Were Election Computers Programmed in Ohio to Give Obama the Victory?

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the most important swing states in the nation. In recent decades whoever wins Ohio seems to also win the White House.  This year, Barack Obama won the election in Ohio by only 103,481 votes out of the total of 5,291,039 votes. This is a difference of only 1.9% of the vote.

There is been a lot written about possible election fraud in Ohio in this year’s presidential election as in years past. I reported earlier that during the early voting in Ohio voters in one voting precinct found that when they selected Mitt Romney the voting machine gave the vote to Barack Obama. This happened on more than one occasion.

In Cleveland, 149 precincts out of a total of 1077 precincts in all of Cuyahoga County reported fewer than 10 votes for Mitt Romney. Statistically this is extremely rare and many experts suggest that this represents some sort of voter fraud.

Then I received an email containing the video below, which to the best of my knowledge took place in March 2006. Testifying under oath before the Ohio state legislature, computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified how easy it is to program voting machines to rig an election to come out with the results you want. Curtis testified that he wrote such a program to help Tom Feeney (R-FL) with his bid for re-election to the US House of Representatives. Listen to the testimony given by Curtis as to how easy it was to write such an undetectable program prior to 2006 and then realize how much easier it would be to do so now.

Electronic voting machines were put into practice to speed up election results and supposedly make it harder for people to rig an election. In lieu of the testimony given in the video it seems that the electronic voting machines actually make it easier to rig an election to give the desired candidate his/her victory.

In Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, the final vote was Barack Obama 420,953 to Mitt Romney’s 184,475 votes.  Considering Obama won Ohio with less than a margin of 104,000 votes, it makes one question the accuracy and legitimacy of the county’s election system.

After listening to the testimony of Clinton Curtis, I’m not sure if we’ll ever know the true vote for Ohio or the rest of the nation. The Obama administration and campaign have been the most corrupt, law breaking, whining and dishonest of any in the history of the United States.

As an American citizen, I believe deep down in my heart that Barack Obama stole the election by rampant voter fraud in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and who knows how many other states. I also believe that this may have been the last free election we have as Americans, and if they continue to use computerized voting machines I’m sure the elections will be decided long before ballots are cast.



  • Screeminmeeme

    By hook or by crook.......Obama has won every victory from the Illinois senate to the Oval Office. A leopard doesn't change its spots....and Obama will ever be a traitorous, dissembling lawbreaker.

    • ddt

      that is why we have to unite and impeach this - - -
      he showed his tru colors at the first debate
      what am i doing here i allready know that i won. the fraud

      • gypsy314

        Or do like the NAACP does march on Washington and do not leave until Obama has resign. Shut everything down or have another election without the machines and electoral vote

        • bob

          Thats what he wants. Then he declares martial law kills all his enemies and becomes dictator.

        • gypsy314

          Bob you are right but our nation can not keep going this way and it will happen just a matter of time.

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • JohnGalt

          So your suggestion would be what, specifically?

        • a

          Then go out NOW and stockpile guns and ammo. If obamy is declaring war on the voting public, then he is declaring himself as the supreme leader for life.

        • Mike

          Son I already have! I've been buying precious metals for years!! LEAD & BRASS!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Philip-Snide-Snyder/100000002900036 Philip Snide Snyder

          and just who is he going to get to fight his war against this country other than someone off shore?

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf

          U.N. NATO, RUSSIA, MUSLIMS...

        • lib_erator

          That's why the border is still open. Just so the terrorists can get in.

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf

          YOUR RIGHT!

        • Rosie46

          He already is dictator, or did you not notice that Congress is now useless?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Philip-Snide-Snyder/100000002900036 Philip Snide Snyder

          so who is going to impeach him?

        • lou

          A General has to grow some balls and order his solider's to take Obama out. Baically we need another Patton

        • JOHN THE FOX


        • nancy miller

          And the proof is where????? Don't say anything like that unless you can back it up.

        • MilVet

          Check history,story is true.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Allan-Sims/1250302910 Richard Allan Sims

          "Just give me a week and I'll have a war with the Russians, and make it look like they started it!" - George S. Patton

        • glock 19 fan

          He advised our govt not to stop in Germany; push the Russians back into Russia or we would regret not doing so.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Allan-Sims/1250302910 Richard Allan Sims

          . . . but he still died a hero! There are some things worse than death. Do you want to live on your knees or die on your feet?

        • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.m.hart Wendy Magurn Hart

          You may have noticed top military officials are being selectively removed or compromized. Obama will not let anyone with the capibility and "balls" to oppose him remain.

        • Rosie46

          We the People??

          In a message dated 11/19/2012 2:13:19 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:


          Philip Snide Snyder wrote, in response to Rosie46:
          so who is going to impeach him?

          _User's website_ (http://www.facebook.com/people/Philip-Snide-Snyder/100000002900036) _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-vi ctory/#comment-714237031:DApd5TknnMAOYYQSIcxREzYNHR0&imp=d3503493-5657-4708- 993b-60b26cb107bb&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=godfatherpolitics&thread=9 34475179)

        • Don39

          No one ! Find a productive vent. Study the Constitution for a start.

        • hpinnc

          A good question, besides you probably would have a hard time proving fraud in court,unless some computer guru could tell you what had happened & be able to prove it in a court.

        • Kari

          There's no one in Congress with balls any longer!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

          What about pelosi, she to dang ugly to be a woman.

        • djstorrie

          We could use retroactive abortion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/david.vrotney David Vrotney

          Would that be something like being "born-again" except in reverse?

        • http://www.facebook.com/glenn.hendriksen Glenn Hendriksen

          .......the so-called MEN posing as Senators/Congressmen carry ABSOLUTLEY 'no GRAPEFRUITS' in THEIR trousers present day (and the females are 'flat chested')...........sooooooo RETHINK your Q again..........

        • Mil Vet

          Like the gutless John Boehner,He needs to be removed as chairman.

        • jack

          He can't kill us all. This video sure makes it seem logical that the computers were "fixed" in his favor & you wouldn't really have to do alol of them just a select few. I forget how the vote went in SE Ohio were the coal miners surely voted against him along with most of the population of those counties that rely on coal for there lively hoods & how about western Pa. & Virginia too? These results should be gone over with a fine tooth comb

        • jack

          My problem is that I have a hard time believing that anyone would vote for this clown

        • MARYANN33

          I do know of some idiots who did vote for him...

        • hpinnc

          Yeah, half the country are a bunch of dum ignoramouses.Blacks,students,women,even a huge number of the dead,perhaps.These people knows very little about the country they are blessed to live in.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/2AAYTFLI6B6IOJ5XIVSBXZ2244 Mary

          This is why the Democratic Party will collapse under it's own weight of the different groups that it is composed of. Each of these dregs of society will want more and more for themselves, leaving the liberals with so much infighting among the gays, blacks, single women, etc that they will splinter. That will come very soon.

        • hpinnc

          A good point,I had not pondered,Mary.

        • Americans

          Don't forget the fraud votes by the illegal immigrants, the freeloader welfare recipients, and the unemployed who don't care about trying to get retrained. Obam-ass wants us to continue to support these people, thats how he stays in office. Obama is a filthy lying fraud and should be impeached. I will never honor him with the name of President before his name, NEVER

        • hpinnc

          I agree sir.We do not have a president at the time, we have an incompetant impositor.

        • LadyFarrier

          Okay, I take offense to saying women! (And not including men) I know too many men that voted for the jerk in office! It goes both ways! Seems mostly to be the young, dumb and dead....plus some illegals.

        • hpinnc

          No offense intended,Ladyfarrier, just an oversight.Thanks for pointing this out to me.BTW,I know some too, some even my relatives.

        • http://twitter.com/jandinkins Jan Dinkins

          The gimmies, yuppies and dummies

        • nancy miller

          My problem is that I can't figure out why any black person would vote for him when he shames them so.

        • GramE

          A month or so ago there was a piece on the internet (which one of these blogs, I can't remember) from a black pastor telling other blacks that they shouldn't put Obama ahead of Jesus. Apoparently not enough of them read or followed it. The black people are usually among the strongest Christians - but this time they deserted the Lord.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Garcia/1233069024 Joe Garcia

          Blacks vote color not qualifications. Then they expect the black candidate to take car of them. This normally doesn't happen because the black candidate, just like all other politicians are in it for themselves. Black candidates just use their black constutuants to get what he/she wants.

        • Don39

          Maybe that is because you do not live in the communist stronghold states, the BLUE states! As long as they are allowed to they will steal elections and dominate the nation. If the red states will not assert their rights, we are dead or there is going to be a bloody revolution!

        • Doodlebug

          Early on they were telling that they were having "troubles" with the computer voting machines. Who verifiedf that they were "fixed?" I believe they were "fixed" alright as much as I believe I could sell an Eskimo a fan. How is it that obummer lost the states that had PhotoID in place? And, if voter ID is illegal, how is it that obummer had to show ID before he could vote? I'm an oldie so I have trouble figuring out all this stuff!!

        • Jim S

          Uh... Michigan has photo ID and Odumbo won here. :-(

        • Doodlebug

          All I know is what I read. Could have been a mistake on the part of the author. I'm sure I don't know. Sorry about my goof.

        • SheilaRae

          Yeah, but lower Michigan has alot of blacks, and more muslims than Iraq has, so it's a no-brainer. But I bet the U.P. voted Romney.

        • Americans

          Obam-ass got in the first time with fraud votes and again this time, and no one will do anything about it. It is so disgusting this low life fraud has people with big money behind him to keep him in the White House so that they can take down America. Voting should only be done on paper not on machines, because as we see they can be fixed. I will never believe that Obama-ass won the true honest votes, he couldn't have with all the damage he has already done to us and he wants to do more. Impeach this fraud President. He is the worst president in our history and will go down history in Shame. But I also want to say shame on everyone who voted for him because our destruction is on your back.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

          This country does not take to dictators as we are men and women who has served in the military and fought for freedom on foreign soils and will not lay down to that boy never.

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.m.anderson.560 Robert M. Anderson

          People often mention 'martial law' and apply it to America. Technicially, martial law is imposed on an ENEMY state after we have won (Germany and Japan, WWII). It does NOT apply to using LEOs or troops against the American public! (Lincoln did it, and look at how he turned the country upside down). The Sovereign States are ABOVE the Federal Government (see the 10th Article of Amendment) and the People and their Rights are above both (see the 9th Article of Amendment).

        • r

          There should be ANOTHER election in which POSITIVE ID is required by EVERYONE! A tally should be done to ensure NO duplicate name/person casts a vote. Ensure NO dead people are counted. FINGER print every one casting a vote and possibly put it on the election form. NO finger print means NO ballot. This is TOO important to overlook. If we don't do that, they WE HAVE become a dictatorship.

        • Rosie46

          And paper ballots that must be counted and cannot be switched. Instead of people wanting to states to secede, every state should demand a new election for president, following the guidelines gypsy314 has spelled out and citizens only.

        • Kittyhane

          lets go back to paper ballots. The poll workers get paid good. Let each poll count their ballots. I also favor a duplicate vote receipt.

        • Rosie46

          Absolutely and this election should be redone. But Obama will not allow it.

          In a message dated 11/19/2012 12:54:08 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:


          Kittyhane wrote, in response to Rosie46:
          lets go back to paper ballots. The poll workers get paid good. Let each poll count their ballots. I also favor a duplicate vote receipt.

          _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-vi ctory/#comment-714164304:sH1-ih0ls9ToLSWRv94dmmgOt9I&imp=39c8016e-33db-4fdf- b6e7-9db03c369c0f&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=godfatherpolitics&thread=9 34475179)

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • above the law
        • Rosie46

          I did, thank you.

          In a message dated 11/22/2012 12:50:05 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:


          above the law wrote, in response to Rosie46:
          seethe link..get him out! http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/how-obama-can-be-stopped-in-electoral-college/
          _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-vi ctory/#comment-716524870:60CNV6Kgzg5HRmQKNOuePFwCMjU&imp=01cfc8a2-70d3-4963- b314-b4c3290dda9f&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=godfatherpolitics&thread=9 34475179)

        • Greggie

          Evil will prevail because the "good citizens" of these United States of America just are tired, forlorn and disgusted. There was plenty effort by these good people. You can't beat someone who is bent on cheating and lying to win! This whole administration has been a cancer to our Republic and it just keeps getting worse. Those elected officials that display blatant disregard toward our constitution should be bought to task. Now that "we the people" have had enough of "fundamentally" changing our sovereign country into a third world dictatorship, its our right, our privilege, our responsibility to take it back, even by force!

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • MARYANN33

          I totally agree! Those with the power to do that, seem to not care...

        • Kittyhane

          with all the fuss yoama and dems made from the first election in '09, you'd think that they saw all the 'poor' 'deprived' people had IDs and pix. Shouldn't have been a problem with this last one.
          They'r a bunch of whoring thieves

        • Kittyhane

          Great idea. Maybe they would catch alot of thieves who are wanted too. I' m all for the dipping the finger into a purple ink that stays on for a few days.

        • hpinnc

          Carefull there now, you're going to hult my feelins tryin to make me get a foto ID. Trin to deny me my right to vote.gypsy314, who would verify all those fingerprints.

        • gypsy314

          I agree with finger print too. This would help keep everyone honest.

        • Pam Peck

          I'll second this one. This is the only thing left to do. I'll see you on the WH steps Just say when. Hurry

        • Kittyhane

          If the tea party had any guts, they would organize this

        • Don39

          Electoral votes are not our enemy. Machines involved in voting are!

        • Kari

          That would be nice, but you know O would never let that happen....he would lose and then what?

        • fedup in fl

          You can't get enough caucasians to stick together to do that. Not the
          way the negros do.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6Q45NXB2BFTOIP7UKLX3XI7OZE Joy Bears mom

        Why else would he leave the country with the death of the four Americans....and all the flood victims still in peril. He is a criminal from the word go and probably knows he is on borrowed time. Lets band together and get rid of the S--!!! Easier to play "a hero" in foreign countries !!! Calling the state governors sounds good....but it wouldn't do a bit of good here in California....we have a crook for a governor!!!

        • Mike

          And it seems..idiots for citizens! Or you'd have gotten rid of all the politicians doing all the crime!! And RAN OUT all illegals..on a rail! Quit giving them free stuff and they'll leave!! Give me 1 battalion of men who'll do whats needed..all the munitons we'd need..and I'll damn sure stop all the illegals coming across the borders!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          : )

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • Rosie46

          We have a crook for senator.

        • GramE

          Rosie - I don't know what state you are from - but there are a lot of us who can make this claim. I'm from Illinois and I know Durbin is a "dealer"

        • Elleryqueen

          As for Jerry Brown keep in mind that the good citizens of California elected him, twice. Evidently didn't learn the first time.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Momma always said "stupid is as stupid does." Character Forest Gump.

      • Jillian

        You're here to mention the magic word "Impeach." The problem is how to get the ball rolling for impeachment the way the ball rolled to national attention by the secessionist movement. I enough people demanded impeachment, also enough states, the Senate would have to do something.

        • gypsy314

          Oh Obama will try and have the rest of the country bail out the bankrupt blue states mark my words.

        • JohnGalt

          That is a given.

          His Administration is characterized my massive, corrupt, politically favored, largely racist, theft.

          "Redistribution" is for nuanced pussies.

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

          The bill of impeachment has to originate in the house and then the trial is held in the senate. Even if the senate does not convict they are supppose to hear and consider all evidence. But the senate has often not done what it is suppose to do if it it not in the majority members own interests.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          They haven't passed a budget in how long? Do you think the Senate with Harry "whore house" Reid would do anything?

        • Kittyhane

          he still owes a lot of back income tax he hasn't and won't pay

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


        • GramE

          With Reid in charge? Impeachment proceedings would never come to the floor

        • Rosie46

          The House brings charges, the Senate has the trial.

        • scientist5

          I doubt it. We no longer have a voice in our government. The majority in both Houses are there for one purpose - to benefit themselves with our money. If we could get the people to do as the Tea Party did in 2010 then we might have a chance. At 89, I am not too hopeful.

        • http://www.facebook.com/john.wolf.35380 John Wolf


      • scientist5

        Impeaching this crook will not be done. If he were a Republican like Nixon, it would be a "done deal".
        Besides too many members of Congress, Republican or Democrat, are gutless.. Plus, some are as corrupt as Obama.

      • Alan

        The House is the body to impeach and they have no backbones nor identifiable fathers. And then the Democratic Senate would be the body to convict on the improbable impeachment. Mr. Obama knows this well and so acts with impunity on his idiologies to our detriment.

      • Don39

        You who want to defeat Obama have to get real. The left still has the Senate and will under no circumstances convict Obama of anything he has here to for done! Why should the House waste time impeaching him without a chance of a conviction? Your preparation for the future would be a much more productive effort! Or maybe studying the Constitution and defending it?

      • jsmithcsa

        You can give up on removing him from office. While he deserves it, the Democrat Senate will NEVER remove him from office.

      • Jack Parker

        You can't impeach when he controls a complicit congress. He cannot be removed from office without bloodshed.

      • above the law

        see the link, dont have alot of time, pass it on!

    • The Truth Seeker

      You must get your news from only sites like this. Do you really believe the pitiful crapola and myth you are spewing and or repeating. Do you really believe that every one is willing dupe other than the mindless partisans here. In other words, every one is a criminal, on the take, a fool, or self-delusional. Aren't you being a fool? Aren't you letting your innate bigotry controlling the logic you were born with? 62.5 million people voted for Obama and they did it for a great many reasons. For sure they didn't like Romney, they wanted more taxes on the top 2% of earners, they don't like News Corp, Fox Noise, or Rush Limberger. It may be that he is an obese pill-popper or just a provocateur who makes millions of you willing dopes. But, whatever it was, Romney-Ryan lost fair and square in a winner take all match. That's what democracy is about. We didn't like that Bush 43 lost the popular vote by over 500k and that the hanging chads in Florida elected him. We didn't like the results in Ohio in 2004 when hundreds of thousands were thrown of the ballot and more thousands were closed out of the voting as the precincts shut down. But, did we call for impeachment, arrests, lynchings and secession? No! Inf act, the same tactic was tried again in Florida. In fact, the Republicans control most of the State Houses and the legislatures. So if you are screeching "fraud at polls, you should no who to blame.

      In a recall elections for the Wisconsin State Senate in 2011, Americans for Prosperity (a conservative
      organization that was supporting Republican candidates) sent many Democratic
      voters a mailing that gave an incorrect deadline for absentee
      ballots. Voters who relied on the deadline in the mailing would have
      sent in their ballots too late for them to be counted.[15]
      The organization said that the mistake was a typographical error.

      During the United States Senate
      election in Virginia, 2006, Secretary of the Virginia State Board of
      Elections Jean Jensen concluded that incidents of voter suppression appeared
      widespread and deliberate. Documented incidents of voter suppression include:

      Democratic voters receiving calls
      incorrectly informing them voting will lead to arrest.

      Widespread calls fraudulently
      claiming to be "[Democratic Senate candidate Jim] Webb
      Volunteers," falsely telling voters their voting location had

      Fliers paid for by the Republican Party,
      stating "SKIP THIS ELECTION" that allegedly attempted to
      suppress African-American turnout.

      The FBI has since launched an investigation into the suppression attempts.[31]
      Despite the allegations, Democrat Jim Webb
      narrowly defeated incumbent George Allen.

      Prior to the 2008 United States Presidential
      Election, on September 16, 2008, Obama legal counsel announced that
      they would be seeking an injunction to stop an alleged caging scheme in
      Michigan wherein the state Republican party would use home foreclosure lists to
      challenge voters still using their foreclosed home as a primary address at the
      polls. Michigan GOP officials called the suit "desperate." A Federal
      Appeals court ordered the reinstatement of 5,500 voters wrongly purged from the
      voter rolls by the State:

      In the Maryland gubernatorial election in
      2010, the campaign of Republican candidate Bob Ehrlich hired a consultant who advised
      that "the first and most desired outcome is voter suppression", in
      the form of having "African-American voters stay home."[39]
      To that end, the Republicans placed thousands of Election Day robocalls
      to Democratic voters, telling them that the Democratic candidate, Martin
      O'Malley, had won, although in fact the polls were still open for
      some two more hours. The Republicans' call, worded to seem as if it came from
      Democrats, told the voters, "Relax. Everything's fine. The only thing left
      is to watch it on TV tonight." The calls reached 112,000 voters in
      majority-African American areas. In 2011, Ehrlich's
      campaign manager, Paul Schurick, was convicted of fraud and other charges
      because of the calls. In 2012, he was sentenced to 30 days of home detention, a
      one-year suspended jail sentence, and 500 hours of community
      service over the four years of his probation,
      with no fine or jail time.

      In the 2002 New
      Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal, Republican
      officials attempted to reduce the number of Democratic voters by paying
      professional telemarketers in Idaho to make repeated hang-up calls to the
      telephone numbers used by the Democratic Party's ride-to-the-polls phone lines
      on election day. By tying up the lines, voters seeking rides from the
      Democratic Party would have more difficulty reaching the party to ask for
      transportation to and from their polling places.

      • Graywolf12

        Of the 62.5 milli8on votes cbama received how many were legal votes, not duplicates, dead people non-existant people or illegial immigrants? Just asking!!!

        • The Truth Seeker

          Bull-tickie and sour grapes as usual. People sign a book where their signature is listed. Do you ever vote?

        • Rosie46

          And when many voted for Romney, their vote was changed to Obama by the computer.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          You really need to change your moniker to "The B.S. Spreader."

        • d1032

          So Odumbo received 50.1% of the votes - Romney got 49.1% and the Libratarian(sp) got .8% of 1%.
          That sure as hell is no mandate - exactly one half of the people in this nation believe Odumbo will ruin this country with his "re-distribution" of the wealth - perhaps you should read Mien Kampf or the Communist Manafesto - heis creating nothing more than a "dictatorial socialist" nation predicated on divisiveness which has never succeeded in past history - look at Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia - Chavez and Venz - Athens and Greece - Rome and Italy - Madrid and Spain - all countries who have, or have tried this "re-distribution formula" and now they can view is riots and burning in the streets because someone wants to save the country(ies) rather than the freeloaders.
          Odumbo is creating exactly what he set out to do when elected in '08 - create chaos - rich against the poor - white against black - legal citizens against illegal migrants - the list is endless but nevertheless he has succeeded.
          And all the while this nation is facing the "fincial cliff" our vaunted "savior leader" is off to Burma instead of remaining in D.C. and resolving our problems in "the bi-partisan" manner which he so often projects but never employs.
          And just once, just once I would like for this fraud to tell exactly what a "fair share" is - never has he ever stated that figure in a percentage or a dollar amount - all he ever does is repeat the same old blabber, "a fair share" -
          My God, this man is a total fraud and how or why we ever allowed this nation to descend into the pits of hell I will never be able to figure out and I have been on this earth 80 years.

        • Graywolf12

          Yes, I vote. I have not missed one since 1956, but doubt those I cast while overseas were ever counted. The system is filthy dirty no matter how much you protest.

        • Roger12266

          Your vote doesn't mean much weather you sign your name or not if the voting machine changes it to someone that you did not vote for.
          As for signing your name, sure -- how many names did each Democrat use?

        • http://www.facebook.com/michael.lovetere MIchael Lovetere

          Homeland security is now making citizens of resident aliens and illegals. Now their website is showing them how to get free benefits and food stamps. They need not know a word of English,l aren't required to take a test on the US Constitution, weren't told you have to fly the American flag on the 4th or Vets day, and many iof them were told to vote for Obama and did so. If I were a black American i would be infuriated that they were being catered to for a vote. Wake up America...you're losing this country. Pretty soon there will be more tax users than taxpayers.

        • Kittyhane

          the black demorts are the losers. Their bama fones will go dead soon.

        • MARYANN33

          Don't forget cartoon characters voted too.

      • mngriz

        So by citing all the alleged voter fraud from the past, you are admitting that it is possible to steal an election? You are first saying it couldn't happen on behalf of Democrat candidates, but it has happened on the Republican side? Reading your post gave me the best laugh I've had since the election. Thank you for stating the convoluted thinking that is rampant in the Democrat party!!!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Sorry, "Thinking" and "Democrat" is an oxymoron.

        • MARYANN33

          Sure is...

      • Shirley Lynn

        Lots of words and nothing to say!!

      • Jan

        Well...you can ignore the massive voter fraud reports and justify it ...however, when you have this video..and a video of a machine switching to a selection other than the one chosen..then you are the one with their head in the sand.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I don't think it is in the "sand." It is much darker, stinks, and makes it hard to walk or sit down! (The technical term is: Cranial Rectal Inversion).

      • PMDavis

        Obama won through voter fraud, period.

      • Laster

        Most of what you described is voter suppression. Something that Reps excel at. Somewhen they lose and people overcome incredible obstacles, they keep up the tried a d true fraud rant. Well that kind of huge fraud should be able to be proved. Fascist Allen West is contesting and it will show he is a loser. What will the old white geezers do then. The recount was rigged. Go see who Karl Rove is gonna choose as your liberal candidate. They'll be going crazy to attract all those cool brown people. Maybe they'll give them some stuff.

      • scientist5

        Obviously, reasoning is not your strong suit! Obviously you are a monomaniac. Yeah, I know that word is a bit over your head - it translates to BIGOT. So, anyone who tries to reason with you is wasting their time. Your mind is made up so why give you any facts?

      • MARYANN33

        You are totally deluded.

      • Kittyhane

        go hug your bama fone and leech off the honest people that is what you should do You are probably a pro at it.

      • SheilaRae

        Well, boo hoo! So, what you are saying is that since Republicans did some dirty deeds in the past, it's OK for Democrats to do dirty deeds. Wow, you must be a genius! Because I would have NEVER figured out that 2 wrongs make a right! Did you ever see anyone on these boards say that Republicans have never cheated? NO. We are not claiming that. We are claiming that the Dems are using much more sophisticated ways of cheating that can't be easily proven, such as rigging the computer programs within the voting machines. No it's not impossible, Dems just won't admit it! Even a 10th grade high school student could program a computer to do that. We want fair and honest voting for ALL. And that includes the military, I might add. So before you spout off about "suppressing the vote", remember that your faux president suppressed the military's right to vote in 2008 and 2012. I wonder why. Because, 1) he can't win unless he cheats, or 2) he just can't help himself because cheating is all he's ever known, or 3) he knows the military won't vote for him. OR, all of the above.

    • Kittyhane

      he's the biggest hemorrhoid on USA' arse.

    • oldcoyote

      Like I said it would before the so called "election". It would be about as kosher as it could get!

    • Stepcof

      Wasbington county Ohio used paper ballots. Romney won that county. Makes you think!!!!

  • bornfreeamerican

    The ends justify the means....

    • Phillip Gray

      Ur comment is an oxymoron in contrast to ur name. Winning an election in this manner or rather stealing it & getting away with it, makes a mockery of the fundamentals & freedoms of which this country is based. If the democrats or republicans can do this without repercussions, it is the end of freedom & liberty. W/o free democratic elections, it will allow the administration to truly become a regime & do whatever it wants in full display of the public. Democrats are niaive, so easy to manipulate, its amazing u can even function in society or feed urselves. The people will no more say so in the decisions of the country & no matter how much things may b going ur way now with his policies, they will change once he has no more restrictions & we the people (u included) will be totally screwed, living as an opressed ppl once again. U don't deserve to call urself an American, u have no idea what it even means

      • bornfreeamerican

        I totally agree Phillip! I am not a liberal! Good grief! I meant that THEY will use any means necessary to win... lie, cheat and steal!! It totally sucks that it WAS stolen. But our Repubs refuse to SPEAK for us. They refuse to counter anything that those dumb Dems say! I am totally sick about our country, my kids futures...we need some good engineers to come up with a voting machine that is secure as a bank vault!

    • JohnGalt

      How about you explain what you really meant Mr. "BornFree".

      Go ahead.

      • bornfreeamerican

        I meant that they stole the election! That's what I meant Mr. Galt! I meant that they used any means necessary including lies, deceit, and corruption!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4JD2GY6RGJ7HIWTU3G5SEFYAIM Diana

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should be inaguraded in January. Since there is trouble with the voting the US Supreme Court should look into this issue regarding the election!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1416201425 Ilene King

      We all knows this but why doesn't someone do something? Its been reported voter fraud so much but still nothing. America wake up or is it too later to get you back.

    • gbandy

      The problem with that is Obama owns the Supreme Court too.

    • The Advocates

      They lost by 3.5 million votes and 126 in the Electoral College. Don't you support the law or are you now a secessionist?

      • fiddler

        Why can't we see Obama's records? Why are they still sealed?

      • gypsy314

        Only way Obama and democrat won is by cheating and I will see you on the battle field

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo!

        • gypsy314

          Amen brother

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6Q45NXB2BFTOIP7UKLX3XI7OZE Joy Bears mom

      Sorry Diana.....Our supreme court if so screwed up and all they would do about it is put it on their agenda for two or three years from now!

      • gypsy314

        I just hope only liberal justice's retire

    • Laster

      YOU guys are so funny. Don't y remember the Supremes are awful. They upheld Obamacare.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

    Damn straight that Obama and the leftist democrats cheated and stole this election; Wonder how many dead people voted for Obozo and how mant times. Strange Obama DID NOT win where they required Photo ID's to vote.

    • The New Dealer

      Where's the proof, put up or shut up!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6Q45NXB2BFTOIP7UKLX3XI7OZE Joy Bears mom

        NEW DEALER....OBviously y ou are a Dam Democrat...so you are not in very good company here to further your crooked cause!....and your hero is out of the country......so my best advice is "SHUT UP"

        • The New Dealer

          You are right about not being in right company. The group here, which you call your own is made up of: flat-earthers, moral midgets, faux patriots, bigots, and liars. These sites are the magnet for the lunatic fringe, which neither the Republicans and for sure the Democrats neither read nor respect. You clowns are considered so far out, that even quoting you folks elicits laughter. No one with half of a wit could even believe the clapatrap posted here. You are conservatives? You are either myth believing morons or fascists and haters. Which group do you belong to?

        • tellitlikeitis

          we are bigots and morons cause you being a liberal say so cause we do not agree with your beliefs.we are mostly god believing,hard working,family oriented,honest,patriotic and proud of this country,everything that liberals hate and want to destroy. that is the bottom line,have a nice day dealer.

        • Kittyhane

          the dem libs better believe this
          GOD WINS

        • Laster

          Haters win by far. The label moron is their favorite for Dems. And Obama is a commie, Marxist, fascist. He can do all isms at one time. amazing. OBAMA WON THE ELECTION. REPUBLICANS LOST. PROVE FRAUD INSTEAD OF TALK A S 2006 Videos. REALLY

        • JulieB

          Dickie boy Garfunkel, I certainly don't miss viewing your ugly picture next to your current alias!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Wait a second. New Dealer does not need to shut up. He is entitled to his opinion, just as you are entitled to yours. If he can be shut up, so can you. The best thing to do is let people make "your point" with their own words.

          "It is better to remain silent and have everyone think you are a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

          He is entitled to his drivel.

        • Kittyhane

          yomama and hillary are always out of the country. Especially now that they are dodging Benghazi.

      • randyn1531

        How about the proof Obummer was born in the U,S?

      • gypsy314

        Why did the ohio democrats keep the republican poll works from entering. Why do you think Obama and democrats do not want voter ID? You know the truth so wake the h'll up ans smell the coffee. The truth is coming out like the hacker that wrote a program for a democrat congressman to flip results on the electronic polling Machines Just do a search if you want to know the truth but I'm affraid you know it and just want to run your mouth. See you on the battle field.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XP5PSNSH4BEYZX3CMX3LIS5RQ Marlin

        On the face of it this election was democrats vs rebublicana. While it has been obvious for more than four years that the socialist had usurped control of the democrat pary, there had been some hope that true blue democrats would rise up and throw the socialist out and retake control of their party. But any true blue democrats that may have been left sold out their party, their country and their freedom for the price of a cheap cell phone. Unfortuantely the republicans have proved to be inept or have the courage to stand up to the socialist and all the fraud. It is the socialist that won this election and America that lost. The struggle is now socialist vs The Sons & Daughters of Liberty. I regret to admit that right now it would appear that the socialists and America's enemies are winning. How much longer can we as a free nation last?

    • Jeff

      The question is what are we going to do about it?start calling these state governors and asking them if they are going to stand up for themselfs and do something about it!!!!

      • scientist5

        I hope and pray that the 30 Republican governors wil do just that. My blog points our some issues that might answert some questions that these governors should address.

    • omg

      Photo ID MUST be mandatory for ALL states. NO ID, NO VOTE! AND A FINGER PRINT!!!!

    • Mike

      Your EXACTLY CORRECT Pamela! He got the S%@T stomped out of him here in Indiana!! (where you have to have a STATE ID!!)

    • scientist5

      I suspect you are correct. However, the reason Obama won is by getting 20-25 millon votes from ignoramuses who are either on the take (freebies & special interests), or just plain old uninfoirmed. Lots of the other votes we Ruplicans would never get - ideolgues and those who would vote Democratic for Adolf Hitler if he ran as a Democrat.
      Stupidity on the part of the voters gave Obama the win, plus some damned shady voting practices.

    • pb

      I'm from NH, a State that requires photo ID when voting! Thank You, God!! However, the State supposedly went for Obuma!!! I've yet to speak with one voter that did infact vote for him, and have spoken, in the Primary lines, with ones that were switching from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party, because they refused to vote again for Obuma! So where that Fraud got all the votes is definitely in question....and we use paper ballots!! I'm assuming the dead have up and risen for this POS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Litfin/1587139156 Bob Litfin

    You can bet that the racist bastards at NBC don't give a hoot about cheating

  • Bubblegum199

    Of course they were as well as Florida, Pennyslvania, Nevada, Colorado, all over the place. It's the Soro's mafia paying for this.

    • ddt

      george soros must be smilling like the jewish traitor that he is

      • ddt

        why cant we ty up the innauguration with a recount of all the swing states
        where are all our good lawyers
        we cannot count on the supreme court because they are all crooks
        in odumba pocket
        what is good for the goose is good for the gander right
        bo has to go

      • skayh

        Isn't it his money that's doing all the talking????!!!

    • Kittyhane

      yomama sold the machines and George Soros paid for them to begin with.

  • Anziani

    The Ohio Electoral College members DON'T have to vote for obama if they suspect fraud. This applies to the other States also.

    • JohnGalt

      Let us know when an actual Election Official does anything about this.

  • ObozoMustGo

    You can take the street thug out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the street thug!
    Have a nice day!
    "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency...Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president." - Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

  • JohnGalt

    Well were they, or weren't they?

    This should not be that difficult to prove.

    Is the corrupt and venal Left that far ahead of us in technology, logistics and the ground game that we cannot say for sure?

    I say Bullshit!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am damn sick and tired of being outflanked by the Communist rodent criminals on election day.

  • PaulGable

    Read "Master Plan to Steal an Election" at http://www.brushfires-of-freedom.com/steal-an-election.html It rings true.
    What will we do about it? Let experts tell us that there is nothing we can do? That lying and cheating and stealing really does prevail in America?

    • JohnGalt

      If that is what our "experts" are saying than we need better experts.

      Better yet, we need proactive stalwarts on the ground, to prevent the Leftist scum from putting in place mechanisms to steal elections.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LU4TXMENZZUNJBIA4EB6ARD6PE buckemmerle

    remember how the teleprompter was pre programmed at the Democratic National Convention to read that the final count of the vote to put God back in was already tallied and it was approved by to thirds majority vote even before it was called on by the speaker?This is the same way the election was already rigged way back when Obama spoke to Russia's Putin and told him he'd have more time after the election.Obama has been rigging things all his life his way!

  • SusanK

    If you listen to this video, you will learn that on top of code to change your vote from Romney to Obama after you've pressed the "vote" button (you would never know) they can write code that will "eat itself". In other words, if it were set to completely wipe out the code at 7:00 p.m. on Nov 6, no one would ever know. This video was made in 2006 and this programming tactic was used in the 2008 election as well. So. . . . why didn't the Republicans do something to prevent this. They had almost 4 years to work on it. Please don't say it's because they're dumber than the Democrats. I don't think that's possible. I'm thinking more like collusion.

    • The Truth Seeker

      What are you drinking today. Does your parents know that you are using the computer when they are not looking. I am sure you would be better off on a p-rn site. But this site does cater to adults, most of whom need head help or are paranoid.

  • dave

    I believe the election was rigged but what will be done about it?

    • Freedom ISNT FREE!!

      The question is what are you going to do about. Stop waiting for others to do something about it. That is the problem with conservatives today. No one wants to step forward and get it done. I am out there knocking on doors, talking to everyone, finding conservatives who are not registered to vote, getting them registered. Talking to law makers about VOTER ID laws that are in my commie state. I live in a blue state and yet I am not giving up. If you sit and wait for someone else to act then your freedom is going to be gone forever. If you want your freedom back, you need to ask WHAT AM I GOING TO DO to fix this! Get off your rear and get it done!

  • PastorRuth1

    Look at St. Lucie County, Fla. as an example, under Ms. Gertrude Walker. Supervisor:
    They double-counted some votes, didn't count others (including a full BOX OF FILLED OUT BALLOTS stored in the office), locked the doors when it is law that they were to be ept open!!

    Here are some numbers for you: Forida Gov. Rick Scott: #1(850)488-7146, Sec. of State:
    1(850)488-6500; Div. of Elections: 1(850)6200; St. Lucie County:
    1(772)462-1500; Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker: 1(772)871-5410; Board of
    County Commissioners: 1(772)462-1400; Inspecter General:1(850)245-6198; General
    Information: 1(866)693-6748 or 1(850)488-1234. (Be polite but be PERSISTENT!)


    • The New Dealer

      Yes they did, clown, they doubled all of Obama's votes from 31 million to 62 million. That trick must have been done by Houdini or David Copperfield. Get a life or at least a brain!

      • PastorRuth1

        And you don't read?

        "The Washington Post (no friend of Col. West) reported today: Allen West-Patrick Murphy race: Florida to probe vote issues."

        In fact, the Post further reports that, "After a partial recount of early voting in the county (St. Lucie), West gained 132 votes and challenger Murphy lost 667."

        Gertrude Walker (elections Supervisor for St. Lucie County" said herself, "Mistakes were made,,"

        So get your facts straight before you start spouting the left's talking points! You're only using the LEFT side of your brain! Either that, or you're just another little ACORN TROLL from the big Obama tree!

  • Stephanie

    I'm sure of it. That slime in office will do ANYTHING to get his way. He'll never be counted amongst any great leaders of this country and is a disgrace. Too late for this past election but they had better look into this to be sure it never happens again. I'm sure the charlatan won't care because all he has to look to now is his legacy. I'm hoping that all trace of him is eliminated from it. Really looking forward to his departure...

  • Mike shipley

    Here in Texas, the same thing happened. If you registered for the all Republican Party, it would register for nobama!!! If you took time and marked each one one at a time it would register correctly. At least it seemed to. He's just a Chicago thug, and so are the people that put him there.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We (my wife and I) did not have that problem when we voted. We do need to go back to "hand counted, paper ballots" with a lot of observers! Everyone should be able to vote for the candidate of their choice and not have their vote "flipped!" (Even if the vote being flipped was for my candidate, it is not right!)

    • Laster

      Same thing happened when y voted straight Dem. when you went to press confirm vote, it had changed to Mitt. Both parties confirmed an operator error. If yiu accident tally touched the spin wheel Befpre coting it could go back and change pres vote. It was confirmed by both parties. Really. Check it out.

  • PastorRuth1

    Look at the fraud now admitted to St. Lucie County, Fla. as an example, under Ms. Gertrude Walker. Supervisor:
    They double-counted some votes, didn't count others (including a full BOX OF FILLED OUT BALLOTS stored in the office), locked the doors when it is law that they were to be ept open!!

    Here are some numbers for you: Forida Gov. Rick Scott: #1(850)488-7146, Sec. of State:
    1(850)488-6500; Div. of Elections: 1(850)6200; St. Lucie County:
    1(772)462-1500; Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker: 1(772)871-5410; Board of
    County Commissioners: 1(772)462-1400; Inspecter General:1(850)245-6198; General
    Information: 1(866)693-6748 or 1(850)488-1234. (Be polite but be PERSISTENT!)


    • Phillip_in_TX

      It sounds like they need the same thing we need in Washington D.C. ONE GIANT ENEMA!

  • gbandy

    It was more or less common knowledge Joe Kennedy fixed Illinois to give JFK the election. Now if this election was fixed for Obama than we have lost our Republic. I just find it very hard to believe the majoirty would elect such a dismal failure a second time. Now if there are so many people getting all the freebies to elect this guy than we have already lost our Repuiblic.

  • joe

    it dos don matter because romney wont fight it

  • Daughter of a Vet

    What if someone created a website called IvotedforRomney.com and sent it to all of the conservative groups that have email lists. Send it out and let it go viral. In the swing states, whoever voted for Romney signs their name, county and state and passes it on to others. Also to all the troops whose votes did not get counted. I heard there were hundreds of thousands. Then, see how the numbers match up to the votes counted in each county. Anyone think it's a good idea?

    • Freedom isnt free

      Also these people need to stop complaining and start acting. If you live near a district which is suspect, then gather some patriots and FIOA the ballots and do a private investigation to hand count the votes. If you are denied this action, then gather up a lawmaker and make a law that demands that the machines and ballots be available for FIOA recounts after any election. Start changing the laws or you will get nowhere. I know where I voted, we use the computer machines but insert a paper ballot that we marked with a pen first. If your county does not have a paper trail, then make a law to ensure that it in the future, whether it be a printed receipt that the machine gives the voter and copy goes into a basket, or you insert paper ballots into the machine. We must back up these elections to verify there is no fraud. Next, make sure your district or state has VOTER ID laws. You have 2 years to 2014 to get this started. Stop whining and complaining. Get off your rear and get out there and change things!

      • The Truth Seeker

        Every precinct has Republican and Democratic inspectors, the machines are set at zero and there are poll watchers usually there from both parties. Your assertions and suggestions are ridiculous and specious. Obviously since you trust no one, you should move to counties that you feel more comfortable with. Most would term you as a paranoid.

        • Mike

          I got news for you Stephanie..I trust no one either!! PERIOD! Especially if they are a politician..either party!! The only thing they care about is their padded ass! The only way is to have a STATE ID..no ID..NO VOTE! And get rid of the electorial college!! We don't need it..it's the 20th century! We get info by the second..no need for the college!!

        • Kittyhane

          If a man knocks on your door and says "hello, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Ya, and I've got some swamp land in the middle of the Arizona Desert I'll sell you.

        • Freedom ISNT FREE!!

          Obviously Truth Seeker is right! If the political machine run polling monitors say it is so, then I must trust it to be the truth. Oh how silly of me! I am from the government I am here to help you! Also just to add to my previous post. Get out there in those counties and start knocking on doors. Find those who are not registered voters, educate them on the US Constitution, lead them to the polls. Create an email text army of voters, help them get out there and vote! Take back our Freedom from those who trust the political machine to care for them!

        • twocolts

          We know a hero-worshiper of the criminal Obama when we hear from one..you just keep that kool-aid flowing..your messiah is instrumenting massive chaos in every form...economic, social, divisive, moral and racial-divide like never before in our history, with total collapse as a goal, concluded with the permanent position as tyrant/dictator/king. His imperial-highness intends to keep his throne.

    • independant

      very good idea

    • Mike

      Yes..daughter of a vet..I do. But FIRST..we need to get rid of the electorial college! We don't live back in the 1800's where it took weeks or months to get news and the like from coast to coast! Get rid of it! Why should the politicians get more than one vote..we need to go on what's right...the peoples vote..that and nothing else!!

      • Keep the ELECTORAL COLLEGE

        Explain to us why getting rid of the political college will work better than the electoral college which currently gives a fair shake to states with smaller populations. Then only states with large cities will control the direction of the country. Just as NY is mostly conservative people but NYC controls and dictates how things run in NY.

    • Laster

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Are you really not mentally impaired. Surely you jest. LOL. Go for it and get Sheriff Joe to keep all the records and hold the press conferences where he reveals the really, really real evidence. MITT WINS by 75M. GO MITT

      • Daughter of a Vet

        You obviously don't care if hundreds of thousands of votes from our troops who are fighting overseas didn't get their votes counted. That is a sad note. It may have made a difference. And, voter fraud has been proven in several states, so we can't just pretend it didn't happen. And, no, I am not mentally impaired, just informed.

  • http://twitter.com/RobertGPerrin Robert G. Perrin

    Will anything be done, or do we just lick our wounds?

  • junkmailbin

    no s-it sherlock

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSRJ2G37O3AFOH3LISCRMFJYLE R

    The governors of Ohio, Florida and Virginia should by executive order conduct state wide hand recounts of all paper ballots. This will either restore voter confidence in the computer aided vote counting system or it will expose any computer vote counting fraud.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-M/864710542 Steve M

      Good thinking...

  • http://www.facebook.com/becky.mcclure.5 Becky McClure

    Then people do something. If we break the law the cops come after us and we are punished. He is not above the law and no different than us. Dear God don't let him get away with this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSRJ2G37O3AFOH3LISCRMFJYLE R

    Everyone in FL, OH, and VA should write and call their governor to request an executive order for a monitored state wide hand recount of the 2012 vote.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-M/864710542 Steve M

      Actually, the voting machines gave the votes to the wrong person, so a recount won't help, the dems are not stupid, so they are not afraid of a recount.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-M/864710542 Steve M

      recount the paper ballots...best way to go...

  • gypsy314

    Stupid question why do you think they would not allow republican monitors in to do there job. I think it is time for the electoral college scam system to go bye bye. When a few union swing states decides our leaders then that is a big problem and when less then one third of our nation votes even bigger clue something wrong with that picture. And when democrats are the only one to say NO to voter ID well that should say it all.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We need to keep the "Electoral College." The Founding Fathers were very wise men and put that system into place for a reason. That is why each State, regardless of size or population, has 2 Senators. The "Electoral College" does the same thing, to help insure States get equal representation in the election process.

      • gypsy314

        I do not think that our founding fathers expected a few swing states to decide our leaders. Plus less then one third of our country votes. My wife said just let the swing states vote and decide our leaders since they decide it anyway. I would think for the people by the people would say it all.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          As the demographics change, so will the Electoral Vote. For example, at one time Ohio had "25" electoral votes. It now has "18" votes. When people wake up and move from closed shop states (forced union states) to right to work states, this trend will continue.

          One thing that REALLY needs to be done is getting the 17th Amendment repealed. This is what really screwed things up. In 1913, the 17th Amendment was passed, the STATES have not had any representation in Washington D.C. The States used to "appoint" their two Senators. The people directly elected their Representatives (that is why the House of Representatives is referred to as The People's House).

          Had the States been represented in Washington D.C., a lot of the crap we have going on, would have never seen the light of day.

  • The Truth Seeker

    Any more cr-p you clowns wish to disseminate? Is your purpose just to stir the pot of hatred and mistrust? Your audience of know-nothings thrive on this type of balderdash and myth. You sound like the GOP official in Maine who was startled by Black people voting. Wow, did he back off that load of crud. In the top ten states where President Obama won, his margin was almost 8 million votes. If you took all the Blue State majorities it would far exceed 10 million votes and there were 62.6 million votes cast for President Obama. In almost every precinct there is a master election book and one has to sign the book under one's signature. If one's name is not in the book one has a "sealed" ballot which is counted later. The percentage of sealed ballots is tiny. I was a poll watcher for many years and have run campaigns, on and off for 40 years, so almost all of these charges are specious. The accusation of fraud is therefore an unsubstantiated falsehood. In fact, with regards to fraud and voter manipulation, almost every prosecution in the last few years has involved Republican operatives and appointed officials. The most recent in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

    In a recall elections for the Wisconsin State Senate in 2011, Americans for Prosperity (a conservative organization that was supporting Republican candidates) sent many Democratic voters a mailing that gave an incorrect deadline for absentee
    ballots. Voters who relied on the deadline in the mailing would have
    sent in their ballots too late for them to be counted.[15] The organization said that the mistake was a typographical error.

    During the United States Senate election in Virginia, 2006, Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections Jean Jensen concluded that incidents of voter suppression appeared
    widespread and deliberate. Documented incidents of voter suppression include:

    Democratic voters receiving calls incorrectly informing them voting will lead to arrest.
    Widespread calls fraudulently claiming to be "[Democratic Senate candidate Jim] Webb
    Volunteers," falsely telling voters their voting location had changed.

    Fliers paid for by the Republican Party, stating "SKIP THIS ELECTION" that allegedly attempted to suppress African-American turnout.

    The FBI has since launched an investigation into the suppression attempts.[31]Despite the allegations, Democrat Jim Webbnarrowly defeated incumbent George Allen.

    Prior to the 2008 United States Presidential Election, on September 16, 2008, Obama legal counsel announced that they would be seeking an injunction to stop an alleged caging scheme in Michigan wherein the state Republican party would use home foreclosure lists to challenge voters still using their foreclosed home as a primary address at the polls. Michigan GOP officials called the suit "desperate." A Federal
    Appeals court ordered the reinstatement of 5,500 voters wrongly purged from the
    voter rolls by the State:

    In the Maryland gubernatorial election in 2010, the campaign of Republican candidate Bob Ehrlich hired a consultant who advised that "the first and most desired outcome is voter suppression", in the form of having "African-American voters stay home."[39]
    To that end, the Republicans placed thousands of Election Day robocalls
    to Democratic voters, telling them that the Democratic candidate, Martin O'Malley, had won, although in fact the polls were still open for some two more hours. The Republicans' call, worded to seem as if it came from Democrats, told the voters, "Relax. Everything's fine. The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight." The calls reached 112,000 voters in
    majority-African American areas. In 2011, Ehrlich's campaign manager, Paul Schurick, was convicted of fraud and other charges because of the calls. In 2012, he was sentenced to 30 days of home detention, a one-year suspended jail sentence, and 500 hours of community service over the four years of his probation,
    with no fine or jail time.

    In the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal, Republican
    officials attempted to reduce the number of Democratic voters by paying
    professional telemarketers in Idaho to make repeated hang-up calls to the
    telephone numbers used by the Democratic Party's ride-to-the-polls phone lines
    on election day. By tying up the lines, voters seeking rides from the
    Democratic Party would have more difficulty reaching the party to ask for
    transportation to and from their polling places.

    • victorbarney


    • howellrh

      Yeah, democrats are much better at cheating.

    • Tripledeuce

      If you're really seeking the truth, you need to get away from the Huffington Post, the dalycos, all the broadcast TV channels and most of the network news channels. Get an open, objective mind, seek out the real facts yourself, and any clear thinking American will see the corruption, fraud and lying that abounds with this butt-head and his administration. It's cheap and easy to try and discredit the truth by using "race" as the tool, but it's not working, except with your own kind.

  • PMDavis

    Obama won through voter fraud, period.

    • The Truth Seeker

      What proof? Put up or shut up!

  • skayh

    What are they going to do about it?? NOTHING!? Why? Because they are afraid? Or...?

  • DockyWocky

    Take one look at Broncobama and then ask yourself that question again.

  • Bryan

    Yes there was voter fraud. Romney didn't care to investigate because he is controlled as well. Goldman Sachs won!!!! That's all that matters. "This may have been the last free election we have as Americans" I don't know what this author has been smoking, but I want some. America hasn't been a Democracy since the foreign banks highjacked our Federal Government.

    I also believe that this may have been the last free election we have as Americans

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-victory/#ixzz2Ch84fBKa

    I also believe that this may have been the last free election we have as Americans

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-victory/#ixzz2Ch7yqPA7

    I also believe that this may have been the last free election we have as Americans

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8149/were-election-computers-programmed-in-ohio-to-give-obama-the-victory/#ixzz2Ch7yqPA7

  • http://twitter.com/laforetmary Mary Laforet
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1011557190 Patti Smith Stenger

    Why continue to talk about this when nothing is going to be done to look into it. Where is Romney on this one??? Again silent!!! How do we make it right at this point where do we go? Our only hope at this point is in God!

  • Braceyourself

    If so why does the Elections Commision or whom ever is in charge prove the safety of the machines then random select communities to back test for legitimacy? We should not roll over and accept the word of people who have a dog to hunt in this election! Get a backbone Republicans! Demand that the authorities prove their words that the election was fair?

    Braced for a fight if needed?

  • MacdonaldC

    Electronic voting machines have to go! For a fair election, one needs a paper trail, not an electronic one.

  • Anne_PA

    Busted: Obama’s Fieldworks Illegally Funneled Money to Defeat Allen West

    And now THIS?

    How much ya wanna bet that Ohio wasn't the ONLY state that the computers were programmed to give Obozo a victory.

  • dsmithuva75

    How did those 149 Cuyahoga precincts vote in 2008?!?!?

  • Georgetheclown

    Don't you CRYBABIES ever stop winning? Get over it. Crawl back under your rock! YOU LOST! You can't stand getting beat by a BLACK MAN. and twice. LOL.

  • victorbarney

    Not necessarily. I'd like to first know if "WOMEN ALONE" ALSO WERE the LARGEST VOTING GROUP THERE BECAUSE, LIKE BLACKS, ONLY ABOUT 13% of our population, but 100% for Obama, is WHAT ELECTED THIS MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) TAKEOVER, NOT BLACKS! DUH! OBVIOUSLY, WOMEN ALONE DID SO IN OHIO TOO! Welcome to Adam's world, even BEFORE the 1ST MURDERER was EVER BORN! Just saying, what is, is...

  • craig

    some were at my voting place...need to recall them

  • System failure

    It seems with the most technological advances we make in voting apparatus,the more our system is open to fraud. How can you respect our voting system,when you can't be sure you have an honest result? This is a good example of Democracy working in reverse!!!!

  • pquinnip

    seems as though we need "hackers" in the Republican Party that can"counter" the fraudulent hackers...thus proving that electronic voting is rigged

  • Lady Liberty

    How can this 'election' be overturned and the vote held again for the country...but with only PAPER BALLOTS???? Anyone have an ideas?

  • ARMYOF69

    I have yet to hear from anyone in the judicial system saying they will look into this potential national fraud.

  • AZWarrior

    No doubt. I refuse to believe Americans are that stupid, given the last four years.


    There is an EASY fix. ..

    Do NOT use the machine, just take the trouble to use the paper vote. AND CHECK THE VOTER's VOTER ID, NOT JUST DRIVER"S LICENSE.

  • David in MA

    Should be easy to prove, have the guy who testified before congress that he wrote a program that would do this, then check the machines, i'd suggest starting in those districts where Romney received not one vote.....but all congress will do is posture and complain, LETS SEE SOME EVIDENCE THAT CANNOT BE DISPUTED!

  • popps52

    I worked at a precinct in Ohio. YES....they WERE fixed. When a person pushed the VOTE button...the machine automatically went to the default system. In the default system obama's name would OVERRIDE any name that was put in. I witnessed it in real time. So....YES the machines were RIGGED.Why did Axelrod seem so confident about the OHIO vote ? HE KNEW that the machines were rigged. HE .....should be prosecuted......and ALL the votes thrown out. EVERYTHING.....everything.......should be a paper ballot.The entire vote SHOULD be thrown out and ANOTHER election vote be done. THIS TIME THE HONEST WAY.....BY THE BALLOT.!

  • DrBillLemoine

    It's not voter fraud you refer to. It's candidate fraud on the right. Given Romney/Ryan's fuzzy, but negative-headed policies and budget, it's not surprising but amusing that urban minorities and working people voted near unanimously for the incumbent. The only fraud documented during the past few months is illegal voter suppression and anti-democratic action by right wing officials in OH, FL and other 'red' states. Who wants to deport millions, cut off affordable healthcare for millions, increase prices or decrease support for medicare, food stamps and unemployment insurance like the severe conservatives? Who is so heartless and lacking morals to squelch the programs for displaced workers and the poor? Who wants to contract government with austerity budgeting that we know from Europe leads to recession, if not depression? Who would vote to emulate Greece which spooked the markets and still distorts the Eurozone's economics? Don't be stupid.

    • fiddler

      Excuse me sir, WHERE is MEXICO in all of this? Stop with your sophistry. I assume you didn't grow up in a border state. Why should tax payers foot the bill for benefits of people who came here presumptively? Do you believe in fair voting or stuffing the box with people on the public dole who only vote for that reason? They are willing to set aside their religious morals for a free meal, contraceptives and benefits they their mother country refuses to supply aid with. Illegals are not our citizens. I don't want to pay for willful criminals, and for women who can't keep their pants on. And I don't care fore the likes of Her Majesty Nancy Pelosi who said, "We have to pass the Bill so we can know what is in it".

      • ARMYOF69

        Bill is full of Piled High and Deep bull$hit.. Ph.D.

      • DrBillLemoine

        Excuse me, Anonymous Unaccountable fiddler, the subject is voter fraud. No evidence exists anywhere, attested by Bush commission and current Justice Department checking, of widespread fraud. You're a dittohead if you think so. It's the political right blocking reforms that take care of your concerns. You probably don't work anyway or understand federal policymaking like Ms. Pelosi speaking to people like you. The right doesn't read anyway and when they read the constitution in congress, they skipped unsavory parts and don't understand the rest. When did you last read any founding documents in whole or in part yourself?

        • Tim Flowers

          Speaking of skipping parts so called Dr. it looks as though you have not done your homework as well seeing as Obama care is stealing from Medicare to pay for Obamacare , pot calling the kettle black. Have you read the bill??? Probably not , or only the parts you agree with? IF you ARE a doctor where are the medical personnel going to magically appear from to see these added millions of patients they are forced to see? Last time I looked it takes substantially more time to school and train Drs and nurses than the 2016 timeline put forth. Talk about being stupid?

        • DrBillLemoine

          LIke the rest of the ditto heads, you ignore the fact that deductions from medicare are from providers not benefit recipients. My physician has doubled his offices and staff to accommodate expansion. We do need more physicians--another kind of doctor--maybe from immigration you probably hate. The undereducated republican base won't ever strive like medical personnel to learn valuable and high paying skills. If so, the schools will be better at every level and garner more public support. BTW my magnet school initiated anatomy and physiology courses by satellite for high school students 20 years ago, first in the nation. All I suggest is possible, if not currently being done in isolated places.

        • Tim Flowers

          All that you spout is pie in the sky "damn, I hope this happens" crap!! If the stars and planets align themselves and we lived in a perfect world what you say MIGHT happen. I'm a realist however and study history and those who have tried this "mistake" before. I am NOT inclined to accept waiting 6-8 months to see a doctor as happens rutinely in Britain and Canada . And that's for a well visit!!!!!!!! Come on..... We will NOT have the numbers of qualified physicians who actually can speak English to see the numbers of people seeking their services. Statistics show that drs are retiring and getting out in anticipation of this fiasco. If you'll take a moment and look at the ads seeking nurses the signing bonus they offer is ridiculous. Your "math" does NOT add up sir.

        • DrBillLemoine

          The innovative medical program was possible through federal granting and state approvals with student/parent demand--not pie in the sky, but real. I don't know why you wait for your doctor--I see mine on 2 hours notice if necessary, stays late at the office for me even on a Friday. YOU are the one with narrow vision, no creativity--all is possible if you can think it up. I've had physicians from abroad and Tontiplaphol was one of the best. You must live in WY--even Dick Cheney had to go to another state for his heart. Good nurses ARE hard to find--ask my sister the nursing supervisor. Economics backed by problem solving legislators and aggressive businessmen always find a way--you're too pessimistic, to old for this modern fast-paced world.

        • Tim Flowers

          Hey dimwit, pay attention!!!! If you had actually read my post you'd have realized I wasn't referring to your medical magnet (omg)I was referring to what you hope will happen due some high school kids take A&F classes. If you'll pay attention you might learn something besides talking points heard "I have a chill going down my leg" Chris Mathews . Take a moment and look up the theory of unintended consequences, the thing that Britain and Canada overlooked when they tried a single payor government controlled healthcare system. No, I don't wait to see my dr right now but after the sh#t hits the fan after obamacare is implemented you get back to me and tell me how long you have to wait to see ur dr. GB and Canada didn't think this would happen but it did. Are you deluded enough to think "oh, this could never happen in America cause we do it better using "economics backed by legislators and aggressive businessmen always get it done". By the way slick, I'm 55, I live in Fla and I haven't got a pessimistic bone in my body so you failed that test. My hope is that people like you wake up and use reason and common sense and get their bullshitometer"s fixed.

        • Tim Flowers

          You obviously have NEVER run a business. If your income is cut to that extent you cut services extensively or cease to accept Medicare patients which is the path many drs are choosing. Your logic is flawed.

        • Tim Flowers

          And if your dr "doubled his staff and office space" to see more patients for much less money per patient then how will he remain profitable? Cut individual services per patient, less time spent or even deny service for chosen maladies. It boggles the mind that a "ditto head" like me could think outside the box like this! I would suggest perhaps taking an economics 101 course to accompany the on line "doctorate" you claim to have.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JoAnn-Warner/100000558756529 JoAnn Warner

    Have them all checked .

  • tina

    i say do a recount all over and make sure no one cheats .romney should of gotten in not the anti-christ

  • MacdonaldC

    This video is from 2006 in Ohio. Why hasn't anything been done since in Ohio?

  • cheryl

    Voting machines should be done away with. Most of them are run by the Unions and can be programed to change your vote. All 50 states should go back to the paper ballot where a voter can watch it go into the ballot box after voting.Republicans will never win another presidential election is this continues. Let you governors know you want paper ballots.

  • David in MA

    The best way for this to be settled is for the electorial college to cast their votes for Romney/Ryan...
    And, if they had the b alls they would. The electorial college does not have to cast their votes for obozo, they can cast them for whomever they want.....yes!

  • TheSunDidIt

    You would think that liberals would want the protection from Republicans stealing the votes too as much as we want defended from their fraud.

  • Irate in Colorado

    Please tell us what our options are,aside from contacting politicians who either lack the cajones or are unwilling to step off their gravy train,to do anything about this corruption. This week, I called John Boehner's office for 8 hours, left countless messages,tried to contact his office in Ohio and got nowhere. If you can find anyone with the balls to get this fraud out of the White House, please let me know.

  • Patricia

    Could be.. Why can"t we recheck all the votes? I think we should have write in votes again

    to stop cheating.

  • Bill Tyner

    So, he wrote the program for Republican Tom Feeny. I guess the tar brush is a wide one. When that media woman said to Obama last week "Yes Mr. President, I've never seen you lose", it reminded me once again of the debate with Candy Crowley "Candy, get out the transcript", "Candy can you say that louder". When will people begin to go after the media whoring for Obama. OK, sure, there is some heat on them but I see that going no where.

    They are the 4th estate and the Republic is rotting. Media cover up of criminal government behavior has led us into this morass. Can they bring us back out too? I doubt that government can without their help (even if they cared to). Has the media sell out made them so comfortable that they have forever lost the dignity of honesty and loyalty?

  • john811c

    It would be interesting if a coup occured and the electoral college voted to elect Romney instead of Obama boy would the Shi hit the fan

  • Richard B.

    Would anyone here object to making voting like a credit card purchase wherein you begin by swiping your picture ID and finish by signing a two part copy of your vote?

    • JohnGalt

      Someone smarter than me said that online companies like Amazon, EBAY and NewEgg already have the security logistics in place to make non-corrupt online voting a reality.

      Where money talks, REAL solutions are developed.

  • haroldson

    You would think with so much to verify cheating there would be calls for an investigation in to this mess, I think it goes so high up and involves so many people in high place that no one will touch it., maybe a two million man march on the White house would get some action..

    • Pam Peck

      This is fine with me and mine. Just say when.

  • Dr Shirley Lynn

    Of course the votes were stolen not only in Ohio and unless you plan on doing something about it; It is a stupid question and not worth talking about. We should be raising hell!

  • john

    Since the Rule Of Law no longer exsists, time for Conservatives to fight back with the with the same set of rules.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Gould/1015334739 John Gould

    Well, it isn't at all about the people who cast the votes. It's about who counts them.

  • akright

    The Obama administration kept the Petraeus scandal quiet until after the election so the media and Congress/Senate would be too involved with the scandal to pay any attention to the voter fraud throughout the country. Most scandalous administration in history. They should be ashamed, but you'd have to have moral ethics to be ashamed.

  • Pam Peck

    We waited patiently for the answer from Chief Justice Roberts. Wrong answer.
    We waited patiently to see who would win the election. The wrong man won.
    Every state in the union has signed a petition to secede. Do you think there will be a response? I doubt it.
    States can decline Obamacare by what they call Gov. Exchanges or the House can defund it. Do you think they will do this? Scott Walker and Jindl both Republican Govs. stated on Sunday with Chris Wallace that rather than raise taxes on their citizens they will accept Gov. Exchanges. OMG what has America come to? We have to do something drastic and soon. Hurry

  • Grandchoir

    What on earth can the public do about this kind of thing? I live in Texas and feel helpless. Alan West is in Florida and a judge is refusing a recount. Fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of race or encumbency and there should be 0 exceptions for technicalities!!!!. Where is the TRUTH and transparence? Why are we forced to accept such deception?If the election was fair, then I'll acept it. But if it was fraudulenty won, tell me what I can do to change it now and not 4 years from now!!!


    • Phillip_in_TX

      WE are working on it, we are going to secede.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Were Election Computers Programmed in Ohio to Give Obama the Victory?

    Do bears crap in the woods? Does Michelle Obama take vacations? Does "it's not my fault Obama" bow to foreign leaders? Do skunks stink if you run them over with a car?

    We did not have any election, we had a farce!

  • DOOM

    Don't wait for the liberals in the republican party to say anything about it. They've proven that they don't deserve to win.

  • Proud texas gal

    Okay, if this is so and I for one do believe it is true, what can we do about it...anyone???

  • Saltporkdoc

    Don't forget Wood County, Ohio (only 2 miles south of where I live). 96,000+ eligible voters, 108,000 votes cast!

  • ginger

    Does the sun rise in the East??? of course the machines were rigged...no question.

  • Jane75

    This , I don't know what to call her, she should not be on TV... she needs to be locked up and the key to her cell needs to get lost....she doesn't have a clue....GO AWAY>>>We don't need your views...you are stupid

  • Laster

    The sky is falling and you guys had no knowledge other than a nice little programmer that electronic machines can be hacked. OMG no on ever mentioned that. Y guys are awesome. Why hasn't Sheriff Joe been called in to get these varmints. I'd he can do in Hawaii he can do it in Ohio. I mean hacking and proof from 2006. Wow. Y guys rock. If we get back Ohio, then Mitt will win....oh wait, he would still win DRAT. Have to go prove in all those other states. That's ok, Joe can solve. Let's go.

  • Brenda

    I fail to understand election officials not clamoring for a recount in view of the reports and proof submited of voter fraud and machines "malfunctioning". It is obvious from the reports out of Ohio that voting machines DO NOT stop voter fraud. I am in favor of going back to the old fashioned paper ballot. Yes, it will take longer, but at least we will get a good count and have evidence of how the vote actually went.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Donovan/100000031258401 Paul Donovan

    I feel we might have lost our country to an all out takeover of freedom . I feel for my grand kids and the freedom and liberty stolen from them and the financial cost we put on there backs so a entitlement program now for so many is pushed out for them to pay. The unborn is paying for the welfare programs of today. What was the cost It was 145,000 thousand dollars per person. That's now it will go up with interest. Our government , for every one dollar we pay in taxes they spend 1.68 . That's crazy stuff that's 68 cents of spending then we as a country make total. And we borrow that from China at 45 cents on the dollar interest.

  • Laster

    ALWRT ALERT. If Obama can hack systems, he can be dictator for life. Really, the two are obviously the same. When can we march onnWashi futon and take over. This secede stuff is just too slow and anyway LSM doesn't even cover. Let's go. Stop him from becoming a dictator.

  • lorene

    From what I hear most voting machines were fixed for the bum to win, so now what do you do with that

  • Engineer313

    Anyone, and By God, I mean anyone who would belive otherwise just flew in from another planet. This has got to be the most dishonest Administration in my life time, and I would dare say, in most people's lifetime. I really hope you people that voted for this man are proud of yourself. You are as guilty of helping him destroy the fabric of this great country as he is in doing it.

  • wayno

    Remember George Soros BOUGHT the company that got the contract for the voting machines-DUHHH

  • scientist5

    My sister has lived in Illinois since 1946 and has told me many times how flagrantly corrupt elections are in that state. In fact, she cannot remember any honest election ever taking place in that state. Her analysis is - the last votes come in from the Chicago area. It then amounts to how many votes do you need to win and Chicago furnishes them. Now i fear it has infected the national elections.

    I am not at all surprised about fraud in this past presidential election. In my opinion, this is the most corrupt Federal administration in our country's history. Only the Harding administration closely resemles it - Harding's Teapot Dome scandal. The diffenence - this time the corruption is not hidden, it is very TRANSPARENT. This crowd of hoods show complete disregard for the American public. Coupled this with the stupidity of about 15-25% of the voting public and corrruption is now acceptable as a method of governing. Who won on the basis of the reported total votes in each state - not the real votes? OBAMA. So who lost - all Americans? I am convnced that Romney would have been one of our nation's most successful Presidents. Unfortunately, we will never know. However, history will record Obama as the worst president in our history, and the most corrupt.

  • atmorefaye

    The election was won by bama through fraud efforts actually Romney won the election if they would get off thier tails and doe what is right and stop this liar thief murderer(4 dead in Libya) was Obama s responsibility and he ignored that it even occurred and I want him charged with fraud and treason now!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernard.miller.35977 Bernard Miller

    Call for a recount America, the election results are fraudulent, the recount should have been the "GOP's first response."

  • Jill

    Let's go back to pencil & paper voting so there can be no fraud.

  • catnip24

    a company called scytl that is based in barcelona spain had the contract to count all of the votes in the 2012 presidential election. barcelona spain just happens to be a place where michelle obama loves to vacation. other states had use this company before and got rid of them, basically saying scytl was horrific.

    why would we have a foreign company involved with our elections. obama hand picked this company. we were warned before the election about scytl and how the electronic voting could never be recounted.

    i'll take hanging chads any day compared to obama's scytl and this totally corrupt and fraudulent election.


    were election computers programed ? you bet you arse they were .Oboma Knew it was in the bag a year ago .WAKE UP AMERICA .WE NEED A NEW ELECTION SYSTEM TO KEEP THE RATS FROM PLAYING WITH THE RESULTS ...

  • xoxozo

    SEND THIS TO YOUR SENATOR S & REPS. Will ANYONE do anything about it???Probably NO...both sides are now against the citizens with the exception of a few. Send this to Rand Paul. I think he MIGHT do something!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    it wouldnt make any difference whether Ohio cheated or not, the two parties already agreed they wouldnt go after vote fraud...http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/why-the-gop-will-not-do-anything-about-vote-fraud/

  • steve69licks

    Until the people of this country say enough is enough and take matters into our own hands
    these crooks who are running this beautiful country will stay in power and do what they want
    It's time to make a stand,some of us may die but by God I'll take some of them with me
    God Bless America Semper Fi

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1626768785 Deb Lytle V

    The bigger question is why isn't anybody doing anything about it. Why is congress sitting on their butts and sucking their thumbs. This is not only the most corrupt administration we have ever had in America but the most inept congress!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    every state that had Voter ID laws ,...obama lost.....one of the Reddest was Oklahoma, so why didnt AG Holder sue Oklahoma?, all of the states that holder sued, Ohio, Fla, Penn, Co. we close races, and they knew if they could remove or stop the Voter ID Laws, they could forge enough ballots to put obama over.....under the 12 Amendment if 1/3 or 18 States refuse to cast electoral Votes , the Congress decides the election, we could reverse the fraud if we forced this to happen......but you have to actually work on it.."liking" it wont get it done

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    OF COURSE IT'S FRAUD!! Why inell do you think these electronic voting machines were introduced to begin with? To get 'results' faster? NO! It's EASY to explain! Easy to hack. Easy to reprogram 2/3 of votes for Romney to show in 0bama's box. NO PAPER TRAIL to expose any monkey business. And the cherry on top, this years votes were counted by A SPANISH software company, who bought out the Americans who USED to count them, and is heavily under the influence of George Soros! How's that for fair and honest vote counting?

    The many instances reported of Romney votes becoming 0bama votes in OHIO early voting and other states were severly under reported by the MSM. (Oh, gee, what a surprise there, huh?) Voters noticed that the mark for Romney changed and called the attention of the polling station 'manager' who typically said ' well, this machine must need recalibration'. Really? Ya think? So, they got their boyz into the machines before the general election and 'fixed the problem' so that the stolen votes never showed.

    Yeah, this one is beyond any doubt stolen. But will we ever prove it?

    If they're willing to steal a national election, I wonder what sort of surprises they have in store for us citizens?


    He stole the election and no one but Allen West has the courage to stand up for honesty...I think the past many elections were crooked. Why don't the losers do anything to get an honest vote? Do we have any leaders? John McCain let it slide...now Romney too. The Christians better wake up...the government is after YOU.

  • JJM123

    So without a paper trail, how can anyone prove that things are on the up and up and that electronic manipulation did not occur?? Why would we have some machines showing voters obvious changes to their selection? Perhaps showing small visible descrepancies might distract us from a HUGE invisible theft in multiple machines and/or tabulation centers??

  • Mary Hamel

    This is beyond disturbing to me. I don't like fraud of any type - whether it be to help a Dem or Republican. What a screwy system we have. Machines that you can not verify votes and voter fraud? And we just sit here and take it... there has got to be a better way to govern a country. This is such a joke.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCILMBKTPBAYD2VUNVKOCZATFU FRANK

    Mr.Right can go on with his self before his fans he can do no wrong they placed all their trust in a one man name with a one man game he came before their country and what was best for it and now we will be wash down the toilet and yes petitions was signed and sent to Congress about the voters fraud ahead of time did that stop it nor did Congress stop it NO!!and they will not do anything about it now maybe we need to do like the blacks did in 1965 riot and march to the White House until we get what we want that is the trouble with whites they do not have the balls to carry out a mission that is why the blacks get what they want so pretty soon we can take the back seat and obey their commands and as far as impeachment they will not let that happen either they will be afraid of replacement and lose all their money they get

  • pat

    This is why the poliliars do NOT want paper ballots, it's much harder to commit voter fraud. Nothing will ever be done about it other than increase more electronic voting machines. This has been the establishments plan for years. Maybe maybe if we start pressure now protest every capital over voting machines and corruption maybe they will get it. Make our request or be taken out just don't get descriptive on the taken out part make then fear. Why must everyone ALWAYS vote for a lifer, liar, family member, lawyer, retired military, spouse etc of every poliliar. We vote the same people expecting a new result now every side of the table fears common sense so Ron Paul gets tagged as a crazy but reality is he is RIGHT on. He cant be wrong we never tried his policy but we continue to support the same elites and thier failures over and over and over and over and over again. Try something different like Ron Paul if all REPUBS and DEMOCRAPS and a few independents steer away then he must be Right as the rest ALWAYS do wrong.

  • Chinook

    As far back as I can remember,Democrats have always cheated on elections,and they will never change. When Nixon ran against Kennedy,many dead people in Chicago voted for Kennedy. Obama needs to impeached and convicted,but the Senate would never convict

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.a.horvath.129 Michael A. Horvath

    For what reason are ther no chllenges, as with GORE and Florida in 2000? I am disgusted with the Republican appatchik, just plaung dead, ut increases my suspicion that the Republican appartchil, pick our candidate, than promote a policy to keep the turnout down.
    There are moles in the Republican party orchestrating there defeat.

  • c.

    did u also see James O'Keefs video exposing fraudulent registering, etc. ? much fraud being reported everywhere! Do investigation and recount.

  • fedup in fl

    Yes, sir, by crook. Tthats how that piece of human waste won. It sure wasn't on the up and
    up. As being totally legal. I think all those precincts that had some sort of irregularity
    on election day, like when obumers picture was on the wall of the voteing precinct and
    all the others, they should have all those votes declared null and void. And any that had
    the black panthers outside with clubs etc. Those should also be declared null and void.
    And the republician party needs to grow a set of balls and stand up to this kind of fraud.
    The election needs to be done over totally, and get ballots to overseas troops, you know the
    one that couldn't vote because they didn't get their ballots in time. Anyway redone totally
    legal and supervised by people like me. And if a honest election was done and that
    piece of human waste won, then ok let the porch monkeys have their man.

  • Marykate

    I am almost ashamed to admit that I am a native of Illinois --- but I CERTAINLY
    DID NOT vote for Obama and I know many others in this part of the state
    who DID NOT vote the Chicago Machine's candidate. When I lived in
    Chicago, we usually knew we could not beat the Democrats but we never
    stopped voting against the machine despite remarks that often were
    made when we asked for the Republcan ballot.

    • deena01

      Same here. From illinois and not one Obama sign to be seen and he wins the state by huge numbers! I didn't believe it then and for sure now!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RT7T7LCQ56NAYGU5OZZKRXSTFI Texan

    Do not allow voting machines!! Obama is a big crook and would do anything to ruin America! Please, can't someone do something to impeach this fraud imposter???

  • Richard A. Day

    It does not make any difference no one has the guts to stand up and do anything about it anyway. The man should have been impeached years ago and tried for treason for giving our tax dollars to those would like to wipe us off the face of the earth. Also for his oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States!

  • rivahmitch

    I totally agree with your final paragraph.

  • Marykate

    I also have fear that he will somehow get changes made so that he never leaves
    office until the day he dies natually!!!
    I wish I had thought to ask my Aunt who changed her party affiliation when
    her father died if she has voted for this man!!! She's been voting as a Demo
    since the 1960's -- one can only hope and pray that she finally voted THE
    CORRECT way!!!

  • A_Nobody


  • Schnable

    Well the machines did not decide to switch the Romney votes to Obama. Only a corrupt Democrat would be so bold as to give 100% of the vote to Obama in one precinct, 108 % of the vote in another, only 10 votes in a hundred, or more precincts. Fraud? You bet, on a big time scale, but who is going to do anything about it? No one! The most corrupt President in the nations history. Millions voted to reelect him. Of course. half of those votes were from the people who are new Food Stamp receipients. Three million Republicans did not vote, so that helped the Democrat liar quite a bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/njsidge Anthony Arezzo


  • Nadine

    Without a doubt...it was rigged!

  • Chris

    This site just propagates rumor and innuendo. It fails to report the true reality of the video. All they want to do is stir up the ignorant and gullible. If there were election fraud your super smart white businessman would figure it out - but NO - YOUR CLOWN RAN AWAY. HE LOST. Get on with your lives and stop listening to the clown posts that "Godfather" posts here. He has no interest in moving forward - he just wants ignorance to prevail so you'll support the banks, oil industry, gun industry and the like.


    I programmed complicated engineering design programs. To insure that a mistake by anyone inputting data was not made the program corrected that input statement and then flagged it so that a human knowledgeable engineer would evaluate the design. In other words I could command a computer to do what I desired regardless of input.



  • Fred Mateski

    So why isn't Mitt Romney & the old guard Republican party protesting & demanding a recount even if we have to pay for it???? What are they afraid of? Why is it always the Democrats protest & we sit silent??? Old guard grow a set or get out of the way. We are tired of the lying & cheating of the left & we demand justice NOW!!!!!

  • twocolts

    Anyone that doesn't believe massive fraud took place on November 6th, needs to get off the drugs..or go back on. The Obama/Democratic machine have been building every possible fraudulent method of keeping power since the messiah became a Senator, or even before. King Obama was being groomed for the destruction of our USA long before we even heard of the criminal. The death-warrant of this nation was signed on November 4th, 2008, re-signed again on November 6th, 2012, just to make sure the collapse was guaranteed.

  • CaptTurbo

    Yes, Ohio and every other swing state that was foolish or corrupt enough to use the electronic systems.

  • ireAmerica

    Please hammer on your State Governor AND Gov John Kasich of Ohio - DEMAND to audit the vote NOW because of over 60,000 verified issues in the national election voting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000834538213 Olinda Moore

    i call voter fraud in all the swing States,the people love Romney .. i hope one day they can found out what really happens...becouse i smell smoke...

  • Don39

    Of course, and in every other swing state!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1296053947 Wallace Booth

    Did He win by voter fraud? DUH!!! It also seems as though we need to completly clean house in congress to since NO ONE will investigate this and call for a complete recount. If the Dems hadn't of gone so overboard on the fraud then we may not have known for quite awhile. When the civil war does start it will be Left against right. Once we win then France can take whats left of the left.

  • mattzweck

    Well Obama bypasses Congress anyways.

  • jsmithcsa

    This was the most corrupt election we have ever had. Of course, four years ago we said the same thing.

  • glock 19 fan

    The "election" was rigged. Southwestern Ohio is overwhelmingly Republican but went for BO in a landslide. Remember the "hanging chads" in Florida? That was a fabricated excuse to replace the punch cards (there was nothing wrong with them) with electronic machines that could be "fixed" more easily. The secret is the memory card that is inserted into each machine. About the size of a playing card only thicker, that is what kept changing Romney votes into Obama votes and almost nobody knew the difference. Whoever programs the cards controls the election outcome.

  • the_uglydog

    And he'll win his 3rd term the same way.

  • Brabado

    Can't understand why, if there are such proofs about openly rigging Voting Machines , to commit Voting Fraud, according to programmer Clinton Eugene Curties, testimony before the Ohio State Legislator, why on hell, nothing ever happens in the most famous "check and balanceds" Country, in the world? Does anyone?


  • bhudda

    I love all this fact finding rethoric but gee we still have Obama .If they want to blow their horn why not do something constructive like Impeach Obama Or assasinate Obama and make the news a little bit more cheery not more depressing.

  • obfusk8

    Josef Stalin:

    It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheennagracey Cheenna Gracey

    WHY did the Republicans sign off our right to question voter fraud in 1981????

  • Retro Ranger

    Duh!! We already knew this would happen before the election. The Republicans should insist machines be checked for problems before they are used, or be smart enough to hack the machines for their party. The only way to beat the Dem's is to beat them at their own dirty tricks.

  • Is it true

    *****Question is WHAT WILL THEY DO ABOUT IT?*****
    I read an article that the RNC got in a jamb around 1982 and signed a consent decree with the Demos in court that RNC cannot challenge any election in court, and the original judge, who's82 & retired comes into court every year to resign the agreement. What kind of crap is this in the face of rampant fraud???????

  • robarsan

    I agree wholeheartedly with the testimony received via email..that the election was a fraud.
    The strategies were known by the president all along. How else could he be so certain of his victory, though he lied through all the debates along with his VP? How else could he be so brazen as to promise the Russian a deal after he was elected? How else could he ignore meetings with Intel or continue to play golf while Panetta and Clinton made the decision to get Bin Laden? He is simply a celebrity, playing the biggest role on the planet, and making fools of all those caught in his web of deception, while the rest of the enlightened suffer the consequences of the fools' vote and the corruption that took place. So what is anyone going to do about it?

  • Kari

    And what's even worse is WE ALLOW THIS and aren't outraged by it, out on the streets protesting. We all know he didn't win fairly.....it's the end of the US as my grandparents, parents and I knew it.......and we're giving away the farm to the Liberals - Socialists/Communists/Marxists/Facists!!! Next will be our free speech.....do we still have that?

  • determented

    Sure the election was rigged but where in hell is Boehner and Co. not even a mention of an in vestigation or protest unless we do it, there will never be another honest election never. Everyone who gives a darn should sign Rand Pauls petition to make this so called Rep. party stick to the Constitution instead of dismissing it at everychance they get. Fire Boehner ,Mcconnel Senate, and Cantor House now. Dont let them give away America.

  • truepatriotintx

    People, the testimony that Mr. Curtis gave is absolutely true. I am a programmer and though I have never actually worked on these specific machines, I guarantee you that with minimal lines of code, what you think you select on the machine can be changed when the final submission occurs and no one would ever know it! I think in some cases, the screen refreshed and some people actually saw the selection change, but I believe it was intended to make the selection and not refresh the page. This way, you think you voted one way, the screen shows it, but your selection was changed behind the scenes. You would have to physically look at the source code to see the offending code. It could be as little as 1 line in a web page, for instance to change the selection in a radial button. I suspected that this might happen if you paid a programmer the right amount of money to do it for you. The only way to truly get accurate results is to have someone drop some type of voter card into a machine that counts it at that point, but you have a paper backup to verify it. Because the overall voting numbers were so large in this election, there is little recourse for this at this point, unless one of the programmers comes forward.

  • Francesca

    We must return to paper ballots! Period.

    Paper ballots; purple fingers.

  • cae973

    The only way to have fair elections in this country is to follow these 3 steps
    1 pass a federal law requiring picture id for voting in all states
    2 return to paper ballots
    3 Change electoral college so that each state gives just 2 electoral votes

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      Number 3 will be an absolute non-starter that alon
      could kill any chance for reform if insisted on. Why should the state of Alaska get the same amount of votes as the state of New York, even though the latter has over 25 times the residents? You essentially give a NY resident 1/25th the power of an AK resident.

      You could get agreement on 1 and 2, but never 3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.creamer.79 Thomas Creamer

    The Fix was in long before we started to vote ... Obama and his sugar daddy George Soreass "Nigged Rigged" the Election and the machines that count the votes ... The Coward, Traitor, and Lying SOB is a TOTAL FRAUD !

  • liberty76

    I hope the Republicans have the guts to call for an electoral college accounting. It takes a 2/3 quorum and if that does not happen, it is thrown to the House to choose the President. This is our only chance to defeat this kind of fraud!

  • Anne Caston

    You bet. I know Philadelphia was! How dare those people threaten others if they didn't want to vote like they wanted them too. Ohio is the same way. He Knew the night before he was going to win.

  • DAY8293A


  • sreynolds

    It's obvious obmaa was hand picked years ago to be the president, there is no way in hell he was re-elected, he prbably won the first election fairly but, after 3 1/2 years of his BS only racists and parasites voted for him. HE DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. We will watch a show or movie about this in the not so distant future. Provided freedom of speech is still an American right.

  • Vancouver1941

    Of course this election was rigged and the hanging chads in the 2000 election is nothing compared to what went on 2 weeks ago.Besides all the Ohio fraud voting, in Philadelphia Obama got 100%!! and Romney zero. How stupid does this administration think us regular Americans citizens are?!! If Romney got 100% don't you think the democrats would be suing and everything else about now. Now this country is going to hell in a handbasket as the saying goes and for those who voted on the democratic ticket ( I didn't) you are getting what you wished for-high unemployment,higher taxes,more regulations,epa restrictions.The gravy train will run out and you will learn there is no FREE LUNCH!

  • lib_erator

    We see more and more of this year after year. If the republican party wants to help themselves they should stop this kind of vote robbery. They should all stand up and make sure that our military gets the right to vote. I am sick and tired of seeing the military vote being wasted because their ballots are late. They more than anyone deserve the right to have their say. They put their very lives on the line for us every day. Cheaters should be thrown from this country forever if caught. Time was we could trust that our votes were counted. Lawmakers get a grip on this or you just might see lots of folks wanting to leave the union. Honesty has always been and is forever the only way to go in life.

  • Jack Parker

    Of course they were! Any one who thinks differently is criminally naive. The same can be said of PA.

  • Marykate

    deena01, I would have agreed about the Mormon statement in the past, but I don't really

    think that the Protestants/Evangelicals would no longer have been preaching against

    Romney because of his Mormonism. But since I haven't been to church in sometime,

    I don't know what the Protestant ministers have been telling their members.

    I do know that at least a number of my cousins DID NOT vote for the Obama.

    One cousin said you no longer have to show your voter registration card -- I found
    that strange as DH and I have been required to show our registration card since
    we moved back to IL from PA in 2008.

  • PastorRuth1

    As to the West/Murphy race in St. Lucie County, Florida:
    "The Washington Post (no friend of Col. West) reported today: Allen West-Patrick Murphy race: Florida to probe vote issues."

    In fact, the Post further reports that, "After a partial recount of early voting in the county (St. Lucie), West gained 132 votes and challenger Murphy lost 667."

    Gertrude Walker (elections Supervisor for St. Lucie County" said herself, "Mistakes were made,," St. Lucie nees a new Elections Supervisor...one WITHOUT a FRAUDULANT AGENDA!! Let's clean house before the next BIG ELECTION!

  • Babes

    Yes, the touch screens were programmed to vote for Obama every time one put in Romney it came up Obama.

  • Skeptik

    I'm amazed that someone thinks Obama stole the election after seeing Karl Rove's meltdown on election night. There's a reason he was having a meltdown. His plan to steal the election was stopped.

  • Skeptik

    I think the computers were programmed the other way. So says the conservative Examiner.


  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    There are reasons software-related to eliminate touch screen voting and go to mark-sense voting. However, I would want to see evidence of where these precincts are, and compare it to historical trends, before commencing a wild-goose chase rather tha an investigation that is targeted.

  • rchguns

    There is absolutely no question as to massive voter fraud! And the majority of it was pointed directly At Dirty Diaper Head Obama. This man and his campaign will go down in history as the worst example of the possibility of a free election. The only way to really check and tally the votes would be for the individual states to investigate on their own with absolutely no links to the federal government.

    Without going to voter ID cards there will never be an honest election and the reworking if they're going to use electronic voting to a similar system used for security on many home computers that utilize a thumbprint. That allows for the thumbprint and about the cross-referenced to make sure that that thumb voted the way the owner wished it to vote.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    May the crooked people who put obama in office all have more misery and pain than God suffered on the cross.

  • Aunt Lala

    Aunt LalaHe is not offically president until the Electors vote on 12/17/12. While it is rare, it is not unheard of for them to vote against popular vote. FLOOD the offices of your state's Electors with request that they help us take back our nation and not give the biggest gift in the world to a cheating fraud. Check your state's Secretary of State website for a list.

  • lzakar

    the corruption that is so much in the Washington now, what's really under the underbelly of Washington that's not showing in the light now?

  • Sha

    of course they were programmed, people have complained about them from the get go but that was the only way the gov could make sure of who would win. Why else would they ignore the complaints from the majority (We The People) about the electronic voting machines and use them anyway. The gov NEVER operates to our best interests, only their own.

  • Sha

    Obama will forever be history's damnation of America...100 yrs from now people will be educated on how a lying, cheating, treasonous President was elected...I hope this country never forgets how the downfall to this country happened so it will never be repeated, if we ever recover that is.

  • Cincitiger

    They stole my wife's ballot when the scanner rejected it for selecting too many supreme court candidates. She did not select too many. The poll worked tried to insert the ballot then and it kept rejecting it. He then pushed a button and it took the ballot but did not read "ballot read". This way they stole Hamilton County (Cincinnati area) for the Obamanable Muslim and Sherrod Brown. Filthy swines.

  • Anita Phillips

    Why aren't the Republicans screaming at the top to their voices for a revote!! When things are this crooked their has got to be a way to prove it!!! Why isn't Romeny insisting on a revote?? All of the contamenated machines should have been supeened!! Obama is getting away with stealing the election!!!

  • Moozmom

    I will never vote again. It no longer matters. We are done.
    An Ohio Voter

  • soyson

    It seems pretty simple. Go to some of these 149 precincts and find some of the Romney voters. If it's more than 10 people per precinct, they are in trouble. If we don't expose this fraud now how do we ever expect to win again?

  • http://twitter.com/laforetmary Mary Laforet

    They say Romney lost by 3million...anything is possible but that much error had to come from a bigger area..Every body has looked at all angles of this. Its denial, I still deal with it but the sooner he's impeached, the better. He just managed to throw more mud...and Romney thought he was so nice!!

  • WilliamSpires

    American elections are now run like Cuba or some small country dictatorship and we will probably never be able to bring about a fair election, not peaceably anyway. Every government department that is charged to ensure fair elections has been infiltrated or has built in corruption.

  • Jude O'Connor

    Doesn't turn you stomach when you hear politicians say, "This is a nation of laws". A fraud for the President, a Congress that passes laws they exempt themselves from, and a double standard they deny to the hilt doesn't exist but there sits Charlie Rangel a convicted criminal.

  • http://twitter.com/ObamaDualer Oak_Tree

    Selective service fraud

    Birth certificate fraud

    Social Security number fraud

    Apparently fraud is Obama's crime of choice. Now we can add election fraud to his list of frauds.

    The numbers do not add up. Somehow Obama got 8 to 10 million fewer votes this time but none of them bothered to vote for Romney. Riiiiiight!!!

  • gwedem5995

    If Obama was an honorable man, he would be the one to have this fraud investigated but I don't think he is honorable and probably wouldn't want to know the results.


    Was that Maxine Waters asking questions towards the end of the video? If so what was she doing at an Ohio State hearing? Am I having a senior moment or did they say this was a 2006 video in an Ohio State hearing?

  • A Real Republican

    Isnt this the same question asked about Bush winning over Gore ?

    The polls were wrong and my party (Republicans) had a poor candidate.

    Quit whining and get *GOOD* candidate next time.
    In fact, this is the 3rd election in a row my party (Republicans) botched.

  • paulbenedict

    Maxin Waters from California is at this hearing. It can't be in Ohio. Why do you think it is 2006?

  • http://www.facebook.com/glenn.hendriksen Glenn Hendriksen

    .......DID ANYBODY.....'notice' ........in the beginning of this video that OLD FART 'negro'.....SHAKE HIS FIST in JOY during the testimony WHO was seated in the audience?....alongwith the fact that MOST of the 'negros' were also SQUIRMING in THEIR seats if not leaning OVER and whispering in each OTHERs ear?!?!............ANY FURTHER Qs about WHAT might have TAKEN place this past 6 November 2012.........and HOW 'worthless' the ameriKan (system?) of government IS IN FACT today??!!.........i rest my case...................................SAD!SAD!SAD!SAD!...........SORRY to say i am IN FACT a COMBAT VN veteran here in 2013!..................'nuff said'