Is It Too Late to Impeach Obama?

My fellow Americans, President Barack Obama has openly and defiantly announced to America and the rest of the world that he refuses to uphold the US immigration laws. This is goes against his sworn oath of office when he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

At least one politician has decided to call for a congressional investigation into the legality of Obama’s action. Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King, who also happens to be vice chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration and policy enforcement, called for the hearing.

In an interview, Rep. King said “The President is on the verge of being lawless himself. It’s politically motivated because they think this will get them the Hispanic vote.”

The only evidence they need is to replay Obama’s statement on his administrative amnesty. His own words should be enough to convict him of his crime.

I’ve written before that President Obama is breaking the law and defying the US Constitution and that he has no intention of protecting US citizens and businesses. What I don’t understand is why no other politician has asked for a congressional hearing before now.



  • John

    DO it....Somebody do it

    • Patsy

      I'm with you. I don't understand why this administration has gone on so long. He is not one of us. His actions speak even louder than his words.

    • chris

      Yeah...Stephen King needs to have a petition out to the American People on the Internet to sign and then go after not only BO but all of his cohorts. They are all guilty as sin of teasonous acts against our country. We need to stand up and do something and immediately. Send an e-mail to Stephen King. And they should go after anyone else who means this country harm in anyway form or fashion... I think if our military strength were at home none of this would be taking place.

      what say you?

      • amagi

        Dear Chris,
        Agree with you totally. Also, is it a coincidence that our military is kept overseas for years on end ?

      • Andee

        Steve is a person and a Senator that I am proud to know and have corresponded with in the past and still do when he has the time....he will do what he says and I sincerely do not feel he is going to back down for he will take the sword of Christ with him and into batte he will go...let us help

    • Alvin

      If Dirty Harry Reid is still in place, the House can impeach Obama, and Dirty Harry can refuse to remove Obama, and can even avoid punishing Obama at all. How do we take out Dirty Harry?

      • Guest

        A programmer was on, I think 60 minutes, and told of the program that was used and then dismantled almost instantly of how Reid won...for every vote for him, two were cast by the machine....he told exactly how it was programmed and indicated for whom....and there is more than the office

    • Dewey. E. Du Bose

      If not now, When? How many laws has this lier and cheat broken since he stole the highest offie in America. He is an undocumented illegal alien intent on killing this country one law at a time. IMPEACH barack hussien obama TODAY!

      America has an obligation to vote this fraud out of office come Novenber 12th, 2012.

    • Robert from Texas

      I wrote Rep. King & thanked him for his work on the Muslim problem & he responded very nicely. I thin we should all contact him on this issue & ask what each of us could do. I do believe we have 1 American among us in Congress. He not only talks about issues but he has action; that is what we need more of.

    • Larry F

      Don't just say "somebody do it'. Lead the way and others wil follow!

    • Patty

      Yes. Do it Do it now. W don 't have any time left.

    • Guest


      I cannot figure out why the Congress will not impeach this bird surely needs to be done. He has committed treason as has his whole Regime including Kagan and Sonja...they have attempted sedition against WE THE PEOPLE of the USA! What more do they want?

      The latest excuse I heard was, "we are too busy to worry about something as minor as this? Minor? Each and everyone that thinks this way in the Houses should be told where they can go and stay...they are complicit in the further downfall of this nation as we the people being brought into FEMA camps or killed.

    • Patriot

      Can't someone please make Obozo disappear Jimmy Hoffa-style? PLEASE!!!

    • Michael

      In the U.S. Judiciary System and other government agencies I've learned that too much silence is the same as agreeing.

  • one angry expat

    OMG are we finally seeing a politician with the intestinal fortitude to take on the big"O" and his illegal ways?
    Maybe now someone else might even climb on the band wagon and roll out some of the other issues like forgery of documents S/S number/account fraud and so on and so fourth.....

    • chris

      Yeah...Pete King needs to have a petition out to the American People on the Internet to sign and then go after not only BO but all of his cohorts. They are all guilty as sin of teasonous acts against our country. We need to stand up and do something and immediately. Send an e-mail to Stephen King. And they should go after anyone else who means this country harm in anyway form or fashion... I think if our military strength were at home none of this would be taking place. I have sent my queries as to what we can do...have you?

      • chris

        Sorry for the mistype it is Pete King not Stephen.....Pete King

    • ronald yurchak

      This guy does'nt care about the law or the constitution. It's never to late to impeach. Let's get on with it.



  • emmess1

    Better still, beat him in the polls. Fight his reelection as if your country depends on it, because it does. Impeachment will take longer and require more energy than destroying him on voting day. It will also divide the country along racial lines and make it less governable than it already is. The political system is broken and it's going to take geniuses to make it work again.

    • donbch

      If he is impeached he will have to pay for his crimes & leave office with no benefits >>>why give him another 12 months to continue on his destructive path ?

      • Andee

        We cannot prosecute him for his crimes if impeached...he has to be nullified, that is the election of his highness

    • Keith

      Problem: The polls may not help. Remember, Reid had under 10% vote yet he got his seat in congress in 2008 thanks to the new voting machines, maintained by his union friends. If those machines are used widely in the next election. Obama doesn't have to campaign. The machines will elect him.

    • Cabby - AZ

      Normally beating him in the polls could be a good move, BUT we are not in normal times. We are in a CRISIS!!

      First of all, his crimes and malfeasances need to be investigated and exposed by the House, which is its job. The process is called "impeachment". The Senate will probably not remove him, but the exposure to the public is needed. Also, he needs to be prosecuted for crimes. That will not likely happen if we depend on the polls.

      Secondly, Obama has all sorts of plans to "win" in 2012. He intends to create racial strife of the first magnitude, according to reports, and don't be surprised if he allows a "crisis" to develop so that he can declare martial law. If he is allowed to continue unscathed until the election, we may never have one. The time is NOW to expose this impostor.
      Also, don't forget the massive voter fraud that he and his minions are capable of.

    • Margot

      We can't depend on voting day, Obama had all of his cheaters in the caucuses, throwing out the votes against him and forging votes for him. There was a video made about it by a republican in one of the caususes. That is actually how he won, according to her, was by the caucus votes, and they cheated, so he won by cheating! If he runs again, the same thing will probably happen again.

    • Patti

      If he's impeached, everything he has signed into law becomes null-and-void. If we just vote him out we are stuck with Obamacare and God knows what else (since he's signed a lot of things into law by Executive Order). If impeached, he will probably have charges filed against him sometime during the process. Impeachment proceedings would no doubt put the brakes on a lot of his plans between now and the election. We, the people, have to be ever vigilant to voter fraud in this next election because we know Obama (and Reid) are experts at it. ACORN is alive and well under another name and they are experts at illegal voter registrations.

    • Robert from Texas

      Geniuses we don't have; Patriotic Americans we still have a few left!!

    • Leo

      The danger is he stands a chance to be re-elected especally if some popular conservative runs as an independent and splits the conservative vote like Ross Perot did that got Clinton elected and then four years re-elected.
      He could decieve the people into voting for him and get re-elected. He is a liar and a deciever. Impeachnet is the only way to remove him from office so he can't hold any other office ever again and then lets hope the people learned their lesson and never vote for a communist again.
      See my web site for more details

      • Guest

        Abe ran as a fourth party candidate and won 38%...this will not split the party...rather it just might give us our nation a chance to recover for the Republicans are as complikcit as the DEMS for they did lilttle or nothing for the past months since Boehner took over..........he has the purse strings so why do we use three jets, one for the dog, one for the mistress, one for the King and maybe even one for the gardener...oh, Michelle would never allow that!

    • roycelatham

      While he thoroughly deserves impeachment, he will not be removed from office because the Democrats control the Senate and they are dismissive of violations of law and violations of Constitution. We now have more than enough evidence to remove him for ineligibility. Join to see the documented evidence. Ask to join the committee implementing the 10th amendment as the Constitutional authority to rule on Obama's eligibility to be POTUS.
      The courts refuse to act. The Congress refuses to act. The CRS states that there is no authority to validate the President's eligibility. The Attorney General has reneged on his oath to uphold the Constitution on this matter. Fifty States have abrogated their power to validate the eligibility of the usurper in the White House. The 10th Amendment reserves this right to rule on the eligibility of Obama to the people.

    • Patrick

      "Beating him at the polls" is NOT better. Give him another year and he will do even MORE damage. We need some Congressmen or Congresswomen with the spine to tackle him on his lack of eligibility. The evidence is over-whelming, and the Senators and Reps sit there blinking liike a bullfrog in a hailstorm. ...Bunch-a ninnies! What did we do- elect a Congress full of wet noodles?!? The next election will be too late. And what if he steals it? What will your plan "B" consist of?? =PC=

    • klesb

      NO! It's not "better yet"! He is committing treason against our Constitution, and his crime(s) needs to be made an example of to protect our Constitution against further presidential power abuse! Hold the hearings immediately, draw up the articles of impeachment, and VOTE! Or, is YOUR Representative condoning treason? He or she swore an oath to defend our Constitution on his or her personal honor! There is no "wiggle room" here! Remove him/her by whatever means necessary (recall, etc.) if your employee is also a traitor! We need to take our nation back!

    • Guest

      How can he even run? He has been proven that he is illegal and a fraud? I was hopeful that as many as 23 states would pass the birther law making it so he had to prove definitively that he is who he says he is which and who he is not at all...there are several aliases he has used in his life and we have only seen perhaps five of them. Electorally, we we 23 states would do this, there would not be enough electoral votes to give to him and he would be gone, I hope, I hope, I hope!

    • John

      He absolutely should be impeached. But I have to agree with emmess1, it is a futile effort. But God Bless Steve King for having the intestinal fortitude to speak up! When will some other Republican grow a pair & join him?

  • Joey

    It's NOT TOO LATE! You have my permission to proceed with impeachment! But, now-a-days since the guy @ 1600 Penn. Ave. doesn't ask, he just DOES things....let's not wait either....JUST DO IT!!

    • Al Chamberlain


      • chris

        BO is definitely a fraud of the worst kind.

        Like he tells other leaders of other countries: YOU NEED TO GO! Well, so does he. BO NEEDS TO JUST GO!!!

    • Dean

      I AGREE.

    • chris

      I've give you Pete Kings e-mail let's ALL GO FOR IT! All they can say is "we can't"! Right? But we can e-mail a request for an internet petition. We should send one to each of our own Congressmen and
      Senators too

    • JIM


    • Robert from Texas

      He will never b impeached with the Democratic congress; the all smoke, no fire House & the Eric Holder run DOJ!! Until Americans run Congress, which we will have to vote in power, it ain't gonna happen!! Unfortunately!!!!!

    • Holly marcyoniak

      IT'S NOT TOO LATE !!!!!! LETS DOIT NOW ~~~~~

  • PatriotBob

    Way overdue! This man has done the exact opposite on every promise his made to America.....(with exception to the transforming America thing) Who are these people that continue to support this usurper in charge??? His agenda is in plain site.......He wants to destroy this nation as we Americans know it. By his actions along, he should have been impeached in his first 6 months. He, good people of this country, is OUR WORST ENEMY!!!!!

    • DanielSpickard

      Those people you refer to are called brain dead life suckers, or better know as welfare bums!

    • Robert from Texas

      Yep; he & 70 registered communist in our congress!!

    • Lynn

      Agree ....should have been done a long time ago. He wanted to damage America while still Senator in Illinois. He did not pass the Insurance for all in Illinois like he said he did. The Government is still working on it there. He lies to suit himself all the time.

  • Susie Q

    The Repubilcans and Tea Party people are all COWARDS, fearful of the backlash this might bring!!! Charges of racism, etc. Mass riots, chaos and complete destruction of their hopes for a Republican win for the Presidency in 2012. If Obama was a white man charges would have been filed long ago.

    On this issue the Speaker of the House is worse than a virgin at a Hell's Angel rally. Afraid to be seen or speak up.

    • TruthWfree

      Before you call us Tea Party people COWARDS, let's hear what you have done yourself. I have been actively walking my streets before elections, talking to my Congressman, writing letters, talking to people I meet at various functions, and any thing I can think of to stop this illegal occupant of the White House (IOWH). The house may be able to start an impeachment, but Harry and the Dems in the Senate can stop it even if it could get past the 2/3 vote in the House.

      So give us some feedback. Name calling is for Obama liberals.

    • DanielSpickard

      How can you get it for racism when over three quarters of his own race want him removed. He has hurt his own race worse than any white president has ever done in the history of this country!

    • JOE

      I've spoken to the Speaker. The house can easily impeach Obama. They have the votes. However, it is a waste of time. Only the Senate can remove the SOB. Harry Reed will not let that happen.

      • JRBeaman

        Then let Harry Reed swing from the gallows with the Chocolate Hitler.

    • Me2

      Before you start pointing fingers, look at yourself. What have you done? There are many brave men and women in the "tea party", many who put their lives on the front lines for you and yours. What are you?

    • Jean

      You are so right. None of them have either a backbone or the testicular fortitude to go forth with it. And too many sleep in the same bed at BO!!

      • bumpkin

        Jean, I haven't testicles, so testicular fortitude is a bit foreign to me. However, I am TEA and I want Obama out of office, and have begged senators- democrat, mind you and house repubs to do it, yet NOBODY has even whispered it. I have already pledged that the presidential candidate who presses publicly for B.O. to get impeached gets my vote. For you to say "none of them" referring to TEA folks, paints you as either someone who knows an AWFUL lot of people personally, or someone who tends to over-speak in assumptions. I forgive you this time. THINK! Show us YOUR backbone and testicular fortitude, Jean. Stop the insults- there is no need for them.

    • Col. John Gray USMC

      Every body is afraid of the black people ,look at Pres. Johnson," he said we give them all the house and they go and burn it up".I do not get it ,Obama should be impeached because of many act's alone. Let alone he is not a natural citizen!
      Not all tea party people are afraid,I call a spade a spade noise to nose toe to toe any time 24 7 365,I vote rep and my heart,
      Thanks for reading .
      John USMC RET.
      (30 YEARS) PS.not all are coward's

    • Guest

      The Tea Party is and was complicit in this last financial fiasco....they are inept.

  • hscd

    there are so many valid reasons to impeach. Mr. Obama has violated too many laws, defied judge's orders, and in general believes he is above the law.

    • $uper$napper

      I agree completely with hscd and think doing so would at least expose him to those whose heads are in the sand. What really needs to happen is that he be landslidely defeated in 2012!!! So let's be sure that it happens!!!

    • Robert from Texas

      Yep; Never in my life would I have thought Iwould have seen such complete arrogance & dictatorship control from a United States President. But I understand; he has an agenda & he will do what it takes & whatever Soros tells him 2 do!!

    • Larry F

      Obama is nothing but a traitor and an anti-American imposter occupying the oval office. He breaks every conceivable law and gets away with it! Not only does he consider himself above the law, apparently he IS! He thumbs his nose at the consittution and the American people and our founding fathers. He will do things his way and that includes allowing illegals to infiltrate the country in order to get the hispanic vote. Wake up you IDIOTS!!

  • Dan

    I wish they would before we are a third wold country. Not only this but most of what this country was built on. It seems he is just trying to see how far he can go.

  • R Stone

    We have to look at politicians and leaders on their intent, actions, voting record, and not their words, outward looks and charisma. Someone can say all the right words, look like and seem like a really nice guy, but be a destructive force to the actual nation.
    Thank God and God bless Steve King for his guts to stand up . The most blatant of the crimes is going to war without congress, counseling with foreign powers about National interests; and his intimate relations with banksters

    • DanielSpickard

      Obama is worse than Osama Bin ladin, and Hussien combined. I beleive he is the forrunner to Satan himself. There as only been one man on the face of this earth in our history that has been worse than Obama, and that person was Adolph Hitler!

    • Judi

      You are absolutely right R. Stone. Charisma sometimes can be the World's biggest enemy. Look at A. Hitler. In the beginning, the people were taken in by his phony sincerity, the right words, his popularity, and charisma. It's scary to think how fast a Country can change (not always the change they hoped for) by picking a WRONG leader. Kind of like we did in 2008? Let's hope we don't screw up again. May God continue to Bless America and keep her on the right path.

  • Jim

    They can bring all the charges against Obamalamadingdong that they can find but with the Dummocrats in charge of the Senate there is no way that he will be legally removed from office. Only the Senate has the ability to bri9ng him to trail. Fat chance of that happening.

    • DanielSpickard

      Yeah, but look who is running from him as we speak, the civil liberty union. And they have a lot of pull still with the democrats in the senate. If they want him removed, the unions will foot their foot down. Not only that, a good majarity of those democrats in the senate are coming up for reelection to the senate. So, who throat are they going to slash? Surely not their own. They are going to throw Obama under the same bus that he's been throwing others under! I just hope they do a burnout on his throat!

    • Robert from Texas

      Absolutely correct!!!!!! Unfortunately!!!!!!

    • Patrick

      The House could AT LEAST conduct an investigation, but they are too Chicken ____ to do even that. They all need to go. =PC=

      • JRBeaman

        At least the ignorant people would see what he is guilty of, and thwart his re-election, which is still possible for him to win.

  • Donnamohler

    Obama is the main one that is trying to undermine the countrybut all of those so called "FREE TRADERS" are as bad! These people SOLD US OUT by wanting free trade and allowing all of our jobs to go to other countries! TRADE DEALS NEEDS STOPPED!!!

    • Hal

      Does anyone out there understand that 99% of all politicans are only in this for themselves!!!! They try to make this "an if you don't vote thing, that you do not have any right to complain", but the simple truth is that there is not anyone with any backbone to vote for? The politicians (ceasars) spin this to the people and then laugh at us (fools) for believing anything they put before us because they feel that other people are low life and they are so elevated above us. I don't know about you, but I do not believe anything they have to say because they are so corrupt....Thank you for thinking about these issues because our country needs to stand up and listen to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the only One who can and will save the faithful.

    • Robert from Texas

      Yep!!!! NAFTA & GATT has cost us over 10 Million jobs. Pushed by both Bush's & Clinton & both parties. Repeal these & jobs come back. I have not heard1 politician mention this. All them swine eat out of the same trough!!

  • Walt

    Congress will not impeach Obama. It would open a can of worms that they do not want opened. The Dems will never admit that they elected an illegal and the Republicans will never admit that they were beaten by one. At this point Congress is only interested their own hide and setting themself up before the dollar goes down. REMEMBER THAT CONGRESS ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS WE ARE IN. ONLY CONGRESS CAN LEVY TAXES, BORROW AND SPEND. CLEAN HOUSE IN 2012 - they are no longer representing our interests; only their own.

    • harry gray

      you seem to be forgetting everything this administration is doing WITHOUT the congress. we have no one to blame but ourselves for giving the right to vote to everyone so the lazy can vote for whoever promises to give them the most .this is why our founding fathers did not give everyone the right to vote. no democracy can survive once the people learn they can vote benefits for themselves. sorry for not giving credit for the last line but i can't remember ay the moment who said it

    • DanielSpickard

      Who would you want running this country for the next 15 months, (an idiot f-bomber, or an ungreatful turd)? I'd rather have the idiot f-bomber!

    • Guest

      This is true because the Republicans have many, many ghosts to hide...last election, 2008, WY cast their electoral vote at does that happen when the polls do not open until 7:30am?

    • Anton

      Walt I agree with your comments. But we should in the meantime march on DC and shout our wills for all those who won't impeach, we will take charge, have voting going within a few weeks and vote out the weasels. That could light their fire for once. No trial for Obama, oust him as he has sneaked and signed illegal laws since day one. He's done nothing good for
      for the Mexican fiasco, admits he's not Christian nor was he American born by his father, a Kenya. Obama. He has said and it's on video tape while in Africa/Arabia that he is Muslim like them. Even his doting idiotic wife said O is a Kenyian. She has no use for America and her lack of knowledge and lack of appreciation for the money and education she's received shows why The White House is filled with the same ilk and are "yes people." All of them need to go and asap.

  • Charles Sawyer,TSgt

    It is the Houses' responsibility under the Constitution to impeach. The fact that they haven't already for treason of Reid and Palosi for purgery, proclaiming in writing that they saw, felt, and read his Original birth certificate and that he(Obama) is a bonified citizen, when no such document exist, screams of complaciency and dereliction of duty. They all are guiolty of failure to comply with their Oath of Office to Protect and Defent the Constitution, so help them God, unless they delibertly left out the last line of their oath.I blame also the one person who allowed this to happen without a complaint of non-compliance, is none other that McCain himself. He is the one person, as well as all other contenders for the Office of Presidency, to allow this mockery of an American slip through.

    • DanielSpickard

      If they could bring all of this to the floor at one time, it would make what Nixon did in watergate look like a childe school prank by compairison. I hope that they bring all weapons to bear on Obama, Reid, Pelosy, Holder, etc... . That aught to shake up the democratic party! Let's get Jerome Corsi in on this. After all it his work that brought all of this about. I also beleive that it should be aired in full on all television stations, and make it mandatory. If the main stream news media won't cover it, refuse them any rights to news media dealing with the government for a period of time not to exceed 5 years!

  • Thomas Hart

    Impeachment says he is legally qualified to hold the Office of President. He is not. He is NOT a "natural born citizen". Nobody wanted to take him on because they were afraid of a "black backlash". They should be more afraid of an "American Backlash" because that is where all this is heading. I see where lots of people want Rubio for President, either now or later. He also is not a natural born citizen, neither is Jindal. To me it has never been about Obama's skin color, but only about the Constitution.......I will fight just as hard to stop or remove Rubio, Jindal or whoever else does not meet the qualifications as a natural born citizen as I have fought to remove Obama. The Constitution either means what it says or it means nothing at all. You cannot pick and choose what the Constitution says. Doing so means we have no rule of law, just the rule of a MOB MENTALITY.

    • Frank Luna

      How can you be so sure that Rubio and Jindal are not natural born citizens? Do you have proof? These are the kinds of comments that the Left thrives on to discredit conservatives who believe we should follow our constitution. You come across very racist and need to be more careful with such comments. What's in our hearts eventually comes out of our mouths and reveals the truth about us. I am not trying to offend you and please forgive me if I did offend you.

    • Keith

      Isn't there something like recall? where the entire american public can have the embarressment arrested and charged with illegal doings beyoind a reasonable doubt? I saw some one has asked Sheriff Joe A. to do this as he is probably one of the few law afficers still loyal to America and not the Emperor Obama's secret police

    • Robert from Texas

      Excellent post brother!!! And I really like Rubio. I think he would make a great president & example for our country because of his background & 1st hand knowledge of freedom; but, oh well. We have a Constitution for a reason!!

    • Patrick

      I agree with Thomas 100%. But, here is the problem: we talk about having "Checks and Balances", but talking about it does NO GOOD if we do not use them. The so-called "leaders" (which are really MIS-leaders) will not USE the checks and balances that are in place. They ALL need to be swept out of office! Today is a little too late. =PC=

    • Guest

      Me too! Was it not Rubio that said this situation was of little remove Obama?

  • DALohmann

    It is about time! He is an embarassment and he is deffinitely UN-American in his thinking and actions.

  • PatriotBob

    Let's see how he manipulates and uses Irene to his political advantage........... For me, it's obvious he has no regard for America and wants ONLY to infect our country with his poisonous venom. This Muslim has got to go. Would like to see him spend a few years in the same prison Terry Lakin did.

  • sunshine

    are you crazy? or just plain stupid? the republicans, led by george w. bush, destroyed this county! at the end of clinton's term we had a surplus!!! at the end of bush's eight years of disaster our economy collapsed. obama can only fix so much in such a short amount of time. btw, he was born in hawaii, which is part of the united states.

    • Barb

      You need to read what is going on... I to agree about Clinton... and Bush. BUT Obama, has lied to us, and he has pushed this country futher into debt. Now he wants to give the illegals ammnesity - and working rights, while so many Americans are with out jobs, and struglgling to make ends meet.
      Did you also read that his birth certificate number is not in sequence with the others born on his date. Wonder why???

      • DowgyCO

        The Dems had control of congress the last $ YEARS of Bushs'term. The reps got control in 2010111

    • PatriotBob

      I think you drank more than your share of kool aid! His promise cutting the deficit in half during his first term....please explain just this one Obama lie.............please

    • harry gray

      obama has run up a bigger deficit in his three years than bush did in eight.the downfall of this country did not start with bush or obama,it started with the progressive movement in the late 1800s.when we got to the 1950s mccarthy tried to protect america from a communist takeover but the media crucified him which made others afraid to join him.thanks to our liberal media,according to the roles of the communist party we now have 70 members of congress who are listed as their 1996 the NEW PARTY, which is commie, announced in their newsletter that 16 or their 31 members who ran for office won including obama for illinois can a commie uphold our constitution

    • jamo

      How can you call yourself "sunshine" when your head is so embedded that you can't see where this embicile is taking us!!!!

    • Bob

      Don't forget, the Dems controlled the purse strings during the last two years of Bush's term in office. Most of the spending that happened during his 8 years happened in the last two.

    • sandra

      Your the idiot. You are going along with Obama, blaming everyone but the right person. At least Bush didn't spend more than all the other presidents put together. Nor was he illegal, committ treason and all the other things Obama has done. You are one sad case to be dealt with as well. I guess the democrats under Obama did nothing to cause what has happened to our COUNTRY today. Where have you been with your head in the sand?? You make me sick with the Bush thing. He was not born in Hawaii and the man who forged that birth certificate came forward and admitted he did it. You must be crazier than Obama to say such things because that's all he has done is blame everyone but himself for what has happened to our COUNTRY. Maybe you should go live somewher else since you think Bush is to blame. You are a disgrace to our COUNRTY as well.

      • PatriotBob

        WOW......I (PatriotBob) tried to be nicer...BUT, you nailed it. Note that Sunshine has gone back into his/her cave! It's so easy for the libs to throw crap against the wall.

    • BobK

      Just typical liberal talking points - everything was fine under Bush until demcrats took control of congress - just the opposite with Clinton - he was driving the economy into the drink until the republicans took over and it recovered.
      Every negative to the economy in my lifetime (which spans six decades) has occurred as a result of a democrat's policy to either assist big business at the expense of the small business guy, or instituted a giveaway program that redistributes wealth from the productive to the lazy.
      It's pretty obvious this guy was born in Kenya - he is one scary individual - the only question remains - who is protecting and sponsoring him?

      • PatriotBob


        • itallmatters

 nailed it.

    • itallmatters

      So many reasons to NOT believe the entire Hawaii birth thing. Anyone who does not question this man's dubious history is putting their hands over their eyes and ears. Where's the un-forged, un-altered COLB. The Good Americans were duped in the largest scam ever perpetrated in our Presidential history. He is NOT a friend to any American citizen.

    • Robert from Texas

      Did u prefer grape r cherry Kool-aid?????

    • MARY


    • DollyT

      Presidents don't legislate like obama does. Arr you crazy? or just plain stupid? The Democrates held office
      during Bushes Presidency and they did absolutely nothing. Put that in your water piipe and smoke it!

    • Dusty

      Sunshine: remember that Bush had a majority congress of Democrats! Obama in three years has spent much more than Bush spent in eight; moreover, BHO has spent more than any President in history. How about the First Lady Michelle spending ten mil of tax payers money on her so called vacations??????

      • john

        Sunshine(Should be MOOOSHINE) G.W.Bush did not Distroy this country! Clinton left a 6.4 trillion $deficate HOW is that aSURPLUS ? BUSH added 4.2 T in 8 years BO has4.4 T in 2.5 years and is predicted to be 5.5 T at 3 years What Desasters has BHO had to deal with NO WTC NO KATRENA just own MISGUIDED LEADERSHIP trying to DISTROY OUR COUNTRY HE NEEDS TO GO NOW Marco Rubio has the same problem his Father was not a CitizenYET! BUT he did BECOME a CITIZEN BHO's father NEVER APPLIED FOR CITIZENSHIP!!!!!! RUBIO IS an AMERICAN in EVERY SENCE OF AMERICA and VERY PROUD OF IT I wish I could Vote for him for President BUT I WILL contenue voting for him as my SENATOR! WE need a lot more like HIM!!!!!

    • Larry F

      Sunshine you are a total FOOL! Sure Bush spent taxpayer money like a kid in a candy store with his Papa's cash but Obama has spent more of our money and increased our debt more than Bush or any other president in history! Not only that but name 1 program he spent money on that worked. You are a know it all and in all liklihood you are nothing but someone who listens to the liberal media and follows like a blind sheep. I can tell by your commentary you have a very low IQ. Go back to where you came from you frickin' freeloading SOB!

    • Lori

      You're an idiot.

    • Betty Salsbury

      You really should read reports on the "surplus" you dems are always raving about. Did the national debt go down? NO idiot

    • katie

      You must be a democrat, because you sure don' t sound like a republicn.

    • Andee

      What barrel of brains did you crawl out of? The DEMS were in control of both Houses during the last four years of the Bush Administration! He respected life and he respected our troops and a whole lot more...what does this item in the WHouse respect...his boy toy? He was not born in Hawaii....the dates and the printed information do not agree....stupid is as stupid does and I guess you did what stupid does, be stupid.

      • barrymacaukiner

        Andee: Wholeheartedly agree and stand with you. Just a quick correction so you can have full ammunition and truth in your battle to defeat the Left:

        Democrats won both sides of Congress in 2006, not 2004. They were in control the last TWO years of the Bush Administration.

        But to your point, they - and not Republicans - have been in charge as we've dipped further into moral and economic obscurity.

        Fight on, the good fight!

    • Richard

      Obomma's father was not an US citizen, the constitution says both parents have to be US Citizens.

    • csrdrunner

      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
      Abraham Lincoln

      Let me guess, this is the first time you voted and you are 18, and did not have a clue about government.

      "If you voted for ovomit in 2008, to prove you were not a racist,
      vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot" (unknown)

      "What luck for rulers that men do not think." hitler

      My I suggest you get informed before you vote again, or even post a comment.

  • Barb

    I am so Fed UP with Obama. He is saying that its Okay to break the law, What is he showing our children. He is a disgrace .. I really hope that there are some Good People that will run for President against him. Problem is most Republicans are for the wealthy. They have caused this country to to into the red Bring back Clinton, so he can put this country back into the black.
    Hope people will READ and UNDERSTAND who will be running, and not just vote because they are Democrat or Republican, which is what a lot of people do. So SAD...

    • jamo

      Clinton! What a joke! Obviously you haven't heard of Ron Paul!!

    • BILL


    • marianne723

      Hope people will READ and UNDERSTAND who will be running, and not just vote because they are Democrat or Republican, or BLACK!!!!

  • Bring It On

    The reason that nobody takes this arrogant individual on, in spite of overwhelming evidence to impeach him, is the fear of the backlash and expected race riots in major American cities if "their boy" is expelled from office. Yes, that is what it has come to in this country. After 40-50 years of beating us over the head with accusations of being racists, Americans actually voted for this impostor in order to try to prove that they are not racists.

    The pathetic thing is that they are the racists, and Obama is the leader, trained by Rev. Wright. Now, they think that they have us over a barrel with the threat of race riots if we impeach him. I say, BRING IT ON! Let's bring law, order and respect for the Constitution back to the USA.

    • Robert from Texas

      Amen brother!!! Very well said!! Unfortunately!!!!

    • Mountain Man

      May be riots in "major American cities", but that's the home of the worthless drones that elected this imposter Muslim Mole in the first place, the 50% that don't pay any taxes. The rural red counties, the home of those that produce this great nation's wealth through farming, ranching, and mining, were not the ones that put him in the white house to start, and they are the ones that would end any riots that spilled over into the productive part of the nation. So I agree, BRING IT ON! Remember that the red counties are the locations of most of the guns and ammo, and the people who know how to use them, and that love and respect the constitution.

    • Andee

      Ask a Native American about being racist! We are more than despised and we are also a dying people....ask us about immigration...we will share and we will show n tell you all!

      The fourth Muslim is now in his cabinet I am told. This is not good friends.

  • Jim McCarthy

    Please go to "" and view the trailer and then order the DVD and WATCH IT! Many who we consider allies in Congress are part of the "AGENDA" which explains their inaction. If you don't inform yourself you are part of our problem as much as obama and his handlers.

    • jamo

      Thanks for the lead, Jim. I want to know who these un-American frauds are.

      • DowgyCO

        Democratic Socialist Council member list part 1
        Q: How many members of the U.S. Congress are also members of the DSA?
        A: Seventy!
        Q: Who are these members of Congress?
        A: See the listing below
        House Members
        Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)
        Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
        Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
        Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
        Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)
        Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
        Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)
        Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
        Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
        Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
        Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
        Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
        Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
        Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
        Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
        Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
        Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
        Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
        Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
        Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
        Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
        Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
        Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
        Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
        Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
        Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
        Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
        Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
        Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)

        • DowgyCO

          Part 2
          Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
          Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
          Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
          Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
          Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
          Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
          Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
          Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
          Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
          Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
          Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
          Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
          Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
          Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
          Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
          Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
          Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
          Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
          Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
          Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
          Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
          Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
          Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
          Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
          Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
          Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
          Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
          Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
          Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
          Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
          Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
          Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
          Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
          Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
          Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
          Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
          Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
          Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)
          Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)<!--[if supportMisalignedColumns]-->

    • judyg46

      Wow! This was a great documentary about what's been going on subversively over the past 50 years!!! It's insidious and devastating. Thanks for the info and link to the video.

    • Robert from Texas

      Great post brother!!!!

  • Dean Braun

    Rep. Steve King seems to be the only congressman that really kows what going on in the Obama Administration. The rest of the 400 plus are either stupid are are covering their eyes. I have been asking my rep. from Minnesota, Erik Paulsen, to get involved and support impeachment but apparently he is too chicken to take a stand. As I have been watching his preformance since his re-election I am really disappointed. He is really a puss and just follows the crowd in congress. I wish he had the guts to stand up to his disastrous administration like Rep.. King. I wish he had the guts to stand up for anything!

    • Barb

      Sad to say thats the way most of our elected officals are. CHICKEN.

    • Robert from Texas

      Man!!! I think we all hear ya'!!!!!! King is the man!!!! He's got brass!!!!!!!

    • DollyT

      I may be a registered Republican and a Tea Party Patriot but first and foremost I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST.
      iI believe true Republicans and true Democrates who support and defend the Constitution should take back their
      parties and get red of all if this Riff Raff that are demeaning their parties and the Constitution.


      • Andee

        Why not work and help the Constitution Party put a person into offices at any and all levels of government?

    • Andee

      Ours too in WY and the last Patriot Act, you know take away our freedoms, they voted for it also...also the debt ceiling adjustment up..

  • guest

    With a democrat-controlled senate, impeachment wby the house will not be tried by the senate. A better strategy is to build the case for impeachment and publicize it before the 2012 election. If we conservatives fail to elect a president and gain control of the senate, then launch it. If we also fail to gain the senate, we have lost. But by publishing the bill of impeachment, but not entering it into the house agenda, the facts will be on display for the whole country to see. And it will be a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the entire democrat party, hopefully with sufficient threat to swing the senate elections.

    • Robert from Texas

      Very good strategy--excellent post!!!! We need keep the pressure on the socialists & muslims.

    • Guest

      A few months ago, on the PAC a person took the time and listed each and every impeachable offense. We signed the letter and off to the Congressional people it went, was dead and buried upon arrival. They say there will be not vetting of this clown again in 2012...why?

  • Johnny

    There is only one answer to this dilimma that America faces with this fascist so called president. He should NOT be impeached. He should be arrested and drug out of the White House in chains along with the vice president and his entire cabinet. The vast majority of congress people should have the same plight. They are guilty of sedition and treason.
    Arrest them. You cannot impeach a president that holds the job illegally. There is no doubt of his NOT being eligible to be President. Any person in this Nation can be arrested for treason and that includes politicians. There need be NO impeachment of any of them prior to their arrest. This is the county sherriff's job. In any county of the nation where they happen to be. As for obama he should not be held in jail in this nation he should be shipped to "gitmo" as a foreign enemy.

    • goodtallviking

      I am with you, Johnny. But is it practical or feasible ?
      I am going to do everything I can to get Perry-Cain or Perry-Bolton elected because I believe that is the most path most likely to succeed. THEN we can arrest pBO and all his Progressive/Statist pals.

    • Robert from Texas

      I like that!!

  • Victor

    If an enemy declared war on you and was moving his military to conquer your country...Would you tell him?....Look this is not logical we have we will be having elections in about one year! Can,t you postpone your attack until after the elections? No! And Obama is that enemy! There are four basic things that will return this country to a point we can recover!
    1. Start Impeachment hearings immediately!
    2. Dismiss Hilary Clinton and freeze the State Departments budget and reduce the support of the United Nations from 46% to 6% like all other Nations pay. ( These are the real sources of our deficit)
    3. Immediately impose a Voter Registration Citizenship verification....While prosecuting the management of ACORN and any Aliens who had been registered to vote previously will lose any voter privileges permanently!
    4. Investigate to reveal to the American people who is part of the Trilateral Commission in our Government (One Worlders) and prosecute them for Treason and Conspiracy!
    Then you will see this country move on to a route that could even lead to a debt free nation in about one decade!

    • jamo


    • Arlene Kevitz

      These are excellent ideas. We could add freezing the budgets of the Government agencies and stop the automatic 10% increase each year. I was a Budget Analyst and I had to justify each cost, then add 6% for each higher headquarters that the budget would go through and finally at 10% for the inflation. I would have preferred to just do a Budget with the money we requried.

    • Shirley

      No it is not too late until his term is over. But it needs to be done. What is wrong with the Rep. in Wash.? Is soros paying them to not do an impeachment?Get hgim out and all his messes will go with him. Including health care, regulations that have shut down bussinesses, and his appointments to Supreme court.Sad to say we will still have to pay off his debts, but at least he can't make any more if the Reps. willget off theis azzes and DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • shirley

        Look at all he can do in the next year and 1/2. I am not willing to take that chance. I want it done now!!!!!!Q!We can vote the congress out 1/3 this next election unless they do something.

    • Robert from Texas


    • Andee

      It is the UN that is pusing taking our guns and the rest of our freedoms. We do not need them. Get us out before they take the country into OWG that they have been pusing for. This is what Agenda 21 is it...this is what the Patriot Act is for, read it....and then yell like hell at your reps in DC...all 600 plus

  • oldtexgal

    Look, I'm old enough to remember the Nixon impeachment as well as that of Clinton. Does anyone really, REALLY, want to completely paralyze Congress, monopolize the media, and put the country through that hideous process NOW?!?!?! When he can be removed in November of 2012? Probably sooner than any serious impeachment and removal from office would happen. It would be utter insanity! To what avail? to have Joe Biden step up? THINK! Of course, Obama is circumventing the Constitution! He's a menace! BUT, Best strategy is to strongly support the Conservatives on the Hill. Encourage them to hold the line, until we can send reinforcements. Then get busy working for conservative candidates at all levels of government, and VOTE!

    • Barb

      You are so right. People need to read about who will be up for election. I wonder if anyone would be strong enough in the Democrat Party to run against Obama.

      • Jeronimo Dan

        The only thing about counting on election is the possibly deal of the Criminal n Chief getting reelected. There's still a lot of dumb people out there. If he were to be impeached it would do away with his medical and retirement for life and keep him from ever holding public office again.

    • jamo

      I love old Texas gals, but I'm skeptical about tis impostor who invaded our White House. Between him and his "organized" political mafia, I can only imagine how many of Michael Jackson's ghouls will be voting throughout the coutry in an effort to see that he gains his dictatorship status which he desires.

    • DanielSpickard

      I think he should be taken out and hung for his treasonous acts against this country! In my book all presidents should be held accountable for the actions they do while in office. Obama's accusations against everyone else for his own failed policies is an outrage. They need to add a new amendment to the constitution that states that you have to have run your own business, or atleast have been the CEO of a magor business in order to run for the presidency of the United States of America! This userper has had no business credentuals at all. How can one run a goverment if he can't even run a simple business?

    • lonabishop

      Obama will never be convicted that requires a majority in the Senate.

      That's not the point. The trail would take place in ther House and would expose the "non-aware public" of a mountain of evidence against him for breaking numerous laws. That would happen during the election and it would destory any chance of him being re-elected in 2012.

      That's the point. DO IT!

    • Robert from Texas

      Wrong!!! Do not cut him, the socialists r the muslims any slack!!! We are broke & we r losing our freedom. THINK!! You better brush up on Sharia Law!! If u think it is bad nos- u ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!!!

    • RoBoTech

      Uh, and you think that if Biden became Prez for 6 months, he would get re-elected?
      You really think that a sitting President with Impeachment hanging over his head even be ALLOWED to run by the Democrats, what less win?
      And do the ones that say wait and vote him out really think we can last another 16 MONTHS of Obama?
      You really believe that Obama has done his worst, discounting that in reality, he's just getting warmed up now that Obamacare and Finance reform has been passed?
      OK, but that's you. MY grand kids can't take another 5 years of Obama. Maybe YOURS can.

    • Andee

      Did we not try that by yelling and yelling not to raise the debt ceiling? The Republicans voted right along wit hthe DEMS to do so.

    • JRBeaman

      Nixon was never impeached.

    • Elena Maza

      It's a matter of principle. I think the legality of Obummer's holding the highest office in the land should be explored in full--from the false birth certificate (it's felony to falsify official documents), to the Connecticut social security card (another felony), his real estate transactions and tax evasions (more criminal actions) on down to the constitutionality of all his actions. Would Congress be any more paralyzed by an impeachment trial than it is now?

  • E.J.

    i am sorry to say this but as an American and a voter it seams that our Congress and Senate are to busy building
    their own nest so as Birds of a feather the don't have time to care what happens to the long as the get their piece
    of the pie.
    what i would like to see is all of those i**8 blank out on their a?? and some one that has at least a small brain to thank with
    do the job that needs to be done.

  • stas

    Every day he is in power, he will extend his stay as the Supreme Commander , thus making his rulling longer and longer.
    It is almost too late to impeach since he has done too much damage to the american polulation.
    We know the blacks would never impeach him and the liberal democrats like his spending habits. So who is left to take any action? The Republicans and the Tea Party members.
    I remember when Hitler was in power in Germany, the only Whermacht (Regular Army) was brave enough to dare to take action agaist HIM.! Thus now, we know the Tea Party is too weak and too old, the Republicans are useless (Disorganized), the Farmers are too busy to take care of their cattle, the young are too stupid or doped. All Highschool and College professors are communists and they like what Obama is doing.
    There you are. Only few of us who could stand up but..... we must as well let Him do, what ever he wants, since, our country is going closer and closer to defalt....... the chinese own half of USA already.

    • grandmaliberty

      No American wil go along with that defeatist attitude... while there is breath there is ability to fight back... I for one fight back every day with words through petition, fax and e-mail...apparently you know nothing about the tea party... it is not old it is new... it is not weak, it is getting stronger every day... if you can't get off your duff and join us, stand back and watch the fireworks!!!!

  • A.W. Bowman

    During the congressional hearings, all of BHO's activities should be examined, including congress obtaining his birth, school, SSI records, and passport files for the possibility that he lied to the nation concerning his right to serve as its president.

    As far as the legal standing of all of the laws he has signed during his tenure, should he be found guilty, all congress has to do is pass one piece of legislation, i.e., that all laws passed under Obama be kept in force for 180 days, and either repealed by congress or reaffirmed by congress and the new president (the V.P. if Obama is removed prior to the 2012 elections) or simply allowed to expire at the end of the 180 day period.

    Then we can get to other pressing business, like shutting down the Fed, deporting all illegal (i.e., criminal by definition) aliens (non-Americans) back to their country of origin, and charging that county for all of the associated legal expenses so incurred. Cut funding and/or membership in the U.N. Open up our own national resources in order to be come independent of foreign energy sources. Make treaties we intend to keep with our friends and let our enemies know that we will not tolerate any attack on our citizens, land, or against any of our national interests (e.g., against our friends).

    We have a lot to fix and a lot to address. Even if it is too late - at least we can join with our nation's founding fathers, and give the last once of our devotion to the ideals that include the precept that this nation was created to serve (protect) the people, not the other way around.

    • A.W. Bowman

      "We have a lot to fix and a lot to address. Even if it is too late – at least we can join with our nation’s founding fathers, and give the last once of our devotion to the ideals that include the precept that this nation was created to serve (protect) the people, not the other way around."

      This statement should not be taken to mean that citizens should not also protect our nation and way of life, even by the force of arms. Rather, we are not to be servants of the government as our substitute parent or as our master, the government is to be our personal and national protecting agent (servant).

  • luchadora41

    LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, U.S. Navy Retired, whose charges of TREASON were accepted in 2009, tells me that Barack Obama cannot be impeached because he's an illegitimate "President." To impeach him would be to legitimize him, and until the hospital in Hawaii can prove that he was born there, which they haven't, he is illegitimate. What say you?
    My recent post Can The Government Control The Weather? Jesse Ventura Exposes HAARP

  • Pat Taska

    Obama's Muslim comrads are preparing for a September 16 -now the 23rd ,Day of Rage, SO let's all twitter day changes to confuse the day pattern. As it is , it is already changed to Sept.23 rd. So, pitch in and discourage the 23rd. Twitter

  • Dennis Prather

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! I STAND BEHIND YOU 100%. He has broken so many laws, he should be put away for life with out parole. Including his wife ,for helping a terrorist within our Government.

  • tulsaman

    A whole new meaning.... OMG - Obama Must Go!

    • Carole

      Tulsaman - LOVE IT! We need to have a bumper sticker made with this at! OMG-Obama Must GO!

      • tulsaman

        Carole -

        Carole - CafePress already got 'em and T-shirts, too...........

  • Pat

    Steve King you seem to be the first person with a back bone that I've heard of from the Congress. Hopefully, this will start a Hurricane storm serge. You sure have my support! p.

  • jcless

    It's never to late to right a wrong and I bet once you get started you'll have a lot of your colleagues with you. The thing is nobody wants to be first. Kucinich said nobody would take him seriously, they'd laugh at him. Please, get things started our country needs someone to stand up for what;s right.

  • Carole

    We all need to call Rep. Steve King and thank him for finally doing something to start proceedings to get the(Usuper, Communist, Anti-American, Muslim) Illegal Alien "President" thrown out of the White House. Then, call your state Rep, your 2 Senators, and Boehner and McConnell and tell them to support Rep. Steve King's actions. MAYBE if enough of us call, they will get the message that Obama must GO NOW. Every day this Fraud stays in the WH, the more destruction he does to our country. Our Reps/Senators also made an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States" and they are not keeping their oath. We call when we aren't happy with their actions. Let's call Rep. King and commend him on being a True Patriot and enthusiastically support and encourage him.

  • Wendell

    I tend to agree with oldexgal, but God bless Steve King for bringing this up. So far of the 535 elected officials, he is the only one even using the word. This should have been done about 18 months ago. This man has committed so many impeachable offenses in the past 31 months that I have lost count; however, we are now in a place and time that we must vote as a monolith against this Muslim. Anybody But Obama (ABO) 2012!

  • BILL

    Something needs to be done fast he and his regime has destroyed american jobs devaluated the dollar compromised nations security what does it take before people wake up at what point is the definition of treason made to allow him to continue to destroy america i myself think he intentionally sabotagING AMERICA IF it does not go his way he just does aexcectuive order it just like gun laws hes slinging his power arround more than i have ever seen a president do that was not a earthquake the other day that was our forefathers turning over in there grave and they are calling tea party terrotist he is the real threat

  • Nancy

    Yes, let's do it now! That's we want to happen.

  • Tim

    B.O. HAS TO GO!!!!!!! HE IS L.I.M.P.!!!!!!! A LYING INCOMPETENT MARXIST PUNK!!!!!!! I hold more hope (though not much) that the Republican Party will learn from their BIG Mc Cain mistake of '08', and give us a TRUE CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE THAT CAN BEAT THIS CLOWN IN A THOROUGHLY DECISIVE MANNER, so that we don't have to worry about voting fraud!!!!!!! REMEMBER THE MARXIST MANTRA, "THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS". Our Candidate MUST HAVE the STRENGTH and WILLINGNESS to ANSWER ALL OF B.O.'s LIES with the TRUTH/FACTS!!!!!!! Unfortunately, too many of our "citizens" are politically and/or intellectually lazy and/or ignorant with regard to the issues and the lies of the left, and accept and believe all the TRIPE thrown out by this Administration and its WHORE, the LAME STREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!! This makes it IMPERATIVE that we have a Candidate who will constantly CHALLENGE and REFUTE their LIES!!!!!!! By the way, Eric Holder is L.I.M.P. # 2!!!!!!!

  • Tango805

    Obama's new position on immigration is most certainly outright defiance of our laws and is definite grounds for impeachment. But even without this development, his behavior of neglect up to this point, as well as the behavior of many of his predecessors, constitutes dereliction of duty. That should be an equally impeachable offense.

  • Tan Kid

    I believe if we do not impeach , he will cause something to happen and there will not be elections in 2012. But even if there are elections in 2012, who is running that can beat him? Governor Perry will just continue the same policies o and Bush have followed.

  • Murtad

    There is a lot of "talk" - just waiting for some solid action by someone who has solid evidence and "connections" that will remove this character! Impeach is one thing; removal is another!

  • sad expat

    Everyone I know has said, "Why is no one discussing impeachment?" I agree with Johnny, Mr. Obama does not need to be impeached. He's not legally in office. He needs to be prosecuted. All legislation he has signed should be deleted from our records because he is a sham. Obama has defiled our constitution, proclaimed war on our Christian foundation as a nation, bankrupted our country, is hellbent on destroying our sovreignty, stolen our hard-earned dollars as citizens, is pushing to take our right to bear arms and right to free speech and seems to have no conscience about anything that destroys our free society. He is an imposter and a liar with no legitimate paperwork that he is even an American? How did this happen? He was not even legally elected. He is a self-proclaimed Muslim. We Americans wants answers! Thank you Steve King for being the first to have the courage to take a stand and you will have our support. The majority of America is furious! We have been duped and we know it! We are finally awake!

  • mama gee

    Poor liberals all shout the same tune....Everything is Bush's fault!!!! Bush cared about America. You can't see that because you are all about your spoiled SELF....and what you want....You are probably one those young men who was afraid you might have to go to war.....You probably don't have a job and collect whatever free money the government will give you while the rest of us work... Why can't you take a deep breathe and look at what this poor excuse of a president has done since he has been in the White House?He had an agenda to destroy this country when he was elected and he has done just that. At least, tell us what you think he has done for our country before spouting off about Bush. Watch the Bush interview on Sunday night and get smart.....

  • judyg46

    I'm scared of Biden becoming president if Obama is impeached!!!! We also don't need any more debt or distractions right now. We need to dig in and regain control of our country...we can do it through elections...from president all the way through senators and congressman!!!! Get involved in politics and help your local conservative groups get others out to vote!!!! Check out this site: It's well worth the few minutes to view the trailer.

  • arthur aguilera

    While Rep. King is at it He should demand that Obama release his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and not a Copy! Also investigate his S.S. Number which also has questions. Why is his personal history not available for Americans to determine who Obama truly is?

  • D Neufeld

    The answer to the 5th paragraph... Why hasn't any other politician asked for a congressional hearing? Because the Republicans are GUTLESS COWARDS!!! Half of which are trash themselves! Try them all for treason and have them shot if found guilty, like our founders would have done.


    The ideal solution is to defeat him in the polls,and then put on a full court press to prove his ineligibility and have all his legislation voided.

  • Jim Delaney

    Did Rep. King say Obama is "on the VERGE of being lawless"? You've got to be kidding. A profound understatement, to be sure. And who has allowed presidential imperialism over the years? Yup! Congress!!!!!!!!! And you expect Congress to do anything about it? No way.

    In any event, let's get real, folks. Without a 2/3 majority in the Senate, impeachment by the House would be but symbolic. Nothing more. And would this symbolism slow Obama's reckless trashing of the Constitution? Absolutely not! This modren day quisling is on an ideological, no-holds-barred quest to "fundamentally transform the USA" into a socialist/neo-Marixst paradise, and nothing but conviction and removal from office will stop him. So, until 2012, we're on the hook for the electorate's idiocy in 2008. Let's just hope the Republic can survive 'til then.

  • EugeneORPariah

    Dealing (or actually, disposing) with this Obamessiah must be a concurrently 2-track effort:

    1. Impeachment, if the matters concerning his eligibility under the Constitution to serve as President in the first place are resolved in his favor; and

    2. Arrest, prosecution, conviction, sentencing, eviction from the White House, and finally incarceration for a vast number of criminal offenses -- beginning with fraud perpetrated on the American people!

    Based on the continuing accumulation of evidence, it ought to be the latter of the these two that gets us to our goal!!

  • Liberty W.

    He certainly deserves impeachment but I will agree with oldtexgal is best for the country to vote him out in 2012

  • chris

    Speaker of the House John Boehner's e-mail address is

  • BILL


  • DanielSpickard

    It's about time we get rid of all that smelly trash in our white house! After he goes, we'll have to fumigate the place to get rid of the stench! I hope that they impeach him on enough stuff to get his sorry ass thrown in jail! Our former presidents that got impeach, got impeached on far less things than this sorry good for nothing excuse of a president! I hope they throw the book at him, and his sorry excuse for a wife, who spends our hard earned tax money on frivalous unexcusable vacations to Africa.


    Why don't any of the Representatives have the balls to file articles of impeachment against Barack Obama? He has broken law after law and circumvented the law and constitution time after time with no consequences.

  • Victor

    Old Tex Gal You may mean well with your commentation ...However if you have Gangrene you don't think about the pain...when you stand to lose your life instead of your leg! This is where this nation is!

  • Spyder Dalton

    Excuse me? Can someone tell me what laws he hasn't broken? He should be jailed for manslaughter along with Holder for the death of those two agents in operation fast and furious!!!! The fact it's not being investigated is all the proof Americans needthat this government is corrupt beyond repair...

  • SirWilhelm

    Impeachment is not the best course here. Quo Warranto is the way to go. That process would make Obama prove his eligiblity to hold a federal office, and if he can't prove it, he would be removed, and everything he'd done since occupying the office illegally, would be nullified. All his appointments, executive orders, and bills he signed into law world be nullified. If he was impeached, it would legitmize his presidency, and all that would remain in effect. Once his ineligilty were proved, the DNC could be prosecuted for fraud, and everyone that it could be proven that knew he was ineligible, could be prosecuted for fraud too.

  • ted

    Worst president EVER!!! And he's not even president in my book.


    Regarding the subject line interrogatory, it's never too late to do the right thing.

  • skip

    one thing about obama, it seems his political thinking is really not his own, but that of radical SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST FELLOW TRAVELER, SAUL ALINSKY and billionaire GEORGE SOROS... check these out - and ... ALSO, it appears that in 2001 bush tried to bring the issues concerning the 'bad' loans to the forefront, but got stonewalled by the democrats, and obama, kerry, b.frank, etc. were are the forefront of the cause of the crash, and obama & kerry got kickbacks from fannie/freddie... see - AND AND ... and he's again, like in 1996, endorsed by the communist party usa - , and we know all about his lack of transparancy re himself (birth, schooling, etc.) ... so, BOTTOM LINE, we have a guy with access to our secrets of secrets and his finger on the button, and we have NO IDEA WHO HE IS OR WHAT HIS LOYALTIES ARE!!! HOW BAD IS THAT???

  • patricia


  • Arlene Kevitz

    I understand that he signed an Executive Order back in June implimenting the Dream Act. How come no newspapers have said anything abou this?

  • AJK105

    Is it true he has had all records of the SS number removed from public records?

  • DanielSpickard

    After he's impeached, where in this country can he live without a price on his head? Once you're impeached you don't get secret service covering your back. I would give him and his wife at max. 1 year before someone places a bullet with his name on it!

  • Arlene Kevitz

    What about Perry. I heard he is for Amesty and against finishing the wall on the border.

  • Anne

    It is not too late. Everyday Obama gets away with incredible things and laws to dsetroy our nation. We cannot wait for the eledtion! He hs too much time left to do more damage! Do it now!

  • Richard B

    “The President is on the verge of being lawless himself."

    It would be easier to list what is lawful than to list his lawless acts. Yet King says he is "on the verge" of being lawless.

    If the pretender is impeached nothing that he has done as president will be law. If he is simply voted out the laws he pushed will remain.

  • Kris

    No one will take him on because he is "black"! They are so afraid of being thrown out of office for impeaching a "black" man that they will do nothing! This is why no one else is speaking up on his amnesty! They are spineless and only interested in being re-elected and filling their pockets with the taxpayers money! It's time to really clean house and throw them all out, every single one of them! We have millions of unemployed workers ready and willing to put on their gloves and get in the white house and capital and scrub it down with bleach! During this so called recess, there were no town halls held in my state by either republicans or democrats! Why is that? They are afraid to face the people because they know that they are not doing what "we the people" elected them to do, STOP HUSSAIN AND IMPEACH HIM! It's time to stop paying any taxes at all! They don't want to listen to us and do what we are paying them to do, so it;'s time to stop paying them to do what they want and not what the people want!

  • frank1737

    As a Veteran, I do NOT consider Obama as a President. He has totally destroyed the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights!! As some Obama and Soro's have Czars located overseas rewriting our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights for Marxism type of Government. Obama and Soros are trying to define themselves as One World Government! He has defied our laws in many ways ! A few Examples:
    1) Pushing His Health Care Bill through Congress
    2) Using Executive Order to go to war in Libia
    3) Obama Supplying Mexican Drug Cartel with Automatic Weapons
    4) Sending Automatic Weapons to Honderus
    5) Overriding States Rights by Executive Order
    6) Presently Overriding Congress by approving the Dream Act by Executive Order after Congress Vetoed it
    (to keep is re-election hopes alive)

    When is this Satin's Beast going to be STOPPED11???

  • frank1737

    I meant to say: "As some know

  • GI Joe 48

    I'm an OTR Cargo Hauler and I've had an "IMPEACH OBAMA" sticker on my truck since 2009. I travel about 70k - 80k miles a year and I keep hearing "I love your bumper sticker" from just about everyone. It would be nice if someone in Office would see it and head what it says! This guy's gotta go...we cannot wait until an election just to find out that our candidate is another John McCain! Another RINO just won't cut it against this Chicago thug. I know because I've lived with the Daley Machine all my life! Now it's the Rahm Machine! Contact your politicians...those who will listen, and plead with them to back this investigation and go forward with Impeachment. My wife keeps asking me "why doesn't someone do something already", and all I can say is they have to grow some balls, first!

  • Steven Coy

    Impeach, HELL NO, Remove him he has shown no proof he is a legal citizen he has shown with his long form Birth certificate that his Father (communist muslim) was a British Citizen at time of birth so he is Illegal and should be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!

  • MLH

    Make sure you get the Ineligibility and Treason charges in there too! :))

  • rfs1ham

    Yes, it is interesting that no congressman has been willing to hold Obama to the Constitution. He outright does not uphold the office of the President of the United States. He does illegal actions and Congress just over looks it. And so the US slides more and more downward and away from the stipulations of the Constitution. I have sent various e-mails to my congressmen and suggested that they start the impeachment action. Never get an answer back. Looks like they are all in this together, can hardly tell them apart.

  • Charlie Ferris

    "President Barack Obama" is not MY president". How many times have I heard anyone say that?! I never thought the day would come when I would say that for myself, but it has. I have served my community, my state and my country in so many ways during my 67 years and in all those situations I have watched our freedoms being slowly taken away from us. I have watched the end of school prayer in our schools, the campaign to remove the phrase "In God we trust" from our National Monuments and Buildings, to see an attack on God by the liberal forces who move the ACLU towards that goal, to keep Ben Bernanke in office when he is so obviously Obama's sidekick in the bankrupting of America, and like Nero,so adept at fiddling while this nation burns, his last vacation being ruined by the threat of Hurricane Irene. This man took the same oath I took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States but he made that oath lying thru his teeth - i DID not! We must deny him any more opportunities to destroy our country, one way or another.

  • lonabishop

    What about complete defiance of a federal judge to start issing oil exploration permits?
    What about imposing race quotas when the congress has pased laws against that?
    What about using Clean Air Act to impose carbon limits and hugh fines to utilities when the law does not mention carbon?
    What about using NLRB to impose card check when states have right to work laws?

    How many laws does he have to break to be impeached?

    • wisdomcries

      by fiat not enforcing DOMA
      ignoring 2 court orders declaring the drilling ban unconstitutional
      by executive order he has defied the intent of several congressional laws
      violated the war powers act

      and congress just bows to their master

  • bpaolucci

    I'm glad a member of congress finally woke up. But to my thinking, this was fixed all along. McCain was investigated when he was a candidate. Obama wasn't, WHY? Any republican candidate could have called for the investigation - but didn't, they probably were convinced they'd be called racists and all non white voters would turn away from the party. Well, they were gutless now weren't they.

    If this congressman does succeed in his efforts it will prove that Obama's released long form birth certificate is pure forgery, Obama was not born in America, and neither was his father. His parents must be natural born citizens in order for him to have run for the presidency and the father does not qualify.

    Last, you can bet the investigation will not end before 2016 - what would be the end of Obama's second term or after he's out of office at the end of 2012. Still it should be done as this is the fastest way to make everything Obama has done to America null and void and stop the spending.

  • jrn

    To understand Obama actions as the president of today, you must learn why he is in office .. I didn't vote for him nor do I like him due to his fony SS no's, not legal to be president, lies of his campain, health care issues, jobs, leadership against "for the people and by the people", plus many more wrong doings he has done .... He shall cause the people of America to uprise against him and his government... This is written in the bible during the end times tribulations and shall bring about the one world order for America... Learn the parable of the fig tree and you shall have the wisdom and comfort of knowing why and what is going to happen that Obama is preparing for America ... the , 3worldages .com site explains in full detail, No matter what we do to get rid of Obama and those that follows his leadership, We the people are facing greater tribulations down the road in 2012 by our government system and a president that is against America.. I believe and will stand fast by my statements I have made in this post. reguardless of the rhetoric replies ...

  • sanysue

    why do you think obama is still in office? all his favors , his bailout money and the criminals in his administration.. pelosi and reid have so much power between the 3 of them whos going to force him to follow our laws. unions , big business and the democrats put him in office. he said he would never stand with us the americans. the main reason he gets away with this s---- he pulls is he's black, and no dems will stand up to him.. he obviously didnt get the point in the last elections.. hopefully in 2012 people will vot for at least a patriotic american and at least a citizen of this country.. our country may not be perfect, but its the best one around..

  • Glenna

    We do not want to impeach Obama! If you impeach a sitting president, all the laws he signed as president will remain intact.
    We do not want anything he signed to remain as a law. When he goes everything he signed should go with him.
    For all the things he has done ,he can be removed Quo Warranto.That way we do not have any of his laws remaining.
    PLEASE DO NOT ASK that he be impeached.

  • Robert from Texas

    BTW___ I have had several posts blocked because I mentioned muslim.

  • MARY


  • Williams

    I think he should be impeached as soon as possible before he keeps defying
    the Constitution. He has done it since before he got voted in with his lies>

  • Joanne

    Very scary that many Americans would like to impeach, it's tough to name anything he's done that's been good for our country! Even scarier, imagine four more years with OBAMA running our country?

  • Michael

    These calls to impeach are ludicrous. He hasn't done anything blatant or serious enough for there to be even a chance of passing an impeachment vote. The item mentioned in the article, although while it may have some technical merit, is too flimsy for a serious impeachment effort; if it were not it would have been done my now. Calling for impeachment now is a waste of time and effort, like that birther nonsense, which played right into Obama's hands. His kind of evil is much more subtle, and in all fairness, there's nothing he's doing that we didn't expect back in '08. Stop wasting effort on this ridiculous impeachment business and do something useful like informing voters and officials we won't stand for it any longer. He's a bad man, and the only way to get rid of him is to vote someone else into his office. Having his opponents chasing red herrings only benefits Obama himself...

  • B. Stewart

    Well folks, looks like at least one politician has woke up from the American Nightmare. I think we deserve an explanation from every politician on both sides of the fence why in the hell we haven't impeached that zebra from Africa the first time he stepped all over our constitution. I want to know why he has been allowed to trample all over everyone of us and no elected official up to now has lifted a finger. Are any of them representing us or have they all joined the " Big O " club.

  • DollyT

    I dont't see any problem in doing both.

  • grandmaliberty

    I say if the president is guilty of malfeance in office.. he needs to be impeached... it did not take that long to get Nixon out of office. the threat was enough for him to resign.. Biden does not have the strength of purpose to do much harm.. Get the rest of them out of office in 2012 and get America on the road to recovery... Remember " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke)

  • emmess1

    When I said the electoral system is broken, I don't mean voting machines, unions or crooks. I mean that the entire republican system of three levels of checks and balances are out of whack, like a broken clock. Being a Canadian, I view U.S. politics without party prejudice or jingoism. What I see is an electoral system that only worked in the past because of the self image of the American people. You thought you were great and so you were great. Then came the great awakening. Please don't dump on me as though I were Anti-American. That's the last thing I am. But I despair that my closest friend and ally has, essentially, beaten itself up. It may be cheesy to hark back to Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" and the old Hollywood movies that created that great self image of Americans but entertainment, today, is producing a culture of losers.
    That can be fixed if there are enough Americans willing to kick political correctness in the butt. But what is needed more than anything is probably the unattainable: America's founding fathers (justifiably) hated the British so much that they threw out the baby with the bath water. The baby was the Parliamentary system that had evolved over almost 1,000 years, pulling the teeth out of the monarchy and becoming workable. The Indians, who also hated the British, recognized this and today the success of countries like Canada and Australia, with good, responsible governments proves it. Can America revert to Parliamentary government? Too many oxen will be gored and it seems Americans of power have no real love for the country.

    • kim

      Don't go blowing your horn too loudly, remember you and the British gave up your guns; that tells me you gave up without a fight. So don't blow that horn too loudly!!!!!!!!!

  • RoBoTech

    I keep reading here that some people say because the Democrat Senate won't impeach Obama, so why even try.
    Here why.
    The House files for an Impeachment Investigation. They list 5-10 of Obama's worst offenses. Easy enough as there MANY of them.
    The Investigation brings out the criminality of what Obama has been doing.
    AHH, but the MSM won't report it! well, yeah they will somewhat as they do try to show some credibility. BUT, even C-Span will show the hearings, and we still have the Internet.
    Does anyone thinks Impeachment hearings on Obama won't get the MSM in a tizzy?
    So, it takes 10-12 months to finish the investigation. There will me proof of criminality, I guarantee it.
    So, the house votes for Impeachment and we wait for the Senate.
    Now, even if the Senate doesn't vote for Impeachment, they HAVE to take a vote! So, we find out which House and Senate Democrats are for Illegal behavior in the Government . Make them famous. Remember that 23 Senate and ALL House Democrats are up for election Nov 2012.
    AND, these investigations will go into the General Election campaign season. How many American's will vote for a guy that has Impeachment hanging over his head.
    And with all THAT going on, will the Democrats even allow Obama to run? I don't think so.
    Just committing to the Impeachment Proceedings will stop Obama. And, it will ease the Black Community into Obama going home, or to Prison, before the election.
    Now I'll get this "It didn't hurt Clinton" meme.
    Sorry, doesn't wash. Clinton was already on his 2nd and FINAL term, anyway.
    WHY the GOP doesn't see this scenario is beyond me.

  • Steve

    I can't believe it has taken 3 years to come to the conclusion to impeach the SOB ! This idiot is the poorest excuse for a President I think the US could have ever have put in office. The American people had better get off their ASS and get real!

  • I remember America

    Obaba needs to be nvestigated for a number of crimes. Why is everyone scared of doing this. Get rid of this chump, now. I will sign, give me a pen.

  • Jay

    Impeachment proceedings will be highlighting all the charge that we want our sleeping American citizens to know and understand.before they vote in Nov.2012. This information being publicly discussed right up to the actual election may be the best wake up tool we have. So many regular citizens have no idea what is going on. This will put all these issue right in their faces. Even if he can not be actually impeached before the election, This is something he and his buddies and the obvious biased Media will need to fight 100% through his re-election campaign. START IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION PROCEEDING - IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  • Larry F

    We are all guilty of running our mouth and yet taking no action! It's like the Texas saying I heard on TV "all hat and no cattle'. It's time we true Americans band together and drag this anti-American imposter out of OUR white house by his big floppy ears!! Who's with me on that one?

  • Jay

    OK folks, whats our course of action? We contact our representatives in Congress, IN INTENSE MASS, and simply scream out "IMPEACHMENT NOW". That is self explanatory. Just maybe some of our more courageous knowledgable and intelligent representatives may raise an eyebrow and say to themselves... "Maybe we should start this since so many American citizens are beating on our doors about this". I'm sending my representatives this very simple "IMPEACHMENT NOW" message right now....HOW ABOUT YOU!

  • C F

    First, Get rid of Reid and Pelosi and the rest of the puppet masters who masterminded this farce. Then Obama should be a lot easier to convince to step down without going through the long process of impeachment.

  • Jay do you suggest we "Get rid" of Reid and Pelosi?

  • Const.40

    From reading about G. Soros again, he has so MANY plants already in office, not only federally and in the states but also in the cities, and the billions he is throwing around, is there enough of us left to make a dent!! He has infiltrated both parties. With the bilderburg meetings Perry has attended, I no longer trust him. Doesn't the fact that he shot up to the top by double digits so quickly make one suspicious..Can't trust any of them anymore. Perry may be the next plant in our WH who will finish up what o has left undone. Though he is speeding up his "restrictions" like mad. Hundreds put in while he was in Martha's Vinyard. Over 200 already in force. They are created to 'uncreate' America. Soros is the Evil One responsible for all the world's failings. He has planned it all, enjoyed it all, and is ready to call himself the new god.

  • Nancy Whitens

    Perhaps it would take too long to impeach. However,I fear that the longer this anti-American is in office,the more damage he is going to do. I think he was put in there to bring down the USA and our congress has let him do it. Only they can put a stop to it and I seriously wonder if there are enough wise congresspersons to do it. Open your eyes, Americans! See how much damage he has done in only 2 1/2 years. With another year and 4 months left he will probably drive the final nails into our coffin!

  • Alex K

    Obama has broken several laws!! If it were me, I'd already have been arrested & thrown in jail -- why not the same for the lawless Obama!! Should he be arrested by the state of AZ or any other agency, Obama should be tried immediately by a trial with jury. Once found guilty, Obama would not be eligible to hold the office of President because of being convicted of a felony!! He should be tried for the offense of TREASON!! Do it now!!

  • Richard Greco

    Obama has violated his oath of office by his selective enforcement of our laws. Obama's decisions to do "law a la carte" are plentiful. He did not pursue the Black Panthers who intimidated white voters in Philadelphia; he did not enforce the immigration laws; he did not fire Attorney General Holder for the "Fast and Furious" scandal done by the ATF, allowing weapons to go into Mexico for use by the drug cartels. He has played fast and loose with stimulus money, and shows no regard for the massive impact on future generations of profligate deficit spending. He has used his office to make side deals with the unions and others who do his bidding.

    Fire him at the next presidential election! Our Country desperately needs a new President to obey the law and enforce the law.

  • emmess1

    When I said the electoral system is broken, I don't mean voting machines, unions or crooks. I mean that the entire republican system of three levels of checks and balances are out of whack, like a broken clock. Being a Canadian, I view U.S. politics without party prejudice or jingoism. What I see is an electoral system that only worked in the past because of the self image of the American people. You thought you were great and so you were great. Then came the great awakening. Please don't dump on me as though I were Anti-American. That's the last thing I am. But I despair that my closest friend and ally has, essentially, beaten itself up. It may be cheesy to hark back to Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" and the old Hollywood movies that created that great self image of Americans but entertainment, today, is producing a culture of losers.

  • welder4

    I had a call from the RNC today and they wanted a donation I told them when they stood up and defended our constitution and impeach Obama then I would maybe send them a donation but not before. I do not understand either why this is not a time right now, he should be impeached because he is breaking the law through proxy with Holder and the young lady who is running the EPA . Is it not an impeachable offense when you tell your dept. of Justice to not enforce the traditional marriage law . The bigger shame falls on the gutless politicians who will not impeach him or at least start an inquiry into his doings . It is looking bad on all of the congress and senate because both parties has let go to many laws that have been broken by Obama . including spending 10 million on vacations for him and his wife . he is to get no more than his salary according to the constitution and his vacations should come out of his own pocket not ours. When we do not like a law we try and get it changed , Obama just ignores it.

  • Ken

    I cannot understand how obama is getting away with so much. The checks and balances are not working! Forget impeachment, this perpetrator needs to be arrested and tried immediately for treason.

    • russ

      Ken, i cannot agree with you more!!! I wish our elected officials had BALLS

  • alegalcitizen

    Yes Obama needs to go, permanently, & WITHOUT any benefits. We all need to make sure he is NOT RE-ELECTED, then our new President can go after Obama with all the charges without having to be concerned about the senate siding with Obama, then they can find him guilty, take away his benefits, & anything else that can be done legally against him & his wife. With Obama OUT of office, it would be alot more easier to bring charges against him then with him in the office with all his czars, Holder, & etc.

  • alegalcitizen

    If Obama gets re-elected, our Country is doomed, & we can only hope that God takes him & his traitor wife & toss them both into hell where they belong.

  • Patricia Wood

    I may not be politically savy, but if WE hired him, why then, can't we FIRE him?
    I can promise you that if Palin were in the Senate she would have already brought him up on charges of Treason.

  • Luis Stecca

    Impeach him ?? How about having him arrested and charged with forgery and social security fraud ?? Duh..
    The guy is a criminal, everyone in congress knows it, and they're all to cowardly to do anything about it...
    What a sad state of affairs

  • Col

    I totally agree. I've said from day one that the only reason our worthless elected officials have let Obama get away with all the illegal things he has done is because they are afraid of being labeled as a racist. I'm sorry, but they can label me a racist or anything else but I would do something to stop him. Being called a rasist / stand by and watch Obama destroy our country, just doesn't level out. It's nice to know that there's at least one rep in Washington has the cohonnes to put forth the effort to stop Obama. Maybe since he has stepped up to the plate, some of the others might get on board and do something to get Obama out of the white house and in prison. While they are at it, do something about Biden. Thank you Rep Steve King. If I lived in Iowa, you would get my vote.

  • milmac

    The sooner the better. Immigration is not his only impeachable offense.

  • Wayne

    The dimocrats still hold the majority in the Senate.

  • What they say

    Muammar al-Qaddafi: A Ghanaian Perspective

  • sgtshel

    It's the fear factor of being labeled a racist! That's why no one is taking this up!!

  • suentoots

    .....yep but keep the stupid people and the racist A/F's from voting for their color "just because he has their color"

  • jacsen

    Way to go, Steve King! You make us proud. Everyone before they vote should read Stephen Pidgeon's "Obama Error" if they really want to understand Obama's agenda! It is an excellent book. Granted, getting rid of Obama doesn't protect us from Joe Biden, Pelosi, and some of the other political morons. But Obama is not a moron....he is simply a dangerous person to have in the Oval Office.

  • G.J.

    Check out the Supreme Court Documents with Obama and Kagan and you will find out why his birth certificate has always been kept a secret. You will also find out why he appointed the liberal gay Kagan over someone of impeccable status to join the supreme court. See the following; "

  • Gil

    Who is going to tie the can to the dogs tail ? So far there hasn't been a hint from anyone in the House to do this. Is here anybody in the TEA Party to start the ball rolling ?

  • Carla Rogers

    Obama needs to ber IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IamForIt

      Yo all are racists

  • aprilnovember

    Rep. King is great. I keep asking myself why they allow this man to continue to thumb his nose at our laws and citizens.

  • 20/20VISIONARY

    The Emperor has no clothes! Ubayd/Obama/Soetaro ain't no US citizen, ain't no Man, just an image, cartoon from Hollywood types, Soros funded, in Al Capone's footsteps with Sol Alinski's dogma. His Narcisstic Mania envelopes his life as he takes out his self-hatreds on USA. Pitty the twerp, unable to step out from under the fact his "Daddy" didn't want him, MANY have overcome bad "Daddys" but it takes an ability to love others, love self for loving others. The Iman has no LOVE in his bones.

  • karen

    Most of American citizens are unaware that a "natural born citizen" is one who both parents were citizens and we are all aware that BO's father was not a citizen. He has been rubbing our collective noses in his sh!t. All this time we are wasting time about a birth certificate and it doesn't matter where he is born, according to the constitution he is illegal. He should be impeached and imprisoned for this!!

  • Steve

    This will go nowhere. Obama is BLACK and is seen as the FIRST BLACK President even though his true ethnicity is Creole. Politicians are scared to death of all the race riots the Blacks would start. So 16% of the population now controls the other 84%.

    Don't believe me? Then why did the Los Angeles DA change the venue of the trial for OJ Simpson from the predominately white neighborhood that OJ lived in to a neighborhood that is predominately Black? To avoid another race riot like the Rodney King mess. Never mind the Black Female juror that stated no matter the evidence she would not find OJ or any Black man guilty.

    As my African classmates have repeatedly told me they are shocked that the white man is so scared of the black man in America. My classmates from various countries within Africa are not fooled by the blacks in America and call them some very impolite names to include the "N" word. They also don't want them in their respective counties.

    What more is there to say? "The Man", "The Honky", "Whitey", "The Cracker" is truly scared of "African" Americans.

  • Patriot


  • JRBeaman

    The Federal Quo Warranto Statute Is The Only Constitutional Means of Removing a Sitting President Other Than Impeachment Read the QUO WARRANTO LEGAL BRIEF here>

  • joseph Incarnatro

    How do I get unsubscribed from this pain in the a-- publication???

  • jimmy

    he cannot be inpeached cause he is not a legal citizen,he can be arrested,for high crimes and teason,bring it on,babt and let the chips fall where they may

  • Claudette

    With all the back door deals Obama has done . I dont understand why he has not been impeached from office. I think he was put into place to bring the United States down. And Joe Biden is a laughing stock and Obama needs to make another speach. Thats all he is good at. It makes me angry to hear him.No Democratic ticket for me.

  • Lucille

    I have read much about impeachment and that a president of this country can't be impeached unless he is a natural born citizen. It seems to me that there is an impasse here - if he is brought up for impeachment, he could then say he was not born in the United States of America. Of course, that would show that his status as President is illegal. His winning the presidency came from the votes of young collegians and fraudulent votes "dug up" by ACORN. It might be more helpful if we keep in touch with our representatives and direct our concerns to them. Keep those cards, letters and emails going. It would also help if we would try to educate ourselves about the candidates and where their values lie now and in their past. We might still make a mistake in our vote, but I think we would have a better chance at making a good choice. This President has kept his past a secret. Too much is hidden and I wonder why.

  • Danny Naum

    I think we should beat him at the voting booth, but have tea party republican tell the truth, that he should be impeached, but going through the courts would most likely be a waste of time just like big goverment everything takes too much time . So the people of the United States can be the jury , and the Tea Party canidates can show and prove the case with speeches, on talk radio, and any other media willing to show the truth, and we as Americans can give the verdict on Election Day. Speak the truth, and save the American Way. America is Great because America is Good.

  • Alice Johnson

    Resident Obama (he is not a citizen and so can not be president) has committed so many crimes while in office that he can easily be put on trial, convicted and sent to prison. This is America, a land that expects honesty, wisdom, justice for all. Guess he never was a Boy Scout, guess he never learned the pledge of allegiance (is that not required when a person applies for citizenship, when he runs for president?) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Yes, Mr. Obama-you have a lot to learn, and I pray you will change, be an an example for good that those little girls can be proud of, your wife and family might delight in you!

  • Ralph Kelley

    I sometimes wish that we had a system like the British. A vote of no confidience the day the republician congress took over would have sent him packing.

  • BunnyOlesen

    HELLO Giacomo, I keep asking the exact same thing. I mean my god, they must have so much ammunition it's INSANE. They tried messing with Clinton, and then harassed him about WHAT? A semen stained dress? (vomit) Ovomit has circumvented the constitution, it is KNOWN that he has used false social security numbers, that he applied for and received grant money from the Federal Government to attend college as FOREIGN CITIZEN, yet claims to be a born american so that is a violation of Federal Law and a felony, he lied on his resume for president, he went to Libya without congressional approval and then acted like he would do it regardless (would be nice if you were 'with me' on this) HELL YES we want impeachment proceedings OLDTEXGAL and I'll tell you why.....there is NO way to know for sure that he will not win next election. GIVE ME A BREAK, with George Soros money, and easy to rig kindergarden voter machines, dead people and illegal immigrants voting and black panthers ready to intimidate voters with baseball bats (along with plain ole apathy) there is still a chance he will win!!! IMPEACH HIM, start proceedings, totally screw him up and it will also keep him from doing some other horrible things he wants to do because he will be too busy protecting himself !!!


  • 1 US citizen

    You can't impeach an impostor...  but you can arrest an impostor for impersonating a US president, or arrest a person for Grand Theft, or for Treason.... and I believe that carries the maximum penalty of capitol punishment... Does it not ?

  • Johnny T. To

    " No one is above the national law. "

    In the case B. H. Obama (the 44th US President) 's birth certificate would be a fraud, he must be impeached by the Congress with the VERDICT of 200 years imprison and $2 billions in fine, etc.