You Admit You’re a Slave if You Vote for Obama

We know that Blacks are going to vote en masse for President Obama even though he (1) supports abortion on demand, and that would include “black genocide,” (2) endorses homosexuality, a destroyer of families, (3) did not denounce the Democratic Party when the majority wanted to exclude God from its platform, and (4)wants to keep the poor on the liberal plantation where poverty is high, the black family is in shambles, men are emasculated, and unemployment is keeping generations in poverty.

It's true that many blacks are not slaves to the liberal slave system. They've broken free, but this has not stop many of them from supporting the Democrats and their policies of generational dependency. In effect, they're contributing to economic slavery among their own people.

Wealth transfer subsidies have led to the immobility of the poor, the breakup of the family, and dependency on government programs. Poor people on government subsidies find it difficult to break free because getting a job will mean a loss of benefits and the payment of more taxes. I spoke with a man who owns several businesses. He tells me that many of the people who work for him only work a certain number of hours per week because if they work one more hour, they’ll lose their benefits. They're trapped.

Star Parker, once trapped in the welfare cycle, writes:

“Thirty-five years of Great Society social engineering have forced the disadvantaged to live under the control of the federal government. Politicians control their housing, food supply, schooling, wages, and transportation. A centralized government makes decisions about their childcare, healthcare, and retirement.”1

So what does it make someone who votes for dependency and those who accept their condition of dependence? The answer is obvious. Slaves.

The Democrats believe blacks are children that need to be coddled and made excuses for. Too many blacks have been conditioned to believe that they can’t do anything until the “Daddy State” steps in to help them. Booker T. Washington (1856–1915) had their kind in mind more than a century ago:

“I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

If the patient gets well, an entire industry of victimhood will die. This would be the best thing for the black community. Until blacks throw off the shroud of victimhood, they will be at the mercy of “doctors” who treat a cancer that does not exist but that they are paying for with their very lives and the lives of their children.

This is the election to break free. You may never get another chance.

  1. Star Parker, Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It (Nashville: WND Books, 2003), 72. []



  • Glenn Hendriksen let these 'negros' DESTROY themselves....WHO CARES....they are 'the' DOWNTRODDEN/UNFORTUNATE individuals WHO deserve this FRAUDULENT individual THEY seem to THINK is THEIR 'messiah'.............let THEM 'sink' because THEY will not be swimming.........i can assure you!..................'he WHO know NOT!'..................... LOL !

    • jango

      What the h*ll is this gobbeldy goop style of "writing"? You have some kind of speech impediment that is tranlated to your written speaking?
      This is the most retarded comment BECAUSE of the way you present it, your point of view is lost when you make it look like some KNUCKLHEAD wrote while being mugged. Write the dam* thing like an adult that actually went to the 5th grade or stay off these sites. And yes..I do think you're a moron.

      • JesseDonaldson

        Yes I don't think the dots add anything worthwhile to his post, just confusion.

      • William Benton

        You have opened your mouth and removed all doubt about your being a moron with your post btw don' bother to reply because I will only delete it

      • sandman

        oh did you mean translate? is that what you ment? if you could read his statement as writen, you would be able to see the a little sarcasim.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Over 100 years ago, what Booker T Washington observed about the manipulation of black society, is still an issue today....but even more so. Today, 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, many blacks are still clinging to the bonds of dependence, except now it's a voluntary enslavement to government.

    • TheSunDidIt

      True; but, they're not all "black" either. I know LOTS of blacks who do not support zero. I know LOTS of hispanics that do not support zero. And, outside of view, in the polling booth, lots of folks may not vote with their skin because then they won't have to worry about what their social circle wants or says. They'll vote their consciences. Everyone, start praying that Obama will be revealed today and that righteousness will prevail.

      • Remington 870

        The polls do not include those who live in minority communities who will not vote Obama, and will not tell their relatives, friends or neighbors for fear of being beaten up. Let's pray these few will go to the polls and vote silently.

    • jong

      Fredrick Douglas would also be appalled and horrified on what has been done to blacks after gaining their freedom. This time its not shackles but bread and circuses that have enslaved them.

    • WhiteFalcon

      It is also curious that the political party that they cling to is the very one that enslaved them in the first place, the one that created the KKK, and the one that supported the lynching of blacks and those that sympathised with blacks, and the party that killed each and every anti lynching law that was brought before the Congress, and that voted almost unanimously against the Civil Rights Law of 1964. Those are the accomplishments of the Democrat party. Doesn't that make you proud?

      • Richard

        Very good point and well put!

  • Katy

    What ridiculous, immoral crap.

    To misuse the word "slave" so badly in order to support the election of a marginally better candidate.

    This is sort of Ann Coulter-level silliness, where you say something provocative in order to draw attention to yourself.

    Shame on you.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Katy.........The truth hurts, eh?

      • Katy

        I wouldn't vote for either one of the major candidates or parties, so I'm not sure how "truth" could possibly be the issue.

        I do know that it's silly to use the word "slave" in this context.

        Hyperbole is so rarely helpful in these discussions...

        • sandman

          there is a small amount of truth to your post, but to not vote gives you no right to be a critic. if you cared about America at all, you would truely know Mitt is the right person for the job!

        • Myinsight

          Katy - If you will not vote for either candidate or party, you automatically vote for the winner of one of those parties. If President Obama wins, you have given your blessing to a president who has already begun to force his hand against Christians and Jews. Since the beginning of time, any nation that has turned their back on Israel has invited the wrath of God upon themselves. Israel are God's chosen people and you do not bring any reproach on God's chosen. Born again Christians are also God's chosen. (May I add here that not everyone who calls themselves Christians are as they say they are. Only those who yield themselves to God through Jesus Christ and recognize that God accepts nothing more or nothing less. Placing your faith in a church or system of religious rituals or good deeds is faith unacceptable to God.) It is only a matter of time before our nation will fall under such leadership as one who is against Christians and Jews. There will be no more protection from God. Be very careful, Katy, if you vote for a third party you will, foolishly, be wasting your vote. If you are choosing not to vote, you are shaking your fist in the face of God with the intent of making the decision for God concerning the winner of this election. God miraculously gave us this nation. We have been given valuable freedoms by God. If we refuse to take advantage of those freedoms, why should God continue to allow us to have those freedoms any longer. I would suggest that not voting for either party is laced with a little arrogance full pride that says, " I know better than God".

        • Katy

          I voted. Just not for either major party candidate.

          First, you should keep in mind I live in Texas, where Romney is going to win. ANY vote for President is a wasted vote in Texas.

          Secondly - and more important - I don't support either candidate. Why would I vote for a candidate I don't support. I voted 3rd party. As the 5-time 3rd party candidate Eugene Debs once said, "Better to vote for something you want and not get it than to vote for something you DON'T want and get it!"

          There are plenty of races I will vote in where I will vote for a potential winner. However, I will never be ashamed of voting for the candidate I support instead of one I do not support.

        • myinsight

          And you give no reason for not supporting Romney - So I will ask for your reason. The popular vote is very important, and that cannot be trivialized.

        • JesseDonaldson

          Popular vote = trivial in Texas and my vote in Illinois won't count either.

        • Katy

          I have never even considered Romney. He'd be my fourth choice vote in Texas (which has 4 candidates on the ballot).

          I can't think of a single issue where I have heard his position and felt good about him. Maybe guns, in theory, although he has been incredibly timid about mentioning the issue in front of national audiences.

        • myinsight

          Okay - I understand, after reading all of your posts, where you are coming from now. The picture is clear. You make your choices and you will have to live with them. I will say that Romney certainly was not my 1st choice, but I will trust in the Lord to carry out His plan for our nation as I use my God given privilege in obedience to uphold the duty of my citizenship. I believe that the two who were elected by the people to run for this office are the two who were ordained by God to be in that position. All others are nothing but selfish spoilers who know full well they cannot win. And most often it is true that the one they are most against, is the one who is put into office. It has happened many times.

        • CARLjr

          The popular vote does not count. Only 538 votes actually mean anything.

        • myinsight

          Please - what is the matter with all of you popular vote naysayers. Everyone knows the vote does not count for actually electing the president....However, the popular vote, if won by the losing president, is a moral victory for the loser and it helps to curtail a runaway loose cannon in the White House...It is important. It has happened before you know....

        • CARLjr

          oh, I apologize. Your vote does count toward "moral victories".

        • JesseDonaldson

          Debs has a dandy point.

        • myinsight

          So, Jessie, what is Debs "dandy" point?

        • JesseDonaldson

          It's in Katy's post that I replied to. Start rereading where it says "Better to vote for" (about the eighth line down & into the second paragraph)

        • myinsight

          If that is the "dandy" point, it certainly lacks in substance. It strikes me as being selfishly contrived, without consideration for the whole. And the popular vote is of nation wide importance when looking at the whole picture. If the losing candidate wins the popular vote, the elected president cannot justify any talk of mandate.

        • JesseDonaldson

          I think we're all a little selfish, if not no one would look out for us. Having the right to vote does not obligate the voter to vote for one of the favorites or the guy somebody else likes.

        • SonnyMagoo

          An American President is just a Gentile king, in the times of the Gentiles.
          Followers of Christ must not be confused about their own purpose
          God gives us the govt we deserve. if you dont like it PREACH THE GOSPEL..

        • Don39

          If you lack the courage to decide and vote , quit wasting our time! Your perfect my-way world is in for a very big awakening when you grow up! Of course if you do not grow up, you will be just another leftist, part of the problem and not part of the solution.

        • Katy

          I most certainly did decide.

          I voted. I simply did not support the major party candidates (in the Presidential race).

          Look, you are posting REALLY dumb comments to me. If you can't have an adult conversation without the insults, please... just stop.

          I'm willing to have a discussion, but not with someone who thinks insults ARE discussion.

          Can you manage that?

    • blackhawk

      Immoral crap is the last 4 years of this failed administration..and you dopes want 4 more??? Shame on this electorate!!!

      • Katy

        I think Obama has been pretty lousy.

        What in the world does that have to do with this hack of a writer trying to say that policies he doesn't agree with are the equivalent of slavery?

        • Wolfhouse

          Katy, I understand your point. However, the writer is using the context being purported by Star Parker in her book, see below.

          Star Parker, Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It (Nashville: WND Books, 2003), 72.
          Read more:

          The article, I believe is nothing more the review of the conclusions Star Parker draws from over 45 years of Big Gov. doling out benefits in exchange for self determination. The book is a good read, supported by facts from HUD, SSA, ADC etc. reports and interviews.

        • Katy

          The thing is, none of that is slavery. You or I can change our circumstances, poor or not. We can go get a job or hell, go move to a different state or country, if worse comes to worse.

          If we were legally property, we could not do that - and that is a significant difference.

          The article about big government probably has merit - and I wish we could have a sober discussion about the poor without it turning into a screaming match about race, etc.

          But using the word slavery here does NOT further that argument in any way. We know what slavery is. This is something else - although it might be just as insidious, in its own way.

        • sandman

          See now there you go, that was very well said!

        • SonnyMagoo

          Slavery is an economic condition. Once you know that itis easy to see how welfare and the like keeps people enslaved

        • Don39

          When you allow the government to become lord and master, it is slavery, maybe voluntary, but never the less slavery. When the government has more power than the people that is slavery, maybe through ignorance and empathy, but slavery never the less. Insidious yes, but still slavery. Willful erosion of the citizens rights through violation of law is despotism, just a form of slavery!

        • Katy

          I've already explained what is wrong with using the word.

          Thanks for playing, though.

          Have a great day and good luck to you tomorrow night...

        • myinsight

          Don39 - Katy is brainwashed, but you have to admit she is good with words. I give her an A+ for her writing skills. But her lack of flexibility with the word slaves shows little insight into the reality of the word that is used quite often in terms of one being addicted to certain behaviors. The government does cause many to become enslaved or addicted to receiving handouts so as to keep them from being able to ride above themselves and take responsibility for themselves. As my dictionary tells me in the 3rd definition "A helpless victim of some dominating influence (slave of fashion, slave to duty)"

        • guest

          What makes you think people on the dole, worship the government as lord & master. You are reaching for a connection between money & virtue, just like Demar tries to make, but you'll never find a valid justification of that. Receiving government payments in no way makes a person a slave, anymore than investing in stocks & bonds makes you a slave to those companies, although you certainly are exposing yourself to disaster.
          Heaven is also a government. Repuglicans think government is evil, and when they're in power, they're right. People apply for benefits when they're aware of no other options. The economy is in the toilet because repuglicans won't hire and the old jobs are in China, India, Viet Nam, etc.
          Now social slavery that requires daily servitude for a dollar is in my opinion, a subtle idolatry. Repuglicans secretly worship money & commerce and like banksters, they expect everyone to tow the line, share a united vision of market economics. But it only works if everyone shares their view. It's not slavery per se, but social coercion. So much for the party who claims to believe in freedom make money. And God help the person who doesn't "get it."

        • Don39

          Maybe when you grow up, if ever, you will understand!

        • Katy

          That is an intelligent contribution to the discussion, thanks...

        • CARLjr

          Katy - Gary DeMar is full of crap in ALL OF HIS ARTICLES. He writes outrageous headlines - then scrambles together a story that somewhat fits. He has an agenda - make cash through page views.

    • ARMYOF69

      Got your free rubbers yet?

      • Katy

        I don't have much use for them at any cost. Thanks, though!

    • cama9

      Thank you Katy for writing the most sensible and honest comment I've seen here yet. I won't even bother looking at the other ones - I was hoping for just one honest comment.
      The rest of the sheeple who follow this author don't even realize that Rmoney, if elected, won't free them from the TSA, spying NSA, DHS, would put them away through the NDAA, continue killing innocents through drone strikes, would adopt a kill list and would through us deeper in debt by starting WWIII with Iran. Oh, and make the UNPatriot Act a permanent feature because who doesn't love warrantless searches in government? We have no choice this election but to vote for the same guy - Rombamney!

      • myinsight

        cama9 - The Bible tells us that there is a way which seems right to man but the ways thereof are the ways of death....There is much evil in this world, and we are to stand our ground against evil. There will not be peace until Christ returns and establishes His kingdom. There is no man capable of keeping perfect peace and there never will be. Since all men have the bent toward sinful acts within. (Roman 3:23 "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.") And since Satan is roaming this earth looking for whom he may devour. It is necessary for those who are responsible before God to be wise to Satan's attempts to deceive and devour those who are so easily taken in by him. You should know that God gave us this country in a miraculous way if you know your history. He has entrusted this land to us and we are right to keep Satan from our shores. Unfortunately, Satan is attacking within our nation through our own people. And I will not go into all that now, but I will just finish by saying that we do not live on an island. You gave yourself away when you said you were not reading anything else but Katy's words. It proves that you are not willing to educate yourself beyond your own selfish thinking. You have no understanding of life and how precious it is if you are willing to give the world over to Satan's hand.

  • Proudamerican

    As well as being incredibly ignorant! Dont forget that!

  • NamelessN00b

    Same if you vote Romney. You may as well replace Goebbels with Hitler, because Obama and Romney share the same agenda.

    • sandman

      the ONLY thing the two men have in common to deal with is gravity!

      • NamelessN00b

        Mind expalining to me why they both support indefinite detention without due process?
        If you think that someone like Romney who has said out loud the NDAA and the Patriot Act are mandatory to fight the epic sham called "the war on terror" is up for repealing it, then I don't know what to say apart from "get a blindfold, you're probably going to want it."

        • myinsight

          Nameless - Try and find another thing wrong with Romney for a change.

        • guest

          He's a globalist who shipped jobs overseas, a vulture capitalist who overloaded companies with debt and sold them off piece-meal. And now he's promising to save US by CREATING jobs! Do you see the hypocrisy?

          The economic treason? the obsequity of special interests being served? All politics is favoritism, but the Bible tells US that the rich oppress the poor, who cry to Yahweh for Justice, and He hears THEM. You find very few passages where God praises the wealthy, but plenty of criticism.

        • NamelessN00b

          Back in 2004, he pushed for stronger gun control laws, he's recently withdrawn from abolishing Obamacare altogether, he flip-flops on various issues (Audit the Fed, Outsourcing, and I already mentioned Obamacare.).

          If I can recall anymore, I'll let you know.

          BTW, don't get your hopes up, but a YouTube user by the alias "cgreene" says that Romney won.

    • JesseDonaldson

      I don't believe that. I expect Romney to do a very good job at least at first. If he get congressional support this mess might be savable/salvageable. you know maybe

      • NamelessN00b

        Don't buy the hype, he said he supports the same NDAA Obama signed, he's no better than Obama.

        • JesseDonaldson

          so our rights will be more lost if Mitt wins the job?

        • NamelessN00b

          No, they'll be just as lost with Obama.

          It's no longer about Corrupt Democrat Candidates, nor Corrupt Republican Candidates... It's about Corrupt Candidates.

          Third-party Candidates are the only ones who will not condone this American Holocaust. You talk about voting your own conscience, what's the sense in voting either of the Two-Party candidates if you know that masses of scapegoats will be arrested, tortured, and/or murdered?

        • myinsight

          Nameless - Why don't you try having a God fearing session with yourself instead of fearing in such an obsessive way over the two party system. God is in control and has ordained the two candidates who have been chosen for this election. Had God wanted anyone else but these two he would have seen to it that they were chosen. For you to try and play God and voting for someone else rather then these two, while all the time bad mouthing both candidates, you are telling God that He can't do it right and you are going to correct Him.

        • guest

          God must surely be behind one major party candidate or the other, is that your premise? Seriously? I am in no way blaming God for the weaknesses of man.

        • myinsight

          Nameless - is that the only issue you know anything about?

        • JesseDonaldson

          I didn't review your little movie because I already knew about Romney and I'm sticking to my prediction 'good at first' until the big money people influence him.

        • guest111121

          I guess it really didn't matter, eh? Love your hair.

    • myinsight

      Excuse me- Nameless- It is obvious that you have not done your homework....For lack of space, I could never be able to list all the differences in these two men here. For starters...Obama has already begun his war on Christians and Jews. And you can expect that assault on freedom of religion to get nasty if he gets elected. Go against Israel and you will see the downfall of our country in a tail spin. Mind you watch out for freedom of speech and how that will be an issue as well....It is our freedom Nameless - Romney is not Hitler, I have never heard anything out of him to verify such an attack. He does not have the "one size fits all mentality" such as Obama has. Everyone under government control (that is called vote baiting) and taking from the rich to give to the poor (that is called stealing). It is unbiblical and ungodly and selfish on the part of leadership. Romney will not conduct business in our country in such disdain for certain classes of people as we are seeing now and it will get nothing but worse if Obama is elected again.

      • NamelessN00b

        He supports the same NDAA that Obama signed. The same NDAA that allows indefinite detention of human beings, American or otherwise, no fair trial. The America you believe in does not condone that.

        If Romney gets elected, you can expect as many scapegoats under Mitt's administration as you would Obama.

        Ergo, "Replacing Goebbels with Hitler."

        • myinsight

          Nameless - you are a one track one item voter. The worst possible kind. As I explained in other posts. No man is perfect or is he capable of doing everything right. We are all fallen human beings. Do you want to continue to have freedom or worship, freedom of speech, money in your pocket. Health care when you need it (it will be rationed you know)? Get real - face reality and stop swirling in a circle....on a one issue bandwagon.

    • cat

      Perhaps; BUT Ryan isn't Biden, who is a week older than Jimi Hendrix--LOL

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    There are many, and quite probably none of those are black people, that so desperately want to be stripped of everything and become slaves that they are voting multiple times with this election. Voter fraud by the democrats with this particular election will dwarf all voter fraud by democrats in all previous elections. They have realized that they are closer now than ever before in the quest to destroy this nation and don't want to be set back by any pro American administration. Because if they fail now, it could be a minimum of 16 years before they have another chance like this and during those 16 possible years they realize that they run the risk of democrats waking up and taking their party back. So with this election from all that is being seen, Holder and company have absolutely no interest in upholding our voter laws and filing felony charges against those that commit this felony.

  • theendisfar

    Same thing for Romney. The Two Party System is a system of Central Planning Elite with D's and R's attached to their Names/Offices.

    If one or a group assumes the responsibility to Plan other people's Property, Labor, Life, then they must assume the Authority to do so. If someone else has the Authority to Plan YOUR Property, Labor, Life, then they in practice (effect) Own YOUR property, labor, life.

    Call it Serfdom or Slavery, but as long as Democrats, Republicans, or any other group/party Centrally Plans Laws and Markets, all those that are not in the Party Leadership are Lower in Station and in effect Slaves.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Yup, admit you're a slave .... or just simply lazy beyond belief. There's always the excuse that you're just too stupid to understand the situation. Yes, there are many reasons to vote for the empty suit that has bankrupted America. 99.999% of them are worse than what's already been mentioned.

  • ARMYOF69

    I have news for you all. WE are already slaves . Just look at all the taxes and fees we pay.

    And, on top of that , look at the so called Patriot Act. And, soon to come , the United Nations with controls and taxation on the Internet use, and the removal of our 2nd. amendment rights, courtesy of Obama and Hilary Cliton

    • Liberty Rock


    • Kathy Adubato

      I Second that. TAXES are the WEAPONS of SOCIALIST OPPRESSION---Just Sayin'---

    • ARMYOF69

      And, remember, only free men are allowed to carry weapons. WE are NOT allowed to just carry weapons.

    • Delia Elwell

      Its true we are already slaves...look at the Obama Care....

  • joe

    I don't see any black professional athletes alongside Jesse Jackson asking for more white or multi "diversity" on their playing fields; if they REALLY sincerely cared about racial discrimination!

  • Liberty Rock


    • guest

      You are delusional wishful thinker or just retarded, Romney has promised to do no such thing. That's the problem with so-called conservatives, out of touch with their fellow man and reality, thinking a repug president will save US. Too bad they can't put millionaires and billionaires in prison for ECONOMIC treason.

      • Richard

        Must be a loser sucking on the Government tit!

  • RonMar

    We will see tomorrow if they like being slaves.

    • Liberty Rock

      Unfortanate,Obama Victory Will Cause A Civil War & The End Of The United States Because Consevative State Will Leave The Union Through Secession Under The Constitution & The Declaration Of Independence.Our Enemies Would Win.
      God Help Us All Against Evil In America. Pray to God For Thy Foreign & Domestic Enemies Disappear From God Divine Province & Heaven

      • RonMar

        Some disturbances, maybe even rioting, will probably occur, but the United States will remain United.

        • Don39

          What do you mean remain united. It is not united now and has not been for a number of years. Have you ever looked at an electoral map? It is as plain as the nose on your face , the minority aggregated in liberal leftist strongholds , large metropolitan population of slums and power and immorality that support the socio-communist leftist movement! These power centers are the ultimate takers while the rest of the nation are the ultimate ceders! We are not united. A united nation could never have elected the likes of Obama the fraud titular head of the leftist beast.

        • RonMar

          I agree with much of what you say, but you do need to calm down. I mean United as the United States of America.

        • Don39

          I neither intend to nor need to calm down. The calm of the past forty years got us in the crapper we are in. I am riled and I intend to stay riles. I earned the right to be riled, so piss off! Those of us who care have a Constitutional Republic to restore.

        • RonMar

          Weeell, excuse me. I was only trying to help you. You really are riled up, and I learned on my first combat tour over 50 years ago those who can't stay calm are the first to get hit, the first to go in the body bags.
          Win or lose this election tomorrow we are likely to be in a bad situation. Obama supporters are mouthing off about rioting, even making threats against Romney. If Obama wins he will be essentially without restraints unless we can elect enough Senators tomorrow to take control of the Senate and impeach him to get him out of office.
          I hope you make it through the coming troubles.

        • Don39

          I am sure your combat experience has a lot to do with it. Maybe you survived because you were a shrinking violet. I survived because I knew how to take control when all around me were loosing their head. That is why they gave me a Battlefield Commission . Perhaps if I had been calmer I might not have gotten those Purple Hearts. I prefer to think that because I was calm enough , I lived to show those decorations for valor to my grandchildren! Some of my friends came back in body bags, not because they couldn't stay calm, but because it was the nature of the job. So save me the condescending crap.

        • RonMar

          Yeah, Don, I'm "a shrinking violet" with two BSMs/V for valor and a Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. Some of my friends came back in body bags also during the 21 years I was on active duty due to "the nature of the job."
          Thank you for your service, but it looks like you need some psychiatric care in your old age. Please save me from any more of your false assumptions and insane ranting. You picked this fight, now it's time for you to stop. United we stand, divided we fall.

        • Don39

          No you picked this, you made it personal and you tried the one up crap with bringing up combat etc. to show your superiority. maybe you should reread the transcript without the chip on your shoulder.

        • RonMar

          Don, you really do need help. I posted to Liberty Rock. You butted in all berserk and obscene.
          I took this comment from you as meaning you earned a right by service to our country in the military, "I earned the right to be riled, so piss off!" So you are also the first to have brought up military service.
          Now you go right ahead and post as much as you want to trying to relieve the extreme stress and anger you are feeling. It may be good for you until you get some psychiatric care that you are qualified for through the VA.
          I will ignore your crazy posts after this one.
          Goodbye and good luck.

  • CajunPatriot

    "Let My People Go!" should be the cry from every African-America pulpit in America. "Let My People Go!" from dependency on the paps of government, from the Democrat slave lords. While voting early, I met an African-American pastor I knew. He said he was voting for Obama. I asked how he could justify that vote in lieu of what he knew from God's word about murder of the unborn(innocent), and homosexual marriage. He said he prayed for Obama and forgave these sins. I asked him if a man was ravaging his wife or daughter, would he then say he would support the man and forgive his sin, or defend his daughter and try to stop this man from doing that to others? He hung his head. I reminded him that God would hold him accountable for supporting someone who stood for such things from Romans Chapter 1. He said he was late for an appointment and departed quickly.

    This dependency upon government has changed radically the traditional black church which has been the center and focus of the black community since the beginning here in America. Now in most traditional African-American churches 70 percent of the children born are born to a single unmarried mother. In the world/unchurched the percentage is the same. There is now no difference between the world and the traditional African-American church. When the church pastors and leadership compromise the Word of God and their faith to support a man who advocates laws and practices so abhorrent to God as does Obama, what do you think their churches will represent? Not hope you can believe in, but the wide path which leads to destruction.

    • Don39

      African americans should go to Africa! Black Americans should be proud and stand up for America and their American heritage!

  • Steve Atkinson

    if the blacks would take the time to inform themselves, they would see how they are beimg used by the democratic party as their DEPENDANT voting bloc!

  • Walt

    May those who want to be slaves or "willing victims" get their wish. I just hope they do not take the rest of down with them.

  • sandman

    Not realy, because slaves were not aloud to be lazy, liers, dependant and most of all free to think! what they are is stupid plane and simple! the slaves HAD to work to eat, and were not educated, they did whatever the owner said! never to be free thinkers, but most of all work!

    • Ronald Anders

      sandman, are your misspellings deliberate? If not, then frankly I would not talk about anybody being stupid, plain and simple.

      • sandman

        can you correct me? publik sckools is why! but you know what I said!

    • guest

      Dude, this is the 21st century. We have robots, labor-saving devices like combines, tractors, automation. Full employment is no longer a necessity. Your value system hasn't caught up with technology. Maybe you think we must create more human needs to serviley serve. In engineering, laziness is a virtue that causes man to think up ways to make life easier for everyone. But repuglicans and conservatives (I call them stingicrats) want to keep people living in the middle-ages, or before. Nothing changes for the better because your attitudes are ossified. Jesus was unable to perform any miracles in towns populated with your kind.

  • Still on the Plantation

    Allen West, Army VET and congressman from Florida , says it best.... the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is keeping blacks on the plantation. Booker T WAS right.

    After about 95% of the black voters supported BO in 2008, what has it gotten them??

    • ARMYOF69

      It has now given them another chance to do that all over again, and expect a different result. Let's call it INSANITY.

    • Justin

      It got some of them a free iPhone. Nothing like trading your liberty and independence for materialistic junk.

  • James Maxwell

    It is hard to comprehend that people like Booker T. Washington has more common sense
    than many today do regardless of race. What he said then rings true today even more
    so as we see the results of the LBJ "Great Society" and other Liberal Democrat programs
    fostered upon people. Not just people of color but all people in the United States. They
    seem to thrive upon keeping people down and enslaved to the system so they can

    retain political power. When a free people rise up and break the chain that have been

    imposed upon them by politicians it is astounding as to what they can achieve for

    themselves and their families.

  • Ronald Anders

    Lyndon Johnson, referring to his Great Society, told two Governors while they were on Air Force One, “I’ll have those n----rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”


    they still want us to pay the price for what their own people did to them if they still want to be enslaved by Obama and his smooth talks then they do not deserve any better.Obama is not the one that they will have to face on Judgement Day and it is around the corner when they look upon the face of God who created them they still want their food stamps and Welfare checks

  • Crotte

    This also applies to the whites that are on the dole not only the blacks.

    • CARLjr

      like bankers

      • guest

        Gimme mah bailout!

  • Leggs

    I've been a registered voter since 1976 - and with the exception of the first two elections I was eligible to vote in, I've not voted for any candidate based purely on his or my party affiliation. I've also never had anyone say "don't vote for someone, because he's white". Yet, here in 2008/2012 that's all you hear "all the black people voting for Obama" - and everyone is howling mad about it- and all the people writing and commenting on 'black society" don't know the first thing about "black anything"!!! Comments are being made based on a bias uninformed rhetoric!

  • Carol Small

    I have been spewing this for years only I say that the government and prominent in the media blacks and far left communist whites were making "Pets" out of welfare recipients. After all Slaves are expected to work, pets are not. We take care of our Pets the same way the government takes care of lifetime and generational welfare recipients. They are our Pets they will only get what the government and their welfare leaders want them to have, for without these Pets those leaders would have no one to "lead", The leaders are evil, evil people who profit by keeping their Pets poor. I wonder what the leaders want and expect from their own children?

  • i2luvmyusa

    If Obama is re-elected, bow to the King and Queens of Slaves! Bow down to him, for he is extended you more Food Stamps, easier access to Welfare, keeping you stupid, pregnant,then help kill your babies via abortion, keep the boarders open to bring in more drugs and illegals to your neighborhood, add bars on your windows to keep your loving pot head neighbor out, make it easy to use your welfare checks to get cash so you can continue to feed your pot and/or booze habit! All this is done for one reason, your vote! A vote to keep your Slave Masters in POWER to continue all the wonderful things. such as, nice home, money in the bank, their children going to Private Schools, and luxury Vacations! So bow down to you Slave Masters and give them your vote to continue your life style and that of your children in the manner you have become accustom !

    • guest

      That's right, and you have a few more tens of thousands of needy people created overnight by of all things, the weather. What part of "the poor will always be with you" don't you want to understand. God bless America's welfare system, it's what makes our country great. There are no stingicrat pr!cks in Heaven.


    Slave? Im a freeman a god fear in ass kickin American. Try to enslave me it aint gona work.


    too bad these people do not get smart and smell the stench of liberalism;; the dumocraps under LBJ created the welfare [vote] society;; now we the people are supporting their reckless social/sexual behavior.......he gave me his OBAMA PHONE;Unfortunately these black negris think white people owe them for fu666king.....

  • jenniewalsh

    I have a feeling that there might be a genetically inherited tendency to being a slave, or it could just be passed down in teaching from parents to children. However, I would NOT be in favor of any so-called "government study" to figure out what causes slave consciousness, because I know that the rip-off, lying, thieving bureaucrats and politicians will use any excuse to rip-off taxpayer money to stuff their own pockets. Racketeering in government is RAMPANT. The criminal politicians and bureaucrats use the poor "programs" to stuff their own pockets.

  • Michael

    Obama's policies have not worked, we've had a divided country from his last four years because all he talks about is dividing Americans, that's not a patriot that loves America.

    • guest

      When Romney calls 47% of Americans moochers and takers, "looters" (Ryan's darling Ayn Rand term) THAT is divisive, and insulting. Economic refugees more like it, of a rhetorical class war on America, being waged by globalists like Romney from their secret offices around the world. they are the REAL looters, that's why they need to hide their loot in offshore accounts. Anyone who thinks his ilk can or will save US is a moron whistling past the graveyard.

  • freedomgirl

    After tomorrow we will truely see what is going to happen to America and the People.
    I am Anxious, I am Praying for US!!!

  • Barb Patton

    We now have blacks, lattes, mexicans legal and illegal and a couple of ghetto white crack smokers all willing to be on the government's leftist tit... Mr Romney will find it an impossibility to wean the tit hangers from the tit. I would say an impossibility. Perhaps Mr Romney should leave planned parenthood and abortions in place because that seems to be the leftist way of culling the population. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Don39

    Actually there are two kinds of Obama voters. There are those who would like to be slave masters and there are those content to be slaves and exist at the coast of others! If you folow this column you know that Republicans, patriots, conservatives, pro Constitutionalist and supporters of the Republic should vote tomorrow for Romney and others on the republican ticket. All the rest of you anti-American anti-Constitutionalist leftist Obama supporters be sure to cast your ballot on Wednesday, the time especially set aside for you!

  • Ted Smith

    It amazes me that 95% of blacks are registered Democrat. They belong to the party that fought to continue slavery, created the chains of segregation and formed the KKK to keep the blacks in line. The greatest strength of the Democrats is people's ignorance.

  • DandBA

    What a great article! Articulate, honest, non-threatening to blacks. If only they would read it. More importantly, if only they could READ!

  • momoatkm

    Obama and the Blacks themselves are what are who are keeping the Black people down today. People of all races need to join together and WORK to get this country back to being great. Time to stop the self-suppression and do something else; we do not live in the Dark Ages anymore.

    • cat

      I know lots of times, many blacks think whites are racist--they just don't know that many blacks vote democrat and the ones who don't are treated like they have 'leprosy' in some families.So the dems could try to stir up racism-i think it may happen from the SANDY storm.I also have a feeling that many blacks who are together with families may vote for Romney but not tell their families.. The democrats BOOED GOD on 9/6 that led to Tuesday 9/11 11 years after Tuesday 9/11. This couldn't happen last year on 9/11/11
      So many blacks go to church, so we/they may surprise you on Tuesday, especially if they were born after 1980. We have the highest unemployment!

    • guest

      It's important to realize that most of the jobs and factories are gone so if you want to talk about WORK then there needs to be a LOCATION where the work gets done. Since private industry cannot be trusted to create jobs (they haven't, in fact they moved elsewhere) then we need government to help fund retraining, construction of factories/industries or what-have-you because economic traitors like Romney's company have bought up and sold off America's infrstructure and now claims he will create jobs! What a joke. Bain Capital made almost a billion dollars in 9 years doing exactly what I just said.

  • Brabado

    If we are to believe the different Polls that suggest Barack Obama might win re-election, it proves that a large number of Americans really enjoy working in Master Obama's Plantation...

    Remember that, every Country has the Goverment it deserves...


  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    So sad too see that Blacks what Uncle tom taking Care of them.

  • Friscolady

    I am NO-ONES Slave!

    And no I did not vote for the Marxist!

  • Ronald Christopher

    What I find amazing is that it was the Democrats who championed slavery, yet the blacks go with the Democrats. Crazy!

  • half baked

    "he (Obama) supports abortion on demand, and that would include 'black genocide,'"

    I stopped reading the article at this point. Not only is this statement just completely false, it's really stupid. haha

  • just ramblin

    BREAKING NEWS people,everyone that pays the marxist income tax is a SLAVE,the gov. is claiming they own your labor,and you do not have the right to trade your labor for anything including federal reserve notes,without paying for the privilege they let you have to work and use federal reserve notes.When you have a HONEST money system you EARN a LIVING and the gov. cannot touch it
    It is called merchant law or the law of the sea,
    just rambling

    • guest

      And that's why courts across the land display the fringe flag (admiralty law) vs. the plain common law flag, because the courts are practicing LAND PIRACY! And to correct one of your false premises, the government can always touch whatever it likes, because government is nothing more or less than a protection racket. ALL GOVERNMENT IS FAVORITISM.

  • Dicken

    This MIGHT be a long reach, but, look at your Bible, in John's Gospel, Chapter 11, verse 50. There the leader of Jesus' opposition states that " is better for one man to die, than for the whole nation be destroyed.." Although this guy is certainly not on a par with our Lord, that attitude might be the best solution for our present situation. Think about it.

  • danimal

    I'm voting the Romney ticket in a few hours, I'm sooo ready for the "change" that Odummer is talking about. This is the change he is talking about, is it not?

  • WhiteFalcon

    Well, I didn't vote for slavery. I voted against Ovomit, and I am proud of it. If that idiot gets re elected, it won't be because of my vote. I hope everyone that is against Ovomit goes out and votes and all those that wish to live in slavery, (those that are for Ovomit), stay home and watch their stories on TV. That is about the height of their intelligence anyway.

  • guest

    Gary Demar is an irrelevant imbecile, who cares what he thinks.

  • Silas Longshot

    There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    The end of America as we know it

  • Quincy

    You don't have to admit you are a slave. You admit that you would rather receive free stuff from the government who pays for it with money from the few who want to work. The choice was clearly theirs: Be Free or Be Dependent. They chose to be dependent. Too many young people are dependent on others whether it is their parents, where they still live at age 30 or dependent of someone else to cover their butt when things go wrong.