Liberals Think Election Was Mandate to Shut Down Conservatism

OK, I get it already. The Democrats won Tuesday's election, I won't say "fair and square" (I'm not convinced of that), but  decisively.

And I realize that means we have to put up with watching the barbarians dancing on the battlements for  a time, but if liberals think that one election loss means conservatives are going to throw out their values and just shut up and play along, they've got another thing coming.

Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan, who apparently is some sort of minor celebrity in the liberal kingdom, went on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" to spout off about what's wrong with conservatives after the election. His solution to the Republican Party's problems is that Fox News needs to be "demonized" and Rush Limbaugh needs to be disavowed:

"The first conservative who will be the future of that [Republican] party will be the one who says Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Republican Party, he is a poison on the discourse. You see the media industrial complex on the right is so lucrative, they don’t want to lose him and it is now controlling a political party. That has to be severed, Fox News has to be demonized, has to be cut off."

In other words, the liberals are feeling their oats and think now is the  time to recapture their media monopoly. (Expect legislation controlling conservative speech to be introduced very soon.)

Liberal "evangelical" Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners and leader of the Red Letter Christian movement, is also full of opinions about what's wrong with conservatives today:

"The results of the presidential election showed how dramatically a very diverse America is changing; people are longing for a vision of the common good that includes everyone. As one commentator put it ‘the demographic time bomb’ has now been set off in American politics — and getting mostly white, male, and older voters is no longer enough to win elections, as the Romney campaign learned on Tuesday."

While Wallis is right to note the GOP's problem with attracting non-whites, it's not because of the conservative message, which was largely unaddressed by Romney in the  campaign. The problem is that we have not been in charge of our own narrative.

Just by sheer numbers, liberal media outlets leave conservatives in the dust. Only on AM talk radio and the Internet do we have any significant presence, but even online, we're dwarfed by the Huffington Post, the liberal TV networks' sites and a whole train of drag-along leftist outlets like the Daily Kos. Fox News is the most-watched news network on TV, but it's only one somewhat-conservative voice in a marketplace where nearly every other single station is far to the left.

We also have to face the headwinds from the unrelentingly Marxist teachings going on in public education. Our religious leaders are largely kept quiet either through the notion that religion should not be involved in politics, or through the overt threat of IRS repercussions if it does.

We have not successfully penetrated the youth market or gotten into minority communities. The result is that most people only hear about conservatism through the filter of liberal news anchors, left-leaning comedians like John Stewart or hatemongers like Bill Maher. It's too much to expect most liberals to ever watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, because they've already been told exactly what "those shows" are about, according to leftist ideology.

It hasn't helped anything, either, that the GOP leadership has been paying too much attention to liberal polls and been more worried about being popular than being leaders.

Because we haven't been able to control our own message, the media have been able to get away with lying about not only us, but about what's really going on in this country. That's why a majority of voters think everything's fine and getting better when businesses are laying off people by the hundreds since Tuesday's vote because of the costs imposed by Obamacare, something the media should have been telling people to expect for months. That's why David Petraeus "suddenly" had to resign after the election as head of the CIA, because the media have been covering for Obama for so long on the Benghazi story.

If conservatives want to take back the country, we need to start by doing what liberals have done for decades: infiltrate our own party and community organizations with an eye toward leadership positions, then leverage those positions to regain control of our own message. We need to infiltrate schools, media and political structures. Our primary focus has to be on informing the young and minorities who share our values but who don't yet know it.

It's always darkest before the dawn, as the saying goes. Let the barbarians dance on the walls and have their moment. This fight isn't over.



  • MakerNotATaker

    Conservatism in America doesn't need to be shut down, it's doing a fine job of self-destructing. Case in point are the number of self-proclaimed conservatives who are incapable of having anything resembling a rational discussion about President Obama. It would be one thing if there were real evidence against him, but it's 99% baseless conspiracy theories, and 1% grains of truth.

    People like having rational discussions, not being drawn into some anachronistic fears about an evil communist/socialist/marxist/Muslim person who doesn't exist.

    • George Washington

      When we try you for treason, how do you want us to carry out your sentence,eh? I have some really good ideas.

      • MakerNotATaker

        Bible reader? I'm sure it can inspire many horrors that you'd enjoy carrying out on another human being.

      • /.murphy

        What kind of American would threaten a fellow citizen with death because he held a different point of view? The answer, of course, is no kind of American.

    • sha44ss

      Where did you get YOUR INFO from? Sounds like you have been indoctrinated soundly. All you have to do is read BHO's own 'supposed' biography to get a glimpse of who he is! Havent read it have you?

      • MakerNotATaker

        It's called the real world. You might want to get off godfatherpolitics and check it out some time.

        • Wayne Cummins

          The one not living in the real world, is you. There isn’t a single mainstream conservative that thinks Odumbo is a Muslim. And as I would expect, you are very uneducated if you think he is not a Marxist. Well okay, I’m sure you are very educated, in a Hitler-youth kind of way.

        • Dawn Garland

          yo might want to get off your crack pot and really look at the world from a real person.

        • Linda Clark

          What !! You don't believe Obamas own words in ink? Oh My!!!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Real world? On which planet, Uranus?

      • john cummins

        He is a Scientologist like Tom Cruise. MaObummer is an illusion to him, he said that the evil communist/socialist/marxist/Muslim (Kenyan) person doesn't exist!

    • Robalou01

      What would you know about a rational discussion?

    • CARLjr

      This is exactly what Andrew Sullivan was talking about. It is impossible to compromise with someone you have been told is the anti-christ. Guess what folks, it is just a differnce in opinion on these few issues.

    • Dawn Garland

      you are laughable, and S L O the head.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        In that case, be sure you type your replies slowly so he can keep up! ; )

    • Linda Clark

      If you are a maker you must be one that got a special dispesation from Obamacare and other garbage .

    • PYPYPY

      If you are not such a moron and what your "God" has done to this country, I would have found what you said, rather hilarious!

    • john cummins

      MaObummer doesn't exist? Are you a Scientologist?

    • wolmoon7

      Talk about 99% apparently listen toyour liberal media and other whack jobs and then go on a conservative site and spew your ignorance. Read Obama's own two books "he" wrote and you'll see that there is MORE than enough to justify questions and his allegance to "all things American".
      You've been duped, MakerNotATaker!!

    • /.murphy

      I fully agree. The question is--where does conservatism go from here? I think it will split. One group will be the traditional financial and educational elites--the people who would have been Republicans 50 years ago (although, admittedly, I think that nowadays, the higher a person's education, the more tendency to be liberal). There will also be a second and even, perhaps, a third group, and those groups will contain the religious extremists, the doomsday conspiracy theorists, the uneducated, and the many other self-styled "conservatives" whose annual income is nowhere near what the current GOP is trying to protect and preserve.
      But you're right in your comment about the "evil communist...etc." fearmongering. They should have known that Soviet-style disinformation doesn't win elections. It just confuses your voter base. So while the conservative commentators spent last several years spreading lies and half-truths about Obama, they were just plugging the barrel of their own shotgun. And look how it went off on November 6.

  • Upaces

    Ya know, Scientists have proven that there is a DNA marker for Liberalism/Progressives. I do NOT believe in abortion...however, there needs to be special education classes to teach these people logical, thinking when they begin going to school.

    • Derp

      Derpa derpa derp, conservatives are logical and liberals aren't, derpy perda dip berp.

      • Upaces

        You must be a can't seem to make a point.

        • Derp

          Erpy derp derp, liberals are bad mmkay, derp.

        • Wayne Cummins

          I have always believed one of two things are going to happen with liberalism. The first is that evolution will eventually cleans it from the gene pool, or the worst case scenario is that it will eventually destroy the human race all together. Either way it will eventually disappear from the universe. I mean really….. take a look at what a disease infested moron you are.

        • Larry

          Destroy the human race. For sure. Liberals are awesome. Go Huffington Post. Go eat more chicken.

        • john cummins

          And moron is derived from Moroni, right?

        • Michael Limberg

          True... Consider, Gays can't reproduce, and Progressives abort their offspring.... God works in mysterious ways...

        • watergate528

          Nice shot!!

        • Dawn Garland

          and seemingly idiots!

        • fiftysevenchevy

          If you have a speech problem, get off this site & go to school & learn English!!!!

        • Kittyhane

          Better yet... go do your homework. And change your diaper

        • BlueViolets

          So mommy let you out of the hole under the bridge? Good for you. Now go back in and leave the discussion to adults.

        • Kittyhane

          Are you eating your vomit yet? It's coming

        • john cummins

          His real point is that he hasn't seen real conservatives, I think! Most of what we had as "candidates" were mere RINOs in conservative skin. Many of those that stayed home, voted 3-10th party and/or wrote in votes saw the bumpy RINO skin underneath the smooth talking conservative but mostly neocon skin. A RINO is a RINO until/unless the RINO sheds its skin (and, thus repents).

        • Renellin

          Actually, I think you project on him. It is clear where he gets his information from, and I think Upaces is correct.

        • Barbara

          Indeed, and look what their Selfish principals has gotten them> Another four year of a lying, deceitful, manipulative, socialist, failure. The liberals conned you again with their voter suppression scheme. Convinced you with lies and propaganda to turn you against your own party. Anybody would be better than what we have. Now its apparent that there was wide spread voter fraud that help steal the election again.

        • Kittyhane

          I hate to say this but by my age, I will soon be in a better place. I guess I now think that let the country go over the cliff. We seniors will survive, but the younger liberals won't. We have been thru wars since WWII and learned to survive. When the money is no more, let the socialists try to drain more of what the gov. has no more of.It will be a lesson well learned for them. Let them sleep in their vomit. They will never have a future. At least we seniors did enjoy America when it was a free country.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          They will have a future. However, I would not wish that future on my worst enemy.

        • Patriot

          Kittyhane, AMEN - been there, too, and remember WWII vividly. We survived, but more importantly, we made sure our beloved America did. No more - these younger more progressive souls care not about America, but only about their wants, their needs; their gimmee, gimmee, gimmee attitudes are ruining America and it will become a third world country as this POTUS and his personal czars are plotting. So sad, for the once great leader of Freedom, the shining city on the hill. May she rest in peace.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          You got all that from that post?

        • Samurai_Sam

          You didn't actually respond to that idiot did you? He wasn't in for the discussion he was trying to ask his mother to change his diaper. Don't you understand baby talk?

      • Dawn Garland

        that was stupid.....

        • nancy miller

          But funny.

      • OldProudArmedWhiteGuy

        Typically liberal - you have no argument, so you pull a Biden.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Open mouth, change foot.

        • real talk

          Biden is a good example of liberalism at it's worse and the people that continue to put that joke in office says a lot about the advancement of the human race

        • john cummins

          that is Bite Me

      • Tom Walter

        Someones Choking On Their Koolaid

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Quick, more Kool Aid!

      • Phillip_in_TX

        No, liberals are logical, and they are ill too. This makes the "illogical."

      • cmdorsey

        Case closed, Idiot

      • Marlin208

        Wow, is that the best you can do? Did ya get that out of one of your commie handbooks? I guess this just goes to show you that trying to talk to a lib gets you nowhere fast. Great babbling with ya but I have heard it all before.

      • jwright673

        WTF? What planet are you from? Obviously you are here illegally and cannot speak English, our NATIVE language.

    • Dawn Garland

      lol- I love it!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      An x-ray can determine it too. There is a hollow space where the brain is supposed to be.

      • CDD

        Good for a much needed laugh! However, I disagree. These people are anything but stupid- THEY ARE EVIL! They are indoctrinated from a very young age...much like the Islamic extremists brainwash their children that Americans are evil and must be killed!!!!! And WE allowed our public school systems to become little more than Liberal brainwashing centers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          That is why my wife and I are home schooling our children. We refuse to put them into the "public indoctrination system."

        • Loran

          I wish you good luck with that. Out here in lala land(California) there is a push to have home schooling abolished. The way things are going out here, they won't have to worry much longer about parents home schooling their children. People are leaving the state so fast, there won't be anyone left to persecute.

        • Pclages

          There has been a net loss of LEGAL residents from CA for a decade. Overall, there has been a slight increase in the number of bodies in CA.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          When you decide to leave, you may want to consider Texas.

          My little sister lives in California. When she lost her job I tried to get her & her family to move to Texas. She likes it there. It is her & her husbands choice to stay there. I respect her decision and she has to put up with everything going on. I really feel sorry for my nephew since he doesn't get a choice.

        • Shortandsweet

          I left and I am so glad I did!

        • JocasseeJo

          Never enter them into the public school system- home school them from k5 on-then the system will not have a record of them. I home schooled & sent my children to christian private schools.

        • ANTHONY

          Teachers,instructors,professors and what ever now days teach what they think and feel not what they are suppose to be teaching.

        • judy64

          As a teacher, I never 'preached' to any one else's child.. but there were times when I heard a child talking about 'God' or 'Jesus' to a classmate... or bowed their head to give thanks at lunch. I never stopped it.. It is their right to discuss 'God' in their own way.
          I don't know what happens in classes today, but I pray they do not stop the kids from their own discussions about God just because they are non-believers.

        • aberdeem

          They do.

        • Ilene

          Good for you! If my kids were young now I would put them in a conservative private school or home school.

        • Apolloone

          A smart move, I encourage you to read Charlotte Iserbyt book titled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. I think you can read it free online. I highly reccomend anyone wanting to understand what has happened to our schools to read her book, especially if you have school age kids and grankids.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Thanks! I will definitely find the book. With the supposed "education system" (public indoctrination system) we have been sold such a bunch of goods, it is unreal.

        • Patriot

          Good for you, Phillip, and God bless you both. Were my kids younger, we, too, would do the same. All the public schools do is brainwash the kids and that includes colleges/universities. Be really careful when you choose a higher education facility for your kids. Most are horribly infested with liberal, left-wing, socialist, anti American attitudes, avowing and promoting gay rights, sexual freedoms, etc. Few require students attend classes or be responsible for their actions. We have created a monstrosity in our education system, thus our country. As a result, we are reaping what we have sown - trash.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Thanks! I do have College accounts set up for my children. Should they decide to go to College, I want them to go somewhere like Hillsdale. If they don't, they will be well prepared and know in advance, how to take care of themselves. They will have a solid foundation on which to build their lives.

        • Red Blues

          We also considered that course for our kids but as they will be the ones who have to live in the world that ignorant voters chose, we decided to use their school years as a huge "teachable moment".
          By calling out injustices, standing up to propaganda/indoctrination, making sure that our Christain values (faith, hope love) are upheld and being active in their lives. We are their first and best teachers but if they do not know evil when they are staring it in the face, how would they be able to respond and be able to counter any lies or deceptions they encounter as adults?

          I still have hope for them and for the "shining city on a hill" ideals that still make this country a beacon of hope and opportunity to people around the world who want to work hard and make a better life for their family.

          But those who want to have others pay for their 'lifestyle'? Meh, go get a job and learn what it takes to be an adult - not a whining crying overgrown adolescent. Too many have never stared in the face of adversity nor have had to do much more than fill out a form goodness!!
          now that's a tough life, ya know? Wow the emotional burden and hardship that takes...

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Thanks for the reply. My wife (she's from Ukraine) and was against home schooling in the beginning. When she saw what was happening with her two nieces who are here, in public school, she is all for home schooling now.

          I remember when I was in school. I spent a lot of time at the Principal's Office. I went toe to toe with the teachers and am very hard headed (my wife can verify that) especially when I'm in the right. I don't know where my children get their "hard heads" from. ; ) One of my wife's favorite lines is: "How do you like dealing with yourself?"

          It sounds as though you are giving your children a very solid foundation on which to build their lives. We need a lot more parents like that. God Bless.

        • Apolloone

          I have posted many times about our Marxist Schools and with the infiltraition of the New Age Movement which is another way Satan is claiming our youth.This is a scheme that began many years ago but really took off when Jimmy Marxist Carter gave us the so-called Department of Education in 1980 which is designed to make sure the masses remain ignorant, Our universities are dominated by Marxist/Atheist professors who hate Capitalism and embrace Communism. Our Constitutional Republic was never designed to operate as a Democracy only, as they have always been short lived as all Democracies have gone so is America. From Bondage,Faith Courage,Liberty,Abundance,Complacency,Apathy,Dependency and back to bondage.we are fast approaching if not there already the Dependence stage.

      • Loran

        Thank, Ineeded a good laugh.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          : ) I'm glad I could help. With everything going on, we need a good laugh every now and then.

      • mathis1689

        I agree. Liberals are by definition clueless because if they weren't then they wouldn't be liberals in the first place.

      • Apolloone

        Thanks Phillip that's hillarious.Doctor Lyle Rossiter Medical Doctor/Psychiatrist author of the book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder he did a study on liberals and came up with a diagnosis that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. After reading your post I know how he did it,there was no study at all, he just performed a simple x-ray.

    • john cummins

      Government Skrools have been proven successful based upon the supposed nominees and results.

    • don

      there is one already in place an been there a while. its called solistist indocternation it needs no special class it in ever class. this class you talk about is the one that my mother an father ues to teach me. but is no longer taught. the parents to day have failed their own children..there is less comon sense displayed to day than ever before.

    • deanied

      NEVER, NEVER will I give up my conservative values & the values that made this country great! We'll see who has the last laugh!

    • deanied

      nEVER...NEVER will I give up my conservative values & the values that made this country greart! We'll see who's laughing last!


      How do you teach control of lust and heat of passion?

      • Ruggedlark

        You know. The thing about lust, heat and passion?

        The people who have this (these traits) are also people that tend to be successful everywhere else in life.

        You harness and drive it.

    • Ralp

      ..... that's where you're wrong, you should be in favor of abortion.

      Eventually the LeftyLoons will Self-Eradicate because of it.

      Heck, I'm even starting to approve (cough) of Homosexuality ... they don't reproduce, once again, Self-Eradicating !

  • Doodlebug

    This election was rigged and we all know it. When I went to church this morning there was a guy that was telling that people were brought in by the bus loads and that when the votes were counted, there were many, many, many votes that the people had voted only for the obummer ticket and the one senate seat that was up to be filled. Of course the potty mouth dummicrat won the vote and billions of dollars were donated to her cause.Not one of them voted on any of the state issues. What do you think? Rigged election for certain!! The dummicrats will do anything at all to win and we had a judge hold up a decision on voter ID until after the election. Rigged in more ways than one! Watch out, HillyBilly will be next!!

    • Larry

      I hereby declare transport of people via busses to any polling station. Y know those commies preachers love to buss those dead people and illegals. Get Sheriff joe to start an investigation into all this illegal voting. Hes the man who can do it.

      • Renellin

        Unfortunately, nothing happens from all the stuff he uncovers.

        • Delores109

          Nothing has happened.....YET.
          Delores Smith

        • Red Blues

          Delores, you would probably want to edit your comment... Sharing your email address in a public forum is a great way to have you inbox flooded with spam and malware. Instead, use placeholders such as 'at' for @ and insert spaces in the address. Spammers use robotic text readers to scan online forums to harvest emails address like yours as they know they are real.

          For instance, if I wanted to share mine, I would write it as "red at blues dot com" not "[email protected]" and no, that is *not* my real email address - I just like tweaking the spammers that way :)

        • Renellin

          Oh dear. I don't know how far I can ride the optimism.

    • smilee

      We hear this after every election when the democrats win and every time it is proven wrong, if you were right our jails would be overflowing with fraudulent voters. Your just a sore loser who cannot accept the will of the people because you differ from the majority

      • Jillian

        The jails couldn't possibly be overflowing. The fraudulent voters get off scott free, with help from their "friends" the Democrats. Just when was this fraud even so much as investigated?

      • Doodlebug

        I find it interesting that obummer lost every state that has Photo ID. One person told her neighbor that "this is my second time." This coming from my chiropractor who knows the person she was speaking to. I have to have Photo ID to return a purchase to Pet World, yet you dummicrats can work it so you rig the elections for a lying, arrogant dummicrat Je()$$ to send America down the crapper. Wake up smilee I have never ever seen it investigated, let alone PROVEN wrong! It sure hasn't been in my state but then, we had a dummicrat governor! Let's have Photo ID made a federal law. All LEGAL citizens will have what they need to vote. Guaranteed!

      • Kittyhane

        At least we are 100%. Go crawl back in your hole and take your 'bama fone' with you.

      • Red Blues

        Please, spare us the righteous indignation. How can a judge lock up a corpse? There was proven voter fraud by Democratic operatives in Troy, NY several years ago... The perp (yes, they were convicted) stated that counting extra votes for their party was how they ran elections the.

        If you were really concerned, you'd be as angry as are others who see voter fraud and voter suppression for what they really are... A way to keep those with power in power. Hope that their glare doesn't turn on you because in the long run, we all lose when we put our heads in the sand and allow our elections to become meaningless and costly fluff to entertain the masses.

        As far as your comment about the crying because they lost, seems that quite a few fools said that they would riot if Romney won. The comments were not disavowed by the candidates nor were they discouraged. Yet, we are supposed to act as if it is OK to know that if that had happened, they very people who live in the inner cities would be the ones whose lives and property would bear the brunt of such action. Shame on you and others like you who seem to feel that the end justifies the means and that this type of behavior is acceptable... Because it is not!

  • Dawn Garland

    if anyone thinks that conservatives will just shut up they have hard lessons to demoncrats are evil and crafty at stealing, lying and hatefullness in about coming to the BRIGHT side! once the rest of the liberals see the changes that this *choke*prezidint brings--no one will be liberal anymore, except for those that are profiting from it! you movie stars, tv will soon realize that no one will be coming to see your one will be ablt to afford those things...then where will that put you...ohhh, and remember---you idiots are the 1%

    • mjkody

      That is a lot of their problem.....they never shut up.....and listen once in awhile.....I take that back....they do shut up to listen to Rush and Hannitty and other right wing powers that be so they will know what to think for the day.....

      • urready

        We can last 48 months can you, because all you all are takers, you cannot produce jobs or anything else. so good luck with your failed life living with mommy and daddy

      • The Lone Gunman

        This coming from a troll who get's his daily thoughts from the Obama Campaign HQ in Chicago. There is no such animal as a non-brainwashed democrat, and you are proof of that! Now, go drink your kool-ade

  • mjkody

    election should be an eye opener to Republicans to pull their heads out of their Asses, wake up, and jettison that far right lunatic right teabagging fringe that has taken over their party......

    • Phillip_in_TX

      I'm part of the "Tea Party" and damn proud of it!

      Now, that being said, I am Independent. At least the Republican Party did not reject both God and Israel, 3 times at their convention. Then the Democrats, after the 3rd rejection, the idiot at the podium said it "PASSED" when it was clearly defeated to add BOTH back to the platform.

      Have a nice day.

    • Red Blues

      Sure, let the Democrats jettison the radical leftists (anarchists, avowed atheists, tree-huggers, Gaia worshipping, crystal powered mystics) first... But wait, then there would be no one left except the power-brokers in DC! They would have no voter base if those elements were dismissed. But as a person who will defend your right to say as you wish and believe as you wish, I would not even tender such a comment as a serious thought.

      If the huge tent that the elitist and statists in the Democratic party have created to maintain power only realized that they are nothing but pawns for their masters, the tent would collapse... so the propaganda mill has to keep all these factions in line by offering them pablum or risk their own political careers. And the word 'career' is not what the framers and founders had in mind when they created a representative government. They also knew that if the public realized that they could vote themselves other people's money and wealth, that their great experiment in representative governance would perish.

      Read up on the thoughts of the founders sometime, eh? The federalist papers is a good place to start and then let us all know how what you have said fits into the national discourse as a rational argument, mkay?

  • SEBtopdog

    Conservatives, please be very aware. There will begin to be a serious movement to shut down talk radio and to control the internet. The road to totalitarianism has begun.

    • john cummins

      Has begun? Where have you been hiding?

      • SEBtopdog

        Oh, come on now. No need to be unkind ... We're on the same side.

  • wolmoon7

    There certainly was a mandate made known by this election. And it was for smaller and limited government, low taxes, more freedom, less regulation, and NO Obama. There were more than enough votes to prove this is what the nation wanted.
    The problem is....not only are we dealing with a radical liberalization of this country but also by incredibly corrupt liberal leaders who ensured their President was re-elected by fraudulent means in nearly every single State. Without having votes counted twice and more in hundreds of counties in numerous States, the liberals would have been resoundingly thumped!!
    Our other problem is that we don't have a lot of Conservatives in the right places that will have the Ba***lls to bring investigations and charges. They are just going to meekly "accept" the loss and from what I hear, are going to start "caving" into Dems, concede their loss, and start foregoing their principles and compromise away our rights and conservative convictions .
    Unless we start electing conservatives with backbones...we're toast!!

    • john cummins

      Justin Amash for House, out with crybaby Bohener

  • john a.

    This election has only given us more resolve for the longer fight to save this country from muslims, socialists and communists.

    • john cummins

      There is truth in this. We were shafted horribly by Willard after Ron Paul WON the majority of delegates from 8 states and was ripped off at the convention. It has made us more resolved to run for local offices and WIN, and we will WIN, and we will have real conservatism and replace the neocon, RINO, fake conservative crowd with real conservatives. Either that or the Dem/Repubs should merge as one official party so we can have a real second party!

    • Kittyhane

      Illegals and commies, go back and crawl back into the toilets you crawled out of. You come from s... and need it to exist.

  • Ron

    I have had to unfriend relatives on Facebook because of their Liberal views.. You jut can't reason with or have a conversation with Liberals.. I think the key now, is to just let the Liberals have enough rope to hang themselves, waiting on 2016, when Obama will be NO more...

    • Patriot

      Hey, I thought I was the only one! Had to blow off half of our family when they proudly stated that Michael Moore was a genius and Obama was the best thing since sliced bread.

      They keep trying to get back into the fold but refuse to apologize. So be it! They along with the other Obamanites can rot in hell!

    • Jillian

      With our luck Hillary or Michelle will run for prez and the same idiots who voted for Obama will vote for them. They'll give free stuff too in order to get votes.

  • The Lone Gunman

    Conservatism is not dead, but if we rely on the Republican Party to speak for us, it will be! The Republicans are now squarely left-of-center, whether they will admit it or not. Just look at Boehner, with his go-along-to-get-along attitude toward Obama. No, the Left has pushed this nation to a brink far more dangerous than mere economic ruin. They have pushed us nearly into fascism, where liberty is eroded to the bones.

    • Patriot

      Boehner needs to be gotten rid of and replaced with someone who has a backbone.

      • john cummins


        • Patriot

          Can't argue with your suggestion. Good man.

        • john cummins

          If you can't argue with it then join me in promoting him unless you have a better man in mind?

        • Kittyhane

          speak up Azz if your mouth won't work

    • Phillip_in_TX

      John "no spine" Boehner needs to be where "it's not my fault Obama" should be, out on his butt! It is time for a Speaker of the House who has some balls!

    • john cummins

      Yup, replace Boehner with Amash NOW

      • Jillian

        When will the voting on this idiot take place, John? Or is he/she appointed? I forget lots of my Civics class.

  • mtmountainman

    the biggest problem with Libs/Marxists is that they refuse to think for themselves and investigate to learn any facsimile of the truth. They prefer to bury their heads in the sand and hope their Messiah will overlook them when the axe falls. You can't have a conversation about their "Great Leader" when they refuse to see him for what he is. All Marxists are out to destroy the country. Kruschev said in 1961-62 that they could never conquer the USA from outside--they would have to do it from within and by the time the American people realized it--it would be too late. Just look around you, folks. That time is here. Which is why Patriots/REAL AMERICANS will fight this to the bitter end.

    • Patriot

      It's called "Group Think" and it's been running wild in our schools of higher learning and I use the word higher euphemistically!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Liberals wanted - No thinking required.

    • Kittyhane

      We won it once before and wel will do it again.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Liberals thinking is an "oxymoron."

  • Larry

    Beat by the Huffington Post. Who would have thought. We are amazing. You are doomed. And those Marxist schools. Most textbooks in A,Erica come from those formulated by Texas...that commie stronghold Texas. They recently passed new history books that omit the references to Pre commie Jefferson, UN, Hispanic leaders, etc. so how are y getti g all that Marxist stuff in school. Do this union (in 18 states) teachers just forget the books and teach Marx all day, even in math, science. Of course, they do still teach evolution. Not sure how you are gonna get rid of this. Watch out. The RF micro chips get distributed this week. Watch out for the new and old black panthers. They are delivering ghenchipsandnpickingnup all yiur guns and ammo. DOOMED

    • Phillip_in_TX


      • Red Blues

        Larry is an example of what will soon pass for intelligent dialogue in a society run by the department of (re)education. Must be from Colorado, too. Guess he forgot that one needs to exhale even when they 'didn't inhale' all those pot fumes.

  • djbltrnmd

    The Very Liberal Press that seems to be so controllled by their own Unions that they have no power or guts to prent the truth, might well face bankruptcy or reorganization soon enough for a gang of honest Citizens could unite and purchase 'IT' and establish a return to a modern age of 'Honest Journalism ". there are probable a sufficiency of ' laid-off ' pressment to run a non-union shop and also a plethora of News Hungry citizens to purchase the Founders Stock. The daily reporting of Government Failures and Socialist Societal Destructions could fill the front news section and the society pages could list the daily moral turpitude charges levied against the Liberal Leadership

  • David B.

    Most liberals have an IQ of a snow pea and if they ever come up with a ligitimate thought caught rattling around in their skulls and manages to find its way out it could be the fastest trip in North America! Now why would anybody vote for a man with a record Obama had in his first 4? I sure in the hell wouldn't yet brain dead morons sure did and you're going to regret it too!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Wait just one second! Why do you have to insult "snow peas" like that? ; )

    • Kittyhane

      I never capitalize 'bama' he doesn't deserve the respect because he is nothing and nothing from nothing is just that 'nothing'

  • popps52

    Everybody knew BEFORE the election that it was going to be rigged. Does anybody remember of the person that PREDICTED the bummer was going to win the 5 states in the mix ?? Ironically....they ALL had VOTER FRAUD THAT WAS PROVEN. the bummer and his fixed band of thieves had the fix in BEFORE we voted. THERE IS NO WAY ANY county can vote 133% of eligible voters. Explanation was...."must have a glitch".NO NOT A GLITCH....A FIX. The sad thing is.....we CAN'T go back. SO...what we do secede from the union. Let the liars,cheaters and voting frauds fight among themselves. By the way i did read that a secession of the union is going on right now.

    • Kittyhane

      YES and I say GREAT.

    • Ruggedlark

      I've been saying for a few months now, once Texas secedes, other states will follow.

      I'm going to have to move.

  • PreacherCruz

    WHY on Earth should ANYONE care what Democrats think or say Republicans need to do? Does ANYONE really think they want Republicans to win? Appeasement has the GOP trying ALL too hard to be liked by people who will always hate and vilify us. How about ACTUALLY standing for something even if it doesn't seem popular? Articulate our reasons and I GUARANTEE that more Americans will agree with us than do Liberals.


    Libs try us and then we will see if you can shut us down

  • Richard Keene


    • PMDavis

      And who is going to prosecute anyone committing voter fraud? There was lots of fraud the last election and nothing happened. Why should it be any different this time? There is showing up, now, a lot of voter fraud in Ohio.

      • Richard Keene

        Try writing, fax, call, email your representative and senators and demand they set it straight! The more complaints the more they quiver from fright of losing a voter!

    • john cummins

      you are shouting, i must vote dislike based on that, your emoting sounds more like a left wingnut, they only emote

      • Richard Keene


  • PMDavis

    Unfortunately, Obama getting re-elected, as unbelievable as it is and probably through voter fraud (they are finding out now in Ohio), is that the liberals will take it as a go ahead to further their agenda. What that agenda exactly is I'm never quite sure. What a terrible day for this country. What is happening today, though, has been prophesied by a number of people about 30 years ago. So what is happening is God's plan, I believe, to continue bringing this world to an end.

    • Kittyhane

      If people would only read the Bible, they would see that in the end God WINS.
      Come Lord Jesus, it couldn't be too soon for me

  • Victor Barney


  • LaVerne

    Look at the states that Obama won. All of them have high percentages of people on welfare.

    Months ago I heard one of them bragging about all the free stuff he gets and how 'we got to keep Obama there because I have to get a job if he isn't'.

    It's the 'gimme' people who don't think for themselves that voted him back into office.

    We conservatives are the ones keeping all of them afloat. Looks like our boat is being scuttled from all directions by this administration. What will they do when they bleed us dry?

    • smilee

      There are many more on welfare in the red states because the wages are lower and thus more qualify for welfare and by the vote totals many of them must be conservatives

  • DrBillLemoine

    Where is the 'fact-free', information lite right getting its data and opinions? Rush and FOX. Until the right repudiates these low information voter sources of opinion and fantasy, they'll not resume the role of GOP and loyal opposition. They'll continue their downward member spiral as demographics accelerate their demise. Ultimately it's attitudes and policies that sink the right base. When leadership accepts bigotry and fantasy and conspiracy, it dooms itself as happened on Tuesday. If conservatives think their philosophy depends on Rush and FOX, they deserve whatever electoral results come from regressive policies and bad attitudes, not to mention absence of ethics.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Dr. Quack, the absence of "ethics?" Wow! You really need to stay out of the medicine cabinet. The Democratic Party would not know "Ethics" if it walked up and bit them in the butt! Have fun with "Obamacare" and the "Death Panels." Will you be one of the ones sitting on the panel, just curious.

    • john cummins

      Partially correct. Rush and Faux Snooze often distort the truth but NOT from the direction you think Doc. You "may" be a Doc but you need more education. If you naively want to live in the fantasy La La Land of no conspiracies you at least need to read Tragedy and Hope by Bill Clintones favorite professor and get at least slightly more educated. You may be a Doc (I don't know shat type) but evidently it hasn't taken hold in the area of facts and truth.

      • DrBillLemoine

        Your post started out so promising, then typical right winger, you veered sharply into Rush or FOX speak--no arguments, no facts, no civility, no point.

        • Red Blues

          Dr Lemoine, you 'talk the talk' but seem to be unwilling to 'walk the walk'... the " 'fact-free', information lite right" comment is not a term that many on this side of the aisle would find as anything other than a pejorative and definitely not a way to start a friendly discussion on the OP - that is unless you had planned on presenting a lecture?

          Sorry, my class schedule is full as I'm reviewing the plethora of documents and litigation that seems to have erupted since the recent election. Seems there are those who feel that the ACA legislation (aka "ObamaCare" (and not using the term as a pejorative for as the President himself said that he liked the term when it was mentioned during one of the debates last month)) is vastly overrated by many. Some states are even considering ways to opt-out so as to prevent their operating revenues from being drained by the immense expenses associated with it's implementation.

          In fairness, the Democratic party can only win elections by pandering to special interest factions and always promising what they cannot deliver, "Close Gitmo", Reducing the deficit by half within three years","Keep America out of the wars engulfing the rest of the world" (that was FDR's campaign promise!) and on and on.

          You are almost right about one thing, the GOP leadership *did* accept the "bigotry and fantasy and conspiracy that were clearly on display" by the Democratic party and did *not* take a stand to call them out on it.

          Weak leadership by the GOP elitists in DC are to blame and should not be confused with ant similar weakness by the citizens who agree with the virtue and moral constructs of conservative values. The leadership only gave lip service to those principles in this election, but do *not* count on that happening again in the future.

          The fact of the matter is that neither major political party has exclusive rights to civility nor above average intelligence. I would point to the Dem Undergrnd or DKos or even MSNBC as prime examples where the atmosphere is less than wholesome and diatribes can be found not fit for a PG 13 rating. (Of course based on your vitriol, you might feel right at home there.)

          I prefer to engage in civil discourse with all other citizens and refuse
          to dwell in the gutter nor play word games while feeling all smug about
          my superiority. So, unless you have something to add to this discussion
          beside ad hominum attacks and projection bias, in the future I will
          give your comments here no more consideration than the fellow above
          ("Derp" as in 'dork') who showed that at least he was *trying* to be funny
          - if even in a purely sophomoric fashion.

          kindest regards,


  • Dick1942

    Compared to the total number of people that make up this country, The Democrates only got a small percentage of the vote. They look at it as a major win,,,WRONG. A lot of people don't get out and vote, because of fraud and thinking their vote won't be counted anyway,,,I personally think they are right. Democrates have a reputation for fraud and corruption. It's sad that more honest people won't stand up and be counted. I'm sure they don't want this country changed in the direction it seems to be headed.

    • john cummins

      There was intense fraud with the RINOS and RNC at the convention! This is what turned off so many Indies and true conservatives. The RNC needs to clean up its act, purge itself of RINOS and neocons (they should go back and stay the Dems that they are, at least be honest), and then conservatism will be shown the winner it actually is.

  • Upaces

    @Phillip_in_TX:disqus I did not know that. So? I wonder what the answer is to "fix it"?

    • Phillip_in_TX

      At this point, it will be hard to fix. It seems that nobody in Washington D.C. has the balls to do anything. Sheriff Joe and his people have done a very detailed investigation. So, far it is being ignored. The United States, at this point, may be to far gone. I have already signed a petition for Texas to secede and will support that with my "Life, My Fortune, and My Sacred Honor."

      The U.S. has to many people at the Government trough waiting on the next bucket of slop to be delivered.

  • john cummins

    It was a mandate to shut down evil of 2 lessers voting, for sure. It is time for RINO hunts across America. Conservatism/constitutionalism needs to be tried. RINOs have tried and been found wanting. No more voting for cultists, etc.

  • Craig Allen

    I am a conservative and I think...wait a minute, got call from Obama....Crap ! Obama told me to STFU so I can't say anything. Curses !!

  • downs1

    Gee whiz, guys, if we get rid of all the Conservatives, who will we blame when we screw up?! Maybe we need to rethink this! Also, who will we argue with and what will we say when we're interviewed on CNN? What will the TV comedians do for material? They will only be able to pick on us, and that could eventually be destructive!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We would not have to worry about them blaming us since they'd all starve to death.

      • downs1

        You're probably right, brother! lol

  • TM

    liberalism is a cancer and obama is spreading it fast among the dead from the neck up idiots.

  • Kevin

    The liberals have no need to worry about conservatives much longer. The word of God reveals that soon the restrainer will be taken out of the earth, then the man of sin will be revealed and the 7 year tribulation will begin. That restrainer is Gods Holly Spirit ,who lives in the heart of millions of conservative people. After the rapture of the church, the liberals will have freedom to do what is right in their own eyes.

    • Kittyhane

      "Rapture" is not a word in the Bible. It is never mentioned that way. I can tell you are a commie athiest.

  • Upaces

    @John: Oh, yes, you are right about that...of course you are.

  • DOOM

    do any conservatives think that republicans in the house are actually going to fight Obama?

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Let me think a minute, NO.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    I am from WV, and l think that all those people that voted for obama happen to be dumbest people around, Women should have their abortions and birth controls, but damn it pay for it your self, why should our taxes pay for it. Sounds like the female all are acting like prostitutes.
    obama is nothing but a bully and he has it ,do as l say or your taxes will increase more and more.
    Most of the female voters voting for obama are welfare bums and just so uneducated. And l think putting small business out of business was just what he had planned with his stupid obamacare to increase big business sales and higher prices.
    Hope more states recede and let those vote cheapers have DC, create a new goverment and elect a new president.
    We need to stop the corruption of the Democrats.We do not need a liar and hate crime person in the WH. obama is a liar and cause hate crime all over the world. Why did our taxes have to go towards letting obama be a gun runner to Mexico and two rival countries across seas.
    And l do believe in my heart that Stevens was about to blow the lid on obama's gun running.
    And most of all, let us not forget get that his mike was openning when he said he will be more flexible after his re-election.
    That shows me, he knew he was winning and that was by fraud, and he was helping Russia create uproar amount the nations over there. Plus the only people that night the 4 americans were killed, Russia soldiers were there with guns and it was the lybians who recused Stevens from the burning building and got him to a hospital. But they were too late.

  • Bruce R Porter Sr

    Based on the lousy selection by the RNC "rich white guys" and the incredibly incompetent campaign I'm inclined to believe that the RNC agrees and wants to bury conservatism even more than the marxists do.

    • smilee

      You can't win elections if all you wish to represent are old rich white men,if conservative do not change this it will get even worse for them in future elections as old rich white men and getting less and less of the public

    • Kittyhane

      Oh Nooooo, you are another of those 'no worky' guys.' Go lick your food stamps and hug your bama fone. It won't last forever, he has forgotten you alreadyl Let us now what it's like under the bus.

  • Marlin

    First of all there are no more democrats. They all sold out to world socialism. And socialists don't think; at least not logically. These day it would seem that everytime a candidate wins (even by a small margin) it is seen as some kind of mandate.

  • David Elwin Henry

    So explain to me how fraudulent votes in 31 counties of Ohio, or Colorado,or Florida, or Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, etc., constitutes a mandate for anything except secession? This fraud is so childish. It goes like this: "OK, so I cheated. So what? My skills as a community organizer (read: voter fraud) means that you virtually voted for my agenda. Now I have the right to tax you to death, bring in the UN as the sovereign head of the US, shut down clean air coal-fired power plants, destroy the US military, take your guns, enforce dhimmitude (Islamic tax on infidels contained in Obamacare fine print) and anything else that Valerie Jarrett and George Soros have placed on my to do list. If you have problems with this, just contact the Department of Justice. They will be glad to help you see things a bit more clearly."

  • real talk

    What is needed is men and women to take the responsibility of their actions or they should lose the privilege the farther we get in the future the more we stay in the past . at some point it has to catch up to the intelligent people on this planet, or those people who don't get it will perish because they can't keep up with technology,and the burden of economic burdens.

  • Bruce Jacobs

    Well, the laugh will be on the welfare people when they find out their usefulness in this election is over. Now, those with jobs need to quit and also go on welfare. Let the lib gov'ment support all 350 million in the US. They won't be able to print monopoly money fast enough. A dollar will be worth just about $0.0001, not that it's worth any more than that now!!

  • nancy miller

    This wasn't a mandate, this was a theft.

  • John Collignon

    As long as Boehner is the top banana, the GOP will not get my support!

  • Donna Casas

    Obama won because his voters cheated. How can some counties have up to 159% voter participation? It will take more than Special Ed for Libs, they need a frontal lobotomy!

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      More bullsh-t- where did you get that idiotic lie? Every district has GOP poll watchers! So they are in on the fraud. Boy you soiled yourself. There are Depends on sale in your ward. Get alife!

  • twocolts

    Liberals are disgusting maniacs that prove daily, liberalism is a mental illness that works as a social-cancer, shutting down all that is good and wholesome, embracing all that is twisted, sick, and immoral.

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      Where did you dream up that tripe?

  • The Truth

    The liberals may not have figured out that 3 million Republicans did not vote in this election because the Republican candidate was not Conservative enough.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Liberals are nothing more than savages and criminals. They are ignorant low-lifes that attack and steal from those that produce--just like tribal cultures do/did to each other. And, don't tell me that the whites did the same thing. The whites gave them the opportunity to improve their lot and advance as a civilization. They refused, attempted to attack, and wound up playing the "victim".
    Besides the entire election was a scam. The liberals can only win elections through fraud and criminal activity. We have a criminal President sitting in the White House because of election fraud. In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Romney didn't get one vote!?!?!?!?! Obama got 108% of the vote in other counties, i.e., Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

    • twocolts

      King Obama intends to have total control of this nation, no more elections will be allowed...he is a smug, tyrannical maniac that has been given a blank check by the so-called majority of this once great nation, which is more devastating than the madman himself.

    • Kittyhane

      don't capitalize his name, he is nothing and deserves nothing of importance.

  • PatriotArt

    "It's not he who casts the votes that wins elections, rather, it's he who counts the votes that wins elections" - Marx

  • Delores109

    I did not give you a mandate for anything. Actually, you are NOT my president. Your election was a fraud, but you know that. You just don't know what action is being taken against you. Let's call it the November surprise!
    Delores Smith

    • wolmoon7

      Delores109....PLEASE share the "November Surprise" surprise with me. I need some good news after being sick at how the election was stolen.

      • Delores109

        Let me just assure you to stop worrying. Evil will get what evil has coming to them. Just don't worry. Take care.
        Delores Smith

  • Renellin

    There are plenty of minority representatives among conservatives, but they are instantly demonized and written off by the lsm and web sites like Daily Kos and Huffington. But while I do agree we need to take a proactive stance and infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate, it's going to be a long road to get by them.

    Also, I read this morning:

    Vote Totals For Barack Obama A Statistical Miracle!

    By Tom Tillison

    Florida Political

    Front Page Magazine is reporting that Barack Obama won Wood
    County in Ohio this year with 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.

    In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote
    out of an eligible 98,213. This is not to say that the 108% registered all
    voted for Obama, just that more people are registered than eligible.

    Perhaps even more astonishing is FPM reports that he won 100% of
    the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland. Think about that… Ohio voters had 7
    presidential candidates to choose from, plus the option to write in candidates
    of their choosing, yet every last voter in 21 districts chose Obama.

    Gary Johnson, the candidate for disaffected Libertarians who
    received 43,479 votes here in Florida, was on the Ohio Ballot. And while
    Roseanne Barr was not, she did make it on the Florida ballot and the 7,971
    misguided souls that voted for her shows that there are always going to be
    those who choose to follow their own path. Always.

    Except in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Is that not a stunning consideration? As of early September, voting
    registration lists totaled 900,135 in Cuyahoga County, which makes up much of
    the Cleveland metropolitan area, so exactly how many votes do 15 districts
    represent? Thousands… tens of thousands?

    Yet every last one, down to a man in these 15 districts voted for Barack
    Obama – a statistical miracle!

    Reports such as this are sure to trickle out around the country
    for weeks to come. We have become a very sick society and considering the
    current President of the United States once taught Saul Alinksy in college,
    who’s philosophy is the ends justify the means, rampant corruption should not
    come as a surprise.

    While you may expect a thorough investigation to be launched,
    particularly so considering Ohio has a Republican governor, with a negligent
    media sure to suppress the story and an Obama Administration that can stonewall
    with the best of them (Fast & Furious, Benghazi), and with the American
    people ready to move on from the election, this is going nowhere fast.

    And as long as the citizens of this country continue to deny the
    corruption exists, justify it in whatever manner or just look the other way,
    they are bringing irreparable harm upon future generations, who will pay the
    ultimate price for this lack of courage.

    Unfortunately, any efforts to address the issue end up being
    hijacked by demagogues, with the Democratic Party typically pushing back for
    even fewer controls and accusing Republicans of racism and voter suppression,
    regardless of the proposal put forth.

    ...Not completely sure it was a fair election.

  • Randell Danner

    They took out Andrew Beitbart, when are we going to return the favor and take out Bill Manuher? I'm kidding...sort of.

  • BlueViolets

    Liberals think? I thought the women voted with their vaginas and the men pretended to have vaginas.

  • Marlin208

    Let's get one thing straight. They did not win this election, it was stolen so to say that conservatism is dead is a lie. Sure you can win elections through cheating but that does not make it true. They should shut up and sit down because it is a hollow win and they know it.

  • Bill Tyner

    Obama's Socialist Revolution is walking a tightrope. As a group, his supporters have been taught to accept a promise as something that has actually been done. That's important because when his handlers see a problem, a quick "heart felt" promise is rendered and that pours water on the problem. However, nothing gets fixed. The problem is that when the borrowed money runs out the empty promises will be discovered and even the most devoted will eventually see through the foggy lies. As quick as he is on his feet, his vaunted UK style Socialist welfare system" is faulty. For proof of that, just look at the shape the UK is in both economically and socially.

    Unfortunately, we will probably need years of mind blowing pain and failure before "the people" will return to common sense. You mean we have to work and there ain't no more "free sh_t"?

  • expectingchange

    Liberals love mandates, the proof is in the pudding, they willfully elected a dictator. They love having the state make decisions for them. They aren't really free thinkers but the product of politically correct indoctrination by peer pressure. Because of this there is the American dream and the Amerikan ideology,....opposite ends of the political spectrum. Conservatism will never die but socialism will surely go broke. Its just a matter of time till the handouts just won't be enough and jobs will look mighty good.

  • USSBO formerally USA

    How can the 50% who voted for BO and do not pay taxes, is on some kind of welfare tell us, the other 50% who pay their bills, how conservatism is wrong? Is there anyone out there with just the smallest brain cell wonder when the middle class runs out of money because they have no job due to the policies implemented by the communists what they will do? The 1% can NOT do it. So you can either go out and become a street thug literally feeding off those that have a little (oh, that is what you are doing now) or just get on line and drop your striped pajamas!

  • don

    got a questition for ya. by the time we infiltrate. do you think there will be any thing left to fix

  • Roger Purcella

    awaiting the great ass wipe in office to bring on the end remember the only religion who chopped off heads is Islamism what is the ass wipe in office get ready it is coming lock and load

  • terryb

    We now have 30 republican governers,it would be smart toget voter I.D. legal in these states now.Romney only lost in the states with no I.D. let'sget this dne people.

  • underthewire

    Even the media won't be able to cover up the rising unempoyment due to Obamacare and the failure of this president to get over his racist behavior. One can only lead so many sheep over the cliff before they start to get wise and push back. Soon those of us being penalized to support the takers will put them all in the street. Poor college kids......soo entitled they actually think their smart.
    Dumb and dumber and they both are professors at liberal U.

  • Conservative for Cannibis

    Tad, you nailed it.TV media imbalance is so one sided 9-1. From the networks and cable news all lying and covering for Obama.

    Here is how our party survives future elections:

    The next issue that will divide us even more is when states by states start allowing medical and recreational use of marijuana. If republicans running things want to see their party rise up, the PERSONAL FREEDOMS CONSERVATIVES need to rise up. Also this is pro-jobs and business marijuana group, personal use taxation.

    Hemp has also rescued this country in the past. If we let the intolerant far right of our party control our tent membership they would say Hell NO. If we as Republicans allow marijuana legalization to become yet another liberal cause for stoners, you can forget this party. It will disintegrate. This can be molded into a smart, conservative, pro-business, pro revenue reason to get our votes back. The states that legalize first will see the largest injection monetarily and even the real estate in those states will realize a large win-fall.

    The War on Drugs is a colossal failure. Right now Obama and Holder have said they would fight back on the states that have legalized already, from the federal side. That's great! Republicans can steal those voters back. By the way regulations in medicinal states has seen a drop in crime. We need less smuggling, incarcerations and crime because of illegal marijuana sales. We also need less state taxes paid court costs and jail cost. Time has come. This issue has been growing for last several years. Now as these state fall one by one, who is going to support these business owners and farmers? Conservatives should and the corridor drug proponents should remember that nicotine, food, alcohol and caffeine can also be considered corridor drugs and we all use them everyday.

  • Antonia Bifano-Freeman

    This is what counts as political discourse in the Democratic Party! My husband and I hear this all the time in Portland, OR... So, we've decided that they can have Portland; we'll take Clackamas County! The libtards call Clackamas Clackistan, so we say this with pride! Hail Clackistan!!!

  • kenhowes

    The GOP campaigns around the country failed to respond in the only way that would have had any chance. Mitt Romney kept giving generalities about where he would make budget cuts, afraid that he would alienate constituencies, but for him to keep claiming that he was giving specifics when he obviously wasn't hurt him. What he had to do was spell it out.
    And once more this year, the Republicans threw themselves onto their swords for the rich. Eight out of the ten richest counties in the country voted for Obama--seven of seven outside New Jersey (the two that did vote for Romney were both in northern New Jersey). All over the country, left-wing Democratic Congressmen were returned to office in wealthy congressional districts (Tierney in Massachusetts, Himes in Connecticut, Bishop, Israel, McCarthy, Maloney and Lowey in New York, Schwartz in Pennsylvania, Van Hollen in Maryland, Donnelly in Virginia, Schakowsky in Illinois, and numerous others). If the rich don't mind going back to paying income taxes at the rate they paid before the Bush tax cuts, why should we be fighting their battle?

  • jwright673

    Conservatism has already been shut down, by a bunch of impostor conservatives. Unless and until the GOP reinvents itself, demo-rats will ruin by rule the little left of the original America. If anyone sees a Republican president in the white house 2025, let me know. Four more years of maobama, then eight of hillary. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Ronald Christopher

    The best method to stop abortion is to put a quarter between her knees. This insanity of the liberals will be called to pay up. Nobody gets anything free for very long.

  • Brenda

    Let's see if they are still crowing in a few months when obama begins to exercise his muscles. Then we will see who screams the loudest.

  • Wyatt

    Sorry , but thats where you are wrong , Liberals don't think . They are all dead from the neck up and blindly follow the guy with the Koolaid and freebie cart

  • bigdog137

    Nope. Sorry, but Conservatives are about 40% of the population. Problem with past election was: 1. voter fraud. Dems, as usual turned to voter fraud in order to win. Ohio, Florida, Philadelphia. 2. Romney was't CONSERVATIVE enough. There are standards. There IS right & wrong. Republican hierarchy is too stuffy & entrenched. Illegal aliens need to be encouraged to self deport. Nobama won because of voter fraud & he played Santa Claus, provinding free contraceptives, healthcare, etc. to those who obviously don't want to have to WORK & provide for themselves.

  • Upaces

    Don? Do we have a cure yet? lol

  • WSK

    I have been a history teacher in NY for many years. I teach mainly Black and Hispanic students. I tell them all the time about the greatness of America, capitalism, and the Constitution. I never push any party or any ideology other than liberty. These children are patriots in spirit but they are not nurtured right, the system is geared to make them think dependency on government is a good thing, that the system is against them. They are told so many lies and distortions, they are completely in the dark about what America really once stood for. There is always hope, but far too many teachers are the useful idiots that Lenin loved. The Left despises America, they will say otherwise, but I have seen with my own eyes the public school agenda every day for 23 years. It is frightening and sickening.

  • rchguns

    I think the rule in the land has changed drastically and it resembles one of the little-known Murphy laws. The one that states that given the opportunity government is like a cesspool. All of the progressive/socialist all float to the top just like big turds with the biggest and smelliest in Obama's dirty diaper that he happens to carry around on his head.

  • agbjr

    Obama 50%, Romney 49.1%. That is definitely NOT a mandate for anything other than further division and civil unrest. They may be celebrating their "victory" but after the closest election in United States history liberals and socialist Democrats have a very rude awakening coming ... it is about the Constitution and the preservation of OUR Republic.

  • Evermyrtle

    I don't think the GOP will bow, I think they already They right now do not stand for the conservatives, if they had Romney would not have been the candidate for the GOP Party.. From the start I did not think he was the best candidate, too many Christians know about Joseph Smith and his ant-Our GOD writings, which Christian will never accept. The fact cost the GOP millions of votes, IN FACT THAT IS WHAT LOST THE RACE, IN MY OPINION..

  • Mys77

    If what was taught in shcools about liberal leaning thought was the ideal way of living, then why is bullying in school at a an all time high, why are kids killing kids, hatred towards gays, violence against girls and out of wedlock births, drug use and alchohols is rampant, and the drop rate and qaulity of our education is pathetic. It has been shown that this godless, immoral attitude leads to chaos and misery and it being rejected and exposed as detrimental to a healthy society or for that matter healthy kids. Sooner or later the eyes of a lying liberal is opened after leading a miserable life, and they realize what a fool they have been. And liberalism is incredibly foolish and those people are full of hatred and misery. I can't stand to even breath the same air when they open their mouth.. putrid smell.

  • Othello

    The GOP/Conservatives believe that the money you make belongs to you and your family. They also think that you should take responsibilty for yor own actions. Democrats/Liberals think that the money you make belongs to the government because (some) people are to lazy to get off their @$$ and make their own money. Liberals think that "you owe me" and that it's ALWAYS someone elses fault.

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      That's a laugh!

  • David Beck

    That's what they said in 2008, we know what happened in 2010.

  • Upaces

    Samural...sorry, it has been a very very long time since I have been around babies lol.

  • mattzweck

    liberals just are just want to destroy america, conservatives want to keep american values.

  • Schnable

    Rather than defend their country, three million Republicans did not vote, one percent voted Libertarian, and Democrats stole the rest. The Republican Party and the Republic died on election day. Now being in a permenant minority position, they can claim little, other than being the powerless "loyal opposition". Tragic.

  • Upaces

    @9682bc91d53efcc46bce89be139f122d:disqus --- Believe me, you are NOT alone.

  • Pclages

    Shutting down conservationism is something both the left and the GOP establishment can agree one...

  • Ruggedlark

    Liberals can think (oh, is THAT what they do?) anything they want.

    I think its time to leave the Not So Conservative GOP: Its either Independent or Libertarian-either way. Each group is way more conservative than those old people that think they know everything.

  • Upaces

    To tell you the truth...I do NOT know. I think ALL parents struggle with that.

    I don't know why it is passed to one child in the family but not the other. I am not a scientist. I am most certainly NOT a liberal...but my daughter is...which blows me away!
    OR, is she really and still just wants to be opposite than her mother out of ?????
    I don't know.

    • Catherine Allen Alphonse

      Or it could be that when you are young you are a liberal and when you get older (and wiser) you are a conservative. That's what happened to me and I'm hoping that's what will happen to my children. Makes me crazy right now, but I hope for the future!

      • Upaces

        Catherine, I do NOT know how we live to be! Being a parent is a VERY hard job! And IF one takes the job seriously, sometimes I swear when she was young I'd go over the edge! LOL

  • DandBA

    The intent of the article seemed to be to encourage conservatives after the election on Nov. 6th. I fear it is going to take more than one such article to cheer me up. I am so sick of fools with a TV camera in their face, grinning like a monkey and holding up their Obama phone. At such times, I sincerely wonder if there is one iota of human DNA in that creature. Surely, the brain of such an individual isn't functioning normally or they would be able to see that they have been duped and duped good fashioned. I suppose it could all be that due to the amount of "freebies" they have received throughout their lives, they have been deluded into thinking they exist in some sort of never, never land where everything is free, but only for them. There is going to be one rude awakening, I fear.

  • OhConservative

    A group of us are calling for a recount due to obvious voter fraud. Go to
    Devvy Kids column Please join us and share with everyonê you know.

  • BarbaraBarbara

    The liberal news media needs to be boycotted. Stop watching ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC. Find out who their advertisers are and stop buying their products.

  • Emslykarl

    What Andrew Sullivan obviously has not learned are the lesons of history ! The Death of Republicanism will mean the death of our Republic ! Every great empire in history has collapsed under the weight of its own moral decline , ending in anarchy ! Rome , the last great empire until the birth of the U.S. , was dealt the final knock-out blow by the French Revolution ! If Sullivan thinks that somehow America will be the exception , he is either smoking Hash , or is delusional ! The Judeo-Christian value sytem espoused and defended by Conservatives is the only remaining constraint against the total economic and cultural collapse of the Nation ; once the absolutes are gone ( those very absolutes that Liberals despise ) all that remains is political expediency , and whatever the majority decides is morally acceptable then becomes the norm ! The inevitable consequence is a rapid descent into chaos , anarchy , and finally totalitarianism ! Get it Andy ?

  • chris

    Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

    God chose Obama to win. What is it about the bible you troglodytes don't understand?

    Romney was satan's candidate. Obamacare is the dream of jesus come true.

    • LetzBReal

      If God chose Obama it was to punish this country. However I do believe in this country where we have the blood bought right to elect our leaders (assuming fair elections). God gives us the government we deserve. I truly believe that the generations that supported massive child killing for 40 years are going to be euthanized as a result of provisions initiated by Obamacare! This latest generation of unchurched kids has no respect for their elders and I've even heard some espouse the idea that we older folks need to leave the stage - we've had our time and we're taking up space and consumming valuable resources needed by the next generation. What was it in the Old Testament; eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life? You reap what you sow America, you reap what you sow.

  • Nick Fortunato

    The liberal media elected Obama by not allowing him to be vetted and protecting him from anything negative. Whenever he did something wrong they would not criticize him, instead they would give him advice. The establishment republicans and RINO's need to be purged from the party. Ron Paul and Sarah Palin should've been asked to speak at the convention. Paul supporters were upset with the party and their number could've made the difference in electing Romney.


  • Ilene

    Andrew Sullivan is a bully and useful idiot of the left.

  • robjh1

    The Dems won fair and square. And if the Republicans don't start accepting reality the party will become a dying breed.

  • democrat

    You all have to be kidding me..... get a grip... Democrats (not necessarily liberals especially in the fiscal sense because economic facts have proved that Democrats are more fiscally responsible than republicans lately, sorry don't throw me over the cliff, but did Clinton leave with a Deficit?) have had to deal with the presidency of Bush, guess what you now get Obama... Get over it and shut off Fox news.

  • Roger Wolfe

    any liberal one vote win is a landslide...

  • Charles_Higley

    The only mandate they received is that there are many lazy, greedy, entitlement, self-centered, and poor out there who have no idea that they can produce more than they are given. They would also be much better for it, if they earn it themselves rather than expecting government to steal from others to give to them. Do they not see that they are being enslaved?

    Socialism is nothing but slavery in which the slaves are duped into becoming slaves. Once enslaved, they will find that there is no place to go. If the UN achieved its Agenda 21 goals there would be no place in the world for the slaves to escape to.

    Also, those pushing socialism/communism have absolutely no intention of being the slaves. There is always going to be two classes, the rulers and the oppressed. Communism is truly tyranny and oppression by a gang, with nothing good for the vast majority of the people, sorry proletariat.

  • star Warrior

    I was suppose to get a Election done by mail. It never came. I had drive to vote. I wonder how many handicap persons never got their Absentee voting papers. They never voted. Country Office knowns who a Demo, or Rep. This was in Callfornia. I guess it don't matter at ten minutes after the Calif. Voting Polls closed. California declared the Obambo won???? I ask myself.. why did I waste my time, and vote :( In California I think about 75 percent are Demo, and California is the King of the Welfare, and Food stamps State.

  • Vancouver1941

    This yahoo who runs down Fox news and Rush Limbaugh seems to give a free pass to MSNBC. 90% of this channel stinks. it is hard to decide who is worst on there so called news anchors with there own shows. Martin Bashir who insults Mr. Krauthammer or Chris Mathews who is glad hurricane Sandy came along and killed people and destroyed there homes which the last I heard was 43 dead as of yesterday.Or how about Ed Schultz with his filthy pig mouth with his opinion of women( words I won't write). if I had small children there would be a security lock on this channel.Bill Maher is in the same class as people I mentioned above.Fox news with the highest ratings,Rush Limbaugh and the other talk radio hosts are not going away.

  • Byron Mullet

    Considering the Progressive/democrat party has become a sociopathic mess and has lost it's collective moral would think it vulnerable, ripe and ready to be exposed for what it is...? All Conservative Christians have to do is expose it and not allow them near children. God help us! Where are our leaders????! The grass roots of America, the salt of the earth home schoolers have understood this for years.

  • FloridaJim

    We lost because we were too lazy to show up Romney had 3,000,000 less votes than McCain! While Obama had 95% of blacks and 72% of Hispanic votes and 65 % o single women it was a total defeat for any from of conservatism outreach...shame on us. 330,000 votes in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire would have won the electoral vote.

  • Red Blues

    A real must read...

    Any conservative looking at the results from Nov 6 and wondering how so many could be blinded by all the smoke and mirrors will find the reason. The misguided actions of those who willingly vote for socialists and their agendas are what we are up against.

  • KittyKittyKit

    LIBERALS....are so dumb they don't know they're liberals, Socialist are so dumb they don't know their socialist, Democrats are so dumb they don't know they are both liberal, socialistic, and STUPID. When you look into their eyes you can tell the "light's" not on inside their heads. They walk around in darkness saying......we be edukatud....we be smaht.....we be dah bestest an' dah smahtist cause we got education degrees in "green" everythin'. We gonna chenge dah wo----(burp) wo-erld, like yeah man, I mean like "we be whuts happ'nin, mahn, whay as soon as ahm dunn smokin' dis weed, ahm gon' pull mah pants up so's my underwear doan shew an go vote Grrreeeeeeennnnnhhhh. Howww, (buuurrrppp), h-howww 'bout you gon' vote..Greeennnnhhh??

  • LetzBReal

    Decisively? I don't think so. If only the 3 million Republicans who stayed home on election day had voted, Obama wouldn't have won the popular vote by 2 million. How this might have changed the electoral college, I haven't heard.


    Literally, all the liberals can go to, aw, never mind, God will send them to HELL anyway for abortions.

  • Faith Brooks

    it's strange how these radicals think that anyone that exposes them for the evil they are should be expunged or removed. if they had good sense they would take note of the european countries that are collapsing because of the liberal choices they have made in the past.

  • atchafa

    Some sick people