General in Benghazi Scandal Suddenly Retires

Is it payback or just shame? General Carter Ham, the combatant commander of Africa Command and a key figure in the Benghazi scandal, is retiring from the Army years short of the mandatory retirement age, according to the Washington Times.

Ham's name came up in relation to Benghazi last week when Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was trying to explain why no military backup was sent into the battle at the U.S. mission despite repeated requests from those under siege:

"(The) basic principle is that you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on; without having some real-time information about what's taking place. And as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation."

This despite having a live video feed of  the events in Benghazi in the situation room, where information from other sources has placed President Obama as well.

With Panetta trying to implicate him, Ham must have had a target on his back since the September 11 attacks. Panetta had announced on October 18 that Ham would be replaced as head of AFRICOM. On Monday, an Army spokesperson insisted the decision to retire was made by Ham and was not fallout from Benghazi.

But as with every other aspect of the Benghazi story, sources within the Administration are telling a different story.

The Washington Times over the weekend reported on an Internet posting, allegedly based on an inside source at the Pentagon, that Ham had wanted to send in troops to rescue the personnel at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, but he was ordered to stand down.

According to the story being circulated, Ham defied his orders and tried to send in his team, but within a minute of giving the order to his troops to rescue the Americans at the U.S. mission, his second in command relieved Ham of duty and arrested him.

So far, there is no corroboration of the story, but it would fit Ham's sudden departure from AFRICOM and his unexpected retirement.

The Pentagon has denied the story.



  • batang4

    shades of Last Resort !!

  • fordgt40

    W O W ... Hey Obama. Stand Down.

    • jude

      B. Hussein obama Step Down!

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Only honorable people stand down or step down. Treasonous people must be put down.

  • Screeminmeeme

    And the plot thickens....and thickens....and thickens.

    If this is true, it ought to be shouted from the's likely that none of us will know anything for sure for a long time.

    Folks, continue to pray that God will uncover, reveal, expose, unmask and lay bare the truth...and nothing but the truth....about Obama.

    • XX

      when in doubt, vote him out; we can uncover the truth later and he is young, he can always run again next time. For now, the safe thing to do is vote him out

      • MARYANN33

        Yes it is.

      • KurtofLA

        U mean "vote him out of this country"?? right ?? Make him the first man on Mars, how about that? he can take the entire cabinet with him

        • soccerfan

          Can't let him leave. He knows too much classified information. I say we just lock him up and throw away the key. He can have 24 hour a day conjugal visits with Michelle, as she will be housed with him. The children are young enough that they can be reprogramed.

        • danimal

          send the kids with them, they come from a bad seed, and we don't need them to infect the good children

  • PatRiot

    Gen.Ham should start wagging his tongue on the rest of the story.

    • Whackajig

      He probably wants to live, so he will remain silent

      • Countrygal

        I bet he was paid off or threatened........probably his family was threatened. He has to live with this now.

        • conscience voter

          Oh, you can bet on it, his family's been threatened. Thing is, that doesn't mean he won't meet with some accident. After all, Obama has left a trail of bodies along his path to becoming the supreme being. The creep makes me wanna puke.

        • echo5n

          Gen. Ham is a hero, but on the wrong side at a wrong time! God Bless this man.

    • Donna Casas

      I don't think he will be able to talk. Maybe they will have him sign a non disclosure order before he retires. We shall see.

      • David Batchelder

        they will go after his retirement account. Always the money, they force you to be quit

        • klesb

          Not if you are required to teestify under oath. We need a special prosecutor January 21st. Hell, we need a bus load of them. We need to tell the new Congress and president that we demand accountabiility for 4 years of lawless and unConstitutional behavior! - starting with a fraudulent candidate in the 2008 presidential election!

          Or replace the GOP with a new conservative party by the 2014 elections!

        • sandraleesmith46

          That latter is NEEDED regardless; but unless Romney and other Repubs do take the Senate that CAN'T happen, so focus there for now, and start RIGHT after the ELECTION; don't even wait for the new year!

        • MARYANN33

          I believe there will be a new party, hopefully by then.

        • KurtofLA

          U mean the retirement of a PFC? Where are all the other Generals?? Sucking up to Obama, Panetta and Clinton, I am certain

      • Barbara

        Gen. Patton resigned his commission so the government could not make him keep quiet. If he had retired they could steal the money had he talked. He and his wife had enough money he did not need his retirement.

        Unfortunately he was murdered before he could write his impressions of the war.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Yes, he SHOULD, but most likely he won't.

    • MARYANN33

      He should tell the truth quickly while he is still alive to do so.

  • Rosie46

    Whenever the administration is caught "dirty" it is either top secret or subject to executive order, meaning the truth would hurt Obama.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I'm a retired military officer. This was a fix to get rid of the evidence; Ham. I've stopped believing in the "good intentions" of the administration; any administration; a long time ago. I also stopped believing in Santa, the tooth fairy, the Great Pumpkin, witches and ogres. The fact is, this administration is corrupt and is corrupting the national heart and soul. They are not just "misguided" but, are misguiding. They are the cause of the crumbling of ALL relations, especially race, since they've come to power.

    • medivac

      I hope you do believe in witches yet because there are plenty of liberal witches in and around the white house !!

      • sandraleesmith46

        You're right about that; and there are some other sorts of REAL MONSTERS there, the Capitol, SCOTUS and other locations around the Swamp as well, in which I firmly believe the existence! I guess that comes of having encountered the REAL monsters in my life, so I learned they don't actually always LOOK like the monsters they truly ARE!

      • KurtofLA

        Pelosi comes to mind.

        • medivac

          ----Now do you think I would imply that "Rubber Face" Pelosi is a witch ??? She does have a parking problem now that she can't freeload on her own military aircraft !! Most the closets are taken in the white house !!

      • Jerry Miller

        The one witch that stands out in this cover-up is old what's her name "HILLARY"!

    • TPM

      I still believe in witches. As evidence, I offer you ... Hillary Clinton.

      I wonder if this administration will "sequester" General Ham, until after the election.
      Wouldn't do to have him return to the US and be interviewed by Fox News.
      Scary to think or say this, but ... I wouldn't be surprised if General Ham had a "heart attack" or hung himself, to bring closure to this story.
      Would Obama and or Hillary do a thing like this?
      You bet your sweet butt they would ...

      • MARYANN33

        Yes, those two would. If the Pres is not for Israel, God says he will take him out!

      • KurtofLA

        No doubt, Billary and Obama will have anybody standing in their way killed. When the highest ranking Generals are scared, guess what

        • patriotlinda

          Even our Generals are scared?? That is scary. Guess our Seals in Libya weren't scared - going against orders to "stand down" and went to help and rescue 30 Americans and then Seal Woods sacrificed his life for these Americans.The president denied help 3 times to Ty Woods. The president and Hilary and others watched this whole event go on on video, watching our heroes give their lives. They wanted the 4 to die because they knew the truth about the president indirectly being involved with Soros of supplying arms to the enemy, AlQuida and others. Is this a Commander-in-chief?? Is this man Americans want to continue in office?? Heaven help these citizens. Yes, they will murder anyone - they already killed 4 US heroes. How do they explain these actions to their children? They will get their stand and have to answer. General Ham is in a dangerous position. Sad. Treason is the charge for them.

        • medivac

          I know that the flag rank officers refrain from talking bad about their commander in chief. They are, however , free thinking and most will fess up to being conservatives. Very few are like Colin Powell and turn on their country .

        • Noni77

          Powell must have been offered a position pretty high up in the coming Obama dictatorship.

        • medivac

          I have a list sent to me on retired flag rank officers, over 300 names, that are on Romney's military advisory list. I know they are real people because I personally know a couple of them and at least know some of the others military positions when they were regulars. I immediately recognized 2 Commandant Of The Marine Corps. In other words, men that are NOT afraid of obama , "Slick Wilie", or Hitlery

      • soccerfan

        Yeah, I just posted something similar. You know there were deaths surrounding the Clinton's before and during the White House years. Harry Reid was just in a 6 car accident in Las Vegas. I guess he was the first tagret.

      • medivac

        AAAHHHH !! Hitlery Rodham Clinton !! I've heard that last night she and Pelosi were asked to remove their masks only to find out that they never put masks on !!

    • Don39

      I to am a retired officer and I second what you say about the corruption and the cover-up.I was special ops and a warrior and I can tell you this stinks from the field command all the way to the White House, through the Pentagon. You do not light up targets without access to weapons. It is a bad day when the troops on the ground get sacrificed by rotten leadership. It sounds like Ham was relieved while trying to do what was right for the troops/citizens, by a fellow officer that has no guts and is a political animal of the kind that the current military so-called leadership is incubating!
      No wonder that ptss and suicides has doubled in the last few years! It is an inside job!

      • medivac

        What you say is true but I give the military leadership the benefit of a doubt. There are a few so-called leaders in the military that are political but they are in the minority. On the back side of the coin there are a few exceptional leaders in the military. These are the ones that are usually purged by the REMFs that are politically motivated. Allan West comes to mind on the good guys list !! I was a trigger puller in the Marine Corps back in Vietnam and know exactly why the SEALS chose to run to the sound of rifle fire when they knew fellow Americans were under fire. I've been there and had top stand down when the upper brass passed down orders to stand down for the same reasons that probably went off here. The reasons do not keep you from wanting to go in a bad way regardless of being outgunned and outmanned and probably charging into a set up scene with many bad guys waiting behind the walls for you to come !! It's ashamed that we lack leadership in the oval office to stand up for what is right.

  • threebarrs

    The more I hear and read about Bengazi, the more I find we need to get Obama out of the Whitehouse and get all of his Czars and cronies out of the Fed Govt positions they hold. He is certainly on the fast track to murder our great country. And, I feel certain that he and George Soros and all the Muslim buddies of his have a lot more tricks up their sleeves to chop of America at the knees and within the next 4 years if he is re-elected! Dear God, please have mercy on our free country!

    • Doodlebug

      There are a group of people in our area who pray at 8:00 p.m. that our elections next week will get obummer out of the WH. Perhaps if we can get this 8:00 prayer chain to expand to more than just our area, God will have mercy on our country. Let's try it, it sure can't hurt and obummer must go. GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!

      • conscience voter

        Been doing that myself nightly since April of this year. I have to resist asking our dear Lord to allow Obama's head to blow up.

      • soccerfan

        Every day. Several times a day! God will either answer us or continue judgement.

  • doctor7

    I believe Obama is as guilty as sin in the deaths of 4 Americans which was a botched attempt to cover-up gun running to al-queda!

    • conscience voter

      Yep, but murder is no stranger to Obama. He even has ex-boyfriends murdered. But maybe that's so they don't reveal how disappointed they were with his moves.

  • jsmithcsa

    This has already been de-bunked by

    • AnOrdinaryVoter

      No such page.

  • gliverson

    I am sure that no type of evil, deception, lies, and more lies will shake the confidence of the left in their new found messiah. They ignore his duplicity, they ignore the obvious cover-ups and lies, they look the other way, they do not question when the crooked media turns a blind eye to it all, then wonder why our nation is slowly (or not so slowly) sinking in the oblivion of 3rd world type corruption!
    Dead people voted for Obummer in 2008 by the hundreds! Sad, very sad indeed.

    • MARYANN33

      Give some of that blame to lame McCain and Oprah.

  • Buster Atkins

    Just who was this powerful second in comand person?

    • MARYANN33


  • medivac

    obama is NOT a leader of any kind !! I , for one, would never follow him anywhere because he just ain't got what it takes to lead !! You don't "lead" by throwing your people under the bus !! You lead by example and he is not a good example of anything but corruption !

    • rosemarienoa

      This Benghazi scandal is to obama what the Iran hostage situation was to Carter!!! It will seriously damage the Dems too!!!

      • tom s

        The many traitorous acts done by or allowed by the democrats over the past 4 years should damage the democrat party and hopefully will clean out a bunch of them in the election. Then afterwards the rinos can be removed from the government and perhaps this country can heal and recover. I would hope that President Romney would clean house and remove a bunch of czars & liberal from our government while reducing the size of the federal government.

      • MARYANN33

        Isn't that wonderful?

      • KurtofLA

        That is what Obama tried to avoid, a Carter fiasco or anything else that could be against him. He is toast until we find a big bonfire

    • mageedtm

      I agree. How many people want to follow a Rat in a suit? This guy reeks od filth

    • John

      Obama "leads" the same way al Qaeda "leads"...from WAY behind.

    • MARYANN33

      He is too drunk on all his beers.

  • berengaria

    This is the trouble with democrats who are appointed Generals. Whether it is Ham or Petraeus, they will flow with the wind or gas of their democrat handlers. If one of these generals decides to bluff his handler, there is always another democrat officer waiting in line to do his or her political duty. Obama's Military has fallen into disgrace and dishouour. thank you, Berengaria

    • d1032

      Have to diagree with you somewhat on your analyzation of generals - regardless of the political party in power generals are at the mercy of the administration and cannot get involved in their policies whether they are in agreement or disagreement - recall how Truman "fired" MacArthur on Wake Island when the disagreed?
      Gen. Mac. retired shortly after and was given a huge parade in NYC which galled Truman to the day he died.
      When in the military your political views are "tied and gagged" but I sincerely hope than a soon as Ham is officially retired he will get on as many news outlets that will have him and expose the truth of this entire matter - unfortunately it will not occur prior to the election and that is America's loss.

      • Countrygal

        He won't if his family has been threatened.

    • Burlington

      Well, one thing is for sure. General Ham needs to be testifying under oath very soon. Another flag rank Admiral Gaouette was sacked last week too. He was to command the carrier group in the Gulf. Very unusual for this to happen if he didn't run a ship aground or collide. Unless he was doing some screwing around, he was have been very politically incorrect.

  • Capt.

    Ham needs to go on Fox news and spill his guts.

  • Jan

    May Gen. Ham find a way to tell what really happend. My god keep him save from
    the evil of the whitehoude. god bless all the military

    • Don39

      May it be in time to do some good!

  • Jerry Morgan

    Everyone was waiting for Obama’s October surprise that was going to make him look real good. The surprise was to be the Bengazi attack, Obama was to send troops in, save the Ambassador and make himself the big hero to insure his reelection. The terrorist on the ground got carried away though causing Obama to freeze not knowing what to do, spoiled the plan and four Americans died as a result. This whole thing was planned too well to be a spontaneous attach and blame put on the “Saturday Night Live” type video was grasping at straws at the last minute when the plan failed. The whole thing was contrived to deceive voters. There is no end to what this man and his handlers will do to get reelected.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Prove me wrong….if you can.

    • MARYANN33

      They say he may attack Libya for his election.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Ham, that's a no no to muslims, no wonder he's gone!

  • BigSkyCountry

    He's quitting because, he's really ticked off that he was not given the OK to save his soldiers ! many, many have already quit due to the current POTUS.,. Gen. Martin Dempsey is a very weak (military) leader (COJC) and is a BHO / Panetta "Yes Man".

  • Bippy Bellito

    The Coward in Chief and his minions like Panetta and Clinton will do everything they can to trivialize the deaths of these 4 Americans. The Shame is on them; the Guilt will weigh heavily on their souls, the Treachery they possess is beyond most peoples' senses of right and wrong. How stuid and used must people like David Letterman, Barbara Walters, and The Pimp with the Limp feel that they were used as shields for the Obama Alibi. May they all be haunted by their complicity.

    • rosemarienoa

      The problem is none of those obama dupes has a conscience!!!

      • MARYANN33

        It has been seared.

    • KurtofLA

      What are u talking about? This people have no shame and no soul. Their last thought before falling asleep is "how can I gain from this and become more powerful"

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Look up the definition of sociopath. It fits obama to a tee.

  • hongryhawg

    And the plot thickens....

  • Randy Cote

    you are all a bunch of Pu_ _ y's and back stabbers I was in the military for 13 years before I became disabled I loved it but would never trust the people close to and obama for any reason

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Really?? Does this goverment really think we are all that stupid???

    • Dan Williams

      Yes, but not all. Just a little over half of us.

  • d1032

    Just one more "body" tossed under the bus by this narcisstic egomaniac - this POS (letters do no denote president of the U.S.) takes "claim" for getting bin Laden (when it was actually activated by Hilliary and Paneta over the "skeptical" Liar-in-Chief) but he isn't human enough to take the responsibility for Benghazi.
    This "thing" impersonating a man is nothing more than a moral and physical coward and would fold up like a limp rag if he had to face an enemy on a field of combat - he personifies the type who would request "duty" in Ft. Leonard Wood in the secretarial pool if the combat was in the Far East or Europe - anywhere he could to avoid being scratched.
    Cowardly b-----d!!

    • MARYANN33

      He could never get through any boot camp, that is for sure, the little pampered darling.

  • Fritz

    This is what happens when you have a non-miltary person like Leo running the DOD and arm chair Generals with no guts. Thats a joke when they say that they needed more info. Don't they know that you develope the situation as you are fighting. Its a good thing they were never small unit commanders.
    ( Also, I did my 41 years)

  • calmo

    WOW! The plot sickens.

  • a marine .

    Why do you think that scum bag sack of muslim s__t wants his own civilian force to directly report to him, He knows our military will not turn their weapons on us. Why do you think he has signed executive orders too allow un troops to operate in this country with the power to arrest and detain and confiscate .He has list of people that have been vocal about his treason and is waiting for the crises he needs to declare martial law,.WAKE AMERICA.


    • MARYANN33

      I expect them to come for me any day for what I say here.

    • MARYANN33

      All those U N white Suvs in Jacksonville...hidden by many trees..

  • rivahmitch

    Now that he's retired, perhaps he'll tell, and we'll learn, the truth about Benhazi BEFORE the election.

  • Ethridge

    this sounds right, next will be the admiral of the stennis that was replaced while on deployment. he probably wanted to send planes and was told no. two flag officers careers ruined because of this piece of crap in the white house. these two need to open their mouths and tell what happened. ifd they lose their pension, then mitt romney should reinstate them when he is elected. four dead two fine officers ruined so as to cover obamas incompetence.

  • jwright673

    It appears Ham can't take the pressure of selling out fellow Americans. Panetta should be next, then hillary and every piece of anti-American scum who had a hand in allowing our people to get killed. Retire my foot; he should be run up with the morning colors...

  • lizaz

    Wow!! I'd rather see him as a whistleblower....tell us what really happened and why!!! I wonder if he'll be able to sleep at night!!!

  • Picaro joe

    Wow! The Corrupt Obummer General staff and coverup. Kind like watching a re-run of Watergate unfold. If Obummer is re-elected he can be impeached for such an offense! Among others. This president never did get the Congressional permission to enter Libya, nor equip them with arms that probably killed our own people! Check out the war act!
    "just saying"

  • Loran

    Everyone knows that the Bible states clearly that God has assured us that the TRUTH will be revealed. Eyes will be opened. Amen.

  • watchdogmom

    all I have to say at this point is, these communist criminals-each and every one,that are in and around D.C.that have committed these horrific acts,had better drop to their knees and pray for mercy-nuff said.

  • Dan Williams

    Special kudoes to General Carter Ham. Thank you for your years of service to this country. Be sure and join your state militia as we may need your leadership soon.

  • Silas Longshot

    Hmm. Wonder how many more will have to 'fall on their sword' for king zero and the coverup?

  • The Truth

    More corruption and deception by blatantly the most untransparent administration ever. Obama is a fraud and so he is directing his people as such. Well past time to vote Obama out of office. In fact, he should be arrested and charged for his crimes but we know that no one in DC has the stones to do anything about it. So it is left up to us, the people, to make sure he is kicked out.

  • nans


  • EdinNola

    It would be nice, should this be fact, if the fearless Gen. Ham would develop a case of intestinal fortitude and tell the story himself.

  • Beverly Cook

    The mud in the political swamp is turning to quicksand, the gators are eating the snakes and there ain't no place to hide because the trees are full of vultures....

    I am so ashamed of having a president that I consider to be a man without honor. May God send us a leader worthy of the high ideals of our Founding Fathers!

  • sandraleesmith46

    I don't KNOW, but I would HOPE it's a combination of personal shame for NOT acting to save those men, or at least make the effort to do so; and awareness that his career is "dead" anyway, because others above him are throwing him under the bus, so he decided to retire, with a LARGE dollop of DISGUST over how the military is being MISHANDLED by the current administration!

  • Thomas Creamer

    Someone had to take the blame for Obama ... Dam shame it was Gen. Ham !
    Obama is a Coward, Traitor, and a Lying SOB ... he deserves the same fate as that of
    Saddam Hussein ... a Hangman's Rope !

  • bigjack1

    I hope the truth someday will come out. For now there too many unanswered questions. Sad our country has come to this!

  • Jim Coles

    1. I called a Defense contractor friend of mine
    who works at AFRICOM HQ at Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany...GEN Ham is in
    command - and is not under any form of restraint, nor has he dropped his retirement papers into the personnel friend works in the HQ
    Annex and provides direct support to the Combined-Joint Operations Directorate
    (CJ-3) ... He prepares briefing materials for the command staff...and is in the
    briefing room daily...

    2. Here's a DOD news release from 19th
    October...note the comment at the bottom of the release.

    3. GEN Ham assumed command on 9th
    March 2011…his scheduled tour of command would normally end in March 2013.
    Succession of command decisions are normally made at the mid-point of any CINC’s
    tour; so a July 2012 command succession board is just about the right time.

    4. Jim Garamone, the AFP staffer who wrote the
    story is an old, old friend of mine…I know for a fact that Jim would not write
    something he knows is not true.

    Obama Nominates Rodriguez
    as Next Africa Command Chief

    By Jim Garamone

    American Forces Press Service Print Share

    WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct 19, 2012 —
    President Obama has nominated Army General David M. Rodriguez to succeed Army
    General Carter F. Ham as the commander of U.S. Africa Command, Defense
    Secretary Leon E. Panetta said, October 18, 2012.

    U.S. Africa Command is the newest combatant command, and its headquarters is in
    Stuttgart, Germany. The command encompasses all of Africa and its adjacent
    waters except for Egypt.

    The Senate must confirm Rodriguez, who currently is commander of U.S. Army
    Forces Command at Fort Bragg, N.C.

    "He has served in a variety of key leadership roles on the
    battlefield," Panetta said in announcing the nomination. Rodriguez was the
    first commander of the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command,
    the corps-level command in Afghanistan. He was the commander during the surge
    into Afghanistan, "and was a key architect of the successful campaign plan
    that we are now implementing," Panetta said.

    Ham has served as the Africa Command chief since March 2011. "Under his
    leadership, Africom has played a very central role in some very important
    missions," the secretary said. "From the NATO campaign in Libya that
    led to the fall of Gadhafi to successful counterterrorism efforts in Somalia
    [and] Yemen to efforts we are now involved in in Nigeria and Mali and
    elsewhere, General Ham has really brought Africom into a very pivotal role in
    that challenging region."

    The nation is "deeply grateful for his outstanding service," he said.

    Panetta also announced the nomination of Lt. Gen. John M. Paxton Jr. to receive
    his fourth star and serve as the next assistant commandant of the Marine Corps.
    He would succeed Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., whom the president has nominated
    to command coalition and U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Paxton is commander of
    Marine Corps Forces Command, Marine Fleet Force Atlantic and U.S. Marine Corps
    Forces Europe. Paxton and Dunford also must be confirmed for their jobs by the

    Source: U.S. Department of Defense


    Of course the Pentagon will deny the story it makes them culpable in the death of four citizens and a pack of liars one week before the election. What a bunch of sleeze bags we have in charge. FIRE THEM ALL

  • Sharr


  • adamenochnoah

    I am sure the Govt would find a way to take Gen Ham's pension away if he talked...

  • ConservaDave

    It becomes more and more apparent to those who have not been brainwashed out of their capacity to think critically by either the governmnet school system or people like the "true believers" in the Demoncrap Party that this fraudulentl gang of liars in the Obama administration is fully incapable of making a decision without thinking of the situation from a political viewpoint. Anypne who questions their wisdom is immediately accused (Satan is the "accuser of the brethren") of "politicizing the deaths of four brave Americans." Obama tries to hide his failures in the flag now so that no one will question his treasonous incompetence. Disgusting! I've never felt so unsafe in America. Knowing that these "leaders" have no capacity to do anything but what they consider politically expedient should frighten us all. And yet millions of the ignorant, the ill-informed, the selfish, the mis-informed, the mentally lazy, the decadent left and the just plain stupid will like lemmings going over the cliff vote for this man, so incapable of understanding real world realities.

  • Vern

    Ham needs to speak out quickly, and tell the truth. He knows that Obama was behine this mess, and
    that Panetta will never tell the truth. How in the Hell did we get so many chicken livered people in
    charge of things.

  • TPM

    General Ham was ready to rescue our people and he was releived of his command?

    That order could only have come from VERY high ups in the Obama administration.

    Let's hope Gen Ham enlightens us as to which coward nixed the rescue mission.
    My guess is that the "let them die" order came from Obama, who feared that if something went wrong, it would reflect badly on him, just before the election. This psychopath doesn't give a rat's butt about American lives at risk. It's all about him. Hillary is just as bad. The Clinton's invented throwing people under the bus.
    I liken Obama to John Gotti, who was known as the Teflon Don. Nothing stuck to him.
    Though in Obama's case, he's the Teflon Pimp.

  • XX

    Look for Ham to die of "natural causes" soon. I hope he gets a chance to speak publicly first

  • Backgammon

    I like this theory and it works with Gen Ham also. They didn't plan for Woods to be there.

  • djw663

    Ham sounds like the type of person we need, a true American, someone who was trying to uphold the oath he took and now Barack Insane Obama has destroyed another Americans life.

  • gavinwca

    I hope this is true, I was wondering if we had any real soldiers as general's in the military left. Who was the chicken sh!!!!t second in command.

  • Tattoomama

    I truly hope that this story is not true, because if it is in fact the truth, then it is too horrible to contemplate that the ultimate military authority, the civilian Commander-In-Chief, would deliberately abandon anyone under his command. But with obama, I am afraid that this just might be the truth . . .

  • John Krapcha

    Plain and simple those who courageously died, those who have fallen on the sword for Obummer, those who are resigning, errrrrr moving on are the casualties of a clandestine operation in Libya. There are big WHY'S involved here. WHY were are personnel still there after all others vacated Benghazi? WHY were repeated requests to bolster security denied? WHY was an order given to stand down? WHY were our personnel given up as sacrificial lambs? WHY was a video blamed for what happened. WHY the coverup? You answer the WHY's and the who, what, where, when and how will fall in line. A clandestine op was underway and about to be exposed, dead men tell no tales. Obummer is trying to save his political arse. He sends out H. CLinton and Ms. Rice and Jay carney and Axel - nim - rod to blow the smoke screen and railroad America. BE A MAN OBUMMER THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU, MAN UP DAWG!! YOU WORTHLESS COWARD. Was it gun running to Syria, was it a botched kidnap of Stevens to trade for the Blind Terrorist, a plan spawned by you and your MUS-BRO HOOD pals? OBUMMER, YOU MAKE ME SICK!


    Sh$& flows down hill. When someone at the top screws up, they will move the attention to someone else to same their butt. It is simple. If a general is given the order to go in, HE GOES IN! If he is not given an order to act, and no SOP has been established, the general can legally do nothing. Either way, Gen Ham was scre&$@. (It is the old adage: "You are damned if you do and damned if you don't") Once Gen Ham is free of his position, he may be able to clear up some of the questions the White House is dodging.

  • John Krapcha

    Plain and simple those who courageously died, those who have fallen on the sword for Obummer, those who are resigning, errrrrr moving on are the casualties of a clandestine operation in Libya. There are big WHY'S involved here. WHY were are personnel still there after all others vacated Benghazi? WHY were repeated requests to bolster security denied? WHY was an order given to stand down? WHY were our personnel given up as sacrificial lambs? WHY was a video blamed for what happened. WHY the coverup? You answer the WHY's and the who, what, where, when and how will fall in line. A clandestine op was underway and about to be exposed, dead men tell no tales. Obummer is trying to save his political arse. He sends out H. CLinton and Ms. Rice and Jay carney and Axel - nim - rod to blow the smoke screen and railroad America. BE A MAN OBUMMER THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU, MAN UP DAWG!! YOU WORTHLESS COWARD. Was it gun running to Syria, was it a botched kidnap of Stevens to trade for the Blind Terrorist, a plan spawned by you and your MUS-BRO HOOD pals? OBUMMER, YOU MAKE ME SICK!

  • conscience voter

    Let's hope Ham "spills the beans" big time asap.

  • soccerfan

    He will probably have either a massive heart attack or a bad car accident verrrryyyyy soon. He knows too much. Hilary better watch her back too. Of course, she might beat him at his own game.

  • Ray Ake

    HAM need's to understand;;as a general HE CAN BE RECALLED at any time..when this come's out there WILL be HIGH TREASON charges brought 6 day's oBOYma will be on his way out of OUR country,,looking for a place to hide in the world,,BUT just like OBL he will be found !!!! ALL the scomball's will be rounded up and PAY the FULL price for what they have done..MONEY wont buy there way out of it..

  • Gil Jones

    Not one high ranking officer had the presence of mind to grab the rudder and put-put away from the waterfall. Sounds like this guy tried but failed. I gotta think there's more like him in our military.

    When push goes to shove the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice) will once again fall in line with the Constitution. Hypnotic trances fade as dissension/patriotism blossoms, it always finds a way. This general might be one of the first to say enough! Our 'commander-in-chief' has finally crossed the line, just needs to shove and con a little more and he'll come to the end of his rope.

    Semper Fi

  • KurtofLA

    Obama's October surprise gone bad…

    plan was to have the Libyan ambassador kidnaped from the Banghazi
    compound! Yes it was a plan! The idea of course is that there could be
    a highly publicized negotiation cumulating in the release of Ambassador
    Stevens in October 2012. The risks were high but the payoff was

    Make the president look like a great leader and commander-in-chief.
    Make the Libyan extremists look like reasonable people.
    Distract american voters from other issues.

  • Ironman

    Gerneral Ham tried to do the right thing but was arrested while Obama and his administration let those people die proving yet again he (Obama) is not worthy of being commander in chief!!!

  • LANI

    Shame on Panetta for not standing by the side of the Military. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Secretary of Defense??? What a damn joke!

  • Michael Hilton

    As with so much of the speculation about the Obama administration and it's actions, the public is left on the sidelines by these tyrants (who assured us we'd have the most transparent administration in history)
    The only transparency I want now is seeing the whole bunch of them packing their bags and leaving D. C.

  • bananafanafo


  • nvrat

    Here we go again. Like I said at the last Obama crisis it takes about 4 weeks for the Administration acquire and produce a fall guy to cover Obama`s ass. This time it took a little extra time because Hillary Clinton would not take a complete kamikaze dive. Just think back to Fast and Furious. Let`s hope General Ham will stand up for the American people and tell the REAL truth after he leaves the service.

  • larry

    i wish congress would talk to gen. ham once he is retired

  • viking

    Won't Gen. Ham speak up once he's freed from the constraints of military protocol?
    Can he be shut up by this administration even after he's a civilian?
    America wants to know what the hell happened!

  • Kathy Jenson

    General Ham is not retiring. I'm not sure where he is right now but one thing's for sure is that obama shut him up. I'm guessing he's got Petreus under wraps too. We must stay on this story. Generals don't accept 3 year assignments when they know they are going to retire. I pray congress gets to the bottom of this. Our freedom is in the balance.

  • Kathy Jenson

    I wish I knew the answer to that. One thing for sure that General Ham is a man of character. I know what that kind of man would do to save our ambassador IF he had a choice.

  • Patricia Leath

    Ham should be given the Medal of Honor! He cared far more for his fellow countrymen than the political scum operators in the Obama cabinet. Words simply cannot express the helplessness, sadness, and totally disbelief that 4 Americans are dead and one General is dismissed because he was made of the right stuff. My father fought in 3 wars for this country. He is buried in Arlington and he has to be turning in his grave.

  • MEG

    We cannot let this go!!!!! This is treason!!!! Obama, Hillary, and Panetta must pay.

  • Ian R Griffiths

    Must be getting pretty crowded under that bus!!!