Is Obama Guilty of War Crimes and Treason by Gifting Libya to Al Qaeda?

There has been little information and a wealth of mis-information concerning Libya and the September 11 attack in Benghazi.  As corrupt and secretive as the Obama administration has been, we may never know what really took place leading up to and during the time that 4 Americans were brutally murdered.

So when I read a report about a group of anti-Al Qaeda Libyans who are living in exile and claim to have classified documents that implicate President Obama, I felt compelled to share it with you.  After reading this and hopefully checking for yourselves, I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not the report is true or false.

According to the report, this group says that it has obtained highly classified documents, many from the Libyan government that provides evidence that Obama literally gift-wrapped Libya and handed it over to Al Qaeda operatives.  These operatives in turn control the new Libyan government that replaced Muammar Gadhafi.  They have released a few of the documents they claim to have and say that they will release the rest to the National Center For Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism when Mitt Romney is sworn in as President of the United States.

They claim the documents provide evidence that the jihadists were armed by the Obama administration.  Further, the Obama administration was fully aware that key positions within the newly formed Libyan government were being given to key Al Qaeda operatives and those who have ties to Al Qaeda.

The group of Libyan exiles state that it was these reasons that caused U.S. Ambassador Stevens to be concerned about troubling surveillance of the Consulate in Benghazi and his request for more security which was denied.  They also state that the failure of the Libyan government to provide extra security was a purposeful act carried out by the government’s mafia-type system which ultimately answers to Al Qaeda leadership and control.  It was these same Al Qaeda leaders whom the Obama administration apparently approved of in their new key positions.  Therefore, they conclude, the Obama administration is knowingly to blame for the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi.

For example, Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed now works in the Libyan Interior Ministry where he has been put in control over Libya’s borders.  He is the brother to Abu Yahya al-Libi. Qayed, a recently assassinated member of Al Qaeda.  Under his oversight, Al Qaeda operatives are being free access to cross the border into Libya where they have being welcomed.

Another example is that of Fadlallah Haran Musa and Khalid Atiyeh.  Both men have ties to Al Qaeda and have been placed in important government roles.  Musa has been made head of the National Security Fares in Barqa (eastern Libya) and Atiyeh has been assigned to be Musa’s assistant.

Sufyan Gammu is still one of the most sought after members of Al Qaeda, largely because he had served as Osama bin Laden’s personal driver.  Information states that he is now living openly in Libya under the protection of the new government, again with the cooperation of the Obama administration.

Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi, also of Al Qaeda has been in hiding in the mountains of Libya since 1996.  Dirbi is the current leader of Abu Salim Martyrs Birgade and now is free to walk the streets of Benghazi.

The list goes on from here of known terrorists and enemies of the United States that have now not only found sanctuary in Libya, but many have been placed in positions of power.  And according to the Libyan exiles, their documentation shows that they all have the knowledge and blessings of the Obama administration.

If these allegations are proven to be true, then they would be grounds to try Barack Hussein Obama for treason and possible war crimes against the United States and the people of Libya.  Hopefully, tonight we will learn that Mitt Romney has won the election and that this group will follow through with the delivery of the documents that should indict Obama and send him to prison for the rest of his life.



  • Doodlebug


  • Screeminmeeme

    ''Hopefully, tonight we will learn that Mitt Romney has won the election and that this group will follow through with the delivery of the documents that should indict Obama and send him to prison for the rest of his life''

    I pray so.

    However....I think he should be executed if he's found guilty of treason. If these acts of treason don't justify a sentence of capital punishment, I don't know what does.

    • greg2318

      executed is to good for him.. Isolation in a prison would be better.. so the the democraps can see and remember..

      • charlie

        no the next dumbocart would pardon him, thats why its the death penaly

        • Taydwa

          I'm afraid that if he's executed, the libs would martyr him, though, and he sure doesn't deserve that!!!!

    • Don

      I agree wholeheartidly.

    • Mary Gilford

      There has been sooooooooooooo many things to impeach or prosecute him for and NOTHING happens, Why would any one think he is not going to get away with murder, which he has already done.

    • TrueAmerican

      From ur mouth to God's ears brother... AMEN

    • Bill T Smith

      I also think hillary and rice and anyone else that is behind this cover up as well is hung at high noon since it was a big cover up and none of them cared to send help

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  • charlie

    sorry but you are wrong. the penalty for treason is death and we need to charge, convict and execute him and most of his appointees. Too bad we dont still do public hangings that would be the ultimate in correcting that terrible mistake made by the illegal voters and dead people

  • CCblogging

    Yes! Obama is guilty of this demonic act of treason and much, much more. If the Victorious Republicans indict, prosecute & convict him, the punishment for Obama's High Treason should be a death sentence. It won't be a problem getting a firing squad together for the creep's farewell party.

  • Lady Liberty

    I'm looking forward to hearing that Romney/Ryan have won!!! Hoping and praying!! I think there already IS enough information to bring charges against Obama and it should be done immediately. Isn't the penalty for treason execution? Obama has already cost our country PLENTY...I am not for keeping him, feeding him, allowing him to continue his lies, etc., by keeping him imprisoned. Remember, to kill a snake you must cut off its head!!!!!

  • gnafuasusual

    Commander in Chiefs know: No Man Left Behind. At least, The U.S. Military knows this. What happened in Benghazi is unforgivable of the U.S. President. His appointed investigative staff about Benghazi is a "rouse" and we know it. He can't hide behind Jarrett now. She's not going to take the fall like Clinton did. We have many retired Military Generals and The People who are demanding a clean investigation and demand for accountability! If Congressmen/ladies cannot stop playing solitare on their computers long enough to see that the masses are demanding proper investigation, they too will go down with the Administration.

  • Sam

    I hope obama goes to prison. He deserves to be shot by a firing squad. He is the enemy of America. He is a low-life scumbag.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Pray the full truth be known AND PUBLISHED; not buried.

  • conservative girl

    He's going to pardon himself before he leaves office, book it out of the country, and pardon all of the Gitmo crew.

  • Richard

    I agree, as most true Americans would, with all of your comments however, we have an election to win before any action can/will be taken against this administration. My gut is telling me they are aware of their treasonous conduct and will try everything and anything to control the outcome of this election. We'll see tonight!!!


    THIS QUESTION MUST BE A SPOOF; RIGHT???????? is obama a racist, bigot, hypocrite,, what da ya thank??????

  • Barb Patton

    If this is true then it is to be hoped that Mr Romney will have the ayatollah barack hussein obama frogmarched and handcuffed out of the White HOuse. God riddance to bad rubbish

  • calpaul

    Obama is guilty of treason on a multitude of issues and levels. His very refusal to produce a valid birth certificate and qualification to run for President is treason.


    I have no doubt obama is guilty

    • Amfer Ferg

      Then it should be a very short trial - they can even hold it in Manhattan.

  • RonMar

    In answer to the headline question, yes.
    (11/6) news of Obama failures:

    Benghazi -- Blood on Obama's Hands

    For Northeast, problems abound post-Sandy

    Fort Hood shooting victims sue government (based on Obama calling it ‘workplace violence’ instead of an Islamic terrorist act)

    Obama: Clear And Present Danger

    The End of a Scandalous and Uncivil Presidency

    New Civility Alert: Obama Backers Threaten Riots If Obama Loses

    Fort Hood shooting victims sue government (based on Obama calling it ‘workplace violence’ instead of an Islamic terrorist act)

    Obama: Clear And Present Danger

    The End of a Scandalous and Uncivil Presidency

    New Civility Alert: Obama Backers Threaten Riots If Obama Loses

    Middle class even worse off than thought



    Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena...


    Obama Internal Poll Shows Trend for Romney

    Philly Activist Group Shreds GOP Voter Registrations

    Jay-Z Substitutes 'Mitt' for 'B-tch' While Singing at Obama Rally...

    Who Wants A President Who Will Lie To You? Asks -- BILL CLINTON?

    Black Panthers Return to Philly Polling Site...







    Black Man Yells: Wake Up, White Obama Sympathizers!

    GOP poll inspectors being forcibly removed -- replaced by Democrats...

    Judge issues order to reinstate...

    Obama, not-so-happy warrior...

    Complaint Alleges Unions Putting Illegal Immigrants on Voter Rolls in Nevada

    Stimulus fraud, misuse costs more than $5.8 billion

    Stimulus fraud, misuse costs more than $5.8 billion

    Little Girl’s Video: “President Obama, Making My Generation Pay the Price”

    Michigan Billboard: Romney Has Generated Millions, Obama Has Wasted Trillions

    The New Romney Surge – and How Obama Is Blowing the Endgame

  • sreynolds

    unfortunately we have ball-less, spineless leaders in congress and the military, if the republicans had the same kind of cajones the democrats had his ass would already be impeached, imprisoned, and waiting for the gallows to be built. The fact that holder is still a free man leads me to believe obama will never be prosecuted and in fact, will probably fraud his way into a second term.........

  • sharon

    This is really stupid reporting. Walid Shoebat?? You have to be kidding.

  • jong

    It seems that the amount of "black" operations will have to increase under President Romney.

  • CaptTurbo

    He's guilty of High Treason 100 ways 'til Sunday and not just concerning Libya. His gun running to Mexico alone should be enough for a date with a rope.

  • hongryhawg

    An Islamist terrorist in OUR White House. The punishment could not be great enough, if it comes. Osama Bin Laden didn't fly the planes into the World Trade Center, but that didn't make him any less a terrorist. He not only had knowledge but facilitated it. And that is exactly what happened here. Let's pray that whatever proof these guys has is enough to make even the spineless react.

  • Amfer Ferg

    No wonder obama is 'sweating' this election! He has looked 'crazed and dazed' for the past month. GOOD!

  • Mike_Sr

    As a Vietnam Era Vet and a Senior Citizen... I am reminded that a minor cover-up cost Nixon the Whitehouse. No one died...
    IMHO the top two levels (at least) of this administration are culpable for the deaths from both Benghazi and Fast and Furious.
    *IF* we had the votes I would favor a bill of impeachment. Unfortunately, we don't have the votes today. And, probably won't Wednesday.
    But, there is no statute of limitations for murder... Or Treason...

  • danclamage

    Romney lost. Now what? Who shall be given the evidence of treason? Our DOJ? Hahaha.

  • Brendajanetorres

    Heaven Forbid...I am at a loss....Who is worse, Obama or Biden....Let's prosecute them both...Who's next, oh yeah, Hillary.....Prosecute her too....Now what...I couldn't agree more the whole lot of them should be prosecuted....Holder too, for the 'Fast and Furious....I think we are doomed!

  • Sunni

    So Romney didn't win, now what? They should know that they can release them to the Republicans pushing the Libya investigation or Fox news which actually looks into matters. I hope if this is true, that they don't let Obama get away with this.

  • cmdorsey

    Obama has teamed up with them today against assad. He's using our tax$$ so he can order slaughter. Abuse of power, arming enemies, fraud, misuse of our money, is impeachment for treason. But because of Reid and the senate, they won't do it. Well, I bet we can find some good stuff on Harry and the rest of them. The whole congress is just as guilty. If Harry Reid was to obstruct justice, we can see about that. I think we need a few pro bono attorneys and start the march to D.C. They are hoping with Thanksgiving/Christmas coming up, their little serfs will be to busy to notice.Time is running out.