Hispanics Now Demanding That Obama Give 11 Million Illegals Amnesty

First President Barack Obama violated federal law by instructing the feds to not enforce federal immigration laws.  Then Obama violates the Constitution with bypassing Congress to create law with the DREAM Act.

His goal was achieved as he overwhelmingly won the Hispanic vote, which we all knew was his purpose all along.  Now the Hispanics are following the only logical course there is to follow and that is to demand that Obama extend amnesty to the more than 11 million illegal aliens here in the U.S.

A Hispanic advocacy group by the name of United We Dream, believes that Obama and Congress owe them amnesty and citizenship.  Cristina Jimenez, an illegal from Ecuador and director of the group stated:

“[President Barack Obama and Congress] need to come together to deliver change on immigration policy, and by that we mean … a roadmap to citizenship for our parents and communities.”

Lorella Praili, policy director for the group added:

“Deporting members of our community is irresponsible and unacceptable.”

EXCUSE ME?  They violate federal immigration laws and then tell us that if we try to enforce those laws that it is irresponsible and unacceptable?

My father-in-law came here as a legal immigrant and before he died, we had several discussions about illegals and their status and he told me it was an affront to him and all other legal immigrants who abided by federal law.  He told me that if they want to stay in the United States that they should follow the same legal path that he and the others took.

I also have a number of friends that are legal immigrants.  One family came here from South Africa to escape the racial issues and violent crimes.  They were devastated when they found out that their immigration requests were granted but that their teenage daughter’s was not.  One of the issues in South Africa they were trying to escape was a high rate of blacks raping whites.  They had no alternative but to leave their daughter with relatives while they came to America.  It took an additional two years before their daughter was finally granted permission to join them.

When I asked them how they felt about the DREAM Act and what Obama was doing, they said that they were offended and outraged.  It took them years and thousands of dollars for their entire family to come to this country legally.  They believe that every person that comes to this country illegally should be arrested, charged with a federal felony for violating immigration law and then deported back to their home countries.  These are their words, not mine, but I whole-heartedly agree.

Now, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner has said that he is open to revamping immigration laws this next year.  In a statement to the media, Boehner said:

“It is important for us to secure our borders and to enforce our laws. … [And] I’m confident that the president, myself, others, can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.”

What makes Boehner believe that Obama will do anything to secure our borders?  Why have states like Arizona passed immigration laws to protect themselves?  It’s because Obama won’t.  Just a thought, but Obama’s administration has approved of a number of governmental appointees in the new Libya, one of which is an Al Qaeda operative who was placed in charge of Libya’s borders.

But other House Republicans are not ready to make such promises.   Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) issued the following statement in response to Boehner’s proclamation:

“I’m concerned that Speaker Boehner is getting ahead of House Republicans when he commits to getting a ‘comprehensive approach’ to immigration taken care of ‘once and for all.’”

“There’s been zero discussion of this issue within the conference, and I’m urging the Speaker to talk with House Republicans before making pledges on the national news. The first thing we need is for President Obama to finally enforce current immigration law and strengthen our borders. To take up any other agenda is bad policy for the American people and bad politics for Republicans. The Speaker needs to pull back on this issue and stop negotiating in public.”

Thursday night after Boehner made his promise to compromise, one of the local news stations from his home town of Cincinnati conducted a poll asking if Boehner should remain as the Speaker of the House.  The last I saw, the vote was 44% yes and 56% said no, Boehner should be replaced as Speaker, and this was from his own support base.

So here is my opinion, like it or not!

First of all, the House Republicans need to replace Boehner with someone like Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.  I know Ryan is not about to start caving in to Obama’s demands.

Secondly, every person that is in the U.S. illegally, needs to be deported back to their home country and we should bill their home countries for the cost of deportation.  A record should be kept of all illegals and if any of them return illegally, then they should be arrested, charged with a felony and jailed.  America has to take strong drastic measure to secure our borders and send a message to the rest of the world that they will be severely punished for crossing our borders illegally.

Third, I would bring our troops home from Afghanistan and other Arab nations that hate our guts and place them along the US borders – south and north.  Instead of our men and women defending the borders of other nations, have them defend our own borders for a change.

Some have told me that my views are harsh.  My reply is that I am only trying to uphold the laws of our nation and secure our borders.  I’m also tired of seeing the negative impact that illegals have had on our nation and our communities.  I‘ve seen numerous small towns lose the only hospital or urgent care facility for miles around because they can no longer afford to provide all of the free medical to illegals that the federal government forces them to do.  I’ve seen entire neighborhoods overrun with crime and vandalism once illegals start to move in.  I lived in one of those neighborhoods.  I’ve also seen how unemployment actually drops once tough immigration laws have been passed like in Alabama.

The other thing that irks the heck out of me is when people from other countries flee their country because they don’t like the conditions there.  So they come and start turning America into the country they fled from and demand the right to do so.  I say if they don’t like America the way it is, then they shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

So now you know where I stand on immigration.  Zero tolerance – enforce our laws – protect our borders – prosecute violators.



  • HDMania

    sounds like a good plan..get rid of illegals..

  • Doodlebug

    So, millions of Hispanics voted for obummer and now they can dictate to us how to run our country? Even obummer doesn't do that. Oh that's right, we can't be sure he is LEGALLY president. Isn't it enough that obummer uses executive power to get everything he wants that Congress won't give him without having illegals tell us what to do, how to run our country? Our borders need to be closed first and immigration laws followed. If Boehner is going to bend down and kiss obummer's ___ he should be replaced with someone who will follow the rules. I am sick and tired of those in Washington doing as they ____ well please. We elected these people to listen to us. WE pay their salaries, and that by the way is far to much.And, I'm already tired of obummer saying that the majority of the American people want him to raise taxes just because he squeaked out winning the popular vote. It really wasn't that much. And what is next? Scary if you pay attention to what is happening.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      Gee,the facts I've seen on TV,say it was 49% Obama and 49% Rommney in the peopular vote,and in most of the country Rommney won except the Electoral' The people s voice did'nt count I guess'I'm with you on your thoughts'

  • John Mauldin

    Law breakers are just that. Legitimizing criminals makes the lawmakers just as much a criminal as those who commit the crime. For all of us REAL Americans who got here legitimately, MOVE OVER and make room for these bastards. They are going to take your jobs, then your homes and posessions. After all, if you commit a crime and are rewarded for it, what's to stop them?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      Gee. have you not noticed???Our jobs are gone, Homes have no value other then to keep you from freezing(Poor East coast people') My Possesions? I will protect them with my 243,308,30-06, 22 Maag 32 Spec' etc'

  • joan

    Go after him Hispanics! He promised and let's just see if he used you for your votes. If so, it would not be tyhe first time. Obama is not for anyone or any group, you are only good for votes. Now he may not need you anymore because he may be able to pull off a dictatorship within the next four years. Do you really know who he is a puppet for? Start doing some research and you will rue the day you voted for him.

    • Justie

      These illegals don't care who they vote for as long as they get their freebies. Take away the freebies and the majority of them will stop coming. The few that do come will be easy to round up and send back to where they came from. Instead the democrats keep giving them more freebies and the republicans have done nothing to put a stop to it.

      • Jack

        No nit will never be easy to round them up as they have the support of the rest of them here, that are probably related to them one way or the other. There are lots of "latino Americans" that agree with the laws we have that are not enforced

        • thismustend

          There are? Then why don't they speak out?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

        Well in our state,this election it was on the ballot to NOT give illegals any state benefits' It won, hands down' GO MONTANA" Of coarse I have never seen any living here either' doubt they will come now'

  • castnet55

    Amen my friend ad on a more harsh note any repeat offenders give them Hard labor in a field some where so they can help pay for their stay here.

    • jktnyc

      if we put them in hard labor we still have to pay and feed them. I say load them on a cargo plane under armed guard and dropm them two countries south of their home country....

      • Riverdweller

        Bologna sandwiches - like Sheriff Joe feeds his prisoners. :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          Yey Sheriff Joe' So glad you got re-elected' You are Wash material,you could shape them guys up'

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.burton.524 Tom Burton

    First off, I concur with everything written EXCEPT there are closer to 21 million of these cock roaches here! I would give them 120 days to voluntarily deport. After that, it is automatic deportation for their entire family. That way there is no whining about breaking up families.

    • margo1942

      there is more of these illegals streaming here. everytime they open their mouth about amnesty they pour in from everywhere . it is time american citizens and legals let them know we will not stand for anymore of this invasion of our country. obama won because the illegals were allow to vote for him which is illegal also.

      • Jack

        Maybe there should be a bounty placed on them, just bring in their ears & get some money. Now that would cure the illegal problem once & for all. Boehner said it must be done once & for all time, but the 1986 amnesty law was supposed to be a one time deal & we see how that worked out. After giving them what they wanted, they still hold loyalty to their countries & will never be Americans until the third generation of them. In Ca. they showed their indifference to our laws by wanting taught in their native language & still do not want to learn english

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          I resent having Spanish on every thing I pick up, Press one for English etc' Dammit' This isAmerica' IT"S CALLED ENGLICH FOR LANGUAGE" I am not predujice' I was raised with Mexicans ( the good old days kind,respectfull, friendly ,loving and neighborlly') My daughter has lived in Mexico for 30 yrs,been there lots.love my son in law and Grandson. Point is, there is good and bad in every race,and the Mexicans asking for all these rights need to go home' THere is no room in this country for their attitude or agenda. My Great Grandparents came thru Ellis Island years ago like many others,they worked their tails off,survived,learned our language and survived and gave ME my heirtage and values. I expect all others comming here to do the same'

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes

          Stay in school, Donna. Good for you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

      No, I disagree with your answer, Yes, I would give them 120 days to "self deport", and make a nationally televised statement to that effect, after that 120 day grace period on illegal aliens and their families, Since it has been proven over the past 50 or so years that Deportation is not the answer, would make it open hunting season for all Hunters, Patriots, and citizens of the United states that do not like our nation being Invaded by this army of Illegal citizens, which is what this is an Invasion and has been for over 50 years. We as a nation of people are way too soft on these invaders, perhaps by killing off a few thousand of them would give the rest of the invaders the incentive to leave all on their own. If they wish to makje changes in Government then by all means please do but do it to their own Government in the first place, not the Government of the United States.

      This is what happened in their own nation mainly Mexico, many of the Mexican citizens were being killed off by their own Corrupt Government and the Drug Cartels, so they left for the safety of the united States, which has grown very soft on unlawful Immigrants, and has allowed them to do just about anything they want and allowed them to settle down in just about any state they wish without no problems, and many of the unlawful Immigrants have even been voting and placing some of their own people into political offices so they can keep on influencing government policies in Illegal Immigration, such as the Progressive Hispanic Caucus members.

      • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.jacobs.376 Bruce Jacobs

        "Homeland" Security already has internment centers all over the US. I'm in favor of putting them there and feeding them frijoles and charizo two meals a day. Use the males as chain gang workers and the women as their cooks. Sterilize all of them to keep from breeding. This is for ALL illegals, not just Hispanics.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

          Obama will put the legal citizens in the internment camps and let the illegals free.

    • The Truth

      Living in one of those sanctuary states that are being crushed by the cost of illegal immigration, I recently had a discussion about the subject with a "better than thou" liberal. I asked her point blank: What if someone broke into your house, ate your food, slept in your bed, used your electricity, your car, and anything else they wanted and then demanded that you allow them to stay, despite the law, what would you do? She responded that she would call the police and have them removed forcibly. I then told her that according to her position on immigration she is anti-burglar and prejudicial and therefore should be forced to allow the person who entered her house illegally to stay. She of course started to give me a string of incoherent stammering and finally unconvincingly argued it wasn't the same thing. But it is exactly the same! If you want to have a little fun with a liberal, just throw that at them and watch the fireworks.

    • BUCK

      execution would be cheaper than deportation. They are like rats in a maze & never seem to get the idea of doing things correctly & no matter how many times you deport them they still come back & bring more. A 50 cal bullet is much cheaper even including their cremation! One had better not plan on Odumber doing anything but bending over & kissing their ass!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

        Good Gosh Buck' Do you want us us to be another Hitler and put them in ovens????Sounds like it. There is another answer,but evidently not found yet'

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes

          The answer is simple. All the government has to do is enforce the law & build a fence (not a cheap & chincy fence like they have there now where illegal aliens can just pick up the bottom of the fence & walk under it - one with concrete posts that go at least 15 feet underground for duribility & come at least 25 feet high & cannot be climbed). That's the answer. I just found the answer. I should be president!!

  • matt

    DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS. My parents came to this country as immigrants waiting in line for their turns to get an immigrant visa from their country of origin. It is an affront to all law abiding citizen who tried and follow the laws in acquiring legal immigrant status -- now these criminals want a golden road to being legalize although they defied the laws. I say, deport all of them now including offsprings of these criminals.

    • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

      I'm sounding harsh also but they have been breaking our laws, they are getting drivers licenses, but they cry foul when they are asked to show it at a voter's booth. I am ALL for LEGAL immigration and as an American citizen born here, I apologize to ALL those who went through the legal way to get citizenship. That's the only way that ANYONE coming here will appreciate what this nation stands for. And now, the balance of intolerant, greedy, entitlements and all the PC has tipped and we are in huge trouble. I taught my girls to work hard, have faith, do the right thing and they would eventually be able to enjoy what they worked for and feel great about themselves. That's what I was taught and we worked hard on the farm where we grew up and I thank my parents and grandparents for that. I feel like I have betrayed my own kids because they see all the lawbreaking going on and like me, I'm wondering, what the hell is this. I guess if the marxists want to break down the doers, when the doers have nothing left.......karma's a bytch.

    • xoxozo

      MINE TOO!!!

  • WSK

    Conservatives in the House (not republicans they are spineless) must stick to principles. If the Democrats can get enough votes without them to pass more nonsense, so be it. Do not go along, resist. The house of cards is coming down soon enough, and when it does, only true, American, conservative values will be able to offer the chance to climb back out. Progressive liberalism is a dead end of bankruptcy and broken promises. Let Obama and his ilk double down on stupidity, we need to stand firm and stay true.

    • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey


    • JustCalmDownAlready

      Things are improving with Obama as President. You can double down on delusion for the next 4 years if you'd like.

      • xoxozo

        Wait til the next few unemployment figures nitwit

        • JustCalmDownAlready

          You mean the ones that are slowly improving? Sure. 4 years folks have been giving me doomsday scenarios about Obama. It's gonna be pretty hilarious when we've only got a few weeks left of Obama's presidency and you people will still be saying we need to worry. At least then we'll be close to you shutting the hell up about it finally. Only thing I have to worry about is if the next president is black too, you people will never shut up.

        • xoxozo

          I AM BLACK & the race card is OLD!! We've had 40-50 years of affirmative action and desegregation to lift ourselves up. The ones who have stopped us are the Dem/Progressives GIVING something for NOTHING. They are the new slaveholders.... Go to your huff post

        • JustCalmDownAlready

          We've also had the drug war, which anyone who follows in the least understands disproportionately affects minorities and African American's specifically. I'm sure you'll just ignore that though.

        • xoxozo

          AND WHO pushes to legalize it ???? Progressive Dems.........Look at Chicago!!! It's been run by the Chicago political mob for years.. 1 of the worse places for Blacks in this country

        • JustCalmDownAlready

          And HOW did that response make any sense??? It didn't!!!!

        • xoxozo

          YES it does...YOU just DON"T get it OR don't WANT to Go to bed..I'm done & we'll NEVER see eye to eye.

        • Rubygirl

          Another question?...why has it affected minorities and African Americans? Nobody forces them to take and sell drugs!!

          I am so tired of the "race card" being played. I am white but I know some wonderful Black people, smart, hard working and capable. Nowadays, everyone has the same opportunities!!

          FYI, I was recently in a casino hotel for a business event and I was floored to see that 95% of the people in the casino section were Black. Didn't make sense to me as the city I was in is in a depressed condition!!

        • Riverdweller

          If they were not disproportionately out on the streets selling the drugs and helping to grow crops in hidden areas of our National forests to be sold THEN they would not be disproportionately affected.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          So True' Glad to see you admiting to your peoples failures' Evident you are not one of them' I'm proud of you speaking out' You've gained my respect'

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          You'll never get just a few weeks, he's determined to be Dictator. He's signed over 900 Executive orders' Other Pres (the most,15) He will do whatever is necessary to rule us all. The next Pres will not be black as Obama has ruined it for any other blacks to make it for generations to come. I am not predujice' I would have voted for Herman Cain, Condilisa Rice any others. It's about Honesty and caring about the people in this country and not being a Commie ,Muslim trying to destroy us'

      • Rubygirl

        Like what? Give us examples. Read your post below, too, and you need to see the list of layoffs and cutbacks, beginning November 7th!!!!

        • GI Bride

          Our coal mine in Price Utah layed of 125 workers

      • thismustend

        They are? So $4 a gallon gas, a $5 TRILLION DEFICIT, $16 TRILLION DEBT, 18% REAL UNEMPLOYMENT, ObaMAOcare that will cost TRILLIONS, CORRUPTION, think Benghazi, Fast & Furfious & Solyndra to name a FEW, crony capitalism like we have never seen before, RAMPANT VIO LENCE & RACISM from the bla ck & Hispanic population & SPECIAL rights for SELECT groups of people is an improvement, over what?

        Crawl back to the KOS where your mindless drivel is appreciated.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          Gee Thismustend' You have the same eyes I have' The answer to end it all????We're drowning'HELP'

      • G I Bride

        What planet did you just arrive from

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

          Hopefully' one where Obama was'nt Pres'

    • squirrelmender

      When's the revolution I'm tired of the talk. Let's show that idiot in the wh who really owns America. Get the illegal Kenyan Muslim out of the wh now.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

        Agree' BUT' Be prepared,don't go off half cocked' You have to help others survive the stuff when it comes down. If you don't prepare for it,it will all be useless. The more that survive the fall,the more power us peons will end up with'

        • squirrelmender

          Hey Donna, I hear you but, I'm just so dam angry and frustrated with this so called prez. Why do I feel so helpless enough so that I'm starting to prepare to move to another country. O is not going to give up power in 4 years and the constitution can't stop him b/c he doesn't know it exists. We now have to focus on Gen. Petraeus to take away from what O did to the Americans in Benghazi. Where does it stop?

  • http://twitter.com/botsford1 Zackery Botsford

    Reagan gave amnesty but didn't close the border. The illegals began coming in at even greater numbers assuming, correctly so it appears, they will be granted amnesty and citizenship also, along with all their family members still in their home countries. Impeach Obama and get rid of his acolytes in government and elsewhere.

    • Riverdweller

      The one really huge mistake Reagan and his administration made.

  • Sweet Lady Mary

    Hear, hear! I am a hispanic and I say anyone who is here illegally should be sent home post haste. Why should a segment of the population have to follow the law and others who have no right to be here are given a free pass. Get them out now and let's give the jobs to American citizens of which Obama is not.

    • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

      It's not fair to someone like you, a hispanic, who came here by the law. What has been going on is truly sinful and immoral. Americans then get called racists and bigots because we want the LAW to be followed and it has created so many hard feelings. I'm so happy to have you here because since you did it legally, you know and appreciate the greatness of this nation. BUT, we have about 2 generations of idiots now who are taught the Constitution is a living, breathing document. It has survived for 236 years, not living and breathing. But the usurper believes it was fundamentally flawed, his words not mine.

      • Riverdweller

        She said she is hispanic. She did not say she was an immigrant. How do you know that she might not have been born here as a U.S.Citizen ?

        Not to say that I don't know if she was an legal immigrant.

        So, Sweet Lady Mary - which are you ? A born American of hispanic descent or a legal immigrant ?

        Whichever, proud of you for speaking up about the problem.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      Gee, thanks for this post and making some of us beleive there are GOOD ones out there' (I'm white,but related to Mexicans and love them,just too many have caused problems with my country and me')

  • neleh

    Absolutely NO to blanket amnesty!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phillipe-Violette/100001091404486 Phillipe Violette

    If they suddenly made bank robbery legal would all the bank robbers still on the loose be given amnesty?

    • James Maxwell

      Not only that but the ones in jail would be release upon society again also to continue
      their activites. There can be no discussion of amnesty or any change to the
      Imigration policies of our nation until we seal the border to stop the invasion by the
      criminals in the drug cartels or others who enter our borders without going thru
      the established legal process.

  • bob90

    Make the Whole Mexican Border (3000 miles) a Firing Range for US Military!!!! Ships can shoot from the Sea, Army & Marines Shoot with Small Arms & Artillery, the AirForce can hit all the Gaps in between the other branches! NO ONE would be willing to cross the Border Illegally than for sure! We can be Nice about and put signs up in Spanish and International Symbols Warning Anyone. They would know that the only way to cross is thru Legit Entry Points! That is the ONLY WAY to STOP them from Crossing!!!!

  • gbandy

    First of all for generations we all knew the Illegal Alien problem was growing. The masses all think these Illegals do nothing but pick our crops which 4% do. Some also work as maids, gardeners and other service jobs mostly for cash. However a large percentage especially in California learned quickly how to work the system and comprise a large block of welfare recipients gang members and 30% of our prison population. Obviously this problem has grown under both Bushes, Clinton, and now Obama. We the People allowed this to happen. Now one way or another the Democrats have and will give them the Right to Vote. They have proven they will vote for Democrats as once again why bite the hand that feeds you?? Now just watch Obama will give them amnesty as a payback for being a very substantial voting block. They win We the People lose. Illegals cost California $11billion a year........time to raise taxes to repay the Hispanic voting block folks..

    • AndrewJerome

      Isn't that what California just did? A referendum was passed to enable the state to raise taxes to cover their huge defecit. Tax and spend or is it spend and tax?

      • Riverdweller

        The only way Calif. will get more revenue from raising taxes is if they raise State Sales Tax. The huge number of low income workers (who get a paycheck versus cash) claim so many dependents that they still will not have to pay any State Income taxes and so raising the taxes will just hurt the workers who are already paying to support all the illegals out there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      Obama's already given ammesty to the children of illegals,which is going to cost us millions'(Free education etc')Now he'll go for Mom & Pop'

  • Floridastorm

    Folks, this is not half the problem. Do all of you realize that 125,000 legal immigrants are coming into the US every month. That's 1.5 million people a year and it's been going on for years. These are not tourists or people on temporary work permits. These are legal immigrants that will be issued "Green Cards" which makes them permanent residents and allows them to become citizens within 5 years. And, 80% of these legal immigrants are being allowed in from third world countries. How long will it take, at this rate, to inundate this country so that it will be unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Europe found out what it was like to be inundated. Most European cities have more immigrants than they do native citizens. Been to London or Paris lately? Lovely third world cities. What I would like to know is who was the government official who ultimately signed off on this INS policy? There always has to be one top official who has final signature authority in any government office or company.

    • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

      You are right. They are coming from all over the globe, we are basically being cornered by those that hate us and they are being armed and funded by Obama. Treason? Hmmm. Not only Obama, the whole damn bunch of them in govt. They sit on their thrones, tell us how much money we are allowed to make, if you make too much, taxes are the punishment. They make laws that they exempt themselves from. Tobacco taxes, up and up, then they ban where you can smoke because the secondhand smoke kills. But it becomes pure and safe in the state run casinos where there is an ashtray every 3 feet in the building. So now pot is going to be legalized - to tax that to death - make zombies out of the kids, like we need MORE zombies. Govt. needs to be scrubbed & started over. We are in a sorry sorry state of affairs. I have a little 2 yr old grandson and everytime I look at him, I say a prayer of apology to him that we have failed him. Dear God.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

        I say,Give no $$$ to ANY country. Keep the $$ here and us first' Too many people suffering,out of work,kids going hungry, Old people need help with lots of things to stay out of a nursing home, Govt, has to pay if they are in a Home (most of them') so finanically, it figures,to save $$ take careof us first;

    • xoxozo

      World government is what they want...& I'm beginning to think it's BOTH parties

      • Derp

        Time to get the tinfoil.

    • GI Bride

      I agree, a few years ago I was in the London suburb of Upton Park , where my grandmother use to live when she was alive. As a child of 8 or 9 I use to ride the train by myself from Westcliff-on-sea to see my grandmother in the mid to late 1940"s, When I was there in 1995 I was so supprised , If someone had dropped me there blind folded when I took it off I would have thought I was in the middle east, I only counted 4 white people on green st. and 3 of them were in our car all the stores were middle eastern and the women were in burkas, everywhere I went it was like that and now the
      Beware America we are next.
      I came here legally and became a citizen legally and I say deport those who are illegal Fine the businesses $10,000.00 dollars for each illegal they hire and use the money for deportation and hiring more INS. agents and border patrol.
      We also need to stop anchor babies. For a child born here to be a citizen at least one parent must be an AMERICAN CITIZEN at the time of birth.
      All Legal immigrants must at all times carry their I.D card with them and presented when asked, I did (no big deal) till I became an American citizen, Then TED KENNEDY in the 60's pushed for and did away with that law he was after votes of future citizens for the democrates (stupid, stupid).
      Yes and finally I.D for voting

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

        Sharia Law is building up all over' Calgary,Alberta is a good example. Same as what you said was going on in London. You see nothing but Muslims (no predjudice agaisnst them,just caution') But when 3 out of 4 people are Muslim and you've heard how they are waiting to take over every country they have built up in,it gets damm scary. Not that I'm afraid of them, I will allow no one to force their veiws or religion down my throt. It's just it's something they are planning to do,and I won't tolerate it'

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      A lot of what you say may be true. I'm not up on all the facts. I do know my son-in law from Mexico has a green cardd that only allows him tocome here and work if he wants,not to stay'Green cards do not make you a perm resident.You have to go thru immigration for that. I lived in Canada for years and had a immigration card. Even though I had Indian status,with the immigration card,the only way I had permmanent staus was the Indian status card (NO BORDER") I think this country needs to shut down the borders to all immigration and let the Americans get some jobs. We don't need to populate this country anymore right now. Too many illegals are taking up our jobs,housing and Govt. $$$ which we have to pay. We need to catch up. Many immigrents get more then people that were born and raised here and have worked hard. It's called,"CHARITY BE|GINS AT HOME"Theres too many hungry children here and families that have lost ther home. Let's take care of them first'

  • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

    I'm with you 5000% !! Good job and kudos for saying what you mean and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. I'm sick of the pandering bullshyt. There really shouldn't be any arguments about all the crap going on. WE HAVE LAWS ON THE BOOKS. But a usurper comes in, wipes those laws away and makes up his own and we have been feeding the universities and schools with karl marx followers that are brainwashing them. It's a sad sad state of affairs in the United States of America when college students are worshipping the most foul, filthy murdering dictators in history. Now that govt. controls the college loans, and tuition keeps rising, they have the perfect ponzi, control scheme going on. They are happy with the fact that so many companies layed off employees - 2 days after this pig was re-elected. He is a pig. I know, I'm insulting the species of pigs. There really is no other name to call these people but Satan's soldiers.

    • squirrelmender

      I like Satan better, pigs are intelligent and overall clean. Rolling in mud is only b/c they have no sweat glands. O is the anti-christ and has to be stopped. Time to march in protest. As for illegals ship their butts back and bill their country.

  • satelliter

    I feel almost the same about my country as I do my home. I am particular about who I let into my house and feel the same way about my country. ANYONE who enters my house against my advice will be dealt with in a very unfriendly and unsafe manner. The same should also be true about our one and only home country. After America, there is no place else to go.

  • atchafa

    It's 4% unemployment in Mexico

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXJREFLSSJBEMGVJNLWYVHEG4Q Jack

    As a LEGALLY naturalized citizen, I too take the behaviour of this so-called "president" and these lawbreakers and line jumpers as a slap in the face. I obeyed the law; why should anyone else be given a free pass? Since these criminals are NOT citizens, what right do they have to make demands of any kind in America?

    • GI Bride

      I agree

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Evans-Gamble/622029671 Donna Evans Gamble

      Gee Jack' Wish there were more that thought like you.You are Welcome here,many others are not'

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.s.ayala Rick Susan Ayala

    Hispanics, particularly those who entered this county illegal, have no right to demand
    legalization of 12 million Hispanics and give them a parth to citizenship? They illegal now,
    have been living here and they have vioilated our law and have in a de-facto way,
    gave the finger to our Congress, which is responsible to craft immigration law for the
    United States. Obama, is passing the Dream Act, has opened the spigot and thousands
    more illegals are on the way leaving their miserable, corrupt countries. Obama has in fact
    violated the law and constitution by declaring the Dream Act on his own.
    This an old issue and not one has had the cojones to build a real fence, provide total
    security across the fence and Obama and the Dept of HomeLand Security, have aided and
    abetted liligal and stoping or curtailing deportation of those who do not belong in this
    country. It is a travest and it must be stopped now.

  • Jack

    I whole heartedly agree with this article

  • http://twitter.com/cmdorsey cmdorsey

    Executive Order was signed in Dec. 2009 giving immunity to interpol. http://pjmedia.com/blog/obama-surrenders-u-s-sovereignty-his-interpol-executive-order/

  • DOOM

    he promised it to then twice now, so it's not unreasonable for them to expect it. But I don't think he'll grant amnesty until his third term.

    • terryt

      why should he?? they cant do anything for him anymore, his politicking is over, unless he is able to make himself dictator in chief.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.condit.374 Nancy Condit

    I would be willing to bet not one person would be upset if these immigrants went through proper channels to be citizens after all isn't America the land of opportunity.The government needs to close the borders,enforce current laws and get this situation under control.Amnesty is obviously not the answer.It is a slap in the face of all who came here the legal way.I work with both legals and illegals and the legals are furious about this not just angry mind you.Who can blame them they spent a lot of money and time and have done all the paperwork.To have the illegals just handed what they had to work so hard for is just not right.

    • Rubygirl

      We need the "legal immigrants" to speak out boldly!! First, we need to close the borders, stop accepting applications for green cards, let those who are lawfully in line for citizenship obtain theirs and get all illegals to register and screened for illegal activity. Unless they register and can show "good cause" for not being deported, then they can BEGIN pathway to citizenship but no voting and no benefits until they obtain citizenship AND IT SHOULD BE YEARS JUST LIKE IT IS WITH LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Then they have to pay back taxes of some kind. It costs Legal Immigrants to come here and become citizens. These illegals shouldn't get off with just a fine and a slap on the wrist!! AND THEY CERTAINLY HAVE NO RIGHT TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR AMNESTY!! Another condition...they need to swear allegiance to America and it's laws and not try to change it to the country from which they came!! They need to assimilate into American culture!!

  • Don

    That's not all, he owes the unions , the socialists, gays, hollywood liberals, you name it. This imposter is heavily in debt. Working americans will suffer big time. I do not feel sorry for them at all after they wake up from their utopian sleep and discover that Bo can't deliver.

  • mg67

    Who the hell are *ILLEGALS* to demand anything? We know that "O" sympathiesed with the Hispanics while in college. He slapped Jan Brewer in the face for doing something about the problem. If 11 million *ILLEGAL* citizens have more say than *LEGAL* US citizens, we're definitely headed in the wrong direction and dumb-ass America re-elected our doom. The realization of the US, Canada, and Mexico uniting seams to be getting closer than we think. When "O" hoMao let Calderon speak here and chastise the US government for the way we treat HIS PEOPLE, and said nothing shows who "O"hoMao sides with and it's not the free legal US citizens. "O"hoMao has no interest in securing the borders and fooled a lot of voters this time again and we the free have to suffer with their ignorant decision. Thank You dumb-ass America. When our country is gone, what are you going to say?,this isn't what we wanted? It'll be too late then and you get what you deserve, WE THE FREE US CITIZENS DON'T!!!

  • JacktheFAC

    Why shouldn't they demand it? They just voted to put Santa Claus back into office. Now they want pay back.

  • JacktheFAC

    Open up these borders even wider. In fact; why even have borders at all? That's what NAFTA says? That's what North American Union says.

  • steph

    Im a Puerto Rican American and Im an R.N. Nurse I pay my taxes to this Great Country, I say DEPORT them all the illegal immigrants in this country. My american born citizen husband cant find a job in my town because they will work for pennies. Hopefully after Obama the laws immigration laws will be stricter.

  • Uncle Sam's Misguided Child

    I think Louisania has the right idea. They are looking for people to sign their petetion to sesede from the union. They need 25,000 signatures by Dec. 7. I wonder how long until other states will follow.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Our Republic is suffering at the hands of these lawless gangsters.

  • BubbysGrampa

    Amigos, can you say "Cannon Fodder"?

  • ARMYOF69

    It's up to us the US Citizens to make sure that we make their life here a MISERABLE ONE, short of physical abuse.

  • http://twitter.com/LiliQ12 Lili Q

    Illegal aliens voted him in, if they are no longer illegal then who'd support the Democrats?

  • Susitna

    You know, it was hard for the GOP to campaign against the Democratic Party, but if we consider that the GOP had to fight against money coming from Hollywood, George Soros, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, several millions of illegal votes, manipulated polling stations and a corrupt MSM, I mean it was an incredible job!!!!!!

  • xoxozo

    My husband came here from Mexico, followed the rules and became a US citizen. CLOSE the border.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is the outrage for MEXICO???
    Let them take care of their own...OH YEAH.....THEY DON'T
    How dare they DEMAND amnesty BUT Owebama will probably do it!!!!
    We are ready to close our small business, less $ for them!!!!
    Owebama HAS succeeded in causing animosity between groups.
    We better come together at the midterms to get more Senators. Forget the Supreme Court. With 4 years he'll have it wrapped up!!

    • Rubygirl

      You're so right. The requirements to become a citizen of Mexico is much more stringent that America's. And they don't tolerate illegals!!

  • xoxozo

    Call your Senator and Congressman and DEMAND TO SEE OWEBAMA'S RECORDS. I'd be willing to bet his college transcripts say "foreign student" But I also think that the college has had enough time to change them..
    Block the switchboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuckster

    I thought the immigration problem was settled once and for all back in 1986?

  • CaptTurbo

    No Amnesty is Constitutional. Not now, not ever.

  • Don

    How about all the other non Hispanics. The Aholes in government never mention them. Also remember that nearly half of illegals come here on visas and never leave. A lot of countries refuse to accept the illegals back. The muslim refugees come here lefally and get on the dole receiving more than some working Americans earn.

  • The_American_Way

    Deport them and tell them to get in line and do it the correct way. If you came to the U.S. for work your headed in the wrong direction. Mexico, Brazil and Argentina unemployment rate is about half of what that of the U.S. We both know your here for the freebees.

  • rosie46

    Totally agree with what you say. They need to go back to their country and get on the list to come here legally. They are criminals and should not be pandered to, nor given any benefits. And yes, their home country should have to pay for all their medical care and education while the were here.

  • ARMYOF69

    All illegal aliens are CRIMINALS ......throw them out of my country , with their filthy offspring, and send them to their presidente the moron called calderon. They are HIS responsibility not ours.

  • joeee

    this is the plan to get rid of us patriots and replace us with mindless mexicans. they can control a mindless population of mexicans as did mexico for a hundred years.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Congress has intentionally failed in their duties to function as one part the checks and balances. The question is...WHY?

  • mogul264

    I believe most of the Hispanics who are making the most noise are either mostly illegal Hispanics, legal children of illegal Hispanics, or Hispanic politicians looking for votes. If they can get 11 MILLION new voters approved who will vote for THEM, as they feel most of these will also want all illegals made legal!

    I have legal Hispanics in MY family who are ADAMANTLY against illegal aliens who have BROKEN immigration laws being granted citizenship over others who have been the legal pipeline for years! And, many other legal Hispanics feel likewise! Perhaps we should ascertain just WHO are so INTENSE in their demands,............ legal Hispanic citizens, legal Hispanic residents............or ILLEGALS, or THEIR relatives, Hispanic or otherwise?!!!! The results MIGHT be surprising!

  • jarnkm

    And THIS is not to be expected? And one wonders why Obama didn't win any of the States WITH: "Voter I.D."? Well, our apathy, arrogance, complacency and "Ignorance Gone to Seed"(Stupidity) ... has really come into focus. The color or sex of the President is unimportant, it is whether he/she stands for the best interest of America and "We the People". for 50+ years, we have 'supposedly' fighting Communism/Socialism, in some form, all over the Globe and look at what's happening. IT is "alive and well" in America and has been for years. In 1963, a Florida Congressman introduced into the Congressional Record the "1963 Communist Goals for America". Guess what?? Today, they're 'installed' and living well. MAYBE, had we had sites like 'godfatherpolitics.com', back in the day, we could have been prepared, but I really doubt it. We'd rather use our time to bicker, fuss and accuse ... rather than try to be another "Paul Revere". IF they're ILLEGAL, they've got to go ... and be Kept Out!! Obama was/is worried about "CHAOS in America", but won't admit that he holds a lot of responsibility in 'Breeding It"!

  • jarnkm

    In addition to the previous dissertation, I feel that Obama should not have been elected in the First Election. In fact, he should never have been allowed to run for any Political Office. Those who were responsible for "Vetting" him should be held liable for their failures and brought to justice. It is things like this that happen in the "Halls of Darkness" and those within are never exposed or even mentioned that they exist. Controlled ( Censored ) media is what brought down almost every country in past World History. Try writing 'Letters to the Editor' of local papers or the 'Comment Column' and reference article information from "Godfathers" ... at least 'some truth' might hit the press! The only way we're gonna get America back is to take it back through being informed and acting consciously.

  • TParnther

    Evan though, yes demographics may be shifting, does not mean we abandon the rule of law for immigration in this country. As an immigrant who is a proud American, will tell you that the laws need to be followed and enforced. When this is done, it keeps us all safe. As naturally born citizens and also my friends who are apart of the majority culture I would like let you know that it is not racist to demand this government enforce its laws. It is fair that all immigrants follow the same laws. It is unfair that say that the law applies sometimes to some immigrants and then at times it does not.

  • Magnolia

    Anoher 1 million voes for obummer. when will Christian citizens start make DEMANDS!!!!!


    This is just like convicted murdered " demanding " free HBO

  • strugglebuggy

    AZ. will tell you that the true #s of illegals far exceed the wildest estimates commonly used. We are swamped but----we passed SB1070 and they started moving to more liberal areas where they are given a drivers license etc. O used them to get back in. He used racists. He used socialist etc. AZ. knows the $ pain of boycotts especially those pushed by so called celebs looking to seem politically correct. Gaga--Santana etc. We live with armed home invasions. Street violence. Thefts. Constant marches and the spoutings of pro amnesty activists. We love deporting them but O wont do it. We are closing schools as they leave but we still have a 9.1% sales tax. Highest property taxes in the state. I dont know anyone who can pay the fines or afford to get health insurance. I guess they wil round us up and into the Fema camps. cant pay what you dont have.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IGKIMVYO2JN57IHEH3S6HGLDHQ WILLIAML

    Just go ahead and Impeach his arse

  • thismustend

    11 million. REALLY? That number has been the same for at least 7 years, I did a paper on illegal immigration in college 7 years ago & that was the accepted statistical #. Do you really believe that in 7 years the # of illegals has not increased?

    Imagine the Italians, Russians, Germans, ect. coming here ILLEGALLY, DEMANDING SPECIAL RIGHTS & WELFARE, threa tening & vandali zing if they did not get their way. People USED to come here for the OPPORTUNITY to work & be successful. Now they come to leech off of us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539276129 Carole Mitchell Lewis

    Since when do hispanics have the right to demand anything of the president? Obama has gotten what he wanted from them, their illegal vote, so he has no further use for them. He isn't going to do anything to help them. It's going to end up being the same for all the welfare recipients who have been kissing his butt. He got your vote so now you're insignificant to him.

  • Riverdweller

    "Cristina Jimenez, an illegal from Ecuador and director of the group stated"

    THERE IT IS - She is director of a group wanting illegals to be put to the head of the "line" to be citizens.

    The Feds. know who, what and where she is. SO WHY THE HE-L don't they grab all these very visible ILLEGALS and deport them immediately.

    No appeals, no long drawn out legal "battles", no temporary ok to be here status.

    Just DEPORT - deport - deport

    I am sick of these muckrakers coming into our Country and trying to turn it into the stink holes they have come crawling out of.:

  • Dandee

    Give it to them with no voting rights

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

    I actually agree with United We Dream, these people are absolutely correct they should demand Amnesty, but they are making Demands from the wrong Government they should be making demands of their own native nations Government, which is probably Mexico, not the United States of America's Government.

    If this group wants to demand anything of a Government they should demand it of their own Government, and not the Government or the President of the United States. These people actually act like they have Rights here in the United States, if they were Naturalized United States citizens then yes, I would agree with them,that they do have Rights to make Demands of our Government.

    But since they are actually Foreigners, Illegal Aliens, which automatically makes them Law Breakers, that means they have absolutely no Rights to demand anything here in the United States, but they have every Right in the world to make demands of their own Government in Mexico, or wherever they came from when they violated our Laws and crossed our Border.

  • ARMYOF69

    All illegal aliens living in my country , are CRIMINALS ......throw them out of my country , with their filthy offspring, and send them to their presidente the moron called calderon. They are HIS responsibility not ours.

  • gmhunt4

    If Obama gives this "low life's" Amnesty, there might just be a race war. I hope all states will follow Louisiana and fill with the Obama administration to leave the union. Everyone in Louisiana needs to sign the petition before 7 Dec 2012. It needs 25,000 signatures of LA citizens total.

  • MIKE

    How do you think Obama won the election?
    11 million illegals voted, and I believe they did not need to show an ID.
    And of course he had the Muslim vote.

  • bowtonoone2

    I believe this would be THE primer for a second revolution. I thank God our dead veterans can't see what's become of the country they died for!!!

  • Barbara

    Agree, Replace Boehner!!!NOW. He is a mealy mouth wimp. He's already caving without Obama doing a single thing. The House needs to cut Obama off, no more spending on his favorite Arab countries, Obamacare, Green Energy "Investments" (code for laundering money to his donors and unions), Million Dollar Vacation, Put him on a budget to live on while the taxpayers foot the bill. No more hiring Fed Workers, bring salaries down to private scale. No more raisers for anyone on the Federal payroll. He does not know how to handle money. Cut him off from our money, He does not care about the debt, He just want to get his hands on more money for his personal pleasures. The House needs to pass the budget bill, send it to the Senate, demand Reid introduce the bills now on his desk, and Obama get with the program. If he doesn't let the government shut down. Obama will be blamed. The House has the power to keep this spendthrift in check. Boehner is afraid to use it. He's part of the Establishment that is hurting the party and the country. As soon as these illegals see the free stuff is not here, no jobs, they will be gone. I don't think Obama cares if he keeps his promise to them, he doesn't need them now. He's on to his Islamic friends to control the country. After all who is going to stop him?? Not Boehner!!

  • Amee

    300 million Americans are demanding that obama get the hell out of OUR country.
    It isn't over yet, we will fight

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for Obama and now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. Obamas Big Government Control will now destroy America, the republican party and anything else that stands in his way as payback for slavery and other so called social injustices.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about this Black Devil Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.
    -----Original Message-----

  • jim in TX

    I agree that We need to round up each and every illegal alien and his entire family
    and inject RFID tags that will release a highly toxic substance into the person if they
    are tampered with in any way . Then load them up on C-5A Galaxy's and take them

    as far south as possible and dump them off with a warning if they are caught trying
    to cross the border again this time the drop off point will be Antarctica.

  • StephenFR

    "Cristina Jimenez, an illegal from Ecuador and director of the group"
    Wait a minute. This person comes to our country and stays illegally and even admits to the fact that she is here against the laws of our country. She then starts a group that is going to dictate to us how we should run our country. She does it in such a way that she is getting national media attention. So we know where she is living and she is still here.

    I would suggest to Mz. Jimenez that she return to Ecuador and petition her own government to do the things that she is demanding that our government do. My guess is that she wouldn't get very far.

    We now have illegal immigrants is prominent public positions dictating our policy to us. Doesn't any one else see how absolutely FU that is?

  • marksman

    Obama will never secure the border because he knows that it is just more votes for the progressives. George Bush and Boehner are progressives also thath is why the border was never secured during Bush's term. They know that the Illegals are willing to violate our election laws and vote anyway. Many states election laws are so lax that it is easy for them to vote. Is it any wonder that young mobs are looting stores and assaulting people when our own government only follows the laws it wants too? In many cities where this is happening the police are not able to arrest these people because of progressive local government. As long as the American people tollerate this kind of government it will only get worse.

  • Gutierrez

    I am hispanic and I don't want "free stuff". I don't want Amnesty and I opposse the dream act Deport them all, hispanics and no hispanics who are here illegally.
    I just want my REPUBLIC back, exactly like our forefathers wanted.

  • jsmithcsa

    If we had an honest federal government, they would be deported immediately. Democrat and Republican, they have both kicked the can down the road and done nothing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YCZFGQTY7RUXZHE56OTS57DNII chetohimler

    Enforce the laws already in the books! How long will this bullshit go on? Que no hay huevos en Washington, (are there no balls in Washington)? Why is it that illegals have more voice here in the U.S than they do in their own countries? If I break into my neighbors home, just to keep warm, I am committing a crime...period! What's so hard to understand about our immigration laws? What we need to "Reform" is that ALL Law Agencies are allowed to hold and incarcerate all illegal aliens. Just like Cities and States help each other when a criminal is caught. ENFORCEMENT NOT AMNESTY.

  • redrover

    They have not earned the right to dream the AMERICAN Dream because they purposfully have broken the law and slamming it in our faces...They are dispicable & need to shut up as they are outsiders and always will be if they persist in taking such stupid actions....ILEGAL"S will never be Americans because they did not choose to obey who we are, the people of America. One has to understand that and be on eof us before they 'get it'....and the other get it they do not see is that we do not want them here anyway!!! GO BACK TO MEXICO WHERE YOU BELONG AND STOP TAKING WHAT IS NOT YOURS TO HAVE!!!! I detest them all now, because they just about all stand together and have no right to claim anything in America!.....It was bought and paid for in money and blood of our own people in the Spanish American War.....they are fools to think they can do a thing with their demands!!
    But then they know how corrupt our government is and they still cannot see they will be fodder of the front lines just like they are in mexico......I would rather die in my own land than be illegal somewhere else...what is the matter with these people? They are fighting for nothing!

  • redrover


  • chiefcooldude

    Screwv ALL of those A$$holes

  • Tank

    Only in America can ILLEGAL aliens demand anything!! You'd be in prison awaiting a quick punishment, followed by immediate deportation in any other country in the world, including YOUR OWN!! You're just lucky our leaders are pu$$ies!

  • ste1021

    When the majority voted for Obama, they were voting for amnesty, poorer schools, lower standard of living, and poorer quality of life. And that's the way it is . . . .

  • Mr Lucky

    Obama will! You gutless cowards will do nothing about it!!!!! Now go back to sleep!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pat.lawler.319 Pat Lawler

    The illegal immigrants are but mere pawns. This is about those who have power and those who want it.

  • real

    If that is allowed to happen it would seem to america that the illegals run this country first you let they stay here illegaly and now they demand what you do or not do or else deport them and then lets hear what they have to say.We already give billions to their cause.

  • djw663

    How are you going to handle that Obama, you do not deserve the title of President in my opinion you have done nothing honorable to deserve it. You going to hire more government employees to go along with all the new IRS agents to go after the middle class over Obamacare? These people that think their healthcare will be free have another thing comming. Everything costs someone something and you Obama; the price America is going to pay for you is unacceptable.

  • danimal

    Lets start deporting them with lead and pine boxes

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes

    21 million??? I say it's more like 50 million!! Have you ever been to Massachusetts?? Anyway - why would these illegal aliens deport themselves with all the promises 0bama gave to them - even though a majority of Americans were against it?? The more you give to these "poor" (and by the way - these "poor" people drive BMWs & Acuras to the free clinics around here), demanding, desperate, dirty, cut-throats that hate us & use our own laws against us - the more they want & demand. Cut them off now!! They gotta start somewhere. And soon.

  • balmora

    “Deporting members of our community is irresponsible and unacceptable.”

    But when that person is here because they violated immigration laws, they need to be deported. To do otherwise is to encourage lawlessness and others to follow suit. Simply because a person has manage to live hidden within a community doesn't mean they should now be entitled to amnesty

  • Texas Pete

    I feel for these folks, however...we dont owe them a thing! May immigrants come here legally and follow the laws to do so! Just because we have a president that is willing to bypass our laws and break due process, does not mean we owe you a thing!!!! As a legal born citizen of this great country it is my responsibility to stand up for the constitution and the laws of this great nation! The 2nd amendment tells me that I have a responsibility to do so! If you are in this country illegally, you are breaking our laws and need to go! To h*** with this administration, we need to take our country back and fight for the folks that are coming here legally!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/njsidge Anthony Arezzo

    the deming of AMERICA continues by the demoCRAPS

  • bayman61

    Write your congress person and tell them how you feel. Tell them you want the illegals sent back, that is if they want to keep their cushy job. They tell them you will vote against them the next election if they do nothing about this scourge on America. I do it every chance I get. I imagine Mikulski and Cardin are getting tired of hearing from me.

  • lite_n_bubbly

    i so agree with the author! americans should not cave in to the demands of those who came here illegally!!! i am from another country and i spent thousands of dollars to process my papers and waited until such time that i can legally work!! i'd say, follow the law!! It is unfair for those who faithfully follow the law to be able to stay here legally! one can express their constitutional right for peaceful public assembly without fear, but that right is provided for americans. those who broke the law by coming here without proper documents should not be afforded equal rights under the law of america!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Patte/1172859115 Jerry Patte

    Easy way to fix the Illegal problem is through their Employers.

  • Boyd Sharp

    How can you possibly even think about amnesty? Has this country gotten so jacked up that breaking the law equals a free pass? You stood by while your country went to hell, then want to come here and take this country to hell? Remember the good old days? You caught a horse thief, you hung them. Made folks think twice about stealing horses. And just for giggles. Are mexican free loaders the only thing sneaking in? Not any nasty Middle Eastern terrorists idiots planning real death and destruction.