Benghazi Conspiracy Points to Obama and Muslim Brotherhood

There is a ton of information floating around about what really happened at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  If you listen to Obama, Biden and rest of that team, you will have already heard a number of lies and cover-ups.  And like so many other things, the more lying and covering up that is done, the more different conspiracy theories begin to abound.

What makes for a good conspiracy theory is having parts of it based on evidence that has been determined to be true.  Once you establish what is supposed to be true, you start adding the meat and flesh of your conspiracy around that frame until you get the creature you desire.

One conspiracy I recently read kind of peaked my interest.  I’m not saying this is true and I’m not saying it’s not true.  But there could be just enough truth in it to make it plausible.

According to Kris Zane at The Western Center For Journalism, he believes that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi leads back to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood which in turn leads back to the White House and President Barack Obama.

The reason I am presenting this particular conspiracy theory is that in lieu of all of Obama’s lies and deceptions, it actually sounds plausible.  I would not put it past him to have arranged something like this.  It also makes sense by the way the White House responded to the attacks in the first place.

Did you know that within one day prior to the attack in Benghazi that there had been only 17 views of the infamous Innocence of Muslims film in the three months the film had been posted on the internet?   How would such a non-viewed video be responsible for such an uprising?

We also have tons of evidence that Obama has done so much for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood even though they are a very radical extremist group.  Obama has released hundreds of millions of dollars to them without Congress’ approval.  Ever since it was evident that the Muslim Brotherhood would assume control of Egypt, Obama has been their lackey, fetching whatever they wanted.

Let’s not forget about Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin whose mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood along with the wife of Egypt’s President Morsi.  Abedin has not denied having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or other radical Islamic groups.

When you collect everything we know to be true and look at what this conspiracy purports to be true, you have to ask yourself if Obama was capable of doing what they suggest or not.  If he was and actually did, then he is guilty of treason to the United States and should be quickly and summarily brought to justice for his crime.

If you don’t believe it could be true, why don’t you?



  • Screeminmeeme

    I believe there is nothing...and I mean NOTHING....that Obama would not do to hold on to presidential power.

    This theory has yet to be proven and I suspect the facts won't be known for years. One day, some honest, inquisitive journalist will look into the Obama phenomenon and put all the pieces together, but by then we will all be dead and gone.

    • Doodlebug

      I also believe that someday, somewhere, somehow, someone will leak out a whole lot of information, which some of us expect as to why he has his college records and who knows what else sealed so none of us will know the truth about him while he serving as president. I don't understand the allowing radical Islamsist to routinely visit the WH (according to WND). Have they now been given a tour and have a floor plan of the WH? What the H*&^LL is going on?

      • truthbetold

        doodlebug-it should be known Now and put out to the t.v. news.....conspiracy is not theory- because the truth usually follows.....

      • MARYANN33

        That is what first came to me. We must not allow our enemies to know the layout of the White House. How stupid is that?

        • 57Chevy

          The Real problem, they are OUR enemies, NOT Obama's

        • MARYANN33

          Obama is the problem. The democrats are also the problem to allow him to invite our enemies into Our house.

        • CaptTurbo

          The American electorate is the problem. Who else allowed this Muslim usurper infest our White House?

        • MARYANN33

          A lot of black Christians voted for him because he looks a little black..Some voted for some change. McCain gave the election away. He really is a democrat..Romney could win and all my last days might not be like hell...Americans listen to their Itunes and are too busy texting to know or care what is going on...They probably have government jobs with high pay. Who was supposed to vet him???

        • Daniel from TN

          McCain is a RINO: He should be drummed out of the Republican Party. During the 2008 election McCain could not sing obama's praises loud enough. Shortly after the 2008 election ballot box stuffing was discovered in two states. This discovery was made before the election was certified in those states. Those two states went to obama but should have been for McCain, which would have McCain the winner. Upon hearing about this fraud McCain ordered all his staff to stay quiet so obama would be declared the winner. McCain did not WANT to win the election.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • MARYANN33

          I already voted for Romney Ryan. I am holding my breath...We need hope and change after Obama.

        • dragonfire777

          I pray for them everyday and us.

        • 57Chevy

          Hey, Hey, Hey,..............U.S.A. ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll see the kind of car I drive, don't ya?

        • MARYANN33

          I had a '56 and also a '55. Should have kept them.

        • dragonfire777

          Send Colin Powell with him. Powell needs to change parties and quit sullying the Republican party.

        • David Batchelder

          All the so called Rep Americans, let me add. All the CS that signed the NDAA bill into law. Who ever signed it has committed treason.

        • dragonfire777

          You are absolutely right. God bless.

        • David Batchelder

          what were the two states,
          Let me know. Because I have had enough. If we do not take back America with this election and there are funny game going on. I will bring this entire Country down on the heads that have been sucking off us for a long time. It is time to crush these CS, once and for all if Romney does not win.

        • aishite

          A large portion of the American electorate do not know what is going on.As I was talking to others. Because Barack is a Christian and Romney is Mormon.. that's it. I will vote for Barack becase he is a Christain says them..WE MUST GO OUT AND VOTE...Learn more about the partys platform. What can each do to our country.

        • Ray Ake

          oBOYma is a KOTEX head;;;being christian is a LIE !!!! time to put ROCK & ROLL in office;;and clean out ALL those DAMNED LIEberal @$$hole's,,in both house's...

        • Lola Sullivan

          If this Muslim is re-elected. you ain't seen nothing yet and you deserve what you get. The only thing is, the rest of us will have to suffer with you
          Christian, my arse.

        • David Batchelder

          If you have people saying he is a christian, how can he stand for abortion. What kind of glue are they sniffing.

        • MARYANN33

          Christians don't celebrate Ramadan and wear Islamic rings.

        • Dan Williams

          He also took friday off for the Muslim holiday of Eid. Wonder if he had a Muslim party at the Whitehouse?

        • MARYANN33

          Christians pray in the White House and have prayer meetings there and have a National day of prayer...Muslims have rugs and turbans.

        • Richard Ochoa

          Get rid of that Illegal Communist in the WH NOW!!!!!!!!

        • Evermyrtle

          Our proven enemies and we continue to support them, blindly.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          What??? Obama IS the problem.

        • 57Chevy

          For Sure, Plus Sloppy Joe, Trader Holder, Botox Nancy, Scary Harry & ALL the rest of his Liberal Communist Administration!

        • Robert Berry

          ...You are right on..They are Not Obama's enemies...!..

        • ssilv48

          Maryann, it's too late.......the muslim brotherhood mr oboma has already had them over there and they are laughing at Americans

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          It is NEVER too late. Just get ready.

        • MARYANN33

          Lots of people are laughing at America..Mexico was laughing at us in the 1080's with all the refugees and boat people. They were to smart to open their borders....The communists and muslims are in charge.

        • danimal

          what the hell you calling him "Mr." for

        • ssilv48

          danimal, because to an pea for a brain can figure out he is not even a citizen of the United States. Once his school records are opened you will see he came to America as a foreign student on foreign aid. history will come to the truth, constitutionally he can not be a president and a second reason is that his father was not a citizen of the United States.

        • danimal

          so... answer my question, why call him mister?

        • ssilv48

          danimal, I can surly tell when I'm dealing with a demo rat but let me try to make this simple. I call him mr. because of mr obomas background, legally he can not be a president of the United States, now the real question is: why does congress sit with their thumbs up their tails and not do anything about the falsified information that mr oboma presented as his certificate of live birth, s/s# belongs to someone else, falsified selective service card and what pass port did he use when he went to pakistan in 1980 while he was going to school in America, we know for sure, it was not a American pass port because Americans could not go to Pakistan, so obviously he used the only pass port that he had which was a foreign pass port. mr obomas school records show that he came to America as a foreign student, on foreign aid..............and because of all this information on mr oboma that you can find out for yourself, he can not be a President of the United States. Now, he may be sitting in a presidential spot, but history will be corrected. Please let me know if this is simple enough.

        • danimal

          First of all, you don't know anything about me, I have never been a dummycrap in my life. Second, everything you have posted IS true, except the "mister" part. You use mister when you address someone with respect and dignity, not some bozo that wouldn't know the truth if it smacked him up side the head. We are on the same side here, but with different believes on how to address odummer. So lets not bust each others chops, and make sure that MR. ROMNEY and MR.RYAN get in office and make our Great Nation great again. See you at the polls.

        • honorary

          Exactly, I did not even capitalized his name - he is just a black man who fraud himself into the White House and his name is obamafia or odumbo.

        • MARYANN33

          So is Mexico...

        • Daniel from TN

          Concealing the floor plans for the White House sounds like a good idea. However, the floor plans are already public record, and available over the internet. Only the location of a few "special" rooms remains a secret.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • mimi

          I will be voting for FREEDOM, SO MITT GETS MY VOTE HE WILL SAVE OUR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hunt

          Obama has already given the enemy a blue print of the White House. Watch what happens if Obama loses the election.

        • MAC49

          The floor plan of the WH is the least of our worries. just think of all the intelligence and security information he has to share with the world.

      • daves

        The idea that any Obama record is “sealed” is a falsehood, to start. The word “sealed” when applied to documents ordinarily refers to records that would normally be public, but that a judge has ruled cannot be released without the court’s permission. Common examples of truly “sealed” documents include records of crimes committed as a juvenile or records of adoptions.

        None of the claims in this message refers to records actually “sealed” in that usual sense.In some cases, the records this screed claims are “sealed” are actually public, and open for anyone to see. Other supposedly “sealed” records are normally private documents that Obama hasn’t released — and that other presidential candidates haven’t released either.

        • budman

          I have news for you daves. Obama went to court well before the election to have all his records sealed and he has paid handsomely to prevent any record to be unsealed. When he became President, he went to the Supreme Court and requested all records of his past and records of his administration with regard to his personal life be sealed. This was reported on national news. Apparently, he was granted that wish. No record, regardless of who was requesting it has been authorized for release. Examples are his birth certificate he supposedly has in Hawaii, request for information on his Social Security Number which was responded to with a "No match" with no explanation as to why, records of his mother's travel at the time as his birth with a "no record" from the State Department. If what you say is true, then all the departments in Government are suppressing or denying all requests for information.
          The only information I have found to date by one investigator is a request for information through a Freedom of information request was that Obama was a foreign exchange student at Occidental College under a different name. I don't recall the exact name but it was something like Barry Soetoro. Apparently, this was released because the University was not aware of the "sealed" order but it is out there now.
          We have learned facts about Obama through his own admissions.
          He admitted twice in videos that he was born in Kenya, spoke on 14 occasions about his Muslim faith when he claims to be a Christian so what we have is a man who is telling us one thing and claiming another like his birth in Hawaii, which is where he also said he was born and being a Christian when he openly claims he is a Muslim. All you have to do is pay attention to what he says to see the contradictions.
          Most of what is known about him has come from his own words, not through research of his past.

        • daves

          All of what you say has been proven false. Go to any fact checking site and do some research.

        • d1032

          None of what 'budman' has states has proven to be false -- every department or agency that could verify or deny the validity of the questions being raised have been sworn to silence.
          This president is nothing more than a chameleon who changes his 'being' as the situation arises and simply dismisses answering any question which follows when asked about the conflicting facts.
          He is a serial and pathological liar and somehow has coerced enough people to do his bidding with no regard for the sanctity of the Constitution.
          His singular purpose is, and has been, the total dimanteling of the Constitution and the Republic and turn it into a Muslim dominated entity in which he would become the ultimate 'ruler' with Sharia Law.
          Plain and simple and if you haven't yet reached that conclusion then you have been existing under a rock or you are delusional on his 'kool aid.'

        • daves

          Okay, why did the Supreme Court choose to hear a case about sealing the president's records? What was the name of the case, what was the final decision?

          The claim is that Obama received a Fulbright scholarship for foreign
          students, proving that he is not a U.S. citizen and therefore not
          eligible to be president. Supposedly this was reported by The Associated
          Press. But the claim is false and the story is a hoax.

          April Fake

          We contacted The Associated Press just to confirm what should be obvious, that no such news story ever appeared on the news agency’s wires. Jack Stokes, the AP‘s manager of media relations, gave us this statement:

          AP: The story purported to be from The Associated Press on April 1 is fake.

          Furthermore, the group that the fake story credits with gaining
          release of the supposed “smoking gun” documents is also a fake. Searches
          of news accounts and Internet sites showed no trace of any group called
          “Americans for Freedom of Information,” until recently. On May 6 such a
          group did appear, but only as a joke to make fun of anyone who had
          fallen for the April Fools’ Day gag. An anonymous blogger set up a site
          calling itself “Americans for Freedom of Information: We Do Not Exist.” Its first entry begins:

          “Americans for Freedom of Information” May 6:
          We are the Americans for Freedom of Information. We are a fictitious
          group of individuals; i.e. we do not exist. And yet, for a nonexistent
          organization we wield great power and knowledge! O Yea, Verily. OK,
          actually, not verily at all. Anti-verily, as a matter of an utter lack
          of fact.

        • Lawrence Hughes

          It wasn't the supreme court that sealed all his records - it was his very first Executive Order - he could barely wait until he got into the Oval Office to sign it. Of course, that means that Romney can (and hopefully WILL) unseal everything as HIS first Executive Order. After that (and with a new Attorney General) we can begin the prosecution of Obama and his fellow travelers. It will be particularly fun to string up Pelosi for "vetting" him. Can we do that on live TV? The Pay Per View fees might cover at least SOME of the money she and her friends have wasted on liberal idiocy.

        • Daniel from TN

          Executive Orders - Romney CAN reverse any of obama's (or any other previous president's) executive orders. However, if he does then Romney will be the first American president to do so that I am aware of. Previous presidents' executive orders are traditionally, but not legally, off limits.
          Vetting - Prior to the 2008 election the letter from the DNC to the individual states stated two things: The stated candidate is the duly elected nominee from the Democrat Party; AND, the nominee has been vetted and found to be eligible to hold the office of president. In 2008 the letter to the states, which can be viewed online, stated only that obama was the party's candidate. There was no mention of the nominee being vetted. Evidently Pelosi knows the meaning of the letters CYA.
          Trial - Placing the trials of those involved with the deception and/or the cover-up on PPV would bring in enough money to balance the budget for at least four years, and possibly pay something on the deficit.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • daves

          Budman made the claim that it was the Supreme Court.

          Here is a site that shows all executive orders for all presidents. You can see the first order given by President Obama and that it has nothing to do with sealing personal records.

          It actually allows the nation's archivist to release government records after a 30 day period if the current or former president has not claimed executive privilege.

          It revokes an executive order President Bush made in 2001. President Bush's order revoked an executive order made in 1989.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Hanged by their short hairs, I trust?

        • Buster Atkins

          Dave, and do you really beleive that the information that you get from the fact checking sites is the truth?

        • daves

          Yes don't you?

          I have yet to find a single untrue statement on

        • Karen

          And how do you know it is true? Because told you it is? None of us have the ability to prove or disprove any of O's lies without the documents to back up, INCLUDING a group of mere humans at and THAT is what Obama relies on -- his cohorts, supporters and media lapdogs backing him up without proof. That kind of faith is totally undeserved by serial liars like Obama.

        • RonMar

          daves, fyi, factcheck is a Leftist Annenberg project.

        • NancyNotPelosi

          You need to see "Agenda" (just google the movie) and :Dreams from my Real Father" (on Netflix). I love slogan for the movie 2016: Whether you love him or hate him, YOU DON"T KNOW HIM!

        • Evermyrtle

          Daves do you have any proof to what you are saying?? no?? I thought so.

        • JibJab

          Please provide any & all sources showing the parts of budman's comment to be false.

        • David Simmons

          ...proven false by whom? You are a fool if you believe that. any fact checking site????

        • William Benton

          Dave are you are simple minded enough to believe any fact checking site

        • daves

          Instead of criticizing my sources of information, can you provide yours?

        • Screeminmeeme

          budman.......True. Obama has pulled off the biggest scam in our nation's history.

        • JibJab

          He is now asking that all his presidential records for the past four years be sealed

        • Lawrence Hughes

          How about we place Obama in a glass box and hermetically seal it? We can keep it on display in the Smithsonian as a "never again shall we be fooled" exhibit. Of course they will have to clean the glass hourly to remove all the spittle from members of the public viewing it. There is actually precedent for this - Lenin, Mao, many other communists are still on display in hermetically sealed glass boxes. Of course with them, they waited until after they were dead....

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          I think the Mussolini treatment would be more appropriate. But that's just imprisonment in Leavenworth would be acceptable. Just don't put Obama and Holder in the same cell...wouldn't want them to have any fun!

        • Daniel from TN

          IF, and that's a big if, obama is ever convicted of anything he will never go to a real prison. He will go to Maxwell AFB in Alabama or a facility similar to it. These facilities were designed for politicians BY politicians. Several years ago one of the major networks conducted a study of one of these facilities: Here's some of what was revealed and reported.
          1. "Prisoners" live in comfortable cottages that are larger than most single-family homes. They do NOT live in jail cells.
          2. Each cottage has multiple telephone lines with unlimited free long distance, at taxpayer expense.
          3. Prisoners families have the option of living with them.
          4. Prisoners perform no duties such as trash collection, KP, etc.
          5. Prisoners have free reign of the grounds at all times.
          6. Meals resemble dinners prepared by gourmet chefs, not standard cafeteria meals prepared by regular cooks.
          7. Recreational and library facilities for the prison side of the base are better than for the law abiding soldiers and their families on the other side of the base.
          There is more, but you get the idea. A "sentence" at one of these facilities is like living at Club Med for free.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • TrueAmerican

          Well actually dude, its not false. Its a known fact that is easily confirmed that his college records are sealed, as is client list from when he was a lawyer & he spent alotta money getting them that way. As not only a public figure but in fact the POTUS, his college records should be public knowledge like every other POTUS before him. Some have tried to argue attorney/client privilege over the client list but legally it doesn't apply because there's nothing personal or confidential that can be revealed about a client just by knowing who their lawyer is. On the other hand, much could be revealed about a lawyer, and a wealthy lawyer at that, by who they represent. Any logical, reasonable person has to wonder, if he has nothing to hide, then why is he going through so much trouble & of course money to hide it? And of course like any con artist, he's counting on the unlikey gullibilty & naivety of those just like u to buy whatever crap & empty promises he's selling. Truly classic. Now I have to ask u, would u be interested in buying the Golden Gate Bridge? I won it in a very costly poker game & I just have no use for it? I'll give u really good dea;)

        • daves

          How is it easily verified?

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          BS. Obama has invested over $800k to keep his college transcripts sealed. Sorry jack, you are outed as a obama butt kisser.

        • RonMar

          daves these facts are not arguable: Obama has told many conflicting, self-contradictory stories about his sordid past, e.g., he with Michelle echoing the story is now claiming his mother raised him as a single mother. That is not true at all if his father is Barack Hussein Obama who raised him however briefly, then she married Lolo Soetoro who raised Obama as his stepson, Barry Soetoro during his "formative years" as Obama called them in Indonesia.
          He also said twice, not once, but twice on the campaign trail this past summer that he had two sons, sons, not daughters.
          His lies about his past are important as proof he is a habitual (and confused) liar. Just as important is his track record as pretend POTUS/CINC. I have a challenge for you and will post it next. (cont.)

        • RonMar

          I would like for you and all Obama supporters to explain why they can vote for a man described accurately as follows with the dolt Biden as his VP:

          In 2008 way too many frustrated, angry and gullible people were tricked by false political campaign promises into voting for an essentially unknown person who had told multiple, conflicting stories about his sordid past, and based on the two "autobiographies" written about him, the little known about him was not good.

          The cloudy picture revealed a person with zero, nada, zip qualifications to be POTUS/CINC and a multitude of reasons why he should not be POTUS/CINC.

          Now we are reaping that harvest in his domestic policies and actions:

          1) failed abysmally in the domestic policy Presidential Debate with Romney

          2) a declining economy

          3) $16T+ national and $51K+ indebtedness for every man, woman and child with the debt counter whirring higher by the minute

          4) 8%+ unemployment, questionable recent report still near 8%

          5) worse underemployment

          6) minority unemployment in double digits

          7) illegal immigrants using up social welfare support money and taking jobs and

          8) more people on welfare than ever before

          9) household incomes fell in August, off 8.2% under Obama

          10) prices of all goods and services are up, and fuel prices will skyrocket further due to Obama’s domestic and foreign policies and actions
          7) illegal immigrants using up social welfare support money and taking jobs and

          8) more people on welfare than ever before

          9) household incomes fell in August, off 8.2% under Obama

          10) prices of all goods and services are up, and fuel prices will skyrocket further due to Obama’s domestic and foreign policies and actions

          CEO to Workers: You'll Likely Lose Your Job If Obama Is Re-elected...later a FL software company CEO telling his employees the same thing

          12) and the list of negatives continues ad infinitum.

          The U.S. and that man

          1) are under attack around the world right now by outraged Islamists due to his foreign policies and actions.

          2) He and some of the henchmen and women in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime said nothing at first, then lied for a week or so about a planned attack on the U.S. Consulate facilities in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of his appointed U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans. Then they flip-flopped to admission, finally, that it was a “terrorist attack,” but still stuck to their nonsense that the attack was spontaneous and prompted only by an obscure video trailer of a low-budget film released in June.

          3) U.S. and coalition forces are bogged down in a war in Afghanistan trying to help people who are blowing them up and shooting them with the weapons and training provided for the beleaguered nation.

          4) The friendly forces there are in a Stalingrad/Dien Bien Phu situation - a landlocked country with no waterway access, overland access on marginal roads through the country of a questionable ally, and primary air access via an airfield in the former Soviet Union, still under control of the Russians.

          5) U.S. military forces are worn down by multiple combat deployments.

          6) Unless something is done quickly by the Congress and signed by the feckless POTUS/CINC the U.S. military will suffer crippling budget cuts due to sequestration. (cont.)

        • RonMar

          7) He announced long ago he wanted a civilian force equal in budget and strength to the U.S. military.

          8) Iran has vowed to destroy Israel and kill all Jews - a vow echoed by other Islamic jihadists - and Iran continues to move closer to having deployable nuclear weapons. The POTUS/CINC says he will visit Israel if he is reelected, and he spends time campaign fundraising and appearing on entertainment TV shows, like "The View" and with entertainers rather than meeting with the Israel Prime Minister who requested a meeting. We learned Obama is refusing to meet one-on-one with any foreign leaders at the UN for fear he will hurt his reelection chances, maybe by another open-mic admission like he made with the Russian President.

          9) Obama’s reading from his teleprompter speech at the UN was deplorable. Many are picking it apart, and it is so easy to do unless you are an Obama supporter no matter what he says or does. Obama said nothing new in his UN speech. He mouthed more promises for him to break and apologized again for the U.S. and all of us, still claiming the obscure film caused the Islamic outrage not his domestic and foreign policies and actions.

          10) Obama sends U.S. troops to Jordan on the border with Syria, but not to Israel! If they had any sense this would shut up the idiots who say the U.S. has lost troops fighting for Israel. This is one more in the long list of Obama foreign policy screw ups like those in Egypt, Libya, etc. Typical of a Dem Lib Marxist Muslim Obama cannot and does not learn from his own experiences.

          Egypt, Libya, etc. Typical of a Dem Lib Marxist Muslim Obama cannot and does not learn from his own experiences.

          STATE DEPT SPINS NEW TALE ON BENGHAZI ATTACK...Official account changes: No protest over anti-Islam video...'Inappropriately low' security...

          12) and the list of negatives continues ad infinitum.

          I sure hope voters do not repeat the '08 mistake this year.

          "I will stand with [the Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" - Barack Hussein Barry Obama Soetoro Davis, p. 261, The Audacity of Hope, October 2006.

          Obama has stood and is still standing with the Muslims and Marxists. Check any real news to see where Obama's foreign and domestic policies and actions have gotten us.

          Obama must go. Enough is enough. No more Obama. Your futures depend on it. (cont.)
          12) and the list of negatives continues ad infinitum.

          I sure hope voters do not repeat the '08 mistake this year.

          "I will stand with [the Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" - Barack Hussein Barry Obama Soetoro Davis, p. 261, The Audacity of Hope, October 2006.

          Obama has stood and is still standing with the Muslims and Marxists. Check any real news to see where Obama's foreign and domestic policies and actions have gotten us.

          Obama must go. Enough is enough. No more Obama. Your futures depend on it. (cont.)

        • RonMar

          Today’s news of Obama’s failures:
          Emails: White House knew of terror claim
          The administration knew that militants took credit for the Benghazi attack within hours, emails show.
          Obama in Ohio: Romney is not to be trusted
          Obama 'mistaken' on sequester... mistaken = lied
          NC voters say ballot cast for Romney came up Obama on machine...

          Dems Offer Students Free Pizza, T-Shirts In Exchange For Voting...
          'Obama's Second Term Would be Rerun of First'...
          Romney, Ryan draw massive crowds in Colorado...

          Tickets still available for Obama's Fla stop...
          Yesterday's news of Obama's failures:President 'insulted, patronized, mocked' his opponent...

          OBAMA: 'THIS NATION. ME.'...

          VIDEO: Romney Wins CBS Focus Group In Ohio...

          Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot, Assassinate Romney...

          Post-debate, MSNBC's Matthews claims Romney supporters fueled by racial hatred... 'Obama bin Laden': Schieffer's debate gaffe unfortunate... Cut US Govt. By 50% Now! Man busted for throwing pennies into Dem HQ; 'All he has left after being taxed by Obama'... CHRISTIE: 'What The Hell Is Obama Doing Asking For Another 4 Years?' daves, I am waiting for your reply in detail trying to refute each and all of the failures of Obama. Thanks.
          President 'insulted, patronized, mocked' his opponent...

          OBAMA: 'THIS NATION. ME.'...

          VIDEO: Romney Wins CBS Focus Group In Ohio...

          Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot, Assassinate Romney...

          Post-debate, MSNBC's Matthews claims Romney supporters fueled by racial hatred...
          'Obama bin Laden': Schieffer's debate gaffe unfortunate...
          Cut US Govt. By 50% Now!
          Man busted for throwing pennies into Dem HQ; 'All he has left after being taxed by Obama'...
          CHRISTIE: 'What The Hell Is Obama Doing Asking For Another 4 Years?'
          daves, I am waiting for your reply in detail trying to refute each and all of the failures of Obama. Thanks.

        • Lola Sullivan

          Man if your brains were dynamite, you would't you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose

      • Apolloone

        I got an e-mail from a friend about Obama's ring he wears and has been wearing for years. The story is on World Net Daily,if there is any doubt about him being a Muslim this will should settle it.

        • doug63

          strange it is his wedding ring. he had it for many years before he got married.

      • granny


        • granny

          Sorry doodlebug, yahoo cut the youtube film site (again) where he tells us that he was born in Kenya. Par for the course for yahoo. Must be Dems that work there .

        • daves

          The 11-minute video, which has been online since May 2, is titled "Not Natural Born -- TRUTH MATTERS." It starts with a 30-second clip of Obama speaking before a group of adults. It begins in mid-sentence: " . . . that maybe I'm not an American citizen. Some people said he has a forged birth certificate. Well, first of all, it's true I'm not an American. I was not born in Hawaii. I wasn't born in the United States of America. I come from Kenya."

          If you listen closely, you can hear bad editing. The volume and sound quality of his voice change at key points, such as between "it's true I'm not" and "an American." The video never shows his lips where he makes his key admissions, so you can't see if his lips are in sync with what he's saying. And his audience offers no reaction to what should be a stunning admission.

          There's one other indication that the Obama "confession" is a hoax. Some anti-Obama sites that have posted the video have included a description beginning, "This video starts out with some content from, which, of course is contrived." But on the YouTube page, the word "contrived" is not visible, unless a viewer opens the full description box.

        • Evermyrtle

          Daves is a full blown liberal and one of Obama's yes men. He has proved it over and over

        • Daniel from TN

          The youtube video in question is bogus. I have stated the proof in another blog.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Only assh***s could believe Daves. He is a big gulper of the Obama brand of Kool-Aid. Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia. Obama is evil and should NOT be President.

          And are a hopeless, not even useful, idiot.

        • Doodlebug

          The one you posted above granny, is still working. I have seen this before and I don't understand why our Congress has not done a d780n thing about it! It makes me sick to think that we have people in Congress that can't see the forest for the trees! They must go! VOTE THE WHOLE BUNCH OUT IF THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTING YOU!!

        • freedomgirl

          I can understand why Congress has not not a Thing...
          They Are All About Themselves, Not The People!!!
          They are aloud to sit there for Life, fatten' Their Pockets, and 'We The People' are forced to bite the bullet and take it!!!
          They don't give a rats butt about US!!!
          That is TOO Obvious Not to See!!!
          They care about their own families having a Wealthy Future.
          They care about getting thrown under the bus if they don't vote what they are told... They have too many skeletons in their closet to let that happen,
          Then all they lied and cheated for will be taken away...
          It's Ugly...
          Glad I'm not part of that Clan...
          But Yea, That Clan Needs To Be Uprooted and Reseeded!!!!

        • freedomgirl

          OOOPS, 'why Congress has not 'done' a thing...

        • Patriot

          Yeah, where is the coward John Boehner hiding at and why isin't he doing his job?

        • honorary

          Mr. Boehner is the Speaker of The House, he did try but the Congress won't let it passed.

        • mimi


        • honorary

          Congress is under the control of Democrats party and harry reid is the head, of course that old fart is not going to do anything. Democrats party has a majority in congress.

        • MARYANN33

          My Congressman is a good guy. But he is just one. There are limits to what one good guy can do..People there frown on good guys.

        • MAC49

          Voting may not help, with all the voter fraud there is, Obummer probably is a done deal, as far as him still being the president

        • yipyap

          We've known that about Yahoo forever

        • Amfer Ferg

          THAT has been my issue from Day One!!

        • Daniel from TN

          The youtube video you linked to has been altered. The camera is on obama's face at all times EXCEPT when he says he was born in Kenya. Then the camera is either on the back of his head or zoomed out so far you can't tell if obama is speaking at all. In the unaltered version obama is telling a joke at this point. He said "The truth is, I wasn't born in the United States. I was born on Krypton."
          Later in this video, when Michelle is speaking you will notice that her words and lip movements are in perfect sync EXCEPT when she states her husband was born in Kenya. At this point her lips are moving in slow motion but the sound is normal speed.
          You will have to view the video several times to see both of these anomalies, but with patience you WILL see them. I believe obama is an illegal alien who has unlawfully been elected to the Senate and the Oval Office. However, REAL evidence is needed to prove this and bring legal action against him, not this manufactured garbage.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

      • Vicki Harvath

        after the recent emails received by FoxNews on Lybia...I suspect there will be some leaks as well, by people in DC who don't want to be in that Hot Kitchen anymore, and want to jump ship, before it all comes tumbling down.

        • patriot

          It will happen,They fear the word TREASON.

      • Ray Ake

        there is a African/american on Trumps page;;that said that the reason his record's are sealed is beacuse he was CIA;;at one time...AND the BULLSH#% get's deeper ...

    • Bill Caterino

      I don't think it will take that long!

    • American Patriot

      at least, by then Obama will certainly be dead and gone. At that point, what difference does it make whether any of the rest of us are still alive?

      • taliesin319

        It doesn't matter when justice is done. This fraud must be dissected and his name and every act which he performed against the United States and our people must be made known and published. He is a coward a cheat and a liar and has been one from the beginning. Justice is only done when it is seen by all to have been done. America deserves Justice and her people should not rest until she gets it. Oh yeah, don't expect any help from the Marxists on the Supreme Court who use our Constitution for bathroom tissue.

        • judy64

          Don't forget he appointed TWO supreme court justices and one worked on his healthcare plan at some point. and her name came up ln the court docs when suits were filed against him..
          can you imagine how many other justices he might appoint if he is there another 4 years? our entire country would turn liberal if that got out of balance.. and its nearly there now. that point alone should convince some people to vote against him no matter who was running.. IF they even care... most people don't think of the future reagarding the Supreme Court.

    • daves

      How could an Attack on the American embassy possibly work to keep the president in power?

      • guest18

        October surprise:

        9/11 - Have MB kidnap Stevens and hold him hostage, demanding the release of the blind cleric in exchange for Stevens.

        10/?? - Obama negotiates for Stevens' release and the US praises him for his foreign policy expertise.

        11/06. - Obama wins the election.

        The plan blew up in Obama's face and the WH had to scramble to find an excuse for four murders. Obama continued his campaign plans to distance himself from the tragedy. In fact, the invitation for his campaign appearance in Nevada was received by the WH on 9/11, shortly after we'd learned of the "riot caused by a video". By coincidence, it was for the very next day. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I am smart enough to recognize coincidences.

        A group of servicemen whose job it is to protect our embassies and consulates had received orders several days before the tragedy to deploy to Benghazi. They would have arrived there the day before the attack. At the last minute, their orders were cancelled. The day AFTER four of our Americans were murdered, these same servicemen received new orders to immediately deploy to Benghazi. Coincidence? I want to know who was responsible for cancelling the first deployment and why. The servicemen said that they spent 9/11 playing cards instead of defending our consulate like they were trained to do. Four Americans would very likely still be alive today.

      • pkingduck

        daves: HELLLO???? If embassy was left unguarded, Stevens was to be kidnapped, then Obama would appear the hero by releasing Blind Shek for Stevens?!?!?!? HUURRAH, we would cheer, & re-elect the MESSIAH HERO!!!!! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out?!?!? We could ALL write the script!

        • daves

          Is that what you think happened in Iran in 1979?

          That worked out pretty well for President Reagan but not for President Carter.

        • Holly 'Hardy' Fragoso

          R you a DA?

        • daves

          No, I am a MCSD.

        • d1032

          daves: I am not that well educated in all of these forms of communication so will you tell what an MCSD is?

        • daves

          Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

        • JoeB

          Muzzie C k Suk g Democrap

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Oh big woo, Dave!

        • Keith Conder

          Sure, because Carter mounted a rescue attempt that failed miserably. Coincidentally, I don't believe the Benghazi attack had anything to do with the blind cleric. Instead, it had everything to do with the female vote. Obama has characterized the decisions to go after Bin Laden a "great risk". Biden has characterized it as taking courage. Why, because of their terror of a failure that came out looking like that hostage rescue. Going after OBL, months before the election, was a better gamble to take. By the time elections rolled around getting OBL would propel them. If it failed, the hard feelings would have died down. However, Benghazi was a different animal. Too close to the election. The female firewall Obama was riding, being fairly averse to confrontation, would have begun to have questions about him being a war monger. He couldn't afford that this late in the game. So, he allowed them to die to bolster his reelection bid, no more and no less. That, of course, makes you have to wonder about how many other people have had to die for his political expediency.

        • Tionico

          hey,'we've read about hsi hit list, the list where HE decides, with no accountability, who will die this week. And he's a "president"? Most folks with that kind of power are called dictators, tyrants, mullahs.....

      • Patriot Bob

        Why would Obama send a gay diplomat to a MUSLIM nation? Reports have surfaced that Obama has had many gay relationships. Perhaps one of his partners was the ambassador to Libya that may have something to say that would damage Obama. Why weren't there ANY active duty Marines there?

        It's not a new story. When David's relationship with Bathsheba was going on, he told his commanders to put Uriah in the front lines and then withdraw from him and he would be killed.

        Speculation and supposition would NOT be an issue if he had been OPEN AND TRANSPARENT.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Bob, I entertained the very same idea. Maybe Stevens was another whistleblower and had a fling with the Kenyan. Otherwise, why wasn't he protected to the max as other ambassadors are. Does Obama really believe he controls peopl's life and death? I think so. So many people have died so mysteriously during the past four years. What does a dictator rule with? Fear. He must go. NOW. Vote Romney.

    • gapch12

      You have said exactly what I believe.

    • Joanne Long

      There isn't nothing he won't do to destroy America, and with Soros by his side he has a way.

    • Amfer Ferg

      As long as obama, hillary, and the rest of the scum are still alive....I will then be able to Rest In Peace.

    • ssilv48 might be a lot closer to being dead than you think............the problem is we need a republican congress to start the process............ what mr oboma has done in this mis fit had been nothing to protect Americans,,,,,mr oboma is in serious doo doo.

    • Donna Casas

      Perhaps Obama did put together an October surprise to get re-elected, with ambassador Stevens as the kidnap victim in exchange for the blind sheik. I am with you on the fact that I believe Obama would do Anything to get re-elected!

    • Justintime
    • MARYANN33

      I think there are too many people who know what really happened and i think they will let us know very soon..No one wants to go down with this sinking ship.

    • Luci Tomlin

      And to all those who thinks his "Calm, cool, collected" demeanor is proof he is even-tempered, I have another theory! He is heartless! And so is SHE! Neither of them have ever been rich before and don't know HOW to act with Character, dignity, class,
      and compassion! In order to have THOSE feelings you need to come from a background that espouses and practices these principles! To lead with HEART! Honor, decency, interity,and honest! They never learned nor ever been taught HOW!

  • Nancy Boone Platt

    Isn't this an impeachable event? Where are the republicans on this?

    • Nightlyonewolf

      My thoughts exactly!!

    • RonMar

      Obama can be impeached by the House of Representatives as Bill Clinton was but not found guilty by the Senate until Republicans control the Senate.

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        I keep telling people impeachment will do nothing! You want to INDICT him. He can't get out of a Federal Indictment but it will take many strong Congress members to indict him and a military that will apprehend him.

        • RonMar

          You may be right. Some say he cannot be impeached because he is not really the president.
          Based on his track record he can get out of anything. I am not sure it is the Congress that should indict him, may be a Federal prosecutor. I am not sure either that it is the military to apprehend him, may be the FBI.

    • Jim Greaves

      Boner is busy wiping his tears away. The rest are campaigning for more years at the public trough. Republicans, otherwise, are tightening their belts, cleaning the guns, and dusting off their Bibles (those who do), and waiting for the election fraud to reinstall that little piece of shi-ite putridity to the peoples' house. Then, I suppose, "the fun begins" - if they mean to have war with the "yuge" majority of us, they will get it. I can't, however, figure out why everyone is in such a panic. Unlawful executive orders [that includes all EO's] from the white house should and can be ignored by everyone. Tell the m-f-r and his supporters to go stick it up their... Are we really convinced they will try to incarcerate - or kill - half the US population just to force O-care down throats of the remainder, or make us Muslim?! Get real, and get ready for the fun...

      • FirstPatriot2

        Jim, have you ever read about HItler's gas ovens? the millions of Jews he had skinned alive and starved to death? German citizens were also in a mind fog of deception and denial. But history records this happening. From what we have all seen of Obummer, your question of "Are we really convinced they will try to incarcerate - or kill - half the US population just to force O-care down throats of the remainder, or make us Muslim?" ---the simple answer is YES, it can certainly happen here if we don't get Obummer out of the WH and get him out NOW.

      • Roger

        Unfortunately Obama would go to ANY lengths to keep and expand his power. Killing half of the US population would only engender respect from his Muslim friends and he could claim it as population control. Maybe even get another Nobel Prize for the environmental aspects of reducing the population.

    • Esther Mae Egan

      How can Obama be impeached when he is not even the president? Shouldn't he be put on a plane back to Africa or jailed. So much of this does not make since, except we are being dumb down to accept what is not right. The Constitutions has been violated and as such so have we. Would we allow someone to come into our private homes and rearrange the furniture and take over our children. I guess we have if we have TV, We allow the TV to raise our children. We are allowing a man who doesn't have a birth certificate to sit in the White House. It is Russia and Germany all over again. No wonder we are called sheep. We need a leader and it isn't Obama or Romney but God. We have looked to Obama as our god and he has failed. I did not vote for him then nor will I vote for him now. The Bible says in the last days we will be deceived unless we look to God. Adam and Eve had it good in the Garden, and yet they allowed satan to manipulate and deceive them with pie in the sky that they would be like gods. They took the bate and were thrown from their estate. I believe many took the bate in 2008 and now they will suffer. All they wanted was the fruit Obama offered and now they will find themselves slaves for his ready shovel jobs.

      • RonMar

        You make some good points. The option is to file charges against Obama and many others in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime, arrest, perpwalk them out of the WH and their other offices, try, convict and punish them. The punishment for what Obama has done is terminal.

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        I agree with you. Google the Three Dark Days. This is part of the End of the Tribulation. If you are a Christian, you really need to read this and be ready.

  • Trader-Bob

    "o" called his buddy, the king of saudi
    arabia,(after all he put "o" thru harvard). "o" says,
    "flood the market with your oil, so the prices will drop before I get
    relected. I can take the credit for the price drop. These stupid Americans will
    believe me! They keep drinking the
    kool-aid! When the election is over, I will raise gas prices, and you will get
    your money back, many fold"!! And they say foreign influence cant sway our

    • judy64

      EXACTLY.. I am waiting for the gas prices to drop and for him to take the credit.. I so hope the people do NOT fall for that..

  • Nadine

    I wonder if this has something with those missing missles! CLEARLY...they don't want us to know! Time for BO to step down...any other president would have had heads rolling! OMG...this man is such a sleeze! I don't think there is a word for him!

    • FirstPatriot2

      Yes , Nadine, there IS a word for him, but even if we wanted to use it, it could not be posted here. But some names/words that can be used come to mind: Traitor, Liar, Great Impostor, Great Deceiver, Muslim, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Worm, and the llist goes on and on.

      • Nadine

        That will sum it up nicely!! For a START!

  • williamboylan

    "kind of peaked my interest" it's "piqued", not "peaked".

    • Jim Greaves

      I hoped someone would catch that one!

      • d1032

        williamboylan - jim greaves:
        Agree with your observation but we must consider when someone's head is running faster than his fingers (and he is ticked off) there will occasional transgressions regarding proper grammar.

  • randyn1531

    Obama is no better than any other terrorist and should be put on trial for treason.

    • Screeminmeeme

      ''A nation can survive its' fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive TREASON FROM WITHIN. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself.

      For the traitor appears not a traitor--He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

      He rots the soul of a nation--he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city--he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.
      A murderer is less to be feared."......Marcus Tullius Cicero, 42 BC., Roman Statesman

      • Apolloone

        I disagree with Cicero when it comes to a nation surviving it's fools, because it's our fools who keep these Traitors in office.

  • gmarshall

    The latest information shows that multiple emails were sent by the attackers revealing that this was an al Qaeda offensive and the state department and WH had access to this information immediately after the event occurred. The consensus of opinion seems to be that this was a political move designed to keep the public from being informed about the source of the attack and that it was in actuality a terrorist move on 9-11 by al-Qaeda that was planned in advance. As these details unfold, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

  • cottagemist

    Question....Is the President of the United States of America...a member or champion of the Muslim Brotherhood? One would this denial of facts regarding Benghazzi...of His and His administration a act of treason...???? Shame...shame...

  • NamelessN00b

    I don't care about links to Muslim Brotherhood, I care about links to Tyranny. There are Muslims who believe that Al-CIA-da are crazy, and they don't recall being told by the prophet to kill yourself and those around you.

    • Roger

      Their holy book states that they are to kill all infidels. A good muslim is one who has been rendered inapable of doing harm.

    • FirstPatriot2

      Nameless, you ain't been reading your Koran, have you honey??? I don't blame you, I would remain nameless too.

  • antiliberalcryptonite
  • RonMar

    Obama has installed Muslim Brotherhood, other Islamic and Marxist operatives in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime. Among them is Valerie Jarret. He has also hosted hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists at the WH. Obama committed U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas for new construction in Gaza City and immigration of Islamic jihadists from the Gaza Strip. In many ways, at many places and times Obama has declared himself a Muslim.
    Benghazi was not needed to point out Obama's Islamic sympathies and support.

    • FirstPatriot2

      Yes, RonMar, from all that Obummer has done during the past months since he took office, we already knew that he was a traitor. And we all know what should be done for even the most common, lowest traitors, not to mention a traitor of the highest level, even the WH!!!! If God smiles on America and allows us to depose this worm of a man, I hope I live to see Obummer and his comrades tried for high treason and get what's coming to them...And I don't mean a fat pension for life, nor a flock of secret service staff protecting him and his family for ever!

      • RonMar

        I'm with you, and the punishment for what Obama has done is terminal.

  • Nightlyonewolf

    This bloke in the White House has done dozens of actions that have been or could be called "treason", but he is still walking around like he owns the world. No one does a thing. Someone owes former President Nixon a HUGE apology.

  • Jim Greaves

    And the punishment for treason? Let's let the punishment fit the crime. What happened to the ambassador should happen to any and all found to have been complicit - either by direct action, OR by standing idly by and letting it happen... Remember the drones were flying and watching, and OBAMA did nothing to stop what was happening, yet we are to believe drones are a good thing for law enforcement, so much so that there are plans to re-deploy up to 30 thousand of them over our domestic skies... What did the president know and when did he know it? Those words forced Nixon to resign, with a pre-emptive pardon from Gerald, the bumping-head, Ford. Obama and his team do not deserve to get off that lightly. There is also the scimitar...

  • Karol Smith

    Glen Beck's "The Blaze" published this interview with a former CIA agent. It's a situation far worse than anyone could imagine and reveals what really happened and why.

  • Charles Ross

    I would recommend a Korean series called "IRIS" (you can find it on HULU). Very interesting about how terrorists can infiltrate the highest offices in the land. Espionage and betrayal are very common in Asia and it wouldn't surprise me to find it alive and well in our WhiteHouse.

  • s

    Yes, I believe it was planned... and at that time, the middle east was calling for global blasphamy laws through the U.N. ..Hillay co-sponsered a bill 16/18 at the united nations..
    hence blaming the film.... at that same time, there was talk about the piss christ art coming back to New York... ... and then recall Obama's speech at the U.N. "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet" .... as the lies began to unravel, suddenly the call for global blasphamy laws at the U.N. were withdrawn... this senario makes sense to me.. a typical tactic of the left...create the the solution... I wonder how those men felt, knowing their government had abandoned them....

  • camdenme2

    Presbo Kenya knew !!! He knew and lied to the American people !!! Acover-up !!!!

  • flaphil

    The news media would jump at less evidence of a coverup, conspiracy and murder if this was a republican president. History tells us so and this should be scrutinized by all. Is this country's media and left so corrupt that Americans that work for the government overseas are expendable to further their cause? Sounds like it.

  • Docko Brossman

    Heavens! Would you believe that our leader, Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama would stoop so low as to engage in a conspiracy with his new pal, Mohammad Morsi, the newest Egyptian Pharaoh?

    Does this conspiracy involve inventing some reason to release Egyptian Moslen Brotherhood's hero, the famous Blind Sheihk of World Trade Tower bombing #1?

    Given Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama's vaunted love of secrecy and ignorance of our supposed Constitutional laws, would you entertain any doubts that if the real secrets came out, Obama would be nothing but a headless body on a long, sharp pole.

  • publius

    And who would bring him to trial? Do you think the Dems in both houses of Congress would abandon him and vote for impeachment? Can you imagine the tsunami of "racist" accusations coming from the Left and the MSM?!!? The sheeples of this country do not realize, nor would they likely care, that their CIC (Commander in Chief) is actually America's first DIC (Dictator in Chief).

  • William Simpson


  • The_American_Way

    Barack Obama is a disciple of the George Castanza philosophy of
    “It’s not really a lie if you believe it.”

    Obama combines two deadly attributes which have now cost the
    lives of 4 Americans. The two deadly
    attributes are “incompetence and indolence. Obama’s laziness is breathtaking. He goes to great lengths to avoid actual work. And when he finally gets pinned down, he
    doesn’t know what to do. Benghazi is a perfect example of this.

    • FirstPatriot2

      Your assessment of BHO is incorrect. Obummer is not lazy. Nor is he stupid. He is slick as snot and he is very smart. Everything he has done since he went into the WH has been planned from way back and he wasted no time getting it all underway just as it was agreed upon by all of his comrades and monied supporters. Look at what BHO has accomplished in his time in office. Not one thing has benefitted this nation! Nothing he's done created ONE job. Nothing he's done actually helped our economy. Everything he's done has pushed America further down a road to irrecoverable debt, socialism, loss of national security, and loss of America's position as a world power. Could all of this (time nor space will permit listing ALL of his "accomplishments") be accomplished by an incompetent??? I say not. Obummer was hand chosen to do what he's been put into office to do. And he is great at it. Another four years and America as we know it will be only history.

  • Barto

    When you and your co-harts LIE to back up a LIE to back Up a Previous LIE, eventually the LIES will catch up to you as it has to OBAMA THE TERRIBLE and his administration!

  • Val


  • Steve Atkinson

    this inept and inexperienced bunch of socialists need to be removed for the good of america.

    • FirstPatriot2

      Steve, you call them inept. I would say that are very "ept" at what they are doing and have done for the past several months. Obummer and his comrades are very good at what they do. They are not stupid nor inept. Along with that, another real problem is that many, many folks in this country, and in Washington, are actually BEHIND them. And their real goal is to bring America DOWN! .


    I believe it is true and all involved need to be prosecuted for treason and soon. Take America back from these lawless traitors.

  • MoabMom

    We now know that the WH KNEW at 4:05 EST exactly what was happening and those e-mails went to the state dept and numerous other depts as well. Obama knew and did nothing, absolutely NOTHING to intervene. He instead went to bed and on to Vegas the next day. This man is a total disgrace to the office of president and sent his people out to spin a lie around a stupid video that no one had even heard of. Absolutely disgraceful! He and his administration care only about power and political gain, even at the expense of human life.

  • swade_98_2

    It sounds like assimilation of Fast and Furious gone bad. It does hold enough truth to be a possibility. Especially with one of the Brotherhood working right along with Hilary Clinton, this is one of those things that make you hmmm.

  • Dave M

    Why obummer and his gang of thugs seem to be getting a pass on Benghazzi is beyond anything I have witness in My 71 years on this planet!

    • Apolloone

      This story was published on a conservative web site I forget which one, but it states Obama and his cronies were staging the Ambassador's kidnapping but it went all wrong it was to be so Obama could be the hero by getting him back. This scenario would fit right in with these demons.

  • conscience voter

    In reference to the Muslims, from Obama's book "Audacity of Hope" -
    page 261
    "Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."
    Now, does this sound like a representative of America or a member/supporter of Islam?

  • ginger

    all these bumps,,,and getting bumpier all the time. LIARS..

  • Phil McConathy

    This President is so desperate that he will TRY anything to hold onto his position so he can continue his complete destruction and fundamental transformation of the United States into his great socialist utopian country where everyone relies on the federal government for their daily bread. I can't believe this country has fallen so far in only 4 years. I can't imagine how bad it will be after 4 more years of his non-leadership skills.

  • Babsan

    How come NOBODY gets it.Obama has Muslim Brotherhood in the W H and Homeland Security.Would you betray your "friends"? He will side with with Islam come hell and high water as they say.

  • Gary Jones

    VOTE, VOTE, 2012 Romney/Ryan

  • JoeTexan

    PIQUED your interest. But other than that, I have no complaints about the content of your article. Nothing this administration does would surprise me.

  • Warren Reynolds

    THIS IS TREASON!! Plain and simple, c'mon congress do your damn job and impeach and arresst the traitor......

  • guest

    Face it! We have a foreign mooslim as president. Probably is working undercover for the moobrotherhood and who knows what else. That is the only thing that explalns his actions (or inactions.) and his ideology..This man comes from "no where" and was "nothing" until he ended up as president in the most powerful country on the planet. Very strange that such an unqualified, unknown man that hides his identity could be a candidate that was put on the ballot. This seems too strange and inexplicable even for the democrats (communists.)

  • Lee

    If this is true: Obama should be brought up on Conspiracy and treason charges. At least investigated. Why Can't these be proven as fact or dismissed?? Not just guess work

  • A Real American

    It is very likely that the so-called degrading of Mohammed video trailer is a Obama "wag the dog" scenario for the planned attack on the American consulate in the Obama arranged plan for the Muslim Brotherhood to further their growth throughout the Middle East. Obama is a Muslim and must be removed for the good of the nation. He must be thoroughly investigated and arrested for crimes he's committed as a fraudulent elected President.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    A better explanation is that Benghazi was Obama's attempt at an "October Surprise" gone awry, like everything else he has touched.

    He never anticipated that our Ambassador and three others would be killed, and assumed that they would merely be taken hostage. He then planned to negotiate their release through Libyan Authorities, and ensure his reelection (and maybe another Nobel Peace Prize...)

    This explains why all the various requests for additional security were rejected, why the Consular Guards were disarmed, and why there was no military intervention.

    It also explains why key administration figures stuck to parroting the party line about "spontaneous and democratic" demonstrations, and attributed the whole thing to a phony narrative about some video that no one ever saw or heard of...

  • Red

    The Libyan attack took more planning than Obama are willing to admit. The lies about some two-bit anti Muslim movie stirring a riot are patently false. There were warnings and there were denials for more security. Obama and Clinton chose to let four Americans be killed. They have expressed no real remorse, or compassion, for their deaths. Both these radicals need to be swept from office and new and robust leadership installed in the White House. Romney-Ryan can repair our damaged economy and government. Rally every voter possible so we can bury Obama in a landslide victory.

  • ves

    I have no problem believing that this was a setup to make him look good and it went upside down! Actually when you entire admin has ties to US Enemies and secure information is constantly being given to US Enemies what else makes sense! A US Drone was successfully landed by the iraninas and it didn't self destruct...which means they had ALL Codes and Information and I believe it was OURS that was Flown at Israel by the Iranians!! Wonder who in the administration and military had access to ALL of this information???
    Obama and his entire administration have ALL committed numerous acts of HIGH TREASON and should be Executed!!

  • adamenochnoah

    The only thing that could possibly be real about the muslim threat is the fact that our own govt could have allowed the terrorist to infiltrate our country in order to use them, if necessary, to sell the American people on the need for more wars in Eurasia. 3rd world nations do not have the capability to bring the war to our soil without assistance.

  • FED UP

    Its CYA time watch for an attack on Al-Qaeda because of Benghazzi real soon. His Muslin Brotherhood friends must go under the bus Nov. 6th is fast approaching.

  • ARMYOF69

    We should be water boarding Hilary Clinton's Muslim secretary, who has substantial connections to the Muslim brotherhood, and has access to Hilary's documents? And while we're at it, let's water board Clinton too.

  • coachpan

    This makes too much sense ! Scary !!

  • Bill

    i believe it could be true... what actually turns out to be true beyond the currently known facts of a terrorist attack that killed our fellow Americans in Benghazzi, is anyone's guess at this point. If Obama wins reelection, he will try to minimize the impact and coverup the truth. If he loses, then his involvement will be covered up and that of those involved with him till they are all dead and gone. there is a very concerted effort to impliment a one-world government, and the powers that be will stop at nothing to bring it about.
    This is the reason a foreign born, non citizen, who is totally unqualified for the job became the first black President. The precedent has been set and now the 'natural born' requirement of the constitution is moot. soon the whole constitution will be moot and they will be able to do anything they want.
    Then we had better have plenty of guns and ammo, food stores, and water to try to stop all of this.

  • mrsawdust

    I firmly beleive that Obama orchestrated the attack on Benghazi, and the more that surfaces the more the evidence points to Obama. Why is Obama entertaining Islamic Muslims at the Whitehouse, for afternoon tea or a payoff???

  • joe

    Since Libya is having trouble Obama may declare a war emergency to CANCEL THIS ELECTION by executive power which will keep him in power?

  • Proudamerican

    No surprise here. Millions have been yelling about oblama since the dnc media and many others covered up for him from the start. We were called racists, and all kinds of names but it appears we were right! oblama is a muslim and has been a poser from the getgo! He and those supporting him and his LIES should be in jail!

  • ann

    I have no doubt that Obama lied from day one about Benghazi. Planned attack or not, he has blood on his hands for the murder of our ambassador and the others. There should be no way for ANYONE to breach our embassies in ANY country at any time. Obama should be made to pay for these deaths.

  • FED UP

    I guess it doesn't matter to the main stream media that four Americans were killed in Benghazi as long as they protect the fraud in the White House!

  • Shannon

    I absolutely believe there's a lot of truth to this theory! There are way too many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Iranians (Valerie Jarrett) and Marxists/Communists in our White House and in the Cabinet! Too many appointed czar's on BHO's staff. There should be none of these individuals in Our Federal Government (including the current POTUS). I've always thought that Benghazi had something to do with an October surprise on the part of BHO that went terribly wrong (in September). "NOT OPTIMAL" as Odumbo would say! I don't trust anything this fraud of a POTUS does OR says! VOTE FOR YOUR LIFE! VOTE FOR THE LIVES OF YOUR CHILDREN! VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN!

    • i2luvmyusa

      How did Obama sleep that night? Then get up go to the Rose Garden, hand us a bunch of crap, then off to Vegas to spew more lies and distortion of facts. I have to say right now, I am not proud of my President, I will always be proud of my country!

  • Auntiesue

    Doodlebug, not only do Muslin Brotherhood members visit the White House, they have infiltrated the White House including the Pentegon (sp)!! All training materials for our military have been scrubbed of all negative references to Islam. Watch Glenn Beck's Documentary, "The Project". Another theory out there is that Emb. Stevens was involved, at the direction of the White House, to run guns into Libya to aid the rebels. Stevens was then sent back in to retrieve the guns and send them to Syria through Turkey. Stevens did meet with a rep from Turkey just hours before this attack took place. Glenn Beck broke this theory a few days ago. I've never known this man to be wrong in the years that I've watched him.

  • Kathy Gers Willis

    I've thought is started at the WhiteHouse from the minute I heard it! No doubt in my mind!! It's not hard to see!

  • Darlene

    When someone gets up enough nerve to though this trader obama in jail I suggest throw Hilary in also right behind him maybe his whole administration.

  • James Maxwell

    Bottom line, Obama, Biden, Hillary lied to the American People and as a result our
    Embassy was invaded and we lost Amrican lives. There is no excsue for this on any
    Presidents watch. This is even worse when the President goes on live television in front
    of the American people and then in Front of the UN and the world to further compound
    his lies. He must think that the American people are incapable of discovering his
    blatant lies. Yet the left wing liberal media have not uttered a single word about this
    nor expressed any outrate over it either. They have tried as they migh to cover up
    for him and hopefully get him re-elected to continue his lies and deception to promote
    the Muslim Brotherhood and their attack upon America our our assets.

  • pointdan

    Let's see if The Kenyan accepts Donald Trump's $5 million offer of 10/24/2012.
    How about it Barry ?? Got school & passport applications ???
    Did you apply as a "foreign national" ???
    are you constitutionally barred from serving as President ????
    How many jail cells will we need to house those who "knew or should have known" about this fraud upon America ??? Hello Howard Dean, former DNC Chairperson. Your cell awaits.
    Let's clean house Nov 6th. Go TEA Party !!!

  • singer23

    I just heard, "Mammoth Butt, Beer Keg Legs," spew out an unbelievable bull crap story, She is as big, or bigger liar as her, "Bulbous Nosed," husband, Bill the "Perjurer," Clinton! How could America elect this, obvious, "Cheater, Liar," to the Presidency? Oh that;s right, America, elected, Barack, "Don't Blame Me," Obama! Will we ever learn to vet the people we nominate?

  • granny

    BO the illegal that was born in Kenya, and actually helped to run for President by the ones we elected to make sure these things never happen. The Dems are really brain dead.
    See the site below for his admission of birth....

  • granny

    Someone at yahoo decided to cut the whole you-tube video.

  • spartan

    This report explains what would otherwise would be inexplicable about US foreign policy.

  • bhudda

    Obama needs to go ,his ties to the mid-east are not acceptable . He cushions the brunt of a blow from the US and belittles our suspicions about the mid east . If he knew that the mid eat planned a 9-11 attack on our country ,he'd go on vacation to some where else for a week or two and hope it would settle be fore he got back .. Then all his supporters would run around saying ,would you ask him these suspicious questions if he were white ???

  • Dave

    The proposal of a conspiracy raises questions: Are the Muslims/Arabs in the White House (Jarrett) and in the State Department (Abedin) mere assistants or minders/masters of their bosses? How many times did Jarrett argue against taking bin Laden out?

  • Davy2010

    Being a typical narcissi he thought he would leave behind a legacy of himself as the greatest Western Leader who had successfully avoided the clash of civilization . He wanted to be another Mohammad Gandhi cunningly injected into the scene by the corridors of power.That did not work . This would not work . This guy is a blundering fool considered useful tool in the hands of the corridors of power. The Muslim Brotherhood are very certain of their beliefs ,motivated by their ideology that it is their god ordained duty to conquer the world from the hands of the infidel for Islam .They were driven out of Egypt and welcomed into the USA as political persecuted people by the political fools in the USA . They have entrenched themselves in America and have the political class believe they are patriotic to America.

  • smdares

    Eliminate this Narcissist Sociopath illegal alien communist Muslim psychopath and his entire ship of fools!

  • TrueAmerican

    We all need to vote for Mitt. Also, if you observe any evidence of voter fraud, please report it immediately. If a black panther is nearby with a club, don't bother to call Holder. Just return with several large friends and vote anyway.

    • i2luvmyusa

      In NC early voting has started.. Voting polls are finding problems with the machines! If you press Romney it jumps to Obama name. NC residents stay alert!

  • ARMYOF69


  • sgtshel

    If you check the White House visitors logs, you will probably find 100's of visits by the Brotherhood!
    This connection to the Muslim Brotherhood will make 'Fast & Furious' look like a 3rd rate car jacking!
    Impeachment should be demanded by Congress NOW! Before Obama tricks America again!

    • Screeminmeeme

      sgtshel........Yes...and the Congress have allowed it to happen. They are so busy amassing their own fortunes and trying to retain their jobs that they've let him get away with murder.

  • Barry Levy

    chicago style thug politician doing all he can to hold onto power, NOTHING is too much for this thug, that needs to be removed.

  • Shane

    This is a major scandal which the liberal MSM hopes will just go away. If it weren't for Fox News, Obama's attempted cover up would have been successful. Let's hope Congress gets to the bottom of this. Wouldn't this make a great movie? How about it Hollywood?

  • joebideau

    I believe that Romney will now win by a landslide, however, this godless and fatherless president will probably, after all the executive orders related to the seizure of power, will do so.The damage this man can do in the 75 days otherwise after the election could be devastating. The majority of the people have no clue that we are well along the communist manifesto of power seizure.

  • Rebecca Koomans

    Actually there may be some kind of sense WHY Obama should steal money to support such a radical group in Egypt. He is trying to stop part of the Prophecies in Revelations from happening the way it describes. Egypt was one of the Nation NOT involved in the final, devastating attack on Israel which wipes out all those opposed to Israel in a valley, where their bodies pile up to five deep, the length and breadth of it.... Some massive Army made up of allies. Some believe that the USA could be part of it. That means that any loving American Christian / Jewish / Muslim family would want to keep their kids away from military service for their own eternal salvation. God will intervene and prevent total destruction of Jerusalem and lay down His OWN laws and City there to bring all Nations back to civility.

    • Sam

      Whatever his reasons, VOTE for Romney to stop Obama's dismantlimg of our constituitional government . He and Sec Clinton are trying their best to place us under UN control with a series of treaties that will cede our sovereignty

  • Stephanie

    And the Obama cult is threating horrific things if Romney is elected. Wow, imagine if Romney had done any of the things that this charlatan has. Oh, I forgot, Romney's not giving away phones...

  • threebarrs

    Most recent info I read was that people in BO's administration were watching the attack in real time because a drone was filming the whole thing. That is totally shocking to me and I want to know why the security people (extractors) in Italy weren't called in when this started so the Ambassador didn't have to lose his life - or any of the others who were also killed. But foremost, is why when the Consulate had asked for additional security in the days before 9/11, didn't the State Department or the Whitehouse send in reinforcements - a few Marines on duty around the consulate well armed would have kept the situation much safer. I think this Godfather is as good a theory, if not a better one, than anything else I have heard and I would tend to believe that not only is Obama in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, but he is also in bed with other extremist groups that would harm the US and its citizens if given half a chance. With what is being discovered about this tragedy, I am also leaning toward indicting Obama for treason .

  • Mike

    I wonder if Obama will pardon himself for high crimes and misdemeanors against the American People. If he can't, he could resign and Biden could pardon him just like Nixon did with Gerald Ford.

  • lizaz

    There's something wrong with this whole story...why was the Ambassador's security pulled out of Benghazi in August??? Like it was preparation for something.....Why were there no extra measures taken for the anniversary of 9/11??? Why all the lies about it being a "spontaneous protest" in response to some mythical video?? What was REALLY supposed to happen??? We need a WHISTLEBLOWER!!!!!

  • TM

    When you lie to us it's bad enough, but when you lie to the families about their sons death it inexcusable, obama needs to be voted out and as many democrats as we can get rid of and take America back.

  • GATOR007

    The man had books on the shelf with his own admission to being "Kenyan Born" in the aurthors introduction! Why would you do this if you were born in the US? The whitehouse visitors log was crossed Ref. with the no fly list...Guess what, 100's of matches??? The man has some very deep dark secrets that I'm afraid are not good news for the USA!! Thank goodness we will be rid of him very soon! Thank you American people!!

  • lrf

    American citizens I call upon you to VOTE anti Obama Nov 6th! We would be far better off with a totally empty chair in the oval office compared to the empty suit occupying that seat now.This anti American muslim that connived his way into the position as president did so by making false promises to voters and from day one he proceeded to break every single promise he made during his campaign. He said he would have the most transparent administration there has ever been and it has proven the exact opposite. He himself said the only reason anyone would not reveal everything about themselves is that they have something to hide. That being said how does he justify having all of his past history sealed and also signing executive orders to protect himself and Eric Holder from what actually happened where an American border patrol agent was murdered doe to 'fast and furious'? How can he possibly declare the bloody massacre of our military people at Fort Hood by a jihadist yelling Allah Akbar 'workplace violence'? Think logically of the numerous cover ups including Benghazi gate where 4 Americans were murdered by extremist muslims and the other lives that were lost and cover ups by Obama that followed and you can only draw one conclusion. We have been infiltrated by our enemy! The muslims stated outright that they would defeat us from within and Obama is their doorman! Wake up folks!

  • bowtonoone2

    Washington, D.C. has become a cesspool of filth, period! It is NO wonder why America is no longer considered a decent nation.

  • Vicki Harvath

    So many are desensitized about obama's relationships, past and present, that headlines such as this, is almost nothing to them. Millions of us have been talking about this type of thing for four years...who have done their homework early on when obama was a candidate '08. Nothing seems to stick to him....true or maybe not true, but there definately is a string of patterns in this administration and Obama himself, to more than suggest, these issues are not coincidences. If the voters don't see through this by now, they are either unread, or don't care about the country, and only can see the "freebies" that obama says he will hand out to them. What they are not aware of is that they are merely patsies to keep him in office by manipulation of their votes. PLEASE people - look beyond the surface.

  • JennieWalsh

    The Satanic globalist neo-cons, the international bankster-gangsters, the New World Order crime syndicate are behind the attacks. There are MANY members of this crime syndicate in America holding positions of power, authority and leadership in America's government. America is literally being run by organized crime. I HIGHLY suspect that Obama and Hillary, along with MANY other past and present government officials in America, are part of the globalist's conspiracy to destroy the Middle East and to take over the resources and the governments of ALL the Middle East nations. IRAQ HAD NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! The Satanic neo-con New World Order advocates WANT WAR so that they can weaken and destroy all the nations of the world so that they can take over the resources and governments of ALL the nations and set up their New World Order (one world Satanic totalitarian military police-state dictatorship.
    To overcome mountains of propaganda see this 6 minute video:!
    Also, to find out the REAL REASON that other nations regard America as evil, see:
    The Satanic bankster-gangsters and their privately owned, ILLEGAL, criminal organization known as the Federal Reserve have been cheating and robbing not only America, but other nations of the world as well.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    TREASON He should be Lockde up.

  • samtman

    Yes, also, in the morning at 7:30 sharp the Repture will begin for 144,000 lucky people, if your one of them, make sure you leave your clothes for the AMVET'S to pick up before you leave. I want the magic Mormon uderwear,

  • David Veselenak

    I don't need a shred of anymore evidence to determine that this Muslim-Marxist is conspiring with his Muslim Brotherhood to wage jihad against the infidels - US and Israel! The treacherous snake should be tryed for treason but the "Re-PUNK-licans" haven't the cojones to do what must be done!

  • MEG

    Yes, yes, and yes!

  • maddie3

    I keep saying, Obama is not in this alone, I believe many others in the government are behind him and the MBH. What I don't understand is, why something can not be done about his ties with the MBH and why would it continue to be covered up, knowing good and well someone not involved knows the truth. I pray the whole lot of them get exposed and not just impeached but put in prision for treason and what ever else they can charge them with.Wait and see, everything will eventually come out, but will it be before the election? I doubt it.

  • MEG

    Make no mistake about it my fellow Americans. America will be hit again by radical muslims.
    It is coming no matter who is president. Don't fool your self into thinking all will be well if Romney becomes president. America will be tested yet again and I believe Romney will be steadfast with resolve. But be ready because the jihad is here. We must stand firm.
    Pray for our country.

  • del

    I totally believe the above story is true and that this puke squatting in our white house, along with old hillary are paid puppets to destroy our country and carry out old bug eyes soros and his global crap wishes!

  • alpambuena

    barry have the right to remain silent...

    • Carolyn Dorsey

      Nope. Barry has WAIVED any rights he had. He is everything EVIL that I've ever seen

  • Wes McKay

    WELL SAID ... IF YOU WERE TO READ A ENGLISH VERSION OF THE KORAN ... YOU WOULD KNOW EXACTLY WHAT obama THINKS AND WHY he IS DOING WHAT he IS DOING You made some very good points, but please don't get discouraged, WE NEED PATRIOTS … like You too remain STRONG and VIGILANT REMEMBER ….......... NEVER GIVE UP … NEVER SURRENDER ! I KNOW YOU WONT ! ! ! If you haven't already you should ... GOOGLE …........ '' obama's gold ring '' You should also watch this video and past it to everyone you can .... God Bless You and Yours … and … God Bless Our Republic

  • jvb1980808

    Which is why liberals want to make it a HATE SPEECH crime to question Obama or refer to him by any other name than PRESIDENT OBAMA. Suddenly RESPECT for the office of President is of the utmost REGARD to the same people who casually referred to President Bush as Hitler, Nazi Bush, Ape Bush, and RETARD. Of course it makes sense they have to REGULATE THE SPEECH now when it comes to THEIR DICTATOR.

  • Evermyrtle

    he is laughing p his sleeve at the pranks that he has pulled on America and her people America seems to be blind to it all., seems not to know or to care what he does.

  • Anniesez

    hanging would be too good for him. What he needs is the slow torture for what he put the American people through these last 4 years.

  • KJ

    Once Obama is voted out, then we can discover the truths of what's really happened during this administration and who needs to be hauled into court. Obama and Holder surely are quaking in their slick Italian loafers.

  • David Peacock

    the only reason this ghetto rat is NOT IN PRISON IS because the Repubs are waiting to see if Mitt wins;;they are afraid of being called racist;;arrest this prick and charge him with treason.........

    • Carolyn Dorsey

      Hmmmmm, what IS the penalty for TREASON? Well, I think they used to hang people for things like that but it probably won't happen this time, cuz we all are so darn racist.

  • deena01

    TREASON it is!

  • anon

    More about Huma Abedin:
    And in case you 've never seen "An Obama Chronology":

  • WhiteFalcon

    Impeachment of Ovomit at this point would be pointless because the Senate is the jury and it is controlled by the commienazicrats that we refer to as Democrats. They would not have the spine to convict him becasue they are on his team. Until the power in the Senate changes hands, and I hope at the same time he is fired by the people, he would not be convicted. Once he is out of office, I suppose he could br prosecuted as a normal person, but I wouldn't hold my breath until either impeachment or prosecution as a normal criminal happenes.

  • Silas Longshot

    There's a binder full, several probably, of evidence that could have put away any other president for little games like this.
    Sadly, our sellout media won't touch a thing.

  • gonebutnotforgotten

    Point being he should be in jail as a traitor.... I hate to think what our country will become if he wins another eternity because it wont be 4 more years he has plans for what is now America and its not what many want for our country. Look at his record.... then if you can vote Democratic with a clear consious you should be in a nut house. His color is what people believe in not the man he is. Its a shame how far back he is putting the African race. He is making a mockery of our Constitution and laws.. Why isnt this man and his so called cabinet in jail!

  • rascallyrabbit

    Check out Proof Positive on youtube. This guy claims to have traced back to Stanley Inc. an information tech contractor with the US gov (CIA, Dept. of State, etc.) to an avatar that uploaded on a hyperlink (worldwide exposure) the video in question, on 9/11. So who would do this and why, and what is the connection to our own government?

  • Mr Lucky

    These people will kill Three Million People to hold onto that power! You people are tooooo stupid to know that! A few, very few are just beginning to catch on!

  • usluv

    What happened to the theory that BO/D had planned the attack as a kidnapping that went wrong. He was supposed to be the saving hero. I would not put this past him either. Hate to admit it.

  • Wake up Americans

    File impeachment papers now--TODAY !! Republicans in thr House of Representatives----- do your job. Support the citizens and taxpayers of the USA. Block the funds. Egypt just ordered 20 tof he Airbus Planes made in France. He is not a friend of the USA. From the czars to the presidential (Dictator) edicts taking personal control when ever he feel like it. List them out. Impeach him. The citizens and taxpayers need to know. The Ambassador's death was just a bump in the road to Obama

    • Carolyn Dorsey

      And if you, House of Reps, don't have the list of sleazy crimes to impeach, then throw his sorry butt in jail, WE THE PEOPL.E DO HAVE THE LIST and we are CHECKING IT TWICE. Cuz, as much as it hurts me to say this, ERIC HOLDER is even more of a snake than you are Obama.

  • Tomtom

    If any of the four dead Americans were my son, I'd want Obama and Clintons Neck !

  • airandlight

    There is a possible motive for Obama to have set up the Benghazi attack and the deaths of four of our people. This will be apparent very soon if, God forbid, I'm not wrong about this. The scenario is simple. Just BEFORE the election the Administration announces that they now know who the killers are and launches a massive attack on same. This could have the effect of swinging the election and could be considered to be criminally negligent homicide to gain political currency.

  • patriot

    The blood of these people who were murdered is on the hands of his admin.

  • Jan

    When he is a Muslim first and a communist second, what do you expect? Even his so called preacher was a Muslim before he became a "Christian".

  • ginjit.dw

    I believe that there is more to this story. Nothing absolutely nothing the mullah in chief says do I believe. His actions are what I follow, and they tell me he is not for us. His body language belies his words.

  • chinook

    With the emails that surfaced today,it is quite clear the White House knew that it was a terrorist attack as it was happening. I blame Ovomit for the deaths of the four Americans

  • Ronald Christopher

    Did obama stage the attack. All evidence says......YES. Anybody want to vote for this murderer? Anybody?

  • LittleDon

    Isn't Hillary's assistant's family members part of the Brotherhood??? They are selling us out and Drinking the cool Aid!! They are stealing our money! I say Americans's Keep voting for them and you also will be living in the Middle East with them!!!
    God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roy - Texas

    Obama bowed to Muslim leaders when he visited, and was born and raised a Muslim. He never goes to Christian churches unless for a funeral. He hates our culture and that of Israel. We would never suspect Egypt or Libya of a desire to attack Israel, but Obama sided with and assisted the UN in overthrowing the dictators (who were peaceful with Israel) and turning them over to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now Jordan is falling into the same predicament. Obama wants Israel wiped off the face of the Earth, which is why he has done nothing in Syria...this country already hates Israel no matter how the revolt turns out.
    He canceled the National Day of Prayer at the Whitehouse but invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to visit and celebrate. As Christian we say Obama is inexperienced and an amateur. If you look at him as a Muislim it all makes sense. He going according to his plan.

  • Wally18

    Is it possible to find our who viewed the video before 9/11 ??

  • Caroline Hawkins

    I have a very lovely woman that works for the state tat has asked me what I did when I worked. I told her that I cleaned offices and houses. She said oh no because I am here because we were told that the people here wouldn't do those jobs so they brought us here to do them, because none of you would work cleaning house. She has a husband that works 2 children that work. She has section 8 and food stamps. I can't even get 1 food stamp much let alone more. I am disabled. I don't think that you well ever see this cause it is true. It well be deleted I am sure.

  • LikedTheOldUSABetter

    This illegitimate Kenyan liar has been in on this conspiracy from Day One. How anyone, black or white or red or yellow can vote for this arrogant fool is beyond me. He should be punished so severly that he and ALL his Administration should be thrown back so far in the tombs of Leavenworth Federal Pen that they all see nothing but concrete walls for the rest of their lives.

    What is it going to take for these stupid, lazy welfare takers to see that Obama has only set the hook with money. And they are so lazy, stupid and so racist that they keep biting and biting and biting. Their own black ministers, whom I have extreme respect for, have told them that the Kenyan is bad and should not be re-elected.


    The only way to remediate the problem of OBAMA IS TO ELECT MITT ROMNEY!

    Obama has absolutely defecated upon the black community again and again and again. Why don't they see this?? Do they really believe that Obama cares about the racial problem ..that was practically non-existent before 2008..he doesn't but he uses it because Obama and his ilk KNOW it will rile up the BLACK COMMUNITY! HOW CAN THEY BE SO GULLIBLE??

    Do these people think that all his social programs are not the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood who now lives in OUR White House? Muslims HATE Blacks! Go to Africa and see how the indigenous peoples are treated!
    THEY ARE SLAVES! Not as in the 17th century but by economics and they are NEVER free. But not just Africans...East Indians, Phillipinos and other ethnic groups.

    Mitt Romney will NOT let people starve. Atleast, he IS a CHRISTIAN. Right or wrong, I'm sorry but I cannot vote for Obama and anyone who does should seek psychological help.

  • carl

    President Ohbastard is such a piece of work. I realy thought he would have hug around at least a day or two. Wrong, LOOOOOSER!!!!

  • Ruth M

    I cannot truly think of one honest position this administration has had. EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE WAS BASED ON A LIE! THE ENTIRE NEST OF CORRUPTION IN DC NEEDS TO BE FUMIGATED!

  • Kathy

    I said from the beginning of this, "where's Huma?"

    • cmjay

      HUMA is celebrating with VALERIE JARRETT.

  • Jumpboots287thPIR

    I believe that obama is one of the brotherhood.

  • Robert Berry

    The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to destroy America and Israel...Obama gave them billions?...Treason U.S. CODE 2381 TITLE 18 PART 1 CHAPTER 115...Why has this been ignored?...The rebels in Syria are also the Muslim Brotherhood....Sick of the lies and Obama betraying America with our money....

  • DeborahCats

    God help us.

  • fwiw

    I don't know about the Brotherhood, but I do know it leads to lies from the White House. Lies that the media, in general, do not seem to think is important or worthy of their time. I think the media is pretty much "okey dokey" with anything people they agree with do.

  • rwbuck

    Obama is definitely capable of this, he has no conscience. I don't necessarily believe this is what happened, there are other theories that make just as much if not more sense. Whatever happened, Obama and his administration are criminal, incompetent, lying, anti-American, or some combination of those things.

  • Dan

    The author wrote: "One conspiracy I recently read kind of peaked my interest."
    Did it really "peak" his interest, as in "go over the top of it," or did it "pique" his interest, as in making him more curious about the subject? Reporters these days are illiterate amateurs!

  • Justsaying

    No kidding. Still not explained is why the Egyptian Embassy apologized for the video, beforehand.
    Answer. That was the cover story for the coming attack which, maybe , was not so much a surprise..

  • quipster

    Ain't no doubt about it obummer is a muslim lover and a traitor too this country!

  • Jaclyn Barnes

    I believe that it is absolutely true that he is,only concerned about his agenda!Which includes bowing to Dictators and doing there biting!
    Look what happened to Mubarak the one person who,kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay!Obama was behind that to so his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood,could move in!
    Rule Egypt move into Israel and destroy anything and anyone,who is American!
    Dictator Obama only cares about one thing and that's,hanging onto the.Power he has over the American People and,he also wants it to be the world!
    He has committed so many acts of treason against,America that it's not funny!To name a few:Fast @ Furious,Obamacare, NDAA,sighing Executive order after Executive Order!Selling Nasa to the Russians walking on the Constitution and going around Congress!
    For some reason God only knows he puts Fear into people!That's the only thing that I can think of why he has not been,tried for all.Of his crimes against America we know why,he has not been impeached!Because although the House is in Republican hands the, Senate is in Democratic hands!Harry Reid is Majority leader and he would never let,impeached hearings to go forward!

  • Terask Tarrasque

    As long as we are talking about theories, I have one that plays along with the wone in the sead story here. Mine plays back even further to the Fr, Hood “Massacre”, which was ordered to be a work-place violence instead ofan attack by a Terrorist. This president did not want there to be a terrorist attack on his watch. Ofcourse we all know that this president has never left campaign mode his entire term. This was to be one of his talking points in his upcoming election season. Then he caught a break with the OBL killing and started in on the Al’Quida is dead or severly damaged line on campaigning.this president also had a White House dinner with some of the leaders of the MB. This could have been one of those trade off talks Democrats are famous fo, telling the MB he’d help them with Egypt Tunesia and Lybia if they keep the Al’Quida held back until he secured his re-election. Unfortunately, Al’Quida either didn’t get the memo of simply ignored it.
    Then on the morning of 911 2012, the protests in Cairo started with chants of “Obama-Obama, we are all Osamas” while carrying the black flags of Al’Quida and invading and removing the American Flag at the US Embassy, and replacing it with the the flag of Al’Quida. This put into motion someone in the Administration to start looking for excuses but by the time the found this video, the attack on th Benghazi consolate was starting. This is where things get eyes popping in the White House, particularly in the situation room. Reports say that a predator drone was sent in to investigate, and found the consulate under heavy fire. Normally this would have been a military operation at that point and needed the president to give ther command to defend the Consulate. But these orders were not given, and a stand down of the predator drone from returning fire to aid the security forces there at the consulate, and to merely keep “eyes on”.

  • f8tul

    the conspiracy started with the Clinton's in the 90's PERIOD!!!!
    Why do you think Bill Clinton passed up 2 chances, after the 93 bombing of the trade towers, to Bin Laden to be handed over???

  • cmjay

    I think this is supposed to be the OCTOBER SURPRISE that had sent Obama and Clinton scrambling for cover and make up LIES to fool AMERICA. It is sad that Americans have to sacrifice their lives for the mishandling of the event. Everyday the TRUTH is unfolding and Obama's minions are telling us that the investigation is on going.. The man who made the VIDEO was arrested while the TERRORIST was spotted drinking coffee in a shop in LIBYA.

  • Thomas Creamer

    Obama probably put them up to it ... I can't stand that worthless Gheto Rat POS !

  • wyomingminuteman

    One does not actually need a G.P.S. to figure out where this points! One comment refers to this all being a theory, but, REALLY!!! Ray Charles could figure this one out. El Presidente is going though all of his resourses to cover anything about this he can, cause he knows he's, first of all, done in that BIG rented house his tribe has occupied, but more inportantly, he is actually praying, to all of his deities, that he's not charged with being a war criminal, and, or, charged with treason, under Bushs' Patriot Act! Thi sociopath is the biggest disgrace our country has ever encountered. Watch all those "brotherhood" rats run and hide!

  • joe

    beware of all that comes from the media and brotherhood & your President, you are being deceived - BEWARE

  • mike rouse

    Shiek Abd as-Raouf, al-Qaeda editor of Vanguards of Khurasan, writes about defensive and offensive Jihad. M. Brotherhood is defensive, al-Qaeda is offensive, both are "tied at the hip" but sometimes at odds. Brotherhood claims non violent revolution, however, is capable of violence - Obama has contacts with the Brotherhood. Make no mistake, Brotherhood seeks downfall of US & establisment of world caliphate. IF Obama armed either group it would be an act of treason. Whether Americans have the political will to impeach is doubtful.

  • gluco30

    Sadly, this does seem like a reasonable explanation. I do believe that Obama and whoever is pulling his strings will do ANYTHING to win this election. He is methodically destroying our country piece by piece. I pray every day for God to give our citizens wisdom in this election and to put His will in it.

  • dontknonuthin

    vote ron paul!!!!!
    the other two are guaranteed liars an bilderburg cronies!

  • PaulW

    Throw the strange purchase of 140,000,000 rounds of military ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security into this mix and you have a real conspiracy theory. Did those rounds go to the Brotherhood to help over through the governments of Egypt, Libya, and Syria and replace them with the brotherhood? Was Benghazi protection withdrawn because Stevens objected and knew too much? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • junkmailbin

    a trail for sedition and treason would be wonderful

  • Bill Boltinghouse

    How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In

    official position is that the US has refused to
    allow heavy weapons into Syria.

    But there's growing evidence that U.S. agents—particularly murdered
    ambassador Chris Stevens—were at least aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya
    to jihadist Syrian rebels.

    In March 2011 Stevens became
    the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked
    Libyan opposition, working directly with Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Libyan
    Islamic Fighting Group—a group that has now disbanded, with some fighters reportedly
    participating in the attack that took Stevens' life.

    In November 2011 The Telegraph reported
    that Belhadj, acting as head of the Tripoli Military Council, "met with Free
    Syrian Army [FSA] leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey" in an
    effort by the new Libyan government to provide money and weapons to the growing
    insurgency in Syria.

    Last month The Times of
    London reported that a Libyan ship "carrying the largest consignment of
    weapons for Syria … has docked in Turkey." The shipment reportedly weighed 400
    tons and included SA-7
    surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

    Those heavy weapons are most likely from Muammar
    Gaddafi's stock of about 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles—the bulk of
    them SA-7s—that the Libyan leader obtained from the former Eastern bloc. Reuters
    reports that Syrian rebels have been using those heavy weapons to shoot
    down Syrian helicopters and fighter jets.

    The ship's captain was "a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an
    organization called the Libyan National Council for Relief and Support," which
    was presumably established by the new government.

    That means that Ambassador Stevens had only one
    person—Belhadj—between himself and the Benghazi man who brought heavy weapons to

    Furthermore, we know that jihadists
    are the best fighters in the Syrian opposition, but where did they come

    Last week The
    Telegraph reported that a FSA commander called them "Libyans" when he
    explained that the FSA doesn't "want these extremist people here."

    And if the new Libyan government was sending seasoned Islamic
    fighters and 400 tons of heavy weapons to Syria through a
    port in southern Turkey—a deal brokered by Stevens' primary Libyan contact
    during the Libyan revolution—then the governments of Turkey and the U.S. surely
    knew about it.

    Furthermore there was a CIA
    post in Benghazi, located 1.2 miles from the U.S. consulate, used as "a base
    for, among other things, collecting information on the proliferation of
    weaponry looted from Libyan government arsenals, including surface-to-air
    missiles" ... and that its security features "were more advanced than
    those at rented villa where Stevens died."

    And we know that the CIA has been funneling
    weapons to the rebels in southern Turkey. The question is whether the CIA
    has been involved in handing out the heavy weapons from Libya.

    In any case, the connection between Benghazi and the rise of jihadists in
    Syria is stronger than has been officially acknowledged.


    There is info that the ambassador was sent to be killed
    because he knew that weapons were being smuggled to the Muslim Brotherhood via
    orders from Obama!

    • Stanblast

      WOW! That is certainly powerful inside globule trading! Do you really thing the CIA was on orders from O'bama, or from Slick Willie's wife at the State Dept.? One radio talk show host brought this up two weeks ago and then suddenly he dropped it. Keep up the informative facts Bill as I do enjoy the true, VS media propaganda!

  • TeaPartyReaganConservative

    Obama has complicit accomplices. Who are they- GOP establishment RINO's.. ie; Sen. McCain, Speaker Boehner, Sen, Graham, Rogers,and the rest of the RINOs in Congress.

    Sen McCain's personal position and priority was to his friend, Huma Abedin, above US National Security, as she and her family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, have endangered American Foreign US National Security interests, as evident by the Benghazi Libya terrorist attacks that resulted in the deaths of a US Ambassador and 3 Embassy staff, for which McCain and his RINO buddies Boehner, Graham, and Rogers never apologized to Rep Michele Bachmann for rightly pointing out that danger to be investigated, for which they berated her in public for, as well as in private. They all disgust me.

    This govt must be purged of all these anti-American radical liberal progressives on both sides of the political aisle..

  • depaz

    I would love for someone to just throw out the question, kind of along the lines of the "is it true you don't beat your wife anymore?" We've seen over and over that just because someone asks a question doesn't mean there's any basis of fact for the question to be asked. . . . . .


    It smells of dumbo's involvement.

    • Stanblast

      Careful about that name "Dumbo"! That was my call sign when I flew in the S. Pacific and we were the good guys!

  • insaney

    I urge everyone to watch the DVD, "Dreams from my real father" It tells Odummers past from birth to now, all backed by FACT. The marxist community has been grooming him for YEARS for this takeover. There is NOTHING he would not do to win this election. We can only hope that GOD is in every voting booth in the country!

    • Stanblast

      Your correct about this movie and it's available on line for viewing. For a while the movie was censored on the web-site but re- surfaced again on Ytube.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Let the trial of the liar and thief begin now. Why wait for an election? Oh, you want a REAL Justice Department that is willing to use it's teeth.

  • Stanblast

    It looks like "Blackhawk down" Clinton put the fear into Obama . Even slick Willie's wife lied! Two US Navy Destroyers parked off shore within only minutes from the area that was under attack and they also have "landing Party personnel and a few choppers on-board and they where told to "stand down". Time to court-martial the Commander-in-chief!

  • Ray Ake

    SOOOOO what else is new ??? he dosen't even try to hide it;;he know's that NO matter what the democRATS will vote for him..YOU here anything about the voteing machine's automaticely voteing or changeing vote's to him ?? NOT MUCH AT ALL !!!! he has the LIEberal news;;left wing group's protecting him.. oBOYma think's he can't be touched..same thing for the WHORE bunch..

  • Rice rocket

    if we are not going to protect our people bring them all home...

  • Jimmy

    There has long been a motto here in Texas to" Remember The Alamo" where 270 brave Men fought to the death and died knowing no help was coming. This November 6th let us go to the voting booth and "Remember Benghazi" where 4 brave Americans died waiting for help that was denied three times by this administration. In the last debate, Obozo told Romney the He, Romney, didn't understand how the military works. Well Mr. president it is you that does not understand. The American military does not leave anyone behind or refuse to aid others in combat. In fact, he/she will give up their own lives to save their comrades. I only hope that the next time you refer to yourself as Commander-in- Chief that someone knocks you flat on your pompous narcissistic socialist Ass.

  • kywunder

    Maybe O knew that there was a good possibility he could lose, so gave them the floor plan to the White House to help precipitate an attack against the next occupant.... who knows??

  • Tommy Boy Blue


    ObamaCare uses the Social Security language of the Internal Revenue Code to determine who is eligible for “religious conscience” objection to the insurance mandate. Specifically, the law provides exemptions for adherents of “recognized religious sects” that are “conscientiously opposed” to accepting benefits from any insurance, public or private.

    As a consequence of this provision, Muslims may claim a religious exemption that is denied Christians and Jews. Since Islam believes insurance is haraam (forbidden) and likens insurance to gambling, the religion is excluded from requirements, mandates, or penalties set forth in the bill. Others who fall into this category are the Amish, American Indians, and Christian Scientists. Although the U.S. Constitution grants all Americans equal protection of the law, some Americans are more equal than others.

    ObamaCare is specifically written not to apply equally to everyone. It is in most respects a law intended to discriminate — what some might call an extended Jim Crow law. If this seems exaggerated, consider: Jim Crow laws were based on racial discrimination, while ObamaCare is predicated on religious discrimination. Government acted based on a preconceived and arbitrary understanding of what is right.

    For example, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Max Baucus indicated that the purpose of ObamaCare is as much about redistributing income as it is about reforming health care. This is an application of government’s iron fist, putting income distribution and religious discrimination in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

    By any reasonable standard, ObamaCare (and the Congress that enacted it) is completely unfettered from the Constitution. If logic — Washington logic — accommodates Sharia’s prohibition against gambling and hence insurance, Christians and Jews should claim that the state’s ability to expropriate property under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, thereby legitimating an exemption for these groups as well.

    Muslims are given exemptions from law everyone else must follow. What has actually been enacted is a wedge between Muslims and Christians and Jews. Americans are pitted against Americans, Christian against Muslim, the Torah against the Koran.

  • Brendt

    I would take this more seriously if it hadn't been written in Korean and translated into English. The conspiracy theory did not *peak* your interest, but it may have *piqued* your interest. Also "in lieu of" means "in replacement of", which makes no sense. However, "in light of" would work. If you want to be more believable, I'd suggest not using language above your pay grade.

    Actually, that's not true. I wouldn't take this any more seriously, anyway. Conspiracy theories tying Obama to Islam -- even if 100% true -- make those of us with actual *substantive* problems with this administration look like idiots.

  • Beth R B

    "Did you know that within one day prior to the attack in Benghazi that there had been only 17 views of the infamous Innocence of Muslims film in the three months the film had been posted on the internet?   How would such a non-viewed video be responsible for such an uprising?"

    I'm curious to know where you obtained this information. How do we know there were only 17 views prior to the attack?


    It is true and Hillary is a part of it..They both are traitors. It won't be the first murder for Hilary or Obama. Such bloody hands...

  • Dan Williams

    The Oblamer legacy will be very, very dark indeed.

  • Helen Jenkins

    I remember a statement of Glen Beck that rings so true today, "Don't watch the hand they are showing you, watch the hand they are hiding-paraphrased". I believe this post. It is reminiscent of Fast and Furious. None of their "fundamental transformation of America" schemes have worked out. Beginning with their BLACK Trojan Horse who was supposed to provide cover while 4+ decades of insidious, incremental infiltration of very foundation of American civilization was solidified. With Obama's election the RACE CARD, PC Democrats' ace was rendered useless, impotent. The long, patient, scheme was an unmitigated disaster. Communist/Marxist/Socialist/PC/Muslim/R.I.N.O. waiting in the wings to revel in their ONE WORLD ORDER, instead found selves in a nightmare. Today, they ricochet from one disastrous disaster to another.Remember, Sir Walter Scot, " Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. America will survive. America's enemies-within and without- will not. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  • Luci Tomlin

    One of the KNOWN habits of radical Islam is, that WHATEVER lies they tell, lives lost, or choas struck, it is justified! This is just part of being a religious radical! To destroy any and all "Infidels" is the aim, joy, and purpose of being one! The thought of ninety, twenty year old Virgins will justify a lot of evil actions! Just HOPE the Eunuch charged with filling the "order"
    when they enter "Pyro-dice" isn't hard of hearing and gets it backwards! Delivering twenty, NINETY year old virgins! BOTTOM line, the stupid, clueless, gullible, and brain-dead IDIOTS that still support him after the PROOF he has committed TREASON in Libya against our beloved Country, should be DENIED citizenship rights! Obviously they have no love or beneficial regard towards our Nation! They have stomped on our Constitution, our honor, integrity and ANY hint of decency and support for the Country that sustains THEM!!

  • Christy Hinkson

    Obama is a muslim at heart and certainly NOT a Christian. What has he ever done that is remotely Christian? He went out and told the world that we are not a Christian nation. Mormons are DEFINTELY Christians. Don't be fooled by propoganda. You need to be afraid of Muslims who are in my opinion the Anti Christ. They deny that Christ was the Savior and get really mad at you when you suggest that Jesus Christ has the power to save. They call him a prophet but don't believe mos of His teachings and that he was the son of God and Savior of the world. If Obama wins the election, Christians who woted for him will be regretting it for years.

  • TheFish44

    You are quite correct. You will never rid the system of bad politicians until you remove the people that elect them. Educating them as to the facts seems to help very little. It is their corrupted values that prevail in elections.

  • BaconNBeer

    It was a bouched kidnapping. Obama wanted to trade Stevens for the Blind Sheik. Morsi promised the Egyptian people to get the Blind Sheik out of jail if elected.

  • Shane

    WE must demand that every current and past member of the Obama administration testify before Congress. Petraeus must testify.

  • Kay

    I absolutely believe this to be truth and also think Obama wanted the ambassador taken out because he knew too much and had served his purpose. Both Obama and Hillary have been aiding and abetting the brotherhood and both deserve trials for treason.

  • Cathy McKeen

    I am so afraid of what the next four years are going to be like and I am a lot more afraid of what is going to be left for my children and grandchildren. obama is so anti America, why can't his followers see that?

  • Sam

    Can you cite sources for your claims, no words are worth anything unless you can prove it, and here you are just saying things without any proof to back it up. I could just as well say Obama arranged sandy hook to further his anti gun agenda. Just saying something doesn't make it true.

  • Gerald James

    Hmm, Interesting. Prior to the incident, there had only been 17 Views of the video that was claimed to have caused the Benghazi attack.