Romney’s Financial Sacrifice To Serve America

Barack Obama and the Democrats have painted a picture of Mitt Romney as being some rich guy who has little to no concern for the average American.  They say that Romney only cares about himself and his wealth.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

According to an Forbes article - Mitt Romney: The Most Expensive Political Career In American History – Romney sacrificed approximately $1.77 billion when he left Bain Capital to serve his country and state.  His net worth today is somewhere around $230 million.  The Forbes article says that had Romney stayed at the equity company he founded, that his net worth would most likely be right around $2 billion today.

By 1999, Bain Capital was a very successful equity company with over $4 billion under management.  The future of Bain at the time was extremely positive and gave all indications of continued growth.  To be honest, in 1999, many business people dreamed of being the head of such a successful company.

So just when everything was looking rosy and money was pouring into the doors, Mitt Romney took a leave of absence from Bain to head up the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee.  At the time, the Olympic committee was nearly bankrupt and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City appeared to be on the verge of a total disaster.  Romney stepped in and turned everything around and the Olympics were saved.

After the 2002 Olympics, Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts instead of returning to Bain Capital.  After serving as governor for 2 years, he remained in public life and again did not return to Bain.

If you want all of the detail on how Forbes calculated that Romney missed out on $1.77 billion of personal worth, you can read the details in their article.  But the bottom line is that he knowingly made the sacrifice to serve his country and his state.

Now let’s look at the Obamas.  According to Forbes, their net worth is a paltry $6 million, a far cry from Romney’s fortune.  But when you look at Obama’s history, that is what history we do know, he sacrificed NOTHING to venture into public life and politics.  In fact, much of his worth has been made since he first entered politics, not before.  In contrast to Romney, it makes you wonder what Obama’s motivation is besides money and power.

In another meter of the characters of the two opponents seeking the White House is their charitable donations.  In a report from the Washington Times, Obama has an average charitable donation of less than 7% from 2000 to 2011 (that includes the $1+ million Nobel Peace prize that Obama gave to charities).  Mitt Romney has averaged over 13% in charitable donations over 20 years.

Let me ask you this: From their personal finances and history given above, which man cares more about America and the American people and which man cares more about himself and his own personal gains?  Which one of them do you think will actually work hardest to turn things around?

The answers should be obvious.  Romney has sacrificed nine times more than he is worth to serve the public.  Obama has sacrificed nothing.  To me, this says a lot about the character of each man and who would make a better leader for our troubled nation and the answer is not Obama.

Please get out and vote next Tuesday.



  • Doodlebug

    I think the obummers are very jealous of the Romneys. Not only their money but their brains, success, their ability to turn around and help someone, something in trouble such as the Olympics.

    • Susitna

      The Obamas hate rich white successful people, especially Moochelle. She grew up bitter thinking that the "whities" took something away from her and now she is paying back. And Obama is just doing his job destroying America as a good Muslim Brother.

      • military1975

        If they in fact do, they shouldn't...G. Soros is one that comes to mind that's helped him allot among a bunch of others! They reflect that feeling into their supporters so deep that they can't even see the truth anymore! What they do hate is what America stands for, of which he inherited that from his father (must be in his blood because BO, jr hadn't known nor seen his father since he was two! So he must have gotten all that from his grandparents & 'heresay'...and then the rest of his beliefs from his 'acquaintances' throughout his entire life up to now...and not a single one of them was a good influence of any kind...the list is very long btw. He's trying to settle a couple of scores with America: one from his fathers hatred & the other from the Muslim Brotherhood's hatred for America.
        He's gotten so blazingly daring that after the Fast & Furious debacle and not getting reprimanded in any manner what-so-ever for the killing of one of our border agents, decided to try his hand at more gun-running in Benghazi (along with a possible attempt to have Ambassador Stevens kidknapped so he could make a trade with the 'Brotherhood' to release a brother we now have in custody) to try to make him look like a hero...just in time for the 'bout them apples?!! Only this time, his actions and statements (or lack thereof statements) are all documented by eye witnesses and emails. There's also the story of targets 'marked' and ready to be fired upon by either a drone or a C-130 and somehow they were 'aborted' at the last second. As they say in the pig (btw pigs are not the favorite animal of the Muslims) business, he's in deep doo-doo!

    • Screeminmeeme

      Doodlebug....I have a friend whose son works for Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. She went to visit her son and when she was there she got to meet the Romneys who were visiting the Gov. She said that they were very warm, friendly, and gracious, as well as being very attractive people.

      The Obamas are too busy living out their obscenely luxurious lifestyles and playing the role that they could care less about anyone else.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    It will be a breath of fresh air come January. Getting rid of one of the most selfish, narcissistic, egotistical "first couple" that we have ever had. The Romney's will restore the respect for the office of President and the First Lady position.

    • freedomgirl

      You took the words right out of my mouth.
      I was going to comment, but this is also what I feel the truth is.

    • Screeminmeeme

      DontTreadOnMe11.....My sentiments exactly. I feel a tremendous pride when I think of the Romney's in the White House, representing all that's good about America.

  • Kathy Jenson

    We can see the green (envy) in their eyes even if they can't. They are spending as much of the millionaires and billionaires taxpayers money as much as they can as fast as they can . Just heard he spent $1,000,000 for a state dinner for the president of mexico. All Americans need a little R and R. Vote Romney Ryan!

    • fed up taxpayer

      The Obamas are an insult to America when they behave like royalty.Obviously they are taking advantage of the tax payers shamelessly.In their affirmative action thinking; it is now "payback time".I do not remember Laura Bush taking an entourage for a vacation.

      • Vote Romney!

        Ann Romney will be a beautiful and much better first lady.. She won't need taxpayer money for her vacations.

  • Jerry49

    Romney will be one to turn America closest to the Founders (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc.), and also WILL do more to restore jobs to Americans. He is by FAR the clearest choice to return us back to becoming more self reliant and less of a nanny state-something Obama has strived to turn America into! Please everybody--think closely and vote wisely. Your kids, and grandkids are dependant upon our choices...

    • meloexit

      Yes, Romney is the best choice since Ron Paul was cheated out of a fair race. But one needs to remember that he believes in the One World Order. To convince me otherwise, he needs to get us out of the UN. He needs to completely repeal (not replace) Obamacare. He needs to void all of Obama's executive orders and return us to the Constitution. I don't envy him his job because he needs a huge shovel.

  • junkmailbin

    liberals give other money to the poor after stealing it rather than their own money.
    conservatives give their own money to the poor out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • adamenochnoah

    Romney has done more than even this article documents. Listen to what Steve Baldwin has to say.Steve is a former California State legislator and former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy. He said:

    "Starting in 2004, Romney created a slew of PACS and foundations that funneled thousands of dollars to hundreds of conservative groups, think tanks, grass roots leaders and GOP entities."

    "In return, many of these entities that normally would have attacked Romney during the presidential primary went silent or even promoted him. I've tracked all of Romney contributions to conservative and GOP groups and it's disgusting. It means that the leadership of our own conservative movement is up for the highest bidder and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Even National Review, the nation's leading conservative publication, took money from Romney and for the last six years blocked all articles critical of Romney. Instead, they published a slew of articles portraying him to be a conservative superstar. It was all phony and I can prove it."

    • Nanette

      Has he killed anyone?

      • adamenochnoah

        Romney has not yet, to my knowledge, but he will once he assumes the presidency because he supports the so-called war on terror, drone strikes, NDAA, Patriot Act, etc...

        • Hans

          You are wrong and full oif sh*t!!! The drone killer is ODUMBO. Wake up and get off the cool aid it eats up what's left of your brain!!!

        • adamenochnoah

          Therefore, as I said, absent massive vote-fraud, Romney will be our next President. But he will do NOTHING to stem the tide of coming disaster. Romney will be a military hawk of the highest order. And while corporations doing business with the military-industrial complex will reap huge profits, America's continued foreign interventionism is going to bring us to the brink of World War III. Furthermore, it is the "we are at war" mantra that is used to justify a burgeoning police state in America, which Romney will enthusiastically continue to implement. And unlike the Democrat Barack Obama, the Republican Mitt Romney will have little resistance--except from a Democrat-controlled Senate.

  • fed up taxpayer

    Whatever Mitt Romney gave up ,it has been already returned in blessing of a close family life with his beautiful wife Ann,accomplished sons and many grandchildren.He enjoys immense respect from the business and civic minded leaders.I hope Americans will not pass up the chance to have this talented man run our country when he is offering his best to do so.Thank you Mr. Romney.You are an American hero.

  • simpletony1

    Mitt Romney stands to become the greatest president in the history of our country on a scale that obama doesn't even comprise a blip on. Even worse, obama is an illegal 'president' ....and even worse yet, a muslim. And worst of all, an unbeliever.

  • Backgammon

    Are you kidding? Obama HATES everything Romney stands for:
    That alone should be reason to vote Romney, which I did this week.

  • Mark Caplinger

    I feel so sorry for Mittens... 230 million definitely isn't enough for me... he must be struggling mightily

    • Skeptical_Boomer

      What's stopping you from going out and earning whatever you desire? I don't see Mitt looking for your sympathy. Typical leftie. Envious of anybody with more talent and ambition than they have. You make me sick.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        His avatar says everything I need to know about him.

        • Skeptical_Boomer

          Got that right

  • SallyE

    I pray for Mitt Romney and his family. In these last few days of campaigning Obama will unleash all hell against them.

  • Silas Longshot

    We pray that Romney wins.....otherwise, America becomes a coast to coast Detroit.

  • Shermer

    Poor old Mitt, down to his last $230 million. He'll be on food stamp pretty soon.

    So a rich guy (sorry, a rich Republican guy) gets into politics and he's making a sacrifice for his country. But if a poor guy gets into politics, he must have ulterior motives...

    • Skeptical_Boomer

      At least Romney earned it. Obama is just another Clinton. A lifetime on the public dole.

    • meloexit

      Poor guys can't make it in politics. But Romney worked for his money so why are you jealous?

      • Shermer

        I worked for my money too, and I've done okay. Why do you think I'd be jealous?

  • samtman

    What a sacafice, he sacrificed many American Jobs to China. His real sacrifice is for the Mormon Church.Becomming President is a means to an end.
    . He wants to do for the Mormon Chruch what JFK did for the Catholic Church,become acceptable as just another Church, not a cult. The Angel Moroni will be knocking on your door soon. Will you let him in, I have another question, why are folks on this posting worshiping the rich as if they were God's.

  • Dee Cavazos

    What the writer of this article fail to mention is that Romney did not take a salary while Governor of Mass. It would not surprise me if after elected President, he will refuse the President's salary for a while till this country is on it way to prosperity again....

  • TM

    obama would take a childs piggy bank and laugh about it that the kind of piece of human waste this muslim prick is.

  • ingerson

    Sadly met an obummer today - found that none of the Constitution was divinely inspired as recorded by each of the Founding Fathers - and they owned slaves. That BO needs another four years because congress hasn't supported him enough. Also, BO never owned any slaves. Finally God has no interests in Politics and therefore doesn't care who a believing Christian votes for! Would guess talking to a wall would've had more meaning -

  • kalamawashington

    Not only that, but when he served as governor of Mass. it was for $1 per year. And he has said that he would do the same as President. I know that he has an estimated worth of $230 million so he could afford it, but you would think some one worth $6,000,000 might be able to "get by" for four years without income, as a service to his country. Also remember that "room and board" in included in the "perks" of the office, as well as travel, wardrobe, etc., etc. etc. Yes, one could think he could have gotten by for four years.