What Will U.S. Do as Iran Admits It Is Behind Rocket Attacks on Israel?

Israel is under siege again, being pummeled by rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza Strip  and now from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

The assault, which has seen almost 40 rockets launched into Israel in the past few days, has even targeted Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel's capital.

On Friday, Iranian officials announced that its rockets are being used in the attacks. On the same day, it was announced that Iran is stepping up its uranium enrichment.

According to a source in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, cited by World Net Daily, Iran has large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and it has provided those weapons to Hamas. Also, Iran has military advisers in Gaza to teach the Palestinians how to set up and operate the missile systems.

The same source said the attacks were meant as a message to Israel that any attack on Iran would be countered by Iran's puppets.

The U.S. so far has not responded to the attacks on Israel, being too wrapped up in evading questions about what really happened in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11.

The U.S. response will be crucial because the current attacks are not occurring in a vacuum. They are just the latest move in the game President Obama has been  playing in the Middle East during his first term in office.

With one hand, the Obama Administration has been dealing with the United Nations to try to pressure Iran into giving up its nuclear weapons program. It has also reportedly been involved in secret face-to-face talks with Iran.

With the other hand, though, Obama has been toppling governments in the Mideast and North Africa by funding and arming "resistance" groups that more often than not turn out to be linked to al Qaida, our supposed enemy.

In Benghazi, information leaked by Administration sources  suggests the CIA was involved with funneling heavy arms and personnel to the Syrian "rebels," who are fighting the Syrian government, which is backed by Iran. Making the situation more complex, Syria and Iran are both supported by Russia, for whom Obama has vowed to be more "flexible" after the election.

The attack in Benghazi was led by Ansar al Sharia, an al Qaida-linked group that has its strings pulled by Iran. Many of the Ansar al Sharia members in Libya were in fact armed by the U.S. during its effort to overthrow Moammar Gadhaffi.

U.S.-Israeli relations have been strained almost since the day Obama came into office. It's entirely possible that he will wash his hands of Israel's problems. If he does, this will likely be seen by the Iranians and Russians as further signs of weakness.

Mitt Romney said during the debates that he would support the rebels in Syria and Israel, so perhaps his policy wouldn't have been all that different on the surface. But support for Israel, the only functioning democracy in the region, is crucial to the region's politics.

Now that the U.S. has foolishly re-elected the Man Who Would Be King, the U.S. is poised to have the rug pulled out from under its feet and being forced to watch the ascendancy of a new Muslim Caliphate allied with Russia and Iran.



  • Screeminmeeme

    All funding to Middle East countries, except for Israel, ought to be halted ASAP.

    • Evermyrtle

      Israel I am afraid will be the first that they will withdraw help from

      Zech 12: 3 In that day will I make Jerusalem be a burdensome stone for all people: : all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

      Isaiah 29:6-7
      6. Thou shalt be visited of the LORD OF HOSTS with thunder and with earthquake, and treat noise, with storm and tempest and the flame of devouring fire.

      7.And the multitude of all the nations that fight against Ariel (Israel) even all that fight against her and her munition, and that distress her, shall be as a dream of a night vision.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

      Israel has somewhere between 200 and 400 nuclear weapons at its disposal. Israel is perfectly capable of defending herself. Per capita, the U.S.spends 10,000 times as much on foreign aid to Israel than it hands out to the average African, Asian, or South American. And this is in spite of Israel ranking just below France and just above Spain and Italy in per capita GNP. Screw Israel. Israel is a strategic liability for not just the U.S. but the entire world.

      • Edward53

        Hitler would be so proud of you, Adolph. I'm so glad that anti-semites such as Paul will never be President. You Paulbots are all a bunch of haters.

        • medic2003

          Well I dont take the same stance entirely that Stephen does, but i can assure you we are broke. We can afford foreign aid to anyone. Im not a hater, just pragmatic. Too many Christians see Israel as a geographical spot on the map. All believers are Israel since Christ dies for us. Israel is every where in the hearts of believers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dcvietvet Dennis Clark

    I agree with Screeminmeeme!!! Plus, they should drop a couple of weutron bombs on tehran!!!!

    • MANGO


  • gbandy

    The Administration will push this world into war. Unfortunately I have to wonder which side the US will be on. Well folks this is the idiot you elected. I certainly did not.

    • Screeminmeeme

      gbandy...I didn't elect him either. There's no doubt in my mind that he not only is helping orchestrate a line up of enemies against us but has given them secret information about our defenses when he's had meetings with them.

      It's all part of the grand plan of the Muslim Brotherhood to re-establish the caliphate and Obama sees himself as the caliph.

      • http://www.facebook.com/upchuck.liberals UpChuck Liberals

        Barry couldn't orchestrate a round of golf. It's all Valerie Jarrett and the other MoosLoons in this 'administration'.

        • Southern Sympathizer.

          Is Obama and the "MoosLoons" guiding us into the scenario of our country eventually looking to the Arabs to save us once we are at last devastated to the point we cannot then help ourselves?

        • Remington 870

          You are 100 percent correct with Jarrett running the White House. I bet she even made the decision not to save our Lybian Ambassador. And I bet she is the one who fabricated the supposed anti-muslim video as the cause of the attack on Bengazi. Obama doesn't have the brains to put any of this together. He is just the front man. Jarrett is the Rasputin.

      • guest

        if no one voted for him how did he get reelect

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Smith/100002522124238 George Smith

          I was born and raised in Illinois, where you don't always need people to vote for you to win an election.

        • Anon

          There is no reason to vote anymore. Only to rebel.

        • Southern Sympathizer.

          We must begin to strengthen our Counties, then the States with the "States Rights" our forefathers envisioned to the point that the central government would have to come to us for policy decisions.

        • Dandydonnie

          Why don't we just hire a bunch of illegals to go out and do a bunch of politicians?

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.m.foster.9 James Michael Foster

          They've already tried that... you DO mean that the Democrats try to elect illegals for Congress and such right?..

        • Dandydonnie

          You got that right. I hope we do before I die of old age.

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.m.foster.9 James Michael Foster

          LOL, doesn't Illinois also do what CA reportedly does from the opposite border, and bring-IN voters from over the border? *jk* ...at least about IL

        • Tex

          What will the US do? NOTHING. Zero is in the white house. Zero does Zero in defense of this nation or he allies. Zero is a TRAITOR. How did he get reelected "guest" - he cheated, he lied, and he murdered. Clear?

        • dean29685

          Worse I come from Cook County. left many years ago with no regrets.

        • Tex

          Glad you got away!

        • Tom Tt

          And you have voted democrat consistently there ever since you left/escaped! lol

        • dean29685

          wrong I have voted consistently republican though wold have gone with ant constitutional Conservative (not libertarian)

        • Frank Castle

          I think he meant.. "your name" still votes in Chicago...

        • RH6194

          If you mean he US govt, you're right...NOTHING! Hopefully the US citizens will eventually stand up and say enough of this corruption! I've watched citizens do this for years in other nations and it was called the "NEWS"...geez, I never thought I'd see the US sink this low!

        • MilVet

          He and his cronies have blood on their hands,they got away with murder.look who's running the justice dept.

        • rosemarienoa

          Voter fraud & corruption which the chicago gang know all about!!!!

        • Trinket

          The misinformed, lobotomized and indoctrinated weak-minded twits, living and dead voted for him...twice, that's how. Check out programmers testimony under oath regarding rigging of voting machines. Not one machine rigged in favor of Romney. And don't forget the ever-grateful illegals who march around protesting and carrying their country's flag instead of the flag of the country which feeds and clothes them. Thanks to no voter ids required, they were able to show their gratitude and continue to have their hands out. Ya gotta love socialism!

        • Southern Sympathizer.

          I wonder if the recent election was just one step toward the implementation of a "Modernized Socialism?

        • Concerned Montanan

          I read that Obama lost in all 15 states where voter ID is required.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          It's painfully obvious! Voter Fraud!!!

        • Dandydonnie

          You don't think ignorant voters?

        • jake

          Have you heard about the voting machines that were programmed to switch votes? Check it out....

        • Reynald Deschamps


        • Dulceb

          Please! Grow up and quit blaming Bush. Did Bush, Gore or Kerry have 114%, 118% et al voter turnout. No! We have had voter fraud in 2012, no doubt.
          Bush has been gone for 5 years. He has done his best to stay our of politics, unlike Clinton, Who, by the way, is your friend, you don't need enemies.
          I am sick of the Bush Blamers.

        • Dandydonnie

          Hey, that don't matter now it is past. What are we going to do about it now is what we should be doing.

        • TheRaghead

          You obviously do not understand the Democratic/CPUSA Party. 9 vote fore for us, 3 for them, they will win.

        • cyberhackster

          Go ask the programmers of the voting machines

        • Screeminmeeme

          guest...I said I didn't vote him. He got re-elected because 51% of American were blind and either too stupid, lazy or apathetic to do some research on him to determine whether or not he should be trusted. Or..they are like-minded socialists who have no clue about it being a failure system.

          I've been closely following his career since his election to the Senate in 2004. I've read his books, speeches, interviews etc. and have found him to be an ardent Marxist and pathological liar and his allegiance to Islam is clear.

        • wily

          No! Only those that thought the occupier did give them $$ in 09 & of coarse the occupier fone's ,less we forget! The fraud was massive, if these freaks would refocus there work ethic, O shoot, forgive me, i must of had a momentary stroke, I'm ok now, what were we talking about?! Scripture tells us that we shouldn't call (the nanny left) them foo's, i don't have nothing to say but @#%(&)*%@!

        • Barnlady

          He had a good start with 47% on the "dole" who did not want the gravy train to stop... That only leaves 4% needed... College girls in need of their "free" contraceptions, illegals, and uneducated working poor (who would believe anything the media "feed" them)...

        • Oscar De LA Rento

          My bet would be VOTER FRAUD.

        • Barnlady

          Well, one polling place in Florida had a turn out of 141% of its registered voters. Ohio's voting machines would vote for Obama when you selected Rommey's name. Wow, I think the "thug" from Chicago "stole" the election, anyone agree with me???

        • IAmWinner


        • IrmaPuddingpopp

          There are more of the dead voting than there are of the living.

        • Becky

          Voter fraud of course

        • LadyRebel

          The sheeple voted for him to keep their obamabucks, obamaphones, SNAP cards, and all the other perks that come with being unemployed, or an illegal alien that was given permission to vote for the scum.

        • ssilv48

          guest, it's called electronic voter fraud, and if you think that it can't happen, you would be part of the problem.

        • Jillian

          Fraud and freebies. His welfare puppets have and never had an inkling of what they were voting for, only that Obama was the man who wouldn't cut off the money they get for not working. The people with that mindset are responsible for reelecting the prez. The workers who provide for these people have no choices, there only role is to pay for everything. It will be a different story when the jobs are all gone and there's no money to support anyone, much less the parasites who are now running our country.

        • http://www.facebook.com/james.m.foster.9 James Michael Foster

          You didn't hear on the radio, see on tv, or learn through the air that Democrats once again blocked polling places from being entered? Some even happened here in KY! (Also in reality, I'm not sure many voters care to do any research before voting anymore - this has been substantiated also from reading e-mails and posts AFTER the election.) *shrugs*

        • Don39

          It is called fraud, even leftist dummies know that!

      • TheRaghead

        Hmmmmm. You may have something there.

        • Concerned Montanan

          So, hmmmmm, what are we going to do about it. It infuriates me that everyone sees the obvious, but can't seem to muster the oomph to DO ENOUGH ABOUT IT!!! Sorry if you don't like caps, but I am MAD! Incidentally I am 82 years old, and have never seen such a debacle.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

        The "Muslim Brotherhood" are just a bunch of Freemasons playing Muslims, and Obama is much more likely a Jew than he is a Muslim. If he were a true Muslim the Jews would have never let him get into power.

      • http://www.mosquitonet.com/~prewett/ John Prewett

        I expect Obama sees the king of Saudi Arabia as the caliph.

      • bob

        It is time for impeachment.

      • http://www.facebook.com/judypudyrudy2 Judith Lee Benke


    • SUSANM


      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I posted this on another thread, and it is appropriate for this one too.

        And where is our Assassin-in-Chief? Out galavanting around the world doing everything he can to avoid the real issues.

        • guest

          that our presedent

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          NO!! That's YOUR president!!!!
          Now go away like a good little robamabot!!!

        • Pebbles

          Combat Veteran Seabee,
          DTOM was being sarcastic, not upholding him. He has already come out against BO.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Not my president, maybe yours, but definitely not mine.

        • A Concerned American

          He sure didn't break stride or lose any sleep over the deaths of the four that were allowed to die in Benghazi. None of them did because it didn't personally affect them.

        • Tex

          The knew what was going to happen, they watched it happen...how far a step is it from - they MADE it happen. Traitors and thugs in the nation's capital.

        • Frank Castle

          And now, REID is BLOCKING any Senate investigations into Benghazi....the crooks are circling the wagons..

        • del

          Dont you know....they were only bumps in the road......time to oust the horror in the white house and his minions,,,rumour has it 3-5 million watchmen to march on Washington....let us hope with weapons and intent!

        • Pebbles

          I agree, DTOM, he is always in campaign mode. Just what in the hell is he campaigning for now? Or is he just avoiding the questions about Benghazi and the lies and excuses he's tried to ram down the throats of Americans, hoping they will buy this new garbage and lies he is spewing from his lips, just like the lies that got him re-elected. Americans are so very dumb. I was talking to someone the other day that said people told her they voted for BO to avoid more people getting food stamps. Just goes to prove, dumb is as dumb does. They voted for the foodstamp king. WOW! Then I read that Barbra Walters is pollparroting everything BO says and standing behind the Rice woman becoming SOS. Crapola!!!! Can't bring myself to watch that liberal loving show, just more garbage.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Surprised you watched that show to begin with. I have never watched it, and never will.

      • MANGO



      • http://www.facebook.com/shirley.ford.92 Shirley Ford


        • M.J.

          Shirley, don't forget Psalm 83 and Obadiah

      • Southern Sympathizer.

        Obama is merely the "Poster Child" of a very sinister and devious Regime. The Regime is the one with the dirt and the blood on their hands.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Reichel/100000234315027 George Reichel

      I wrote in Ron Paul

      • LESNC

        So that was a vote for obama. Paul could not win so he made sure obama would.

        • serious woman

          LESNC--You are so right !!That idiot then gave his Farewell Speech to an empty room a few days ago. Long enough to be a traitor to the Republican party and Romney. I say ,Good riddance and to think he came from Texas !!

        • TheRaghead

          Ron Paul has a lot of knowledge. BUT he is OLDER than ME!! THAT is O L D. The foolish ones that wasted their votes and stayed home (4 million) have a LOT to be proud of, THEY elected Obama. Remember the old saying "If you are NOT part of the solution, You are PART of the problem". There were also an equal number of lame "Christians" (in name only) who did NOT vote, because he is a Morman. They must also be so proud of their utter stupidity.

        • Southern Sympathizer.

          Thanks for revealing the savage underlying point. The ones who cynically stayed home and didn't vote are the guilty ones! If, however, Mitt was the wrong one, then the terrible mistake began long before the Election.

        • Reynald Deschamps

          RON PAUL HAS A 160 IQ, HE IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR WHO SERVED IN VIETNAM UNLIKE THE OTHER REPUBLICAN CICKEN SHT... RON PAUL IS SENIOR FELLOW OF THE LUDWIG VON MISSES INSTITUTES You should read Von Misses books are learn REAL economics and find out WHAT is WRONG about Republicans and Democrats ...

          (HAMAS "CONVENIENTLY" gets help from IRAN, the same garbage was served to us when HUSSEIN was helping Al Qaeda...OF COURSE IT IS A PACK OF LIES CONCOCTED BY THE ZIONISTS)


          Sorry for the CAPS....

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

          What? There's ANOTHER tin-foil hat conspiracy nut lurking around here? I thought I was the only one! Shazaam, even used the "Z-word" a few times. Doggone...

          I'm pretty sure this Gaza invasion by IsraHell is a test of how much Obama can be trusted to comply with Baby Nut'n'YAHOO's every wish, and he appears to be marching in lock step, sycophant that he is. They have the birth certificate issue and smoking crack with Larry Sinclair over his head... should be plenty enough to keep him compliant.

        • TheRaghead

          You are correct BUT young Americans ALWAYS vote for the younger person. You are dicussing what happened with conservatives. That does not matter to them or to the "takers". Dr. Paul is a super American but is not electable in TODAY's age. Reagan was elected because America loved him. America NEVER fell in love with ANY GOP candidate. Each carved their nitch and stuck to it. You prove this point. In the end, yes, they were elected. The GOP primaries and caucauses determine who becomes the candidate. Mitt was not selected. He simply won more states. It is a major difference between daylight and dawn between the Democrat and GOP. Yes, Obama was selected. Mitt was chosen by the states, like it or not. Dr. Paul was not. In this state, the GOP leadership had no say as to whom was chosen. Dr. Paul needed a better organization. I have learned more about him in the past several weeks than ever! WHY was this not handled more intelligently? I still doubt if he was electable against the Deemocratic/Chicago machine. Those thugs could have beaten Reagan. We must stop beating up on each other. A fact: ALL the 3rd party and write in candidates plus those that stayed home because Mitt is a Morman, elected Obama. 5 million voters and counting! That is 5 million in effect FOR Obama.

        • medic2003

          Mitt was selected by the same NWO scum as Obama. They both attended Bilderberger meetings and they both got donations from the same big banks. The reason Ron Paul Keeps coming up, is because he was the only one running, with the exception of maybe Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode who would follow the Constitution. I kinda didnt even wanna put Johnson in there.

          What we need, is for liberty minded people to leave the GOP and get together under one banner. Tea party activists, Libertarians an Constitution party people need to form one party. The Liberty party sounds good to me. The RINOS like Romney would be absorbed into the Dems and we would then have a party that could do battle with the Republicrat party. Start on the state and local level and work up. If we had people elected with this mindset to the US House and Senate, it wouldnt really matter who the president was. We have to come together and stop playing the GOP/Dem Us vs Them game. Thats what they want us to do.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          You should apologize for the CAPS, but you should also apologize for the post.

      • lovemycountry

        Then you helprd elect Obama.

      • guest

        you should have voted Romney, you thru away a vote.

      • David S. McQueen

        The USA is a two-party country. Voting for anyone other than Republican was throwing a vote away. And those Republicans who stayed home: I hope Obama's goon squads come after you first.

      • Al

        Good man, George.
        There was no way that I could vote Romney, especially, after Romney's scheming to change the rules at the RNC to steal Paul's delegates. Romney won the battle but lost the war. Now the Republican Party is even distancing itself from him.

      • jaxholley

        you mean you voted for BHO you stupid idiot

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

        Um, excuse me, but doesn't anybody remember who was in office BEFORE Obama? Bush & Cheney. A vote for Romney would have gotten those two BACK in office (in effect).

        • Edward53

          I would gladly have Bush/Cheney back in office instead of Obama, Adolph. I bet you have a swastika hanging on your wall with a picture of Ron Paul hanging next to it.

        • medic2003

          You guys that cant see that the election was Obamas no matter what also cant see that Romney was just white Obama. Fact is, its still sort of a free country. Dont you dare tell me how i have to vote. I have more respect for someone who voted for a 3rd party even if its one i disagree with than i do the ones that just keep vting for more of the same. Until YOU people wake up and help us change things it will never be any different.

          Bush was taking us down the same road as Obama just with different rhetoric. Clinton did before him as did Bush sr. Reagan tried to buck the system and he got shot for it. Stop buying the GOPacrat BS and THINK.

      • Edward53

        Thanks a lot, George, for making it possible for Obama to completely destroy America. The only thing the Paulbots accomplished in this whole mess is that they cannot be trusted. Of course the Democrats will trust them because they are one and the same. Benedict Arnold comes to mind.

        • medic2003

          Wrong. You romney voters are the ones that would have kept this nation going down the tubes. HE WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN BO.

          I supported Paul and still do, however since he was not on the ballot I held my nose and voted for Romney. DIdnt do ya any good though did it? I HATED voting for Romney and it was probably just me being weak but I assure you, Had Paul been on the ballot as an indepent, I wwould have voted for him. Had he been the republican nominee you would have.

          Keep voting for the 2 party candidates and you get what you deserve. Theres only one big party in this country and its ran by the NWO globalists. Till you see that, you are still sittin with your head in the sand,

    • MANGO

      what will do white house?/

    • Al

      It's high time that American politicians declare their independence from AIPAC and work for real peace in the Middle East.

    • SallyE

      He was elected by all those who have their hands out. Obamaphones and food stamps bought a lot of votes.

    • notosharia

      BHO is an Islamist -- he is with the BROTHERHOOD--- AND we all know that he will betray the USA as well as Isreal because he HATES US! i do not have to wonder except for the fact in which area will he UNDERMINE US NEXT???

      • Pebbles

        You know, I agree with you, but have a big question. Why are the rest of the politicians going along with this, against their own people and country? Don't you think Americans should start to question them as well as Obama? We already know what a liar, deciever and self server this president is, but we don't ask our other representatives why they are not questioning him or his motives. Or maybe they have ALL been claimed by Satan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/angela.towry.7 Angela Towry

      Obama has already stated that if the winds change which side he would side on....seems he has already been siding with their side since before his election in 08...

    • on_the_right

      100% right on

    • Mike Tanco

      He is an idiot and those that voted for him are bigger idiots. The first thing you do is cut out all foreign aid to countries in the Middle East except Israel. Tell them that the pot of gold has run out. Then you withdraw all troops from the Middle East and bomb the crap out of Iran. Tanco

    • Evermyrtle

      I wouldn't pull him off of the railroad track if the train were coming, I would choose to save America, so you know he did not get my vote.

      I think the USofObama would got with Gaza or Iran or whoever is responsible.

    • ssilv48

      gbandy, you meant, this is the idiot that the communist wanted in and stole the election by electronic fraud.

    • Dulceb

      I hope I did not elect him. None of us can be sure with the electonic voting machines.

    • http://www.facebook.com/judypudyrudy2 Judith Lee Benke


  • Doodlebug

    This administration will most likely close their eyes to what's happening around them and then act like they knew nothing about it happening. Make up excuses the same as they did for the events in Libya and the murdering of four Americans! Israel is our ally and obummer has treated them like dirt - no time for them, must go golfing and campaigning. You are so right gbandy! He only won for four more because of his lies and handouts, certainly not because of his concern for the American people he is suppose to represent.

    • TheRaghead

      Vacation TIME. Gotta go to Australia for Thanksgiving.

  • gbandy

    Last week there were articles about Homeland Security and FEMA buying combat vehicles. Weeks ago there were also articles about the Govt purchasing huge supplies of ammo. Now we have war approaching in the Middle East. Who will we really be fighting? Scary times are coming.

  • Upaces

    gbandy, I do fear you are right. When I heard about what happened to Israel, my first thought, was he part of this?

  • Upaces
  • Evermyrtle

    Genesis 12: 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curse thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    If you are not for me your are against me.

    Daniel 11: 36-37
    36. And the king shall do according to hi will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the GOD of gods, and shall prosper til the indignation be accomplished: for that that id determined shall be done.

    37. Neither shall he regard the GOD of his fathers, not the desire of women,nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1530255819 Nate Lenz

    Anybody else remember the Robin Williams line about the UN being like a traffic cop on Valium? Swap 'UN' with 'Obama'.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000043172133 Beverly Daniel

    What this admin doesn't realize is that the middle east respects strength and power....of which obama has neither.
    what will he do? what he's doing now.....nada, zilch, zero. maybe grovel a little.....but thats about it. Israel better win this quick.....

    • notosharia

      BHO is that way because he is aiding the terrorists. He has the BROTHERNOOD(AKA nazis) in his administration long enough to organize the attack here. He is not an American -his culture is that of the arab-=nazis -go figure!

  • Justintime

    You tube

    Part 3 of 6 - Donald Perkins - America in Bible Prophecy 2009

    • A Concerned American

      Just as long as it's not David Petraeus-America In Prophecy Bible.

  • Justintime

    The Other Islam: Who Are the Shia?

    Article ID: JAF1322

    By: Patrick Cate and C. Wayne Mayhall

    This article first appeared in CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL, volume 32, number 02 (2009). For further information or to subscribe to the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL go to: http://www.equip.org


    Who are the Shia (or Shiite) Muslims we see headlining our daily
    news? Shiites make up only ten percent of the Muslim world but comprise
    almost half of the Muslims in the Middle East. They live on top of, and
    work in the production of, most of the oil and gas fields in the Middle
    East. The story of Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, and Jews is intertwined
    throughout their history. There are more Christians of three major
    strands in the Middle East than there are Jews in the entire world.
    Shiism began with the death of Muhammad and the decision of who should
    succeed Muhammad as leader. Shiites, believing it should be a blood
    relative, followed Ali, who in turn was followed by a series of Imams.
    Some distinctions from Sunnis include: exaltation of the family of
    Muhammad, praying only three times a day, a passion motif with a desire
    for martyrdom, belief in the return of their last Imam, and the practice
    of muta (temporary marriages) and taquiyya (dissimulation or lying).

    The politics and religions of the Middle East are historically
    interwoven. Today it pits Iran and Shiites of Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain,
    and Saudi Arabia against the Sunnis of the Middle East. The disgust of
    Iranian leaders with the Little Satan (Israel) is only exceeded by their
    disgust for the Great Satan (America). Points of contact for Christians
    sharing Christ’s love with Shiites include: the passion motif and the
    death of Christ, the return of the Mahdi and the return of Christ, and
    their desire for a mediator and Christ’s mediation. As a result of
    Khomeini’s revolution beginning in 1979, more Iranians (many say at
    least 160,000) have come to Christ than ever before in history.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Do what it has been doing and what I see as the proper move - supporting Israel's right to defend its territory. If Israel asks for American help, it should be provided...but Israel must put in the request first; it is not the job of the President to guess. Stuff like this should be handled outside of the public eye.

  • williaml

    They will put there tail between their legs and run.

  • http://www.facebook.com/upchuck.liberals UpChuck Liberals

    Obama, through surrogates will send a nice gift basket.

  • sarahballantyne

    The US government will stick its head in the sand as always and probably will say that it is
    under "investigation" as always.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      No, it will say that the situation is, "EVOLVING!"

  • Samuel

    N O T H I N G !

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.eells James Eells

    The day is coming soon when Persia, Egypt, Libya, the Stans, and Turkey will unite and come against Israel. They wil come close to destroying Israel. But GOD will intervene, I know some of you people do not believe this, even when you see it happening before your very eyes. The Mahdi or Antichrist is coming .

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I believe the Antichrist is already here in the form of obama.

      • David in MA

        who wants to be revealed as the 12th imam and the madhi by the muslims and if he is there will be blood in the streets of America, starting with the pink panties and their ilk, in my opinion

      • SallyE

        I believe you are right.

    • Norma

      I agree with you completely. God does not wink at what is going on. And He will judge the United States for its negligence. We are guilty whether we approve of that idiot in the white house or not. I knew the day he got the presidency we were doomed. For evil to thrive, good men need to do nothing. I hope Texas will secede from the union. I don't see how he could keep us from it.

    • David S. McQueen

      No, he isn't. The evil person in the room is Obama and he's nothing but a self-serving puppet of the international Marxists. Obama and the fools who voted for him are the evil ones.

  • Disgusted Patriot

    Well, I think the White House secretly cheered the Iranians. Publicly nothing will be done, they have proved they are no friends to Israel. If the IDF goes into Gaza the question is what will Egypt do?

  • A Concerned American

    Well, Obama may apologize for the United States supporting Israel and ask forgiveness. he sure won't take military action against his own.

  • Star-Dust

    Please, here is your answer....

    He is not half white and half black but half white and half pakistan. And he mislead the Blacks into thinking he is Black.

    But satan is a deciever. And it does not matter if you believe in God, but the Blacks, Whites,Gays,Pagans, and any other race will be killed if you do not convert to muslim. And if you do, you denounce God, and if you do that, you are in hell.

  • BlueViolets

    I guess it's time for obama to make another apology tour to the middle east.

  • tthan43

    since obama used our tax dollars to send to the muslims so they could buy the rockets nothing will happen other than sending them more money for the same thing. I think it has a lot to do with the 'secret', behind the scenes meeting he recently had with Iran. Besides, he will be selling the story that it was actually Bush that fired those rockets and not the muslims.

  • http://twitter.com/ABUTOM ABUTOM
  • Tricia65

    Probably, nothing, as usual.

  • bbnnmm

    Just keep your eyes peeled for the you-tube video that caused all this. The administration should be pulling that rabbit out of their hat any minute now.

  • OldProudArmedWhiteGuy

    I wonder - when will someone kill that muttaphaqur?

    • DesertDiva

      Not soon enough!!!!!!!

  • roughman


  • David in MA

    America will do nothing as long as the undocumented loser is sitting in the presidents chair.
    Oathkeepers, where are you ?
    Brutis, where are you?
    HIV, where are you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-A-Naguski/100000894223988 John A. Naguski

    We won't do a damn thing, if we can't save 4 of our own why would we save anyone else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DockyWocky Docko Brossman

    The Iranian ayatollahs are merely expressing their uniform death wish in as plain and openly as possible,

    Give them what they want, or else this will continue ad nauseum.

  • Bippy Bellito

    The Coward in Chief is behind the entire charade. He got out of town fast to escape the Sword hanging over the Administration on Bengazi and now will passively stand by and watch Israel "defend itself" with no help from the U.S. An incredible display of Cowardice under Fire.

  • TxPatrick

    obama will go to Iran and play golf. If they do not have a golf course? we`ll build some! :-)

  • Harold Dean

    I firmly believe this latest conflict is ongoing to force Israel to use up all of their supply of missiles in their Iron Dome system so Iran can then safely target Israel with their own ICBM's. If so, one is all they will get to fire before they are reduced to a sea of molten glass.

  • Floridastorm

    I see that he's immediately out there trying to fix Burma's economy instead of taking any interest in our broken economy. Does this guy ever stay in the white house and do anything constructive? Oh well, this is what the majority of the American people wanted another 4 years of touring world wide vacation spots. That is if the elections were even legitimate.

  • popps52

    Dictionary meaning for scoundral liar is: obama,falsifier and satan. ALL3 mean the same and YES the ANTI-CHRIST IS HERE. IT'S here in the form of a person named obama. It's from the kenyan definition ....we take NO prisoners. We take everything.....at the cost of the USA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DockyWocky Docko Brossman

    Obama's hornswoggle goes on unabated, and the moron class still horns him on to even greater swoggles.

  • chuckster

    This is no surprise to the 49% that voted for Romney, all we can do now is sit back and watch it all come crumbling down. I would like to give thanks to the illigals and the 98% african americans, the single mothers that are now getting their contraceptives paid for and oh yes the college students that are the part of the 99% that are getting their college loans paid for and all the rest of the people that have made this possible, wow what a great group. It looks like u got what u wanted , in about 4 years I would like to ask u the question do u want what u got

  • http://twitter.com/Larry2nuts Larry L Edwards (~=E

    The USA should not even get drawn into another war at this time. Why does the USA need to act as world policeman, as if they issue or recall sovereignty. Besides, who'll be footing this bill to "keep Israel safe" from her paranoia.
    Look, Israel already takes away more than her fair-share in this screwed up relationship. So now, let Israelis pay for any problems they create. The USA has enough problems of its own that need funds.
    Everyone who gets hysterical every time Israel moans about anything need to recognize that for every action, there will be a reaction. Why is it no one ever seem to see any of the problems that Israel create that causes the Palestinians to fight for their survival. Israel should pay using its own resources for any unprovoked battles.

  • rosemarienoa

    ovomit will do what he always does.......dither!!!

  • johne37179

    The President has a strong response ready to go. It includes a double apology and some heavy bowing and scraping.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DockyWocky Docko Brossman

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if some stray Izzy bomb or artillery shell goes off in one of those Iranian bunkers, starts a conflagration, and releases tons of poison gases and bugs that then go on to kill off every last Gazonian Palestinian?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6YDPAOSKRKSDREHLEQBJWPMAE Val

    OBAMA will turn his back, and go play golf. ! Why should he care,? he isn't an American, look how concerned he was about sending Help to our 4 US Citizens ,who pleaded for Help in BINGHAZI...He is one of the Muslim Brotherhood.!! .He think we can't guess, he thinks we all are stupid..!Look up "Agenda 21" and read what Obama has planned for all of us.!

  • Carmine1948

    A true leader would Send a Massage of we are behind Israel with a Big Bomb

  • John Cherish

    Our Idiot in Chief is off to Asia ...Again he turns his back on Israel ...and when it all blows up he will say he did not know..and he will get to the bottom of who was responsible for this

  • SallyE

    Barry will do exactly nothing. In fact, he has left the country. He's off to Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. This is a very important trip if you are running for king of the world! LOL. Meanwhile, the Middle East is going up in flames and we are about to go off the fiscal cliff. But what does he care? He's in the White House for 4 more years and he has to answer to nobody. When he's done with us he'll write a book and get paid millions on the lecture circuit. Meanwhile, we will become the United Socialist States of Amerika.

  • Pat

    Under NO-Bama and his pack of cowardly, inept Liberal Progressives, he will do nothing to defend Israel. He has already looked the other way when it came to Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Camp Bastion and other scandals. He truely is a worthless President and has no business leading the nation.

  • talljohn777

    Obama will not do anything... He is a feckless leader...

  • Frogman17

    It appears, to me at least, that Israel has made a sizable mistake in waiting to do their planned bombing runs on the Iranian nuke facilities, thereby allowing the Iranians time to supply the jihadists in Gaza with even more deadly weapons, missiles, and the time needed to teach their henchmen in Gaza how to use them. Now Israel also has the Egyptian jihadist to defend against, so it looks like the old devide and conquer tatic is being wel used to keep the IDF very busy and close to home. Just migh be necessary to retake Gaza, chase all residents into Egypt or the sea, thus stopping the missile attacks from the west. It is also worth noting that the present rioting in Jordan and the likelyhood that it will fall to the MB, will nmean an additional enemy directly to the east, so Israel will soon be surrounded by hostile neighbors. Definitely not a good situation.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    The U.S, will do absolutely nothing under this adminiatration. He's too busy prancing around the world again on our dimes! Besides, we all have seen his attitude towards Israel!!
    Remember the song the Backstabbers? That's oblowhole to a tee!!!!

  • sgtshel

    All this America, is according to Obama's master plan! A United States of the Middle East' without Israel!

  • Wibbys1

    Nothing. As a devout muslim, overtly friendly to radical Islam, this admin under Hussein will do nothing. This is the story that unfolds for Israel--they will eventually have no one to look to except G-d. When all seems lost He will step in and the results will be catastrophic---for Israel's enemies!
    Now the big problem: If we do not support Israel we place ourselves on G-d's wanted list and that's not a place to be.

    • dHb

      Support Israel or be on God's "wanted list"? More ridiculous, fearful superstition and Biblical, Zionist BS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1648611121 Jay Hill

    unfortunately, they will do nothing!

  • Sgt

    If Israel's existence is threatened they will us their nukes. I pity Iran and Gaza.

  • John

    Are you kidding me? The Kenyan will do nothing! As usual. He will only harm American citizens! They are the only ones he is not afraid of. The only one's he knows will not strike back at him. The only one's who are zombied.

  • noelle2011

    Some one needs to do an investigation and see if in fact Israel CREATED Hamas
    I really want to know this

    AND we do NOT need to get into another conflict for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!! THE US GOVT NEEDS TO STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    Iran is showing its contempt for obama and his cowardly stance when it comes to the defense of America, and its allies.

    • Arizona_Don

      I almost always agree with you but this time is an exception. If the truth were known I really think Obama supports Iran. I know that sounds strange but after all I’m convinced he is muslim. I also don’t think he is out to do any good for the USA. He has his own agenda and it does not include helping the USA or its economy in any way. We all know he is an anti-colonist, or we should that is the object of "dreams from my father."

      As a muslim however, who really thinks he supports gays, Christians or anyone not muslim?

      • http://www.facebook.com/amfer.ferg Amfer Ferg

        I agree - he really doesn't support gays, blacks, Christians and anyone who isn't muslim; sadly, all of these groups will soon have their eyes opened wide.

  • Sarastro

    Israel is getting what she deserves --- she should NEVER have given Gaza back to the savages, and after she did --- hoping this would please the world and the Islamites --- she should have taken it back YEARS ago. You cannot handle with Moslems, you cannot treat them as members of humanity, you give them an inch thinking it will satisfy them but they take a mile. Israel has known from the beginning what kind of sub-human vile criminals she

    must deal with, but she kept on appeasing and appeasing, hoping for the best, seeking the world's approval, and now she is paying for her stupidity and cowardice. Bomb the hell out of Gaza, don't just send in some IDF soldiers to pussy-foot around like you did before, take Gza back with no apologies, kill every member of Hamas and every muzzie who abets them, and then drop a few huge bombs on Iran's atomic factories, and while you're at it, on Mecca, Medina and Jeddah --- the world would be a safer, better place without Saudi Arabia.

    • dHb

      Sarastro - that is exactly what we should do but that is not what this administration will even come close to actually doing. They will probably continue babbling about "sanctions" and Hillary will issue an official protest. ebada ebada ebada dats all folks.

  • DrBillLemoine

    It's not the U.S., but Israel that is under attack. Any connections between Hamas and Iran are regional issues. Notice the Arab League is meeting to discuss regional issues, without the U.S. It's only a matter of time before Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq must take their own direct action to preserve their security. Turkey gets refugees and attacks it must repel. Jordan has demonstrations for more freedoms that Hamas wants. Egypt wants to preserve its American aid and stabilize its own business and military affairs. Iraq has always been under attack from outside and within. We shouldn't rush in to draw attention away from these countries' solving their own local problems and toward the great Satan and hated outsider U.S. We can support Israel in any way short of military involvement. Our military cannot take it for another 10 years of insoluble middle east problems.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amfer.ferg Amfer Ferg

      Very well said!

  • RAY

    YOU WILL NOT HERE ANYTHING FROM THE LIEberal media on this,,and oBOYma will NOT do a thing !!! just iran he hate's our JEWISH family,,WHAT you see there will come here to us..hamas,,al qadia are already here..REALLY hope that the LIEberal people get hit 1st.. then who are they going to cry to for help ?? NOT going to get from me,,that's for sure,,my family,,country come 1st. in my book..I DO NOT care about the at all !! they wanted it they are going to get it..there will be no place where they can RUN and hide.

  • jcgreen2

    We just made one of the worst mistakes in US history by re-electing the man who will usher in the intentional demise of America. Our president may not support Israel, but by heck... we as American citizens can, and should! It's our divine destiny to do so, in fact.

  • kpjlaw

    Obama will sit with his head up his ass, unless he can figure out something to further harm the United States of America.

  • Charlie from NJ

    We will do nothing. American Jews voted for this by a 70% majority. No one cares except Conservatives who did not bother to come out to vote for the RINO.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amfer.ferg Amfer Ferg

      Yes, you brought up a subject I wrestle with and can't find a satisfactory answer. WHY do Jews vote for obama? Even Jewish doctors, wealthy successful business people - they took out a half-page ad declaring their votes to obama, endorsing his policies and encouraging everyone to vote for obama. O comes right out and says he doesn't like Jews and his actions seem to promote annihilation of Israel...Can anyone tell me why they continue to vote for him??

  • dean29685

    Russia could not win against the Islamism's in Afghanistan, nor in their own empire so now the "support them knowing that once it is all finished they will be to.

  • http://twitter.com/Razorbath Alien Cyborg Fetus

    F.Y.I There are 40,000 Jews living peacefully in Tehran. The have representation in Iranian Parliament and are protected under the Iranian constitution.


  • liberalkooks

    NOT A D@MN THING!!! Which wouldn't surprise me!

  • Guest

    What Will U.S. Do as Iran Admits It Is Behind Rocket Attacks on Israel?
    Not one damned thing! Muslim leaders will not attack each other!

  • Ron

    i read every thing down through- and I can't add any thing except God Blees America and Isreal , Keep your powder dry as you will need it come the revolutation .the government didn't buy up all that ammo for practice but to counter the citizens of American .

  • bobmann101

    Being this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, half breed, foreign national, POTUS is a Muslim is the reason why he wants Iran to complete it's nuclear program. He wants to see Israel wiped off the map in a way so he is not blamed. Wait until after January!

  • Strongarm

    The U S should warn any country or group that is attacking Israel that further attacks will bring on strong repraisals and use any weapon of our choice. But Israel must not take offensive action or they risk stronger further damage.

  • icemancold

    WELL: The answer to the question What will the US do? Nothing Obama will not do anything against his ISLAMIC MUSLIM BROTHERS. Well he might BOW for them but nothing else will be done.

  • Rosie46

    Obama will make an apology tour and bow to the Muslim rulers as he did before. This what the liberals wanted, just keep our guys out of it.

  • Sue

    Don't fall for it folks. They're baiting you into war again. America first not Israel. Iran isn't the villain here and it didn't attack and kill the sailors of the USS Liberty. I didn't vote for Obum either.

  • determented

    It has been said that the fraudf in chief giving defense secrets to Ra and China because they know about his eligibility and threaten to expse him and he squacking like a stool pigeon.

  • jake

    NOtHING! Obombnic will not go against his Muslim Brothers. You idiots who voted him in office are as dumb as the Germans were in the 1930's. So go get your monthly check and buy somemore drugs and booze.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    US will do NOTHING !
    Iran is ODumbo's terorist muzlim brothers and that's why he supports them any way possible and is making our military as weak as possible to make it easier for them to attack us.

    Odumbo is a devout Muzlim and HATES our country and especially our troops....

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GPAJBX2EJGLYKZCC4ZQG6IBNPQ PaulCindy

    Obama will "appologize" to Israel, then he will call Muslim leaders to let them know how happy he is that they are hitting Israel. BO is a lying, traitorous SOB all the way.

  • Tom T

    Obama said in his book that he would side with Islam if forced to choose. His close buddy and possible ghost writer of one of his books, Bill Ayers & this wife are among the leadership of the "Free Gaza" movement. He will do nothing for as long as possible then no doubt make a poor one.

  • Brabado

    First, the U.S. has to look for the Leader the U.S. dosen't have, who has the "balls and courage" to do the right thing for a change, and stop this ongoing -"non sense war" by the Palestians, Hamas, the Brotherhood, etc., with the alleged support of their Arab allies - who are supposed to be, U.S. friends - once and for all!
    The World already had enough crisis and nonsense, from a Palestian Leadership and their associates, that who do not care about the welbeing, or prosperity of their own citizens nor respect the lives of others...

  • The electrician

    He said it himself in his own book, that if the political winds shift in an unfavorable direction, he would stand with the Muslims. He should be tried for treason!

  • SammysDad

    Obama can't go campaigning so I guess he'll go golfing! He certainly will nothing for Israel.

  • Bonehead

    I didnt vote for the idiot the first time and damn sure didnt this time my neighbors did I'll make sure I put up a sign that they did and are unarmed!

  • harleyrod45

    Not a damn thing!! Just look who just got re-elected!!

  • sandraleesmith46

    In a word: nothing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

    This article makes a lot of claims, but does not cite any of its sources. Here is an article that refutes its primary claim, that Iran is furnishing the rockets being launched into IsraHell.


    Seems to me there was a lot of unsubstantiated hype, in the form of "WMDs" that never proved to exist, associated with our launching an invasion into Iraq almost 10 years ago. I was taught to never trust a source once he has proven himself to be a liar just once. Why should I trust our news sources now?

    • markinla

      Isn't it obvious. Obama has told Bibi to shove his plan to attack Iran where the sun don't shine and Bibi doesn't have the balls to do it alone or he wants the stupid goys to die in their place. Now the neocon rags are trying to get their Christian organ grinder monkeys to get riled up and demand that Obama attack for Israel. It worked for Iraq but probably won't work for Iran.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

        Most of the CIA and the U.S. military still have some degree of sanity, and recognize that attacking Iran would be an unmitigated disaster for the entire world. Let's hope Obama doesn't cave in to Zionist pressure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Veselenak/100001118018542 David Veselenak

    I know what the Muslim-Marxist in the "Outhouse" will do - rejoice and shout, as the ring he wear's inscription reads: "there is no god but allah " and have a party with some of his Brotherhood! The revolution is nigh at hand as the tyranny is being ramped up as I had said it would be! It's like this, at least with me: These Godless communists got another thing coming if they think that I'm going to live like an ef'n serf while they live high of the hog! That is the way every freedom loving American should feel and even more importantly, they should be willing to do whatever it takes to rectify this tyranny!

  • markinla

    We could just do nothing. After all, who really cares about Israel. If you do, you are free to go there and enlist in the IDF.

  • mrsawdust

    I wouldn't be surprise if Obama is in collusion with Iran to bomb Israel. Obama is a death wish for the USA

  • David S. McQueen

    It's become obvious that Obama is not on America's side. I tend to believe he'd like to see a Iran/Russia/any other muslim nation(s) coalition formed. I'm sure he'd provide them with enough funding and equipment to be formidable enemy.


    The incompetent leadership demonstrated so far by Obama will do absolutely nothing. America has lost its position of leadership in the free world.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amfer.ferg Amfer Ferg

      I believe his 'incompetentcy is 'part of his plan'

  • Saltporkdoc

    To use Joe Biden math, I can answer the headlined question in one word, NOT a Darn Thing.
    Remember, America is no longer "exceptional" and "cannot be the world's policeman". So the Community Organizer in Chief will sit on his hands and wait till someone else comes up with a strategy so he'll know who to blame if it fails. He's already begun the process of blaming Israel for bringing the attacks upon themselves. I'll bet he secretly blames the US for 9/11 too.

  • Frank Castle

    What will "we" do? Nothing... Obama won't attack his "brothers"... and, "we" (not me) re-elected a wimp so.. fogettaboutit..


    What will Obama's Administration do?


    Second time it is revealed that CHEMICAL ARMS ARE IN HANDS OF IRAN.
    These are probably the same that were taken out of Iraq by the Russians, by way of Syria.
    At the end everybody will have to agree that George W Bush was right and he will be vindicated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mel.kaplan.37 Mel Kaplan

    If he is true to form, as soon as the pressure is off, your 'idiot' will issue Iran's Imamadnutjob the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But don't be so certain THEY re-elected him. First read VOTESCAM. Afterward, if you still believe the mainstream media that attacked every one of his detractors for the last six years reported the election truthfully, or will in the future, see me about buying some oceanfront property in Arizona---I'll include the Golden Gate bridge!

  • http://twitter.com/HeavygearDiver Scott D. Young

    The current administration will do nothing but talk BS on a teleprompter!

  • DouglasDauntless

    The Obama Government and the Commuhnist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans will do nothing, they want Iran to drop the Bomb on Is Israel, Obama, Clinotn, and Symantha Power set up the Muslim Brotherhood as the leader of all the Muslim and gave them money and guns to kill the Jews. That's why Obama and Clinton had Stevens murdered and watched him die live.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UMMRMSBWAKENSZOATSQEL4PTAM Tom T

    The U.S. will do nothing to stop Iran as long as the muslim in the White House and the communist in our congress can control unfolding events. The communist supporters on the street that call themselves democrats and don't understand they support communisim have given the muslim in charge the go ahead by voting for him a second time. However I believe that if all the fraudulent votes could be counted he probably would be looser and we would be a lot better off even though we would still not have the leadership we need to save this country.

  • wisdom-ace

    The United States wont do anything because Valarie Jarrett is Obama's brain and she is a Iranian and is from Iran and has been talking with the leaders of Iran for Obama behind everyone else's backs. He is in cahoots with the middle east. He's a muslim.

  • jvb1980808

    Obama is poised to hand us over to the Muslims....as he has planned from day one....

  • Foxtrap

    Obama has been setting the stage for Iran to have a nuke. I believe that he thinks that if Iran gets one, the rest of the Mideast will quiet down I fear. Of course, he's too stupid to realize a nuclear Iran will be holding the whole region, and the oil supply hostage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.creamer.79 Thomas Creamer

    Obama will not do a damned thing against his Muslim Brothers ... he is a Worthless Lying SOB ... the B'stard should be tried for Treason and Hanged by the Neck till DEAD ... just like Saddam Hussein !

  • Ciaran

    When will Israel admot the the attack on the USS Liberty, as well as a host of other attacks on their supposed allies, was deliberate sabotage, and when will American soldiers publicly get a chance to state that they are constantly being sniped at by Israeli soldiers?

  • 1JBRice1

    What will the US do? Probably send billions more of our tax dollars over to the Muslin in Charge's friends. Obama cannot wait for Iran to win this one. It will show the world just how "wonderful" and "peacefull" muslims really are. They are truly evil. Obama believes that since he is one of them, they will protect him. I don't think so. He could end up tortured worse than our Ambassador in Benghazi was. Just remember "What goes around, comes around. I'm sure God has some really great plans for Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    Obama is a Muslim and as such supports the Muslim Brotherhood in all they do. His behavior testifies to this daily.

  • rog363

    When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drops his pants, will this person, who is our supposed president, bow down and kiss his butt?

  • Steve

    If our safety and security brings us to war, so be it. We suffer, however, when our tinkering creates war situations for us, as would be the majority reason here if war results.

    I do advocate defense; being the common conclusion reached by the common man when at peace. Otherwise, men die not out of a higher moral position, but for some form of greed.

  • Aristotle

    Probably apologize.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Smith/100002549106697 Doc Smith

    Not a thing as long as this turkey is in office. Wouldn't want to attack his "brothers"

  • http://twitter.com/DGuardian2 D. Guardian

    If by the US, you mean the kenyan interloper? At the moment he is hiding under the bed, clamoring for michelle to save him. Problem is , she is hiding under the other bed. Tough cookie, muchacho!!

  • guest on this planet

    barry wont do a thing against his muslim brothers

  • bhudda

    If you think Obama is any part of a man then reach in your fly a grab his look alike and pee in the wind .He's scared to get caught up in a conflict it would show how ignorant he is and his cabinet falls in the same catigory

  • sovereigntyofone

    Ah, let me take a guess. Nothing, the same thing they always do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stanley.dickison Stanley Dickison

    Obama is a Muslim. We know what Muslims think of Israel and Jews. Don't expect Obama to help Israel. Yet the Jews voted him back into office. Go figure...............

  • http://www.facebook.com/brevlantz Brian Lantz

    Those are some STRANGE bedfellows.... the Russians and Al Qaeda... really? Doesn't ANYONE remember that Bin Ladin kicked Russia "A" out of Afghanistan? They will turn on each other in a heartbeat. Make that a New York heart fluttering murmur.... that's absolutely humorous. And frankly EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE underestimates Israel... what and see what tricks she pulls out of her bag. They are really cute!

  • DonMWright

    Doubtless Obama will do what he promised before his first election as president--he'll sit down with the world's terrorists (when he's not bowing to them) without preconditions--provided, that is, that he can tear himself away from golfing, dates with Michelle, spinning cover-ups about Benghazi, and appearing on The View.

  • Mr Lucky

    It's really quite simple, you morons have slept for so many years and now it has caught up with you, all of you! Come on in, we will pay for your education, medical, housing, give you people money! You can steal from us, give our kids drugs, rape them, you can even kill them and us! We don't mind, our government says we should be nice to you people! We're stupid and we believe the government! This is what has happened to you and your country! Now go lay down and lick your you know what and be quiet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brevlantz Brian Lantz

    I love this..we elected a third world thinker in a third world style election to bring all the rest of the third worlders back into 1st world thinking. Had Romney been elected, we would have continued to prevaricate and babble about global warming as well fill our britches with nonsense. But this way we change our diapers and man up to the fact that we have a traitor in office. And once enough 3rd world thinkers hurt severely suffer from this up and coming third world economy, (first we have record numbers of welfare and then they deflate the dollar with crazy Bernache shoveling fake dollars as fast as he can so that nobody can buy anything) there are PLENTY of reason why we can impeach this idiot, in fact a cornucopia of reasons!!!!!!! (Look, think about Washington and Lincoln, how do you think THEY FELT! Of course! This is NOTHING by comparison of what they suffered) It's all good for farts and giggles! (CHIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL!)

  • fedupwithliblies

    This admin will deny that there is any threat to Israel and demand that they not provoke Egypt, Palestine or Syria. In short, Israel is on its own as obama is totally for any and all muslim countries. He has said so....(check out that piece of trash he supposedly worte 'dreams of my father'. No, I didn't buy it...wouldn't waste my money on that kind of trash)

  • djw663

    Don't see in the media much about those attacks but boy I sure saw a lot about the missle strike that Israel made, I wonder why that is? LOL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003946182747 Mildred Fischer

    is running out. Destruction of the Iranian nuclear facility is at
    hand. Israel and the US cannot wait much longer; the eleventh hour is
    here. The talks with Iran to give up production of enriched uranium in
    exchange for lifting sanctions seems to have failed or didn't work. In addition to destroying the Iranian nuclear arsenal, Iran's large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons should be destroyed before Hamas ever gets their hands on them. Just as the Palestinians are puppets of the Arab nations, they are also a puppet to Iran. The only country in the Middle East that has treated the Palestinians with any respect has been Israel, and yet Palestinians are ungrateful.

  • AppraisHer

    The US will do nothing. At the head of our government is an islamofacist, doing his best to weaken our country, our minds and our will to allow us to be more easily conquered. Amazingly, this love affair with muslims began just after 9/11, when Americans were urged by Bush and then forced by Obama to become more tolerant. Americans don't deserve America anymore.

  • HDA

    In other words Dumobo Potatoe head president has made a real mess with his foreign affairs deals, we are going to be fighting everyone because he does not know his head from his ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

    The war in the Middle East is being staged. Obama has been cutting our military and there are more cuts to come if Congress does not get off its power hungry A&@ and stop the automatic cuts. We are no longer able to fight a two pronged war. Iran is putting us up against the wall. Will Obama have the guts to increase our military and do something about it? I doubt it. He does not want Israel to succeed (Note his support for Islam and what He has shown by snubbing the Israeli leaders when they were in the US while meeting with other Islamic leaders opposed to Israel. What about his "I can be more flexible after I am elected into my second term" statement to the Russians? What will America do. The media will eat him up if he takes any pre-emptive action. Once a nuc is dropped on Israel, all hell will break out in the Middle East and then there will come a "great leader" who the world will honor for he will get a treaty signed which will end the war. If you are interested, you can read the rest in Jewish History and prophetic books.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

      "Conservatives" keep bemoaning all the profligate spending that Obama and the Democrats do, but never once suggest the most obvious solution for that problem, which is to drastically reduce military spending. The U.S. accounts for 40% of the entire world's military budget... in second place is China with only 8% and four times our population.

      What has all this military spending obtained for us? Increased freedom? You have got to be joking! We now have an increasingly Gestapo-like Dept. of "Homeland Security" with an $80 billion annual budget. You have to submit to being groped by your private parts just to get on an airplane now. We have an official law saying the U.S. government indefinitely detain any America citizen it wants to without habeas corpus or even access to a lawyer. All of these measures (and then some) were put into place by Republicans and Democrats alike, and all the trillions of dollars spent and corpses coming back in body bags has not slowed the pace of these measures one bit. And yet 95% of the American people keep voting for the same Republicans or Democrats, expecting different results each time. You know what that is called? Insanity.

      And what is even more insane that all that is our continued support for the only nation which has militarily attacked the U.S. since World War II. I'm speaking of Israel's brutal and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in June of 1967, an act which left 34 sailors dead and over 170 wounded. Only a totally cowed nation would allow such a heinous act to go totally unanswered, but sure enough that's what America did. And what America continues to do by by sending our sons and daughters to fight and die for Israel, spending trillions of dollars in the process and incurring the enmity of every other nation in the world.

      This is a long way from the America I once had respect for, and this change is completely attributable to our continued support for Israel, which has never done one single thing for America in return for the 100+ billion dollars we have sent to Israel since 1948. You and practically everyone else I see on this blog are an absolute disgrace for continuing to root for Israel. What you are really cheering on is the demise of America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Viles/100000555613715 Larry Viles

    I read a book about this once. The Book of Reveltion.

  • Dandydonnie

    Nut N Honey!!! Obama done lub dem Irans.

  • Becky

    Obama will invite Iran to the White House to smoke cigars and drink beer. He's such an ass.

  • AZWarrior

    Obama will do nothing- He's a weak-kneed weenie.


    Zero will make an apology to Iran for them having to use some of their much needed rockets.

  • Fr. John+

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Let Iran blast that accursed antichrist state to kingdom come. It's none of OUR Business. The US is not into 'empire building.' Either ours, or the Deicides!

  • Byron Mullet

    Basically, what we have is a poker game. Iran, one player, informs the others (the world community) it has a gun under the table pointed at Israel...

  • Jack Parker

    This administration will continue do exactly as it has done. Disregard facts, lie about their intentions, support terrorism and aid in the destrucion of Israel.

  • bill sexton

    withhold your federal tax dollars until Obama resigns! how long to you think he can last if 50,000,000 conservatives withhold his money? the liberals will go crazy and there is NOTHING they can do with no money. when a child breaks the rules, withhold their allowance to get them back to following the rules. stop paying his allowance mom and dad!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

    There seems to be a terrible pattern developing. Everytime there is a crises or incident that could prove an embarasment or even the downfall of the administration a nwe event occurs and the one before it is forgotten and swept under the rug without ever being resolved.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

      Oh yes, what will our nation's senior muslum do? In the past he has said that he will side with Islam.

  • Death to Liberals

    I hope people memorized the locations of their neighbors who had Obama signs on their lawns because when this attack blows up into the major attack it is about to be and Obama does nothing like the coward he is, it will be up to us to eliminate these people as they are responsible for what is about to happen

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.church.7 Frank Church

    All of the Damnocraps need to be taken out, If not I hope that GOD will come take us. Before it all turns into another civil war. But even if we manage to impeach the big O. LOL look who's the VP.....

  • Jillian

    It is beyond my realm of understanding the the members of the Senate, House and Congress seem to know what Obama is doing and does nothing about it. Surely there are members who object to this tyranny. Okay, to impeach him might be claimed by other blacks as racist, which is not true but being called racist isn't as bad as the takeover of our United States by Muslims. Will they be "racists" when they annihilate the blacks, Hispanics and whites? It won't be for color, it will be for religion. The people voted to protect us are following Obama down the path to destruction like dumb guineas who will drown because they don't know enough to get in out of the rain. How bad does it have to get before the Powers in our capital say enough and impeach the man?

  • krdave

    Electronic voter fraud with Soros in charge is how he won. That is why you didn't see any ACORN or other thugs out pushing to get in the vote and intimidate voters. They knew it was in the bag. all the time. My question is, "Why didn't the republican leadership scream and yell and do something to try to do prevent this disaster?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.brandner Gary Brandner

    I can answer the question posed by the headline in one word--Nothing.

  • Mutley

    When you put a Muslim in the White House, who appoints Czars to run this country and those Czars are for the most part members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which side do you really really think the US will take? Gee, do we have any rocket scientists around here. The US bombs Libya rebels attacking Kaddaffy, yet lets Hamas continue to attack Israel. We should bomb the hell out of the Hamas. We got the carriers, the planes, the bombs, and the manpower to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth. But BO will just sit back, rattle the sabers a bit and continue as if nothing is happening. Actually, what I heard was Iran promised to cut back on its uranium enrichment program to 25%, if the US stops Israel from bombing its enrichment plants. Now they threaten to increase it, in violation of the agreement BO secretly made. In my time, if you and I made an agreement and you violated it, you were gonna get a beating. Period. America should strike those plants so Israel does not have to worry about them.

    I just realized something. This Hamas rocket attacks is nothing more than a smoke screen. Iran now can step up its uranium enrichment without worry from Israel. Israel is too busy right now to worry about that.

  • Jillian

    I wish I knew how to get things rolling. I wish I knew more about politics. I wish I weren't 77 years old with bad knees and could march and protest. My strongest feeling, from my gut, is that if a group of people started an impeachment movement, demanding that the Senate act on behalf of the American people, other states would pick up on it like they did the Secessionist movement. I was amazed that it built up like it did. The problem is that most states can't secede, it's not possible, but it really got national attention. An Impeachment Movement voicing all of Obama's failures would attract even more attention and the Senate would have to address this one way or the other. To deny the People could cost them votes in their next election. Last of all, I wish my husband was still here to do this. Every journey begins with one step. We need a group of angry citizens to take that step and start the ball rolling. One man filed for secession. I wish I knew how to contact him.

  • Mopar75

    Yep and this president & administration will welcome the islamic caliphate with open arms

  • http://www.facebook.com/njsidge Anthony Arezzo

    lolololol...what will he do?....lol! he already got osama, his work is done!!!! lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/njsidge Anthony Arezzo

    the only thing obama knows how to do is dribble a basketball...

  • http://www.facebook.com/njsidge Anthony Arezzo

    freebee's & fraud/obama=the destruction of America...

  • Don39


  • kal1and2

    barry will pucker up and give the iran a rim job. He is the best president we ever had for kissing azz

  • awkingsley

    The Israeli situation is not as the Republicans have represented. Here is the link to a
    very informative article in the American Thinker:


    It is important that Republicans start to understand Israeli politics and defense before we get drawn into a conflict with China over this game. China is building oil refineries in
    Iran, and after everything else we have done to China, destroying those
    refineries looks like it would be the last straw. Netanyahu was engaged in
    violent saber rattling prior to the election. Next, Obama was re-elected and
    Hamas thought they had a wonderful opportunity - just what Israel wanted:
    ISRAEL NEEDED TO DRAW LIVE FIRE TO TEST THE NEW HALF OF ITS ARROW 5 DEFENSE SYSTEM, DUE IN TOTAL IN 2014. Israel always saber rattles to attract live fire
    for testing their defense systems. At the end of 2010, Israel loudly announced
    they were going to engage in a test of their new Iron Dome defense system, but
    when they actually announced the test in advance, they got very little live
    fire. This time Israel did not announce a test, so they drew a lot of rocket
    and artillery fire from Hamas, just what Israel wanted. However, there is still
    a problem with complete testing because they only drew one missile, and it fell
    short - fell into the ocean. Now Israel has to come up with enough saber
    rattling to attract actual missile fire, not just rockets and mortars. If not
    before, at the end of 2014, look for a lot of saber rattling again from Israel
    because they will be testing their complete Arrow 5 Defense System at that
    time. At that point the Israelis will have overlap in their systems to
    compensate for a former small margin of error. The Israeli Defense Systems are
    on GPS, and they allow rockets, mortars, and missiles to fall in unpopulated
    areas because they do not want the expense of deploying anti-missiles at all
    incoming fire. The new Arrow 5 Defense System will target all incoming fire
    very close to launch. In other words, if Pakistan launches a nuke at Israel,
    Pakistan is likely to get the fallout from their own nuke.

    Israel is becoming close to invulnerable. I wish I could say the same about the
    U.S. We do not have any of these Defense Systems - only ones against nukes, and
    all of the wars since the World War II A-Bombs have been land invasions. No
    country can afford to nuke another. Again, watch for another Israeli Defense
    System test at the end of 2014, if not before, you will be rewarded with
    another manufactured war.

    Keep the U.S. out of this conflict. Israel has everything very well in hand. Hamas has to be dumb as a rock to ever respond to Israel's challenges as would Iran or even Pakistan. As Americans, we need to stop being dumb as rocks about Israel's game. Israel is
    shortly to be a world power, and I predict it will get really aggressive.