Harry Reid Wants to Change Rules so GOP Can’t Use Filibuster Like Dems Have Done

The term ‘filibuster’ has a more colorful origin than most people realize.  The English word is believed to be derived from the Spanish word ‘filibustero’ which in turn was derived from the Dutch word ‘vrijbuiter’ which means pirate, privateer or robber.  Starting in the mid 1800s, the English word ‘filibuster’ was used to describe a parliamentary procedure in which someone continues to debate a measure long enough to prevent it from being voted upon, thus the bill was being robbed of any chance of being passed.

In the United States, a filibuster was used for the first time in 1853 by Albert G. Brown (D-MS) to block U.S. intervention in Cuba.  Since that time, it has been used numerous times by members of both political parties to block legislation they don’t want passed.

In the Senate, the only way to overcome a filibuster is to invoke ‘cloture’ under Senate Rule XXII.  This requires a vote of 60% of the Senate in order to stop a filibuster.  When neither party holds a 60% majority in the Senate, there are not enough votes for cloture and a filibuster continues until the bill dies.  Although the Democrats control the Senate, they do not have a 60% majority and the Republicans have used the filibuster or threat of filibuster to block some of the Democrats’ proposed pieces of legislation.

So Harry Reid wants to change Senate Rule XXII to make it more difficult for Republicans to use filibusters.  He said the change is necessary because Republicans such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) abused the process in an attempt to make Obama a one term president.

In a recent interview, Reid told reporters:

“[The] ‘Well, I have one goal, defeat Obama,’ that’s gone, the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

“That’s how he legislated out there for two years.”

“The rules have been abused, and we’re going to work to change them.”

“We’re not going to do away with the filibuster, but we’re going to make the Senate a more meaningful place.”

The only way Senate Rule XXII can be changed is on the first day of the new session through the nuclear option which only requires a majority vote.  However, any attempt for rule change is also subject to being held up by a filibuster which in this instance would actually require a two-thirds majority vote instead of only a 60% vote during regular sessions.

When Democrats used filibusters to block Republican legislations, it was perfectly acceptable to do so.  When Republicans use filibusters for the same reason, the Democrats yell ‘foul’ and seek to change the rules.  Sounds like a playground bully that continues to bully until someone uses the tactics on them and then they run home crying to mommy.



  • Oops!

    Either Giacomo is severely uninformed, or deliberately being deceiptful. The Republicans in the senate, despite being in the minority, filibustered 112 times during 2007 - 2008! That's double, and often triple, the number of any previous senate minority! So, Giacomo, don't try to create some false equivalency to justify your own twisted views.

    • Sproing

      He wasn't making a false equivalency. He was stating a non-partisan fact. When the Democrats were in the position to use the filibuster it was a great thing and any attempt by the Republicans to even think about amending it was loudly protested. The fact of the matter is that even many sensible and semi-conscious Democrat senators realize that a change of this magnitude would probably ruin any chance for much partisan work to be accomplished and even more importantly it would certainly come back to bite them on the ass big time when they next find themselves in the minority.

      While the Republicans have had to use the senate rules to slow the Liberals progress toward an ever larger government they have been representing the 50% of the country (perhaps even more if exit polls are to be believed) who live in fear of the very kind of overreach a massive and unresponsive government can bring to bear.

  • db

    Reid is an IDIOT that needs to be replaced and put out to pasture.

    • Kittyhane

      He is a non paying tax payer, a communist lover, satan in a puny body, he sits on bills that should be passed and wipes his azz on them. Then he cries that republicans are dirty.
      He is the lowest of the lows. A good bed partner for yomama

    • Doodlebug

      If it was good enough for the dummicrats they better leave it in as is. I just wish we would have won the senate this time and have to pray that next time we can do something about it. Isn't he getting too old to run for the senate???? He's too old for most everything!

  • Orr

    Harry Reid, you slimy demon spawn. You can pull all the dirty tricks here on earth you want, but one day you will go the way of all flesh. Enjoy the lake of fire with Piglosi, Ovomit, and the rest of your ilk.

    When a dem can't win fair and square, they lie, change the rules, and cheat until they get what they want. Hell awaits all of 'em.

  • rosemarienoa

    Harry Reid is a "Dead Man Walking" !!!! He just doesnt know he died yet......his head is too thick for the message to get through!!!

  • Candyman

    If Harry Reid really wants to do something to help the Senate, he can put a pistol in his mouth and suck on it real hard as he pulls the trigger. Oh, nevermind, that only affects the brain and he's already proved he hasn't got one.

    • abbe

      His brain is kept three feet down from the neck, on the reverse side of his physical being. Only a proctologist could find it, 'perhaps'.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Reid has always been a crook and always will be.

  • echo5n

    This little Gingy Harry will never rest until he gets it his way, and the American people are allowing him to do it.

  • mudguy1

    If he tries to change the rules all the senators should walk out. A scum bag is better than Scary Harry and even smells better.

    • daves

      Senator Reid knows that democrats will be in the minority again someday and any changes he makes will apply to the democrats also.

    • Kittyhane

      That would be the BEST thing to do. Let's pray for it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randell-Danner/100000417755327 Randell Danner

    I wonder if Reid is smart enough to guess which finger i am holding up in his general direction. LOL

    • Kittyhane

      a slug has more brains than reid

  • ARMYOF69

    Just look at this moron's hands . Who jesticulates this way except a KKK master. Even has that look on his face. Bet you he has the white pointed cap and sheets at home. But what the heck, blacks love that SHIIT.

    • Kittyhane

      TRUE because it was demorats who were the KuKluxKlan.

  • Delores109

    Your election was a FRAUD, per the elections' official who wrote in the Washington Examiner. You did not defeat Sharon Angle. SEIU (Andy Stern) brought about a power outage in one county...and voting was stopped in all of Nevada. The machines were battery-backed up, but SEIU can change votes with or without electricity. SEIU has "handled" the voting machines for years all over the country. ELECTION 2012: Power outages in Florida and many other states with SEIU. Harry, don't make changes that you may regret. You are going down with Obama, Soros, and all of the radicals. Have a nice day.
    Delores Smith

    • Kittyhane

      You are so right. And yomama didn't win this electio either.

      • Delores109

        Thanks for your comment. The party isn't over yet. God Bless You.
        Delores Smith

  • granny

    He is an old DEM. He needs to get his casket ready. Some old f*arts still have their brain power. Reids has used up any probable smarts a long, long time ago. I think he just likes to hear himself talk. My condolences to his wife (if he has one). My horses would not share the same pasture with that idiot.

  • ConservaDave2

    Harry Reid is a despicably evil litle man, who unfortunately won't get what he deserves. The Enemies of the Truth, the American Pravda (ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, TIME, Newsweek, Atlanta Urinal & Constipation, etc.) will always carry his water and effect those who do not think critically who also unfortunately vote. Harry, did you not want G.W. Bush to be a one term president?

  • rosie46

    How did Reid not abuse the process when he would not even let bills reach the floor of the Senate? He thinks he has the power like Obama and can just issue edicts about what he wants as he has been doing. They should both be impeached.

    • Kittyhane

      I second that

    • Matforce

      Admittedly, the Dems have a black eye for their childish squabbling about which bill should get voted on first. The project they wanted up for a vote first, the Small Business bill didn't suit the GOP; they wanted a vote between the Hatch Bill (extend all Bush tax breaks) vs. the Obama Bill that would extend the cuts for the middle class but not the rich. The Republicans know there were 5 Dem. Senators with $ Hundred Million plus fortunes at stake that may not vote for the Obama Bill, and I think they knew they could filibuster the super-majority needed to block the Bill, exposing the self-interest hypocracy of these Dems. But the GOP doesn't come off looking good on this one either; it takes two to tango, and at least the Dems were willing to be bi-partisan; something the obstructionist, "Party of NO" could use more of for the sake of the nation....
      This tit for tat #$%$-off tactic, was admittedly, not a bright spot for the Dems dudring the jobs bill fight, but compared to the major league GOP stonewalling, this instance was minor and was probably an expression more of exasperation in the face of continuous scorched earth obstructionism than a trend. The GOP cannot say the same.

      • William Wilson

        The Dems have not been willing to be bipartisan on anything. Their idea of bipartisanship is "We get what we want. You take what we give you".

        Being "obstructionist" and the "Party of NO" is not a bad thing when the bills being voted on are bad for the country. Just because Obama or the Dems proposed something doesn't mean it was good. Usually, based on history, the things they propose have just the opposite effect than that required.

        What the GOP is doing is voting the way their constituents, people like me who are paying attention, tell them to vote. That's their job. That's their duty.

        That's the way our Constitutional Republic is supposed to work.

        Let's hope it continues to work that way and "compromise" for the sake of compromise when doing so would not be in the best interest of the nation continues to be something that is avoided by Republicans.

        • Matforce

          Wilson, we definitely disagree on this one; further dialogue on this point is futile.

  • abbe

    Reid needs to be the first Euthanized under Obamacare and Peolsi, the old botox bag at his side. There are more Al Blower comes to mind.

  • newyorker


  • dad666

    Here we go----- get ready for the takeover and the dictaters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/perry.muir Perry J Muir

    Harry Reid should be the poster boy for term limits.

  • gypsy314

    I hope we have enough GOP senators to stop the Reid plans.

  • gypsy314

    I wonder why a bounty has not been put on some of these crooks like they put on terrorist make you wonder why it has not been done?

  • Matforce

    Bias is acceptable and forgivable in politics. The GOP has, however, become shamelessly DECEPTIVE, and that is unacceptable/unforgivable (Giacomo aritcle, prime example).

    Record 360 filibusters since Obama took office. Obstructionist, Party of NO! "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term President" Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky (2010), scorched earth stonewalling of ANYTHING Obama, even if it is good for the nation, or even if we lose our credit rating, or even if we default on our debt, etc..

    Exhibit1: "We're for job creation."
    Truth- Compare the vote of the GOP with the Dems on every Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, GATT, WTO, the S. Korea, Columbia and Panama FTA, as well as the current SE Asia FTA) that has come down the pike for perspective on the offshoring of jobs to 3rd world nations for a higher return for the Plutocrats, whose profit margins have exploded, while the middle class and the USA declines. ($600 BILLION trade deficits avg. over the past ten years, 50,000 manufacturing plants boarded up, 9 MILLION jobs offshored over the past 30 years, kicking USA workers to the curb for a higher profit margin in sweatshops in SE Asia, Mexico, etc..)

    Exhibit 2: "We're for tax cuts for corporations and small businesses"

    Truth- See Bill S3816 "Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act" (2010), which would grant generous tax cuts to corporations who keep jobs home and hire USA workers (especially vets), while curtailing loopholes, exemptions, credits etc. for offshoring corporations that ship jobs offshore. (this is the one that has me flummoxed! the only explanation that makes sense is that the GOP is so beholden to the Plutocrats, that they wouldn't dare threaten the sweatshop gravy train with a tax re-write, and God forbid we should impose tariffs on this cheap crap flooding our shores like Germany does to protect their vital manufacturing base... Oh yea, Germany also imposes a Value Assessed Tax on goods as a kind of graduated tax, depending on what percent of the product was manufactured in Germany and what percent was manufactured outside her borders,

    Exhibit 3: "ObamaCare Flatlines: 3.8% Home Sales Tax Clobbers Middle Class"

    Right off of the official GOP website; Claims home sales would be subject to 3.8% estate tax on home sales to pay for "ObamaCare."

    Truth: Only home sales that garner a PROFIT margin of $500,000 for couples, and a $250,000 PROFIT margin for singles would begin to be assessed at the 3.8% on every dollar over those threshold amounts, and then it would be factored in as capital gains, which gets complicated, but may yield less tax revenue than the 3.8%; shameless deception.

    Exhibit 4: HR 4646: The 1% tax on every financial institution transaction tax.

    Truth: It was never brought to a vote.

    The list goes on and on, not just throught the bellicose Fox News cheering section, but through their talk radio desciples, sound bites from the GOP in public statements that actually GO ON THE PUBLIC RECORD!!! and a plethora of email chains that take hours upon hours to google just to keep the record straight for those who are conscientious enough to check... Just google Politifact, Snopes, FactCheck or any other perportedly independent fact check organization and just compare the sheer number of falsehoods that range from fibs, to lies, to Pinochios, to PANTS ON FIRE WHOPPERS told by the GOP and then by the Dems.
    It's like the GOP has become dependent on their constituency to be either intellectually lazy, or complicit with the deceit...
    GET REAL!!!
    This from an ex-GOP voter (30 years) until this year. I think there are many of us out there who've felt betrayed by the current facsist, plutocratic GOP.

    • William Wilson

      Yet, you don't feel "betrayed" by the Socialist, communistic, pandering Democrat Party and their sycophants in the mainstream media who do their best to keep America in the dark about Democrat failures or misdeeds?

      Did the GOP intend to "put you'all back in chains" as Joe Biden pandered to a predominantly black audience?

      Did any GOP candidate say that they intended to completely outlaw contraceptives as implied in many Democrat commercials?

      Did Mitt Romney really cause the death of a steel worker's wife?

      Was Mitt Romney a felon as stated by one of Obama's campaign spokesman?

      In your first paragraph you note Senator Mitch McConnell had a goal of making Obama a one term president in 2010. Why is that? Could it be that Obama and Democrats shut Republicans out of every legislative decision made up to that point? Why would anyone want their country and their constituents to endure eight years of that let alone four? Why should he attempt to work with Obama when Obama clearly was not willing to work with him or other Republicans?

      I looked at the free trade agreement votes:

      Senate -- 34 R, 27 D, Yay; 10 R, 28 D, Nay
      House -- 132 R, 102 D, Yay; 43 R, 156 D, Nay

      Senate -- I couldn't find a reference because the Library of Congress is down. I did find an article which called the vote "bipartisan" and it passed 76-24.
      House -- 121 R, 161 D, Yay; 56 R, 89 D, Nay

      It seems those "evil" Republicans had plenty of bipartisan support in passing those bills. On one hand, you decry Senator McConnell for not wanting to be bipartisan. On the other hand, you apparently believe that your Democrat representatives did not do the right thing when voting on those treaties.

      Also, you conveniently leave out the person with the most IMPORTANT vote with regards to these treaties: Bill Clinton. He could have vetoed these treaties if he so desired. He apparently took time off from enjoying cigars with Monica to sign these treaties that negatively impacts all those middle class and manufacturing jobs. Apparently this icon of the Democrat Party and Savior of this year's Democrat National Convention doesn't give a crap about those people (like all Dems).

      With the Library of Congress being down, I was unable to check on S3816. But, as you noted, it hasn't even been reintroduced in the current Congress. Why? Did Democrats suddenly join the Republicans as being only for the plutocrats? So, you're in favor of raising the price of goods for those poor middle-class Americans by imposing tariffs on the cheap goods which flow into this country from other nations? I'm sure those middle-class Americans who shop at Wal-Mart would appreciate you making things even more expensive and tougher on them.

      What's the definition of "offshore" anyway? Is it simply having a manufacturing presence or facility overseas? If so, you need to talk to Vice President Biden about the whole "Jeeps manufacturing going to China" debacle. His point was that those Jeeps are being built for the Chinese. But, isn't that "outsourcing" jobs to China when those Jeeps could be manufactured here? Of course, the cost of shipping them to China would mean no Chinese would buy them; but hey, it would employ some union people here (at least until the plant closed).

      How about those automotive jobs "saved" by Obama in the GM bailout (of course salaried Delphi employees might not think it was all that great because they lost most of their pension while watching their union coworkers have their pensions made whole). Should GM be allowed to "outsource" all that manufacturing to China after the taxpayers had to bail them out as a result of their terrible management structure, poor product, and exorbitant personnel costs?

      I don't know what "official GOP website" it is to which you are referring regarding "ObamaCare Flatlines: 3.8% Home Sales Tax Clobbers Middle Class". I checked both "GOP.gov and "GOP.com" and couldn't find a reference. If I'm mistaken, please post the link.

      That's not to say there weren't plenty of right-leaning websites that carried this subject. They did. From what I can tell, most of them identify exactly what you say in your "truth". While this is implied as a tax on the "rich" by you and others, what the blogs point out is that it could affect people that you would not consider rich and therefore flies in the face of Obama's pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000.

      I don't know what your point is with HR 4646. You're right, it was never brought to a vote. How is this any issue for Republicans? Did it get some play in the blogosphere and chain e-mails? Yes. But so do a lot of lies on Huffington Post and Media Matters.

      Do those things that "go on the public record" that Republicans say that you consider false include things like Harry Reid saying ON THE SENATE FLOOR that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for over a decade while providing absolutely no proof?

      You can't hold Republican politicians responsible for misinformation which "gestates" on the Internet. That would be like Republicans holding Democrats responsible for the misinformation and lies told by the uninformed mature women on "The View".

      I don't think you want to go to "intellectually lazy" or "complicit in deceit" when the Democrat answer for everything is "it's George Bush's fault" and "there's an ongoing internal investigation, we'll tell you later (wink, wink maybe)". Or those who believe "things are getting better" with record numbers of people unemployed and who have quit looking for work not to mention the record numbers on food stamps? Or those who believe Obama believes in an "all of the above" energy policy while approving fewer leases for drilling on public lands and killing the coal industry with excessive regulations?

      You couldn't be talking about the "intellectually lazy" Democrats who believe it was a "spontaneous demonstration" and all the result of an "anti-Muslim YouTube video" that four Americans are dead after the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi Libya, could you?

      You couldn't be talking about the Democrat supporters "complicit in deceit" who believe that Eric Holder didn't know what was going on with Fast and Furious when he, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama were appearing almost daily to decry the flow of weapons from the US into Mexico being used by the drug cartels for violence?

      I'm not saying Republicans are perfect or without blame for our current situation.

      It's just that I think your rationale for "defecting" from the GOP doesn't consider the complicity of the other Party.

      Looked at as a whole, I will take the GOP any day.

      • Matforce

        Just bot back from a weekend trip to the Jersey shore. Wilson, at least you looked into it; more than I can say for many who post on here. However:

        We may find some common ground of the FTAs. Those bills were fairly bipartisan, but if you're honest they were favored more by the Reps. Clinton was in office when the bill was brought up for a vote, but it was clearly the baby of Bush Sr., Canada's Mulroney, and Mexico's Salinas, who signed off on the bill and took it back for ratification from their respective legislatures. Perot said, "When all you care about is making money, there'll be a giant sucking sound headin' south."
        Clinton said, "If I didn't think this bill would create more American jobs, I wouldn't have signed it." Perot was right, Clinton was wrong.

        GATT (Uruguay version, (1994) had slightly more Dems in favor (Dems 39, Reps. 37 yea) but more Dems against (Dems. 10, Reps. 6 nay)

        As for the rest of the FTAs, the Reps still love them and the Dems are definately cooling to them.

        The cite for the 3.8% tax is on the GOP blog site: http://www.gop.gov/blog/10/04/08/obamacare-flatlines-obamacare-taxes-home

        Can you honestly say that it is even in the realm of probability that acitizen who sells their home for a PROFIT, I'll say it again... PROFIT of $250,000 for a single filer, or a PROFIT of $500,000 for a couple on a home sale could in even remote circumstances be considetred MIDDLE CLASS? Who do you know from the MIDDLE CLASS that sold their home and made that kind of profit compared to the price they bought their home for? Deceptive!

        We disagree somewhat on the Oil & natural gas production point:

        You make some good points, and it was very good to share perspectives with you. I can respect your positions because you take the time to look into them. My main beef with what has taken place in our beloved USA over the past 20 years, is with what I percieve to be a sell-out of the middle class worker for a larger profit margin using sweatshop workforces. There's always been tension between labor and management, but the FTAs served our Plutocrats well, and the middle class, as well as the USA are declining, while "multinational" corporation profits exploded. Both parties need to be careful not to upset the genteel sensibilities of the well heeled and well connnected Plutocrats, but I'd say the GOP is more beholden to them than the Dems. See the Super PACS, Rove, Kochs, Adelson, etc. We could go round and round about this one.
        I have some other points I'd like to make, but gotta go now.

      • Matforce

        S3816: http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/04/politics/fact-check-oil-gas/index.html

        An extremely successful ploy of the GOP (keep in mind, I voted GOP for 30 years) that has steered the conversation to their advantage, but couldn't be further from the truth, is the mantra from the right claiming that Obama incites "class warfare" and desires a "redistribution of the wealth" to the poor (socialism). It has convinced many, but it is nothing less than deceptive. Here's why...
        Real output in the (non-farm) business sector increased by 140% between 1980 and 2010. Real compensation per hour (includes wages, benefits, pensions, and insurance) increased by only 38% (granted: automation accounts for some of this). In the post WWII world, between 1947 and 1979, Americans shared equally in the increase in output that took place. In those 30 years, the income of the bottom 20% increased by 116% and the top 20% by 99%, and the three middle quintiles within that range.
        Then the world flipped! From 1980 to 2007 the rich took practically all of the increase in income. Over those decades, the bottom 20% got only a 15% increase, and the middle three quintiles got an average increase of about 25%. The top 20% received an income increase of 95% and the top 1% saw an increase of 261%. During the boom years of the middle 50s and 60s the nation's wealthiest 10% received 33% of the nation's personal income; by 2007, they received 50%.
        The most obvious way that the GOP has robbed the middle class to redistribute wealth upward has been the changes they have wrought in the tax code. Marginal rates have been slashed from 70% to 28% and capital gains tax has been cut to less than half the rate of the upper middle class income tax rate.
        A more subtle way they have accomplished this was through the redistribution of wealth of the USA manufacturing sector to the finance sector. The new game on Wall Street, coincidentally, isn't USA manufacturing like it was before the Free Trade Agreements (especially) with China. It should come as no surprise that China's gigantic manufacturing sector is now the heavy favorite on Wall Street ($600 BILLION annual trade deficits), a shift that benefits only China, the investment industry, and the top 20% who make most of their money in the financial/investment industry and whose tax burden is the slightest in the land through capital gains rates of less than 14%.
        The GOP does NOT represent the interest of the middle class, and another 10 years of the advance of The Plutocratic State will diminish the middle class to serfdom; no voice, no power, no shared prosperity.

        The Benghazi tragedy was a huge debacle! It is currently under investigation, and the administration is in full cooperation piecing together who knew what, when, handing over a sea of conflicting documents to their sworn enemies performing a congressional investigation. Congress is compiling a timeline, trying to build an air-tight case, a gotcha indictment, while they cloak their findings in non-disclosure which is against House rules. Instead of proceeding in a quiet, steady, judicious and thoughtful manner, they, along with the help of the Fox News cheering section, have turned this tragedy into a circus for POLITICAL gain! Disgusting! Even while a decade later, we're still trying to piece together the details of the Weapons of Mass Destruction WHOPPER that was apparently gathered by "intelligence," that mobilized the nation for WAR with Iraq, a conflict that cost tens of thousands of USA lives and many more who were maimed and disfigured.

        Another point before I sign off: Jeeps are being made in China to bypass the prohibitive tariffs China imposes on imports. My question is: Why don't we resort to tariffs to protect our industrial base? Even Germany, a nation with its financial house in relative order levels a 19% tariff on imports (except some ag and raw materials) to protect their industrial base and keep wages high (Germany has a largely union workforce) so the Germans, with some disposable income, are able to pump capital back into their economy to generate sales, tax revenues and a decent GDP to run their nation on. Plus, they impose a VAT (value assessed tax), a type of graduated tax on imports depending on how much was made/manufactured/assembled in Germany and how much was done outside (a type of nationalism or protectionism) We don't do that here. Our trade deficits over the past 10 years have averaged $600 BILLION/yr., and our GDP is headed toward insolvency. Which brings me to my final point:
        Since the advent of, what I call, the Great Sellout, thanks to FTAs, and tax loopholes that incentivize the offshoring of our magnificent manufacturing sector to the four winds for a larger profit margin (mostly by cutting USA labor costs out of the picture), the best investment derivatives on Wall Street no longer comes from the USA, but from the China (for example) exchange. Pensions, your 401K, my defined benefit, have become heavily dependent on this offshoring exchange; thus an apt analogy of the addict that cannot "just say no" to its dependency on the profit margins derived from cheap goods made in foreign sweatshops for pennies on the dollar, and sold at just under what Made in USA can sell it for to wring the last drop, not only from the profit margin on the ledger, but also from a declining USA middle class before it sounds it's economic death rattle...
        This Great Sellout does nothing to bolster the turbo driven engine of the USA economy; namely, the middle class consumer with disposable income to spend, like that of yesteryear when USA wages were among the highest in the world, marketalble goods were bought up, tax revenue created surpluses in the treasury, and the USA GDP could easily run the nation and give generously to our needy both at home and abroad.
        The solution would seem to be to procure an increase in decent paying jobs to employ middle class families and, in turn, crank up the economy, thanks to a prosperous middle class pouring more disposable income into the retail market. But to do this would mean convincing our Chamber of Commerce and the Plutocratic heavy hitters that they have some sort of interest in investing in a vital USA middle class... Otherwise, it looks like to me, our legislature needs to step in and set up rules of conduct, much like Germany does, so that our nation doesn't become The Plutocratic States of America...

  • Riverdweller

    The stupid jerk obviously doesn't realize that if they change the rules then they will apply to the dumbocrats when the Republicans get in control of the Senate again.

  • Lady Liberty

    The State of Nevada needs to RECALL Reid...they should have done this long ago. He has done NOTHING for his state...except bring ridicule on his irresponsible actions! GO, Harry, GO!!!!! (Please!!!!)

  • Anne Caston

    The Republicans need to go after Reid and stop being nice. Nice is Over and we need to hold these demons to account. Stop being blind to their antics and go after them with a vengance! Boehner is a wuss and won't be strong enough. He doesn't have the starch. We need to convince our reps that this is not ok to cow down to the dems!

  • ARMYOF69

    He cannot get it up anymore and wants to take it out on the rest of us. Please someone tell him about the BLUE pill.

  • liberalkooks

    Thats ok! Go ahead and pass your little rules Harry 'cause the next time you're in the minority, the GOP will have learned their lesson and cram the same rules down your stinking little throat !! Maybe even worse!!!

  • Real American


  • tagdogs

    Reid is an obstructionist. He keeps all the other Senators from doing their job by not allowing them to pass a budget or to vote on bills unless he likes it. We need to find a way to get rid of Harry Reid--he is a disgrace as a leader of the U.S. Senate. Maybe we should start a recall campaign against him or maybe we will get lucky and he will have a heart attack or something and die.