Nullify Obamacare Like Three Other States Already Have

It’s easy to get down in the dumps when we lose a presidential election. A Minnesota psychologist even said that many people will experience post-election depression. Most of those feelings will wear off in due time. There’s no reason for conservatives to feel apathetic and give up. Sometimes good things can come from losses. Depending on your attitude, it can make you more resolute than before. A Romney victory may have made many of us brush off our hands and think that the fight is finally over. The Obama victory has made us more determined to fight back. As Gary Demar wrote recently:

 “Giving up is just what the liberals and establishment Republicans want us to do. We should be more resolute and put the fear of God into these people by our persistence.”

 If it weren’t for an Obama victory, perhaps there wouldn’t be three states right now passing laws that nullify Obamacare. Granted, these ballot initiatives were passed on Election Day before we knew Obama had won, but hopefully the trend will continue until most states have rendered Obamacare null and void. And if that happens, we can thank Obama’s re-election.

These states are affirming their sovereignty over the Federal government. I don’t care that the Supreme Court opined that the health care law was Constitutional. The Supreme Court also ruled that a woman has the right to murder her unborn child. That was an opinion over one particular case. Judges don’t make laws; they render opinions, and states should ignore bad judicial opinions. They should also ignore bad Federal laws.

In Alabama, 59% of voters approved of Amendment 6, which amended their state Constitution to “prohibit any person, employer, or health care provider from being compelled to participate in any health care system." This renders Obamacare’s individual and employer mandate null and void.

In Montana, 65% of voters approved of an act that prohibited the State or Federal government from being able to force anyone to buy health insurance. The act also prohibits any penalties from being levied on anyone who choses not to purchase health insurance.

Finally, in Wyoming, a measure was passed that stated, “No federal or state law, rule or administrative decision shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer or health care provider to participate in any health care system.”

Find out if your representative supports such a law. If not, petition them to. Get involved in a local Tea Party group. Rally local support to pressure your state legislature to pass legislation that puts the Federal government in its place.



  • SueTheBastards

    So, if you live in one of these states - and your daughter dies because your insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions, sue the state. In fact, any medical bills that would have been covered in any other state - is now a lawsuit ready to happen. Your employer should have covered it, now the state will. If the state wants to turn around and sue the employer or the insurance company to recover its losses, that will be their prerogative. Good places to set up a law practice.

    • Frank Williford

      Again someone who dosnt do the reading assignment before spouting off. All the admendments do is state that no government can force a person to purchase health insurance. So if a person chooses NOT to be forced to do something how can they sue if they are facing the consequences of their own choices. You need to read the admendments before you speak or you only show ignorance on the subject you are trying to talk about. The people voted and the individual mandate was struck down in those 3 states, just as it should be. Washington is not a ruling body arbitrairly giving mandates we must follow without question, the people of this country have the final say and in at least 3 states they have spoken. As your glorious leader said four years ago, we won they lost deal with it.

    • wildbill

      Your post makes no sense what so ever go drink the rest of your koolaid

    • John Mauldin

      It's your kind of thinking that has caused this mess. Deal with your own problems, I am not going to inherit them for you!

    • mudguy1

      So it is your kind of thinking that you think the rest of America has to pay for what you should be responsible for. Hope you will be happy if you are over 65 and can't find a doctor to take you because are on medicare. And your wonderful Obamacare will decide when and what kind of treatment you can have and tell you how and when you can die. Hope you will happy living in the USSA ( United Socialist States of America} That Obummer wants you to have.

    • demsaresocialists

      you must be a stupid demo, what is the government giving you????

    • Kim Mason

      YOU are part of the problem. sue, sue, sue...

    • wildbill

      sue the bastards
      you are beginning to repeat yourself change the disc

  • Pete Nelms

    Well said Frank, I was ready to say the same thing. Typical liberal trash talk from SueTheBastards.

  • John Mauldin

    There is no doubt the feds, headed by O'Hitler, will play all kinds of games with federal money to change the state's position. Sad

  • Evermyrtle

    Every red state should nullify Obamascare.(or succeed from the union) I hope and pray that my state will be the next one to do it. Obama scare in something that we as senior should avoid like the plague. It is written up to get rid of all senior citizens and then those who inherit will have to share with the government. The government won't have to pay us back our social Security or medicare, that we contributed to for so many years. .

    • Jack

      Remember the civil war? Once into the union you can't get out, this war was fought in the 1860's & I think they will do it again. Just the fact that this pos got reelected would gi9ve any & all states the right to pull out, but it is just not going to happen

      • Doodlebug

        I suppose you are right Jack but Louisiana is trying. It won't surprise me if Texas follows. If things keep going like they are now, one of two things will happen. 1) There WILL be another Civil War or;
        2) there will be the second coming of Jesus Christ. I pray for number 2.
        The people can't take much more of the crap this jerk is shoving down our throats and now with the look to UN contol, starting with guns, internet, monitoring our elections, our day of controlling our own lives is gone forever and things will get worse.

        • Nurse56

          When Texas became a state (republic) they reserved the right to secede without consequences. As far as I know they are the only state with that right.

        • Doodlebug

          Too bad all didn't become a state that way. I would go along and help in any way I could just to get out of this mess obummer has gotten us into.

        • Ray

          Doodlebug,, Originally they did. That is why the southern states seceded . It was their constitutional right. I am glad we are together, but Lincoln violated the constitution when he disallowed them to secede. Now they teach the kids in school he allowed them to secede, but then concurred them. It's a lie but they are rewriting history as they go in the schools and our kids are being brainwashed. That's why the lib's hate homeschooling..

        • Doodlebug

          You are so right Ray. If parent's now days aren't paying attention to what kids are learning in school, they are in for a BIG surprise when they find out. Homeschooled kids are much better educated that those attending our public schools. It seems as though those attending parochial schools are still okay but, how long before the government tries to over take them too just like they are doing with the Catholic Hospitals/ clinics etc.?

        • Mary Gilford

          Wrong Oklahoma has that right and I believe others. Texas has already petition the US to withdraw the same time LA did.

        • fort9erdon

          Oklahoma DOES NOT have that right! If you have proof otherwise, please post a link to that proof. I have done a very thorough study on this subject, and without winning another civil war, NO STATE has the right to secede

        • Sunny

          all they need is 25,000 signatures

        • Mike Travis

          No, all the signatures do is meet a threshold of numbers. There is no requirement on the federal government to accept the petition. It simply says they can ignore it unless at least 25k sign it.

        • fort9erdon

          You are misinformed. 25000 signatures ONLY means the feds have to answer your petition. It DOES NOT grant you the right to secede. I will guarantee you straight up, here is what will happen. You will get 25,000 signatures forcing an answer from Obama. His answer will be "NO"! And, unless your willing to start shootin, the subject is closed!

        • Norma

          I'm willing to start shooting!

        • CARLjr

          You might hit the first predator drone before it drops its bombs, but it is highly unlikely you would do any damage. Even if you managed to take one out, the rest of the fleet will be right behind it. You are hopelessly outgunned.

        • PYPYPY

          Yes, you need 25K sigs to garner response from BO. Still it makes a statement. I do hope they get that by dec 7th. Not much time left!

        • scubaqueen

          Texas doesn't have to have permission from Obama.

        • fort9erdon

          You are correct, they do NOT need permission from Obama, but Texas DOES need permission from Congress. It is simply totally NOT TRUE that Texas has some special right to secede if they wish. They do not. Read this and pay special attention to the very last sentence!

        • wildbill

          lots of folks are ready to do that

        • Liberty Rock

          The right toi seceed is in the Declaration Of Independence

        • fort9erdon

          Show me the specific passage that gives ANY state the right to secede? Alink to the specific paragraph would be nice.

        • fatman45

          @fort9erdon ->
          Preamble to the Declaration of Independence:

          That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        • fort9erdon

          Sorry, that is comparing apples to oranges. The passage you cite, gives the population AS A WHOLE" the right to change our form of government, AS A WHOLE, IN THE USA!" It says absolutely nothing about individual states breaking off and going their own seperate ways. Nope, that won't fly as the authority to secede!

        • Norma Fisher

          Doesn't the Texas Constitution reserve the right of Texas to secede?

          This heavily popularized bit of Texas folklore finds no corroboration
          where it counts: No such provision is found in the current Texas
          Constitution[1] (adopted in 1876) or the terms of annexation.[2] However, it does state (in Article 1, Section 1) that "Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States..." (note that it does not state "...subject to the President of the United States..." or "...subject to the Congress of the United States..." or "...subject to the collective will of one or more of the other States...")

          Neither the Texas Constitution, nor the Constitution of the united
          States, explicitly or implicitly disallows the secession of Texas (or
          any other "free and independent State") from the United States. Joining
          the "Union" was ever and always voluntary, rendering voluntary
          withdrawal an equally lawful and viable option (regardless of what any
          self-appointed academic, media, or government "experts"—including
          Abraham Lincoln himself—may have ever said).

          Both the original (1836) and the current (1876) Texas Constitutions also state that "All political power is inherent in the people ... they have at all times the inalienable right to alter their government in such manner as they might think proper."

          Likewise, each of the united States is "united" with the others explicitly on the principle that "governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" and "whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [i.e., protecting life, liberty, and property], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government" and "when a long train of abuses and usurpations...evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." [3]

        • fort9erdon

          Norma, EXCELLENT post! The reality is that the feds will absolutely NOT allow ANY state to secede. There would be another civil war, and the result would most likely be the same as last time. Plus, we Texans would then be subject to even more drug violence from our southern border. I will say that an independent Texas would be far more effective in stopping illegal immigration, and the flow of illegal drugs, coming in from the south. We Texans would actually enforce the law, unlike the current crop of useless feds! The Border patrol agents would do their jobs willingly, and effectively, if they weren't constrained by the politicians in Washington, D.C.!

        • CARLjr

          perhaps, but an independent Texas would also have the flow of legal pharmecutical drugs stopped as well. An independent Texas would not be a trading partner with the United States (or our close allies). I was never a supporter of a border fence, but I'll happily put one around a state of traitors.

        • JD

          Yes they can. Because texas joined willingly with a aus to backout if wanted and besides texas joined the Confederate States of Ameria not the United States at that time.

        • fort9erdon

          YOUR comment is withoiut a trace of truth, and has no basis in fact. If you remotely knew what the hell you were talking about, you would realize that the facts are:
          1. Texas joind the US, after San Jacinto, and the defeat of Santa ANA In 1836. The wrote a state constitution. I challenge you to google a copy of the 1836 constitution, and give me the paragraph number and quoting the clause that give Texas the right to secede? It ain't there, but don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself. Now, in 1861, Texas seceded from the union, and joined the Confederacy as a slave state. After the civil war, and the south lost, Texas was "out" until it was re-admitted in 1876, WITH A NEW AND DIFFERENT STATE Constitution. I challenge you to google the 1876 Texas state Constitutiuon and give me a quote where it says we have the right to secede. AGAIN, .... IT AIN'T THERE!
          The problem is, that the rumor is rampant, that Texas somehow has some "special" reserve power, that they can do what no other state has the right to do, which is to secede. That is just not so. SO, don't just write back and tell me that I am wrong, simply stating Texas DOES have a special right, ....... show me. Post a link, to the specific document, the Article number and paragraph oulining specifically, what grants the authority for Texas to secede. The good part is that you won't find it, and you will learn something. Don't feel bad, as a survey was recently taken, and over 1/3 of Texans believe, falsly, that Texas has some special right. Unfortunately, they are unable to locate an authority which grants such a right.

        • Ray

          No, Tx has the only "legal" right, but that don't mean other wont do it..

        • jsmithcsa

          No state is banned from doing it.

        • Warren F Rosenbaum

          The Federal government has broken its contract with the States and has departed from our Constitution upon which the States agreed to be part of the Union. When one party to a contract violates the agreement, the contract is breached and the States have a right to compensation for breach of contract.


          The difference is that Texas does not have to petition to the U.S. Gov., all they have to do is convene their state legislature and vote it through and then get the governors agreement and send correspondence to DC that they will be leaving. Then a peaceful process of dividing and removing federal offices etc. from the state would begin. The U.S. should give back funds deposited with them for future social security payments and government employee pensions. (military, teachers, etc.) They would also need to determine the type of money they would use and set up a state mint (not a private corporation) to print and mint the money and be subject to regular audits of the currency. Then, Texas would no longer pay anything to the U.S. Funds normally sent to Washington with only little of it returned to the state would stay in the state of Texas for infrastructure repairs. It would take a while to get everything going smoothly, but the difference would be worth it.

        • akatex

          TX doesn't need to petition it only needs to inform the Feds

        • fort9erdon

          That is an "Internet hoax". I live in Texas, and believe me, I have researched it very thoroughly. Texas DOES NOT have the right to secede. But, what Texas does have a right to do, is divide into 5 seperate states, therefore sending 10 "red" Senators to Washington, instead of 2. That in itself should scare the crap out of the commie dems!

        • Nurse56

          Too bad but maybe 10 red senators would be even better.

        • Countrygal

          You are wrong. Texas has the right to secede.

        • Countrygal

          Texas is the ONLY state with the right to secede, if I am correct. I am in Texas & I know this to be fact that Tx. has that right.

        • fort9erdon

          Really, read this:

          Then if you still think I am wrong, please provide a link to something that is more than mere speculation, pride and "el toro poo poo". Texas, nor ANY other state can secede. Period! So, dear, YOU are wrong!

        • Norma

          Then we'll take that right now and make it legal ourselves! I think enough of us still have guns!

        • fort9erdon

          Unfortunately we ONLY have guns, we don'y have tanks, planes, ships, or trained special forces. We don't have Generals, supply logistics, or structure. We would be called "rag tag" at best. Not saying we could not be victorious, but it would be extremely costly in lives, injuries and a very long drawn out affair. A best case scenario, would be a long hard slugfest. UH, .... where do we go to sign up?

        • CARLjr

          It would not be that long or drwn out. I think you will be shocked and awed by the kind of weaponry the military industrial complex has developed with decades of trillion dollar funding. One thing the United States is good at is killing people. Anyone foolish enough to attack us will have a robotic air force rain death from above with no human targets to shoot back at.

        • danimal



          IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ; HERE IS THE KEY ;" the Republic of Texas" ;; go girl;; we are going to be there with you;; let's kick the communist Kenyan's a666.

        • Linda C. Cahill

          I live here too, and yes we do have the right to suceed. We entered to United States by treaty and are the only state that had that right put into the agreement.

        • fort9erdon
        • Marie Lewis Ison


        • fort9erdon

          Marie, I live in Texas also. It is not true, that Texas has a right to secede. If you think they do, please get back to me with a link to the proof of such a statement. I have researched it thououghly, and Texas ABSOLUTELY does NOT have the right to secede. Unfortunately, approximately 1/3 of Texas residents are under the impression that they are something special, that they have something the rest of the states lack, which is a legal right to secede, without Congressional permission. They do not. But, I challenge you to prove me wrong, simply by locating the law, or trearty, or document you think that gives Texas this special right. Simply wanting something does not mean you have it. Now, the ball is in your court. Find the proof, and get back to me with a link to that proof. It does not exist, as YOU will find out in your fruitless search. But, have at it anyway. I want you to read this:
          Pay special attention to the last sentence, then get back to me. LOL!

        • Gram

          Don't rely on what snopes or others have on the net. Check Texas's own State Constitution & laws. I have read it myself in there that they can leave the United States Union if they want to. Use an old encyclopedia to find out that info, then you know it isn't changed.

        • fort9erdon

          Gram, I don't rely on snopes for absolute truth. But I have read BOTH state Constitutions, the 1836 version, and the 1876 version. I submit that you are incorrect, in your assertion that The state Constitution asserts any right to secede. If you think it does, please go to the constitutuion, find the passage that grants us that right and post a link to that information. You say you have seen it, .... I say you have not, because it is not there. Not saying you are a liar, but you are misinformed. Here is the problem. Texans, by nature are a proud people. We think we are special, and compared to most states, we are. But, wishful thinking does NOT make a rumor a fact. This idea that Texans are endowed with some special right of secession, that no other state supposedly has, is actually believed, mistakenly, by over 1/3 of Texans. That right just does not exist. It even never existed in the earlier 1836 version, before Texas secedded in 1861 and joined the southern slave states in the civil war. I wish all the folks that keep coming back at me, simply saying, "yeah, we have that right", would post a link to the proof, instead of simply making a blind statement that the right exists. That way, when researching this, looking for the passage to prove me wrong, would learn that the right DOES NOT EXIST!

        • Maj John

          Texas is a free and independent state subject only to the constitution of the United States. This is in section 1 of Article 1 in the bill of rights of the Constitution of Texas. Now the question remains, what does the US constitution say about this issue? It must be granted that there is no specific clause in the US Constitution which states that the Union is established in perpetuity. The preamble to the constitution states as a purpose "the formation of a more perfect union". In other words it was OK to leave one type of a union (with the English) and form another. It would be a contradiction to now say that such was not possible, especially since the union so formed was through the consent of the people. Once you no longer have the consent of the governed in any state it would seem that the right to succeed would be retained as a God given right not a right given to us by the federal government. To now argue, "show me the link". ignores the fact that such a link does not exist. It's non existence does not change those principles from which we sought independence from tyranny. nor does silence on the issue of succession forever remove the specter of future tyranny, even if it emanates from our own government for the rights of the governed are paramount.

        • fort9erdon

          Major, yada yada yada. If you want to see how quickly one gets slapped down and a whole case of "whupp ass" is put on your butt, try to secede. It absolutely WILL NOT HAPPEN! Yes, we the people have guns, but the feds have tanks, planes, bombs supply logistics in place, and a vested interest in maintaining the count of states in the United States at 50.

        • hausman69

          As a Texan now born in Oklahoma, you are completely correct. I am waiting to sign the petition.

        • Sunny

          it's on line ...along with and many others..just sign up !!! all on line !!!!!!

        • Thomas C. Berner

          We are the only state that can secede from the union whitout consequences and I hope we do. Obama sucks.

        • John Quick


        • David F. Podesta

          Then why was Texas forced back into the union in 1865? So much for that right.

        • HowardLast

          Anyone know which section of the constitution says a state can not secede? The Tenth Amendment gives all power not authorized to the Federal Government to the States. But I may be wrong as I have the James Madison version of the constitution and not the Democrap and RINO version. Lincoln should have been tried as a war criminal for the Northern War of Aggresion. Remember Sherman's march to the sea.


          hate to tell you cowards [remember the Alamo];; we the people can DO ANY DAMN THING WE TAKE NOTION TO;; THIS PIMP IS NOT the legitimate potus.......he has voided and nullified Constitutional law;; the ni66ers say we live by "street law". they will die by it too......

        • Ken

          Texas would be a great country. We have all the energy we will ever need and sell the rest to the poor old foreclosed USA. If Texas did ever secede, I'd never leave her Greatest place on earth imho.

        • RightinTexas

          We were a Republic before we were a state.

        • Joeyblitz

          I am probably moving to Texas.Obumblow is not my damn president .

        • Michael Patterson

          Montana is the only other state with the right to secede from the union other than Texas that I know.

        • john cummins

          Number 2 will happen but in His timing and it could be a very long time from now, signs point to a very long time. So, look to 1.

        • Doodlebug

          I don't know, the Bible predicts wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes etc. As I look at the happenings of this past year the earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes have been a lot more damaging than in years past. And look at what the east is dealing with now. They never got through one thing and a second was upon them. The sin being committed now, gays, abortions, living together without marriage. I know all is in Gods timing, not even His Son knows when but there sure are a lot of things that point to the end of this miserable world. I hope to live to see the day Jesus comes to us and believe me, it can't be too soon for me. I hope it happens before we have to go underground to worship our Creator but with obummer in the WH, I'm not too sure that's not the next thing for us to endure. I don't know where it is but somewhere, it refers to, beware of those in high places, and boy, I sure am weary of this one.

        • brenintx

          John and Doodlebug--Also in the end times men will exchange their natural attraction for women and become lovers of other men and people will call that which is evil "good" and that which is good "evil". I know those have applied many times in history, but both concepts seem to be consuming society at a phenomenal rate.

        • Dale Robbins

          John, what signs are you basing this observation on? I don't see anywhere in the Bible where the signs of Jesus' return point to a very long time. Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

        • gay robertson

          I agree with all of this---either civil war or the 2nd coming. I wonder how many states are thinking voter fraud may have won the election and if any of them are investigating! Obama knows all kind of tricks--after all look at what's happening in the Benghazi/Petraeus affair and Fast and Furious/Holder, and his success at keeping his background hidden.

        • Goatie

          I agree, Gay. Look at the huge crowds that attended Romney's rallys. 30 thousand patriots turned out for them. Then, look at the small crowds at ovomit's rallys. Some couldn't even fill half a room. Now, look at the thousands of military who never had a chance to vote. On top of that, there were the fraudulent voting machines. Yes, this election was stolen. The scary thing is, if he can steal this one, how many in the future will he steal after amnesty has been put in place? We are becoming very much like Argintina when Chavez started a government healthcare system to take over as a dictator. Remember when ovomit visited Chavez and brought back a book from him on how to turn a country into a Marxist state? We are on the same path. Unless we can change this mess around before ovomitcare takes over, our only hope is to secede and start our own union.

      • demsaresocialists

        do not ever say never

      • Evermyrtle

        Which is worse, The Civil War of Bondage?? If we do not do something and do it soon we will find out, I am afraid. There is one thing that will protect Christians from both, The Return of JESUS CHRIST. ALL CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA, GET ON OUR KNEES.

        • Goatie

          Amen, Evermyrtle. II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin an heal their land."

      • Evermyrtle

        Actually I was born 70 years after the Civil War, I only read about it, but had many ancestors who fought in it,,who thought it was worth the fight.

      • babs

        wrong when Texas signed on to the Union it was Clear we can succeed at any time if we didn't like what this government was doing go look it up Im from Texas

      • JD

        Sign the petition at

    • Doodlebug

      Our SS and Medicare that we paid into for all of our lives. The same SS and Medicare that the dummicrats stole from us, putting in an IOU that has never been paid back. I wish our state too would leave this US union and form our own. One with conservative ideas, one like our forefathers intended. It won't happen Evermyrtle but, we can hope, can't we?

      • demsaresocialists

        I think all red states should leave the union and start our own

        • wminaz

          If we did the welfare seekers would follow once the blue states went belly up.

        • Danelle

          Yes, but they would ne illegal immigrants and WE would actually enforce immihration laws!

        • jimmylu

          Actually with out the Obozo care & the freebees from Obama clause they'd have no reason to come to the RED States.

        • Goatie

          And, when we start our own country, no liberals will be allowed in. Of course, just watch them sneak back in so they can have freedom and a good economy once again.

        • Norma

          Yes, we should leave this country and let the foreigners and the blacks that voted for Obama have it. But without the white man's money and leadership, it would begin to resemble the country they came from. The votes that Obama got came from foreigners, blacks and silly women that are young that don't support themselves. Let them stay and kiss Obama's boots; all that did not vote for Obama should go to another country and limit immigration numbers to zero.

        • del

          Old women voted for the dope also...they are clueless and most are from the north and eastern states where women are like cattle....they vote what the old boy did without understanding!

        • Gram

          I am an old woman and from an eastern state, BUT I am NOT like cattle---- I understood about this person running against Mitt back already in '07 when I first noticed his name. I did some researching then already and knew he wasn't even a citizen in a state within the United States border. To be eligible to run for President and Vice President you must be born in one of the original 48 states of two (2) parents (male and female only) who/whom are citizens before your birth. Exception is if born while parents are on a military base.

        • Guest

          Actually, it is possible to become President, legally and properly, from ANY of the 50 states as long as the birth occurred AFTER they became a state. There were only 13 "original" states, by the way.

        • Patriot

          Hi, Gram!
          Am with you and I live in the South - moved from NY 41 years ago and have NEVER regretted the move. I, too, researched way back when OWEbama's name started popping up and didn't like what I found. Worked against his election in 2008 - failed; worked again in 2012 - failed. Am exhausted and completely disheartened, but I won't give in,l nor will I give up on the USA. Would love to form our own red state union and secede from this liberal, left-wing, gimme, gimme, gimme cesspool to which we've sunk. All they're going to do is deprive us of our rights, take our money via higher taxes and inflation, and return zilch to us, especially because we're older.

        • Guest

          Being a part of a Blue State that fails, as much because of them as any other single thing, the Democrat/Liberal blacks would then have to claim their "reparations" from those states that still recognize them- and do it quickly because they'll all be going down the tubes from the drain that the useless ilk places on the government of their choice.
          They'd fail rather quickly I would think.

        • Charles Bill L.

          You got the right idea Norma my exact thought's.The white man is the one's paying all of the dole into the kitty whereas the black's and illegal's and stupid women suck it from but yet they hate the white folk's and keep them down from suceding in America.If not for the white's their as***would have hit the ground long ago.

      • Dale Robbins

        I'm pretty sure if there is another revolution the military would be with us not Obama since they know he hates them. We would have a pretty good edge right there. I mean, really, if an administration did all they could to suppress my vote I would be pretty irate.

        • smilee

          Note even remotely possible, dream on dale

        • hookemowls

          Florida and Ohio, both, reported more ballots casted than registered voters. Quit believing everything the main stream media tells you. Educate yourself...

        • Bruce Brinkmann

          Put a tracer on all the ammunition stockpiled by H.S. for the Postal Service and the I.R.S. and I think maybe the black panthers.

        • JD

          They did suppress it with voter fraud. Romney won by a land slide. Florida and ohio r now reporting severe voter fraud go sign the petitions

      • Great Day

        Check out FREEDOM OUTPOST DOT COM The State of Texas and Louisiana have a Petition to opt out of the Federal Government and form there own Government and other RED States will join as well.

        • newmorning

          if this were to happen you know alot of folks would be fleeing to those states. how could they handle that massive migration? I'd sure luv to get out of PA. I will contact my state rep. and senator and Gov. However, I don't think I'll get far with the RINO crowd in Harrisburg. What I do want to do is get the Tea parties to organize and go against the RINO status quo creeps. I mean really, we may as well have Dem's if all these guys do is mimick Boehner. He is a traitor, lifting the debt ceiling gave BO and his ilk the ability to have access to the funds to implement the insurance exchanges throughout the states. Corbett was asked why he applied for the funding to set up these exchanges and he said 'bkz if we don't do it, then the Fed. Gvt will send in their people to do it' can u believe he rationalized his disloyalty to the people with this line? If atilla-the-hun was running against him in 2014 I wouldn't vote for him again. I hope he's a one termer and I hope Christie next door in NJ is also. perhaps when ALL Americans get together and stop getting played by the party politics we'll get ourselves represented rather than the special interest that the politicians are beholding to.

        • Patriot

          newmorning, right on! Come on down to SW FL - we love to have hardworking, straight thinking folks join us. Left NY some 41 yrs. ago - and love it here.

          Get rid of Boehner - he is a traitor, as is Christie. It was fine for Christie to say thank you to OWEbama for signing the paperwork, but to drool all over him was disgraceful - look at the result? Some of the folks there still have no power, no food, etc. but Christie drooled and OWEbama took his photo op and left them. He was campaigning and could care less about the PEOPLE.

        • Tom T

          The number of states petitioning is up to 20 check whitehouse. Gov in the petition section to see of your state is in there and sign!

      • Pebbles

        I agree but have something to add; what we have paid into SS and medicare is a pittance compaired to what is paid out to us every year in monthly benefits and medical expenses, and as the population grows, what we paid into SS did not. The government then has to subsidise with other tax payer dollars, and that is why the feds did saw SS as a slush fund for their own personal use. But, it (SSI) is also being used used by people claiming disabilities, many of whom are physically able to work, but there aren't any jobs for them and their claims of disability are being upheld by doctors, so we can't stop them. This is simple simantics, and this is also the reason we the people are told on TV ads not to depend on SSI to support us when we retire, that we needed some supplemental form of retirement to depend on in conjunction with SSI. Here comes the big rub, however, the government, having spent themselves into a ginormous corner, is now attacking our private financial resources. Sounds like they have legalized out and out theft.
        OOPS, more even more caustic information I just typed completely disappeared when I tried to backspace. Sorry. Another post, another day.

      • Kevin Doty

        hope our state and the state of Oklahoma nullifies no bammy care also!
        or secedes the union.. and yes they can secede it written in the
        constitution so do not believe anyone tht tells you otherwise!!

    • demsaresocailists

      I am proud to say that I live in Wyoming and we have good judgement and the people who represent us also have said judgement

      • HowardLast

        I also live in Wyoming. Among the people who represent us are a number of RINO's. To name a few Alan Simpson, Matt Mead, Dick Cheney. Alan Simpson endorsed Kerry for senator from Nebraska. Mead only won the primary for governor because of cross over voting by Democraps. Cheney is a CFR member. Do these three have good judgement?

    • john cummins

      secede to succeed?

      • Goatie

        That's a great logo for us, John.

    • mrbp

      Not wanting to be pickee, but you mis-spelled secede.

    • carolev

      For evermyrtle I think you mean Secede from the union but maybe you want us to succeed.

    • Goatie

      I agree. Lousiania has a petition to secede. Unless we can do something to void ovomitcare, I would rather secede than die earlier than I should. My grandchildren need me and I want so much to see them grown. God is in control. Pray.

    • machodog

      Hooked on phonics, are ya??

    • Raymond

      Using fear and intimidation to stop people from voting

      Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors are being
      forcibly removed from voting stations in some Philadelphia
      wards and replaced in some cases by Democratic inspectors
      and even members of the Black Panthers, according to GOP officials.

    • wildbill

      Evermyrtle it is refreshing to hear a comment that tells it like it is. Obomacare a part of AGENDA 21 which is intended to reduce the world population. the bonus is the senior citizens that are killed off, by the death panels, will forfeit everything they paid into social security. The federal government gets a windfall of inheritance tax money . Then the Sec. of the Treasury has a smile on his face that the Undertaker could not remove.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      I am so disappointed with my state's being blue. I can tell you why it is though, the welfare rolls here are huge, and so many union supporters. Then there are so many that want their free birth control. They just don't want to be accountable for themselves.

    • djw663

      The only problem with that is that almost every state that is on the coast where the ships come in is a blue state. Nice try though but that cenario was passed around years ago about other issues.

  • maspas

    I am proud to live in one of the states that has a backbone , at least on some issues.

    • smilee

      A backbone without brains is worthless

  • barbara ashdown

    Phillip, thank you. This is a great, great article. It's hopeful and encouraging -- the language of God. Thank you. I'm going to start checking into that in Ohio. God bless America!

  • mudguy1

    Hope more states do the same.

  • John Randall

    Talk, talk, talk and no action, send you money, I think Washington D.C. has gathered up all the money in the country for this scam for what they call an election that was bought and paid for and used to loot the American taxpayers,( AGAIN ) Its getting easier because were stupid enough to let you get away with it. You spent that much money to end up with something like( that ) to run this country. No wonder our enemies are celebrating the fall of a Super Power That one power that was keeping everything in check around the world and all of our government is to blame. Incompetency is running amuk in our Government and there destroying our country..

  • Nurse56

    I was sad after McCain lost. I knew it would not be good for America to have Obama as president. I honestly thought he would lose this election after his abysmal record the past four years. How he won is absolutely frightening. I am now truly depressed. Our country will never recover from four more years of his socialization of this country. This is the first time I have been thankful that I do not have grandchildren.

    • HarrietHT2

      Well, I do have grandchildren -- and the avatar you see is one of them. My attitude: NEVER SURRENDER. Grind the enemy into the ground. That is, after all, what they intend for us.

      • Nurse56

        You are further along in the grieving process than I am. I'm at the depression state.

        • Yoikes

          Honestly, take your time. The whole grieving process will make you stronger for the future. You'll be back! :)

      • Doodlebug

        Cute grandchild but that child does not have a lot to look forward to at the rate our country is going and I hope you have an answer as to how we can "grind the enemy into the ground." I have grandchildren too and I fear for these kids. I pray for and look forward to the second coming of Christ Jesus.

        • Truth Teller

          Whether Jesus returns quickly or not, we must continue to fight for what is right, lest He find us wallowing in pathetic despair thus being unworthy of Him.

    • Dale Robbins

      The reason McCain lost was because he wasn't any better than the Democrats he had sided with his whole political career. He voted more with the Dems than he did with Repubs but he was the one the establishment wanted to run so you can see where that got us. They did it again this time around and we got took to the woodshed again. The only way to beat the liberals is to stand up and fight back. Don't hold back the truth I don't care how bad it looks. If it's a duck, then call it a duck. If it's socialism, call it socialism. If he's a liar call him a liar and provide proof of what you're saying. If it's illegal immigration then call it illegal immigration. You can't be a nice guy and win against Democrats. They're the lowest scum there is when it comes to keeping control of the masses. We need Tea Party members who will uphold the constitution of the Unites States of America. I'm sick of these yellow belly politicians who don't have the backbone of a jellyfish. Kick em out of office and get someone who will fight for the constitution.

      • Arky

        Florida had massive vote fraud in all the Dem and some other counties. They kept the polls open very late in some counties. Early voting on days tat early voting was supposedly over.

        The GOP was totally caught flat footed. They did nothing to stop it or challenge it. It also happened in OH, WI, MI, VA (big time) and other states. Romney only "lost" Florida by 64,000 votes. The media including Fox, Rush, Hannity, Morris, Rove, Barone, the GOP are not telling you this. It was not just Allan West.
        Rush and others are saying we did not appeal to this group, people stayed home etc etc. It is not true. I like Rush but they are all caving.

    • Mary Hamel

      I can't believe that Obama -- being the absolute worst President we have ever had in the history of the USA - won with such a huge victory. That makes me very suspicious about massive voter fraud. In another 4 years, we will have so many illegals and undocumented immigrants who will likely be able to vote for yet another Dem. We'll never get out from under this. I would love to have a investigation of this election.

  • Diane Vanderson

    I live in Illinois which would be the absolute LAST state to try to nullify Obamacare since the entire state is run by Democrats. In the recent election a Democrat state senator won who is a convicted felon and was actually thrown out of the senate by his own party. Guess what? He STILL won in his black ward. We also have Jesse Jackson Jr. who hasn't been seen in public since the summer and supposedly now is negotiating a plea bargain for misuse of campaign funds. Won by a landslide. Can you believe the stupid people in this state?

    • Jack

      Better yet can you believe the stupidity shown by the electorate in the last election that gave another four years to this pos president that had nothing to run on but won anyway, simply outrageous! I will never except this pos as my president, & this is my right under the constitution, remember Argentina & what happened to them a few decades ago, & America is going to folow them into oblivion unfortunately

      • fort9erdon

        Uh, duh,............................ the dems stole it. they didn't "win" anything!

    • abbe

      Well Crookcago is still Crookcago! They love their criminals and Obama, (same thing).

    • The Reader

      This was the final straw in this election. My husband has a business in Bensenville and we are done. Things were so bad in the city of Chicago that we moved to DuPage county about 5 years ago-and now we need to go out of the state completely. We live in Chicago and can't even stand to look at people anymore because the chances of seeing a person that isn't an idiot is few and far between. We are looking at a Red State to set up shop. We have to go. And the worst part of this whole deal on O'bamacare is we do not subscribe to Western Medicine. We are strictly alternative and holistic medicine. There is no freedom for us in Illinois.

      • Larry

        What if you have a wreck or other accident t and break yiur back, neck or something. Is yiur holistic med gonna cure you. If they take y to the Emergency room will you refuse medical service. Of you don't, you will be charged. Probably more than y can fund, so am I the taxpayer gonna pay for you. Probably

        • The Reader

          What if the world ends tomorrow? You libs and your What if? What if I never drive? What if I never am in an accident and what if I am not as fat and sick as you-why should I have to contribute to your stupidity. What if? What kind of job could you possibly fund me with? You can't even spell 'your'. I don't want you morons worried about my families health-we will worry about our own. I can tell you I am not worried about you. Take care of yourself and we will take care of ourselves.

    • Goatie

      Diane, how can you stand it? Get out yourself.

  • Jack

    All well & good, but federal law supercedes & makes all state laws null & void


    Lol, Republicans want to sentence our entire country to the poverty, lack of education, dependency, and backwards economies of red states. Thank God the economic powerhouse Blue states rejected that.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Poverty? How just might that happen? By making people work for a living instead of $60,000.00 in a welfare check when most Americans don't even make that much? Get real, get a job, get off of my damn taxes you useless pos!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      Probably a black ,, muslim $hithead in disguise, on his drugs after he discounted his EBT for cash.

  • abbe

    Obomanomics to raid your pensions and euthanize senior citizens I might agree to it if Biden and Pelosi and ilk were first in line and I could see them on a mortuary slab.

    • Barry PO1 USN Ret

      Soylent Green ring a bell?

  • don

    Ohio is not yet a soveriegn state, (sp) but i will be contacting my elected officials to get them started to make this happen.

  • don

    Obama and his healthcare law needs to be neutered.

  • gapch12

    State of Georgia is also considering the same. Governor is asking for input from citizens as I speak. Call him at 404.656.1776 and as him to nullify Obamacare. You have until November 15th. when he will make a decision.

  • jollyroger88805

    Unfortunately not one of those 3 states laws mean a thing. Obamacare is in the federal tax code. The Supreme Court ruled IT WAS A TAX not a penalty. The states would have to make federal taxes void to escape Obamacare. Then all federal benefits in any state that does that would be cut off. Now I am all for repealing Obamacare but what these laws address won't stop it from being enforced (taxed). Very sad.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I live in N.Y. Not a chance, as they are all obamasuckups!!!!

    • truthseeker

      I agree with you. I live in NJ and after seeing Christie hugging and drooling with Obama in that photo op after Hurricane Sandy, I have lost all hope.

  • StephenFR

    "A Minnesota psychologist even said that many people will experience
    post-election depression. Most of those feelings will wear off in due
    Really? I'm still depressed from 2008.

  • ARMYOF69

    """ Nullify Obamacare Like Three Other States Already Have"""
    Try that in Kalifornya....I dare you. I also have a nice bridge I am selling .

    • LarryN

      Who cares about the Socialist state of California? They're a lost cause, socialism worked so well that they will be in bankruptcy soon and demanding that the rest of us bail them out so they can continue living off other peoples money.

      • ARMYOF69

        I do live in this awful liberal leftist mexican state.

      • Patriot

        Look who those numb-nuts elected as gov. MOONBEAM!
        They deserve what they get and I for one hopes it's soon.

  • Susitna

    State after State should nullify Obamacare as well as several EPA regulations......we have to undermine Obama's power until impeachment is achieved or he resigns. Whatever he wants or decides, we are just not going to follow his communist agenda. He cannot put 150 Mill Americans in jail!

  • The_American_Way

    This is great. We are moving to Texas soon and I really hope that Texas nullifies Obamacare.

    A question for the liberals. If Obamacare is so great why did our wonderful (sarcasm) elected people exempt themselves from it?

  • ARMYOF69

    Christie, Bloomberg, Cuomo Warn of Long Recovery From Storms
    May they suffer badly for four more years...they voted for the bozo....

  • mattzweck

    We got what we voted for nothing. I think I heard the soldiers of the unknown in Arlington turn in there graves. Obama has divide this country. Instead of union & confederates. It'll be socialist vs capitalist. Welcome to ussa.

  • Magnolia

    Interesting that with LESS persons voting this election, Obama grabbed the vote. And how about his interpretation that America voted for tax increase? What a mis-read. They voted party, free food stamps, welfare, immigration rights and racial. How could Christian have voted for another $6 trillion debt increase, taxes paying for free abortion and acceptance of perverted unions???? It's beyond comprehension. If you still have a Romney sign, hang it with a black drape.


    O-damn-you will just try to make it legal by "executive order", thereby trying to bypass all the "Rules of Law" that this country is based on. An attorney friend thinks that almost all of his executive order are unconstitutional.

  • fort9erdon

    Quoting the article:
    "Finally, in Wyoming, a measure was passed that stated, “No federal or state law, rule or administrative decision shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer or health care provider to participate in any health care system.”
    What about Medicare? It is mandatory. When you turn 65, they start taking $99.00 and change, every month out of your retirement check. I have no say so in the matter. Medicare is a federal health care law. Does that mean that the residents of Wyoming can "opt out" of Medicare, if they choose?

  • well educated

    i feel like they already thought about the issue of the civil war, but they wouldn't care about the losses. Come on seriously, you all are from the lesser educated states, unless you are california, new york, or something along those lines, the united states doesn't care about you. thanks for expressing your views but you are inferior when it comes to this.

  • Evermyrtle

    If we expect anything good, American, Christian ideas to be born, we may as well give up. We best look to GOD.

    • Patriot

      God helps he who helps himself. Get involved at the local level.
      Trustee, school board, police dept, etc.

  • Jaclyn Barnes

    My congratulations to these three states that,have nullified Obamacare!

    Unfortunately the state that I come from has two,Democratic Senators!

    But these three states:Alabama,Montana and Wyoming have set an example,for other states to follow!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Alabama, Montana and Wyoming are leading the way to overturn Obamacare and the expected High Taxes that come with it. We are already paying more per person for Obamacare and the really BIG taxes won't start until 2013. We must Resist the Socialist Slave State the Libtards have ginned up through the Media Created Character named Obama. It is time for Conservatives and Republicans to stop playing Mr. Politeness and STOP Criticizing our Candidates. At least Newt Gingrich would have crushed O'Vomit in the Debates as well as on Stump Speeches Likewise with a Herman Cain.

    Repubs think they can take the High Road and win? Bull! We need a bare-knuckles fighter who does not take prisoners. This is not about is about Culture. The Socialists have taken over American Culture and Capitalism will go away if we don't get it and fight back in kind.

    Resist the Marxist Moron in the White House Patriot!

  • Daniel Gray

    Three states? You are so out of it! OHIO voted to ignore and refuse to require anyone in the state to be forced to accept Obamacare way back about 6 months BEFORE the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional and then ruled it constitutional as a tax. In fact OHIO was one of the very first states to refuse to accept this right behind Texas and Florida. These three states you mentioned came AFTER Ohio.

    So you actually have the above three states, along with Ohio, Idaho, Alaska, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Montana just to name a few. And remember the federal government CANNOT punish the states by refusing to give them federal money because they refuse to enact this, most people forget the Supreme Court made this perfectly clear in their ruling. So what exactly is Obama going to do if the states refuse to enact this? his only means of forcing them to comply was removed from him under the ruling. So the answer is there is not one damn thing he can do except get ticked off as if he tries an executive order, then the House is going to start proceedings to force him to show exactly where he has this authority...and the shocking thing is under Article 2 of the US Constitution (Powers of the President) there is no mention f the President ever having this power or ever being granted this power. IN fact under Article 1 of the US Constitution it clearly states that the only people who have the constitutional authority to make a law or give the weight of law, is the US Congress and their designate (state Reps, city councils, county commissioners, township trustees, etc) NO ONE ELSE! So let the fool try, it will set up the biggest Constitutional Crisis since the Revolutionary war and bring down Odummy so fast he wont even be an after image.

  • Mary Hamel

    Succeed works for me. I'll gladly leave the Nanny State I live in for any Red State that wants to succeed. BTW -- massive voter fraud -- anyone really looking into that?

  • John Quick


  • Nottakenyan

    America needs an American businessman for a president.
    America does NOT need an illegal, lying, Kenyan Muslim impersonating a US president!!!

  • Jan

    You know, what amazes me, is that one day Mr. & Mrs. Obama are going to be of the age to be taken care of by Obamacare. Wonder what they will think then about it?

    • will bill

      jan all of congress and their staff are exempt also all presidents and vice presidents are also exempt from obamacare

      • Jan

        That certainly ought to tell us something! However, they won't always be Pres, VP, and congressmen.....OR, are they exempt even after they retire? If not Obamacare for the Obamas what kind of care will they have...if any?

  • jong

    This may seem strange however I learn more from my mistakes than many of my victories. The Demoncrats have doubled down on the socialistic/marxist theories of Obama and the far left part of their party. In very little time we will see the end of the Demoncrats for the simple reason that every one needs to eat and 15% unemployment does not feed the bull dog.

  • John Randall

    Should nullify everything this jerk ever signed or passed while he has illegally been in the White House, And after or before they swear him ,impeach him

  • smilee

    Dream on, but these will be overturned by the SC as these are not constitutional under the US Constitution and they have already ruled the law is constitutional and saying here you do not care what they said does nothing to change the court rulings or its outcome.

  • Ihatelibs

    Let's nulify Nobama

  • Bill Fulton

    Make that 4 states to have done this. Ohio did it last year
    ...We ammended our constituon much like Alabama did. I believe that we here in Ohio were the first to do this.

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government,i call again on wayne/nra wayne i am a life member,for many years,and have contributed many times,to the cause,now wayne i ask you and the nra,with are 5 million members,to call or communicate to all the members to come don,t want this ineligible pile of feces in th wh,neither does,everyone i know by me.and i mean everyone,please communicate to all members to meet in front of the un american un building,or were the ineligible pile of feces is in the wh,also to amac/john birch society/all militas/all freedom loving god fearing legal american veternas/citizens,to come together under one giant freedom umbrella,no not a revolution,an evolution of peaceful change,this inept pile of excrument{ovomits administration,this treason will continue as long as we the people,allow this pile of feces{government} to continue,they don,t abide by any laws,so why should we the people.they got away with wrongful murders of border guards{fast and furious}ambassador stevens and bengazi,and lied about a video starting the attack,and kept saying it was a video,not a terrorists attack,thats treason/fraud/felony}again wayne lets communicate,also donald trump,you said ovomits in let the revolution begin,ok donald lets communicate,get the word out.we the people by me are waiting.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpico,allen west,all legal americian veternas/ nation under know who god is don,t you satan/ovomit well don,t you.yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

  • Malechi

    Amen!!! This news excited me and I cant wait to tell my family and friends. From Missouri, Best Wishes to all.

  • 2012 Watcher

    States are stepping up a level higher - 15 have petitioned the White House to secede from the Union. God Bless them - my state is one of them.

  • Little John

    There are three things to do before the next election (IF we have other one), shutdown left wing driven media, if you are on Fed. government payroll (employed or welfare) no vote except the military and SS (we paid into the fund to get the funds back), all government will be on Obamacare & SS including the Congress and President (POS), if good for me then it better for them. Term limits on Congress, max of 12 years total and place on SS like you and me, none of this special treatment or pay raises until the debt is pay in full.

  • Robert G. Perrin

    Yes, of course, but let's do it grammatically: ". . . as Three Other States Already Have."

  • Gary Jones

    2,700 pages in Obamacare and attached 13,000 regulations with hidden taxes, you re-elected Obama to finish breaking the country. 3M Republicans didn't vote and the nutty liberals only care about the freebees. Big Bang theory is in play, promises void due to a bankrupt country, can anyone say we are imitating Greece. FOOL'S FOR OBAMA, a new after campaign banner should be put up at the soup kitchen entrances because that is what you voted for, for your children and grandchildren to accept the debt from Obama's spending and his administration of Czars. I hope the SOB gets charged for treason, dereliction of duty and murder, when found guilty I would volunteer to fire the live load, so that some Rino or Progressive would pull the shot for their anointed one.

  • popps52 this.....f... you. Texas can and probably will YOU ARE A DOOFUSS

  • darby 2

    romney was a nice guy and all but he is milk toast man, he is not hard enough. Soulbrother # 1 won because he knows how to fight and lie and steal like a good politician does. Poor Mit was just out of his league man. I was for Mit but I knew he basicly a sissy as fart as politicians go. he was not real sure of himself at any time. he was always listining to the help when he should have took the gloves off and got down and dirty like he REALLY wanted the job. he always had the wide eye look. he is too nice to be a politician

  • Alice Hallock

    I like the nullification bill that the Constitution gives the states the right to pass a lot better, a number of states have already passed it and 6 more just joined them.

    It gives them the right to set up boards to look at all Fed. laws & regulations, PAST, PRESANT AND FUTURE and if they find they are unconstitutional the state REJECTS them. You should all get busy and hound your states legislature to pass them. Just don't give up. Keep after them.
    Check out the tenth amendment center on line.

  • Barbaracvm

    Hay Idaho when are you going to do what MT and WY have? Butch stop dragging your heels.

  • HowardLast

    The vote in Wyoming was not a measure, but a Constitutional Amendment.

  • Barb Patton

    I sure wish that Oklahoma would wake up - but the red neck state has been implementing obama care for the past 3 months - I know because at 72 I am experiencing it - there is no escape.

  • cae973

    I can't speak for others but my grief is not over losing an election but because it is clear now that America is lost. Already the illegals are screaming for a full amnesty for the 11 million the government says is here, but the true number is closer to 22 million. Now we have Republicans willing to give in to the illegals as they think that is why they lost. Blacks and hispanics vote Democrat now because of core beliefs but because of the freebies the Dems give them..they will not vote Republican unless they are offered even more freebies and since the hispanics use benefit programs at an extremely high rate they are bankrupting our country. Once you give the illegals who are also using our benefits the right to vote they will all vote Democratic and our two party system is dead and buried and we will no longer have a choice or a vote......yes I am grieving because it is already too late..thanks to the constant influx of illegals that the Dems want...our country is no longer our country!

  • DrBillLemoine

    Go ahead, make my day--say all those who elected Obama last week in a landslide. That will just carry over the voter rebellion into the states for 2014 with rejection of more right wing pols and do-nothings and obstructionists and fascists and bigots. Go ahead.

  • Mike Travis

    Citizens in 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the union. It started with Louisiana, then Texas, and is spreading from there. Here is a link to the story:

  • blueman

    Every States that voted and won by Romney and show RED should Nullify Obamacare as its is going be the death of all of the older Peoples and the SS will be a thing of the PAST for the soon to be person who is not able to work will get on SS as there will not be any money to pay the peoples as its will all be use for the free obamacare which is not free its is being paid by the older peoples who has work for 40 years are more just to die now for the airheads that want to sat on their A$$ES and get high on the free drugs, Is this free welfare and your's free obamacare worth the lives of your Father's and Mother's and living on them for all you can get till you turn 25 years old ..If you say yes you are not worth the cost of a bullet to put you to bed with..

  • Rod Roberts

    Because Obama care is a FEDERAL law, the government has NO intentions of allowing any state to back out. I bet that the feds will even send in troops if neccessary. Obamcare was designed to CONTROL the people . Lets see what happens.

  • mrsawdust

    Every state should nullify Obamacare, but just as important we should start impeachment processing against Obama for this cover-up for the Benghazi Murders. Imndirectly Barack Obama is a MURDERER

  • Big John

    Yet, everyone is still stuck with the taxes and fallout of Obamacare. It will bankrupt participant and non-participant alike. This election was lost for 1 reason only; The moochers now outnumber us. They are in control of current policy and the future course of this nation. It is over, people. The America you grew up in is now gone. It is no longer a question of losing one election; it's a question of losing the option and priviledge of steering the ship. The wheel that steers America is now out of our hands, and will NOT be relinquished.
    Sucession is the only option if we want to preserve our way of life and our freedom. It's time to un-couple from this federal train that is undisputedly accelerating toward the cliif. From this point on, conservatives will have the power to change NOTHING. The remainder of our existance in this country will be spent on defense, and fighting off the socialist dogs tearing at the flesh of freedom.
    And what of 2016? Obama cannot be re-elected again, but SO WHAT? The next person on the democratic ticket will ALSO follow this highly successful business model and promise to keep the freebie bus rolling. They'd be stupid NOT to. The winning formula has emerged, and pandora is out of the box, folks. It's over, and the state of this nation as a constitutional republic is irretrievable. The statues of our forefathers in Philadelphia are nothing more than pidgeon perches and landmarks for crack deals.....
    And here's the worst part; history will NOT judge our generation kindly, nor should they. America was lost on OUR watch. We went to sleep and now our ass was just handed to us. That's the bare, unvarnished truth, people. While we spent and borrowed and vacationed and partied and slept, the foundations of our constitutional republic were systematically destroyed right under our collective noses.
    Sucession is the ONLY answer NOT for you and me, but for our children. Our values and way of life will die WITH us if we remain. Our children will be FORCED to turn away from our values and beliefs in order to survive in this new, emboldened socialist America! We OWE our children this lifeboat called succession for our part in screwing this up so badly. We just lost the farm for them, folks. Our collective efforts these last 4 years were steadfast and viable, but we still FAILED to secure their birthright. We OWE this to them so they, as WE did, THEY will have the RIGHT to breathe free air as we once did..... WE OWE THEM THIS!
    One caveat to this option; it comes with a shelf life. In 4 years we may be too weak to pursue this option. We will be weaker financially, spiritually, many on the verge of destitution, MANY more on or forced to go on government assisstance, and 4 years older than we are now. The leak in the boat is too big, folks. We have a viable escape window, but only if we choose to exploit it, and soon. The clock on the wall is now our greatest enemy. America WILL implode, folks. That's now a mathematical given. Will we, and our children, still be standing on the deck of that great ship as she makes her final plunge into the depths, or will we be safely away, precious cargo in tow, on the lifeboats steering our new nation in the course WE choose? Time to decide...... We're out of options if we wish for ourselves, our posterity and our way of life to survive.

  • Elizabeth

    We have only two choices: Suceed from the Union, or Civil War.

  • Oops!

    Another example of the supreme idiocy of the people who read and wite for this cesspool of hate.

  • jan

    just got this on facebook today... sign it if you dare!
    there are 15 petitions for different states asking to secede from the US because their views and ideas are not being represented properly by our govt. Sign it!

  • Charlie Knight

    Who had the brilliant idea of giving us the color red. The dummy crats have used that color on their stars and all sorts of communist like stuff. Ted Kennedy always had a red star, and you know which way he leaned . We are the party that fought against enslaving anyone by the color of his skin. And now what to the Dummy crats do, but enslave people economically and for sure the ones hit hardest are in the so called "black" community. I think we should be blue and let the commies have the red.

    The biggest losers are the blacks, by the way I do not mean negroid skin color, I mean that culture that has been developed here in America where you expect the government to provide everything for you, like a big plantation master. That culture that figures all the problems have to be caused by white people. That is the "black" culture and you could have a white or tan or red skin, but if you adopt that culture that all your troubles are because of someone else, then you are "black".

    So those are the people that are the biggest loosers. Then come the unborn and the old. All three are slated for death. The "blacks" who live by getting a government "check" do not seem to figure it out. They get the "check" because it has been determined that they are not capable of supporting themselves. If that is the case, the Dummy crats will assume that if the money is shut off then they would starve to death. So in a "humanitarian" gesture they would have to kill the people that now get "checks" so they will not starve to death. Of course Obama and the Dummy crats are into killing babies and old folks are such an inconvenience, lets kill them. And once we kill those that would starve to death if they did not have the government "check" then we will have the country down to a nice manageable level of about half what it was before Obama. Half the people and 6 times the debt. He and the Dummy crats are certainly making a name for them selves.

    And all Obama has to do is label anyone an "enemy combatant" now, due to legislation he signed into law, and he can order them killed. No judge, no jury, not even the People's courts of the Nazis and the Soviet Union, just an executive order and they must follow it to find you and kill you. He stepped in many time to save Bin Ladin's skin, and now he can kill anyone he thinks is a threat to himself or the nation.

    I think we do have enemy combatants in this country, and a good deal of them hold the Dummy crat label.

    Got to end this. I get mad when someone is ruining my country and they are telling people they are making things "better".


  • Brabado

    Fellow americans:
    Stop talking about it, and let's do it!!!!

    • Liberty Rock

      Yes, time for action to wipe out Obamacare out of our lives throw the corrupt Feds Out Of Health & Private Lives.

  • Liberty Rock


  • CajunPatriot

    I also heard that a petition is circulating in Louisiana and Texas for the states to peaceably withdraw from the Union. Any further word on this? Shouldn't be a problem, though, we can still send guns across the border back and forth, send hit squads into Arkansas and Mississippi, Oklahoma, etc. and of course send all sorts of drugs in through various pipelines. Since there is no protection of U.S. sovereignty, we can also take the federal territorial waters and all mineral rights there.

    Nullify ObamaTax...sure, do that. I hope the House reps. will have gonads this time and be "obstructionists" to just about everything Obama wants.

  • DevotedConservative

    I am a conservative, and I agree whole-heartedly that Obamacare is detrimental to our health system and society in general. However, I can not ignore the ignorance of this post. Obamacare is now federal law, and it has been found (mostly) constitutional by the Supreme Court. Like it or not, it is here to stay. All of the ballot proposals, state laws and amendments to state constitutions are 100% meaningless. Under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, state constitutions and laws are superseded and preempted by federal law. As such, the states cited in this article are in no better a position had they not passed the laws and amendments that they did. The only remaining option for state and local control is for the state to accept the fact that Obamacare is here to stay and set up their own health-exchanges before the feds come in and do so for them. The more time and resources we as conservatives devote to hopeless laws and amendments resisting any implementation of gov't run health care, the less time and resources are devoted to the remaining viable opportunities supported by our conservative principles. Please stop spreading misinformation.

    • Liberty rock

      Obamacare was passed by corrupt Democrats & Progressive & communist Democratsm. Obamacare Is A Violation Of Humanity.
      States Has Rights To Abolished, Criminalized Obamacare

    • Stephen

      To start, Obama is not the president of the United States. Even the Democrats don't deny anymore that Obama is foreign born. It's up to Obama to prove that he is a U.S. citizen, born in the U.S. He has never provided any credible evidence that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen. His signature on any congressional bill or executive order has no authority. He is not the president of the United States. Secondly, Obamacare is illegal. The congress exempted themselves and the president from the law's mandates. The U.S. Constitution declares un-Constitutional the practice of unequal application of the laws. The states should renew their litigation attacks on Obamacare on the basis of unequal application of the laws. The states can renew the lawsuits, just as the Leftists renew their lawsuits continuously against the ownership of guns. Finally, Obama signed the Obamacare law, but his signature is invalid; so the law is invalid from the start.

    • RachaelR

      You're right in a way, and so was Justice Roberts - it is indeed up to the people (not the states or local governments) to put a stop to this POS. That means that each and every person must throw their own monkey wrench into the machine...and one can do that by making sure that you have no refund due to you at tax time - no refund due - presto! Nothing for the IRS to snatch away...And while you're at it, if you do have insurance, be sure to leave whatever parts blank on your tax return that ask about your insurance policy - that's exactly what I will be doing (or rather, not doing). It's up to each and everyone one of us to nullify Obamacare for ourselves, regardless of where we live.

  • Tom

    Sorry Guys: That is not what the wyoming measure says. Unfortunately the Wyoming measure gives all power to the state to determine your healthcare options. Tom

  • Stephen

    Texas has also nullified Obamacare. Governor Perry issued an executive order nullifying Obamacare. Governor Perry took a page out of the Kenyan's own book: he likes to issue executive orders, too. We should take our page out of Gandhi's playbook: total passive resistance. If he could lead India into effective defiance of an empire, we can do the same to the Kenyan--- and do it by taking our lead from Gandhi! The Kenyan should love that !

  • Jim S

    Wyoming's initiative was a state constitutional amendment. It passed with 77% of the vote.

  • Sutekh

    Since the IRS fines anyone who doesn't have healthcare, and the states have no control over the IRS, how is it possible that they are going to nullify Obamacare without leaving the Union?

    • RachaelR

      Read my reply above - you needn't even be in a state that has nullified Obamacare - any individual can also do so with a little planning ahead....

  • Luckie Dayton

    They forgot to mention that Ohio has too nullified the law in theThey forgot to mention that Ohio has too nullified the law in the Ohio Constitution. Ohio Constitution.

  • Native Texan Patriot

    Actually, ANY state has a right to secede from the United States. It is the same right that the original 13 colonies used to separate from Great Britain. Also, when a government becomes illegitimate, as in not following the Constitution, the states and the people have the right and the duty to dissolve that government.

    • Sutekh

      Obama would never agree to let any of the states secede. For one thing, he has too big an ego, and another thing, he needs all the taxpayers that he can scrounge up. Most of the states that would leave actually have people working, and are in the black. Gigolo's don't want their wives to leave them.

  • Kay Ramsey

    Texas may or may not have the right to secede from the union, but if it tried you can bet your arse that Obama would send federal troops down there to put down the "rebellion." This time with orders to shoot to kill, unlike in the Muslim countries where we are currently fighting.

  • Lauritz

    How about some state laws that authorize the assassination of obama? I'd vote for that, in a minute!

  • Dr.Waite

    Idaho was the first state to pass a law to nullify Obamacare.

  • sally

    Gad, it would be great to nullify Obamacare. But in Illinois, we don't stand a chance in hell of getting rid of Obamacare. Maybe we should consider moving to one of the states putting up a fight.

  • Jack

    I don't think that will happen here in California it just will not because we got freak crazed liberals from 1967 to 72 that were high school kids and college kids with there peace signs.They also having crazy views of the United States are the people that are running the show. The only way that will happen of this state ever is when all the things this president has done efffect them or there child .

  • TNSue

    Someone please inform me how this will work for those three brave States. I thought the insurance questions and penalty was on the,'Federal' tax return form and the IRS took your penalty if you didn't comply with obamacare or your own insurance,Before you got any of your own money. .

    • RachaelR

      Well, let's say you adjust your witholding so that you don't get a refund, so, there's nothing there for them to confiscate. The word needs to be put out that this law is basically like an elderly lion - toothless! It might be able to gum you to death but only if you let it. The only thing the IRS can do is seize your refund, IF you have one coming to you. I guess even the dumbocraps thought it would look really bad to be tossing poor people in the clink for the "crime" of not having "acceptable" health insurance!


    it is an unfunded mandate passed on to the states;; just SAY NO........

  • Dale H Layton

    PA you better be reading this and getting to work or I am dumping your ass as my birth state and moving to TX where they have balls and standup for my Rights. SEMPER FI-TEA PARTY.

  • beanie

    Ohio voted in 2010 to add to the constitution that we cannot be mandated to participate in obamacare. It won with 66% of the vote


    We are in PA and I just checked. This is what I found "Governor Corbett recently (and very quietly) decided to move ahead with a federally approved health insurance exchange for Pennsylvania. This move serves to legitimize ObamaCare (PPACA). There were a couple of Insurance Department hearings on this that included testimony from the usual group of suspects , basically unions, insurance companies, hospitals, and every other special interest group hoping for more government subsidies"
    Going to call his office tomorrow. If there are any Pennslyvanians here, call him!!!! now before it is too late

  • George

    I'm afraid that the voters have now voted in their first dictator, I don't think he will ever leave.
    He and his so called family can now do what ever they want and there is nothing that the do nothing Congress will do to impeach him. They have had dozens of times they could have the first term. now it will be impossible.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Yes this is infact a very good idea, But along with this the following also needs to be done.
    Set forth is only a small amount of the "TRUE REFORM" we need as a nation.

    #1, Remove Floride from our drinking water and make it a law that this can never be done again.

    #2, Have all Monsanto GMO foods, labeled as such ~ thus allowing YOU to decide if you so wish to ingest this Poison.

    #3, All State Buildings reinstall the {10 Commandments} where they are visible to everyone.

    #4, Remove all class's in public schools on anything "GAY" related.

    #5, Take our Children off all the "Federal mandated Psychotropic drugs".

    #6, Each state counts the votes from their states as well that all states require a Photo ID to vote.

    #7, Stop all Federal aid to your state.

    #8, Have your states stop their participation in sending YOUR money to the IRS.

    #9, Have your state take back the "Original Constitution" and Bill of Rights,

    Remove all additions from the ~ 2nd 13th Amendment up. Reinstate the "Original 13th Amendment.
    { Thus with this alone your state will be Free of the " Central city State of DC outlandish as well absurd laws."}

    #10, In all schools teach the "Classics" as well really Teach the children to not only think, but also to be Independent thinkers.

    #11, Each state should have their own form of Money, Close down the FED stop taking worthless paper IOU's from these Criminals with their Interest %.

    #12, We don't need Law Makers, we need "State Advocates" for the people's rights.

    #13, Remove all Military bases around the world and bring our TROOPS home!

    #14, No Act's of war without the "100% Consent" from the American people ~ that means 100% ~ not 50 + 1 % or any other form of absurd counting platforms

    #15, Bring all Former POTUS up on "War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity" for all the wars they have commited to Illegaly, that means GWB, Bill Clinton, GB, and Barry Obama and Carter. Also all their staffs, as well all members of congress both houses who allowed such actions.

    #16, "Outlaw all forms of Lobbying"

    Thats just a few things we really need to do ~ as our Children are the future of this nation and we need them to be able to make it with out GOVERNMENT AID in any way shape or form.

    Peace and Love be with all of you, May The Christ bless and keep you and your family.
    Thank you for your TIME

  • fedup in fl

    All the red states should succeed from the union, let all the blacks and commies move
    to the blue states. And if you live in a blue state, do like me and move.

  • del

    Time to all secede...let california with the botox idiot and boxer stay with ovomit...illionois also...We the People need to oust this illegitimate, illegal ahole and his minions from our government....he is a criminal and should be incarcerated along with old soros, hillary, jarrett, etc. etc. etc etc

  • DanielK

    I like the idea of all the Red states with conservative ideas petitioning to leave the union ala 1776. Because we have all the energy necessary eithin to survive and grow economically while the Liberal far let blue state quickly go belly up. BANKRUPT.

  • CARLjr

    You guys are hilarious. You have no clue what seceeding would actually mean. I say we give you Louisiana, we will let you go - replace you by granting Puerto Rico statehood. We will give you two years to make the transition and to get your new country's government set up, and for us to move out all military bases and any American presence. Once the deadline has passed, seal the borders. As an enemy to the United States - no travel, work, or education visas will be granted. No one will be allowed to immigrate back in, so make your decision carefully. Give your family one final hug. An embargo will be put in place and no trade with US companies will be allowed. You will need to make treaties with other countries to get your food, medication, ammunition, and supplies. You will be cut off the national power grid, removed from both the hard line and cell phone services. You will no longer need to pay taxes, but say goodbye to social security payments, Medicare, National guard, military protection, schools, etc. You will probably need to privatize your roads, police, and fire protection. You will not be allowed to violate our airspace or use our shipping routes. Oh, and I hope it's ok that the Saints will play the Tigers every week since you will be kicked out of the NFL & SEC.

    I'll give you through the next hurricane season before you become another Haiti. Maybe that's what you can call yourselves - "Hate-y" and we will call your citizens "Hate-tions". It has a nice ring to it.

  • v steve

    It will never happen obama and The Democratic socialist of America are to powerful, freedom is over we couldn`t keep it. obama will take care of those states that think their going to nullify obamacare. obama will stop all Federal everything going to those states and probably start with social security who wants to give up their social security check each month. obama and his Democratic socialist of America has out smarted we the people.

  • Mulberryandmore

    Its sad that only 3 states have put this in the laws so far. Should be far more then that. Maybe we should all sign the petition that Louisiana has going right now to leave the union....then move there!

    • Beverly Irvine

      We are in Texas, still a Republic! Lots of businesses moving here, business friendly!

  • Brian Zipper

    Exactly we the people should render by our votes everything Obama does as null and void as the only people that voted for him are null and void of any intelligence especially the minorities which think they are so intelligent. It is ridiculous to hear one call a talk show host and make a complete idiot of themselves, while being propped up by the belief that they actually are intelligent.Statistically woman vote about 65% liberal and blacks about 85% and Hispanics liberal as well. Numbers do not lie.Even though the government try's to convince everyone that they are college material, which they clearly are not . These same people are the same ones that are self centered narcissists and call the police or Homeland Security when you tell them the truth. This is simply because they are pathological and cannot handle the truth.So when you tell these liberals, Commie, bigoted Zionist/God haters the truth they threaten to call the police and Homeland Security, like good little SS Gestapo citizens, believing all the while that they are sane.The truth is they cannot handle the truth and if you try to tell one the truth they are brainwashed and then say, that what your telling them is offensive and rude! They then in their ignorance and blindness then threaten to call the authorities, which now are the protectors against gaining the truth. This in turn empowers the (Goyem)... (the unintelligent, which the new World Order calls them and uses them as PAWNS in their chess game to control the world, as does Satan.) The truth is that they are traitors to the American way of life which is aggression and patriotism. Instead these morons have a Bimbo like thinking mentality, another words they and their ilk are trying to feminize America, with crap like: I will never let my kids grow up and play football it is to aggressive, if we just export McDonald's to the middle East they will love us for our culture. If we let the enemies into our homeland and do not protect our borders,language and culture, the enemy will see we are tolerant. This is clearly why no woman or minority should lead. Listen to God and our founding fathers or leave, for we the people do not buy your feminist, commie,fascist,Muslim,liberal, traitorous, propaganda and/or agenda.The Bible was written, new and old testament way before Muhammad came on the scene in 632 BC. it clearly tells who will win the war and who will burn FOREVER and EVER and how to get to heaven. Gabriel and Michael were written of 2000 years before Christ and control his armies why would the Angel Gabriel come to Mohammed and get Mohammed to channel the Koran, which is aimed at wiping out the Jewish race? He wouldn't DARE, wake up you stupid butts, before your dead and burning. The Angel Gabriel would not defy God! The Angel that Mohammed saw according to the bible was Satan/Baal and or Allah representing himself as an Angel of Light. That is why Islam must crush Israel and throw them out into the sea. For if they do not it means everything they have based their entire lives,culture and memory on is a lie from Satan. The funny thing is that when the war begins, the liberals and the feminist and pacifist and traitors will only understand one thing. That is when their families,children, husbands etc .are dying in the streets, they then will plead out for aggression and for someone to save them. They are used to the days of war and how American troops are forced to fight, with their Hands Tied and traitors for leaders. Courts for all enemy combatants and trials for any American troops that went the extra mile to win a battle. However when the war comes to America these same people will be amazed to see that, "Like Oh My God" these enemy soldiers are not fighting like American troops they are killing every American they see, man, woman, child. These traitors will then beg for the patriots to save them, however they will already have turned us in and or turned their backs on God. When the tree falls in the forest. Listen? does it make a sound? Yes if it is a sycamore like at 911 and in ancient Judea the answer is yes. The falling of the Sycamore offers two sounds and two message. One# for those with ears to hear it offers a message of hope and redemption and 2# for those who do not have ears to hear it offers a message of judgement. If you have read this you are warned and will be held responsible regardless of whether you like the truth or not. lol God is not without a sense of justice and humor! Life even in Hell is not without it's sense of irony!

  • Beverly

    Obama is Santa Clause and as they say"who would vote no to Santa Clause". We have to pay for his mandates and his lavish lifestyle!

  • James

    Please stop being shills for the health insurance companies! They're the outfits who came up with that pre-existing condition crap and who have killed our fellow Americans by denying claims and raising rates until people had to drop their policies. There's nothing patriotic about those greedy SOBs. So STOP promoting them!

  • Compte de Grasse

    SCREW YOU BEE-ROCK !!! Don't tell me how to run every detail of my life!

  • Mildred Fischer

    Secede from the union, create a no flyzone over the plain states so the west coast bastards have to fly around their elbow to get to Washington, D.C. and in the red southern states so the bastards from Florida would have to fly over the ocean to get to Washington. May it as difficult as we can to keep that nutty group grounded and inactive.

  • bub23

    Ohio passed their constitutional amendment Nov. 2011. It was a big deal here and took a lot of volunteers to gather the signatures to get it on the ballot. I think it passed by over 60%.

  • Frances Maddox

    Yes, yes...let's nullify ...whatever it takes to get out of this gangsters grip.

  • john

    WE did not lose, the American people lost and would have lost even if Willard had won. This election was lost due to rigging by the Willard and RINO forces at the convention itself.

  • I love my country

    All this concludes that I need to inquire to our Governor to succeed from the US, that is the state of Ohio, (go Buck"s) for due to ObamaCare, I, a medical worker, was informed this past Thursday, in an official meetinig, with what is going to happen, 2/3's drop in reinbursement, layoffs are not out of the picture. All due to ObamaCare. Down to $1200 a full year flat, for speech, OT and PT combined, no matter how many incidents may befall a person. What will happen to those who have a stroke or knee replacement or other.???

  • real talk

    I hope the state of arizona adopts such a law.

  • Marvin Gordon

    The truth of the matter is that we are no longer "the United States of America". Obama and his followers have succeeded in turning America into a "North vs the South" mentallity. The conservative half of our country must continue to block the efforts of the Obama administration that endanger and want to tear down our once great country into a bananna republic.

  • claudia dean

    i hope idaho does also we have hispanics in numbers and we voted for romney.when the money runs out they will be the first to leave along with obummer after he bankrupts us all.

  • Breeze13

    You know what? Who cares if it's legal or illegal. If it is better for "WE THE PEOPLE", and the States gave the federal govt. permission to operate, WE can also take it away by leaving the union. Grow some cajones people. ARM YOURSELVES!

  • wtram46

    Every state should do it!! It stinks and is very expensive!! Just like the Obamas--wish we could nullify them!!

  • expectingchange

    Indeed, I agree. How do we get that started in Colorado?


    We had an amendment to do that in FL but the vermin & cowards who fear them voter block, aided by a lower conservative turnout defeated it. No problem, we'll be back in 2014, esp. when the effects of Obamacare begin to cost these morons jobs & benefits, not to mention higher premiums.

  • Brett

    Liberty Legal Foundation has been working on this, as well as others. It's hard to get your state reps and sens. to listen. Also check out, as they have been working on this for quite a long time. They have a Nullification book, also a downloadable presentation on the subject. I think Thomas Woods has a book on the subject. "Rethinking the American Republic for the Twenty-First Century" is an excellent book on how our government has grown too large. One essayist in that work was in the Soviet govt. when it collapsed. These are excellent references, some of which have been out there for several years, working on this problem

  • darynkentduncan

    I believe in the Constitution and in America and in the tenants of the Tea Party: limited Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. If some of you have other issues, you should keep them out of this fight. You have the right to your own beliefs. You don't have the right to tell others what to believe or to do. Leave the social issues alone, leave women's bodies alone, or we will never be free again.

  • Republican American

    People of America ALL OF US should nullify this stuip obomacare,, and hey why is it called obama care anyway,, its american care,, but obama thinks he is better than anyone

  • Rich Knoch

    State Sovereignty is the only way left, for America to save America from obamacare!

    Missouri passed a bill to block the Governor (Democrat) from establishing Health Exchanges, by at 64%+ margin. We also have a Republican House and Senate.

  • terryb

    I will not bebuying anything union anymore,I need a new cr but I will buy a ia or something, o newspapers no nbc, no movies with the trash acresses in that supportd Obama, 57 million voted for Romne,if we all boycott these things. they won't last long the unions voted for Obamathey want welfarelets give it tothem. The unions bought this electon and I'm td of it!

  • Dawn Garland

    VIRGINIA, PLEASE..NILLIFY this childish, marxist law that idiots made for greed , selfishness and control!

  • hookemowls

    Who says any state can't secede? b.o. doesn't follow the Constitution so why should the states follow any edict saying secession can't be done. Have the Governor sign an executive order, just like b.o. does when he can't have his way with Congress. We can pay our federal taxes to our respective state. What can the Feds do to force a State to remain in the Union, deny them federal funds? BFD! Wouldn't need the feds help if our taxes went to the State instead of the corrupt DC politicians. We could subsidize our own energy (and sell to those states that would like to buy out of THEIR state coffers). States can deal with other States and ignore the FEDs and render them powerless. The Federal Government forgot who services who. They need to be ignored, disguarded and dismantled. The Federal Government is a giant joke, just look how well they are (or are not!) dealing with Hurricane Sandy!!! Two weeks later!!!! Pitiful and just think how they will manage healthcare. GET US OUT OF THE "UNION"!

  • Happy Customer

    Missouri has an Obama-ite Governor, Jay Nixon, who unfortunately was retained last week.
    Ballot measure: Missouri Health Care Exchange Question, Proposition E (2012) passed 62% to 38%:

    The Missouri Health Care Exchange Question was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of Missouri as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would prohibit the establishment, creation, or operation of a health insurance exchange unless it is created by a legislative act, a ballot initiative, or veto referendum. According to the text of the bill, the proposal is aimed at prohibiting the establishment of a health care exchange by the Missouri Governor.[1]

    The bill's formal title in the 2012 state legislative session was Senate Bill 464
    Ballot text

    The ballot summary of the measure, according to the Missouri Secretary of State:[2]

    Shall Missouri Law be amended to prohibit the Governor or any state agency, from establishing or operating state-based health insurance exchanges unless authorized by a vote of the people or by the legislature?

    No direct costs or savings for state and local governmental entities are expected from this proposal. Indirect costs or savings related to enforcement actions, missed federal funding, avoided implementation costs, and other issues are unknown.

    Controversies and events

    The ballot summary of the measure has been under scrutiny, with legislative figures who support the measure stating that the summary, provided by the Missouri Secretary of State, was misleading to voters.

    According to State Senator Rob Schaaf, when commenting on the measure's summary, "It's totally playing politics, and it's lying to the voters."[3]

    However, Secretary of State spokesman Ryan Hobart countered, "This office has always followed our legal obligation to provide Missourians with fair and sufficient summaries of ballot initiatives, and this summary is no different".[3]

  • Jerry Miller

    It should have Texas listed as one, but as we all found when Perry throwed his hat in the presidential race, he is just not a well shod hoss, he seems to have throwed a shoe somewhere back when.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      Threw a shoe, I dont think Throwed is a word, sorry

  • jollyroger88805

    It is a federal within the income tax code. States can't refuse federal tax law. These 3 states very sad to say accomplished nothing with their vote.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      They can't put us all in jail if we refuse to send our tax dollars to the idiots in DC

  • alan_1969

    I am not depressed...I am pissed.

    • ARMYOF69

      Me, I am pissed off , and now , I am going to get pisst.

  • Charles Bill L.

    I wish Texas would pass such legislation.Better yet I wish Texas would secede from the union and become a republic again.If we did those in our state who is on government dole would have to leave and go into a state in the united state's where the dole is issued.Just my opinion.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      Texas is well on the way to doing that. They along with just about all the other states have petitioned to secede from the union and Texas is way ahed of all the others with well over 110,000 signatures, to put that in perspective they only need 25,000 signatures to have the petition addressed. Most of the other Southern States of America have also exceeded the needed 25,000 signatures.

  • Dianne Patti

    "The States are Parties to the Constitution...." The fed govt is a CREATURE of the Constitution. .... GREAT TREATISE on Nullification, the ins and outs:

  • Aristophanes

    We had it on the ballot in Florida and these stupid people defeated it!! What do you expect from a state who re-elected bill nelson? I am totally disgusted with people in this state!!!

  • jazboo

    Might have to consider moving to Alabama, Wyoming or Montana! No chance of New York or New jersey nullifying obamacare!!!

    • Andrew Marzilli

      I have a feeling most of the Southern Satets will go along with the afore mentioned states.

  • Robert

    Congress is more worry about their job then the people. If they speakup for what's right,they think they'll have to find a real job.

  • ordinary guy

    wow, what a collection of nutjobs. good luck with all this.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      Why are you here reading this then. I would figure that someone with the attitude you have to be standing in line for some of obozos free stuff. You better get in line right wuick there because "We The People" are going to put the big kabosh on all the carp obozo has pulled. So, hurry and get it before its all gone!

    • Raiderwolf

      Typical liberal, can't do anything but name call, so childish.

  • Kevin Doty

    I truly
    hope our state and the state of Oklahoma nullifies no bammy care also!
    or secedes the union.. and yes they can secede it written in the
    constitution so do not believe anyone tht tells you otherwise!!

  • Jolyn Rebecca

    I agree as far as nullifying Obumble care, and so far 50 states have set things in the works to secede. Guess we'll see. Oh yeah... that means ALL the states want this... not the 57 that Obumble so stupidly stated in one of his speeches. Good God HELP US... this dimwit doesn't even KNOW how many states there are !!

  • Richard Blank

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    This proven strategy will give small to medium sized companies the option to scale up their BPO staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge in 2015.