Couple Endures Death Threat, Vandalism Over Romney Sign

Business owners Dee and Gene Liboff of Woodland Hills, California, just wanted to show their support for Mitt Romney in the coming election by putting up a handmade sign in front of their home.

Dee and Gene Liboff's handmade Romney sign has been repeatedly vandalized.

But what they were shown in return is the ugly side of some Obama supporters.

Ever since putting up the sign, the Liboffs, who are members of the San Fernando Valley Patriots, have been engaged in a running war with vandals who have cut, pulled down, torn apart and ripped the sign out of the ground.

Every time it happens, the Liboffs get out the tape and glue and put the sign back up. While doing so, they have been yelled at and cursed.

A passing biker who saw Dee fixing the sign screamed, "You are dead."

But things took an even darker turn when the sign was vandalized again and the Liboffs found what appeared to be a Molotov cocktail left beside the ruins of the sign, possibly as a warning.

The makeshift bomb, consisting of a  jar full of some sort of liquid and a rag stuffed in the jar mouth, prompted the bomb squad and fire department to begin a serious investigation into the targeting of the Liboffs' sign. Police and fire officials have assured the Liboffs that they have their full support.

All the vandalism and threats have taken a toll on the Liboffs. "It hit me pretty hard this last time physically and emotionally," Dee said.  "This is not the country I believed in and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to vote. We must save our freedom. Socialism and communism are a deep cancer eating up the dreams of our children’s future."

Dee notes that there are also good people in the neighborhood who have expressed support and sympathy for their troubles as well. So the sign remains.

"I worked on that beat up. battle-scarred banner and it is up again with a warning poster in English and Spanish saying, 'Smile, you are on camera and this area is being investigated,'" Dee said.



  • feotu

    This happened to us during the last election. We placed a McCain/Palin sign in our yard. Within two days, it was on our lawn in a twisted mess. Because I worked on the campaign I had access to more signs, so I put up another, and another, and another; each destroyed. Then, our garage door was shot with paintballs. We knew the teens who did it and we forced them to clean it. Their dad is a fireman. Then large mounds of dog poop appeared on our lawn. We didn't have a dog. Through extensive intelligence, we learned it was a neighbor down the street. She is a teacher. Then someone drove across our lawn and tore it up. By this time, we had placed a hunting camera in a tree in our yard. Turns out it was the fireman's kids again. We reported it to the police, showed them the video and they paid for the repairs. Other neighbors stopped talking to us. Once again, we have Romney/Ryan signs in our yard. So far, no vandalism. And yes, the camera is back in the tree. Stay classy libs.

    • Dora Gourley

      God bless you and keep your safe. You are true Americans who believe in the right to free speech. Sadly there are many on the other side who are intolerant and would take our rights away in a NY minute.

      • John

        No both sides come on you idiot

        • feotu

          And your point would be what?

        • rocky63

          John, want to try to re-phrase that post in some form that is understandable? Stooping to name-calling, while common among liberals is generally considered a sign of ignorance by civilized people.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      We have some really SCARY people in this Country. Our Culture and respectable society has been destroyed. It is so sad that we have come to this as a Country. I don't even get involved with my HOA, because if you have a different opinion than a liberal, they will even start lies about you. Evil, evil, evil.....But, my friends think I am "hoping" for the impossible, when I say, I don't think "God" is going to put up with this much longer, and there is going to be a world-wide catastrophe...but 9/11 didn't wake them, who knows.

      • John

        And most of the SCARY are republicans

    • John

      Had nothing to do with you choose. But you do have the wrong name on your sign.

      • feotu

        Ummm, you're losing us. Could you at least be somewhat articulate and cogent? This is what we expect from the left; monkeys who throw their poop and run away.

        • Gail Arvizo

          He is one of those idiots stuck in la la land,a ovomit dumb ass,hey John daddy ovomit is calling you to go get your free money:)

        • Elaine Bruemer

          He's a illegal alien who couldn't finish a sentence if his life depended on it.

      • rocky63

        So, John, there's a "wrong" name and a "right" name? And YOU get to choose which is which. Ask someone smarter than you to explain "freedom of speech" to you. You might find it an interesting concept.

    • Specialforc are a GREAT American, the kind of patriot that our Country was built on. God bless you and yours!

  • Doodlebug

    I hope the Liboff's are able to catch whomever is doing this. If you don't hold the same view as a liberal then they don't care about you, your views or your property. My "I support Scott Walker" sign, was missing one morning so I got another one and they stole that one too. I was temped to put an electric fence all around the sign to put a little surprise in their fun???? but I was sure that I would be the one to go to jail for shocking them! Hang in there Liboffs and feotu too - the fight has only just begun but, WE MUST WIN THIS ONE!!!

  • Scott Wilson

    This supposedly happened back on September 14. Any updates from police/investigators since then on the baby jar Molotov?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Scott Wilson...Ever the sarcastic socialist. Thank you for showing us once again how lefties think.

      • Dora Gourley

        And, have you noticed, they make their point with f-bombs and swear words.
        Juvenile !

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Scott, since you have the details, maybe you're the perp?

      • Scott Wilson

        Or maybe I just know how to use a search engine. Idiot.

    • Mike

      In that case, size doesn't matter you dh.

  • AmericaAwakens

    Liberal progressives who support bho and his Statist ilks know only one way to make their point. They lose in debates because there are no facts in our Constitution to support a large government providing "freebies" to citizens, much less to illegal squatters! That said, these mind-numbed zombies resort to verbal abuse and physical damage; similar to Islamic terrorists. I pray when Romney/Ryan are elected these events will end! I pray for more such as dissolving unions, protecting our borders, fiscal responsibility, regaining a respectable (and feared) status on the world stage, and adherence to Constitutional law!

    • rwdodgerblue

      Amen to that!

  • Raymond

    Obama is a homosexual & his homosexual supporters want him
    to stay in office.

    • Shermer

      On what basis do you make that first claim, Raymond?

      • Raymond

        2 Timothy 3
        1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, falseaccusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. 9But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

        • Shermer

          There's nothing in there about anybody being a homosexual, much less Obama being one.

      • Ikaros3

        Larry Sinclair had a drug fueled sexual night and morning with Barry, when he was a senator. In Chicago, I've talked to gays who've told me they've seen him at the bathhouse, "Man Country" (where he has a lifetime membership as does Rahm), and also at the East Bank Club (a fitness center), which is a known gay meeting place.

      • Dajake

        Frank Marshall Davis, Larry Sinclair and Donald Young.

    • Jane Horton-Leasman

      On the "downlow" maybe, but a full blown gay...I don't think the intelligent gays would recognize him. He is just a pitifully screwed up person. But, actually, I believe he is the anti-Christ, and his power backers will do anything to keep him in office. Look at how the press has totally covered up his past/life. He is like nothing this Country has ever seen...and of course, the illiterate with no ability to "question" just follow him like the idle of the old Bible days. What blows my mind is how any Jew can support him.

    • John

      ANother post from an idiot.

      • rocky63

        Ah, and the smart people believe vandalizing signs on private property is OK?

      • Guest 6

        Bathhouse Barry was a fixture in the Chicago gay community while an Illinois Senator. Three of his gay "friends" met their deaths within weeks of each other in November/December, 2007 just before he announced his candidacy. Donald Young, Nate Spencer, and Larry Bland. That sent the message to all the others who knew about his lifestyle to keep quiet.

        • Elaine Bruemer

          Don't forget the drugs he did as well.

      • Raymond

        Proverbs 16:5
        Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.

    • oabandit

      You are correct my friend.

  • Raymond

    Barack Hussein Obama wants your mother dead.
    Barack Hussein Obama wants your sister dead.
    Barack Hussein Obama wants your wife dead.
    Barack Hussein Obama wants your daughter dead.

    • oabandit

      Raymond, BHO wants 250 million of us dead. Particularly you and I as combat proven Marines. 0311,A 1/1 1st MarDiv 68-69-Dong Ha, Dodge City,Arizona Territory. Semper Fi Brother and welcome home.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Hang tough, Liboffs! You have millions of people behind you. Thanks for standing your ground in exercising your right to free speech. Too bad you don't have a Bull Mastiff guarding your yard.

    • wearyconservative1946

      This kind of bottom feeding scum would kill a dog left outside.

      • Gym

        Last I heard, Libs eat dogs and babies.

  • echo5n

    Communism is in the work here folks. Wake the hell up!!!

    • John

      A couple of out of control gang members do not represent the many. And nobody is s communist.

      • jdangiel

        There are plenty of out right communists. They have been observed with signs, t-shirts, etc. clearly identifying them as such at all kinds of Democrat and OWS meetings, rallies, protests, etc. Give it up.

      • echo5n

        Hi John, you know nothing about communism. My relatives and family members are just the normal citizens of my former country of Vietnam, and some of them got killed and victimized by gang members for expressing their political point of views. Communist indirectly use gang members and brain dead people who support them to terrorized, victimized and sometimes kill people who have political views other than them. Some places where they can't find gang members or people who support them, the paramilitary will dress up like gangsters and do the work themselves. I risked my life ran away from them years a go. I must say it's so sad that since 2008 I've been seeing and witnessing Communism in this new country of mine becoming a reality by the day! My advice for people who still want and love freedom in this country is to WAKE UP AND GO TO THE POLL ON NOV. 6 RAIN OR SHINE, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

        • SpecialForce

          @echo5n:disqus: I am a Vietnam Veteran and want to welcome you to this great Country. God bless you and yours and with your help, we can keep our Country FREE!!

        • echo5n

          Thank you for your kind words SpecialForce. And thank for your service and your help to defending the freedom of my country. My family and I have seen and lived through the terror of Communist therefore we love our new country here, and will never hesitate to stand up with my fellow Americans to keep this country Free.

      • Gail Arvizo

        I didnt see one word about it being gang members,did any one else? We all know it was ovomits zoombies behind it:)

      • rocky63

        Nobody is a Communist? What planet are you from, John? Read up on the background of Valerie Jarret, Obama's closest and most trusted adviser. Then tell me "no one is a communist".

      • Gym

        Like all Libs, John has his head up a hole where the sun doesn't shine. I see nuttin, butt it sure stinks.


    This shows the lack of tolerance by those that support this regime.

    • John

      A couple out of control gang member to not represent the many.

      • rocky63

        But you're wrong John. Intolerance toward conservatives is rampant among liberals. They showed this when DNC delegates were interviewed in Charlotte and asked who they would not accept in their "inclusive" part -- the responders showed themselves to be true bigots. When a 6 year old boy was shown on YouTube giving reasons not to vote for Obama, the comments included wishes for his death and the death of his parents. You probably know nothing about the Financial Manager of a California company who videoed himself showing complete disrespect for the young woman at the drive up window of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant. Liberals are the most intolerant people in our society.

        • Jo Schwarz

          I agree they are the least intolerant while demanding YOUR tolerance.


        The problem is that their are not just a couple there are many and many who say you are a racist if you don't vote for Obama, i don't like the direction Obama is taking us and so I don't support him and that does not make me a racist contairy to what Obama supports what people to believe.and those who clam we are racist for not supporting Obama are the true racist.

        • granny

          DENNIS: Thats the only thing they say no matter what. They know we try to do a reverse so that we are not known as racist. Its how they fight the whites. But they can call me a racist all they want because I know that BOZO is an unfit President and should never have occupied the WH. I saw him for what he was in 2008. Things that he promised were supposed to be passed by the Senate/Congress, and those BOZO lovers did not even see that possibility. Only the desperate people believed in his promises. When something sounds too good to be true, you can bet your sweet bippy that it isn't true. ROMNEY/RYAN in 2012.

      • AlarmBelle

        I do believe the DNC Convention proved your assessment wrong!

        • nans


        • AlarmBelle

          You libs always 'prove' my point by responding the exact same way. It's rather amusing. The entire crowd at DNC 'booed' at having prayers, God in their platform. That only leaves satan as their platform. They alone decided this. They 'chose' to do so. Their actions and words daily show how corrupt and wicked these party members are. They have no compassion or feelings for anyone that doesn't commit totally to their 'cult.' And that is the definition of a 'cult' when one cannot question or speak freely or give their own opinions even if it goes against their views. The left are finished. No one likes liars, fakes, frauds, thieves.
          BTW; you all didn't need to make it 'official' by voting to take God out of your platform; He was never in it. Satan rules the left. That is quite obvious. We know you by your fruit; that's your 'deeds.'

        • Larry1

          The DNC couldn't even control their own delagares. Look at the video when they put God back in the platform. The chair decided the vote even though he didn't have a 2/3 vote. While you're at it look at their speakers, un-American, one and all!

        • axmickl

          The DNC convention proved that the dumbest, most narrow minded, most bigoted and most anti-christian people in this country belong to the Democratic party.

      • axmickl

        The hell you say.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    This sort of thing is a sure sign of the character of the anti-American domestic forces which oppose us... and intend to rule us.

    • Shannon Ward

      I agree with you Steven. We will take back our country and wish we could send the anti-American attitude to where they would feel more comfortable.

      • jango

        I have read countless similar comments such as yours and I am always left thinking that the sentiment is all good but is that parroting a slogan?
        I personally feel that the average law abiding citizen is totally unprepared both mentally and physically to actually "take back the country".
        If you believe that the ballot box will bring your 'restoration' to fruition then you are going to be disappointed. There are no differences in political ideology. Only the methods used to secure more power to run our lives as they think we ought to. To truly restore this culture of Liberty and Freedom we need to bleed the otherside white.
        Are you the one to do it or will you rely on others to do it for you?

        • Steven Mark Pilling

          Jango: You're embracing moral relativism, whether you realize it or not. One of the last fallbacks of the Left is to proclaim that there is no inherent difference between "them" and "us"... so you might as well vote for the Known Evil. In fact, the differences are stark and dramatic as never before. Not all who call themselves Republicans are conservatives, it's true. Nor are all Democrats liberals and socialists. But the ideological lines have hardened to such a degree as to render the dissenting wings inviable. For Republicans in the grassroots, the watchword is keeping close tabs on those of our leaders who haven't yet tripped to the idea that this election is for the entire future of America and that boldness is required as never before.

        • axmickl

          There is a hugh difference in political ideology and if you would pay attention to what is said on both sides you would know that.

    • John Nicoletti

      This is the typical Obama supporter, who embraces Socialism, and is most likely a recipient of FREE STUFF.

      • Kitty

        When we were growing up we were always told there is NO FREE lunch. I think it's time for the so called FEE STUFF to stop because I'm sick of paying for it.
        These people think they can have their cake and eat it too. November 6th will be here soon.

        • Ahb1

          But January may not get here soon enough

      • Jo Schwarz

        Romney has free stuff too...Speech, religion, bear arms, enterprise......Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!!

        • Ahb1

          HERE HERE!!!!

  • del

    I could understand that kind of behavior if it were an ovomit sign instead......

    • o

      Any way you look at it, it's destruction of property and the attempt to limit or remove the right of speech..... In other words; NOT RIGHT

      Vote Romney and get rid of ovomit.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    The Liboffs have my full support

  • tthan43

    I'd put up a dozen more.F-k'em

    • ladyceo

      What an excellent idea!

    • rivahmitch

      No Trespassing signs and small concealed holes with pungi sticks in the yard should work nicely.

      • Mitch Sagraves

        Put a lot of doggie poo around the sign....they'll get tired of cleaning their $200.00 shoes that Obama bought for them!

        • Kitty

          correction $200.00 shoes that WE paid for.

        • Jo Schwarz

          Correction... our tax dollars bought for them....

        • mitch sagraves

          Kitty & Jo, I stand corrected. I was just assuming that evryone knows our tax payer dollars are what some call "Obama Money or Obama stash."

  • Chuck

    Part of being a liberal, is being able to ignore the truth when presented with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. That is the one and only reason people voted for Obastard in the first place. I believe 100% of the people voting for him, did so because of his color alone. No one knew enough about him to vote for any other reason. It is quickly becoming evident that his reason for being placed where his is, is solely to destroy the United States from within.

    • mitch

      This situation is called a post turtle. You are walking along and see a turtle perched atop a post. You know it doesn't belong there, didn't get there by itself and has no idea what to do once it arrives - sound familiar?

      • rascallyrabbit

        Actually think it's worse than that. That turtle was placed there by some very nasty people that know EXACTLY what they are doing, and the destruction of capitalism, freedom, and the United States of America is their agenda.

        • Val

          AND ITS HIGH TIME TO FIGHT BACK. AND QUIT THE DAMN TALK.! These faceless people who SUPPORT OBAMA, are the SCUM of THIS EARTH. When they push, WE MUST SHOVE BACK ! We are in the fight of our Nations LIFE,AND OUR PERSONAL LIVES.. They are depending on us to KEEP acting like SHEEP..Lets show them, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. UNITED WE STAND. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL .USA-USA-USA-USA "VOTE ROMNEY"

        • David Batchelder

          Yes, vote Romney. Also take all the money you have and take it out of the banks. No I am not a OWS, I know how their system works. You see, we want to fight back, right. Well what better way than to create our own system and only deal with people that think like us. USA, do you think you could do it. You will eliminate some people you are now dealing with.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Bring your whole state along; it's called secession, and then band together with other seceded states to form a mutual defense group,and trading partners, more like what out Founders had in mind!

        • Don Holland

          I wish we would.

        • Ruggedlark


          Seceding will be a pronouncement for sure.

          I think Texas is going first, and I've said this online. Soon to be followed by Az., NM, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Nebraska.

          I'm expecting Oregon to divide. West of the Cascades. I think tho, the people south of Eugene want to hang with the rest of us, except of course the libs downs in Ashland.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Y'all Texans watch out we Arizonans don't just run right up over y'all on our way by!

        • FineTexan

          Sounds good. I think Texas should secede. We would not suffer believe me. Texas has everything and there are other states that would also fit the bill. Leave the Northern states to the blacks and Obama supporters. They are all trying to get here now and out of the hell holes they live in.

        • military Vet

          Lock and load am ready.

        • harlan evans

          Not just yet

        • VT Patriot

          We'll know when it's time. Keep your eyes and ears open. Not going to be pretty

        • joanc

          Val- I agree we have to rid our nation of the power brokers who intend to kill our Constitution and relace it with Socialism. We need to protect our childrens future by electing the Romney- Ryan team on November 6th. Obama has been the worst President in History, and seems to be following the game plan of a group that hates America and it's people.

        • Don Holland

          Ok, we try that, it doesn't work. Is there a plan "B"?

        • Livefree1200cc

          The problem is that Romney isn't much better than Obumbler. Romney isn't going to stop the illegal wars that are bankrupting this country. They both have the same agenda, they work for the same people and its not us

        • VT Patriot

          Livefree, put down the kool-aid and back slowly away...

        • harlan evans

          You definitely got the right spirit thanks

        • Don Holland

          To hell with the vote, that is the way of death. Get out old Betsy, oil her up and feed her some lead.

        • FineTexan

          And you know where to aim it.

        • Russell Lissuzzo


        • wrongney2012


        • gary

          rascallyrabbit ! I believe that 100 % and have felt that way from the very beginning. I also feel very sad that our electorate is so stupid that they can be swayed by the Pied Piper of the day. As I sit here thinking of our present situation it reminds me of years ago when my parents warned me of strangers offering candy. Is this a nightmare or is Obama for real ? 2012 Who'd of thought it ? Would our ancestors believe we have done this to ourselves ? To all of you whom voted for Obama, because it felt good. Does it feel good now ?

        • David Batchelder

          When you tell or show somone that they did wrong or made a mistake. They come back at you like you are crazy. I have run into liberals, peace and love. I asked how they liked the middle east now. They said it was bushes fault. Amazing. How stupid can you get.

        • lolajmay

          All of us need to fight like we never have in our lives. It is appalling how anyone can still believe in the evil that is befalling our nation! It seemed to happen so easily, but this has been going on many more years than any of us would have thought. Even the people who were onto Obama from the start are just a little naive, in that we don't want to believe this can happen to us. Look at the German people; they thought it couldn't happen to them either. They keep wearing away, taking away our freedom, then Obama's next term (please God, NO!) they will hit us with all they have. George Soros is not going to take defeat easily. Islam wants to rule the world. The Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission want the NEW WORLD ORDER--they have been working toward this for at least 50 years, and many Americans (government people) are in these "secret" groups. Now they are not as secret as they want to be, but the US citizens must fight and not give up easily either. Our Military people have fought and died for us, so we must honor what they have given us; FREEDOM! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!!!

        • Don Holland

          Are we, the final line of defense, going to act or are we going to fold?

        • phil

          We always have been ,.. Read the Constitution and Federalist papers.

        • VT Patriot

          Don, love your spirit. We're ready, Just have to wait for the 'ultimate' insult to our freedom to start. Thats when the SHTF scenario starts. The mIlitary will be on the side of the constitution The time will be obvious.

      • budman

        Mitch: I am one of those who did research on the connection between Obama and George Soros and how the Bilderberg Group, of which Soros is a member are connected and before Mr. Corsi made his revelations known.
        Obama was supported with millions in campaign contributions and also media support to several organizations in 2008 by George Soros. The same thing is happening in this election campaign as Soros just added another 1.5 million to Obama's campaign. Soros either owns or has a major interest in many of the news outlets.
        The Bilderberg Group which is also know as the World Bank and the New World Order Group desire for this country to become part of the New World Order with one currency and based on Socialism. I am surprised that not many know about this because Soros certainly hasn't hidden this fact from the public and this is also the desire of the many members of the United Nations. They let that cat out of the bag about a month ago
        What has transpired during the Obama has been in office and with the help of some Socialist Democrats in Congress is a steady destruction of the middle class, continued unemployment, placing impossible regulation of businesses and creating record debt. This is how you destroy free enterprise and create a requirement for dependency on government or Socialism. The environment was ideal for the Democrats since there were people in critical positions in Congress to give Obama what he wanted and both house controlled by them in 2008. Pelosi, Waxman, Frank and Reid are a few of those involved.
        What they did was exactly what Sandra said and that is they did not vet Obama and they knew he was not eligible to be the president when he was campaigning. Forget the "natural born" issue. It is clear the father was not a citizen but neither was the mother because she never reclaimed her U.S. Citizenship from when she became an Indonesian Citizen and Obama was not born in Hawaii as they claim because he was a foreign exchange student at Occidental College under the name of Barry Soetero. When investigators went looking for information on the travel of his mother during the time of this birth, the record had disappeared from State Department records which means Hillary Clinton may be involved in the cover up.
        I am ashamed of our Congress and the Supreme Court for not acting on these known issues. It is clear that many members of Congress need to be replaced and the Supreme Court called to Congress to answer why they refused to hear at least three lawsuits on Obama's eligibility.

        • Connie Gargrave Swanson

          Ditto on the Soros research - before the 2008 election. Funny how many of those who poo pooed my findings then aren't doing this any more.

        • lolajmay

          Budman, after posting my statements, I discovered yours. I did the research on the same group, plus the Trilateral Commission, and they have the same goals. You probably read the Membership list also, and that gave me the most creepy feeling. This has been going on for at least 50 years. George Soros is determined the USA will be the next country he takes down; he thinks he is God (his own words), and he must "take care" of the people, whom he believes are not intelligent enough (as he believes he is). He has already taken down banks in other countries, so we must be the "big fish", and is ready to do us in!! If all would read the Constitution, it doesn't say there needs to be two naturalized parents for a presidential candidate. I just read it again to make sure. I don't believe Obama is a citizen now, and is using a ficticious name, fake SS#, fake selective service card, and that should be enough to say he is not eligible for office. BUT, to get our irrelevant Congress to listen is our big problem. The DOJ will certainly not allow an investigation to find the truth. WE ARE IN HUGE TROUBLE if someone doesn't wake up!!! When someone tries to act, they are ridiculed and threatened by the liberal citizens and media.

        • Livefree1200cc

          The constitution states that all POTUS's must be natural born - the Supreme court definition of being natural born is that you are born on US soil and you have TWO citizen parents

        • mudguy1

          If we had a news Media that was for America it would be a whole different story.

        • iwojimafan

          As I stated in my blog, There is video on You Tube where Obama states that he was born in Kenya and NOT IN HAWAII AND ALSO THAT HE IS A MUSLIM. Why isn't this being brought forth in court that Obama is not only INELIGIBLE TO BE POTUS but that he is Guilty of PERJURY. Also Pelosi, Reid and anyone else who signed the papers Certifying Obama's Eligibility should also be Charged with Fraud and PERJURY

        • FineTexan

          I think everyone is holding their breath until the election is over. However if Obama loses, what will he do. Contest it? Refuse to accept it? It is not going to go away...until he is no longer on this earth. If it is a larger conspiracy as I believe it is there will be someone to take his place.

        • Ty

          Guess who else was intimately involved with the Bilderberg Group? George W. Bush and his friends. The Republicans are more to blame than Democrats for this mess I'm afraid. Try checking Actual facts, not just Fox News.

      • Connie Gargrave Swanson

        A couple of weeks ago I placed a ceramic turtle on a tree stump in my front yard (so glad I haven't had it removed). I've received some very positive remarks from neighbors who know what this means - all Republicans of course. We live in S. CA, but more south of where this mess is taking place (San Diego County) where the majority are Conservatives.

      • Ruggedlark

        A "post turtle"? Never heard of it. But, I do get it.

        You've never seen a turtle perched atop a post, for sure. Neither have I.

        Don't denigrate the symbol of fertility.

        Your post turtle is a conundrum. A puzzle. A game.

    • John Nicoletti

      You nailed it Chuck. Color, and color alone, is what got this Kenyan born fraud into the White House. The most inexperienced, narcissistic,arrogant, and ignorant President in our history. Get this guy out of here.

      • MANGO

        do you forget something about ""mesia": muslim traitor.

        • David Peacock


      • Harold

        Is he really the president? I doubt it, you have too be the offspring of two American citizens to be a natural born citizen. Which he AIN'T. Excuse me (Isn't).

        • sandraleesmith46

          And the answer to your question would be a definite NO!. He isn't even a citizen, let alone natural born. His citizenship has been Indonesian since he was adopted by Soetoro!

        • sickandtiredofit

          AMAZING what he can get away with. All of us would be staying at the crossbar motel if we did any of the things he has pulled.

        • joanc

          He is using a Social security number issued to a Connecticut man born in 1890 and yet no one questions it, even though he must use it on his income tax form when filing. He went to Occidental college on a foreign student scholarship, using the name of Barry Soetoro. Why are the DC politicians not pointing these facts out?

        • lolajmay

          I wonder what the Politicians are so afraid of! Either that or how stupid are they? Unless we have been duped by all of them, and they were just waiting for the right socialist, marxist, communist president to come along. That's hard to believe, but after searching the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, Obama Deception, is doesn't seem impossible. The more I Search the Web, the more frightening it is!!! Learning about his advisors (the people he surrounds himself with) is all the convincing I need to vote for ROMNEY/RYAN!!!!

        • El_Love

          It has been said they are purposefully ignoring the evidence that obamamama is not eligible to prevent a civil war in the US -- when in fact, with more and more evidence coming out and more and more people willing to tell the truth about barry - this will create the very civil unrest they say they are trying to prevent. Americans do not like being lied to -- by anyone.

        • catman

          That's exactly why my weapons are at the ready...........

        • refurb001

          Time to think about gun powder, primers and a reloading machine.

        • Don Holland

          Better yet, why are we not doing anything? Remember we are the final defense of American freedom, not the politicians, not the military, just us. If we fail to act as citizens then we don't deserve freedom.

        • phil

          Problem is we have become a gutless self centered society, afraid to stand up for our country. I'm ready.

        • joanc

          That is exactly what he is hoping for so he can impose Martial law and delay the election indefinitely. Stay cool and make sure all your friends and family know what the consequences will be if he has four more years to continue his agenda to kill the Constitution and everything America stands for. He will has everything to gain while we will lose everything we hold dear.

        • Ruggedlark

          I'm ready, too.

        • joanc

          My state's 2 Senators and my House member are all members of the Democratic party, every communication with them ends with a bland response with no real answers. They are tied to the party and never would think to act without permission from the big wigs. It's a no win situation and the only recourse we have is to vote the do-nothings out the next time they run. On November 6th, we can rid the White House of the man with the Socialist agenda along with his radical staff members. Let's hope Americans wake up and vote against Obama before he digs a deeper hole to put us in. We can't afford four more years of deception.

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          A lot of PEOPLE have questioned that ,EXCEPT for OUR POLITICIANS ?
          WE nee to CLEAN ALL OF WASHINGTON and put SOMEONE in with some COMMON SENSE !! "NOV 6TH " !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sadly because they and the media are the ones BACKING his illegal presence in our WH! Every time someone tries to get the situation resolved, the case gets thrown out of court as having "no standing" which is a crock! Every American citizen has "standing" to demand his "President" conform to the Constitutional requirements for the office!

        • Me_in_Canada_eh

          There is a court case on this issue right now, begun by a private investigator. She put her name on the ballot in her state as a presidential candidate to gain standing before the court. Check out Susan Daniels and Obummer's social security number that starts with 042, only issued in Connecticut and nowhere else.

        • joanc

          Thanks me in-Canada-eh I hope Susan Daniels prevails in her court case. The media is not doing the job they should be doing, including my local newspaper. Every morning their cartoon on the editorial page is a slam at Romney, but Obama is treated like a favorite child. I am so angry that I will not renew when my subscription runs out next month.

        • Ryshel H

          I think we all know the answer to that and it would be look where it got Kennedy. If enough of us got together there might be a possibility, I would even be willing to half the US into 2 halves and let them destroy their side while we made an "honest" living. I can feel a civil war coming folks!! If Romney gets elected its going to be bad, they are going to riot and act like fools. Prepare yourselves and pray to God that he have mercy on our souls for the foolish actions the US has made.

        • catman

          Joanc.....It's funny you would mention "mercy" That is the name I gave my AR-15, only it is spelled MERCI. Buy presious metal (read lead).

        • ff_emt

          and remember, ammo is expensive - don't waste any on a warning shot!

        • Neal Avery

          They will just burn their own villages and old cars. When Romney gets elected it will be good.

        • mimi


        • Rodger

          If you want a laugh, check out the explanation on "snopes" for the fake social security number. They say it was a mistake in reading the zip code when the SS# was issued. Pretty far fetched explanation like many others on Snopes.

        • catman

          NO CAJONES!!!!

        • greenpowergas

          He really is the offspring of Jekyl and Hyde.

        • Candrac

          He is natural born all right. A natural born fool.

        • harlan evans

          Man you talk straight to the point thanks.

        • mudguy1

          No! the America people are uneducated FOOLS to vote for such a FOOL

        • harlan evans

          you had it right the first time

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          I think he is ACTUALLY a PUPPET for the CROOKS out of the CHICAGO MAFIA ? If you have read his HISTORY, Your right! Look close to his MENTORS and they have done what they set out to do-OVER THROW OUR GOVERNMENT and BECOME A SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY !!

        • LeSellers

          To me, the more important question than "who is O'bama?" is "who owns O'bama?"

          Who he is is critical, and I am not belittling the eligibility issue. But the plain fact is is that he is in the White House and exercises the power of the Presidency, legitimately or not. Getting him out is not going to be easy, and even less so if we concentrate on the natural-born citizen question: most USmericans are too ignorant and too apathetic to make that a winning position.

          I am hopeful that enough of us still hold some truly USmerican values that exposing his political background would be helpful .

          Mr. O'bama, where are the Jobs?

        • Rodger

          Actually both of Obama's parents were born in Kansas but Obama lied about who his father was. Frank Marshall Davis was a top Communist and Obama thought it might be a problem if it was known the he was his father.

      • Michael G.

        I agree!

      • Q Tip

        You got it right, also, Nick. We've been on the same page since we rode our Vespas on the streets together back in the day, even though I was the "full-of-beano". Comrade obama needs to go, and the lies need to stop.

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        You know whats sad? IF your WHITE ,WE are the MINORITY'S NOW !! The Colored , Hispanic's have done what they set out to do is OUT BREED US and take OVER THE WHOLE COUNTRY! That's what he and Queen Michelle set out to do and are doing it!!

        • Ruggedlark

          You know.

          Its not sad. Being White, I mean. We are the country of Freedom, and we are the "melting pot" of the world.

          We are NOT the country of "free love", exploitation, and homogenized values. We are not the country of sex without consequence. And almost all of us parents abhor the freaks that rape our children. And, because we are made up several races, religions, and cultures, we respect people and their right to speak. And we won't tolerate degradation of our families, our children, our people. No matter the color.

        • Russell Lissuzzo

          Generations of Americans of African heritage and Mexicans are just the tools; as well as gays and socialists and communists (robots). Ihr GOD hatering condecending, arrogant, self- important, cowards. self-decribed "elitists" better known in America as the progressive democrat party. There is no room for debate or compromise....... THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!!!!

          Prepare for War

          Si vis pacem, para

        • FineTexan

          All of the listed groups will suffer too! The so called minorities because Obama is not out to help them but to better himself and get what he wants. A communist nation. They are being used.

      • Chris

        HE IS NOT IGNORANT JOHN....HE KNOWS EXACTLY what he is doing as do all the czars and others he has surrounded himself with. WE ought to be really scared....but over half this country is too ignorant to do some reading and research to really understand what it REALLY IS OBAMA wants and what he is doing about it......

      • Rodger

        Even that "Kenyan born" crap is a lie. He just didn't want you to know his real dad was a child molesting Communist who impregnated his mother after a nude photographing session. From the age of 10 until 18 he was mentored by his real dad, Frank Marshall Davis, and learned to love Communism and Jazz. He practically admitted this in an e-mail to his followers last month which stated "my father taught me to love Jazz". Davis published a small book about the history of Jazz. Barrack Obama senior had no interest in Jazz. It is tough for liars to keep their stories straight.

    • Linda Lawrence

      I so agree with you and John. Obama (Obooboo) is a fraud and he was elected mainly on his color. Because as you stated, no one knew much about him. He is far too inexperienced in politics, much less the presidency. He and Moochelle need to get out of Washington and let Romney and Ryan go to work. Romney and Ryan in 2012
      This is our Comeback Team. We have got to take this country back.

      • smoky

        we must thank God that he has no clue how to accomplish anything and no experience actually DOING anything. IF he was smart, intelligent, and/or educated he'd have already been successful in destroying our great nation in only 4 yrs. over confidence and the premise that the average american is too stupid to see what is going on made them move too fast and expose themselves and their communist/muslim agenda. we turn it around in november or we die as a free nation.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          On the contrary, he's been quite successful, thanks to his handlers, in achieving his goals of fundamental change, government dependency and transference of wealth. He's an idiotic, illiterate a$$$, and a traitor of the first degree. And we let him do it.

        • smoky

          you are entirely right, they've been pretty successful. but if we were as uninformed and stupid as they thought they'd indoctrinated us to be, the tea party never would have emerged and we'd be living in a totalitarian nation, with no guns, no bibles, and no hope. that's the change they are trying to force on us.

        • loran

          Actually smokey, he has already screwed us to the point of no return. Look at the 16 trillion debt. Now look at our armed services. He has scuttled our Navy from around 400 ships, which is nothing, to a little over 200 in the fleets. That's fleets, plural. Now look at our Air Force. We our sorely lacking in Fighter and bomber aircraft. I mean we ain't got much of anything. Our ground forces have been decimated. This is no coincidence. This is exactly what Obama and the dems wanted. With this much debt and the coming cuts, there is no possible way to replace any of this. Obama ran up our debt on purpose. There is no doubt about it.

        • smoky

          not true. not sure romney can turn it around but maybe we can slow it if he wins. if i could be king for 4 yrs we would be out of debt when i resigned. but all or most govt agencies would be gone, we'd no longer belong to the u.n. . we'd give no more of our tax dollars to any country, esp muslim, we'd no longer be involved in anyone's lives, the irs would no longer exist so all wealth that is over seas would return, and most people would have opportunity to work. if not they'd better have family or church to take care of them, because the tax payers would not. it can be done, and i have some hope left but not much. or course the fed would no longer exist either. buy ammo.

        • smoky

          i didn't mean not true about the debt. of course he's still running it up. and it was absolutely intentional. all the dems must go or it will never stop.

        • axmickl

          You failed to mention that he has reduced our nuclear deterrent to the level of useless. He also doesn't fund the necessary maintenance of the stockpile so it will be full of duds shortly.

        • tom s

          Isn't it something. obama & his liberal cohorts are in the process of eleminating the nuclear capabilities of our country while "allowing" countries like iran to obtain them and other nuclear countries such as china & russia keep theirs. When "we" are disarmed we will be at the "mercy" of those countries, whom all have shown that they are not our friends.

        • loran

          In reply to smokey and axmicki. I think we are all on the same page. There are a whole bunch of government agencies that we can do very well without. That would save us billions of dollars, not the trillions we need. But honestly, there are so many things this man has done that one person cannot possibly remember them all. Especially a 60 year old fart like me. I'm just finishing David Limbaughs' "the Great Destroyer". Even he said that when he finished writing the book and was prepping for interviews that he had to go back and reread his own book because he had forgotten some of the things that Obama had done. There were just so many. Where are the Republicans with intestinal fortitude in Congress. Obama broke faith with "we the people" and broke the law with his cover up of the events in Libya. Nixon lost his job with a cover up where no one lost their lives. Here we have 4 dead.

        • ginger

          And it is just the beginning if he stays in office..

        • Larry Ivey


        • SanctuaryLady51

          Absolutely and most definitely. I hv known his purpose since 2006 when the Lord showed me what 'this person' was up to. Sadly, there are still those whose eyes, he has pulled the wool over. God save America & our children's future!

        • ginger

          he is using these four years to test the waters to see who in Congress and the populace will actually stand up and say far he is doing what he wants with impunity.

        • FineTexan

          I agree with you. He has tipped his hand. But he is not acting alone. I believe he is a puppet. The the naive and unenlightened have played into it by voting for him in the name of political correctness.

      • MANGO


      • roger12266

        I hate to believe that the black American community are so stupid that they would blindly vote for someone simply because of color. I would really like to give them more credit than that, but, unfortunately, at the present time I can't since many of them intend to vote for Obama again.

        • granny

          Roger............What about the stupid whites and the illegal camel jockeys/mexicans. Of course we have the dead people and dogs that somehow managed to get their vote in. Lets hope that enough of the legals have managed to see the light and vote GOP.

        • KAB

          I spoke to a white girl Wens. I told her I dont see how a Christian could support Obama, She said yes they can.WTH,I suspect shes voting for him because she is single & just addopted a blk. baby. Nothing wrong with addoping a blk. baby, but she prob. is now getting all kinds of freebies for doing so. I was surprised at her I thought I knew her better oh well, I was in my work place & not able to talk much @ this or I would have schooled her!

        • Buford

          Never understood people calling themselves Christians and supporting lying, thieving, murdering dicators. They have themselves fooled, maybe, but no one else.

        • Connie Gargrave Swanson

          How about the ministers telling their "flock" not to vote for Romney because he isn't a Christian. One locally has beaten this into the heads of his congregation. Although he doesn't want Obummer re-elected, or so he says, he's suggested they don't vote at all. I've told one of them that a lack of a vote for Romney is a vote for the liberals Messiah. She still doesn't get it, regardless of the fact she's a life long Republican. Sheeple on both sides of the aisle, easily led. Makes me sick!

        • flyguy
        • Ahb1

          You are right not all of them I think it was 95%. I do know several that won't vote for him this time. But to see the normal Obama voter watch this video.

        • Mannard

          People who want handouts love Obama. Check out this dirtbag who got a free obama-phone and sold it for $20...

          At the expense of the taxpayers! ($4 billion I believe)
          Look on your cell phone bill for "Universal Service Fee".. Approx $3/month on average per person.

        • ginger

          You will notice ( althought it is difficult since her language is somewhat lacking) that she said all people who are on food stamps etc....guess where she belongs?

        • KAB

          Next time I pay my bill I will tell them to stick this charge up there A**. It is un- consttutional for this to happen.

        • lolajmay

          Mannard, that is so scary!! That is a new one for me....

        • milvet

          She was paid eleven dollars an hour by George Soros and is a member of a commie group.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Well, not exactly by Soros, but I'm sure he influenced it. It was actually SEIU (of which I am ashamed to admit that I belong) that is paying these morons to follow Romney around and do this. In California, if you work as a caregiver for the IHSS, you get money deducted from your check (barely more than minimum wage, by the way) and it gets given to the SEIU, in return for what, I don't know. All I know, is that it's conditional for working the job, there is no choice, because most of us would opt out if we had the choice. It's nothing more than government sanctioned extortion, as far as I'm concerned.

        • libsrlintlickers

          Stupid, ignorant Ni**ers! Sorry, but that is exactly what they are!! I play my "race cards" when it is the ONLY answer, as a very last resort!! : (

        • Buford

          My cuz, with whom I have always agreed on this point, says there are white Ngrs just like there are black ones. He doesn't keep up with the world, and was surprised when I told him Obama was both - a black AND white Ngr.

        • lolajmay

          If I were a candidate for any office, I would be pretty upset, and want to hide my head from people like this the woman who was waiting for her money from "Obama stash" in the 2008 election. I agree, can hardly stand to hear Obama speak. Instead of muting, my husband and I say loud AND....A...A..AHG...A..A....AND, ETC. through his rantings. Makes us feel better, for a while anyway. Maybe people who voted for Obama the first time are too stubborn to admit they made a mistake. If that is the case, this election is too important to be stubborn, or stupid. I wouldn't want to be part of the cause of country going down.

        • KAB

          Go figure white Christians voted for him to, & women in droves. Who the heck are these stupid people. I found out alot about this man when he talked to Joe the plumber, He said he wanted to spred the wealth, & watching Hannity. I knew I didnt like this commie then & still dont. I cant even stand to hear him talk. My TV goes on mute when hes on. Than I went to see 2016 The Movie, I had to walk out w/ @ 30 mins left of the moivie couldnt stand it any longer it pissed me off even more. I dont care if Im puking on election day wild horses couldnt keep me from voting R/R 2012!

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Not enough GOOD BLACKS or HISPANIC'S !! Why not when you GET EVERYTHING FREE IF your one of them !!!!

        • axmickl

          They are that racist and the stupidity comes as an add-on. Please send the sign wreckers over to my place. We will see how many times they touch my property.

        • KAB

          LOCK & LOAD!

        • REVDR

          Why do you find it hard to believe when they are still voting for the party that has always been predigest, (the dimocraptic party) against them from the time of slavery till now.

        • Karen Holmes

          @REVDR ....Next time use spell check BEFORE posting a comment. You are only showing your ignorance and level of education. Please learn to spell correctly.

        • ginger

          Hey..don't forget Samuel L. Jackson suddenly appearing in the family living room and threatening the couple there...had he shown up in My living room he would have left in a coroner's body bag.

        • Progressive Republican

          That's not in the story. Where'd you get that?

        • Beckery49

          O'Reilly last night

        • Progressive Republican

          HAHAHAHAHA!!! So it was a joke, then.

        • Connie Gargrave Swanson

          It's all over the Internet now.

        • Progressive Republican

          So it's neither verifiable nor credible then. I've found nothing from a believable source; only FRWNJ sites.

        • lolajmay

          I wouldn't be so proud to call myself a Progressive Republican. Hillary Clinton called herself a Progressive. Guess you don't care that is the same as socialist/communist? Progressive doesn't just mean that you are a "with it" individual; just like socialist doesn't mean you like a good, fun party with friends.

        • Progressive Republican

          It's a matter of accuracy. Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, etc. She may be a progressive, I've not seen it. I hope she's farther left than her Republicon-lite husband or the guy currently in office. If "socialist" means putting in for the common good (y'know like public roads, police, firefighters, etc.) then count me in. Beats the hell out of being stupid and selfish enough to be a libertarian/oligarch.

        • Sniper

          he's another Idiot from la la land.

        • ginger

          isn't he also the one who said he voted for obama because he was black??

        • GrizzMann

          They are not stupid. They have a clean, articulate black man to stand behind. A man that wants survivors of botched abortions, of black babies, to go uncared for til death. pushes for black women to abort their babies. That was the plan of Margret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood. Education is their way out of the Democrat Plantation.

        • mogul264

          Apparently, people think anything which happened over 4 years ago to be 'ancient history' and to be forgotten. Also, apparently, they've NEVER heard of the old saying, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it again"! So, welcome to NAZI-LAND 1938 all over again! Deutschland uber alles, und, arbeit macht frei! (Germany [Naziland] over all, and 'work makes you free'! The 'arbeit' sign was on the gate at Dachau, Germany, for the Jews to gain false hope!

        • FineTexan

          I have been studying Hitler since I was in junior high in the 60s. I still do and am a faithful watcher of the Military Channel and anything about the Holocaust and Hitler. There are those who do not believe it ever happened. The minute Obama started talking and visiting other countries I said 'HITLER'. It is Hitler all over again. Those who selected Obama to run needed a 'black', well spoken, supposedly educated (not proven) and good looking(?) man/boy who could fool everyone and make the most of the political correctness that influences too many whites. His damaged psychological status made him the perfect choice.

        • Chuck

          They are being very well paid for following their idol.

        • DixieAngel_76

          I don't think stupidity is it, exactly, but remember that the brainwashing that all of us have gotten in the media, and in the public schools about those evil whities holding those noble blacks back is pretty hard to resist, and they get it tenfold when you add in what they hear in their churches and in their homes. A lifetime of brainwashing is not easy to overcome, and maybe that's why they don't really believe their eyes even when faced with the awful damage he's done to us.

        • lolajmay

          Just look at the Middle Eastern people if we don't believe brainwashing from an early age affects us. They learned to hate the US early on. It's also hard to believe brainwashing could make a person invite suicide, but that is exactly how those people believe. Scary ties ahead of us!!!!

        • DixieAngel_76

          Yes, that's true. Only those who are absolutely sure of their beliefs, and who believe in something strong and solid, as well as being strong enough to think for themselves will stand a chance in this day and age.

        • Chuck

          They are very well paid to NOT work. They have free health care, free phones, free housing, food stamps, free schools, and pay no taxes. Why would they want to go to work and give that all up?

        • Frosty33

          Of course they will vote for him again. Giving out candy to 47% with 5% wealthy intelligent Dem power mongers equals 52% . That gets their puppet elected

        • David Batchelder

          How about all the christians that say they love Jesus. Then they go vote for a man that would let a baby die in a closet. Come on. They are blinded by race or pay back or vengence. What ever, they are the ones who will be thrown under the bus first. Hitler anyone. He got rid of his followers that got him there. If they would throw their fellow country men under the bus. Get rid of them first. How stupid these sheep are.

        • lolajmay

          How many times do people need to hear about Hitler and the German people, who also didn't think Hitler could take them down? The same is happening here; we just can't believe it can happen here. We think we are too smart, but Obama and his "string-pullers" know what they are doing. Soros is Hungarian, but he helped Hitler do his dirty work, and is more than willing to lead us into oblivian. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

        • Mary Laforet

          I've seen quite a few blacks speak out against him too...

        • FineTexan

          So have I. It is true. They will suffer as much as any group and probably more if Obama is re-elected.

        • lolajmay

          Then there is the black woman who would vote for Obama because he gives them free cell phones!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Also people who were interviewed, and didn't know who most of the people in government are; also don't know the candidates right political parties, but they knew all the bad stuff about Sarah Palin and her family, thinking she is still in the race. Obama should be very proud of who his supporters are!!! He only hopes they are dumber than he is.......

        • phil

          Apparently you haven;t had very many dealings with the black community.

        • mudguy1

          What I don't understand is why the RNC don't tell the over and over the history of who is responsible for our civil rights legislation. From Lincoln to past LBJ most of the Democrats opposed them. Martin Luther King voted for Eisenhower in 1956.

      • bmg28

        With the rotten liberals at work destroying intimidating lying cheating its tough.
        And Roger12266 blacks are big takers recall the old gal voteing for her hero cause he is gonna give her a phone pay her rent put gas in her car. Thats how he gets all these lazy refuse to work blacks to vote for him

      • FineTexan

        Actually he has no color...if the Blacks voted for him based on the erroneous belief that he is Negro...well that is not the case. He will not help them he is using them and everyone else he panders to. He is communist, Islamist, actually a nothing because he holds to no belief. He shifts and lies depending on the situation. He probably is a puppet and his own ego based on the malignant psychology of his life, upbringing and parents keeps him going.

    • Think About It

      There were ample books and speeches out there ahead of the 2008 election. People knew who he was, they chose to ignore the evidence. Same thing happened in 1930's Germany. 1918 Russia. 1930's Italy. 1990's Venezuela, need I go on?

      • Remember When

        Something akin to Kristallnacht.

    • Esther Mae Egan

      And the blacks call us raciest and yet they were and some white folks as they voted for color only. This time they are voting because they think Obama has jobs for them. Shovel ready jobs. He just might and it will be in Concentration Camps where they will loose their TV, beer, cigarets and steaks. They have become slaves to a black slave owner. That is something I do not understand is when they talk about white slave owners they never talk about how the slave got here in the first place. it was blacks going into the jungles to bring them out. Not only that but there were hundreds of black slave owners in the South and the North had slave owners as well. We never get the full picture Man is cruel to man unless he is a Christian and loves the Lord.

      • smoky

        i believe muslims were the first slave owners and sold the blacks to the explorers coming to american. and now we have a black muslim in our white house. what goes around comes around???

        • roger12266

          Actually slavery did begin in Africa where one tribe would capture another tribe and make them slaves. After taht the British colonized Africa and began the international slave trade, but it was still blacks that were capturing other blacks and selling them to the British, who then transported them to Europe and America.

        • axmickl

          It wasn't just the british, it was mostly the Dutch that pushed the slave trade.

        • Estill Gene Mills

          There were thousands of Muslim raids into Europe for white slaves .. Euro women were made into sex slaves .. :( ..

        • ginger

          Yup ..but there were other countries involved as well...and it was muslims who rounded up blacks to sell into slavery..they also think blacks are inferior to them.

      • granny

        Blacks are the biggest racist of all times. Blacks yell racist over the most unintelligent things that have existed.

        • Sam

          And they are showered with billions of taxpayer dollars. When the money stops, they will sit and shut up.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      You are right. Woodland Hills is close to Hollywood, so there are a lot of media wanna-be types, but also now it is at least 50% illegal aliens; many gangster-teens roam the area, fresh from their LAUSD indoctrinations. Take a guess who might be responsible for this outrage?

    • csthigpen

      I totally agree!! I still scratch my head in amazement that he ever got elected in the 1st place. My gut told me this guy was bad news from the beginning.... I mean he came out of no where & people actually worshipped this man ( if that is what he really is). I can't help but think this person is protected by a higher power & I don't mean GOD. No other president in history could have EVER gotten away with the stuff this guy has.I know there was a state official here in Georgia who got in trouble for circulating an email about wondering if Obummer was possibly the Antichrist?? I personally believe that if he's not, well then he is very closely related. oops, I said something bad about the president. Oh well, I'm just expressing my 1st amendment rights. You know that pesky little right Americans have that Obummer hates so much when other people besides democrats use it! Ha, ha Kiss my --- democrats!!!! :)

    • David Batchelder

      How about binden, Bush is the reason for the exploding debt. Not obama and him. He went to a function in florida and went on for about 30 minutes how it is Bushes fault.
      Man we have idiots in the WH.

    • JRRS

      Nothing new. Obama openly declared his intent in 2008. I suppose people just didn't think he meant it. Now, there is no doubt and he revels in his accomplishments. It was actually easier than he could have ever imagined. Along the way, he has redistributed (stolen) trillions of taxpayer dollars for the benefit of his cronies , other countries, and his Muslim brothers.

    • JRRS

      "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" -- Barack Obama, November, 2008

    • sandraleesmith46

      Also to vote AGAINST McCain, KNOWING where he'd take us, having live with it in AZ, since before he got that office!

    • Linda

      If you want to make a liberal angry, tell them the truth.

      If you want to make a conservative angry, tell them a lie.

    • Rachel

      Liberals hate the truth. Wake up America and expose the liberal media and the Obama machine.

      “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ― Edward R. Murrow

    • bananafanafo

      Obama voters do NOT realize he's GLOBAL REDISTRIBUTION America 1%(RICH) other countries 99%(POOR). He DOESN'T believe America has POOR. Our DEBT will be payed back by generation(s) to OTHER COUNTRIES! It's not going to them. They need to start look at garbage cans for their meals as Spain is doing now. Obama has SOLD U OUT! WAKE UP, Your not GETTING ANYTHING! COLLAPSE!

    • Jayjay1963

      I have seen a lot of variations for the name "Obama". Yours is the best!!

    • Thomas Austin

      And part of being a liberal is being a coward.

    • Michael G.

      Just goes to show you jut how nice and loving liberals are. Their behavior today makes me question why I stayed a democrat as long as I did... It must have been because of parents and my wife. I can't come up with any other reasonable answer.

    • thismustend

      Exactly right which is why Hillary Clinton, who by the way is EVERY BIT AS RADICAL in her beliefs as this P O S, was thrown under the bus by the Democraps & propaganda media. A "white" woman could have NEVER gotten away with passing socialized health care, involving us in an ILLEGAL war & bypassing congress & ignoring our Constitution. "White" guilt created by our schools, media & politicians put a Marxist DICTATOR in power & will also keep him there.

    • shar

      Let's review!! Obama is majority WHITE.
      50% white, maybe 10% black and 40% muslim.
      He is a white man. Period.
      His color is as confusing as his religion (multiple religions, Islam, Christianity), his names (multiple names, BO, Barry Soetoro), his social security number (multiple social security numbers, the latest one from Conn!!! He NEVER lived in Conn!!).
      Everything about this person is suspect, duplicitous, and manipulated.
      Even his real estate in Chicago is suspect - it has 6 read it 6 PINs (Property Identification Number), when it is LEGAL TO HAVE 1!! Who is holding his property in trust???? Is it not real estate fraud for a contributor to hold his property in trust???? What happened to Tony Rezko's relatives??? Where is Tony Rezko? Jail.
      What happened to Donald Young? What happened to Bill Gwaltney? What happened to Larry Sinclair and his book on Sex, Lies, Cocaine, and Murder??? Larry Sinclair for first lady??? Another multiple!! Bisexual? Gay?
      BO is an exercise in multiples!! Disgusting.

    • TheRaghead

      Bottom line: Add all the comments together: You cannot fix stupid and ignorant. I remember the idiot in Harlem that was voying for him because Clinton was his running mate. Another fool was happy Palin was his veep.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      He is doing a GOOD JOB of it! What BOTHERS me is ,WHY IS OUR CONGRESS allowing it ? What has this( so called man?) THREATENED or what to ALL in Washington? He gets to do WHATEVER HE WANTS & WHY ?

    • Ruggedlark

      Your first sentence is absolutely correct. And, thank you for your post and being succinct.

    • The Truth

      The other part of a liberal is being completely intolerant of other people's beleifs and opinions. The liberal left in this country is destroying us one inch at a time with their indoctrination in schools, the media, terror tactics, and their failed poilices that have never worked, anywhere in the hstory of the world. Time to vote all liberals out of office.

    • Matvei

      And please tell me why he would wish to destroy United States? your conspidracy theories are ridiculous.

    • daveveselenak

      It's ironic that us folks out here in the heartland recognize what is happening and say so but the cowardly bastards in the media and political arena wet themselves with the thought of telling America what is actually happening as you and so many of us have and that is why we are one step from tyranny that will only be stopped by a revolution!

    • SmilingSmartBlonde

      I was very glad that President Obama was elected. During the George W Bush administration, I was very opposed to the War In Iraq. I saw President Obama as a person who had better judgment than other candidates. I still do.

    • Skip

      Actually, a huge part of being a conservative is actively ignoring the truth, this is why most conservatives don't believe in science, or want science taught in public schools.

      Also, just everyone is clear, the reason Obama was elected had absolutely nothing to do with his color, but for the fact that the previous 10 years of Bush administration completely destroyed our country and people were literally scared out of the minds about another republican taking office. This is the reality, I'm sure you'll choose to go with the conservative propaganda nonsense. I am not a liberal or conservative, but I had hopes someone could catch us from falling into the abyss. Although he has not stood by many of his promises (no politicians do) he did at least stop our country from being completely bankrupt.

  • William Benton

    to shermer on his past performances ,pull your head out of your a--

  • smdares

    Typical of the tolerant Insane Hussein supporters!

  • Puddles

    Just a prime example of the type "thugs" that are supporting Obama and all the more reason that he needs to be put out of office.

    • Bobby224466

      This the Most Racist and Ignorant person ever to Be in the W.H !!!!.. It is sad the way he is Dividing this Country ..We will Pray That this may Change in Nov.

  • Jane Horton-Leasman

    This is why I don't have a bumper sticker for Romney on my truck/car...As the Democrats here in S. Az. are so "CRAZY!!!", my vehicle would likely be keyed, or bumped in to in a parking lot. These Democrats nowadays are evil. Just think what it will be like if Obama is re-elected, and he takes away all the "benefits" he gave them to get 2 terms...God help us!!!

    • glass

      Put Romeny signs on democrat cars and watch them eat their own. =) Take a friend on election day and go vote.

      • o

        That's the best retaliation I've heard yet. The other non-destructive is to put axle grease on their windshields. Will come off with lots of washing and de-greaser....

      • Jo Schwarz

        I like that!!! I have a couple of folks I would love to do that to!!!

    • William

      That's why I call them Demonrats instead of Democrats. After all, they vociferously pronounced they don't want God in their platform, and only a demon would be stupid enough to take that stance....

    • axmickl

      A coward dies a thousand deaths Jane. I have Romney stickers on the front and back of each of my cars. I also have a concealed carry permit to protect what is mine.

  • Chuck

    I hope the Liboffs are able to get video of the idiots that are doing this despicable thing, and have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • mathis1689

    I'm tempted to say send a bill to Obama for the vandalism since it's the fools who support him that are pulling this stupidity off. But he'd just claim that the vandals were excercising their rights to free sppech and that the Romney sign hurt their politically correct sensitivities. Then he'd turn around and have the Liboffs arrested for a hate crime and they'd have to pay the bill for therapy for the vandals getting their feelings hurt.

    • Adam Moreira

      Or, that the vandals should be held solely responsible for their actions...unless you can show that they are acting on orders from an Obama campaign office. Then and only then could Obama be held reasonably responsible for their actions.

      • mathis1689

        Obama doesn't have the guts to be responsible for anything as far as I can tell. That is unless it advances his agenda and his chances for re-election. He's quite ready to be responsible for anything that does that.

        • Adam Moreira

          There are things for which Obama should be responsible for---that is, actions for which he has actual control over the outcome. This isn't one of those things (unless it came from an actual campaign office or the California Democratic Party).

        • mathis1689

          I'm using sarcasm to make a point about how warped the mindset of Obama's supporters can be. And no Obama shouldn't be held personally responsible for things he has no control over any more than I should be held responsible for the sun coming up in the morning.

        • AlarmBelle

          And you are in the minority of that thought.That is what dictators do; they get others to do the 'dirty' work for them. Obama knows all these things are happening and when in advance. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to spot these connivers.

        • Adam Moreira

          Then let's see some evidence...E-mail records, phone calls, text messages, canceled checks, bank me something...anything to convince me, someone who is in a field where one must have evidence before making any claim, believe that this is happening here. A true conservative wouldn't levy baseless accusations.

      • AlarmBelle

        Why? Obama and dems never 'prove' anything they say??

    • Firsty

      The idea is LESS government involvement. Taxpayers pay Obama's bills. It is best the perpetrators pay for their act as in the end we all must suffer for our misdoings or in this case mean spirited acts. I agree it should count as a hate crime.

      • mathis1689

        I agree with your point .Thomas Jefferson was of the opinion that the less government the better and I'm sure that if he could rise from the dead that he'd be shocked beyond words at the abomination known as the US government. I was using sarcasm to make a point about how warped the mindset of Obama's supporters can be.

  • CombatBoots

    I hope and pray this is a repeat of the Bush Kerry election. Just before the election, the Kerry supporters were intimidating every Bush supporter, mocking and taunting people in line at the polls, tearing up Bush signs as soon as they were put in the ground, writing terrible things on the cars in the parking lot if they had any evidence of conservative or Republican ideas. If you listened to the chatter all around you, you would think Kerry would win by a landslide. It was very difficult to even locate a conservative. But on election day, behind the curtains, the conservative stood for what they believed. I pray this election is a repeat!

    • Dajake

      Possibly a repeat of 1980 when Carter was beating Reagan by 7 points"

      • axmickl

        Those were trumped up poles as well.

    • Linda Lawrence

      So do I. We proudly have a Romney/ Ryan sign and a Ted Cruz sign in our yard. I proudly placed two Ted Cruz bumper stickers and a bumper sticker on my van that reads - I don't believe the liberal media.

    • AlarmBelle

      Yes that's why lib media called it for Kerry; and really so did Fox news. The media believed their own HYPE.

    • bmiller147

      Kerry who? Just spoofing but I hadn't even had his name come up since the election he lost badly. I think Oblunder butt is in for a waxing of his ass and a tar and feathering after the election, you are all invited,see you there.

      • axmickl

        After the election we need to see some prosecutions and undoing of all the appointments this mad cow has made.

  • Dalgast

    The hell with a camera, I'd be locking and loading and my sign would read, "If you touch my sign you are in range of my gun, Is dieing worth it"

    • DrBarbara

      I like your solution the best of any I have read so far!

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      only drawback? they're in CA, where they don't have 2nd Amendment rights to carry weapons in southern CA. :( The local and state legislation took them away already.

      • r

        That's step one towards communist control (no guns). Next step is freedom of speech. Then control of the media......

        • William

          They pretty much control the media already... Now if you go 100 miles north of Los Angeles, we still have our right to keep and bear arms. We have more CCW permits here than the rest of California put together!!!! Also, as the LA gangs have already figured out, rob a bank here, the police shoot first, ask your dead bodies questions later....

      • Fox Wood

        They took away our right to open carry UNLOADED handguns about a year ago out here in Commie-fornia.
        And Gov. Moonbeam just signed a new law (goes into effect Jan. 1 2013) that now also bans the open carrying of UNLOADED long guns as well.
        I have to wonder just how strictly they will apply these new restrictions.
        Will you be liable to be arrested for openly carrying your rife from the trunk of your car into your house?
        Or the few yards from the car to the shooting range station?
        Or into the gun shop for repairs?
        &c, &c, &c?

    • DoctorBob

      A good thought, and I understand your frustration. But if you shoot someone touching your sign, you only reinforce the stereotype of a Conservative being a gun-toting maniac. And, you just hand an excuse to the government to control us even more! I like the surveillance camera idea. We had a problem here several years back where rural mailboxes were being destroyed. The police, of course, claimed they didn't have time to protect mailboxes. So, one of the local residents set up two surveillance cameras on the mailbox, the type of cameras that could see in very dim light. Sure enough, a few days later, here came a car. A guy leaned out the window with a baseball bat and destroyed the mailbox. The surveillance camera got a real nice picture of his face as he swung the bat. The other camera got a very clear picture of the license plate! Arrests were made, Federal charges were filed for destroying a USPS mailbox, and suddenly all mailboxes in the County were safe once again, no further problems. If surveillance cameras can record these vandals, and if the local police will do their jobs, then the sign vandalism will come to a screeching halt. Teach the vandals that they are responsibile for their actions, and that there will be consequences! I think particularly the BATF should take interest in the Molotov Cocktail! That COULD get the perpetrator some down-time in a Federal Penitentiary! Now, wouldn't that be nicer than YOU going to prison for premeditated murder?

      • r

        Maybe the perpetrator should be made to drink the contents of the molotov cocktail. See what that person thinks of spreading hate and discontent.....

        • Fox Wood

          Make 'em drink it, then give him a last cigarette (ooops! This would be a lib we're talking about, wouldn't it?) I should say, "last doobie". Then, take cover and watch th' fireworks as he lights up!

      • AlarmBelle

        Excuse me? A molotov? ANd you think THAT alone isn't worth shooting someone for?? If not for that I would just scare the bejesus out of them; but you start sending me 'death threats' and it's "lights out for you."

        • granny

          Maybe I watch too many rough & ready films. But did you ever see a car light up after they fire at the gas tank. Whoops, I mean fire at their rear tires. Just hoping everyone is a good shot. Ya don't want to miss those tires.

        • axmickl

          Shooting the tires will do more damage than hitting the gas tank. Tank won't explode after a single shot. Take it from me, I know.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Nah, we're dealing with ignorant and indoctrinated undisciplined gangster wanna-bes and hollywoodites. Fear for their own physical well-being is the only shock that will deter them.

      • roger12266

        The problem with this comment is the premise that law enforcement wil do their job. We have seen event after event where both local and Federal law enforcement agencies reefuse to do their duty if it reflects badly on the Democrats.
        Another solution is to take 3/4 inch boards about six feet long, pound 2.5 inch nails through them and bury them about an inch below ground all around the sign.

        • axmickl

          Then they will prosecute you for setting a trap.

      • axmickl

        Ever heard of an eye for an eye? you take away my freedom of speech and I am going to take away something of yours. Even if I have to drag you into my house and shoot you in self defense.

    • AlarmBelle

      Have attack dog with sign....You think you can cross this yard in 3 seconds?? The dog can do it in 2!


      Woodland Hills, California......CALIPOONIA has taken the guns away from
      thinking, law abiding citizens. Has everyone forgotten this piece?

    • Carmen55

      I'm with you Dalgast.

  • calvinsibert

    It seems evident that democrats are about as peaceful as muslims......I hope America wakes up before it is too late!!

  • Ladybug2948

    That shows that these morons that support the Muslim communist are scared to death that that POS is voted out and they think they will lose their freebies at our expense.
    Put up many more signs together with the people who support you, Dee. God bless you and your family and the people who are with you!

  • ed

    This perfectly illustrates the "union mentality" that the Democratic Party has cultivated over the years. These people cannot be reasoned with.

    • John

      Yes and you can I doubt it

      • rocky63

        Ever tried, John?

      • AlarmBelle

        Your in the wrong place bud; check out You just here to disagree with everyone? Go to the socialist liberal site. It's obvious you aren't happy here.

  • Todd Warren

    If I had the money, I would get a lighted billboard for their yard! stay strong! America is slowly waking up.

  • annarose13

    What is this country coming to? You can't even express an opinion without the fear of being verbally or worse, physically attacked? We are the land of the free & in our Constitution it states, we have freedom of speech, religion, political choices, the list goes on. Now being threatened because someone doen't like your way of thinking & expressing it in an open forum? It is definitly anti-american!

  • Proudamerican

    For every sign that is vandalized by dems, there will be another one put up! It will NOT stop me for voting for a real American! If they are caught doing it, they will realize it's not worth it! I am not at all a badass or aggressive, just ready, and prepared to back it up against what I see as evil!

    • John

      Yes and what about all the Democrat signs that are being destoryed ???????????????????????????????????? We are all Americans and have and bad and good sides.

      • jdangiel

        Where? It's funny how the left accuses the right of doing what they do, and the only people ever seen doing it is on the left.

        • cmdorsey

          Ya ain't it funny? Whenever The LEFT and MarxistMaoIslamobama say anything, you know the fact of the matter is, it will be opposite of what they say. They call us the racists, bigots, haters, whatever the new name is, and if the IDIOTS would stop and think all they need to do is look in the mirror to see who the REAL bigots, racists are. Islamobama said he would CUT the deficit in half-it's tripled. He said HC costs would go down $2000-They went up that much if not more. He said you could keep your own doctor-You can't. He said it wouldn't cost taxpayers one red cent-It is costing us MILLIONS of 'red cents'. See the pattern. Happens everytime he says something, but I don't listen to him unless I am assaulted with his puky ugly big-eared shyt-eatin grinning face on news clips. I still hit "MUTE", look away from the TV cuz my skin crawls. He is SATAN himself, I swear.

      • Mafooney

        The gist of the story was about THIS sign being destroyed. How come every time something is said or done about Obalmeo the libs respond with...well Bush this..or what about the conservatives...STOP BLAMING OTHERS...friggin liberals are all hypocrites and make me sick !!!

        • rocky63

          Mafooney, you're so right. I know a committed Obama supporter and every time I've tried to discuss things with him and ask him if he supports Obama's latest outrage, he never responds on point -- he ALWAYS says "well Bush did ......".

          Another liberal I know asked me what I thought of Obama. I said "he's the worst thing to happen to America since the Civil War". His reply was "well Cheney was a really bad guy". I find the liberals never actually defend Obama's actions -- they always change the subject. Yet they still support a guy they won't (maybe because they can't) defend.

        • AlarmBelle

          Because they have NOTHING to go on. It's all lies. And they've never matured into adults.

      • rocky63

        Want to provide some examples -- some facts -- to back up what you say? Oh, you didn't have any?

      • Kitty

        I don't know where you live, but I live in Central Florida and I have not seen one single Obama sign, but there are plenty of Romney/Ryan signs and no one is destroying them. I guess we're more civil in Florida and can respect each other.

      • Linda Lawrence

        Have not seen one democrat sign in Garland, Texas which is a suburb of Dallas.

      • AlarmBelle

        Oh you mean the one on yahoo news that the liberal woman blamed the neighbors and got all nasty like libs do blaming everyone in the neighborhood, goes and buys camera, finds out it's a DEER? Even animals are starving under an Obama/Democrat administration and congress. Deer hate him too. She said no one was tearing up the ROmney signs in neighborhood. Those signs??????? Bwahaha... funny John. boo hoo.

      • Proudamerican

        What about them? The dems can react the same way. I am not condoning any vandalizing at all on either side, it just seems like when it happens it's always the libs doing it. I read every day and I dont recall EVER seeing that lib signs are being torn down and if they are, the ones doing it should stop immediately.

    • axmickl

      Has anybody actually seen an obama bumper sticker on any cars anywhere? There are none here in the Tampa area.

  • kay

    we commend you. and hope we will have the same courage to defend our rights thank you

  • chrismercy2003

    "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support I Mitt Romney. Defeat Barack Hussein Obama the Jihadi-in-chief."

    • AlarmBelle

      NOTHING could force me to vote for Obama=======NOTHING!

  • Alan Whitney

    It almost doesn't matter whether obama or Romney wins. The population of America, and I am talking mainly about the uneducated, and a significant percentage of racial minority groups, is so damaged, that even a Romney win will only forestall the inevitable.

    And I blame the Libs, or Progressives, or whatever these subversive, Commie people call themselves...

  • ggswede

    Instead of Obama and his supporters,why don't we refer to them As president ZERO,and the ZERO mob ?

  • jammin

    This is the divide that OUR president has caused in this country. No other president, whether left or right has done this before. People who vote for this guy are idiots, plain and simple.

  • RBlakeH

    It is truly amazing how upset welfare and food stamp recipients can get. They don't want their free ride to stop.

  • Phillip

    I'd put up another sign... this property protected by smith & wesson, & they really don't like you!

  • Craig Allen

    First order of the day for me...get 2 ROMNEY/RYAN yard signs..put one on each corner of the yard...both visible to my Pit Bull !!

  • sonnieC

    This shows you the type of anus holes that support this food stamp president Obama. They know no better then to look for free hand outs. I call them low life scum of the earth, for that's all they are.

  • TFOX

    I am afraid to put signs in front of my house or on my cars to support Romney/Ryan. How low our country has fallen. Do we have mob rule now? You betcha.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Well folks we are in a Battle for our Freedoms (what few we have left), people are so full of Hate and OSTUPID Obama is the reason because of his Divide & Conquer tactics. He is an Evil man so there I have said it.

  • Craig Allen

    ROMNEY / RYAN for PRESIDENT !!! ( take that down b*tt h*les ! )

  • calvinsibert

    Funny thing,,,,I don't hear obama screaming about (hate crimes) or telling his supporters to act in a civil manner.Could it be his time spent with the black panthers and other radicals has shaped him in a very unbecoming way?(rhettorical question).

    • Adam Moreira

      I also did not know that the President is supposed to be policing his supporters. Not every issue under the sun is the President's business. This sounds like a single troublemaker that should normally only be a local news story.

  • glass

    I guess certain elements of the left need to practice more on the famous open minded tolerance they so love to attribute to their cause. Then again, look at all the attention they are giving to these Romeny supporters and exposing to the internet that the left is really a bunch of out of control, property damaging, intolerant bullies. Frankly, it's either going to promote Romeny or agitiate a mob mentality to an attack target on the left. If I was this couple I'd set up some digital web cams focused on the sign to catch these 'class acts' in action.


    Conservatives, Christians, and Jews need to set aside denominational differences and levels of orthodoxy to be a united force for freedom and free speech. Now is the time. We are facing an increasingly militant movement of Atheists and Socialists/Communists who are destroying our country from within via elections and community organizations. God Bless the Liboffs for standing up!

  • Guest

    Welcome to the now "tolerance" were liberals will fight to the so you can agree with them.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Welcome to the new "tolerance" where liberals will fight to the death so you can agree with them

  • bhudda

    Sounds like a hate crime venue . Obama isn't the only choice as is Romney . But in our free speach society ,this infrenges on another persons free speach and to use a death threat or to intimidate with a weapon of mass destruction its a hate crime .

  • F Stagg

    As a conservative Republican I have also had several signs stolen from my yard in past elections. I don't consider using bumper stickers on my car because I am sure it will be vandalized. I respect Democrats rights to display signs and bumper stickers but most Dems do not realize that perhaps 5 or 10% of their fellow party members are thugs.

  • MomforMitt

    God Bless the Liboff family... you have a LOT of support out here in America!

  • Barry Levy

    and I get criticized when I speak of the thug politicians and their thug/bully supporters as plaguing the country.

  • Diver Down

    Freedom of speech is guaranteed, as long as you agree with them.

  • DoctorBob

    The REAL goal of Liberalism/Communism is CONTROL! They want to control everything you do, dictate what you can say and think, force you to get government permission to do anything. I can't believe how far down we've dropped in the last 50 years, but I can tell you that America today is NOT the America I grew in back in the 40s and 50s! Where do these young Communists come from? I believe they are being produced by our educational system, over which we seem to have lost control and have abrogated our responsibility to tell the schools what they will teach, not the other way around. Mostly, it is important that government understands CLEARLY that WE do NOT belong to government; government belongs to US! Government doesn't tell us what to do; we tell government what to do! So long as government is swatting down individuals one at a time, they can control us. It is only when we rise up as one and make it CLEAR to government that THEY WORK FOR US and that we do NOT want our children to be educated as Liberals and Communists that we can SLOWLY turn things around. Meanwhile, where are the parents? I've had little conversations with neighborhood youth now and then, and found them to be well indoctrinated Obama supporters. But, by casually bringing up Conservative talking points, pointed out how Liberalism is destroying their freedoms and their future, I have personally planted the seeds of doubt for Liberalism in their minds. If EVERY parent did the same thing with their kids and taught them the Conservative way of thinking, then in a generation or two we can take back the country. But it's going to take a massive effort, every bit as massive as the Liberal effort to destroy America. I just pray it's not too late to take action. I suggest that you talk to your kids frequently, and make sure they see the folly of Communism/Liberalism. It is THEIR futures that are at stake here.

    • Specialforce

      Brilliantly written @8d3bf62aeccbe9cfbb7a7bfd9afd957f:disqus. Thank you for your concise assessment of where we are today as a nation. I pray right along with you that we are NOT too late. God bless you and yours!

  • annie66

    This mind set is the same as the criminals that are running the government. They didn't have their a**es kicked when they were bullying kids and now they are bullying adults who have not learned to behave civilly. They also have no respect for or regard for the rights of others. The fastest way to stop this, unfortunately, will not happen at a national level, but it is time for the American people to start backing these thugs down, in massive numbers. This will make an impression because even a dumb cow understands fear and pain.

    • jdangiel

      You're right. In our obsession with national politics, we have lost sight of the power of local-level actions and the need to be involved in what happens locally.

  • Ed Abraham

    Don't listen to the liberal media. No matter who thay say is ahead, Get out and VOTE for Republicans.

  • Brenda

    This is the type campaign obama wages, the old Chicago politics is action. I would not only repair the sign, but add to it. I love their atitude and hope they continue.

  • ed

    This has been an integral part of obumma's plan from the beginning. Divide and conquer to fundamentally destroy/change America. His plan is to bring us down. He hates all that America stands for, and he hates all people, black, white, Hispanic, and even muslim---even though he believes in the savage nature of Islamic ideology---It is not a religion, and it is all about power, not about people or tolerance.

  • Burt Fisher

    I remember when the administration (or campaign officials, same thing) were threatening to make public those who donated to the Romney campaign. Could this be the reason? So that uber-nutjobs would have names and addresses of whom to vandalize? Sort of what Spike Lee did when he put out the address. Doing a legal act with the intent to incite and without culpability. This is a repeat of the libs: they hold us to our own standards but they use different rules for themselves. Their rules for themselves are more relaxed and even "liberal", hence the term.

  • Gary

    I use old jars for target practice and a revolving fan blade with little objects painted on the end of the blades. I'm going to put up a nice sign of 2012 Romney/Ryan and see if I have any unwanted criminals coming around with harmful thoughts..

  • Tionico

    buy a couple of hundred dolllar "game cameras", used by hunters to scout a hunting area pre-hunt. They sense motion within their range, which triggers the shutter and stores the image. Some work at night, too. A few nice portraits of the perps, turn them over to the cops, don't make a fuss, just do it. No warning, they'll keep coming round until they're caught.

    I AM glad to learn local LE are taking action. I guess it was the cocktail got them on the alert. Probably one a them new free cell phone owners fears their gravy train might get wrecked if the kinyun gets another go.

  • Leon Pollock

    If bear traps were legal it would be a great deterrent ,they would be there when you came out and the police would not have to hunt them down,,

  • JChristensen

    Do all you obama supporters think you will benefit from electing him again? What will you do when he turns his back on you and you find you are in the same place as everyone else? Don't think you are not being used by this POS. Do your research and do not be afraid to admit your error in 2008. Better safe than sorry. It takes a bigger person to admit mistakes than to keep repeating them.

  • VNEVET56

    Is this an example of the "new civility" the left has been asking for? Can they not see their own hypocrisy?

  • rocky63

    It's the liberals, Democrats, Obama supporters, etc., who insist conservatives, Repubicans and those on the right are intolerant bigots. But of course that's exactly the opposite of the truth. While there may be some bigots among those who see Obama as a catastrophe, those who support him are made up of a very large number of the most intolerant people in the country.

  • Lou Luna

    What are these free loading Obama voter going to do when the welfare check foo stamps don't cover their expenses when Obama polices cause People to buy $7 a gallon gas and since he's going to bankrupt coal how will they pay their electric bill ?

    • GoldenRudy

      Greece and Spain come to mind immediately. We will have it worse, I fear.

  • JBenat3006

    More proof that liberalism is a dangerous mental disorder! A civil war is coming that's why they want to disarm us.

    • Specialforce

      You have that right @JBenat3006:disqus! I have been preaching that for three years.

  • Libnuker

    A hallmark of the left is violence. College leftists almost always revert to violence because they cannot muster intelligent responses to conservative points. Liberalism has a great appeal to childish and immature people.

  • ron

    That is the way Obama and his supporters work. They threaten and try to intimidate people. I guess it is their cultural back ground.

  • Danny Strunk

    Don't you love the preachers of tolerance and why can't we all get along.Tolerance means " as long as you agree with my opinion". There is a new SuperPac --Sycophants for Obama.

  • lizaz

    This is typical liberal behavior and it comes from the top (WH) down!! Chicago thuggery is in our government, big time!!! We must rid ourselves of this "administration" and elect Romney/Ryan, men of character and integrity!!!

  • Joe ThePimpernel

    It's a good thing DemocRATs are tolerant and inclusive or this could get ugly.

  • Endgame

    Romney, Obama, Bush, Clinton. What do they all have in common? They're all just puppets who are owned and controlled by the exact same masters; the Ruling Elite criminal foreign bankers. Amd what do these bankers want? The complete destruction of the US Constitution and an end to all US Sovereignty once and for all so that they can finally implement their one world Communist global government that reduces the world's human population of "useless eaters" (as they call us) and microchips and enslaves the remaining 10% they deem "worthy" to live for the purpose of serving them by "tending the fields" so to speak. You have two choices on Nov-6th; Coke or Pepsi. Good luck with that. BOTH parties are owned by the exact same interests and are just two sides of the exact same coin. These "teleprompter readers" no NOT make the decisions that affect the USA in any way, shape or form. They just do what they're told, sell out the American people and accept their hansome financial reward while they and their families are guaranteed a safe place within the New World Order for their loyalty to their elitist masters. Anyone who thinks for a second that these men even care about you and your children in even the most minute sense is a blind fool! Welcome to the New World Order! Enjoy your future of Democide and enslavement!

  • hongryhawg

    California should be forced to secede just to show other states the cost of raging liberalism.

  • Public_Citizen

    Boy what great respect for the rule of law and our constitutional process.
    Looks more like Germany in the 1920's to me.
    This from the people who preach tolerance and "getting along".
    If this was a handmade sign supporting POTUS that was receiving this sort of treatment it would probably engender so much hysteria that the secret service would be on stakeout.
    If their polling data is so accurate why are they so worried about one handmade sign?
    Maybe the published polling data isn't telling the true story.
    I hope that these vandals are found and that they suffer the full penalty for the disturbance of these peoples lives.

  • Pat Krease

    More civil behavior by tolerant liberals.

  • peabody

    My Ron Paul sign was torn off my car many times. At my home on a dead end street! Put it back always, but one day it was just plan gone. They are just cowards that want free bees. Lock and load!

  • Barbie

    Dee, you're doing a good job. I wish we could send all these socialist liberals to a communist country so they can appreciate what they have. Obummer is no prize.

  • CB48

    Surveillance cameras are the key. Photograph those vandals and then prosecute them for trespassing and destruction of private property. it will stop.

  • therock

    What has happened to freedom of expression, Obama supporters are nothing but street thugs. All that will do is through more support for Romney, THE MORONS!

  • Mys77

    This just goes to show how fanatic the evil supporters of Obama are... if these cowards are intimidated by a sign and someone expressing their support... they got more problems coming... because people now realize what a baffoon Obama is and the evil destructive things he has done and wants to do to the country. By the way.... I put up a sign in support of Romney and America... I encourage others to do so as well.

  • jong

    IF every one in the neighbor hood was to put up signs against the upsurper and his ways you might find the cowards have moved on to easier prey. Bullies usually operate like this

  • Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA supporters are stupid fools,,,,,,,,,,

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Why doesn't the MSM report on incidents like this? The only thing I've seen there is an Obama sign being destroyed by a deer. Even the (real) wild animals know enough to fight against another 4 years of thuggery.

  • Think About It

    People are known by their actions or the lack there-of. I don't see any Obama supporters doing anything about this.

  • William

    Perhaps this family and their neighbors should 1. Arm themselves 2. Mount a 24 hour watch and 3. Be prepared to shoot anyone with a molotov cocktail. After all, it is threatening their homes and lives as well as this particular family. One house on fire can set many others on fire. If you give in to the liberal looney-tunes this time, you only encourage them to do it again, apeasement never turns out well...Never!

  • junkmailbin

    liberals amd moslems believe that hey have free speech but all others of a different opinion do not. The liberals are going to have a big wake up when jihad comes and they are enslaved or have their heads cut off by the tolerant believers of the religion of peace islam

  • Brt Tan

    This is the typical response you can expect from radical liberal thuggery paid demcraps! They want to intimate (Chicago Style) to put fear in your home, driving your car and at the polls if you dare go against them! If we all band together, and support Romney and the entire GOP ticket, we will be the greatest GOP exterminators of corruption in 2012!

  • Barto

    Thisd should give the average American Legal Citizen what kind of people support Obama the Liar, Crook, Thief and Muslim sympathizer!

  • Steve Atkinson

    democrats are trash!

  • Jo Schwarz

    This doesn't surprise me one bit in the 2008 election I had my McCain-Palin sign stolen several times. I finally put it inside my front window and of course they egged my front window. I guess I was lucky I didn't get my window hit with a brick or something. This year I don't have a sign and I am afraid of my car being vandalized if I put a sticker on it. In 2008 they broke into my husbands truck and ransacked it because he had a McCain bumper sticker.....This from the "tolerant" left...pathetic! A lot of folks are not putting out Romney signs but they WILL be voting...So I am praying that the left will get a huge surprise when 0bama loses by a landslide!

  • BigUgly666

    Just more proof of the kind of people, and their beliefs, who support the Usurper Obama. They, just like Obama, Holder, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest, don't believe that LAW applies to them, unless they want it to.

    To paraphrase the words of Captain John Parker, "If it is war that they want, By God, it is war that they shall have".

  • Faye Lemke Hamilton

    Where I live, the quickest way to get your car keyed is to put a Romney bumper sticker on it. Liberals vandalize. All the time.

  • gwedem5995

    Why is it that dems always seem to resort to foul language, no morals, no values on anyone who disagrees with them. I am ashamed to say that I am a registered democrat but have never voted along party lines. Just voted for the man who I thought could keep me safe and secure. I got a divorce at the age of 27 with two young kids to support. I never thought that the govt should help me in any way. My mother said me and the kids could move in with them but I wanted to make it on my own. In the beginning it was not easy because my ex was sporadic in his child support payments, but I made it until l975 without any govt handouts and then remarried. It wasn't so hard on me because I have always lived a very frugal life. Do live within your means. My husband and I have good pensions and several hundred thousand dollars in the bank but we still live very frugally. I just know one thing, O needs to go so that the next generations can survive. I am hoping that people change from being the "me" generation and "what can the govt give me" to learning to be self sufficient again. Pretty soon the govt is going out of money and then where will these people be without their entitlements. Democrats make me sick. If there are one from either party on any show, I can tell within a few seconds who is a democrat and who is a republican on independent.

  • Evantoo

    Those P'sOS that are doing that need to try it in my neighborhood. We're likely to pop them and THEN ask them what they're doing tresspassing on private property. IF they're still able to talk.


    haw many like him??most of american people they are ignorants, stupids,inepts,idiots. my proof?/ they arfe 24 mil. unemployeds,46 mil. on the food stamps and ""mesia" have 48% approval.

  • roger12266

    What else would one expect from Democrats?

  • bmiller147

    This is not an isolated event, Obama's minions are given marching orders to do exactly that; the fight for President got ugly when Al Gore started it, he got the most votes but lost with the delegates; since then they have been trying to get the popular vote to be the way they get chosen, if this were the case all a candidate would have to do is win California, New York, Virginia and Florida, just four (4) states would control the other (46) fourty six states, this is unacceptable and must never be the case.
    Back to the vandilizing of signs, the first time I saw this was when Nixon ran for office and its been going on every since, this election as in the last is far worse because most of those doing it are unemployed and have lots of time on their hands. Make no mistake this is not the actions of a select few, it is nation wide and under orders to do so. This is as the Nazi's did and it is in sink with how Hitler did business and took over a nation, this is exactly what Obama is attempting; he will fail and we will suffer for the actions of a mad man who has mesmerized the simple minded folk who have no real grasp on the truth and no real expectations for this President.
    Obama has ruined everything he's put his hands on, he brags about saving companies and the jobs held within; He brags he saved banking, he gave trillions of dollars to bankers who's sin is to steal and make it look like it didn't happen arguing a downturn in the stock markets, but in reality the a laundering money for the terrorists and/or cartels; they seem to continue being wealthy no matter what the economy is and whatever trend it is affecting things.; His slight of hand arguing the jobs he's supposed to have created when in fact we are nearly 6 million jobs that we've lost due to sending the work over sea's, these are jobs we will not get back. The total unemployed is actually over 28 Million and the actual unenmployed number is not the posted 8.3% in actuality it is at 18%.
    How many more lies and false accounts are we to believe? Its time all Americans get their heads out of their back sides and fire this bum.

  • caskinner

    Liberal people are a vile,ugly bunch.

    • Docs357

      Yes sir you said it all they close to the inhuman

  • nour

    are the democrats now jihadist, that means if you do not vote for obama we will kill you,in caifornia if you speak about mohamed we will kill you, what about christ who always is stepped over in movies where are the jihadists who revere christ as a prophet they only defend mohamed that is terrible, truly christ does not need anyone to defend him or else he would not have been crucified, and so we now see that obama a muslim a jihadist now shows that you have to vote for him or you will be dead, just like muslims if you do not follow us you will be dead sad a freedom stolen and liberty stepped over, but God is watching us and He allows things to happen for a reason sometimes to punish his rebellious children, but when he sees his truly devoted children are going to be hurt He will stop the rebellious hand, and you think the mayen calender is fake, they know something we do not know, as catholics we know that on that day God could give a warning to stop the division of this country, Decemebr 21, we could be crying, a warning from God always is good if it happens because it will be merciful, so what does the mayan calender know that we do not know, of course it will not be the end of the world, and end of evil and time of peace keep this email and write me back on dec 22 if we still have an internet

  • Anita Eitmann

    Typical communist, socialist behavior. What can I say?

  • Docs357

    Liberals are hell bent on progressive thinking which means someone else thinks for you and you shake your head up and down this is to signal yes. Yes to what it really does't matter. You have the guarantee that your one of the chosen Chosen for what? it really doesn't matter . The non liberals are opposed to communism are opposed to giving God the bums rush out the door all in all they are at best some of the sleaziest folks all in we've had on land since day one. They can see good in everything homosexuality pedophiles rapist murders any kind of twisted perverted behavior if it is repulsive disgusting they can deal with it the destruction of free worship free speech the right to keep what you own without giving it those who won't help themselves.
    They Can't seem to tolerate a person who Works for a living loves his wife and family and worships God in Spirit and in truth believes the constitution is the law of the land. Why is that why is it that honest Godly Americans bother them so much? They haven't got what it takes to become one they want what everyone else has but won't work for it Somebody has to support me my kids my women WHY? WHY? Because some wannabe is giving out something for nothing.

  • Death2Unions

    Like classic liberals, they tell us how to live our lives and must love them for being smarter than us. Their true colors shine through. Liberals are simply Marxist Light. They are one step below Marxist like obama and 1/2 his Administration/regime who's ultimate goan is the complete takedown of our liberties and freedoms. Hence the saying; "The Boot of Marxism." that boot is typically bloody on its sole. The blood of freedoms and liberties and citizens.

  • WeroInNM

    Get Violent in Support of the Agenda!

    For Thought”


  • Darreld Studie

    Welcome to Commie-fornication. This is a one party state with the Demoncraps in charge. This is what America will look like if Barry Soteoro and his demons stay in power. Raped of all wealth, totally ignorant/stupid and either a slave to the state or a prisoner in a concentration camp. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This is what the Demons want.

  • flaphil

    And these criminals that are destroying their property want to rule the country. It's funny that the warning sign has to be in two languages in America. Just goes to show how warped the liberals have turned this country into to.

  • James St John

    Not a Romney supporter but good for you Liboffs. Don't let those cowardly bullies scare you.

  • Badboy States MC Florida

    That might happen once in MY yard. Not twice.

  • ordman

    Oh come on now you know that liberal progressives believe in free speech and the First Amendment and all that it implies. The DNC convention was proof of that. Now all those in favor……..

  • The_American_Way

    The vast majority of people associated with the Tea Party
    are civil, considerate, clean and act responsibly. About 99% of them vote
    Republican because most Republicans are hard working, honest, conservative, law
    abiding citizens.

    The vast majority of people associated with the Occupy
    movement are inconsiderate, dirty, irresponsible, law breaking dummies that are
    on the dole in some way.

    They try to intimidate the law abiding conservatives but
    these cowards always make sure they pick on defenseless people.

    I am so very glad that I am not associated in any way with
    the scum sucking bottom feeders that make up Obama’s base.

  • ABO2012

    Don't you just love the liberals? They preach tolerance but practice hate.

  • Ron

    in 20018 color and that he said he was going to "change the greatest country on earth" well he has done that not its time to re change what he has done. Lets get America back on track . This Obama idiot has derailed it .

    • prezisanusurper

      "fundamentally" change America. Bass TURD!

  • Daniel

    like I said before, the Dems, are to stupid to be Rep. or Indepenents. they drink OBOOS kool aid.

  • kkc003

    My sign is on its way! Being it on!

  • prezisanusurper

    Hear hear ... I was driving down a road minding my own business and a pickup truck with a young woman in it pulled up close behind me. She then gunned it and passed me, slammed on her brakes in front of me and gave me the finger. The only thing she could have been pissed about was my Romney/Ryan 5" sticker on my back window. Good grief people, .... liberals are such idiots.

  • granny

    Blame it on the BOZO lovers.....the stupid legal citizens, Illegal Mexicans/& camel jockeys. Too much time on their hands while waiting for welfare checks, free food, & medicaid. They chose to live in this country, but still trying to make it like the 3rd world countries they come from. They don't like the way our consitiution lets send them back to their own beloved land and they can start scrounging for a life. Stupid is and stupid does.

  • ROY

    This is exactly why this election is so important. These liberal Democrats are animals and feel that mob rule will achieve their ends. Bring your sign down to Texas and I'll put it in my front yard.

  • SickoftheBS

    Wish I was closer to you. I would love to sit out there and protect your first amendment right and protect your safety and property. Also wouldn't mind putting a load of salt in someones rear.

  • Kent

    If this situation were reversed the media would be all over it. They would say it was an act of racism. Probably would blame the violent tea party folks. MSNBC where are you????

  • Phil F

    Once these cowards are caught they should be charged with criminal damage to property not vandalism and thrown in jail. If I was the Liboffs I'd sue the criminals for every penny they have and give the money to Romney/Ryan. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Robert

    Didn't their leader just spend 40 mins at the UN preaching tolerance and acceptance of others ? Didn't work here either.

  • David Peacock

    America has been infested with violent intolerant fools ; who claim to be just the opposite; libs always champion their compassion and understanding;; my a66; I volunteer to stand guard to protect them and their sign;; anybody else?????? I am armed and able.

  • abbe

    You can lead a Liberal to reason but you cannot make him think.

  • Darrell B

    In Texas, 'Criminal Mischief in the night time' can get you KILLED!! and you are perfectly within Texas law to do so. Lib-tards aren't near so brave in Texas!!

  • Kathleen Craigie

    .When you think the Left can't go any LOWER in their sense of ETHICS and DISRESPECT for others....Guess what? They do...and TWICE as low as what they have ALREADY gone!!!!! They obviously have NO shame or qualms for ANYTHING they do!!! They would probably even go after a little child dressed in a ROMNEY shirt or something. I would not put it past them. They get more and more despicable in everything they do and stand for!!

  • Old American

    I'm going to put a nice rather large "Vote for Mitt Romney" sign in my yard today.
    I'm retired, bored, despise "bleeding heart liberal socialist muslim inbred dumbocraps" and only sleep about four hours out of twenty four.
    I'm also reasonably certain that there are a few of those inbred dumbocraps living relatively close to this area.
    Maybe that will put some excitement in my life!

    • irishamrep

      I'm sure it will, enjoy you are a great American!

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Too many Libtards in California and fueled by the media

  • Dave Morse

    Read the books "The Shadows of Power" and "The Bilderberg Group" these two books will open your eyes even wider about the bullshit thats happened since 1921 to the present and since 1954 to the present.



  • Rick

    47% of OBummer's voters are dependant on the government for their hand outs. The rest of have to go to work to support them, even their birth control/ abortions because they have no self control.And why else would their "party" try and grant amnesty to illegals and refuse to clean the voter registration rolls.

  • Carmen55

    I wish they would come to my House they would leave in a Horizontal position.

  • Publius

    Wonder if these so called "tolerant" liberals realize they have devolved into Nazi's, plain and simple.

  • Kathleen Craigie

    What is being done to this couple and their property MUST be prosecuted to the extent... and they should also bring a lawsuit.....NOBODY has the right to do this.... I had made the very comparison in trying to explain to someone about what was done at our embassy in Egypt this month...because of that stupid YOU TUBE TRAILER... THAT is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what was done by this rampaging MOB.....They had NO RIGHT to go on the
    SOVEREIGN PROPERTY of the U.S. and it would be JUST LIKE someone coming on to someone's personal property and doing what was done here in total and unmitigated arrogance....Whoever did this ACTUALLY thought they had the RIGHT to do so without ever held responsible... So...WHAT IF, to make a comparison with putting out a film, the couple had written a letter to the editorial page in their newspaper and people came and vandalized ANYTHING on their PRIVATE property.... when they didn't even have the RIGHT to SET FOOT on someone's private property like that, probably under the cover of night like COWARDS, I would imagine.....ABSOLUTELY ARROGANT and BRAZEN for someone to do ANYTHING like this...No wonder, I put the radical Left and radical Islam in the same boat... They have NO RESPECT or TOLERANCE for the RIGHTS of ANYONE else, but themselves and what THEY want!!! That is the HEIGHT of ARROGANCE!!!! The people who terrorized this couple on the grounds that they DON'T LIKE their expression of FREE SPEECH on their OWN PROPERTY are of the EXACT same spirit as the rampaging islamists in the mideast. None of these people have EVER been taught ANYTHING about CONSIDERATION and RESPECT.... aka "TOLERANCE".... With them, it is the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS philosophy, NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Stuff like this just absolutely makes me SO ANGRY about the HYPOCRISY of such people who are always going on about CHOICE and TOLERANCE....but it is ALWAYS just ONE WAY with them!!!

  • Joshua Dorsette

    tolerant liberals at their finest

  • bmg28

    That should be a crime and what a GD shame when you cannot stand behind your chosen presidential runner without this kind of sh-- from the Democrat liberals. They are appearing to be the scum of the earth. Nothing but a bunch of losers

  • Evermyrtle

    Which ugly side:? Every inch of him is treacherous, His followers are made up of same material. It will pay you to be very careful when you mess with these people. Their plan is, our way or no way. Be careful, they are dangerous.

  • Dorothy

    any one that goes against Obama is slammed but they are not with you in the voting booth i will vote for the one i want I just want be vocal about it. we are loosing our freedom if we can not get rid of Obama & those in the senate watch out for who you vote for make it count our country is at stake

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Leftists, Liberals, Progressives...Marxist All...NEVER are Kind or Loving or Tolerant of anyone who does not blow smoke up their dresses. They are always the Biggest Mouth in the Room ...and the Meanest Ones too. Notice how they do NOT volunteer or give $$$ to Charities either, let alone attend a Church or Temple regularly?

    Libtards are indeed Scum...they just can't put their BONGS down long enough to look into the mirrors to take their own Advice. Hmmm...isn't that also the definition of Hypocrite? Yuuup, Liberals are indeed World Class Hypocrites!

  • Kathleen Craigie

    I just wish that I could write to this couple and tell them to stand strong and not be intimidated by the spoiled brats on the Left...and that is exactly what they are... Their parents OBVIOUSLY were not able to teach these BRATS how to behave in civilized society and as American citizens!!! So let them learn the HARD WAY!!! I do believe that leaving an explosive devise DEFINITELY counts as a FELONY CHARGE!!!!

  • Michaellaborde

    These libetards are so hunkered down on hate that they can't see the death wish that will overtake them if Obominationcommie gets reelected. Their ears are cauckled and their eyes are covered to the truth.

  • Sam J.

    When we call Obama anything but his name, we sink to the same level of those we are trying to remove from power. There is no reason to name call. We all know what this man is doing to our country, and we all know what we have to do to get rid of him and everyone like him whose main purpose in life is the destruction of this great country and the removal of every liberty we hold dear. We need to step up the fight and I am so very proud of the Liboffs for their courage and tenacity. Let's be as much better than the left as we know we are and fight the fight without sinking to the name calling level they hold so dear.

  • chujea90

    It is amazing the hypocrisy of the liberal minded voters out there. They demand respect and to be heard but refuse to reciprocate. They are violent when opposed and worse when someone shares a different view. Generally speaking they don't know how to agree to disagree in a civil way. Loud, rude, unethical, violent, abusive, vulgar, full of hate, and very vicious they can be, especially to Christians. They won't hesitate to lie, slander, desecrate, or blame everyone else for their own bad decisions. This is the America that Obama has been encouraging since he got into office....Race and Class warfare are his primary weapons to divide this nation.

  • TM

    Proves that you cannot fix stupid and those obama voters are made up of the worst of the worst in this country.

  • gretagarbo123

    Most liberals are low life thugs as far as I'm concerned. And that includes the ones in office in D.C.

  • flash287

    I am a bit shy placing the Romney bumper-sticker on my new car.
    I remember in 2008, all the Obama stickers were displayed proudly. But it was a Liberal neighborhood and any McCain bumper sticker was either torn off the windows or were egged. The liberal left are the most intolerant of opposing views. Libs are dangerous. If Romney wins I fear there will be chaos like the Rodney King riots. If you didn't vote for Obama you muct be a racist! Woe is me.

  • Publius40

    Superglue razor blades in a continous edge around the sign on the back side facing the house.
    then you would have blood evidence to go along with the video.

  • Mannard

    Must have been one of the 47% scared they would lose a gov't handout.. Get that black communist muslim out of OUR White House!

  • Val

    A GOOD example of the OBAMA supporters LACK of intelligence, and LOW IQs..They know they will lose the election, Obama is on his WAY- OUT !! AND I LOVE to see him squirm like the SNAKE he is. Farewell, to the BIGGEST PIECE of GARBAGE in the USA. ."VOTE ROMNEY"....

  • catnip24

    you talk about true patriots and people who have a lot of guts and won't back down. the liboffs should have the ultimate respect of every american. the liboffs are great. i wish more people were like them. keep up the fight and good luck. i think we should send the liboffs some money to help them fix their sign. one patriot helping another patriot.

  • Carrie

    God bless them for their determination in supporting not just their but my freedom!! I am not sure that I would still have their grace or sense of humor by now.

  • catnip24

    hey godfather politics. why don't you set up an email address so we can send the liboffs some money to help fix their sign? i'd certainly give them a couple of bucks. patriots need to help patriots.

  • tom s

    My comment is not in line with this story, BUT: Although I consider myself a Republican & a conservative & I'm all for Romney/Ryan, I now feel that if the Republicans do not win this election, I have come to the conclusion that it would then be time to get rid of the Republican party and start something else, perhaps the "Tea-party??? It appears that we now have a group of politicians in DC that call themselves Republicans but many of them act otherwise.??

    • flyguy

      I hope we have enough Tea Partyeriers voted in this time to stert making a Big difference. Hope we party on Nov 7.

  • csthigpen

    I wish there were something I could do to help. I totally support your endurance & wish you the best of luck. All we can do as honest true AMERICANS is to hope & pray that Romney defeats Obama so we can ALL HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!! I know what you mean about this not being the country we grew up in. I am 55 & I remember how excited I was to vote my 1st time too! I have 2 daughters & 7 grandchildren & I really worry about what kind of future they have if we don't take our country back from all these INSANE RADICALS... I too have Romney/Ryan signs in my yard & I have a lot in my garage to put out all over our small town in Georgia. I haven't run into any problems yet, but I may when I venture out of my neighborhood. If I do I will stand my ground & demand my 1st Amendment Rights. I'm hoping with constant effort maybe we can all un-brainwash Americans who still support Obummer. Good luck to you !

  • CoolApple

    If you live in any liberal city this kind of thing will happen.

  • ginger

    gosh, guess the muslims come in all shapes and sizes and neighborhoods don't they? Death to those who hold opposing believes must be eradicated...the obamaites are all brain dead and have no morals at all.

  • Ishmael_137

    Liberals behaving like thugs, anarchists and assassins....that is quite astonishing; I don't think I've ever heard of leftists acting in such a way before. If this goes on, the next thing you know, they will be placing bombs in public buildings, attacking police officers and perhaps even seeking to establish some sort of tyrannical socialist regime. It's a good thing the American electorate has far too much common sense to elect anyone committed to those destructive ideals.

  • Harold

    When dealing with the 'free phone. free loaders' you can expect anything with the lack of mentality they have. I hope they catch these village idiots and prosecute them. A little jail time would improve their outlook. (Like more free food, cell phones, Obama making their car payments etc.

  • Keith McPhee

    Just shows everyone exactly who obozo's people are, a bunch of punks out to destroy anything and everything they don't agree with. obozo's gotta go this Nov period. All those who follow obozo are Anti-American scumbag socialist criminals.

  • Red

    Obama is building a socialist country that will be run by ragtag thugs like the ones who vandalized the sign. He has drowned us in unpayable debt, allowed Americans to be killed on sovereign soil with little outrage, destroyed our health care system, and saddled us with the largest tax increase in the history of the country. Why would anyine vote for such a dictator?

    • flyguy

      For free phones we pay for

  • Jason Johnson

    What further prof do you need that Commiebama supporters are unhinged?

    • DixieAngel_76

      None. They live in their own little reality, where rules are for everyone else (and made up by them).

      • Jason Johnson

        Isn't that the truth.

  • cbrown

    These hoodlums will be in charge of enforcement in Obama's new socialist state, if he is reelected. VOTE for law and order and a return to civility in the White House.

  • Chiefbuck

    Please do not be tempted to use unlawful means to stop this activity. Do not lower yourself to the level of these savages. I recommend looking into video recorders and illumination. Cameras that hunters use to record deer activity are available at reasonable prices. Unfortunately this type of activity is commonplace in some heavily democratic areas and isn't exactly frowned upon by low level leadership. Think ACORN from the 2008 election cycle and some of the tire slashing that was happening.

  • kerston

    How do you know it was liberals. With the actions of the RNC and the Romney campaign this past year during the state and national conventions it could be disaffected republicans. I am so sick of the false left /right baloney. Keep at it. While you are fighting amongst yourselves they can rob you of more of your freedom and wealth, Maybe start another war before you even understand why. Well if it is under Obama it will be wrong to the right if it is under any republican it will be wrong to the left. Gets so old.

    • westoast

      If ONE incident like this happened against Liberals it would be in the news every day until the elections. Most people will never hear this story.
      If you think it is just a matter of one side against the other you are dead wrong. These people are not acting like Americans. Not the press, not the politicians, not the entitlement class Democrat voters. They all enjoy the benefits of this terrorism.

      • kerston

        Ha Ha Ha! Romney is a liberal ! They have you fighting against the L/R false paradigm so much you don't even notice. Put an R in front of a pig and you will support it !

  • Schnable

    People must remember that the first amendment rights are only for socialists. illegals, and blacks.

  • Stealth

    People today have no respect for anything. At a roadside memorial here, where a 21 yr. old girl died tragically...SOMEONE kept vandalizing it ( until ) I put something up telling them I'd posted two ( deer cams- that take pics night or day ) and so I "now KNEW who they were and were looking for them! Then, and only then did it stop. I hope these people really DO put something to catch the s.o.b.'s and then go after them ( to the FULL extent of the law!!)

  • John Machinski

    Typical violent liberals. Their symbol should be a skull & crossbones.

  • MikeH

    One other thing as well, for YOU that want to vote for somebody other than Romney, REMEMBER!! We have ROMNEY OR "O" and that is IT!! AND IF you DON'T VOTE FOR ROMNEY OR YOU VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE "YOU" just voted FOR OBAMA!!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Sounds to me like they're a bunch of animals. If you don't agree with the Obama zombies they don't get mad, they get even.

  • Plznnn

    More violence form the Intollerant" Liberals, if it ain't their way, they want to scream, yell, and hurt you.

  • Libsrlintlickers

    Lock and load, baby! If those animalistic Commie freaks came to my house in Orange County and dared to touch anything on my front lawn, they would be sorry!!!
    Have a nice (Conservative) day!! Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • Be12345

    Good for them. Stand strong Liboffs.

  • Hilton

    Progressives and Islam have so much in common. You can't tell the truth about either without fear of violence. Sounds like intimidation and censorship to me. Not American values at all.

  • pittymax

    I didn't vote for Obama, but I thought that it was still a great day that a black man was elected president. God, how I wish that he had NOT been elected. It has turned out to be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. The division is worse than ever. I live in a nice neighborhood, but I am still affraid to put a Rimney sign out front. I just feel sick inside about how things are now.

  • OwlsHoot

    Truly, demons and the damned walk the earth in the flesh now and vote Democrat.
    Democrats = DemoncRats

  • ShirleyWarren

    Obama is the head ring leader of all the Islamic terrorist happenings. I believe that with all my heart. I just don't understand why at this point why we cannot implement impeachment or plain out get him removed from the White House for tearany.He doesn't belong in the W H let alone his Brotherhood friends that they don't have to answer to anyone but Obama. This should never be allowed.

  • sandraleesmith46

    She shouldn't have warned them; just posted the clips on You-Tube and with the local police!

  • Irondad

    Ugly side? it's the only side

  • trp878

    What else do you expect from the libs. they're ignorant and closed minded . Remember Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. They have tried these tactics every time they do something and are supported by Soros money and direction. Think about it.

  • sniper

    A reminder,There are 78 members of congress that are card carrying members of the communist party. and don't forget the ACLU.

  • bs7sden

    These criminals must not be allowed to vote and jailed for their criminal activities!

  • luci

    most obama supporters are scum, low life, stupid, miserable people. what horrible lives they must live. and they want everyone to live the same horrible, miserable, jealous lives they live.

  • Clint

    Here in NC, and watching TV via DirecTV, on the 5 of the 140 channels I watch, other than news, I have seen several BHO ads and no Romney ads. Does Romney know about satellite TV? Political attacks occur at all levels, and subtle at times. I do a lot of mailings for my gun club. I do not include any form of identification on the envelopes other than the initials of the club. Mail is conveniently lost when it is clearly marked with the gun club logo or full name. Conservatives for the most part exhibit restraint when it comes to the signs of their opponents because any outward display of disagreement will be taken by the media and turned into a major expose on 'those awful conservatives' . Attacks by liberals, such as this article describes, will never be given the full investigation and exposure by the media.

  • Charles

    I have heard many people that voted for Obama, only did so, to see a black man as president. They did not care about the issues.

  • JAS64

    I had some vandalism to my signs, which i had to replace. The second time i set up a motion detector. Let's just say those two punks had to limp home in a lot of pain. Funny, they some how got 4 flat tires and their car in impound. It has been 6 weeks since and I think the little punks are still licking their wounds.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • usluv

    I don't remember ever seeing and hearing about so much violence between Americans. I will take a page out of Obama/Davis' book here, and blame it on him. I really think this was done intentionally so he could foward his muslim mind set further into the USA. This person must be stopped.

  • Jim

    Liberal tolerance on display again

  • whitebird

    Bush's fault! It's all Bush's fault. Come on all you people. If it wasn't for Bush, Obumber would be a good president.

  • MM stuck in Smell-A

    I'd wait for them to show up and then stick a gun in their face if they pulled that crap on my property.

  • 1947rhoda64

    Well, It looks like Obama evil corrupt gang is out in full swing trying to do everything in their power to target the couple that wants people to know who they are voting for and I don't blame them I would have done the same thing. This couple needs a security camera close to their sign and then they can catch who is vandalizing their sign and then mad this bomb and then they can go to prison for trying to kill people. The evil corrupt gang of Obama's have gone to Hell in a Handbasket. They want to kill senior citizens, bankrupt American, kill off the disabled, and all the other corrupt things that is taking place in our country. Another thing that is an outrage is the Muslim gang in Dearborn Michigan who threw concrete, stones, eggs, bottles, plastic milk carton, and else to try to stop Christian people from putting their signs up that they are Christians and these evil people were trying to do everything injure these people and oh such vulgar language I have never heard. These policemen in Dearboran Michigan threatened this Christian people and were going to put them in jail and they did nothing to the Muslims and what they did to these Christian people. I am praying that God will bring his wrath down on everyone of these evil Muslims, WH gang, and whoever else thinks they own American, I think it is time that the American people let these corrupt people that we won't take what they are handing out and we can throw them out of country no matter if they have become American citizens. We are going to have to do it by ourselves, because Obama will not do one thing to these evil corrupt Muslim Terrorist. I have never seen so much corruption in all my life and I don't think we have much longer before the Lords returns to get his people who are Christians. I have never seen Muslim people stoning Christians like these did today and these evil corrupt Muslims are trying to get our (FREE SPEECH) stopped. So please American people we have got to stick together and get rid of every evil corrupt terrorist and the evil corrupt WH, and we want them to know we won't take it anymore.

  • no_more_blacks_in_government

    I was never racist until Obama came along, but, ya know, I am not taking the chance ever again. After watching these news clips showing black people demanding more and more, constanly wanting more freebies and "Obama munny"! Now, I just saw the video of the woman stating she was voting for Obama "cause he gave me a cell phone" and he promised to do more! I promise every person on this planet, ....... I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER BLACK DEMOCRAT, AS LONG AS I DRAW BREATH IN THIS WORLD! A black republican, problem, but never , ever a black democrat. I might vote for a democrat, but NEVER a black democrat. AND THAT DECISION IS BASED SOLEY ON SKIN COLOR! That will be no more racist, than the 96% of blacks who vote for Obama ONLY because he is black. I did not believe the research, that the Pew Research Center did, showing that the black race, as a whole, score 17 points less in IQ, than the white race, as a whole, But, after listening to these black idiots fawn over this communist we have in office just proves it to me, and I know for a fact, the black race, as a whole, is dumber than a bag of rocks!

    • MrLogical

      "... I might vote for a democrat"
      Black, white, yellow, purple - all Democrats are the same.
      You're a fool if you vote for any Democrat

  • nettleman

    To put a sign in your front yard to show your support for a candidate who believes in our Creator..... gives willingly and silently to charities......supports the Constitution......loves America....ect.....the couple must have acted stupidly!

  • Robert Johnson

    Everyone needs to think very carefully about what will happen after the economic collapse and these same evil, violent people are deliberately let loose against the "white christian bigot tea baggers" who the media will blame for the collapse. Remember Obama's "civilian militia" he called for? I used to be a marxist and I know what he meant: he is talking about forming the "People's Revolutionary Vanguard", to protect the Dictatorship of the Proletariat from the "Reactionaries", after the Revolution seizes power...that is, the backward, stupid people who still believe in God and the Constitution. They, -we- will be hunted down like dogs. The only safety will be in organization, communication and numbers.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a hammer and sickle wrapped in a rainbow flag. AND IT HAS.

  • Richard Giddens

    This is another reason why California is the most hated state since 1861.

  • A Patriot

    The scum vandalizing the sign are just being progressives. For some reason the mainstream media and half our citizens can't recall even recent world history. If they did, they would find Hitler was a progressive, Stalin was a progressive, chairman Mao was a progressive, etc.etc.etc. Hundreds of millions have died at the hands of these progressives, yet half our citizens either think tens of millions dead is OK or they are too stupid to comprehend where progressive thought leads. Progressive leaders are just like radical islamist, in that their point of view is the only point of view, any other point of view is to be attacked and destoyed. All progressive movements ultimately enforce their will onto society using useful idiots and violent thugs.

  • Robert Johnson

    Remember too the true enemy is the media. If it wasn't for the media, Obama wouldn't have been possible. The Media are bought and paid for propaganda machines waging Psychological Warfare against the American people.

  • Kari

    Liberals are VERY nasty people and they do NOT tolerate anything that they don't agree with. It's seems strange that they are called "liberals"...doesn't it? Nasty nasty people who don't care about anyone but themselves. I'm really sick of all their crap!!!

  • JocasseeJo

    Their warning sign should not have had to be printed in Spanish - it's un-American.


  • alpambuena

    just think what is going on with the checking on who the voter is...and the pollibg people are all obama lackies.

  • handgunnar

    The respect and tolerance displayed by the Obama queers is becoming legendary.

  • carl

    Go girl you have my support.

  • Connie Mitchell


    • nettleman

      That is the play book.......they will want to terminate all non-believers.......subject 'all'
      Americans to a very poor standard of living.....eliminate America as a United States....subject women to a third class citizen....ect.



  • Anne Caston

    Liberal scum!

  • Josie

    I hope the take action and prosecute. This is a federal offense. It's great that some neighbors support them but it would be better and stronger message if they too would post a sign and show their strength in numbers fo the bullies that think they can scare others into submission. This has gone too far. We all need to stand up, take some hits and learn to hit back if necessary.

  • JOEL

    Where is the media? I wonder if we shoud go and do the same to any obama signs outhere, will the media be silent about it also? Oops, forgot the media is obama, the media is the democrat party. Not surprising since democrat politicians and voters are the lowest class of human beings, they are baby killers(pro abortion), very tolerant to any type of deviate lifestyle (gays) whom are very intolerant just like the average democrat voter.

  • harlan evans

    Well guys one more month and the fun begins and you have to think no matter who wins and my money is on Romney there will be rioting.

  • Alex Salomon

    Husain Barak Soetoro is under direct orders by the Saudis

  • icemancold


  • thismustend

    If someone had done this to an ObaMAO sign there would have been an immediate full investigation & cries of racism. The threa ts & vandalism would be declared ha te crimes & law enforcement would not rest until the dangerous "right wingers" were brought to justice.
    OWS terrorists, threa ten, vandalize, as sault & ra pe, Code Pink cracks blo w up military recruiting offices, environmentalist threa ten & vandalize, unions thre aten, vandalize, as sault & MU RDER, mu slims thre aten, vandalize & stone Christians, pro abortion supporters assa ut, vandalize & thre aten pro life protesters & gay activists thre aten, vandalize & as sault EVERYONE who dares to disagree with their per verted, high risk lifestyle. Law enforcement not only does nothing to protect the victims of these left wing terrorists, they ENCOURAGE them! Courts rarely prosecute or punish, the media worships & encourages this behavior & so do left wing politicians including our president. Propaganda & brainwashing, very powerful wea pons.

  • Bill Pogue

    sandraleesmith46: He is using a Social security number issued to a Connecticut man born in 1890 and yet no one questions it.WOW he must be the oldest president we ever had.

  • bob s

    set out there with a 12 guage with buck shot..... shoot the bastards.... it looks like we are going to be doing this for sure... if the muslim imposter gets back in?? had the same thing happen to my car with a romney sign on it.... was keyed.... from front to back..... this is how the bastards operate.... they are still alive because I didn't see them.....

  • Jean

    Well, it's like I've said before, liberals believe in free speech only when it agrees with their speech!

  • Dandapani

    If BO wins this election the 47% will be the 53% by the time BO term is done. As a free country we will be finished.

  • Melissa Weigel

    I think Romney needs to start referring to what President Obama has done as cancer to our country just like they were referring to that in the above article. Folks do not realize how serious it will be to get our country back to what the Founders constitutionally gave us if President Obama RULES for the next four years! We must pray for God's grace and mercy on America just as George Washington and Thomas Jeffereson did so many years ago!!!

  • Mad Mike

    I find it amazing that almost half, (according to the polls), of americans say they will vote to re-elect Barack Hussaine Obama and his democrats. These democrats are the worst and most corrupt politicians, I have ever, in my life, (and I'm over 70), have seen. That includes Richard Nixon! Nixon was impeached over the "Watergate break in". No one died or was even hurt. Many went to federal prison over this. Obama is responsible for at least the death of our ambasador and 3 others in Lybia, and another american and hundreds of Mexican citizens killed because of his operation "Fast and Furious". Obama has resorted to "criminal cover up's" of both of these crimes. Meanwhile, our communist oriented main street media are helping Obama with his cover ups by refusing to investigate or report on them to the american people. America is being gaged, blinfolded and raped by the democrat party and the MSM. The sadist part is, half the population still "doesn't get it"!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    You won't see this in the Jews' Media...

  • Ballon Boy


  • Tonto

    I swear, if I had the money, I'd go out there and sit on their lawn with my rifle across my lap and guard their sign for free....24/7.

  • Livefree1200cc

    Now if they were smart they would have put up a Ron Paul sign - no one bothers it. Romney is no better than the Obumbler in office

  • Sgt York

    Last election the Black Panthers used clubs to detur voters and the Justice Dept. would not do zip,is it any wonder these thugs think they got a free pass to bully,threat and do anything they desire. O'Vomit gang,like the Muslims in other countries do,get a bunch of knott heads and scream,threat picket and in general cause total upheaval.Its time to vote thuggery OUT

  • Silas Longshot

    That's the kind of zhit you'll run into with high numbers of 0bamabots. The "tolerance" of the left is akin to the "tolerance" of the muzlims. As long as you toe the line and agree with them, it's all peachy. Have a different view, this is the expected result. I don't put bumper stickers on my vehicles or signs in my yard....I don't handle confrontations very well, somebody will be hauled off to jail and /or the hospital. You will see this crap again as you approach certain voting areas in certain parts of town or the country, if you don't "look" like an 0bot, they will be waving their sticks around to try and keep you from voting. And, just like last time, they will NOT be prosecuted by Holder. If it comes to it, go in groups. You better not have a firearm anywhere near a polling station, it's illegal in every state I can think of. However, your granpappy's hickory walking cane may be useful IF you are attacked FIRST.

  • TheRaghead

    I had to remove my Romney sign from my van. One young Obama supporter in a small Ford pickup tossed a tomato out the window at me. Air was let out of my tires and other foolish pranks. If I complain, I am a racist, go figure. In AL.

  • iwojimafan

    Why isn't the video from You Tube where Obama is telling a group of people , mostly students, that he was born in Kenya and NOT IN HAWAII, Obama also says that he is a Muslim not being used in Court to Disqualify him from ever running for President. Can anyone explain why Sheriff Arpiao does not bring this up and show the video to these Lame Brain News Media, also why in every court case against Obama, is this Video Not Used, and also made to explain how he has a SS# issued from Connecticut when he NEVER EVER LIVED THERE

  • hongryhawg

    Could just as well be reading an article about islamists. The line between liberals and islam blurs more with each passing day.

  • Bella

    I too would love to post a Romney/Ryan sign on my front lawn however when showing my support for Clint Eastwood's memorable speech at the RNC, the flag I placed on the chair out front disappeared. So much for the 1st Amendment. Guess it only applies to liberal/progressives. And they are such a mean, nasty, ignorant bunch too.

  • Joanne Long

    This is a form of terrorism. I had this happened to me a lot durning Bush and Gore. My Bush signs destroyed every night but I stayed with my rights and put more up.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    THIS is your TYPICAL OBAMA Supporters !! He is going to REMAIN the DICTATOR one way or another ! Time to ARM and PROTECT OUR FREEDOM !!!!!!! Yes, and guess what it is in CALIF. The land of the GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY FREE to the CERTAIN ONE'S ?

  • AlGore2

    Just put an Elephant 2012 sticker on your car. Libs won't be able to figure it out and they won't trash your car..

  • David Peacock

    see to prove my point I just missed spelled nigge-- r and it posted and I then went in and edited it and it was suspended

  • David Peacock

    SPLAIN TO ME HOW racists Whoopie Goldtooth, J-Zee, and samuel L Jackthon can rant but we the people have all kinds of restrictions on what we can say about our political and social adversaries. We can not call them nigge--s but they can denigrate us.

  • TLady62

    When I saw the headline, it immediately confirmed my suspicion the location was in California. Here many of us Conservatives are awash in a sea of idiotic Obama-worshipping voters, most of whom are Federal, State, County and City employees that are also Union members.

  • Bret Clancy

    This is another reason that continues to prove that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Somewhere down the line it will need to be put into the DSM so that those diagnosed can seek treatment. I'm thinking electrical shock therapy might be the first step, not sure, just saying.

  • tiredofbums

    I would like to have certified notication that my voted was counted and counted truthfully. I want to know who verified it and where, with a name and an address so I can really know that my ballot was counted. I think each presinct should hand count all the ballots and quit using computers. Each ballot should be stamped with a time and date stamp of verification.Why do we need to know who won hours after the election? I wouldn't care if it took until new years eve to get a correct count. Leave the media out of it. Don't tell them anything. They would go nuts. Why do people think they need to know 6 hours after an election, who won? There will be parties in the street if Romney and Ryan win. There will be a great weeping and gnashing of the teeth if the Usurper should steal it. There will be recall after recall. Fight after fight. Race against race while the judges and lawyers and privately owned prisons get rich.

  • pairadimes

    All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. The Liboffs are setting a great example for all of us - live your convictions, and confront evil whenever and wherever you find it.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If communists were vandalizing MY Romney yard-signs, they would definitely appear to be deer through my rifle scope...

  • MM


  • BobK

    I fear that the violence being perpetrated against this couple is only the beginning - how different is that scenario from the Germany of the 30's, where Jews were persecuted? As Bo struts around, he doesn't seem to be worried about the election - makes me think that he has already put in the fix.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I'll personally kiss the ass of any member of the Corrupt Leftist Media who trouble themselves to cover this story rather than spike it...

  • Chris

    WE all need to really start hammering away at people about voting for ROMNEY.....THE MEDIA is bombarding us with this SO CALLED POLES which is putting a fear into us that ROMNEY IS LOSING......GET OUT THERE and start telling people to vote for ROMNEY and why......and explain why we should all be VERY VERY AFRAID if OBAMA is elected again.....

  • lzakar


  • jordan

    " I believe 100% of the people voting for him, did so because of his color alone." that's as true as people on the other side of the political spectrum saying that anti obama comments r all from people who r biggots. there's a good reason y they call it the white house & he's just not the right color! lol. u people r so pathetic. u sound like a bunch of inbreds living on a mountain w/nothing better to do than to make the stupid comments that u make here on this forum. this article just proves that both sides have their share of rectums who want to stifle free speech. & what if it was true that obama is a muslim. so what! in case u may have forgotten, this is the usa where we have seperation of church & state. our founding fathers ensured that there would b no religious tests for political office as stated in the constitution. get over yourselves already. by the way, i'm neither democrat nor republican. at 1st i thought romney might b a good president since he seemed like a moderate which his father was. now he seems to have gone far right.

  • Mav

    Nice to see those tolerant liberals at work...

  • DAY


  • libssukkalot

    ...and the Liberals call Conservatives terrorists...their actions prove otherwise and all the while Obama supports the real terrorists in the Middle East as he tries to kill free speech in America...beware folks, and don't forget to see "2016; Obama's America" before voting...DVD's available October 16th!

  • danimal

    Looks like the welfare bums can do counter-productive work, it's about time to put their effort into getting a friggin job and work with us to make our country top of the list again

  • f8tul

    that's half the problem.. We live in America stop putting crap in Spanish.. We cater to the people and they get their sign tore down repeatedly ... All special interest groups are too blame.. if I pulled down an Obama sign how fast do you think I would be put in jail, and here it is only noticed when a Molotov Cocktail is sitting by a Romney sign that it gets noticed..
    I would have put up a camera surveillance system the first time it happened, but no sign.. the idiot that put the cocktail there would be in jail!!!

    WE THE PEOPLE have let this happen to our country..When are we going to take it back?? I don't think it is going to be in Nov. but I will be voting for Romney/Ryan...

  • libssuck

    The liberal "progressive" way. You can believe what you like as long as you agree with them, otherwise you will be harassed, humiliated, censored, prosecuted and any other form of behavior designed to make you conform. These people are using our constitutionally protected rights against us. Funny (not so funny) thing is once these freedoms are lost they too will be harassed, humiliated, censored and prosecuted once those they protected have no more use for these once useful idiots.

  • libssuck

    When will we as a Nation stop thinking about the me issues, for crying out loud what about our children, what about their children. Do you people who think you are owed a living honestly think its "free". Stop with the self centered mentality and think about what is right for future generations, not who can give you more free stuff.

  • Greta F. Rich

    If you look at all the riots and sit-ins, and physical attacks against people who are capitalists those are always done by the communist, socialist left. That's who O-B represents and that's who will be pushing for his re-election.

  • Juan Colina

    Why are liberals so afraid of the competition? Not respecting other people's opinions is a typical reaction of the mindless drones that vote Democrat here in California . . . regardless of how bad things get, Democrats will get the votes. At some point CA will only have Democrats remaining in the state and then who will they blame for all their problems? If the voters support the Proposition to raise taxes in November I am out of here!!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Liberals are thugs. These are 0bama's brown shirts trying to intimidate people. We must fight that much harder to rid America of this liberal disease.

  • Matvei

    I love how those on hear group all lbierals into one group because of one happening here in this story. I suppose we could call all conservatives racist because of KKK yes?

  • Dennis M. Young

    We need to return to the day when it was completely legal to use deadly force to protect your personal property as well as your life. Some "people" who do not respect the rights and property of others are a cancer on our society and should be removed so that they can no longer victimize the innocent. You can put up an opposing sign on your own property, you can be very vocal in voicing your objections and arguements against someone elses beliefs, but when you start destroying their private property and making threats you should, and in some areas would, get a bullet for your anti-social and unacceptable behavior.

  • insaney

    and they say the GOP are a bunch of haters!!!

  • CalPaul1949

    And the liberals bill themselves as being peaceful and tolerant. This is why I call them "Fiberals". They are all emotions. No common sense and no real investigation of the facts.

  • Tom

    My entire life I've watched as the left has committed violence against conservative Republicans, torn up cities in riots, etc. NEVER have I ever known conservative Republicans to do such things to Democrats, and yet the latter call US hateful. This is the hypocracy of the left.

  • John Tashjian

    These are but just a few of the reasons why I usually just try to ignore, and walk away from, those who do such childish and immature things. Were it not for the fact that I would be lowering myself to their level, I would have tried giving those "good doctors" a capital dose of their own bad medicine.

  • marcthepig

    Liberals get away with violence and intimidation on a daily basis and nothing happens. I bet if these good people ever have to defend themselves, Holder's Nazis will charge them with a laundry list of federal offenses.

  • evesdrop

    There was a report in Texas of an Obama sign being repeatedly knocked down and the homeowners were sure that it was the work of violent and oppressive Republicans. It turned out to be a deer. Republicans put up a sign supporting Romney and the "peaceful, non-violent" liberals have been proven to be vandalizing their property and making threats to their life. Makes sense, liberals really are modern day nazis in truly every respect. What's sad is that we don't even have the freedom to choose our President or most elected officials anymore, they're bought and sold by the media in this country.

  • BonieBlue4Me

    In Missouri, as well as a few other states, where our Second Amendment rights are actually protected to some extent, I could legally shoot the libtards vandalizing my property!

  • wrongney2012

    No, he was voted in because he was not bush/cheney. Two election stealing, war mongering, hillbillies, war profiteering, economy decimators.

  • Martin roules

    Call these folks and ask what they have done to help this nice old couple: Woodland Hills Republican Headquarters 20121 Ventura Blvd, Suite 310 Woodland Hills, CA Phone: 888-946-4612 Hours: 10am-4pm ...

  • Ryshel H

    So sad, what has America come to? Come on people, despite who you support, we are Americans!! Why are we being so silent about all the "shady" things that are happening? This is our country!!!

  • Ferris

    I bet these are the same people who preach "tolerance"

  • nanblan

    Is anyone surprised?

  • Evermyrtle

    This pig headed idiot would likely tell them ,"Come on, I'll be waiting, with my gun loaded and cocked!"

  • TheRealChuck

    Good job everyone in the comments parroting the conservative lies, and sounding EXACTLY like people who would vandalize a sign. You ARE the person you are talking about.

  • Jo

    My Romney yard sign and about a dozen others in my neighborhood were vandalized for several weeks. We kept putting them back together with duct tape. Then about a week ago they were all stolen! These free speech hating criminals make a bad name for all Democrats. I made a huge Romney sign with American flags attached, and I take it in and out every day.

  • Lois Lane

    Good for Dee and Gene for hanging tough. Liberals are a nasty lot. I think that's primarily why they decide to become Democrats -- they believe the big lie that liberals are the nice guys. So they sign up -- hoping to compensate for their rotten core.

  • Steven Stern

    ALL THE PUBLIC OFFICES ARE VACANT in US. Obastard is the president of a PRIVATE FOREIGN CORPORATION!!! TO LEARN MORE GOOGLE--Rod Class and Senate Report 93-549

  • Samir

    Fake unsourced story is fake.

  • QA_NJ

    If you ever find yourself wondering why one left-wing revolution after another has turned into a bloodbath with political enemies being murdered in a bloodbath, look no further than these "tolerant" leftists. Give them some power and they go from shouting "You are dead!" to hacking their enemies to death with a machete.

  • Fenix1

    Everyone wanted to see Romneys Tax Returns. They are of no consequence! What l'd like to see is "O's" college Transcripts...they ARE of consequence! WHY ARE HIS RECORDS SEALED? He is obviously hiding something! This man is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar. By GOD prove it! Cause from what i've seen with Executive Orders and alot of other things he's done i actually wonder if he's ever read The Constitution! He should have been "Impeached" long ago! Obviously our "so called" Representatives are a bunch of "gutless cowards". The question is WHY!!!

  • Evermyrtle

    Tell them I'll stay off of your property and I request that you stay off of my property. "Really and truly your way is, NOT THE ONLY WAY,!"

  • Billy Mullins

    I've experienced a bit of that m'self. I used to fly a "Don't tread on me." flag on my front porch but it kept mysteriously winding up in the front yard or on the roof. These days I have a Romney/Ryan sign, a sign for the GOP candidate for our House district and a sign for the (white, female, retired military) GOP candidate for County Sheriff (who is running against a Hispanic man). Somehow my signs keep getting "blown down" despite there not having been a strong wind and without bending the part stuck in the ground. At least the "wind" just uproots the signs without twisting them as happened to @feotu in '08. I should mention I live on the outskirts of the city in a predominantly black area.

  • fryer01

    sad people in america don't get it...if obama gets in again..we are ALL DEAD !!!!! mitt can bring america back where it belongs look what is happening.obama can't even take the blame for what he knew about the terrotists attack...what a coward...i don;t want that for a pres any longer..time to get rid of him hillary pelosi and holder...and restart american !!!!

  • BigUgly666

    It took a Molotov cocktail before anyone took the threat "seriously" ...... Seriously?

    " A passing biker who saw Dee fixing the sign screamed, “You are dead.” "

    Biker? What kind of "biker"? You mean a bicycling enviroliberal? I seriously doubt that it was a motorcycle type of "biker" ..... most of those I know would have volunteered to act as armed security.

  • Pamela

    Some of your posts (Steven M. P., Shannon W., Jo S., Chuck, Rascallyr., etc.) have honestly brought tears to my eyes. I've renewed hope that w/ enough open eyes this country will yet be reclaimed by those who care enough to defend her. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Let's get Obama OUT!!!

  • Guest

    Liberals Are Such Free Spirited People'! So They Tell us..... Except If Your An American Patriot As This Couple Is.