GOP Stock is Down – Time to Buy!

You’ve heard financial investors tell you, “Buy Low — Sell High.” Right now Republican stock is down. Now’s the time to buy Republican. Get involved in the GOP and take over the party. I spoke yesterday to some of my friends who voted third party, didn’t vote, or wrote in a presidential preference out of principle. They have no idea what it would take to get a viable third party going in America. It’s a monumental task, and it’s expensive.

Liberals learned this a long time ago. Conservatives started Harvard, Yale, King’s College (Columbia), and nearly every other major United States college. It took time, but liberals took them over — lock, stock, and barrel — their land, buildings, libraries, bank accounts, endowments, and investment portfolios.

Which is easier and quicker to do? Start a viable third party or take over an existing political party? It’s easier and cheaper to take over the GOP. Political pundits like Karl Rove and Dick Morris got it wrong. Their stock is down. It's ripe for a takeover.

There are already a number of good people on the inside who would help us in our efforts. They need our help just as we need theirs. Four more years of complaining and “I’ve told you so” won’t get us anywhere. I’ve been hearing the same rhetoric for more than 30 years. Shelf-loads of books have been written on economics, political strategies, how the Left is impoverishing us and the Right is selling us down the river, but I haven’t seen much institutional change among the finger pointers.

They despise the Republican Establishment (as I do), but they haven’t offered a viable alternative except in principle. Viability is important for people who do not have an ideological dog in the fight which is where a majority of Americans are. People support winners. If you can't or will not grasp this point, then you better find a different line of work.

I firmly believe that many (maybe most) third-party people don’t want a real change in the political landscape because they know they couldn’t make it work. They don’t have the skills, knowledge, or the work ethic to make the fundamental changes that are needed to turn things around.

Some are content to watch it all burn and then believe that a new political Phoenix will rise from the ashes and a desperate world will call on them to show the way to salvation. It's not going to happen. If it burns, it's taking us with it.

Sorry folks, but that’s not the way it works. It doesn’t work in politics like it doesn’t work in medicine, fixing cars, building a house, sending a rocket into space, learning a new language, designing a sky scraper, or learning to play a musical instrument. It's hard work. Talk does not build a building. Dr. Gary North gave the following advice to a young talented pianist and painter:

What if you devoted the next four years, including summers, to improving your skills with the paint brush? At 8 hours a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, the total is 8,000 hours. In Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers, we learn that 10,000 hours of intense work usually are required to become a virtuoso. This investment of time does not guarantee such status, but it is necessary, though not sufficient.

Of course, we can’t and shouldn’t (although some people do) devote that amount of time to politics, but it shows us that change is not magical. It doesn’t drop from the sky after wishing, bitching, and hoping. It takes a lot of work and determination. Are you up to the task?



  • Doodlebug

    I think all the red states, should pull together and pull out of the U.S. Have our own union and the liberals that are living within these states can bow down to conservatism or get out. We have a lot of them here in WI - just let them go live with the liberals in another state. If they can't make it, guess what, their liberal government will give them what they need. They can tax those who have more money so they will have the money needed to live a socialistic life. We can have our own government based on conservative principles and we will prosper. Conservatives living in those liberal states will be invited to come live by us so they too can prosper or stay where they are and get government handout. We wouldn't have to have obummercare, we'd have our own insurance plan and I bet we wouldn't have anyone telling us old people that we can't have the care we need, that we have to be left to die. Live like our founding fathers meant for us. A new beginning. I'm serious, I think we should go for it!! Truly stick up for what we believe in!!

    • Robalou01

      Start with the 30 Republican governors banding together to oppose Obama

      • Suzie5555

        Robalou, is that true? Can you give some details?

    • Bulldog74

      The secession thing didn't work out too well in 1861-65, but there might be a better chance at it nowadays...I mean, can you imagine the Blue State inhabitants of today charging the heights of Fredericksburg in order to preserve the Union?

      • Love My Kitty


        • Preston Guillory

          Wearing Birkenstocks, eating Tofu, and with their sweaters draped over their shoulders. That is not going to happen. Things are just going to continue getting worse under 'Baby Doc' until a whole lot of people realize Barack 'Rev. Jim Jones', 'David Koresh' ain't what he appears to be. Do not despair, there will be Kool Aid for all. Do not be a wuss, be an Alpha Male/Female, Sheepdog. Lock and load, and always double tap!

        • Krazeehors

          Yeah, NOT!!

      • RedMeatState

        No, but I can see them charging the mall for the annual lingerie sale!!

        • Bulldog74

          And that's just the guys!

        • Ncramblit


      • bumpkinpm

        No, because if even one dropped their cell phone, they would ALL stop, and crawl all over each other to find it and claim it.

    • Nik

      @doodle. Great idea. That worked so well in 1861.

    • Republic of Texas

      Texas can be the first state to secede, Texas does not need the union as we have our own power grid,oil,refineries farms etc...then the red states would be more likely to secede...oh to dream!!!

      • John Detwiler

        What are you talking about? Your state helped elect Obama. That doesn't sound like they want to secede.

        • Profff

          What are you talking about?
          Texas is GOP country...

        • Krazeehors

          Um, so did YOUR state. There is not a SINGLE state in the ENTIRE union that did not have at least SOME votes for Obama!! The GOP won Texas!

        • bumpkinpm

          Yeah, well, MY "state" helped to elect him, too, but its because of some really fishy crap going down. We only have ONE larger city in our whole state, and its ripe with Dems. The entire rest of the counties are basically Repubs, with a few small college towns full of dems in the mix, -like maybe 3. And SOMEHOW, our State MAGICALLY shows up SOLID Dem every election! I would BET there are some key people around our state that get paid a LOT of kickback for their shady efforts to keep the Majority, the conservatives, unheard. Its really quite a racket . Thing is, we are finally waking up to the evil, and will be routing it out in earnest now.

      • Doodlebug

        Okay, get er started. I'll join in. Let's contact those Republican governors. I'm tired of this muslim shoving his crap down my throat!

        • Doodlebug

          For those of you who are laughing, read tge WND article today entitled "Louisiana Residents Petition to Secede." I hope they win, that would make it a visible thing and maybe we could get others to follow! Think about it.

        • Doodlebug

          Sorry, my hands hurt like _______ that should be the WND

    • ConservaDave2

      I'd be willing to relocate, let Connecticut go to hell, they're half way there anyway. I've seen about 20 of my conservative, taxpaying, productive, Republican-voting friends exit the state in the last 3 years and rave about how better they feel in VA, AL FL, OH (for the ones in Maryland, it's about the same), with a less oppressive tax burden. These 20 have been replaced by an influx of Democrat-voting welfare types, so CT is solidly obscenely Democratic forever or at least until bankruptcy is declared.

      • Riverdweller

        VA, OH and FL. all went blue for obummer. So how are your conservative friends doing better in those states ?

      • pat78

        Yes, if Texas did secede, everyone would benefit when our borders are protected!

    • Krazeehors

      Sounds like a winner to me, as long as I don't have to leave Texas!!

    • hongryhawg

      I agree that something this drastic may end of happening, considering how divided we are as a nation. However, it would just end up in a super civil war; something I believe will lead to nowhere. Don't get me wrong; it's a great theory and I do see the value. But, as far as practicality, it's a losing proposition, for everyone. There has to be a better way. And it's not our current path.

    • Ithamar

      Doodlebug, if you are serious, look into

    • CARLjr

      Take Arizona. We will help you pack.

  • Mayo

    Great idea but where do you start? Anyone? I'd like to get involved but have no clue...

    • ansonheath

      Read Bruce Walker's article today on American Thinker about the states and GOP. You might also read my 'wise' comment. It's up to us, Mayo. With wisdom, persistence and hard work -and above all, God's blessing, it's a done deal!

      • CARLjr

        Maybe if teachers were paid more, you would get some Republicans willing to take the job.

        • ansonheath

          Huh? CARLjr, what does your comment have to do with mine or the context of this topic? But since you brought up the subject, why don't you just search the topic of teacher salaries and pensions. I don't know what universe you've lived in, but teachers make more than the private sector employees. Example: Chicago - average about $71,000per. I personally know 2 teachers who are making 75-90% of their last year's salary in their retirement. Not bad, eh?

  • CARLjr

    Start your own Evangelical Party. You make the Republicans look bad.

    Once you have your own party:

    Make all the rape comments you want.
    Tell women they are all a bunch of sluts.
    Restrict medication and medical procedures that the Pope doesn't like.
    Spout the most outlandish conspiracy theories you can think of.
    Say bigoted, racist things in public forums.
    Force non-believers to follow your holy laws.
    Make forced prayer a part of every American's day.

    Loudly express your hatred of the poor, the disabled, the elderly, blacks, hispanics, gays, liberals, OWS, chinese, hippies, students, teachers, Indians, the media, doctors, cubans, scientists, the environment, France, the movie industry, Greece, the Jews, Spain, the Supreme Court, Iran, Home Depot, environmentalists, Microsoft, labor unions, the Muppets, NOAA, colleges, Atheists, JC Penny's, ACORN, the national endowment of the Arts, Judges, Comedy Central, Muslims, Chris Christie, Television, soup kitchens, debate moderators, fact checkers, Oreo, young people, public television, Target, museums, the United Nations, Apple inc, Disney, Bruce Springsteen, the Nobel Prize committee, Sesame Street, NPR, socialists, professors, Hawaii, The Auto industry, regulations, The IRS, Bhuddists, Starbucks, nuns, comic books, alternative energy, the medical industry, WikiLeaks, puerto ricans, HBO, Cinemark theaters, the constitution, Best Buy, General Mills, the NFL, the Federal Reserve,, and CARLjr

    I'm sure I missed plenty of other people and organizations you hate - you are pretty hateful bunch.

    Maybe the Republicans can win after you are GONE.

    • john cummins

      wow you are a weirdo... glad you got your misconceptions all out there!

      • CARLjr

        Did I have misconceptions? I have been reading this blog for months. This is taken from the articles posted here and the comments sections.

    • Bulldog74

      Wow, for somebody who preaches against hate you sure seem to carry a lot of it. Feel better now that you've vented?

      • CARLjr

        I'm a fiscal conservative, but cannot vote republican because of the kooks.

        I'm in favor of smaller government, cutting trillions from the budget, auditing the Fed, the Pentagon, and Fort Knox. I want to not only to stop borrowing so much money, but have a plan to start paying back the principal. I think most conservatives feel the same way.
        But I believe in science. I believe the government has no business in our sex lives or our relationships. I believe your sex or race has nothing to do with a persons ability to succeed. I believe we need to enforce laws set up to proctect us from corrupt bankers. I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, got a degree, is married and has two children, was elected fair and square (twice) and that his religion is irrelevant. We need to keep religion off the debate table - unless it's a discussion about collecting property taxes on real estate that has been thus far been deemed exempt.

        It's not that I hate the strongly religious, I just want them out of politics.

    • Larry

      This alas is not hate. It is a very fine list of who you old geezers oppose. It is not laced with commie type labels. It's the truth. It doesn't require math that seems to elude you guys. Go start yiur own country or party. Your tent is pathetically small. Go geezers. Eat more chicken. Black panthers on the way to put in those micro chip things.

      • CARLjr

        I forgot math in my list. Thanks for reminding me.

    • tiredofdirtbags

      just a fact...moral people will not be subject to a immoral gov. anymore than an immoral people will be subject to a moral government...folks like you wanted a immoral government and we have it.

    • ARMYOF69

      Found your dictionary did you? Well done

    • How_to

      My thoughts exactly!!! Thanks for taking the time to put them into print.

    • cdd

      Hey, you Communist jerk! Leave the Muppets alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CARLjr

        cdd - I love the muppets.
        It is the evangelicals that declared them an enemy when they pulled their toys from Chick-Fil-A kids meals. Then again after Romney mentioned Big Bird in the debates.

    • Ithamar

      CARLjr wants wealth and prosperity but loves the immoral and ungodly society. He does not know that you cannot have both. Either live by God's law and love righteousness or embrace wickedness with the destruction it brings.

      • CARLjr

        It's just that I don't find Oreos and college immoral. You can take your righteousness off to your new party and make it part of their platform. Or, if you decide to ceceede- (I recommend Arizona). You can force them to live by your arbitrary rules.

  • john cummins

    uh, we have been Gary, it's called the r3VOLution, where were u?

    • adamenochnoah

      Asleep at the switch...

  • John Patton

    I would like to see a list of name of persons that could be president. we need a third party. we need people who want the best for our country and not a lifetime at the public trough. i admit as of now i dont have a clue who that person might be or how to go about starting a third party.

    • Larry

      Of course your nuttiest ones....Sarah, michele, west, newt, Rick, and Rick. You got plenty. No need to look.

  • Nik

    Amen. If constitutional conservatives can't take over the GOP leave in mass and start another! 2016 is 4 short years away.

  • Ralph

    Hey Doodlebug, you live in a blue state. What election were you watching?

  • Larry

    Let's secede. Perry for Pres and newt the coot for VP. As a 1% non moocher lib who lives in a red state I'll give y a bunch of money. Then I'll just move to my part of the country. This is such an excellent idea. A nation of big birds, welfare cheats, black panthers, black lazy scum, brown Latino drifters and a bunch of contraception popping lib women giving out free sex to other words sluts. Go geezers. United States of Geezers. Go eat more chicken a d get high.

  • Eli Jones

    I am not sure about your suggestion Godfather. The old guard will resist any change to The Republican Party and that will further divide and weaken it. McRino suxed and Romney suxed. The Republicans sux and the Democrats sux. I am thinking of going with The Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party if there's still a free America next election and if there is a next election. I believe that when Obama is through with us, we will be forced into the new world order & we will have the heavy foot of the UN upon our throats.

  • Illinois conservative

    Ron Paul had a lot of good ideas except military. But even that, I think he was painted more dovish than he philosophically is at least what I heard. I think he was all in for freedom and our constitution. Mostly, I think it's tone there are as many on both extremes (which are both growing) who are uncivil and nasty. The CNN middle is just way too biased and the middle has not a BIG sane voice - only Rush FOX and all the recent derivatives. I think FOX should let some heads roll and choose better spokesmen. FInd the Marco Rubios, Paul Ryan who can keep a solid focus

  • ARMYOF69

    Today's republican party is composed of very middle of the road , and often leftish, wimpish, selfish politicians who care not a hoot about America. They just proved it. They are NOT willing to fight with the old spirit. I'm gone, and am NOMAD till another party is set up.A party willing to stand by conservative principles, a party that WILL take away the vote from those who are leaches on the American taxpayer.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    just got out of the stock maket with Fiedelity before is crashes again

  • T. Patton Kenny

    There is a substancial difference between the two campaigns with regard to ground forces, technology resources and demographics. In an election with a sitting president in a poor economy this election should have been a lock. Why not? Too much talk and not enough action! The democrats out manned the ground effort while republicans ranted to each other. The democrats appealed to as many segments of the population while republicans emphasized demographic intolerance across all minorities, women and religious organizations, not christian. The economy, while poor, actually worked for the president because conservative ideaolgies were not expressed or explained with specifics. In a down economy the solutions proposed scared more voters than they comforted. This election wasn't lost, it was thrown away.

    • pat78

      It was the popularity contest and the social issues that gave Obama another 4 years. The minorities are hungry to get out of the hole they helped dig. They think the gov. will be able to do this for them.

  • ConservaDave2

    Disgusted with the status quo of the Republican Party, I've toyed with the the idea of joining something like the Constitution Party, whose political philosophy is absolutely a perfect fit for me. The problem is that they are not now politically viable, and like you said, if the country burns it is taking us with it, and unfortunately, the time when this country will burst into flames is much closer than we think. This isn't the 1850's and the Whigs are the problem. G.H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, G.W. Bush, McCain, now Romney...why do the Republicans always feel the need to give the "next guy in line " his shot? Even when the Bush's won the presidency I can only describe what they accomplished overall as disastrous for the nation. Boehner and McConnell have to go if the Republicans ever want to express a true conservative vision. Are there any converts to be found within the Omama-ites? Or are we doomed by the rising tide of government schooled and brainwashed kids, and those totally accepting of those enemies of truth, the main stream media? "These are the best of times. These are the worst of times." You've convinced me to try again to work from within, though my patience is growing short...

  • ARMYOF69

    Bring on the civil war. Nothing else is going cleanse this stinking mess called America.

  • RedMeatState

    De-Centralized Networks are what work. check it out:

  • adamenochnoah

    Are we aware that it will require us all to get off our duffs & actually do something to remove the incompetent two party system? Please. Gary, do you actually believe that us out here in the private sector who are making things work against all odds are somehow not capable of doing a better job at running the country than these airhead corrupt politicians? Get your head out of the sand & join us in making it happen or shut up. You sound like the scouts that Moses sent out that came back with all the reasons Israel could not conquer the promised land. We need some Joshuas & Calebs out here. It can be done but you want to give up before we get started.

  • Frosty33

    Our politicians/leaders are elected to represent the people. The majority including unions and a few wealthy powermongers seem to want a liberal life style with the minority supporting them. So, what are our leaders to do. It's really hard to take away a freebie. Evidently self pride is no longer an American virtue.

  • DeborahCats

    Not unless this effort is for building a fiscally conservative party that keeps its nose out of people's private life-choices. Romney was defeated by social conservatives. This makes no sense to me. No sense whatsoever. Is it true that millions of them did not vote? The vocal few sound so mean-spirited and bigoted that many social moderates cannot hold their noses and vote for a Republican, even one so ready and so desperately needed as Romney was.
    This country is ready for fiscal conservatism. It is not, nor will it ever again be ready, for bigots who let their private values, for example on homosexuality, interfere with the civil rights of consenting adults. Promiscuity, not committed relationship, is the scourge of this nation at present. Last time I looked, heterosexuals weren't helping on that score. The Bible says a whole lot more about adultery and pre-marital sex and promiscuity than about "gay" inclinations. Christians now accept all manner of extra-marital nonsense and yet are mean and nasty about people born gay.

    Be more specific about the takeover you refer to. This registered Independent (and deeply committed Christian) voted for Romney enthusiastically, knowing that the perfect is the enemy of the good. My personal social values would be considered conservative. Yet I know my job is to LIVE them, not judge everyone else. I now consider social conservatives, especially those who did not vote, to be the enemy of the good also. We have Obama for four more years because of them -- and this is the true shame. God help us.
    Please DO BE MORE SPECIFIC about the takeover you want -- what principles?

    • adamenochnoah

      If the country is ready for fiscal conservatism, please explain what happened to Gov Gary Johnson who clearly was the most fiscal conservative in the race even though he is a social liberal.

      • CARLjr

        Blacklisted. Not even allowed to debate. Repeated propaganda about "throwing away your vote". Basically the same strong arm tactics used against Ron Paul.

        • adamenochnoah

          Great answer! I'll score that one as a A++.

  • The Lone Gunman

    Buy Republican? Why not? The Left has spent years doing just that, nudging the party of Lincoln farther into the socialist sphere every year until now it can barely stand up for itself, let alone anyone else! You can try to take it back, to shift it back to the right, but it may be better to find a Conservative voice elsewhere. One thing is for sure, we conservatives are no longer the mainstream in American politics, we are the fringe, the radicals, and if we want to save this nation, we need to start taking advantage of that!

  • Tim Ritter

    I think exactly the opposite. Let the party die, if that is the course. I am considering leading a movement to get the tea party and other constitutionalists to form a large block inside the democratic party. Let's help them reform their party and oust their extreme elements with some balance. A good/improved democratic party would be better for this country than either the beast that it is now, or to keep beating a dying horse.

  • CDD

    I am still pissed off about Tuesday and I have some things to say....
    1) Tea Party NOW!! To hell with the GOP- How long have Conservatives been told to sit down and SHUT UP!?!?!? How long have Conservatives been told that if we don't support the latest WEENIE that the establishment of the GOP pukes up, (Dole, McCain and now Romney!!) that WE are handing elections over to the Liberals?!?!?! HAD ENOUGH YET????????
    2) Buy a gun. WHILE YOU STILL CAN..........................
    3) GOD, SAVE US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamSpires

    Gary, I wonder if a tactic so devious and straight from the liberal democratic playbook would work ? If we could get every conservative in America to register democrat, then work to get the most insane, clueless, bizarre as their candidate; then on election day just vote for the best conservative, qualified candidate.

  • Silas Longshot

    That's one thing the left has on us. You never see them crapping on one of their own no matter how STUPID the comment. Joe Bite-me for instance. But let a republican mis-speak, oh, it's nail his hide to the barn door, all the way to the top of the ticket. And then there's all the totally futile '3rd parties' which do nothing but suck away votes from defeating 0bama. And last but not least, the candidate himself, guaranteeing a lose by playing nice, never counterattacking the left's lies, never going for the throat as the dems will do him, every time. Fast & furious, Libya, hundreds of illegal executive orders, failing policies, the real details of the GM buyout by the government that evaporated the retirement funds of thousands of other workers and left investors with nothing. Sooo much low hanging fruit that never got touched.

  • Don

    Don't worry folks, Obama and Reid are backed into a corner they will bend. NOT! Boehner threw in the towel, now, things will get better. NOT! There is one half of the country that don't trust Obama and Reid just like before, The country is on a freefall. The entitlement crowd want more, and, the ones that are actually keeping America afloat are saying why should i continue to support them? The narcissist' legacy is'nt looking too good.from where i.m sitting.

  • samtman

    If the radical right can take over the Repbulican party, it will be the end of the party and it will be throughn to the ashes of Ameican political History along with the Whig Party, the Western Party and about 10 more looser parties. America wants to be ruled from the middle, is now, has always been, will continue to be. Bush won, because he became the compassioned Republican.

    • Conservative Not Republican

      But the radical left can take over the Democrat party and they seem to do just fine. Obama is neith a moderate or anywhere near the middle, he is a committed socialist.

  • ARMYOF69

    And where did the Republican party get the RED color?
    RED is for communists, that was a good tell tale.

    • adamenochnoah

      They swapped colors with the dems some time back of now...

      • Conservative Not Republican

        The lamestream media is responsible for the Republicans being assigned the color red. The liberals used to be the red party, but of course when their ideas and policies started sounding more and more as if they came directly out of the Kremlin rather than the Constitution, then the media decided that they didn't want that association linked with them, even though it was obvious to anyone with a brain that the change was made with that specific intention in mind. Just another typical deflection and giving cover to liberals by the media.

        • adamenochnoah

          Great answer! I'll score that one A+. The color change may be an indication of how the two corrupt party leaders work for their common good. I did not get my letter from the RNC asking for money & saying we must fight this color change either...

  • Lady Liberty

    Count ME in!!!! Let's band together and get rid of those who are (and have been) holding us back!!!!

  • Konniebay

    You won't like this but I left the party yesterday after 43 years of being a Republican. I am now an unaffiliated independent conservative. My thought is that everyone who voted for Romney and is disgusted with a party that is being run by RINOs solely interested in their own power should also leave the party. I think a movement might be in order to get their attention. How do they exist? With our dollars. How do Republicans get elected....thru our hard work, if they don't screw it up for us. Governor Romney would probably have been a good President but he campaigned like a girl without any stones. Now that we have the Dictator fully enshrined in our White House, we will never see another Republican President with campaigning being done via the GOP's edicts. I'm tired of the high road. This is not to say I will not support conservative Republicans or give them money but I am disgusted with the Party for choosing our candidates, not supporting Tea Party candidates and supporting more RINOs. I will not give the party one more dollar so they can give it to their RINO buddies. I am against third parties but I can no longer be part of this charade. Just look at what they did with the Platform at the convention to exclude the grassroots. I intend to write to Mr Preibus and tell him why I left, why I hung on so long and what they can do to bring me back...replace the Speaker with Paul Ryan for one, adopt conservatism over moderateness for another. PLEASE JOIN ME BY LEAVING THE PARTY AND SENDING A LETTER OF YOUR OWN TO MR. PREIBUS. .

    • adamenochnoah

      I left the GOP after 36 years myself. Give Pee Wee Preibus my worse regards when you correspond with him...

  • GWjr

    Author Gary DeMar has it correct, most posters here just don't get it. So much easier to be on the outside hollering than to actually DO SOMETHING. God help us.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    How about a specific program for this plan of conquest? I seem to recall a very recent effort to re-orient the Republican Party toward what the American people want and what our country needs. I also seem to remember the proponents getting the bum's rush. Yes, starting a third party is expensive, but the two majors were once third parties, so we know it can be done. Infiltration makes sense for collectivists who thrive on deception and façade; I'm not sure it's the right thing for men and women of principle.

  • Marvin Cohn

    Buy GM?? You've got to be kidding. My prediction is that they will be applying for bankruptcy or another stimulus right after the first of the year.

    • NotJustContrarian

      You are the type of person that would not even consider buying an American product because it might make Obama look good. Drive your German car and gloat when our own citizens lose their jobs, that'll show 'em.

  • Anne Caston

    I just can't stand the thought that this country re elected this heathen! I think Romney would have been such a good president and would have made the country so much better for all of us. The Republicans need a pitt bull and go after everything dumbass thing the dems do for the next 4 yeard. In the hopes the demon in the WH would be impeached we need to make his life hell! Rubio would be a good bet. I think Romney would have had a better chance if he had picked him. I like Paul Ryan and know he would have done a terrific job and I hope he continues to make Obozo's life hell with budget reform.

  • More than concerned

    OK, so a question was asked "are you up to the task" I say bring it on. So now what? I am willing so lets do it. Contact me and we can talk.

  • More than concerned

    Problems our country and world will face with Obama as
    president. These very real problems will be: Continued collapse of our economy,
    jobs, failure of small business, downgrade of military, increase of serious
    national security issues, collapse in relationship with Israel, Iran nuclear
    program increases, fuel prices increase, higher taxes, further division among
    or country, removal of the uses of natural resources (coal and others),
    constitutional rights and preservation, loss of gun rights 2nd amendment, rise
    of gay agenda, rise of Muslim agenda around the world, rise in terrorism
    including threats and attacks globally, increased war and turmoil in middle
    east, problems with trade- China, problems with Russia, more and bigger
    government, more regulation, increase in national debt, financial collapse,
    wall street collapse, extreme inflation, major increase in basic cost of living
    expenses, more bankruptcy filings of
    City, county, and state governments, war-globally, civil unrest, legalized
    drugs and prostition, collapse of basic morals and values, destruction of
    marriage and traditional family, increase in abortion and sexual immorality,
    increase in crime, attack on
    Christianity, continued loss of accountability and truth in our government,
    corruption, bias, and falsification of truth in media reporting, growth of
    socialistic agenda, increase in welfare, increased growth of hate groups-black
    panthers, KKK, Women’s movement, gay movement, increase in illegal immigration,
    and many more. In a few words, the destruction of America and that equates to
    the beginning of the fall for the world as a whole.

  • Ithamar

    Much discussion on this thread desiring independence from the Marxist/Socialist hordes and governments of the US. For those who recognize the dire situation for themselves and their posterity (there are many others who have the same concerns, and are dead set on addressing the situation), there is The League of the South. Google it.

  • Ithamar

    Noticed that I could vote "up" but not "down" when I tried to express my disapproval of a liberal troll unless I "sign in". What gives here?

  • Ncramblit

    The same philosophy explains why dissenting Catholics don't leave the Catholic church but use "Catholic" to benefit from the brand! I am all for a takeover-or re-take of the Republican party.

  • howellrh

    Romney was not aggressive enough on pointing out all of the bad things obama has said and done. If the media would have done their job romney would have won by 30 points. In fact, he would not have won the first time

  • veryconcerned

    During the past four years we have talked, wrote, read about Obama's ineligibility to be President of the US. Well, nothing was done about it, only talk. This talk did not lead to any results; he laughed at everything that was said and now he is in for another four years. If we really believe that he is not eligibile to be President and I even believe that he is not even a naturalized citizen of the US, We the People, should get together, stop the talking, because all has already been said and proved, and act on our principles and the princiles of the Constitution. We should ban together and demand that he produce verifiable documentation that he is eligible to be President of this great country.before inauguration day. If he does not, severe penalties and incarceration for treason, impersonation and every other crime he has committed added to the list. I firmly believe that unless We the People seriously demand, unified, that this be done, we are going to be in for a much worse time than we can imagine.