If We Had More Doctors, Romney Would Win

There is a huge black cloud on the horizon that’s slowly getting closer and closer.  Like all approaching violent storms, it has an ominous and foreboding look that sends many people to seek shelter, but leaves a few crazies standing outside, waiting to get struck by lightning or blown away by the winds.  The cloud has a name and that name is Obamacare.

Among those seeking shelter from the storm are doctors and members of the medical profession.  They see their doom in the swirling clouds that seem to consume everything in their path.  The only way to survive the impending devastation is to flee to other professions that offer some vestige of safety.

At least that’s the scenario being played out in one poll after another.  One poll released this past summer indicated that 83% of doctors in private practices were seriously considering leaving those practices because of the rising costs of Obamacare.  Many indicated that Obamacare was a complete disaster and that they could not financially afford to remain in practice if it is allowed to take effect.

A more recent survey indicated that 55% of doctors today would vote for Mitt Romney in hopes of being able to repeal Obamacare.  Only 36% of the doctors surveyed said they would vote for Barack Obama.

Of the 3,660 physicians surveyed in all 50 states, 35% indicated they were Republicans, 26% were Independents, 24% were Democrats, 6% were Libertarians and 7% had no party affiliation at all.

Most of the physicians who said they would vote for Romney were male and either had their own private practice or had an investment in their own practice.  They were also made up mostly of surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, general practitioners and ophthalmologists.

Many of the physicians who said they would vote for Obama were female and worked in hospitals and medical systems.  They were made up largely of pediatricians, psychiatrists (that figures), and those involved in addiction medicine.

Another result of the survey indicated that more physicians are likely to vote in this November’s election than did in 2008.  Obama drew around 40% of the medical vote in 2008 compared to 44% going to McCain.  This year, the difference is greater and in Romney’s favor.

It’s a shame we don’t have more male doctors who have their own private practices to vote this year.  And if Obama wins re-election, it seems we’ll have far fewer around for the next election.



  • CARLjr

    What is Romney's plan for healthcare reform? Just wait until you have to go to the emergency room - they have to treat you. It's up to the individual states to bail out the hospitals for these non-paying patients.

    Repealing the Afforable Care Act is more about the nickname of "Obamacare" then what the law actually says.

    • Doodlebug

      Yes, if you go to the hospital they must treat you whether or not you have insurance and you bet that this costs each of us to pay for these uninsured people. But, I would NOT be surprised if by the time they get done with all the cost of implementing all of obummercare, and what our own premiums have already gone up they will go up even more, it will turn out to be cheaper to have just left it alone. Employers are already saying they will not offer insurance coverage to their employees as it is cheaper to pay the fine than it is to pay the cost of insurance for their people. obummercare is the sure way to get government only provided healthcare - Solcialism, Communism, Marxism or whatever you wish to call it.

  • Screeminmeeme

    I'm retired from the medical field and I can tell you that to the man/woman, every physician I know is seriously thinking of either retiring early or looking for another profession.

    In fact, in my own poll of people working in various capacities at 3 local hospitals here in Michigan, I've found only a handful of those in lower income jobs who say they will vote for Obama. All but 2 were black.

  • PMDavis

    The biggest "coverup" of Obamacare is, is that no one from this administration is telling people that companies will drop their health insurance on their employees, doctors will be leaving/quitting by the droves and then everyone will have no choice but to sign up with the government healthcare plan and then they gotcha! Obama keeps saying everyone can keep their own insurance but he knows what is going to happen and he just grins that evil grin knowing he is condemning people to no coverage and no healthcare except what the government wants to give them, which is not much. A doctor wrote a book, who has read the 2,000+ page bill, and he says the nightmare that is coming is horrendous. There are death panels for the terminally ill/elderly, because the government will not want to pay for their long term care, and also a panel called "Infanticide" which will determine if babies born with defects or illnesses are worth saving, and if not, they will be put to sleep after 5 months. Obama cleverly put out the only 2 good things about Obamacare up front, to fool the people, and that was coverage for existing conditions and coverage of children up to 26. Other than those 2 things, the rest of this plan is a catastrophic nightmare.

    • CARLjr

      You misunderstand how the Affordable Healthcare Act works. This is not a government issued insurance. It is a requirement for employers to cover their full-time employees and issues rights and protections to the patient to make sure the insurance companies do not deny benefits for things like pre-existing conditions or arbitrarily cancel you because you get sick.

      I suggest you read up on it. You are imagining a scenario based on misinformation. Go to healthcare dot gov and educate yourself. You can even look at the law (not a bill anymore) they have it posted in a searchable format. Not one of the things you said in your post is true, except that you will be able to keep your current insurance.

      • PMDavis

        This plan is not starting out as a government issued insurance but when companies start dropping the healthcare coverage on their employees, which they are threatening to do because they will not be able to afford to keep it, then what are people going to do? They will sign up on the government plan. I also believe what this doctor says in his book and he says these death panels are real and will happen. Why are doctors threatening to leave in droves when Obamacare comes into play if it is such a good plan? Anything this administration plans is not good for the people or country. It is all about government control.

        • CARLjr

          so in your imagined scenario - companies who are required to provide coverage will drop coverage and people will sign up to a non-existing government plan?

          "anything this administration plans is not good for the people or country" I can tell there is no way to debate with you with this attitude. You will make up whatever fits your preconceived notions, and dismiss anything that does not fit your view. Your mind is closed.

        • PMDavis

          It is not an imagined scenario. These are facts that people are reporting so everyone will know the truth of what is getting ready to happen and not just accept the deception of this administration, as you obviously have. It is closed to the lies of this administration. There are too many people that have read the 2,000+ page law and they are reporting what is really in it. I believe them and the doctors that are threatening on leaving and I believe employers will drop health insurance coverage on their employees because they say they are. You are the one closed minded to the deceptions of this administration and what is really going on.

        • Doodlebug

          You, CARLjr, are the one who needs to read up on the obummercare law. PMDavis is 100% correct. Listen to the news reports on TV or radio or read the reports in the newspapers. Anything that takes 2000+ pages to write and has to be sent to courts to be determined if it is even legal leaves a whole lot to be desired. And, how many lawyers does it take to determine what it really says? Listen to what the doctors are saying, they've read it and don't tell me about the AMA supporting it because the AMA is in obummer's pocket the same as AARP and United Health Care Insurance are, and only a handful of all doctors belong to the AMA. So, MOST doctors DO NOT SUPPORT IT. You are the one with the closed mind!

        • CARLjr

          Read it yourself. It's posted in a searchable format. it's not as difficult as you are making it out to be. I don't need a team of lawyers to read a document for me. I can read. I have read quite a bit of it. I think it's fascinating. I prefer to read the ACTUAL legislation and not rely on tabloids to tell me what the SuperPACs think I should know or what it "might" do.

          My doctor supports the new provisions and told me the other doctors at our hospital feel the same way. I'm sure that different areas of the country may have different opinions. (true about most issues)