassies being threatened. A day later if the violence continued a missle should have landed creating a giant void where the embassy used to stand and to the entire surrounding area of problemed individuals. Send the ambassador of that country (and any other citizens of that country residing here in ours that have a problem with it) back to their country with a one way ticket and a message that this is the way it is. Want us out? No problem, we'll leave... and leave nothing behind. Immigration from your country to ours will cease immidiately. Funding from our country to yours will cease immediately. Good luck and goodbye.

  • urbisoler

    The Obama Administration can harp on the video all they want but I say with equal confidence that it was the killing of Osama bin laden that has led to these uprisings in the mi-East and Africa. Therefore, the President of the the United States is equally responsible for the chaos along with the video maker. No, more responsible!! The film maker simply made a film. Obama killed people. So, who is most responsible?!?!

  • determented

    Who in h##ll thinks this is the fault of a movie it is the movement by hillary and obama by putting the muslim brotherhood into power in egypt and giving them something like 1.5 billion dollar gift so they can use it to overthrow our embassy and murder our people which I would bet were unarmed just as our military trainers were in Afghanistan. Libya, didnt obummer send planes and bombs with out congressional approval with money. Now who believes this is the fault of a movie and the producer, it was planned long before this and obummers appoligies at the time of him taking office. The of blood these people lie in the hands of the ones who are trying to blame the producer and Mitt Romney who talked about the foreign policy of obummer long before this took place and he is darn right to point out the failure of hillary and obama and neither of them are qualified to do the job they have now. Why does either of them protest the desecration of Christianity by the muslims and why does obummer cover up anything pertaining to Christ before he makes a speech regardless of where he speaks and why is he on tape callin himself a muslim on many different occasions? why does he also profess to be a Christian when it is im possible to be both? Why are Christians put to death in muslim territory and you never hear aword of protest from obama or clinton?Why is the Crucifix put in a jar of urine and called art here in the US? Now who do you think believes you are guiltless in this atrocity.

  • Patriot bob

    Don't forget that the "New" leaders of Egypt are the Black Muslims. Obama gave the 1.5 BILLLION DOLLARS.

  • jazboo

    These media people need to get their heads out of their arses. Americans were killed on American soil by a foreign people. America was attacked ! They didn't deserve to die because someone didn't like a certain movie. When will they start to defend innocent Americans instead of bowing down to muslims?? I guess they have a good example, in their commander -in- chief!

  • JonGon

    The guy that made the crappy film is AN EGYPTIAN !!!!!! AND an EX CON jailed for money scams ! THe local news in LA has already tracked him down and tried to interview him at his house. IT WASN'T AN AMERICAN who made this excuse for killing our people.
    Is anyone connecting the dots here ? They kill AMericans and Americans are apologizing.
    That;s even better than plowing jets into buildings.

  • Pam Peck

    Two of the ugliest people on the face of the earth is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They caused this unrest in the middle east. All the deaths are on their hands. If I were related to anyone who died due to the unrest in the middle east I would sue the United States of America. God help us if they are reelected and God help all Americans who reelect them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jo.mckinley.1238 Jo McKinley

    I worry that Obama is going to be placed back in the White House, even though he is not
    voted in. I understand that Spain is going to verify our Election. Is this true? I know it is impossible for individuals to tell the truth about Obama because of the death threats which they carry out, but just how powerful is his backing? Is is a given that we have to live like this from now on? I know I sound naive, but this i s what I am feeling.

  • Nermal

    It's very simple. If you believe in the Bible or not there is a passage in it that says in the last days the world system world call good evil and evil good. The world has everything backwards. Everything is against the true God's goodness and love.

  • Frank

    Islam is lame!

  • Bigolfascist

    And, this is a surprise?

  • icemancold

    The answer to this question is simple. The MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA is upset that some one would produce a film making fun of his Savior Mohammed and the HOLY KORAN. Therefore OBAMA sent his Federal Goons after the film maker To PACIFY HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS.!!!

  • Carlos Cesena

    We're in trouble. We're already copying Spain's model for government and health care. Soon our public agencies will all be armed and we'll have Spanish type Brutos with Machine guns on our corners. Don't say anything against the government or about enemies of the state

    Do you know how many general strikes they have? If they verify the election, do you think they're any less corrupt than their like minded American socialist counterparts we call democrats?

    As a matter of the 1st amendment, we should ignore the film maker. I haven't seen it but it's just an excuse to attack America. Luckily this may be what we need to get a stronger defense man in our Oval Office

  • daveveselenak

    Oh yes it is criminal when you are living under a dictatorship as we now are! I told the nation, you have the new Hitleremerging and he proves I am right, day by day by day with his regime's totalitarian behavior! When is the rest of the nation going to catch on, I guess when it's to late and they are hauled off to the Fema camps and converted Wal Mart detention camps! Oh, it's comming, believe me it's comming. Baa... baa...baa...

  • Chris

    Usual bunch of lies from the right.

  • RubyTuesday

    Libya will "round up the usual suspects", make a big hoopla about it, and it will be swept under the rug at least until after the election. As for the putz that made the movie... he will be crucified as the "cause" of the Muslim uprising and probably be hiding out with Salman Rushde. Obama really needs to get voted out!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hallett.31 Michael Hallett

    Intel was given that the protests were going to happen, yet Obama decides to do nothing.
    Election time decision, no seated president under foreign duress has been defeated in an election.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Mooselimbs are very sensitive about their carpet flying Profit of Doom. They are incompatible with other life forms and need to be removed from the gene pool

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6QZCIREZYIXWXOJ2A5BUGLWZME Michael

    I guess we have to apologize again for freedom of speech, really? Murders are apologized too, really? Nice strong administration "NOT."

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQK4WNYBO2T6PKD6EZQMJ3NWLE JennieW

    The Satanic neo-cons who greatly desire murder, war, contention, hate and anger between nations, people, religions, races, cultures are behind this horrible, disgusting, untrue, hateful, deceitful piece of movie trash. They are also behind the riots, murders, destruction supposedly being caused by Muslims. The Satanists are extremely devious, sly, deceptive and evil and will go to any and all lengths to cause EVIL. God teaches love, forgiveness and mercy and all true Christians and all true Muslims (who aren't wolves in sheep's clothing) will obey the teachings of God. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and forgiveness is the key to the powers of the universe. The Christians, Jews, Muslims and ALL the religions throughout the world have a COMMON ENEMY, the Satanic bankster-gangster neo-cons who want to destroy all faith in God and rule the world in a one world Satanic totalitarian military police-state dictatorship.

  • the_uglydog

    From this administration? What else would you expect? "Stupid is as stupid does"!

  • forrealcommonsense

    It's a religion that advanced basically by the sword and once you get in it's very hard to get out alive.

  • MYinsight

    You are so right - this whole thing does not add up. The timing of it for one thing. Yes, look at the timing of all this. And the president ignoring the 48 hour warning on 9/11 of all dates. Ask yourself why was it ignored? Is this whole uprising planned or what. And who has even seen that so called culprit? Yes, THE FILM. Does it even exist? And how do we know who actually made the film if it does indeed exist? Something does not pass the smell test here. What will it take to call off the elections? Seriously - We have less than two months to election day. Has our president planned this chaos, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, for purposes of unrest? Yes, what will it take to call off the elections? Satan is alive and well.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TIERLS2PDXYGIGDPN4ZCAVKDVU Mark

    The way it will read in the papers or on the news is the FEDS took him in for his own good and protection. Odumba would send pictures to all of his Muslim friends saying HE LOCKED HIM UP because of the anti-Muslim and does that mean they will come after me because I HATE THEM TOO !!!!!!

  • Jack Broderick

    I wonder if the people in America that are condemning the person that filmed the video have ever hear of freedom of expression. Muslims use their own hatreds against anyone not agreeing with them. What's good for the Goose is good fro the gander.

  • casper2058

    Why would you go after your brothers. These are Obombnic Muslim brothers.

  • twilight

    It time to take our money our people our toys our support and come home. Kick them out of this country, lock the doors and let them kill each other.
    who cares.

  • JonGon

    Check this out LA ABC news. Guy belongs who made little stupid crappy movie that
    that supposedly stated violence belongs to the EGYPTIAN church. View this:

  • Maggietish

    Anyone with half a brain would realize that "911" was the key to the attacks. Our liberal media has changed the reason to the film. Like it or lump the film the Director was within his rights to free speech or is the Obama White House now declaring war on that. They'd rather throw this Director to the wolves than accept the resonsibility for what happened and the responsibility falls on the steps of the President. Why didn't they act on the information they received 2 days prior to the attacks and why didn't they beef up security knowing that "911" was fast approaching? It took 10-12 hours for the White House to even remark on the deaths of Americans and attacks. The President still continued to campaign so its clear his first and only priority is his reelection. The buck stops at the President's desk for these deaths and riots. He has set the tone with Egypt and Libya by always apologizing for America. We are no second class country - we are a world power - wonder why President Obama doesn't see that or why is he trying to change it.

  • ginger

    What else would one expect from a muslim president?? Read his own words and find the answer.

  • Sue

    After reading through the comments already submitted, my only comment is that we better vote the SOBama out of office this November while we still have the right to vote our choices. The longer he stays in office, the worse it will get for the USA!!

  • msgirl

    Thank you, Mr. Boortz! But let's not expect rational thinking to take control when you have a president who stokes irrationality to the max. He LOVES the chaos and attention because it takes the attention away from his OTHER failures in addition to his foreign policies.

  • ToadStool Manor

    What is wrong with this picture...?? This is absolutely astounding! The quicker we are rid of this present administration the better off our country will be.

  • Marat Bandemer, Jr

    Are we in the United States so dense, gullible or just plain stupid. We have a proven traitor in the White House who has not been the least secretive about his plans for this nation. We have known from the start that he was not American born, that he was associated with known anti-American individuals, and had without any attempt at cover-up immediately taken steps as president to do harm to this nation. Throughout his administration he has surrounded himself with individuals of questionable backgrounds, and in some cases criminal pasts. We have witnessed the protracted presence of federal intrusion into our private lives What message do we read into the fact that there was no angry response to what happened in Lybia, just more of the same soft pedaled rhetoric, and of course the now patented apologistic policy set forth by the "government of change".It is important to remember that talk is cheap and that action speaks louder than words. It is a known fact that there is a pervasive disinterest among the younger members of our society in all things political, religious or that require a sense of responsibility or accountability to more than just themselves. We are now paying the dues for our ambivalence during the major societal changes that had begun in the late sixties and blossomed in the seventies.More than that, we chose to ignore the not so subtle admonitions from, I believe Lenin, in 1919 that laid out succinctly how the Communists intended to defeat America without a single shot being fired. It is true that an informed and educated populace is a dangerous thing. If this be the case I foresee little hope for our future.

  • http://twitter.com/dboyerdr Don W Boyer

    With a "closet Muslim" as our President what else would you expect. Its time for the OBAMA Lovers to wake up to the fact that OBAMA IS A MUSLIM!!!

  • PMDavis

    "According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and "lockdown", under which movement is severely restricted." I wonder if it will be investigated why no one alerted our embassy or did anything to stop these attacks?? The coverup going on is just deplorable. I guess the Obama administration will use this "crisis" to further their agenda to squash "Freedom of Speech" and censor the internet???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reinhard-Schumann/644757548 Reinhard Schumann

    Come on now, get real. Do you really want the US to go into Libya to hunt down the killers? Do you want us to make the matter worse than it already is?
    The people who made the film did so for the purpose of inciting riots in Muslim countries. Of course their reaction is irrational but so is a rabid dog. Nobody in his right mind would tease a rabid dog with a stick. Only the idiots who made and posted the film in the Internet are out of reach of the dog. Let him bite others.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Why should we be surprised by this, as long as Obama is President we will be governed by the muslim rule. Who want's to seal our freedoms in a concrete block and put them out in the sea bottom along with OBL.

  • hobknob

    ask ohummer and clinton that question !!!!!!

  • James Maxwell

    Got a "HOT TIP" for them to start with, there is an imposter hiding in the white house
    predending to be an American president.

  • hankster6

    The Feds, as usual, have it backwards. Instead of protecting our freedom of speech, they go after the film maker! The film maker is not guilty of anything, so why they are hunting him/her down, I don't know. So Muslims, perhaps, were offended. Someone is Egypt is responsible for translating and publishing the film. The feds should get their act together!!
    Oh yeah, our state department does not want to make our enemies mad! They can kill all the Americans they want. An American is easy to pick on, guilty or not! The feds have no control over the leaders of Egypt!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Walker/528948232 Ruth Walker

    Why don't you learn what the bible teaches (and try to figure out why Christians and Jews ignore it)?
    Deuteronomy 13:6-10
    If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the
    wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee
    secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known,
    thou, nor thy fathers; Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about
    you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even
    unto the other end of the earth; Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken
    unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither
    shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be
    first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.
    And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die.

    2 Chronicles 15:13
    Whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death,
    whether small or great, whether man or woman.

    Mark 16:16
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not
    shall be damned.

    There is plenty to legitimately mock about all religions,
    but this film was full of made-up lies, then given subtitles in Arabic that
    said the Americans were responsible!

    This film was no way to teach others the value of freedom of speech. Remember
    the Bill of Rights does not give one the right to yell fire in a crowded
    theater in the United States either!

    Apparently produced in the United States by an Israeli Jew, Arabic subtitles
    added to the trailer by an Egyptian Coptic Christian that said that Americans
    were responsible, the purpose of the movie was not shared with others involved
    in the production, rather it was misleading editing, similar to that of James
    O’Keefe. Should we then prohibit Jews
    and Christians from entering the United States?





    • 1794 Patiot

      Nice selective editing. Here is the rest of Deuteronomy 13:6-10

      because he hath sought to thrust thee away from the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.
      Free means free and whether you agree with the message or not. We are not creating poster boys here we are not the left. This movie is disgusting and basically just stupid but I will defend this "and I use the term very loosely" film maker's freedom to create this garbage any day, because the alternative is far worse.

  • jeff

    here we go again....FACTS. They guy who produced the film is giving interviews so they really probably aren't spending too much time 'hunting' him. Its great you guys are so freedome of religion when the freedom is against the guys you hate. The Muslims in our country also have freedom of religion including their mosques. But they you'd like to burn them down and deport all the rag heads who are Muslims. Nothing but typical hyposcrisy. But really Obama isn't looking for the film guy. He's very happy talking about his movie and I bet the FEDs actually know there is nothing they can do for a crummily produced film. They just condemned the film as did Karl's boy, Mitt. He is now saying Obama followed him. What a guy you picked. Watch out for McCain but. He's drinking the commie kool aid. Better do something about him. Traitor.

    • 1794 Patiot

      Liberal "facts" = lies!! You attack us all by making up lies about what we want to do and call us names. By the way most of what you spewed forth incomprehensible.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

    We have free speech but the countries who are rampaging do not, to them it's an insult and slap in the face. I've watched the trailers and can see why they'd be ticked off. That said, the film is an accurate portrayal of Mohammads life. Christians don't respond in this manner when Jesus is ridiculed and attacked simply because He said to turn the other cheek, the Quran is the opposite of the teachings of Jesus. Interesting the media is attacking Mitt Romney as our weak leadership tries to appease these countries. Romney is no Reagan unfortunately.

  • william spires

    That's law enforcement under the democrat muslim Obama party, track down and punish someone who tells the truth about Muhammad and apologize to the insane Islamists that commit mass murder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lloyd.revalee Lloyd Revalee

    My God in Heaven, help me. I'm anti-Muslim, anti-socialist (communist)) and ant anyone or anything that will do harm to me, my loved ones, and my country. I love and honor my country, in spite of its flaws, for those flaws are what we let happen by electing those who do not act in accordance with OUR CONSTITUTION or the wishes of those who elected them. In fact, of late they do seem to act at all, but allow the Executive Branch to allow power that it has not been given under the Constitution. In some instances, even the Supreme Court, our Supreme Court, has totten the idea that they can make laws. I have always been under the impression that, according to OUR CONSTITUTION, the document that outlines laws and procedures for governing OUR COUNTRY, specifies that there are three branches of government. Congress,, which consists of a House of Representatives and a Senate; The Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court. Simply put, Congress makes all the laws; the Executive Branch, headed by the President of the United States, enforces the laws made by Congress; and the Supreme Court determines whether or not the laws so enacted are in accordance with OUR CONSTITUTION. Over the years, the Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court, have continouosly tried to take more power than OUR CONSTITUTION gives them. Our present Congress(?), if we can really call them a "Congress", does very little to stop the President from making illegal decisions that affect us all. We must demand that this be changed, and changed soon, or we will wing up in one of deadliest revolutions ever seen on this earth.

  • bungicord

    If I owned a movie theater i'd play the movie all day every day and burn the koran during intermission.

  • servant

    If YOU or anyone thinks that Barack H. Obama will go after any Muslim, when he WILL not ALLOW Muslim and Terrorist to be in the common language?
    Over Seas Contingency? You have GOT 2 B kidding!


  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.tomei.75 Joe Tomei

    What hypocrits: The interent media wil let a Muslim Jihadist decapitate a Christian man's head on the interent "You Tube" no one said didley about his. We let the Muslim's who are dissodents threaten to bomb our colleges.....free pass! WE have four people killed and sodomized in Libya and destroy out embassy and still we pacifiy these murdering cutthroats.
    The world used to call these people who "Hate" us enenmies of the state and such.
    Now Hilary Clinton and Ibummer give them billions thinking this is going stop byh pasifiying them? Giving a 1,400 year old adversary billions to arm themslves to kill us is insanity of the highest order. this if you Ask any America.
    If I am wrong and this is not the case then where oh where .......is th outrage from the 20,000,000 Muslims or their communities, who reside in our country legally or non-legally? Where is rthe commentary that is no where to be seen by those that are supposedly the Solemn good "Non Violent Muslim's" ? Where? Where is the reaction of the Muslim's to deny any of what the world fears from them?
    this latest of terrible violence. Is all of this true or are we just being duped by a people being accused of a "Silent takeover of the econimc and religious world we know by means of overpopulating America and the West with all these Muslims babies and we are paying for them?
    If we as country make all Muslim's responsible for their cculture and theri states actions. this will stop. If these people think they can continue to conduct this violence without any recourse to their country as a whole. I am very sorry to say it will never end. To go to an extreme example "Japan would never have surrendered during world War ll unless we almost completley brought them to their almost completedestruction and or knees. This is what is will take to change this murderess attitude of towards America and the West as it has duirng the past 1,400 years. It is almost the 12th hour on the nuclear clock and we are still deliberating that maybe.....just maybe these people will change their course of actions. it is sad to say that 20,000,000 Muslims now living in America will not or do nothing to change this attitutde that seems very obvious they have no intentions to.
    Ccourseof action could be:
    Stop all International flights to the Middle east.
    Deport all dissodents and the Mulsim's that dislike America , Are here as students with visas, All illegal immigrant Middle Easterner's a dn stopp aall welfare to the ones that are currently heer illegally.
    We need to clean out all possibilities of an interanal security breech and or threat to the USA!
    Stop all banking to the countries that are threatening our embassy safety, our citizen's safety
    Stop imediately all funds going to any Middle Eastern country we have had any recent coflict with includig Libya, Egypt, IraQ, Afganistan,Yemen etc. etc.
    Stop all tourism and any form of trade and income producing to these countries.
    Lets finally send this opart of the world a message what affect we maaay have on their economy.
    I mean if these countries really cared these recent violent incidents would nothave happenedin the first place!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Horton-Leasman/1130532905 Jane Horton-Leasman

    I received a "trailer" of this ignorant "film???" last week. Seems interesting it was released on U-Tube to coincide with 9/11. It is the most illogical, jumbled piece of film work, I don't know how anyone could have seen it and thought it was credible. All of this "hell" all over the world is not a result of this piece of "crap"....but actually a result of the U.S. "foreign policy" over the last 4 years. We have become the JOKE of the world, and the perfect storm was created by this FOOLISH PRESIDENT AND HIS ADMINISTRATION.


    all the recent violence and outburst in the ME has shifted the talk away from our ailing economy. let us all not forget, we need a strong economy to build a strong national defence. Please dont ever forget this!!! BO is loving this because now no one is talking about he has failed to bring about jobs and our runaway debt!!!!
    Please DO NOT let yourselves get distracted

  • rchguns

    Naturally the Fed will go after an American who made a video only because that person exercised his First Amendment rights and made a statement. Why is the Fed after him, quite simple who is the head of the Fed? None other Than Dirty Diaper Had Obama who at every turn is anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-freedom. If any other person was in the White House none of this would've happened. The Stone Age, vermin ridden, throwbacks to the dark ages are only doing what they're doing because they know Obama has their back. They know that he won't do anything no matter what they do or say. As the is the same school that got his number. And until we get rid of this closet diaper headi in the White House these animals will continue to disrupt peace throughout the world with impunity.

  • Captain Kirk

    Obama is our God and there shall be no others before him.
    If our God declares the 1st ammendment void, then we grin and say thank you.
    By the way, I've been recording all your names for the feds, so get packed for the re-education camps.

  • James Maxwell

    Why are the Feds hunting the film maker for using his 1st amendment rights? If they
    want to locate the miscreant responsible for this travesty then just got to 1600 Pennsylvanian ave and arrest the pretended in the white house. With the diversity he
    has created not only in America but around the world and his lack of response to the
    terrorist in the muslim brotherhood it is not wonder we have the act taking place.

  • jim28threg

    Just further proof that our play boys in congress are useless as far as America is concerned .That is unless you are doing a study on traitors.

  • 67primrose

    So where has Obama and Clinton's outcry, anger, criticisms of the Muslims who have been killing Christians in the middleast and in Africa? Silence prevails from both of them. If they got there way, we'd have no "freedom of speech" and I don't hesitate to think that they will attempt to deny us freedom of speech by their constant actions and deeds.

  • Earth Angel

    I just told my buddy that "they" will do everything to derail our focus off the real issue... the murder of four American US citizens, and no sooner is that thought out of my mouth when I see this topic of hunting the filmaker and not the killers of our citizens. Because of this atrocity in Lybia, an incident comes to my mind: a few years ago some college art class students placed a cross, which is sacred to christianity, in a glass container of urine. Yes, pee, and called it art! Here is the point of this fiasco. No one went to the college and burned it, blew it up, killed anyone because of this detestible act called art. This is what separates people from fanaticts. Some will not acknowledge that fact, but then some do not understand the difference between illegal and legal. SHAZAM!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    documented cyber intel was out Monday Sept 10, they were going to hit the embassies;; obama and clinton ignored it;; the riots had nothing to do with the film;;obama is playing the BLAME GAME again;; what a loser.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    obama got PDB on Monday and ignored it;;CIA agent already on record.

  • Tionico

    islam, as a word, means "submission". THAT is what drives these people. They want the rest of the world to submit to them, and their idea of what is right and wrong. Not happening fast enough? Violence, or the threat of it, will be employed to strike fear, and submission, into the hearts of any noncompliant infidels, ANY hint of criticism, scorn, mockery, or expoising them for what they are will incite the sort of whacked out response we see in these riots and killings.

    In reality, though, these attacks were most likely planned out well in advance.. they DID take place on eleven September, didn't they? This date has fomented violence in them against the West for hundreds of years.. read your history to find out the first "11 September" date, the reason they chose that same date in 2001 to move against the "great satan", that is, we Yankees. This set of attacks is merely one more to "even up the score" from that first one. The ONLY thing they understand, and respond to, is overwhelming force, as that employed by Thomas Jefferson against the Barbary pirates in the early 1800's..... leading up to the decisive victory of the Battle of Tripoli and the resultant treaty. We patrolled the coast of North Africa, including the shores of Libya, finding and destroying their pirate vessels which had been plaguing our shipping for years. When we had destroyed enough of them they decided to end the fight by submitting to us..... they tried extracting some regular tribute, but Jefferson and our Ambassador at the time were wise to it all, and said "unconditional surrender, or we start sinking more pirate ships". Jefferson meant it, and they knew it. Treaty was signed unconditionally.

    Would we had an administration with the same level of courage and integrity of Jefferson. We don't..... and they continue to carry off this sort of piracy because we refuse to stand up to them. Any other time in history, a nation attacking the embassy of another anywhere has committed a blatant act of war. We will not see it that way this time.....

  • del

    I heard that only 10 people ever saw that movie....rush limbaugh...It is not the reason for the already planned rioting...Further we can trace it back to the bragging of the muslim creep squatting in the white house for his (taking) of osama...Plus old thunderthighs hillary and ovomit bowing and scraping and apologizing to the rag heads for killing our people..They are also pumping billions to these folk who are not friends of America. We must rid ourselves of this entire administration before it is too late and rid ourselves of all the crap they have passed and expel all muslims from our government! We dont want or need Shariah crap in america!

  • SadAmerican

    It would seem to me that anyone, in their right mind, would not know what is coming. It is free season on anyone who is not a "Muslim", whether radical or not. Whether we "give" these peoples money, I-Phones, I-Pads; they will hate us even more because their faith calls for eternal conflict. We need a strong president, with a strong Congress behind him. With the present political environment, this will never happen. I feel sad that we as Americans, can no longer control those who should be working "for" us not "against" us.

  • sad individuals muslims are

    It seems the only way to get through to these people is to send about a hundred tomahawk cruise missels their way. lets just level the playing field on how childish they are. they have run out of embassies to destroy, so now they move on to american fast food industries. i mean come on grow up when will they ever get out of this childlike state of mind. so what if we made fun of your prophet who by any means is not a real prophet idol to follow.

  • Lee

    Can't explain a religion that can't stand any criticism, But if they don't stop burning our flag I'm going to start burning their Koran. This according to them they our the religion of

  • momoatkm

    The Muslims are a barbaric, and don't really need a reason to murder Americans. They are about to have the American power unleashed upon them, and they will not like that. (We need to get rid if Obama first.) However, that guy that made the film should be charged with inciting violence and causing the 4 American's death.

  • johnnywoods

    It does not matter what set those idiots off on their rampage. Whether it was the film or a co-ordinated attack on 9-11 or someone offended them for some unexplained reason they could just as easily have flown into a rage and burned and killed whoever was handy at the time. Arab Muslims tend to be just mindless beasts and never need much of an excuse. That is MY First Ammendment right to make this statement, thank you.

  • DandBA

    The entire Muslim world is nuts! They are just like the Democrats/Liberals/Communists in that they scream the loudest when they are "offended" and then go on to commit much more hatred and murder in the name of Allah or whoever the heck their supposed God is. Obama, as the leading Commucrat in the U.S. behaves in much the same way. He can say and do anything he wishes and the lamestream media will NOT call him out or even report it. If anyone else "offends" Obama they are pummeled in the press. One possibility that must be considered is that by refusing to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, Obama deliberately signaled the ragheads in Arabland to go on a rampage in order to divert attention from the U.S. election. If Obama wins in November, this is what we can expect here with Obama leading the charge! He has already criminally used Executive Orders to take away many of our freedoms and has others signed and just waiting to be implemented when he and his handlers feel they can get by with it.

  • http://steelcrete.com/ Tony Ruiz

    It is okay to 'criticize' muslims, the worst people on the face of the earth following the most evil pursuits on earth based on the biggest lies on earth. Otra cosita?

  • ultor de deus

    The "VIDEO" as it has come to be described by CNN
    pMSNBC and other elements of the Obama administration is a typical black-flag

    Create the
    instability, offer the cure, get what you want.

    Obama and Clinton share the ability to sacrifice their own.
    Today we can add the name Chris Stevens to names like Vince Foster, whom
    without their knowledge served the greater good, of their friends.

    With friends like the Clinton's and Obama's
    who needs democracy?

  • Disgusted

    I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't something Obama and his buddies thought up to be a red herring during the Election season. I wouldn't put anything past him and the "progressives" running our government.

  • shamil

    This gets more frightening every second.

  • victorbarney

    Hello Godfather, but MARXIST OBAMA & ISLAM HAVE ONE THING MOST IN COMMON, HATRED OF ALL ANGLO-SAXONS(WHITE PEOPLE), OBAMA EVEN HATING HIS OWN MOTHER, NOT TO MENTION ALL THE CAUCASION WOMEN "ALONE" THAT MADE HIM OUR "FORBIDDEN FORIGNER(DEUTERONOMY 17:15) PRESIDENT, AND THE ONLY NON-ANGLO-SAXON LEADER OF AN ISREALITE NATION BY THEIR OWN CHOICE in man's 6,000 year history, & THAT INCLUDES ADOPH HITLER! Hello, THAT A LONG TIME!!! Must be about time for the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to punish us severely for the next 3 1/2 years, don't you think? Just saying what's already been written a very long time ago & I saw an actual scroll of Isaiah(Yeshayah) chapter 53 in Jerusalem that was over 1,000 years old not contradicting this FACT! It even has a part that says in chapter 48:1 about Judah calling itself Isreal, but NOT in truth or rightousness because the name ISRAEL was given ONLY to JOSEPH, NOT JUDAH, only promised the MESSIAH(Genesis 49:10)! Just saying what's clearly written in the Hebrew-Inspired Text that nobody appears to believe in this day of MARXISM, the Only SIN that NEVER can be forgiven either in this world or the next because it even denies the existance of a spiritual world!!! Again, just saying what's written plain & simple!

  • Ross

    They ought to be looking in the White House and checking out all those so called Czars.
    What the H will they do anyway? We've got a Congress that is totally useless for not impeaching this guy by now. Afraid to be called a racist instead of worrying about the security of this nation as well as our representatives abroad. The broad in Egypt should have already gotten her walking papers. So, does Hillary get a free past a well?

  • Reverend Booker T. Willis


  • Jim S

    I've even read some speculation that the movie was some sort of agitprop produced by muslimes to stir up trouble.... as if they needed an excuse.

  • Jerry

    How do you expect a intelligent response from a bunch of micro-intelligent people? Also why would anyone be afraid of a bunch of low life cowards?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    may I offer a salutation to all radical muslims;;coitus interruptus ;; so you will not propagate,scumbags;;;;;;;;;;

  • Richard

    Just think - When Jesus, a deity to Christians, is portrayed in blasphemy in the US, it is
    declared "art" and not only allowed under the first amendment, some of
    it is paid for by the National Endowment for the Arts, supported by tax
    When a fully human, non-deity "prophet:" writes about his
    deity, and the prophet, not the deity, is mocked and ridiculed, it is
    considered blasphemy, and the author is condemned.
    What sense does all this make?

  • RescueKyron

    Christian Americans want to know who in our country made this film and why. The first announcement that he was an Israeli-American in Southern California was quickly changed to identifying him as a Coptic Christian in Southern California. Comments were that he has Coptic Christian friends or knows something about them in the Mid-east and wanted people to know how they are treated. Not buying either claim. As a Christian, no Christian would create that film saying they wanted to HELP Christians in the Mid-East. EVERYONE knows it would only cause them danger. We haven't heard of attacks on Coptic Christians, only on US Embassies. Surely our military intel would have let US Coptic Christians KNOW if their Mid-East members were mistreated... or US Coptic Christian Diocese would know. We need to find this guy and question him. Something smells. We know Israel is not happy with the muslim countries dumping tyrants and wanting Freedom. We KNOW that the Jewess USSupremeCourt Justice met with the Egyptian rep and told him they should not use the US Constitution as a template for their new one... that they should copy the African Constitution or one of the European Constitutions, preferably one created after WWII. WHY? Only ours is based on Christian principles and is a huge block to stop tyrants. Nah, we gotta get this one right. Bring that guy front and center... so we KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT when we go after the rioters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Willison/1729099268 Ron Willison

    I'm more inclined to disregard all formal faith based holy books as nothing more than the ongoing constantly updated and fine tuned tools of snake oil salesmen. While all of them still contain some useful information. Like all the hermetic astrotheology related stuff. There is just no way to reconcile the fact that all the Imams, Pastors, Priests and other official clergymen's use of the literal translations to create fear, hate and obedience to the collection plate while NOT telling their flocks about the real data that is also as important. They think that people are not finding out that That Pagen voodoo stuff is in actuality "Astrology" which is also "Astronomy" and very understood for thousands of years before out latest batch of population control play books were printed and passed out as GOD WORDS. The fact is folks. We The Sheeple have been sodomised, without so much as a kiss.

    • RescueKyron

      could you be wrong about some things regarding who you are how you got here and why and where you are going and how this planet spins and we have dark and light and seasons and fresh new beautiful new life we can pop and grow old if lucky and rest our bodies until called? Life is Real, Life is Earnest, And the Grave Is not it's Goal. Dust thou Art to Dust returneth was Not Spoken of The Soul. There are only two forces dealing with humanity. Both want our souls. The bad guy wants us to do what he says which he will repay in kind doubled down when we CHOOSE him. The good guy wants us to do what he says which he will repay in kind doubled down when we CHOOSE him. Freedom and Consequences of Choices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    I guess if they "catch" him that he will have to sue all the way to the Supreme Court to regain his First Amendment right. We will be taking up a collection again to pay for the legal fight. First, Sheriff Joe, now the filmmaker.

  • http://facebook.com/pkeyrich Philip K. Eyrich

    Consider that Islam is guilty of blasphemous libel because it says Jesus is not the Son of God. Consider that it is also blasphemy to say that it wasn't Jesus who was crucified, and that since Jesus didn't die, he also was not resurrected from that death. Islam blasphemes Christian teaching and seems to be immune to blasphemy laws, etc. if we grant that both groups have the freedom to believe their religion, then we are compelled that neither is allowed to express their views because doing so is blasphemy from the other side's viewpoint.

  • FSHNT21

    And you seem surprised by this...
    You can't really expect Barry to blame his Muslim buddies...
    After all... he told us Islam is the religion of peace....
    And as everyone knows, EVERYTHING he says is the truth....

  • hfh1

    If we lose the rule of law, we've lost the essence of America, and we revert to 3rd world, fundamentalist, hell-holes such as the entire Muslim world appears to be. This movie may be a piece of crap, but it has every right to exist.
    Thomas Jefferson said, "There is not a truth existing which I would wish unknown to the world." That may not be the quote exactly, but what he was saying is that anyone should have the right to spew and spout anything he wants, if the speech doesn't actually endanger anyone directly.
    It should be our foreign policy to tell these 7th C morons that if they kill one of ours, we will kill two of theirs. That's not Jefferson, but it's my opinion. Reason doesn't work with libs, and it most assuredly doesn't work with Islamic looney tune troglodytes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.robertson.984 Susan Robertson

    I knew our administration would go after our 1st amendment right of free speech instead of placing the blame where it really belongs!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.zipper Brian Zipper

    The real truth is the UN and the USA want to over throw South Sudan next and hand it over to bloodthirsty Muslim psychopaths just like the USA and UN did with Egypty, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and Bosnia.The USA and UN slaughtered all these presidents as well.They want to slaughter the 8.5 million christians who live in South Sudan. They will use any excuse they can to start a a war that fits their global Agenda for a One World Government run by the Thoesophist/Globalist and Satanists which is in reality bringing into fruition their one world religion which is the Ancient Egytpian Trinity Isis, Horus, Baal and or or Allah, one and the same. This way the Satanic one world government will be complete even though our elected officials are committed suicide and bringing Gods wrath upon the world. However Gods plan does have to be fufilled, just do not be deluded about what the government is up too. Now the government wants to hunt down the filmmaker, this is truly a Narcissistic, psychopathic, suicidal mentality for freedom,liberty, christians, the truth and and an insult to our constitution, which is being usurped by a global UN decreeor constitution. Obama, Bush all these intellectuals are just pawns by the inner circle elite,yet they are all freemasons/theosophist and satanic globalist. I pity the 8.5 million christians in south sudan that the UN wants to slaughter. It was even suggested that the North Sudanese president stated I believe that all of sudan now has no identity other than to be Muslim and to Isam thats when the north Sudanese started mass genocide against the christians. Thats when the Christians in South Sudan Fled and created their own country South Sudan to be free.The North Sudanese President at present Omar Hassan al- Bashir was reccommended to the Human rights council. This insanity has been going on for years all the wrong people given the chair to the Human Rights Commission and nobel peace prize awards to slaughterers and genocidal maniacs. The same ploy is used all the time the Muslims attack the christians, the Christians retaliate or defend themselves, then the UN Red cross and numerous agencies and media report just the opposite that the Christians or moderates attacked first,plus they relocate people to make the numbers of missing go up so it appears to be genocide.Then the UN and USA calls the innocent countries dictators or aggressors. Then we bomb send in troops and slaughter all these moderates and Christians. then we put in and install radical Islamist in the countries we overthrew.
    So in reality the war on terror is a lie. They say they went to start world Democracy that was a lie. ( The white horse of Deception) Islam did not have the power to do anything or any of this by themselves without the help of the USA and UN. They slaughtered the Christian Serbian Army and all moderate governments throughout the middle east. All the terrorist are armed to the teeth, but the UN is trying to implement world gun control so that the truth tellers and christaisn cannot defend themselves. Even our soldiers were duped into believing this war for freedom in the middle east. it is all a lie. Look and you will see all the middle eastern countries from Bsonia to the middle east to all of Africa are being handed to the Muslims by the Theosophist ,satanist, globalist and those who worship Isis,Horus,Baal and Allah. The war on terror is meant to strip everyone of their God given rights and turn you into a slave or a dead person, and so the beast can arrive on the scene at his appointed time.
    Soon America will use Adolf Hitlers combination of Fascism, mixed with Communism.They will use as Hitler did Homeland Security as the SS Gestapo all in the name of Homeland Security and defending you, whie they send you of to fema camps or just plain kill you. the ATF and Batf and a hundred Czarist organizations are working deligently to unleash a day of reckoning upon my brethren his wife and children here in America. There shall be no day like it. We shall turn on ourselves for lack of knowledge and for turning away from God. Many US government organizations I believe will kill you not to mention enemy troops that will be brought here. 911 and the three towers were exloded by demolition experts. Numerous structuarl engineers, demolition experts and eye witnesses who heard the explosions have all attested to this. This government is not your protector and is not your friend it is a lying beast seting traps and bringing forth multiple evil schemes to destroy this land. You are warned.

  • http://facebook.com/pkeyrich Philip K. Eyrich

    Even the Muslim teacher/authority was quick to violence, yet seemed to tell fellow Muslims that tey should be more patient before resorting to violence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2JAef6c504

  • CalifTaxPayer

    I find it hard to believe that this Slaughter is because of a Film, A film that they did not see!!! There is only a trailer and I saw it. It looked like a Jr. High school play and cheaply made. It was very poorly done. So give me a damn break!

  • CalifTaxPayer

    Isn't it something that the OBummer Media is out there hunting down someone who made a film but NEVER investigated the Anti America Idiots that OBummer was chummy with for many years, who helped him become Senator, who helped him into the WH. Or hunted down his College Records or his REAL BC or his Transcripts Or how he went to a College like Harvard etc etc etc. The film maker is NOT running for President. I do NOT care who he is or where he lives or what he does. I want all the Skeletons in OBummers closet to be OUT for all to see.

  • mac

    That's F...ed Up! Probably because Obama is in reality with the Muslim Brotherhood, he's not an American

  • steveni

    The terrorists who killed the ambassador are the Democrat's friends. They are using this to squash all Freedom of Speech under Sharia Law.

  • gijan94

    They certainly said nothing when the liberals produced a movie about Assinating George W Bush! They don't care when our Bibles and flags are torn, burned, shredded or pooped on. They never said anything about the Muslim terrorist Army guy that should hate as he slaughtered his co-workers and refuse to call him a terrorist. They didn't say anything about the Muslims and their years of slaughtering Americans across Europe and the Middle East since the 70's & 80's. They never said anything when our military dorms were bombed, our navy ship was attacked, or even my stepdaughter in the USAF in Kuwait had a bomb attached to her van (lucky for her it fell off on her way back to base) but a coworker wasn't so lucky. Did Americans do this? No, but the liberal give a free pass for the Muslims/Islamic terrorists. And Islam is NOT a religion, it's a Theocracy, a way of life to promote and give them excuses to kill, rape, stone or wreak havoc on anyone who doesn't like their way of life, which is in no way peaceful.
    The feds have no business looking for the maker of this film, and it was no reason to behave that way, What are they going to do, give away his name and info so the Muslims can attack him and his family? There's a leak in the security of America and it's coming from the White house occupied by the Muslim!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/LNY3KINQR3T4ELERXY6MO2LX5E nick b

    the politicians are afraid they will be killed so americans ahve to suffer for there cowadice.
    but any way the bankers and others like the last time need ww3 to gather more money from sales of weapons becuse of the fiat money circulating and theya re running low.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/LNY3KINQR3T4ELERXY6MO2LX5E nick b

    have you ever understood for the last how many years 10-20 we have been using our tax dollars to rebuild moslem churches but no christian?

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    ...it's going to take an all out revolution isn't it?...God help us.

  • Tom Johnston

    Small point but I would suggest using a spelling and grammar checker before posting an article like this.

  • http://twitter.com/cjkid1964 mr frog

    I saw the 13 minute clip of this supposed movie. If it was done by muslims they were in kindergarden. I am going to go out on a limb and say a complete movie doesnt exist. This was used as an excuse for aggression on the US. I think a more important point is the latest that US marines are not given live ammo to do their job to protect the embassy and personnel. Funny as our government has thousand of rounds they are stocking up on to be used on our own citizens? And hollowpoints to boot? Hillary condemning this act is a joke in itself compared to her own audio gloating on the killing of Kadaffi, whom I might add may have been a dictator but during his reign never attacked the Embassy.
    Do your homework, open your eyes,
    Hillary said the other day to attack a US embassy is to attack an idea.... blahblahblah
    To attack a US Embassy is an act of war, show some balls, give em a warning shot, maybe some tear gas, then let them know what a non-invite on US territory gets you.
    history lesson, Tripoli if your not gonna protect your people, then completely pull them out, and cut off all economic and humanitarian aid (money)
    Do your homework, open your eyes, your vote is your voice

  • http://www.facebook.com/rcosenza1 Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government,we the people are trash talking{ovomit is trash}1st ovomit ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena{treason}2nd ovomit has a social security card,which belongs to a dead connecticut person{felony/fraud/treason}3rd ovomit has all his records sealed/hidden we the people like to know a little about ovomit,we can,t do that with hidden/sealed records{treason}4th ovomit father was born in kenyan making the treasonous communist trader ineligible to be president{oops did i say president}i mean,t ineligible tresonous trader.god bless ron paul.sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veternas/citizens.one nation under god.you know who god is don,t you ovomit,well don,t you

  • Ihatelibs

    Obama and Clinton should be hunted down like rabid dogs

  • Chip

    Has anyone even bothered to watch this trailer?. I've seen better acting at a 2nd grade Christmas pageant. This piece of garbage cost 5 million to produce? It couldnt have been done by anyone who had the smallest amount of pride in their work. The producer, director, casting, director of photography, special effects director, cameramen, and location supervisors, should be fired, their union cards rescinded, and be banned from ever portraying legitimate filmakers for life. And that doesnt even take the content into consideration. See for yourself. A logical explanation would be to have it done by radical Islamists and blamed on the US.

  • ATLDave

    Maybe this questioin has already been asked. Has anybody seen this video? I hear a lot about it but I never hear that there is actualy video in existence. Based on the axiom that once on the internet always on the internet it shoud exist somewhere in the network ether. I don't spend a lot of time on these blogs so thought i would ask

  • DrBillLemoine

    Patent nonsense. The FBI--in case you missed the report--is searching for perpetrators of the diplomat killings in Libya. The president has motivated Egyptian President Morsi to tighten security around that embassy, and he has called other nations with demonstrations threatening sovereign U.S. territory (Embassies) in another half dozen or so nations requesting they fulfill their responsibilities to protect American diplomats. Unless some law unknown to me has been violated the makers of the videotape that caused the trouble are protected by our freedom of speech. No one has the right to take away that right under the constitution.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIJ34KFY2O6UKTZKVFNTKZQ7KU Michael

      Sorry Doc., but it's only wheel bearing grease. It will be only cover for the real perps. and Obamas buddies will get away with the murders.

      • DrBillLemoine

        Do you realize you sound just like the Al Qaida conspirators and national threat you condemn???

  • Reykool


  • Barto

    The Muslims so-called faith of Islam is not a religion but a radical belief system AND we need a President with a back-bone to stand up to these murdering terrorists, instead we have one that apoligizes to them and bows to them....hell, he even acts like one of them!

  • Davy2010

    Christiane Amanpour would help herself by returning to her country of origin ,Iran ,for a six month vacation.There are millions of Iranian women waiting desperately to exchange places with her . Let us see how her beloved country men treat her ?

  • kkc003

    What do you expect
    our leader hides his past and everyone covers for him
    Holder gives guns to drug lords
    Regime violated our constitution
    Passes Obama care without reading it
    Refuses to let congress pass laws, does what he wishes
    Gives drilling rights to Brazil and others and shuts down US drilling
    Gives money to countries who wish us dead
    gets involved with a professor and the police, a sitting president, ever hear of such obserdity?
    Takes thousands of vacations, parties, galas and more while asking for yoru wedding money?
    pits every possible scenario against one another, rich vs poor, black vs white, abortion, unions and the list goes on- the diversion is a distraction
    doesn't even cover his heart when he is in front of our flag
    gives more benefits to illegals than our own elderly and or military
    knows there is fraudulent voting but encourages no correction
    wont meet with our Alleys but bows to the enemy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFMELPJ2QU37W53K2TKL4HJQGM Ted

    They're wasting their time. They couldn't do any better if they'd been looking for their rear-ends with a flashlight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brenda-Cibelli/100000687513153 Brenda Cibelli

    did anyone -make a big threat --, when the last temptation of Christ movies--, came out -claiming Jesus married , or South park mocking Jesus or the artist that pout the cross in a urine and called it Art---, yet this Coptic Christian who supposedly produced the movie can't have free speech,, coptics are Christian egyptians who have been persecuted and killed by Muslims--so they have every right to protest them in any way

  • http://www.facebook.com/polishsniper Karl Kordecki


  • SickoftheBS

    I had no desire to see the film in question, but would love to see it now. Muslim dip shits just do not understand the US. If you try to tell us we cannot, we will prove to them we CAN and will view the movie they don't want seen. You also have to the middle of January to act like children before we come in to your home and spank your ass. Obama won't be aroud to kiss your butt and make it feel better.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIJ34KFY2O6UKTZKVFNTKZQ7KU Michael

    Obama can't stand that his religion is being attacked, that's why he is not persueing the terrorist who killed our people.

  • tomf

    I'd like to see the muslims try to storm something in the US. I suspect the results would be somewhat different here. The cowardly scum that are attacking embassies that are "strangely" under-armed could well mean that the under-arming is intentional. Maybe to suspend the election, perhaps??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIJ34KFY2O6UKTZKVFNTKZQ7KU Michael

    Obama knew of the pending attacks way ahead of time and did nothing. This is all a setup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516859771 John Sweet

    perhaps it has something to do with her up bringing: Raised in Tehran, Amanpour was born in London, England[1] to Iranian father Mohammad, an airline executive, and British mother, Patricia

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    Who give the orders to the F.B.I. ,,,, why ODUMBA does of course ,,,,,,,,,

  • Death Walks Among Us

    Personally I think we should post at least 4 attack choppers at each embassey. The crews should be told that at the first sign of trouble lift off and clear all the streets near the embassey of anything living. While our boys are doing their job we can bring in choppers to lift out the embassey personnel (including the Marines). After that is done we send in the jets to napalm the place. If we do this everytime they stick their ugly little heads they will stop.

  • whitetumbleweeds

    Mudlims have the same mentality as a liberal.

  • gnafuasusual

    The film isn't important. There is more to this than meets the eye. The Security around the embassies did not have weapons or bullets. Think about it.

  • Jumpboots187thPIR.

    They the muslims are still living in the 4th century..........

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.graff.58 Wayne Graff

    First off, if you believe that this administration would back the constitution you are sadly mistaken. Second for all those who believe in peaceful Muslims, you have no idea what you are talking about. One of the tenants of Islam is to convert all nonbelievers and kill the rest.

  • Texian

    This movie has very little, if anything, to do with the attacks in Egypt, Libya, or anywhere else. That's just an excuse to cover up the incompetencer of Obama's State Department and his apeasement foreign policy. Four Americans are dead and Hillary and Obama are directly responsible. He cares so little about the attacks that he goes off campaigning in Sin City and issues a strong letter of condemnation! His work in the Middle East is a complete failure primarily, because of his miserable looking Secretary of State who mow has blood all over her hands. She had plenty of warnings about these attacks and chose to do nothing! Explain that to the families of these four dead Americans.

  • Anne Caston

    Ole stupid has time for the Egyptian but none for the Jewish leader. Why hasn't this horrible man been empeached! What a miserable failure for democracy but a triumph for muslims.

  • thismustend

    The film had NOTHING to do with the SLAUGHTER of these FOUR U.S. citizens. The protestors of the film were few, it was the well armed & coordinated TERRORISTS that used the SMALL protest as a cover for their terrorism. This is NOT about an anti Islam film that had been out for SIX MONTHS, this story SHOULD be about ARMED TERRORISTS MURDERING U.S. citizens simply because they HATE America. To give credibility to the film theory is to give vio lent Islamic TERRORISTS an excuse for their despicable behavior.

  • CommieHater

    I have started carrying Muslim repellant - a can of bacon bits. Just sprinkle on any nearby Muslims and they leave the area!

  • megamimi

    The film maker apparently broke no laws. In this country, it is everyone's right to speak their piece no matter how uncomfortable that piece may be to some others. If the message is not acceptable to some, then they do not have to hear it, or spend time with the speech maker. Those in opposition have the right to speak their own piece, contradicting the original.

    Unless the content of either of these hypothetical speeches is so egregious as to fall outside the Constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech, there should be no reason for persecution by the government for invoking that right.

    In this country, however, wanton acts of violence such as those perpetrated by the radical Islamists against our embassies, consulates and the personnel attached to them are not allowed. Our embassies and their staff are part of our sovereign nation, and as such I believe those who inflict harm on them should be held accountable, not rewarded neither by tacit government support of their right to rage, nor by foreign aid to help support their actions.

  • fort9erdon

    Hey, all you muslims out there in the world, ....Moe-HAM-ed, was a pig loving pedophile, woman hating, murderer! He has ruined countless millions of lives, with his so called religion. I believe he lived in the 6th century, which was 15 century's ago. The bright side is with the 1500 years he has been burning in hell, he ain;'t even gotten started yet! In a trillion years from now, his eternity hasn't even began! Hey, Mo, hows hell workin out for ya?

  • Gregg Weber

    The only way I can see the Government going after the video makers is if the video makers were part of a conspiracy to produce the video and get it out to inflame the faithful to attack America so that they can use that attack as a cover for something worse.
    If one says that the video is provocative then one must assume that their believers are more thin skinned than the "reasonable man". Their actions don't reflect good on themselves or their religion.
    Instead of rioting, burning, and killing they should debate. What fear of debate do they have IF they know that they are right. None.

  • peter1589

    Since Catholicism has been the only factor which has stopped Islam throughout the history of western civilization, then please understand why Europe and this protest-ant nation is now under siege by Muslims. The secularization of Europe has now permitted over 54 million Muslims into it without any military defense of Europe. This is the product of liberalism, which suspends any discretion toward history's enemies of western civilization. Now America has a 5th columnist Muslim in the Executive office of the White House. If you doubt this, please examine youtube's "Obama admits being Muslim." Islamic nations in pre-Muslim history was always the weapon God used to chastise the Jews. Today, God is chastising us for our abortions, our divorces, our drug abuses, our sexual deviancy, our preferences for money vs. children and all the rest of our sins of which few folks even realize what sin actually is. This is the product of the destruction of catechism by satan who rules this world. Satan has made his presence known and no one has even noticed. The 69 sexual position was a mockery of the Catholic 6th and 9th commandments. Hollywood, is his mockery of the Holy Wood of the Cross upon which Jesus Christ paid for the sins of many, but not all. John Lennon was bigger than Christ and was murdered by Chapman who heard the voice of a dog (not God) order him to do so. Las Vegas (sin city) pertains to Vega, one of the 5 brightest stars in the night sky. Isaiah 14:10-16 calls Lucifer the brightest before the sin of pride brought him down to Hell. Gay pride, black pride, feminist pride, protestant pride and all the rest of the godless are all instigated by satan in order to drive them all to Hell for all eternity.

    The Catholic Church has the answer, but none will listen to Her. She is the only indestructible institution in the world, and none will admit of this. The Huns, the Aryans, the Goths, 38,000 different sects of protest-antism, the communists, the Nazis and Fascists, the homosexuals and hordes of others throughout history have all tried and all failed to destroy Her because she is built on the Rock and all others are on sand leading to their dilution and dissipation and redefinition upon redefinition along with all the multitude of competing theologies upon which not one can agree.

    That's it for now. More later.

    • peter1589

      And, by the way, Obama's recent denial of meeting with Netanyahu has now laid out the plans of Armageddon. He (Obama) is the antichrist. But we've read the Book and know who wins in the end.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Isn't it convenient that any time some thing blows up in Obama's face (figure of speech), he always finds someone else to blame for his failures. This time it's a movie that depicts Mohammad in a bad light. Does anyone know how many movies that have been made in jest about God or religion? Oh God, Oh God 2, Mel Brooks movies about the Spanish Inquisiton (History part 1 and 2). A mulititude of horror movies as well. We don't see Christians going ape, rioting and killing people over them. The muslims on the other hand walk around with a chip on thier shoulders looking for something to fight about. Personally with the timiing of these acts of violence I don't really think that movie started it, it's just another excuse from the White House. If not mistaken the movie has been out since June of this year. Why the wait until Sept 11? I think the root cause of all this is Obama's failed foriegn polocies (bow and apologize ) to every country in the middle east for anything the U.S. might have done to offend them, thus making the U.S. look like a bunch of cowards to the world. I got news for Obama, just our very exisistance as a chiristian nation insults the muslims and their islamic religion. Obama couldn't be bothered to tell the embassies that there might be violence on or around September 11, 2012. He was too busy in Las Vegas making jokes about Romney and the republicans. Hillary Clinton is not without fault in this crisis either. As Secretary of State she is supposed to over see the safety of our ambassadors. Both have failed and someone should be held accountable for this mess. Both should resign if they have any honor. Obama, how's that Arab Spring working out for you now?

  • The Truth

    Rush Limbaugh may have it right. He concluded that it was not due to a film that was shown here in L.A. to only 10 people at the Vine Theater, and had only gotten hits online after this debaucle, but was due to an interview obama had with a Telemundo reporter where he would not clarify wheter Egypt was our ally, but implied they are not. How could this little film which up until now did not get any attention, suddenly get noticed by the middle east? Makes no sense at all. Meanwhile the Whitehouse has scrambled to clarify obama's statement. I suspect Rush is correct.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.douglas.31 Jimmy Douglas

    They are just putting on a show to appease Obozo's Muslim buddies but it is Obozo's weak policies that is to blame.....

  • Annie

    Last I heard, You Tube was under pressure by the White House to cave, but Google who owns You Tube, citing the free speech that is our bounty, refused to buckle

  • yadontwannaknow

    Since the Act of 1871 , none of your founding father's policies were protected , if fact your Republic was replaced with a corporation that imposed codes of conduct concerning commerce and marine time laws *: the West Indies corporation is refered to as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ...corporation of the District of Colombia ..........

  • LetzBReal

    This I believe could potentially have a chilling effect on free speech and
    especially free speech in regard to religious matters. Could we get to the place
    (Muslims would love it) where any criticism of Islam is considered "hate
    speech"? The murderous rioting would have its ultimate reward! Already in some
    parts of Canada criticizing homosexual behavior is considered hate speech, so
    this possibility is not without precedent. Of course Canada doesn't have our
    Constitution and I'm not really sure what freedoms exist up there, but this
    constant attacking of the pastor instead of the murderers is giving them
    justification and literally bowing to their god. I have said many times
    democracy and Islam are incompatible and I have seen Muslims grin in agreement,
    more willing to acknowledge the truth than we are. Nevertheless between Bush
    and Obama we have allowed Muslims to immigrate by the tens of thousands.
    They're everywhere in my community now and they were rare only 20 years ago. I
    don't have any facts to back it up, but I believe Obama has opened the
    floodgates to Islamic immigration, the purpose of which is to dilute the
    Christian voting strength of America and with it our patriotism and ultimately
    our Constitution. Many, many people even within the church are completely blind
    to these matters.

  • citizenpolitics


  • Eli Jones

    The Muslim Mentality: You say Islam is violent and I will kill you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Obama, like most liberal dhimmis around the world, doesn't think that anyone should be allowed to criticize Islam. We need a President who will strongly defend American's right to free speech. How can anyone call Islam a "Religion of Peace" when whenever anyone dares to criticize Islam, millions of Muslims around the world join frenzied, homicidal mobs that attack any non-Muslim in their path?

  • Sadi

    I have seen the film, and it is so amaturish that a 7th grader could do better on his computer .
    The Muslims probably made the film themselves so they would have a reason to riot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

    Why do most progressives catalog the film as "anti-Muslim" when it's probably a factual accounting of the Muslim religion?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.hennech Mike Hennech

    Get ready for 4 more years of Obama. Obama will put in a dictatorship before he is finished. This is just another example of the Obama administration shutting down and intimidating everyone that does not agree with them or does somethng he is not in favor of. Obama will always take the side of Muslim's over America. Obama is determined to destroy America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003636574372 Political Preston

    Here is my question, what happens to him/her if/when they are found? What is the purpose of an investigation to find those responsible for the film?

  • wizard

    This is a waste of time and resources. What is the FED going to do when they find him? What crime has he committed? It is not a crime to offend someone. If it were we all be in jail because anything we do is going to offend someone. Those people committed murder and violence because they chose to do so. No one forced them. They are responsible for their own actions.

  • JJM123

    "why is our government tracking down any filmmaker"? Perhaps they believe Mohammad will appear to file charges of Slander or Liable??

  • tyedyed69

    Islam " The Religion of Peace ", unless you do anything the 7th Century
    lifestyle does not agree with. Well, then, all bets are off.


    This administration is a disgrace. Christians are being persecuted and kill in the ME and BO apologises and didnt want to "upset" the radical muslims there!! Unbelievable!

    Are the lives of Christians worth less????

  • liz12345

    Read your Bibles. In Genesis 16:12 there is a prophesy about Ishmael (Father of modern day Arabs and the Muslim religion) Here is what the prophecy says; "He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And
    everyone's hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his
    brothers." Hmmm lives to the east of his brothers (middle east) He is a wild donkey of a man. Yep. His hand will be against everyone. Yep. Everyone (except the politically correct ) will be against him. Yep.
    Sounds like exactly what we have going on today in the middle east. Thank You God Your word is true and things are exactly as You said they would be.

  • liz12345

    Oh and one more thing... since when do WE have to cower in fear and ignore OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH to appease these people? I fully support the pastor in Florida or ANY pastor who wants to show this. I have personally spoken with many moslems about their faith and mine and I wouldn't use insults to try and show them the superiority of Christ and Chrisitianity. I love them and want to see them saved too much to waste time insulting them. It's not going to do any good. But we still have the RIGHT to do it!!! Shame on our cowardly government for "investigating" people using their God and constitutional given free speech. How dare our government intimidate law abiding citizens for exercising that right!!!!! And why DIDNT THEY HAVE EXTRA SECURITY ON 9/11????? THEY KNEW THE MOSLEMS GO CRAZY ON 9/11!!!! Ugh. The whole thing is disgusting. Right is wrong and wrong is right. WE ARE STILL A FREE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!! AND WE CAN MAKE MOVIES ABOUT WHATEVER WE WANT TO!!!!!

  • Scopeman

    I will say it The Muslims can Go to Hell and F them selves they can piss on Christianity and threaten Murder but and can not be done back Screw Them

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Mark-Pilling/662233082 Steven Mark Pilling

    What did this filmmaker do that was unlawful, anyway? Every year, Hollywood produces films that are not only critical of all facets of American society, but are false and libelous besides. They also produce works of rank pornography and child sexual exploitation. All of these works can be could be rightfully prosecuted under state and federal laws. Yet none are, for they are protected by the Hollywood Interest and its allies in government. The producer of this "controversial" film, however, committed an even worse crime. He embarrassed the Annointed One. Now do Holder's Hordes descend upon him. But Hollywood's output of perversity is still (perversely!) protected by yet another perversion... that of the First Amendment. If you are Connected in Obama's America, anything goes. If not, your doom is sealed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699467700 Michael LaBombard

    Watch for my movie, Burning the Koran, soon on Utube!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699467700 Michael LaBombard

    Did you know the muslims don't pay interest on loans? Even on mortgages! They don't pay into obamacare as the rest of us are mandated to do or we pay a fine or jail time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699467700 Michael LaBombard

    All@ should be outlawed in the USA!

  • Mike

    Good article, except for the King James part. He didn't detest the Geneva Bible. The AV1611 was to make a good translation better (it's in the preface to the KJV).



  • Achmed the dead terrorist

    I saw trailers of that flick and I LMAO I wanted to see the entire movie, but it was taking off.

  • rgs

    It's hard now to respect there religion after all the hate and murder , dont you think ! !

  • farmgirl

    Islam considers homosexuality to be a crime punishable by death, yet the animals that attacked Libya sexually assualted the people they killed. Before or after doesn't make a difference. Their own law requires their death. Now, people from many countries have insulted Jesus Christ, but you don't see Christians bombing/shooting/burning/raping, and otherwise acting like animals. Envy is not a favorable virtue in Islam either. Such a convenient excuse to use that dumb, and I mean dumb, movie to attack our people. Strip these countries of all foreign aid NOW, and stop letting them come to the U. S. for "higher education". If they want a better life, they are barking up the wrong tree. America used to be a very Christian country, hence, it prospered. We are worse now, morally, than people were when this country was founded. Money and personal desires have replaced God's law and God. We are going to pay for this. Muslims are already paying for it and have been for centuries. People just don't get it.

  • Mrs. B. Morris

    okay, so let's review this...all the movies that have been made mocking Christ, or God, or Christianity...why were THEY not hunted down? They did just the same form of "mockery".

  • Mrs. B. Morris

    so let's get this straight...all the movies that have been made mocking Christ/Christianity...they should have been hunted down, too? irony!

  • http://twitter.com/lefty6503 Len Caso

    I would like to know what anti-muslim movie caused 9/11?

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbaugh Beryl Bouknight Arbaugh

    There are lots of deplorable films released by Hollywood each year. You can choose to go see them or not., but those films have the right be made. Why is this one any different??? For our government to go after this man is not right. Do you suppose we are going to charge him in some way to appease the Islamist goons? I would not be surprised to hear of some charges to ensure he spends time in jail. Just watch----

  • Washington76

    You will not hear this in the government run media!

    Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria?

  • bbf


    Did Obama send a 'gay' ambassador to Libya?
    Homosexual behavior punishable by imprisonment in Muslim nation
    Published: 14 hours ago

    Jerome R. Corsi
    Email | Archive
    R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has
    authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers "The Obama
    Nation" and "Unfit for Command." Corsi's latest book is "Where's the REAL Birth Certificate?"

    Did President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary
    Clinton send a “gay” ambassador to Muslim-majority Libya, where
    homosexual behavior is a crime punishable by imprisonment?
    Believing the “Arab Spring” countries would be encouraged to embrace
    democracy through left-leaning diplomats dedicated to understanding and
    dialoguing with Muslim communities, did a State Department under
    Secretary Clinton that refused to establish rules of engagement
    providing embassy personnel Marine Corps protection take the additional
    risk of placing a “gay” ambassador in Muslim countries?
    The question comes amid claims in the diplomatic community that J.
    Christopher Stevens — the U.S. ambassador to Libya brutally murdered on
    the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — was
    The question is worth serious exploration, even if Stevens’ sexuality
    cannot be determined with certainty, because U.S. government Foreign
    Service agencies are actively recruiting from the homosexual community
    for diplomatic assignments overseas, including in the Middle East.
    The recruitment derives from a larger policy decision Obama and
    Clinton have made to confront discrimination against homosexuals
    globally, even in Muslim countries.
    Meanwhile, the Obama administration insists on attributing the deadly
    attack in Libya and the violent protests throughout the Muslim world as
    solely a reaction to a 14-minute movie trailer posted on the Internet,
    without acknowledging that the movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” depicts
    the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, as a pedophile and a homosexual.
    Was Stevens “gay”?
    A Washington Post obituary noted Stevens never married and had no children.
    On a homosexual-rights blog called The New Civil Rights Movement,
    Jean Ann Esselink, who describes herself as “a straight friend to the
    gay community,” explored rumors Stevens was “gay.” She said she had heard the rumors and thought that, if true, Stevens’ story would make a good feature for the website.
    She concluded: “But the truth is, I cannot tell you if Chris was gay.
    I can only tell you that he was a 52-year-old man without wife or
    child, at least one he claimed in public.”
    Esselink noted the phone call Clinton made to inform his next of kin of his death went to his sister, a Seattle doctor.
    “I could not find a single statement made by Chris himself, about any
    LGBT issue,” Esselink wrote. “Upon reflection, I suspect it is the kind
    of briar patch topic that Foreign Service officials avoid.”
    However, Kevin DuJan, the openly homosexual founder of HillBuzz.org,
    told WND he spoke with two sources in Chicago diplomatic circles who
    said Stevens was homosexual. He also pointed to Facebook postings by
    Stevens’ roommate at the University of California at Berkeley, Austin
    Tichenor, who directed Stevens in musical productions in the 1980s.
    On Sept. 12, the day after Stevens was killed, Tichenor posted a
    tribute on Twitter, calling Stevens an “old friend.” Tichenor’s
    thumbnail profile picture is a photograph from the 1980s of himself
    (right) embracing Stevens (left) at a college theme party, as seen in
    Exhibit 1.
    Exhibit 1: Tichenor’s post on Facebook, expressing grief over Stevens’ death, Sept. 12
    Subsequent postings, on Tichenor’s Facebook page, were more direct.
    On Sept. 14, Tichenor changed his profile picture on Facebook to the photo of himself and Stevens from the 1980s.
    Also seen in Exhibit 2, a friend, Elizabeth Dennehy, posted a
    comment: “Brideshead Revisited? It’s so bloody sad” – a reference to the
    1945 Evelyn Waugh novel.
    Exhibit 2: Facebook posting, Sept. 14 by Austin Tichenor
    DuJan noted that no one corrected Dennehy on her “Brideshead Revisited” posting.
    “This is total gay code that, yes, these two had a sexual relationship in the past,” he said.
    DuJan, a Chicago-based former gossip columnist who also has presented evidence Barack Obama is hiding a “gay life,”
    obtained additional confirmation from an employee of the Serbian
    Consulate in Chicago. The Serb told him it was “widely known” and “not a
    secret at all” in diplomatic circles and from others in the Chicago
    theater world that Stevens was “gay” and that he and Tichenor had been
    Michelangelo Signorile, editor at large for the Huffington Post’s Gay Voice’s blog, ridiculed DuJan’s claim that Stevens was homosexual, characterizing DuJan as a “longtime gay conservative blogger and Tea Party smear artist.”
    Signorile argued Tichenor is married and has two children,
    commenting: “I know: Just because a man is married to a woman doesn’t
    necessarily mean he can’t be in a relationship with another man, but
    you’d think the right-wing brigade would have mentioned the fact.”
    Signorile insisted Stevens’ sexual orientation is irrelevant.
    “But even if he were gay, it’s absurd to claim he couldn’t do the
    job, nor shouldn’t have been sent to Libya, particularly since he’d been
    working in foreign service in North Africa for most of his working life
    and doing nothing less than a stellar job according to every news
    DuJan countered that sending Stevens to the Muslim Middle East, where
    some countries punish homosexual behavior with death, is like sending
    “a dolphin to swim among the sharks.”
    “Many on the political left who spend their lives in academia or
    working for the government live in this utopia,” he said. “A part of
    political correctness says, ‘Just because Stevens is gay, why wouldn’t
    we send him there.’ It’s insane not to appreciate the risks we face
    living in a very hostile world.”
    Sarcastically, Signorile said: “It’s encouraging, though, to learn
    that right-wing bloggers actually do care about the well-being of
    American gay people. Who knew?”
    Tichenor’s biography on the Reduced Shakespeare Co. website also notes he “has two kids (one of each),” although no mention of his wife, Dee Ryan, is made.
    A video of Tichenor singing “Gay” at the Pittsburgh Public Theater in a satiric production of the Complete Millennium Musical in 1998 is posted on the Reduced Shakespeare Co. website. In it, Tichenor sings, “Let’s hear it for homos today” in a dancing threesome, along with Dee Ryan and Reed Martin.
    See the Tichenor’s dance routine:

  • gregz

    Let's back up a bit. Why? Are the feds looking for someone who should be protected by the 1st amendment? Another reason to be proud of our 47% on the doles who will vote, not give, but to get. Along with the Union Officers who "urge" union members to not give, but vote against our country.

  • sean murry

    Screw those people.