Secretary of State Doesn’t Talk About Dead People, She Talks To Them

In a culture that is losing its biblical values and morals day by day, it’s not surprising to see more and more people turning to such occult things as mediums, séances and fortune tellers.  Eastern mysticism with its spirit guides has also become increasingly popular.  Many people are also claiming to discover their past lives as they believe in some form of reincarnation.

It’s also not surprising to hear about some television or Hollywood star that is being led by a spirit guide or talking to some famous star long dead.  But when one of the nation’s most important and visible leaders starts talking to dead people, it has to make you wonder about their sanity or just how far they have been tempted by evil.

Case in point is U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  For several years now, Clinton claims to have regular conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt who died in New York City in November of 1962.  Eleanor was the wife (and cousin) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  They were both active members of progressive socialism, so it is no wonder that Hillary picked her of all dead people to talk to.

It’s no secret that Hillary regularly converses with the spirit of Eleanor, as mentioned by Bill Clinton in a speech last week in New York City commemorating the Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

But I caution placing any stock in such things mainly because Scripture clearly warns us against using medians or calling up the spirits of the dead.  Leviticus 18 and 20 give us God’s warning about using mediums and necromancers.  In Leviticus 20:27 God told the Israelites that any man or woman who is a medium or necromancer should be stoned to death and their blood would be on their own hands.

Mind you, conjuring up the spirits of the dead is real and does happen.  In 1 Samuel 28 we read where King Saul of Israel went to the witch or medium of En-dor and summoned up the spirit of the prophet Samuel.  Saul was condemned for his actions and eventually lost his throne, kingdom and life because he failed to obey God’s laws.

It’s scary enough to see our nation’s leaders approving of the abominable lifestyle of homosexuality, (also punishable by death according to God), but to also hear of them conjuring up spirits and talking to dead people adds to the sins of the nation.  I know we are currently under God’s judgment as all you have to do is read Romans 1:18-31.

What I don’t know is when that judgment will turn to wrath.  When God brings His wrath down on a nation, everyone, even the righteous, will suffer.  Look what happened to Daniel when God brought His wrath down on Israel and sent them into bondage.  No one could have been more faithful than Daniel, but he was still taken hostage and turned into a slave.  He was cast into a lions’ den, a pit of fire and who knows what else.  His extreme faith saved him, but I wonder if your faith is as strong as Daniel’s?

I’ve never been afraid of the threat of nuclear war.  I always said I wanted to be at ground zero when it happened so that I would be immediately taken up into Glory.  But what does scare me is having to suffer through God’s wrath when it comes pouring down on our nation for turning our backs on Him and blatantly defying His ways and decrees.  There is no escape from God’s wrath other than death itself and I hope and pray that I do die rather than have to live through what He has in store for our land.

Hillary talks to dead people and Obama dances around the golden calf.  Surely our destruction must be ever so near!



  • yikes

    You are right. The bible is clear on this. When a person (Christian) dies, they are absent from the body, present with the Lord. Jesus made it very clear that the dead cannot interact with live people. If a spirit approaches you under the guise of somone you know, or know of, it is assuredly not the spirit of that person. It is a demon trying to deceive you and lead you to where you should not go. Do not long for or call out to your deceased loved one to contact you. They cannot not. I am sure Eleanor Roosevelt is not the one providing advice to Hillary so that may explain her bad choices and decision.

  • flaphil

    And they vote for her and her party.

  • CajunPreacher

    Remember mercy in judgment, oh Lord! It is your mercy that leads men to repentance. It is your mercy we need. It is more of you, Lord, more of you. Forgive us of our witchcraft, murder of the unborn and being born, forgive us for turning over our elderly to the government for the government to care for them, when it was for us, the Church to do this, as it was for us to educate our young, not the government. Awaken us, Oh Lord! Motivate us by your Spirit to begin to have restored to us the years that the palmerworm, cankerworm and locust hath eaten. Forgive us for entertaining familiar spirits and other demonic presences and let us seek your face, not just your hand. Move within us to will and to do of your good pleasure. May we all remember, the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and that the Kingdom of God shall consume or destroy all other kingdoms. Use us as vessels of your glory, of honor and not of dishonor. In the name above every other name, named in heaven or in earth we pray, that self-same name of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Don't overlook that this is a capital crime in God's Book. On the other hand, because the framers nowhere expressly established the Constitution upon Yahweh's morality as provided us in His commandments, statutes, and judgments, this is no inconsequential in today's Constitutional Republic.

    This should be a another of many wake up calls to Christians who have been bamboozled (as I once was myself) into believing that the Constitution is a Biblical and Christian document. Far from it when you examine it by Yahweh's perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11).

    For the sake of yours and my posterity, find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared with Yahweh's law. Take our Constitution Survey at and receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  • Steve Atkinson

    democrats are the party of america's destruction!

    • dirtbag


  • Bobby and Peg 1976

    It does seem rather strange that Mrs. Roosevelt would pick an individual like Hillary to talk to. It seems to me more of a hope for Clinton to be able to speak to such a staunch, tough, lady. Comparing their political similarities is one thing, having a conversation is another. Like all humans we are sinners, God knows that, but if we should drift further away from his word, we will be seeing the tough side of God. I hope Hillary has at least some goodness left that she will eventually see the wrong direction she is going, and trying to take our America.

  • The_American_Way

    Bill Clinton is a despicable man who should go away and hide. If any executive in any reputable company would have screwed around with an intern they would have been fired immediately. Clinton is a sleaze ball and this can be confirmed by Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica's blue dress.

    Hillary, on the other hand, is so in need of power that she let Bill have as many peccadillos as he wants. She only cares about one thing - Power.

    Both of these sleaze balls are perfect examples of liberals. They have no morals and they don't really care about anything except how to gain more power. To do this they tell people things like "I feel your pain." BT Barnum was right there is a sucker born every minute.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Hillary Clinton has been nuts for years... absolutely bonkers. Nothing she does surprises me. How many psychologically healthy women do you know who would stand by a liar, a cheat, a man with no moral character or sense of honor, and defend him publicly against the indefensible over and over and over again, and throughout a lifetime of marriage to boot? Hillary Clinton has a severally damaged self-image. She's just the kind of person who would look to communicate with another damaged soul (ego)... that of Eleanor Roosevelt. FDR had a mistress for life, and his wife was well aware of her second place status. It seems like damaged women seek out men who'll treat them badly, almost as if they cannot find any value in themselves. It's a very sad and viscous circle... and a lonely life as well.

  • Model Citizen

    Talking with Satan.

  • ARMYOF69

    The poor thing needs a friend, so don't be so hard on her. The only other CLOSE friend is her Muslim secretary, who is related to the Muslim brotherhood.

    • ARMYOF69

      Now , SHE should be water boarded for potentiallly being an inside spy for the. Muslims. Right therrpe in Hilary's convenient.

      • ARMYOF69

        another " auto spell " error from my stupid ipad.
        Should read " Right from there in Hilary's office...."

  • pennsyltuckian


  • Jim Blaine

    We always knew she was nuts. Hell, she married Bill didn't she?

  • Dustin

    Elanor told me to vote for Romney. So I will

  • whynot

    Hillery wants to be mistress to satan!!!!!!!! But bill already is in that position!!!!!

  • Apolloone

    When the spirits of the dead are summoned,what you get are Satan's demons not people, the Bible teaches this.

  • bhudda

    Laugh as you may ,this practice by far bis more sane than reasoning with Obama .By the way Elenore Roosevelt was a very knowlegible person on foreign affairs . Some say she had a lot of input to Truman .

  • vietnamvet1971

    The dead are the ONLY ones that care what she has to say!

  • truth4lifetoo

    Dave Jolly wrote a good article I think on what Scripture says about this. We have become a defiant, self-sufficient nation that have turned against God and His ways by all our idols and cults. Christians have been silent in their walk with the Lord to our children and families. Our schools and media has become their bible and what is right/wrong. It is time to get good moral men/women in our government that will stand up for our Christian/Jewish values and start teaching our children moral values instead of use of conceptives at kindergarten and what marriage and family are not in our society. Time to get rid of these TV shows that make fun of good family values and moral living. There will always be people lost in society that seek for "truth" in wrong ways but the leadership needs to be won by men/women of good values - not deceptive liars.

  • JennieWalsh

    My desperate plea to all voters in America....write in RON PAUL! Save America from the globalist bankster-gangster neo-cons who are backing both Romney and Obama. America does not need Obama's communist agenda, nor Romney's unknown plans and habitual flip-flopping. Vote for the consistent and GOOD candidate who has stuck to the principles of the constitution for 12 terms in congress. Google: The Bible and Ron Paul 13 videos revealing how Ron Paul's policies, 100% constitutional voting record, books, speeches and writings are totally aligned with God's Laws for civil government and the USA constitution. If American leaders had been following the constitution for the last 100 years, every America would be so wealthy that healthcare, college, cars, homes, business start-ups, vacations, etc. would be easily affordable. RETURN TO THE LAW OF THE LAND, the constitution, VOTE FOR RON PAUL!
    How far has America sunk when obeying the constitution, the law, is regarded as "fringe"?
    Does anyone notice or care that the Satanic neo-cons blocked the Constitution Party, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party from the presidential debates? Write in Ron Paul while we still have the right to vote.

    • Alice Ingham

      Paul is a good man but, he will not get the votes to make him President , we need every vote for Romney so that we can get Obama OUT !!! Please think about this before voting Paul..

  • aryton senna

    Eleanor died of (miliary) tuberculosis. FDR of metastatic (intracerebral) melanoma.

    Wish same/similar on all DIMLIBS!

  • ARMYOF69


  • evantoo

    Hillary IS a dead person. Inside and out. And she certainly looks the part. Not surprising that she talks to dead people, she's been married to one that she's talked to for years.

  • TM

    Wonder if hillary clinton talks to Vince Foster? you fill in the blanks.

  • MEG

    Hillary needs to go, RESIGN!

  • Kab

    Two things;

    I would pick Joseph over Daniel for spiritual perseverance, just my opinion.

    Daniel wasn't in the fiery furnace. You might want to go back and read that again.

    Otherwise, I agree completely!

  • jvb1980808

    Nothing liberals say or do sounds nuts to the liberal community. Nothing. But let the word RETARD get tweeted from a conservative and the entire crazy community comes unglued and prepped for the rubber rooms.

  • Lee

    Hillary is flirting with disaster. She needs to read what the Bible says about talking to dead people and witchcraft. She thinks these srories will enhance heer credibilty, but it is a one way ticket to hell.

  • Silas Longshot

    0bama thinks he IS the golden calf!
    But, as I've mentioned before, we are in this condition because Christian, moral men & women don't get involved in politics and some barely vote because of that being 'separate' from the world thing. Well, when good men fail to act, evil men rule.

  • luke

    So the same people that went CRAZY over Christine O'Donnell have no problem with the Secretary of State talking to the dead?!

    the uncanny bias of the media is making my blood boil.

  • Tomtom

    Clinton really, really STINKS!!!!

  • toofast

    Wow ur areal bi le thumping mad man I LIVE U DER GRACE AND THEREFORE NOT SET ASIDE FOR GODS WRATH.

  • LittleDon

    She is doing what Reagan's wife was accused of doing by Obama? Oh! Clinton also talks to Obama's wife that is scary also! Hey! that's why she gets along with the Muslims, for they talk with Satin!!
    God Bless America!!!

  • cmjay

    HILLARY is talking to ELEANOR ROOSEVELT ? Is she also waking up the DEAD to Vote for Obama? HALLOWEEN trick and not treat . Did ELEANOR advise her to take the BLAME for Obama? This is - DESPERATION.

  • s

    Hillary's initial conversations with Eleanor was when she was First Lady... she claimed the painting of Eleanor that hangs in the White House is where she first communicated with her.
    The painting shows Eleanor in a grey sweater with a string of pearls and hair done in the day's fashion. Hillary at that time dressed in the same sweater and wore pearls and had her hair done in the same fashion. I had seen her in a photograph that was taken at a speech she gave. I tried to locate that photo without success at the time... it was really creepy..

  • David Hodges

    If witch hunting were to come back in season, would inside the Washington beltway be considered a baited field?

  • John Englehutt

    As others have already pointed out, witchcraft and consulting soothsayers and so forth are capial crimes under God's Law. The fact that Hillary engages in this kind of behavior is hardly shocking; for the leaders at the top have long been given over to sin and death, just like so many of those who mindlessly vote them into power time after time. We must all repent and turr to God's Law as our rule of life and obedience; the reprobates will not heed this warning, but let those who call upon the Name of Jesus Christ be warned by and learn from their folly.

  • Twitch

    It was only a matter of time before this started happening.
    The Bible warns against these things for a very good reason--they're bad.