Chick-fil-A Reportedly Surrenders to the Bullies

I wonder what Dan Cathy is thinking.

The CEO of Chick-fil-A in July found himself and his company in a blizzard of controversy when he said in an interview that he supported the biblical definition of marriage, causing liberals to kick off one of their occasional spasms of outrage and attempt to organize a national boycott against the chain.

Instead, the outpouring of support from conservatives and supporters of free speech put the liberals to shame and showed that Americans still believe that people and companies should not be targets of hatred, vandalism and violence because of their beliefs, particularly when they involve traditional beliefs held by millions of people for thousands of years.

It was a great moment to be American and conservative.

Now, Chick-fil-A is reportedly turning around and giving in to the gay bullies.

According to a press release from The Civil Rights Agenda, a gay lobby group, Chick-fil-A has agreed to stop donating to groups that support real marriage.

The development comes in connection with negotiations with Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno, the reprehensible slimeball who threatened to block Chick-fil-A from his city because he disagrees with the company's pro-family viewpoint.

The company also released a memo to its franchisees and other stakeholders stating its official policy is to "treat every person with honor, dignity and respect-regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender." By itself, that's no concern. The Chicago Tribune points out that this is essentially the same policy statement Chick-fil-A had posted on Facebook even before Moreno stuck his nose into the company's business.

Pro-family organizations that Chick-fil-A has contributed to through its charitable foundation include Exodus International, Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. According to TCRA, Chick-fil-A has agreed to re-examine its contributions and not fund organizations with political agendas. (Of course, defending the biblical definition of marriage is only "political" because radical extremists are trying to tear down American society by attacking its foundational principles.)

Like all bullies, TCRA isn't content with the concessions it's received, but it wants more. Said TCRA Executive Director Anthony Martinez, the change in Chick-fil-A policy was "only one step" toward making peace with the "LGBT" community. In other words, expect more arm twisting and humiliation later.

I'd like to think that maybe Mr. Cathy doesn't have anything to do with this, that maybe it's a mistake or just the gay bullies making up stories to ratchet up the pressure on Chick-fil-A, but I suspect that it's true.

If it is, Cathy should rethink. After the outpouring of support he and his company got, to give in to this crowd of radicals and back off his support of traditional family values would be to slap his loyal customers in the face and spit on the very reasons they supported Chick-fil-A in the first place.

When the company stood up to the bullies, it gained thousands of new customers. Chick-fil-A executives better realize that backing down now likely will have the opposite effect.



  • ginjit.dw

    To agree to stop supporting groups with political agendas is exactly what they are doing by conceding here. They are allowed to support whoever they want with their funding. The support shown to this company both monetarily and politically by conservatives was just thrown back at us. We thought cathy had more fortitude.

  • john cummins

    I'm not a fan of chick fil a products, this will make my casual interest disappear, giving in to the sodomite bullies will not help them and they might cease to exist, rapidly if they succumb to this bullying

  • GunnyM57

    Ok, fair enough, so how do we stop the left leaning companies from contributing to liberal political agendas?

    • chris

      You quit giving them your money. Hope you don't miss using the internet, but it's a small price to pay to stay true to your principles.

  • CARLjr

    Why didn't they just have another "if you hate gays, eat here on Wednesay" FoxNews advertising campaign?

    • Vmjsc

      In the interest of accuracy, the event would have to be titled "If you hate the fascist Left, eat here on Wednesday." Truth in advertising.

      • chris

        Let's make it even more accurate. "If you hate, eat here on Wednesday."

  • Doodlebug

    I hope that the bullies haven't convinced Chick Fil A to contribute to the gay groups. It's getting to be that one cannot profess to be a Christian with Christian beliefs and practicing Christian principles without being tarred and feathered. What is this world coming to? It sure doesn't sound good!

    • PMDavis

      There is a war against Christianity and Christians. All non-believers hate Christianity because they know, deep in their souls, that it has the power of the Holy Spirit and it convicts them of their sinful ways and they hate it and want to destroy it. Jesus predicted it in the end times that we would be persecuted and suffer for His name sake. If everyone gives in to these bullies and the perversion they represent, we are lost.

    • fliteking

      Great point.

  • Screeminmeeme

    This is disheartening and I think something happened for Dan Cathy to change his mind.
    Giving in to coercion is always a bad move. I was so happy when he stood up to the bullies on the left. Too bad he didn't have the courage to stand strong.

    • TxnByBrth

      If true, and I hope it isn't, this is another instance where someone decided to do what was best instead of what was right...I for one "Hoped" this "Change" wouldn't occur.

  • james White, M.D.

    Dear Mr. Cathy. Please, on behalf of right-minded Americans, do not surrender to the sodomites and perverts who actively seek the ruin of Christianity, and the destruction of these United States of America. You are to many of us a beacon of the truth, the light and the way that paved the righteous road to American Exceptionalism. As a patriot, a physician, a Christian, and one who rejects the proposed road to ruin led by liberals, I and millions of others stand with you, proudly and with honor, in defiance of the forces of darkness. And when the moment is right we will all arise, proudly, and re-state Patrick Henry's immortal words: "Give me liberty, or give me death!", and re-establish the vision of the Founding Fathers in this land. God bless you, sir, and God bless these United States of America.

    • KJ

      Mr. White: while you are correct that the LGBT community is not in line with the Catholic Church and some other Christian entities, it is pure hatred and a lie to state that their interest in marriage or equal rights is intended to or will cause the demise of the United States. There is no hidden agenda. And I expect that most honorable LGBT citizens abhor the mean-spirited arm twisting that was used against Chick-Fil-A. The company and its owners have the freedom to express their opinions and support their vision of marriage as they see fit. Now it is up to the good people of this country to realize that slavery was bad, women deserved the right to vote, and liquor wasn't a tool of the devil--or perhaps you think that the rights of equality enshrined in the Constitution don't apply to every American.

      • LiveFreeOrDie

        There is no such thing as "LGBT." Sounds good to foolish liberals- doesn't hold any traction in reality.

        • Taylor Wallis

          If there was not such thing as LGBT then we would not be having this discussion. Lesbians Gays Bisexuals and Transsexuals are real people.

        • wilgary

          So are Sodomites real, who your "REAL PEOPLE" people really are. An abomination to Almighty God.

        • Taylor Wallis

          According to your bible your god created and loves these "sodomites". And not nearly all homosexuals act like these ones do. They are everyday people just like the rest of us. Oh, and by the way ACCORDING TO YOUR BIBLE WE ARE ALL SINNERS, EVERYONE IS GUILTY OF SOMETHING. "NONE ARE RIGHTOUS, NO NOT ONE" "ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD"

      • Emslykarl

        the Constitution guarantees everyone the right to " life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness ! Nowhere in the Constitution does it grant the right to redefine marriage ! Marriage is a sacred institution instituted by God ! A society can choose to make same-sex marriage legal , but it can never be made holy ! It's been said that the " mystery of iniquity is God making Himself man ; the mystery of iniquity is man making himself God ! When man tries to undo the institutions God has ordained , he is putting himself in God's seat.

        • Taylor Wallis

          The pursuit of happiness. That is their pursuit of happiness.

        • Emslykarl

          So let me see if I get your drift . Anyone has the right to do anything he/she wishes to do , as long as they are pursuing happiness , regardless of the impact of their actions on the rest of society ? How about stealing your stuff in their pursuit of happiness ! Should morality , or the lack thereof , be taken into account in their pursuit ? There is no such thing as absolute freedom in a civilized society . The pursuit of happiness can not be regarded as an absolute right , especially when it fundamentally changes established societal norms . Consider this : currently there are only two wage-earners for every person receiving Social Security Benefits ; if same-sex marriage becomes the norm in our society , it would cause the collapse of the SS system since same-sex couples can not reproduce ! Are you getting the point ? What happens in a free society when all moral standards are abandoned and everyone does whatever feels good to them ? The French Revolution will give you some idea ! A prostitute was chosen by the Ruling Body and installed with great pomp and ceremony as their goddess of reason in the Cathedral of Notre Dame ! Bibles were burned , priests were imprisoned and tortured , and crime was uncontrolled ! After three years the Senate lifted the ban on bibles in the hope it would help to restore order in society .
          Sent from my iPad

        • Taylor Wallis

          Them wanting to get married is not harming anyone.Them getting married only affects them and their family, and whoever marries them. ( I am against forcing someone to marry them by the way). And there are ways for same sex couples to have kids. And don't say it is wrong because heterosexual couples have to go through the same things if one of them is unable or having a hard time to have children. Crime harms someone, two consenting adults getting married does not.

      • Taylor Wallis

        As a bisexual I can say you are completely correct.

    • Sutekh

      All businessmen know that their business depends upon the good will of the public. As such, it is unwise to get one's business politically involved in anything that does not have the 100% support of the public, such as "fighting the Rome/Berlin/Tokyo Axis," or something universally-recognized evil of that sort.
      It was not a good business decision for Mr. Cathy to involve his business in politics, and he is suffering the fallout of it now. When the U.S. admits it was wrong to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and pulls out, there will be similar consequences, consequences that could only have been avoided by staying out in the first place
      BTW, I'm a Christian conservative who thinks that homosexual marriage stinks, and I will certainly boycott and try to pull down by legal means any business that promotes it, just as the homosexuals have the right to pull down by any legal means any business that they think isn't "on their side." Businessmen should take heed, and do one of the many things successful businessmen do -- keep their religious doctrines in the personal area, and their business in the public area.

      • SureYouAre

        Wrong. And I SERIOUSLY doubt you are a "Christian conservative!"

        • dannyvice

          What arrogance. Mr Cathy does not operate his business all by himself. He has teenagers who work for his company and he is required to provide them a safe work environment.

          By making a political statement in the name of his business, he also subjects young adults who aren't necessarily mature enough to handle the hate and anger being dished out to them at the drive thru or counter.

          And even if they were mature enough to handle that level of anger, that's not what those kids are hired to do. They are not policy experts or political pundits. Many of them are simply trying to pay their car insurance or work their way through college.

          I am also a conservative, and a Christian and many comments from you all are short sighted and extremely selfish.

          You want Mr. Cathy's business to do your political fighting for you - subjecting his employees to abuse - so you can gripe and whine on a blog about him "caving".

          Well eventually, a kid is going to end up dead.... and when that happens, you'll carry on with your political arguments, but they won't.

          A person can "let his light shine" without getting into political arguments in their place of business.

          And I'm sorry, but a place of business is not a place to get into a street fight over gay marriage.

          A business owner doesn't just have himself or his own political views to consider when running a business. He also has to consider all the people whose lives are also affected.

          Mr. Cathy stood up and made a very strong point.... That's far more than many people commenting here will ever do.

          But he has every RIGHT and even an obligation to tone things down a bit for the sake of his employees.

          Young kids starting out in life have their hands full just learning what it's like to hold down a job. They dont and WONT put up with people spitting on them, shouting at them and destroying property while they are trying to learn the job.

          For God's sake use some common sense people.

        • chris

          Good post. Good luck with the people on here using common sense, or any sense for that matter.

        • Neal Avery

          You probably don't even know that Mr. Cathy just said he has been married to the same wife for years and they think marriage is between men and women. He was being interviewed. The Chicago Community (codeword) took him out of context. You make yourself sound like a Nevill Chamberland ( appeaser) Grow some courage.

        • Tout

          DANNYVICE: And you call yourself a Christian ? A Christian in hiding !

      • Emslykarl

        The biblical imperative is to " let your light shine before men , tht they may see your good works and be led to glorify God " ! Mr Cathy would be a hypocrite if he tried to conceal his Christianity ! Muslims are very much in-your-face with respect to their beliefs ; is it only Christians that should keep their faith under wraps ?

      • IrishRush

        I don't believe Mr. Cathy did mix his personal beliefs with business in the way that you suggest. He answered a question honestly that was put to him in an interview. In no way did he imply that any part of his business treated homosexuals differently than anyone else. All he did was share his PERSONAL beliefs. Just because he owns and runs a business does not mean that all of his personal beliefs are connected to it. In as much as his faith is the heart of him, he has, in my opinion, done a fine job of separating his personal beliefs from the business. The only "fallout" Mr. Cathy has experienced is an amazing groundswell of support from a huge number of people.
        Mr. Cathy has a right to his faith and personal beliefs, regardless of what he does for a living. Leave him in peace, as he does others.

  • Paul Thomas

    As is j.c.penny so goes chick fli a. sorry to hear that.Down the tubes.

  • gadsdengurl

    It is interesting since conservative groups never pressure companies to stop donating to liberal causes, they just don't patronize them.

    • Sutekh

      Au contraire. When Allstate's gaystapo fired an employee for posting a rational (i.e., nonreligious) argument against same sex marriage on a blog, I wrote Allstate about it. You see, the man had not identified himself with Allstate, and did not repreent himself as reflecting Allstate's viewpoint. Whenever a local agent would send me an offer to insure my house with Allstate (which is notoriuously bad with homeowner's insurance) I would send them a form letter stating that I was not interested and referrring them to the web address of the news item. My reasoning was that if I were an insured of Allstate and their underwriters did not like my position on farm policy or immigration, they might deny my claims.
      I also told them that I was not going to picket their business, nor write them harrassing letters. However, I did state that any future correspondence they initiated with me by sending me letters, offers, or flyers would receive a reply from me. I never get mail from Allstate any more.

  • PMDavis

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Chick-fil-A for basically giving in to the demands of the gay community. This country is totally lost to perversion if people are not willing to stand up to it. Jesus said we would be persecuted for His name and for Him and you are either willing to stand up for Him or you're not. It also begs the question, "what was done or said to the Chick-fil-A organization to get them to give in."

    • chris

      Not what was said, not what was done. What was not done. Buying chicken. Funny how money can get a bigot to change their mind.

      • Gee Marie

        what the hell are you talkin about?

        • chris

          Get out of your mamma's basement. I hope that explanation made it more clear for you.

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          @Gee concerning Chris: Gee, Chris has no clue...your question is rhetorical to him.

  • Spanabama

    If this can be confirmed I would really be disappointed. I really went out of my way on several occasions to go to a chick-fil-a in support of them. I'm not saying we should boycott chick-fil-a but I will certainly not go out of my way for chick-fil-a anymore. I will actually just stop going there myself because there isn't one that is that close to where I live.

  • robertoblake

    The nature of power dictates that the entity with the most leverage will ultimately dictate terms on until that leverage is removed.

    Leverage can take the form of politics, money, the will of the general public, bargaining power in the form of assets or debt, blackmail, information or even guilt. Its as simple as either not being in a position to resist a person or entity because of what they represent, your inability to deal with the consequences or resisting, or the fact you are in someway dependent on them.

    There is no "right or wrong" to power, there is no left or right, t heir is only the "will" and the ability to "execute" that will. To have power usually means to be more willing, able or both than either your direct opposition or the general population.

    I do not think it to be in the interest of the American people to willfully cede more leverage to corporations than they already have by the nature or what they are. Their decisions should be weighed against the consequences of the will of the general public.

    I believe that is what happened hear. The decision does not rest solely with a CEO, a CEO is in fact answerable to shareholders and to franchise owners as well. If they feel their interest are compromised, collectively they can (and should) be able to exert that leverage to force a decision of the CEO.

    Even if it is a decision within the context of that person's personal life since they have allowed it to directly impact business. Outside of the differential moral debate (comparatively) its not any different than a CEO being forced to make a statement or resign after having an affair (since their personal integrity may be tied to brand equity of the company), that may have driven the stock prices down.

    While no one denies the right of any American to freedom of speech and belief, that does not mean than anyone is above dealing with the consequences of their actions. A CEO is not "just a person, or an American", they represent their investors an the people they employ and have an obligation to consider the consequences (however unreasonable) their actions have beyond them.

    Back pedaling in this instance just demonstrates that the individual power of one person or group did not allow them to ignore the reality.

    They made a business decision, which frankly the CEO should have been doing all along. Someone may want to argue he shouldn't have to hide what he believes, but its the same argument as people who don't want to hide who they are and be persecuted.

    The world is not yet fair, and if it was that important, it could have and should have been done quietly, in order to protect employees and investors interest.

  • sandy

    I will wait before attacking...I am at this point that he and will continue his giving.Or' was he threaten by muslims brotherhood in the Obama amst? I can't see him backing down

  • sandy

    Go on chic-fil-A website to see any such thing and even email ask that question is it a rumor or truth.I would not stat attacking spread romors if that's the case so far...go ask chic-fil-A as the left and Mayors want to destroy him.let's find out from the horses mouth first before anything spread

  • ed357


    I have to put another company on "THE LIST."

    • chris

      "THE LIST". Ha ha, how did you post on this thread if you are boycotting your list? Where did you get your computer (chips, peripherals, etc.) from?

  • sandy

    I find Nothing other than old news or news still batching chic-fil-A still bet if it's true NbC and every lapdog media whores will be all lapping this up.

  • sandy

    Bullies or think it may be true is to hold your tongues. Till we know...rumors can do damage!

  • fliteking

    This is sorry news. I very much enjoyed their food.

    Past tense.

    • chris

      Not only rational people will be boycotting, but also bigots like you. Cheers!

      • fliteking

        So in your mind being a Christian makes one a bigot. Nice job on the calling - - - surely you enjoy the bigotry avenue regularly. delta bravo.

        • chris

          No, being a bigot means you're not a christian.

        • fliteking

          Following in your foot steps you are now saying your a Bigot ? Because you have made it clear you are not a Christian. Not surprised by either really, but your honesty is a bit unusual . . . liberals for the most part avoid honest statements preferring a "drive by" message like " Not only rational people will be boycotting, but also bigots like you. Cheers!"

          Maybe I can scare up one of my daughters old girl scout merit badges, it'd give you something to work toward.

        • chris

          Those wouldn't by my footsteps, those would belong to someone with the mind of a child. You're false dichotomy assumes the two are mutually exclusive. They are not. Bigots come in every shape and size and assume every ideology, but that doesn't mean any particular group is completely composed of bigots. I could have said secular bigots, but I'm unaware of any secular groups that were promoting support for chick-fil-a's financing of hate groups. The paradox is the ideology of christianity specifically forbids that behavior, yet there are self described christians promoting bigotry. It must be embarrassing to the real christians, and jesus himself is probably rolling in his grave. I appreciate the offer of a girl scout merit badge, which did you have in mind?

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          @Chris:Wow... your most inane and stupid post yet. " Bigots come in every shape and size and assume every ideology, "
          Congrats on incredible duplicity...look in a mirror as you typed that did ya?

        • chris

          I wasn't attempting to be deceitful. I was sharing my point of view that bigots are everywhere. I have been guitly of it myself, and when I recognize it, I make steps toward self improvement. What's your excuse?

        • fliteking

          Chris chris chris, you wear your hatred and disdain on your sleeve while trying to cover the same with failing logic.

          Perhaps your anger is secondary to ongoing guilt issues, this would certainly fit the odd puzzle you are attempting to put together.

          Definition of Bigot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

          If you review the posts labelled "Chris" on this page you will find you and your obvious intolerance fit the definition very very well.

          Try this badge, but please use a safety pin to apply it to your sash, otherwise you defeat the purpose.

        • chris

          Excellent deflection. When you're unable to form a cogent argument just reply with an ad hominem.
          Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices
          Your comment "This is sorry news. I very much enjoyed their food. Past tense." is a textbook example by either defintion.
          None of my comments are intolerant. I have simply mocked people for their stupidity and hypocrisy. A simpleton might read my posts and conclude I agreed with some of the comments. I have never been to chick-fil-a. I am just an observer of the sillyness. I don't hate stupid people, to the contrary, I find them very amusing.
          Before throwing around words like "logic" you should think before you post.

        • fliteking

          From Chris's next post, he had to take an hour to think about it between posts and decided to break the string . . . and I quote:

          "Excellent deflection. When you're unable to form a cogent argument just reply with an ad hominem."

          Followed by :

          "None of my comments are intolerant. I have simply mocked people for their stupidity and hypocrisy."

          Wipe your shoe off.

        • chris

          Well done. You make a good parrot. You had all nite and you couldn't think of anything to defend your bigotry. Perhaps it needs no defense, because you're just a bigot.

    • chris

      Excellent deflection. When you're unable to form a cogent argument just reply with an ad hominem.

      Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

      Your comment "This is sorry news. I very much enjoyed their food. Past tense." is a textbook example by either defintion.

      None of my comments are intolerant. I have simply mocked people for their stupidity and hypocrisy. A simpleton might even read my posts and conclude I agreed with the comments. I have never been to chick-fil-a. I am just an observer of the sillyness. I don't hate stupid people, to the contrary, I find them very amusing.

      If you're going to throw around words like "logic" think before you post.

  • chris

    ha ha, now the rational people and the christian bigots will be boycotting them. Good riddance.

    • Vmjsc

      The only bigots I've ever met are liberal atheists.

      • chris

        As long as people hate all the same things you hate, you don`t consider them bigots.

    • Gee Marie

      hey chris...get up,get washed,brush your tooth and get out of your mamma's basement and blow off that stank!!

      • chris

        What an insightful reply. I bet your "get out of your mamma's basement" argument can be applied to any discussion, it's pure gold. I hope you don't mind if I borrow that gem from you, now I will be able to win any argument.

    • Sally Klitzke

      This is what I received in my Inbox this morning and it wasn't what this article states: Please read and share :)

  • chris

    "when they involve traditional beliefs held by millions of people for thousands of years."
    That's the same reason I'm outraged by all the people insisting the world isn't flat. Heretics!

    • Vmjsc

      You're kind of an idiot. The flat earth myth was invented by Washington Irving and promoted by atheists as a canard against Christians and Jews, when it was Judeo-Christian scholars, not Muslims or atheists, who preserved the Greek mathematical knowledge of the round Earth. Even in the Middle Ages, no one believed in a flat Earth. It took the atheists to perpetuate that lie.

      • chris

        It was the bible that perpetuated that lie.

        • Sutekh

          A thousand years from now, the belief that proof of a negative exists will be recognized by agnostics as a traditional atheist bellief that is wrong.

        • chris

          I would say that is true now. A good example of why to avoid the hubris of the anti-gay groups.

        • fatman45

          @BlindedByFaith:disqus = (Fingers in ears) "Naah naah naah naah! I can't hear you!"

        • chris

          Don't forget to cover your eyes too. You don't want to see any pictures of the earth either. Those are far more damaging than anything I could say.

      • Sutekh

        The Bible teaches an earth in space: "Behold, he hangeth the earth upon nothing."
        The First Letter of St. Clement to the Corinthians (printed in the Apostolic Fathers,) refers to the "ocean, and the lands beyond it."
        Columbus could not get funding for his explorations from so many rulers because their advisers correctly perceived that the earth was much bigger in diameter than Columbus thought. Columbus would have died somewhere around the 180th parallel had he not been lucky that the Americas were in his path.

  • Rob Dalton

    The Homosexuals are LYING AGAIN. Making up stories, like their father, the devil.
    Chick-Fil-A has not given in. Focus on family has an update on this.

    • jong

      Thank you. I did not believe it.

    • a

      leave it to the gays to lie. they probably tell their parents they are straight too. Let the gays live together and in about 60 years they will be gone (no reproduction). Or aids will get to them.

  • Gee Marie


  • Adam Moreira

    If someone did bully Chick-fil-A, the question is: who? Chick-fil-A is a family-owned business, which essentially limits potential bullies to either suppliers or franchisees. If it was a supplier, that would have resulted in a slam-dunk lawsuit for Chick-fil-A. That then leaves the franchisees as the possible option, but the only plausible answer might be that a franchisor in a certain region may have been threatening to flip its eateries to another brand. But that's business and not bullying.

    As such, the question remains: what would be the identity of the bully if there is one?

  • Taylor Wallis

    It is ridiculous how everyone makes a big deal about gay marriage. If you don't like it then don't get one. People should be able to marry whomever they want. Whether or not you support them. And it should matter whether Chik-fa-la does or doesn't support this. They have good food that a lot of people like. A CEO beliefs should not stop you from going to a restraint.

    • PT

      It's not so ridiculous. Homo behavior is disease-ridden and as filthy as you can get. It's blatantly ignorant to state..."if you don't like " fill in the blank" then don't do "fill in the blank." Gee... I hate child molestation but instead of speaking out, I just won't do it. Yeah....that's the ticket. DUH

      • IHateLiberals

        I agree with you PT. According to Taylor Wallis people should be able to marry a four year old, their mother, or the pet dog. Would Taylor Wallis draw the line on whom should be allowed to marry, ever?

        • Taylor Wallis

          Marriage should be the union between to consenting adults. A child is not old enough or mature enough to make that decision. And a pet is not human, and can't tell you what they want.

      • Sutekh

        Homosexuals are so bored with their partners sexually, that the concept of marital fidelity does not exist in same-sex marraiges.
        That was the whole idea behind marriage in the first place.
        People had to have sex, but in a way that was not antisocial. Women agreed to marry men who would be supportive of them. The women would not have sex outside the marraige for two reasons -- to avoid contracting an incurable social disease and spreading it to her children and her husband, and so that her husband and the local judge could be sure the children were her husbands. Likewise, the husband had to remain faithful, because bringing home an incurable social disease wouldn't do much for the children either.
        Rather than an argument for gay marriage, the current situation of birth control, abortion on demand, public acceptance of incurable STD like HIV, and legal recognition of a man or woman's right to hire a biological surrogate for pregnancy, have rendered marriage UNNECESSARY. According to their own arguments, homosexuals should just get real and try to do away with marriage altogether, because the very things that have brought their lifestyle into acceptance are the same things that are actually destroying marriage. In other words, same-sex marriage is a superficial symptom of the disease affecting American culture, Instead of embracing the symptom, the homosexuals should simply embrace the permanent effects of the disease of the breakdown of the sanctitiy of marriage and family.

        • Taylor Wallis

          Homosexual intercourse does not getting boring. In fact there are more possibilities for same sex couples in bed.

      • Taylor Wallis

        A male male couple or a female female couple getting married affects you in no way. It does not harm you. And quit frankly their relationships and sex life is not anyone's business. It should not be up for discussion whether or not to consenting adults can get married or not. Child molestation is a crime, it does harm someone, homosexuality does not.

    • loran

      Taylor, it is a big deal. Marriage is a sacrosanct condition from the Bible. Values like yours substantially weaken the family. This nation was built on the values of Christianity and family. The gays have their legal means of commitment, they do not need or are entitled to the the legal definition of marriage. You are one more of the "I don't care" people who need to get involved.

      • Taylor Wallis

        Marriage was around long before the bible. Before the bible in ancient civilizations there were same sex relationships, and they were not looked down upon. And it does not weaken the family. Same sex marriages are less likely to end in divorce than heterosexual marriages. They are closer to there children, and take great care of them. Because they have to go through a lot to have a child or adopt. They have loving families that have perfectly normal home lives, and are happy. As a bisexual, I would hope that if I fell in love with another women I would be allowed to marry her. Another issue is that those means of commitment do not give them the same benefits as a married straight couple get. Though you would not know all this because you are not gay.

        BTW not everyone in this country is a chiristian. And those like myself that are not should not have someone else's religion shoved on them.

    • Sutekh

      Using your logic, there really is no need for gay marriage. It has NEVER been illegal for a gay man to marry, nor for a lesbian to marry. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The only time that was blocked was for mixed race couples in some states.
      Apparently "playing house" wasn't good enough for homosexuals, even though it has been good enough for their Hollywood supporters (such as "Brangelina") for decades.

      • Taylor Wallis

        Their marriages are not recognize by the government and are only call a civil union, not a marriage. And I am sure that whether you are married or not that you would want to be able to get married and it be considered real rather than just living with them and having a family. I know as a woman, most woman want more than just a relationship. They want that special day, and they don't want someone saying that it didn't count.

    • jong

      So you believe in encouraging a mental illness?? Most homosexuals are psychotic or pedophiles. Not something for a conservative to endorse I will leave that to the marxist.

      • Taylor Wallis

        It is not a mental illness. I am bisexual and I am a law abiding citizen and would kill anyone if they ever touched my son in that way. Most of my friends , aside from my best friend, are gay or bisexual. They are great people. One raises money on a regular bases for different charities and works at soup kitchens. Another plans on becoming a doctor and going around the world to help those in need. A few plan on going into law enforcement. We are just normal people. The only difference between us and you is that we fall in love with the same gender or both genders. We are everyday people. And if homosexuality is a mental illness there are a lot of sick animals that need to be taken to the vet seeing as almost every species has increased amounts of same sex relationships when they become over populated.

  • CaptTurbo

    That's a bummer. I thought I had found my new favorite fast food place. Oh well.



  • CalifTaxPayer

    OMG I am so disappointed. What a shame :-(

    • Sally Klitzke

      This is what I received in my Inbox this morning and it wasn't what this article states: Please read and share :)

  • Zealous

    Why did you NOT contact Dan Cathy and their company yourself instead of believing and forming an opinion based on the writing of The Civil Rights Agenda - a gay lobby group?! Must Chik-Fil-A continue to deal with fellow believers who won't check their facts before they blast them?

  • Sally Klitzke

    I received this article early this morning and you desperately need to update your sources. Thanks :)

  • simpletony1

    God made a big deal about gay marriage, s t u p i d. People should be able to marry their dog or cat too? Almos everything matters. Now sober up.

  • rich_47

    I wonder what all these gay's would be say and doing if they were living in Libya?

    • delew38

      rich47 call them what they are they are not gay. They are queers gay is a happy word I have never seen a devil be happy?

      • Evermyrtle

        Right! The most ignorant way to call them the opposite of what they are.

      • Taylor Wallis

        Well, they are happy being homosexual, and gay means happy, so they are gay.

      • wilgary

        Why not call them what they really are according to scripture. Sodomites!!!

    • a

      Maybe we should sent them (queers) all to Libya. Let them dodge some bullets instead of good service men and women. I don't think those folks in Libya like gays and hate them more than Americans...

      • Taylor Wallis

        There are as you say queers fighting for our freedom already. Just like straights they sacrifice for your freedom.

        • Verland Gilliam

          King David just had to have Bathsheba who just happened to be married to one of King David's top Generals, so King David had this General put on the front lines of battle where he would surely be killed. Not a bad story if you have a plan of action, so why can't we do that with the queers? We could put ALL of them right up front till we knew every last one of them could be killed by our enemy and then we could call for a peace treaty, and extend to our enemy our forever thankful, handshake. Especially so if you think the queers are ready to "sacrifice" for our freedom. Hmmmnnn??

        • Taylor Wallis

          You are an ignorant fool. Why don't we put you and fools like you on the front line. We could definitely benefit from having less bigots around.

        • delew38

          No they volunteer just like everybody else does. If it was up to me we would go back to don't ask don't tell law. I don't want to know if they are queer.....

        • Taylor Wallis

          There is not draft at the moment which means all soliders volunteer to protect or freedom. And if heterosexual people can be open about their sexuality everyone esle should be able to. Someone's sexuality does not effect their ability to serve our country. And they should not be treated differently than any other solider.

        • delew38

          Taylor Heterosexual is normal rump rangers are not normal. It does effect there ability when you have to change clothes in front of them. Like that stupid Penn State football coach in the showers. A normal man does not want to be sodomized by these fudge packers or have to deal with them and there sex drives !!!

        • Taylor Wallis

          I am bisexual and when changing in front of other girls for PT for JROTC in high school, did not stare are check them out, and definetly did not try to have sex with them. People are being paranoid. Gays are loyal in relationships, and don't want to have sex with anyone but their partner. Straight people are just scared because they don't understand, they are scared of what is different from them. When there is really nothing to be scared of.

        • PT

          We don't really care about your dysfunctional sex life. Being "loyal" to one person certainly doesn't make that relationship good, healthy, or moral. We're not frightened by something different but the majority should be frightened by a deadly behavior such as homosexual acts. Don't listen to Taylor people. She/he will be the death of you.

        • PT

          If you are female Taylor, you can't have sex with other females. It is not humanly possible. This is why we laugh at people such as yourself. We are not "afraid" of you. We just don't want to have to associate with someone who actually believes the way you do. We might go visit you in the asylum but we certainly don't take you serious. Having sex requires one of the participants to be the proud owner of a peenis. The use of vibrators, cucumbers, bottles, flashlights, tongues and other objects does not constitute the act of sexual intercourse or "having sex" and especially if these objects are being inserted in the rectum. When you return to school, be sure to take a refresher course in biology. ; )

        • PT

          Some "sexuality" is normal and we respect "normality." Queer behavior is FAR from normal or healthy and, therefore, is not deserving of any type of respect. It is the behavior we find disgusting and it is our choice to disrespect those who engage in it. They will be treated differently, regardless of your wishes. ; )

        • Taylor Wallis

          There is this little thing called a condom you use when engaging in anal sex . BTW many straight couples alse engage in anal intercourse. And as to respect, it is funny you want those of us who are LGBT to respect you when you don't give any rescpect to us. Respect in my book is earned not freely given, and none of y'all have yet to earn it. Oh, and btw, aid started from beastility in Africa with monkeys and the like, not homosexuality.

        • PT

          Still with the myths about sex with monkeys. That's a good one. LOL Condoms do not protect you from rips and tears that occur in the anus. The anus was not intended to be used for sexual behavior....male or female. I couldn't care less if you respect me or not....none whatsoever. I will never respect the homos because of the behavior they engage in. NEVER.

        • Taylor Wallis

          It is not a myth. And you can get rips and tears in the anus when you go #2. It is sad how closed minded you are. And btw, if I were you I would really get into the bible more and find out what a true Christians is.

        • PT

          It is a myth. You can't prove those allegations so don't even go there. You only get rips and tears from being constipated and, if you eat a healthy, fiber-filled diet, this won't occur ever. The anus wasn't designed to be penetrated frequently. The sphincter muscles are only designed to work as an exit. Being closed minded has nothing to do with common sense, facts and reality. I know more about what the Bible says than a witch. ; )

        • Taylor Wallis

          As a form Christian, and church bus worker and childern church worker, I know a lot. I still go to church with my mom on the Sundays she is off work. Give Romans Chapter 12 a good read, you could really use it. There are several other scriptures I could suggest, but it seems as though you are already set in your ways. And as a proud solitary Witch I have different beliefs than most. You are wrong about in on of your other responses to me, I do believe in your god. I believe in all the deities. I just happen not to like the way your god is made to look. And in a round about way I actually worship him seeing as I believe all gods and goddess come from the one true being. BTW, 2 Cor 4:16 KJV "For which cause we faint not, though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day" That was my life verse and I think it hold true even today, not matter what religion you are.(BTW that is from memory) While I could go on quoting the bible all day just like many Chiristians I am not going to , but I will say this, look at how Jesus treated people a.k.a sinners, you could learn a thing or two form him.

        • PT

          I am not impressed Taylor by what you have done. To me, you appear very immature and naive. I've read the Bible through 3 times Taylor. No need to give me advice. Jesus told sinners to "go and sin no more." He didn't accept sin as okay like the homos do of today. Maybe you should spend more time reading the Bible that you claim to know so well. LOL

        • Taylor Wallis

          Jesus was a friend to sinners. A friend, not an enemy. And just because you read something doesn't mean you understand it. Rather than just reading the bible you should study it. Christian means Christ like which from the way you speak is not something you are. You seem to just be religious and not actually have a relationship with your god or Jesus. Yes, Jesus sad go and sin no more, but he also sad "ye who has not sinned cast the first stone". You are missing the lesson you should be learning from Jesus's life. You need to study BOTH his actions and words. While he did not accept the sin he was not mean or harsh to the person commiting the sin. You should really seeing about going to S.M.I.T.E. 2013 in May in Lousiana. It would do you some good. Even if you only go to the night service. We get up at 6:00 am. Eat at 7:45. Have classes based on your level (what year you are). First years learn the Wordless book as there main thing. Everyone also learn to do a One week bible club which is what we do in the afternoons all week.We have lunch before we study and leave for our clubs. And eat supper after we get back. We stay up until Midnight sometimes later hearing preaching. At the end of the week you take exams and see if you pass or fail that level. The dress code is very strict. Women's shirts can be lower that three finger below your collar bone and when you bind over your skin can not show. No tight fitting clothes. Girls must wear skirts only and they can not show your knees. You must wear somthing nice to the night service and girls must wear tights or socks and can not wear flip flop type shoes. Though I can't go again untill my son is older, it would be a great thing for you to do. Maybe God will convict you and you can get right with God like the rest of the camp does everyday.

        • PT

          Fighting for our freedoms does certainly not negate vile behavior. I'm sure there are just as many child molesters, drug dealers and wife beaters serving our country. You lose my respect when you admit to any of the behaviors listed, regardless of your duty to our country which you also, BTW, happened to choose.

        • Taylor Wallis

          Sex with someone you love is not vile. LGBT people lead normal everyday lives. They are just like everyone else , they are just attracted to different people.

        • PT

          So if you love a child...that would be okay with you??? Attractions should not always lead to sexual contact. Sodomy is NEVER EVER okay with any one. This has nothing to do with love so don't bring "love" into it. This is about the vile act of sodomy that should never be committed by anyone, male or female. Get a clue already.

        • Taylor Wallis

          No, childern are not mentally old enough to make that decision. To ADULTS that love eachother having consentual sex it not vile. I have a clue. It is the people like you that think their way is the only way and their religion and god are the only true ones are the ones that need to get the clue. Not everyone is your religion, or has your beliefs. And if you ever want to truely be happy or at peace you need to learn that. You could really use some teachings from Budda and meditation.

        • PT

          I wasn't talking about the children. I was talking about the adults who "love" them. If we are to live by the "homo rules," we must allow all people to "love" whomever they choose--age and relationship be damned to accommodate for fairness. It wouldn't be fair and equal otherwise. How long before children will be forced to learn to "love" those who "love" them? Let's leave religion and/or God out of the conversation. Let's try common sense. Love has nothing to do with sexual behavior and sodomy is not a behavior we associate with sexual and/or reproductive activity. Budda is a little fat statue. Let's don't go there. I feel I'm discussing an important issues with a child. It's futile.

        • Taylor Wallis

          Budda was a Hindu Prince. He was not actually fat, the chinesnse have him as fat because in their culture that was a sign of power/wealth/wisdom. Budda , meaning the inlighten one, went out seeking truth and wisdom. Very few consider him a god. Just a quick history lesson there. And I wasn't talking about if they child loved them or not ether. I believe in the law in place of age of consent. If you are not 16 years or older ,deepeneding on where you live, You should not be having sex with anyone more than one or two years older than you, and no sex at all if you are under the age of at least 14. Yes, for some love and sex aren't always together. But for most to be in a sexual relationship, that means love. Though some people with lower morals have sex with out loveing someone. Oh, and common sense says let people be who they are.

        • PT

          I don't really care about the Budda so you don't need to enlighten me at all. I'm not interested. Rules and more rules which people will defy in time if it means not being able to be with the "one they love." Letting people "be who they are" is a no brainer. We are male and female. Sexual activity is what we do....not who we are. Little common sense there Taylor. Try using that once in awhile. ; )

        • Taylor Wallis

          If it is a no brainer why do you find it so hard to do? And I am not lacking in common sense, though you mite be, I am just a lost more open minded than most.

    • Neil Hoffman

      I doubt they would be alive, God detest & says in his word in Liviticus, it is an abomination. These words are from the creator, but most of them dont' believe in God or the Creation. Are Country is being torn apart because of them. Who cares about your closets or parades or lifestyles.

      • delew38

        Neil your right and Obama that wants to give them all there rights. If they are caught in Muslim countrys they will put them to death for being a queer !!!

    • Verland Gilliam

      If they were in Uganda, or a few other places around the world, they would be put to DEATH ! Which is an alternative only to putting them in mental hospitals. Just my opinion.

      • Taylor Wallis

        It is the people that think LGBT people need to be in mental hospitals that need to be there themselves. They are regular everyday people and don't deserved to be killed or institutionalized.

        • AlarmBelle

          If and it does happen a mental nut has sex with a dog or other animal, you would agree this guy is nuts and lock him up? Doing same with the same sex partner is the same abominable thing; disgusting, UNnatural and NOT sane. If you disagree...that's your right. You may also disagree when I tell you that the world is not flat; it doesn't change facts. And no, God nor his children are going to ever tell you it's any different. Murder is wrong too. Stealing is wrong. We call it as it is and that's that.

        • Taylor Wallis

          A dog is not human. Of course it is crazy to have sex with something outside our species. Homosexuals are having relationships with people not animals. People can consent, animals can not. Homosexuality does not hurt anyone. Bestiality hurts the animal. If homosexuality is unnatural why is it found in almost all species. And it is pretty damn obvious by now that the world is a sphere. In fact there were a lot of people that indeed never believed it was flat when in our history book it says that people believed that. Oh, and if homosexuality is so wrong to your god why did he make homosexual animals.

        • anthony

          with peter-puffing homos who would rather have sex with little boys (NAMBLA) and other other hidious acts should be purged from this planet and chick-a-fila should have NEVER given in. come to my house and see what i do to you. dirt bag

        • Taylor Wallis

          Well someone needs a vocabulary lesson. A homosexual is someone who loves and wants relationships with people of their same gender. A phedophile likes and want relationships with children of varying ages. Being a homosexaul does not make you a phedophile. I am bisexual and have no desire to be with my 2 month old son in that way. In fact if anyone ever touch my son in that way I would kill them.

        • PT

          Women who have sex with men who have sodomized other men and/or been sodomized by other men are either foolish or desperate. Some women may not realize who they're having sex with. I feel sorry for these women. Your son will be learn to be touched in a vile way just because of who his father is. I also feel sorry for your son.

        • Taylor Wallis

          My son is going to group up to be a great man no matter what sexuality he is. Yes, his father and I are both bisexual, but we don't cheat. We have morals. We very overprotective. And his father is about to be enlisting to the Navy to serve OUR country. My son is going to grow up respecting others, and tolerating people no matter who they are, and knowing right from wrong. He will be a better man than you will ever be, because, he will not jugde other just because they are different, and he will know that no one deserves the disrespect you people dish out all over the place, and will rather show respect to all those around him. It is your childern I feel sorry for. I would hate to have a bigot as a parent.

        • PT

          I don't think you have a son at all. In fact, I'm not even sure what your gender is since you refer to being "bisexual" which is just as dangerous/nasty/vile as being homo. People with morals have sex only with someone of the opposite sex whether or not they "cheat." I'm female....not a man...and I judge behavior only. I would hate to have a homo or bi for a parent. How screwed up would those children be...I can only imagine.

        • Taylor Wallis

          It doesn't matter what you think, I do. Otherwise it would be imposslibe for me to be going through postpartum depression (it runs in my family so there was no getting around it). And I have very high morals. The only person who has ever seen my shoulders or above my knees is the father of my child, and the doctor because there isn't any getting around it. And there are happy perfectly find childern with bisexual and homosexual parents. They are just more opened minded than you, and don't hate people just because they are different.

        • PT

          It matters to me. Those with high morals would never condone same-sex relationships. Our morals come from God, not men, and you deny His existence. Nuff said... I don't hate people because they are different. I hate the dangerous acts that some people engage in and I hate it when vulnerable children believe what they are told by these dysfunctionals.

        • Taylor Wallis

          YOUR MORALS COME FROM YOUR GOD, not everyone is a Christian. In fact if you were to go to any other country you mite even have a hard time find a fellow christians especially in Asia. (BTW I would not recommend showing you are a christian if you ever go to china, they are still killed in some places, so if you do ever choose to go to Aisan countries be safe as not all of them except Christians). And I don't deny your god's existence. I believe in all the dieties, I just choose not to worship your's. And you have a funny way of showing you hate the sin and not the sinner. And it is the right of each parent to raise their chid(ren) how they see fit. And we are obviously not dysfunctionals as you put it if we are no longer consider mentally ill like the educatded thought long ago.

        • PT

          My God is everyone's God. He is the only God. If the sinner defines him or herself by his or her sin, then it is very hard to not hate the sinner. It's just more common sense Taylor...but then I see that you're lacking in that department. Maybe you homos are not mentally ill but the choices you make are definitely inappropriate and most certainly dangerous to health. That's a given.

        • Taylor Wallis

          No YOUR God is not. Though there are definitely lessons you need to learn from Jesus.

        • PT

          Sodomization is not is an abnormal vile act that causeses disease. Homosexuality hurts lots of people. Are you still in your closet??? AIDs, anal cancer, fissures, anal infections, and hepatitis...and you say "it does not hurt anyone." How misinformed can you be??? Homosexuality is not found in animals and never has been. Male animals do not sodomize each other. They may hang together and during breeding season may mount each other because animals cannot control their urges like humans but if contact is made, it is met with resistance and anger. You homos just love to lie but the majority know what you're about. God did not make homosexual animals or people. He made animals and people.....some animals have mishaps...people choose to make stupid and dangerous mistakes.

        • Taylor Wallis

          I am out of the closet as bisexual. And there is this little thing called a condom to prevent all of those things, along with bathing. Oh, and aids came from bestiality in Africa, not from homosexuals engaging in intercourse. And animals do not just have mishaps. You need to brush up on your science. And as a pagan(Wiccan), I search for the truth, and can not lie because it goes against my religion (An it harm none do ye what ye will). And don't start going on about how that leaves us free to do whatever we want, because it does not. In fact it is hard, you have to think everything completely through to make sure it does not harm anyone in any way. Oh, and what you are talking about that hurts people is unprotected sex. Because I assure you straight people have anal sex too.

        • PT

          A wiccan...never mind. Discussion over. I knew there had to be a reason you sounded 12. And I assure you that any person who allows him/herself to be sodomized will suffer the same health problems. All anuses are created equal. You need to brush up on your science.

        • Taylor Wallis

          Such a lovely point of view. BTW, you are the one that sounds like a child. Your closed mindedness befits you. It is because of people like yourself that our country is not longer great. Both democrat and republicans are now corrupt and everyone is ether to scared or uninformed on the independs that run for office. Sadly our country will fall in our life time. I only hope my family and I move out of here before that happens.

        • PT

          I'll help you pack. Just give me a call. ; )

        • PT

          What they deserve is treatment for their disability and that's all.

        • Taylor Wallis

          LGBT people have no disability and don't need treatment.

        • PT

          Disagree with that false concept. Seek'll thank me.

        • Taylor Wallis

          No, I won't thank you, because there is nothing wrong with being bisexual and I don't need any treatment for it.

        • PT

          God and the majority disagree. Now go to your room and finish your homework.

        • Taylor Wallis

          The majority agrees with me. The minority agrees with you. And I already finished my wiccans studies homework for the week. In fact I won't be supprise if I am still going to some type of school the day I die, because I love to learn.

        • PT

          "Regular everyday people." Are you a 12-year old or just been sodomized senseless???

        • Taylor Wallis

          You are the one who sound like an immature 12 year old.

  • richardcancemi

    Tell me it isn't so! Please!

  • simpletony1

    That's the end of chicfila for us and our family tree

  • Ladybug2948

    This all stinks of totalitarianism and oppression! Those queers have no right to bully anyone to do what they want. I don't care what queers do, I don't want them to obligate normal people to do things against their belief. Those queers are not normal people and no one should care a hoot what sex they have, that is their business and they must not rub it in other people's nose, that is disgusting and perverted. Normal people are heterosexual; queers are not, too bad, but that does not mean that they have to showcase their aberration and try to subjugate normal people to their aberrations so they won't feel bad about themselves. Lease Chick-Fill-A alone!!!

    • Taylor Wallis

      Most LGBT people aren't out flaunting it to the world. Some are however being idiotic in their tactics to get equality. As a bisexual myself I disagree with how some of these people are acting. Like the group last year that came into a church and throw condoms all over the place. Now all of us are like that. You have to understand we are not all the stereotype people make us out to be. I am not a cheater like most people think all bisexuals are. We don't rape people or molest children, shot I would kill someone if they ever did that to my son. We are normal people, we just fall in love with a different gender.

  • Derek Schneider

    It has been reported that a Chicago politician was quoted as saying they agreed to these concessions, but that there have been no changes in 21 months because the "evidence" he was referring to was Chick-Fil-A's 2011 disclosure form (which disclosed donations made in 2011)...which he agreed showed no donations that he would have a problem with...more controversy stirred up by a Chicago Democrat trying to get his name in lights...go figure.

  • jong

    I will believe it when I see it. Soon the sodomites will lose their "god" then it will be time to make rules that will not favor them but, make all live on a level playing field.

  • Ladybug2948

    I think those queers must have threatened Dan Cathy's family or children or something along those lines. Perverted idiots, those queers, and I say queers because that is what they are! no mincing words about it. That is all Chicago Mafia action alive, even with queers.

    • AlarmBelle

      That's exactly what they do. I have no doubt this is what they've done.
      God will take care of these evil wicked fools. He's got the perfect place for them. Hope they are wearing asbestos britches.

  • Supertad108

    It appears the Chicks have flown the coop. Is this what free-range means?

  • adeline

    This giving in will just embolden the bullies to keep up coercion.

  • loran

    If it is true that this business has capitulated to the LBGT lobby, then they have lost me as a customer. This business went out of it's way to appease(oops! there's that word again) the gay community. They needed to do no more. It will be a shame if this is true.

  • ggswede

    Guess I won't be driving the extra distance,there are other places a lot closer.Sorry Chick-Fil-A's.

  • JennieWalsh

    We are literally in a major war of people who love and obey God vs the secret servants of Satan (global organized crime syndicate) who are VERY ORGANIZED, MURDEROUS, DECEITFUL AND TREACHEROUS and have technology, weaponry and tactics that innocent people cannot even begin to comprehend. PRAY FOR DIVINE PROTECTION AND GUIDANCE!

  • AnOrdinaryVoter


    • Sally Klitzke

      Citizen Link too! Update your sources please! Who are you relying on Tad?

    • Chickasaw Chick

      Agree... More media biases and mess!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Surely there must be more to this than 'caving in' after this company witnessed the incredible support of the 1st Amendment last month...?? If Chicago wants to be the first US city to ban the 1st Amendment, let em. Watch the lawsuits fly. Hey Lawyers: here's a flower for you all!!

  • drmdellis

    Dan Cathy just this week denies that his position has changed since all this began. Strange.

  • Maggietish

    Perhaps Dan Cathy should have read and stood on Joshua 1:7-9. Its a shame that he went the way of the world and not God's way. I am more than disappointed to say the least. The politicians, like R. Emaueal, must be proud that they went against a private business and played politics. They, too, will have to answer to God for that. We, the voters, should make sure they see our utter disdain for their bullying a private business at the polls.

  • spoofonyou

    I wrote Chick-fil-a to say that when they stood firm I supported them, but since they've abandoned their stand on true marriage that they are now just another fast food place to me. They wrote back using their boiler plate stuff you have in your article above. Don't be surprised if someone got to them, Chicago style.


    It is just as much "bearing false witness" to "blog" inaccurate information on the internet that defames someone's character as to speak it with you mouth. Has Tad Cronn ever heard about something called The 10 Commandments.
    The 10 Commandments require that Christians check the accuracy of their facts before repeating what they have read in a secular press that is just looking for ways to discredit Christian leaders among other Christians.
    If you want to read a more accurate update on Chick-Fil-A's position, you should go to:
    The idea that Chick-Fil-A caved is being pushed in the media by press releases from "gay marriage" supporting Councilperson Mereno in Chicago, but is he really the place where Tad Cronn wants to get his information?

  • lizaz

    Please don't give in to these creeps!!! If the perverts have threatened you, report it....we can't let a minority of deviants corrupt our principles....we support your business 100%!!!

  • fort9erdon

    Not only will the effect of "giving into the bullies" cause the opposite effet in their sales, WE WILL ORGANIZE. to cause them a loss of business if they capitulate to the queers!

  • Keith McPhee

    If this is true that Dan Cathy will not longer support traditional marriage that he said he supported then ALL of us who came out in support of Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A need to pull our support away from him. We need to tell him that we will not support Chick-fil-A at all and if it goes belly up bankrupt, oh well too bad so sad for you Dan. All of us stood with Chick-fil-A and if this article is true then all of us should boycott Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A for turning his back of his beliefs.

  • kat

    Guess i can go back to kfc now

  • Ted R. Weiland

    "Like a trampled spring and a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked." (Proverbs 25:26)

  • Jo

    There is no truth to this lie; it was spun to make it appear that the gays won. Focus on the Family has made a statement that this is not true. So, so often, if a Leftie's lips are moving, he's lying.

  • Mo

    I would be danged if i was told who I could or should donate too if it did not agree with me.
    I hope they stick to their guns and do not relent any further.

  • Laura Broome Matthews

    Chick-fil-A Sets the Record Straightby Karla Dial
    In response to media reports that Chick-fil-A has agreed to stop making charitable donations to groups like Focus on the Family, the company today released a statement to set the record straight.
    Contrary to reports first made by the gay-activist group The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA) on Tuesday and later picked up by mainstream media outlets, Chick-fil-A and its charitable-giving arm, the WinShape Foundation, did not agree to stop making donations to groups that support the biblical definition of marriage in exchange for being allowed to open a franchise in Chicago.
    “For many months now, Chick-fil-A’s corporate giving has been mischaracterized,” executives said in today’s statement. “And while our sincere intent has been to remain out of this political and social debate, events from Chicago this week have once again resulted in questions around our giving. For that reason, we want to provide some context and clarity around who we are, what we believe and our priorities in relation to corporate giving.
    “A part of our corporate commitment is to be responsible stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Because of this commitment, Chick-fil-A’s giving heritage is focused on programs that educate youth, strengthen families and enrich marriages, and support communities. We will continue to focus our giving in those areas. Our intent is not to support political or social agendas.
    “As we have stated, the Chick-fil-A culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect — regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender. We will continue this tradition in the over 1,600 restaurants run by independent Owner/Operators.”
    According to a TCRA press release issued Tuesday, “In meetings the company executives clarified that they will no longer give to anti-gay organizations.”
    That was the stipulation gay activists, led by Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno, made earlier this summer, after Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy said in interviews that he and his family are “guilty as charged” of holding biblical views on marriage. Moreno vowed to block the construction of the franchise unless the company changed its beliefs and stopped supporting “hate groups.” Moreno relented to the construction this week, spinning Chick-fil-A’s statement as a victory for his side — despite the fact that it was made before he denied the permit.
    Moreover, many news agencies reported that Chick-fil-A had specifically agreed not to give money to Focus on the Family or the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). NOM said Wednesday it has never received money from the foundation. Focus on the Family has.
    Some people were quick to criticize the 66-year-old chicken chain for “caving” to political pressure. Focus on the Family President Jim Daly said that’s not what happened.
    “Dan and Bubba Cathy are my Christian brothers and good friends. They and their company have long shared Focus on the Family’s commitment to helping build strong and thriving families — and they have in no way deviated from that deeply held and biblically inspired passion while working with the city of Chicago to open Chick-fil-A restaurants there,” Daly said.
    “I feel bad the Cathys are having once again to endure media accounts mischaracterizing their values and charitable efforts — and, unfortunately, I know how they feel. Focus on the Family has for 35 years been dedicated to saving and strengthening marriages, helping couples raise happy, resilient kids and encouraging and empowering men and women to advocate for God’s truth with Christ’s heart. And still, in stories like some of those about Chick-fil-A’s efforts to expand in Chicago, we are described as being ‘hateful’ toward certain groups of people.
    “How is an organization that helps save one marriage every six minutes and helps parents navigate through a crisis involving their children every 90 seconds deemed ‘anti’ anything but ‘anti-family breakdown’?” he concluded. “That’s a question we would hope the media begins to ask with more regularity of those who disagree with us and with Chick-fil-A for bringing our Christian values to bear on the work we do in the public square.”

  • Flyboy

    This story is a FABRICATION by TCRA! See Michelle Malkin's website for the true story.

  • Max Arnold

    Don't be deceived by reports. Chick-fil-A's founder is a Godly man and his company serves with Godly attitudes and principals. The integrity and prosperity of a company starts at the top. You honor God, and He promises to prosper you and give you a hope and a future.... not to harm you. If not, you run the risk of loosing the blessing!

  • Misty Strohl

    I hope this information isn't correct. This just let's all the bullies know if they keep pressing good people will finally give in and they will win. Don't give in on your principles, it will bite you in the backside in the end. Do the right thing and stand on principle and for what you know it right. The masses are behind you. These people represent just a small minority of our population so don't back down. They will find another war to fight somewere else with someone who they feel is being unjust to their cause. If we don't stand up to them now they will take over and destroy everything moral in our country.

  • Gary Jones

    From now on when I go in any business and I see a gay person working there I will take my business elsewhere, due to the fact they do not believe in free speech. I have always believed the Gay, Black, Muslims, Christians, Atheist and any Political Party has the right to free speech. They're protection of those rights is the "Bill of Rights" and by being an American Citizen. But groups, individuals or parties who elevates their rights above everyone else s, as I see it, they're only lessening the right of others of free speech.
    I'm tired of the general minority trying to rule over the majority. 2012 Romney/Ryan

  • delew38

    I am so angry that Chick-fil gave into these queers and there agenda !!!

  • grannylake

    I hope with a change of the President, the popularity and acceptance of the bully mentality is exposed for the disrespectful and disgracful behavior that it always has been and always will be.

  • cirbuck1

    This is all a lie! Chik has not cowed to anyone and is not stopping it's contributions to Focus on the Family. Michelle Malkin has got a good article on this and it all proves out to be a liberal lie trying to gain some traction in Chicago style politics. Filet's stance and same policies regarding how they intend to do business is no different. Be careful of the lies and rhetoric that is now commonplace in American politics.

  • Lisa Gods-daughter Ridgeway

    I personally do NOT believe anything any of them say unless it comes out of Dan Cathy's mouth and I hear and see him say it. I do not listen to stupid gossip, propaganda and lies. This is how wars get started! The evil media will say anything about anybody at any time because they want to run everything every one in the world thinks about everything! They do NOT run me. I go but what I hear and see happen myself and I do my own homework/research. I do NOT allow another person to run my thinking/thoughts/my words! And I sure hope everyone is adult enough to think for themselves and NOT just take what any media says for granted, do NOT take anybodys words to heart find out for yourself!

  • Emslykarl

    This is a sad time in the history of our Country ! The zealots now control the political agenda and unfortunately christians are yielding to the pressure instead of standing firm in the face of threats and intimidation ! Surely the coming of our Lord can not be far off ! Christ told His disciples that " the time is coming when those who kill you ( Christians ) will think they are offering service to God "( Jn.16:2 ) . The GLBA is doing precisely what they accuse others of doing to them - discriminating ! But it seems that discrimination is not considered discrimination when it is directed at Christians ! These words of the Master are appropriate for these times : "In the world you will have trouble . But take heart ! I have overcome the world "- Jn.16:33 .

  • 2bvictorius

    The story needs to be sustantiated as being the truth by Glenn Beck or some other reliable source before we all start jumping to conclusions. However if it is proven true then each person will have to decide if they will continue to support Chic-fll-A or change their diet to one that better suits their sensibilties. I was only a patron because I thought the owners and CEO were standing up for principles and their individual rights and have never liked their food and I am still not convinced their Chicken is really Chicken and not something else.
    So, I will wait and see what the truth really is before I stop being a customer. err, but not too long!

  • Julie near Chicago

    Michelle Malkin: "No, Chick-fil-A did not 'cave'" Sept. 21, 2012 10:49 a.m.

  • fred

    If it is true, I and many others will BOYCOTT CFA in great numbers. Remember, there are more straights thanFAGGOTS and LESBOS. Wake up Amerika and Dan Cathy.

  • daveveselenak

    If indeed they cave to the fascists, then I will boycott Chic-fil-A, what the hell is wrong with people, giving in to fascist queers is not the solution!

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    Ain't gonna happen. Mr. Cathy isn't/won't/didn't flipflop.

  • SCSharon

    There was a report today by Mr. Cathy: He did NOT go back on his statement. It's "reported"...many of these organizations believe that 'the end justifies the means'...and will lie, cheat and do whatever they can to discredit good folks. I do not believe this report of a change in his position...

  • historynut

    Dear everybody, everything in this day and time is POLITICAL.

  • kens1940

    i used to like chicken, but now a hamburger sounds pretty darn good.

  • The Truth

    Remember the mainstream media are liars for the obama administration and the liberal agenda. I think everyone needs to read this article:

  • Raeman Haines

    Liberals and others of the leftist persuasion are so open minded , Just as long as you agree with them . They forget that America is a land where you can have an opinion , right or wrong . I wonder how they are going to like living under Communism and King Barry if he gete re-elected

  • Commanderusn

    With all the Anti-bulling ads and promotions by various groups and people (including the President and First Lady), we still see orgainizations like the ACLU, TCRA, and LGBT bulling people who disagree with them. Let's start pushing back and show these bullys for what the are BIGOTS, and ANTI-Freedom groups.

  • Chickasaw Chick

    Chick-fil-a should stand their ground! They have support of Americans!

  • Darius - here is the article that was mentioned in another comment. The whole story is a lie, and unfortunately the media has shown that it will sink to the lowest of low if they can't win.

  • james crawford

    This might not be of Mr. Cathy's making; it's probably coming from the Board of Directors. The typical Board has no sense of right or wrong unless it has to deal with physical territory, tangible assets, and dryly creative principles of accounting. Predictably, they fall for the theoretical bottom-line as their action-horizon; the public response to Mr. Cathy's personal beliefs just doesn't fit the Board's theoretical sense of their real business model. Figure that.

  • Bernardo

    Well it looks like Chik-fil-A is all about chicken for real. Out comes Chicago thuggery so run like a chicken. Dan Cathy expressed his own opinion about marriage and still didn't discriminate against those living in fairyland. He served them too because no one came up and said I'm a faggot can I still buy chicken here? Just goes to show you,John Wayne was right,"Don't apologize Mr Fennel it's a sign of weakness".

  • geneww1938

    I would prefer those who do not like Christian values to take their business elsewhere! I'd gladly pay an extra dime to cover the loss of those customers to provide a proper atmosphere for our Grandchildren. Watching gays and lesbian while eating is revolting. I'd rather eat at home.

  • Silas Longshot

    Why ya reckon 60% of Americans don't trust the mainstream media?
    THEY LIE WHEN IT SUITS THEIR AGENDA! Why would they bother to check facts when it's so much easier to just cut and paste the story?

  • A Patriot

    Seems like no one has the balls anymore to carry through with their belief and values, unless this published information is a crock. C'mon Dan, tell Chi-killersgonewild-cago to stick it and locate in the suburbs that haven't become communist hell holes. If you give these morons an inch, they will demand a foot, give them a foot, they'll demand a yard.

  • nightingayle

    what a fool after all the support he had.

  • bobbiejojo

    Every civilization, since the beginning of time, which has embraced homosexuality fell a short time afterward. Read little comic books, "Gay Blade", "Doom Town", "Sin City", "Uninvited" at

  • quipster

    This is a lie they still are for marriage between men and women !!!!!!

  • quipster

    I guess I'm the only one that listens to the news just what the heck do you people do !!!!!!! Watch Glenn Beck or Foxs not msnbc Chick-fil-A not giving into the (LBGT) this was on foxs news. (WAKE UP) !!!!!!!!!

  • Conservative College Girl

    The city of Chicago doesn't DESERVE to have Chick-Fil-A within its boundaries unless it reconsiders its treatment of the company.

  • mark

    Homosexuallity is perverted sex and nothing else! It is wrong according to the bible and mankind is better off without it. But, we must remember, hate the sin not the sinner!!!

    • Taylor Wallis

      But not everyone is a Christian. Y'all aren't the only ones in America. The Christian morals and beliefs should not be forced onto the rest of us. And the way most act they do not make it seem like they only hate the sin but rather also hate the sinner.

  • phxgeo

    If this report is true then Chick-fil-A has bit the hand that has been feeding it with cash and support. If they gave in to the wicked slime ball radicals then let ChickFil-A depend upon those new supporters for their livehood. I will happily sit by and watch their buiness rot. Millions of Americans spoke out in support of the values of this Company. If this report is not true, and I pray to God it is not, then they need to make a STRONG PUBLIC STATEMENT SAYING IT IS NOT TRUE! If it is true then I MUST say ........... NEVER AGAIN WILL A CHICK-FIL-A CROSS MY LIPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Verland Gilliam

    This FEAR philosophy is what has hurt the moral standards of this country. We have ALLOWED young blacks to wear their pants down around their knees showing their underwear and done nothing about it for FEAR of black riots, burning and looting, and the black leaders suing in just about every Court in the land for so-called rights to "Freedom Of Speech". Gays and Lesbians have accomplished the same thing. Once this FEAR factor is embellished in our psyche we have lost the battle AND the war. The ONLY way to turn this country back into an intelligent group of highly moralized people is with a CIVIL WAR. Is there not anymore leaders in this country? Have they too become part of the "Gay" and "Lesbian" community? "We the people" is a generalized phrase that means those of us who believe in law and order, freedom of speech but NOT necessarily freedom of action. If we have no more control over another person's actions then how can we pick and choose between murder and justifiable homicide? We are already into the Sodom and Gomorrah stage and the only thing now is to revert to the Cain and Abel stage. We just need to start up an effective law and order scheme that works and imprisons those who merely THINK they have a right to deter OUR freedom of speech. All Gays and Lesbians need to be put in a mental institution.

    • Taylor Wallis

      No, it is those who think that LGBT people should be in mental hospitals that need to be in one themselves. As no sane intelligent person is blind or stupid enough to still believe homosexuality is a mental illness.

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    Chick-fil-A hold onto your values! Millions of us admire you for them! These bullies are the American version of the Nazi Gestapo breaking into homes in the low hours of the morning!
    Giving into such cretins only makes them more demanding - until all of OUR RIGHTS are destroyed.

  • Hoss

    Mr Cathy: Stand your ground. Jesus is Lord and all the homosexuals in the world will never change that. If they refuse to believe the Word of God, that is to their demise. The fact that so many have given in to bullying tactics is the reason these anti Bible, anti-God
    sinners have gained so much power. Homosexuality was, is, and always will be an abomination unto God. They call us Christians hatemongers, homophobes and who knows what all, but the fact is that we have enough love for them, that we dont want to see them inhell for eternity. Jesus still saves.

  • Evantoo

    Mr. Cathy is not "surrendering" anything. He's just reallocating resources. His foundation will not give to homosexual group agendas and will continue funding those organizations that demonstrate and practice Christian beliefs. He will however, be continuing to back traditional marriage with his own chartiable giving. So, just a shift in sourcing.
    Way to go, Mr. Cathy.

  • Neal Avery

    I don't think he changed his position at all. If he did, maybe the Chicago Mob (codeword) threatened to murder his wife. I am a new Chic fil A customer.

  • Neal Avery

    The Gays like the Blacks(some) have overplayed their sympathy cards. This has cost them their effectiveness. They play these cards so often that most people don't care anymore. I used to feel sorry for them, but I don't anymore. You can vote against Gays, Blacks, Commies, Chicago crooks all at one time in November. Vote for Romney and Ryan.

  • AlarmBelle

    God gives us 'tests' to see if we can be trusted to do the right thing and stand with Him and not fall in line with the enemy; the evil ones; satans crowd. If this is true, which it appears to be, I'd say he's failed. Sad. If it cost me my business I would NOT go against my beliefs based on God's laws; not man's. I fear not what these losers 'claim' they will do because unless God allows it, they can do NOTHING to me!! Christians better start walking the walk. As God warns, when you 'least' expect it...the end shall come. Lack of 'acting' like you're a real christian is the reason this country is in the shape it's in. Good people being deceived because they aren't truly studying God's word to "show thyself approved" nor to be blessed with 'knowledge' and 'understanding' so you won't be deceived. Gotta do the work to get the blessings. God hates lazy people. God's blessings always come with an 'if' attached; ...'IF you do these things....'

  • Evermyrtle

    I sincerely hope that this report is not true. We need to stand against evil and tend to our own business and not allow anybody else tell us what to do with it. They do not need a store in Chicago. Buy property outside of the town and build there, you will have more business that you can take care of You should have plenty of parking spaces and hued dining area.

    We need to remember what GOD thinks about all of our decisions and let the lovers of evil go their way while we stand for HIM

  • Tout

    I read so many reactions of people being disappointed with Chick fil A . Apparently, the message was false. When reading the false news, so many expressed relief. But what will they DO ? What do you do to strengthen your belief and the belief of others ? I stood weekly at a Mary-statue praying the rosary in hand, hanging a sign "Whether glad,sad or wary, pause a while, say a Hail Mary". I don't want to show-off, but tell the truth. I walked around 4 streets, rosary in hand, praying. The 7th time, a lady and son came with me, In 2008, a lady took over (I was 88) made a better procession, praying,singing, carrying big Mary-statue to church for crowning. I can go on in how I 'show' Christianity to the world. Always make sign of cross before eating, also in restaurants, alone or with others who don't. In Turnhout(Belgium)in 2004, prayed at Sacred Heart statue on central market place. The statue was held together with 5 metal bands. Back in Canada, I wrote to 100+addresses & the Mayor there, that the statue had to be repaired. In 2006 it was fully repaired. Too many Catholics are not doing anything to honor God. Start by going weekly to church. Demand a communion-rail to kneel when receiving the H.Host. I give only 25 cent as long as we don't get a communion-rail to kneel on. I am the only one who always make sign of cross in this 'old people' home (80 persons) before eating, Please, start with always receiving H.Host on tongue, not in hand ! Start evangelizing without talking.

    • Tout

      Tout Sorry, I mean, when reading that the news was false, I felt relieved.

  • Jo

    Very Disappointed that Godfather Politics would publish this lie. Michelle Malkin, Focus on the Family, and ChicFil-A have all stated that their donation policies are still in place. Shame on you for spreading this without due diligence on the facts.

  • Taylor Wallis

    Everyone bring religion into this and dosen't seem to stop and think. Christians are not the only ones in America, and not all gays are bullies. In fact in school and college they are the ones getting bullied. Most homosexual people are not like these ones broadcasting themselves. Everyone is just making this big stereotype.

  • WSmith

    There is nothing gay about Homosexuals.

  • gbandy