Where’s Obama As “Despair Deepens” for Victims of Hurricane Sandy?

I was shocked by reports that President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy helped him get elected. Are they that fickled, naïve, and intellectually shallow? I don’t believe his response to the Hurricane made a bit of difference to these voters. The people who claimed that this was one of the reasons they voted for Obama were going to vote for him anyway.

Those of you who say you did vote for Obama because of his response to Sandy, what do you think of him now? What did he actually do? He showed up with Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey (whose political future could be toast), made some promise that no one will be left behind, and then went back on the campaign trail. But before leaving he vowed, “No bureaucracy. No red tape.”

A line from the film Big, starring Tom Hanks, comes to mind: “Suckers!”

Where is he now that the election is over? “‘FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area,’ said MaryLou Wong, whose home in the Midland Beach neighborhood was destroyed. ‘They haven't come back.’” They don’t need to. Obama got reelected.

Here are some headlines describing what people are going through with President Obama nowhere to be found:

FEMA office on Staten Island closed 'due to weather'... Despair deepens... TAX HIT THREATENS VICTIMS... Looting Reaches Epidemic Levels... Gas Crisis Could Last Weeks... Looting Reaches Epidemic Levels...

Here’s what one person wrote in a comment about the people in the state that went solidly for Obama and praised the president for his response:

Devastated residents of New York are FORCED to stay in COLD, DARK homes — freezing in the shadows because of {urban/thug} LOOTERS — no power, little help and no hope.

This is an EPIC FAILURE of leadership from Obama down to the LOCAL LEVEL — yet you people rewarded Obama with a bucket-full of electoral votes.
THAT is the definition of stupidity AND hypocrisy {you know you'd be burning a Republican president in effigy by now}.

The media would be falling all over themselves to report how a Republican president had abandoned the people of New York. All he wanted to do was use their tragedy as a backdrop to his campaign to pick up a few more votes for the election.

Obama supporters are all about image. Well, they got their image. He and Michelle are right now planning what vacations and golf outings they’ll be going on in the next four years.



  • Robalou01

    He's setting up a FEMA "resettlement" camp for old white people on Staten Island. Might as well take advantage of a crisis!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

      Obama is on his way to Burma because he wants the Bush tax cuts to expire. He doesn't want to be around to argue over this issue.he is the Messiah and his attitude has not changed. My way or the Highway!

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

      You got that right ,,,,,

  • jag

    I will be haggling FEMA for a bed by a window. Need to see if I recognize any new arrivals. Hoping the death-train ride will be comfortable while chained and cuffed to hold-points. Being a former deputy sheriff, I know how snug cuffs are suppose to be. I wonder if the brown-pants will follow LE cuffing protocol?

    • Phillip_in_TX

      No, they won't. : )

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.miller.37604 Jerry Miller

      Being an old retired cop, they'll just tell you when you complain the cuff's are to tight! Oh, the're Brand new, they'll stretch after a while...

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman


  • http://twitter.com/LJCambria LJ Cambria

    A serious component of the misery felt by so many is effing BLOOMBERG - won't let the National Guard in "because they carry guns".....people are homeless and starving in the streets of Staten Island. I have friends driving around with trucks of donated items and WATER!! Bloomberg was a significant player in Fast & Furious I tell you.

  • nsmith

    They voted for him, he carried NewYork and New Jersey big time.

    • Michaellaborde

      Let them eat their own cake, he is their messiah.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      They "might" live to regret it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

      I don't care anymore. Let NY and NJ take care of their own residents. I'm not sending any money to help fund the relief efforts. These people can wait for their beloved governments (state and federal) to help them. That's what they voted for. I need my money to take care of myself and my family.
      And when unemployment hits 10%-12% and the U6 rate exceeds 20+% and when Obamacare kicks in and these people have to wait in long lines, are denied (quality) care, wind up dying due to the Death Panel...I'm NOT shedding a tear. Because I just don't give a damn anymore.
      All these people who want the govenment to take care of them, I've washed my hands of them. I've come to realize THERE IS NO EDUCATING THE STUPID OR THE IGNORANT.

      • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

        I agree.wish I knew how to not pay taxes too!

      • http://www.facebook.com/patty.cieslakcarson Patty Cieslak Carson

        I'm so glad I have a place to come to where others think as I do. I am so angry I just can't concentrate on anything else. I am so glad there are so many people that feel the same. We can't let 4 more yrs go by without stopping this fraud of a president. How the hell did he get 4 more yrs!!!! Sometimes I think that Obama's people put something in something that caused these people to lose their common sense! Maybe they got hypnotized? This just can't be!

        • FineTexan

          They were hypnotized as Hitler hypnotized the Germans. Did we not tell them? Over and Over. Before the election my sister told me it is prophesized that the 'Great Deceiver' would be elected. Months ago a close friend who was very ill died saw a man with a dark face. It was Obama and he is the Devil's helper. I am not against blacks; I am against this evil man. The Negroes and Whites alike will suffer with him as president.

      • FineTexan

        I heard my city San Antonio TX sent a crew of CPS Energy workers to help but they were turned away. We are not a union state. You can work here without being union.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

      Let them eat ODUMBA crap ,

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    He flew in, got his photo op and left. His royal hindness is back at his castle relaxing, he has no time for peasants.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.miller.37604 Jerry Miller

      Obama also showed what a Dupe Christie is. This RINO fell for Obama like a hard rain in Florida. Christie, oh he'll be re-elected again, because in a short while he'll confess he's really a Democrat.

      • granny

        Unless you forgot....that was Christie's territory. He did not come out to meet BOZO, he was already there. He was a gentlemen by not telling BOZO to go **ck himself. Instead he did what all the polticians do....shake hands. It could be their arch enemy and they will still shake hands. Christie is the good guy and he most certainly will give them trouble when the time comes to yell yea or nay. You go by what the man has done in the past......not what he HAD to do once.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          He more that shook hands with obama. He PRAISED him. I hope people remember that if Christie ever runs for a national office.

    • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

      Yet! They still voted for him .sometimes you reap what you sow!

  • lizaz

    He got reelected...it's not his problem any more.......

  • LadyVet

    This is what happens when you depend on the government to take care of you. You get what you deserve.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Amen to that! Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in the English language are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

      • FineTexan

        Texas should secede and close its borders on all sides! Then we could form a coalition with other states based on negotiations with their leaders i.e. governors. I am for the re-formation of the Republic of TEXAS!

        • rmwayne

          I'm in the southwest corner of Louisiana. If Texas secedes, please take us with y'all.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          No problem.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Where do we sign up?

    • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

      It's a sad thing ,but when people suffer they LEARN! There will be a lot of suffering in the next 4 years?

      • rmwayne

        Those left wing communists are so stupid they still won't learn. They'll probably push for their communist hero to get another four years, no matter how bad shape the country is in.

        • 1_Eddie_1

          You got that right, they are stuck on stupid.

    • Dean


      • Doodlebug

        He had his photo op with Christie and it made him look good. I think it helped to get him re-elected. Don't like it but, where is he now when the people are really suffering. Didn't he leave for some foreign land? I hope he stays there!

      • b johnson

        You got that right. I have no trust in that man as president. He has messed up this country in 4 years. I don't see him doing anything any better the next 4 years.

        • FineTexan

          I cringe at your referring to him as a 'man'. He is not a man he is a vile thing. An evil apparition. The reincarnation of Hitler. His voice and the sight of him give me chills and feelings of dread. From the day I heard him speak.

    • TPM

      Perhaps the average person in NY depends more on the government. OR ... maybe the self sufficient ones are hunkered down and are not complaining. Whereas others, less prepared, are raising a stink. Where I come from, backup power, fuel, food & water are just common sense.
      Responsible and forward thinking people don't rely on the government for any more than they have to. Those making the ruckus, in NY, are sheeple. Sheeple always need to be looked after. They can't (or won't) provide for themselves. They are helpless and they are "entitled."
      Obama seemed to have an agenda, over the past 4 years. Seemed to me that he was trying to get as many people as he could to depend on government. Look at the increase in the number of people on food stamps, disability and extended unemployment benefits. Look at all the Mexicans he opened the (back) door to and promised amnesty, health care & lots of other goodies. Once 51% (or more) of the voting population is consistently looking for and expecting govt. freebies ... we become "Far Western Europe."

      • freedomgirl

        Where you come from may be 'Corn Bread and Chicken' but from where they come from is 'Electricity and fuel'...
        I don't mean to sound like a B, But God Have Mercy...
        I have friends in North Jersey that Still are without power/heat/hot water...
        From Sandy, Not this latest Noreaster! Now, They Are Colder!!!
        They Have to go to work everyday...
        Another Thing...THEY WORK... Not all from the city depend on the Government...
        These are Responsible Friends!!! Water Ran Out after a week, so did everything else... They lost so much weight in 2 weeks!!!
        They are too tired to eat...Getting dark now at 5:30, all they do is go to bed and sleep under the blankets...
        They also have an adopted '1 Dog Night'... They just adopted a dog a few weeks ago...
        I find myself getting sooo frustrated and mad... God, These People are in Dire Straights!!!
        I washed dozens of towels to donate, I was told, Only Brand New Stuff!!!
        I see these fellow Americans on TV... They Don't Care If It's Brand New!!!
        It's Clean, Sterilized...
        You know what? Time for me to go myself & Help...
        Please, do not scrutinize that we are all the same depending on what part of the country we live...
        I live in the Pine Barrens, teased for my 'Southern Draw'...
        I don't know where you live, but if the shirt hits the fan their, are you that sure you could make it for a month, in the cold, no running water or toilettes???
        All your cloths, towels and blankets..Bam...GONE!!!
        Your Home?!!! GONE!!!
        Mother Nature Is On Avengence... You Are Not Excluded...

        • ramv36


          That is the exact point: sheeple waiting. Those of an independent mind have already waited, 5 minutes passed, and they realized the only help you're going to get is what you give yourself. That is the point everyone is making.

    • JustCalmDownAlready

      This is what happens when a major storm hits a major metropolitan area. It's one of the most reasonable times to have people rely on government, especially a federal government, as local and state resources can be out of order or severely impaired.

  • glass

    I dont care anymore.

  • stoptheworldandletmeoff

    It's all good in NYC and the other areas I saw it on the news don't listen to those people on the street they just like to complain. BO solved all of this with his visit. He came he saw he fixed I saw it on the news. FEMA is not the same as when Bush showed us how he hated Blacks in NO. BO KNOWS DISASTER,

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman


    • rmwayne

      Let's hope he comes across the biggest, baddest Burmese python on the planet while he's there.

    • FineTexan

      JOKE right??

      • stoptheworldandletmeoff

        The Joke is on who ever voted for BO. He played them like the fools they are. And the Libtard Press goes along with it. The people effected by Sandy are getting screwed over how can it take this long to get help to people in NYC? And the press ignores their misery and BO rolls on to his next party.

  • Michaellaborde

    He is done running for reelection now. He has more important things to do.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      FOURRR!! (A golfing yell for all the liberals, didn't want to confuse you, I voted for the American).

  • cjonson

    I was thinking on the way to work, if Bush were in office he would have been slammed after one day of people being with homes or power. Wait hours, days for gas? They would have been called for his impeachment.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

      We're on the road to four more years of blaming Bush for everything. Where in the HELL is the outcry like Hurricane Katrina? This is why I'm not going to worry about the East Coast. Hell, if Obama doesn't care, if the Liberal media doesn't care, why should I??? I'm sorry it happened but sometimes people have to learn their lesson the hard way.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

        YOU got it right

      • rmwayne

        I agree completely. I'm from Louisiana. Every time a hurricane hits us those left wing yankees don't do anything but smirk and say "those rednecks are stupid to live there". Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. Let their hero Obama help them. They're the ones, along with the west coast who put that pig back into office.

        • FineTexan

          I have to say I agree with you! 100%. Did they not realize it could happen to them? I was working in Lafayette LA when Katrina hit. When I saw the people coming in from the areas that were devastated I got out of there. Stores close to my apartment were being robbed. I did not like the looks of the situation. I cancelled my contract and returned home to Texas. I watched the coverage day and night. All of the horror, looting and suffering. It was like I was living it too. I heard that looters were coming in from other states up north with bigger, better boats, BIG suvs and better guns than the local and government law enforcement. I only heard this once on the news from a military colonel. It is kind of funny(?) to see the yankees get it! And to believe and elect Obama? I do have compassion and sadness for the people though. Christy had to suck up to Obama. He had no choice if he was to get help for his state. He was/is in shock.

        • rmwayne

          I know what you mean. I had relatives from New Orleans stay with me while Katrina did her damage. And then a few weeks later Rita hit the southwest corner of the state where I live. But a lot of people in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas around Beaumont almost considered it a blessing because when we were hit, it drove away a lot of the gangbangers and hood rats who had come to Lake Charles and Beaumont. Houston ended up getting stuck with a lot of them though.

        • 1_Eddie_1

          Sandy may have been a gigantic storm, but she was not a Cat 5. The northeast would really be devastated if she was. I wonder how many yankees will get generators and freezers? I wonder how many will learn how to can food? Probably very few will.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        The arrogant people of the N/E deserve what they got. They have voted over and over for more government. I wonder how that's working out for them? I do not feel sorry for them and wouldn't lift a finger or donate a dime for them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/patty.cieslakcarson Patty Cieslak Carson

      That's right! Let's ask the people of NY and NJ "Where yo dollar?"

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    NY and NJ were already going to vote for the king. But Christie did show himself to be a doofus and I hope his career is over and his family goes without. In New York Cuomo is the same, laughing and joking about the ready to eat meals he wants to stuff down people's throats while doing nothing to get anything else moving. It looks to me like a coordinated slow down by the governments of both NY and NJ. This is why I always say "Don't wait for help you are on your own and more so now than ever." Prepare yourself people. Stock up, load up.

  • DWinch

    The election is over, he's done with you. "FORWARD", equal poverty for all.
    Poor stupid sheep!

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Have they check the "golf course" or "basketball court?"

    Newsflash: "It's not my fault Obama" cares about three things - him, him, and him."

    Welcome to the NIGHTMARE, part two!

  • Harleyrod45

    C'mon, are you people that stupid? Didn't you know
    that once the election was over he didn't really have any
    intention of doing anything, regardless of the outcome?
    Win? Don't have to do nothing. You've been reelected.
    You're a lame duck.
    Lose? Ditto. You've lost anyway. You're outta here.
    Suckers indeed!

    • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

      Yes ! He will fly with his entrouge around the world on Air Force One ,spending tax payers money because we owe him.he's B----he will entertain the Hollywood set with grand parties at the White House.laughing at how stupid Americans are!

      • FineTexan

        Did you see how he finally brought his daughters out when he won. You did not see them at the debates like Romney's family. They were prancing around on stage and smiling like the cats that ate the canary. Four more years of parties, trips and rides on Air Force One. WHEEEEEE!!

  • Justice1

    Do you people really think that these poor people affected by hurricane Sandy were able to get out and VOTE? I think they were a bit preoccupied don't you? It is not their fault he got re-elected. It's all the voter fraud and blacks that swayed the votes his way. Pitiful.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      I don't care what the situation would have been, I still would have voted.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

      It's not just the NY and NJ residents...it's the entire nation. BUT you know as well as we all do...NY and NJ went to Obama regardless of Sandy or not. This is what these people wanted. Another four years of NOTHING and that's what they're going to get... NOTHING. Sometimes experience is the best teacher but in this election, obviously we have more stupid people living in the USA than I thought.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

        America is DOOMED

    • ladyceo

      There were places set up for them to vote.

  • MacdonaldC

    Like I said before about my state California, people will still vote Democrat even when the state officially goes bankrupt and the lights are turned off. It is the same with New York andNew Jersey; they have been so brainwashed that the Democratic Party is good, competent and caring that they will still vote Democrat when the evidence is to the contrary.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman


    • LouiseCA

      You are absolutely right about California. We just voted in a measure to pour more money into our worthless public schools, with no guarantee that the money will even go towards improving education or doing anything for the students. It can, and it no doubt will, be used for teacher raises and pensions..while students can't name the three branches of government after three consecutive days of being taught on it. Linemen make at least 80,000 a year but won't show up during a blackout because they're on strike for HIGHER WAGES, while small farmer owners in their sixties and seventies are working themselves half to death, trying to hold onto their ranches and keep from going under from the massive taxes, fees, and regulations they are saddled with. It is a mess. It's every bit as bad as anyone says. And yes, if I could possibly move out, I'd be packing today.

      • FineTexan

        Californians are one of the top populations coming to Texas to live and work. My son was working with a construction crew from California building a BJs Brewhouse. There is work here! Texas does not kiss the ass of the unions.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Sorry to hear that, pretty soon Texas will be Kalifornicated.

    • rbcola

      I'm so afraid you are right. That's what drives us all crazy. Why don't these people see the train wreck. How can people keep "investing" in something that isn't working and keeps taking your rights and $$ from you. You can't believe ANYTHING he promises ...... he doesn't deliver (wait....except for Obamacare; but we didn't!!!)

  • Michael LaBombard

    They voted for him, that's all he wanted from them. You know he won't help after he got what he wanted!

  • southerner

    MHO - New York's Staten Island victims are suffering because Bloomberg told BO not to come to NY--go ahead to NJ and be 'presidential'. This is it.....the rath of Obama scorned!

  • guest

    You got your 15 minutes of photo ops with our "American Idol"...and watched as your governor of NJ all but kissed his behind. Now deal with it and enjoy your calamity!

  • http://twitter.com/EARWAX1000 PHILIP SCHNEIDER

    Without a willing media, nothing negative about Obama will ever surface. The last 4 years serves as proof of that.
    Conversely, with a willing media everything negative about conservatives will be made front page news and repeated over and over again for weeks if not months.

    Anything positive about conservatives will be buried or changed to appear negative.
    OK, so armed with that paradigm how does the Republican party or ANY conservative organization like the TEA PARTY presume to catch fire with the electorate???
    He watched them DIE . . . . then he LIED!

    • http://twitter.com/venussal sally bergmoser

      We need to become the media! Blogs ,Facebook and Twitter.find all the dirt you can on Obama such as his association with Jeremiah Wright Etc. and report as much as you can! Don't forget to include the cover-up on Benghazi ,and the defunct energy companies like Solendra .Inform as many friends to keep these issues on going!

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman


  • RufusChoate

    We're all being Benghazied*
    *to Benghazi (verb) to be abandoned and allowed to die for political expediency.

  • gbandy

    Well New York and New Jersey both voted Obama so maybe someone should give these People Obama'a home number. Afterall they chose Obama but Obama already got the votes so why should he care???

  • TexasfedupGramma

    I have no sympathy for these Obama supporters.....they re-elected this phony now suck it up and deal with it! You morons in the northeast got what you voted for!

  • ARMYOF69

    These are the very same idiots who voted for Obozo. I wish them miserable weather for 4 straight years.

  • granny

    No, this is what happens when people continually believe that BOZO is going to take care of them. He is probably on some vacation w/ all his family, relatives, etc., secret service, limos, and his dog w/ the handler/trainer. He cares nothing about the States problems. He is uneducated, a liar, and we all know that if Romney would have won, that Mitt would already be on the situation. Thats why the educated voted GOP.

  • vaquerobob

    Unable to feel much sympathy for people so easily duped by the Con Man in Cheif. Perhaps they should all just move in with "their" errantly elected 1st family for the winter or better yet, demand temporary housing in one of Obama’s successfully restored and flourishing Chicago area housing projects… oh, wait… there aren’t any. My bad.

  • granny

    Why are we not able to vote down on these remarks & this is not the first time. Is this the Godfathers policy?

  • granny

    Hurrah for the USA, GOD bless America, Lord, hear my prayers. Put up those American flags people..join the NRA...most importantly Load & UNLOCK>

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA showed America what he would do if elected and the stupid dumbocrats and alot of white liberals still voted for the piece of CRAP ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Regina-Weiner/100001179896625 Regina Weiner

    Now, aren't you glad of the preparations YOU made for disaster? This scenario could have come out of any preparation manual. It was eerie.

  • AZ man

    All I can say is the people of NY and NJ deserve whatever happens to them. The states voted for him and now the almighty forgets about them. HaHa suffer.

  • newyorker


  • TrueAmerican

    Biden is about to go on vac, obama is going on a trip to Cambodia & couple of other places & chris christie is still enamored by obama's presenc as they are now BFF's forever & the ppl of NY are left to die. The same point made in this article, I commented the same thing on a different article last night that Sandy, like Benghazi, should've been enough to get obama fired, not reelected. We had both of these embarrassments at the same time & these moronsput him right back in office. Now we hear about Iran taking a shot at a drone in International airspace that was kept quiet until after the election. Iran was testing obama to see if they could get away with it & the fool ppayed right into their hand by showing he was too afraid to even let ppl kno about the incident. It won't be long before they do something else a little riskier. The enemy is being emboldened by this president who would rather smile &bow to foreign leaders & talk things out with the schoolyard bully & at the same time pit Americans against each other in class warfare with entitlements & abortion & hold the ppl hostage with this fiscal cliff thing in order to get his way & blame it on republicans. He is a criminal, a domestic terrorist posing as a president & belongs in gitmo, not the White House!

    • FineTexan

      Look at the countenance of John Boehner. He has no guts and he has no stomach for going against the Democrats and Obama! He has a sick look on his face and speaks with a stumbling stammer. He looks like he has not slept well for awhile and might have had a drink or two.

  • VocalYokel

    Barry-O got his photo op, his hug from that Bozo Christie, and four more years...he doesn't need them anymore.

  • agbjr

    A bit of info the national media does NOT want reported ... three out of the four hardest hit New Jersey coastal counties went solid Republican. Cape May, Ocean, and Monmouth Counties all voted overwhelmingly for Romney. Suburban and rural Atlantic County also went for Romney but unfortunately those votes were overshadowed by the welfare voters in Atlantic City. Statewide, suburban homeowners, business owners, and taxpayers voted to preserve their independence and the Constitution. The large population centers - Camden, Newark, Paterson, and all of mostly Spanish-speaking Hudson County - all voted to preserve their tax-funded government welfare checks.

  • barto

    Who are they going to blame when their world comes crashing down, Bush? I read a post a couple of days ago regarding the economic woes being Bush's fault wherein one of these idiots that voted Obama back into office said, "it takes eight years before the full effect of a previous president's term in office is known"? Boy, if he's right, he and his fellow idiots are going to be in for one hell of a surprise in four more years. We people with some common sense realized that the current POTUS was going to be bad for America before he was inaugaurated AND boy did he fulfill our expectations. Did any of these idiots really ask themselves what his particular qualifications were, not really, they just voted for him because he talked a good story. He may have "talked the talk" but he certainly didn't "walk the walk"....do they remember all his unkept PROMISES!

  • gwedem5995

    Just wait until the next 4 years are over, O wouldn't even be able to get elected as dog catcher. However, I thought this about what has already happened and he still got a majority, by just barely. I feel so sorry for them but will not send them a dime. If they think government is the answer to everything then I guess they got what they deserved but I still feel sorry for them. I just remember who the country demonized Bush's response to Katrina but now the lib media are pratctically ignoring the poor response from O. He made a phto op with Christie and then off the Las Vegas he went. They demonized Bush for 4 trillion debt in 8 years but haven't hardly mentioned O's 5 trillion debt in less than 4 years. When are the American people going to wake up. When you turn against citizens like people of the tea party, you get no help from the people or the government. One comment earlier is that people learn, but I really doubt it anymore. Look at the gas prices that affects almost everyone, O was one of the main reasons for it. And down the road, all those illiterates who think Obamacare is so great will rue the day that it was passed. We go to Fla for the winter and all of our canadian friends down there when it passed, said to us, you will be sorry.
    I guess they are the best people to tell you how great they think it is. I guess when you are young and healthy it really doesn't impact you, but when you get older and have a lot of medical problems, if it isn't life threatening, you don't know how long you will have to wait. One friend of ours waited over 3 years.

  • bfit58

    The next four years could/will be catastrophic for this nation. Meanwhile Obama fiddles.
    I am sooo disgusted with those who reelected him, and absolutely furious with the evangelical Christians who wouldn't vote because they had to maintain their spiritual 'purity'
    by noting voting for a Mormon. WTHIWWP? Our country will be utterly destroyed by this administration! You watch. In four years there will not be another election. Obama will write an executive order making himself President for life!

  • JAS64

    So is anyone actually surprised? Not anyone who knows what obama really is!

  • ronpaynter

    It is unfortunate that so many people have to suffer because of the stupidity of others. Those idiots that voted for this bum,Obama.should be hanging their heads in shame for the treament these Americans are receiving. If it was Haiti,or the Dominion Republic, or any other non-American country needing the assistance our own people need,this government could not do enough fast enough.You know this is only the beginning and won't end for 4 long inglorious years.

  • John Civick

    Obama is simply paying back the honkies for Katrina I would have to assume. I honestly wouldn't doubt if he is doing this, Holder dropped charges against the Black Panthers for

  • triplelll

    Well, I live in NH. Our state shows blue on the electoral map as well. Don't think for a minute that we ALL fit into the mind-set of the democratic party or the liberal lies. Once upon a time we here in NH were conservatives by majority. Our 'first in the nation' state was hijacked by the 'free staters' and there are a good many of us trying to get it back. I understand your frustration with NY & NJ, I sometimes feel the same way until I realize that I'm lumped into a category that I am not fundamentally a part of.

  • Gringo Infidel

    'Pigs at the trough.'

    A republic that has an electorate that votes for hand outs will collapse. Rome did and now we are looking at it too.

    Who will man the ramparts to defend against the barbarians now? The welfare crowd? The talking gossips that pass for news organizations?

    Pity us all and may God help us.

  • WilliamSpires

    The democrats are still talking about Katrina but after Obama made a "CAMEO" appearance at the New Jersey/New York destruction and left even quicker, they can no longer see any problems and they are on their own.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Well, there you go. The photo op for the election brownie points is over, he's reelected and doesn't have to play all presidential anymore. Youse guys can go screw yourself, sez king zero. He's busy with planning the final plans for the Marxist takeover of America. You lucky New York people are the first to taste the reality of life at the end of this next 4 years. Detroit from coast to coast.

  • Kat

    Idiots all of them. Well, all I can say to them is just sit back, relax and wait for Obama to come to your aid! In the past I have donated to situations like this, but not any more. I have to worry about my family now! They didn't help me any by putting him back in office. So good luck to you! Oh, maybe your main stream media will run something how Obama hasn't bothered to show up to help you! NOT! They don't care about you either. Use your head,figure it out for yourselves! You were used and put out to a frozen, flooded, dark pasture by your leader!

  • samtman

    So far the Gov, has send them 4 Billion Dollars, it came from the Gov. Fima emergency fund. Its estimated that it will cost about 40-50 Billion $$ to repair the damage. Comapered to 104 Billion $ to run the war in Afganistan.per year.. Would anyone like to have their taxes increased to pay for New Jersey, New York's damage. Perhaps in that one traffic light town that most of the posters here live, would have the money to help out.

    • ARMYOF69

      I would not offer one red cent to help the adults . Pity the kids and the very old and handicapped.

      • FineTexan

        And the innocent animals...

        • ARMYOF69

          Especially dogs and horses.

  • ARMYOF69

    I wonder how these East Coast morons would vote TODAY ? Betcha they would NOT vote for obama.

  • horvath38

    I Don't fell sorry four you free cheese stupid democrats you wanted Obama yous got him

    Don' be crying theta yous are Cold freezing & hungry ,no gasoline & no electric your Public

    sector Unions turned down all help from Hundreds off Workers from Cross Country to clean up mess Hurricane Sandy left & re store power yous all need, FEM A left yous Obama & democrats turned there back on all of yous, all you democrats Voted fore him he got re elected & now he say kiss my black ass!

  • G W

    I feel sorry for them but you get the government you voted for and I suspect these people for the most part voted for the socialist? They will find out the hard way that the best government is that which is closest to the people. It is a hard lesson to learn.

  • rbcola

    I have family and friends in NY, LI, NJ and PA. It is absolutely unconscienable what is going on related to the defastation caused by Sandy and the Northeaster that came in.

    The Feds, FEMA, Red Cross, the State and local officials have either failed or just not "on top of it" .....We to, as individuals, were too quick to discount "risks". Not responsible either.

    Change our extreme dependency on the Feds / FEMA. The states need to plan for - hold onto moneys that go to the Federal government and FEMA.....it's too easy for it to "disappear". Its obvious - they aren't good at their jobs, perhaps irresponsible.

    Blame President Obama 1st and foremost......not because he's President....but because he got out in front of the TV cameras and SAID HE WAS GOING TO CUT THE RED TAPE, HE WAS GOING TO RESPOND IN 15 MINUTES OR LESS. WELL SO FAR NEITHER HE nor FEMA, Red Cross DELIVERED ON PROMISES and commitments and people are really suffering as a result of it.

    Showing up for the "Fanfare".....Making promises he either can't or chooses not to make good on. I'm truly disheartened about this man. The lying, the deception, the irresponsible behavior not only of him on a personal level.....but his administration and our government officials.

    Honestly - I want a President we honor and respect and admire. We don't have that. The country is torn and divided. We need a Commander-in-Chief who comes through when times are tough. One who leads by example, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.....who uplifts and brings us together in a common cause and LEADS in a way WE WANT TO FOLLOW.

    As an American I grew up....got a job....got married....moved out on our own...both worked....had a budget / balanced the checkbook and had a plans and goals for our future......We thought nothing of being responsible...because it was RIGHT.....it was the American way. We tried to keep our word......take care of family, friends and neighbors on our own.....The Government didn't have to make a law to get us to do it. We TRIED ALWAYS TO DO OUR BEST - TRIED TO TELL THE TRUTH & DIDN'T HAVE TO SING our OWN PRAISES......because actions speak louder than words.

    What's happened to those American ideals?????

    We're in trouble. I'm praying for those impacted by Sandy. I'm praying that our President "sees the light" and really comes to realize how much we need him to be the Commander in Chief.....not the Celebrity in Chief. Less time talking, more time DELIVERING.

  • rmwayne

    To all you dumbass yankees who voted for Obama.....you're getting what you deserve. I feel sorry for pets and the few people up there who have a brain and didn't vote Obama communist, but the electoral map didn't lie. All of Dixie voted Romney, all of Lincoln yankeeland voted Obama.

  • Ilene

    Can't fix stupid right?

  • Ilene

    I have cousins on Long Island, one in Huntington, where the power came back I think on Thursday Other areas, where relatives are had to leave becuase they won't have power until the 16 if ever. They have had to travel up to family in Ct. to stay because they have young kids.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.christopher.393 Ronald Christopher

    Well, he is going to fly off to Burma, Thailand, Laos and a few other oriental countries.

  • leon

    Suffer you pathetic voters whom put this worthless pos back in office.I feel no pain for you what so ever pay back is hell and you are receiving your share for being so effin incompetent..

  • TPM

    Well, those clowns in NY voted for this "Photo Op Prima Donna."
    You want to know where he is, now that he got your vote?
    He's back on "The View" ... getting his azz kissed.
    They don't call him President Kardashian for nothing.

  • NoU4EN

    After Obama rewards himself and Moochelle with a week off playing golf and eating steak and lobster with the elites who propped him up, it was announced that he will be visiting the hurricane devastation again - next Thursday!! TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE ARE GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED! So, hang in there, you only have to wait another week - scared in the cold and dark until he delivers another set of promises.

  • freedomgirl

    He's in the White House Celebrating his 'Victory' Hoping these Sandy Victoms would get out of the hairs in his ass and just Die and Be Gone from this Overpopulated Planet!!!
    I Live Here~~~Don't Even Try To Argue!!!
    FEMA~~WOW!!! Had Off for Election Day~~~
    FEMA~~~OHHH, Took off for 'The Noreaster Storm' on Wendesday...
    'Closed Due To Weather'....
    AWWW...Hello!!! Isn't That The Whole Point Of "FEMA"?!!!
    Know what 'FEMA" stands for?
    F@#$ Every Man And Women... So, it should be FEMAW...!!!
    Oh, Unless this was the Hamptons... The Rich Elites...
    There would be hundreds of generators there... Water, Food, EVERYTHING!!!
    Staten Island? Oh, Their just Middle Class...
    We'll get to them ...Eventually!!!
    Happy Who You Voted For?!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IGKIMVYO2JN57IHEH3S6HGLDHQ WILLIAML

    He will Blame Bush for it

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IGKIMVYO2JN57IHEH3S6HGLDHQ WILLIAML

    It was just another Photo Op

  • FloridaJim

    Obama came to Christie fro a photo op and then campaigned the entire time of Sandy FEMA failures. The New York and Washington politicians[Napolitano, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer, Rangel et al] told us how great FEMA was dong while the people in Staten Island, Brooklyn ,The Bronx and Long Island told us the failure from this elite group of slugs. If this were Bush and Brownie the media would have crucified them for their failures and disappearance but with Obama we get fawning and lies.

  • raccman

    Obama, the Fraudulent Racial President doesn't give a damn for White folks - only their votes and their money ! We will soon see our country BANKRUPT with a president who has no idea what to do about it !

  • caskinner

    For anyone that believed that Obammie cared about your suffering due to Hurricane Sandy.....I am so sorry to tell you he really doesn't feel your pain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Local issues (I live in the affected area, but wasn't affected) - if every single local issue was the problem of the feds...why have local government?

  • tbone

    oh I guess Mitt would have done anything better to help. lol.

  • http://twitter.com/concession1 Kimberly Woods

    Obama is where he always is when he needs to fulfill his duty's as President, HE IS MISSING IN ACTION! Maybe these victims will think twice before believing all of Obama's lies next time he promises them something, The one thing he is good at is BREAKING HIS PROMISES!

  • jimpeel

    Obama put on his show for the hurricane victims and wowed them to get their vote because they were so impressed by his response. Now that the useful idiots have put him back in the White House he is nowhere to be found.