Dear Fellow Conservatives: It Was Not Romney's Fault We Lost

Some conservatives have turned on Mitt Romney just as quickly as they embraced him back when he emerged victorious from the brutal Republican primaries to become the official GOP candidate for president. They blame Romney's candidacy itself on our failure to capture the White House. If we had had a "true conservative" running, these people say, then America would be enjoying the inauguration ceremony of President Romney in just three short months.

This is absurd. How can one genuinely believe that, say, Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann would have defeated Obama, a man who is so personally popular? Santorum and Bachmann were generally considered the true conservative contenders, right? Yet they lost to Mitt Romney. Romney kept rising above them in the polls until finally those two candidates, along with the others, had to admit to themselves that they were not desired by the majority of Republican voters, leading to their exiting the Republican primaries.

If you're unable to win the nomination, it means Republican voters do not want you. So how can you realistically expect to be able to win the presidency? It is true that many Republicans did not want Mitt Romney--but he was still more wanted than all the other candidates vying for the top spot, as evidenced by the fact that he beat them in the primary elections. Maybe in another four years those candidates will be more popular and be able to win the nomination and go on to win the presidency, but this time, Republicans didn't want them. They wanted Mitt.

In every poll that asked the question, "If the election were held today, who would you vote for, Obama or Romney?" (and " Obama or Gingrich," "Obama or Santorum," etc.), Mitt Romney was always the only candidate beating Obama in a hypothetical election, with the other candidates falling far behind both of them. And polls cannot be dismissed; the results in a poll are not the mere conjecture of theorists, but the responses of actual people who intend to make the very same decision when Election Day rolls around.

The simple fact is that we lost this election because we drastically underestimated Obama's appeal to our superficiality. There were other minor factors as well, of course; there was, dare I join the crowd, Hurricane Sandy. There was Chris Christie's undermining of Romney's message that only he, Romney, could work with the other party, when the New Jersey governor went on the news to say how fantastic Obama was at working with him on disaster relief (of course it didn't help one bit that the news networks aired Christie's accolades of Obama on repeat, day in, day out). Small things like that in the aggregate did hurt us, but in the end, I think the biggest factor was that Obama is still hip, and yes, America is still that ignorant, still that vain.



  • John

    Normally I would agree with you, but the Romney's failure with Project Orca is unforgivable.

  • jazzpast

    Obama beat Mitt Romney's ass in a landslide victory with over 330 electoral votes. Romney got 3 million fewer votes than John McCain. The Republican base didn't vote for liberal moderate Romney.

    • jag

      Do you read any of the authored articles here? Or do you just post your communist comments because you are politically neutered? I am thinking you do not own firearms. However, you deny Christ, condone abortions, support sinful same-sex marriage and believe tax payers should support the takers and be thankful for the opportunity. You are my true enemy. My prayers are for your soul and your deviant ways. Go watch HBO and the MSM. They have your social engineering news.

      Few of us wanted Mitt. We were voting against your queen, not for Mitt.

      • LeSellers

        jazzpast is one of those "pure" "Christians" who refused to vote for Romney because Mitt isn't a "true" "Christian" like him. As one of his ilk once said, "I'd rather America go to He|| than vote for a 'Mormon'."

        They will have their wish.

        When I read that "go to" statement the first time, I had to apologize: I had said that this person surely did not hate his children so much as to assure an O'bama victory. That's when he came back with the quoted statement. My apology was, "I'm sorry, I guess you do hate your children that much."

        Well, apparently he hates my children and yours, too. They will have $20,000,000,000,000 in new debt to pay off by the end of the liberal Messiah's reign (assuming he relinquishes control in 2017). They will have no religious freedom. They will have no firearms. They will have "security" (along with being assaulted in bed at 2:00 when the "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military]" comes knocking with a doorcrasher search "warrant"), but no freedom. They will have no private enterprise because no profits will be untaxed. They will have no freedom of speech or press. They will not be able to call sin "sin".

        But, in that day, jazzpast will be able to say to his Jesus, "Of course I was a good Christian: I didn't vote for the 'Mormon'."

        There is a special place in Satan's realm where the (self) righteous will go and parade their "purity". May they enjoy their reward.

        Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • pat78

        Our real enemy is the global elitist atheists that are taking down our country brick by brick for the NWO. Think globally! It's the worst war we've ever been in!

    • john cummins

      You mean moderate left wingnut, Romney

      • Jason Burns

        No, he meant what he said. Romney doesn't deserve our vote anymore than Obama. That is why he lost.

        • LouiseCA

          You are the problem. Thanks a whole lot for getting Obama back in.

      • LouiseCA

        You are the wingnut.

      • jazzpast


    • LouiseCA

      Yes, people like you slammed Romney enough that it took its toll.Congratulations to you. You got exactly what you deserve, but unfortunately the rest of us will go down with you.

    • tsimitpo

      How would you know? We didn't have a vote count that could be trusted.

      • jazzpast



    Hopefully Obama has the shortest term of any president ever.

    • Shermer

      William Harrison served 31 days. How do you propose Obama beats that?

      • ICOYAR

        Impeachment preferably.

        • john cummins

          You can't impeach a "President" that hasn't shown by his Birth Certificate and other documents, that he in fact, IS one.

        • tsimitpo

          You're making the unsupported assumption that the U.S. Constitution is still the law of the land, but that ended in 1952.

          The precedent has been set for a lawless man to occupy the White House, so he now has legal standing.

    • PL

      Benghazigate, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, foreign contributions; there may be basis that congress can act, but oh my goodness, how does anything goes by Harry Reid's Senate?

  • TheTweetest

    The salt shall be poured on the 4 year wound and they will be ripe for the picking.

    • RedMeatState

      and now for the second half of the Great Tribulation.

  • Screeminmeeme

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how Obama got re-elected.

    Just like the first time around, a blind, deceived populace was promised the moon and the stars by someone who could deliver neither, but whose unmatched skill at fabrication and duplicity effectively seduced and beguiled them.

    And it was all done while flashing his Cheshire grin.

    • DontBelieveTheLiberalMedia

      "The death of a dream calls for an autopsy". At first glance I thought this message would address the authenticity of the election itself. Days before the election I read several articles about "Chicago politics" and how Obama may try to manipulate the vote count. We know the thousands of military were refused absentee ballots. We know that a company in Spain would be counting the votes in about nine states. I am told that other absentee ballots are not counted until weeks after the election. Romney lost in a very close race. Personally I wish that he (like Al Gore) did not throw in the towel so quickly. After two years of campaigning it seems like waiting a few days or a week to be sure all the votes were counted, authentic, and real would be reasonable. We already know Obama will do anything, lie, cheat and tweaking the vote count would not be beneath him. Or is it just me?

      • Screeminmeeme isn't just you. Anyone with eyes and a brain can clearly see that he is above nothing......that he did everything he could to win and will continue in duplicitous behavior til his dying breath.

      • GramE

        I read on another blog that there were so many death threats - and so large a family - that it was impossible for him to contine. The Democrat mafia at it again.

      • pat78

        Romney didn't really have a choice once the electoral college votes came in. Until we expose the banksters of the shadow gov., we'll continue to move out of our position as a great nation.

  • RogerZ

    Santorum? Conservative? Excuse me?

    • john cummins

      You do not need to be excused, you are on target!

      • LouiseCA

        No he's not. He's part of the problem just like burkanuk above. You people wouldn't know a conservative if they fell in your lap. My guess is you wrote in some goofy libertarian, if you voted at all. I said I was going to come in here and chew you out if Obama got back in. If you wrote in a libertarian or did not vote and especially if you claim to be a Christian, consider yourselves loudly rebuked.

        • burkanuck

          Ooooohhhhh.... Louise came back and chewed the pretend conservatives out, ooooohhhhh.
          Sorry Louise, YOU'RE the problem! You will accept whatever the republican establishment gives you and it just emboldens them. Well, this election should be a loud shot across the bow for fools like you and Karl Rove, but unfortunately listening to him and reading your comments its obvious you will remain oblivious to the truth that is right in front of you!
          REAL Conservatives sent as loud a message as they could by allowing this obamanation to be re-elected and you STILL don't get it!. What more could they have done to send a message that they're serious about demanding a real conservative nominee and not some McCain, Romney moderate?
          I guess its true, you can't fix stupid.
          And on a side note, how on earth is Karl Rove some sort of expert? The "architect"? Are you kidding me? He barely pulled Bush over the finish line against two of the weakest opponents in history, elections that should have been landslides, and he's some sort of mastermind?

    • Patty Cieslak Carson

      Explain to me why Santorum is not conservative. You may be correct, I just want to know why?

      • TransplantedTexan

        Santorum was a social conservative only (and is someone rally a conservative when they want the government to tell you what to think rather than giving you the freedom to think for yourself). He sounded like he was running for Pope rather than President. He had supported Unions, bailouts and big government in the past).

  • john cummins

    It WAS the RINOs fault with the head RINO, Willard cheating at the convention. ONLY Ron Paul could have and would have beaten zer0!

    • Jason Burns


    • Davnkatz

      Idiocy! Ron Paul was the final nail that gave the election to obummer and completed the GOP coffin. HOW? Because of his personal ego, Ron Paul refused to support the GOP ticket. He also approved and gave his total support to his third party candidate. That pulled enough conservative votes that - IAW the pundits - would have gotten Romney-Ryan elected. By so doing, I consider Ron Paul a traitor to America.

      • LouiseCA

        You are absolutely correct. I am SO glad to see at least one voice of reason on this board. A sincere thank you to you.

      • tsimitpo

        Don't blame it on Ron Paul. He was being used to suck votes away from Tea Party candidates who would've been harder for the money side of the party to control.

    • LouiseCA

      It's your fault. If you wrote in Ron Paul, you got Obama back in. Congrats. And thanks.

  • Jason Burns

    Stop defending anti-constitution NDAA, pro abortion, pro gun control, pro socialized healthcare, Mitt Flip RINO Romney. You chose an ex-Democrat to represent the Republican party... What did you expect to happen? You chose the guy who lost to the guy who lost to the guy in 08 to defeat the guy in 12 and you expected to win? With what record? With what morals? You chose the guy with the most inconsistent record of all time to defeat Obama? The guy that is only consistent at one thing and it's being inconsistent, and you thought that was going to win him the presidency? Wake up now before you lose again in 4 years the exact same way you lost 4 years ago with warmongering McCain. I told you then, I told you now, and I will tell you again in 4 more years! Learn from your mistakes and stop defending them. That is why the Republican party is a dying party.

  • MacdonaldC

    Lets face it over 50 percent of Americans are idiots. The country has reached a tipping point where the idiots will now cancel out the rest of us. Conservatives no matter how much they try to find another Reagan to reason with them will fail. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Jason Burns

      Yes, but I find the stupidity on both sides! George Washington was right about political parties.

      • RedMeatState

        and Thomas Jefferson was right about Newspapers (the media)!

        • Derek

          And Thomas Jefferson was right about marijuana!

    • Happy Customer

      I was an adult when Reagan ran and won. Those he didn't win over for the vote were won over in time. I believe that a Reagan could do it again.

    • [email protected]

      What's worse is they perceive themselves as wounded and buy into the need for revenge and a take over. Most people don't really know who the real enemies are anyway! People who have been stealing from us, sending our brave men and women to war, forcing 2 income families, reducing birthrates, promoting eugenics, poluting our planet and medical services, etc. Those "people" are the billionaires who really run the government and the Federal Reserve Banks. We're going off the financial and social cliff because of all the sheeple.

  • Michaellaborde


    • Jason Burns

      The Republican primary was rigged.

    • tsimitpo

      Of course it was. They all are. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said, "If they thought we could make a difference by voting, they wouldn't let us"?

      Just keep an eye on who's counting the votes. Fraud was rampant in both the primaries and the general. Spanish voting company SCYTL was commissioned with counting the vote against nary a whimper of protest from the establishment.

      Even now, they're focusing on what they should've done different while not a single paid pundit is mentioning the fraudulent counting.

    • Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™


  • TransplantedTexan

    Sorry, I blame Romney for his campaign he ran. He ran not to loose rather than to win. He never enunciated enough policy differences and left too many issues (Libya) on the table. The election was his to win, and he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. When you play not to loose, you rarely win.

  • Coffie

    Romney & Ryan are the best, brightest, and very conservative ... they ran an excellent campaign, with a few missteps ( immigration stance), a dose of bad luck at the end ( Sandy), and a ferociously leftist media nipping at their heels throughout the process. They lost because our nation is lost, drowning in a sludge of superficialities, economic despair, abortions on demand, and same sex insanity, just to name a few.

    • sallysickofit

      Perfectly stated.

    • Doodlebug

      It makes me want to puke when I read stuff that say it's Ryan's fault, if Romney would have picked someone else. Did anyone read the either the WND or Newsmax article stating that obummer did not win one single state that has Photo ID? Interesting if anyone asks me. Romney needed to take the bull by the horns and call obummer out when he was lying and he also should have brought up the four dead Americans murdered in Libya. There is more than enough blame to go around but as for me, I blame obummers constant lies, Lies, LIES!!! And lack of voter identification.

  • Illinois conservative

    Obama is 'hip'. Reminds me of popularity in high school. But as I listened to the other side, I was stunned to hear the droves who emerged for Obama were in response (revenge?) to "all the negative caricatures in the media, portraying him as a clown, [etc] - they were just sick of it." I was dumbfounded at first and then realized they have the same response to right's media personal attacks on Obama that the right has of Chris Matthew, Bill Mayer, etc etc etc. I listen for facts - conservative policy, but over half the electorate just tune it ALL out. It is understandable that liberal media has to hide, denigrate, or just favor their guy. Their ideas are bankrupt accept for the takers. Conservatives can do better projecting solutions for freedom and economy. Let the ideas attract and win over people - ditch the ugly rhetoric. Don't talk like you are a drive-by machine. Talk to people like you would someone you cared about.

  • lalric

    Nonsense. 10-20% of Evangelical Christians never turned up 2-5 million votes. It was lack of GOP turnout that lost the election and it was because Romney was a Mormon that he lost which is sad that religious bias brought him down. Demographics and Romney's campaign was not the reason, just some stupid biased bigoted Christians on our side.

    • PL

      The truth of your reason remains to be seen (stats or exit polls?) Patriotic evangelicals have considered the Mormon issue and have resolved it. We forwarded info from major journals like Christianity Today, and respected evangelist Billy Graham, etc etc that offered guidelines; there is no conflict if we feel led to vote for Romney. The choice is clear for what the candidates represents.
      Just wonder what percentage of evangelicals are "closed minded" that each gave Obama a vote for staying out not voting for Romney.

      • LouiseCA

        You are so right. I have been so sickened by the self-righteous chest pounding by so-called "christians" that think they are "pure" because they wouldn't vote for a Mormon, but they would vote for a libertarian would believes in unfettered drugs and porn. Give me a massive break.

      • mochimama

        As an evangelical Christian, I voted for the man who shared my moral values. I wasn't voting to go to church with the guy, I just wanted his leadership for America! However, I do agree with you that there were enough "closed minded" ignorants, who voted or opted out, just like those idiots who chose "the Independent." This will be our demise since this election was probably the last time our vote could have made a difference. We are never going to outnumber the growing masses of entitlement voters, and obummer idolators

    • RufusChoate

      Have you read anything about the Romney controlled GOTV (get out the vote) program called ORCA that crashed and burned on Monday? It was anything but an incompentant attempt by the Romney campaign to manipulate and control the entire election process and they failed miserably. I will bet when the truth comes out the Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics showed up in force on Tuesday.

      • mochimama

        NO, you will not be proved right. That system failure was a hack job, smelling of the obama administration's "anything to win" ~ ala Valerie Jarrett's promise to get "payback". obama's camp had the same program in place & it worked just fine. Nothing is a coincidence. Nobody would spend $millions on a system to GOTV only to sabotage it intentionally. Unfortunately, the only solace we conservative, Constitutionalists have is knowing that the left will suffer the same FALL as we will. Yet, It somehow isn't a source of comfort to me.

        • RufusChoate

          I've consulted in Boston for the last 20 years or so in Technology and as I said this is a classic Massachusetts "Government" Technocrat bomb. It happens to about 60% to 80% of their large projects when there is anything resembling a tight schedule. They just aren't any good.

        • GramE

          You're claiming Massachusetts as the devil? I claim the Chicago Machine.

    • Dissgussted

      Isn't that absurd that Mitt's Mormon (LDS) faith would be an impediment to his election? Yet the poser-in-chief gets a pass on his now obvious Muslim affiliation. Because the so called media is a complicit propaganda arm of this regime.
      By the way, I think Romney is a very moral man and would have been an excellent leader. Now we all have to pay the price of this election.

      • mochimama

        Absolutely agree with you, "Dissgussted". I am one of those born-again, Jesus freaks, who had no problem supporting a mega-wealthy, experienced business turn-around executive, who holds onto his moral compass. Many pastors did their best to educate their congregations this year, but we are up against 50million+ voters (dead or alive, imposters or not) who can't think consequentially. I personally know "highly-educated" people who think obamacare is good, obama is a smart man, every bad thing is still Bush's fault, etc. etc. Although despair is not productive, I admit that's what I feel after Tuesday night. I am 58, and have far fewer years left on this earth, in this country, but I also have kids and potential grandkids who will inherit this progressive agenda's consequences. 4 more years of that, executive orders, and at least 2 more pathetic excuses for Supreme Court Justices will doom our freedom. We will end up just like a western European country - "nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there". The last great hope for liberty is being flushed down the toilet of moral relativism. God will not be mocked, no matter what a person may believe... Prepare yourself & your family for what's coming ~ massive inflation for one thing...

  • burkanuck

    Romney lost the election because Conservatives are SICK and TIRED of having moderates forced on them by the republican establishment! You can try and look for every way to spin this you want, 3,000,000 people stayed home because they are tired of putting their time, effort and money into supporting what amounts to a democrat running as a republican.
    You were told in no uncertain terms when McCain lost that the Conservative base had had enough faux republicans and you turn around and give them the MOST moderate candidate in history and then scratch your heads that 3,000,000 stayed home and handed the election to a socialist?
    What is the difference between a shotgun blast to the head and death by a thousand cuts? You're still dead! So, YES, Mr. Graham Mitt Romney WAS the problem!!! No Republican candidate who isn't a TRUE conservative will EVER win another election, so get used to that fact establishment elites.

    • LouiseCA

      No, people such as yourself were the problem. You succeeded in bashing Romney enough instead of supporting him, yelling loudly with your self-righteousness that you wouldn't vote for a so-called "moderate", instead of giving him credit for what he would have done well and being willing to work on getting good people around him to advise him, and you did it loud and long enough that it finally took its toll. And we lost. And the rest of us will go down along with you. Beat your chest in self-righteous indignation all you want, but stop lying and saying that Romney was as bad as Obama. No, he's not Reagan, but he isn't satan. satan got back in. Thanks.

      • burkanuck

        No, Louise. I am Canadian, so don't direct YOUR chest beating self-righteous indignation at me, you uninformed fool! I didn't vote, although I'm sure I could have looked up an address in the phone book and walked into a polling place and done so with ease, and just for the record, I would have voted for Romney. In fact, as much as it is possible for a Canadian to do I supported Romney. I think he is a good and decent man, but that isn't the point. I'm trying to EDUCATE fools like you!!!
        Real Conservatives have had moderates stuffed down their throats election after election since Reagan and they are TIRED OF IT! That is the reality of why 3,000,000 people chose not to show up. Until a TRUE Conservative is the nominee you will continue to see the same results. What's the definition of insanity again?
        How can you people be so stupid as to think that becoming more like Democrats is the way to win elections? Keep thinking like that Louise and "PL" and you will keep losing by larger and larger margins but it will be people like me who are "close minded."
        The Republican establishment uses people like you two because you're useful idiots.

      • jazzpast

        I think it's funny as hell mormon Mitt Romney was defeated like the polls indicated. So we can all assume God is giving mormon MITT the appropriate finger!! Ha, ha, ha! Mitt Romney's mormon God is SATAN the father of all lies and liars!

        • GramE

          Jazzpest - oops, Jazzpast - you're rants are so very lacking in Christianity that I sincerely doubt that you are a Christian. Hell is not funny. Your comments elsewhere keep using "ha ha ha" - how erudite of you. By the way, please learn the difference between your and you're. The Lord God doesn't care about spelling, and grammar - but many of us do.

      • jazzpast


    • for my childern

      100% agree - We need to take the next liberal by the neck and throttle him. Mitt should have called out Obama in every interview and forced the media to do their job. He needed to look in the camera and challenged the king of the teleprompter. He should've demanded that Fox got to moderate one of the debates. He should have to Crowley to sit down and shut up, it is not here place to chime in with liberal misrepresentations. We need and angry fire and brimstone conservative. Black, white, brown, yellow or red, it doesn't matter, as long as the are not going to take the liberal onslaught of lies. GET FIRED UP AMERICA.!!!

      • GramE

        He should have - he should have - The RNC SHOULD HAVE!! You wanted him to do it all by himself?? How much effort did you put into this? How many dollars did you contribute? How many doors did you knock on?

      • pat78

        Since both parties are "owned" by elitists atheists, conservatives won't have a conservative candidate until the light is shown on the cockroaches.

    • Happy Customer

      I agree that we need a true conservative as a candidate. However, anyone with an ounce of brains in their head would have realized how imperative it is to get Obama back to book writing; to be able to replace him with a man who would obviously work with Congress, who would respond to the producing men and women in this nation - all I can say, is shame on anyone who didn't vote because the candidates were "the same." They will feel the pain.

  • Ggpa63

    What we learned (and should have known) is the media does not do their job and he fact misrepresents what a conservative candidate says. That Romney did as well as he did is a testament to the quality candidate he was. What he should have said at the Al Smith dinner was, "the media does such a great job I often don't even recognize my own quotes". Don't blame Romney blame the apathy of three million conservatives who didn't even bother to vote.

    • pat78

      Romney will never be a conservative.

  • OldWoolfy

    I'm sorry...but I disagree with the premise of this article. When you say that "Republicans" did not want a Gingrich, Santorum, or Bachman because they never won a "head-to-head" poll against Obama...your methodology is inaccurate. I'm surprised you even mention Polls. They obviously are flawed to begin with. Most of the polls showed the race a dead heat. This election sure trashed that logic.

    The ONLY reason "true conservative Republicans" may have said Romney would possibly beat Obama, is because Romney's war chest of money absolutely destroyed the candidates running against him and the public was very miss led. Case in point, was the popularity of Gingrich prior to the Florida Primaries. Romney launched millions of dollars in extremely negative Ads and Newt never recovered. After that, it was Santorum who got murdered by the Romney Ads. Romeny did to his fellow Republicans what Obama did to Romney. Romney never had the balls to go after Obama like he did Republicans. Santorum or Gingrich would have lambasted Obama with true facts that would have had Obama on the ropes the whole time.

    A did as the Godfather pleaded for Republicans that did not prefer Romney. I held my nose and voted for him. Hundreds of thousands of other real conservatives and Republicans chose not to compromise their positions and chose not to vote.

    That's why Romney lost. The honest conservatives and Republicans never really embraced the Romney team.

  • LeavingNJ

    Please remember what Christie did and DO NOT support his 2016 run for the presidency. He is a RINO and a bully and what he did is treason!!!

  • Michael Papich

    Conservatives rejected the choice of the Republican establishment. What too many who call themselves don't get is that since its founding in 1854 the GOP has been a big government party. The Karl Roves will never allow a true conservative to get the nomination. If you are a conservative get out of the GOP.

  • Jerry Miller

    Newt, with all his baggage, for Obama it would have been jumping in a small pool with sharks wearing a red meat bathing suit. Newt would have eaten his lunch and brought out all the laws and the defiling of the constitution he has broken in the last four years. Newt would have ask about where this unknown kid had come from, where is all his records as just WHO he really is? No doubt, with the MSM being a communist outlet now, it would not have been easy, but even if Obama won, he'd of damn sure came out bloodied.

  • Ramjet

    The Republicans lost because they did not listen to what Ron Paul had to say-republicans and democrats are TWO puppets promoting the same Glolbalist agenga! Citizens are so ignorant!! Wake up citizens!!

  • Red_Ruffansore

    51% chose to double down on stupid, in my opinion if a really stupid child keeps trying to stick a fork in the light socket, maybe you should just let him. Time to let the pain flow.

  • ARMYOF69

    Romney went into a fight wearing kid gloves , and the other guy came in with horse shoes in his.

  • PL

    I agree 100%. But reading the comments, it's like seeing the same closed mindedness in the anti-Romney conservatives, in spite of the articulate persuasion for realistic assessment, as that of the lefties. No reasoning is logical unless you agree with them.

    Sigh!!! Our votes are lost in the independents, the young people, the blacks and the hispanics. Evangelicals come out to vote Obama out but have come to appreciate that Romney is a decent man of good morals.

  • ste1021

    Reports state that many conservatives didn't vote because Romney wasn't :conservative" enough. Now we have the community organizer for four more years. Enjoy!

    • tsimitpo

      I believe Romney got enough legal votes to handily "win" the election, but that's not the way they added up. Again, it's who counts the votes, not how they were cast, that determines the winner in an election. I hate to say it, but both sides had to cooperate to make this happen the way it did.

  • Delores109

    You are very fat. I like fat people, but you carry too much fat in your brain.
    Delores Smith

  • Frank Hurley

    Like LSU going into a prevent defense in the last minute of the football game against Alabama, Romney beat himself by betting the whole wad on jobs/economy, and staying away from "confrontation" issues like affirmative action, capital punishment, election fraud, and so on. As a footnote, let us not forget that Romney's vote in the GOP primaries almost always was much lower than the Santorum + Gingrich vote. Still, disgruntled conservative Republicans and libertarians who stayed home on election day made perfect fools of themselves.

  • RufusChoate

    The Left in the Republican party runs the same failing shell game with a Leftist top of the ticket and a Conservative Vice President for the last five Presidential elections and it isn't their fault. Bush Quayle, Dole Kemp, Bush Cheney, Mc Cain Palin, Romney Ryan. See the pattern, the non-ideological RINO is the selected and punative front runner who placates the base with a Vice Presidential pick from the Conservative Movement.
    Like McCain and Dole, Romney demonstrated in the Primary that he disliked the base i.e. Conservatives more than any negative feeling he had towards his opponent; Obama i.e. He is a good man.
    Romney was never conservative but he lived a relatively conservative life while he sat on the sidelines during the Reagan Revolution, the Contract with America and the War on Terror. He was barely even tangentiallly connected to any serious ideological or intellectual movement or policies discussion in the US political for the last 30 years.
    His alliance with Ron Paul who should never had been allowed on the stage or in a Republican primary was a Machivellian twist of a vengeful backbencher/celebrity/libertarian.

    • Henry Martin

      You forgot one, the Ford/Dole ticket in 1976, Oh yeah, what about the Reagan/Bush ticket. Both Ford and Dole were establishment Republicans, and Reagan went the other way, though G.H.W. Bush had only served two terms in the House before becoming a bureaucrat. I guess the pattern just started with G.W. Bush.

      • RufusChoate

        Okay, no analogy is perfect but Ford and Dole were equally on the Left of the Republican party like most post 1960's Republican establishment. Ford defeated Reagan in 1976 and set up Reagan for the 1980 race where he and his insurgents from 1964 and 1976 allowed Conservative principles to win the day. Bush (41) was cut from the Ford/Dole mold while Quayle was a Reagan conservative. So I would say the analogy is valid from Bush 41 on and not include the pre-Reagan Presidents. Nixon was a mess on personality and in principles.

  • Davnkatz

    Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann or other TRUE conservative candidates lost for two reasons. 1. The establishment GOP refused to support them. 2. FOX CINO commentators - O'Reilley, Krauthammer. Rove, et al - constantly harped on TRUE conservatives' "unelectability" because they were "too conservative". That was ther same ol' BS they pitched in 2008. O'Reilly claimed the biggest mistake by the GOP and McCruddy was selecting Sarah Palin for VP. We don't need political enemies when we have such political FRIENDS.
    Now, those same people are saying the GOP lost again because of being too conservative; that the GOP must "reinvent itself into a more mainstream political party." BAH!!
    What about Ron Paul? By refusing to support the GOP ticket, and by appointing and supporting his third party candidate, he pulled away enough conservative votes to have gotten Romney-Ryan elected. Ron Paul. He's no conservative. Because he served ONLY his own ego he gave the election to obummer.

    • Sinbad

      Was it that Ron Paul refused to support the GOP ticket, or that the GOP refused to support Ron Paul's views? I believe you have it backwards regarding Ron Paul.

    • pat78

      Ron Paul knew what the GOP establishment has been doing to this country for a while now. Paul knew that the billionaires controlled both dems and repubs and the rest of us have been their pawns. Paul courageously fought against them. It's a revolution that will one day win!

  • djw663

    If you failed to vote like 3million Republicans did how can you blame Romney? We all know he wasn't the best candidate but he was 100% better than Obama and you whom did not vote are to blame.

  • Abouthadit

    B.S. The Romney campaign didn't "win" anything: they stole it. The corruption at the state level was there for all with eyes to see, and Tampa was more of the same: lying, cheating, and backroom deals. Ron Paul was the only genuine, fiscally responsible, conservative, peace candidate who could have beaten Barry. He is also the only one who understand the fiscal mess we are in and what needs to be done. Willard was just another centrist foisted upon those who still buy into the 2 party duopoly paradigm, just as Manchurian McCain was. This is all by design. The Red and Blue heads of the beast are leading America to it's destruction and the soon ppl wake up the better. Time is short.

  • exodus2011

    The GOP lost because the Nominee was not The Real Deal whom Tea Partiers thought it worth RAGING and WORKING for. None of the GOP Candidates who ran in the Primary met the standard. We needed 2010 on Steroids, and for that a Steel-Spined Leader with a Proven RECORD of Reform, like Walker or Palin is required.

    I think too many Conservatives looked at the 16 T Debt, then at the GOP Ticket ----> saw little hope of the Debt ceiling EVER being lowered ...... and didn't bother ... decided to hunker down and await the inevitable ....

  • MM

    People are not up on the history of our country there are two many that are from different countries that don’t know what it took to get where we were. No they want everything free and the Gov to support them. And they are jealous of the rich Well wake up they had to work for what they have why should they have to give it to you lasy free loaders. Our forefathers fought to keep us free. They shed blood sweat tears for this country It was called work and DEACATION to your country to keep us the people free and work together as a country. Not for all you free loaders that don’t know anything about our GREAT AMERICA. WE ARE A GREAT COUNTRY YOU THE PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP. YOU THINK YOU VOTED OBAMA THAT HE IS GOING TO KEEP YOU SAFE WELL WAKE UP YOU ALL HAVE A WIDE AWAKING. CHECK YOU FACTS HE HAS LIED THE AMERCIA PEOPLE. CHECK FACTS OUT. DONT BELEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR VERY DECIEVING. PEOPLE OF AMERICA ARE UNEDUCTAED iIN OUR COUNTRY HISTORY WHAT WE STAND FOR.
    Wake up AMERICA

  • ConservaDave2

    A couple of things here need clarifying. These polls you speak of (Santorum vs. Obama, Bachman vs. Obama, etc.) were taken at least a half year before the election, and a lot could have happened in that half year that might have changed those polling results. Romney, having run in 2008, had more name recognition, more money and a better organization that helped him "win" those early polls. In the end, though, where did it get him? Where did it get us and the country? I don't blame him entirely, but the victory in 2010 focused around winning issue of the repeal of Obamacare. Where was the relentless exposing of what Obamacare will do to our medical system, our freedoms and our country in 2012 campaign? Almost non-existent, and that is one reason Obama is still in the White House and Harry Reid is still majority leader.

  • Txblackjack

    Obama and the Democrat Progressive Majority has successfully kept the Republican Party fractured and in chaos. The Libertarian wing (1%) and the 3 million others who stayed at home were the other contributing factors. There was never a united majority behind any one candidate.

  • Ronald

    Santorum hurt a lot on Letterman that Mitt had a hard time communicating
    Which is a bunch of bull!

  • SafUgglas

    The problem and excuse Romney not winnig the race, he walked the wrong quarters.
    He didn't show up in the important quarters of Philadelphia for exampel to take the boooos!

  • Aceriter

    Gingrich could have won because he would have campaigned. Romney was a battery operated candidate who could only say "I know how the economy works." The only trouble with that line was no once cared.

  • gwedem5995

    I am a registered democrat, but never voted along party lines. It was more of a vote for one person because I didn't like the other person. However, romney was not my first choice but the more I got to know things about him, the more I liked him. In fact, he was actually too decent to be president, as decency has no meaning in our society anymore. I wouldn't let O through my front door. A went to many rallies hoping to learn all I could and I was very impressed that he was one of the few men who could turn this country around. I think one thing I most admired him for was when O said vote for revenge (and I am wondering who they want their revenge on) and Romney said vote for love of country.
    There is no comparison between the two men and the country really lost big. I applaud Romney for running a truly classy race and wouldn't have wanted him to do anything differently.

    • KarenWI

      Mitt and Paul would have made a great team to restore prosperity to our country. Thanks for you note, you're a democrat I could be friends with.. God bless

    • Happy Customer

      He is a good and decent man. Too bad success is suspect, and its owner, demonized.

    • pat78

      They want revenge on corporatists like Romney and people they perceived kept them from achieving the American dream because of their heritage! I've seen it happening on a local level in South Texas. It's bad. Minority groups are making it almost impossible for "Anglos" to be elected to any office, county or city. The city I cam from is almost all minority after being almost all "Anglo" back in the '60's. Many of the Anglos have left not wanting to have their children grow up in this hostile environment. There's a lot of lying, and cheating going on, so goes the nation. They are so happy Robin Hood was elected and reelected.

  • dad666

    America has made a mojor mistake and will now begin to pay dearly for their stupidity.

  • jorland428

    The takers are outnumbering the givers. We may be at the
    point of no return.

  • Dolly

    I'm glad Romney lost. When people know what a difficult time we have had and they still re-elect the same person for 4 more years, they deserve what they get !!! Mitt Romney is good patriotic American and should now forget about the stiffs who could not recognize how he could have turned the country around and saved our economy.. He was willing to share his intelligence but it was not appreciated. So let them struggle for 4 more years unless we all go down the tubes before then But look out when the STUFF they expected doesn't come , or come fast enough. The party will be over !!!

  • krdave

    Romney and Ryan lost the race strictly because the media trashed them every opportunity, every joke, and they kissed up to Obama constantly. If they had been truthful, Obama wouldn't have had a chance.----Down thru the years, I'd noticed that Jay Leno stayed out of the political thing, but this year he was all over it like all the other "comedians".

    • pat78

      I think the media would have trashed Romney/ Ryan no matter what they said. They were chosen because Obama could still beat them. Ron Paul was marginalized because he was a threat. The sheeple of this country have bought into a "false compassion". Instead of looking at the big picture for example abortion kills, the "false compassion" leads the sheeple to believe that the mother has the right to kill. Totally false! Anyone who takes the rational response is crucified by the useful idiot media.

  • TenTanToes

    They would not have come any more Conservative or desireable as candidates to THINKING WORKING FUNCTIONING Americans. We have too many that are mesmerized by the idiot that never did anything constructive in his life, and who appeals to the same kind as he is. He promises them 'stuff'....We've been outnumbered by idiots and Obama-zombies.

  • Chris R

    Ever heard of Romneycare? There was little difference between the two choices. Romney is just as much of a joke as Obama. The gop establishment is the problem. Bachman? She's a joke. She as much a Tea Party person as Obama is. The one and only person that could have won is Ron Paul. look how he was treated. The gop I'd changing we need to root it out s lot but libertarians And will take the party back and then we will prosper once more. I always find it amusing how so called con servatives and so called Tea Party people talk about out Founders and their teachings yet fail to even understand them.

  • TimAZ

    So are you now hopping in bed with the old toads of the GOP? Or have you always been in their bed? Cain would have easily beaten Obama and taken Much of the black vote in the process. Your pals. The old toads of the GOP helped the party of Santa Claus torpedo Cain from the nomination process so they could force another half @$$ed candidate as the republican nominee.

  • sovereigntyofone

    The reason Mitt Romney lost was because he should never have run in the first place.
    Who's fault is it? It's the powers that be within the Republican Party (RHINOS) that picked him. Had we had a true fighter and conservative against Obama we might have had a chance.

    • Michael Hilton

      You, sir, are a tiresome windbag. If he had won you'd be congratulating him (and yourself) for your prescience. Mitt Romney is a very good man, in every department. "True fighting" is almost impossible to achieve when nearly half the country is on the government dole, and will vote for virtually anyone that'll keep them in beans and chowder.

      • sovereigntyofone

        Let me put it this way. To borrow a statement from Mark Levin: " I would vote for a can of orange juice if it would remove Obama from office ". As far as congradulating Romney that's another story. I would consider Romney as a " book mark " to hold place in time and space until we could find a bettter man with more consevative back bone. Is Mitt Romney a nice man, yes, I am sure he is and I wish him well. But like the saying goes, sometime nice guys finish last. In this day and age we need a " fighter spirit ' to lead this country out of this mess, not a wuss. Last but not least, I had my reservations about Romney having " Romneycare " before Obama had Obamacare, it seems that he thought along the same lines as Obama on that one. I voted for Romney strictly because there was not other choice to run against Obama...period. So this old " tiresome windbag " will continue to hope we as a nation will find the right man for the job in the future IF there is a future for this nation.

  • tsimitpo

    Elections aren't "won" and "lost" - they're controlled theater to keep us convinced we can make a difference "next time". Both sides (legs) complement each other as fierce opposition to keep the beast they work for in control of the people. Why aren't any of the standard "conservative" pundits saying anything about the Spanish voting company SCYTL that was in charge of the count?

    for example:

    "Nevertheless, in spite of warnings by experts across the nation,
    American soldiers overseas will once again vote via the internet in
    2012. And because SCYTL will control the method of voting and—thanks
    to the purchase of SOE–the method of counting the votes as well, there
    “…will be no ballots, no physical evidence, no way for the public to
    authenticate who actually cast the votes…or the count.”

  • vickilant

    Thank you for a positive article on the campaign of Mitt Romney. We as a country lost an opportunity to elect a man who would have been a great president. All of this discussion of true conservatism vs. moderate is pointless. Republicans all have the tendency (like people in general) to want to play the blame game. The thing that troubles me most is why was the overall turnout by my fellow Republicans less then 2008. What were they thinking? The prospect of four more years has left me paralyzed with fear, sadness and anger.

  • Derek

    Lol at this article. Ron Paul was the only true conservative running and they don't even mention him here. If you looked at the polls then it was always Ron Paul higher against Obama than any other candidates

    • tsimitpo

      That's true, but he was only out there as a magnet. RP won Iowa, but they made sure the public didn't know it lest he get too much of a boost. He was never going to be anything more than bait so they could control his support. Notice that they didn't even make a play for his supporters at the convention? They basically kicked his supporters to the curb. to make them take it out on Romney, because the money end of the party (which apparently has controlling interest in this site) never really wanted Romney as they're holding the fort for when it's Jeb Bush's turn.

      • GramE

        Jeb Bush would be excellent as President. He wouldn't have to hide his college record (as Obama does). I am as much a Christian Conservative as you can get - but I would prefer a moderate Conservative over a flaming Liberal who is probably a Muslim.

        • pat78

          Jeb Bush is a "Bush", a moderate who will continue to do the dirty work of the elitist atheist. You may dispute naming elitists "atheists" because some of them actually go to church. If they don't follow God's teachings while adoring their billions, they are atheists.

        • GramE

          You assume that all who are rich are athiests. Or should I say "judge" rather than "assume".

    • pat78

      Very true! The elitist atheists didn't want anything to change with their cash cow the United States!

  • tsimitpo

    C'mon - you deleted my post because I mentioned the fraud in vote counting and that elections are for theater? For the sake of our country you better do better than that!

    • tsimitpo

      Oops - strike that - I found the post near the bottom of the page where I didn't expect it since it was one of the more recent posts. My apologies.

  • Henry Martin

    The word on Monday evening was "Get Out the Vote!" Neither side heard the cry. The count so far, assuming all "counted" votes are considered, is 61,437,198 vs. 58,312,008; or 3,125,190 in Obama's favor. Although Romney polled 1,622,806 fewer than McCain did in 2008; Obama polled 8,019,699 fewer than he did in 2008.

    Gary Johnson (L) received 1,178,442; but those votes would probably have gone either way because Libertarians (especially Johnson), are liberal on the social issues that the Democrats made central to their platform. Virgil Goode (C) had 113,947 votes which could have gone to Romney, though those were from die hard "independent" conservatives. As it is, then, it looks like those who chose not to vote made more of a difference than did those protest votes. On the other hand, Jill Stein (G) polled 414,545 votes which would have surely gone to Obama if the Green Party had not been in the race.

    It was not Romney's fault, but the apathy of the Republican/Conservative base that failed in this case. The county by county map reveals the true divide -- Cities vs small towns.

  • ken

    The reason Romney defeated the more conservative republicans is the division of conservative votes to multiple candidates. The sign that He was not fully embraced by the conservative wing of the party is reflected in the choice of Ryan in order to appeal to them. McCaine tried the same thing with Palin but a moderate is still a moderate. Romny was content to say he would work with the remaining dems, but that is a lack of integrity. There is nothing in the democrat party that will ever work. If a good principle is comprimised it will only fail half as fast as a democrat idea. It is only half as bad but still wrong. For all the Christians who could not vote for a Mormon, perhaps you should examine the shallow offerings that God did not see fit to allow a Christian to run. God is mocking you for your unsaltyness. You are good for nothing and thrown out. Considder how Daniel repented for the sins of Israel. He is a model for the church today.

  • Anne Caston

    Alright we lost but we need to find out why the morons voted for the one in the WH. The man has no talent for anything and messed up so many things but the dumocrats still got him in and so did some Republicans. We have to find out why they chose to send the country down the drain instead of saving it! We need a pitt bull to put them in their places and get the country back and stop this hippie movement and call it what it is. A dumbing down of America.

  • ARMYOF69

    IT's the time for it.
    Bring on the civil war. Nothing else is going cleanse this stinking mess called America.

  • Happy Customer

    Yes, Romney could have torn Obama a new one in the foreign policy debate. I was very frustrated with his performance... and that's what it was: a performance. Playing it safe. (Could you imagine if Ronald Reagan had been sitting at that table with that lying, posturing Marxist?) And I don't care what Michael Savage says: Ryan was an excellent, bold choice. The man is smart and cool. But I take issue with critics saying that Romney didn't connect with this group or that group: relationships take TWO. When Romney/Ryan lost I realized that we were outnumbered. Yet, I must say that we musn't give in or give up. The Truth sets people free, not government. So I hope that Truth-purveyors of all disciplines and arenas keep on keeping on. We may not live to see the fruit, but our ancestors will. Eventually.

  • Doug Hensley

    The real reasons are many, and top among them, your blindness to all of them. Huntsman had it right on climate change. All the others had it wrong. Perry had it right on the Dream Act. All the others had it wrong.

    What can have possessed you, to foist on the Republican party such nominees as Akin and Mourdock? This is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    A long, serious soul searching is in order. And a lot of growing up.

  • progressiveandproud

    Romney lost because people simply didn't believe that he could be trusted to help anyone other than the rich.

    Repubs. don't realize that most people want jobs, strong education, reliable infrastructure, and a decent home. Abortion, gay rights, and the fake "war on Christians" just don't concern people when the country is going down the drain and families are doing without basics.

  • Val

    This Election was a done deal before we VOTED. Someone or something is running the show ! Obama is a Snake,and Who or what ever is even worse. Be aware, be careful.Be watchful.

  • gluco30

    It is not Romney & Ryans' fault- it is the stupidity of the American people who voted for Obama. They have their hands out for welfare and free phones and free food and don't give a crap about anything that takes any brain power. One young girl we know was angry that they interrupted her television viewing with the debates! She cursed them and said she wished they would get it over with so she could go vote for Obama! She is a white high school graduate on welfare and likes it that way! How do you reason with stupidity like that?

  • sam

    the GOP is dead to me, main stream country club repubs and the Ron Paul crowd sold out the country because they could not get their way...Romney was not my first choice, but he represented a way home from the break neck race to end our republic that the obamanator surely is... i already do not vote for Dems, now the Repubs and Libertarians are also not going to get my vote... the tea party need to field our own folks and take back the country one county at a time.