Election Results Quickly Takes Toll on Economy and Jobs

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, we all learned that Barack Obama had won a second term as President.  Like so many elections in the past the news had an immediate effect on the nation.

On Wednesday, the Stock Market was so thrilled with facing another four years of Obamanomics that it fell 313 points.  Wall Street is blaming the drop on the uncertainty of the Fiscal cliff standoff between President Obama and the Republicans.  If nothing is resolved by Jan. 1 and the Bush era tax cuts are allowed to stop, the economy is expected to suffer, so some investors are already selling while the Stock Market is relatively high and before it plunges further down.

Under Obama, the Defense Department is facing more drastic cuts as the President continues to weaken America’s strength.  In response, Boeing, revealed their plans to restructure their defense division.  Those plans include reducing management jobs by 30%, consolidating several of their business divisions to save money and to shut down their facilities in California.

In Las Vegas, one business owner believed he was left with no choice but to lay off 22 of his 114 employees because of Obama’s victory.  He said that his costs of running a business and having to pay more in taxes and health insurance costs due to Obamacare left him no alternative.  He told a local radio station that there have been times that he has gone without a paycheck just to make sure his employees were paid.  However, he is being forced to be realistic and think about providing for him and his family, which left him no alternative.  He said he is being proactive and taking the action now before things get worse.

If you ask me, the Fiscal Cliff is not January 1 as everyone claims, but it was November 6, 2012.  When American’s voted to give Obama a second term, America began its topple over that Fiscal Cliff.  We are already seeing the first few rocks tumbling down the face of the cliff and believe me, there is a lot more to come and when it does, we will find ourselves buried beneath it with little hope of getting out.




  • jag

    Folks, the grief is yet to come. We had a chance to take out all the trash. However, the takers and unions thought only of themselves void of concern for the socialist fall-out that will slowly erode away all our freedom, our businesses, and in many cases our lives.

    The FEMA camps and death trains are REAL!

    • BlueViolets

      Yes, I am afraid you are right.

    • PrincessPhilly

      Think positive - they have our number already from monitoring our internet, emails, phone conversations and know we need to be ellimiated. We will be the first ones out of here and to a better place. The liberals will be left in hell on earth and it will be getting real nasty all over the world.


    Gee! How shocking /sarcasm

    Things will only get worse from here.

  • john cummins

    the fiscal cliff really started (or continued?) when the RINOs cheated at the convention refusing to seat the 8-10 states Ron Paul had WON fair and square having the majority of delegates...it's all downhill from here

    • Juan

      Enough with the Ron Paul bull c r a p!!! Ron Paul is a fool (and egomaniac) and did everything he could to hurt Romney's chance of beating Obama because he couldn't accept the fact that he lost. As for your ridiculous assertion that RP "won" 8-10 states . . . reality check: he did not win a single state, but tried an end-run on the nomination process by getting his minions selected as delegates regardless of his lack of votes. Now that is what I call anarchy.

      • rswallick

        anarchy just means no govt. seems to me the problem is we have too much govt and it has not happened in just the last 4 years. our country borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends. you would have to cut the govt by about 50% to get out of this mess. both dems and republicans are nothing more then big govt, we know how best to spend your money, stooges and neither party has a solution. folks, its up to us, grow a garden, get out of debt and do not use money changers anymore, learn what edible (weeds) plants grow around you. it is time to become self relient again.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Mitt stepped on his crank when he did not seat the delegates or let him speak. His followers are VERY devoted. I bet not one of them voted for Romney.

        • houdini1984

          Well then, Saint Ron is much to blame for what we are all about to face. He did NOT win a single state via the established voting process in the primaries and caucuses, and sought to engage in a coup of sorts by sneaking his own delegates into the process. He was caught, stymied by Mitt's people, and forced to adhere to the nomination rules.

          He then pointedly refused to endorse our candidate - despite his assertions that he wanted Obama removed. As for Paul's minions, they are equally pathetic. They claim to love the Constitution, but chose to abstain from supporting the only many who could possibly prevent the Constitution's biggest enemy from retaining power.

          To heck with Ron Paul - he is as bad as Obama. He is more interested in his own glorification than he is in preserving this great nation. His supporters are little more than drones who are more focused on one man as savior than on the Constitution. Every Ron Paul supporter out there should hang his head in shame. Their cultlike devotion to Paul as some sort of political messiah is no different than Obama's idiotic worshipers.

          A pox on you all for this mischief you have wrought.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Look dip stick, you can keep your "Pox." My wife and I voted for the American, who happens to be Mormon.

          Now, instead of dividing the Republicans, it could have been handled much differently. Then we would have President Elect Romney instead of "it's not my fault Obama" squatting in the White House another 4 years (maybe).

        • houdini1984

          Really? So their widdle feewings got hurt and they stayed home and allowed this wannabe tyrant to retain the Presidency? And you have the audacity to call ME a dip stick? Sorry, the dip sticks are all those who failed to show up at the polls and vote the failure out of office. All because their man lost in the primaries and their widdle feewings got hurt.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          No, the "dip stick" part is for wishing a "Pox" on me, when my wife and I voted for the American. We did our part to help "Eject the Reject" and he did not win Texas.

          Now, I do agree about the people who sat this election out, or otherwise contributing to "it's not my fault Obama" getting to continue to squat in the White House another 4 years (maybe).

          Romney wasn't my guy; however, he had the best shot at it. The more I learned about him, the more I liked him. Was he a "perfect" candidate, well, they don't exist. He was the best hope at this time.

          "It's not my fault Obama" getting re-elected means we are ALL SCREWED! Even the "useful idiots" and those who "sat out" will get theirs too.

          Thankfully, here in Texas, we have a growing movement to secede from the Unites States.

        • houdini1984

          Well then, the "dip stick" is unnecessary, since I wasn't venting at you, your wife, or anyone who actually showed up to vote for the only candidate who actually had a chance to beat Obama last Tuesday. My "a pox on you all for this mischief..." statement was clearly directed at those Paulites who sat out the election because their man lost the primaries. Evidently, however, that was not as clear as it perhaps should have been.

          I wish nothing but blessings for you and your wife for standing up for America. Is there room left in Texas for a conservative businessman who has just about given up on his home state of Iowa? .

        • Phillip_in_TX

          No problem sir, I understand the passion. Thank you.

          There is plenty of room here in Texas and we would welcome you with open arms. We have a lot of good places here with big cities, small cities, and country. Plus, we have no State income tax.

      • Damon

        Juan--Love you guy. God Bless

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Boeing could have saved a lot of money when they decided to relocate their Headquarters. The chose Chicago instead of moving to Texas. Oh well, I hope they are happy with their decision.

    Shutting down their plants in California is a smart move. Just watch California and the other business who "shut down" or "relocate."

    • Bulldog74

      Texas rules, I love the state but I'm stuck here in commie Massachusetts...oh well, some of us have to stick around and be part of the faithful remnant to keep alive the memory of the boys of Lexington & Concord.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Happiness is: "Hitting your target." : )

        • Bulldog74

          Gawd, if Captain Parker and the Lexington militia could have foreseen what MA would become they would have said "to heck with it, boys, let the Redcoats pass."
          Anyway, I'm with you, any smart business should run, not walk to states like Texas.

    • Dulceb

      The South has many right to work states. The people of Ga would like the right to work for someone, anyone right now.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Any right to work State would be fine. I'm just kind of partial to Texas.

        • Damon

          Well heck--Im in Louisiana--Right to work State also--why don't we just succeed from the Union--time is ripe.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          We're working on it here. How about you guys? It definitely sounds good to me.

        • brenintx

          Phillip--I'm kind of partial to Texas, too, but my city voted "blue!" Bet you could NEVER guess why! I'm ready to relocate to another part of the state.

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.lineman Joe Lineman

          come on up to Amarillo..you'de love it

        • Liz

          I used to live in a small town called Crane, west of Odessa in my early 20's. I hated it then. I was born and breed in the hellhole of California and still here for the time being. But now that I am older and wiser, I cannot wait to get back to that small town living.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          When you are ready to come back, Welcome!

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.lineman Joe Lineman

          don't forget no state income tax either.

      • Doodlebug

        According to the president of the unions he will be fighting to do away with all right to work states. And they poured tons of money into get obummer elected. Think it won''t/can't happen? Think again. If you listened to obummers speech today, you can be d_n well sure that he WILL NOT BE THE ONE COMPROMISING. His idea of compromise is that the Republicans MUST compromise with him. And dirty harry is right there with him.

  • glass

    Bring on the cliff and the suffering. it is the only way they will learn. Other than that, prepare. I don't care anymore.

    • Are You Serious

      I could not agree more.

    • Bulldog74

      Or as my second favorite oil oilfield saying goes, "let 'em starve to death while freezing in the dark"

      • Damon

        Your wish has come true in the northern states with hurricane Sandy--those yankees who voted for Obama--let the South Succeed and they can keep their President.

        • Riverdweller

          Damon, you mean secede. Not succeed.

        • brenintx

          Bulldog and Damon--Talk about "biting your nose off to spite your face" when people who are without electricity and freezing refuse help from the non-union power company folks. Well, I guess those union thugs showed us right to work folks who's boss.

          Bulldog--should I ask what your "first favorite oilfield saying" is?!

    • Riverdweller


  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Blame in all on George W. Bush. Sow to the wind, and reap the whirlwind! I hope everyone is happy with what they have. I'm going to try to enjoy LAUGHING at the people who voted for the Anti-American in OUR White House!
    It IS hard to beat SANTA CLAUS!

    • stoptheworldandletmeoff

      Yes this time stupid will be very painfull too bad it's going to be painfull for us all.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Ho, ho, ho!

    • Dulceb

      I am afraid we can only chuckle to ourselves as the chips fall. We know who is to blame in this election, but we will all suffer the same fate.
      Santa Claus will run out of credit card, the world will see our devalued money and demand some other source of currency. Paid in US dollars will be a thing of the past.
      The teat will run dry at the dole and riots will ensue for basic living. Just see how NY and NJ are suffering. The pres and wife were dancing, others are cold and hungry.
      I guess the 50% Gimme Voters should be careful what they wish for, they have it now.

    • chuckster

      Well I guess if I cant beat them I will join them, I am going to get in that welfare line and food stamps and maybe sell a little dope on the side and I am gonna live like the rest of the dead beats that voted him in and hope the dumb conservatives and 1% will double down on their taxes so I can keep going. Oh yeah I am gonna get my free phone and I would get medicaid but obamacare has done took care of that for me , I will be able to go to any doctor and demand service or I will call the comander and chief

  • stoptheworldandletmeoff

    He said he would get even with Wall Street for the 99% he has come thru on a promise at last. BO KNOWS REVENGE

  • Walt

    This is what most of you wanted. Well, you got it and it ain't gonna get better. Better practice bending over cause it's gonna get bad. Especially for those of you with your hand out.

  • gbandy

    The people who feel Obama winning was a great victory well hold on to your hats as the layoffs and closures begin. I have know many who are only holding on to their employees until after Christmas yet are reducing jobs. Now especially in California where Prop 30 demonizes business owners and job creators with the "rich tax" this group will start the momentum of layoffs to protect their own familiies. The insanity is the class warefare and how Obama used it so effectively to devide and conquer this Nation. The Sandy victims better have lots of warm cloths as Obama already got the media on the disaster now those people have a problem.

  • budman

    The only good thing and I am sorry to say this is, the idiots that voted for Obama will see the results of their own demise in short time. The promises made and entitlements will soon disappear and all those college students who think they know everything, the Blacks who are the the worst shape in decades economically and Latinos as well; women who believe their rights overrule those who believe they should pay for their own contraception will soon find out they made a serious mistake in judgement.

    With undeniable facts about the budget, economy and an obvious corrupt administration, they could not see they voted for their own downfall. Did they actually believe their entitlements would continue under Obama? Well, guess what, there is no money to continue with them and drastic cuts are coming in unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps and your insurance rates are going to go way up. Many more now will lose their homes, will not be able to find employment after their unemployment benefits run out and no welfare or food stamps will be as available as before. They will then complain and possibly even riot because of their own stupidity.

    Wall Street has no faith in this administration and unless Obama makes a change in many areas, the fiscal cliff will drive this country into a deep recession

    • Justin

      It'll be Greece all over again...only in our backyards this time.

  • TexasfedupGramma

    You moron Obama supporters haven't seen anything yet! I can hear the whining now!!

  • ARMYOF69

    Wait a few weeks for thousands of small businesses to shed large numbers of workers with obamacare coming. Many of the businesses will be forced to shut shop. I am praying that the ones laid off are the very same people who voted for obama.

    • ladyceo

      Army, it has already begun! I sure hope they're the ones who voted for Obama!

      • ARMYOF69

        I laid off all three of my engineers a year and a half ago. Could not afford them anymore in California.

        • ladyceo

          Oh no, California! I am so sorry!

    • houdini1984

      I laid off three vocal O-vomit supporters yesterday. They can go live on the public dole for the few short months or years it remains in existence - and then they can starve in the street for all I care. Every entrepreneur worth his salt should do the same. Weed these maggots out of your businesses and send them to their beloved nanny state for their basic necessities. Enough is enough. Let them finally learn that their actions and choices have real consequences - and that we producers are no longer willing to bear the burden of providing for their worthless existence.

      • brenintx

        Nice strategy!

    • Gigilady

      Look for the Obama stickers on their bumpers. They should be the first to go and join the ranks of the takers.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    I've always felt stupid should hurt, I'm thinking this lesson will even make the most bovine thick skulled Obot sit up and take notice. You obots doubled down on stupid and voted for free ice cream. It will neither be free nor will that dark swirled mass in the cone be Ice cream but you'll eat it. Your going to eat every last drop of it if I have to shove it down your throats.

  • jcgreen2

    My Sons are both Medical doctors and they say there are thousands of Physicians who are going to quit rather than work under Obamacare. So there will also be a huge shortage of medical manpower right as 30 million more people are added to the covered list. That will affect all of us as well. America just made one the worst blunder of all time. And most people are too stupid to realize it. I'm preparing for the collapse of our republic now in a big way.

  • Damon

    It is a lot worse than this article is articulating. Many employers, including big business were waiting for the elections. Layoffs will now begin and will get worse when the Federal Sequester goes through, if not avoided. When Obamacare gets implemented, get ready--you think we are headed to the fiscal cliff, we are already on the edge. Those who were concerned about their Social Security check and medicare voting for Obama--you laugh is right around the corner--hope you like your new insurance and check.

  • John Detwiler

    It will get a lot worse. But that may be what it takes to wake up those ignorant, uninformed people who voted for our Amateur-in-Chief.

  • TPM

    It will be interesting to see where the unemployment rate settles in January of 2013.

    HHS Director Sebelius massaged the crap out of the numbers, pulling what should have been an 11%+ unemployment number to just below 8%, to make things look good for Obama, going into the election.

    Couple this with Obama asking auto GM and others to delay lay offs until after the election and the negative impact of Obama Care on employers, which forces more layoffs, and we're going to have a real mess on our hands, courtesy of Preident Kardashian ... who know less about creating jobs than the White House janitor.

    We're in for 4 more years of HIGH unemployment, BIG deficits, LOW economic growth and some serious INFLATION. Just what we needed ... NOT

  • Gringo Infidel

    Stock pile those things that really matter and band together.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6IOTQYHCGTJDTL6RFJIJ66VLOA xyz

    I live in Calif, not a liberal azzhole.......... I just hope the 10 days goes thru before obumma stops all gun and ammo sales as I have one waiting for paperwork to go thru the gov. so that I can defend against the libs rioting when they find our their "god" will not be helping them so they go outside of the ghetto's here. Yes there are some here.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin: ' When the people find they can vote themselves money / free stuff from the government, the end of the Republic is assured'.

    Thought we might have one last chance to save the USA, with the faint hope that Romney (McCain 2.0) could win. Nope. The left is unified on all levels, from the welfare grubs to the top of the media. The rest of us are in fractions, the libertarians, the 3rd party of this that and the other, all weakening the front against the Marxist march.The takers have overcome the makers. The 47% will now become the 51%, guaranteed as 0bama crashes the US economy.

    All you can do is prepare while you can.


    • ARMYOF69

      I believe it's much higher than 51%. And, we shall never recover unless we take away the voting rights from those on the taxpayer's teats. Meantime, it's LOCK and LOAD, and be ready to cull and die for it. A war is coming to our doorsteps.

  • samtman

    REpublicans lost because of the more than 100 postings like this one. People just got pissed about all the BS that was pumped out by the tons every day and continues on blogs like this oen.

    • LifeisSoGood

      Republicans lost because the majority of people voted for free stuff with no idea how to pay for them. Republicans also lost because the MSM REFUSED to report what is REALLY happening in the world. They hid the real unemployment numbers, they hid the terrorist attack on Benghazi, they also refused to force obama to answer STILL on Fast and Furious.
      Blogs like this just tell the truth. You don't LIKE the truth and that is the problem.

      • Gigilady

        No one is more blind than those that refuse to see. Stalin called people like this "Useful Idiots".

  • ARMYOF69

    If YOU have a job today, you had better start praying hard that you will still have it two months from now. When you lose it....blame Obama. And I do hope you voted for him.
    Well done, you just stuck a knife into your own back.

  • Bigfoot

    We now have the worlds first muslim Santa Clause back on his throne (potty). All our enemies are dancing in the streets on our flag. Boeing closing all California manufacturing facitties that will run a lot of support companies out of business. It will affect a lot of t movie goers that won't be able to see george c"looney" movies or go to springsteen concerts et al. What the heck a lot of actors will be fired and living off the street like mimes. They still love their campaigner in chief while california is sold to the Chinese-not a bad idea. Maybe Staten Island will be liveable by 2016? Manhatten will be there forever but with a for sale sign on it. All medical equipment manufacturers from the East coast and Midwest will be payrolling in yen or rubles or German Marks or pesos. We are now considered a 3rd world country. I am still proud to have been in VietNam (Naval Air) protecting the Constitution-by the way, where are we sitting Chiava for it?

  • Maxdog

    I think it is time to consider dividing to US into two seperate nations. Much like ancient Rome empire was, the eastern half survived for almost 1000 years after the fall of western empire. Let the libs have the western half and we will have the east. All libs must move to the new LSA ( Liberal State of America). The east will survive and proper while the LSA will become a 3rd world nation.

    • Liz

      Just let me know where that border is before you do it, as I am sitting in the hellhole of CA.

  • lokiswife

    Obama's speech today was recycling his empty promises from 2008 and making sure we all knew that we all have to suffer some to get the financial problems under control. Huh? We didn't make the mess, quit pointing the finger at us. Suffer a little? What have most Americans been doing for the past four years trying to survive? The man is insane!

  • ARMYOF69

    Bring on the civil war. Nothing else is going cleanse this stinking mess called America.