Veteran’s Day Protest Flying American Flag Upside Down

I’m very big on proper etiquette concerning the United States flag. When I was in school we were all taught proper flag etiquette. We were taught to never let the flag touch the ground, how to properly raise and lower the flag, when the flag is allowed to fly half-staff, how to fold the flag and how to properly dispose of a damaged flag. We were taught that no other flag flies higher than the American flag and if the flag is flown at night it must be lit up. We were also taught that to fly the American flag upside down was a sign of distress especially during times of war.

My dad always flew the American flag proudly. He was in the U.S. Navy for six years that spanned all of World War II. Even though he was an enlisted man, the captain of his ship presented him with the ship’s flag that flew at the battles of Bougainville and Saipan, when the ship was mothballed after the end of the war. He flew this 48 star flag for years until it started to tear. He always said he was proud to fly that flag that he served under rather than flying the cheap nylon colored flags sold in stores today. I now have this flag properly folded and mounted in a display case and it is one of my prize possessions.

So I understand the pride and meaning that people have when they fly the American flag for all the right reasons. That’s why the story of Philip Hoezel caught my attention.

Hoezel served 7 ½ years in the United States Navy and is proud of his country. But after last week’s elections his heart was saddened as he saw his country in deep distress. So starting the day after the election, Philip began flying his American flag upside down at his home on Fleming Island, Florida.  He said he plans to continue to fly the flag upside as a sign of America’s distress every day for the next four years.

Commenting on why he flew the flag upside down, Hoezel said:

“I figure if they can burn the flag, if they can spit on it, if they can put it down as a doormat, why can’t I fly it upside down? Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea if you fly your flag upside down on a ship, it means you’re in distress… I think this country is in distress.”

Veteran’s Day was this week and it was also the fifth day of Hoezel’s protest.  However Hoezel’s neighbors were quite upset with his protest display and felt it was dishonoring to veteran’s and the national holiday.

Mike Walter, a 26 year Navy veteran, is a neighbor of Hoezel and he was not happy with the display and told reporters:

"It's very disturbing... you know 26 years in the Navy, current Navy guy and I thought it was an accident.  Then I did a little research and I realized people are doing this in protest and I just can't believe that on Veteran’s Day you would be so petty as to fly your flag upside down."

I whole heartedly agree with Hoezel that America is in distress and much of it is the fault of Barack Obama.  I also agree that he has every right to fly his flag upside down as sign of the nation’s distress.  I disagree with his neighbors who said that it should not have been done on Veteran’s Day.  The only dishonor to our veteran’s I see is having an imposter in the White House who is purposely destroying our nation.

As said, my dad is a veteran of World War II and has been a lifelong Democrat.  However, that’s not how he voted in this year’s election.  His national pride and patriotism outweighed any loyalty to the Democratic Party.  I’m going to send him this article and wouldn’t be surprised if he also started flying his flag upside as a sign of distress.  In fact, I would love to see millions of American’s do the same thing.



  • Screeminmeeme

    We've been doing it since Nov 7. I know of 3 others who are doing the same thing.

    Our nation is under distress and at war with domestic enemies that are far worse than foreign.

    I wish everyone who flies the flag daily would fly it upside down so that there would be thousands, if not millions, of American patriots conveying a message of unity and a visible condemnation of Obama.

    • emiarmstrong

      I agree with it, but it saddens me because of all those who have served and died under this flag. I do however, understand the distress the man feels. God Bless America

      • TheSunDidIt

        Deep sadness is reflected in flying the flag at half-staff. For those who do not want to show "distress", I suggest the half-staff position to show their sadness at what has happened to America and our freedoms. They've turned our Constitution into a rag.

        • emiarmstrong

          I agree with your last statement whole-heartedly

        • Al

          The Constitution is nothing better than a piece of toilet paper. It should be printed on toilet paper and sent to every representative in Congress.

        • Al

          The Constitution is nothing better than a piece of toilet paper. It should be printed on toilet paper and sent to every representative in Congress.

        • kpjlaw

          All the toilet paper in the United States could not clean up our congress and white house.

        • guest

          Al, your an idiot. You don't like it and think that of the Constitution, pack your bags and get your ass out of this Nation!

        • Vern

          Al is an illegal, and he does not like the US Constitution because he should not even be living in our great country, and the Constitution would send him packing.

        • Troubleshooter

          Al is also an idiot who can't think past the end of his huaraches.

        • Vern

          Obama sure treats it like toilet tissue, and he is flushing alot of our rights right
          down the crapper.

        • OldProudArmedWhiteGuy

          Before you fly the Flag at half-staff instead of "In Distress" ... Read USC Title 4.

        • Mil Vet

          Also been doing that.Friends would ask why the flag at half mast? My reply was, my country was sold out to the commie party.

      • Screeminmeeme

        emiarmstrong....I honor the flag and all that it stands for and it pains me to see it flying upside's because of that pain that I do it because I want to express my extreme sorrow and anguish over Obama being the President of my beloved country.

        • Ruggedlark

          As a veteran, I have decided not to fly my flag. Its mine.

          I'm still a patriot; just can't support the president of the moment, nor the government as it stands...

        • jbaviera

          Did the same. Took mine down Nov.7, and it won't fly till this POS and his administration is GONE!!!

    • Kittyhane

      I intend to do the same thing

      • guest

        As well we are not the only ones who do, there are some Military who do have their flags upside down.

    • Mike Tanco

      Our problem is we, the United States, put up with too much disrespectful behavior from people that think we need to change and not them. If you want to live here it should be a given that: 1) you learn to speak English if you don't already 2) you pledge allegiance to one flag(Old Glory) and 3) you abide by the Constitution of the United States. Regardless of race or gender, you respect and live by our laws. If you don't like them, get your ass out.

      • DefendConstitution

        Well said Mike, I'm with you.

      • Mike6

        Some of the single women I know told me they voted for Obama because they think he is "cute". Help America, and tell all the single women you know to stop reading tabloids, watching the View and Oprah, and listening to Obama because they think he is "cute".

        • Screeminmeeme

          Mike6....Honest to God, these women are morons. You ought to have to pass an IQ test before voting. It would eliminate the 51 % who voted for Obama.

        • Krazeehors

          I would have to agree, just based on the lack of ability to utter an intelligent response from people who are interviewed, from people who comment on these blogs, etc. Most of them cannot form a complete sentence, spell correctly, have no grasp of our rich and full history OR our geography, our political system, etc. Why would we think they would be able to cast a competent vote?

          I am a female GOP voter, disabled veteran, and completely disgusted with the election result and the rampant corruption in D.C. However, knowing the history of and protocol for the flag, I completely disagree with the decision to fly the flag upside down.

          This is EXACTLY what the muslims and soviets want us to do. They want to further divide our country so they can swoop in and take over. We must unite as a people, for our country, our AMERICAN culture, our safety, and our government. Don't just be a big crybaby and fly the flag upside down because you are angry about the result of the election, which was stolen.

          What would happen if our disabled veterans began marching across the country on foot, each carrying an American flag? I would wager that the crowd / sheer number of veterans marching in formation would be staggering and would absolutely DWARF the million man march or any campaign or inaugaural *(sp) event of the last four years. I would be marching right along with them.

        • Riverdweller

          We won't be divided like the muslims/soviets want us to be IF

          WE ALL fly our flag upside down.

        • Mike6

          Help America and tell all single American women whom you know that Oprah lowers their IQ, is wall to wall Obama propaganda, and bad for their family values. The TV horrible TV shows and the bad music are some of the reasons why their kids are high on drugs. I told the TRUTH and I am proud of it.

        • fedup in fl

          Most women, 99% have more IQ between their legs than in heirheards

        • granny

          Whoa....Between their legs have no IQ. Their brain is not working properly and that would be the black women that are uneducated & hope to snare a BOZO so they do not have to work. My deepest sympathy to all those women and their families. Those uneducated women certainly have no IQ's of any number.

        • Ruggedlark

          No. Every American needs a Stake in this country.

          Either we own Property, are Employed, or Own a Business...And, family members that work to keep said business up and running, ought to have a vote...From an age earlier than 18...

        • joanc

          I'm a woman, but I have to agree with you guys, that some,women are morons when it comes to a good looking guy, not that describes Obama, it doesn't. That's why I can't understand what they see in the egotistical narcissist. Now if your talking Tom Selleck, that's a different story, he has the right to be egotistical, but he isn't.

        • nan1

          joanc--I agree with you completely about obama, I cannot see any thing good looking about obama, in fact I can't stand looking at him or hearing him spouting his lies! Also agree with you about Tom Selleck, I have thought he was a "Hunk" since the first time I ever saw him! Also have something else to like about Tom S, he is a conservative Republican! haha

        • joanc

          Thanks nan1-- it's great to have someone agree with me, I agree that Tom Selleck, I used to love the program filmed in Hawaii and I've been his fan ever since.

        • SEBtopdog

          It's too late to tell them. Sadly, the irreversible damage has been done.

        • pateboo

          First of all, there was a lot of voter fraud, so don't be so sure he was voted in, secondly, as Yoda said in one of the Star Wars movies when it looked like all was lost, there's another, Sheriff Joe Arpaio got re-elected. God willing the good Sheriff will triumph in uncovering the evil that is sitting as POTUS in the once respectable White House, now turned brewery for frat house parties.

        • SEBtopdog

          Then I fervently pray for Sheriff Joe's safety and success in his investigation. He may be the last hope for our beloved country.

        • Weygan Lamsis Totanes


        • Mike6

          It is never too late to help your children and America. Tell your kids to stop watching nasty TV, shooting basketball, and listening to horrible hip music. This stuff belongs in the jungles and not in our American cities. When your poor children start hearing good music (Chopin and Mozart) and reading fine literature they will get off drugs, and they will thank you.

        • Erick Amthor

          Home school, or Christian scool!

        • Erick Amthor

          I mean school. (can't type yet.)

        • Mike6

          Tell your kids to go to Holy Mass on Sundays and ask them politely to listen to Chopin and Mozart instead of their horrible jungle music. Your kids will stop using drugs. Be patient, keep repeating your mantra until they understand and someday they WILL THANK YOU.

        • granny

          Doing sports are very good for our kids. My kids chose their own sports & music. My kids were raised choosing, but choosing everything good. They never got into trouble, did not smoke weed, did drink but were never alcoholics . They married great spouses, & I am very proud of my grandchildren as they are in college, polite, and choose well.

        • Mike6

          My blind, destitute Grandmother bought stale vegetables, day old bread, and stale meat for our dinner. She refused to take welfare in the memory of her husband/my grandfather who was in the Royal Horse Guards of His Imperial Majesty and he was awarded the black and gold Cross of Saint George. Instead of shooting basketball, selling dope, and listening to horrible music, I read fine books, studied chemistry, and learned how to write.
          When she was not with her family, my Grandmother was praying to the LORD day and night with the beating of her her heart. She gave me enough love to last me a lifetime.

        • smartgranny55

          they must have impaired eyesite. Odumbo is not cute. Neither is the idiot, Bydem.

        • Mike6

          I agree that Obama is not cute. His jutting chin and silly smile reminds me of Benito Mussolini. Obama wants to become a dictator for life and our Pravda media is helping him win elections. I used to think that American reporters were decent, honest men looking for the TRUTH, silly me.

        • liberty76

          I graduated from college with a degree in communications (journalism) and I am appalled at the journalists of today. Jack Anderson (a respected journalist) would be horrified by what is called journalism today!

        • Mike6

          Journalism on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC is just wall to wall Obma propaganda. Lenin said that a journalist must be a Bolshevik and a Bolshevik can't believe in God. I wonder is American reporters ever read the Holy Bible and if they ever go to Church. Some of the journalist I heard praising Obama before the election sounded like demons.

        • KarenWI

          They are NOT journalists, they are a propaganda machine for obama. Plainly true.

        • Mike6

          I agree that MSM reports are not journalist because they care nothing about the truth, decency, honor, or America

        • bluejacket

          The demons know HIS name and fear HIM. Jesus will detroy them with sword from his mouth and with the brightness of his comming. The left will not be able to blame Bush for their ignorance, but together with the demons, will be cast into the lake of fire. Never forget, we know how it ends.

        • Mike6

          I agreee that Jesus and th Truth will someday destroy the Chicago Democrats. I am sorry, but some of their reporters who are spreading wall to wall Obama propaganda look like demons. They deserve to be in the Lowest Circle of Dante'e Hell with the sodomites, betrayers of benefactors, and blasphemers who yell obsenities at GOD as the fires of Hell roll over them.

        • Mil Vet

          And look how Mussolini ended up in the end.

        • Mike6

          In the end, Benito Mussolini was a gentleman because he tried to shield his young mistress with his body from the Communist firing squad in Milan in April 1945. However Obama is no gentleman. I predict that if Obama was on a Titanic lifboat in April 1912, he would have pushed the women and kids aside to get on first.

        • Pat Pettie

          Mike6: I concur. However, I think hussein obama is more kniving than that, he will put on his hair wig, dress and high heels and will get into the life boat as a woman.
          When you mentioned about Mussolini, it remind me of his wife, her name was not moochelle but moochelle sure copied her ideas. Musolini's wife claimed that Italian ate too much spaghetty and meats and made them obese and not smart, she had her own vegetable garden (sound familiar), and tried to convince Italian women to be a vegan and give up meats and spaghetti, quite a few protests and upset many Italian., WTH ..However, I try to be OPTIMAL hopefully that hussein and moochelle will be remembered in the history with the same ending. Mussolini was hanged upside down with the hoorah cheers of the people and he was left like that in the town center dead in upside down position for weeks...

        • Mike6

          You are correct because Obama and Rahm both belonged to a Chicago Men's Gay Bath Club and Rahm was a male ballet dancer, and we know what that means. I read a report by a retired CIA man about Obama and his gay friend in Pakistan and what I read was not flattering.

        • granny

          Mike....he might have shielded his mistress, but he sold out his country. A lot of them killed because of his ratting out his friends. Italians sheild their family & friends. That included the Mafia, & Cosa Nostra. BM was the exact opposite.

        • atchafa

          Obama is looking weirder and it looks like his face is about to blow up when he starts getting loud and and telling his lies.

        • Mike6

          I agree that Obama is looking more and more like a demon. In Revelations he would be called the ANTICHRST.

        • Doodlebug

          It's probably the same SINGLE women, ( I've forgotten what the age group was),who voted for him because they want FREE BIRTH CONTROL. Go figure. More handouts!

        • Mike6

          Instead of asking the Catholic Church to pay for their birth control pills, perhaps these single Democrat women should just keep their legs crossed!!!
          Where are the ladies like Jackie kennedy whom I loved so much?

        • Howdy Doody Conservative

          Yea...It's the ones who believe that;

          If they want it it's a baby.

          If they don't want it , it's a fetus.

        • Mike6

          Perhaps the best birth control for single democrat women would be to tell them to cross their legs and go to Holy Mass on Sundays.

        • notosharia

          They will probably be targeted for the customary rape by 5 in a terrorist gang and them made to wear the burqa. (oh yeah-and convert to islam)

        • Mike6

          It is very dangerous for a young pretty single Western woman to get into a cab with a muslim driver alone. She could be sold into white slavery, and God FORBID. I don't want to talk about it. I worked in an Islam country and what i saw was not pretty. Obama is a muslim, and once a muslim always a muslim. I bet if a Chicago Democrat woman was alone in a cab with a muslim driver and something terrible happened to her, she would never vote for Obama again.

        • Pat Pettie

          I think they still can't fix stupid.

        • jim


        • granny

          If you see past the arrogance that his face displays, his nose in the air, like he is superior, loves the muslim faith, women are beneath him, and lies from his mouth......all you would be able to see is ugliness. Used to think Oprah was a great lady and thoughtful, but after her great feeling for BOZO and his idiotic talking......she is now seen as a person that does not see evil in a person that is trying to destroy our USA. Too bad, I have seen her do a lot of good for black people, and spread her wealth around. But contributing to an illegal BOZO "wanting to destroy the USA" , she has lost my respect. Those single women that only think of him in terms of cute, have to be desperately in need of a good man, which they can't find. They have lost sight of what is important to the USA.

        • Mike6

          I agree completely, and the single women who think that Obama is "cute" do not have a brain. They are working to jobs, getting dead tired, and their kids are still high on dope. They would do themselves and their kids a huge favor if they stopped watching Oprah and the View.

      • Endgame

        People everywhere should begin flying small flags on ther cars again like the did in the months following 9/11, except inverted.

      • Howdy Doody Conservative

        Welcome to Mexifornia, Texico, Latizona, etc

      • marcdepiolenc

        One change. The only people required to abide by the Constitution are government employees and those acting for the Federal government. The Constitution is a rule book for government issued by the people; it binds the government, not the sovereign people. That leaves: speak English (or accept the consequences of your ignorance) and pledge to do no harm to your host country.

      • nralifer

        amen god bless you

    • liberty76

      With 50 states now joining in petitioning to secede from this Republic, I am certain that others agree that this nation is indeed in distress!

    • franko35758

      I have thought of this myself, bt wanted to wait.
      now that this POS is re-elected, it's time to do it.
      if people cannot see that this country is in distress
      then they are part of the problem.
      tomorrow my flag goes upside down.

      we are in distress because of this democrat party and this president.
      old sarge,'nam vet,'68,'70

    • Mil Vet

      already doing it but also at half mast.

    • Norris

      I too have flown my flag upside down since Nov 7

    • daves

      Why do you hate America?

    • Kittyhane

      here is another reason to do it:

      I just received my tax return for 2012 back from the IRS. It puzzles me!!! They are questioning how many dependents I claimed. I guess it was because of my response to the question: "List all dependents?"

      I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants, 3 million crack heads, 42 million unemployed people on food stamps, 2 million people in over 243 prisons, half of Mexico , and 535 persons in the U.S. House and Senate."

      Evidently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.


    • Kari

      Great idea, but then again, while our country is certainly in distress it's still OUR country and perhaps instead of flying it upside down MORE true Americans should fly a flag.....the more the better!!!

    • granny

      Vocal disagreement is conveying a message of hatred toward BOZO. Flying the flag upside down is disrespectful. We have been brought up to honor our country & the flag. Putting our trust in God, no matter what our religion, and living our life in unity w/ all that are worth receiving it. BOZO is not worthy, also the illegals & muslims that dishonor are country, laws, and ways of life. You fly our stars & stripes upside down, you will have my hatred and will be considered a threat to our country.

  • jag

    I placed my yard-pole flag to half-staff for the next four-years. This allows our flag to remain stead-fast in honor of all my brothers and sisters past, present, and future the respect earned and our flag the honor deserved.

    USMC Koren Veteran
    USCGR Retired
    Thirty-Years Total Service

    Semper Fidelity
    Semper Paratus

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      My flag has been upside down since early morning on 11-7-12. It will be that way for 4 years or longer depending on what happens. My flag pole is a telescoping type pole which does not allow me to fly a flag at half staff, so I have a black ribbon at the top. It is lit for nighttime use.

    • colleenf

      Thank you.
      My heart is sick with what is happening to our once great nation.
      My dad (USAF ret- WWll, Korea, Viet Nam) passed away in Oct 2008 before the elections. He warned all of us kids (4 of 6 alive) to beware of obama. He said he knew evil when he saw it, and obama was evil to the marrow. I believed him then due to his 30+ years of military career.
      I am glad he didn't live to see what is happening to our country.

      • Dan Williams

        Your Dad was right on the money. If obama's lips are moving he is lying to you.

  • lisatherese

    You people are a disgrace to this nation.

    • jag

      See above FOOL!

    • Dana Estes

      Which people are you talking about? If you are talking about Comrade Chairman Osama bin Bite-me and his corrupt regime then I completely agree.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Dana, My MCRD Drill instructor's name was Bob Estes - 1957 Any Relation??? He is a great American, great instructor, Patriot, Viet Nam Vet, etc.

    • kjenkinsaf

      You, dear Lisa are a moron.

      • Robert Myles

        I fully agree not only a moron but more than likel a proud owner of an obama cell phone. Tell me lisa what is your plan on using it once the prepaid obama card is used up? do you expect him to continue to shill and pay the cost for you? You have been a usefull idiot to him however now your services are no longer required

      • Howdy Doody Conservative

        No Lisa is just sheeple that are too lazy and stupid to understand that Maobama is a Marxist. Sheep are really dunb and will follow each other over a cliff.

    • Linda Sills

      No, Ovomit is a disgrace to this country. He is a traitor and a usurper. He should be arrested and tried for treason. If you know how to read, perhaps you should start with the declaration of Independence.

      • CJM2

        She should also read the US Constitution. Unfortunately, most ovomit supporters have the rudimentary ability to read, but nothing in reading comprehension!

    • popps52

      If you believe in and support the bummer.....THEN YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

    • Joe Scott

      I bet u voted for big ears didnt u. u r the disgrace to this great nation?????

    • CJM2

      No lisa, it is you who has become a disgrace to this obviously voted for the destroyer and have pushed your unAmerican agendas onto the rest of us. That imposter in our Oval Office has never won ANY campaign for office on a legitimate basis--and that, dear lady, is a FACT. He has violated the Public Trust, one of the greatest cardinal sins in politics; he has pushed us towards a communistic state, stealing our precious freedoms from us; he has caused the unwarranted deaths of an Ambassador and 3 other Americans by refusing to render aid and assistance; he not only is a fraud, but a traitor and a seditionist--both of which are crimes against our Constitution AND our Government. The disgrace you speak of is lending support to the most destructive "president" in the history of our great Nation. And don't YOU EVER forget that.

    • mg67

      Who's you people?

  • jems

    If this nation isn't in distress I'll eat my military medals without salt.

    • BOOKER T


      • wmgill

        I suggest you re-read the comment you replied to and post an appropriate apology.

        • T2


        • Evermyrtle

          Double ditto and I thought I was the only one who could get a "foot in mouth"

        • Evermyrtle

          But will he/she learn the ugly in calling other people names. That only reflects on your own lack of intelligence.

      • Julia

        Wasn't jems obviously AGREEING that we ARE in distress?!

      • Pamela Dunn

        NOW, go back and put your finger on the page and READ what he wrote OR have someone capable, READ it TO You.

      • Granola girl

        Learn to read Booker, might save you the embarrassment next time

        • Evermyrtle

          We have worn this one out, I think the lesson was learned.

      • Sheila Toomey

        Reading, as an option, does require the ability to discern negative qualifiers. BEING sure to disqualify attempted demonstration of superior intellect and arrogantly ignorant judgement doesn't require shallow success in trumping stupidity by calling someone A PROGRESSIVE COMMIEFUK when you are arguing, in agreement, along parallel thought, unnecessarily, but, in true Lincolnesque fashion, it does remove, ALL DOUBT !

        • wmgill

          I'm sure you're absolutely correct with your assessment, and I'm fairly well versed in the english language... but huh?



    • Evermyrtle

      Never fear, you won't have to eat your medals, not for a long, long time!!!!

  • C in Ohio

    With classless, unAmerican imbeciles like this in the party I now understand why the GOP has won the popular vote only once since 1988. Jindal said the GOP is the 'stupid party', Santorum said " smart people will never be on our side". They both appear to be right.

    • jag

      The greedy liberal takers that voted for and support BHO are the problems of our soon-to-be socialist society. FEMA camps and body bags do not chose political sides. See you fools aboard the Nazi death train.

    • Annamarie Bernath

      I don't believe Jindal or Santorum said either one of those things.

      • CJM2

        They didn't...just a die-hard ovomit supporter who likes to gloat over his lies.

    • booker t

      ok skippy, keep drinking the kool aid, you big homo

  • tthan43

    Here is the version I published on the black conservative site:
    Here is what I foresee with the eyes and mind of someone who has viewed the the oceans of blood lost for this nation. There is a great storm coming....a storm in which all humans who are living will be terribly affected. Something akin to the opening scenes in one of the Terminator series. Unless a person of ANY age is born here and born to 2 natural born citizens and who fully and wholly agrees to and abide by this nation's laws and the constitution, there will not be any room for those persons who do not love, honor and are loyal to those issues and values we have always had. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will be removed and no longer a beacon for the immigrants of the world. No one will be allowed to come here for any reason whatsoever and no matter who they are. As such, there will be an extreme isolationist dictim. Those most fatally touched will be all muslims whether they are natural born or not/citizens or not. Blacks and whites who have always unconditionally and forever been a drain on the taxpayers of this nation will feel the heaviest downfall since they are the biggest abusive drain on the economy to a biblical proportion. All welfare will be eliminated except in those cases where it is necessary for survival. Abortions will be made illegal except in the case of rape and the mother's health. All public support will cease and PP will simply have to find funding from the private sector as do all of the charitable organizations such as Salvation Army, United Way and such. No more govt. propping up. Food stamps will end to all who have demonstrated a life long abuse of that program originally meant to be compassionate but is no longer because of massive and unconditional abuse by so many. Foreign aid....all of it....will drop to zero. All military will return from every point on the globe. The republican party will cease to exist in favor of a more austere and radically conservative party in which accountability and oversight is carved in stone. The democratic party will cease to exist since it incorporates mostly socialist philosophies and practices such as unions which have long since lost their way and strayed from the purpose for which they were first protect the worker exploitation by the machines of greed and corruption. Unions are responsible for our inability to compete with the global marketplace. When unions demand and get such ridiculously high wages and benefits for their employees, it destroys our ability to compete. To cause the death of industries through violence and strong arm thuggery was not the intended purpose of unions. They will be eliminated and replaced by government oversight. Borders will be secured by the return of the military....much like it is in other nations that protect their borders. A great many newly-enacted laws will be implemented dealing with the vetting of politicians and there will be a term limit of one year for ALL politicians no matter who they are or what office they hold. Supreme court judges will be held to the same one term limit. No politician will receive any benefits whatsoever after leaving office. Nothing at all. They will have to find a job. Things are about to change. Take my word for it. But all of these changes will occur after the storm. It is called revolution and all nations have and are and will continue to experience them. The people are simply tired of supporting a government that abuses the privilege of being elected to an office. We are sick and tired of govt. waste and abuse in epoch amounts.

    • bmg28

      Oh man oh man what a great article I sure liked it. If all I can say is If

      • CJM2

        It can happen---we are not immune to that possibility.

    • old and mad

      Spot on....Red state coalition

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        There are many Patriots that do not live in red states.

        • Misha

          and may God help you and bless you, friend. I was born and raised in what used to be a proud, red, state, (Florida). I have talked with my family and we are saving to move to a solidly red state to be near like minded people. We feel it will be safer in the upcoming collapse.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them very much. I live in Michigan. Michigan is a beautiful state as long as you're not in the Detroit area. I was fortunate to be able to move to a nice country area.

    • Robert Myles

      No truer nor patriotic words could ever be spoken, you have sited all or most of the massive abuses of power gov't goodwill and union power growt and abuse. Yes a Revolution is indeed on it's way gaining strenght every day and may god have mercy on the soul of the fools who attempt to invade as we settle the problems here in our own land

    • jwright673

      I for one am looking forward to living in your world and I hope it comes about soon. I'm in the twilight of my life and I am sickened by the changes in this country, not ust the last four years, but going back to the beginning of LBJ's "great society" which was the beginning of the end of America. I pray your ideas come to pass..

      • Willi

        FDR was the real beginning of the end.

        • jwright673

          I think you're right, LBJ just expanded the problem.

        • Ruggedlark

          Just keep sayin' it outoud.

        • wmgill

          You are correct with regard to overstepping the authority and powers of the government, but LBJ solidified the entitlement attitude and esentially made it part of our current culture. They should both be dug up and hung.

      • wmgill

        I'm with you in your opinion of the Great Society being the beginning of our decline, and I'm also with you in the twilight. I absolutely never ever expected that we would be confronted with the very survival of this nation, EVER.

        • Riverdweller


    • wmgill

      An Excellent post! While many of your proposals are radical to an extreme, and note that Rush Limbaugh is too liberal for me, I believe you present an valid argument which is strongly in line with the intent of our founding fathers when they drafted the Constitution.

  • Dana Estes

    I have done the same thing. I flew my flag upside down for Veteran's Day (I am a vet as well) and will continue to do so for EVERY NATIONAL HOLIDAY until that lying, socialist, narcissistic slimy little PISS ANT is out of OUR White House.

  • Jerry Miller

    The man has every right to fly the flag up side down, as America is under stress.

  • kjenkinsaf

    He's not flying the Egyptian or Malaysian flag upside down. This is America, and it IS in distress. He's not being petty, he's expressing himself probably the only way he can. God bless him.Having this president shoved down our throats by the liberal media and fraudulent voting practices again, is not only distressing it's criminal. However I like the jag's idea of flying it at half mast instead of upside down.

    • KarenWI

      Half mast is in mourning.........are we dead as a country yet???

  • David Veselenak

    The truth hurt's! He is being patriotic ad trying to wake up the sheeple. He is also rig in flying it anyway he pleases! The commie judges have ruled this so! R. I. P America

    • CJM2

      You seem to think American is already dead---I don't; we the people are still alive and fightinng.

  • Sir

    I agree we are in distress and I will also fly mine upside down, and who cares what my moron neighbors think. I already have a sign on my property saying "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him" with the rainbow colors inside every O

    • KarenWI

      I love your sign! And I was planning to say the SAME WORDS - Don't blame me I didn't vote for him when the obama agenda that was saved until after the election starts hitting people. It's funny I'm starting to sense a creeping 'unease' in the UNINFORMED liberals around me at work

  • MSgt. USAF, Retired

    I salute the man for standing on his principles. I do not view his action as dishonoring veterens. Instead, I hold he is paying them the highest honor by showing their sacrifices are held more dear than the communists in Washington. Our nation is indeed distressed.

  • bmg28

    Tell his neighbors to stuff it. This country is in dire trouble. The complainers must have voted for bama or are liberals. Hang in there Hoezel and fly it in distress mode because this once wonderful country is in deep deep trouble

  • AlanWH

    Until America as a Nation gets back to Blessing GOD, the Flag should be Flown Upside Down. Anything else would just be a further insult to HIM.

    • Robert Myles

      Ovamit has no clue as to flag ettiquette or even the meaning of the stars or stripes, his constitutional understanding is that 'he doesn't understand it' and dispises it as a mere rag that gets in his way

      • CJM2

        Have you noticed his logo? That is what he wants as our new flag--a picture of him with disconnected white and light blue wavy lines. For awhile, the 'new flag' was posted on many sites (without his picture) and had a few little white stars. The only red was just a little splash of color. All of a sudden, you didn't see it anymore until his campaign intensified the last few weeks before election time. You often see it now with a picture of him on the logo---to me, that sends a message of his desire to become the last elected President and first dictator of the USA....we need to prove him wrong.

      • John Cherish

        His wife once commented and even though the liberal press denies it " All this for a flag" and Obama untill recently wouldn't even wear one on his lapel ...I bet he would wear the communist Hammer and sicle with pride however

    • Kittyhane

      I just fixed my fllag. Let's stsart a wave.

  • HappyClinger

    I set my flag at half-mast when "Justice" Roberts ruled against the Republic, and upside down the day after the election. It will remain that way until we wrest control of our country away from these evil progessive revolutionaries and return it to the people.

  • Reginald Dickson

    On November 07, 2012 I flew my flag inverted and at 1/2 mast. I wonder if the people who voted for BO would notice or be aware of the symbolism? Given how they voted, I suspect not.

    • John Cherish

      I think I will fly the Obamma flag with a big black X painted on both sides on it underneath Old Glory maybe they will get the point then

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Don't visually reinforce that image from hellll in any way. I like the X, just think of some other obamao symbol.

  • RJK64

    I agree with Mr. Hoezel ,and Thank You for your service to this great country, this country is in great distress, if anybody has a issue with this they most likely vote for the moron in
    the White House. America has changed alot and not for the better. Just look at the
    voters obama had . Less working ,more government had outs and the normal working people are the bad ones . Good Luck America !

  • Samtman

    The patriots come out when things are the toughest, Philip Hoelze isa phony Patriot and looser.

    • CJM2

      Unfortunately, samtman, the only UNpatriotic phoney and loser I see here is you. I wouldn't want you to "watch my back" when the going got tough because like most cowards, you would run the other way. And don't try to give me the baloney that you served in the military--a few cowards have been found there too, much to their chagrin!!

  • Samurai_Sam

    I think every single home that flies a flag should do the same thing. This would eliminate any and all liberals who hate the flag and would never fly one. It would also identify the true patriots of this country.

    Of course a much better solution would be to hang a liberal upside down but I think that's frowned upon in this country

    • johnsnare

      Love it, just love your comment,Samurai Sam.

    • Joe Scott

      I wouldn't frown on it, In fact i would even help

    • CJM2

      Sounds okay, Samurai Sam, but some of us don't have the funds to purchase a Flag; a fixed income leaves barely enough to put food on the table for the month now that prices are sky high and transportation is more costly. So how would yu identify this group of patriots?

      • Samurai_Sam

        Only meant for those already flying the flag no need to go buy one, we gotcha covered.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Lovely reply, and true. We gotcha covered!

      • Riverdweller

        If you can not afford one ask your church to help.

        As a founding member of the Flag Manufactures Association of America (FMAA) Annin certifies that its American flags have been made in the USA of materials

        Got the above from google for American made flags.

    • John Cherish

      They hung Mussolini upside down with his mistress...nuff said

      • Samurai_Sam

        Did you mean Moose-stress?

    • momoftwo

      I am turning my flag in a few minutes, but love your suggestion about hanging the liberal upside down instead..... dont know any, but will keep a space under my flag for one.

      • Samurai_Sam

        If you don't know any liberals you could hang a pair of dirty underwear instead. pretty much the same thing.

  • Jack H.

    What about the Supreme Court declaring the super rich can form a Political Action Committee and contribute unlimited funds to a candidates' campaign for elective office. This is in effect putting the country up for sale to the highest bidder. Elective office is now for sale. This is the most subversive and Un-American action by the entire Justice System. In the 20th century, 619133 gallant American men and women gave their lives to preserve the freedoms set forth by our Founding Fathers. This is more than a number on a piece of paper, it is 1,083,482 gallons of American blood. This is enough blood to paint one side of a 2 story high wall x 4,104,1 miles long. The Supreme Court is ready to sell it for the sake of financial gain. What would George Washington do about this?
    Jack H. .

    • CJM2

      I have long maintained that ANY electon should have a cap on the amount it can spend. The cap should not exceed $3M for high offices, graduating to lesser amounts for lower offices. A mayor, for example, could spend $10K, but the dog catcher should be allowed $1500. One of the major benefits on capping the expenditures is that the people could see which candidate manages their budgets better. If a candidate is found to have over-spent the allocated funds, they are then disqualified from the present race and all future races (if they did it this time, they will do it again later--using more sophisticated techniques to hide the infraction) because deliberate over-spending is a signal for corruption. This current practice of spending milions and billions is more than obscene, particularly when there are so many problems in the world--starvation, lack of education, need for repairing and renewing the infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc), maintaining National solvency...the needs of the people go on and on.

      • nick

        Mr. Hoezel is a real patriot and is doing the right thing expressing his
        dislike for Obama and what he stands for...the Navy officer in the
        video is an idiot and most likely voted for the treasonous, communist
        Obama.....Keep up the good work Mr Hoezel we need more people like
        you.....and we should all be doing the same thing to show our disgust
        and disrespect for this non-American Obama...

        Where has the sheeples minds gone to except such a president....every
        election gets worst and worst...we have gone to hell in a hand

        and this choice will send this nation to its demize....

  • dean29685

    I agree Ii would if anyone could see it but I live off the road and am not visible.

  • Robert Myles

    I am a 62 yr old disbled viet nam vet who proudly fly's the flag and I agree it is time for all of us ina form of protest toturn the flap upside down as a sign of distress. If Congress ,the supreme court nd the president wont listen to us read our petitions and address our grieviances then it is only proper to fly the flag in the distress position

    • twsmith

      I too am a 62 yr. old disabled Vietnam vet and agree 108%.

  • Buffalo Rick Galeener

    Go to FaceBook and search for America In Distress. Several of us have been flying an inverted flag for some time now.

  • HappyClinger

    Anyone else notice the comments from liberal trolls are now calling people who stand up for the Constitution and against the tyrant-in-chief "traitors?" It's a new approach to the same old tired progressive tactic: accuse the opposition of what you yourself are.

    • popps52 a troll. DON'T even give him the time of day.

  • Jerry Herr

    I had the same thought..the country is in distress..maybe all of us should join this guy

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    I retired many years ago as a 30 year veteran and find the country to be under great distress with this unknown and his minions controlling the country. I find no dishonor to any person who holds constitutional values above socialist/Marxism.

  • true American

    I flew the flag upside down on Inauguration Day 2009. I knew our country was in big trouble. It's only gotten worse since then. May God have mercy on the United States of America!

  • sarg31

    it would be better if we could hang elbozo by his heels under it at half mast.

  • Jerry Herr

    message to tthan43....hope you are wrong ...but i think sommething drastic is coming...states looking to leave the US...and I'm in Illinois who left democracy 50 years ago

  • Bettypearl

    I understand the reasons people are discouraged and diplaying the flag upside down due to the result of the presidential election. No one was more disappointed than me and thee. However, after our initial outbursts it doesn't do any good to continue for four years showing our feelings. We need to teach our children how to be patriotic and to believe there is a God who will be the judge on those who are evil and unjust. It doesn't harm the wrong party's feelings, in fact, it probably makes them feel good. But we are better than that and we do bounce back and become better. If this election ushers in the last days, we need to do what ever is important to be the best we can be...that's what God wants.

  • booker

    america has really been in distress since 1913, the illegal federal reserve act bill, and 1916 the illegal 16 th amendment, over half of congress where home on Christmas vacation, the bill was signed with many states never ratifying it. dec 23, 1916 at 11:32 pm. suckers

  • deseartu1

    I'll be changing my flag too! I think all Republicans and any one who still beleived in America who got the FRAUD vote on the wrong Person (which I do not understand that with all of Romeny's/Trump/Rush Limbaugh etc's? money they should ban together and get a full recount? I don't care if it takes 4 more years to do!) Right is right! Call Obummber out on his Secret sealed records life? and all the Benghazi lies! They have nothing to lose now! This will next send the message as the Blood of the Lamb was placed on the doors on the day the first born males were killed! America was killed on November 7th!

  • EmD

    I flew mine upside down not too long after 911 because the USA has been in distress for a long while now, and it is in dire jeopardy. I think many of our freedoms are already over, and life as we have known it, Is over.

  • Barb Patton

    I have often written on many sites for the past 6 months that Americans should fly their flags upside down - - I am deeply saddened by the state of this country that is being run by a muslim and a bunch of communist czars. We should all hang our flags upside down for the next 4 years. I have a son in the army who has done duty in Iraq and will be going soon to Afghanistan for this country and for this disgraceful ayatollah barack and his thugs. GOD HELP AMERICA

  • Betsy Ross Fan

    Thank you for writing this piece!!! In addition, wearing clothing that was flag design had some restriction too; also flying Old Glory in the rain ....with all the dumb a&& and uninformed people, some are probably going to interpret an upside down flag as rebellion ?? The half mast may be more appropriately recognized as distress or death ......

  • Goatie

    I, too, have been flying my car flag upside down for the same reason. I am mourning our beloved Republic in distress and our Constitution being kicked under the rug. Some people are offended by it, however. As I was coming home from the grocery store the other day, a car had followed me home. Very creepy. But, a couple got out of their car and walked up my driveway to ask if I knew my flag was upside down. I told them that I had placed it that way on purpose to express mourning for our country. The man didn't say anything, but the woman was very angry and said that they had lost their son in the war and that she was offended by the upside down flag. Her opinion was that it was only permissable for military families who have lost loved ones in the war. I told them how very sorry I was for their loss and that I would pray for them. She didn't say a word, but turned and walked away. While I feel that I have a right to express my individual feelings, I don't want to offend someone who has lost their loved one in the war, so I changed it back to the proper position. I still mourn my country and always will until this mess is straightened up. God Bless America!

  • rosemarienoa

    America is quickly becoming a dictatorship so yes, America is in distress as are all her citizens!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    This country, our country is in deep trouble on so many facets. WE no longer represent FREEDOM to the world, or strength of character, or integrity, or Christianity.
    We do indeed need to show our distress for all to see how we feel.

  • popps52

    About time that WE sign the petition for secession. WE then don't owe bummers 17 trillion debt to anybody. HE WILL be saddled with it. It then will be 34 trillion in weeks. China can have all the ones who want to stay with this fraud. It is now the hottest thing going around America.IT's only step 1. You know the bummer will refuse it. Then there is step 2, and so on. By the way.....the military is FED up with his regime. Remember....only 10%of active duty personnel got to vote. HE KNEW they hate his guts. They are just waiting for the chance for a reason to show him their non-support. Also....remember this. ...he sat and watched 4 of our AMERICANS get murdered and did NOTHING !!!!

  • ladyceo

    And it was the FLOTUS who said "all this for a damn flag???" You bet, Moooochelle!! And damn proud of it , too! Thanks to all who fought for this country and who died for this country! I say fly those flags upside down for as long as it takes to get this country back on the right path!

    • mg67

      You should add the vid that shows the disgraceful first lady saying it. BTW she is no First Lady, you have to be one first.

      la·dy  noun: 1. a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken:

      Please, make me puke. Any one that connects her to well spoken is correct if you're a supporter of murder, immorality, and communism.

      • ladyceo

        You're right, mg. She's no lady!

  • Indiana_James

    I WILL.

  • CJM2

    I have to agree with flying our flag to signal our Nation is in distress. As more and more factual evidence emerges about how the election was contaminated with fraudulent acts in order to reinstate an imposter in the Oval Office, America is indeed in grave trouble. It isn't just the economy, it is our way of life, our beliefs, our freedoms that is at stake...and for an elected body of legislators to sit back and do absolutely nothing is reprehensible. This is a government OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE----and we must let these elected officials know they cannot spit on us OR our Flag OR our Constitution. It is not a dishonorable thing to make this message heard by flying the Flag to signal National distress---it would be dishonorable if we did not make this message known to our citizens and to the world.

  • Wheelman

    I too had flown our flag upside down on veterans day. America has committed suicide on 11/06/2012. My flag is tattered and will stay upside down until this president is out of office or this country comes to it's senses.

  • rivahmitch

    I definitely agree that the nation is in serious distress. As I live close to a waterway with the Coast Guard, Navy and "Marine Police" all active in the area, I stopped flying the stars and stripes when the Kenyan Marxist was first inaugurated. I've rotated the Gadsden, Fort Moultrie, Bunker Hill, Navy Ensign, Culpepper and Come and Take It, and Continental flags ever since. (The U.S. Flag was flown at full staff during the month of
    celebration following Teddy Ks death.) Semper Fi!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Liberals don't even fly their flags, do they? I think flying it is a sign of love of country, and upside down shows grief.

      • rivahmitch

        Most liberals probably don't own, more or less fly, the U.S. Flag (witness Obozos disrespect for it). WRT your comment, my understanding is that flying the national standard upside down is a signal of distress and considered a call for help. As an old jarhead, if I saw one upside down, I'd either stop to offer help or call the local police depending on the location and circumstances. Grief, IMHO, is better shown by the respectful flying of the standard at half staff.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Many thanks, Mitch, for your service, information, and the standard you have set for others to see.

        • rivahmitch

          Thanks for your kind words, Beautiful America. As I've felt about my time in the Corps ever since I returned from Vietnam in 1969, "It was my privilege"!

        • BeautifulAmerica

          You are welcome. Spoken like a man of honor. How I wish the obaMaoites realized the prvilege they have to serve our country, which instead they spit upon. Over & out. :)

        • wmgill

          My concern with flying the flag upside down is also about having people coming to the house to make sure we're ok. Some may take it literally that "I'm in distress" as opposed to the symbolic distress of our nation.

  • JB Dugan

    Come on all......flying our Flag upsidedown is more of a disgrace than a distress signal.

    U.S. Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8(a) states, “The flag should
    never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire
    distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” The
    emphasis is on extreme and imminent and personal. This practice should
    not be used as an objection to war or other government policies.

    I think the Flag at half staff would be more appropriate for our message.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I disagree, having the flag upside down is an attention getter. I was aware of the flag etiquette before I turned mine upside down and it will stay that way. And if you don't think this country is in extreme danger to life or property you have another think coming.

      • JB Dugan

        That's fine....Actually I fly the flag portrayed in your avatar. I think that expresses our Patriotic ideals much better.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I do too. Directly under old Glory.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Half staff is mourning for an individual; not sure if it applies to the Nation. We sure are in mourning. Either way shows your distress.

  • kpjlaw

    I have flown the flag daily for decades. I thought of flying it upside down, too, but then concluded that the flag deserved respect by fling it correctly. The flag represents our country and does ot represent the scum that have temporarily taken it over. I have always used flag stamps on my mail. I now put these stamps on my letters upside down to convey the same message. I would encourage everyone to do this. This passes the message around the country.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Somehow the stamp upside down seems more derogative, insulting, than the actual flag upside down.

      • kpjlaw

        Maybe, but I don't view it that way. The flag is the flag, a stamp is a piece of paper. The most important thing is that we must focus on getting the country back, cleaning out the sewer that we call government, rather than on the form of protest.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          You are absolutely RIGHT!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Somehow the stamp upside down seems more derogative, insulting, than the actual flag upside down.

    • barefootmtgirl

      Sorry, kpjlaw, if one put a stamp on upside down, it means you love that person you are sending the letter to. U mean well, but who looks at a stamp? Moochie called dam* fools, when saluting our flag. Odumbo agreed. You could consider flying your flag at half-mast. This suggestion is her. No one will know you haven't lost a luved one. So many are afraid of showing any negativity. This is nativity time and I think God and Jesus, the same, will be proud of us.

      • kpjlaw

        Interesting, I never knew upside down stamps meant that you loved the recipient. I did some research, and you are right - at least for non-flag stamps for sure. I also read, and was reminded, that the upside down flag stamps were used by Viet Nam war protestors to protest that war. I remember that being done. Bottom line as that I am not sure what I will be doing, but I just sent an upside down flag stamp on a letter to the I.R.S., and I really don't love those bloodsuckers. lol

  • frederikahere

    On 11-07-12 I bought a plastic flag, taped it upside-down to my Romney-Ryan yard sign. Then bought a flagpole and flag,which I am planning to display upside down for the next 4 yrs (or more?).

  • CajunPatriot

    Beginning about a decade ago, I was asked to instruct "flag patrols" at local public schools on flag etiquette. Like our author Dave, I have a tattered treasure in a commemorative flag box with a brass name plate under it that my father received for heroic actions aboard his ship in the South Pacific in WWII. It is one of the most treasured items I have. When my home insurance agent came by recently to update my home insurance and asked what were my most prized possessions, I brought the flag and gave her a value at "over a million" for a value but truthfully I told her it was "irreplaceable."

    I own only and I fly only U.S. American made flags (yes, there are American made flags!, the best in the world!) from the huge 90 ft. bald cypress tree in my front yard, and another one sticking out from the side of my house and another one on a pole in my back yard. I chose to fly all upside down on the late night of election day. There may be other days I also will fly them upside down. I am surrounded by WWII, Korea, and Vietnam vets. Close friends all. All agreed with my flying of the flags upside down on election day. I did not do it on Veteran's Day for obvious reasons. Next Neighborhood Watch meeting I will discuss with my neighbors and friends if they would like to fly the flags upside down all the time. If so, I think we will get a new tall flag pole and erect on the entry common area and fly it upside down as well.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I'm a 35 year veteran of the USMC and the Army. I fly mine at half-staff and would have started flying it in the inverted position but, I had to travel. It will soon be inverted. The fact is, my home, my state and my nation ARE IN DISTRESS. The Constitution has been shredded and the pretenders run Washington. How dare you NOT fly your flag inverted or at least at half-staff. I'm proud of my service and I'm proud of other's service too. I won't tell them how to fly their flag. If they're still proud of this country and what we've become, fine. But, I'm not.

  • Jackson Fields

    I think that all veterans fly our flags upside down, they have earned the right.

  • Ronbo007

    I wear a US flag pin on my suit. The day after the election I turned it upside down. People asked me if I knew it was upside down and I said yes. Most appreciated the gesture and the ones who didn't I could care less. I plan to wear it that way for the next four years. Anyone that gives me a grief about it should be aware that I spent 25 years in the service as a grunt and also worked for the CIA for 11 years, including time in Special Operations. I feel I have earned the right to show my concern and if you disagree with me that's your problem.

  • John

    What the heck took you people so long? I've been flying an American flag upside down since midway through B.O.'s first term. It didn't take a crystal ball to realize that this creature had already put our country into a state of distress at that point.

  • John Cherish

    Our country is in distress the ones who don't like it are really offending all war veterans and those that fought and died for our country...the current Navy guy for 26 years should know what that means and should respect him for flying it that way and know that by flying it upside down he is asking those to honor our country...the guy says..."because its veterans day" ask that of a World war 2 veteran if he is offended, ask if a Korean war veteran if he is offended ...I think you will find that he is mourning the distress of our country under the oppressive regime of Obama

    • Willi

      I fully concur with your comment, with the exception of the capital "o" at the end.

  • Dan Williams

    I took mine down and only fly the Texas Flag now. Sometimes, if something good happens, I fly my Tea Party flag underneath it. That does not happen very often. Long live the sovereign state of Texas. I cannot do much for the others. I tried and failed.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      But you are still an American. Honor our country and our flag, but fly it half mast or upside down. People need to see this image as much as possible. Thank you for your concern. We are all grieving and angry and must show it somehow.

  • Brabado

    With all due respect - and while still leaving in a Free Country - for now, would like to ask all those diehards that criticize Mr. Hoezel place OUR Flag upside down, as a sign of distress -complain - what do they normally do, whenever boms, and scums antisocials, around our own Nation, burn our flag, sit on it, pee on it, etc. Where have you all been????

    Want to encourage you all, to man up and make a real effort, and have the courage to respect, or the decency to support - the Free Expression Rights, Mr. Hoezel, and thousands that fee the same way, HAS IN AMERICA.
    The same U.Constitution your Comander-in-Chief ignores 24/7, GUARANTESS, said right, of free expression, therefore, please, grow up, support your fellow citizens when he/she is opposed to having Comrade Obama re-elected for another 4 years. Learn to live with it!

  • Paul Bouffard


  • djw663

    He is absolutely right we are in distress and that has forever been a sign by land and sea that means we are in distress.

  • djw663

    He is absolutely right we are in distress and that has forever been a sign by land and sea that means we are in distress.

  • Lady J

    I wish I would have thought of flying my flag upside down as I fly a flag 24/7 and it's lit at night. Here goes....
    I too served 6 1/12 years in the US Navy and am ashamed of our leadership our should I say lack of leadership. Wow, what a group Barry Obama, Hillary, Harry and I'm not even sure about Boehner and now we have Patraeus and Allen......

  • mg67

    Petty??? What a moron. Our country is in distress. I have a flag that I bought from Wal-Mart and guess where it was made, Communist Red China! It's turned to tatters and someone asked why don't I take it off, it's torn. I said tattered country tattered flag. When things change I fly a new one. Things haven't changed and it's going to get worse. Everyone has an opinion true, but the guy protesting in the vid must be out of touch with the current condition of the USA. At this point I want to put a straw manwoman on my antenna, just as the Demo-Lib-tards have about all their immoral issues and make a big deal out of nothing! Are country is going down farther and farther and the usurper wants to worsen it if you listened to his speech. He has no interest in bring jobs back. He defended Rice for lying and said come after me, not her with his smug, immature attitude that he brought to the debates. He commended a liar and wants to put her as Secretary of State. This tells me if he told her to lie about Benghazi she'll lie to us about everything else as SOS.

    The *ILLEGALS* have shown how much they care about this country and flag in this vid. Watch and see how much respect they have!

    Hate Mongering Illegal Alien Radicals Desecrate American Flag and Spew Racism

    A while back I sent this to the prez and Joe and asked for an explanation and they asked me for a donation, go figure.

  • auntie samm

    My flag flies upright as it should with a black ribbon attached to the top of the flag standard. This shows I am grieving for my country. Should anyone complain about it they will get an earful about our country's history, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights! I will not cower to these anti-Americans; I wll continue to pray for God's safekeeping and for Him to reveal to us His plan. He is in control - I have to keep telling myself that or I become angry and desolate about what has and is happening in America. I love my country far too much to not speak out. God bless all of you who post on these forums regardless of your party affiliation. It is a freedom we enjoy no matter who we support or voted for.

    • nralifer

      amen! amen!

  • t-clef

    My flag has been upside down for days now - stand strong!!!!
    Live for something worth dying for.

  • giant33

    Do your thing Philip, your not hurting anybody. To the BO lovers tough s--t

  • vaquerobob

    There is absolutely NOTHING petty about this mans protest! I hope it catches on and that our allies see it as well. Our country has been overtaken... we ARE in distress!

  • Bill

    I started flying my flag with the UNION DOWN the day Barry was elected and on Veteran's day I would display it with the UNION UP....But I now have taken it down all together
    BTW...It's not protest, It's protocol !!!

    • wmgill

      You're exactly right, it's protocol. I learned the distress mode many years ago in the Boy Scouts. I'm afraid that the vast majority of people don't even understand the point, but rather think you made a mistake.

  • jo_ella

    From Europe with love

    This quote came
    from the Czech Republic . Someone over

    there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of

    entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier

    to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore

    the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate

    willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much

    deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of

    what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind

    anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The

    Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.

    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who

    made him their president."

    • Willi

      Very good point! Sad but true. We are among the walking dead--legions of "useful idiots."

    • wmgill

      An excellent post. Thanks for sharing

  • Lady Liberty

    Thanks for stating the proper care of our glorious flag! I, too, was taught in school to respect the flag, which reminds us of all who went before to give us liberty & freedom...never forget the sacrifices made by so many!
    If you can't fly your flag upside-down, you CAN place the flag stamps on all your mail in the upside-down position...the message will be seen by more people as the envelopes make their rounds! I think it is legal to do so - after all, the postage has been paid!

  • George Houghtby

    I think EVERYONE should have their flag upside down - we ARE truly a country in distress

  • Pieman211

    The idiot that said he should fix it looks like an Obama supporter.

    • Howdy Doody Conservative

      Nah..Just a bunch of sheeple that were too stupid and lazy to understand what MARXIST means and that includes HILLARY who is probably next in line for the throne. Watch MSNBC start pushing for her when the Benghazigate congressional investigation gets underway.

  • OldProudArmedWhiteGuy

    Stand-to, Mr Hoezel, there are many who are with you .... it would be a greater slight to Veterans if the flag were NOT flown in distress. I, too, am a Navy Vet ETN3
    Personally, after flying the National Colors in Distress for many years, I ceased flying the National flag at all - The country I put my life on the line for is no longer and I doubt that She may be saved - I Pray God that I am wrong.

  • MontieR

    Mine has been upside down since they put it back in office, for four more years of misery.

  • James Asbill

    So am I .. this Country is in more than distress... it is under attack from the left and its minions ..

  • Vern

    The flag at the Capitol should be flown upside down, because the US is in very dire distress, and
    Obama is only going to make it worse. Some how someone is going to have to sink Obama's
    ship of destruction. The Democrats don't have the guts or the brains to do anything to him.

  • momoatkm

    I agree; if more people would fly their flag upside-down, maybe congress would get the message that we are tired of what isn going on in our country. I also, think that with so many states trying to secede from the US is sending a great big message. If we all showed the upside-down flags, we would also show how many people voted Obama out of office which may show how much fraud went on in the elections.

  • JennieWalsh ----- video reveals the Cloward-Piven Strategy for destroying America which Obama is following to a T. America's worst enemies are in charge and they are running, plundering and destroying America.

  • MontieR

    Our country will eventually slide into civil war if we do not rid ourselves of the communist sympathizers in our governments.

  • Harvey62

    I think it should be a law that if you are on public aid with no job, You CannotVote.



  • curious

    My dad was a veteran of WW1 and WW2.Did 32 years in the US Navy.Mom was a guerilla fighter in WW2.I did 28 years aggregate in USN and federal service.I am flying my flag in "distress mode",and will do so until this userper is removed from the White House.Hoezel,in my opinion,was not dishonoring the veterans,but calling upon them to turn out for one last mission to save their country.A greater dishonor would be to ask our vets to wear the uniform of a country turned communist.God Bless America!

  • Silas Longshot

    So, logic would imply that Mike Walter is likely a democrat? Either that, or totally clueless as to the condition of the nation after the FIRST four years of this Marxist. If he ever wises up, he may fly his own flag upside down.

  • Walt

    All you young people need to make note of how Obama feels about or military. I and a long term veteran and I would not consider joining these days. The America that the military trains to defend no longer exists. Soon, he will have them in Chicago, fighting latinos and blacks so the Muslims can take over.

  • bob90

    American Patriots who Defend the "Constitution" not the Federal Government, are in Distress and a Silent War for the USA! Until now, the only difference is: The Bullets aren't Flying yet and DHS is not yet Patrolling the streets with 2,700 Combat proven MRAPs!!! The USA & the World has been Scammed with the creation of the Federal Reserve & Central Banking System since 1913!!! Humanity as a Whole has Suffered Horrifically by the Monetary System in place, while the Elite & Bankers, play the Game of Risk with the Real World!!!

    No Voting in the World will ever Change a System that is Rigged like a Casino! These Scumbags will not go Peacefully, because they know the World Population will get the TRUTH and will 'Hang' them all for Crimes against Humanity!!! Only War can remove them and their Lackey Governments from Power! You must stand and Fight like the Colonists did in Concord & Lexington in 1775, against a Tyrannical Force!!! Re-Read the "Declaration of Independence" and EVERY thing the British Crown did to them, our current Federal Government has done or Worse! It is time for the Rebirth of the Constitution and American Freedom as Originally Created! You will have to Fight because they have not and will not listen to the People!

  • Rev.Bob

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran and i am glad i saw this, i too have started flying our flag up sidedown, Our country is in BIG trouble

  • NatSovParty

    Have been flying my flag upside down, since Obama was inaugurated in 2008, not a word from anybody, no neighbors, law enforcement, or anybody else. I live in the middle of town. Put my flag out every morning, upside down, say the Pledge of Alliegence to it, and take it down each evening. I fly my flag upside down for the same reason others have said, the country is in a state of distress. We are being lead by a man who is not Constitutionally elligible to hold the office. Barak Obama is not a "natural born citizen" as defined by SCOTUS in the matter of Minor v. Happersett, an 1875 decision 9-0 that defines a "natural born citizen" as one who is born to 2, not 1, but 2 U.S. citizen parents, on U.S. soil. Every member of Congress, every member of the Cabinet, and every state political official know that Obama was never elligible to hold the office of President. As he said out of his own mouth, his father was not a U.S. citizen, but rather a citizen of Kenya, and a British Subject. This statement alone should have excluded Obama as a candidate, but it appears that all those responsible for insuring a bona fide candidate is on the ballot, failed to do their job, specifically, the Federal Election Commission. I filed suit in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to have his name removed from all ballots in that state, but got nothing but roadblocks from the Clerk, who kept putting up barriers I was not able to circumvent, due to a lack of legal knowledge and ability. I am not a lawyer. My Flag will continue to be flown in Distress mode, until Obama is gone, the country is destroyed, or we eventually get an American who is elligible in the office. I would not trust anybody who currently holds any position in government, since they have failed to protect the nation from this phony president.


    Now that I know why he flew it upside down -it all fits together. I have one of those little BHO campaign buttons that the Demos. gave out for free in the mail. I have it exhibited upside down-- but not in distress but in disrespect for the guy in the WH. We really need to empty the WH of all the islamists and liberals that are there to make all our lives a total DISTRESS. They are there only to ruin this nation. Maybe something will happen to destroy the Demo. party and also those complicit with the TOTAL DISTRESS.

  • april

    When BO was first elected we hung our flag upside down, and in fact one woman was very upset by it. She also felt it an insult to our country. I disagreed then and even more so now. I have been thinking of doing it again, but why. We no longer have a country, shortly it will be forever changed for the worse. We have Republicans in congress who are right now kissing the butt of the enemy solely for the purpose of retaining their jobs. I am sick and terrified over what our country has become, OWS types who think just because they were given birth deserve all to be handed over without earning any of it. There are so many reasons this has all come to happen, but I truly feel one of the most serious was the elimination of mandatory military service. No longer do our young men, and women, feel a connection to their country, or an appreciation for what others have died for. Now it is all about 'ME'. The military was well known for make or break a man, and most often it made them MEN, not the boys we have today, the metro-sexual Eruo trash that you see in the media, getting their chests shaved to look more feminine. It is time for men to be men and women to be women, again. I do not mean Ward and June Cleaver, I mean men who protected the family and had actual jobs! And women who saw to it that the kids had structure in their lives and knew someone was there for them even when they also had jobs. Parents who did not want to be their kids 'friend' and go trolling for dates with them. Parents who demanded and received respect. I guess you get the idea. I am tired of the 'grey', I want black and white again. Honesty, respect, love of country and family. And for laws to be obeyed, not modified for the convenience of the undeserving. I fear for my children and grandchildren and you should as well.

  • Texas Tanker

    The die has been cast. Our nation is in the greatest internal distress we have known since the Civil War. Another violent episode may be in the offing over the inexhorable march toward socialism by the current crowd of 'progressives' who have subsumed the adults in the Democrat Party. Remember this: "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

    FDR tried to tax and spend America out of the Great Depression. He failed to understand why, after raising the marginal tax rates on the highest earners to the 90%-range, that revenues had actually decreased. Morgenthau, his SECTREAS, explained that the taxes were on income and that the targeted earners simply pulled their money out of the markets and lived on the principal, forgoing any return on investment. Morgenthau also testified before Congress in the late 1930's that the administration had spent more money than all previous administrations combined, yet they were no closer to ending the Depression than when FDR assumed the presidency in 1933.
    Academia no longer teaches history based on facts. History, if taught at all, is of a revisionist nature. Students are ignorant of the 100 million human beings who died as a result of the march of communism during the 20th century. Nor are they aware that a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist covered for Stalin as he failed to report the 6-to-8 million Ukranians who starved to death as a deliberate result of Stalin's policies. The Venona Cables, when declassified, revealed that this reporter was on the Kremlin payroll. One of Lenin's useful idiots. On election night we had students chanting, "Karl Marx! Obama!"
    Coming to a neighborhood near you! A knock on the door in the middle of the night. You have 5 minutes to pack an overnight bag. The Government has decided that you must attend a re-education camp or a work camp or a relocation center. We all think it can never happen here. Never thought we would see significant portions of the economy nationalized, either (GM, Chrysler, Healthcare). Keep telling youself that as you get herded onto the buses or cattle-cars. The destination will be Pampa, TX or Enid, OK, not Auschwitz or Dachau, but the result will be the same. Are we in distress? You bet your bippy! Fly those flags upside-down! Make your displeasure known in any way you can, symbolically or otherwise. Do not go gently into the night.
    No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First! THIS WE'LL DEFEND!

  • MI Patriot

    We've had our flag upside down since November 7. Our next door neighbors give it dirty looks, but they don't say anything. They're Section 8, have pregnant daughter and baby daddy living there, and pay no taxes along with driving a new car. I have an uncled that died on the Bataan Death March that gives me the right to fly our flag upside down. To anybody who gives us any guff about the flag, we tell them we'll pay for a one-way ticket to Cuba or Vensuzuela.

  • Common Man

    "I apprehend no danger from a foreign foe... Our destruction should it come at all, will be from another quarter.-- From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing. Make them intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy."
    - U.S. Senator Daniel Webster (1782 - 1852)

  • liberty76

    I agree that if others can spit on, crap on, stomp on the flag in disrespect, this veteran has every right to fly the flag upside down in protest to show that this nation is in distress!

  • Grey Fox

    I, too, am a veteran. I, too, am distressed by the outcome of the recent presidential election. I, too, decided that our flag was dishonored by our national disaster. I considered flying it upside down, but decided that I wanted to have my flag symbolize our sorrow rather than our plight. Consequently, I flew the flag at half-mast...........except on Veterans Day.

  • bob90

    American Patriots who Defend the "Constitution" not the Federal
    Government, are in Distress and a Silent War for the USA! Until now, the only
    difference is: The Bullets aren't Flying yet and DHS is not yet Patrolling the
    streets with 2,700 Combat proven MRAPs!!! The USA & the World has been
    Scammed with the creation of the Federal Reserve & Central Banking System
    since 1913!!! Humanity as a Whole has Suffered Horrifically by the Monetary
    System in place, while the Elite & Bankers, play the Game of Risk with the
    Real World!!!
    No Voting in the World will ever Change a System that is Rigged
    like a Casino! These Scumbags will not go Peacefully, because they know the
    World Population will get the TRUTH and will 'Hang' them all for Crimes against
    Humanity!!! Only War can remove them and their Lackey Governments from Power!
    You must stand and Fight like the Colonists did in Concord & Lexington in
    1775, against a Tyrannical Force!!! Re-Read the "Declaration of Independence"
    and EVERY thing the British Crown did to them, our current Federal Government
    has done or Worse! It is time for the Rebirth of the Constitution and American
    Freedom as Originally Created! You will have to Fight because they have not and
    will not listen to the People!


    I've been flying our flag in distress since January 21, 2009. On the evening of obama's inauguration, I mourned the loss of this Nation. It was the first time in many years that I'd shed a tear, and the first time EVER I'd shed a tear over politics or over the fate of this Nation. This past "election", I did not shed a tear..... I shook my head in disgust and disbelief that half this nation is so profoundly dumbed down as to vote for and embrace their own demise and to spit in the face of each and every Veteran who has ever served this once great Nation and in the faces of each and every child in America, who will never experience the Freedoms and Liberties that we once enjoyed here. One must realize that hitler, too, was voted in. That monster was adored and defended by his victims, even as they were tumbling off the cliff to their own demise. Everything hitler did was LEGAL, and he did it with the cheers and applause of his own countrymen. We are repeating history today, only this time it'll be FAR worse than anything hitler could have dreamed of doing. 50% of Americans have been very effectively, efficiently and successfully dumbed down, brainwashed and trained to obey. Thank a so-called "educator". The schools have done this. Those "educators" need to be in handcuffs awaiting trial for their crimes against this Nation and Her Citizens. But no.... they have done it with nary a whimper from "caring parents", and nothing is going to change. It's just going to get worse when us old folks die off. The home schooled kids won't have a voice and there will be nobody left to fight. This Nation is FINISHED FOREVER, and anyone who doesn't realize that is simply not being realistic.

    An "insult to Veterans"??? Anyone who is supporting the obama regime of marxists bent on our Nation's demise IS, BY FAR, the biggest, most VILE "insult to our Veterans". And especially any VETERANS who are supporting this evil scheme.

  • 912always

    I agree the country is in distress and I thought about doing this 10 minutes after the election was called.

  • gscotaoh1

    (Amen) to Mike Tanco. Love what you said.

  • MusicGuy

    If this country has ever been in deep distress, it certainly is now. I would fly my flag upside down (seriously considered it) but where I live, I would either get a brick thrown through the window or maybe even the house torched. Of course, this would be perpetrated by those who advocate that everyone should have the right to express his or her opinions and beliefs...(As long as they don't disagree with the liberal/democrat/union viewpoint) In that case, any action is considered OK to silence any protest. So I now live here, an exile from my own country in a Congressional district with a racist who openly says he only represents Blacks. I believe that's called "Taxation Without Representation" and it started a revolution once back in 1776. Might just be time to consider another!

  • Thomas Creamer

    Obama is a Coward, Traitor, and a Lying SOB ... he deserves the same fate as that of Saddam Hussein ... a Hangman's Rope !

  • Robert W Velon

    I think that rather than fly the flag upside down I would fly it at half staff.... It would have the same meaning....Our nation is dead or soon will be......Obama is our number one domestic enemy.........

  • P. Joe Mock

    kudos, current ruler in DC is incompetent and a wannabe dictator!

  • Red

    We are in distress..... I wish people would get it.....

  • kysteelgirl

    I have hunted everywhere for a flag decal....I wanted to do the same thing on my car.

  • kysteelgirl

    I think it is time for us to boycott the advertisers of ABC,CBS,NBC & CNN....wish some of the Conservatives on radio and TV would ut the word out. I know thwy all say they don't believe in boycotts but desperate times calls for desperate measures. All I expect is all the truth......

    Freedom of the Press Brings Responsibility

  • Mike Young

    Actually, what this gentleman did was absolutely correct, this nation IS IN DISTRESS, it is not just from Obama and his policies, is has been for the past several decades through many Presidential Administrations, but it appears to be even more stressed our during the Obama Regime. Part of our distressed policies is our Foreign policies, getting the United States involved in every nations little squabbles without letting them work their problem out amongst themselves costs the United States Billions of dollars yearly, many of our Troops lives and respect from other nations as well who resent the United States getting involved into their business, and or their wars.

  • Randy Cote

    If you really think about the facts he is flying his flag upside down it is his way of saying what most of us really think. we are in distress and most of us know it. only a misquided few think we are fine. Putin from russia loves the country now he is making Russia number one and We are making america (well I really don't know where we will be) don't be made at him for feeling the way he does get mad at yourselves who voted obama back into power. you will soon know little by little what you did so do not complain

  • Mr Lucky

    You people are so cowardly and stupid it's shameful! 12,000,000 didn't vote! Women, Blacks , Gays and young people put Obama in office again! So sit down, and keep your mouths shut!

  • YAUNa

    This is the third year I have flown my flag upside down on EVERY day when the flag is/should be traditionally displayed. I did my research first to be sure that it meant what I suspected: distress.

  • Charles Ross

    Excellent article. Our nation is in distress. This is supposed to be a call out for help. I don't think enough people are listening.


    The flag flying upside down is now an appropriate thing with America in the worst shape I have ever seen(Im 78). I never thought America could go down like we now are. Two world wars we stood up tough then four more wars we stood tough. Now one yo yo voted in twice is tearing down America from the inside damn

  • RachaelR

    The bracket that held my flag was severely damaged in the storm but once I repair it I will also be flying my flag upside down at least until that filthy thing is out of the Whitehouse for good.

  • Dalgast

    Starting tomorrow AM

  • duane a.

    I have removed my flags and will not fly them as long as Amerika embraces "SOCIALCOMMUNISM", Iam a combat veteran and feel betrayed by my fellow so called amerikans. Smoke this one "COMRADES" For the frist time in my life iam disgusted and no longer proud of this pathelic excuse for a "SOCIALIST" country.

  • jcgreen2

    Our country truly is in distress... and we may never recover. It's sad that so many people are clueless. I am embarrassed that we have Obama as our Commander-in-Chief today. And I pray fervently for the young people who are going to have to suffer significantly because of his incompetence and the poor decisions of the American voters. From a 7 year Navy Veteran.

    • wmgill

      Don't assume anything tha Obama does is due to incompetence or poor decision making. It's been obvious to me from day one that his agenda is pure socialism and every move he's made is calculated and sinister.

  • corrie

    My son, who is a vet who fought in afghanistan, is flying the flag upside down since the election...and so are all his vet friends....I think it is very telling.

  • KarenWI

    I was wearing my flag pin every day to work -- as a sign for my love of country and HOPE for the CHANGE to Mitt Romney. Now I wear it upside down as a sign of distress. I wasn't sure about doing this I just felt like I love my country and it is in GRAVE DANGER of surviving -- something I never could have imagined in my lifetime. Some of the liberals say --oh your pins upside down. I haven't said anything to them yet but I think I will say - yes my country in in grave danger and walk away. Thank you for this support.

  • Gee

    I Fought In Korean War 1952-1953 USMC Rank s/sgt 14 1/2 mths against the chinese communist and the north korean communists, 5 yrs 2 mths & 23 Days On Active duty and the balance in the reserves. for a Total 8 yrs 2 mths 23 days and was discharged Honorably, Today I Too am also Saddened to see the status of this gimme nation. We Too Have Only Our Selves to blame for Electing These Liberal CommiCrats. I consider Myself as an American Constitutional Conservative, If It Doesn't Fit Within The Scope Of Our Constitution, I am Against It. That Means I Don't Agree With Anything This Present Administration Does, I Don't Believe Ole-Buma Meets The Constitutional Requirements to Be Eligible To Be Our President. All His Records are Sealed, WHY? He Has spent Millions To Keep Them Sealed, What's He Hiding? Think About It> Cheers Semper Fi.

  • bearone7777

    GREAT for him. The last goof-ball was completely wrong. The "OLDER" gentlemen was allowed, by his actions in having served in the this nations military the honor of doing as he seen fit to make, and take a stand against the actions of SLAVERY THAT THE IDIOTS IN THIS NATION VOTED FOR. WHOOPS HOLD THE PHONE, WE ACTUALLY DID NOT ALL VOTE THAT WAY, and now we can all see that this man is right. This nation is in distress. "BIG TIME"--THANKS MOSTLY TO THE STUPID MEDIA FOR THAT!!!!!

  • Ray

    We need to clean up the govt., but unless we all come together in a big way they'll just laugh at us & keep on doing the dirty works. I don't blame this vet for how he reacts to this corrupt election system! What a filthy farce! Where's the outrage??? F this congress & the muslim enemy they've put in our WhiteHouse!!!

  • deebar

    A few years back I put up a 30ft flag pole and fly a 5x8 and it has come down half mast and also in distress mode .

    As a Veteran there isn't anyone more respectful of our Vets than I . Our country is in distress and will be regardless of who is in power . It's going faster with this jerk in the Grey House but let there be no doubt that they are all in the demise of our country .

  • carl

    I was pissed when I saw the topec, after reading his reasoning I beleve when the snow melts I to will fly my flag upside down

  • Fritz329th

    I retired with 41 years in the Army and I turned my flag in distress at 2330 hrs of election night. I was going to upright it until I read this article and some of your comments. It stays
    in distress until obutt-hole leaves office.

  • Richard

    I too inverted my flag on Nov. 7 - 10th. For the weekend I flew it upright but had the POW/MIA flag beneath it. Now I display the Navy Jack -- the flag with the diagonal snake that says "Don't Tread on Me." This flag is flown on every commissioned Navy ship since 9/11. Equivalent to the inverted flag is two black ribbons. That is what I intend to do so as to show the distress symbol without making neighbors angry.

    • Ruggedlark

      Make the neighbors angry, and then have a conversation.

      I do see what you are doing tho. Its still a protest.

  • Patriot

    The libs wanted bho and now they got him for 4 yrs. I can't wait to hear them screaming with pain from hunger and no money, no job, sick and can't get in to see a doctor for 3 months, their town on fire with chaos non stop, their money worthless. I will laugh at them and slam my door in their face if they dare to beg at my door.

    • wmgill

      No doubt when the well runs dry, there will be chaos. The selfish morons that thought Obama's re-election was a good idea are in for a rude awakening when the redistributable funds are gone.

  • robertdavidhummel

    Navy Veteran Hoezel....THANK YOU for SPEAKING OUT in a TRUELY OPEN and HONEST manner.

    I', too am a Veteran of the Military (U.S..Army..1962-1985), though we may be MILES apart in land space, OUR PATRIOTIC and Military Minds are much alike. I reside in The Highlands of the city INVERNESS, FLORIDA...and as immediate as it was reported that Obama was re-elected, I', RESPECTFULLY Lowered my Flag and after a Prayer....Hoisted the Flag in a MANNER TO INDICATE...."Our Nation IS IN REAL DISTRESS", and a pending "CRISIS", ...Pertinent to the Facts and Behaviour of Pres. Obama....numerous" Leadership Failures", as Recorded, Documented, and Condoned by the Democratic Lead Senate, while being Lauded and Praised by the Major News Medias. Obama's "GIFT's to MANY THOUGHTLESS VOTERS" ,....Homosexuality should be a Societal Norn?, Female Contraceptives and Abortion on Call at Taxpayer Expence?,....Open Invitation for LAWBREAKING ILLEGAl-ALIENS TO BE PARDONED?,...just to name a few.

    Vetrn Phillip Hoezel, you and I have taken the a most Patriotc Measure to "WARN OUR (STILL) FREE AMERICA... IF WE DON'T SPEAK OUT ......The Re- ELECTED SOCIALIST MUSLIM ORIENTED PRESIDENT..."WILL FUNDEMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA" much...that it will probably be SAFER TO LIVE IN RUSSIA or CHINA, Than in the Land of OBAMA.

    • True Patriot

      Thanks to all the veterans for serving this country. I know you are upset with the re-election of a self-proclaimed dictator and a foreign-born one. He stole the election. Our country has been stolen from us. We states have the RIGHT to secede, but there are retalitory petitions out there asking obozo to sign an executive order to have all Americans who signed petitions to secede to be deproted. We must not let that happen, either. We have a RIGHT to secede from a dictatorship, Our U.S. Constitution gives us that right. We need to be prepared for a Second American Revolution. I for one am ready to die for My God and My Country. I pray to God to give me courage to fight and die if that needs to happen for freedom.

      • robertdavidhummel


  • ArtF

    Not only is flying it upside down proper, it is imperative. So many Veterans do not even own a flag, much less fly one, not to mention flying it properly. Generally, the people who do not understand why this is done, have not served this country, and may not have ever understood what the flag means to others who have served honorably, such as John Kerry, the eternal embarrassment of the US Navy. I would suggest to you that this is probably occurring in every state, but a lot of people don't look at the flag and do not recognize the sign of distress. Maybe in 4 more years, they will actually know such distress, regret their past decisions, but by then it may well be to late. For all of us.

  • JMWinPR

    Thank your Father for his service, may he live longer and prosper. As others have said from "ashes to ashes and dust to Democrat"

  • Daryel Miller

    i started flying my flag up side down in 2008 in protest of the fact that we have a MUSLIM in are white house with in3 days i had a visit from the sheriff dept when i tol them that it was not against the law ans did not disrespect the flag they left

  • ecoplastican

    26 years in the Navy? ...and he didn't know what the flag flying upside down meant?

    My flag has been flying upside down since 3:00AM on 11/7/2012. It will stay that way until obama is removed from office.

    Sheez, I was in the Navy for only 4 years. I thought all sailors knew what an upside down flag meant.

  • wisdomcries

    I was thinking about about it and then I read this...I suppose I Will do it all the time now

    Poor was nice being here.

  • freedomringsforall

    God Bless him and his rights under the Constitution of these United States.

    I am very patriotic

    I have done a lot of public service for these United States

    I may not totally agree with him

    I think he should have taken a break on veteran's day and then continued his protest the following day

    But guess what

    That is my personal opinion and as long as we have any rights and freedom in these United States I am entitled to it

    He has his personal opinion and as long as we have any rights and freedoms in these United States he is entitled to it

    At least his has a reasoned, and thoughtful, and peaceful protest

    At least he is not breaking other peoples store windows and shitting on public property like the psycho liberals do

    God Bless him

    God Bless the USA

    God Bless our gift of Constitutional rights and freedoms

  • jbaviera

    I took my flag down Nov.7, and it won't fly till this POS and his administration is GONE!!!
    Sadly, I don't believe it will ever fly again thanks to the rampant socialism that has infected this country.

  • Rosasolis

    When devoted Veterans start flying their flag upside-down, then this is a sign that
    the men and women in service have been very badly hurt, and are grieving !
    Because of bad, dishonest politics, and the disrespect their colleages -- who fight
    fight for and serve their country-- are now receiving. I hope more dedicated Americans
    will join this action. It might be interesting to contact some embassies,
    beginning with the Embassy in Benghazi, to fly the Flag upside-down.
    Then you could contact other embassies, in Netherlands and other EU countries
    to do the same. But... although I fear that this would be 'wishful thinking',
    maybe it's worth a try.

  • David Weakland

    While many may disagree with this display of the US flag, it
    is a worldwide recognized symbol of distress and per the flag code an accepted
    display. My brothers and I, who are all veterans, agree and are flying ours in
    this manner. Wake up America to the state of our country and remember the
    famous words of President John F. Kennedy, Ask not what your country can do for
    you, but what YOU can do for YOUR country" (emphasis added). With the
    amount of voter fraud proven by a) over 100% reporting in numerous districts,
    b) Sworn testimony in court of electronic ballot rigging and c) at least 59
    voting precincts showing 100% votes for Mr Obama. What are you doing to address
    these violation of law? To ALL veterans, Thank You for your service and Welcome
    home! Now ask yourselves, Is this what I sacrificed for? Are these actions In
    Accordance With OUR constitution and oath? Why are We (Americans) allowing our
    "elected officials" to violate our trust and their "Oath of
    Office" to "support and defend the Constitution of the United
    States" which is the "Law of the land"? Why do you allow a
    person who has not proven a) natural born citizenship (father is/was a Kenyan
    British subject. ref "Dreams from My Father), b) SSN issued in a state he
    did not ever reside in and c) was adopted at the age of 5 by Lolo Soetero and
    became an Indonesian citizen in order to attend Muslim Indonesian schools? To
    ALL of you Obama supporters, If you do not like the way this country is, please
    feel free to go to any country in the world with which you identify with. See
    how well your rights and freedoms are enjoyed.

  • Riverdweller

    My flag has been upside down since I put it up again at the end of April after all the last snow storm was gone.

  • ironhide

    I have flown my flag at half mast to signify a time of mourning for my country after the election but had it waving at full mast on veterans day.I will probably turn it upside down now that the dumbocrats have put us in such distress.


    I refuse to even fly my flag..I am sorry vets, but until that muslim usurper is out of office I simply refuse! I support our armed forces and believe that everyone of them, in those far-flung hell holes they are in, should be brought home ASAP! And those that gave their lives for this once great nation should be treated with the respect and love they, as well as those living troops, deserve. I do honor and love you! But that slimy weasel that is the head of our slimier government has so destroyed the hopes and dreams I had for this country, that I refuse to give them the satisfaction of thinking I support anything they do or will do to this US of A. Judging by the petitions of secession from all 50 states there are a lot of people that think just like myself.

  • mortuary 5

    I am a disabled "Nam" Veteran, and after this joker got elected in 2008 I knew what I must do. And when he was sworn in, as soon as he took his hand away from the Bible, qur'an, or dictionary, I went outside my house (back when I had a house) to my flagpole (when I had a flagpole) and I lowered both of my flags - American & POW/MIA to 1/2 staff! I then went in and told my wife that as long as that BS'er was in office those flags were to stay put - even if I died!!! Well I lost the house/ pole/ and wife to cancer in 2009! So God bless you my brother! you fly your flag in the position of distress - because WE ARE IN DISTRESS! I'm putting my own flag in my picture window upside down in support of you and my Nation!

  • Erick Amthor

    Out of respect to veterans who served honorably I did not start to fly the flag upside down until yesterday. I think it is a good way to demonstrate that I am not supportive of the people in control of the government at this time. Our country is more divided and deceived than ever because of B.O. and his puppet masters, George Soros, etc.( See: "Agenda: Grinding America Down" free on line. Apparently a slight majority of our electorate has no respect or understanding of the Declaration of Independence or our Constitution. Because the atheistic/Communist movements have had control of our courts, media and public schools for some time, people are deluded or dumbed down.But our failure as a nation to heed the warnings of the God of the Bible is the main reason we are going down. May God have mercy on us.

  • Frans Halls

    This flag edicate is international and does not just apply in the US. All those who appose the results of the last presidential election, for those who dispaly a flag at the place of residence should do the same .

  • Andrew Dinnerman

    Two incredibly large storms, earthquakes, and a greatly divided nation for the presidency. Is our God trying to tell us something? So many homes lost. So many people without power. So many people without heat. So many people without water. So many people without gas. So many people stealing from others. Coming in by boat in the dark to steal from people’s homes. Will what’s coming be for America only, or is it going to be worldwide? What happens when a kingdom is divided? How many nations in the world were ever dedicated to God? The answer is two. Can you name them? The answer is Israel and America.

    America is a country that is truly divided spiritually. There are those that hold the truth and try their best to follow the bible. And there are a growing number of people who think that homosexuality is ok and that marijuana is ok for recreational use. Both of these later things that are contradictory to the word of God. In this message divided Kingdom we will look at the thigh covenant from Avraham and his servant. With that understanding we will now understand why Yeshua had written on His thigh King of King in Revelation. With that covenant understanding we will then look at how the Kingdom of Israel got divided specifically why it became divided. We will then get a fuller understanding of how the New Covenant gets torn into 12 pieces. Could it be the God of Avraham , Yitzchak , and Yaakov, is allowing division, because of this ancient covenant that we have allowed to slip through our fingers? Why is this happening now? As we can see today there is a great division among the people. In this 5 part teaching, learn how this all ties together, and learn how this works with the kingdom of heaven of the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

  • Phil McConathy

    My flag is flying upside down now and will for the foreseeable future. May take 4 years to remove the distress!

  • nralifer

    glad to see i am not the only one that rembers the pride and respect we had in raising and lowering the american flag it is alive and erll if the disrespectfull can make the news why not the proud americans glod bless america!

  • Boogins

    I don't see a problem with it. They didn't do anything to the mexican hight school students in California when they did it and to top it off they flew the mexican flag above it. They should have been in trouble for that for sure.

  • deltafox
  • Richard Holmes

    Hoezel isright to fly the flag upside down. In these times I think every american should do the same.

  • Jfalcon

    You people are pathetic racists. Romney would have been terrible for this country. Nominate someone reasonable or interesting like John Huntsman or Job Bush, and then we can have a rational conversation...

    Like Barbara Bush said over the weekend, "get over it." Try working together to rebuild this country; the GOP can't afford to go any further right than it already has.

    It's called Evolution, and if the GOP doesn't evolve, its going the way of the Dodo bird. Oh, climate change is an actual, man-made thing as well, and must also be addressed.

    We're all Americans, and all in this together.

  • Pamela Dawson

    I tried but my husband said no!

  • Bill Andrews

    Bill Andrews

  • RFCsLove

    Bravo... I stand with anyone who does this. My late husband was a veteran, retired AF MSGT and worked civil service in Base Ops for another 20+ years after retiring so in all he served this country for 43 years. IF he was alive he would ALSO be flying our flag upside down. May God Help us and keep this country safe from the tyranny that is trying to beat us into submission. God Bless WE THE PEOPLE !

  • Raymond Ast

    I also fly my American Flag that I fought for upside down on my motorcycle and will do so until the dictator is out of our home.