Did Hillary Clinton Setup Obama for Tonight’s Debate?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken the blame for security lapses at our embassies. Why would she do this the day before President Obama’s second debate with Mitt Romney? It doesn’t make sense unless (1) Obama forced her to take the blame hoping he can diffuse the political damage that the embassy violence has caused to his re-election chances or (2) she wants to damage the president by coming off as more presidential.

Taking the blame goes a long way politically. Her “the buck stops here” admission makes the president look small. Did she do this on purpose? Is she setting herself up for a run in 2016 by distancing herself from Obama’s blame-shifting political strategy?

Did Obama make a deal with her? If she took the blame and if he wins, Joe Biden will step down as vice president and he’ll pick Hillary, setting her up as the logical choice for President in 2016.

Economic numbers are looking up for the President. Michelle has said the economy is on an upswing. Unemployment is below 8 percent. While these numbers are suspect, they tend to filter through the population. The media can have an impact on how people think by how they position the news. The flip in the numbers came just at the right time for November 6th.

Obama can dismiss the embassy trouble at the debate by saying that it was all Hillary’s fault. Of course, he won’t say it like that. He’ll most likely praise her for doing the stand-up thing by taking the blame. He can then shift the debate back to the more optimistic economic numbers that the First Lady is pushing on the talk shows.

To be honest, I don’t know why Hillary decided to fall on her political sword. I don’t trust either one of them. Hillary has Bill whispering in her ear. Does anyone know who’s whispering in Obama’s ear?

It’s up to Romney to keep the pressure on the President tonight. It’s still the economy, but Americans don’t like a cover-up. The new media has forced the old media to deal with the story.

This is much worse than Watergate. No one died in the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C.



  • Renellin

    Hillary will not be his VP. She hates him, as does Bill.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IKDWOOG2R7554VS6VBJVMUSX5M stan collins

      If Hillary was VP she would immediately leak all the dirt she has on Obama. He would be impeached and she would be Pres.
      Obama knows to never let her have that advantage.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GEJYXREM3KZPVCMATZ65ORJRMQ Kay

        stan, You nailed it!! Both she and Bill detest Obama, so she's playing things out to benefit her in 2016. Of course, she's lying about Libya just like the rest of the commie regime, but evidently there's something more behind it.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VRH5RKZCH47RB3BJBMF7VX35EQ revgay

        true each of them is afraid of the other!

      • Renellin

        I couldn't begin to count the reasons why Obama would never let it happen. Biden probably has stuff on him too.

        • refurb001

          Do you believe biden can retain knowledge more than thirty minutes? Why do you think obamy has him as a VP? No one wants biden to become president in the event that obamy became unable to preside.

        • Renellin

          Good point. God love ya, Chuck. Biden would be better than Obama, but understand the bar is very, very low.

      • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

        Hilliary had better be a good girl for her boss or she had better find a good hiding place for Chelsia. This rat is serious and can not be trusted for one second.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VRH5RKZCH47RB3BJBMF7VX35EQ revgay

      and he hates her too

  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b
  • summerwind63

    i think its bogus - anyone can say I take the blame -the actions you take after that admission is what the public wants to see - and as far as I can tell she doesn't really plan on doing anything except the same ol same ol

  • Al Hardie

    All of this has been a setup since the outset of the Arab Spring to destabilize the whole Middle East!

    • John

      Where do you people get your brains ??

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

        Out of ODUMBAS "BUTT" ,,,,,,,,

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2AWBS7UL27Z7ULVPKYTND6ZXJI Lisa

      To a certain point, you may have a point, but what we are actually seeing are the "unintended consequences" that pushing for foreign leaders can and often do create. There comes an instant vacuum of power, and there are always vile opportunists who are just waiting in the wings to capitalize on that sudden vacuum.
      Do I think that this was an "unintended consequence" on Obama's part? H__ NO.
      From Audacity of Hope:
      "I will stand with the Muslims should the
      political winds shift in an ugly direction."

  • Jeannie

    Yes and it will not work !

  • Greg

    The bad details about Benghazi are political. The cover up is the
    problem with 4 Americans dead and sodomized.

    • Mike6

      I wonder what Hiilary would have said if her family was sodomized in Benghazi? Would she blame the event on "the fog of war"? She should take lying lessons fron Bill Clinton who is the Master. Remember Bill gave us a new definition of the word "is".
      Hillary should retire, bake cookies, and keep an eye on Bill before he exposes himself to a younger Paula Jones.

  • fzybny

    Ah...she has you fooled too! I believe she has realized that her atrocious management of the State Department has disqualified her to ever be president. I think she is trying to provide cover for her failure.

    • Red

      NEVER! Not until she shuffles off her mortal coil.

  • fryer01

    is anyone going to JAIL for these deaths???? hello??????? my god this is sad...of course obama and her knew everything..he is throwing her under the bus..they hate each other and thats it !!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJM2AZCHZG4VSDKGAJ4G7OPAOI David Batchelder

      they think it is a video game, they get to become alive again after the stupid American voters forget. Hey, I didn't say that.

      Hey Monica did not blow me. Come on. LOL

      • Al Neuman

        Exactly--there's no doubt that for the Obama handlers, iit's all about "plausible deniability". While anyone with even half a brain realizes that Obama's lack of knowledge about the growing security crisis in Libya could only mean either 1. He's incredibly uninformed about crucial security issues because he regularly skips WH security briefings (true),or 2. He knew but failed to do ANYTHING to protect our embassy and people in Benghazi, neither is very good for him politically.

        So of course they have a little chat with Hilary to get her to fall on this sword, just ahead ot the debate, The Obama types as usual are coiunting on 1. the gullibility and relative inattention of the American public and 2. a totally complicit media unwilling to press any issue detrimental to their Anointed One.

        The Obama campaign strategy is not that different than Clinton's was when he was in trouble--deny, deny, deny. And they've added the fillip to always attack the accuser and impugn his credibility, which also shifts the attention away from the real issue. Unfortunately the Romney campaign has repeatedly taken this bait and allowed the narrative to be about everything EXCEPT Obama's incompetence and dishonesty.

  • g.J.

    sHE HAS ANNOUNCED she is done being secretary of State My bet is she was promised to be elected to the supreme Court should Obama win 2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Machinski/626288942 John Machinski

    Taking the blame should result in her resignation. It is nothing of which to be proud.

    • Kay

      If Holder can keep his position and Geitner can keep his position, there is no way on earth that Hillary will loose hers. Except, of course, she's a little more of a thorn in O's side than the lackeys. If he could get rid of her, I'm sure he would love it, but he knows Bill and Hill have enough on him to crucify him if they wanted. I just don't know why they don't do it. Maybe Hillary is sick and tired of the whole thing. She sure looks it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MTTH376IMERW2F2XHRFVOE6PKU John W

        The sheer amount of lies they tell, it must be hard to remember them. Of course if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember them

      • Boogie's Daddy

        Hillary lacks one crucial ingredient for survival in this administration: Chicago connections. She is a southern democrat interloper. (I am reminded of postcards of a rabbit with antlers.)

        • Thomas McCarthy

          Hillary is actually from Chicago. Small world.

        • Bullred

          You are right Thomas and she is also a "red diaper baby" in the same vein as David Axlerod , and others connected to this lie of a president that we have.

        • SirWilhelm

          The Clintons are from Arkansas. Bill was governor, before he became President.

      • Doodlebug

        Romney can win this election and get RID OF ALL OF THEM!

    • Mike6

      Hillary taking the blame for the Benghazi disaster is not convincing. She should take lying lessons from Bill Clinton, who is more believable. If her family was murdered in Libya what would Hillary say? Would call such an event "the fog of war"? Hillary must think that the American people are idiots. Susan Rice blamed the murder of four brave Americans on an old Coptic man living in Los Angeles. Obma mentioned the video six times in his UN speech, and he was sympathetic to Islam. No American President ever capitulated to muslim terrorists like Obama.
      Our Pravda media did not say a word.
      Our Pravda media elected a gay black man, born in Kenya, marxist sympathiser, muslim background and a grifter as President of the USA. Shame on them. I wonder if MSM journalists ever read the Holy Bible and go to Church on Sundays? I would not let any of them drive my daughter over the Chippaquidick bridge.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/RT7T7LCQ56NAYGU5OZZKRXSTFI Texan

        Great post, Mike! I can't imagine ANY TRUE AMERICAN being for Obama~

        • Mike6

          Tell your family, neighbors, and friends never to vote for the muslim again.

        • refurb001

          Didn't the first time and WILL NOT the second time. Vote for Romney and get this country back on the right track!!!

        • trm

          Make that any MUSLIM ever again, EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Looey

          Didn't vote for him in 2008 as all I had to do is look in his eyes and see what he was. Most of the people I know are voting for Romney even some who voted for Obama in 2008. However, there are still enough stupid ones out there to vote for him. I am a senior and all my senior friends are Romney supporters, also my family and my son-in-law's family. We live in PA and are hoping the people in PA wake up and give our 20 electoral votes to Romney.

          The killing of the Ambassador and the three others is a criminal cover-up. Nixon was impeached for lying, but Obama has lied and four people are dead. This is time for some criminal charges. The way to do it is to take the Senate and get rid of Harry Reid. He should be impeached, too.

        • Arizona_Don

          None are!

      • cyberhackster

        The American people are idiots -- Look who is at the helm in the White House..

        • Gunsmoke11

          It won't be long before that changes and then we will see who is the Idiots...... we will see you wimpering and with smeared Diapers being worn by yourself..... If you Do NOT like it here or you have a problem with what is done here, then you need to go back to your own Country and SHUT-UP....... What a Weasel you Commie No Good !!!!

        • haroldson

          great answer and post

      • Doodlebug

        And, as the mother of the slain Ambassador said, she doesn''t trust any of them anymore. Neither do I, never have and never will. If obummer is setting her up for the 1216 election, both of them should remember that obummer has to win first. I find it hard to believe that either obummer or hillybilly can stay in the political arena after what has happened now.The buck doesn't stop with her. In my opinion the buck stops with the prez in every situation and this arrogant dummicrat donkey is responsible for anything that happens regarding the safety of the American people.

        • Mike6

          You are correct and Hillary was told to take the blame for the Benghazi disasters. If Obama was more of a man he would admit that it was the fault of his bad policies.

      • BONCARBO

        I agree, there is some other reason she took the heat for this. Maybe Obama threatened her and her family again, I don't know what the reasons are but I smell something fishy.

        • Mike6

          I hope Hillary retires. I am so tired of that fat communist lady running around telling everyone what to do.

        • Looey

          I am sick of both the Clintons. Bill is such a limelight hog that he cannot go quietly. I remember when he left the White House, he wouldn't go away like the other presidents. They took everything they could find, and glued the drawers in the offices shut so the Bush people would have a hard time. They trashed Air Force One. The Clintons are no better than Obama. As far as I'm concerned, the Democratic party has turned into a bunch of Communists. There are no moderates left in that party.

    • DeBoe

      Hilary has already turned in her resignation a while back to end Jan 2013. She does want to run 2016 and she wanted to distant herself form Obama`s failures if he wins.I would think this would follow her all the way to 2016. There is way more to this story than just Obama being stupid and lazy.

      • refurb001

        You have one thing extremely right: obama is stupid and lazy. What does he have on the table to present to the voting public for the next four years? More of the same? Higher unemployment, more companies moving off shore....

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          obama has reinforced the stereotype of black people being lazy, stupid and worthless.

        • Looey

          I've heard stories that businesses are going to lay people off if Obama is re-elected. Some of his former supporters like the man who owns Darden, think, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, is going to reduce his employee hours below 30 to get away from Obamacare, and Steve Wynn, big casino owner, Democrat, is furious with Obama as he said he is turning his employees against him with this class warfare. Another big real estate owner in Florida, told his employees it depends on who gets elected whether they have jobs. He said he can always retire to the Caribbean.So all of this is swirling around. Even the Democrats have turned against him. Of course, Hollywood is still out there making videos for him but who cares about that bunch. They can take their videos and stuff them.

          Maybe Obama can go to Hollywood and get a reality show or something when we throw him out of office. He loves those celebrities so much.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Regina-Weiner/100001179896625 Regina Weiner

      Absolutely. What is the point of claiming responsibility if there are no consequences?

      • Arizona_Don

        Appeasement the good citizens will stop talking about it. Mostly because the main stream media will stop talking about it. Make no mistake nothing happens within this administration that is not planned.

    • SirWilhelm

      Nixon resigned over Wategate, in which no one died. People died from F & F, and now in Libya, because of this administrations actions and policies, but still Obama reigns. No one has enough honor to take full responsiblity, especially not the Usurper tyrant. Retaining the power of the Office, is all that matters to him, and no sacrifice is too great, as long as someone else, makes it for him.

  • mexxet

    Cankles will do anything to further her political career. She is an incompetent and scheming hack who has no business in such high political circles much less on the world stage. It is obvious that blood is on her hands on this incident and is looking to wipe her hands clean on the clothing of anybody who will get close enough to her. Look what happened to Susan Rice.

  • Brendajanetorres

    I think Hillary knew that Obama had ALREADY started blaming her and there was no way out without it getting nasty, which would damage the democrat image!

    • urstrange

      Can't damage the DemocRAT image...it destroyed itself when King Rat came on board and started his agenda to sink the Ship of State. We all know here Rats go when the Ship is sinking.

    • believe

      Little to late to worry about any more damage to the Democrats, they all took care of that already.
      you know the Democrats have to be VERRY bad if the black coalition are putting up
      $1 million dollars to stop Obama from being reelected.and the Black Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr. is asking the Black people to leave the Democratic Party.They are telling them the truth when they say they stand for EVERY THING IMORAL.
      Better listen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gloria-Wedemeyer/100000979472300 Gloria Wedemeyer

    I really don't understand the strategy in her taking the blame. If she wants to run in 2016, wouldn't it show her as inept allowing 4 people to die because of lack of security. I really don't know how her and Bill could support anything this man Obama says. Look how he tried to tear her down When they were running against each other in the nomination process. Wouldn't trust either of them as far as I could throw them. But regardless of who is to blame, this adm tried to tell us over and over again how it was because of a stupid video. I thought Mitt romney right at first was right on when he did not apologize for America. What I think turned more people off than anything else is that this happened and instead of the President staying in Washington and dealing with this disaster, he was off to Letterman, The View and Las Vegas. It showed a lot of people with open minds just where his priorities are. If George W would have done the same thing, he would be crucified by the liberal media, which is almost all of them.

  • Scirel

    Here's a thought: Bill WANTS Obama to lose. If Obama wins, he will bring so much malaise to America that the country won't want anything to do with anyone even remotely associated with him. And I think Slick Willie senses this. So it is a political risk - a punt - to trust her defense to help her get the ball back in four years.

  • oldtexgal

    Obama could not have forced her to "take one for the team".... It's more likely a political calculation on her part. I agree with Jeannie, it won't work. She doesn't look better by owning up to incompetence! Four Americans are DEAD, because of yet another cynical political calculation by this administration...."I killed Bin Ladin, War on Terror is over..... everything is hunky dory in Libya". Only truth.. Bin Ladin is dead. The mishandling of this has been stunning! Almost worse than Fast and Furious! WHERE IS THE PRESS?!?!?!

    • Goatie

      Hillary knows that she has one more chance to run for POTUS. She'll be 69 in 2016, so this is most likely her last chance to run for POTUS. If Romney wins (which he will), she would have to wait until 2020. She'll be 73 by then, so she's thinking that she needs to help out ovomit right now even if she has to take the sword. They are all a bunch of Marxist buffoons based on their keeping power. Lord be with us! Everyone please remember to fervently pray for Romney tonight.

      • ginger

        Amen..pray long and pray hard. It seems to be too much to hope the sheeple wake up ...

        • Rob from VA

          wake up? they are awake and holding out their hands for more government gifts for their vote!

      • Legalcld

        Amen to that! Pray people Pray!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VRH5RKZCH47RB3BJBMF7VX35EQ revgay

      then of course we've never dealt completely with the leaks on the killing of bin laden that has resulted in the production of a film. there's a lot of unfinished business regarding the obama administration.

      • gooseroot

        First and formost is showing that the POS is ILLEGAL to be in our White House.

    • thismustend

      Where they ALWAYS are, up ObaMAO's ---!

  • Sam

    Whatever the reason, it is not accidental and she has thought it out completely. Her decision is tl help herself, not Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1240470727 Thomas O'Riordon


  • watchdogmom

    in her sick,twisted,communist mind she has something up her sleeve. Clintons need to finally be put where they cannot endanger America any longer,along with the rest of the regime in D.C.- it is long overdue. Along with their puppet masters,and bankers.

  • 529_Barb

    So.....Hillary takes the blame for the security debacle.....but proves she's a bold face liar when she puts herself out there telling the fib about the video.......we can't trust anybody in this administration......it's frightening to think there may be a major plot against us and the bozo's in the white house are asleep at the wheel.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VRH5RKZCH47RB3BJBMF7VX35EQ revgay

      no theyre NOT asleep at the wheel---they are a part of the plot---a world-wide plot for a one world government!

  • http://www.facebook.com/norbert.j.pierre Norbert J St Pierre

    last I heard, the "Buck" was only 13 cents, where's the rest of the blame go?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    Coming from her lying lips has no meaning at all, she hate obama and he hate the clintons as well. The only thing these to democrat POS want is power and to hell with this country.

  • Edward

    What about this: "you take the blame and when I'm re-elected I will appoint you to the Supreme Court" ? A lifetime position with a lot of power behind it and that's what Hillary really wants right or wrong?

    • RightWingLeftyGolfer

      Posted on The Blaze a short time ago.
      One potential - repeat potential - scenario is almost complete. Clinton has already indicated that she will not be the Sec. of State in the POTENTIAL second term of Oblitheringidiot. The sword only punctures so deep but deep enough to forego her possibility of becoming a potential presidential Demoncratic candidate in 2016. By persuading Clinton to take responsibility, the president gets off the hook (not quite Barry) somewhat and if re-elected promises Clinton a place on the Supreme Court when Justice John Paul Stevens and/or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires following the election.

      The scenario is of course only valid if the Demoncrats maintain control of the Senate, but any way you cut it, a fillibuster of all fillibusters would take place should they do so.
      Just thinking out loud but it sure is scary!! Probably even more scary than a possible Justice Eric Holder.

      • http://twitter.com/slewfan Di

        No one could be worse than Holder IMHO. He's a lying racist who is out to destroy our country, along w/BO. Hillary is doing BO a favor, saying the buck stops here. What BO will do tonite is look Presidential by "saving her"...by stating that actually the buck stops w/him, the President. That would make him look more noble, in their warped minds, and would be a plus in this very negative, messy scenario. That's my take on this...guess we'll wait and see.

  • Ron

    Obama is the most corrupt, narcissistic, power hungry, incompetent President in my 66 years of living. He will do anything or say anything to get re-elected. So to label him as a snake in the grass is being too kind.

    • kaj

      I agree and I hope the seniors are waking up and discovering nobama for what is really is........... a communist pos.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        It is not the seniors you have to worry about. It is the young College age kids, and women. They are all voting for Obama.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/RT7T7LCQ56NAYGU5OZZKRXSTFI Texan

          I am a female and have 9 sisters, all voting for Romney!!!

        • gapch12

          Thank you for your honesty.

        • colleenf

          Hooray for you guys! I am a senior and have NO intention on voting for oblamo!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PVYW2WHZZFL732OBAAIAVRJ6Y monkey-do-little

          Good! As a senior also, I'll NOT vote for B. O. It's all the welfare people, black or white and the college kids that want to keep him in, as far as I'm concerned!

        • RedMeatState

          they won't make the difference. He's gone already!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YLDA37DBRZHIANUE5SSOLO2CVQ Roger

          Senior with three daughters. None of us are voting for Onoma.

        • Zardos

          Can you say Liberal professors? Schools need a clean up.

      • cat

        I don't think it's the seniors that we have ever had to worry about. It's the college kiddies and the blacks who will only vote for a black. Never mind if he's capable, just that he continues the handouts.

        • Arizona_Don

          Sorry cat your wrong.
          Make no mistake about that if it were not for those seniors who are and were AARP members Obama could not have won the election. Put the blame where it belongs. Yes he had considerable support from the young people but the largest group of voters is the seniors and they also pay much more attention then the young folks who have other more important things to consider like who they will sleep with tonight. No group is without fault that obama is president. Those who vote for him this time around are all freedom haters and socialistic lovers or just plain ignorant. Even those who do not bother to vote for Romney are giving this country to the socialistic communist, marxist or fascist, and he will turn our Constitutional Republic and free enterprise system into a socialistic dictatorship. Anyone who cannot see that very clearly I suggest they get their head out of their butt. If that sounds cruel sorry, someone has to tell the truth. If Obama is reelected there will be war. There is between 80 and 100 million of us in this country that will not surrender our freedoms or our guns or for that matter any of our constitutional rights and he will be moving in a second term to do away with everything.

        • cat

          Well, Arizona Don, I happen to be one of those seniors who has senior friends and I know of none of them who will be voting for Odummer, so I'm basing my opinion on that and the fact that I have kids and although neither of them are Odummer followers, they have friends who are are, at least the youngest does. I have a 24 year old daughter with friends still in college and the friends sit there bragging about how college kids are progressive therefore, they're all voting for Odummer. It's the cool thing to do, you know. That's where my info came from and hopefully it's just a handful and hopefully I'm wrong about the college kids. My 40 year old son and friends are a different story. They have enough life experience behind them to realize the folly of voting for Odummer. Romney all the way for them.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1240388666 Donna Smith

        I am a senior and I saw this scum coming years ago. I warned everyone I could about him and his communist buddies. My granddaughter was the only one with voters remorse. She was college indoctrinated ! Don't blame we seniors if they think differently. I tried.

    • Evermyrtle

      In my opinion the 8% unemployment published is rigged, in an effort to get more votes. I believe it is much higher than 8%. Circumstances certainly have not improved in my area.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJM2AZCHZG4VSDKGAJ4G7OPAOI David Batchelder

        you are correct, all stat are a lie to fool the people.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MTTH376IMERW2F2XHRFVOE6PKU John W

        They have improved in some areas, just not enough. Employers will not until they find out how much new hires are going to cost. With some it will include old hires as well as they don't offer those benefits. The number of employees will determine your fine under obama

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Warren-Reynolds/1179441694 Warren Reynolds

          THE ONLY statees that have had employment numbers improve are those that are A. Run by republicans or B. have upped their enrgy production, Which is why when Mit is elected and goes full bore on energy production it will change the course for the better ( nation wide )

      • abbe

        Do not forget once you have used up your unemplioyment benefits you are no longer on the unemployment rolls that little fact is counted. Therefore according to this idiot government you must be employed.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Warren-Reynolds/1179441694 Warren Reynolds

          BUT, what the adminstration is allowing is when people run out of their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, they swith them over to disabled, that's why every program that hands out money is sliding fast towards collapse, you can only fool the system for so long, rampant hyper infaltion IS coming, and will be hitting harder than ever before...... GET YOUR FOOD, GET YOUR WATER, GOOD,, GOOD That's what i used to say to my black lab.. and he listened much better than a democrat...

        • willyt

          That's where the 14-15% "real" unemployment number comes from. When you add the folk who went from full time (standing on one's own two feet) to part time (the slow slide into the abyss) the number is closer to 20%

      • butterflylady38

        don't shove that down the throat of the people living in my town! our main industry has laid off ove 300 in 3 months! more to come! how can we be at an all time low??? in unemployment - something sticks in washington!

      • LicketySplit

        Oh its way above 8%....if you recall just a week before the "New" numbers were released the White House said they had devised a new way to interpret the unemployment figures..why isnt anyone seeing this as a prop???? Or is everyone just so tuned into this lying POS that they believe anything he says? Jebus Christo...this is the most dishonest..lying..scheming potus ever..and he gets a pass every time he steps up to the plate. Un FN believable.. he acts like the Pied Piper of Camelot and grins to your face and stabs you in the back walking away. The MSM is so complicit in all of it i want to see them choke on their own jobs when Romney is elected. What a bunch of lying idiots. There is no such thing as honest journalism any longer...they all swoon over this snakeoil salesman like he is the second coming..well maybe he is..but it isnt of Christ..its of SATAN!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Warren-Reynolds/1179441694 Warren Reynolds

        The current u 6 unemployment rate is 15% national average, don't be fooled by the media s spin " on anything " They are as far left as obama and chavez.

      • refurb001

        The reason he is quoting 8% is that most people have run out of un-employment benefits and have either dropped out of the job market or are working under the table. How many NEW jobs have been created since obamy took office versus the normal new job opportunities in a good economy? VERY low. We are spiraling down into a crash. Vote for Romney and get this economy turned around. We NEED NEW Jobs. Develop our own resources and bring jobs back to the US.......

      • AlarmBelle

        With several more coal mines shut down how could it possible be lower? My area has seen several more factories shut down.
        And do NOT forget Obama told feds to IGNORE the law that forces employers with 100 or more employees to tell them 30 to 60 days IN ADVANCE of any pending layoffs/shutdowns................... UNTIL 'after' the election!! That tells me after election.............the other half of the country will be shut down. It's gonna get bad folks.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YLDA37DBRZHIANUE5SSOLO2CVQ Roger

        Newest estimate published is 18+% taking in all of those who have fallen off of the unemployment list and those who work less than ten hours per week.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

        Alright, here is the skinny on the unemployment figures. The data is compiled from 2 different surveys. First is the household survey and second is the establishment survey. Last months household survey (where they call 60,000 households to determine if anyone in the household has found new employment for a minimum of 1 hour during the month) showed 843,000 jobs created. This is the largest one month gain since 1983. That is the number that BLS used to adjust the rate to 7.8%. Now, the establishment survey, where they call employers to determine if any new payrolls have been added, showed only 114,000 jobs added. It also caused the labor force participation rate to tick up to 63.6% from 63.5% in August. 63.5% was the lowest since 1978 when Carter was in office, when it was 63.2%. Now, another item in the report is total peolpe in the labor force. From 1976 until January 2009, we added on average about 2 million people annually to the labor force. From January 2009 until August 2012, 3.5 years worth, we added a whole 510,000 people. By last month it had dropped to 503, 000. How did we manage to somehow lose better than 90% of our labor force addition rate since Obama took office? At the peak of unemployment, October 2009 when it officially hit 10.1%, the labor force participation rate was 65.0% If that number had remained constant, our official unemployment rate would have dropped from 10.1% then to 9.8% today. Since the end of WWII, the average of new employment after a depression cyclical low has been 8.5%. For comparison purposes (especially since that one month jump comes from that time), Reagan's recovery was 11.5%. Obama's reccovery is a paltry 4.8%, which puts him dead last in the post war era. In order for him to climb out of last place, the economy will have to generate 311,000 jobs in October. That last place showing is in comparison to Bush, whose recovery affter 9/11 (from 01 to 03) was at 4.9%. However, with the second round of tax cuts in 03, the economy unleashed 50 something straight months of economic expansion and added 9.2 million jobs. One more thing, the broader U-6 dataset which includes all that are unemployed, underemployed or no longer looking for work did not change and is stuck at 14.7%. The bottom line is the only way they were able to cook these numbers is by messing with the total number of people in the labor force. Because so few have been added since Obama took offfice, that kept the numbers artificially low. That, and the fact that they changed to criteria to count any place hiring someone who works a minimum of 1 hour in the month counts as a job created.

      • Patriot

        The real # is 18%.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B6YOZ45J7ABUMCZEUQFSEJJGYU Col

        All of Obama's numbers are rigged. Unemployment rates are still high everywhere. Obama doesn't count those who are unemployed and have given up on looking for a job. They are still unemployed but since Obama's people don't count them, they don't show up in the unemployment percentages.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZEOQODRWSKBJEQWKYJKATYCX2U iwojimafan

        Your right about the Phony unemployment figures..It seems that they put out the figures without using California's Numbers since how convienently Cal. didn't send there numbers in. Obama's Regime is the most CORRUPT that ever occupied the WH.

      • graybuffalo

        I predicted when the rate fell into the low 8 percentile that it was "positioning" the rate so that Obama could artificially move it down to the 7 percentile - that Obama would "cook the books" with respect to the unemployment rate just before the election... I was right! You tell me how you can have fewer new jobs in Sept (114,000) vs. August and less in August than in July AND come up with a lowering of the unemployment rate? They must think we came down with yesterday's rain. Of course, the Democrats are celebrating over the lie from "The Liar-in-Chief." Nearly all the economic forecasters and business leaders were forecasting a tick upward to maybe 8.2%. Even Jack Welch, past CEO of GE and Obama's "jobs czar" called the new rate "false." When you factor back in the number of workers who are no longer in the workforce, the "real" unemployment rate is somewhere between 11-16%. And when you factor in those "underemployed" - you know, the college grads driving cabs - oops! sorry, made a mistake - all the cab drivers are Somali M u s l i m s. Pick another menial job. those underemployed coupled with the rest brings the rate up to 20%. That comes from the Dept of Labor itself.

    • mudguy1

      You can the Democratic Party, Congress and Senate to that list

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaclyn.barnes1 Jaclyn Barnes

      Dictator Obama is by far worse then,a snake in the grass!Ron I do agree though with everything that you said!
      That's what worries me that if by some odd chance,if Romney happens to do extremely well!What kind of devious stunt will Obama pull at the,last minute!Just in case Romney may win!
      Will he do an Executive order to prevent Romney from,taking office?
      I know that on my part that I'm probably dreaming.Because the way Obama is he may have figured a way to have,the election rigged!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/RT7T7LCQ56NAYGU5OZZKRXSTFI Texan

        I am sure they wil try voter fraud! We need a lot of volunteers at the polls to check ID's before they are allowed to vote!

        • refurb001

          BUT who is going to be in SPAIN where the vote count is done? This is Obamy's ploy to get back in. WHY Spain? Not enough people here to tally votes? Are we so ignorant or don't have computers that can do the vote counting. And send this task off shore at what cost ($$$). I thought we were broke. Something fishy here!!!!!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YLDA37DBRZHIANUE5SSOLO2CVQ Roger

          George Soros owns the company contracted to count the votes. He also owns the voting machines and technicians who are going to be calibrating the machines. What is to prevent them from programming that every third republican vote is not recorded?


      I would rather call him a worm inside a septic tank

    • Laura Cambria

      Much more importantly, the Communist Media will do ANYTHING to keep him there.

    • perfectlyaged

      And he is a homosexual Muslim who had three gay friends (Donad Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer) that were killed execution style in Chicago in late October 2007 about the same time that Obama started campaigning. Donald Young's Mother made some very pointed accusations concerning who killed her son. Rev Wright and Jesse Jackson arranged Obama and Michelle's marriage as a cover up for Obama's homosexuality!
      Here is Obama's "Bain"....

      Plaintiffs in Obama class-action housing lawsuit got coupons
      posted at 11:01 am on September 3, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

      The Daily Caller has a multi-installment scoop about the business practices of a little-known presidential candidate as its Labor Day story. This hard-nosed professional raised hopes of working-class people, made a million dollars off of them, and left almost all of them holding nothing more than worthless paper at the end of the relationship. Are we seeing another episode of How the Heartless Vampire Capitalist Turns, starring Mitt Romney? No, this one’s titled Fun With Community Organizers, starring Barack Obama.
      The subject of the scoop is a class-action lawsuit filed in 1995 by Barack Obama on behalf of three lead plaintiffs and 180 subsidiary plaintiffs against Citibank for alleged discrimination in lending practices. It lead to a settlement in 1998 in which Citibank agreed to increase sub-prime lending to African-American borrowers. How did that work out for Obama’s clients? Not particularly well: President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices.
      As few as 19 of those 186 clients still own homes with clean credit ratings, following a decade in which Obama and other progressives pushed banks to provide mortgages to poor African Americans.
      The startling failure rate among Obama’s private sector clients was discovered during The Daily Caller’s review of previously unpublished court information from the lawsuit that a young Obama helmed as the lead plaintiff’s attorney.
      Since the mortgage bubble burst, some of his former clients are calling for a policy reversal.
      “If you see some people don’t make enough money to afford the mortgage, why would you give them a loan?asked Obama client John Buchanan. “There should be some type of regulation against giving people loans they can’t afford.”
      Still, the Citibank settlement was in the high six-figure range. That should have helped Obama’s clients get started on new mortgages, right? Well it did help the lawyers:
      Plaintiffs attorneys took home nearly $1 million in Barack Obama’s 1995 class-action discrimination lawsuit against Citibank, but 183 of the 186 plaintiffs did not get a dime.
      Three named plaintiffs in the lawsuit Selma Buycks-Roberson, Calvin Roberson and Renee Brooks –- each collected $20,000. But none of the [183] ordinary, or non-named, plaintiffs that The Daily Caller was able to reach for comment reported receiving any money. This is despite a claim to TheDC by the lawsuit’s initiator, attorney Fay Clayton, that the settlement paid the 186 non-named clients between $770 and $3,250 each.
      “We should have gotten some type of monetary reward from the lawsuit, which we didn’t,said John Buchanan, one of the clients. “I don’t remember any money being offered since we were discriminated against,Buchanan said. The bank “should have had to pay.”
      Elwood Flowers said, “the attorneys got the fatter part.All he remembered getting was “a 1.4 inch thick package of legal gibberish.”
      Most clients said they didn’t see anything from the lawsuit.
      Fellow plaintiff Juanita Malone told TheDC she did not get a payment or a loan from Citibank after the settlement.
      Another, Patricia Dixon, said she “didn’t get anythingfrom the settlement.
      Cary Cotten, wife of plaintiff Edward Cotton, said the couple “got nothing from the lawsuit."
      Of the nearly million-dollar settlement, three clients got a grand total of $60,000, while the rest of the clients got coupons. What happened to the rest of the money? Looks like the attorneys, starting with Obama, got the redistributed wealth, while the clients got the shaft.

    • Kittyhane

      When I heard Hillary did this yesterday I promtly got on line and said the same thing.
      It is a bargain to get rid of Biden and put Hillary in as veep

      • willyt

        Let's not forget Hillary's deficits - dumb ideas and with Libya we have proof that she continues to make bone-headed mistakes. Bite-me is a joke and if their team wins, the hyena laughs will be heard not just in his performance against Ryan but all over D.C.
        They all have to go or in the next 4 years the Saudi King will again be giving the marching orders to NObama. A mosque in every town, Sharia in every courthouse. Women voted heavily for him in the last election as did blacks and both of these segments of our society will suffer the most. It's impossible that they don't realize this!

    • katydid

      I am 66 yrs also, and was going to say the exact same thing you did. I have never hated a president before, as much as I do this one!

    • SirWilhelm

      And what we have to worry about, is that he will keep the power by any means necessary, such as by stealing the election, or even by suspending the election, and declaring martial law, or by some other unlikely means no one has conceived of, but his supporters.

    • patriot

      The american people need to wake up and go after the puppet whos been pulling his string.Does the name Gyorgy Schwartz(George Soros)ring a bell?

    • Mike6

      Our Pravda media helped elect a gay black man, born in Kenya, with marxist sympathies, muslim background and a grifter as the USA President. Obama mentioned that silly Coptic video six times in his UN speech, and he was sympathetic to Islam. No American President has ever capitulated to muslim terrorists like Obama, and that is an outrage.
      Never vote for the muslim again, tell your family and friends.

    • graybuffalo

      Well said. In my 67 years of living, I have never seen such an "in-your-face" cover-up by the media for an inept contemptuous man. Obama has properly earned his nickname of "Liar-in-Chief" - he can lie to your face and knows full well that the mainstream media will never call him on it. This is a study in psychology - what hold does the Svengali Obama have on people? Can it really be deep seated w h i t e ancestral guilt for the prosecution of b l a c k s? Or is it something more insidious...such as the culmination of liberal/socialism/communism indoctrination in our schools and college campuses? Whatever the psychology behind the blind support for a man who has done nothing for the economy or foreign policy other than the polar opposite of what common sense dictates is complicated indeed. I personally feel that he is following the Cloward- Piven strategic plan to disembowel this country and then rebuild it into a Totalitarian Soc1alist State. Google "Cloward-Piven Obama and the new world order" and you will be amazed at how what Obama has done so far falls right in line with the strategy developed by two Columbia University professors. The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions. Sound familiar? It should. Remember, BHO is a Community Organizer. His idol was the founder of modern day community organizing, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky wrote "Rules for Radicals," of which BHO certainly is. One of Alinsky's principles of community organizing was to first "disorganize" and then "reorganize" - in other words, first tear it down, and then rebuild it. Sound familiar? It should.

      • Laura Cambria

        You're living wisely graybuffalo. I agree with you 100%.

  • Stephanie

    Election outcome aside, all of these involved, especially Obama should be MORE than just held accountable for Benghazi-gate. They should be subjected to all legal ramifications like any other people would be. It's either his race or his adoring cult following that keeps the news from reaching everyone. Regardless of your party affiliation, this is wrong and should be treated as such!!! Lets not let them get away with it.

    • thismustend

      The media, Hollywood & our school system rule the masses & they are 100%, radical, anti American leftists/Communists/Marxists/Socialists. They have brainwashed our society into worshiping the environment, bl acks, gays & hispanics & into HA TING ALL light colored races & anyone who achieves success in life. They will ALWAYS LIE & cover up for this racist, CORRUPT wannabe dictator.

  • ajfrench

    Obamas second term will ensure NO presidency for Hillary or anyone else. He is all about destroying America, turning our Sovreignty over to the U.N. and enslaving the US to their wicked Agenda, and crowning himself king. And if our law makers arent stopping it; they are on board with it as they too wish not to be subject any further to elections. We need to make this election count big; and the next, and so on until the Progressive Agenda is defeated for good.

    • amagi

      Agreed. The 70 + Congress members who belong to the "Progressive Caucus"
      are socialists who do not have this country's best interest at heart. Oregon's
      Rep. Peter Defazio is one of them; having bought a home in New Zealand he
      can leave the U.S. should the fertilizer hit the fan. The rest of us have to stay and
      try to clean up - if it is possible.

  • s casey

    Taking things at face value (which is dangerous in politics), Hillary did what she should do as head of the State Dept. But, her taking the responsiblity should have been an internal admission to the president. He (OBAMA) should stand up and take responsiblity - its HIS job!

  • El_Love

    Allowing someone else to take the blame for your bad policies and decisions is yet another example of failed amateur leadership. It is just never ending with this guy. Blame Bush, blame Romney, now blame Hillary. Shameless, feckless, and undeserving of any title with the word executive or chief or president.......

  • Imprimis77

    This in no way is at all like Watergate. I was alive and well in that day and it was nothing more than eavesdropping which both parties do and was blown out of proportion by the Dems and allowed by the yep, no different, those wossies...Repubs allowed it and went along with the impeachment. What, this guy and his ilk don't deserve impeachments on so many levels. All the unAmerican deeds they have done are discussed but that's it...you guys gotta grow some and remember you are there to protect the Constitution of the United States of America for your employers...the tax payers. The Republicans truly need to stop living as though they are already in the "kingdom"...psst...you're are not. You have the responsibility to do everthing you can to uphold the constitution and being a bit sly, conniving, whatever it takes is o.k. No, you are not Jesus and therefore start acting as though you know where you are living and with what you are fighting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dessimon Donald E. Simon

    I said the same thing a while ago that this is worse than water gate. No one died in water gate and this could be construed as a treason est act. The buck stops with Obama. If Hillery takes the fall Obama is Obligated to fire her for not fore filling her duties.

  • TheGizmo51

    The mitt's gaining support from women so I suspect he will talk to them about how hard his wife has worked (forcing herself to stay out of the job market) raising five boys and still manages time to be a loving wife and supporting his taking millions of dollars from the 99%. Whoops, won't say that. No, the mitt now supports and wants to take all 100% of the American people. Whoops again, won't say that. No, the mitt will now say he will raise taxes on everyone that makes less than $250,000 a year as "we must all sacrifice" for the good of the 1%. No, whoops, whoops again, and another whoops, won't say that either. No, he will say something like we all must sacrifice together and help the job creators create those minimum wage jobs so the 1% can get on with their lives. No, quadruple whoops, sorry, I just can't tell without telling how the mitt really is.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L3QSFYVG2H3U5JHDSWM2ACCOTU WandaZ

    All Mitt has to say is "I admire Hillary for taking the blame for you. If you had not missed 60% of your security briefings, one immediately after the terrorist attack on Benghazi, you would have been informed of the conditions in that part of the world. It is your job to know and it is your job to direct. But obviously you felt the event in Las Vegas you were rushing to was more important than American lives lost and how your disregard looks to terrorist groups throughout the middle east."

    • 58proudtobe

      Yes !!

    • Patriot

      Hope he does say something like this. you will be able to hear the air rush out of the room!!! It will be over then, Obo will have been kneecapped!!

    • Commie Hunter

      You should write for Mitt tonight Wanda. That is EXACTLY what he should say

    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      Excellent thinking, WandaZ

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJM2AZCHZG4VSDKGAJ4G7OPAOI David Batchelder

      Mitt just has to use idiots words against him
      I guess these are just four poor bumps in the road to your re election right.

      These bastards lie so much they believe it. amazing.

  • martinj7

    The real plan was to swap hostages for the blind Sheik but the attackers were not controlled and they killed them.

  • downs1

    The Benghazi attack was clearly an act of war, but no one in the Obama Administration is willing to say so! The terrorists killed an ambassador! They killed three other American citizens in a planned terrorist act. The Libyan government failed to provide protection, and our own government lied repeatedly about what truly happened! This means to many of us that politics takes precidence over protection of our citizens. In fact, this means to many that Obama's Administration actually opened the way for the terrorists to kill our people! That sounds a lot like treason! Obama and others in the Administration need to be impeached and tried for their crimes. Where is the Congress?! Boehner and Reid are amazingly silent!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Salerno/100001437400168 Anna Salerno

    Of course this is the thing to do to position yourself for president in 2016. I do not trust Hillary, her husband, Slick Willie or the president barry hussein obozo. Everyone of these people are liars and very well accomplished at that. Romney needs to slaughter barry tonight... look what happened to the job numbers after the first debate... no one really believes the job numbers anyway!! They are all dumocraps and are unethical to boot... VOTE MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN NOVEMBER 6, 2012!

  • challie raus

    Who can resist throwing all these bastards out of their jobs. These chicago gangsters think they can fool the people and to some extent they have. Obama must resign, Clinton must resign and the rest should run for the hills, we will vote your silly asses out. Obama should be prosecuted for his fraud regarding his birthplace. My cert of birth is nearly 80 yrs old and is quite clear as to who, what, where and when, Obamanation's does not !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.watrous.98 Linda Watrous

    The attack in Lybia was an act of war and Obama and his band of liars will pay for this. If this was Repub President the liberal left would have tarred and feathered him. The double standard is alive an well and hopefully the silent majority will make this administration pay for the damage they have caused our nation.

  • gittyup

    Obama would never put Hillary in a position where she could turn on him. Hillary can bury him anytime she wishes, I only hope that the burial takes place real soon, preferrably prior to November 6th. She and Bill are up to something, you can bet the farm on that!

  • hongryhawg

    Her taking the blame does nothing for her in 2016. The dems aren't going to swap VP horses this late. That would be more damaging than good. I say obama's handlers coerced her just like they coerced her to drop the eligibility issue when she was running against obama in the primary in '08. The purpose? To deflect blame from himself. It won't work but in his and his handlers' minds, it may, because they have always thought themselves proficient in pushing blame off somewhere else. It won't work this time. In fact, it will backfire because it highlights the perpetual weakness of this person who has pretended all his life.

  • urstrange

    It isn't like Mrs. Bill to throw herself under the wheels of O.bus that is going over the fiscal cliff with his foreign policy in the back seat. The Clintonistas are known for their self-promoting Machiavellian maneuvers. First puzzling maneuver is Mr. Hill out stumping for O.thugo who he and wifey-poo despise ever since he out-thugged them Chicago-style and took Kankle's POTUS job from her. Second puzzler: Hitlery and O.liehole teamed up to out lie each other about a video, that no one knew about until they heralded it, being the cause of the attacks on 9/11 at several embassies and consulates ALL OVER the Middle East and N.Africa with the horrific murder of Ambassador Stevens and 3 Marines in Benghazi. Hillary Rotten Clinton is a congenital liar and used the word "cavet" to make sure she CHA while putting blame on the intelligence community that made the decisions. "The buck stops here" is a POTUS line and no matter how delusional Hilarious is, she still isn't and never will be POTUS. O.yesicanbankruptAmerica NEVER let's a buck stop near him... not the $6 Trillion he's added to the debt or the $1.4 billion he and his Food Nazi wife spent on their own entertainment in 2011. O.blameduck passes the buck and this time he passed it to Hitlery...sounds like "overcharge" in Russian to me.

  • itsjustgigi

    The Clintons are as cold and calculating as Obama. Everything any of them do is to better position themselves into more power. Since her taking the blame is a double-edge sword, I suspect Team Obama has dirt on her and threatened to expose it if she didn't take the blame. It must be a pretty big mud patty for her to be willing to take the fall.

  • http://twitter.com/kraig4u Craig Allen

    There is a whole lot more trouble within the Democrat party than they will admit. The leaks are coming out little by little.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Veselenak/100001118018542 David Veselenak

    This cadre of communists can not and must not be trusted with their hands on the steering wheel of America! Really people, I'm not that smart but I can see what these progressive/Leninists/communists/Marrxist/New World Orderists/Stalinists have in mind for AMERIKA! SPREAD THE WORD, especially to your deluded and deranged liberal useful idiots! We are one election away from a Totalitarian Nightmare! WAKE UP. WISE UP, RISE UP or be prepared to kowtow as your new Hitler so readily does before our enemies - HIS FRIENDS!

  • Ort

    What fool would believe that Unemployment is miraculously now at 8%???????
    Oh, I know----people who vote based on the candidates skin color, people with head injuries, and morons suffering from White Guilt Syndrome. GAG.

    • John

      I think it is closer to 6 % at least in my neighborhood

      • Hans

        Where do you live??? On the MOON or MARS ???? LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.watrous.98 Linda Watrous

    Susan Rice is blaming the Intel, I hope the Intel throws Obama, Hillary and Rice under the bus. Our millitary and Intell are fed up with this administration and now is the time to bust the lies wide open just before the debate tonite.

  • joe schlepp

    With such dereliction of Duty, why Clinton has NOT been fired immediately. Is Obama complicit in this cover up. Her statement - 'We will track the attackers and bring them to justice'. Will that bring back the 4 lives lost in Libya?

  • Buster

    This is just as bad, if not worse than the Jimmy Carter Iran debacle. Carter was responsible for the deposing of the Shaw of Iran, his fowled up mission to recover the hostages, and his total failure of foreign policy and ineptitude as a leader. Oh, sounds like our Big O and Libya today. Hum, history repeats itself. I suppose that this is Carters second term.

    • Deborah

      Buster, I always thought that Jimmy Carter was the worst President in my lifetime; however, that was before BHO. Wow, Obama makes Carter look like a conservative. The damage to this country, even if America votes BHO out in November, will be long lasting and it will take decades to recover from.....if we indeed survive as a country. God forbid that this man is re-elected to office. I am ashamed that women are some of the biggest Obama supporters. But, I think the last two debates have changed some minds. Unbelievable the lack of discernment out there!!

  • FFS

    WOw, this has to be the dumbest post on this blog yet.
    Did he really sugfgest that Obama struck a deal to get rid of bIden? OMG conservatives are such weaklings. Anyone who buys this....I have some Beachfront property in Arizona you may be interested in!
    Conservatives are simply pathetic!

  • retired vet

    Watch for this headline :
    'Hillary takes blame for Obama's ineptness - gains supreme court seat"

  • John

    This article leaves room for much speculation. I am certain that both Hillary and Bill are still fuming over Obama's steamrollering of her candidacy in the last election cycle. I think Obama appointed Hillary as Secretary of State because he is aware of the old adage, " Keep your frieinds close, and your enemies closer. " Both Obama and Hillary are students of Saul Alinsky, so who really knows the true motivations for each's actions ? Time will tell. Pay no attention to what alinskyites say: pay CLOSE attention to what they do.

  • A.

    Quite frankly you can't trust either one of them. It's likely she has enough dirt on him to drag him from the Presidencey. But he likely has enough on her to prevent her from winning a primary in 2016, So trhey might as well embrace. And both are unmitigated danger to this country!

  • marcojazz


  • believe

    Really who still believes that most of the DEMOCRATES ARE ETHICAL they are as truthful as the devil himself.

  • Txblackjack

    This Admin's actions speak far louder than their mendacious words. Obama & Hillary are both from the Alinsky school for radicals. Lying, cheating whatever it takes to complete this radical fundamental transformation of our Constitutional Republic to a Communist Democracy. Webster has allt the different communist ideologies listed under this one word. Wild Willy is on the record as stating that there are no Communist, haven't been for 50 years or more. What a bold face lie. The facts prove this lie, for there are many card carrying communist in our Legistlative Branch, including our current President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joann-Vogt/100001918773613 Joann Vogt

    I wonder if Obama threatened Hilary if she didn't take the blame, thats the Chicago way.

  • Walter B

    Water-gate did not bother me, this however does.SAhe did it to further her carreer and to help him...nothing is free with thesae two ass hats.

  • nobodysfool

    I'm sure a deal was made between them. oBlamer says, "Hill, you take the hit on this one, and after the election I'll have more flexibility and can get rid of the gaffe machine, Daffy Duck, and I promise to make you VP!!" It will be the first time two homosexuals have run the country!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PIE4GR557YGFY6R7MHQM6F2BV4 TrueAmerican

    She hardly took the blame. She laughed when interviewed and called the confusion (coverup) the "fog of war." This scandal is far worse than what got Nixon to step down. Americans have become way too tolerant of our first half white president. We need to defeat him and ensure Hillary never gets in.

    If you are a democrat you are either and absolute idiot, a Marxist or asleep. These are not mutually-exclusive alternatives. For those Obama supporters out there, that means you can be all three. The democratic party needs to remake itself or just change the party name to national socialists of America.

    The republican party is what the democratic party was 20 years ago. It is time for a new party that is conservative.

    We need to take the Libertarians, the TEA party folks and remaining conservative republicans and form the the new CAFCC Party - -Constitutional Advocates for Conservative Capitalism.

    The democrats can become the MOANS Party-- Mindless Order & Assembly of National Socialists. They will be moaning as they will be broke and totally lacking innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • marcojazz

    she was called CONGENITAL LIER , by SAFIRE, and she is a CONGENITAL LIER !!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/37ZWYVFSPONIHKCQEQIJHMSCFM Irishpower

    Hillary took the blame for the terrorist attack, Now it will be very interesting to see if
    she resigns or is asked to take charge of homeland security.


    Romney should JUMP at the chance to make this proclamation by Hillary, a liberal progressive radical democrat attack on women headed by the "Empty Chair" and the "Mouth Who Roared".

  • Paul

    She did not take the blame, she took responsibility for all embassies security. But if you read her statement she really laid the blame on the those who were responsible for security and intell. She blamed them for the attack. These people are slick and it is democratic politics at its worse. Either Obama is the blame or he is so out of touch with this nation's security, he is a threat to the defense of this country. That is his number one responsibility. Also, the White House is still leaking classified material to the media. INcluding our intention to use drones against the terrorists who killed our ambassador. This is the m ost corrupt administration in history, and yet it goes un reported by the main stream press. I understand now how Hitler took over Germany. Americans vote this amateur out of office or the clock is ticking and we are done as a nation.

  • Brian

    Liberals are all part of 1 big conspiracy and cover up...they are good at it...they invented it...the media is in the tank for them and are not the least bit objective or non-biased and are blatant about it with no remorse or shame. This is all 1 big movie production they are putting on...wouldn't be surprised if that commie Rob Reiner is directing and Sourus is the puppeteer with all the money. These people are shameful and have been ruining this country, piece by piece, for years. Wake up America and kick Obama to the street...All you sheep and kool-aid drinkers don't vote at all, for you know not what you do. The timing of this "buck stops here Harry Truman plagiarizing" comment is disgracefully political and the timing is obviously suspect. And they talk about conservatives politicizing the Benghazi attack. 4 Americans were systematically assassinated. That's a national disgrace. And, oh yeah., if Hillary is taking the blame then she should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY !! Along with Rice, Holder and all the other idiots in the Obama Administration. And, lastly America, we have the ability to fire the biggest idiot of them all in 3 weeks so let's get to work.

    • daves

      Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s new assertiveness on national security and taxes may have hit a couple of hurdles.

      In the latest development, the father of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was killed in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, said over the weekend that his son’s death shouldn’t be an issue in the campaign.

      “It would really be abhorrent to make this into a campaign issue,” Jan Stevens, 77, said in an Oct. 13 telephone interview from his home in Loomis, Calif. He asked politicians to allow a formal investigation to conclude before laying blame.

      In a separate telephone interview yesterday, the late ambassador’s stepfather, Robert Commanday, echoed those sentiments. “We don’t think it should be politicized,” Commanday said. “We are not qualified any more than anyone else to form an opinion and we are going to leave it in the hands of the government.”

  • wiyooper

    hey, the little women have been taking the blame since Adam. what else is new.
    She is smart, haven't you all heard" it is easier to ask for forgivness than permission" ? She fesses up, people will admire that, she is going to get the blame anyway, may as well go down as an honorable stateswoman that admitted an error. OH YES< he WILL put the blame on her. Ya, sure, yew betcha.

  • CajunPatriot

    Jezebel takes the blame. Obama skates. America continues to suffer. Foreign policy is in a shambles. Border security is a joke. Our grandchildren will pay Obama's huge debt, more than all presidents before him. Vote for America. Vote for your grandchildren. Vote conservative.

  • Jim

    I hope she set him up, but I do NOT want to see her run in 2016 as it would be more of the same.

    • Bay0Wulf

      Ahhh ... maybe not the "same". It would, in fact, probably be different in that I don't think she's all about saving the Islamic Agenda.

      I do believe however that it would be much worse in terms of the disintegration of Our Rights, Our Liberties and Our Protections as guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. She has been studiously trying to undermine these from day one through whatever agency she feels might work.

      I find it completely inappropriate that she is trying to undermine Our Laws and Way of Life by working "with" the UN.


    The best laid plans of mice and men? None of it will matter. Romney will beat Obama tonight and destroy him next week when it goes back to a more serious debate model without the town hall buffoonery. Hillary is a withering hag whose products are all failures, she has no chance in 2016. In the end all the Bubba BJs she put up with will have been for naught and her sham of a marriage will be the sham it's always been and nothing else for the overambitious Her Thighness.

  • jazboo

    Obama doing what he does best, passing the blame onto someone else. The whole things a ploy to get the heat off himself. The man-child, coward yesterday, coward today and coward tomorrow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/epaul.wileyto E Paul Wileyto

    I thought of this earlier this morning. Hillary wants to run in 2016. Would she rather do this at the end of a second Obama term or at the end of Romney's first? The prospects for a Democrat dynasty following up on a second Obama term would be dismal. I think she was asked to fall on her sword, and she is doing it gladly, precisely because it will direct the wrath of her devotees against Obama.

  • We R Screwed

    OK. The Clinton's are extremely intelligent politicians. Bill has his Global thing going on that shows him working with former republican presidents and leaders around the world. He is a sought after speaker and very charismatic. Hillary moved to New York to become a senator rather than Arkansas after Bill's 2nd term ended. She campaigned for president and withdrew per the National Democratic Party resulting in the appointment on Obama's staff as Secretary of State. Bill continues to show he has the power via his speech at the DNC seemingly to support Obama. The speech was more about the Clinton's than Obama.
    Bill's goal (and Hill's, too) is a) to remind people about the glory days of the Democrat party and the USA of his administration and b) to seemingly show support of Obama but not really accomplishing it. The result will be that Romney will win in Nov'12 and that will leave the door open for Hillary in 2016. If Obama is re-elected in 2012, it will be almost statistically impossible for Hillary in 2016. I don't think any party has won the election 3 times in a row since Roosevelt during WW2. If Obama wins on Nov 6th, a republican will win in 2016.
    The Clinton's goal = Obama loses on Nov 6.


    Poor old Hillary;
    Her role in life is to come out and offer herself to protect her man.
    She did it with Bill while that old crook was running around chasing other women
    and she does it now with Barry, when he was having a good time in Vegas and chasing elusive votes.

  • WakeUpAmerica

    Billary Rotten Clinton is JUST as GUILTY of security lapses, ie. 4 AMERICANS MURDERED in Libya as her boss OWEBYSMAL- NATION is!

  • thismustend

    WHY is it that NO ONE is mentioning the FACT that ObaMAO & Hillary BOTH INSISTED the Benghazi att ack was a random protest & that they APOLOGIZED to the mu slim TERRORISTS that SLAU GHTERED our Ambassador & 3 others? That a sitting, U.S. president would DEFEND mu slim terrorists with a flimsy excuse that WE "insulted" them is beyond comprehension! He of course was LYING at that point & already knew this was a preplanned, coordinated terr orist att ack. Keep in mind that he also ARMED these TERR ORISTS & helped them gain power in what was a fairly stable, non thre atening country.

  • Administration Failure

    Proof that the administration either can't do anything right,or it is ignoring its responsibility in running the gov't!!!

  • Kurt

    Unemployment is not below 8%. The last report was for 49 states. California was not included.

  • Dave

    The Clintons want Obama reelected. It's age and time. Hillary is 65, At the end of Obama 2nd term Hillary is 69. If Romney is elected and turns things around and has 2 terms (8) years, Hillary is a 73 year old female going for first time President. [ AGE ]

  • Eli Jones

    Lots of mystery surrounding Benghazi. I have even heard that Obama had a gay tryst with Stevens and the ambassador had threatened to do some talking. Conflicting stories and a cover up or worst. October Surprise?

  • vincew9298

    There is always the possibility that Secretary Clinton
    is telling the truth. If she isn't than whatever back-room deal was
    made we will never know. She has a history from at least 1992 of not
    being upfront and truthful to the American people and there is no
    reason to suspect that she will be when she publishes her
    autobiography when he tenure is over.

    To me it is just a repeat rendition of her Tammy Wynette
    performance, “stand By Your Man”. If this entire debacle is her
    fault and hers alone than the question she posed in the 2008 debates
    with Obama, “Is this the person you want to answer the phone at
    3:00 o'clock in the morning?”, can now be asked of her. Do we
    want her to be the one answering the phone at three o'clock? I think it is a career killer no matter how she plays it.

    In reality it sounds more like trying to put out brush
    fires, which is what she spent a large amount of time doing when she
    was First Lady. The problem with that is there is always another
    bush burning, usually started from the ambers from the previous fire.

    The strategic problem with the new crisis is it raises
    the question was the president or his staff in touch with the
    secretary or her staff and why the problem of the anniversary of 9/11
    wasn't in the forefront of their discussions. The terrorist are known
    to like to mark anniversaries This obvious flaw in the president's leadership
    style of not having regular meetings with his cabinet becomes more
    glaring. For a man who has time for a hundred plus rounds of golf why
    can't he find time to talk to his most important advisers?

    Another question that needs to be asked is when did the
    ambassador or his staff first start asking for security, who were the
    persons involved in the discussions, and how far up the chain did
    those talks go? If the ambassador did think he was in danger and had
    not gotten the needed security why did he not go one step up the
    ladder and by-pass the Secretary of State. If the secretary was
    taking the matter so frivolously, and he considered it to be a very
    serious threat, so much that there were repeated request for
    additional security, then did he go over Ms. Clinton's head?

    It makes more glaring the failure of America's Middle-East policy, under Ms. Clinton's time at the helm, at least since February or March 2009 when the country changed it's policy towards Syria. Ever since it has been going steadily downhill. If we downplayed the situation in Libya so badly are we also downplaying the crisis brewing in Iran just as poorly. Is Ms. Clinton up to the job?

    I think that Hilary "standing by her man" poses more
    questions and therefore more problems than it solves. It may be
    enough to get this man over the hump, tonight's debate, but even if
    re-elected it will be an ongoing scandal and Ms. Clinton will be
    pushed under the bus. She may be cleaver, but nor nearly as much as
    she thinks.

  • Watchmanonwall

    hillary has to be getting SOMETHING for this. my guess is, if not potus in 2016 then "justice" clinton in the second term.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Teri-Mount-McCall/100001392291805 Teri Mount McCall

    How anyone could think Hillary could be VP or POTUS after the debacle in Libya is beyond me! Seriously?! If anything, the only good thing Obama has done is to prevent a future Hillary as POTUS!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MTTH376IMERW2F2XHRFVOE6PKU John W

    Wow the democrats are sure pushing the unemployment numbers, the more they push the more suspect the numbers become to me, not that this administration is lying like they have in the past nothing but lies

  • johnnyappleseed

    She is on the ship of fools, thinking of taking the responsibility for something so political will make her somewhat a martyr and look presidental...not a chance, only makes her look more foolish.
    Four dead and no real blame anywhere for the mistakes made, where is Gods help when we need it? we should all pray these sad folks are gone on November 6th, and pray for those killed in this debacle.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CI66PFPR2QPMERQ2TXMVCFU5E Kay

    She is a joke and should have resigned long ago. She doesn't know if she is a foot or horseback about anything. She is to blame but was forced into admitting it by Obama unless he was the one that vetoed the request. This may have happened to protect the brotherhood from doing their thing.

  • MYinsight

    Excuse me, but the fact that Hillary has waited this long to say, "I take the blame" tells me that it is a well thought out and calculated move. What this excuse laced with lies is supposed to accomplish will, of course, never be revealed by her or those who were instrumental in the decision for her to "take the blame". She obviously believes this whole thing will blow away and be a non issue by the time she is ready to pursue whatever plans she has for the future.

  • abbe

    I hope silly Hilly and the bigeared DumbO fall into their own Liberal crap and drown! Even some of the Lamescream media are abandoning his rat infested ship! Hopefully in very deep water.

  • wolverineinohio

    Let's face it , O'Dumbo is on the way out , it doesn't matter who takes the blame for anything that has happened on HIS watch .. This low life socialist idiot is bailing water as fast as he can , which won't be fast enough , and he's sinking fast (and furious) .. Funny how nobody took the fall for the housing market crash that has bankrupted MILLIONS of Americans , killed our DEA agents (with guns O'Dumbo supplied to them) , killed our Ambasador (no mention from O'Dumbo until a week later) , brokered deals with China (at Americas expense) , brokered behind the scenes deals with Russia (no benefit to America) , run our country into 16 Trillion of debt (no wonder he bows down to the feet of Chinese leaders, though he looked pretty comfortable doing so) and has handed out BILLIONS to the low lifes that thrive on assistance (these people will never look for a job as long as O'Dumbo keeps handing out the cash) .. These people have generations in their families that feel they are owed something from the taxpayers in this country , the grand mothers encourage their daughters to get on assistance , who in turn encourage their children to get on assisatance , who will encourage their children to get on assistance , and on and on and on ...It's time for REAL AMERICANS to stop the madness .. Have we lost our morals in this country ... Stop the immigration of illegals , stop giving the money to 17 year old girls who have 4 children already , by four different fathers (none of whom pay a penny in child support) , stop receiving all of the cheap Chinese goods all together , stop with all of the negative campaign ads , stop galavanting around the globe at taxpayer expense (and yes that includes the O'Dumbo children and mother-in-law) , stop lying to the American people ... Get off the campaign trail , we all know what O'Bummer stands for , and how he believes he's far superior to all walking mankind , Get to work O'Dumbo , you haven't done spit in four years , and we cannot take any more of your foolish policies , transparencies , or tired old campaign speeches .. We're Outta Hope , It's Time for Change ...

  • rick0857

    I think there is only one question that really matters come Nov 6 and that question is How many U.S. Agents be it Foreign Diplomats and their staffs or border control personnel have died during this failed attempt to turn America Marxist? From selling illegal weapons to drug cartels to ignoring our security for all our foreign service people this administration has been the most Anti-American we have ever seen in fact when you look back at all previous Presidents this current bunch is THE ONLY ANTI - AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION to ever occupy the White House. This CLOWN must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE ON NOV. 6 or we will all be living in a third world environment, right here in America. Samuel L. Jackson is right in his little you tube video about Wake the F--k up but he's looking at the situation upside down. Yes we need to wake up but not to support obama but WAKE UP TO DEFEAT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus

    Like the Article reads ,I would not trust either one of them either , You have the illegal alien Communist from Kenya ,A proven Pathological Lier and the other is married to none other then Slick Willy Clinton ,Why he stumps for and supports Comrade Obama I will never figure out ,Slick Willy and Hillary ( The Witch ) Clinton have many reasons to hate Comrade Obama ,They also know that the illegal alien Communist from Kenya is not eligible to run for President ,Slick Willy Clinton is the Original Birther , His remark to Hillary calling Comrade Obama the Non Citizen Candidate I thought would be enough to at least start an Investigation into the greatest fraud in Human History

  • CaptTurbo

    Snakes in the grass, all of them. We need to rid Washington of Socialists and Muslims.

  • http://twitter.com/JIMS67GTO honestjim

    Lets put politics aside for a moment and talk about real issues. The Muslim Brotherhood has a “Strategic Plan to Destroy America Within“. It's happening as we speck. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. End of story. Democrats please do your research and stop watching ABC, MSNBC, NBC & CNN. Do the right thing for America and do not re-elect Obama. honestjim

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    Hillary is a big butt bimbo and the 7.8 unemployment numbers do not include California so ODUMBA is a liar !!!!!!!!!!!

  • perfectlyaged

    Here is what the Brits think of Obama....Obama's return of the bust of Winston Churchill was a sour grape toward Obama!!!!
    Brit's fly-over to express their feelings toward Obama....he is not liked!

    snopes.com: Jets Spell '**** Off'
    The Brits may be prim and proper but they still get their point across. Harrier jets' fly past
    (fly-bys) in perfect formation over Downing Street in a air show salute to Obama and the
    Jets spelled '**** Off'.

  • robarsan

    This whimp of a president will do or say anything to keep his position and to perpetuate his ideology to defeat Capitalism and the American culture. Americans wake up to the truth of the matter. Imagine, he left his golf clubs at our White House while he prepared for the debate tonight! This is the important news the lib press has to report. With all the serious matters in our country and globally, we have a baffoon for a VP and a self centered socialist for a President. Let's keep the hope and change coming with the election of Romney/Ryan!
    Keep the prayers going!

  • danclamage

    Romney should point out the "rosey" 7.8% unemployment figure doesn't include CA, the state with the largest unemployment figure. BLS forgot to mention this tiny detail. Then Romney should, as a private citizen, demand Hillary's resignation, whether voluntary or forced, doesn't matter. This was a leadership failure.

  • PETE


  • http://www.facebook.com/william.benton.50 William Benton

    The problem as I see it is with all the information available (evidence) is the congress who will not move to impeach the illegal liar in cheif.

    • Shannon

      Obozo cannot be impeached without a REPUBLICAN majority in the Senate! Even if the House started the proceedings - old Harry Reid wouldn't even bring it to the floor for a vote. VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET in November!!!

  • cathylovesyou

    My guess she said the buck stops here but she didn't take he blame directly she blamed those under her and of course she is the boss (not the President) so she went with protocall.
    Sure there was a deal made but lets face it Barack and Jerko both kneew and will have to face it and that means who told Rice to go on 5 networks and tell the tale.
    Guilty on all counts, anyone remember Fast & Furous. No one at the top knows, they are just collecting their salaries and hanging around, Typical civil service workers.

  • native

    She is a stronger and more dignified than the low-life who is president, blame anyone else but himself, toss them all under the boss Obama. He is a humiliation. I do hope she set him up for a big fall tonight. He will lie about every question asked, just like he did in the first debate and like he has done for 4 years.

  • singer23

    has more credibility and veracity than Hillary Clinton! She is just the female version of her
    husband, Bill. They will do or say anything to further their political

  • nans


  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.creamer.79 Thomas Creamer

    Obama is a Coward and a Worthless Lying POS ! Hillary is taking all the blame !

  • SallyE

    Hillary is taking the blame because Obama is paying off her campaign debts.. That's the reason she took the job in the first place; to give his administration credibility with all those who supported her in 2008. In return, he agreed to pay her bills.

  • Bay0Wulf

    So ... Hilary has fallen on a sword ...

    Can anyone tell me when the reception ... oops ... I mean wake ... will be? I'd like to see the corpse for myself before the party begins.

    Yeah ... I know that's "cold" but so what?

  • therock

    This administration is built on nothing but lies, how could anyone in their right mind vote for these lying incompetent excuses for our leaders! I used to be a staunch Democrat but now it's every man woman and child for himself. As an independent I weigh all the facts and the mke my decision for the one I have confidence in. As a senior citizen my choices are few?

  • Work2SnowSki

    Truman's desk, "The Buck stops here!" Obama's desk, "What buck? you racist!"

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.holley.35 Jack Holley

    She DIDN'T take the blame. She simply stated that the buck stops with her because she is in charge. Then she went on to say that security is handled by the security experts! She threw them under the bus! Then she said we are seting up apanel to find out what happened. You will find out when they have reached a conclusion. What she really said was AFTER THE ELECTION YOU FOOLS! Always pay close attention to the Weasel words.

  • lrf

    Obama's financiers such as George Soros and foreign entities are the ones whispering in Obama's ears. With ears like his he should be able to hear a whisper even from afar

  • medivac

    I can't help laughing and thinking of Hillery when the happy witch in the broom factory commercial comes on TV. It is soooo Hillary !! I'm sure she'll keep her personal corner in the white house to park her broom at least until Jan 2013 !! Think of all the brooms leaving the white house at that time !!!

    • vodknockers

      I always think of Pelosi...

      • medivac

        Pelosi certainly has a reserved corner in the white house !!

  • tor

    this is what happens when you vote for someone just for the color of his skin, instead of what they stand for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    Obama will just lie (like he always does) and say they did not know at that time it was an act of terrorizim

  • budman

    I have an idea why Hillary would take the blame on this but I do not think it is because of a deal to become the Vice President. She could care less about the VP position as it holds less importance and less influence from where she is now for a desired goal. I suspect it is something even more powerful than Obama and that could be the man who has actually been running this country for the last four years and that is George Soros. Obama is his puppet for a New World Order (NWO) and Hillary has been working the United Nations (UN) for the same goal and now the UN has declared their desire for the NWO.
    Know one thing, Hillary is as much Socialist as Obama and the big picture is what is important to them so Hillary takes the fall but gains in the end if Obama wins a second term.
    Leaving Obama hanging on this would be disastrous to their agenda. I think both stand to gain a fortune if they accomplish this mission.
    Three years ago, nobody was even talking about the New World Order agenda and I doubt many people believed anything I said on this issue. Now, many are beginning to see the same thing and some are even saying a decision needs to be made on whether we want free enterprise or Socialism for this country. It is real and it is vital this administration be voted out or the mission will be accomplished in the next four years.

  • T

    I'd like to think she was setting him up for a fall, but I doubt it. After all, they are Dems, and we all know that Dems run on a reduced dumbed down mentality. They campaign at an 8th grade level and run the country the same way. They treat us like children on an as need to know basis, while screwing the dog behind the scenes. I hope and pray, that Obumbling goes into the debate, weak and confused like the last time. I'm counting on him to make an ass out of himself, and show how well he can tap dance around the issues just as Biden did,
    Like him or not, Romney is a class act. Far above the antics of the dems, and truly looking out for what is best for our country. If all goes well, Obies number should plummet before midnight tonight. Debate three should just be a nice slice of Black Forest Cake for Romney. Of course we shall see the level of dirty politics increase 100 fold if Obie begins to lose pathetically.

  • gonaes

    The reason why Hillary Clinton has taken the blame for the security lapse at the Benghazi Consolate is she will run in 2016 and she needs an Obama win in November. Then Obama will throw all his political weight, and ask his supporters to throw in behind Hillary. I believe this is a done-deal between President Obama, hubby Bill Clinton and, of course, Hillary herself. Hillary has just sacrificed herself by the " buck stops with me " declaration. Let's see how the voters will react come election day.

  • VocalYokel

    Barry-O's 'October Surprise' may be that DC hath no fury like a Billary scorned.

  • Iknow

    The economy is getting better? Are you kidding.23.1 million out of work, Gas prices $3.91 a gallon, 16 Trillion in debt, $4908 Loss of family income, 46.2 million in poverty. From where I am sitting, 8.1 or 7.8 is still a heck of a lot of people unemployed. Go peddle your BS somewhere else.

  • vodknockers


  • A`Cuara

    OK, who held the gun to Madame Hillary's head?

  • ste1021

    When was Clinton elected president? I missed that one. Will she be participating in the debate tonight?

  • bowtonoone2

    I would trust the devil more than Hillary, Bill or Barack but then again that would mean I trust the latter. Oops. My mistake.

    • RedMeatState

      HeII is a Union Shop and Democrat partisanship is required.

  • Gunsmoke11

    Regardless of who says what and as to who may be to Blame, it still falls upon who is responsible for there Administration and the people in which he has them assigned to do for him ( meaning the President )...... This is how it is in ALL cases and it should NOT be Excused for anyone, even if it is our President.....and in this case, Obama is just as much to Blame for All of this.....possibly more so......

  • BG

    if you don't think this administration is willing to "cook the numbers" to look favorable on unemployment or whatever, and that the media isn't willing to do whatever to help the corruption along, you must be drinking the kool-aid too!

  • XX

    Don't forget the employment stats are heavily influenced at this time of year by the hiring of seasonal help. They will be unemployed again in January. Maybe Michelle had an economic recovery, partying her way through the last 4 years, the rest of us who actually work for a living did not have that . My yearly income took a $10,000 cut this year, just to help my company stay afloat. I did not get to tour the world or parade around in $1500 jackets. I did learn 50 more ways to fix beans though.......

  • XX

    Hillary Clinton, another bump in Obama's Road???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Pogue/100001333357334 Bill Pogue

    i have been called paranoid which dont mean i am not right but if romney gets every vote in this election obama will still be president.

  • gapch12

    This is simply a setup to try sway voters toward Obama.

  • CitizenCan

    It would be a delicious moment if Hillary and Bill agreed to Hillary falling on her sword to get Mr. Obama thru this debate. Then Bill can hang Mr. Obama out to dry playing Brutus to Obama's Caesar by publicly dissing Zero. After the act put on by Father Pflegler for Zero in 2008 by dissing Hillary, turn about would be Bill delivering "fair play" for Hillary. Methinks Hillary and Bill may have not forgotten the shabby treatment by Obama in 2008.

  • colleenf

    All comments aside: there is something very fishy smelling here. Hillary and Bill would NEVER allow blame to settle on either on of them for anything! If Hillary has set oblamo up, it could be really funny to watch as oblamo is blind sided.
    You know oblamo has insulted the Clintons one time too many....and that will not go unavenged by them at some point!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pat-Alexander/100002941137609 Pat Alexander

    I wonder how much more "arrogant" this lying president would become if he actually did tell the truth and did something correct! Well, we will never know how that one would turn out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.lynn.940 Jacqueline Lynn

    Had no respect for Hillary when she accepted Slick Willies well publicized sexual affairs in order to remain in the White House! Have no repect for this BELATED claim to accept responsibility for Libya! YES, she IS in fact responsible for her role in that tragedy. But, are we expected to believe her boss, The President, was ignorant of the circumstance before during and after!? THAT would make him the MOST INCOMPETENT LEADER of the last 70 years! A tie with the appeaser Chamberlin of England who led England to a World War.

  • jerry

    President Obama sez 'not my fault'....Hilliary Clinton sez 'buck stops with her'.....however there were 2 attacks on the consulate earlier in the year, is the Presiden t saying he was never told about these attacks? (major breakdown of intelligence system) If he was told, about the problems what did he do about it? (major breakdown in his management of his administration). Either scenario scares the hell out of me!!!!

  • Concerned American

    This is yet another proof of this corrupt administration. Can anyone tell the American people why it took Hillary so long to "take full responsibility" for the Benghazi attack killing the ambassador and three others. It is absolutely preposterous for the Secretary of State to cover for Obama's incompetence not to have foreseen the security problem in Libya. Or, did she think that the garbage reported by the mainstream media of which MSNBC is most notorious, would somehow convince the American People of their truth!!?? Frankly, there is no way that personally I could trust this government no matter what they say; I am also confident that I am not the only one. Like Steve Wynn said in his interview, as a businessman, he is scared to death of embarking on new business because "I don't know what the hell Obama is going to do next." If Wynn with all his business savvy is so discouraged, can you imagine how a much smaller business person could feel?
    Given this scenario, it would be helpful if one questioner during this evening's debate would ask Obama specifically where does he stand on job creation and what are his plans for removing doubts on the part of most people to invest, assuming they can.


  • cordwinder

    OBAMA has failed america.

  • bobalo59

    I work at the Republican headquarters in the town where I live. 3 of the last 5 people I talked to that walked in the door were Owevomit voters that have been kicking themselves in the ass and now plan on voting Romney. What does that tell you? All were buying Romney/Ryan pins and taking R/R yard signs. Talk about HOPE for CHANGE.

  • rae

    I believe with my whole being that obama promised her something really big if she would do this. There is no love lost between them so you know there's got to be some really big pay off.

  • louise

    It has gotten to the point that we can not trust any of them , Obama, Biden and Hillary. The whole democratic party is a bunch of story tellers and I do not believe any of them . Mainly the ones that passed the Healthcare law with out reading it They were willing to do what they were told to do. No backbone or honestly in any of them. Reid should be in jail for what we witnessed on tv when he was bribing and cheating to pass the Obamacare law in the middle of the night. God help us all if Obama gets re elected!!!!!!

  • jshuta

    I have never felt more horrified of our government as I do now. This isn't just a vote about choosing a president, this is a vote about saving America! About saving our values, ethics and morality. Vote Obama out or suffer dire consequences.

  • jd1958

    If you're really to blame Hillary, Resign and disappear.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Security at our embassies and consulates is done by the military. Who is the (supposed) Commander in Chief of the military? Certainly not Hillary...not Smilin' Joe Biden...it is Obama. He is quick to take any credit, but slow to accept blame. He hasn't been attending the security briefings because he is too busy campaigning and partying with his Hollywood buddies. So maybe he didn't know about the requests (plural) for added security...but he most certainly should have been aware.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    The buck stops with the President not with Hillary.If this were not true then why did Harry Truman one of our great Presidents coin ther phrase?Think about it.

  • Robert Courtney

    Hillary should either RESIGN, or be FIRED. Criminal negligence charges are in order, too.
    Doesn't four murders, dozens wounded, and Millions in damges warrant that much?
    it most certainly would for a Conservative SOS, you can bet on that.

  • Ken

    If BOH wins, then watch for Hillary to be nominated for a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy.

  • chrisinsmyrna

    Hillary absolutely cannot make the president look small. Not in his mind and not in the MSM. So there's no point to make there. Once Obama's relected (God forbid!), There would be no way to get Biden to step down. Hillary is setting herself up for 2016. She helps Obama slightly but she helps herself a _lot_. Nobody believes that she alone is responsible for the mess and certainly not the cover-up. Notice how carefully she has avoided the cover up. But the admission makes her look good and that will go a long way in 2016.

  • Jumpboots287thPIR

    Lets hope so.....We all know that the buck stops at the oval office............

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KEWII2BTULRANVFI6VRHUYIIVQ John

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to lose this election. There are many less republicans than there are dead people and illegal aliens that the libs have registered to vote for Obama!

  • steven60

    Hillary taking the blame for benghazi, is the minor problem, the major problem was the two weeks of cover up that followed the attack, that is all Obama.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KEWII2BTULRANVFI6VRHUYIIVQ John

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to lose this election. There are many less republicans than there are dead people and illegal aliens that the libs have registered to vote for Obama!

  • notSO dumafterall

    She didn't take BLAME, she took responsibility. There's a difference. She still assigned blame to the Security people and what they were being told by them.

  • SirWilhelm

    Valerie Jarrett is whispering in Obama's ear. In fact, she's proud that some call her the defacto President. The next question is, who, if anyone, is whispering in Jarrett's ear? Does the name, Geroge Soros, ring any bells?

  • Junie3

    Heard Rush say Obama is paying off her campaign debt, this is how she plans on paying him back.

  • Angel

    The Clintons and the Obummers were made for each other. Wheres Monica?

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.cook.39566 Barbara Cook

    Definite payback here. But it ain't over yet.... The fun is just beginning.....

  • Wes McKay

    Hell-ary stood up and took responsibility for the attack
    to show everyone ...
    SHE IS MORE OF A MAN THAN ... obama
    AND I BELIEVE IT ! ! ! ! !

  • Susan Donem

    How about a turd in the toilet ? That label is much more proper so we can flush him aw3ay in November !

  • gnracer

    If Hillary was setup to take the blame for Obama, wouldn't Obama have to have Hillary fired for this screw up? If he does not fire her, than her taking the blame really lends no credibility to the ruse.

  • ACB

    Sorry for you. But all of you are most likely on well fair and don't want to have to get off your sorry asses and get a job.


    Hillary be rewarded, for taking the fall. If so, maybe A Supreme Court Justice. Why not
    the Ambassador of Libya, stationed in Benghazi.

  • mark

    yeah,yeah,yeah,but if this were a republican who did what ovomit and his party did you would never hear the end of this it would go on forever and a day. dumborats get away with everything, it called the new normal in AMERICA. just like no jobs high gas prices, high food prices etc.etc.etc. all's ovomit can say is get used to it, it is the new normal in AMERICA.

  • quipster

    7.8% my butt (MSM) don't have a clue nothing but a bunch of liars. I don't think there even hiring burger flippers.

  • lithic

    Hillary was in charge of embassy defense, and intelligence. She set up the attacks, allowed them, and sacrificed our people there to make Oblammer look bad. She is tougher and smarter, but just as evil as the jerk in chief.

  • cmjay

    The CLINTONS have a hidden agenda and it's anybody's guess why they do what they do. One thing is for certain - it is for their benefit .

  • Jmil

    Much as I hate to admit it, my opinion of Hillary Clinton just went up. No, not because she is taking the blame for the lack of security that resulted ultimately in the violent death of American citizens serving our interests abroad - Have you even known a Clinton to not do what was politically expedient? She is the first person EVER who has been able to get BaOb to almost admit that his (foreign) policies have failed. When she "manned" up, it made blaming the crude video even more absurd, and he couldn't let a woman (especially Hillary) outdo him now could he? So for the first time in 4 years, during the debate last night, he actually came close to saying those words he dreads... Hillary basically forced him into it. And why, please tell me, is no one talking about the manner in which Stevens was tortured and killed? Is it because the individuals who did it are such loving and peaceful people? Or because the administration wants to keep Americans in the dark about what that religion is all about?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Both Clintons and Obama are narcissists and pathological liars. What in the world does this say about the "Democrat" Party...?

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.sasman William Sasman

    For Hillary to say she was to blame does not put her in a good picture for a later tun for the WH. If anything I believe that it was done by obama say. Hillary has some blame on this but not all of it.

  • Voncile Fullwood

    hilary wrote the speech for him when they were closed up behind doors for three days and when they were finished she said Bill not here lets jump under the cover then we can go home

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denny-Friend/100000852018488 Denny Friend

    ocrapo throw hillary under the bus. the buck stops with him

  • Quis Percusit

    If you can count past twenty with out having to remove an article of clothing Vote for Romney; it is the Nations only hope and the Constitutions last chance to remain the law of the land. It is all about Our rights as sovereign citizens not the right of the Government to control us to do their bidding.

    Equal rights for all special privileges for none

  • Death2Unions

    It was either take the blame herself or get down on her knees and suck on something of obama's. You fill in the blank.

  • jb80538

    nothing this fool does surprises me anymore. He can't be trusted and neither can hitlary!

  • mark

    Hillary should have taken the blame and Obama should take responsibility for putting her in the position. Lets look at her qualifications for the job, married to a President and a state senator, Oh, I forgot, she has a law degree. Taking the blame and accepting the responsibility is all fine and well, but if you get four people killed their should be some kind of punishment, like lose your job at least!!! This is a serious offense and someone just accepting the blame is not enough!!! What is it was your dad, husband or son what would you expect!!!

  • mark


  • Brabado

    Dear friends:
    Knowing how a coward, spinless and leaderless Obama is, and after having ran out of people to blame for the murdurous attack on the U.S,. Consulate in Lybia, and the death of Amb . Steven and 3 other Americans, Obama "ordered" Hillary Clinton to take the fall, all by herself, just prior to the Presidential Debate, to distance himself from these 4 assasinations .
    A typical Obama bahavior in times of crisis!!!

  • bravado

    Sorry, to disagree but, in my opinion, Obama after "running out of innovent victims to blame, for the murder of 4 Americans in Lybia, Obama "ordered" Hillary to take the fall, "all by herself," to dust off any himself from any responsibility - a traditional "blame the other guy" MO, Obama is famous for.
    Also, it helped Obama nutralize any Hillary Clinton's future political ambitions she may still have... She will never accept to be Obama's V.P. - It is well known how Bill and Hillary hate Barack Obama...


    Excuse me, but taking "full responsibility" should come with some consequences,
    like step down Hillary! When does a debacle like the Libyan affair entitle you
    to become Veep or next in line to the presidency? Only the Democrats seem to
    think that by making the statement "I take full responsibility" that that's all
    that is required, now lets move on. No, the next step is resignation! But
    Hillary's too big for that. Like some companies too big to fail that get to raid
    the slush fund bail-outs, so Hillary is too big in the panoply of Democratic
    superstars to be so mistreated. Of course the party that supports and defends infanticide can't be expected to make appropriate moral choices in any other area either.