Union Strike Results in Closing of Plant and Loss of Jobs

I’ve written before about why I don’t like unions and how they have done more harm than good in many areas.  I’ve seen them cause hundreds of families to lose their homes during strikes while the union representatives continued to get paid.  During the election campaigns, union members in Massachusetts were fined for not showing up to support Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Now, in Cincinnati, Seattle and St. Louis, a strike by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union has resulted in shut down of three Hostess facilities and 627 workers losing their jobs.  They were striking over cuts in wages and benefits that the company had put in place.  Hostess had stopped contributing to the employee’s pension fund last year.  In September, the union rejected Hostess’s contract offer and decided it would be better to go on strike.

The union said that Hostess is:

"Making a mockery of the labor relations system that has been in place for nearly 100 years."

One worker in Cincinnati told a local news station:

"They're cutting our wages 8 per cent, then they're gonna go on top of that eight per cent, then take another two per cent, and take our insurance. Our pension has already been cut and that's another thing we're out here disputing."

The company is currently working through bankruptcy proceedings for the second time in eight years and doing everything possible to remain in business.  Hostess Brands warned union workers that a strike could lead to the closing of some facilities and loss of jobs.  However, about 30% of their workers continued to strike against the company.  Hostess said that the strike prevented the production and delivery of products.  Consequently, on Monday, Hostess announced the closing of the three bakeries along with loss of the 627 jobs.

Once again we see just how successful a union is.  Rather than work with a company that employs over 18,000 workers and is struggling to remain in business, they felt it was better to go on strike even when they were warned it would result in closures and loss of jobs.  So far the net result is that nothing has been gained but 627 union workers have lost their jobs.  Way to go union.  And remember, it’s these unions that supported Obama and helped him win re-election.



  • jag

    The DNC should have selected Hoffa as their Presidential candidate. He has a life-time of dictatorship and is highly paid for doing nothing. He hates non-union shops and their employees.

    Not too far back, he said, “Let’s take these sons of bitches out,” referring the TEA Party.

    • Dub Taylor

      IIRC that was Trumpka that said that...but who is going to parce words with crooks involved...both cut from the same cloth

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        No, it was Hoffa that said it, but I agree, does it matter who said it?

        • john cummins

          love the true american flag you are flying there

        • TheBitterClinger1

          Sad--I have to retire Old Glory myself. I do not support succession--dissolution is a better answer then try again--one people separated from another.

        • PennJim

          Don't retire your flag, fly it at half mast for the next four years.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Thanks, as of 11-7-2012, my Stars and Stripes in hanging upside down as a symbol of the extreme distress this country is in.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

          You are right it was Hoffa .

        • fort9erdon

          Hey, did Hoffa ever find his daddy?? Bwa ha ha ha ha, LOL, Bwa ha ha ha?

      • d1032

        No, it was Hoffa!!

        • disgusted demacrat

          And than let hoffa explain where all those teamster job have gone? How many trucking companys have gone busted and out of bussines because of hoffa? 100's by my count, 1000,s have lost their jobs ,homes, and familes thanks to the union!! Myself have worked for 4,all have shut their doors

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.patton.167 John Patton

          You don't honestly believe that hoffa really gives a damm about his unions members.

      • TimAZ

        The best thing about these union leaders supporting Mao-Bama is that they are eliminating their own source of income. Their union laborers will be the first to become unemployed because no one will have the funds to buy anything made from union labor.

        • doc

          And unions wonder why compa ys go outside the USA6

    • ddt

      he should follow in his fathers footsteps
      where ever he is

      • XXFR

        very heavy footsteps I am thinkin'

      • johnsnare

        The word in Jersey, is he was compacted in his car. They dug up a local junkyard looking for the scum bag.

    • evantoo

      Let whoever said it, try. Problem is, when the sh-t hits the fan, they're all like their President, way, way in the back. You'd need a howitzer to take someone like Hoffa or Trumpka out, that's how far back they'd be.

      • ginger

        Wonder where I could get one???

  • Doodlebug

    Get used to this folks! With the jerk in the WH and his "raise taxes" on those making more than $250,000.00 a year, "everyone paying their fair share" and all the other crap his is throwing around there WILL BE MUCH MORE TO COME! The unions are behind him 100% and the rest of us can just suffer and suffer we will. I hope this bakery hires a bunch on non-union workers and let those of you in the union who voted to keep this jerk for four more years suffer with the rest of us. If you don't like your pay, you are always welcome to find somewhere else to work AND there are always people looking for work. Take you signs and look else where and by the way LOL!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

      If you think that $250,000 is a lot of money you should consider that would be the equivalent of just $25,000. as little as twenty-five years ago. That would be a little more than two thousand a month.

    • Avg Taxpayer

      Move Hostess to AZ, we a right to work state!

      • rs1123

        Indiana too! We would be glad to have them.

        • agbjr

          Move them into South Bend's old Studebaker Corridor; have a revitalized non-union company produce on property where the UAW had taken a company down.

      • colleenf

        Or Louisiana or Texas!!

        • Backgammon

          Or Arkansas

        • MASR53

          Or Georgia!

        • KurtofLA

          How about the Socialist Republic of California hahahahaha

      • kkc003

        People in Arizona appreciate their jobs, help neighbors, family members & appreciate life. Positive thoughts and lifestyles have its rewards. Its not about money, its about your thought process. "destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice!"

      • Vette66

        What makes you think the union workers will not follow and want it to be unionized before they will work. Either that or just block the entrance to the plant. I trust the unions as far as I can throw the WH. Since when did the unions care if you're a right to work state or not.

        • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

          I think it's time to get rid of the Unions.

        • KurtofLA

          Unions can be a necessary evil, but like our government, we let the "leaders rob us" and do what they want to do and get powerful and self absorbed. Their retirement is assured and a good amount of money it is

        • bobalo59

          Unions are outdated, and outmoded. They served a purpose once. Now with all the regulations that the federal government has in place, they're no longer needed. They're useless, job killing orginazations that put almost every business they belong to out of work.

      • eddie3896

        Hey...so is South Carolina....come on down...before Obama sues them for moving to another state like he tried to do with Boeing.

        • jack

          Boeing only tried to open a plant in S Carolina, they are head quartered in a different state & have many plants in many states, some only make parts, some only assemble

        • molly way

          We have a Boeing plant- here.
          Those parts companies who do business with Boeing,are many, as well.
          We welcome ALL of them!

      • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

        Yes, we would!

    • Al

      There is something that smells about this story because it is not like unions to grant concessions when a company is financially strapped. It has happened many times. Is it possible that company exects wanted to close the facilities and used the strike as the means? Were these workers led by corrupt union leaders? If the company was under bankrupsy protection the courts should have had an active role in management.

      • Michaellaborde

        I'm sure that you can find a way to spinn this in the unions favor knowing that you know nothing of what has been happening. You are Obimbot.

        • Al

          Unions do not drive companies out of business.

        • dalek1967

          Remember GM? Haven't they been driven to bankruptcy more than once? That is just one company that I can recall off the top of my head. It's a big one too.

        • fiasherman

          Sorry, Al. You are wrong. Unions do drive companies out of business. I've been in the transportation industry for over 50 years and every union carrier I worked for is now out of biz. The non-union companies I worked for are still operating. I remember when Conway bought out a carrier in the North East U.S. and had so much problems with the union they closed it down and waited about two years and reopened as non-union. They are still in business

        • KurtofLA

          The teamsters are a fine bunch of hard working people, all the way up to the top hahahaha and the top lives very well on the dues of the workers

        • d1032

          Al -
          Where in the hell have you been for the past 30 years - the unions put the car industry in the trashbin - the steelworkers unions killed steel in this country - the clothing and shoe manufacturing industries have been put out of business - the airlines, along with their inept management with American being the obvious example, all have been thru bankruptcy - every state in the union is being strangled by the unionized government employees unions - look at California - the teachers unions are strangling school district budgets -
          My God, the list is endless - at one time unions served a very useful purpose but they have outlasted their purpose in the manner in which they are now being run -
          My father told me in 1939 when unions were actually beneficial for workers that the time would come that the unions would strangle business just as business had strangled the worker and that has come to pass - his caveat to that scenario was that when the unions(workers) strangled the business, the business would die and then their intended purpose gained them nothing because they would all lose their employment -
          Current example - Hostess Bakery - 18,800 people now out of work - is that something that the union bosses should be proud of - of what benefit did the union provide for all the dues that were paid into the union - workers lose jobs and union bosses still live 'high on the hog.'

        • Dave

          You are full of sh!t.

        • Gary

          AL, spoken like a true union idiot!

        • Patty H

          Al Hostess is in court preparing for bankruptcy - a direct result of the strike. There is just so much money that a company can pay workers and when that level is exceeded the company fails. What did the union expect the company to do? Raise the prices on their products and the public will stop buying, buy cheaper ingredients - the public will stop buying, where does the money come from. I agree with d1032. When unions were formed 100 years ago there were not the same safeguards in place for workers there are today. Unions were formed to provide protection for the workers from hazardous conditions. Now we have OSHA and other safety groups, We have minimum wages, mandatory leave time, holiday pay, overtime pay, shift difference pay, vacation pay, just to name a few benefits. Workers pay into social security for retirement even though the government has screwed that up fairly well. I do not know how much union dues are but I would imagine that if workers did not have to pay them their pay checks would be fatter even with a small pay cut. One more thing, union bosses are the same as the CEO of a corporation - they are both dead wood - not producing money just draining money out of the business.

        • KurtofLA

          Well they do help a great deal to put companies out of business. Just watch the airlines

      • rs1123

        The union has strapped Hostess with a bunch of ridiculous rules meant to create unneeded jobs. For example if a store gets both snack cakes and bread products from the same Hostess facility they are required to send a truck for the snack cakes and a truck for the bread products. In effect this doubles the amount of deliveries needing to be made, twice as many trucks (each store gets two trips when one would do), twice as much fuel, and twice as many drivers. Very nice for the union eh? Far as I'm concerned I hope Hostess DOES shut down and put those people out. At Christmas. In the cold. Screw 'em. I only feel sorry for their kids.

        • PrincessPhilly

          I feel sorry for their kids that they have such brainless parents.

        • evantoo

          So do I, but then, they indoctrinate the kids... it's self-perpetuating. It also makes one wonder why they want abortion rights so badly.

        • Irma

          Talk about biting off one's nose to spite one's face! It would be nice if the people now out of work check to see what their Union bosses/representatives are doing - they can bet that the Union reps didn't lose, they've already confiscated the union dues and disappeared into the sunset. When will they learn that if you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, you get no more golden eggs! Dumkoffs!!!

        • fort9erdon

          The people, ie: "the membership" is not without blame here. If they had the balls, they could tell the union to "stand down", and quit screwing with my job"! It is the "membership", who chooses their leaders. If those leaders take them off the cliff, then they have learned a valuable lesson. That lessen is "you reap what you sow". The will now reap the results of electing idiots to lead them. I don't feel one damn bit sorry for them getting unemloyed at Christmas time. They have had several years to "call off" the union. They chose not to. So, screw em!

      • rs1123

        "Were these workers led by corrupt union leaders?" LOL. What, there are corrupt union leaders? Where?

      • The Reader

        All Unions and their leaders are corrupt-did you fall off the banana boat yesterday?

        • KurtofLA

          yes just like any group of people who hold other peoples money in their hand with not limits or control.

      • kpjlaw

        The company is bankrupt now - go unions!!! Aren't you sheep glad that you followed their direction to strike and hold out???

    • Phillip_in_TX

      "Jerk?" When did he get "upgraded?"

    • rs1123

      Wait til all those "millionaires" start paying higher taxes. What is being taxed in most cases is not people buying furs and diamonds and yachts, but small businesses already struggling. But if you see money, paint it a certain way and then declare that the owner has no right to it.

      There should be a ten question test on all ballots, and if you don't get 9 of 10 right your vote goes in the trash. Too many stupid idiots voted for Obama for the working taxpayers to have any chance, and Dem vote fraud sealed Romney's fate.

      • DWinch

        There will never be an I.Q. test for voters because if it weren't for complete idiots, obama and the demoncrat party would have no followers.
        And this country wouldn't be in the fine shape it's in now.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Argeed. If an intelligence test were required to be passed to be allowed to vote, the Socialist Democrat Party would cease to exist.

        • evantoo

          HOWEVER, should Congress ever get to the point where it could be up as an Amendment, it stands a chance because it is the number of STATES that ratify it, not the number of people. Meaning that the heavily populated Democrat cities/states, would not have an advantage. (The only problem is controlling fraudulent and illegal voters.)

        • molly way

          WE CAN DO IT!

        • KurtofLA

          Frankly, people are not capable to rule themselves, but since we are lucky to have this system, lets do term limits and then this "Rulers" like Biden etc can find a real job.

      • above the law

        you all forget I guess it the obama smoke and mirrors but,obumerhas yet to proove he is an eligible candidate for the office! If everyone got behind this and pushed our problem would be over,or just be sheep and allow him to steal the office and along with soreass destroy this nation WAKE UP!

      • Vette66

        There is not such thing as Dem voter fraud. That is their way of life. They think that whatever makes them win is OK.

    • Navy Vet

      Tennessee would welcome Hostess with open arms, but don't move to Memphis. It is pro-union all the way.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Greed and power. A splendid fusion of desire and the effective means to fulfill it.

    Why aren't these unions being charged with voter intimidation or something?
    Why was AFL-CIO's Union leader Trumka allowed to get away with inciting workers to violence during the campaign?
    Why are they being permitted to get away with crimes that anyone else would be arrested for?

    Because the corrupt unions are being protected by a corrupt President and a corrupt Justice Dept...and it's not going to change over the next 4 years.

    At one time, the unions helped build the middle class by creating a system in which workers could bargain with their employers and obtain better working conditions and pay. And most would say that was a good thing. But ...the consolidation of power at the top now prevents those principled members from expressing their disapproval, and power-driven leaders have forced them into slavish obedience to their masters.

    We can expect to see more companies like Hostess being forced to throw jobs under the bus so that the unions can maintain their pay-scale and salaries of big shots.

    Until its their jobs that are lost, union members will continue to ignore the pain of their fellow workers.

    Reagan was right when he said:
    Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.

    Or as Shakespeare wrote in Pericles:
    Third Fisherman: Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.
    First Fisherman: Why, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      One of the biggest problems that I see with unions as they are currently, is that they protect the lazy. A person with seniority/tenure can do nothing on the job and is protected because of that seniority. When a good worker is "low on the totem pole", they are the first to laid off no matter what his/her work ethic is. If a company promotes by seniority, the opposite happens. Many lazy unqualified people get promoted based just on their seniority no matter their work ethic. Now, I'm not saying that this is the case in every instance, but it happens a lot. I have been a member of 4 separate unions over the past 40 years and have seen it many times.

      • Screeminmeeme

        DTOM11....I agree. Seen it too. But what can we do about it?

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          An evaluation/merit system would be a good start. But that would have to be negotiated, and the unions would highly object (think Chicago teachers).

        • john cummins

          think ANY teachers

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I agree. I used the Chicago teachers as an example because that was one of the issues they went on strike about, and it was recent news. I believe they eventually "gave in" on that issue, but who knows how bad it was watered down.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

          They are not teaching any more they are indoctrinating now days

        • cirbuck1

          What!? A merit based system in a free market economy? Why, that would take us back to the basis of American ideals that made this the greatest country on earth. How would you live with yourself knowing that lazy and apathetic idiots trying to get through life with the "least margin of misery in exchange for the least effort" would be cut out from this year's video games and large screen tv's? I am sorry but your notions of reality just don't fit in our new society.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          LOL, I say that not because it's funny, but because I love the sarcasm. And, you are SOOOO correct.

      • George Hinkle

        Agreed! I had a friend that worked for the US Postal Service. He came from a hard working family & did the same at work. He shared with me how he was threatened with slashed tires if he didn't slow down. Typical Union Tactic!

      • rs1123

        Unions are not about workers, they are about the unions. The workers are just the robots whose blood they suck for $$$. A union will stab you in the back.

        My friend moved 1500 miles - his whole family and all - and when he tried to transfer his membership to that local they refused him. He was stuck permanently working on 'the book' as if he was just passing through and being a temp. Meanwhile the local would organize local shops and all their people like it or not DID get taken in to the union. My friend was an excellent worker with a great record and plenty of experience, but no, so much for 'brotherhood'.

    • Jim T.

      Unions are exempt from prosecution for violence during union activities.

      • mrbillsdog

        Not true if a law is broken.....

        • rs1123

          Nobody ever 'sees' who did the damage though. The press is too busy watching the old folks in the tea party to see if they are committing violence.

    • abrayoungham

      welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

      the union was meant to bring reform but as always, they can't reform themselves

    • Krazeehors

      I have a relative who has been on welfare for over 20 years now, living in government housing, "earning" just what she has to in order to get free housing and no utility payments and food stamps that equal MORE than what I have spent on groceries in 6 months.

      When she lived with me in a different state, worked in a non-union deli/bakery in a grocery store, she nearly got fired because she couldn't keep her loud mouth shut about "unfair" treatment and almost got my son fired as well. Just didn't understand that you don't come into a nonunion shop and try to start a union in a right to work state.

      Years later during one of the last telephone conversations we ever had, this person bragged about picketing a small, family-owned and non-union grocery store in a small town that had reasonable prices, delivery (free) for shut-ins, and was extremely helpful, becoming so abusive toward store customers, employees, and owners that the business lost customers and eventually closed -- putting over 50 people out of work.

      Guess where this happened?

      That's right.

      Southern Illinois.

      And to think that when she first needed temporary government help, I did what I could to help her. Within 24 hours in public housing, she knew the system, knew exactly how to game the system, and reinforced the attitude that rules were made for someone else and certainly NOT for welfare recipients. I am still ashamed about it.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Krazeehors......Thx for recounting this story. I have no doubt whatsoever that it could be repeated a million times over. Getting a taste of the system and all of its benefits, the takers are hooked. Eventually, the money will run out, and then those who work for a living will be the targets for robberies and break-ins.

        The leftist scheme destroys civilization. It's as simple as that.

        • rs1123

          We reap what we sow. We encourage cheating, laziness and irresponsibility. We discourage work, thrift, honesty and motivation. By 'we' I mean our government, and now that mindset controls said government instead of just being a plague on it.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

      The Union is the Mafia Who is going to bring charges not the one they worked for he won the the election.

    • gavinwca

      And a corrupt congress, congress passed a law exempting them from these laws when doing union business. All thre branches of goverment are in the unions

  • IDConservative

    Too funny to see the union greed finally getting what they have earned. Too bad the common worker has to suffer but they should have seen it coming..

    • XXFR

      unfair because 70% of the workers did not strike, I hope the company gives them transfers, because if they didn't then Hostess is making the Union point for them

      • raynbene

        But they still could not stay in business because of the work stoppage ! !

        • r

          Sub-contract the work to non-union places to try and stay in business. Only other alternative is to sell the NAME...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wayne-Bauer/100000780337244 Wayne Bauer

      When workers learn that the union bosses they protect are their downfall and demise then we pity the workers. Untile they get their education, sorry

    • Observer

      In the bakery business, if products are not produced within a few days then the company is done, since stores will turn to other vendors to stock their shelves. There is not enough time to train new workers to run the bakery machines.

      I'm not related to this company nor the union but what I understand from an insider friend is that union employees were receiving full family medical coverage, dental, & vision and were only paying $12 per month for all this coverage. Each union employee had 100% of their pension paid for by the company - zero contribution by the employees toward their own retirement. This was a deal rammed into place by the union during the prior bankruptcy in exchange for keeping the plant going.

      Hostess could not sustain covering these expenses and the union could not get realistic about expenses. It was all or nothing and a matter of principle for the union.

      Everybody lost in this sad situation. The union appears to have outlived it useful purpose.

      • guest

        union have out live there youth time for them to Retire

      • Krazeehors

        Wow. And they think SENIORS and VETERANS are sucking off of the government teat??
        $12 a month -- that's less than I pay for my prescriptions, and I am a senior citizen and disabled veteran living on a fixed income.

      • disgusted demacrat

        Great!! Now let all those in the baker's union apply for membership in the candle stick maker's union.lol!!

      • rs1123

        I say "Let them eat cake."

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

      The sad part is the ask for it hope the idiot love it .

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Momma always said: "Stupid is as stupid does." Character Forest Gump.

  • James Maxwell

    The unions will nevre negociate in good faith with the employer. They are only concerned
    with getting more money for the Union dues rather than considering the results of what
    will happens to the empoloyees if they make it unprofitable for the company to continue
    doing business. In this case the company decided it was better for them to cut their losses
    and go some place else that is more friendly to business. The losers in this case is the
    employees, the Unions officials will continue to get paid and draw a pay check though.
    Maybe this is a WAKE UP CALL for those union members who lost because of the
    officials greed.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      How is the Union going to get their money now that EVERYONE is out of a job? Things that make you go, hmm.

      • James Maxwell

        Hey Phill, Ocommie loves the Unions and he will make all governmetn employees join if they are not already a member so that his union thunks
        will still get paid.

        • kysteelgirl

          The TSA just became union.....

        • Phillip_in_TX

          TSA is an acronym -Tyranny Sweeping across America.

      • ginger

        Atlas shrugs again.

      • TimAZ

        They will live off of capital gains until those retirement plans are taken by the regime to manage them properly and of course redistribute from these once private retirement accounts of the excess payouts that these retirement accounts once payed out to their original recipient.

    • Mariesa

      They are all worried about their money and power. What once served this country and its people well, has slid down the toilet, just like the political hacks on the hill. The only thing they understand, or care about for that matter, is themselves. It has been many, many decades since the unions have really cared about the employees and what is best for them. The lesson has been lost, and needs to be cut out like the cancer tumor it has now become!

    • ARMYOF69

      AND.. they will never learn. I am sorry to say, I am so happy that another bunch of union thugs are out of work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregbeaty Greg T Beaty

    Exactly what caused GM all its' troubles. Union had its' day but that day is gone forever. These businesses will close and move to a non-union state or country wait and see... Wise up people and fire the union.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Right}:: now g.m. = china!

    • Vette66

      But it is now easy to spot a Democrat or a union member. They drive a GM product that has been made from 2009 forward. Hey GM, when are you going to repay the rest of the millions that you sitll owe the taxpayer? Never. That's what I thought. Didn't BO say he was willing to use taxpayer money to bail you out again since your're not doing to well in sales?

    • simmy1029

      Hello China......Good-Bye America! Who said car companies aren't moving to China? Seems someone is not informed or they lied:


      For some reason the WHOLE site is not coming up

    • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

      They would be welcome to move here to Az. We would be willing to have the jobs. We don't need the unions neither.

  • aryton senna

    Only an insane person would belong to a union!

    Thankfully, I retired in 2003 and have lived offshore since.

    I would never purchase any union junk!

    FD; none of my family ever attended useless Union primary nor secondary schools.

    What dog s...!

    ret expat MD

    • john cummins

      excellent, the beginning of a true r3VOLution starts with pulling all kids out of government skrools and self- and home- educating, anything less is meaningless and then, or at the same time, join and support groups that favor the separation of school from state...

    • Monchan

      Where did you move? I am considering the same. I am reaserching other places and would like to know from someone who's done it. Thanks.

      • kysteelgirl

        I was just getting ready to ask the same question.....I'm also considering my options.

        • Conservative


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1409736864 Michael Battenfield

    I understand the concern the workers have for falling wages and benefits - but is the alternative better= NO JOB!? Well - I guess with Obama in office, maybe it is better...

  • hongryhawg

    I say good for Hostess! This is what happens when entitlements outweigh sensibility. It'll serve these greedy obamamites right. They're gonna be sorry though, because now that the election has been stolen, no more food stamps!

    • ginger

      Hostess is not the only company laying off ....and now that 30hrs is considered full time, lots of part-timers are having their hours cut so will make less....welcome to poverty folks.

  • 912always

    Not happy with union, but if you look at Wonder Bread history it has been sold off multiple times in the last 30 years and has taken bankruptcy more than anyone can keep track of. The parent company always seems to take all the profit out of this company and then declare bankruptcy and then pass it on to the next company to do the same thing. Sorry for the workers though, having been in a similar position with this company years ago and the union decided to play footsies with the company instead of doing what they were getting paid to do, protecting the employees. Unions and companies are just like politicans they both tell you what they think you need to hear while making deals in the shadows.

    • Nurse56

      Think maybe the issue could be the union interfering with getting the company on firm footing. Let's face it bread may be necessary but it is a commodity. There is only a certain price point that people will pay for this commodity. Unions create a difficult environment to be nimble and innovative in cost containment.

    • TimAZ

      How many years were you an accountant for Wonder Bread?

  • AmericaAwakens

    Uninformed union workers (those who only want the benefits and fail to acknowledge the union's ponzi), have willingly followed the Shepard off the cliff. tsk, tsk... I am sorry for the Company having to downsize due to the union follies.

  • djw663

    But the union officials still have their jobs and it only cost 627 families their lifestyles. Oh plus the owner of the store and all the management who were not a part of the union and the business' effected by the closure of this company so how many jobs did it really impact?

  • 2bvictorius

    If all the layoffs were in Seattle, Cincinnati and St. Louis, I say they got what they deserve. Now they join the ranks of the permanently unemployed and either draw unemploymnet the rest of miserable lives or claim they are now disabled and get SS and medicaid. No doubt that is what their union bosses had in mind.

    The unions are mostly all commie's and the membership are too stupid to realize they are being used to destroy America, then again maybe they just don't care.

  • Yup it's just me

    I want a full blown depression ASAP. Make 1929 look like birthday party. I hope many many companies begin to layoff hundreds and thousands of workers. If we're going down, let's go down big time. The sooner we go down, the sooner we will get rid of the vermin running this country and rise a again.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Do you know the difference between the Stock Market Crash of 1919 and 1929?

      In 1919, the Government stayed out of it. The recession lasted 18 months, and led to the Roaring 20's.

      In 1929, the Government HELPED. It lead to the "Great Depression" which took WW II to get us out of.

      • Nurse56

        And that is NEVER taught. You have to dig to get this type of information. The government is never the answer. People working together with as little official interference as possible creates an environment for innovation and improvement. Outside interference creates havoc.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I know. I found it out as an adult, long after graduating High School.

      • Conservative

        And do you know how the rest of the world knows of the crash of 1929, which we call The Great Depression? They call it the recession of 1929... because they were back in a matter of months, just like 1919. While America took 15 years to come back... thanks to FDR's "management" of the problem.

    • ginger

      And obuma will blame Bush.

  • junkmailbin

    be prepared for more cuts, layoffs , and terminations to take place as companies large and small try and survive. Remember businesses do not pay taxes, their customers do.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Thank you! You would be surprised how many people will argue about that. The business just collects the taxes then forwards them on.

  • SAY

    Pack up the equipment and move to the south people work for $8.00 per hour and will be happy to have the job unions suck

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6UV6NPCTLZ5R5QNVMXQYDP3AZE Arlene

    Thats what happens when the Unions voted for Obama..loss of more jobs..pay your fair share..you voted for a Single payer Health care system, he lied to you, of course his Taqqui allows him to lie in his Quran, to get whatever he needs to push his agenda forward..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmacedophoto John Macedo

    And the pain begins. Appears they are getting what they voted for, pain and more pain. So sad but it is what it is and perhaps they would like to reconsider their vote. May be too late.

  • bmg28

    These union jerks should be happy they even have a job .Put em out in the streets with the rest of the unemployed and see how quick they would be back for their union job with less pay. After all members must keep the union bosses in the life style they have become acustomed to over the years. Unions are usless any more

  • bob s

    This is just the beginning.... many more people will be out of work shortly then the riots will start , then obummma will declare martial law, then we will have a civil war....obummma is doing just what hitler did in 1933, difference being now.... Americans are armed and beleive me they will not be pacifist and roll over... we have knowledge of what is comming from history and will fight it..... thanks God that we have millions of hunters who are armed and ready.....

    • ginger

      We may be armed now but find a safe place to hide your weapons and ammo...they will come in the night or any time of day to "confiscate" all you have.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

        Who will come? The local police work for the communiity and not the federal government. The state police and militia are under the control of their own state government and not the feds. Are they really going to start attacking their family, friends, and neighbors? The feds can win only if your sstate government and local law inforcement capitulates.

        • ginger

          probably what the Syrians thought too.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

      Don't forget that the various state malitias belong to the state and are under command of the governor of that state. They can be place under federal control in a national emergency and with the permission of their State governor.

  • 67primrose

    Good for Hostess. This will continue under this corrupt administration and you watch the unemployment rolls explode.

  • ATLDave

    The one effective tool that the company has against the union is the lock out. Just lock the doors! I remember working on the demolition of a large company factory that shut its doors because they couldn't come to terms and the union struck. The factory and all the equipment was sold to a broker for $.10 on the dollar. When the broker started to sell the equipment guess who came in and bought big lots of this equipment - The large company that sold it. They then paid $.25 on the dollar and moved it to a union free plant. Companies are not dumb. It always struck me as funny that when the union would strike against automotive it seemed like it was always only one of the Big Three and usually an engine plant or some other support structure. I often wondered what would have happened if the Big Three shut the doors ( not close the factory) of all their other plants until the union broke. It always seemed to be a matter of economics. No work = no wages = no dues = no union = no Democratic Party (Sorry. Couldn't help myself on that last one.)

    • ginger


  • Phillip_in_TX

    Dear Hostess, Please relocate to Texas. We will welcome you and we are a Right to Work State.

  • Don

    The problem with unions is you have too many labors to do the same production, and your labor rate never goes down. When your product becomes too high to be competive, the company will go broke.(GM) The cost of a new truck(add in the government mandates) is as high as some peoples homes. You used to finance vehicles for 3 years, now it's 7? They got too greedy and just want more. Not unusual to see auto workers(snow birds) with a home in Ohio and florida. The game is over!

  • JT

    Labor Unions, especially Public Sector Unions, have reached the stage of the horse and buggy. Dwindling membership and unsympathetic state legislators are taking their toll on unionism's constant and predictable "gimmie more" mentality. Problem is they will not feel the consequence of the loss of a job so long as the Uncle Sugar continues to cater to the unionists.

  • nvrat

    I believe this is only the beginning. Over the last 3 days I have read of 23 company`s laying off employees because of unknown taxes, Obamacare, and fiscal cliff. Some of these companies were already on the verge of financial collapse and others were in chapter 11 bankruptcy it will be interesting to see next months employment numbers.

    • ginger

      Save your money and stock up and for heaven's sake don't have debt.

  • bobalo59

    Well hopefully more plants will end u closing its doors because of unions and their pensions. Lets see them explain that to the average non union worker. Prepare for thousands of more layoffs across the land due to unions insufferable demands. We have to totally crash before we can rebuild.

  • Bill

    Let these strikers and their union reps join the rest of the crybabies picking ---t with the chickens. they should not get unemployment after all they in a sense quit their jobs. When will unions learn they must return to a strong valid training program that offers workers with the basics of what they should be able to do in a few weeks or months. These workers should be on a set term trial with wages some what lower than journeyman pay until they get up to speed. During the trial period they should have no job protection so the weak can be weeded out. Unions do this and they wouldnt need to fear even right-to-work state laws, employers would be begging for union contracts to get these partially trained workers, as long as the union contracts were more realistic and helped both employer and employee.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.homan.9 Ronald Homan

    I hope all businesses close rather than bow to the God D*** unions.

  • CajunPatriot

    Maybe Obama can buy those votes like he did the union vote and dependents in Ohio to win that state. Oh, Obama can't run again can he. Maybe he is out to get their support to be "dictator for life" as Chavez and Castro did. Get the union support and all the heads filled with mush on our college campuses who embrace Che Guevara and Mao. I will choose my fellow patriots.

  • Beiletti

    The Obamination meets with the unions who support taxing the rich. Well now lets see a lot of those rich have companies and are union represented. The union wants to increase the tax burden on them . With a higher tax burden some plants will close and more union members will be unemployed. I call this biting the hand that feeds you. I doubt these union goons ever thought that far out. You can't fix stupid. Obamacare is the second shoe on these plants. How does a depression sound to you mensas that voted for the goon?????? Forward ehhhh?????

  • The Reader

    This is when you know the electorate is stupid. They will go along with their masters, even when they can't feed their children. This would have been a fine time to release themselves from the slavery of unions. They should have walked across the line and told the president and the management of Hostess that they want to work. Screw the union bosses. People need to start standing up for themselves.

  • darrelljr

    Hows that hope,change and going forward working out for ya?

    • ginger

      Don't forget fundamentally changing America...and transparency,,,and lie after lie after lie ad infinitum.

  • kpjlaw

    This is just the beginning of lots of job loss, caused by both by certain unions and Obama's economic policies. Get used to it. We union members need to work with our employers to allow them to keep their businesses and for us to keep our jobs.

  • darrelljr

    since Twinkies have a long shelve life, look for the new ones made in china coming soon.

  • ginger

    The union goons do not understand economics and neither do the idiots who follow them...get ready folks...Trumpka and ilk will be at the White House this week to help obama finish destroying the rest of private business....didn't work for the Soviet Union and won't work here...the only ones who profit are the "big shots".

  • gwedem5995

    I think unions had a purpose in the very beginning. However, the only winners in unions are the union bosses who are getting lavish salaries. I would rather take a cut in pay until times get better than lose my job. And what gets me is that the woman across the street pays almost $l00 per month in union dues. If you asked that same woman to pay $l00 more in taxes, she would have a fit. I had two members of my family that worked at GM. They had fantastic pay and fantastic benefits. However, they both told me that people would not show up for work or take a sick day constantly. Some were very unefficient but they were never fired because of the unions. No matter what you do the unions have your back. And this ridiculous thing the unions are trying to do by getting what they want since voters will not be able to vote by secret ballot, then they are afraid for their jobs, if they don't go along. This is outrageous and all union officials should be strung up at the closest trees.

  • John Cherish

    This is why Unions today are a bad Idea I have seen not one but 10 companies close because of excessive union demands...the companies words were not so nice to the unions in effect they told the unions to "Go peddle their wares somewhere else " one further note... the union organizers and union reps did not loose their jobs because of it the Union Worrkers did

  • raynbene

    Why don't they sue Hostess to give them back their jobs or something equally crazy ?? Unions have long outlived their usefullness, and look what they brought about by striking - oh well, they have obuma to help them, and how many weeks of unemployment ??
    Just like what happened to GM, the unions have far too much influence and power over a privately-owned company, and they never consider the impact of their demands for higher pay and lifetime benefits that most of us never get. They can cry all they want about how they already took pay cuts or reductions, buit the sad economic reality of simply being able to stay in business just came home for them !
    I had no such help from any union or group when I got downsized the first time, and I was not the only one ! Life goes on, for those who have some kind of self-reliance, instead of assuming some filthy union boss is 'looking out for you' ! !

    • Walt

      "Why don't they sue Hostess to give them back their jobs?" You put them out of business and then want your jobs back. Good Luck with that. I'm on Hostesses side - You made demands or else and they chose the or else. Use some common sense - don't try to rob a company that is almost bankrupt; they don't have much to take.

  • echo5n

    These Union members deserved who they voted for! They lost their jobs, that's too f_ _ ing bad. It's all fine with me.

  • Maries

    The fact of the matter is, is unionism went out of style, as government has ensured safe working environments, civil rights, etc. The union is now a dead dog, but doesn't have the sense to roll over and die. The union hacks, just like the political hacks on the hill, refuse to die, as all their money and power are in ensuring they keep their "businesses" in business. As you can see from this story, that, my friends, is no longer what they do. They take people's money, pay for politicians that the people they are stealing dues from would never, ever have put their money into. It is time for unionism to give up the ghost, roll over, and die!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7JJCQ6HFMLEJ4UVJNCERSDH36Q Bernardo

    Watch Oboy nationalize Hostess,take over,put in a czar to run things,and hire illegal Spixicans into the jobs at minimum wage then take most of the wages away to pay for Obamacare. Should go bankrupt in about 3 months.

  • retlaw

    Another problems with a union. Power crews from my state went to help restore power in the North East after Sandy. Will not mention any name, but two co. from the south were told that due to the fact they were not union, there services were not needed. They were later allowed to lend a hand.


    I grew up in Saginaw, MI where we had used to have several GM owned factories. Just about all are now gone. If you look a the decay of our manufacturing (which we once number #1 in the world) you can count the loss of this due to 2 reasons, unions and money. From steel, auto, airline, textiles, teachers and now medical they have fallen do to these 2 reasons, unions and money. We now only manufacture only 12% of our goods and consume 88% from other nations. What a shame that we have allowed this to happen. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or matter of fact, anything free that does not come back with a strings attached. We have destroyed our children/grandchildrens future and not taken any accountability for doing so. God help our country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      Actually, I would pin it on something else entirely---NAFTA.

  • Jim T.

    Watch Baraka Hussein Obama take over the bakeries next.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516711224 Vic Bailey

    Unions all belong to the Socialist Democratic Party, and they don't give a damn if you lose your jobs, they will just gouge their other members to make up for the lost union dues! What a bunch of BASTARDS. I know first hand I worked for the Railroad, and the unions helped the company cut 3 men off a 5 man crew, and had to take cuts in pay, but the union didn't care, they got their money! Semper Fi.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Prior to January 1st we will have laid off all truck drivers and truck maintenance staff, sold all tractors and trailers. All deliveries will be FOB to be picked up by contract drivers OR OTHERS. We have offered our drivers the right to bid on tractor/trailers and become contract drivers (for members-not us). All this is to avoid ObamaCare but the union (Teamsters) is insisting on negotiating a severance package. Our response (by a non-union delivery service) was "we will entertain to motion to enter into such negotiations after January 14, 2013". And let the games begin. A whole lot of good men (and a few jerks) have been hurt by the one-ObamaCare- and will be again by the other-overly confident Business Agent of the Teamsters.

  • Armon

    I am sorry to see Hostess having to shut down but until unions are destroyed there is no hope for private corporations. I would hate to see Hostess go completely out of business but if it is necessary, so be it. To see 18,000 union workers out of work would be a blessing. Having been in a union and knowing the intimidation on members who are not politically correct and corruption of leadership, I try to avoid anything that smacks of union control.

  • JennieWalsh

    Unions originally served a great purpose in improving the working conditions and raising from poverty, the workers. Ever since ORGANIZED CRIME/Satanic neo-cons took over the unions, they unions have just been exploiting and robbing the workers and everyone and everything else.

  • Bill L Conner

    THE Unions are too big and to strong. Unions has the President in their hip pockets. Like Obama the union leaders speak with A forked tounge. They, Pres Obama, Union leaders lie through their teeth. Look you in the face and stab you in the back.

  • Evermyrtle

    Many times a raise is merited, but when there is above the board raise it is not merited, usually.

    What I cannot figure out our is why people do not realize when wages are raised for employees in any business, just say a farm, the farmer who is already paying $2400,000 labor bill in a year. If the wages go up 10% the wages paid out, will go up to $275,000. How do the employees think that farmer can absorb the extra expense. He will have to get more for what he produces which means the cost will rise at every level and the final cost would mean, raised prices for food in the super market. This would be the same in any business. It is impossible to gain by raising wages that are not earned.

  • Kat

    It's their choice. Take a cut, lose some benefits or lose your job! They chose to lose their jobs! It's going to happen more and more. Business can't beat the unions so they have no other choice than to close facilities and get rid of people! Wein the private work place have always contributed to our retirement and health care. Why do they think they are better than us?!

  • Evermyrtle

    It is so sad that people fighting for unearned raises, just threw their jobs out of the window. What do they think they will do now? There are already more people seeking work that there are job's. If you have a job you best leave well enough alone. A not so good job beats no job at all, all to pieces. Instead of throwing your jobs out of the window , throw the Union out of the window.

  • ARMYOF69

    Now is the time to reward the unions with their total SHUTDOWN.

  • twiceshy

    Everytime the union argument is brought up, even Republicans say people have the right to unionize and do collective bargaining. Maybe I'm just not schooled enough in the Constitution, but where does it say that people have this right. Why is it acceptable to take a job with a company, and then say you as an employee will dictate the terms on which you will work. To me this seems insane.

    • TimAZ

      Freedom of association. No company has ever had to agree to union demands. I myself would close down a business if my employees formed union. Then reopen under a different name and hire different employees.

  • dave

    Unions voted for the muslim democrat. Now it is time to suck it up. Drink cool aid.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

    In the beginning uions were very important and served a much need service to protect athe average working person. But thy have evolved into monsters that only function to line te pockets of union officials who have never done an honest days work in their lives.

  • StandsWIthTruth

    Go Hostess

  • Backgammon

    Soon $125,000 will be rich, then 90,000. As long as Bernanke & the Fed keep printing money, it will be worth less. Soon a loaf of bread will be $2.50...Oh wait, it is $2.50.
    Soon a loaf of bread will be $5.00

  • bowtonoone2

    Stupid is as stupid does. Now maybe the union strikers can fight over the "stuff" the takers get from those still working. Rome is burning folks. Ah Barack, your change is just wonderful . . . you idiot!

  • pduffy

    The union bosses claim that corporate goons want to enslave the laborers, but it is really THEM that want them as slaves, and they use the force of government to make sure the slaves stay in THEIR power.

  • jwright673

    trumka is or will be one of the first "guests" of the puke-in-chief as tribute must be paid to the unions. The logic of coal miners escapes me. They are told repeatedly that coal is history, yet they continue to support the puke. Steel mills up and down the Ohio River have been shuttered yet the union idiots continue to vote for the puke. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PFMKDR3CR5SBG5QFZV6SMXYX6I bob

    well this servers them right, now they have no job at all, they should have taken the wage cut, Unions are good for only one thing now days, Bankrupting companies.

  • Wyatt

    Let's see. Lose 8% of my wages by agreeing to work, or lose my whole check by not agreeing to stay on the job. What to do? What to do?

  • DouglasDauntless

    The Unions have chased more jobs out of the USA then any other orgainzation. They killed all the jobs that go with the printing industry. What do you get for your dues? Keep your mouth shut your lucky you gaot a job. You do what we tell ypu to do or your out of a job. That's Union! I was a teamster all my life, and was happy to be in the Teamsters Union, Until tough guy Unio President of the Teamsters. Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said to his god Obama, "We'll tkae the sons of bitches out". Who's he goping to tell Teamsters to kill their own families for a jerk like him and Obama? Forget about it!!!

  • machodog

    Well, you know. First "8% on wages then 2% on insurance". Now it's 100%. I tell you...that new math still baffles me. Back in my school days in the 50's and 60's, 8% plus 2% equaled 10%. But now with union and workers' greed it equals 100%.
    Good for you Hostess!! It was the right move. Now those workers will understand what " half a loaf is better than none" means. Especially in these days of unemployment. Wish I had a job.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    obama is loving every minute of this and hopes for more lay offs as he wants to put millions more on food stamps.

  • rawdibob

    I have a good friend who was a skilled machinist for a small manufacturer. About a month after the union went on strike, the company told all their employees their customers had found new suppliers and the company was going our of business. My, oh, my did that help the unionized employee. My friend had to take a job as a handy man for an apartment complex.

  • Wyatt Hill

    A lady that works at one of their outlet stores said the owners wanted to close all operations because they would all receive large amounts of cash because they are controlled by a company like Bain Capital and that's how they make their money. The union will tell these people anything to keep their high paying jobs as union thugs.

  • lsc

    don't feel a bit sorry for them, they are getting what they voted for this time around and four years ago, gonna see more and more of this........

  • ken

    Hope these idiots are happy! Typical union thugs. When you look at wages and benefits of union workers and the laziness they display and the crappy products they make, it is no wonder our factories are moving overseas. You brain dead "bozos" keep it up and you can all join obummers out of work deadbeats! The US is on a fast track to self destruction! Oh well, you can sit around and whine and blame Bush some more!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

    That is the best news I have heard in a long time that is what most of the people in this Country voted for hope to hearing a whole lot more of this in the coming days thank God .

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

    What was it Don Meredith use to say when the end of the game came Turn Out The Lights The Party's over .

  • TexasfedupGramma

    These moron union thugs never seem to learn.....they deserve exactly what they get. We will all suffer but businesses cannot sustain the demands union workers are demanding. This is just the beginning. You union people are not bullit-proof...welcome to the REAL world!

  • budman

    Simple solution. When their contract expires, do not renew it and invite all those union people to remain employed as non-union. If they don't wish to be, then hire someone else to replace them.

  • Ohio Tony

    It is my understanding with a corporate bankruptcy that contracts can be renegotiated or even declared null and void. Hostess should tell the union that as long as their members are on strike, the company will not negotiate with the union. Time to stand up to these thugs.



  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Union morons have always amazed me. Years ago, I commuted past a company called Crown Cork and Seal. It was infested with union people. They were frequently on strike for some obscure reason. Never bothered to read their little signs they were always carrying. On and on this went, for a couple years. One day, came by and big 'for sale' sign on the gates. No more strikers! Problem solved! The place is now a large regional post office sorting facility. And STILL full of union morons.

    Place must be haunted or sumthin'.

  • Lablover3

    Come to the South where the Union doesn't control. We in Florida would love to have your Hostess Company. It's a job and that is what we need more of.

  • Maxdog977

    It may be time to begin serious talks about dividing the country. Let the libtards have the west half with the freaks in Calif. and turn it into a 3rd world country while the conservative east grows and prospers.

    • Conservative

      Conservative East??? What election did YOU watch? Both coasts are strongly liberal. NH was a "swing state", but went BLUE. Everything else in New England and south to Virginia was BLUE. Even Ohio went BLUE. The RED states were mostly between the mountain ranges, but excluded the North Central states of MI, WI, IL, MN, and IA.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We will need high fences and all of the gun & ammo manufactures. Since they will be living in "paradise," they have no need for guns & ammo. We will definitely need them for when they are starving to death and try to come over the fence.

  • Walt

    Have a meeting; ask all the Union Members to stay and send everyone else home. Then hand out pink slips. Tomorrow, you will be a non-union shop and better off.

  • Hudmar

    I'm really amazed at the level of comprehension of the workers, let's say they get and "F" on economics. The Unions Officials, well, that's another matter.

  • KarenWI

    The union I was forced to be respresented by DECLINED to help employees who were being incessantly bullied........they just wanted our money for the union leaders paychecks and power and then to give to the politicians. I ran into a union policewoman from Chicago and she said the union REFUSED to help women who were harrasseed. Their time has long past, we don't need them anymore (BTW, unions always claim they started the 40 hour work week, I actually heard it was Ford to attract the best workers). Free Enterprise ain't perfect but it USED to make us the most free and prosperous country in the world!

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      Evidence of the bullying or harassment would help make a believer; anyone can make up a claim,, but providing evidence to back up that claim is something quite different. It is not the seriousness of the claim, but the substance of the claim. Why should someone have to come to someone's aid just because a claim is made...a claim that could turn out to be false?

  • gypsy314

    I say shut ever company down until Obama and democrat leave. No more hiring spending money anything let shut this mother down now. The electoral college scam system must go. The people should choose our leaders not a few swing states were unions are stuffing the ballots box.

  • gypsy314

    unions are the root to Americas problems now and thing will not get better until they are gone.

    • PMDavis

      With Obama in power, that is not likely to happen. They will just be given more power by him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Hold up...as per NLRB v. Bildisco and Bildisco, couldn't Hostess Brands, which is in bankruptcy, simply ask a bankruptcy judge to discharge the contract? At any rate, I see Bimbo and Mondelez as likely the big winners here, as they could snatch up Hostess' business and brands (Bimbo gets the bread business---Mondelez gets the snack business.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Patte/1172859115 Jerry Patte

    Good they got what they Voted & Joined the union for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-J-McKay/100000978612756 Kevin J McKay

    Bad Liberals. No Twinkie for you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathleen-Pedersen/100000821446540 Kathleen Pedersen

    Unions served a purpose many years ago but corruption set in a very long time go and they no longer were really interested in the worker , Greed took over and made the unions rich. We really need to get rid of them and start over. If employers pay an honest wage and take care of their employers we won't need unions and we'll all be better off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathleen-Pedersen/100000821446540 Kathleen Pedersen

    I want to see all of those in Congress and the President, Vice Pres. and the rest of the cronies in the WH crew pay their fair share in taxes (be transparent about it). Then I will pay my "fair share." I won't become a millionaire like those in the WH crew. I expect a lot more from them. Let's see if they can put their money where their mouth is.

  • SickoftheBS

    So somehow losing your job all together is better than losing 10% of it for a while.

  • KittyKittyKit

    Hey you UNION SLOBS......you've lived long enough HIGH ON THE HOG. The RICHEST workers in America are UNION WORKERS. The same LAZY, WORTHLESS, protestors against the RICH company owners. Most "white collar" workers do NOT make any where near as much money as union workers do at the same company. I knew plenty of "front office", non-unionized workers at General Motors in Flint, Michigan, (GM's former World Headquarters) and they made roughly 50% of what we made as union members in the factory.

    UNIONS ARE A NATIONAL FRAUD!! America should be declared by a Constitutional Amendment to be a RIGHT TO WORK NATION.

    When are you going to wake up America. Only 2 things DRIVE excessive cost and pricing. No. 1 is the FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and UNIONS. Nothing else even comes close to these PARASITES.

    Hey you UNION SLOBS......you've lived long enough HIGH ON THE HOG. The RICHEST workers in America are UNION WORKERS. The same LAZY, WORTHLESS, protestors against the RICH company owners. Most "white collar" workers do NOT make any where near as much money as union workers do at the same company. I knew plenty of "front office", non-unionized workers at General Motors in Flint, Michigan, (GM's former World Headquarters) and they made roughly 50% of what we made as union members in the factory.

    UNIONS ARE A NATIONAL FRAUD!! America should be declared by a Constitutional Amendment to be a RIGHT TO WORK NATION.

    When are you going to wake up America. Only 2 things DRIVE excessive cost and pricing. No. 1 is the FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and UNIONS. Nothing else even comes close to these PARASITES.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Congrats you gluttonous unions. When will union workers wake up and smell the donuts? 627 workers and their families will now face the unemployment lines like the rest of us; and you know who won't be there? Yeah, their union steward and other union leaders who always take care of themselves rather than those who they profess to care for so much. What a crock! It'll be an interesting Christmas for these poor unemployed donut makers...hope they realize why.

  • Walt

    You can expect a whole lot more of this. Remember, Obama wants to increases taxes on the owners of these business and on the businesses themselves. Who do you think is going to pay for all those taxes. This is definately not a time to strike anywhere, unless of course you want to be unemployed. Business will cut jobs and hours to pay these taxes. Obamacare is already forcing many businesses to lay off employees and hire part timers to get around the Obamacare requirements which takes away nearly all their profits. Expect to see an increase in business closures and an increase in the unemployed. Ask yourself one question: How long do you think the few who have jobs will continue to work to give all their money to support those who don't? Not long.


    A mockery ?
    “Making a mockery of the labor relations system that has been in place for nearly 100 years.”
    look i am not going to knock anyones right to negotiate the terms of their labor , but just because something has been in place a long time doesn't mean squat to me! Everyone seems to think the right potus or the right congress or senate is going to fix something and jumpstart the economy..............HILARIOUS DELUSION !.............WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHAT LABOR CONCESSIONS YOU RECEIVE IF YOUR WAGES ARE BEING DEVALUED FASTER THAN YOU CAN EARN THEM ? People are delusional if they think the two party distraction system or a union rep is going to drastically improve their lives.........and free them from the slavery system of the fed!
    the fed has been in place for 200 years, and all it has done is bankrupt us through creating debt money........ learn how Andrew jackson was the only president to ever do anything about it without getting himself killed like lincoln and kennedy did, and they tried to kill him!............learn how they have extorted and manipulated the extraction of wealth since the early 1800"s and caused all wars and depressions........wake up children..........investigate your own history!
    cut the head of the snake off that is extorting and extracting!


    A Mockery ?
    “Making a mockery of the labor relations system that has been in place for nearly 100 years.”
    I'll tell you what a Mockery is .........but first let me say i am not knocking anyones right to collective bargaining..........the problem is everyone is a member of every kind of union except the one they should belong to!..........( the union of citizens for self government )
    its all a fabricated delusion..........your two party destraction system is owned by the money masters !............and you are all running around like confused children on the playground pointing fingers at each other blaming each other while the Debt Money creators fabricate the economy the way they like in order to extract wealth ,and extort wealth, wage war, and boom/bust the economy.............wake up kids..........
    what good does any union or any labor concessions do anyone if the value of your currency is deflated through monetary policy ? what good will labor concessions do if they implode the global economy through the quadrillion in derivatives they have created through fractional lending?
    Do you really think they don't own your union also ? it may be just another tool to extract wealth from you ............
    people want better or good jobs or working conditions and i can appreciate that, but looking at each isolated issue and blaming each OTHER AND REMAINING DIVIDED IN A TWO PARTY DISTRACTION SYSTEM.......won't change anything.......
    Just because something has been in place a 100 yrs doesnt mean squat......
    The Foreign International banking interests have been in place since Andrew Jackson ,He kicked them out , and they came back in.......and their reserve acts and banking charters and their debt money and fractional 1-9 lending ratio is what has extorted and extracted the wealth of this country through their wall street boom bust economy manipulation , and if we as a people are to dumb to understand the two hundred year history of it ...........then we deserve to fail!

  • Jack Parker

    Way to go unions! Now you can collect unlimited unemployment and "disability" along with food stamps and housing allowance and free phones for life and not have to work any more.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      I just finished this. I hope you like it. Please feel free to pass it on.

      To the tune of Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett, 1977:

      Nibblin on free stuff
      Working is too tough
      All the moochers with their hands out
      Strummin my six-string
      On my front porch swing
      Smell all the protestors and the crap they spout

      Wastin away again in Obamaville
      Searching for my lost bucket of slop
      Some people claim that there's a conservative to blame
      But I know it's Bush’s fault

      I don't know the reason
      I stayed here all season
      Nothing to show but these food stamps
      But they are a real beauty
      An American duty
      How I qualified I haven’t a clue

      Wastin away again in Obamaville
      Searchin for my lost bucket of slop
      Some people claim that there's a conservative to blame
      Now I think
      Hell, it could be my fault

      I blew out my flip-flop
      Stepped on a pop-top
      Cut my heel had to cruise on back home
      But there's no worries
      Doc will stitch it in a hurry
      Obamacare really helps me keep hanging on

      Wastin away again in Obamaville
      Searching for my lost bucket of slop
      Some people claim that there's a conservative
      to blame
      But I know it's my own damn fault
      Yes and some people claim that there's a conservative to blame
      And I know it's my own damn fault

      • lrhopkins

        Phillip, Good one ! . . . I play guitar and know the tune well. . . I will have to memorize the words and will play it at our next BBQ, IF I can still afford meat by then that is !

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Glad you like it! If you can record it and put it on You Tube, please feel free.

  • http://home.comcast.net/~tomleem BigGoofyGuy

    unions started out helping people but now they have done more to harm people. I think it is more about control than helping its members. I think unions have become too strong. I am a union member but I am not their puppet. my union supported Obama but I voted for Romney.

    • lrhopkins

      Good man ! . . The naysayers (me included) are not against the good people of unions, as unions were intended to be. . . . It's when the unions became a political subparty that America and the unions parted ways. . . Dump Trumca (sp?) and Hoffa and the idiots like them before it is too late ! . . . Or will they also have fake elections to retain power ?

  • truepatriotintx

    Sad to see, but I hope this continues. Unions are no longer a positive force for workers and they soak companies until they can no longer afford the perks. When it becomes unsustainable, the operation has to cut back.

    • PMDavis

      That's why so many companies went overseas was because of the unions but nobody seems to see that. It is unbelievable to me that the unions would rather see companies close, and the employees lose their jobs and everything, than to work with the company if the company is in trouble. The unions are like leeches, suck them till they are bled dry and then go to the next victim (company).

  • Fideux

    That's okay Hostess, we have plenty of Ding Dongs in Washington DC, the "swing states" and the left coast; plus the Twinkies in San Francisco and Bay Area, not to mention the Ho Ho's in Chicago and Detroit. Keep those layoffs coming!

    • watergate528

      Excellent Comment! Best laugh today!

  • oldfartAmerican

    Dues are all that matters to the unions! Plant closures are just used as an example to their sheeple to demonize business owners! York PA. Caterpillar, The Highest paid employees in the 5 county area, went on strike, after negotiations failed, the plant closed! Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, let's see that ever happen again! NOT! I will Not buy a GM or Chrysler product ever again! Well, I probably won't be able to buy much of any thing in the looming economic future!

  • Watchdogman

    Unions are nothing more then losers in a group...Cannot stand as an individual and succeed on personal efforts alone!

  • Mikey

    The company owes workers nothing. They are in business to make money. To the extent they need you, you get paid for doing the job. To the extent, you have skills that are in scarce supply, you get paid more and probably write your own ticket. There is no skill in baking Twinkies. I'm glad Interstate has taken this stand. It's time to put unions back in their place. If you don't like it, then lose your job entirely. And in this particular case, I doubt the world will suffer without Twinkies.

  • Jean

    Already, I've been reading where Obama is working hard to push his Presidency through to 2020...before he goes, I would wonder if we'll see a lowering of $250,000 Income level to maybe $100,000? It seems very possible, considering he's secretly signed and put in place a massive amount of Executive Orders (160 or more) in last 90 days before election, that are tougher business regulations from waste effusion, medical making of pharmaceuticals, environmental controls, and much, much more. Go here to read:


  • Jean

    The days of Unions is Over, and union workers in America need to realize they have been fooled and lied to by the tough bargainers who head up their unions. Our State has RIGHT TO WORK LAWS - You workers out there; fight for these laws in your State. That will tamper down what is now happening in 2012. We are not working like the workers in slaughter houses of Chicago in 1920's when Unions were born! We have much more protection at State and Federal levels now. The status of economy means you have NO GUARANTEES of life-time jobs anymore. Look at Interstate Bakeries & Confectionery Union Workers- 6 plants closing now, and many more now on strike being threatened if they don't go back to work, they all are "fired" and they'll close down plant(s).

    • Michaellaborde

      Obimbo wants to kill right to work law and replace it with Obama law.

      • lrhopkins

        Is that where the "cupcake makers" and "brain surgeons" make the same rate of pay ? . . . Under O'Fakir N' Chief, I bet the cupcake folks get more paid vacations though.

  • ARMYOF69

    Shut down All government employee unions...TEACHERS, FIREMEN, POLICE UNIONS AND ALL OTHERS.....

  • Bobseeks

    Lay off every union slug and let the thugs and parasites starve. They deserve it.

  • Guest

    "Let them eat cake!" Oh, sorry, that's what they were making. Best to get on your Obamaphones and find something else to eat!

    • watergate528

      But, the obamaphone is out of minutes!

  • 1NJNurse1

    There are 2000 Hostess workers still employeed and if they are all union then that would compute to about 2.6 million a year in dues. I'm hoping the union is not in the tank for Obama enough to let the workers lose their jobs. Wow, 2000 more unemployeed. I read that there will be 150,000 job loses per month for several months to come because of Obamacare. When that unemployment number reaches 15, 18, 20% I guess we will be Greece and thrown into riots and a major depression like most people alive today have never seen. Obama does not care. Anyone still think he does? World tax, Agenda 21, One World Power. Keep those words in your brain because it's coming sooner then you think. Obama is working hard to make it happen.

    • lrhopkins

      It's Bush's fault ! . . . It's Bush's fault ! . . . When will it be Obama's fault ? . . . When it's too late ? . . . Wake up America, while we have a chance to correct the madness that this administration foists upon the American public . . . . When will ALL Americans realize that for the last four years Obama bin Lyin' ?

  • sockettuem

    Mob infested union fat cats could care less if these 627 people lose their jobs. The only thing they will bemoan is the loss of union dues from these dupes. Unions simply supply the mob with money, corrupt politicians with votes and relieve workers of what they have earned by requiring dues and fees. Now these rank and file union members have been rewarded with unemployment while union bosses continue to collect six figure incomes. Yup, sounds like a deal to me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anita-Eitmann/100000450497995 Anita Eitmann

    This is one way to beat the unions. Close the plants.

  • watergate528

    As usual, the union "sheep" cut their own throats!

    Remember dummies, your union "suits" still are still eating out & enjoying themselves while you worry about how to make the next payment on that new truck you bought last spring

    Damn sad that the families have to suffer because of your thug mentality that the company owes you a high wage & paid benefits!

    Maybe a few of you sheep will figure out how to THINK for yourselves now that you have plenty of free time!

    Isn't SOLIDARITY wonderful?
    Don't forget to keep sending in that union dues every week!

  • Legalcld

    lol lol lol Way to go America! This is what YOU vote for! Now all those unemployed union workers can go get one of obama's part-time jobs making minimum wage! Hey maybe once obama signs card check into law, they can start a union where ever it is they are employed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

    I owe no one a living!
    If you make a better product I will support you by buying it with my hard EARNED wages!

    • lrhopkins

      Ahh yes, free enterprise ! . . . That's what built this country in the first place !

  • ohc

    When the unions support tax hikes and give to the democrats union dues it also hurts the unions too, you cannot fix stupid.

  • cdoc

    Union leader stay in power the same way that Democrats do. They promise more stuff to "their" constituents than they deserve, and promise to pay for it with other people's money. The schmucks believe it and keep voting the bastards in. Next thing you know they're unemployed and don't know what hit 'em. Then, to double-down on their stupidity, they believe their "leaders" when they're told that it's the "rich guy's fault". What a scam. I wish I had a few million idiots like that who were willing to give me a piece of their paycheck every month... in exchange for empty promises.

  • PMDavis

    I hate to say it, but we just beginning to see the effects of this election. More and more companies are going to lay off employees or completely close. Unions have out lived their usefulness. Now they are just another power hungry organization trying to control everything. Obama supports the unions, are we surprised? I still can't believe that the idiots re-elected Obama. They just don't get or see what is happening or is going to happen. And when Obamacare comes into the picture full swing, it is going to be bad with higher taxes, higher costs for everyone. Those middle class that think Obama cares about them are in for a big surprise, he doesn't care about anyone. He has his own agenda, which I believe is to completely ruin and destroy this country, and get us in line with all the other european countries. One World Government here we come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.patton.167 John Patton

    The unions think they own obama. no. obama now owns them. he will let them believe he will help them and before they know it he will come down on them. Read the history of hitlers climb to power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    Screw the "UNION" I want my TWINNKIES ,,,,

  • rs1123

    When union lunkheads insist that if they just strike the money will turn up, well I hope their strike fund pays them because I don't want them getting my tax dollars in benefits because they refuse to accept reality.

    I took a year with no raise and a year with a 20% pay cut at my job so boo flipping hoo for them.

  • db cooper

    lockheed shipbuilding and construction co, a subsidiary of then lockheed corp, told it's employees that in order to win a navy contract the company was bidding on they would have to take a cut in salary, otherwise the job would go to another lower cost shipyard and lockheed shipbuilding would close it's doors for good. it was all up to the union and being the numb skulls they are and so proud to be members of an old seattle union they chose for the company to go out of business and for themselves to be unemployed but still proud union members without a job. you can't negotiate with dumb.

  • crotte

    The only thing unions accomplish is get their leaders rich. Show me one union official that ever missed a paycheck during a strike.

  • farrightextreme

    Union "workers", would rather have no job if they can't have one that rapes their employer. This is not the first company to close or relocate.

  • munimula

    Could not happen to a more deserving bunch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/freda.faulkner Freda Faulkner

    Also give thanks to the Obama regime and their attack on snacks, which is the mainstay of the Hostess company. Michelle Obama has also been diligent in her supreme oversight of Ameerica's school children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

    You voted for it, suck it up

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7YFSHRJMMY7CI7YP7YUOWL5PUY Marc J

    All unions, especially of government employees, are criminal enterprises and should be treated as such. Hostess should move its production to foreign countries.

    • lrhopkins

      Or better yet, move to a "right to work state" ! . . . I'm all for a good working wage, but highway robbery does not constitute a viable solution for owner / worker viable working relationshop. . . Put yourself on the free market and find out your true worth. . . I would hate to see Hostess move out of the country, but if those cup cakes get any smaller they will have to enclose a magnifying glass with them. . . . The union workers need to take back their unions, or they will soon have none. . . . I was a union man for many years (AFL-CIO and UAW) and used to buy union made items whenever I could, regardless if of an increased price, but no more ! . . I will NOT buy union made products anymore, atleast not until they get rid of the current leaders and reinvent themselves ! . . . I agree with you, but I hate to see industry leaving the USA.

  • the_uglydog

    The definition of intelligence:
    Going on strike when the unemployment rate is over 8%, because the bankrupt company you work for can't afford to pay you as much as you want.

  • djw663

    Que sera, sera!!! The job has to be mutually beneficial obviously the union did not have enough dirt on the owners of the company to save the jobs and get what they want. Now how are those families going to live and how many other business' are struggling because of the loss of business created from the production of materials from this business?

  • MusicGuy

    Great! I hope they all enjoy their "non-paid vacation". Four years ago the UAW office by the Chrysler plant had Obama signs all over the place "to save out jobs"! A couple months after "the savior" took office, the plant was closed and all jobs sent to Mexico. Its since been bulldozed and now is available for "commercial/industrial development". Fat chance! Dumb asses didn't know what hit 'em.

    • watergate528

      Curious. What plant was that?


    The have nots - thats the 52% that voted for Obama-
    And the 48% Who represent the haves - tells the whole story. That is the 52% don't understand the GOLDEN RULE - Which is " He who has the GOLD makes the rules. We had uncertainty before the election - now we have certainty. So knowing how the White House operates things are hopeless. For the first time in my 75 years the working man has out done himself. Expect layoffs, huge cutbacks, investors running and hiding etc. Folks I think a real 1930's style depression is coming. No one seen it coming then and nobody sees it coming this time. Even without the fiscal cliff we're one screwed Country.

  • lrhopkins

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a place for unions. . . . That time and that place no longer exists ! . . . They have morphed into the left arm of the democrat party, which has morphed into the progressive party. . . Maybe they can reform and reinvent themselves after the dust settles, but I doubt it ! . . . Hopefully they both will get the message without things getting out of hand, but I doubt it ! . . . We shall see, and of THAT I have no doubt !

  • kkc003

    You dont like your job, millions will take it. If your that stupid you deserve what you get. Selfish and ignorance is no excuse. also voting has consequences!
    All other humans on this planet appreciate every day they have and living positive has its rewards.

  • johnson

    You unions will get the message. You keep striking against a company THAT YOU DO NOT OWN!!!!! I hate to see Hostess go, But if so, then you all go to and cant collect unemployment by law. If you dont like working there, leave!!!!!!!

  • watergate528

    As usual, the union "sheep" cut their own throats!

    Remember dummies, your union "suits" still are still eating out &
    enjoying themselves while you worry about how to make the next payment
    on that new truck you bought last spring

    Damn sad that the families have to suffer because of your thug
    mentality that the company owes you a high wage & paid benefits!

    Maybe a few of you sheep will figure out how to THINK for yourselves now that you have plenty of free time!

    Isn't SOLIDARITY wonderful?
    Don't forget to keep sending in that union dues every week!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.grayhaagsman Jane Gray Haagsman

    If you work at this plant or any other place for that matter, know this... EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We can't control what government does, even though we vote people into and out of office. What you CAN control is how you deal with things. If you want an opportunity to work for yourself and make some great things happen, contact me at http://www.jakeandjane.com. I have the answers for you!

  • deseartu1

    You get what you vote for! Sucks to be you!

  • No lover of Obama

    Boeing moved part of their plant to SC for just that reason and Obama let the Unions sue Boeing and win. SC is also a right to work state.

  • strangerinmyownland

    H.L. Menchen said: The American public will get what it deserves, good and hard.

  • Vicki

    This should not be surprising to anyone. These unions and frankly the "majority" of those that voted for Obama think and expect that they can keep being on the receiving end. There is only so much money to go around and once the money runs out, Santa Claus, can no longer give. This will be the norm as companies close down and this country does down the toilet. Thanks Obama and the liberals in Congress....but more importantly, thank you voters for these socialists. This kind of spending cannot be sustained so people better start worrying where their next welfare check will be coming from because there are not enough of us left working to keep this up. Remember once the government has taken all our money, there will be no more to get.

  • ARMYOF69

    The number of total layoffs , just shown on TV , said it's over 12,000. All union people. I am so happy. These morons are always shooting their foot off. HAHAHAHA.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MRKXHL3YVLGUIBTB5IJWZLYRZE Lauritz

    Proof positive of how many Americans have nothing but $hit for brains. Now instead of feeling under paid, you can sit around and wait for your unemployment to run out and then lose your home, end up homeless in the street, starve and have your life collapse to a point where you wish for your own death. And when it happens, it'll be better than you deserve for being such a collection of stupid, worthless idiots. I wonder how much better off you'd be, if you had back all of the union dues you paid to those slobs over the years whom have done nothing but decide whose jobs will go to the chopping block this week as a demonstration of union stupidity and obstinance. All of this and you idiot Americans still cannot see that the Satanic liberal machine is doing nothing but play you against one another like a bunch of mindless neanderthals. It's like a game of musical chairs wherein each round sees one more segment of America destroyed and plundered and you idiots are so stupid, blind and above all self-absorbed you cannot see this. You have signed your life and mentality away to material things rather than seeking first the kingdom of God and thus you fight over things of this earth that you imagine you deserve. In fact, you deserve nothing! Most of your union jobs could be done by trained monkeys anyway and yet you believe you deserve to knock down big bucks for these jobs so you can have more stuff and neglect your children even more than you already do by simply shoving money and materialism at them instead of the love God commands you to have and teach to them. Humanity you are lost and I want nothing more to do with you!

  • TLady62

    They asked for it. Plain and simple.

  • Jackson

    Good...........and I bet every one of them voted for Obama. Not to worry....he has tons of freebies for you.

  • Angel fan

    This is not the first time a union has caused the closure of a manufacturing facility resulting in the loss of many jobs and I suspect it won't be the last time either. The unions are greedy and don't represent the best interest of those they claim to support, they just want money. Years ago in Los Angeles, a bakery named "Helms Bakery" was very successful and even had door to door delivery via a fleet of specialty bakery trucks. Their union thought the workers should be making more money so the union ordered a strike. Helms was a family owned business and just closed the doors and sold off all the equipment rather than engage in union tactics.

  • agbjr

    Union terrorism: give us whatever we demand or we shut you down! In 1962 Studebaker Corporation was pulling out of financial difficulties. The automobile division was showing a small profit and the new 1962 line was well-received by the press and public; orders for new cars were coming in record numbers. Then the UAW ordered a strike that shut down the production lines for three months, the longest strike in Studebaker history. By the time agreement was reached and production resumed anxious customers had already cancelled their orders. What was projected to be the best production year for the company since 1950 turned into a financial loss from which there would be no recovery. In the face of mounting losses December 1963 Studebaker closed their main plant just before Christmas, 1963, putting a third of South Bend, Indiana, out of work. In 1966 the last Studebaker automobile rolled off the line at the Canadian plant in Hamilton, Ontario. Studebaker Corporation exited the auto industry for a number of reasons however the financial nail-in-the-coffin was pounded in by the UAW strike in 1962 ... all because the union demanded a 1-cent per hour increase.

  • jim

    I just read a story that its not just 627 people losing their jobs but it the entire Hostess Bakery of 18,000 jobs that is shutting down for good, way to go unions!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7OBLR6XXO5U5LLPWYOGH3L7LE joe

    Hostess could just go out of business and open under another corporate name and go without the unions!!

  • JQA

    What a crock of crap, yeah the unions have their problems and issues. It's amazing that people on here who benefit from the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, paid holidays and vacations and such, are bashing the unions that made all of this possible. Get rid of the unions, like Romney and other rabid predatory capialists want and YOU will be the ones working for 10 cents per hour, 12 to 14 hour days, 7 days per week with no time off and no overtime.

    Blame the unions all you want but first read the FACTS and get informed:




    CEOs and other Hostess executives were financiall raping the company as they drove it into bankruptcy and then tried to put all the blame on the unions.

    Did the unions contribute to the problems, probably. But it's hard to justify punishing the people who actually MAKE the company PROFITS while those who DO NOTHING keep rewarding themselves

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

      To blazes with the unions. Between them and obummercare they are killin jobs in america

      • JQA

        No what's killing jobs in America is the flood of wealth to the top, the people who do nothing but sit on their butts and think they deserve more money for doing less.

        As more of the wealth flowed upwards and the middle class stagnated the economy worsened. Those as the facts. Even the rich can only spend so much, no spending means no demand which means NO JOBS.

        The middle class CAN'T spend because they no longer have it to spend, so the greatest economic force that creates jobs is disappearing. Along with our jobs.

        Reverse that flow, put more money back in the hands of the middle class WORKERS and you'll see the economy turn around, quickly.

        I guess it's easier for people to hate that which they might have been able to attain, such as a decent paying union job, than something they never had a chance at, such as CEO or other executive.

        Stop blaming others for your failures in life.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

          Obama shill, Go tell your boss it didn't work.

    • sparkysr15108

      JQA; must be a union official of high standing, fighting to keep his job. Same old union dribble!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

    Open bakeries in Texas, no union required.

  • Bill Tyner

    Another puzzle piece falls into place as Obama FUBARS Americans with another BOHICA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    This is what happens when union legalized extorsion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Gieseke/1267699649 Bill Gieseke

    Oh man, I will definitely miss my "Twinkie" (Did I spell it right? No matter it just tastes soooo good... Union? Well, I have been on both sides of the fence in that department and, from personal experiences, enjoy the thought of some protection but prefer the 'open market' ability to compete for jobs payroll increases and such. Had an interesting experience that cost me dearly - aerospace; rehire and being a bit abused by a union lead, complained and got the ax and the company did nothing for it was a union shop. In other arena the company would have complied one would think due to the legal risk involved but not the unions for they could care less other than getting bucks - that is in that large aerospace environment that builds the most airplanes - anyone wnat to guess who that union was and what company?? LOL

  • Gary

    Serves the union idiots right, and they are getting what they deserve. I have no use for unions, they are, in conjunction with barry soetoro, destroying this country. Unions once were needed, now they are simply corrupt democrap supporters! I feel sorry for the decent workers who are suffering because of fatcat union thug bosses!

  • jaxholley

    The article says they only laid off 627 workers out of 18000. I bet they closed the union plants and kept the right to work plants.Just saying

  • Gary

    I think one thing everyone is overlooking, the regime wants everyone to have to look to the government for help! What better way than to put everyone out of work, and go on government assistance. This is just what Barry and the communist Axlerod and the regime want.

  • FireMall

    Seems NYC's mayor Bloomberg has pulled in some markers in Ohio & turned on one of Obama's friends [ the Union} for making those evil & fattening snacks.

    Seems Like Patreaus and several other Obama supporters are reliving Hitler's post election nightmare where the Useful Idiots are the first to be disappeared.
    Of course the first group useful Idiots to be thrown under Obama's Socialist bus are the Ohio voters who are going to get their just rewards early next year when Ohio initiates the Austerity program. Less welfare and No more Free cell phones. LOL LOL LOL
    Hmmm ? I could have sworn I heard Obama saying that Ohio was in great fiscal shape after he saved all those Ohio , Obama voter's jobs.
    I can already hear the Ohio Obama lovers screaming "That dammed Bush" for 4 more years.

  • gingerjo

    i belonge to 2 unions in my woking career and both sucked . I almost lost my job as an Air Traffic controller because the uNion promised they would never fire the controllers for striking, I was promoted shortly before the firing of a ll controller who belonged to rthe union and they never got their jobs back fo rmany years, so don't tell me Unions don't suck

  • FireMall

    Seems NYC's mayor Bloomberg has pulled in some markers in Ohio & turned on one of Obama's friends [ the Union} for making those evil & fattening snacks.

    Seems Like Patreaus and several other Obama supporters are reliving Hitler's post election nightmare where the Useful Idiots are the first to be disappeared.
    Of course the first group useful Idiots to be thrown under Obama's Socialist bus are the Ohio voters who are going to get their just rewards early next year when Ohio initiates the Austerity program. Less welfare and No more Free cell phones. LOL LOL LOL
    Hmmm ? I could have sworn I heard Obama saying that Ohio was in great fiscal shape after he saved all those Ohio , Obama voter's jobs.
    I can already hear the Ohio Obama lovers screaming "That dammed Bush" for 4 more years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    Yes that's our Unions making sure the jobs of the workers are protected.

  • Glen Ganges

    Wasn't it Gore (Algore) who said that if you make a million dollars in your LIFETIME then you were a millionnaire? The 51% who voted again for Obama do not and will not ever get it. They have been trained over generations by the media and public dis-information system (public schools) to not learn these basic truths. Instead they put all their eggs in the government basket. On the other hand Michele and Bloomberg are probably pretty happy right about now.

  • ConservaDave2

    I thought there would be enough hurting Americans who voted for Obama the first time realizied what he is trying to do to throw him out of office. "Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me." Some idiots still blame Bush, some stayed away because Romney wasn't pure enough, there was massive voter fraud that will never get looked into, black preachers condemned him then went with their congregations to vote for him, Jews who must hate Israel's very existence voted 70% for him, and the under 30 crowd are perhaps the scariest group of uninformed (hey, you kids just volunteered to pay Obama's bills for the rest of your lives...). I'm afraid the "fun" is only beginning.

  • Ron

    This is a typical union mindset. They are just so stupid that they think all business and government have a bottomless check book. They may have even thought Obama would bale them out - who knows what they think? The only thing you can rely on with them is that they are socialist idoits.

  • kpjlaw

    It's 18,500 Hostess jobs lost now. Thank Obama and the unions. Obama wants to destroy private enterprise and create more peoplewsho are dependent on the government for survival. Michelle Obama is probably celebrating because she thinks that this food is not good for you anyway. Brace yourselves for many more lost jobs.

  • evantoo

    One thing's for sure, Bakery... Union members, NOW you have NOTHING. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Null. Really got you a lot, didn't it?
    Now Hostess can rebrand, move to a Right To Work state, and start all over. Without you. I won't wish you luck finding another job. You have your Union to take care of you.
    (Makes one wonder how many more of their own jobs these fools will take out.)

  • Military Patriot

    I used to be a Union Member. In past History, Unions made it possible to not be exploited by greedy corporations. However, as the decades passed, running a Union became a profitable business in itself. Many Union bosses became as corrupt as the unethical businesses that they were supposed to keep under control. Union bosses often embezzled membership money, granted themselve perks not available to Union rank and file members (similar to what the Washington politicians have given themselves), operated in the manner of thugs to keep Union members "in their place," and pretty much functioned like the businesses that they originally were formed to keep under control. I personally was told not to be so vocal about my political views because I "could get hurt." Yup, many of the Unions have gone too far, so I fully realize why the general public has negative views about Unions. There has to be a turning point somewhere. Where that is, or when that would take place is anybody's guess?

  • jonbernal

    Let's guess the next move: the liberals are going to boycott Hostess products because of their racist policies of putting middle-class workers out on the street due to their capitalistic, greedy profit margins. The government will be enlisted to bail out Hostess, forcing them to stay open to meet the Union demands. Taxpayers will foot the cost of the bailout. Welcome to the new Amerika.

  • ggswede

    I'm sure a lot of non union people,would love to have their jobs.How about a lock out of the union idiots ? By the way,do realize just how much they make ?

  • http://facebook.com/pkeyrich Philip K. Eyrich

    I went out today and bought my favorite Hostess snacks for te first time in many years because I wanted to taste again childhood memories before they become mere memories.

  • RayR55

    I could give a crap less, I hope they starve. Tell them to call Obama and cry on his sholder. They could move it out here to this s--t hole I live in Ca. Then they could hire all Illegals and have cheap labor. Of course there would be constant law suits over deceases in their product. Not to mention that it would pay more in taxes and fees just to open than they would make in 20 years. Oh, and lets not forget all the law suits the ACLU would bring against them for mistreating the poor illegals.

  • Buck

    Unions today are not what they once were & the union bosses do not want to let go. I was a member of several Millwright locals back in the late 70's & early 80's . During that time the ones I dealt with were honest & not like today where they tell you who to vote for . If they had tired that I would have told the business agent to stick it. Back then jobs were easy to find & nobody took no cr-p. Today unions are in the pits for one political party & we know that is Democratic. So all of you Union Obama supporters had better get ready to go thru your life savings while you look for a non existing job!

  • Henry

    Michelle Oboofer, is a Ho-Ho. Dick Trumpka needs to be lined up against a brick wall and executed.

  • MusicGuy

    Good for them. They deserve what they get. Just plain union stupidity and greed. Four years ago, the UAW office by the (then) Chrysler plant here in St. Louis had Obama signs plastered all over the place because "If the Republicans win, we'll lose our jobs". Well, guess what. About 2 months after the savior took office the whole plant closed and all the jobs were sent to Mexico. It's since been bulldozed and the land is advertized as being available for industrial development. If there is any, I'm betting it won't be any union businesses.

  • bressler


  • Bruce

    so how much did a hostess worker make an hour 20 years ago

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.creamer.79 Thomas Creamer

    Now there are 18,000 more people out of jobs ... Unions ... who the hell needs them ... Hostess just shut down the entire company ... tell me ... what good did they do by voting for Obama ... not a dam bit ... Screw Obama and his minions ... how is that changey thing workin for yas now ? You got exactly what you deserve !

  • John

    This story just reaffirms what we already know. Too many Americans are deficient in math skills. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in with its huge increase in taxes ! I anticipate many more businesses closing and others lowering employees' work hours to escape Obamacare taxes.

    • Patty H

      It has already happened. Most restaurant chains are already cutting hours to less than 30 per employee so they do not have to deal with O's care plan. Denny's has now dropped all its handful of workers that did have healthcare to part-time to avoid the penalty clause. Just about all the medical device companies have laid off workers, anywhere from 500 to 1200 per company, because of new rules in the "health-care law".

  • GT

    My wife just took a 9% cut, (with no bennies) and I was sacked a year ago cause I'm a male. These strikers should be grateful they have ANY job! Thanks, BO.

  • Magnolia

    All about ME. Unions don't give a flip about keeping jobs -- and any union gains goes right to the top. Come on guys, tighten the belt and keep the company in business. I can't live without my Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes!! Arghhhhh

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5LC2Q22MFT62FDSVE4J4CG2XE4 ace

    I wish they would close please3 that is what the people voted for .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CWDWHC6YLOKK4WUS4PL5BYBPXI kaci

    The whole concept of unions is totally against the original ideals of these once sovereign States.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

    Unions are too greedy, and this bunch sure had bad timing with the economy being the way that it is. I hope that the owner "laid-off" at least all of those union leaders.

  • Robert Manstine

    Try as I may, I cannot understand the mindset of anyone that will go on strike for wages or benefits that the company cannot afford to the point that they end up with nothing at all. A smaller wage is better than no wage but its obvious you can't tell that to these people. I worked for a company that manufactured baking industry equipment so I've been in many bakeries and I've met a lot of its workers and most of them don't have any special skills or training beyond what they have been taught at their place of employment. Where do they think they are going to find work? All I can say to them is I hope you got what you wanted but its going to be hard when Christmas morning rolls around and you have to tell your children that there's nothing under the tree because I went on strike to show the company that I didn't agree with their business practices. Most people that don't like where they work, find new employment but to quit work altogether is to me unacceptable.

  • bobalo59

    Just like Papa Johns, can't support his employees due to Owevomit care, so he's closing franchises and other operations. Now the left wants to boycott Papa Johns. Does this make sense to anyone with a half a brain? Your going to boycott a business causing a lack of sales, to STAY OPEN, when the reason for the loss of jobs is Owevomitcare? This will do nothing but make more stores have to close. Are they such idiots that they're willing to cut off their noses to spite their face? Ok, stupid qustion, obviously they are when. When your told, that you have to take a pay and benefit cut to keep a job, you just up and quit, losing everything instead. Smart, real freakin smart. Union members are such followers its not even a joke anymore.

  • danimal

    gotta love the unions, they really take care of their members, don't they

  • sparkysr15108

    If a person is making $20.00 per hour and is asked to take an 8% pay cut, they are now making $18.40 per hour. Tell me why this is worse than $0.00. I not privy to "fuzzy math". Also the cuts were not exclusive to wages, the 8% was for wages and benefits combined. If your costs are such that you cannot compete with the competition you are history. In case you don't understand this concept, one sentence explains it: YOU ARE OUT OF A JOB!!!!!!

  • jack

    Any Strike that last over 1 week it takes years to make up for the lost wages, but what are [people supposed to do work for minimum wage? The other thing is that in one way the unions are good for the average worker but bad for the ones that are exceptional in their fields. But have unions out lived there time? When the employees started unionizing back in the day, the wages were very low & working conditions were bad in a lot of places. But some of them were good to & for their employees. Some faced loads of violence & long strikes to meet their goals. This is my opinion & I am neither pro or con when it comes to unions, but I was held back to become a journeyman die maker because I didn't have as much "time" on the job & others had seniority. But guess who surpased even the lad mans skills & he was really good at his job

  • mamasview

    Union workers take note. This will be happening more and more. Businesses and people, in general, are fed up with being held hostage to union demands. Workers don't want you and businesses can't afford you anymore.

  • greg

    My younger brother works for them for 17.5 years. Believe me i love my
    brother very my but i don't know how unions can expect them to sell
    bread while unions make big money when at times you still can buy fresh
    bread for 2 loaves for $1.00. I feel bad for my brother very much so as we are a close nit family.
    hope they open up under a new name and say if a union vote comes into
    this building we will shut down again. To bad it can't be made over
    sea's and come back fresh. GM move over hopefully your next, your
    product can be made over sea's and i definitely would buy it
    cheaper..Sorry little brother..

  • mwilk999

    These union people must not believe that the US is financially broke. They must not believe that business, their place of work is in trouble. What is wrong with them? The company wants to help its employees as well as keep the company in business but due to the current financial breakdown, must cut its expenses. How can they think that striking is going to change these facts and they'll get their way? This is idiocy! Why aren't they demanding that the union reps not get paid during their strike too? They just ignore this and let it go? Where's the "fairness" in that? They have the gall to blame business for being selfish and rotten people when they do want to stay in business. You're allowing the Democratic/communist party to distort your thinking about capitalism - it does work! All this hatred and anger against the prosperous, successful American way - is it getting us anywhere? Are these policies working? Since Obama's first day in office, he's given big business our money, they fail and take off. He's given his buddies our money - business didn't steal it - it was given to them by this communist who only wants to destroy America. Wake up! At one time, unions were needed but now they are the selfish, destructive ones who are only out for themselves and their power.

  • Bubba

    Dont worry your president will take care of you !!! SOLIDARITY BROTHERS!!! that the biggest bullshit battle cry Ive ever heard, I was a Union Negotiator, and a Grievance Committee Chairman, if you honestly think they care about you try and opt of of dues and see what happens. Ohhh wait that's right if you opt out the company has to fire you !! I guess losing 100% of your income is better then losing 8%.....keep your eyes on the unemployment numbers....there will be plenty more to join you

  • truthisstrangerthanfiction

    The author of the article is right. But what was not said is that the plan was to switch the company to Mexico where a lot of other jobs have now gone that have not gone to India and China. Cheap labor down there means big profits for share holders who live north of the border. This accomplished sending yet another company out of the USA. We just passed a law in CA that says that unions cannot force their members to donate to political campaigns. Unions started so that companies would stop tyrranizing workers during the Industrial Revolution in the USA with unbearable working hours and dangerous conditions. Then evolved into basic mob bosses. Perhaps if the Air Traffic Controller Solution of Ronald Reagan's would be used, these companies would stay in the USA--when Air Traffic Controllers went on strike, Reagan fired them and gave the jobs to those who wanted to thos who wanted to work. Probably it is not such a hot plan to picket in this environment of no jobs. Might get "Hostessded". The news reported today that Walmart and some other companies' employees are gonna stay home on Thanksgiving and also not work the unusual 'black friday' hours. I think those jobs should go to those who want to work and not kept by petulant workers who think they have a right to mess up profits. They also want to strike because Walmart doesn't pay much more than min wage. um...didn't they know that when they hired on? I worked my way through school working many jobs to afford gas , books, and tuition. There were about 6 years of my life where I never had Christmas or Thanksgiving off.