Ohio Voting Machines Only Allow Vote for Obama

Marion County Ohio lies about 50 miles north of Columbus, the state capital.  The county was named after General Francis Marion of the Revolutionary War.  Marion is more often remembered by his nickname Swamp Fox, because of his guerilla style warfare against the British in the swamps of South Carolina.

There are about 66,000 residents in this quiet little county in central Ohio, and like the rest of the state, a number of those residents have been trying to vote early in the presidential election.  But when Marion County resident Joan Stevens tried to vote on Monday she ran into a problem that caused her some alarm.

When she touched the screen to vote for Mitt Romney, the machine lit up the name of Barack Obama.  Joan tried a second time and again the machine lit up Barack Obama when she selected Mitt Romney.  Knowing she did not want to cast her vote for Obama, she tried a third time and finally, the name Mitt Romney lit up.

After leaving the voting machine, Joan reported the malfunction to board of elections personnel; she was told that the voting machine had been acting up all day.  Not satisfied with the response she received, Joan took her complaint to Sophia Rogers, the top county election official.  Rogers claims that they had the voting machine checked out and found nothing wrong but had it recalibrated anyway.

Rogers suggested that perhaps Joan was not hitting the touch screen properly or with not enough force.  Joan responded by saying that she knows how to vote.

Then Rogers said that if anyone is still skeptical about the accuracy of the electronic voting machines that they can still opt to use a paper ballot instead and mail it in.

I can’t help but wonder how many others before and after Joan cast their vote for Romney and didn’t realize that the machine gave it to Obama instead.  Voting machines only do what they are programmed to do, and you cannot convince me that this was a one-time glitch in the system.  It also makes me wonder how many other voting machines in Ohio and other key swing states have been programmed to give Obama the votes that were supposed to go to Romney.

So far this year, Democrats have been caught trying to vote more than once, vote for dead people and non-U.S. citizens, so would it be out of the question to suggest that they intentionally programmed some voting machines to cast a percentage of Romney votes to Obama?  And if people use paper ballots, can we trust those who count them to report the results accurately?  I’ve even heard rumors of busloads of Somali nationals arriving at early voting places in Ohio and being told to vote for Obama, when they aren’t even legally allowed to vote.

The Democrats are so afraid of losing the Senate and White House, that they may stoop to almost anything they can, legal and illegal, to prevent it from happening.  The thing is, how do we prove it when it does happen?  U.N. people are going to be monitoring the elections to make sure people vote for Obama, so is there any chance of Romney really winning?



  • Doodlebug

    Any way to win - doesn't surprise me. When Ms Stevens finally got the machine to register her vote for Romney - will the vote count be 2 votes for obummer and 1 vote for Romney? She did try three times to cast her ballot. What is recorded?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Doodlebug...My thoughts too. God only knows how many times Obama was voted for before people caught on that their machines weren't working right.

      • riz

        Maybe the living are not going to vote for him, so he is trying the dead. You never know

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.bryer1 James Bryer

          LOL...i heard over a hundred dead folks got up out of their graves and voted for him at one cemetery...already...

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.bryer1 James Bryer

          only problem was they failed to register in a timely manner...108 percent in Ohio kinda speaks fo itself, don't it...

      • HistoryBuff

        Well, if we follow the Florida 2000 rules, if they make a mistake and try to vote again it will never be counted.

        • GramE

          No "hanging chads" on a machine !

    • mjritter

      Machines don't work that way.. But I hope she knows she wasted her vote on Myth RobMe

      • Phillip_in_TX

        If it is electronic, it can be rigged. Machines DO WORK that way if they are PROGRAMMED that way.

        • judy64

          And they can be programmed to do it three times before allowing the chosen name to procede.. but most people would not see it ..this is such a national disgrace.
          I just don't understand how most Americans can be so blind to the ways this administration has behaved.. and now they say that Benghazi will be in the past long enough that no one will care. I SAY NO WAY SHOULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN. we need to contact ABC, CBS, and NBC by phone or email and complain that they are not reporting like responsible news people.. and demand they report the findings IN ORDER that they happened..

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.tibbs1 James Tibbs

          Judy, contacts those communist news stations is like talking to the door, they are doing what they do quite intentionally. The answer is to demand that the congress who is impudent spineless, and complicit in these violations of reporting the truth. They, the news stations should be put out of business by the people.

        • Sniper

          The only way thats going to happen is to boycott their sponsors

        • Dave the Liberal

          Your right Phil. Just like the ones in Ohio in 2004. Research that one.

        • welldoneson

          As in every other case of cheating, the only evidence of Cheating in Ohio in 2004 shows the Dems cheating.

        • o

          Watch, they will claim it was sticky contacts. Right! Was a pass fail test done on these machines? Didn't soro's provide the machines in question? Suspicious to say the least!!!

        • capitalust

          If it was failure, then 50% of the errors would be in Romney's favor. By an AMAZING coincidence, 100% of the errors favor Obama. Like flipping a coin 50,000 times and having it come up tails every time. At some point you've got to admit you've got a jiggered coin (or voting machine).

      • http://www.facebook.com/williekmcd Bill Mcdonald

        MJ.. I've been writing code for over 40 years. It would take me 10 minutes to write the script to allocate 10-100% of votes one way or another. Before you comment about something you've not a clue about, take a break. You'll not come off as ignorant as you apparently are.

        • hpinnc

          Bill, I'm sorry,maybe I'm a little dense.Are you saying the machines can or cannot be tampered with.If you can write the script in 10 min.I don't know how long it would take to get into the machine & make the change.Are you saying the whole process would only take you about ten min? I don't doubt your expertise,& I don't ask this saracastically,I would love to hear from an expert,what do you think should be done to make our system more honest?

        • jack halterman

          Amen Bill

      • http://www.facebook.com/helena.starke.7 Helena Starke

        You've got to be kidding with that comment you fool !!!! Rigged voting is what got that bum in office last time around,remember ACORN? The Dems and the crooked main street media will do ANYTHING to get that bum reelected. Sooner or later there will be a revolution in this country you mark my word. If you have anyone in your family who has been in the military and you vote for that bum after he allowed 4 Americans to be killed because of his inability to lead you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

        • sandman

          That is the biggest problem Helena, these fools have NO shame! have never been brough up that way, most of them are either welfare families, or some other socialist bandits that have never worked a day in yrs. and don't intend too.

        • burtcanoe

          if fraud does not work there is always Martial law

        • Sniper

          Those Americans were murdered by this regime.

      • BulldogRedeemer

        You are soo full of s--t! Obama, the dictator want-a-be, is ruining our country economically, militarily, and morally, besides trying to downgrade the highest quality healthcare system in the world (sounds anti-American to me)---and you make a statement like that?

      • GramE

        Do you ever go on liberal sites? Every time I see your name it is on a contrary statement. I guess you get your kicks trying to irritate people.
        If you knew anything about programming you would understand how simple it is to code around legitimate votes. Hardware or software.

      • o

        We don't need a crook like obamy mjritter! Are you one of those scum?!

      • Patriot-Research

        mjritter, you mean, RobMe Obummer! Lets let him steal another $7 Trillion from the American People and send to China, and all the Islamic Countries. You Muslim/Communist/Liberal Traitor...!!!

      • bill

        And you stupid tooo

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neal-Avery/100003816547114 Neal Avery

        Up yours, mjritter

      • Old Observer

        Sheesh! people like you are who saddled us with the fraud in the WH in '08---another 4 of that Soros puppet will totally ruin this country--he already has it well on the way! But, like the Bible says, men will be blinded to the truth in the last days, and it's certainly beginning to look like we're there---hope you're going to like living under sharia law!!

      • Ahb1

        Are you really that stupid? They are computers. They can be programed any way the programer wants to program them. Don't be such a nudge. People like you should not be allowed to vote. Because you have no more sense than a gopher.

      • old1

        I D I O T !

      • DKB

        They do if the Dems are in charge. They work anyway they want them to and as for the wasted vote, there will be plenty to make up for it.

      • jack halterman

        Ten bucks says you are getting money from obama, otherwise you couldn't be this stupid on purpose. Haven't you thought about why Barry changed his name or had his records sealed and even paid $2,000,000 to keep them sealed???? You are one ignorant jerk

      • handgunnar

        Yeah, she would have been so much smarter to vote for your owner, Black Insane Obamarx.

      • Eileen

        Silly, silly mr. njritter. You must still believe in the Easter Bunny! These electronic voter machines can be programmed to do anything the programmer wants them to do. If the programmer wants to commit fraud, the machine will do it. The ones in Nevada are owned by Harry Reid and his partner.

    • watergate528

      Good point! When the libs KNOW they are losing, out come the bag o' tricks!

      • Refurb001x

        FROM THE START! Can't take any chances that obozo looses.....

      • cyberhackster

        They don't need to be losing to pull all the tricks they can - That's how they operate ---Smoke and mirrors

        • Duke Alum

          Damn, I hope horse-mouthed Michelle doesn't resort to "tricks". Heaven help all men.

        • undunder

          Heaven????? Muslim heaven sounds pretty good for men but what about the women? Moochelle may want to think about that.

        • Screeminmeeme

          undunder.......Islam has NOTHING for women in Paradise. Muhammed even said that hell is filled mostly with women.

          The misogyny in Islam is as bad as it gets.

        • welldoneson

          There is no doubt in my mind that this Mohammed azzwhole did not have any luck with women at all. That's why his slobbering dictates urge ment to ignore and abuse women every chance they get. Wonder why the left are so pro-Islam? Wonder why Obama's own mother converted? Realize the insight this gives us into the hard left mind. Self-loathing and stupid.

        • armedlamb

          His mother, as well as his grandparents, were communists.

        • http://www.facebook.com/claudia.hassan1 Claudia Hassan

          Screeminmeeme, Thank you for the Truth!

        • riz

          She may be too busy trying to plan her next four years of vacations including mommy dearest on taxpayer's money. Heaven help the American people.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marlo.ricciardi Marlo Miller Ricciardi

          That is far too kind.

    • Mercyme

      That is an excellent question! That too should be brought up before the Board to recount the votes that day for Romnley and how many more for Obama. The lousy cheats!

      • budman

        What they should do instead of this is to throw out all votes recorded on those machines as the vote will recorded for Obama, not Romney. This would be the only fair way to do this or to put out a public notice to all those who voted for Romney to call/verify their vote with the elections office.

        The SEIU people pulled this scam in Nevada and Harry Reid was receiving all votes until they caught it. He won, so that means they didn't do anything about those votes cast before or after they caught it. Reid was six point behind in the polls when election day rolled around. If a union is involved, you had better be checking and double checking them before voting begins.

        • hpinnc

          This is just a thought.Have voter ID. Have voting inspectors to ck.these machines before setting up to vote.Have a republican & democrat personell to certify the machine is ready for voting.Have a government seal lock on the machine to prevent anyone from going into the machine until voting ends. STOP using the machine imeadiately when trouble is first detected.

        • mathis1689

          All good ideas. Trouble is they all make sense so don't expect them to be implemented.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raynette-Gilbert/1048242036 Raynette Gilbert


        • Maj John

          This is what we do!.

        • damama

          I work the elections and that is exactly what is done. Both tonight and tomorrow morning before the polls open, the machines will be checked. (with both a democrat and republican signing off on the machine). I voted today in Ohio and who I wanted to vote for did get tallied, I double-checked...

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.tibbs1 James Tibbs

          Hi Budman, its already starting in Ohio, the machines are only registering votes for Oblunder, and the vote site managers are telling the voters that the machine was recently calibrated, move on. Beaware that these communist/democrats are not going to lose the election fairly, and the blacks cant wait to be used by the democrats as fodder for their campaign. The big losers are going to be the black people in our country because they have an afinity for this half black, half arab illegal president who is occupying our white house. And what makes me sick is the fact that the black people in this country seem to really enjoy being used by the democratic party, who has morphed into a communist/marxist party who could care less about the black people in america. Twenty-five years from now the black people will be just collateral damage to the marxist regime that Oblunder is in charge of. And America as we now know it will be only a memory, and the fact that U.N inspectors are being brought in to monitor OUR voting precincts is very alarming. You now can see what the democratic party has up their sleeve.

        • hpinnc

          Yeah!!!! ONE-WORLD government from the "COMUNIST UN". I say we need to get out of the UN & get UN out of the US.

        • http://www.facebook.com/georgestockdale George Stockdale

          Amen to that!!!!!!!! Been saying that for a LOOOONG time!!!

        • capitalust

          Assuming we get rid of the Imposter In Chief on the 6th, is it possible for the U.S. to declare war on the U.N.? Can we send in Seal Team 6 with heavy weapons? We can claim it was just a protest that spun out of control!

        • hpinnc

          I do wish someone could give me a list of how the UN has benifitted the US We share the "brunt" of the expenses & upkeep on the building.Whose brilliant idea was this anyways.I think they are obselete now & need to be dis-banded.Use it as a place to house victims of disasters.I'll bet they still have electricity & everything else they might need.[at the tax-payers expense]

        • Ron

          Well, if we can't take back our freedom the easy way, I suppose we will have to find some other means to do it!

        • danimal

          lock and load, I got your 6

        • rmwayne

          I don't feel sorry for them at all. And I don't feel sorry for the idiotic whites who are stupid enough to still support Obama. What gets me so mad is that we still have to live in the same country as them. Like Hank Jr. said in the song, "If the South would have won, we'd have had it made", at least here in Dixie.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ran-Kelvin/100000674993311 Ran Kelvin

          Blacks are enjoying this election as they did the last one, because it is a way to grab more of the white person's wealth. It matters not to them that it will eventually lead to the destruction of the nation, only as ignorant children get their way. The democrats using blacks, I wonder if it isn't the other way around. Add to that the promise to riot if welfare is curtailed.

        • VietVet68

          Fair? If fair was a consideration, all this machine rigging, cemetary voting and ID obstruction wouldn't happen.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raynette-Gilbert/1048242036 Raynette Gilbert

          I like your idea for the recounting of votes......

        • Sniper

          According to history,Reids Great Great uncle was hung for being a horse thief. genes must run in the family.

      • priceless22

        According to what Poll Managers are taught.they have to tally up the votes at the end of the day twice. It is posted for the citizens to see for 24 hours. So...if you feel the need..go back to your polling place after 7pm with a flashlight and look at it. Make sure you do not leave... when you have voted.... without the cell number of the person in charge of voting in your county, and the police.

    • Rob

      Excellent point!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.dipentima Vincent DiPentima

      The Democratic party has been successfully transformed by Obama as the new DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/ISLAMIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES

      • jack halterman

        Has he ever explained why he changed his name from Barry soetoro to barack hussein obama? Cassius clay did that but at least he did it publicly and acknowledged his change of faith. Barry is still claiming to be a christian but wear the ring with "there is no god but allah" inscribed on it.

        • rmwayne

          Both Soetero/Obama and Clay/Ali are cut from the same rotten piece of cloth.

        • capitalust

          And both of their brains have been reduced to oatmeal. Ali's by too many hard blows to the head, and Obama through too much cocaine and other hard drugs.

    • Donna Casas

      We had the same problem in SoCal several years ago with our voting machines. I voted for McCain and it came out Obama. I also had problems with other propositions and people I tried to vote for that day. I had to try several times before it recorded correctly. So many people complained that they removed the machines and we use paper ballots now. So much for technology.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jo.lara.52 Jo Lara

        I called the Sec of state for Calif, given 2 numbers to call. Both numbers said NO SUCH THING as a PAPER BALLOT! Just take a pen and mark the card. Yeah I know, we are a blue state. I will vote as I see fit. ANY problems at my polling place and I will raise H..L.

    • hpinnc

      Well Mr Eric Hplder says we don't have voter fraud.The black senator from Georgia,can't think of his name,say we don't have it.It is not a problem in the US.It's just the Repubs.wanting to whine about something & bring in voter ID.The very idea of repubs.trying to accuse the dems. of voter fraud.I think if Mr Romney does not win it will be because of mass voter fraud.I would not put ANYTHING pass these thugs.That is the only way they can win this election,is to cheat.These people have know shame.They will do anything to win.I hope we can send them packing.this time.

      • OABandit

        I think I've read a post from the stupidest poster ever. Your IQ must be the same as your age, 6.

        • jack halterman

          Well your name says it all, Barry is a bandit but it appears you aren't smart enough to recognize it. As far as IQ, at least doodlebug has one.

        • hpinnc

          Sir, thanks for your response, but I really don't give a rat's ass what you think.You must be some narrow-minded obumer follower anyways.Go post on some communist/socialist post.

        • watergate528

          OABandit. To think that if your daddy had used a condom & your mother had swallowed, YOU would not of been here!
          Please get back in line with the rest of the sheep, close your sewer mouth & keep your hands to YOURSELF!

        • Eileen

          Well said, watergate528!

        • Ginnie

          OABandit or whatever you call yourself, why do you continue to troll conservative websites and make an ass of yourself?? You sound really dumb with the IQ of a retard.

    • http://www.facebook.com/3mrmultimedia Walt Morgan

      Even if these machines were recalibrated, the techs were probably union and selected to do the job.

      • Eileen

        These machines can easily be programmed to "help out" the democrats. Any state that is still using these machines is just asking for trouble. Nevada has also had problems with votes favoring dems.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raynette-Gilbert/1048242036 Raynette Gilbert

      Hopefully you have to push "submit" or something like that......and the two votes for o meant nothing.....

    • http://www.facebook.com/whitkeane.musicman Whitkeane Musicman

      EXACTLY what I thought when I read this!! Did it count 2 for Obama, 1 for Mitt??

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S7JUPJGD32C637KELS4PUVSLCI randy

      My thoughts exactly. The machines are made by an Ohio company Diebold. This company is the largest and leading manufacturer of banking security equipment in the US, if not the world. They have used these machines in the last 2 or 3 possibly more presidential elections. You would think that maybe there would be bugs that might have to be worked out the first time used. You shouldn't have to, but unforseen things happen. But this is not the first time this system was used. They have had more than four years to fix their glitches. There has always been some problem that favored Democrats with the machines. This is more than just a fluke. There needs to be a Congressional investigation of the machines. If they are always so suseptible to glitches, then they should not be allowed to EVER be used. This is the same problem that has been reported in Nevada, North Carolina, and other states. So many simialr incidents reported all over the country using the same voting machines; this is no accident. It seems where these machines are used are a lot of times is where the voting is controlled by Democrats. Go figure.

      • welldoneson

        That is why the Dems made so much noise when Bush won Ohio for his 2cd term. They thought they had those machines all "fixed" up.

      • Eileen

        There should be congressional investigation into the matter of voter fraud that is being used by the democrats but sadly congress is asleep at the wheel. Neither house of congress can be counted upon to fix anything. All they know how to do is collect their six-figure incomes at the tax-payer's expense!

        • STMA

          They don't WANT to fix anything- their thievery will be found out and their NWO agenda exposed (to those of us who who aren't already privy)! Both sides (demo/rep) are all in this together!

      • STMA

        Re-calibrating?? Re-calibrating what?? When you push a button, whether it's on a touch screen or a discrete switch, it's either on or off. Just like a toggle switch, there are no shades of on or off!


      I have a simple solution for eliminating these Obummer voting machines. I would take my 8" modified short bayonnet with me into the voting booth. If the machine voted for Obummer, after I voted for Romney, I would plunge the knife into the keyboard/control box. Return my knife to its' scabbard, step out of the booth and into another. Repeating the same process, if necessary. No bureaucrats checking, no making adjustments, just instant recalibration to non-function.
      Problem solved.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539276129 Carole Mitchell Lewis

      I wondered that myself. We will never know.

  • NewKnees

    Just sounds like an excuse for when Mr Romney loses.

    • Screeminmeeme

      NewKnees.......Just sounds like a comment from an Obamazombie who doesn't mind at all that the Thug-in-Chief will do ANYTHING...including rig voting machines....in order to be re-elected.

      • mjritter

        You are just paranoid about your lousy candidate losing..

        • sn

          No WE HATE CHEATERS. It nullifies OUR vote!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

          these libpukes do not understand your love for honesty and integrity;;thet have neither

        • Patriot-Research

          mjritter - Do some real research and review some history before making un-informed comments you Communist TROLL! It's happened before and will happen again..!!! And if you did any research on Obummer you would know that he and his Communist/Muslim/Democrats (At least many of them out of Chicago an D.C.) steal, lie and Cheat the American People out of their hard earned paychecks each and everyday. God you Obummer/Communist/Muslim TROLLS make me sick!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

          you are an a66hole you libpuke,

      • evantoo

        And NewKnees is far too stupid to realize that after us, Obama will go after him. Many of US have the means of bailing on Obama, and when we do, the only way he can fund his madness is to go after the "useless idiots" like NewKnees. Won't have to worry about what he does to them, he'll already have what he wanted from them since 08'.
        As they say about people like NewKnees, "You can't fix stupid."

    • HorseTeethSam

      What excuse? It actually happened. This is not the first instance of it happening, either. I don't fully trust EITHER side.

      • http://twitter.com/lwanderson3 l.w. anderson

        Repubs do not cheat, only donkeys.

      • Tomato Cain

        Remember that typically 19 in 20 people are honest and would chase down an unfair mistake. That makes President Obama part of another minority.

      • A.L.

        Well, which side does it always favor?

      • Rosie46

        Has there been one reported incident of a vote being recorded for Romney when the person voted for Obama? That would be "no" -- only votes being logged for Obama when voting for Romney. And checking the machines may not work because they can be programmed to erase the program modifying the votes.

    • fidlin1

      The Truth is all that matters, You can't cheat the Truth without consequences.

    • handgunnar

      More cheerleading from a member of the party that invented voter fraud.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roy-Koch/100000430051945 Roy Koch

      Hey NewKnees Eat Sheite Motor-Scooter!!

    • obamaSux

      Eyes wide shut, eh?

    • Mike Tanco

      Four Americans murdered sensely when they coulds have been saved sounds pretty roten to me. Your President is directly responsible because he didn't lead. He is a disgrace to the office. That what happens when you put an alien Muslim into the office of President. He is looking out for his people, the Muslims.

    • Michael LaBombard

      have you been sleeping with obama too?

    • nans


    • Trauncher Trauncher

      Another obamamoron with birdshit for brains.

    • mjritter

      Finally a sane person.....

      • http://www.facebook.com/helena.starke.7 Helena Starke

        Two peas in a pod !!!!! Both totally ignorant of the fact that the bum in the WH is destroying this country with every day that passes. Are you and NewKnees part of the "GIVE ME" "GIVE ME" crowd.Bet you are.

    • Rick

      What a stupid comment. What if it was the other way arround and Mitt was getting the vote instead of BigBummer?

    • watergate528

      You wish!


      Always a stooge in the mix. Look blowby, all the crap your god KING NOBALLZO has gotten away with is just an insult, then to have a smartass punk like you post garbage like this is just reprehensible. You know how this would be covered had it been the reverse and don't even insult my intelligence to deny it punk. BTW, wore out the old knees bowing to your god KING NOBALLZO?. At least you can use that for your screen name on a forum of thinking Americas. If you keep making posts like this you are probably gonna have to change your handle to chewedass.

    • Tommy Kissner

      No, just proves progressive DEMS are a bunch of CROOKS! This is the 3rd or 4th case I know about already!!! Show me any info on the contrary showing voting fraud on behalf of Republicans!!! Waiting!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.dipentima Vincent DiPentima

        Those who love this country will vote Romney: Those who hate this country wiull vote Obama...Democrats only care about winning, no matter how. ..I know from personal experience.

    • A.L.

      Newknees, a left wing slug. He posted this from a mental ward.

    • mamaw4n1

      I know of a person in our church who voted for Romney and it came up Obama three times in Bristol Tenn.

    • http://www.facebook.com/helena.starke.7 Helena Starke

      We remember last time around !!! Acorn had people voting 2 & 3 times, encouraging illegal aliens to vote, and etc. etc. etc. . We also remember how Al Franken got in, we don't have short memories.

  • PaulaFeotu

    Six states now reporting the same problem. Votes for Romney come up Obama. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Doodlebug

      I think not either Paula - sounds more like rigged than coincidence!

      • sn

        o and his followers are cheats. By hook or crook they will do their best to win. If o makes it, it WILL be by crook! Did any one certify these machines and/or calibrate them? VOTE ROMNEY!!!!!! We need someone TRUTHFUL AND HONEST!!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

      Should there be any real surprise??? I am awaiting the results and if you go to you tube you can see Seniors that threaten violence if Romney is elected. Obama and his campaign have yet to refute these ads. No surprise there either.

      • CJDSBKJ

        Yes! It was that scumbag Michael Moore that put out the seniors for Obama video! You know..... The ass who admitted that if you tell a lie often enough ( Obama's lies) that people are dumb enough to believe it!

    • brianjconway

      Have any machines turned up that voted all for Romney? Hmmm. How odd.

      • granny

        As a granny & good w/electrical......just tell me how to calibrate the suckers, & I will do my duty to GOD and my country (what used to be the good 'ole USA).

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      If it was coincidence, it would happen both ways, but it is not.

    • Dean

      The dem's can't win if they do not allow fraudulent voting.

    • Gman

      Funny that there has been NO reports from any voters of them tryng to vote for Obama and the voting machines keep picking Romney. Not from one state. Hmmm!

      • jack halterman

        And the dems in Eagle Rock Cal. have been paying early obama voters with $40.00 bags of pot----nice huh? Where is the outrage about that from barry?

    • DrAnalog

      Definitely rigged. It is the only way Democrats have a chance.

    • Mark

      Did these machines come from the Soros owned company, if so that would explain everything. God Bless you Mitt, you have my vote.

  • pete

    officially, exactly what is going to be done to stop this criminal activity? Are Republicans and honest citizens going to demand these machines be taken done and programming be reviewed by a non--partisan group of three or four technicians. If someone lied to you once would you trust them on the second or third statement? NO! So, let's get some people with authority and technical knowledge to guarantee and certify the integrity of the machines and the people making "excuses" for the results. How about the state bureau of investigations? I am not satisfied with some poll worker/manager telling me some excuse that is probably a LIE.

    • mjritter

      Most of the machines were sold and serviced by a BAIN company... Yeah, the fix is in.. What scared little minions here trying to blame every thing and anyone for the loss of their lousy candidate - Myth RobMe

      • ECwashr

        Get your head out of obama's ass you fool! How dumb can one person be, a vote for criminal obama is a vote for your own impoverishment, the demise of your own nation. Your should not be allowed to vote, your too stupid...

      • Rimasmom

        And George Soros owns the Spanish Company that will be counting the votes! So we are all screwed!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/helena.starke.7 Helena Starke

        FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Biggest Dog

        Are you even intelligent enough to know that Bain is one of Obama's biggest financial contributors? Do your homework or just shut it.

      • OABandit

        Once again, you show your stupidity. Have you had a lobotomy? I think so.

      • Nelle3

        That is not so true. Where do you get your info. It was reported a long time ago that Obama's administration had connects to those machines. You believe all the lies they tell you.

      • hpinnc

        Why don't you go over to politco or some other moron blog.You are SOOO much out of place trying to communicate with intelligent, smart people.You are one pitifull dum-ass.If you like socialism/comunism so well,go live in Cuba or Argentina,or China or N. Korea.Man!!!! You are so narrow-minded a gnat could sit on your nose & drink water out of both eyes.Need I say more?

      • jack halterman

        At least on this site you haven't been deleted like they delete most of mine over on the HP and AOL. The msm is totally in the tank for barry the muslim and refuse to report on his order to stand down in Libya that allowed the murder of our peope there. He may be reelected but he will ultimately be impeached and imprisoned and I will surely enjoy that day

        • jack halterman

          Hey everyone; We need to go to hp and aol and flood them with our side of the story, just like this mjritter fool is doing here. It will blow them away and cause many of the lefties to stay away. You'll get deleted a lot but keep going back till they can take no more. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • dhm52

      These "malfunctioning" voting machines are proof that the US needs to return to all paper balloting for public elections. Several countries have already returned to paper balloting for the reasons we just now starting to see in the US.
      America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

      • Nellie3

        Here in Illinois paper ballots get lost, misplaced or just disappear. If someone wants to cheat on this election, they can. The only TV station reporting this is Fox because I have watched them all to see what they are reporting. I guess the media is too busy covering the "The Libya Cover Up": only the biggest story to date. Not-they are biting their nails so afraid that Obama might loose and they will loose their god.

  • Howard Roark

    This also happened in Nevada. It is the Putin Method.

    • disqus_U1EdCjsaMj

      As Stalin stated "It is enough that the people know
      there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The
      people who count the votes decide everything.”

  • Happamamma

    And yet, I believe Romney will still win. God speed.

    • Nadine

      Me too...he will win! But they have to get rid of those machines & use paper ballots! I hope the people are speaking up! THEY BETTER!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YLDA37DBRZHIANUE5SSOLO2CVQ Roger

        This is why we ONLY have paper ballots in Florida.

    • z328

      i wouldn't be surprised at all if Romney wins without Ohio ....some blue States may even turn red.

    • Tomato Cain

      I've prayed a lot lately and I hope to God that you are correct. Presidents who betray those who risk their lives to protect this nation must go, whether we vote them out or impeach and convict them. Remember Benghazi!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRJJ7XYJIMFYUTJ5KXUFR3ZEFE Ken Kirkham

    "By any means necessary" a plan to keep Obama in office.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Or, to remove him. It works both ways.

  • Steve Y

    What a bunch of baloney! Do you really think polling officials would try to skew the vote this way? That's ridiculous! Lawyers and civil rights groups would be on them like anything!

    • Suncoast

      Steve, do you remember Al Frankin's win by less than 300 votes? This happened after the Democrat Secretary of State just happened to find a box of uncounted ballots in the trunk of her car that went 90% in favor of Frankin. The box was "found" after Frankin's Republican opponent won by a little over 500 votes, so Frankin contested the vote since 500 was too close to declare a winner. This box of Frankin ballots was "found" in the car trunk, added tothe official count and Frankin was declared the winner with less than a 300 vote margin. Fishey? Nah! just politics.

    • Nadine

      HAAA! BO & his croonies will do anything illegal & try to get away with it!

    • Danny

      yeah because lawyers and civil rights groups aren't already in Obama's pocket... right....

    • axmickl

      Do you honestly think this stuff doesn't happen? John Kennedy was killed by the Mafia because they rigged the election for him and he re-payed them by attacking them.

    • HarryinAZ

      BS! The only thing "lawyers and civil rights groups" - not to mention the Lamestream Media - are interested in is "voter suppression" by the GOP. That's why the UN 'observers" are here.

    • Tomato Cain

      YES WE CAN! They have found that the touch pad area for the "Obama" button is in fact larger and can be activated by pressing within the "Romney" field. This is programmed into the overlay this way.

    • A.L.

      They are on them, but like all liberals they lie about it.

    • Patriot-Research

      Steve Y - Do some research and review some history before making un-informed comments like yours! It's happened before and will happen again..!!! And if you did any research on Obummer you would know that he and his Communist/Muslim/Democrats (At least many of them out of Chicago an D.C.) are criminals and criminals steal anything and everything, including elections.

  • fred

    if Obama wins it will the same way he won in 2008 ...move on org pushed obama over the top now the liberal machine has hacked into the voting machines, guarentee an obama scam victory

  • Brian

    keep looking everyone! if this is documented and can be proven to be more than coincidence. think about it if it is a machine "problem" would we not see some doing the same thing with Romney as the vote coming up? If we keep seeing and reporting this and the only problems are pro Obama , that in itself will prove fraud!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L3QSFYVG2H3U5JHDSWM2ACCOTU WandaZ

    Have you noticed this is only happening in swing states?
    We the people should demand these machines be taken out. Where in the Hell-o is the governor in these states and why isn't he up to his eyeballs in this controversy? It is Scandalous that skullduggery can sway a vote of this importance.

    • mamaw4n1

      It is other states Tenn. also.

  • maedford@aol;com

    what a bunch of bull~~~~.grow up people and realize the republicans are robbing you blind and giving it to the wealthy invesotor class. We the working class are getting jobbed (not jobs)from thier policies of the last 30 years.we need people in government to work for us not the super wealthy>

    • http://www.facebook.com/helena.starke.7 Helena Starke

      Where the hell have you been the last 4 yrs? Obummer has caused all those problems not the republicans. Do you REALLY believe that HE has worked for you, if you do your a fool.

  • Gregg

    Anything to create Drama! I find it odd that the machines in question are owned by a Romney supporter...............

    • A.L.

      I find it odd, the machines are owned by none other than OBAMA !!! If you can tell a lie. well.

  • Rich Knoch

    'ReCalibrating' the machine is a joke only a 'top county election official' would sink to . . . . it's the software that needs to be over-ridden. But, before they do this it needs to be technically investigated to prove who and when it was modified.

    Confisticate the machine(s), call in the Police and/or FBI investigators before the evidence is destroyed.

    This is the evidence needed to prosecute the guilty parties and prove, or disprove, what's going on, probably . . . . all over our nation.

  • mjritter

    I guess you forgot about the voter registration scandal in Florida (among other states) where the republicans were caught falsely regerstering people. But then hypocrisy is this boards middle name. This is such a bogus claim of "trying to steal elections" that it defies credulity.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      News Flash. When it was discovered what the company was doing, they got fired.

      Now, had it been the Democrats, they would have probably paid "bonuses."

  • http://www.facebook.com/ben.martinez.12979 Ben Martinez

    Odummy is a thief & will cheat his way back to the WH

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Or, try to.

  • Ruby_Con

    Make sure you take your smart phone with you and take pictures and video then report it to Fox news.

    • Nadine

      YES>>>>great idea!!

  • Elouise

    I don't put anything past Obama. He is desperate to win so that he can continue to destroy our country and put everyone under his thumb as dictator-in-chief. I pray that they get this criminal activity nipped in the bud before we get stuck with him for another devastating 4 years.

    • How_to

      Sounds more like you are desperate to win.

      • sn

        More like we want a fair election with ALL the people's choice. Not a rigged election!!!!

    • o

      Aside, didn't he say something to Puttin about after he is re-elected he would be doing something to help Puttin out!

    • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.dipentima Vincent DiPentima

      Obama is still investigating the embassy ATTACK that killed four Americans on 9/11. The truth will never come out as long as he4 is in office. WHY?..BECAUSE THE TERRORISTS WERE MUSLIM/ISLAMIC TERRORISTS a group he claims he was once a member of, That's, why he told the Muslim Brotherhood in2009,"America is not........and never will be at war with Islam". (August 2009 Cairo Egypt.

  • Michael LaBombard

    I think we need to start over on the voting! And make sure of our vote.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Outlaw electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots.

  • Rwolf

    Mafia possibly involved with voting machines that flip vote for Obama.

    • Nadine

      I wouldn't doubt it!!!!!

  • Trauncher Trauncher

    Democrats are lying cheating filthy dirtbags who should all be rounded up and ejected from our country.

  • How_to


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Regina-Weiner/100001179896625 Regina Weiner

    Just yell bloody murder when the votng machine acts up. Report it to the election officials, the local media, and the national media. Here's the link: Voterfraud@foxnews.com

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      EVERY one to whom this happens NEEDS to do just that, Regina. This should not just be a suggestion but an imperative.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Swancy/1508812227 Don Swancy

    There have been at last 12 cases of this in early voting in Dallas Fort Worth.

  • freedomforall

    Arrest these UN clones and tell them to go to hell

  • Disenchanted

    I live in Toledo, OH, and the same thing happened to me when I voted in the 2008 election. I too had to cast my vote 3 times for the Republican candidates. I also informed a board of election personnel and was given the exact same answer. I was told that; "The machines have been acting up all day." I left that day convinced I was not the only person skeptical of the accuracy of automatic voting machines.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      I have to wonder if the two wrong votes by the machines are actually voided or if it ends up as two votes for the undesired candidate and one vote for your actual choice.

  • downs1

    Truth and honesty are foreign concepts to the liberal Democrats. They will say anything and do anything to stay in power. Lying has consequences, and they will attempt to blame those on their opponents. They will never learn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/genergy2011 Kurt Grossman


    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      God helps those who help themselves! Meaning: don't depend on interference from God, you must rely on your own integrity and perseverance to correct a wrong.

  • Nadine


  • A.L.

    And there is nothing they can do about it??? Way to go Ohio, you will get Obama in there one way or another. A bunch of left wing liberals down that way!!!

  • watergate528

    If the opposite had been happening as Romney coming up when the ovomit button was hit, the screaming would of been heard in China!
    Conservatives need to start making MORE NOISE!

  • hmmathis

    As Democrat icon, Joseph Stalin, said, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing.Those who count the votes decide everything."

  • ECwashr

    This obama is sinister evil, GOD help us if this pathological liar, corrupt criminal steals this election. Obama should be in prison over the Libya Embassy murders, no one died in the Watergate scandel...

  • Cliffco

    Sounds like a revote will be needed!

  • GWY

    Regardless of how the election turns out, I believe the courts or Congress will ultimately decide the election winner. Then Obama will be the selected POTUS for the next four years and if nothing stops him he will do away with the term limit and declare himself dictator for life. Anyone who ever voted for a DemoRat deserves what they get.

  • PWR

    Lets look at it this way...Have we had ONE REPORT of a voting machine casting an Obama vote for Romney??????? Well, there ya go!! If this were any kind of "Glitch" you would have equal reports of failures over a given period... MAKE SURE YOU LOOK PRIOR TO CASTING YOUR FINAL VOTE!!

  • djw663

    Computers can be easily changed and they do not care they just do what they are told. I'm just glad this woman was not content with the answer's she got from the polling place and pursued other actions, but how many people before her maybe did not catch the anomaly?

  • matt

    Democrats are know cheaters. They will do everything they can including cheating to make sure Obama wins! America wake up. Democracy is being trampled by the DemocRATs!

  • Suncoast

    Just keep putting this news out there for the people to see. This will make people vote and the final results should hopefully be a conservative landslide.

  • fortneyPA

    This is happening in PA as well.

  • jack

    After running the dirtiest campaign in history, would any person with half a brain not think that they would try to "fix" this election in their favor. I think they should have exit polls at every voting booth & keep exact records of who voted for who. I just do not trust this president or the democrat party at all, & yet they want the UN monitors to keep track of the voting process, better known as keeping track of conservatives. Of course with all the discussions about the importance of Ohio it would be easier to put the fix in on one stae instead of trying to control the outcome in more than one. That is why they have voting monitors & pollsters & in my opinion they should double up the number & do the diligence that is necessary

  • librtyship

    Leave it to the Democrats, there is indeed not a bit of honesty in that party. I never vote on the machines, they are too easy to manipulate! I always use the absentee ballots! Don't give the Demos a chance to cheat as that is their favorite pastime!

  • ECwashr

    As obama hero and fellow communist Stalin said, "its not who votes but who counts the votes that matters". Obama is a DISGRACE!!

  • HarryinAZ

    How many votes for Obama have been recorded as Romney votes? Any?

  • Texsheva

    Isn't this what Dictators do??? Rig the elections???

  • jack

    Every one that votes electronically should check their choices before hitting enter, maybe check twice, vote once

  • Texsheva

    Go back to paper ballots so there's a written count.

  • http://twitter.com/knussel Babsan

    Nothing to wonder about.This Obama(Soros) plan,cheat the people,lie to and everything else

  • AZWarrior

    When Obama ends up with more votes than registered voters............ we'll know.

  • Steve Young

    Folks, the machines (at least the one that I used earlier this week) only allow you to submit your vote once you have reviewed who you voted for. I understand that many don't trust this administration (I certainly don't) and believe that Obama would do just about anything to get re-elected but as with all technology some machines will act up, it's the law of averages. You just need to make sure that you review who you voted for before pressing that VOTE button at the end. And if you are really that concerned, reach out to your local GOP office which will be coordinating any issues that come up with the Romney campaign.

  • SSMcDonald

    Democrats CHEAT??? Integrity is a not in their dictionary.

  • popps52

    Machines are rigged to work that way. I AM a precinct manager......believe me.....I KNOW. The word has to get out to vote....provisional....that's PAPER....to you who wants the rigged machines to be used,The ONLY way that maniac can win again....is to RIG it.Maryland is now voting on the illegal topic. The illegals think that they are entitled to the lower rates that the regular citizens are. WRONG.......IF you are illegal....2 choices......pay a lot more or go home.

  • KJQ

    The reliability in the electoral system only works with paper ballots where there are lots of people at each and every polling station to count and invigilate the count. Electronic systems can be compromised by anyone with access, ability, and motivation (of which there are many). I expect massive voter fraud this election from the 'Obama team' because in their ideology, "the end always justifies the means".

  • dhm52

    If it was truly a malfunction then we should also be hearing about votes cast for obama that changed to Romney, but we're not. A malfunction favoring one candidate, the same candidate, in several states is not a malfunction: It is a rigged election.
    America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

    • vietnamvet1971

      My opinion they keep saying the Election is Tied so that when Oblammer Steals it they can say it was close but he wins.

  • Sandy

    This happened in Laughlin, Nevada also. My Husband voted early too and voted for Romney, but at the final tally it said he voted for Obama, fortunately he changed it, but how many people never checked their votes before pushing the final vote key? I don't think this is a coincidence at all, lets do all paper ballots and make everyone show I.D. as well.

    • vietnamvet1971

      they are counting on people not paying attention and leaving.

  • IMSweetOlBob

    Sounds just like what was reported in Nevada when Reid cheated his wy back into office.
    I wonder if the SEIU maintains the voting machines in Ohio too ?

  • Dan

    Has the problem been corrected? Who's responsible? Who should be notified. This exactly what Barry is capable of doing. Is it true? What is the Tel. # of election board in these states?

  • hongryhawg

    Ohio is obviously a cesspool of occupants who don't care enough about the legitimate process to police themselves. What would serve them right is that obama's gang work like crazy to win Ohio and neglect the other battlegrounds so Romney wins anyway. It would serve the whole state of Ohio right to forever be known as the one state in the United States that so readily allow themselves to be manipulated like the pawns they are.

  • disqus_U1EdCjsaMj

    WHY I ask, do we not get a receipt after voting? Afterall, we get a receipt when we buy a plane ticket online or pay for gas at the pump. Isn't our vote at least THAT important? This whole issue could be resolved if, after each person votes, the machine spits out two receipts...one for the voter to keep, and one to hand to TWO designated people at each voting place - one Dem and one Repub - that MANUALLY count EACH and EVERY vote. The voter could actually stand there and observe the tallying of their vote by the two manual counters. Then any discrepancies between the voting machine outcome and the manual count outcome would be revealed and the ACTUAL votes could be proven with the receipts. If a recount is needed the people could submit their copy of their receipt for the recount. We can no longer trust that our votes are being fairly counted. The machines are highly susceptible to hacking and viruses that can be programmed to change votes to a certain outcome and the burden of proof is on us the citizens. I have very zero faith that this election will be fair and zero faith that Obama will NOT be re-elected.

  • nexgenesis

    In the world of demoncrats all is fair, has nothing to do with honesty or integrity. Its all about winning.

  • vietnamvet1971

    This Bunch of Criminals and Crooks will try any thing to Steal this Election. Get every one you know ready to Vote Tuesday and help get them to the polling stations and vote Oblammer/Coward in Chief Out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beverly-Irvine/100000878247062 Beverly Irvine

    I thought this only happened in Communist Countries? Oh, I forgot, Obama"s pals are Communists. We need a God intervention!!!

  • Dave the Liberal

    Kinda reminds me of the machines in Florida in 2000 that took votes away from Al Gore. I'm sure you all remember that mess.

  • Petem

    The only way to cast legal votes is to have the voter SHOW ID and use the paper trail like we do here in Los Angeles. You mark the circle of your choice with an ink dot, not by a machine that can be fixed!

    • disqus_U1EdCjsaMj

      But the machine that reads the ink dots can be rigged to misread the votes to one candidate's advantage.

  • Patriot-Research

    This is Criminal and Democrats need to start going to JAIL...NOW...!!!!!!!!!!!! I said this was going to happen a year ago and NO would listen. I spoke with the Ohio Secretary of States office yesterday and they made it sound like it was just one machine and it happened only once and was no big deal! Well, even one vote lost is a BIG DEAL to ME...!!!

  • Melissa

    Obummer wins out of fraud no mater what we do. Its over.

  • Guest

    Absolutly Despicale!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jd.pinkerton1 Jd Pinkerton

    Absolutely Despicable!

  • bill

    So if you don't hit it hard enough it will vote for Obummer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/betty.grice.1 Betty Grice

    They are so friggin desperate they will do anything. What a bunch of rotten so called americans (small letters for small people)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlie-Vest/1069034759 Charlie Vest


  • HappyClinger

    I have not heard of one case where the machine came up Romney when the voter hit "Obama." If this happened even once, you know the liberals would be screaming "voter fraud" from here to eternity. Cheating is what happens when liberals get the contracts for building and maintaining the voting machines. Or anything else.

  • Ron

    How can the Libs and Democrats keep doing these illegal practices, and get away with it? Obama and his administration will do ANYTHING to get re-elected, they are corrupt, crooked and unethical, with no shame...

  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

    If you vote for Romney you may as well vote for Obama.

    I've said this countless times. Apart from skin color, party, and upbrining, there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. Both share the same homicidal agenda.

    And if you still believe that a third-party vote is a vote wasted, at least third party won't land you in Gitmo, and subject you to the same torture that whistleblowers endure.

  • http://twitter.com/gmhunt4 Joseph Gary Hunt

    Where are the so called UN vote "watchers", all the countries that want Obama to win. Also, ALL the Military overseas not receiving ballots.....

  • Smooth Charlie

    When Eliot Ness ran the mafia out of Chicago, the politicians just took there place and like an infection, it's spreading.

  • mocha10

    No media reporting from NBC, CBS or CNN on this one? STOP using the machines! Have Americans forgotten how to take a pencil and mark a box on a piece of paper? The election is in WHO is counting the votes, not the number cast.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Seems like no matter how sophisticated we become, the manual ballot, counted by REAL people seems to be the only verifiable and ethical mechanism to count votes. OH, and keep in mind that our Republic was created for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate for any other...so if our generation is so immoral as to cheat in the voting, we are surely screwed beyond recovery.

  • Matthew Culver

    Seems to me that if it was a calibration problem with older machines the reverse would also be happening...that some of the machines would be highlighting Romney when Obama was selected.

  • TrueAmerican

    This is what's called a conspiracy. Democrats are literally trying to steal this election & if obama wins, that'll be the reason why. Unfortunately, given that we have a criminal as our president who appointed a fellow criminal as head of our DOJ, nothing will be done about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539276129 Carole Mitchell Lewis

    Cheating is the only way Obama has a chance to win. That's how he won the first time. They will do anything to get him re-elected. I never realized there were so many stupid people in this country. How can anyone with half a brain cell vote for a man that has done nothing to make this country better. That is not his goal. His goal is to destroy. Anyone that gives Obama their vote are either stupid or racist. They will be just as responsible for what happens to this country as he is. I would hate to have to live knowing that I helped bring down the greatest country in the world. May they rot in hell.

  • am2sweet

    The dems are such spoiled children and poor losers to boot. It's time some adults took charge and put the children back with their nannys. I hope that anyone having a problem like this will take it to the highest level they can find that will listen and don something about it. Of course with so many dems in public office it's sometimes hard to get anyone to help. Why aren't there more Republicans in places of power and why aren't the ones there doing anything about it??

  • LaVerne

    Here in Texas, in several places, if anyone votes a straight Republican ticket, sometimes the votes come out for the Democrat candidates. We are telling our friends and neighbors to not vote the straight party ticket, but to select each candidate separately. Then double check the ballot before you hit submit. These are first hand accounts of people to whom it has happened.

  • et

    I guess winning through fraud is in keeping with the president's whole message for change.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    I think there is no excuse for Judges not throwing the book at those try ing to vote more than once. Such fraudulent activity needs to be discouraged by making an example of those who try to game the system.

  • kenhowes

    Don't you understand? These things are necessary to ensure SOCIAL JUSTICE. (I know, there was a time when that was called "Communism"--but we have seen the future and it works! (Oh; is that what the New York Times said about Stalin? OK, he was on the left, so he was on the side of SOCIAL JUSTICE! Good man!!!)

  • monchan

    I have noticed that every instance has been reported from swing states that are up for grabs.
    Why are they not "malfunctioning" in Texas or Illinois? Only in the swing states. Coincidence? I think NOT! Oblamer sucks! Go R & R!

  • TBI

    i have heard the explanation that the machines were not calibrated (video not lined up properly with the capacitive surface. If they can align them correctly, do you not believe they also can unalign them?


    roy from OREGON,why the hell are they not removing these machines,ARE THEY CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS!!!! ROY MARA s.mara@att.net

  • Ron

    lmao - why is ANYONE surprised by this? Democrats have been stuffing the ballot boxes one way or another for at least a hundred years now.

  • Citizen60

    Don't act surprised, the left does it every election!

  • antonioandy

    Soros strikes again!! They will do anyand everything possible to steal the election. This outrageous situaion will go unchecked. If Romney wins, it will be a miracle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keith.breedlove.923 Keith Breedlove

    What do you want to bet the programmers work in a union shop?

  • Colt Lane

    Romney Massive Landslide tuesday, Romney victory will be announced at 8:30 PM Pacfic time on Tuesday Nov 6TH 2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

    Arrest the programmers. They are the ones who should do the time for being stupid enough to break the law for obama.

  • Colt Lane

    Seniors want Romney in the white house, their must be people posing as seniors making such statements.

  • Barto

    The Republicans need to go ahead and "contest" the election results in Ohio now AND any other state wherein this has happened! Coincidence my ass!!!!!!!!

  • DrAnalog

    The only way Obama can win is by cheating, says everythintg you need to know about the Democratic party.

  • DAY8293A

    start breaking the machines!! If they are not working right,,, make sure they don't work at all!! Get some national attention!! Go with a friend with a camera and make sure it is documented!! This needs national attention,, just like Benghazi!! people died, obama lied, people died, obama lied, people died, obama lied!!

  • Bill Tyner

    What? Dems voting fraud? You mean like Freddie Johnson the ACORN prompted guy who registered 80+ times back in '08? Funny he wasn't knocked down by all of the dead Dem voters at many of the Black Muslim guarded fraudulent "voting" stations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.jacobs.376 Bruce Jacobs

    The voting machines have software that is programmed and "calibrated" by a Spanish software company owned by George Soros, who, incidentally, also owns Soetoro, aka, Obama. This is the same software company that will tally the final vote count. And Congress LET this happen!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/laforetmary Mary Laforet

    Could it be that these people are registered democrats? Doesn't that mean that if they vote it has to be for Obama. If that is so and the Democrat can vote only Democrat, than the voter should be told not to vote at all

  • jaycee

    Why dosen't the election voting stations post a sign to this effect? Something like, please double check your preference while voting. Report any discrepancies to the proper authorities, only if the head of the polling station is non-biased. Last election the black panthers intimidated voters in Philly...this year they are using the machines...will the Dems ever stop?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    it's time

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    sure fire cure for illegal voting.

    First offense, LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP.

    Second violation Death penalty upon conviction. Appeal period limited to 30 days. Immediate execution by public hanging on day 31.

  • TimAZ

    Its quite easy to enlarge the selection field for Mao-Bama so it extends into and over part of Romney's selection field. When a voter catches this problem then the machine is said to be simply in need of a recalibration. Which in reality is a resizing of the selection field. How hard would it be to install routine program that would change the selection field after a certain number of voting activity has taken place on said machine. A computer doesn't have the ability to favor a given outcome unless it is instructed through programing to do so. This is how Dingy Harry won re-election in Nevada during the last election cycle. With help SEUI maintenance personnel were responsible for the electronic voting machines in Nevada. The solution is to return to paper ballots. Paper ballots con not be programed to counter a voters elective selection.

    • TimAZ

      Just a caveat. It can not be proven that Dingy Harry owes his election victory to SEIU election machine service personnel unless or until one of them comes forward.

  • Rpm

    Surprising how there are no complaints of the voting machines turning a vote for Obama into a Romney vote. That alone should raise questions.

  • Delores Smith

    Consider asking for a paper ballot, instead of using voting machines. States are reporting that when you vote for MITT ROMNEY, Obama's name is given credit for the vote (6 states).
    REASON: If SEIU or any other union is "handling" the voting equipment, they are criminally
    changing the set-up. NEVADA is one state that uses SEIU. During the last Election, I called, because there was a power outage at 5:15 p.m when Sharon Angle was winning. I was told that SEIU has been "handling" the equipment for "YEARS", and no one has ever complained.
    HARRY REID WON THIS ELECTION, even though Sharon Angle was way ahead. The Washington Examiner in D.C., wrote an article that Reid's election was a FRAUD. The machines are battery-backed up, and voting was stopped in all of Nevada. even though only one country had a Power Outage. This means votes can be changed without electricity. The Secretary of State runs the elections, but call the Attorney General of your state if you feel something crooked in going on. (I live in Arizona, but I checked what was going on in NV.)
    Delores Smith

  • Tom

    I guarantee this was NOT a one time glitch because we've seen this before in 2008. The same damned thing happened FOR OBAMA in various areas across the country. It NEVER malfunctioned in favor of McCain. Go back over the past 20 years and you'll find articles on this very thing, from all over the country, and in each case the "malfunction" was ALWAYS in favor of the Democrat -- Clinton, Gore, and now Obama. And in each case, the machines were by contractors which favor the Democrats.
    This is why I have been asking for paper ballots lately.

  • Remember in November

    It used to be a felony to tamper or alter votes...or course, ignoring the constitution was an impeachable offense too.

  • Ishmael_137

    "...may stoop to anything..."? Remember, we're talking about the Democratic Party which invented voter suppression through Jim Crow laws, poll taxes and literacy tests. the same party that did not hesitate to beat up of kill anyone not voting Democrat. "May" is not the operative word to use for an impulse that is as much a part of their nature as lying and bribery.

  • rowdygirl726

    Funny how it's only going wacky in one direction.. you don't hear any O fans having their votes redirected to Mr. R.
    Must be just a coincidence.. yeah, that's it.. just a coincidence

  • Bill Tyner

    What's worse is the UN "observers" will come here and some come from dictatorships like Belarus and Kazakstan. What the Hell is Obama's State Department doing? Next I suppose they will ONLY find problems with Republican votes. What if Romney wins and these UN dorks who want Obama to win cry foul and bring International suit against our election?
    Wow! I think our County Sheriffs need to keep them 100' or more away from any poll entrance.

  • i2luvmyusa

    My understand in there are suppose to be at least two R's and 2D's at each poling place. Also each machine is to be tested prior to open the polls! Now I am wondering if the machines can be control remotely thus changing the vote? This is happening in other states!

  • Suzy

    In Oregon we have this lousy system of vote by mail. No choice to do anything else. Open to fraud no doubt as instigated by democrats. My neighbor received three ballots for one election. One for each property she owned. I found it strange that since we have the two major parties of Democrats and Republicans, wouldn't you think that obama and Mitt Romney would be the first two names on the list. But isn't that way at all. Mitt Rowney's name is buried about 6th or 7th down the list after names of people I had no idea were even running for an office. I tried to figure it out. Had they put them in alphabetical order of name or party, etc. We have someone running under the Pacific Green party, Libertarian party, Progressive party, Constitution party. I guess the state will take your money to file and run even if no ones knows you are running for President. Mitt Romney's name should have been no lower than second on the list. A voter shouldn't have to look down a list of names like that to find his name to vote. Just another state run by democrats and their sneaky underhanded way of doing things.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6YDPAOSKRKSDREHLEQBJWPMAE Val

    I;m a Poll worked again, and I will be like a HAWK, count on it..!

  • bob s

    its time for a revolution.... wake up free americans..... we have been set up by obumma the muslim imposter..he is going to declare martial law and take our country over... be prepared to fight for freedom.... obummma is doing to us...what his hero hitler did to germany .... watch out for concentraiton camps for those who oppose his kingdom..... be ready to fight

  • luci

    somehow this needs to be stopped, dont give this election to this liar, crook, phony obama. all those machines need to be checked and checked again, if they wont work, use paper.. dont let the jerk obama win on fraud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.m.krupa Diane Marie Krupa

    I need a sign from GOD, I only trust him. Neither of them are worth voting for. The goverment only cares about themselves, not us. Revelations is comming sooner than the flesh thinks. I know some people don't believe in God, they believe there is a greater power. I believe the greater is God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzanatarcila Tarcila Lorenzana

    This thing also happen at NEVADA and MICHIGAN the machine is voteing for OBAMA is this a black magic and always those election officer claim the machine is calibrated is it calibrated to be an OBAMA'S FUN's this thing may be done also last election 2008 and was practice again due to it is succesful at then 2008 , then what's the cover up they are making the pepole STUPID therefore the voters most be very carefullin voteing the DEVIL is backing the DEMON-CRAT

  • deseartu1

    This is why you have an ID to vote first and foremost! It proves who you are! Doesn't matter look at the new IRS Obummer Rules and the Benghazi events unfolding bye bye! Not a tax! They are full of it! You want Obamacare! IRS has lines ready to be placed for you to put your health ID on the new forms in 2014! What happened to HIPPA Regulations? http://www.teaparty.org/new-obamacare-tax-form-mandates-americans-report-personal-health-id-info-to-irs-15147/

  • tiredofnigs

    What!!! Democrats cheat!!! always have and always will. I for one will not forgive nor shall I forget what the media has been complicit with the democratic party in the commission of this and other crimes...

  • rae

    I hope the republicans or the Ronmey supporters keep bugging them to the point they get it taken care of just to shut them up. I can not believe there are that many dishonest democrats but if obama and his thugs are involved anything is possible. someone need to contact the republican headquarters and tell them of this so they can police it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.thomas.90038 John Thomas

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. This "incident" most likely
    happened elsewhere and all ballots from this polling place machine are suspect
    and deserve follow-up. This election is too close to ignore even one missed
    ballot. In the event we hear this same statement from another voter, no
    American can be confident that our voting process isn't corrupt. Volunteer to
    be a Poll Watcher!

  • Jake

    If you think this was not planed I have a bridge to sell you. Another leftist-socialist Demorat move. And still 48% of you don't get it.

  • PastorRuth1

    Throw them all in jail - Samali voters AND those in charge of these fraudulant machines!! If this is the way Democrats want to play - we may have to fight fire with fire!! FIRE THEM ALL - INCLUDING OBAMA!! Do NOT cast your ballot without DOUBLECHECKING EVERY BOX!! And we thought 3rd World countries were goverened by scounrels!! We have the most DISHONEST, LYING, CHEATING, THIEVING, OVER-SPENDING, INEPT or downright ANTI-AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION IN THE WHITEHOUSE THAT THIS NATION HAS EVER KNOWN!!


    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!

  • Delores Smith

    If you win, Americans are demanding a recount, based on the article of The Washingtin Examiner in D.C. Harry Reid's last election was a FRAUD. We are checking the voting equipment and who is "handling" the voting equipment. It was a former Federal Elections Official who wrote the article. Harry Reid, have you ever won a legal election, since SEIU handles the voting equipment in Nevada and has FOR YEARS? Democrats, we're watching all of you. Americans, contact the Attorney General of your state if you suspect anything illegal. (The Secretary of State handles the elections in each state, but if it is voter FRAUD, you want to talk to the Attorney General of your state.)
    Delores Smith

  • big Al

    keep in mind that dispite all of this apparent early voting peculiararities, Romney seems to be pulling ahead in swing states... or at least keeping pace. If it were happening an a more consistant basis, exit poling would reflect this. In order for voter fraud be be effective, it would have be held within margins of error. We ALL need ot vote. This election cannot be left to margin of error.... then it will be the hand picked courts who decide....

  • 4772020

    If voting machine changes your vote use your phone to show your vote with a '' election personnel '' standing there. if it does it again with them there make a seen!! do not let anyone use that machine. call 911 !!! PLEASE tell everyone to take this approach it is the only to stop this ''MALFUNCTION''

  • old1

    Will We The People have to use the second Amendment to Vote?

  • Fritz

    This is why they are called Dumb-a-rats. Don't this people know that all this crap that Prez dumb-ass puts out, they have to abide by it too.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    I've never trusted electronic voting since day one of their introduction. It's computer based, right? Computers are subject to hacking. They can be cleverly programmed to look like they're doing one thing, but are actually doing another. They can be set, as above, to catch the unwary or those only paying superficial attention while voting by switching the candidate actually selected just before the final button and do that at random. And there's NO PAPER TRAIL to prove there may have been some monkey business.

    Be alert people, make SURE that last page, verifying your vote for that last time, is FOR the guy you wanted!

  • Old Army 66

    Crap like this time will only lead to Civil War. People are fed up with Obama and his BS

  • glass

    Report the fraud to the UN observers. What else is being done about it?

  • Jillian

    Somalians aren't legal to vote but Mexican illegals are? I thought being a citizen was required for anyone to vote.

  • old1

    The machine was defective! She should not have been able to see she was voting for the ineligible Kenyan! It should have shown Romney and recorded Obama!

    What's going on Soros? Who did you hire to reprogram these machines? Foreigners?

  • DKB

    Let's think about this so called glitch. No one has complained about voting for Obama and having it show up for Romney. If the machines were not working properly it should have issues for both candidates.

  • Duke alum

    I despise Obama, his horse-mouthed wife and his Hitler looking buddy Axelrod. They would run naked on the White House Lawn (ewww...awful vision) to win thie election. No honor, no character, no truth, no vision, lies and secrets and foul mouths. Have we become so pathetic that THESE criminals are whom we want to represent and bankrupt this once magnificant country? If you answer "yes"...then move to another country where you can have all the lies and pain you have become accustomed to over the past four year.

  • EveinVA

    I wonder if that was why obama was so disengaged the first debate....he is sure he has already won so why waste time debating.....I hope I am wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peggy-Griffin/100000392233132 Peggy Griffin

    It's quite obvious that O is a liar, a fraud, and a cheat, if you watch something other than those pathetic lapdog alphabet networks and get some truthful news. O is the worst President in our country's history, bar none, and a real threat to all the freedoms we hold dear. May the evil attempts by his marxist minions to steal this election be thwarted, so that We the People can take our country back and free ourselves from the insanity and inhumanity of this administration.

  • colt38

    How many other machines throughout the nation may be rigged that way?

  • granny

    No surprise there, we knew it would happen. Thats how he got in the 1st time. The Dems are big in cheating, lying, spending, and letting BOZO make his own rules. Is he going to be impeached 1 day before voting? The Liar-in-chief certainly has it coming. What does he have on people that makes them do his bidding. They can't be deaf & blind. I can understand the illegals & the ones on welfare. What caused the legal citizens to be deaf & blind. Anyone know how I can vote twice and not be recognized?

  • Sam

    Voting machines all over the country are having the same, or similar "malfunctions". It is not accidental ! There are so many ways to hack these "machines", I wonder why any county would use them.

  • Nellie3

    There are kinds of this going on everywhere. In Illinois I voted early and as I entered I was greeted by 4 people giving away free cell phones. I questioned why this site and remarked that even I qualified. The cell phones were paid by Kroger Foods but we pay for the minutes on a tax on those who pay for their own cell phones. You might ask why Kroger was trying to be so kind, well they give free minutes when they shop with them. What a scam. We paid for the same amount of minutes every month and there about 10 companies who pay for the phones and give free minutes if they shop with them. I reported them because that was not the site for phones. While they are not screwing with the machines they are in my opinions buying votes. I reported it and I was told they would look into it. By the way this is Cook County Obama's home county.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    swamp the Ohio secretary of state's office with complaints i sent in a complaint and got no reply

  • ARMYOF69

    We are getting close to an uprising, especially if Obama wins, since he has basically a criminal brain. He WANTS us to suffer, he wants us to work hard to support HIS followers, he hates our country's defense system, only loves the money it gives him. In my book...he is a criminal.

  • sreynolds

    I will video tape my vote with my cell phone camera, if i catch it doing that i will forward the video to fox news, then the next day to all the major networks.....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Schwarz/737839233 Jo Schwarz

    This is my biggest fear, I beleive in a fair election (without voter fraud) Romney will win by a landslide. I keep praying every day to God for a Romney win. That is why we have to all get and vote for Romney. I pray 0bama cannot cheat his way into office again.

  • Magsman327

    The "chosen one" and the dems are resorting to the Chicago politics that they know.
    Win at all costs

  • VietVet68

    The exact same thing has happened in NC and NV. Coincidence? Not bloody likely.

  • mrsawdust

    The trick in altering the electronic touch screen voting machine is when the machines are calibrated. Persons calibrating these machines should be charge and arrested for purposely altering these machines slanted to Obama.

  • robarsan

    They're really running scared Chicago style, but that said it isn't enough. All Ohio ballots should be investigated and recounted; it should be demanded. These scum lords have done the same in other states as well, and look at the torture Scott Walker endured by a recall even though the people voted for him. The union and political hacks will do anything for power and control. What are we to do? Get out and vote for true leadership in Romney/Ryan. May the Force and good consciences prevail for the sake of our nation.

  • Kelly

    When someone decent gets into office-they need to investigate-and severely punish those responsible.

  • Arizona_Don

    Lets us consider something. There are now, according to reports, at least three states this is happening in. Every error is when Romney is selected it defaults to Obama. Furthermore, there are several machines in each state. A little to much for them all to be just coincidence don’t you agree? If this were just a re-calibration problem wouldn’t it sometimes revert the other way? Have we heard any complaints about a vote for Obama defaulting to Romney? Do we think we would not hear that complaint if it were to happen?

    We have something here folks and it "ain’t" something we will like. Here we are just in the early voting stage and there is already problems which suggest voter fraud. And the voting machines are only one facet of their fraudulent procedures. Looks like the deck is stacked against conservatives folks. If Obama or anyone else thinks they can get away with fraudulently reelecting Obama they may have some learning to do about American tenacity.

    If most patriot Americans think we have been scammed there will be war. Count on that. Most of us will not allow this government to run rough shod over us for another four years. There is gonna be hell to pay if obama is reelected and there is proof of fraud. Saying it is just to late now to do any thing about it, like what happened in Minnesota in 2010, will be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Just won’t suffice. It is one thing to have a Senator fraudulently elected and another to have someone with the power this president has stolen from congress.

    According to our constitution we not only have a right to put down a repressive government we have the responsibility to do "exactly" that and if we are to protect our constitution we must.

  • Vote him out on Tuesday

    This is Obamaism at its very best - cheat, lie, steal, ignore all legal requirements as to origin, nationality, real personal history - fix it anyway you can so that you can win whatever happens - then four more years to finish wrecking and communizing the entire country !

    • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

      It's not Obamaism, it's Obamneyism. Both parties are cheating to win.

  • ConservaDave2

    Where are the Republicans? If Ohio is so important why aren't they flooding the polls with operatives. Unions and Democrat operatives are bussing in "voters" (Somalis who don't even speak English for instance and others), who with the lax (and stupid) voting laws in Ohio (a month and a half of early voting, no photo ID necessary) are voting by following the instructions of these union thugs and vile and dishonorable Democrats. Ohio is set up perfectly for voter fraud, and the Republicans who should rename themselves the Stupid Party are by and large standing around and letting it happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pat.schmidt.9638 Pat Schmidt

    I think we should all be complaining to the powers that be in Columbus to fix it. Obama stole Ohio last time and if given enough rope, will do it again this time.

  • JennieWalsh

    Obama's organized crime syndicate is hard at work...busy, busy, busy.

  • SquireWill

    U.N. 'people' have been told by Texas that they can expect to be arrested if they mess with our election process. We don't need their meddling.

    • cmjay

      The UN officials were told by the JUSTICE DEPT. that they can't be touched and also not subject to our Laws. The IRONY of this is these Inspectors come from countries who themselves don't have FREE elections.

  • hagar2935

    If Obama wins in this County the whole election MUST BE THROWN OUT AND THE ELECTION OFFICIALS IMPRISONED FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nathan51

      I don't want them imprisoned for life. We will have to pay to feed and house them. Try them for treason, convict them and give them immediate executions by firing squad. Then send their families bills for the bullets!

  • jon p.

    If I were pro-Obama, I'll make sure that those rigged machinese are situated where
    the population is predominantly old folks or immigrants.

  • Wily

    Liberals know that the occupier can not win legally, all of these e voting machines are maintained by union workers. I'm pissed, sick and tired of these rotten freaks, it just might give me a reason to pop them in the nose and hope they try striking back!

  • gertie

    I knew there would be many ways for his party to cheat. They've been doing it from the beginning- there is nothing beneath them.

  • HDA

    If Romney looses this election due to the fraud that has been reported this far, can anyone tell me what is our recourse then? What are we, people that do not want Obama, and that know that the election has been railroaded, what can we do? What is our recourse?

  • Gary

    Anyone caught perpetrating the voter fraud scam, should be taken out and shot before a firing squad for treason! Anyone voting for Barry Soetoro should suffer the same fate!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    time to form the "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE REVOLUTION"";; old liberal government is blotted and of no further use........

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.theodore.12 Ted Theodore

    The winner of the white house does not matter as much as the congress/senate! If Republicans win a majority in both houses then we have more or less castrated the annointed one!

    • cmjay

      Ted, this is not always true. Remember how many Laws Obama signed into law bypassing Congress? Obama always finds ways to CIRCUMVENT the Constitution or Congress regardless of whether it is LEGAL or not. He also appoints CZARS who do not answer to anyone but him and Congress can't do anything about it. He needs to go and banished to Kenya.

  • Survival Doc

    Ohio is one of the states where Ron Paul was cheated by the Romney Zombies, so it would serve them right to have their vote count toward Obama! Both Obama and Romney are puppets paid for by the same international bankers, so it doesn't matter which one gets into office, the American people lose. Make your vote count by voting for Gary Johnson.

    • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

      Exactly. Does driving delegates somewhere other than the convention, tinkering with microphones, and reading a script via teleprompter sound honest and moral?

      If Romney wins, don't be surprised when he cheats the same people who put him in power.

  • wvvoter

    If my machine acts up in any way. It will accidently be knocked over a few times or disabled in some other fashion. I will make sure it is taken out of service.

    • ARMYOF69

      I would do the same, then SUE the manufacturers, for anything and everything you can dream of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.ratliff.94 Judy Ratliff

    beings that ohio is cheating I say all of their electorial votes should have to go to Mr. Romney. that is how it was done when I was kid. the cheater lost not the innocent ones.

  • Evermyrtle

    This cements my belief that the Democrats will do anything for a vote.

  • Grandma Kitty

    That is how Obama is going to win. It's the only way he CAN win. He certainly can't win on his record. This election is all about him and only him. We the people do not count at all. I knew this was going to happen and especially in Ohio. I only hope God will help us because we're fighting satan here.

  • Tex

    Hey, I HAVE THE SOLUTION. Send all those UN OSCE "observers" to Ohio!

  • ireAmerica

    Obama thinks he and his minions are the smartest guys in the room.

    They really need to go along with plan A (A fair election) then exit the White House and RUN, because plan B (Benghazi - prosecution) is already underway.

  • Survival Doc

    Wow, it only took you about 10 seconds to delete my comment. Are you a bot?

    • ARMYOF69

      They do that with great regularity. I think they have 5 year old kids do this.

  • Voice of Reason

    Some counties in North Carolina had the same problem. I am concerned because not all counties have a touch voting machine. Where I live we mark a paper ballot and feed it into a machine. We really have no idea who we are voting for.


      Do you get a copy of YOUR vote cast?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.creamer.79 Thomas Creamer

    Obama and his minions are Cowards and Lying SOBs ... they all should be put in jail !

  • simpletony1

    My suggestion: Close that f-----g office

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    The democrats are the demons of this country and obama also works for the devil.

  • WhiteFalcon

    These are very typical commionazi tactics that they have been using for years. Each and every voting machine needs to be checked by a Republican official to make sure this crap doesn't happen. Everyone that votes for Romney must make sure that the vote they cast goes to the person they intend.

  • lizaz

    Liberals will continue to CHEAT....that's the only way they can win...at ANYTHING!!!

  • fred

    Las Vegas, NV. has been getting reports of the same problem. In the last election in Pahrump Nv. 60 miles from Vegas I voted against Reid and had the same problem. The magic number is the third attempt finally works. Do I personally think this is wide spread ? Yes !

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    The electronic video slot machines play in favor of the house....
    Why should we expect a pro-programmmed electronic voting machine not to favor "The House"?
    On someting as crucial as voting why would anyone trust a programable machine?
    I mean the bad guys have already blocked ID being required to vote in most states
    Anyone think that those same people care a wit for tamper proof progamming in voting machines?
    When the modern mantra for today's Liberal Democrat representative is "The end justifies the means" they no longer tolerate any system that could keep them honest. Only guns can force the organized criminal to stay honest - that's why once in power the criminal wants to take away guns from honest people.
    Since such criminal mintded peoiple are a minority...

    The best way to start in taking control is to take away honest voting.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORI67TVYPIGHEYGBKM6TA2IK3I StevenA

    Another reason to have paper ballots and those should be counted by hand, not some electronic gizmo that can be rigged.

  • chrismm57

    What party does Sophia Rogers belong to? Someone needs to take a hairy eyed look at all of the voting machines in Ohio, and anywhere anyone else complains.

  • rationalconservative

    This is the THIRD state where this was reported!!! There have been similar stories from both Virginia and Nevada! Funny how all the glitches seem to be in Obama's favor.

  • ShirleyWarren

    Again I sat..All votes should be done by hand and counted by hand. I know it's a lot more work, but but this way is the only honest way. If Obama wins ohio they shoud have to revote

  • A_Nobody

    Hang 'em. IT'll stop the BS.

  • Dee Cavazos

    Does not surprise me.... this happened at the 2010 elections in Boulder City, NV. When people went to vote, the machines already had Harry Reid's name checked. When the voter complained,... same story.. Oh, by the way, in the Clark County area and probably all over Nevada, the AFL-CIO is in charge of running and maintaining the voting machines... Does that tell you anything?

  • jerry

    "He who votes decides nothing" He who counts the votes decides everything" Lennin

  • Eddie G.

    We're going to have a hard time getting rid of Obama. A spineless congress won't bring him down for fraud,Fast n' Furious,Benghazi,et al. He's pure teflon and has plenty of stupeheads willing to see four more years of crap.


    This story keeps changing, I thought it was in NC, or was it NV?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Veselenak/100001118018542 David Veselenak

    I think it's way past time to stop calling them the Democrat Party, they are the COMMUNIST PARTY USA! You see, that is the problem since they are not defined as who they really are the old people still think that they are voting for the Democrat party which couldn't be farther from the truth!

  • The Scotsman

    The SIEU pulled garbage stunts in an election in California a few years ago. Reported, NOTHING HAPPENED. Oh well, The State Of Confusion is known for not following the law.

    Just look at our Governor "Moonbeam" Brown. He keeps talking about "How Much He Has Grown Up' since he last served as Governor. A bunch of crap. He has NOT grown up one iota. In reality, he has not changed one bit. Still circumvents the law every time HE wants something.
    So California is NOT alone when it comes to crooked voting systems.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I voted by hand (early) on a paper ballot (My state is not a swing state and still votes the old fashion way). I am dismayed that no one learned anything about the way Obama does things 4 years ago. In my opinion EVERYTHING to do with Obama and these voting machines (built by a Soros owned company) should be brought under question. This is not leagal(stealing an election this way) But then when has Obama been accused of worrying about what is leagal and what is not?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TBGB22C5E74HV5IHOA4OM3KW5M Dale

    But who will be held responsible due to the fact it wasn't Conservatives that violated the law??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    From what I am reading this is happening way to often and only to Obamas favor. What needs to happen when this happens the machine needs to be destroyed.

  • Pablo Descartes

    "To arms, to arms! The Redcoats are coming!"

  • Judy

    A slogan comes to mind: Vote early, vote often!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.atkinson.948 Steve Atkinson

    democrat tacti

  • l8rg8r

    The CIA told us years ago that electronic voting was not secure and the results were too easily tampered with. Apparently no one was listening. We have voted absentee ballot for years and drop them in a locked box at the county building.


    By crook or by hook he will retake what he took, if you allow him.


    What about the REGISTERED DEMOCRATS who will be unable to vote? Will they use their names to count another vote for the alien R-esident who became P-resident?

  • johnfromchicago

    Not sure if this is just another rumor or not. The same storyline was said 4 years ago. I do know however that in Chicago 2 years ago, several voting machines arrived at the voting sights with 40 some votes already on them. My wife is a voting judge. The media totally ignored this.

  • johnfromchicago

    Where is your information that UN officials will be monitoring the election???? Why do we need them to do this????

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.lipka.33 Robert Lipka

    Each polling plae has at east two Inspectors of Election, usually one Republican and one Democrat. If she reported it, it was the job of the Republican Inspector of Elections to have the o9ffending voting machine removed from service. That is his or her job. To stop this sort of thing. I suspect that this story is bogus for that reason. I worked as an Inspector of Elections for 12 years and know what happens when a machine mafunctions or even appears to malfunction. That happened twoice in 12 years for me and we had to go down to the courthouse and re-open and then recertify, each and every vote on the Tally roll. Not a fun job but the integrity of the vote is paramount. even if it comes weeks later. I suspect that her story is not fully truthful and if so the Republican inspector was incompetant.

  • Bien

    Who maintains the voting machines, SEIU maybe ? I think the ONLY way O wins, is by cheating...

  • steveni

    There are many counties in Ohio where elections are rigged. This is just one of them.

  • Eddy marrero

    Mr. Obama and his friends will do every thing under their power to avoid getting a powerful NO during the election day.And are you going to tell me that they are no taking whatever it takes to win the election in the same way it happens in venezuela,Ecuador,Bolivia,etc,etcLet's see what happens.

  • Sam

    Obama is our worst enemy. He never tells the truth, won't support our citizens in time of need, defies the courts, the Constitution, strangles our industries, won't support domestic oil and gas drilling, and has not reduced unemployment in four years. Now, he and Sec Clinton want to place us under UN control. VOTE for romney-Ryan.

  • del

    Electronic voting should not be allowed....here in Florida we have to fill in the space ourselves, hence old soros and his crooked machines cant do this kind of BS.....

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.tefft.7 Peter Tefft

    This is America and we should feel confident that our votes are counted correctly. This type of incident angers me tremendously and these people who voted should be allowed to vote again, I mean all of them. If its possible to calibrate a machine in favor of a particular candidate find out who did it and send their butts to prison or better yet to the Soviet Union where they do the same thing. This is ridiculous. Throw out all the results so far and get everyone to vote again, there is plenty of time.

  • Relabs

    You guys crack me up! You act like someone can open the voting machine, flip a switch, or make some other adjustment and cause the described situation to happen. I've been in the electronics industry for nearly 40 years and I can tell you, it just can't be done like that. In order to make the described situation happen (without a legitimate software malfunction) you would have to have access to the software code, be a world class programmer, as well as have access to the machine at least twice-once to load the new software-once to re-install the old software. The company that makes the machines are the only ones that know the code, and the only ones with the ability to alter it. They also are big Republican supporters and have publicly stated this many times. We have given the vote counting process over to private companies that have stated interests in the outcome of the counts....what's wrong with this picture?
    That being said I am now and always have been opposed to electronic voting. There are too many things that can (and probably do) go wrong, most of which have nothing to do with fraud. You have software that is know to only the makers. You have computers being used by people that don't understand them. You have poll workers that know nothing about how they work.....and the list goes on and on.
    The only kind of electronic voting that should be considered would be if it at the same time it recorded the vote electronically, it also created an easy to verify the accuracy of paper ballot that would also be collected. Before any results would be considered official, the paper ballots would have to be counted to insure the numbers matched the electronic results.

  • Richard Rodriguez

    So let's see The lady pushes the button for MIT Twice and jumps to Obama, But the Third time goes to MIT. I see it that if Three People Walk in to vote, and they just press the screen for MT, the machine is programed two votes for Obama, and one vote for MT. that means that out of 12 votes eight go to Obama, 4 For MIT. I would say their is a very big Problem.

    I think This Country is headed for a Repeat of it's Past. Civil Unrest and another Civil War,

    Now I know why The Democratic Party wants to Disarm all Americans. We will Be like ducks in a pond.I fought in Vietnam I fought for Freedom of Those Poor People, Now we are have to fight for our Freedom Again, But This time will World Destruction, For our Guardian has made packs with the Muslim Brother Hood And The Russians, That's why we didn't defend Our Embassy in Benghazi. And we Killed our Ambassador And Three Navy Seals, That was us we put this president in office, We Are responsible for the Garbage and trash We bring home. It's like you find an Old Coach on the side of street, Looks good and feels good, But once you bring it home and at night the Roaches start pouring out of it. And Yes It takes a long time to Get read of them. And that's what i see in our President, Our Senate And Congress, Our elected Officials Have become above the Law. Their terms should be limited to two years, The president four years, No Exceptions. They get too Comfortable and they Have privilege's That even God has.

    AND GOD THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/texasbirdgirl TexasBirdGirl

    And is the MSM or even FAUX News reporting on this???? How about any of our elected officials, are they doing ANYTHING?

  • Kukye


    We had an ILLEGAL president the first 4 years. No BC, no college records, no vetting of any kind.

    Now we will have a FRAUDULENT president the next 4 years. There are reports Demoncraps are committing fraud and deceit of any kind to get obamA elected.

    We had a diplomat and SEALS murdered on his watch, including the largest contigency of SEALS ever killed.

    The largest storm ever to hit U.S. decimated the East coast on his watch.

    The largest debt of ANY nation has seen on his watch.


  • thismustend

    The sad truth is that NOTHING will be done about this just like nothing was done in 2008. Obama accepted foreign donations to his campaign in 2008 & is doing so again, Obama's campaign committed voter fraud in 2008 & are doing so again.
    If these machines were auto voting for Romney do you think all those involved would be blaming it on the machines? Can you even imagine the uproar by the vio lent leftists? How many news outlets have even bothered to report this? Fox did of course but regurgitated the ridiculous excuses made by the elections officials. By the way, how do you become an election official & WHY are they all extreme leftist psychopaths/Democrats? WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICAN POLL WATCHERS/ELECTION OFFICIALS, do they exist?

  • Anne Caston

    Why do these liars keep getting away with this. Where is the Republicans and why don't they demand something be done!! What a bunch of panty waists!!

  • VocalYokel

    It's going to be 2008 all over again.



  • http://www.facebook.com/dholtslander Dorothy Brock Holtslander

    not a glitch but voter theft...this happened in North Carolina too.

  • Bravado

    All Voters in Marion County, Ohio, must demand from Ohio's Secretary of State, a Paper Copy of their Votes, on Nov. 6, 2012.
    It is one way to STOP Democrats, from continuing to practice Election Fraud, without holding them fully responsible, and prosecute them, IF FOUND GUILTY, to the full extend of the Law.
    Go for it Marion Residents, and don't let Democrats still your Vote. It is your right to make sure your Vote is counted, CORRECTLY!

  • Progressive Republican

    Despite the plethora of lies and other oddities in this load of crap, I'll stick with the most egregious.

    First, this story is a virtual word-by-word reprint of a lie disseminated in Nevada recently. There are some minor variations like names and places of course. In the Nevada story, however, the female (again) complainant went to a local FOX station. This time she allegedly went where the last lady should have; county election officials.

    Congratulations, whomever. The story is vaguely more credible this time. I'm sure this'll sell more readily than the last version although the Nevada version actually involved election officials who ascribed the problems to a lack of familiarity with the new machines according to several local news video and print outlets.

    Next is the fact that through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney and his wife, son and brother are major investors in an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G., in turn, holds a majority share and three out of five board members in Hart InterCivic; a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in this Ohio November 7. Hart machines will also be used elsewhere in the United States. Yay.

    Yes, folks, that's right. A candidate for the presidency of the United States, and his brother, wife and son, have a straight-line financial interest in the voting machines that could decide this fall's election. These machines cannot be monitored by the public. But they will help decide who "owns" the White House. And you want these rubes to believe that these machines are going to fix the vote in Obama's favor? Seriously? Does the phrase "conflict of interest" mean anything?

    Only if one cares about fairness.

    These machines are especially crucial in Ohio, without which no Republicon candidate has ever won the White House. In 2004, in the dead of election night, an electronic swing of more than 300,000 votes switched Ohio from the John Kerry column to George W. Bush, giving him a second term.

    This is a virtual statistical impossibility as the 6%+ shift occurred between 12:20 and 2 a.m. election night as votes were being tallied by a GOP-controlled information technology firm on servers in a basement in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    In defiance of a federal injunction, 56 of Ohio's 88 counties destroyed all election records, making a recount impossible. Perhaps they were inspired by Rmoney's purchase and removal of all the office computers when he left office as Governor. Ohio's governor and secretary of state in 2004 were both Republicons, as are the governors and secretaries of state in nine key swing states this year.

    Meanwhile, in 2004, Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath that he was paid by Republicon Rep. Tom Feeney of Florida to write a computer program that would rig elections. Curtis said he created an undetectable program with just 100 lines of code to make it look as though Feeney won, 51% to 49%. Feeney (surprise!) denied all accusations.

    Jon Kaney, a Florida attorney who represents the Daytona Beach News-Journal, said Curtis' fearlessness was what gives him credibility to some. "You don't casually go around swearing under penalties of perjury unless you think you're right," Kaney told Wired in late 2004.

    Then, using American ingenuity, Ed Felten, a professor at Princeton University, along with the two students who discovered the flaw, demonstrated on "Fox & Friends" in 2006 how one could alter the results of a Diebold electronic voting machine in just 10 seconds.

    There is, of course, lots more.

    The remainder of the article relies (as in "lies again"?) on dishonesty, self-generated rumors, and ridiculous sources such as breitbart, wnd, the Onion, etc.

    Evidence-based reality suggests that the premise of this article is false.

  • Hugh Billeaud

    Corruption to the core.

  • Susan

    They've been cheating their way into winning for decades! Look at Al Franken, proven to have won by illegal votes of felons, yet he's still in office! Why is that allowed to stand? What is wrong with people that they wouldn't strip him of office.

  • 1794patriot

    This happening in Nevada as well. I wonder if they are using the same machines.
    If so it wouldn't be too hard to find the common denominator.

  • momoatkm

    Please, everyone who has to vote by the electronic voting machines, make sure your vote is counted right. Obama needs to go!

  • gwedem5995

    Since this is happening all over the country and not in favor of Romney, you have towonder.
    How can there be so many glitches in so many places. Even if I was as despicable as Obama, I wouldn't want to win by fraud, but then I guess Obama has no scruples whatsoever. Must another thug from Chicago, that even proves it by his latest remark, vote for revenge. I want Romney to win so badly I can taste it, but it is not that I want revenge.
    I just want my country back.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

    The question is: what can be done by this out and our fraud?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Linda-Bond/100000575975777 Charles Linda Bond

    So now the machines can have a 10 minute delay before changing your vote to Obama after you leave.

  • SoveriegnAmerican

    Happened in Las Vegas last week also.

  • granny

    Does that mean that this year there will not be dead & illegals voting? The machines have been fixed and now BOZO can say there was a glitch in the machines. Never has there been such a lying b*sturd in the WH. He is the most lying,scheming, manipulative muslim ever born in Kenya, that came to make the USA a 3rd world country.

  • Gizmo51

    Duh! Who else would anyone vote for?


    It is amazing that the election officials are so unconcerned with this problem. Are the voting machines being used from the same company, dominion voting machines, they all seem to have the same problem, a vote for Romney ends up being a vote for Obama, I don't think this is a coincidence.

  • Lady Liberty

    They are outright liars, connivers and will employ ANY methods to beat what the American public really wants...true leadership for our great country!
    I hope and pray that each and every American keeps in mind that our current government has the blood of Benghazi on their hands...they should be removed from the offices which they demean by their cold and calculating incompetence and intentions. Just picture those bloody hands and their silence when you are in the voting booth!!!!! We need new leaders!!!




    This is happening in many places. A coincidence? Calibration problems? I think NOT !!! It takes fraud to elect a fraud. We have to get this POS out of office. He is a disgrace to the office of president and to our country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurie-Harrison/1621857158 Laurie Harrison

    Added information: It has been reported the polling station workers in Ohio REFUSE to look at any identification.

  • noelle2011

    electronic voting machines ARE TOO EASY TO TURN INTO FRAUD MACHINES!

  • williaml

    If the machine was actting up it should have been closed tebl it could be fix ant what that offical come up with. Its such crap as that that can be called voter fraud.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/24PU32BHXAQEIHRXOAKLYIHPTM Gary

    The Obamanation is very afraid of losing the election because they know charges are coming for treasonous acts and murder. Check your ballot and make sure Soros, doesn't get his puppet Obama re-elected. 2012 Romney/Ryan

  • janeagle

    Just declare Romney the winner now and get it over with....early voting means nothing. Later voting means nothing. The only way this filthy demon from hell could ever win in the first place was to rig every damn machine in the country. Now exactly the same thing....Like every other minority of his kind (and I said OF HIS KIND, NOT HIS COLOR!), they are always looking for a hand out, not a hand up. He is disgusting and putrid, and only cheating would gain him access to the presidency.

  • [email protected]

    The whole system at that voting district should've been shut down and every vote declared null and void, and replaced with paper ballots--a complete do over. Let's see that happened you rotten antichrist nobummer~the Lord will destroy you with the Breath of His Mouth.

  • fcsuszka

    They will do anything to keep that male dog in office.

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    Wow, this is bad.

  • The Farmer

    Interesting charge since the voting machines are owned by a prominent Romney supporter!

  • welldoneson

    It's obvious that a scam is being planned by the uncaring left. The UN "observers" have stated flat out that they have been asked to look for voting irregularities from conservatives. Since when does any vote supervision only look for cheating from one side?

  • tellitlikeitis

    obama should lose by 6 or 7 % points but he won't.they will steal this election,good luck america with your third world future.

  • 2BadCandidatesAGAIN

    You are all blithering imbeciles. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, none of these political affiliations mean a thing anymore. You think of yourselves as intellectuals who hold yourselves to higher standards, but here you are, infighters rallying against other Americans because they don’t endorse your beliefs. What does it really mean to be an “American” in this day and age? It means you cling to your petty, materialistic, self-centered ways and condemn anyone who disagrees with your principles. I’m sure that if you could have it your way, every single one of you would vote to abolish the first amendment. Your first instinct is to stifle any opinion that doesn’t coincide with your own. And you actually believe you’re better people for it? The proof is on this very webpage, a barrage of disparaging comments directed at others simply because they don’t conform to your fascist ideology. YOU are what's wrong with modern society.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6LE5GJQNKBUMSIWBTG2LMPFH4 Douglas

    When the officers of elections fines something like this wrong with an electronic machine they should shut it down, and determine if all the other machines had a similar problem..which is most likely the case. There is no way Obama can win an Honest Election, he has people that are going to get paid if he is re-elected for getting latino's to vote for Obama. These people don't care if America goes under. And after all we have heard and seen during the past four years while Obama was running things...people vote for him. I pray I live long enough to see them cry about their rights. Fighting with each other for a scrap of bread...hell in some areas like Detroit, Michigan they are already doing the fighting with each other. So if re-elected Obama will turn America into another Detroit, and maybe he and the Mayor of Detroit can exchange Corruption stories in Federal Prison.

  • chester1818

    Basically, no chance for Romney to win. First, he is just not able to win 3 of the 5 swing states of Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina.. I doubt that he can win 2 and if he does; which two? North Carolina and Florida? He thus loses the big electoral states of Penn. and Ohio along with Virginia and thus the election.

    Secondly, we have the fraud and intimidation issue. The dead vote and often. Others are registered in more than one state. Others are voting 2 or 3 or more times. Foreign(U.N.) monitoring of our election(s). Spanish company counting the votes for a number of states. Thugs(even just one at one place) at the polling stations Voting machine malfunctions or is it worse than that? Will the military ballots(if the troops even get them or get them in time), be counted?

    Thirdly, despite all that is known about Obama, his poor showing in the debates especially the first one, Obamacare, the economy, O's affinity for Islam, Benghazi, Ayers, Wright, etc., etc.; the race is still not a landslide for Romney. Shouldn't it be? This in itself is a bad sign.
    The sad conclusion is that we'll have 4 more years probably followed by yet another Democratic victory again in 4 years. Perhaps O's coattails won't be too long but I feel Chris Murphy will just barely beat Linda McMahon in CT and Scott Brown will lose his seat in Mass. to challenger Elizabeth Warren. Reid will run the Senate. There is hope that the Republicans will keep the House; but don't bank on it. Prepare for more and higher taxes, more share the wealth schemes(especially what I call the Emergency Retirement Security and Fairness Act), gun control, and the overall acceleration in the rate of loss of liberty. However, let us hope that the Conservatives and Republicans can pick a better, more(truly) conservative, and charismatic candidate(SP) next time. She could win.

  • Chris Bentzen

    I have to say none of this is new. But it makes me sick to think that there are so many awful human beings so willing to be on the wrong side of good and evil and that is all that this boils down to. Good and evil. I would say the only solution to the electronic world of voting should be taken back to paper ballots only. No early voting except for the miltary overseas and perhaps some kind of system for the severely handicapped, seniors who can't get :outside of their home" to vote and valid proof of I.D. in registering to vote for every state. It is a state issue and the federal gov't. should have nothing to do with it at all. WHAT A MESS EH'? God bless America.


    SO...Instead of everybody bitchin' and complaining about this...WHAT is being DONE to stop it?!?!...WHY isn't there a National outroar over this ?!?!....WHO is coming to the aid of the voters and who is looking into this...!?!?!...
    Are "We, the People" lost before we have even started?...What IS being done about the Democratic FIXING of our National Elections !?!?...
    Aren't there any HONEST politicians or members of the Judiciary who are willing to investigate this and STOP this ILLEGAL TAMPERING...
    AQnd, on top of all this, we have Obama's Socialist buddy, Soros, counting American votes on his SYTHL (sp?) machines in SPAIN...WTF !!!....
    WHY isn't anything being done !!!!!.....

  • Berngaria

    The disappointing thing, about the whole machine-voting fraud in Ohio,is that when the republican governor of Ohio was on Hannity's TV show, the governor just by-passed Hannity's questions about the several episodes of Obama-rigged machines. Casey appears to be very similar to the rotund governor of New Jersey, because each of them would like to have a stroll on the beach with Obama. Thank you, Berengaria

  • Go4man

    Wait a minute! I thought Republicans own the voting machines>

  • Jon Weiss

    Is anyone really surprised that the fix is in to try to re-elect this crook? After all he dug up dirt on his opponents in the past even to the point of "creating" evidence to destroy his opponents in the past at the state level.

  • Soutside Hawk

    Oblamo, aka Cloward-Pivan...........'the end justifies the means". The list is endless.

  • Silento

    These voting machines are an open invitation to party in power vote fraud. Shall we be obliged to go back to the old paper ballots in order to have honest elections again?

  • Silento

    An excelent reason to get rid of the voting machine election fraud system. It seems that these voting machine make it just too easy for scoundrels to commit massive voter fraud. Or is it possible for some genius to invent a fraud-proof voting machine? I doubt it.
    But here is something that might prevent vote fraud: The death penalty for anyone found guilty of any kind of election fraud

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.bush.1675 John Bush

    The news media needs to get on this NOW ! And they need to send in the FBI. Somebody needs to pay for this kinnd of fraud !!! Obama and the Democrats need to be ashamed !!!

  • mary

    what low life and Unamerican behavior.....to be expected from this group

  • peggy

    I lived in Brownsville, Texas years ago (about 40 yrs) It was when absentee balloting first came out. After the election was over, they found large bags of absentee ballots in the Landfill - ALL REPUBLICAN.

  • HistoryBuff

    Remember 2004. It will all come out the "right" way in the end after they put 30 voting machines at every suburban precinct and 2 in the urban precincts so the lines will be 4-5 blocks long and the "lazy voters" will just go home.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7MW4EDR6JT7PX24523NOE4GQA4 ImJustSayan

    Joan wouldn't be lying through her teeth because she's a good Republican and wife of the local Grand Kleagle would she?

    It was voting machine company Diebold CEO who said he'd do anything to help Republicans win. Voter fraud is a Republican trait. Voter suppression is a Republican tactic.

  • frank

    My wife voted last week for Romney and the straight republican ticket. It took her three attempts to vote for the straight ticket because defaulted to the dems.

  • samantha

    my democrat friend who says she helps with the election says when the machines were set up her in Columbus they had 2500 votes in for the republicans already one them. which they had erased. . I told her that shouldn't be true because when they remove the info from the last election everything should have been removed. So many lies being told that they believe anything they hear.

  • Judy Stockstill

    If obama can cheat his way in, he will. Even if he wins, he will be impeached over the cover-up of Benghazi.

  • f8tul

    well then,, if he cheats.. We will just take a show of hands.. Redirect all of the satellites and point them at all the cities in America.. then get a computer to count the hands.

  • steakandpie

    she was able to choose Romney by herself, she just had to touch it properly.

    And busloads of Somali nationals?

    UN people making sure people vote for Obama?
    give me a break, let's focus on reality

  • DockyWocky

    Voting machines don't "ACT UP," as the official described the situation. The machine was tricked, or "rigged" to vote for Obama, and this has probably gone on all through early voting and is more than likely doing it again today.

    It is a pluperfect shame that designers of these so-called "voting machines" can still make them as vulnerable to shenanigans as they are. Funny how ATMs can't be tricked like voting machines.

    Well, I guess its back to the old drawing board again in the voting machine manufacturers.

  • Tapiteasy

    Did anybody verify this story?

  • http://www.facebook.com/nelda.bond Nelda Bond

    I'll never vote again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539276129 Carole Mitchell Lewis

    It would be really nice to know how many legal votes were counted in Ohio, Florida, and all the other states. Unfortunately, we will never know that Romney probably won with legal votes.

  • Korean_Vet

    On TV News in Albuquerque--they finally show a Democrat-man--who they said was not a
    U.S. Citizen--but they discovered--"That He'd voted over 20 times" according to their
    "Investigator-Reporter"-! "Now I've seen the ILLEGAL Man--who has been Canceling my
    last 20 Votes in Elections"-! They also had shown a ILLEGAL Woman--who wasn't a U.S.
    Citizen--who had just Voted in this 2012 Election-! And the State Parties[--have said that
    there were "No Illegal Voters" in New Mexico-!

  • well educated

    well, i do not like obama or romney, but i do not see how one was able to willingly cast a vote for romney anyways. I don't see how obama is a socialist, and i sure don't see romney doing anything in regards to fix it due to the fact that all his business' are not in the US. Another thing is that some of you are saying that the black people are being used to collect these government freebies. That is actually wrong and very feeble minded to think, the majority, (80%) of people accepting welfare are white, so maybe we need to educate and evolve the lesser whites we have in the country before we start to think of ourselves asa superiour because for now we look stupid.

    • http://twitter.com/Leishac LeishaC

      Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

      By the way, might want to rethink that screen name.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leprecaun14456 Robert Myles

    The answers to the above questions have certainly been answered with the redicuosly lopsided distribution of votes for Obama verses Romney and he sam with many REp or conservitive against dem liberal. Yes it was rigged on the largest scale ever and with the help and guidance of the UN which only has our best interests at heart. Ok so the last part was a bit of sarcasm, but hey gotta be a bit sarcastic and also a bit scared of the next footfall cause believe me folks it'll be a friggin doozy

  • glock 19 fan

    The secret is in the memory card. It can be "doctored" to read whatever the fraudster wants and nobody knows the difference. The punch cards were used as an excuse to use the scanners we use now -- which are easier to rig. The M-100 scanners leave a paper trail but how long will it take to destroy the paper ballots?

  • Debie

    This should be checked out. Maybe Mitt won the election. I wouldn't put anything past the Dems. We keep hearing these stories so I say recount.

  • kent

    FRAUD ????????

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    The kind of people who do this with voting machines would raterh kill the witnesses than allow the extent of the fraud to be exposed.
    They sealed all of his records and they that did it are in fear for their lives.
    Do we even know if they are stil alive?