Eat the Rich? Papa John's Boycott and the Left's 'Obamamath'

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter is in trouble with the Left because, like several business owners since the re-election of the Man Who Would Be King, he has said he must reduce employee hours and possibly lay off workers to deal with the costs of Obamacare and the increasing number of regulations coming out of the Obama Administration.

The Left's knee-jerk response has been to call for a boycott because Schnatter is wealthy and therefore he should just absorb any increase costs. Or the other analysis floating around the leftist blogs and places like Forbes is that Obamacare would only mean an increase of 14 cents per pizza, therefore Schnatter is just being evil, conservative and political.

Schnatter has said Obamacare could cost up to $8 million per year. The Left's argument goes that $8 million is just a "drop in the bucket" for a company with total operating expenses of $1.131 billion last year.

A little analysis of the numbers published by Forbes, however, reveals a slightly different picture.

Papa John's had total revenue of $1.218 billion last year, according to Forbes. That means a total profit of $87 million. Sounds pretty good, right?

According to Forbes, Papa John's has more than 4,000 stores worldwide. Divide that $87 million by 4,000 and you get a per-store average profit of only $21,750.

Now, assuming Obamacare only applies to U.S. stores, then if we knew Papa John's total U.S. stores (which Forbes doesn't mention), we should be able to figure out per-store additional cost to U.S. franchisees.

Just for the sake of argument, let's guess that half the franchises are in the U.S. Let's also assume the upper estimate of $8 million by Schnatter is correct, then that would be an additional $4,000 cost per store on average, bringing average per-store profit annually down to $17,750.

I'm not familiar with all the ins and outs of owning a franchise, but I assume that $17,750 profit gets divided between Papa Schnatter, shareholders and the actual franchise owner.

That's not enough money to feed a family, and that's why Obamacare hurts small businesses and the middle class.

That's what the Left doesn't get. And that's why re-electing Obama is going to kill this country.



  • CelesteChristi

    We're ordering a Papa Johns Pizza tonight for "revenge".

    • princesssong

      You go Celeste!!

    • larrylunts

      I'm ordering from Pizza Hut!

      • boyer68

        But're an idiot.

    • farrightextreme

      I'm afraid I won't make it tonight. PJ's is too far away. I hope to get to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and a Poppa Johns to take home for dinner on Saturday.

    • [email protected]

      Support Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter. He really needs your help. I only wish you had the same enthusiastic attitude for his employees

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  • Doodlebug

    Papa John's like any other business went into business to make money. I don't blame him or his actions because of obummercare. I doubt that the government "built" this business and there are many more that the owners built themself but obummer doesn't believe that or won't admit that it is true. obummer just might have to fork over some of his own money to make this stinking health care plan work. People are talking of getting out of business everywhere. I think the House of Representatives should NOT fork over the money to pay for any of it. Wouldn't that get rid of it? The government thinks it is okay to rob $716 billion from Medicare to fund obummercare. The government started many years ago to rob from Social Security, putting in IOUs which they never intended to pay back, now this. God help us all as obummer pushes us grannies over the cliff. Isn't it funny (not really), that THEY are doing exactly what they accused the Republicans of doing, killing off old people. Murder is what I call it!

  • Raymond

    The United States of America passed away on November 6, 2012 with an almost silent whimper. She was 236 years old. The grand old lady died of neglect, stupidity, arrogance and pure abuse at the hands of both her leaders and its ignorant populace. She will be survived by the Socialist Democratic Republic of Obamerica or SDRO.

    Also killed in this same massive, catastrophic, progressive wreck were personal freedoms, American values, exceptionalism, The Constitution, economic growth, conservatism, fiscal sanity, American unity, free markets, life's sanctity, marriage between man and woman, Republicanism, free will, self-reliance and many more are so mutilated as to be unrecognizable any longer.

    Born: July 04, 1776
    Died: November 06, 2012

    • Doodlebug

      Well put Raymond. Kind of brings tears to my eyes. Like losing a member of the family. I really feel bad for those who gave their life for our freedoms to have it end like t his 236 years later. They died in vain! She won't be survived by any of us, because we won't survive it either. God Bless America, may she rest in peace and may we find a way to resurrect her.

      • Dissgussted

        @Doodlebug, It is worse than losing a member of the family! It is losing the whole family. O didn't start this, our exceptional Republic has been under siege for about 100 years. Now that those who wanted its demise control the media and "education" they have achieved this. The current usurper just sped it up on steroids. Otherwise I agree with you and Raymond. Those of us who believein the values that founded this country must not go quietly.

        • cookie

          there is a way to save her, can anyone out there get me the number to the Koch brothers or Donald Trump. I have the way, I just need to have it done on a massive scale.

        • jack

          That is easy if you want close up just buy a share of one of their co. & then go to the stock holders meeting, they will be there

        • Deborah

          Google it. The the Koch brothers? Same way You just have to make you presentation well written and thoughtful.

        • Eileen Pressler

          Freedom isn't free. We must not go quietly. Do not cave in inthe hope that somehow we canssave our familie. That is wha happened in Germany under aHitler. There are things more important than surviving. Give melibertay or give me death. That is the American way/

        • Eileen Pressler

          Yes, we can. No one thought that we could defeat England and we did. Obama is a fool. Do not ever give up or give in.

        • Bob350

          To quote Winston Churchill "Never never never never give up"

          This is hard to say but I probably won't see the restoration of complete freedom in my lifetime but we must hope future generations,with a patriots leadership, will win back the freedom that we so easily gave away.

        • Papa

          You defeat England ,with help from France .

        • jack

          Well I guess we "paid" them back during WW1 & WW2

        • Vern

          Now maybe we can defeat Obama with a bunch of true Americans that love this
          country. There aren't too many countries that can help us, most of them are in
          deep Do Do themselves.

        • GQ4U

          More accurately Divine Providence.

          The French King simply saw an opening to seize American assets.

        • keepersleeper

          ...Sooo right! Those of us who have words of encouragement must reach out to those who are in despair. We lost a battle, not the war and don't forget that Obama did NOT get an overwhelming victory...he squeaked by and probably by way of massive fraud at the polls. Half the country is in league with US!

        • Deborah

          If ever there was a time for Americans , REAL AMericans not the whiney gimmie pig mentality of the left to organzie and fight it is now. I'm not saying arm yourself to your eye teeth and shoot on sight lol I'm saying WE are the SMART 50% that got bruised and knocked around why? Because We totally underestimated the real stupidity of the left. We underestimated the unbeliebale stupidity of women who actually thought that the Republicans were going to take away their birth control The vapid stupidity made me ashamed to be a woman. There is NO war on women yet they bought into it. Did they happen to see the abusive throwing women under the bus that OBAMA did to Ms Clinton and Rice? The point is when people get enamoured of celebrity this is what they get. My consternation is will they ever think for themselves? maybe Maybe not but WE as Real Americans have to talke a page from the community organizer's handbook and do what he is a master at [you have to give the devil his due} or be victims of their own lack of vision. We need to start a REAL grassroots movemment ot fight against the forces of Socialism .

        • insaney

          Hopefully the young war veterans retuning will be the ones to continue the fight at home. And the young republicans and physically able will join them. I am to old to physically fight, but I will do my part, whatever that may be!

        • scatteredshowers

          Real grassroots movement? You mean, the Ron Paul movement wasn't?

        • rmwayne

          Actually Germany under Hitler wasn't as bad as the U.S. under Obama. Although both are power mad dictators, Hitler was a Nazi and Obama is a Communist. Communism has always been worse than Fascism. Just look at how many were murdered under Lenin and later on Stalin in the USSR or how many Chinese were murdered by Mao. Sure, Hitler was bad. But have any of you ever noticed that although the media has always let us know about his atrocities, they've always kept quiet about the atrocities of their fellow communists.

        • Stephen Johnson

          During the Battle for Berlin, Hitler flooded the underground killing his own people just to save his neck from the communist.

        • rmwayne

          Like I've always said though, we should have let the Nazis and Commies go to town killing each other before stepping in. Gen. Patton had the right idea. After the Nazis were defeated it wouldn't have taken much to put Stalin and the Commies out of business too. Unfortunately, Roosevelt was soft on communism and considered Stalin to be a friend. I don't know what his problem was, but Stalin was no more of a friend to the U.S. than Hitler or his allies Tojo and Mussolini.

        • scatteredshowers

          Excellent point. I think Hitler was part of the Kabuchi theatre of the Communist dialectic. See, he was financed by the same people that financed Communist Russia. The German people would not fall for the Communist doctrine. They had to be beaten into submission. So, the Communists set up Hitler and then used their U.S. power to come to the 'rescue' of those suffering under Hitler. Notice that Patton died and MacArthur was retired-they both wanted to defeat Communism. Push all the way to the Eastern Front. Wonder why our government didn't want to do that? Hmmmm.

        • rmwayne

          I've always thought that Gen. Patton was actually murdered by the federal govt. They hated the fact that he was outspoken and honest about the scourge that the communists were (and still are today). And Gen. MacArthur was fired by Truman for doing what he was supposed to be doing.....getting rid of Chinese and North Korean commies. Truman should have been impeached after this.

        • fedup in fl

          Don't let that piece of take your guns. Cause the next civil war is
          not far off

        • aryton

          I'm still able to serve against these idiots in DC!

          With 20/15 OU I can still shoot blacks (and Mulatto Muslims) at 1300 + meters.

          fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE

        • jack

          I have a 7NN magnum, (it looks like the rifle they had on the shelf when they designed the Weatherby) If I can see it I can hit it with the first shot. At 110 meters I can do a shot group & cover it completely with a dime

        • keepersleeper

          Uh, blacks have guns too, but you're missing the point: There are blacks who are on your's not about color-it's about love-of-country. I'm not white, but I love America with all my heart and you have no right to take anyone's life, just because of pigment! Do you hear what you're saying and undserstand the consequences of such a statement???

        • Deborah

          unfortunately that is an unfortunate assumption. My family is very mixed and we are ALL PATRIOTS> WHat they see is the dependant class that OBAMA ghas hypnotized. My neighborhood is mixed and we all think the Socialism is bad. The tea PArty, conservatives and Republicans are the most inclusive least racist bunch of people I have ever met. Don't believe the lies the left tells. We are here and we are nOT all old white guys.

        • keepersleeper

          The salvation of our nation transcends race and I am encouraged by people like you. We have enemies among us who actually believe they're on the right side of this issue...that Obama has all the answers. WOW! All I can say is May God Help Us in defeating them before it's too late. We have a great deal of work ahead of us and our children MUST be reeducated to love and defend the magnificence of America!

        • philrobbins

          Unfortunately,Americans don't have the backbone to fight any more.If we don't revolt when they come for our guns,we never will

        • keepersleeper

          We MUST reeducate our children...they are the next vanguard against the wicked left!

        • insaney

          This is SO pertinant, But so many people these days don't pay that much attention to their childrens studies, so long as they are getting good grades and stay out of trouble and don't do drugs, etc. What may be even MORE detrimental than drugs is WHAT they are studying. I urge ALL parents to have your children tell you ANYTIME politics are studied or, in the case of younger children, talked about in school. I remember my history teacher in 7th grade (about 45 years ago) saying that no government like ours has ever lasted more than 200 years. Of course we still had 8 or so years left and when youy're 12, that's an eternity. Okay, so we lasted a little longer, but if you think about it, that era was the begining of the end.

        • Deborah

          My friends I am a 62 year old woman and I am telling you this as a person who has seen a lot. PLEASE start gathering. By that I mean pay off your debt fast then start accumulatin assets they cannot seize either by taxes or laws. That means buy as much silver and gold you can. It right now is flying under the radar. Buy it on EBAY , buy it at your coin shop[they don't have to report sales under $1000 so buy "fractional;s. that is tenths,quarter ounce and half ounces of gold. Stash it that is your "retirement" Make sure you have some kind of weaponry, be it a hand gun or a shotgun and make sure you have many rounds of ammo. Sounds weird right? It isn't. If you never use it so what? If you need it it will be too late. Insurance is just that. Many times you pay for it and never need it. Make sure you have enough food not because the stores will close or some sort of doomsday scenario but the prices will go through the roof. Stockpile gas and generators. There will be strife and I am not an alarmist or a right wing nut job. If you prepare for shortages and be smart you will at the worst be prepared at the best have stuff to trade or use yourself. We got through this storm with no elsecrticity for over 2 weeks and no gas . As we used supplies we replenisihed when we could. WHen the ATMS go out you have money. Always have $500 in small bills like ones fives and tens. You won't get interest but you will have cash . The list is easy food can be stored ,, gas can be put in containers. When the lights were out we had the only lights in the area. Not crazy not stupid just smart and prepared. I called it a test run and we passed the test. We did have extensive damage but had the tools and supplies to fix ourself. I am NOT A nut or particularily a drop out from sopciety. IN fact we are so mainstream no one notices us. Fly under the radar and be prepared.Don't forget storable food for your pets. and carriers for them

        • philrobbins

          Thanks for the tips,Deborah.I'm doing most of what you suggested in addition to finding a place to go away from this country.Let's see how those women who voted for Obummer will like living under sharia law?

        • scatteredshowers

          We could all use the break. Maybe they'll cover up a little. I'm sick of looking at big rumps and big busts in latex.

        • scatteredshowers

          Glad for the headsup about gold. I thought it was all reportable. We can try. Just remember, though, once you start to trade it, the govt. WILL find out and contrary to your assertion, they CAN and HAVE seized people's gold and silver before. Our 1930 Depression is an excellent example of that. Roosevelt seized people's gold.

        • insaney

          Odummer may not have started it, but i don't believe the ones who did had any idea that we would have a leader that not only will turn our beautiful nation into a socialist country, but even worse than that, perhaps a Muslim country! There are terrorist cells all over America that have been here for years just waitibf for someone like O. I just can't understand why the left don't get it!! Socialism does not, and will never, work. The left will watch as our country turns into a nation of 5% very,very,ver,very, rich people (and these won't be the CEOs of small franchised places, these will be the George Soroses and the Bill Gates' and Oprah Winfrys) and 95% very,very,very,very poor people! The McMansions in the suburbs where the $250,000 earners live will soon be housing four and five families and fall into dis repair. I don't think the Hollywood left realize that they will no longer be getting thoses 20 million dollar paychecks for a movie when no one can afford to go to the movies as the theaters will either have to lay off half their help, reulting in filthy restrooms and viewing theaters and even poorer service, OR they will have to double their ticket and concession prices that we all know are already outrageous. I can only say I am glad now that I never had children and that I am already56! I feel so sorry for the children being born today and the ones just coming of age. God (not Allah) help them!!

      • Carol Fryer

        Loosing our childrens and grandchildrens futures.

      • Carol Fryer

        Woe to them that give suck in those days........its coming to light now.

      • Edward Ebersole

        Where there is light we shall find hope.

      • keepersleeper

        Hey! Stop This! I'm in my 60's, I'm of mixed heritage and I've taught my son to love and defend the Constitution! WE ARE NOT DEAD YET! We are not Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan or Communist Russia...Yet! Everyone of those countries was positively affected by our nation when all hope seemed lost! Now it's our turn to SAVE our nation from within, but we can't do it by capitulating to the decadent left...NEVER! Come On, Folks-Where's that fighting spirit that made this country GREAT?

    • jong

      I refuse to lie down and die. The mid-terms will be another 2010 for we will have well over 10% unemployment it is not the Republicans who will lose in the end but the Demoncrats for they have chosen a course of self destruction. Unfortunately we all will suffer.

      • simpletony1

        We are already suffering

      • undunder

        Wake up! Were the American voters so wise but in all honesty, too many American voters are flat out stupid. They think that is good to take from workers and give to non workers; they think the unions are their friends when in fact, unions are pricing American workers out of work; they think obama had nothing to do with the current state of the economy and therefore business and by extension unemployments-zero responsibility. You know why? Because obama said so and the press chimed in saying "yep, that's right,um hmm, it's all Bush's fault..." They are riding that poor abused horse still and still the libs kick that horse and continue to ride though the horse is down for the count. I wish Bush did have as much power as the left says he has. I truly do. Obama cries that education is the key. Well what a joke! How many of his voters never bothered to finish high school??? Choosing instead to have babies and walk the streets with their pants hanging down around their knees... and the libs say, birth more voters that we can put on the government dole and add to our good fortunes. um hmmm... If the king and chief could get his voters to go to school... but then that might present a problem for him if too many democratic voters learn to think rather than sit passively by for the spoon to be put into their mouths.... um hmmm.

        • George Hinkle

          undunder: Education could be the answer if it were not indoctrination. It is llike the Muslims who indoctrinate their children from birth to sacrificial death to hate their "enemies". Education works only if one is taught to review the facts and think for themselves. That goal has been abandoned even in our colleges & universities.

      • kpjlaw

        Jong, you are right. The real fight has just begun. We only lose the country if we give up now.

        • fedup in fl

          Civil war

      • Phillip Gray

        Lol 10%? Really? That's a really optimistic outlook u got there. Wish it were possible but no it aint. We're lookin at hospital & doctor office layoffs & probably closings as well from the medical equipment taxes, massive military layoffs & navy shipyard & military equipment manufacturer layoffs & probly even more that I haven't thought of. Personally, I'm thinkin an overall 20-30% unemployment is way more likely. We're lookin at riots, burglaries & armed robberies jumping by a huge margin. The admin has been anticipating the societal breakdowń for some time now. That's why oblunder issued all those executive orders allowing gvmnt to take over everything in the event of a crisis or disaster & why they bought up so much ammo. Get ready for martial law & the new revolution

        • George Hinkle

          Phillip: I've said the same thing myself! All those checkpoint gurad houses distributed throught the country. Soon the Big O will be in absolute controll--just what he wants.

        • The old veteran

          I feel like I'm mourning my best friend's death!

          AND the feeling that my home has been robbed, or I've been raped.

          Somehow, I feel violated down to my soul.

          I've been lied to by the very people who I turned to for defense and my security.

          utter betrayal of my personal safety, by threatening that he's going
          to send in UN troops to take away my guns of which the UN is going to
          outlaw throughout the world.

          feel violated by the very man whom we entrust to uphold and defend the
          US Constitution, instead he attacks it, violates it, and changes it
          without anyone's consent, even though it against the very declaration
          that he's sworn to defend. The list is unending and being added to, each
          I feel violated: by living three miles from
          rampant murder by drug cartels who'll kill any who stand in their way,
          and they're especially fond of beheading and castration, as their
          preferred way of executing their
          desisres. that our fraud of a commander-in-chief has sworn
          to defend, has refused to enforce any of the laws that the
          Constitution, he has sworn to defend, have to say about secure borders.
          Of which we have none.
          feel violated: Because the man who promised us that he would HEAL the
          racial tension which has been easing daily for at least a decade, now
          re-inflamed and stirred up and is now running rampant with
          black-on-white attacks that the media doesn't tell us about.The
          black-on-white problem is going to escalate rapidly!

          I feel violated: By a nation " who could re-elect a murdering, lying, phony black (he's really an Arab), it occurs to me that everything about him, so far, is a lie) non citizen,lying, homosexual, immoral, lying, muslim, man who has a despicable track record, not once, but twice.


          I think of all the lives lost, and blood spilled for naught!
          If this regime is allowed to continue one more second, we'll loose another right.
          I believe that every vote cast for obama, is an act of TREASON against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
          I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised! This nation did get the president that it deserves.
          I've always flown the American flag PROUDLY,
          But no more, I'm taking down my flags, cutting them
          into ribbons and, taking a black marker and defacing all the USA flags
          on my scooter. Removing all flag pins that I have adorning every hat
          that I have. And weeping like I'm attending a funeral!

          As long as obama is president, the only flag that will fly over my head is the Texas flag and DON'T TREAD ON ME!
          Mustang Willie

        • Dan Williams

          I too fly the same flags now. I am afraid that we will have to risk the same things that the Founding Fathers did..........everything!

        • danimal

          I have been flying my Rebel Flag with my American Flag for a long time... guess which flag is coming down

      • Breezeyguy

        I really thought 2012 would play out like 2010, and be a landslide for whomever ran against Obama. But too many people bought the hate-rich-Romney line, and wanted you to pay for their food and abortions.

        • thomacx

          Not the case, more like too many scams and too much fraud at the polls to overcome. The truth will come out in the end, it is already revealing itself. The big question is, will it be too little too late to change the election?

          People won't take it lying down, hence our Constitutional Rights of defending our country will be in play, and you better damn well be sure that we have a lot of people ready to defend our rights at all costs.

      • cjsode

        Try about 30% or more unemployment by then if we we even have elections anymore!

        • Dealerdeb1

          don't kid yourself this Socialist machine wants to totally take over the economy of this country.There is no greed like the greed of the envious.

        • Ted Crawford

          " Most people seek what they do not posses and are enslaved by the very things they want to aquire" Anwar Sadat
          " The shaft of the Arrow had been feathered by one of the Eagles own plumes. We often give our enemies the means to our own destruction" Aesop

      • Mikey

        jong. Realize the Democrats will continue to blame the GOP. The only way your scenario would happen is if the GOP does whatever the Dems want and even then, the Dems will find a way to blame the GOP because they are the Party of No Responsibility. Maybe they can replace the donkey logo with the Not Me! Ghost from the old Family Circus comic strip.

      • jack

        I guess it really was hard not to vote for santa claus, & am hoping you are correct & I am an independent, also a fiscal conservative but a social liberal, go figure. But did not & will not vote for this clown or hairy reid & pilosi

      • keepersleeper

        I'm not rolling over either! There's a lot of fight in me and I have a Constitution to save! Obama won the election, NOT THE NATION!

    • JudyS

      Very well put Raymond. Your comments should be sent to every newspaper in the country. If you are in agreement, I will send to my local papers.


      If you look up the Communist Manifesto and look up what Obama believes you can almost see his philosophy, they are almost similar! He is a Communist Socialist and wants this country to fail. Too bad we can't recall him and revote, I KNOW there was fraud going on!!

      • Yomama

        Many on the left actually believe Obama's rhetoric, some just want their "free stuff". But then there are those of us who know the difference between rhetoric and game plan. The Obama machine is right on track with their plan.

      • johnsnare

        America should remember this President, the next time a Muslim Black candidate runs for office.

        • Diablo

          Last time I checked, it was not listed in the Constitution that we cannot have a black president. Obama isn't Muslim, he's an atheist like Thomas Jefferson.

        • johnsnare

          Thanks for the history lesson.

        • SEBtopdog

          He is, however, a sympathizer for Muslim extremists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. It has nothing to do with his having had a Black father. There are plenty of decent Black men and women who would have been outstanding Presidents, people who love this country and the founding principles, people who would safeguard the Constitution rather than shredding it.

        • d1032

          Then why in the hell doesn't the black community bring them forward instead of listening to and following the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, etc?
          They follow along like a bunch of dumb sheep looking for anyone who will promise them something for doing nothing.
          Education isn't going to get it done - the white community has spent billions of dollars attempting to educate these people and it hasn't done one damn bit of good - their truancy rate is horrific, their teenage girls are having babies and subsisting on government handouts with the white community paying for the child's birth expense and all the assoicated costs into perpetuity - black teenage males, for the most part, live to play basketball or football and education is the last of their priorities - the rest of them live in the drug trade and kill each other off at an accelerated pace.
          Obama is their savior for he will continue to escalate the government largasee to the black community making them more beholden to him and the Dem party - it is functioning just as they have planned it and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to occur.

        • Ted Crawford

          " It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" Voltaire
          " Evil is obvious only in retrospect " Gloria Steinem

        • Deborah

          I agree to hate a person because they are black isn't worthy of a Republican who has been the party that is always at the forefront of racial equality. We saved the blacks from the Southern Dixiecrats and MLK warned the blacks that the Democrats would enslave they killed him

        • kpjlaw

          Obama is nothing like Thomas Jefferson. To speak those names in the same breath is an insult to one of the greatest of our founding fathers.

        • Dee Adams

          Well Said.

        • Dee Adams

          He's a Muslim. And will put many more Muslims in his cabinet.

        • khm

          @Diablo, Thomas Jefferson was NOT an atheist, nor even a Deist; that is all revisionist history crap.
          Of course it doesn't say in the Constitution any race or religion, but it does have eligibility requirements that O was never vetted to prove or disprove his eligibility. The problem with the current WH occupier is his support of Islam. The tenets of Islam are contrary to everything in the Constitution, which he has shredded.
          Papa John's dilemma and that of so many other companies, will increase unemployment, decrease medical coverage and I think that is just what this regime wants.

        • caskinner

          Businesses warned that this would happen. Were people not listening or are there just so many that are completely ignorant?

        • Angry Grizzly

          Look up Cloward and Piven, the goal is to completely collapse our economic system and replace it with their Marxist system. Remember that agitated bald guy at the U.N. banging his shoe on the desk shouting "We will bury You!"? well they are close to doing just that.

        • Ted Crawford

          You hit that part right Angry! His biggest talking point; "Tax the Rich", also comes straight out of stated leftist tactics! " The way to crush the Bourgeoisie, is to grind them between the Millstones of taxation and inflation" Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov (Lenin)
          Here is how Liberal Americans, remember them, handle taxation during an economic crisis; " A tax cut means higher family incomes and higher business profits and a balanced Federal Budget!... Prosperity is the real way to finally balance our budget " John Kennedy

        • Ted Crawford

          I beg to differ with you here, " Thomas Jefferson was NOT ....., nor even a Deist"
          In his own words; " Question, with boldness, even the existance of God! For, if there be one, he must more approve of homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear"

        • The Lone Gunman

          Obama was raised a Muslim, he will always be a Muslim (hence the hatred for anything Judeo-Christian). The socialists in the DNC put him up, and the useful idiots put him into office, because he is Muslim (Islam is socialism-made-religion), because he is black (better to play the race card), and because he will further their push to make this nation socialist, just like they want. So very sad for America, but it may take a revolution to get rid of him and his supporters.

        • Rod Roberts

          Obama IS A MUSLIM and its easy to prove. He grew up in Indonesia and was a muslim there, registered as muslim in school. He came here to the US as a muslim and continued practicing Islam right up until he wanted to run for Illiniois state senate. His wife and handlers told him he would never be able to get in office as a muslim so he joined reverend Wrights radical church. If you read the Koran, it tells them to deceive and lie to the infidels.
          This is exactly what Obama has done. He never held the national day of prayer in the white house and in fact, invited mulims to come for a day of worship where he did so too as a MUSLIM! Do not be fooled!

        • Deborah

          That;s a wee bit racist. I don't care if the man is green honestly I just dion't like Socialists

        • Alan

          He is a Muslim! Period,

        • caskinner

          It is on video where he says he is muslim.

        • Angry Grizzly

          Obama is a Philistine!

        • Ted Crawford

          Thomas Jefferson was not an Atheist! He was a Deist, even as I am! He, and I, believe in intelligent, purposeful design in Creation, but 'Question', NOT deny, the Judeo Christian version of that Creator!
          Obama himself admitted to his Muslim faith! In an interview with the far left Talking Head George Stephopoulos , on National TV, he credited Bush with " not mentioning my Muslim faith" ! In other interviews he declared the Muslim Call To Prayer as " The most beautiful sound in the World"! In his book 'Dreams From My Father' he explained that in a conflict between Christians and Muslims, " Should things turn ugly, I will ALWAYS side with the Muslims"!

      • Jillian

        I thought all the election business was over, and I was thinking there would be no more political phone calls. Wrong! I had a call from a Conservative group yesterday planning for impeachment. That should have been done a lot earlier in the game.

      • Patriot

        The outcome would still be the same. More lazy, useful college idiots, welfare takers, disability takers than those of us who either have worked all their lives and retired or those who are still trying their best to keep a job and work for their food, housing and belongings. The takers and the illegals out number the rest of us. We will have to go the way of the UK, Spain, Greece with the dollar devalued to zero and total chasos. Its what the left zombies want so get prepared and let them starve and kill each other. SO BE IT.

      • Heywood Jablome

        Are you sure he is a Communist Socialist? I read on another website that he was a Socialist Communist. Which is it?

        • d1032

          Doesn't make a damn bit of difference.
          A traitor is a traitor no matter how you dress him.

        • Deborah

          does it even matter? He isn't AMerican his idea is to "fundamentaly change America to his vision.

        • Angry Grizzly

          Hey Buckwheat! A Scumbag Marxist is a Marxist!

        • Ted Crawford

          Shakesphere said it best, I believe; " A Rose, by any other Name..."

    • Barb Patton

      @Raymond - Somehow I find your response to all of this not quite finished - you forgot to tell us what we have in its place since the USA passed away. refresh my memory I am getting old and cant quite remember.
      What we have is as follows:
      A corrupt government
      A muslim for a president
      Unions which are corrupt and thugs
      Teachers that do not teach
      Muslims that are changing our Courts to suit themselves
      Abortion on demand
      homosexuality taught in schools and encouraged
      Giving our land away to other countries e.g. china
      Illegal Immigrants
      A dollar which has no value
      Racial divide that makes "apartheid" look like a tea party
      and last but not least

      In all fairness to the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama he is not entirely to blame - he can thank his white mother for the latte skin that has blinded the black Americans for endorsing him as "one of their own".. being a dyed in the wool muslim which has the blessing of all muslim terrorists in the world and have accepted him as one of their own. God Help America

      • diablo

        Wow. Please take your head out your butt. Please leave my cuntree already. We don't need racist idiots. And take the slave states with you. Please seceed. Leave California and take Alabama.

        • Barb Patton

          diablo - you are a rude uneducated thing - please if you love your CUNTree so much then respect it by spelling it properly - you display your vapid ignorance on a public forum - best you hide your silly head in shame

        • Rockera

          Vapid. Your reps rock. Sounds like one of those commie profs who teach English. You rock.

        • kpjlaw

          Any criticism of Obama is racist, by liberal definition. If you want to see racist, just look in the mirror.

        • a marine .

          obama is a scum sucking low life pos, he follows the teaching of that child molesting spawn of his mother having sex with a pig, You like obama so much have you read his book, he said "IN A TIME OF CRISES I WILL STAND WITH THE NATIONS OF ISLAM" I guess that is too much for your fecal mind to comprehend.It is his goal to tear the country apart. The people of the south did not start the racial division in this country he started it with share the wealth and it is a fact OBAMA STARTED IT, 50% of the people in america do not work and the other 50% are the ones that feed and cloth them and put a roof over their head. obama has pushed for the increase of people getting aid. Yes we have an un employment problem. well that is easy to fix expel all illegal aliens in this country. True Americans have no problem with legal immigration, so dont even start the racial crap. If my son wanted to go to school in calif he or we would have pay out of state tuition but a illegal can get in for instate how can you justify that. The sad news for you and your idiot friends is those of us that actually work we are gonna stop paying, We will take care of ourselves and anyone that comes to take what we have earned by working will have a very rude awakening.

        • grassroot

          Those who are the " useful idiots" will always say this. Rascist. If Condee

          Rice had run, with Allen West as her VP choice, we would have been in good
          Shape. This guy is an anti-capitalist, anti-American anti-military new world
          order enemy of the state. If you like these socialist policies go to Venezuela.

        • Deborah

          WHat he said tripled Deb

        • Dan Williams


    • JennieWalsh

      You have summed up the situation very well. However, the flame and love of freedom and sovereignty still burns brightly in MANY hearts and minds in America. I do not figure that America is down for the count. Some way or another, America will be resurrected and come back stronger, wiser and much more vigilant of rights and freedoms and much less tolerant of communist/socialist policies.

    • Marte

      Although I woke up the morning after the election feeling like there had been a death, I refuse to give in to this.

      America is critically ill, but not dead yet.

      Keep supporting those who are working hard to save her - like the Tea Party and any person in Congress who still has the guts to stand up for Liberty.

    • dontcair

      I agree except for using the word republic at all to describe the new nation Resident feces has created. Republic is what this great nation sought out to be, a nation where the many couldn't take away all the freedoms of the few.

    • ltbl123

      Excellent sentiments. I do not like the color black, but I have decided to buy an entire wardrobe of all black clothing from shoes to hat and wear it every Tuesday as a protest and a mourning for the death of our nation.

    • Jillian

      We were promised only one resurrection, that of Jesus Christ. I don't believe this will happen to our nation. So sad to see so many precious things we believe in hanging on the cross, crucified.

    • Diablo

      Please....this cuntree died 12 years ago when "Dubya" took office and ran it into the ground. We've been picking up the pieces ever since...

      • d1032

        Diablo -
        You are a complete arse - this country started its downfall into the present day chaos with the election of FDR.
        Slowly but surely, by osmosis, this nation has morphed into a socialist country predicted by Norman Thomas in 1944 - Thomas was the Socialist Party of America's nominee for the presidency 6 times.
        The man so stated the following:
        "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. BUT under the name of "LIBERALISM' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened."
        He went on to state: "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party.
        That was 65 years ago and the Democrat Party has controlled Congress all but 14 years of those 65.
        Get your head out of the sand and review history just a little bit - my guess was that you probably were not taught history any farther back than 20 years.

    • Breezeyguy

      It actually isn't dead but went into a coma. But if the R's lose the House in 2014, then you'll see a very quick death and a zombie style rebirth: zOmbama.

    • Marinemom

      People who are recovering acid users should seek help. Flashbacks and hallucinations can be healed with therapy. Try it. Our country is more alive and vital than ever. Militart votes for Obama were over 50%. if your party does not wake up, it is doomed. A sad death for the GOP, not USA. Seek help.

    • MARYANN33

      Killed by a half black foreigner????

    • Richard-USMC

      Raymond, I agree with you. The stupidity of the American citizentry, coupled with the election fraud of the DMS, added up to the death of this country. The only thing I would want King Obama to grant us is our flag. But the country, I think, should be called The Democratic Marxist State of Obama. ( DMSO). Now all I have to do is find someplace to live unless a large number of Americans want to take our country back by force. It won't be pretty. It will be a bloodbath. But Lady Liberty is worth dying for.

    • Brian Mullins

      brought a tear to mey eye. Nicely put Raymond

    • rmwayne

      The only way of survival I can see is for those states who secede. All of the so called left wing blue states who always go for politicians like Obama have no chance whatsoever of remaining free. They're too in love with communism and wanting to be under the heel of some left wing tinpot dictator.

    • Dan Williams


    • Watchmanonwall

      I understand your sentiment. However, I have to respectfully disagree. We are not dead yet!!!! This is OUR watch America. No matter how young or how old you are. This is YOUR WATCH TOO. Let it not be said that America died under our watch. Do not let the dead die in vain. Do not let this dream of liberty pass into history. It will never be seen again. Don't let the globalist win.

      Pray to God. Repent. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and of the nation's sins. See Daniel chap 6 for an example. Then ask God to lead you with that quiet small voice as to what each of you and all of us need to do. We cannot wait for republicans to do what is right. they are selling this country down the river as I type. We need a multi-faceted approach. Political, social, moral, educational, media, business.

      Let us start with not supporting liberals in hollywood. don't attend their movies. Don't buy their books. Don't automatically send your kids to liberal colleges. there are plenty of great conservative schools. Let us be selective where we do business. If they don't like profit, don't give it to them. Utilize social media and forums like this to share information. Can you run for office? Can you support someone running?

      We have a lot of re-educating to do. We have to contend with the state run media. This won't be easy. Neither was Normandy beach. Neither was the Moon landing. ALL HANDS ON DECK. BATTLE STATIONS.

      ARE YOU WITH ME????

    • fedup in fl

      YES, it did. I'm a vet and when I pass I don't want that damn flag on my coffin

    • philrobbins

      Dead on,man! I'm looking to leave.If you're smart,you'll get out also.I'm looking at Belize,Costa Rica,Ecuador and some other South American and Carribean locations.We have lost our country,not to the fool in the White House,but to the fools who elected him.

    • Wayne Graff

      Actually Ray, I think after all is said and done and all of the information is gathered this will be a homicide case. With other implications as well, definitely fraud and a few others as well

    • ddearborn

      I am afraid Raymond that you about 12 years to late. Based on your list it was actually Bush that terminated the Republic. Obama has just been combing through the ashes. Oh and there have NEVER been "free markets" in the US. And what is the difference between the GOP's corporate welfare and the Democrats social welfare? Both are designed and effectively do the same thing: take the money earned by the working class and hand it over to the 1%. That has been gonig on for decades.....

      • Ted Crawford

        Just what color is the Sky in your delusional little world! ? ! ? WOW ! ! You must really be on some GOOOOOD stuff!

    • Mys77

      Don't be discouraged.... that is their America... not mine... and if we have to beat the crap out of them and rise above these idiots we will. America... the best of her, will always overcome and beat down those who want to change everything good about our country. These outsiders will be devoured by their perverstions and idiotic thinking.... it is only a matter of time. All we have to do is stay above it all, stay steady and strong and know that God is with us.... He will NOT forsake us... that is His promise!

    • mwl

      Thats only if you give up....I wont and never will. America will never die especially at the hands of a islamic muslim terrorist president.
      Mike in Afghanistan

    • Patricia Overbey

      You got it Raymond I fear for my kids & grandchildren How ignorant these people the ones getting for nothing. I always say if you have not worked for it you will not appreciate it. God bless America.

      • Raymond

        Why would God want to bless America when
        America has spit in God's face? America is now
        under the firm control of muslims & their many

    • Edward Ebersole

      It is so very sad is all I can say right now.

    • VietVet68

      Add to your list hunting, home security, an armed population of skilled riflemen available to form armies for the defense of our borders (oh, add that to the list as well) and to recruit for law enforcement. We are, as the Bostonians might say, scrod.

    • Vern

      Raymond, you covered the truth very very good, too bad there are so many stupid folks in
      America. I am 74, have enjoyed a great life in a great country, but I see that coming to an
      end under Obama and his chicken hearted Democrats. Too many people voted that did
      not even know what they were voting for. The blacks are so racist you knew they would
      vote for a black person, no matter what he was doing to the USA. The Unions are out to
      help Obama destroy America so you knew they would vote for him. Young un-married
      women wanted their pills and abortions so they didn't care that Romney was the better choice.

    • keepersleeper

      Hey! I'm not dead, therefore, my nation still has a fighting chance! Don't forget: Nearly HALF of us voted to defeat Obama...he has NO STRONG MAJORITY! I WAS miserable when the election ended, but I shut down my pity party and rose to fight again! Take a deep breath, know that there are legions of us who stand for good and let's FIGHT! Lincoln lost the battle of Antietam, but it didn't bring him to his knees. We have to start seeing things today in the same way...FIGHT ON!

    • Shane

      No, we can take our country back when Obama's policies lead to economic ruin for our businesses and the federal government goes bankrupt. Liberal fascist cannot stand any criticism of their messiah, Comrade Obama; they just go nuts!

    • scatteredshowers

      Very sad, because it is so true.

  • CARLjr

    He's not going far enough to get in on that Chick-Fil-A level promotion. He should:
    1. Raise the price of his pizza.
    2. Raise his franchise fees.
    3. Put all employees to part-time so they are exempted from the mandate.
    4. Give away 2 million more pizzas but loaded with the most unhealthy toppings and call it the "stick it to Obamacare"
    5. Hire Peyton Manning to call all employees that are getting cut to give them the bad news.
    6. Make a "spam" pizza to commemorate the $250 million dollar class action lawsuit they are facing and send one to all 500,000 plaintiffs unannounced. Or better yet, pick a few thousand plaintiffs and send them the "spam" pizzas constantly - every few hours.

    I just looked them up on NASDAQ: PZZA. They have really done well over the last 4 years. His stock has doubled in an Obama economy. During the last week of George Bush jr - PZZA was trading at $16.58 - last month it was $53.10. In fact, they have never looked better. In their 18 year history, the stock had never even hit $40, let alone $50 until 2012. It's a complete windfall.

    Insurance is a part of doing business. These are expenses Papa John's competition has to pay too. It will not hurt their position in the market, and their employees deserve it. They can pay the minimum - on the cheapest plan they can find. We all have to do it. We all have to buy liability insurance and get a business license too.

    • Dulceb

      His stock has risen because during the GW era, people could and did eat better, more expensive foods at real restaurants. Now, in order to treat the family, it has to be a coupon deal for around $20. Ask me how I know. I am earning 40% of pr Obama wages and gas, food etc has doubled or tripled.
      Businesses have already started laying off, it will get worse.

      • Dave Fafarman

        Dulceb, perhaps you can wangle an invitation to one of the White House parties. I think they have "someone else" picking up the tab.

      • CARLjr

        I, like John Schnatter (Poppa John) am doing better in the last few years. Not everyone is experiencing the kind of losses you claim. We have been hiring.

        Out of curiosity (and because I keep excellent records) I looked at what the difference in gas prices were for ME. November 2008 - $3.80 a gallon. November 2012 - $3.99 a gallon. Not exactly doubled. Once again - manufactured controversy.

    • Woody

      Every one will have to "get out of" paying Obamacare to stay competitive with those who do. With regards to your #1, starting rampant inflation was the ultimate goal of Obummer.

      • CARLjr

        Neither one of those sentences make sense.

    • Yomama

      And how many multimillion dollar companies have you run? How many jobs have you created? It's so easy to sit back and figure how an experienced businessman and job creator "should" run his business. But I don't expect any of them are lining up for your "armchair analyses." jeez.

      • CARLjr

        One. About 40. Have you seen what his stock has done in the last 2 weeks? He might need a little advice.

    • JennieWalsh

      Are you a member of the communist party? Do you love Big Brother?

      • CARLjr

        no. no.
        Do you have health insurance? Does your employer (or your spouses employer) pay some of it as part of your compensation?

        Neither communist nor big brother.

        A capitalist who understands that compensation includes benefits.

    • sidphuff

      CARLjr is right....they HAVE done very well. Kudos to sacrifice, long hours and hard work. So....let's PUNISH THEIR SUCCESS by taxing them to the max. Perhaps Obama can send out a pizza and a Twinkie with the cell phones he gives away!!

      • CARLjr

        Kudos to long hours and hard work by employees. So, let's punish their success by not offering health insurance like EVERY OTHER business does. This is not a tax - it is part of the compensation paid to employees.

  • Jerry Smith

    I'll be picking up my Papa John's pizza after work. I might buy two and give one to my neighbors. The vengeful, irrational hatred exhibited by the democrats makes the KKK look good by comparison.

    • Grace

      Waite till the obama lady says pizza is bad for you and also and rations the size according to her, and dont tell obama but in Venezuela just to "terminate" private business chavez dictated a law "freezing giving the pink slip" and "to avoid" price hikes so we dont all have to pay...then he also "froze" the price and forbid any increases.....

  • Greg T Beaty

    I am ordering a Papa Johns Pizza tonight too...

    • Rodney

      me too!!!!

      • boyer68

        Same here!

  • michael lawless

    the libtards have already killed this country

  • really!

    Nice summary. Puts it in a more realistic perspective. Thanks.


    Stupid is as stupid does
    Godfathers has a layoff, gets boycotted and lose business which causes More layoffs, chapter 11 then possible liquidation.
    Hello Hostess, end result; More unemployment and more welfare.

    • caskinner

      Vicious cycle.

  • wayno

    Bravo, well put and with the numbers to prove it.

  • Marlin208

    Since BO and his ilk have never run anything they don't care if the business makes money. The fact that they got into politics has nothing to do with making money, uhhuh.
    You as the business man take all the risk and take out all the loans but in the long run according to BO, you should not make a profit.
    I always thought that was the reason for going in to business in the first place.
    Oh wait, didn't he say something about being able to set the amount that everyone should make? Oh stupid me, then bring on the cake. No controls over the politicians pay only the LITTLE people. What a great country we now have.

  • Jerry Smith

    Raymond said it best. For too many years we sat around fat, dumb and happy, elected morons and let them do as they please. We got lazy and selfish and decided it wasn't that important to have God in our lives. We put up with stupid, intrusive laws and a government that said if abortion was legal it would become a rarity. Since then we've murdered 50 million innocent babies and last week we elected a president who thinks abortion is a swell idea.

    • Buster Atkins

      Its just too bad that his mother didn't abort him.

  • drofmanythings

    For what is worth, Papa John is giving away 2,000,000 pies this holiday season. Peyton Manning talked him into it, right? Say each one costs the franchisees $4.00, well, that's $8 million in giveaway pies. Thanks Papa. Think I'll order a pie and watch the game....

  • bob s

    the people that voted him in again are those that expect the freebees.... they don't want to work because they can live off the state.... socialism at its best....this country is doomed because of people like them.... this morning it was reported that 75% of those that voted for obummma were on the gimmme list.......the USA is gone... and shortly our freedoms will begin to erode , one by one...just exactly hitler did to Germany... 89 years ago... go look up the Third Reich and see for yourself

    • kpjlaw

      The fight has just begun. The leeches only win if the rest of us give up.

  • Pizza Boy

    You make way too many assumptions to make any of your numbers work in the calculations above.

  • jaycee

    If the left wants to boycott the stores, and let's say they are successful, then all of the stores are in jeopardy of going under. What will the left have gained by that? I'm not totally sure of how many employees those 4,000 stores employ but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the unemployment number will go up pretty significantly. So again, the left seems out of touch with reality but then, they did elect the messiah to another 4 years....

    • Elleryqueen

      Not to mention the taxes they will lose that was to be used to help the unneedy with free phones, food stamps, etc. What a shame that would be.

  • Navyman

    I am calling Papa Johns for a carry out order as soon as I finish typing this!!!


    Get his ass out of office NOW. Too much fraud with voter registration and vote counting. The president of this great nation is a LOSER. He should be prosecuted and deported. He lies daily. He never paid a dime for his own Ivy League education. He has never worked a real job for any length of time. What idiots voted for this POS ??

  • TxOrBust

    We're all having to adjust, and Papa John's is just a symptom of it!
    I almost cheered this AM when we saw the news that the company making Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread is liquidating over "union crap" and ObummerCare! Ding Dong's has been our favorite "naughty" treat for years! I guess I'll just have to bake cookies now :) I almost felt like "take THAT a$$hole (Obama)!
    ....also noticed that the unemployment went up another 73,000 jobs this WEEK!

    • ltbl123

      Yes strikes are wonderful. I saw a quote once. A strike is like strangling a chicken with the expectation it will lay more eggs.

      • grassroot

        Good one,,

    • CARLjr

      I cheered when I saw a company was failing. Yay! Now I have new things to point at! I hope more American companies fail! I hope more people get laid off! Weeeee!

      What a patriot.

  • Sha Jack

    In reference to statement
    "Obama is going to kill this country." , Obama WANTS to kill this country, he's trying, but he isn't going to, We The People" won't let him....

    • boyer68

      Right there with you Sha! A far bigger concern than Obama, are the dumb bastards that vote for such a scourge.

  • Donald Langlois

    Does anyone have a bugle. Please play taps. Alas, we are dead and walk about as corpses. The rise of idiosyncrasy and the death of common sense.

  • Carrie

    It amazes me that people do not understand that businesses have to actually cover these expenses somehow? Are they going to eventually boycott every single business?

    • ltbl123

      Who takes the risk? Keeps the lights on pays your wages on slow days and good days and helps you accumulate some personal wealth? It sure isn't the government or their competitors, the robber and the thief and the murderer. If you w.ant to be a socialist there are plenty of opportunities for you: The military, the education system, government and my favorite prison. Look, try to think and act all the same. With the exception of the military they all provide an inferior product or service at an incredibly high expense to an almost completely captive consumer with very little choice.

  • Bobseeks

    We need to boycott all businesses that support the scumocrats.

  • Captain Chaos

    Never in my life (77 yrs) have I run across more stupid people than the libatards. These people have cut off their noses to spite their face. As I have heard before, "Stupid is as stupid does".

    • Yomama

      Yep, me too, in my 60+ years I still get amazed. I guess they won't be happy until they've spent EVERYONE'S money. Wait 'til the "free stuff" runs out, we will see riots that will make Greece look like a picnic.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    States need to nullify ObamaCare, and every Federal Government law and regulation they do not like. Sign the petitions for our states to secede. Make our voices heard in Washington. Return our country to State's Rights instead of our current Federal Government policy - the right to serfdom.

  • ATLDave

    Its not that the left doesn't get it. They don't WANT to get it. The left using boycotts is about as effective as peeing in the ocean to try to raise the salt level. Morons.



  • Alice

    Who has the right or authority to tell Mr John Schnatter how to manage his business? Unions do not realize yet that their power is declining... Look at Twinkies company! because of the pressure from unions, forcing the company to close the business, 18,000 employees will be without a job. Way to go unions, keep working to accomplish NO JOBS FOR AMERICA POLICY

  • crotte

    If I had my wish it would be that everyone gets to sit in the seat of a CEO for 6 months then lets see what their attitudes would be. Been there done that for many years.

  • Peggy Joseph


  • ltbl123

    Socialism is where a man rips the siding off of his house and burns it in his fireplace to keep warm. He never produces anything to replace what he consumes. Eventually his house is gone, his children are starving, and all that remains is the "blame". The blame is directed at everyone and anyone except the responsible party HIMSELF!

  • Dr Shirley Lynn

    Do not blame the owner od Papa John's and why should he observe and take from the man that has worked hard for what he has to be taken away. You selfish people Go to Work
    Ohn yes there are no jobs and you knew this november 6th

  • Beepster

    FWIW, why can't an owner of a business run it the way he/she wants without a bunch of A-holes messin' with them?? If I own a business, I can hire/fire as my business needs change. With OslammerheadCare, my needs for employees would decrease as my expenses increase. Do da damned math!!!!!!

  • Gary

    George Soros and all the Scumocrat party should personally pay for Obamacare themselves and see if they like supporting people!!!!

  • geoff wilson

    We are not dead yet. Our first goal should be to get voter ID laws in all 50 states. This election was truly stolen, my friends. To say that the takers out number the makers is false. The takers voted multiple times on the average. Solmali immigrants voted, etc, etc

  • kbj777

    Raymond, i'am sharing..and thanks, Brenda Battle Jordan.

  • Al

    The beloved free United States of America died 11-06-2012. She wont be Resting In Peace

  • Diablo

    What a joke! Stop crying about Obamacare. It appears as though you would like to continue to be the only civilized nation without national healthcare for it's citizens. EFF Papa John. If he's crying about $2000 per store, please stop GIVING AWAY FREE PIZZAS!!

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Aol and Huffington Post censorship moderators will only post liberal crap and keep on removing my comments. What are they afraid of ?

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for King Obama and now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me King Obamas Big Welfare Government Control will now destroy America,the Supreme Court, the Republican Party and anything else that stands in his way as payback for slavery and other so called social injustices.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about King Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.-----

  • David Veselenak

    F the left!

  • Eva Marie Vitrano Sinnott

    My feelings of helplessness are overwhelming. I know Obama "stole" the election by fraudulent means but, as usual, the liberal media doesn't tell the truth. I am sick to heart envisioning the future my grandchildren face. They will never experience growing up in a beloved America since they will live under a Socialist (communist) law of the land.
    This time Obama will never give up his control and power. He has his Muslim cohorts to act as his "Republican Guard", ala Saddam Hussein. He will bypass Congress, as long as they're allowed to exist, with executive orders. Our Constitution will become a worthless piece of paper, the rights we now take for granted ground into dust.
    I'm a disabled senior female, veteran of the U.S. Navy and have no strength to fight back anymore. Generation X are all liberal and would never take up the cudgels for freedom. Militant groups will never succeed against Obama's power and the military will be almost non-existent.
    GOD bless America while we can still say HIS name without being arrested.

  • Terry Porter

    Every business and every household is having to operate more efficiently and leaner. The only one that is not is the inefficient and wasteful federal government. Every time the government passes another regulation, consumer costs go up. The left doesn't understand that our salaries aren't going up to cover those increased costs. Soon they will think that the solution to that is for unions to push for higher wages, again not understanding that again drives up the costs. The government has to stop interfering! Bigger government is bad for us all.

  • Silas Longshot

    Yep, the dumbed down masses, courtesy our federally mandated 'education system' clearly don't have the slightest clue on how business works, having been taught that capitalism is 'evil' and should be shunned. If you get a job, you should join a union to 'fight for your workers rights'. Except that unions tend to put the companies they strike out of business. Hostess (twinkies) has put over 600 of these fools on the streets, closing 3 bakeries around the country because of work stoppage. If the dumbazz union keeps messing with them, Hostess will close the whole thing down nationwide and 18,000 more will be on the street. They have gone capter 11 twice in 10 years because of union costs and now 0bamacare on top of that.

  • larrylunts

    Ian's Pizza, a small local chain in Wisconsin which has offered its employees healthcare for years, welcomes the Papa John's price hikes, which will make it more competitive with big chains like Papa Johns that come into local markets and undercut their prices by skimping on employee benefits. Wal-Mart is another chain notorious for this, often paying their employees so little that their employees have to apply for Food Stamps.

  • SEBtopdog

    Let's make every Friday pizza night. Or support some other brave entrepreneurs who have been telling the TRUTH about what the travesty of this administration will do to business in this country!!!!

  • cat

    Do these idiots plan to boycott all businesses? Everything will be going up as a result of this . What were they thinking when they voted Odummer in again? Oh wait, they don't/can't think beyond today.

  • Nickie

    Anyone who voted for Obama is stupid. Sounds like one of my 7 year old kids would say when he didn't get his way. I'd have a long talk with him about people with differing opinions are not stupid and you should respect the facts that lead them to the opinion you think is stupid. My 7 year old would probably understand his moms wise words. Not bitter old white men. You are stupid is the only label they know. Carry on old geezers. Try again in 2016.

  • Donald

    This is stupid. Who owns only one store in a franchise!

  • kenhowes

    The Left is doing its thinking in a way that omits the franchisee. No, Papa John's, the corporation isn't small business. But most of the Papa John's franchises are. As this article's math shows, the franchisee isn't going to be able to pay his home mortgage and his groceries on that basis. I know, the Left will say, "So make franchising more favorable to the franchisee." But at what point does the corporation granting the franchise find that it isn't worth its bother to keep that franchise open? And when the Papa John's (or McDonald's or Burger King or Taco Bell) sign goes down, and it's just Joe's Pizza, Pete's Hamburgers, and Taty's Tacos, half or more of their business disappears. They lay off half their employees, and a highly profitable place hiring 25 people has become a place with three employees just hanging on because Taty doesn't want to tell her aunt, who loaned her the money to get started, "Titi, I have failed."

    • kenhowes

      My example was the Hispanic girl who borrowed from her aunt to get a taco franchise. But what of the Italian guy who borrowed from Uncle Vito to start his pizza franchise? Telling Uncle Vito that may be hazardous to his health.

  • Ed Scott

    There are many things that the left does not not understand (get).

  • Adeline

    On November six, My America Died
    Leaving me to question, just how long
    Old Glory will survive !!
    The misguided public, has now had it's say,
    with no regard to our Founding Father's way.

    Those who have and will earn their own keep
    will now have the rewards in their wallet
    the Government seek !!
    I will, forever, hold high Old Glory with pride,
    while sadly recalling the day
    My America Died !!

  • gjw

    An apropriate famous quote: "This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper."

  • haycon

    All these big corporation like papa johns and many others just need to close their
    Doors. To and then all these people might wake up let's put the fiscal Cliff on the fast track. The sooner it's over the sooner we can take back our country

  • Curtis Edward Turner

    I hate to see what the entire US will be like when it becomes like Detroit. Obama would like to make the US the western version of Zimbabwe! That is what happens when we elect a racist to the highest office in the government.!

  • Tuci78

    Hey, you're using hard numbers to make your case.

    In front of "Liberal" fascists, who are (by their nature) both criminal and stupid.

    That's not fair!

  • soldiermom11

    There always comes a day of reckoning. Unions will be shutting down businesses faster than we can spell obama. Obamacare will shut down the rest. It's going to be a very cold winter this year. Hopefully the libs will run out of our money sooner rather than later so we can get back to good, sane, fiscal policy based on performance not race, color, creed, or what union you belong to and how many white house visits they get.

  • Richard Gibbard

    I've tried Papa John's pizza, and there's little to recommend it over any other chain.

    • Marj0120

      Are you really thinking all of this conversation is to rate how pizza tastes? The franchise near me puts out an excellent pizza, I'm sure there are some that don't.

  • To much crap shuved in our fac

    Killing this country is EXACTLY his plan.

  • Madison the Mighty

    I've yet only begun to fight! Never give up patriots!

  • lou7

    Obama is to stupid to understand economics. If he did understand he would realize he is going downhill FAST.

    This is what he wants, RUIN AMERICA.

  • SAY

    I work for a small business dumbass care will put the 26 year business out of business and 300 workers on the government tit .our president is a real job killer.

    • farrightextreme

      I work for a business of 100, was 500. The last few years have not been kind to a small business in the USA.

  • Dennis W. Mundy

    OK, so we lost....

    Its not the end of the world and its not the end of our Country. Its time to fight. Lets learn from this and move on DO NOT give in to Socialism while we still have the ability to fight it. Be like John Scnatter of Papa Johns Don't lie down and accept this bullshit! The idiots that voted for utopia will end up paying thru the nose just like the rest of us!

    I am going to buy as much Papa Johns Pizza as i can!! This is the same crap the progressives tried with Chic Fil A

  • Upaces

    Raymond, do NOT count HER out yet. It ain't over util it is over.

  • Libsrlintlickers

    DUH! The Stupid Asses get what the Stupid Asses voted for - SUCK IT UP, LIBERAL FREAKS!! Thanks to your IGNORANCE, the worst is yet to come.......

  • Upaces

    "Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light. "


    • farrightextreme

      This isn't the end, but you can see it from here.

  • Dana Estes

    Osama doesn't have a clue on what makes a business run. In his feeble little socialist mind he believes that all he has to do is decree something and it becomes the truth. What a MORON.

  • richardclifford

    The United States isn't dead yet! We'll bring it back from the dead! We'll fight back and make this country great again! Obama's gonna make a very costly settlement with all of us!

  • rchguns

    It just an example of how is exceedingly stupid Obama( dirty diaper head) expects to change America's way of thinking by destroying everything and everyone that happens to disagree with his philosophy. We don't even have a Papa John's within driving range but if we did I would still buy their product because it's good.

    In this abomination of a bill that he signed into law( Obama care) is going to end up costing the American people hundreds of thousands of jobs and on top of everything else I believe there is 30 some new taxes just in the bill alone. This document not only puts power in the hands of the executive branch for medical situations but it covers everything from education grants to transportation. Every time someone looks into this bill and reads it some new hidden agenda pops out the whole thing needs to be thrown away and re-crafted if they're going to keep it so that it only deals with medical issues and nothing else.

  • Carol Fryer

    the left....the right.....there doesnt seem to be much difference to me anymore. There are no conservatives left in Congress. They are all bought off and dirty as an oil filled swamp oozing with human waste.

  • sandman

    It realy pains me to say this, but he realy should have known better, after all look who it is that are tearing him down, or let me refraze that, trying to tear down, he should have known that free speach, and all that goes with it is gone. I think I am going to have pizza tonight!

  • ladyhuckleberry

    I've got friends in the Music Industry and believe it or not they're not hurting but on the other hand they do understand how the common person can't afford the ticket prices of their shows. For over 25 years I've sat back and watched different friends within the Recording Industry have some good, some not so good, some awful, and some down right almost non existent years and it's amaing to me at how some folks will do anything to get those premium seats while others struggle just to sit in the nosebleed section. Noticing things I just don't get how some can afford 7 to 10 shows a year paying up to $700 for a premium ticket plus all of the extras,i.e. gas, food, and maybe a place to stay overnite. If I had this much $ to burn we'd all be doing good in my household. And in my household there's only me and my mutt. I'm not going to take advantage of my friends and have them take me out on the road with em because that's not their job. Boycotting a business isn't the thing to do either. Maybe just maybe this Country will come back to life one day.

  • Dealerdeb1

    I'm having Pappa John's tonite and every Friday until every last liber is dead and gone

  • ADR

    We had a pizza from Papa John's today in support of that business and in protest of what Obama's ploy to destroy them. The pizza was AWESOME and we believe in suppoting those who play by the rules and work hard each day to keep the American spirit of Liberty and Freedom going. JOHN, YOU DID BUILD THAT AND YOU MAKE AMERICA PROUD!!!!

  • Walt

    You all seem to forget the basic lesson of Business 101 - THE PURPOSE OF BUSINESS IS TO MAKE MONEY - Not provide jobs. Any business that fails to make a satisfactory profit is of no value and will cease to exist. Jobs are simply an off-shoot of someone's attempt to make money. Never forget that employees are there for them, not the other way around as some of you seem to think. When you finally realize this basic principle, then you may understand why some businesses will simply quit and cease. Your welfare is not and never has been a primary interest of business.

    • Marj0120

      We can call it the "Twinkie Effect". Start taking the profit out of business and at a certain level of reduced profit, it's not worth the aggravation, blood, sweat and tears it takes to operate it.

  • wtram46

    I must agree--our beloved country is all but dead, given the Obama regime's re-election!! How the people of this nation can allow this is beyond me!! We need to rise up, take our nation out of the oppressive hands of the Obama Fool and run Obama and his clan completely out of the country!! They are freeloaders, living in gov't subsidized housing, and they are incompetent at best!! Get rid of them!!! Also, Michelle is still the ugliest woman on earth!!!! In looks and actions!!

  • gypsy314

    Sounds like shut it down layoff everyone Let Obama mama take care of you

  • djw663

    Let's also speculate that the actual cost of Obamacare is only $1.3T higher than their original estimates. I had a customer of mine, who grew up poor, that his family had medicare and medicade as their healthcare, he is scared surgeries now because his mom would take him in to have his tonsils removed if he had a sore throat, why, because it did not cost them anything, he said anytime he or a sibling complained about anything off to the hospital they went. NOTHING IS FREE SOMEONE SOMEWHERE HAD TO PAY FOR IT! And if all the money from the rich is not enough and we all know it isn't then where is the money going to come from, not really a question! The government will spend a million dollars to send a bolt around the world, they cannot run the post office, they cannot run DMV they cannot pay the current debts they have what makes you think they can pay for people's healthcare?

    • Marj0120

      They (the Feds) took over a legal house of prostitution in NV. Within months it had to file for bankruptcy. Now if you can't make money in a Legal House with a active hard liquor license, than there's nothing else to be said about your incompetence in running a business. And now they want to play doctor and manage an entire Healthcare program, adding 30 million more recipients with no new doctors, no new hospitals. Do we need a crystal ball to foresee the outcome?

  • Claude

    I am self employed. I carry insurance and it's expensive. We are a country that has an excellent healthcare system, not perfect but can use some shoring up.
    I have in a previous life filed medical claims for surgery cntr. All this moaning about the cost will bankrupt! Well, take off the rose colored glasses folks because people without insurance are already bankrupting the system and are a big part of the problem ALREADY.
    Medicare is one of THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE PROGRAMS. Take what's working and improve on it. You can bet ur sweet bippie that congressmen and senators have a very costly insurance pay for it. How about they take coverage that's less costly?
    You need working people to carry health insurance..even if they don't want to because otherwise you will be paying an even higher tab for the uninsured who use ER services instead of a dr office visit because the hospitals cannot refuse to treat.

  • Ohio Tony

    Think I'll call and order a Papa John's pizza this evening. That way one liberal can boycott this business with a clear concience. Oh wait liberals don't have a concience.

    • nickoury

      It's not a conscience that's lacking, but rather a functioning brain that is missing.


    The left is only good at spending other peoples money and telling them they should be happy to give.. The short version-----they're idiots and of no possible use to anyone or anything. There's just no justifyable reason to have them around.

  • ARMYOF69

    He should insist on each employee showing him proof that they voted for Romney. Keep those the rest for incompetence.

  • Ken Kirkham

    The boycotts the left produces might just work, in which case the business goes away and everyone loses their jobs. Ignorance knows no bounds.

  • s casey

    This is all part of the "redistribution of wealth" Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of their Socialist party spoke about in 2007, 2008, 2009, etc. Those that don't have, want what others who have worked for.

  • PMDavis

    It just astounds me how stupid the Left is. Do they not get that if you suck out all the profit of any business it has nothing to run on? That's what the unions have done to many companies. That's why many have gone overseas. Obama is only interested in control and power of this country and the only way he can do that is to brake this country through it's economy and bleed all the wealth out of it. Then we will all be dependent on the government for survival. It's called socialism. Obama's not going after the rich in taxes because he cares about the deficit, he's just going after them to bleed their wealth out. The stock market is crashing, he's already collapsed the middle class, the poor are already poor and dependent, now he has to go after the only group left and that's the rich.

  • Fedup

    I got a better idea, Let's boycott O'stupid in the White House because he's rich! Next year when I file my income tax I'm claiming 47 million dependents that should get me a sizable knot back in my bank account instead of letting those idiots in the federal level waist it!


    I am going to order a Papa John's Pizza tonight and more often than before. Give'em HELL, John.

  • Tim

    The moochers can buy pizza and other junk foods, let them save their money to buy insurance.

  • jrs8744

    The liber attitude that is is not a lot of money is due to the fact that they have never ran anything but there big mouths.
    And never generated a nickel.

  • Robert Courtney

    just made my 1st order for Papa J in months.
    Appreciation day.
    If it's good, I'll add it back to my pizza guy list. 2x a month.

  • tthan43

    In this case, the "rich" means anyone with a job.

  • ginger

    This more than proves that the typical liberal idiot knows absolutely Nothing about economics and won't ....even when Their jobs go belly up....morons all.

  • Tonto

    I love it....the left is getting obama shoved right up where the sun don't shine......and it will go on and on. This is a life they had no idea that they were buying into because they drank the Kool-Aid and became even stupider.

  • Dan Williams

    The Liberal Lefties do not know how to do math. That is why they cannot budget and everything they do leads to bankruptcy.

  • Maureen Karamales

    Haven't ordered from Papa John's since we moved to Idaho last year from NoVA. I'm counter-protesting by ordering one in the next hour for hubs to pick up on his way home.

  • facebook

    OH my goodness! This is why I regularly enjoy the "GODFATHER POLITICS" . This article by Tad Cronn is a winner. It provides the reader with a short concise explanation of one of the major faults (I am being polite!), of the Obama debacle. And from the commentaries you can see how many truly understand this explanation of the "eye of the storm" and can easily make the many valid replies. God guide us, keep us "online", and we sure will put an arrow center on this "eye". And done with it!

  • Bill

    Why is it the left thinks a company or individuals gross income is all spendable money. The largest share is always taken up with operating costs. John makes a good profit, yes but Papa John's is not a charity and the left should encourage Obama to sit down with the GOP and re -negotiate the harmful parts of Obama care especially those costs that only have a slight reference to health care but instead are another tax. Firstly all those wavers given to unions and some large companies should be nuffified.

  • Elizabeth Warynick

    OH GEE.....I just actually went to Papa Johns for the 1st time tonight and got a LG Spinach Alfredo Pizza hand tossed dough......IT WAS SO GREAT THAT I AM HOOKED!!!! Thank GOD I am not a progressive Liberal...!!! I'm going to go EVERY WEEK!!!

  • fedup in fl

    Hey, Papa fire every sob who voted for the HNIC

  • Bob

    The loons on the left have no idea what's involved with running a business. A whole lot more than sitting around with your hand out waiting for Santa Claus to "reward" you for existing. I'm with Papa John's!

  • Meg

    If you're going to quote Forbes, at least quote it correctly. According to them, they said Papa John's claimed it would cost 10-14 cents per pie, while Forbes claimed it would cost 5 cents or less per pie ("3.4 to 4.6 cents a pie"), based on their 50/50 comparison. So, according to them, he is basically doubling it, alongside of cutting employee hours to reduce the amount of his initially alleged $5 to $8 million increase/excuse to charge 10-14 cents per pie.

    You also misquoted them on the math regarding the $87 million, which states, "Last year, Papa John’s International captured $1.218 billion in revenue. Total operating expenses were $1.131 billion. So if Schnatter’s math is accurate (Obamacare will cost his company $5-8 million more annually), then new regulation translates into a .4% to .7% (yes, fractions of a percent) expense increase." $87 million gross earnings AFTER operating expenses of those 4,000 stores.

    Whose math is skewed? Or should I say quoting? Perhaps you work for Faux--you certainly whine like they do. I'm all for being fair about it and not 100% up for going after the wealthier sort, but this is exactly why people want to or feel that it's justified, because of marketing schemes and con artists like this guy, and it is people like that who will kill America. Enjoy your slice.

    • Catherine Allen Alphonse

      That still adds up to a profit of $21,750 per store...that's a terrible wage for a business owner. And what is Faux, I've never heard of that.

  • nvrat

    I`m sure he knows a landslide when he sees it.

  • [email protected]

    Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is in trouble because he does not care about his employees....

    Read more:

  • annieb

    i am confounded by the fact that no one is talking about the voter fraud that allowed this muslim to regain the presidency. Repubs will never win another election if they don't get a handle on the ground-game that the Dems so perfectly engineered. the GOP needs to challenge every vote in the critical areas because they were all fraudulently counted. The Repubs lost because of that fact alone.

  • Artyon

    GO LOW MO does what she does best!

  • kaci

    How can anything this illegal guy in the WH sign, be valid - He's not a citizen.

  • The Truth

    These idiot liberals are thinking in the short term. They don't realize that they are helping their leader obama destroy our economy. They think that evil businesses do not need to make a profit to survive and should work for free to pay for their handouts. They refuse to believe that oabama and the liberal leaders lied outright to them, that the so called affordable helathcare act is somehow, mysteriously, affordable. Many of you liberals will also be unemployed or underemployed but go ahead keep pushing the hard party line of nonesense until it buries you. Go ahead boycott businesses that cannot afford to survive under obamacare; you will simly prove obama to be be the worst president in history as our country sinks into anther recession. We are almost there now.

  • johntodd

    I say the RIGHT should boycott the sponsors of NBC, ABC and CBS news casts as the biased liberal press hurt the conservatives. I don't know who they are as I don't watch network TV, but if a list was published that would be great.
    If someone starts a movement I will be first to sign up

  • HDA

    The problem with liberals is that they don't bother to do the math; they just think they are owed something and someone else is going to pay for it.

  • Jimmy

    And why has America been under seige for over 200 years? Because we are a Christian nation, and the devil hates Christ and all Christians. We are in contineous spiritual warfare...when Christians stop praying, stop being obedient to Biblical principles, we find ourselves without God's blessings, as He allows us to have our own way.

  • Ilene

    George Soros wants Obama to be a dictator. Why can't patriots find him?

  • CARLjr

    This has way more to do with the $250 million dollar lawsuit they are facing than the $8 million dollar expense of offering healthcare to their full time employees.

  • chrono13

    i bought Papa John's tonite...I'll help as much as I can. Can't do a lot, but trying.

  • Mys77

    Not only that divide that profit with the additional cost of the suppliers of food, energy and gas costs, advertising, communications, ect...becuase these business people also have to provide health care benefits...ect.... and ask again....what profit????

  • Buford

    I was trying to diet, but looks like I'll be supporting free enterprise instead.

  • Рара

    U ofA store in tucson az make 1.6 a million a year

  • deseartu1

    We have 318 Million people in the USA and 1 evil Hitler/Satan tyrrant! So the numbers are on our side versus just one? I just don't get why he is still here? My son whose 12 would take him out in Call of Duty but what about here and now? It is about us parents making sure we keep our children and grandchildren in the real world to not be brainwashed by this evil tyrant! I got my son right now being prepared for the upcoming American War! I am making sure he sees clearly at what is right and wrong! I wonder where all the parents are of the idiot children who voted for Obummer are?

  • JulieB

    I read an article this morning by Michelle Malkin and she stated this perfectly, "the left are economically illiterate." These immature kids have absolutely no idea how the free market works. They need to grow up and understand that capitalism is not perfect, but way ahead of whatever is in second place.

  • Gary

    I will continue to support and business that passes on the cost to customers to show what Obamacare is costing business owners that hire people. These liberal morons don't understand Obama bailed out multinational corporations and now will break the people who hire. I'm selling my business to my son so that he can restructure and hire part-time workers to avoid Obamacare and the penalties. The union thugs will back Obama and in 4 months they will have the soup lines in place for your vote for freebies.

  • Justintime
  • Kathleen Pedersen

    all this kind of stuff that goes on is part of sharing the wealth, ala Obama. Odd that him and his people hate he rich and they're all getting rich themselves and nobody questions that side of the coin. WH folks, don't tell people they need to give up anything for someone else's handout when you're not doing it yourself.

  • Progressive Republican

    Poor John. The PPACA is going to suck out SO much of his profits that he could well go broke. Hmm... except for those two million pizzas he's busily giving away. 'Cuz we all know THAT won't cost him any money.

    Less that a third of ALL of his employees have health insurance. This includes ALL the franchises as well as his office personnel at corporate.

    "I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of owning a franchise..." No kidding. "but I assume that $17,750 profit gets divided between Papa Schnatter, shareholders and the actual franchise owner." No. The aforementioned profits are AFTER the franchise owner's own profits. Idiot.

    "That’s not enough money to feed a family," That's true."... and that’s why Obamacare hurts small businesses and the middle class." That isn't.

    "That’s what the Left doesn’t get." That's true. With all of the fallacies this author relies on we just don't get that. "And that’s why re-electing Obama is going to kill this country." That isn't

    Here's another example of Republicon math (which explains much):

    a + b = c. b + a does not necessarily = c. c + a may = b, but c - b does not necessarily = a.

    Frank Luntz. Republicon spinmeister.

  • Charles

    Too late for America, God's wrath already started.

  • bobalo59

    How can you expect the left to understand business, when most of them have never held a job, much less created one?

  • Bill Taylor

    Let's forget about the Obama care costs for a minute. Your telling me a franchise owner puts up all that time, money and training so they can make $21,750.00 a year??? I'm thinking there is something missing here.

  • jebutler

    Let them boycott them, I hope they reduce their business so he has to lay off even more. Gotta had it to those liberals, no one can cut their own noses off better then they can

  • Bill

    I'm wondering if the $87 million is corporate profit and doesn't factor in what individual franchises made. They are basically independent businesses so I don't think their profit would be included with the corporate profit.

  • Marlin

    Boycot a company because it can't afford the costs and stay in business? This is so illogical that it is way beyond stupid. I would attempt to explain the fallacy of this thinking but there is no point as those who need to would never understand it.

  • Willie Harmon Jr.

    "I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of owning a franchise" Perhaps you should familiarize yourself before you write numerous paragraphs of lies and nonsense?

  • geneww1938

    Look, It is only 14 cents per pizza and the voting people wanted Obama Care. So every store owner should add a sir-charge to their products to cover the cost they voted for until the elected officials kill that law. Not bad ... a $10.99 pie is now $11.15 after adding the additional taxes etc. and the liberals should be happy.

  • hongryhawg

    The great experiment called America will now come to a close. Thank all of you for your participation.

  • Joe

    I feel sorry for those of the left with that line of thinking (does any of them really think?)
    that attitude toward one employer on this issue can kill. what about those that do not have that kind of money???? it is going to happen, and there will be no more little companies., if any at all. as if unemployment is not high enough now. and the government supporting those. what will it do when there is no more money???

  • Patty Cake

    $44,000 median US Family income

    Income Tax 20%
    SS/Self Employment Tax 12%
    Sales Tax 8%
    Property Tax 5%
    School Tax 5%
    State Income Tax ???
    Total Tax 50+%

    $22,000 net after taxes

    Obamacare couple 56 with preexisting conditions $19,200/yr premiums plus $5000/yr in deductibles. Plus co-pays. DO THE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Total $24,000/year for Obama "Care"

    That leaves $2000 a year personal deficit.
    Where is the money for food, housing, transportation or even co-pay's

    • OrdeMiller

      to patty, Source for your scam numbers? Or are we just supposed to believe you because you are an easily scammed slob con-servative?

  • keepersleeper

    I, for one, will not lay down and die at the hands of this administration! We conservatives suffered a defeat, but didn't we rise the next day, in spite of the loss? I've HAD my pity party and I'm ready to do battle once again! We have a nation to save and I'm willing to do what I'm able to win the WAR!

    • OrdeMiller

      to keep,

      An average Papa John's delivery driver earns $18,000 per year. The slob con-servative CEO of Papa John's takes $2,750.000 a year from the productivity of his employees. You go ahead and do your 'battle' for the relatively few slob con-servatives who have ruined America to satisfy their greed, and see how many national elections you slob con-servatives will win in the information age. Educated Americans soundly rejected the Mormon leveraged buyout slob and his stupid scams; only uneducated slobs still support con-servatives.

      • dHb

        OrdeMiller - Wow, I am surprised by your post, I was not aware that asylums allowed inmates to connect to the outside world on a PC.

        • OrdeMiller

          to dhb, Stupid scams like yours only impress uneducated con-servatives in the information age. But if being stupid works for your, go for it.

      • keepersleeper

        You are one of the brain-dead toadies, who truly does NOT understand the fundamentals of capitalism. What a poor, propagandized FOOL you are. Everything about your existence is based in capitalism, whether you misunderstand it/ disagree with it or not. The house you buy, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the purchase of all goods and services, here, in THIS NATION, is reflected in capitalism. Hey Dummy: If you allow Obama to pull his hand from under your pants and allow you to do some thinking on your own, you might discover that you're more capitalist than not.

      • keepersleeper

        I also want you to know how ignorant you really are. Obviously, you've done NO reading or research regarding the social engineering of former nations, where NONE of it worked...NONE OF IT! Mussolini's fascist Italy, Mao's communist China, Stalin's communist Russia, Hitler's Nazi Germany...all liberated or influenced by OUR nation to bring people out of misery and devastation! Other despots, such as Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Pinochet, Noriega, did NOTHING to elevate the quality of life for their people. Do some research-read and compare the outcomes of all the "isms" vs. capitalism. Ever wonder why people from EVERY corner of the planet put their lives in jeopardy to come here, but it's never the reverse? Get you head out your a## and see the light! Obama is a master manipulator of the truth and you've been one of the jackasses that fell for it. Time to turn things around, don't you think?

  • William556

    Excellent analysis. Nice to hear from someone who understands how economics and business works for a change.

  • Sean Smith

    Quoting "I'm not familiar with all the ins and outs of owning a franchise" - nice of you to add that disclaimer. Let me clue you in a little bit. PJ's profits are made by selling franchises, collecting royalties and selling raw materials to its franchisees. Your math is irrelevant as the individual restaurant profits do not get included in PJ's numbers. After the restaurants pay their annual franchise fees to corporate, their profits are their own. All 12 people who read your drivel deserve a little bit of research from you before you spout off.

  • scatteredshowers

    Killing this country is what Obamacare is all about. I get it!

  • Ownself

    Too many in the U.S. can't do math. For example, a 1 cent sales tax increase is sold as "insignificant". But it's 12.5% when you go from $0.08 to $0.09. That's a huge increase...surely outpacing inflation and any raise I got (or didn't). You did a good job showing the math above, thanks!

  • Candyman

    We used to own a franchise cleaning business. Different industry, same deal. Each franchise owner pays a percentage of gross sales (before tax and expenses) for the use of the franchise name. When you add too many expenses, like SSA, business insurance costs, workman's comp costs, local tax costs, utility costs, etc, etc, etc, it takes little to make the business unprofitable. Being profitable means that I can put food on the table for MY family. Employees are free to go somewhere else if they don't like the amount they make, but the business owner is stuck with the committment to the business. Many small business owners can't afford decent insurance for their own families, if any at all, much less provide for their employees. Most people think of small businesses as being the same as large businesses that have thousands of employees, and stock-holders. It doesn't work the same.