The Government Wants to Watch Our Every Move

Two stories this week hit a nerve: The first involves a student about to be expelled from a Science and Engineering program because she refuses to wear a mandatory RFID tracking device around her neck. The identifying device is mandatory for all of the students attending this school.

The device carries a photo ID, name, tracking chip, bar code, and pinpoints the exact location of each student, even after school hours.

The second story is about a law that permits “authorities” to read anyone’s emails without authorization.

The first story is from San Antonio, Texas. Andrea Hernandez is a student at John Jay High School. The magnet school is not for habitual offenders. The school requires high academic scores and unparalleled attendance records in order to qualify. It also requires full participation in the identification and tracking program. Ms. Hernandez’s refusal, undertaken with the full support of her family, may result in her expulsion and then transfer to a school that does not “currently” participate in the tracking program. It doesn’t have a specialized Science and Engineering curriculum.

The second story originated in the United States Senate. The bill, originally designed to “protect the privacy of America’s citizens” was changed. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, self-satisfied, self-appointed defender of the people, had surreptitiously revised the original bill so that, according to Declan McCullagh of C-NET, “Leahy's rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission — to access Americans' e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant.”

The original bill, according to Senator Leahy, was supposed to provide “enhanced privacy protections for American consumers by . . . requiring that the government obtain a search warrant.” Now it seems that revised bill eliminated that requirement. Senator Leahy was not interested in protecting Americans; he was attempting to circumvent the First Amendment. Scalded by exposure, Leahy dropped the bill on Tuesday (I will not “support such an exception” for warrantless access). As if he hadn’t been the one to make “warrantless access” a provision of the bill in the first place. The bill had been scheduled for a vote in the Senate next week.

The Senate grows more overweening by the day. That is why this story remains noteworthy. The only reason Senator Leahy withdrew his support of his own bill was that daylight had disinfected it. Without the outrage generated by a vigilant public it would have been buried by the media. Welcome to the most “transparent administration in America’s history.”

Students at John Jay High School, and their families, are objecting to mandated tracking on the grounds of religious freedom and freedom of speech infringement. Local outcry has forced a suggested compromise; removing the battery and tracking chip but keeping the photo ID, student’s name, and bar code (directly linked to the student’s social security number). The Hernandez family, however, would be “required” to end their criticism of the directive.

Ms. Hernandez’s father categorically refuses. He doesn’t understand why his right to disagree with the offensive program should be forbidden. Students at John Jay complain of being treated “like cattle.”

These two stories are just two examples of bureaucracy, Federal or local, growing increasingly eager to limit our freedom under this administration’s encouraging eye. Both stories are powerfully cautionary. How is it that IDs carried for voting purposes are an “infringement of rights” but American citizens are required to submit not only to wearing an ID but being tracked everywhere they go, 24/7? When did it become acceptable to consider monitoring an American’s communications, without a warrant? Has America reached the point where only the “rights” of illegals are protected?



  • Phil1985

    Here in our town, students rampage to keep a course on Latin American studies that tells them that they are oppressed (and didn't know it), and that white people are evil. They will chain themselves to the podiums at school board meetings and go protest at the school board members' houses, chant and threaten violence. Where is that kind of outrage over something that really matters, like being forced to take this dehumanizing ID? These kids in Texas don't need to become D-bags, all they need to do is have a public ID burning ceremony. Send that message, kids! You are people, not drones!

  • Doodlebug

    I would like to suggest that on this Thanksgiving Day we all get down on our knees and earnestly thank God for our freedoms and rights. We the way things are going in America with obummer wanting to take over everything in our lives and make America a dictatorship, this could very well be the last Thanksgiving Day we will have anything left to be thankful for. If we want to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day next year, it just might be that we will have to celebrate underground even as we might be having to worship underground. Thank you God for all you have given us in the past and please send your Son to come once again to make us clean and end the turmoil under this administration. Thank you God. Amen

    • Les

      What rights? Read CAREFULLY all of the Patriot Act and NDAA which are in affect now and see how you fit in. You are free to do lots of things here. You are free to pay never ending taxes on everything and I do mean everything. Land of the Free now means you are free to do whatever the federal, state and local governments tell you to do. It's kind of like Harry Reid's "voluntary tax" statement about the federal income tax. Somebody needs to hand that fool a dictionary.

      Please keep believing you are free.....

  • Coda

    Democracy is so wrong. We need a republic! democracy is majority rules, I had a buddy tell me that people would never vote away ther rights so there is no need for a republic. People don't understand that's exactly what they're already doing. How did this democrat socialist president whose on the verge of fascism get elected. I wish I was born in the days where we had good men like reagan.

    • Shermer

      Democracy would be just fine if you were in the majority, wouldn't it?

      • JeromefromLayton

        According to Ben Franklin, before the Revolution, about the difference between Democracy and a Republic: Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. A Republic is a well armed sheep contesting the vote.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Love that quote.

        • eddie3896

          Hey, I like not only makes good sense...but its the God"s truth!

      • williamboylan

        In a democracy, the majority, the mob, rules. In a representative republic, the minority is protected from the tyranny and the whims of the majority.

        • Shermer

          That's a good point, William. I'm sure many homosexuals, muslims and atheists would thank you for your support.

        • Laurence

          Shermer: Do you consider homosexuals, Muslims and atheists evil? Keep in mind that freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion....and bigoted people like yourself.

        • Shermer

          No Laurence, I certainly don't. I was pointing out the hypocrisy in William's statement - as a member of a minority (I assume he's a Republican voter) he wants protection from the majority. I doubt he'd extend that protection to homosexuals, Muslims and atheists when he's amongst his Christian friends.

      • Les

        what's completely missing is the rule of law. The members of Congress that voted for the Patriot Act and the NDAA committed treason. In a republic they would be immediately arrest for violating their oath of office as per rule of law. We were ruled by laws. Now we are ruled by lawyers.

    • eddie3896

      I agree with you...and yes, I voted for Reagan and he was the last great president
      and may be the only one for a long time to come. I wish God would give him
      back to us...we need him...NOW!

    • Tim Sudderth

      You obviously didn't pay attention in Civics 101 - the United States IS a Republic!

  • Screeminmeeme

    Welcome to Omerika, folks.

  • ARMYOF69

    Only the guilty need to look over the shoulders.
    And our government system has plenty of guilt.

    • fatman45

      When everything is illegal, everyone is guilty!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      The problem is "who gets to decide who is guilty?" We cannot wake up, and get out of bed, without breaking at least 5 laws somewhere.

    • The Watson

      If that were only true Armyof69. Have another glass of Koolaid. From one who was Army51.

    • Penguin9penguin

      That is all well and good but that attitude leaves room for more encroachment on all of our rights

    • freedomgirl

      The Government system is washing the guilt off of eachothers backs...
      They drain their dirty tubs on us, shifting the blame...

  • Babsan

    This is Commie tactics

  • C.A

    In the coming years, we will all be subjected to "tracking devices" and favoritism by the coming full-blown communist regime.

  • Tim

    There are sneaky bastards in every political party. Keep a watchful eye and trust no one.

  • richo345

    Resist, but resist smart.

    Contact you local young hackers.

    Do not make a big fuss about resisting, just disable the IFRD tag and walk around as if you outwordly comply.

    Hack and disable the chip.

    • adamenochnoah

      I disagree. This is America & Americans need to scream to high heaven every time anyone tries to infringe on our sovereign rights. Soak those ID chips in water overnight, then microwave it to be sure, & then refuse to wear it...

      • Julie

        I agree with you. People NOT making a fuss of things ("it's no big deal;" or, "it doesn't affect me, so why bother?") has been the largest factor as to why we are where we are now. As in, trashed constitution and no real rights to speak of.

        Freedom isn't lost overnight. It's a slow, painstaking, deliberate step-by-step process that begins by appeasing/bribing the weak, brainwashing the young and silencing all opposition.

      • Renellin

        That works for me. If you have to wear it 24/7 though, they probably expect it to get wet. But yeah I would cause it a bit of stress every chance I got.

      • Laurence Almand

        Why go to all that trouble? Why not just toss them in the fire?

    • Renellin

      They will know, because guess what they will be watching her more closely now. When they can't find her, they will hunt her down and inspect her badge. Then they will criminally charge her with tampering and destruction of school property.

  • Joy Stewart

    At which point people will you stand up, realize theres an elephant in the room and actually do something about that elephant? When they come for your guns, wipe out your bank accounts, retirement accounts? What really? Pretty soon when you get so scared and want to join with others online you will be monitored and kept from doing so! People you better wake up!

  • Racine Woodward

    This proves the mindset of this stupid government. Again "EDUCATION SYSTEM". The kids are not being taught their rights. If it wasn't for some smart parents this would be overlooked. High marks for those smart parents!

    • freedomgirl

      My 8th Graders next book to read is Agenda21, by Glen Beck...
      Also, The Hunger Games Trilogy is a great read for kids 10 and up...
      Luckily, we live in a secluded Republican town.
      Moved here for that reason...

  • believe

    Every body that thinks Obama will be around to do all this damage to OUR country.RAISE YOUR HAND!!

    Not even One hand?


    • freedomgirl

      Unfortunately, this website does not reach all...
      I always see the same names...
      Same arguments...
      Wonder if we'll all be in the same FEMA Camp together?

      • Renellin

        No we will be put on high speed rail and relocated to cities where they can watch us more easily, limiting the amount of space and resources each of us can take up.

  • believe

    Barack want to play Hitler so bad, But he has made a fool out of himself before,. don't hold your breath he will keep doing.

  • WildChild

    If I faked my death, then come back as an Illiegal alien, I can get my rights back as a US citizen...
    I can vote, get Government assistance, free food, home and cell phone.
    I'd be totally left alone to do as I will.
    I can deal drugs and guns and start a gang that harrasses any White Person in my territory.
    I will be rewarded for that, because, I am the victim here, in this all White Nation.

    • Renellin

      We should all do this. Where is John Galt?

  • cyber_hackster

    Welcome to Amerika

  • DandBA

    The fools that re-elected Obama must be happy now, but wait, I fear that they along with the rest of us will become the dregs of a Communist Dictatorship.

  • Laurence Almand

    Good for the Hernandez family! If I were a student I would not tolerate this prisoner-like treatment. Isn't that what they do to convicted sex offenders? Forget this authoritarian school and find another one. There are many good schools that don't treat their students in such a Gastapo-like manner. Why doesn't the state outlaw such practices?