Thousands Losing Jobs Due to Obamacare

The two biggest lies of President Barack Obama’s presidency are he won’t raise taxes on the middle class and Obamacare will reduce costs and improve medical care. Now that he has secured his second term Obamacare is looming large on the near horizon.

Even though Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class there are nearly 20 tax increases contained within Obamacare that will affect the middle class, poverty class, and seniors living on fixed incomes. One tax in particular that will hit the poverty class and seniors the hardest is the medical device tax. Many seniors and lower income individuals rely on medical devices to stay alive. Many of these people are on fixed incomes and can ill afford to pay out more for their medical. But that seems to make no difference to Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, who would just as soon see all these individuals die sooner rather than later.

As reported earlier some businesses have already started to lay off workers and plan for downsizing due to Obamacare. A more recent report reveals a growing number of businesses that are planning massive layoffs due to the increased taxes and costs of Obamacare. Among those listed so far are:

Welsh Allyn - who will be laying off 275 employees, roughly 10% of their workforce over the next three years.

Dana Holding Corp. - warned employees of potential layoffs due to cost of $24 million over the next six years in additional health coverage expenses due to Obamacare. They currently employ 25,500 workers worldwide.

Stryker - announced that they are planning on eliminating 5% of the global workforce, approximately 1170 jobs, to offset the medical device tax. They are one of those largest manufacturers of medical devices in the world.

Boston Scientific - announced two years ago that the proposed taxes in additional costs of healthcare contained in Obamacare would force the company to cut between 1200 and 1400 jobs. They added that the additional costs may force them to move workers and investments overseas to China.

Medtronic - they also manufacture medical devices and have already cut 500 jobs this past summer due to Obamacare costs and plan on cutting an additional 500 jobs by the end of 2013.

Smith & Nephew - are looking at laying off 770 employees.

Abbott Labs - are looking at laying off 700 employees.

Covidien - are looking at laying off 595 employees.

Kinetic Concepts - are looking at laying off 427 employees.

St. Jude Medical - are looking at laying off 300 employees.

Hill Rom - are looking at laying off 200 employees.

A number of other companies have announced that they are looking into making most or all of their employees part-time to avoid having to provide healthcare benefits. Among these are:

Darden Restaurants - which includes Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants.

JANCOA Janitorial Services - Mary Miller CEO of JANCOA told Congress that Obamacare was a dream killer and that it forces them to experiment with limiting the hours of their staff to avoid having to provide healthcare benefits.

Kroger - is considering limiting all employees to a maximum of 28 hours a week.

Papa John’s Pizza - John Schnatter, founder and CEO, announced last Wednesday that Obamacare add 10¢-14¢ to the cost of every pizza. He says he will either have to increase the cost of his pizza or reduce employees’ hours to offset the cost of Obamacare.

When the Democrats forced Obamacare down our throats in 2009 they promised it would make health care affordable and accessible to all Americans. Everybody would have health care coverage at an affordable rate. We’re already seeing more and more companies that are either laying off employees or cutting employees’ hours down to part-time to defray the added expenses of Obamacare. Thousands of Americans are already losing their jobs or being cut to part-time because of Obamacare.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and like the iceberg that sunk the unsinkable Titanic, the iceberg known as Obamacare is already ripping open the sides of the good ship America and we are starting to take on water fast. How much longer we can remain afloat is a question of great uncertainty, but like all great ships that have met similar fates sink we will.

Do I think America can remain afloat for four more years until we have a chance to elect a new president? I doubt it for several reasons. One, I don’t think we can financially survive another four years at our current rate. And two, under Obama I don’t think there will be another election in four years as I am positive he will assume dictatorial leadership of our nation. The financial collapse of America will set the stage for Obama’s complete takeover. One of the biggest tools to cause this financial collapse is Obamacare and we are already seeing the beginning of the end.



  • DontTreadOnMe11

    If I was the CEO, I would find out who the employee voted for, if it was obama, they'd get laid off first.

    • Screeminmeeme

      DTOM11...Good idea and seems fair to me except that the Obama acolyte would call some gov agency and the owner would be shut down and charged with discrimination.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I don't think there is any law that prohibits political discrimination. But give it a while and I'm sure our "leaders" will make one.

        • snowmaggedoned

          There is such a thing as "political Discrimination". It has been going on here in Maryland for decades. You can't keep a state government job unless you are a registered Democrat. Governor (Dictator) Martin O'Malley has fired many Republican state workers and any perceived Republicans that are registered as Democrats. I know this to be true because I personally know some of these people that were let go as soon as O'Malley got elected in 2006 and soon since he got re-elected in 2010. He finds a way to "flush" them out then throw them out of employment as soon as he get's wind of a Republican worker in hiding.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I'm not saying it doesn't exist, my point was that there is no law to protect someone from political discrimination.

    • Paul Broussard

      You know the ACLU would step in for those dopes!

      • Phillip_in_TX

        The "American Collection of Losers and the Useless?" They probably would. People need to do what Sheriff Joe does, tell them to go pound sand!

    • LeSellers

      Indeed. (Checking the parking lot for O'bama bumper stickers would be a first step. Even old ones would be enough for me.)

      No employer is under an obligation to have workers who manifestly undermine his company. Voting for O'bama is just such an act.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • twocolts

      Why would they care, they will be in line for at least two years unemployment, would be immediately added to the welfare roles, and would get a free phone for every member of the family, and free abortions/contraceptives.

      • Phillip_in_TX

        Can you hear me now?

    • Doodlebug

      It will be real interesting to see what the numbers are of new people entering the unemployment records are and what our food stamp hand-outs raise to. There's a lot of talk of closing doors.

    • StGabes

      Thats a great idea until people catch on and lie...

    • Chris Topher

      There was company that did just that. Every employee with an Obama Sticker got a pink slip.

  • Screeminmeeme

    da Tagliare........I'm sorry to say I agree with you. Unless God intervenes, America is going down the tubes and there seems to be nothing that we-the-people can do to stop it. We can't appeal to the media or our representatives, all of whom are complicit in aiding Obama in our undoing.

    I noticed that when delivering his last 3 speeches....on the night of the election, one about the fiscal cliff, and one on Veterans day....there was a decided change in his tone, IMO. He now is assuming a more sober, military-like bearing. Hard eyes, resolute, unyielding and arrogant. Reminded me of a number of Castro and Chavez.

    Maybe it's just my imagination....or...maybe his behavior is that of an ambitious, malevolent creature who knows that he won the grand prize by fooling everyone and now intends to lord it over all while implementing his diabolical agenda.

    While a stupefied people watch, the real Obama is unmasked.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "Unless God intervenes"

      Imaginary entities can't do things.

      "Maybe it's just my imagination" It is.

      • Screeminmeeme

        GOOTB.....I posted that as bait knowing it would draw the response of atheists. Thanks for biting.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          BOOTB is just a troll who posts on this thread under many names. It seems he especially likes to urge you on!. LOL

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Most posts and comments on this website are indistinguishable from trolling from a sane person's perspective.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          You're welcome.

        • MJ

          Wait... If you posted that with the intent of drawing a response from "atheists", that in itself is the definition of trolling.

      • OMA

        Don't be fooled, there is a God and He will intervene, but not before we reap the consequences of this atrocious election.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      The "wolf" is taking off the "sheep" clothing.

      • cjcromar

        He's got more flexibility now!

  • Robalou01

    As the layoffs mount don't be suprised if Odumbo doesn't rush in and start nationalizing companies under the guise of "saving the employees jobs". Then he can fire all the employees who didn't vote fro him. Of course anyone who held stocks or bonds in these companies would be wiped out including the pensions of the union bozos which are invested in said companies... The country has unleashed the sociopath.

  • eddielee

    The increase in our supplemental insurance is increasing over $80.00!
    Where is the savings obummer promised. Seniors may as well forget about knee and hip replacements. Probally forget about life saving surgery also! GOD help us all!!!

  • Marcy Cook

    In 2008 I said in the end obama will try to get at least a third term or become a dictator. Now, I'm not so sure. There are a lot of democrats who want to be president, one of them being Gov. Cuomo in NY. Cuomo is extremely tough and the democratic party is afraid of him. I doubt he will let obama take the White House from him. Not saying he will be good...just saying he will not be a dictator and won't let obama take anything from him. He was also a little hostile to obama during Sandy.

    • snowmaggedoned

      Got news for ya.....Governor O'Malley from Maryland won't let Cuomo take the Presidency without a fight. He has his eyes on the prize, too. And if you think Oloser is bad....wait until you see O'Mallady in action!! You ain't seen nuthin', yet!!

  • Bobseeks

    I hope that most of them are union scum.

  • shooter842

    I would not be surprised if Obonzo did not send out an executive order that said that all people have a right to a job and an employer cannot fire them. Just read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. It will scare you to death. The simularity to the US today is amazing.

  • elmerf

    In the last 3 days, just since the election, another 58K+ people received layoff notices. This is before the fiscal cliff fight even gets started back up, before taxes begin to skyrocket for American employers, and before open enrollment insurance premiums are made apparent.

    I will not feel sympathy for nor pray for those families, as it most likely that over half of them voted for Obama, making this happen. Many, many people have been fooled by this fraud, thinking that he has their best interests in mind. And, being laidoff is just the beginning. Tax increases, rampant inflation, rapidly rising energy costs, and lack of national security is just a few of the things looming in your future. You get the government that you deserve.

    • cjcromar

      They're now seeing trickle down theory in its finest! Oh, the one OBumbla said doesn't work! Hello! It's working now! Trickle down layoffs!

  • TM

    The ones who voted for obama deserve every bad thing that can happen to them and more.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      People who say things like you are giant assholes.

      • twocolts

        And, people who don't agree with TM, are the mindless blind morons that have signed the death-warrant of our USA.

      • Ackerjax

        Unlike all the progressives that want certain conseveratives to die or suffer?

      • DCW16

        You are living proof . . . that you can't fix stoooooopid ! ! !
        Hang on to your ass (both cheeks) while the community organizer blows another 6 TRILLION . . .

  • Off2shop

    If Obama really wanted to help our northeastern citizens that are still weathering Sandy, he would cancel all handouts to foreign countries and give the large sums of money to our own people that need help. We all know he really does not care about Americans unless it's during voting time.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      He does not give a "rat's behind" about anyone except himself.

  • Wibbys1

    We will get a chance to elect another president?

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Yes, in 4 years, that's how it works.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      No, not another U.S. President.

  • Vikingfa2000

    You failed to mention a few other factors with St. Jude. 1. they are laying off 800 folks, not the reported 300. 2. They are moving one entire shift of production from CA to somewhere offshore that will eliminate another 250 US jobs in the next 12 months. 3. They will no longer be able to produce an infant device that is the only one on the market due to financial limitations imposed by Obamacare. (It will cost them $120+ million $ per yearf to comply) Where is the good of this stupid mandate?

  • morning_in_america

    hey, at least they have food stamps and obamacare

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Yep, that will save them.

  • WilliamSpires

    The only growth that Obama and the democrats really had a positive impact on is the firearms and ammunition industries. Have you gotten yours yet ? Even those businesses may not survive when the economy prevents prevents their affordability and the UN and democrats outlaw their purchase.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Yes, and will be getting more. I talked to an employee at Cabela's yesterday. I asked how ammo sales were going. He told me they have been selling more bulk ammo in ONE day than they used to in a few weeks.

      • jackflash1

        OK...What have you crazies got planned now? I smell trouble. Give a loony a gun and uh-oh.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Okay, we won't give you a gun. That will take care of the "loony" part. We can't tell you, it's a secret.

        • cjcromar

          You stole the words right out of my mouth! ;o)

  • FireMall

    For the Love of God & Country people !! Wake up !!!

    Obama could not have done in his first term and Will do in the second & likely as the last elected POTUS "Without" the Full approval of the entire Congress and Supreme court.

    Political Party Ideologies factually disappeared from the electorial process many election cycles ago.

    All "We The People" have been doing is falling into an election trap while the Collective Socialist agenda has been moving "Forward" into the decades ago plan of Globalization the entire world's nations.
    The Nov 6 elections Obviously were meant to be what it is today and the Collective false prophet Leaders on both false party facades are fully vested and Both so called parties have been fully culpable for decades in destroying the Very last nation to stand in the way of Globalization of the world.
    I feel like I have lost the love of my life / nation to a Cocaine snorting , bi-sexual , Marxist Pimp from hell's half acre of Islamic Misery & Deceit...
    I suggest getting back to the basics of life as the usual Last resort in the face of Evil and turmoil that most have experienced at times in their lives.
    Humbly Beg God the Father for his Mercy and Blessed assistance in "We The People's" final fight for the Nation our Lord & Savior alone Built as a Haven for His obedient believers.
    Amen: & Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

  • real talk

    There is no way everyone will be taken care of I was driving past a welfare office and the line was wrapped around the building it was mostly Hispanics and I'm sure illegals as well , there is no way we can or should provide for these people that come to this country illegaly , we are heading toward civil unrest.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      You're full of crap and no one should listen to your incoherent racism.

      • Ackerjax

        Illegal is illegal. That's the problem with definitions - it holds a standard to which we are accountable. There are those who accepted the rules that do not appreciate those who did not. So does that make them racist? I am sure you will be able to change the definition to fit your prerogative.

    • cjcromar

      Did you know that in some states you can get food stamps WITHOUT a SS#?

  • GetOutOfTheBubble

    Wrong, thousands losing jobs due to greedy plutocrats. Get your facts straight.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    I wonder. Did any of the people getting laid off vote for "it's not my fault Obama?" If they did, tough sh_t! (i) If they did not, that is too sad. They get screwed over because of some other idiots choice.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      We ALL got screwed over due to 51% of amerikan (sic) idiots that voted for obama!

  • hausman69

    I agree in that I do not think there will be an election in 2016. I am looking for Marxist O'bamaClaus to make a run on the 22nd amendment through executive order.

  • nobody asked me but...

    Join the nationwide boycott of companies who supported Obama. Starbucks. Costco, Disney, etc etc etc. Check out the list on line and punish them or Valeria Jarrett said "get even with them"

    • Chardonite

      Another way we can get even,is by turning in every person that we can that is in any way cheating on any entitlement. We know they are out there. All we need to do is keep our eyes open,and report them.

    • cjcromar

      Along with about 222 companies who were exempt from having to participate in Obamacare..campaign donors?

  • Ben Dover

    Moochers electing looters to take from producers. Yep, that about sums it up.

    • sumtinwong

      Obama gave me a free phone, he goin give me mo stuff, yeah, an i voted fo Obama. There i said it!I voted fo Obama cause he BLACK.. You a$$holes make me sick!

      • Ohio Tony

        Just goes to show what a maroon you are. If you worked for me, you would be one of the first I'd fire.

        • Chardonite

          And you can't even spell moron.

        • cjcromar

          What? You read minds? How do you know Ohio Tony wasn't saying maroon? You maroon!

      • Chardonite

        Actually Obama is not black. He is a yellow mulatto.

      • Bill Lueckfeld

        Ya and 47% more like you vote for that phone, by the way how is it working won't for long its borrowed from China moron, You really sound stupid and black, there I said it.

  • Freemanmd

    Well perhaps in a month or so when so many people have been
    laid off, then they will consider impeaching BHO.

  • RachaelR

    Very soon all of the libtards who work (that's a minority, of course) will wake up one day and wonder where the heck all the full time jobs went. Having two part-time jobs will become the norm in this country instead of one 40 hr a week job. I am a business owner (just myself and a 20 hr a week assistant so far) and I guarantee that if I ever expand my business (doesn't look at all promising right now) while Obamacare is on the books, I will never hire anyone to work more than 29 hrs a week. There are consequences to every action and the eventual extinction of the 35-4o hr work week is one of them.

    The Titanic is a good metaphor for Obamacare - the wealthy will, for the most part, get what they want and need, the middle class may or not make it, but some of them may have a chance, and the poor who go on Medicaid are 3rd class passengers on the Titanic - most all of them are doomed! Way too many people and almost no lifeboats....and like on the Titanic, they will be trapped below deck and left to perish.

    • jackflash1

      Actually the real moochers are in the Red folks need to check out reality.Tell your idiot "leaders" like Koch and Romney to stop sending our jobs to China,buy American, put that pimp whore monger Sheldon Adelson in prison for child prostitution.

  • Walt

    This is what all you brain-dead freeloaders voted for. Bend over and enjoy it.

  • Thomas Creamer

    I hope that every job lost is a liberal idiot that voted for Obama ! They deserve it !

  • Gary

    I'm sure anyone who lays off workers due to Obamacare will be called racist.

  • trustygma

    Obama and Biden received the endorsements of the several unions along with the Communist Party of America and Communist Party USA.
    This is saying by someone we have heard of & to those. who voted for ob.,.
    "It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them." -Adolph Hitler

  • progressiveandproud

    Treason by the wealthy against their country and workers. Why am I not surprised?

  • Watchmanonwall

    There will be more layoffs as the epa shuts down coal plants and oil production. electricity sky rockets, gas sky rockets.- more layoffs. retailers will go out of business because people can't afford the new gadgets and toys. - more lay offs. QE3 to infinity will result in hyper inflation. sales will slump further, trucking and transportation will stop. more layoffs. China does not trade fair. See "Death by China". - more layoffs. Dollar will no longer be world reserve currency. interest rates will go up. - more layoffs. interest will eat up the government revenues. No one buys our debt. Europe will fail. banks here hold their debt, will fail. more layoffs. etc. etc. etc. It's goooood. messiah is in the wh. It is not "IF" but "HOW SOON".

  • Nanny Pat

    Obama doesn't care about the American people he has a job. He is the Devil in a clowns suit. He needs to be impeached for his actions. Send letters to him and lets over load the post office to his office and let him know how displeased you are with him. I can not believe people wanted him back in office in the first place because he has lied about everything he has promised. He hates the USA and is one of the biggest crooks that has ever lived. He believes in Communism and wants the USA to be run that way like Brazil and other countries. It is time for him to go before January.

  • Donna Casas

    I sure hope this article's last paragraph is wrong and we can somehow survive the next four years. We can't go down without a fight!

  • Barquemaster

    Another method to quicken the elimination of the elderly WHITE vote! Minorities will always have a government program to pay for what they can't. Protect the Democrat voter at all costs! Keep them coming back for more.........votes!

  • ObamaIsKillingTheUSA

    All companies should also NOT buy ANY vehicles from GM seeing as the people that voted for Obama thought that the bailout was a great move. Let’s let them suffer also!

  • Chardonite
  • Vancouver1941

    If you actually believe Obama is going to keep a promise let me introduce you to the tooth fairy,santa claus and the easter bunny! Everytime he opens his mouth is a lie.Every since his infamous speech "Nobody who makes under $250,000 will pay one extra dime" or "you can keep your doctor,etc."And his other 2 goons Pelosi and Reid are right behind him figuring out more ways to swindle the American public I knew we were in trouble.For those who voted for him you got what you wanted-your free entitlements. When the gravy train runs out and there is no more FREE stuff and you voted for Obama you got what you wished for-high unemployment,attempts to take over educating children in a socialist world,mandates,regulations,fines,restrictions you will learn there is no free lunch.

  • william'

    Along with the job loss we will see many getting hurt with insurance. The next four years will put many under.

  • Catherine Cole

    You do realize, that the people who are going to suffer from this will be the middle class? You do realize that these businesses cannot afford the new health care law? You do realize that the current government leadership will not blame their terrible obamacare law, but will rather, convince people that it's someone else's fault...probably the buisness that had to lay off folks... you do realize that those businesses will be further "punished," and that the people who buy into the blame laying will boycott, thus forcing the businesses to further lay off people? You do realize that all of this bites the hands that feed us. You do realize that all of this is only the beginning of the down fall and beginning of the third world reality of our country's future.

  • gluco30

    Did people not know or care that millions more would be losing their jobs or have their hours cut because of Obamacare? When you tell Obama voters that their taxes WILL go up, they look at you and say that is a Republican lie! We tried to get the point across before the election and they refused to believe it. I agree with Don't Tread on Me- lay off the Obama voters first and keep the rest until the end. You can pretty well figure out who they are. I think we should all adopt that strategy- let those who caused the suffering be the first to reap the rewards of their actions. Although they might enjoy being on the dole.

  • Dustin

    We told you so

  • cjcromar

    Here you go Democrates, Obama told you trickle down theory doesn't work? Well, here you go, see it first hand for yourselves. Layoffs are trickling down at an alarming rate...and to think it could be jobs trickling down!!!! Just as Romney said. ...oh wait, he's a liar by all means..isn't that what your Savior and Lord Obama said?

  • MostlyDisagree

    I looked at several of the companies listed above and they have had poor performance for several years and been laying people off and moving jobs to China. Now all of a sudden it seems Obamacare is to blame which didn't exist. I wish I could find real information on this to form an opinion...but it all seems tainted.