Atheists Protest, Cry, and Whine for Being Depicted With Horns


Atheists come out in droves as we approach the end of the year and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. They go trolling for sympathetic judges that will shut down any government acknowledgement of Jesus’ birth. The latest atheist “victory” comes from the city of Santa Monica.

The Washington Post reports –

“There’s no room for the baby Jesus, the manger or the wise men this Christmas in a Santa Monica park following a judge’s ruling Monday against churches that tried to keep a 60-year Nativity tradition alive after atheists stole the show with anti-God messages.

“U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins rejected a motion from the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee to allow the religious display this season while their lawsuit plays out against the city.”

Kind of ironic, don’t you think, that this happened in Santa Monica,  a city named after an early Christian saint, the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo, by a judge who took an oath to uphold the Constitution that includes the phrase “Done in the Year of our Lord,” 1787 years from the birth of Jesus.

In addition, every government employee, local, state, and federal, will get Christmas day off with pay. This seems a bit hypocritical.

It’s OK for atheists to attack Christians as fools and argue that they believe in a god that’s akin to believing in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy, but it's not OK to ridicule atheists. For example, an atheist billboard carried the following text aimed at Christians:

“Sadistic God; Useless Savior, 30,000+ Version of ‘Truth.’ Promotes Hate, Calls it ‘Love.’”

Now an atheist group has its panties in a wad because someone drew horns on a smiling atheist who adorned a billboard paid for by the Freedom of Religion Foundation.

Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor, wrote the following in an email:

"It reveals how nonbelievers are still stigmatized, even in a community like Portland, where statistics show that a quarter of the population identifies as nonreligious.”

She went on to say that “atheists don’t have horns . . . it is literally demonizing us.” What does she care if atheists are portrayed as beings they say don’t exist? While I don’t approve of defacing property, even if it’s the property of atheists, I have to laugh at the charge that atheists are being “stigmatized.” So what have the new atheists being doing to Christians for the last ten years or so?

One last thing. There is no property, prohibitions of the defacement of property, or law breaking of any kind given the operating assumptions of an atheistic, materialistic, something-from-nothing evolutionary worldview. Atheists have no real reason to complain about anything. They are simply caught up in the vortex of evolutionary development.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Atheists are the biggest whiners around.....always ready to dish it out but just can't take it.

    • patsy1715

      To bad ALL the folks can't get together and put up Nativity secene on their own lawns.

      • John

        Yup more Chinese crap - wasting electricity. Then you are going to whine about your electricity bills. Always whining

      • jrs

        You can, that is your first amendment right, but governments should not be sponsoring any religion.

        • William Wallace

          Nobody is asking for government to sponsor anything. They are asking to use public property like anyone else has a right to ask to use public property, such as when people get permits for demonstrations, rallies, raffles, whatever. Lots of groups use public property for their functions. As long as they offer equal access to all groups, there is no "sponsorship".

        • Deborah

          Oh go piss in a hat. We ARE a Christian nation, get over it. Just because a very small percentage want to take God out of everything doesn't make it so. We have a NATIONAL CATHEDRAL not a national Mosque or a Athiests meeting hall. We have the Ten Commandments in the Supreme court. THeRE is NOT to be a State Sponsered reigion but that doesn't mean reigious expression sould be squashed. Except of course if you are a closet Muslim Like Obama who wants to make sure they gte special treatment., OIbvious to every sane American not to oblivious OBAMA syciphants in the throes of teenage idol orgasmic lust for him.

        • jrs20

          Treaty of Tripoli states that we are NOT IN ANY SENSE a Christian nation, so you just proved your ignorance and bias. This treaty was signed by Adams and unanimously ratified by the senate.

        • cyoder

          The treaty means that Christianity is not the official state religion of the US like Islam was the official religion of Tripoli.

        • Kittyhane


        • AnnW

          So why did the government make Dec 25th a national holiday?

        • Pastafarian

          AnnW - Dec 25th is also a Atheist holiday. Some call it Festivus, some call it "holiday", but us Pastafarians celebrate Ramandan.

        • arich45

          Winter Solstice actually.

        • Edward53

          So you're a Muslim?

        • Pastafarian

          No, I'm a Pastafarian. I'm sorry spell check did not catch it. It's actually spelled Ramendan. It is a day of sacrifice. We are only allowed to eat Ramen to feel the pain of the poor or college student. Not all of us celebrate the same way. Some prefer to celebrate Pastover or just "Holiday".

      • Kittyhane

        I urge it. We have had a 10' cross my husband built in our yard for 25 yrs. Used to light it up especially on Easter.

        • overthetop

          in your neighbor's yard?

        • arich45


        • Kittyhane

          On the border of our neighbors yard too. Everyone loves it.

        • arich45

          You used to light a 10 foot cross in your yard? I hope your African-American friends didn't object.

        • Pastafarian

          I think that is what she is getting at. That's why she said "light it up".

    • True Patriot

      Putting horns on the atheists is true. They are just like the devil. The devil is never satisfied.

      • Pastafarian

        Defacing church property = hate crime
        Defacing Atheist property = shut up you whining baby!

        I guess Vandalism is not a sin.
        Spray any message you do not agree with!
        Go ahead and hit the synagogues and mosques while you still have paint in your can.

        • Pastafarian
        • Frank Williford

          Oh you mean like athiest do to anything they dont like, go screaming to the courts crying about how someone elses beliefs and traditions offend you if there is any possibility you might see it. go cry somewhere else most people dont care one bit what you believe we just want to believe how we want to. Sides, how do we know that athiest didnt do this themselves just to garner sympathy for their cause, seams to be a lot of that going around on the liberal side lately.

        • Pastafarian

          Going to the courts to help settle a disagreement is the legal way to do things. Instead, when someone saw this billboard they disagreed with did they acknowledge that someone thinks differently than them and just ignore it? Hang an opposing billboard? Peacefully protest? Write a letter to the editor? Run screaming to the courts? Nope - they got out their spray paint and defaced it and turned the other side into a non-human demon.

        • William Wallace

          They don't believe in demons, right? So what's the big deal?

        • Deborah

          here's a clue Atheists are merely scared believers. If they didn't believe they wouldn't care one bit what others believed in.

        • dave_aka_lambsev

          Everyone understands that God exists, but some deny that fact and are turned over to delusions, atheism is one such delusion.

        • arich45

          Which "God" is that? Yahweh? Allah? Zeus? Odin? Vishnu? I am curious, really, which one is it that refer to?

        • dave_aka_lambsev

          The Creator.

        • Ray

          That's right, God said that if you keep turning away from Him, He will confound you!

        • Ort

          When you atheists put as much effort into being a thorn in the side to muslims, as you have been to Christians, THEN you can open your mouth. You are too cowardly to do so---you know it, and we know it. Stop riding your high horse until you do so.

        • William Wallace

          Yup, every group is the same way, pick on the easy target. They are too chickensh1t to go after Muslims because they don't want to be killed or seen as racist so they go after the religion of the white male. Cowards, liberals, progressives, atheists, are all cowards.

        • anonymous

          Spot on. EXCELLENT argument.

        • Pastafarian

          We do not mean to be a thorn in your side. We wish you the best. Pray away. We do not care how anyone else worships. Just keep it out of government. The government is constitutionally required to be neutral in these matters.

        • Cheryl Vogt

          Then why remove a manger scene in public view??? Do not understand your point.

        • Pastafarian

          This is not the discussion, but I'll bite. No one is asking to remove a manger scene just because it is in public view. You can put up your nativity scene on your property or on land owned by the church or in front of any business that is fine with it. Only when it is on PUBLIC property.

          Even then, I'm OK with it as long as you let all the other religions put up their displays too. Every religion should have the opportunity to display their idolatry right next to yours. No one has the authority to say "your religion doesn't count" so there may be dozens of competing displays. Besides - the nativity scene is against the 2nd commandment.

        • Nanette Gray

          IF you do not believe in anything..then why would it matter any more than putting up the "Golden Arches" for McDonald. My point..belief "in nothing" then should NOT offend you if someone believes in something or the expression of such. It is no different that anything else expressed in public! Do you go after the "Easter Bunny" how about "Frosty the Snowman or "Santa Claus" and yes the public displays for Halloween? If they and Christ is a myth.....why do you treat it in reality you are bias because someone else believes Christ is real! So this really has nothing to do with separation of Church and State...but that you are offended that someone else believes different than you. How can you even call it a "religion" if to you it is a myth. Is secularism a religion?

        • Pastafarian

          Perfect example. The golden arches should also not be displayed in the town square. Having the government validate and promote McDonald's over the other fast food chains and the smaller mom and pop restaurants is precisely the problem. The government cannot "establish" McDonald's over the others. Just because they have served over a billion people, it doesn't give them the right to dominate over all the other places to eat. Its not a problem to have the arches on their own property - but keep it off the town square and out of the public schools.

        • voter suppression

          In you mind religion and McDonald some how equate? So no more freedom to make our own choices without you telling us what to do?

        • Gunner Ebb

          It's OK, they tell me I'm going to hell because I said I have athiest friends.....not what I believe?

        • Vmjsc

          That actually was the situation in Santa Monica until a local atheist got a bunch of people together to flood the city's application process and essentially rig the lottery for spots in the park, preventing the Christians from putting up their traditional displays. The atheists didn't even use half the spots they "won."

          <> Only if you were to worship the statue and sacrifice food to it.

        • Vmjsc

          Wow. Don't know what happened there. I'll try again.

          "Even then, I'm OK with it as long as you let all the other religions put up their displays too"

          That actually was the situation in Santa Monica until a local atheist got a
          bunch of people together to flood the city's application process and
          essentially rig the lottery for spots in the park, preventing the
          Christians from putting up their traditional displays. The atheists
          didn't even use half the spots they "won."

          "Besides - the nativity scene is against the 2nd commandment."

          Only if you worship the statues and sacrifice food to them.

        • Daniel Gray

          Ok, show me exactly where in the US Constitution it says religion should be out of Government. And DONT try that 1st Amendment crap. The US Constitution was finally ratified in 1787. The VERY FIRST mention of the mythical Separation of Church and State was in 1802 in a letter from Jefferson to his detractors in Boston. Use simple math, that means the very FIRST time this was ever mentioned was 15 years AFTER the final ratification of the US Constitution. Meaning that the ONLY way for you to change anything in the Constitution is by a Constitutional Amendment. There is no record in the Congressional Archives of this ever being done. And under Article 3 Paragraph 2 Section 2 of the US Constitution it clearly states that Congress can overturn ANY decision of the US Supreme Court for any reason, UNLESS the Supreme Court can show where it is clearly listed in the Constitution like the 2nd Amendment and its statement about the People. Article 1 clearly states that the only people who have the authority to give anything the weight of law is the US Congress and the State Assemblies and their designates. As such the Church and State decision by the Supreme Court is clearly in direct violation of the US Constitution. ANY sane and rational person can see that, so what is your problem that you cannot?

        • jim

          I agree with your post 100%. No where in any Founding Documents does it say anything about separation of Church and State. All it does say is that the Central (Federal) Government can not established a National Religion, but no where does in prohibit a State or Commonwealth from establishing one for their State or Commonwealth.

        • I can read

          Your prohibition is right here

          Article. VI. paragraph 3

          The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

        • Cathy Chancellor Wright

          Actually, the First Amendment says that Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE thereof.

        • sha44ss

          Does that include Obama who is an appeaser to the Muslims?

        • wattsupstupid

          No it is not in the Constitution! Read it no where does the Constitution say sepration of Church and State. You assumed that from a letter that was in answer to a question about state religion such as was in England meaning the Church of England being the state accepted church. The answer was that there should not be "A" state church but that all churches should have the right to exist. You atheists have twisted the truth to fit yourselves.

        • Patty Hubbard

          The idea of separation of church and state actually came from the 1947 Supreme court decision in the case of Everson vs Board of Education. A 5/4 split with Justice Hugo Black writing the assenting opinion. Both Jefferson and Madison, years after the signing of the Constitution, wrote of their OPINION regarding the "separation of Church and State. However, given the length of time required to write and rewrite the Constitution and the carefully crafted wording I believe if they intended there be an absolute separation of the two the wording of the 1st amendment would have been different.

          Given that Webster defines religion as "relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity" and given that the atheist believes that there is no deity in their reality I believe that Atheism qualifies as a religion and there by pushing this belief on the public and with the Supreme Court constantly pushing their cause above others the government is, by default, enforcing a national religion of Atheism and that is something that needs to be addressed.

        • jim

          The First Amendment was a restriction on the power of the Federal Government, not a grant of [power]. It prevented the federal government from establishing a national religion, but it did not grant power to that government to interfere in the Church-state relations decided upon by the states. The Amendment clearly states that "Congress shall make no law" pertaining to religion, NOT Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania, shall make no law.

        • wattsupstupid

          really good point

        • WILLIAML

          Please consider where most of the government laws come from.
          The Bible

        • Sagan

        • Electro

          Keep atheism out of the government as well

        • LiveFreeOrDie

          Exactly. And you know even in China they would be thrown in jail because they are annoying :)

        • arich45

          Seems like believing in your almighty deity lends one open to so much hatred. So I say screw God, Allah, and Yahweh they all suck.

        • Ray

          That's a weak reply. You guys & everybody else practicing hate goes after us Christians because you've heard that we believe in practicing peace, loving our enemies & pretty much being passive. We do try, some like me have a long way to go, but we try because we believe in the Lord. Let me tell you something though, we are also told to protect our Family, our life & our freedom--the free agency that Jesus gives each & every one of us! So because we don't go flocking to the streets like animals & swearing we're gonna take your lives for your unbelief & desacrations against us, don't make the mistake of going too far & reaping the whirlwind! Peace.

        • WILLIAML

          U R Exactly Right!

        • Tionico

          the athiest billboard is a free expression of opinion, and made more possible in a free market society. The horns pained on said billlboard are a free expression of opinion, made more possible by a free market society. So, what's the problem?I've seen those billboards aroud the Portland area and have found myself wondering if those people depicted on them truly are who they say they are, or whether they are just models paid to sit for the photographs, and made up names. I have also fouind myself wondering just WHO perpetrated the VERY costly vandalism and wanton destruction of the Mars Hill Church in Porltand.... was it methodists, mormons, hare krishnas, roman catholic, jews? I rather doubt it. Seems the "athiests" have their knickers knotted over such a church coming to town. and no, I'm not a member of Mars Hill.. just happened to read about said vandalism recently.

        • dean29685

          You sir are the archetypical bigot.

        • StephenFR

          You might want to reread the article. There was no mention of anyone spray painting or defacing. It was a message on a billboard properly paid for that they are disagreeing with.

        • notislam

          Right they are wusses --- because they don't dare go after the Savages of Jihad!

        • Kenneth Lee

          Since when is telling the absolute truth defacement??????

        • Jim David

          So you don't mind if I come and spray paint things on your house as long as I believe they are absolutely true?

        • Pastafarian

          Paint a giant unicorn - why would they mind, they don't even believe in unicorns!

        • dave_aka_lambsev

          Atheists and Lawyers must make wonderful bedfellows, one gets to whine in court, the other gets paid to help the whiner.

        • medic2003

          There are no demons according to you. I assume you are an atheist. Maybe they shouldnt have vandalized the sign, however what you people do to others traditions because it offends you is equally offensive to us. You have twisted the Church and state argument to suit you and now people are fighting back the only way they can. You are in the minority, even in this day and age.

        • arich45

          You are in the minority, even in this day and age.
          >>> And you the sheep are the majority.

        • Ruth Walker

          The Consitution is clear that the majority is not allowed to control the minority when it comes to religion.

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          And the tail is not allowed to "Wag The Dog", either.

        • medic2003

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
          prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or
          of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition
          the Government for a redress of

          That says nothing about the majority controlling the minority when it comes to religion, It says the government will not tell you what your religion has to be and that you are free to worship how or what you choose. In a way the atheist groups ARE using the government to restrict freedom of speech by filing stupid lawsuits over peoples religious practices they dont like. In most cases it is Christian practices they target. The Bible says it will happen. Doesnt mean we have to take it.

        • ckandersen

          No one defaced the sign. Someone PAID for a sign to inform atheists of how they are perceived due to their actions against the religious. Gee, the atheists don't seem to like it very much, and even you seem "sensitive" to being described as a non-human demon. Why? Does it hit too close to home?

        • Pastafarian

          From the article: "...someone drew horns on a smiling atheist who adorned a billboard paid for by the Freedom of Religion Foundation."

          This is a Gary DeMar "article" so I understand how you missed it - he often obscures or hides the facts. The Freedom FROM Religion Foundation put up a series of billboards introducing Portland to Atheists who live in their community. This one shows the IT director for the non-profit New Avenues For Youth. The billboard was defaced with devil's horns. The vandalism has been reported to Portland Police and the foundation has offered a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

          Read more:

        • Daniel Gray

          Good luck in trying to collect on that reward.

        • ckandersen

          You are correct, and I apologize. Regardless of one's position, I do not agree with defacing private property.

        • Ruth Walker

          Read the article: "Now an atheist group has its panties in a wad because someone drew horns on a smiling atheist who adorned a billboard paid for by the Freedom of Religion Foundation."

        • Gunner Ebb

          Athiests that are being offended are similar to muslims offended by Danish cartoons?

        • oledad48

          Maybe, but as Frank said, one of you twisted sisters may well have defaced your own image -- after all, Nero set fire to Rome and claimed the Christians did it. Atheists wasting your time opposing something they say doesn't exist is illogical. It's all in vogue today to whine about Christians. If you'd go back to your anti-belief and leave the 80-90% of the community alone, your life would go better.

        • Kittyhane

          I guess if the shoe fits.....wear it. We have an atheist who 'grunts' in our paper about once a month. I say like Abe....Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

        • Daniel Gray

          Not defacing it. How can you whine about being "demonized" when you dont believe in demons? Sort of like someone getting their panties in a twist because they happen to look like Santa Clause

        • wattsupstupid

          why do you get to put up an offensive billboard that offends Christians but they can not put up a Nativity scene or any thing else that is Christian? Total hypocrisy. You want it your way and no one else has the right to their believes. I don't care if you put your hateful billboards up just leave our Christian beliefs and traditions alone. Live and let live.

        • Pastafarian

          What is offensive about it? How in the world can you claim this is a "hateful" billboard?

        • wattsupstupid

          You don't consider this "Sadistic God, useless Savior, 30,000 version of truth' promotes hate, calls it love." not hateful towards Christians? Well as a Christian I do my God is not sadistic and my Savior is not useless and they do teach love. The also teach morality and if you think that being is immoral is ok that is your problem and why you have to deny Christ to make your perversions okay in your own minds. I don't hate you I pray for you and that your heart and eyes will be open to the truth before it is to late.

          “Sadistic God; Useless Savior, 30,000+ Version of ‘Truth.’ Promotes Hate, Calls it ‘Love.

          Read more:"

          Read more:

          Read more:

          “Sadistic God; Useless Savior, 30,000+ Version of ‘Truth.’ Promotes Hate, Calls it ‘Love.’”

          Read more:

          “Sadistic God; Useless Savior, 30,000+ Version of ‘Truth.’ Promotes Hate, Calls it ‘Love.’”

          Read more:

        • Jim

          "It is the opinion of this court......." This is all a court hands down is an opinion, not a law. Courts can not legally legislate from the bench.

        • Pastafarian

          Courts uphold the law, not create it. Is that what you meant?

        • Roger12266

          But Demons can't exist in an atheists beliefs.

        • Electro

          Besides how do you KNOW it was a Christian that did this deed. Where's the evidence. For all we know an atheist probably defaced it just to get sympathy. Kinda like the burning of the Reichstag and blaming it on the Jews.

        • Roger12266

          Where in the Constitution does it say that we are guaranteed not to be offended?

        • Ort

          You don't have the intestinal fortitude to go to a mosque and tell muslims their god is fake and their prophet a joke. Oh no, you pick on Christians because even you, in your ignorance, know we don't riot, burn loot, kill or otherwise freak out when provoked.

          So unless and until you antagonize muslims with as much zeal as you do Christians, you need to remain silent.

        • Jack Sprate

          Exactly Ort atheists are hypocrites, liars, bigots, and whiners!

        • Pastafarian

          I would never say that to you either. I fully accept that you have this very strong belief in the supernatural and I do not trivialize that belief. I do not think either one of your gods are a joke. You believe in it, and devote a good portion of your life to it. It's important to you and it's important to them. I certainly never meant to antagonize anyone - I'm sorry if you felt that way.

        • Daniel Gray

          then why did you open your mouth and post here to start with?

        • Pastafarian

          Believe it or not, you can have a conversation with an opposing viewpoint without being antagonistic. Having the conversation - that there are other beliefs in this country - is important. You are not the only ones here.

        • arich45

          You have atheist(s) going to your church telling you your god is fake and Jesus is a joke? I highly doubt that. But if true then that person is cruel to say the least.

        • JoJo58

          LOL talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle black!! If YOU'RE an athiest, then why don't YOU go after the muslims? Because christians and the jews are easier targets. A muslim would gut you just for looking at mohammed the wrong way.
          People like you are a joke.

        • arich45

          Really? I have worked along side Muslims here in America and they never gutted me. By the way there are MILLIONS of Muslim in AMerica as we speak.

        • Edward53

          So, are you a Muslim atheist?

        • arich45

          Nope. I was raised Christian. In fact I plan to visit mom and take her to 7 am mass Christmas morning.

        • StephenFR

          Paying for a billboard that may or may not be in bad taste is not defacing anything. As the story stated, the atheists have been doing this very thing for years against believers in God. Now the believers are using their own tactic against them. The atheists have no grounds for any kind of complaint. Try to remember that the law applies to all equally, not just the groups of your personal preference.

        • Pastafarian

          The law says that if you are caught spraying graffiti - you will be charged with "criminal mischief/vandalism" - a misdemeanor in Oregon.

        • ckandersen

          Read the article never said the billboard message was defaced. If you look at the picture of the billboard you will see that the horns were part of the message. In other words, there was no vandalism, just someone paying for a message regarding their opinion about atheists.

        • JohnD

          Pastafarin, you are a mindless tool. Atheists are a cancer on our society.

        • arich45

          Actually egalitarianism and mindless consumerism and commercialism are the true cancers of America.

        • Gunner Ebb

          Last week it was liberals?

        • Taylor Wallis

          Ever crime is a hate crime. The people who put the horns on it were the childish ones.

        • Daniel Gray

          Um, the billboard IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY FOOL! All you are doing is renting it. And it cannot be defacing anything as all that is placed on the billboard is glued paper. Go get a life in the real world.

        • Pastafarian

          Billboard advertising costs money that someone had to pay for, that someone will have to clean up or replace. Graffiti is just as illegal if you are spraying it on a billboard or on a headstone in the cemetery.

        • G W

          Shut up

        • Taquoshi

          It was a billboard, not a house of worship. There was no threat. It was right up there with graffiti.

      • John

        There are no devils - that just part of the whiners make believe. Grow up children. No Santa - no Gods.

        • Steven McDonough

          John... the fool has said in his heart there is no God.

        • Steven McDonough

          Might want to think twice before claiming that there is no God

        • Kittyhane

          that phrase is in the Bible

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          Might want to think once before claiming there is one.

        • Kittyhane
        • William Wallace

          So don't complain then. Who cares if people want to worship something you don't believe in? Does it hurt you that much? Walk the other way. Nobody cares about you either. Live and let live. Petty idiot.

        • Kittyhane

          I never could understand why, if they don't believe in a
          God, they even bother to fight against it. Fairy Tales tell of trolls and ogres, but you don't hear children or grownups fighting them in court.

        • arich45

          Because some parents tell their chidlren that trolls and ogres are mythological creatures. Then they turn around and tell their children they were born with original sin (in a sane society this would be labeled child abuse) and that 2,012 (or so) years ago a Jew (who happened to be God's son) named Jeshua (Jesus) died for our sins (forget about everyone else who died before that time they are screwed). Makes sense, right?

      • Mark Humberger

        If they don't believe in Christ how can they believe in the devil? Horns shouldn't bother them!!! They don't believe so they have no excuse for whining. They need to grow up and live and let live. boo hoo hoo cry babies!!!

        • Kittyhane

          They DO have their holiday, it's on April 1st every year.
          The Bible says 'One who says 'there is no God' is a FOOL

        • michael3ov

          The bible says many immoral, idiotic, and demonstrably incorrect things.

        • haroldenewelljr

          Name some of them.

        • Tom54

          Spoken like a true atheist.

        • doc4977

          another communist infiltrator, go back to russia where you must enjoy a very lonely life,in god we trust, one nation under god,this country was founded in the belief of god, if you dont like then leave the country instead of ruining the fun of children that enjoy christmas,

        • BOOKER T


        • JohnHD

          You are sad! Booker I can think of other things to call you, but lets just leave it at that.

        • Wes McKay

          BOOKER T ...

        • doc4977

          if it was up to me i would round up all the atheists and but them on a slow boat to china and sink it in the middle of the ocean.this country was founded on a belief in god,in god we trust one nation under can you ruin the christmas for the children that still believe in santa clause, you are a communist, dod russia send you to be with the anti christ obamer?

        • arich45

          I am an atheist and it doesn't bother me.

        • simmss

          I feel for you on judgement day.

        • arich45

          When is that exactly? Jesus said it was to happen over 1,900 years ago. I guess even gods get it wrong occasionally.

        • Cathy Chancellor Wright

          Well, no... Jesus said that there would be people living on that day who had seen Israel's return to her land. Israel became a nation again in 1948, 64 years ago.

        • arich45

          Wow and still we all wait for his big show. I'm afraid it will never happen.

        • Gunner Ebb

          Keep in mind...Samaritans weren't believer's in God.....but the Bible shows us the story of the "Good Samaritan".

        • Sutekh

          Samaritans DID believe in God. The Jews just considered them heretics, the way that the evangelicals do the Mormons. In 129 BC, the ruler of Judea, John Hyrcanus, captured Samaria and destroyed the temple that the Samaritans had dedicated to the same God that the Jews worshipped. The Samaritans were waiting on the same Messiah that the Jews were, although in the paleoHebrew ecclesiastical language of the Samaritan religion, he was called the "Taheb" or Restorer.

          That was the backstory to the meeting between Jesus and the woman at the well. Since many modern Chritians are clueless about the civilization and history of the Bible, they don't get half of what the Bible says, and filter the rest through their assumptions, like the three(?) wise men, all who came from the EAST of Jerusalem, but one was supposed to be a black African, (?) and they all viewed the newborn Jesus in the manger, even though it took two years for them to get there(?)


          "God don't want to be defended by no idiot."

          Archie Bunker

        • soccerfan

          Sutekh: I do not know where you have gotten our information from either. The story of the Maggi is only told in the book of Matthew, Chapter 2. 1.) There is no number given, although tradition states three because there were three gifts provided. That is not to say that one brought gold, one franchincinse and one myrrh. It could have been several, each bringing the same gifts. 2.) No color or nationality was disclosed. This is all conjecture by possibly well meaning men trying to elaborate on the story. Matthew 2:1..."behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying..." Verses 7-11 go on to say how they found him, what they did and what gifts they offered.

        • Nanette Gray

          Again, look a little deeper to the gifts and what they signify. The fact that these men were "wise" and knew of the Messiah predicted in many manuscripts hundreds of years before Christ birth, one of which is Isiah .

        • Henry Martin

          Soccerfan, you did not read what Sutekh wrote. He clearly said that Christians get these points confused as assumptions. He placed question marks to mark the assumptions. In short, he agrees with you.

        • soccerfan

          The "good" Samaritan was not good. She was an adultress and Christ knew it. She went away from that meeting a changed person.

        • WILLIAML

          Read it again, That Samaritan was a Man not a Woman.

          Read the context with the verses, all three times the Samaritan was a Man

          (Luke 10:33 KJV) But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him,

          (Luke 17:16 KJV) And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan.

          (John 8:48 KJV) Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

        • Big Dan

          Willy, the woman at the well was also a Samaritan woman. Two stories, two outcomes.

        • David

          You are confusing two stories. One was the woman at the well, who was a Samaritan. The other was a man that had been beaten and left laying in the road. Two people, Jewish religious or rich men I remember. the other was a Samaritan that took pity on the hurt man and took care of him. Jesus was telling us that we should be willing to help ANY fellow human. Not just our friends!

        • Big Dan

          You are mixing two stories of two different Samaritans.

        • Wes McKay

          WHAT ? ? ?

        • soccerfan

          Oops. Wrong story. But the parable of the good Samaritan was to told to answer the priest when he asked, "And who is my neighbor?" This person was travelling in an area that was unsafe. Not only because of robbers, but from the hostility of other travelers. The Samaritan represents anyone who would go to such lengths for a stranger.

        • WILLIAML

          Samaritans Did believe in God.
          The Jews looked down upon them because they were of Mixed Blood.
          A Samaritan was part Jew and part Assyrian.

        • Roger12266

          Samaritans were not Christian, but did believe in a supreme being.

        • Guest


        • michael3ov

          I feel for you when Odin returns for his followers.

        • Gunner Ebb

          Yes, good for you. Most athiests don't whine and carry on. Some of my best friends are athiests.

        • wildbill

          Gunnar that is good you will have company as you burn inhell

        • James

          Whoa! whoa! whoa! That is not your call as to who will be in hell, or not. That's not part of a believer's job description. Believers are to be bringers of Good News, witnesses, encourage others and be ambassadors of God's Kingdom - NOT judges.

        • Roger12266

          That is correct. A Christian is not to pass judgement upon anyone, lest they also be judged, but, as a Christian it is my duty to tell you and other non-believers of the freedom that is found when you accept Christ as your Savior.
          There is also another story in the Bible where Jesus tells His desciples to go out and spread the Good News but if a town reject their teachings they should leave the town and shake the dust of that town from their sandals.
          So if I tell another of the greatest happening in the history of mankind, the coming of Jesus Christ and they do not choose to hear it or believe it, then I have fulfilled my duty as a Christian and the judgement shall be upon that person as decided by the Lord.

        • Gunner Ebb

          See you there wildbill.

        • arich45

          As some of my best friends are Christian.

        • JohnHD

          Wrong name they should be called ignoramuses. But they do have the right to think and believe what they want. So why do they complain about what others think and believe.


          how did you get there???????

        • arich45

          Get where? My current belief system?

        • Penny Lyn Haulman

          Good luck

        • sha44ss

          I guarantee on your dieing day, your last breath WILL issue the words...OH GOD!! I pray that for you!

        • arich45

          I guarantee on your dieing day, your last breath WILL issue the words...OH GOD!! I pray that for you!
          >>>Dying...That's "dying" day. But please inform me. Which "god" am I praying to? I want to get this sheeit right.

        • WILLIAML

          There is but One God, his name is Jesus

        • JRP

          i thought Jesus was the SON of God?? kinda basic, no?

        • Big Dan

          One God in the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. One God, Three in One.

        • Ray

          Are you guys gonna have Fudgement Day since you don't believe in the other??? Would be kind of appropriate don't cha think?!!!

        • haroldenewelljr

          It will someday. And that day may be sooner then you think.

        • grassroot

          Right, maybe they should be persuaded that the horns represent the power
          they posses like a mountain goat or an elk. What to tell them about their

          forked tails is something I hadn't yet come up with. Ha,

        • Wes McKay




      • rosemarienoa

        If the shoe fits.........!!!!

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          Er, you mean "Fits The Hoof", right?

      • BOOKER T


    • Guest2

      Sounds like Liberals!

      • Gunner Ebb

        So, athiests, gays and liberals?

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          The shortcut is anyone not like them. The less like them you are, the worse kind of person you become.

    • Doodlebug

      If the atheists can whine and cry about what they don't want, then we have just as much right to have what we DO WANT! If the atheists don't want Christians putting up things to celebrate the birth of Christ then can shut their eyes when in the area of our celebrations or STAY AT HOME WITH THE CURTAINS PULLED. Christians have rights too!! Give in to this and they will demand we can't have our homes decorated inside or outside. We have freedoms too.

    • Cathy Chancellor Wright

      Oh, yeah... it's okay to trash our beliefs and demonize us, but when it's they who are on the wrong end of it, all hell breaks loose (pun intended). The First Amendment says. 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF'. It's pretty clear that a judge prohibiting the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee from putting up a manger scene is specifically prohibiting their free exercise of religion. The issue in this article, however, is not even about the defacement of the atheists' property, but their whining that they're being 'demonized'. ("Wah! See, we told you how mean those religious people are... it's not FAAAAIR!")

    • jb80538

      It's a tossup between atheists and gays for who whines more.

    • birdsinwillows

      HSUS and some segments who parade in the streets with banners and almost no clothing to win their "cause", no more than these whiners, always have been and always will. If it's not this it is some other perversion pushed into our faces.

    • Mark Kuykendall

      Absolutely correct.

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Atheist don't believe in God then they must be Satan worshipers. The horns fit fools, wear 'em.

    • Evermyrtle

      I don't know if the worship Satan or not but GOD says you are either for me or against me. so it doesn't make a lot of difference.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Evermyrtle....Amen. Exactly.

      • samtman

        That rule only holds for believers. I have no fear, I'm free of superstitions.

        • Kittyhane

          You are ALSO FREE of ETERNAL LIFE

        • arich45

          Doesn't exist. Well so far NO ONE has been able to prove it.

    • jrs

      Atheists don't believe in God, the devil, Zeus, Vishnu, or any of the other supernatural beings of religion, hence the name atheist. Its a good precedent to keep religion out of government, you would be pretty mad if a local government started supporting Islam and Shariah law.

      • HappyClinger

        And where have you been the last few years? Not keeping up with the news, I see.

        • arich45


    • John

      No they believe in today and doing good. There is no God or Satan all made up to control people.

  • Raymond

    Late one night, a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun in his ribs. "Give me your money", he demanded. Indignant, the affluent man replied, "Hey, watch it - I'm a United States Congressman!" "In that case," replied the mugger, "give me MY money."

  • Raymond

    Obama said to a woman, "You look beautiful today!!!!" The woman replied, "Thanks, but unfortunately I could not say the same about you." "Sure you could!!" said Obama, "if you could lie as well as I do!"

  • Loren Wonderduck
  • Pastafarian
    • Frank Williford

      Can you prove that that person is a Christian? or is that just typical liberal tactics of misdirection and bull?

      • Pastafarian

        I'm saying that the vandals that defaced the billboard just made themselves look like this guy. Punk with spray paint.

        • Ort

          Bull. You were trying to imply that this was a Christian doing this. Anybody with an ounce of gray matter sees through your typical atheist drivel.

        • Pastafarian

          I AM implying that a Christian defaced the billboard in the same manner as the kid in the photo. Can't pull one over on you, Mr. one-ounce brain.

      • William Wallace

        There's a good chance the godless curs did it to themselves to get attention because people aren't really giving a hoot about them.

        • Carol Fryer

          Exactly. They are not satisfied with equality....they already have the right to be atheist. What they want is to take away your right to be christian. No doubt they did it to themselves. Pitiful.

  • Enos

    We got to done make sure the liberals shave but jes their mustaches, Ma done like my beard

    • Jethro

      You got to be careful cause you cant unfairly shtereotype jes cause they are liberals

  • Evermyrtle

    Whine is a good word to use here. Atheist are never satisfied. They value nothing. They have no opinion of anything good. They only complain about what other people are doing while they do nothing but find fault about things which is none of their business. They need to place that effort to things that can help someone,, some time.somewhere. It is totally uselessness, to spend your life and can say nothing at the end about what you have done for the good of somebody..

    • Deborah

      When you believe in nothing then nothing has any value. What's the point? live for yourself? nice

      • CmmnSnse

        How can you believe in nothing, if nothing doesn't exist? Esp when there are so many absolutes, like gravity! If I do not believe in atheists, do they still exist?

    • John

      I resent you comment I am a better person than you because I would never write anything like you just did and I am a non believer.

      • Kittyhane

        Uh Oh you better be careful calling yourself 'better', you just might end up believing in God WHO made good things.When you don't believe in God you are done when you die

    • Gunner Ebb

      Epitaph for a dead athiest: "All dressed up and no place to go".

  • Jimbob5839284

    Are you really this stupid people? If I put up a pentagram on your churches lawn that the church paid for would you be upset? Would you be upset if I drew a picture of Muhammad on you billboard? You don't believe he's real so you wouldn't be mad right? I'd wager that you would. How can you not get that the church does not own government buildings so you can't do whatever you want with them. Nobody wants to stop you from displaying your Christian Christmas decorations on your own property.
    Now to clear up what an atheist is. they do not worship anyone or anything. It really is that simple.

    • Steven McDonough

      Except themselves and Humanity.That's still a form of worship

    • lara

      waaaa waaaa liberal fool

    • Rock

      Is not the enforcement of no religion an infringement on the religious beliefs of others. There shall be no state run religion, Not! NO Religion! The city can't put up the Christmas Nativity, but that should not preclude the public from putting it on public property. Just as the atheists should be able to use a space to put up nothing. As that is what they believe in.

    • Kittyhane

      Simple is as simple does

      • Kittyhane

        as for the ownership of the buildings....the government DOES want to own our churches and control them

    • Daniel Gray

      Are you crazy Bug? Under federal constitutional law, NO Government (be it state or local or federal) has the authority to hold clear title on any land, they can only hold it in trust for future generations. As such Bug, there IS NO SUCH THING AS GOVERNMENT PROPERTY! AND IF THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, THEN HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT ITEMS SUCH AS THESE BEING PLACED ON SOMETHING THAT CONSTITUTIONALLY DOES NOT EXIST?

  • John

    Yup - the Christians just love to prove what a total bunch of jerks they are. And as for whiners nothing beats the whining "There's a war on Christmas crowd" and "Christians are under attack". Go whine to your silly make believe sky god.

    • William Wallace

      So why not just live and let live? You have freedom of religion, but not freedom from religion. Don't like religious displays, walk the other way. I do that everytime I see a liberal, and in L.A., that means a lot of walking the other way.

    • Steve Pugh

      You are truly a fool. FYI, the life, crucifixion, AND resurrection of Jesus is a verifiable fact of history. Do a little research and educate yourself before you post in the future. You truly embarrassed yourself today, but you are too foolish to grasp that.

    • lara

      thanks for proving the point.your a liberal whiner..thanks

    • Steven McDonough

      John... the only one sounding like a jerk is yourself.

      • Steven McDonough

        Make fun of my God... one day you will find out he does exist.

    • Don

      Is that you, Bill Maher?

    • Jack Sprate

      John people like you are pathetic and sucking air! What good are atheist like you to the human race? You people are negative negative negative negative!

    • Disgusted Patriot

      Yep, you may be right and I wrong but what difference does it make. However, if I am right an eternity in Hell is a big price for being stupid and blind to the obvious.

    • Deborah

      If it is silly as you claim why do you make such a big deal over it? I mean if I saw my neighbor dressed like a dog, I wouldn't try to legislate a law to stop him.How does what someone else does or believes in affect you? I just wouldn't dress like a dog,what;s the big deal? Period.

  • Greg T Beaty

    The horns made the guy look better so what he complaining about. How can one demonize someone you does not believe in god or demons?

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      I don't need to believe in demons to understand that a religious person is trying to insult me when they call me a demon. You couldn't figure that out for yourself?

  • William Wallace

    What goes around, comes around. I hate people that can't take what they dish. If they are so opposed to anything religious, then don't take off religious holidays and reject getting holiday pay. Give back Christmas gifts and stay home for all religious occasions without getting any residual joy from those of us who believe in something more than this world. Otherwise, they are nothing but hypocrites.

    • jrs

      Technically Christians adopted christmas from the festival of Saturnalia, so its no more hypocritical for atheists to want days off when others get them then for Christians to have adopted a holiday at the same time as the Roman festivities (even though most historians say Jesus likely wasn't born in December based on the stars discussed, if even ever born at all given his whole story is copied from older stories of Krishna and Horus).

      • ckandersen

        The early Christians may have co-opted an existing holiday to 1) help early believers by giving them something to replace the existing pagan rituals, and 2) ease elimination of the pagan rituals among the common people. And even if the birth is celebrated at a completely different time of year than that at which it occurred, that does not mean that the spirit of Christmas is missing from the celebration of God's gift. Also note that Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection are described in contemporaneous writings, unlike the stories of Krishna and Horus. Read the Gospels and consider how Matthew, Mark and John described things they had seen with their own eyes. Read Luke and consider how a Greek doctor spent time interviewing numerous people in order to document his own version of the Gospel.

        • Kittyhane

          You are so correct

        • arich45

          Thank you.

        • arich45

          Also note that Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection are described in contemporaneous writing
          >>> Wrong. There are NO contemporary writings at Jesus' time about Jesus. In case you haven't read the Bible but the gospels are "according to..." Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John may not have even existed and they were NOT Jesus contemporaries.

      • Kittyhane

        BUT it isn't Saturnalia that we celebrate and this isn't roman times. WE celebrate the birth of Christ. You can argue about dates but you miss the point of interest...GOD SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON TO US.

        • Pastafarian

          You and I celebrate different things. (that's ok)

        • arich45

          You celebrate what the Romans adopted after the fall of their much more ancient pagan religious beliefs and deities. Jesus was a universal proposition whose daddy was much nicer than the cruel beast of the old testament. So a century or two after Jesus died up pops this religion who says ALL are welcome and best of all; believe (or just pretend to believe by saying the phrases and prayers every Sunday) and you'll be granted eternal life. Sounds nice. Eighteen hundred years ago who wouldn't go for that?

        • Gunner Ebb

          And....Still the best deal.

      • Daniel Gray

        Sorry Bug, in the Library of Cairo Egypt and in the records of the Turkish Empire-Philistine Empire and at least 16 other verified ancient empires of the Middle East, all claim to have done business with the Kingdom of David/Kingdom of Israel. and in fact what is scaring you know nothings is that recently there was found a bill of sale to one carpenter named Joseph and his son Jesu (Jesus) from the Kingdom of David for a throne made of olive wood for a minor prince of the Philistine Empire. I would say that proves beyond a doubt that Jesus was a real person. So how'd ya like that reality check?

        • arich45

          A bill of sale? Sounds rather modern don't you think? But that's it isn't it. You don't think. There's an ancient manuscript that refers to Jesus' wife. How's that "fact" accepted by your Christian leaders? Or is it when something doen't jive it gets tossed in the dust bin.

      • Gunner Ebb

        Jesus was born alright. His time on earth changed the world.

    • John

      I sent out Seasons Greeting cards not Christmas cards.

      • Kittyhane

        But you are sending them because of CHRISTMAS or you wouldn't think of it

      • Mary Mary

        But think about it: December 25th is NOT "Seasons Day" now is it!!!

      • Gunner Ebb

        Why not "Festivus for the rest of us" cards?

    • Kittyhane

      right on! I have never seen an atheist refuse gifts orperks that Christians get. They just stick out their hand, take what they can and keep on walking

  • JT

    Then why deliberately cause trouble for those who believe in Christ and worship if it is true that all an atheist is, "they do not worship anyone or anything. It really is that simple."

    • giegie

      The latest Flash from atheist, they're going after Peanuts and Gang Christmas show to keep it from airing. Time for Christians to fight back.

    • HappyClinger

      Au contraire. Either one worships God, or one worships self. No in-between.

      • Pastafarian

        There are many different ways to worship. Including not at all.

  • Charles Ivie

    I am an agnostic when it comes to religion but I feel that atheists are on very thin ice when they claim to know that there is no God. Logically it is not possible to prove the negative of a proposition. I am agnostic because I am honest enough to admit I don't know the answer. Atheists, on the other hand claim knowledge that is impossible to achieve. That is why I consider atheism a secular religion with at least as many zealots as found in the ranks of deistic religions. I am not offended by displays of religious faith or belief. Some of them are quite beautiful and they generally convey messages that are at least benign and frequently inspiring. So what's the beef?

    • Deborah

      Well said. No one can tell another what to believe. If a Muslim believes there are 26 virgins waiting for him then fine, if Christians believe in Heaven fine, If you believe there is nothing that is sad but fine., None of the above should inflict their beliefs on another nor should they be allowed to force them the right to express same.As long as we don't have people dying in the name of some extremist viewleave them alone. I'll be happy to leave athiests alone.

    • samtman

      Agonostics are a cop out.There is no evidence of a God. Very simple. Evolution is quantifyable..

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Agnostic and atheist are not mutually exclusive. Atheist doesn't mean you claim there is no god (but some atheists do make this claim). Atheist just means you don't believe in a god. We're all atheist with respect to most of the gods mankind has imagined.

  • hongryhawg

    atheists, liberals, muslims, Talk about a mixed bag of hypocrisy and hate. Sure tells me there's a Satan.

    • William Wallace

      They are all gathered under that umbrella of Democrats. Funny how Muslims and Feminists are together. Do the Feminists know what Muslims do to women under strict Sharia law?

  • dndvaughn

    This is a country of Personal religious belief ! So if I believe in God and the son of God, that is not anyones business, especially an Athiest that wants 'ME' NOT to follow my religious beliefs. It's OK if they try to 'FORCE' their non-believing ideas on me ?? Get over it !!
    If you don't like what you see or hear.don't look or listen !! (That is what I do...with the 'IDIOT' potus we have, I just turn him off, and don't look at his ugly A$$ed face anywhere else. It works for me !

  • VocalYokel

    The horns are nothing compared to what awaits them in eternal damnation.

    • laara

      oh yea....suddenly they will get all religious.dont see too many dying athiests......

      • Kittyhane

        You can't fool GOD. He knows your hearts

        • arich45

          He? He has male genitalia?

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          I heard he likes NASCAR too.

  • JoJo58

    Seems that athiests are the ones that are stigmatized by their behavior. Expect it to get worse now that the gay community is getting behind these anti religious boycotts. They NEED for religion to "go away" from our way of life so they can justify theirs and make legal their lifestyle. One major supporter is NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)
    and another group that wishes to make pedophilia legal.

    • William Wallace

      When there is no God, morality is relative. When you become a nation of men, not a nation of laws under God, this is what you get. Men can change their minds on a whim and set whatever standards fits his fancy at the time. That is how it is under a dictatorship with no God.

  • Nadine

    They must be threatened by our Grandmother was a small town Minister & she used to tell me the Devil will always try to win you over! Actually>>>SHE scared the hell out of me! HAAA! But Athiests just have no stay away from us good christians or the DEVIL will GET YA!!

  • Joe

    Not all athiests are horny

  • k

    Anyone who protests Christmas should not get the day off. Nor should they give to get any gifts. Just an ordinary day for them. That's fine with me. I, on the other hand, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, and I will live in Heaven with Him for eternity. I will celebrate His birth and worship Him on Christmas and thank our Creator, God the Father, for sending Jesus to us. God loves these atheists as much as He does me. I pray that they will find their way to Jesus before God's plan ends it all.

    • Kittyhane

      Jesus said....Hate the 'sin' but love the sinner

  • Carol Fryer

    Its not atheists in themselves or any so called minority in themselves......Its governent using them to further their own agendas. Everyone has a tendency to whine when they dont get their way. But these groups dont want equal anything. They want to kill and take what you have. They already have the right to be an atheist. Gays already have the right to be gay. They dont want equal rights.....they want YOUR rights taken away.

    • CARLjr

      You need to adjust your tin-foil hat. No one is out to kill you, take your stuff, or take away your rights. Calm down.

    • oldurkey


      They also have the "right" to pick out a pre-existing name that they wish - no, demand - to be called. Sorry, I have refused to refer to them as such from the outset. They're supposed to be so frickin' artistically talented...They couldn't come up with an ORIGINAL name for themselves? NOOOO, they had to choose an innocuous itsy-bitsy word to somehow make their aberrant behavior seem quite harmless - appealing even. Never mind the snickers generated by a classic movie like "The Gay Caballero." Worse still are the people named "Gay." Did the homos consider that when they usurped the word? It isn't even an acronym, though I could probably come up with some doozies if I set my mind to it. Thought they were touchy-feelie and sensitive!

  • ktc

    I don't know who crys more, this garbage or the stupid fags?

  • Deborah

    If they don't believe in God then fine why do they have to inflict their beliefs or lack thereof on everyone else? WHy? because stupid activist secular judges allow them that's why. Judges get voted or appointed by liberal a-holes in vote them out.

  • Douglas

    Actually this article touched on a very important issue...if the Government is not going to honor our religion and Christmas...then We Should Not Allow Their Employees To Take This as a Holiday with pay..for any of them!! I bet once that happens things will change and quick!! Take something like paid holidays away from a Government Employee and All Hell will break loose!! So as a Tax Payer...I do not want Government Employees to have a day off for any holy holiday...Easter, Thanks Giving (Giving Thanks to out Lord), or any others!!! Look at all the money we will save...and god won't care as long as we continue to honor him and his son!!

  • Brian

    I love being an atheist and I love Christmas! Turkey, cakes, presents, Santa, trees, tinsel, holidays, family, friends. Not sure what it's got to do with religion though. It's a mid-winter Pagan festival celebrating the ability of people to survive the harsher and less productive winter months. I believe many religions have tried to co-opt this day for their particular god e.g the Egyptian god Horus (amongst many others). As the religious leaders say: if you can't beat them, change the name!

    • Kittyhane

      It was a pagan celebration when they didn't know better.jAfter the birth of Jesus it was changed to celebrate His birth and God's Blessings. You seem to receive a lot of blessings. Maybe you aren't an atheist. Think about it. Just because you don't know the answers doesn't make you an atheist. Read the Bible. It is God's letter to all.

    • Mary Mary

      Christmas is celebrated in the warm climates too - you know, like people in Florida where they have a continuous productive growing season even in the winter.

  • mikeledo

    The right has depicted atheist with horns, Obama with a bone through his nose and called women who want birth control "sluts." Par for the lowbrows.

    • sandraleesmith46

      At least they didn't defecate or urinate all over the atheists!

    • William Wallace

      What has the left done with Bush as Hitler, Sarah Palin and her whole family as worse than anyone should endure including a hanging of her effigy, and Christians as hatemongers who owe the world just for being Christian. If the left put in as much effort in fighting true foreign enemies, we would be a safer country.

      • mikeledo

        I understand you believe 2 wrongs make a far right.

    • medic2003

      mikeledo there are extremists in every political and social area. Not unlike this atheist movement. Or he gay rights movement. Yeah there are extremists on the right too. Id have to say if you are defending the atheist movement you fit the extremist category as well.

      • mikeledo

        I didn't know we had a movement. When did that happen?

        • medic2003

          Whatever. Billboards, court cases and constant work to take God out of everything for everyone because you dont believe is a movement no matter how you cut it. It is an organized campaign to accomplish your goals. You surely arent that stupid, at least not in this.

  • rich_47

    poor dumb MORONS!!!!

  • Carl444

    I guess they better pray that they don't really grom them!

    • Carl444

      That's suppose to be "grow" however "grom" might work also.

  • bcw

    The more appropriate response to the billboard would have been to put up another billboard, preferably a few hundred feet later, that said "This is what an atheist REALLY looks like" ... assuming that is your position.

  • Irma

    If the atheists don't like our "birthday party" - which really is meant to spread love and charity - they need to LEAVE and not attend, because NOBODY is forcing them to join the celebration. If they are so jealous of this particular holiday, why don't they just "invent" a holiday (or should I call it an Un-holiday) say during the month of August (since we don't have a holiday in August) and show the rest of us how good their intentions are!

  • Mike Haynes

    That's ok. By their own admission this is the only "life" they will ever know. They will never know what true life is, because they will be separated for all of eternity from the One who gives and sustains all life King Jesus!

  • Mmorgan

    Interesting. They believe they're being "demonized"........ ...if there is no God there is no devil.........they have become CONTAMINATED........EEK!!!

  • anonymous

    Atheists spend an awful lot of time, energy, and money fighting a God they claim doesn't even exist.

    • William Wallace

      Because they got nothing else in life, since they don't believe in anything. They have to fight other people who have something in their lives. That is the sadness of living an empty existence. When you have nothing, you only see what others have and you have to devote your miserable life to going after other people to make yourself feel better.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Trouble is, like it or not, they DO believe in SOMETHING; it's how we're "hardwired" as creatures!! Now WHAT that something may be is up for grabs; it may be beauty, wealth, health, power, politics; it could be the shiny new CAR even; doesn't matter, there IS some THING in that place in EVERY human life; maybe even the very act of denying a Deity exists, but something that fills that role in their lives and IS that individual's "god", no matter HOW loud he protests to the contrary!

  • sandraleesmith46

    How can atheists BE "demonized" if there's NO God? No God; no demons...

  • Disgusted Patriot

    Oh dear, a Godless fool is complaining about being picked on!! Well, you mess up our holidays and we God fearing people get ticked. Shut up and accept it, what happens on this plane of existance is nothing compared to what happens when you have to explain yourselves in the next.

  • Tionico

    Regarding the Santa Monica case and that creche.... I wonder what law CONGRESS has passed that mandates or allows that specific display. If CONGRESS have not passed a law relating to it specifically or in general, then there is NO First Ammendment violation, as that Ammendment plainly states CONGRESS shall make no law establishing a religion, or preventing the free exercise thereof. If Congress did not pass a law establishing toat display, there is NO First Ammendment violation. Case closed.

    • William Wallace

      Yep, people make up their own interpretations of the First Amendment. As long as there is no Government sponsored or endorsed religion which is seen as the official State religion, there is no violation.

      Activist judges keep expanding the concept until God is removed from America when that is not the intent at all. Historical context plainly shows the Founding Fathers wanted to allow for free religious practice and to prevent an Anglican Church situation where it has the power of the State to back it. That is all it was supposed to be.

  • rchguns

    If the Portland at this person mentions is is Portland Oregon then her sentiments make sense. Portland claims to be the greenest city in America that's only because the people making that statement don't live there. Portland was once a great city that now is nothing more than a minor suburban San Francisco. I haven for quacks of every denomination as long as they're antisocial.
    The question still remains wider these atheists feel the need to put so much time, money, and effort into something they don't believe in. Why can't they just sit back and feel self-righteous/superior to someone who worships something that they don't believe exists. It really makes no sense if God doesn't exist then why should they protest ! Could it possibly be that this strongly believe in God and simply wish that everybody else will be damned like they are?
    I've never been overly religious but I do believe in God whoever or whatever he might be. Things don't just happen there has to be a guiding hand somewhere. Even if it is nothing more than someone to stir the stick in the organic soup that gave rise to life.

  • Tim Brady

    Cross in urine are free expression, but horns on an atheist are not? Grow up.

    • Pastafarian

      As a Banksy-style art piece - I'm ok with it. But it is still vandalism.

  • Donna

    The truth is that atheists are fearful of Christians and our faith or they would leave us alone. We are not fearful of them, but we do pray for them since they are lost souls and will ultimately impact the judgement of our world.

  • Tim Brady

    But the problem may not be atheists ... it may be judges. Where did these folks get the power to nullify 2000 years of culture that hurts no one?

  • Paul Wilkes

    Jesus died for atheists. He didn't make them grow horns. They are to be pitied, not vilified. Love your enemies. Not that atheists are our enemies. They are just ignorant and proud of it.

  • chi19600

    an athiest has to believe that there is God and Christ to disavow them


    I am so sick and tired of the atheists demanding that their non-religious views be respected, while insisting that other people's religious views be banned. There is no harm that will come to you if you happen to see a Creche, or a Menorah or any other 'religious symbol'. You are not required in any way to acknowledge that symbol, so leave people alone.

    And as for the establishment Clause argument; all I can say is that any Judge that upholds that argument should be disbarred. Allowing a Nativity on public land, i.e. the Courthouse lawn, in no way violates the first amendment which states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...". Putting the nativity up commemorates the Christmas Holiday, it in no way "establishes", through law, a religion.

    I am not a Christian per se; but I am not threatened by Christianity, nor Christian related decorations. Likewise I am not adversely affected by the sight of the Menorah or the banners proclaiming that Kwanza season is upon us. Back when my kids were young I explained the different beliefs, and now do the same with my grandchildren; it is an opportunity to open their eyes to differing cultural and world views, Why do atheists want our children to remain uninformed and isolated...ask yourself that question.

  • Donna

    By the way, atheists don't believe in God, so why would they be distressed by the antithesis of God: the devil as represented with 'horns'?

  • Kenneth Lee

    Athiests, the alcu, sljc, need to be sent to any country that is ruled by the cult of islam. Then let them spew their crap and see how long these agents of satan last.

  • Donna Mohler

    THEY WILL find out when they meet their maker!!!!!

  • dean29685

    The very fact that Atheists need to go to court , go on TV and constantly complain about
    Christianity, shows that they are not secure in their beliefs. In today's decadent society the minority who screams the most gets the attention and they are among the most vocal.

  • tomnchrist

    Athesis should appreciate Christians.

    Should they get their wish and Christians are silenced, then the Muslims will take charge, and force all to convert to Islam, pray to the devil (they don't believe in) five times a day, outlaw alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, music, movies, and put their women in burques.

    And the LORD will say (at the last judgement) I sent the Christians to warn you, and help you find the way to eternal life, instead of eternal damnation.

    I don't tell you this because I hate you, but because the GOD you reject, loves you, and tells me to share with you Jesus, the way to him.

  • Jeff Miller

    Typical third grade reaction to people who don't buy into your imaginary friends ... call 'em an imaginary enemy. That'll show 'em.

  • Vince

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech
    It seems only reasonable to have individuals display and celebrate the way
    They choose that's what freedom is about
    There r many things I don't like nor agree with
    But I have the choice to look ,participate or ignore
    So by disallowing what the majority might want to appease a handful if miserable people
    Is wrong. I thought we lived in a democracy which means 49 percent if the people
    Will not be happy with an outcome It's time we nullify the courts and the system
    Because its obvious they do not have the well being if the people they r to protect
    And after all that is the main function of our gov to protect us from war
    And people doing harm to us that's it but over the years they have become
    Involved in every aspect of life enough already
    It would be interesting to put a gun to an atheists head and see if he starts praying u dont pull the trigger or if they even know the millions of people that pray to god for peace and protection so no harm shall come to them or their families

  • PAT

    hmmmm? You guys/gays have it right on! I've only known one true atheist in my 70 years... I'll bet we can find a whole bunch of these "opinionated" folks who looked at that "defaced" billboard and angrily exclaimed, "G..D... Christians!" Well, huh!

  • rae

    I wish someone would/could explain to me how or why we let a few people dictate what we do;as a country. If they don't like the manger scenes they do not have to look at them, but these whiners need to grow up and realize that they are not the important things they think they are........they are greatly outnumbered so why do we let them take away stuff , like Christmas with Christ in it? they should have horns cuz if they aint' christians then they be devils .....actually they are the messengers for the kick them in the behind and put up your nativity scenes.....if you can't do it on public ground, get homeowners to allow you to put it on their lawns.........or in store windows ......or any privately owned property.....I would allow it on mine if I lived there........and i would be standing with a group of friends in a park singing christian loudly as I could.

    • Pastafarian

      Hi rae - I can explain it. This country is based on freedom. Individuals have rights that large groups cannot simply take away because of superior numbers. Liberty means you have the freedom to control your own life, to think and believe whatever you want. Remember that when you are no longer in the majority.

      Your private property idea is good. Your superior numbers should have these nativity scenes everywhere I look. There are so many of you that I won't be able to drive down the street or take a walk in my neighborhood without seeing you worshiping your graven images.

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    Having no faith, the atheists seem unhappy that others have faith. It seems that misery does love company, but is quite miffed that the faithful don't wish to join with misery. ...never the twain shall meet... unless God mercifully reveal Himself.

  • DOOM

    atheists are the most religiously zealous people in the world.

  • cottagemist

    Atheists are a portion of society with NO beliefs...there should not be regarded as a So they try to control and manipulate the the parts of society that does make their selves appear relevant...The are not Relevant in the eyes of most Christian beliefs....certainlylost to the Grace of God.

  • PPTA

    I know what I believe, and Atheists can not, will never change that no matter how many laws they get passed. There will come a place, when the book of life is opened, and names will be read of who is in that book. If your name doesn't appear. then the Lord Jesus never knew you. It is in the new testnent. Matthew. Read it. As far as the horns, they are symbolic, for their master. Even though they believe there is nothing, that suites Satan just fine. Satan doesn't care what you believe, as long as you do not believe in Jesus, or his father. He really doesn't care. Becaue if you do no believe in Jesus, then he already has you.

  • CmmnSnse

    So IF there is this "wall of separation", why did BHO give millions to NASA to use in re-building Muslim mosques here and around the world? Isn't that gov't supported religion? The churches in the USA are not asking for money...they support the poor & downtrodden, and then get condemned. The early churches were, like today, supported by donations. Why are Christians FORCED to support Muslim mosques, abortion and other things that are offensive, but the judges NEVER rule that objectionable? Self supporting church groups that use NO gov't money are prevented from practicing the First Amendment, "...or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ! How many abortions and homosexual acts a day does it take for God to withhold His Blessings on America?


    I find it instructive that atheists define their religious position as their beliefs regarding God.

  • MG

    Atheists have been dishing it out for 10 years and Christians are finally fighting back. This is just the beginning - back off Atheists and leave us to our beliefs or shut up when we tell you what we think of you!


    These Godless POS losers will eventually discover that, while they don't belive in God, He does believe in them and keeps very accurate records. Never forget, the left is the ultimate hypocritical lie. The very tolerance they whine about is the same tolerance they are never willing to offer, unless it's to degradation, perversion and aberration.

  • DeborahCats

    jrs Christian_Patriot7 • an hour ago
    You said: " would be pretty mad if a local government started supporting Islam and Shariah law." It has, and I am.

    Several dozen cases in 2012 in American courts. But oh well, it always has to do with girls and women not being sufficiently subservient to men, so I guess it's not really a problem. Reminds me of the great Bill Clinton justifying his perjury because it was "just about sex" in the sexual harrassment case against him. Didn't bother the liberals then and doesn' bother them now. Hate Christians, defend everyone else. Nice. But it cannot stand. "He will overturn, overturn, overturn until he come whose right it is." I don't mean government religion; that is not constitutional. But, all hypocrisy is exposed eventually -- all. So, let's do our best not to be hypocrites in areas we can affect. Let's not be lured into responding in kind if it means degrading our own moral values.

    • CARLjr

      Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998.

  • majorl3

    No one is dumber than an atheist!

  • Kat

    Atheists need to get a life! Since they have nothing to believe in the only thing left for them to do is tear down other people's beliefs! Must be a depressing life to spend your time on the look out for what you can do to hurt other people. They never seem to have a positive attitude or happiness! All I can say is Merry Christmas to them!

  • oldurkey

    I've already had one atheist make fun of my recently posted youtube Christmas song because I mention singing "Happy birthday, Jesus." You can hear it here:

  • Pw

    According to the constitution, no law respecting an establishment of religion( the operative words are no law) or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ( the operative words are nor prohibiting free exercise) . There is no separation of state and religion mentioned in the constitution. We should be allowed to put a nativity scene on public(state) grounds as long as we get a permit if required. If atheists don't like it, they don't have to look at it. We all need to stop being intolerant of others when we do not agree with them. Simply putting a religious symbol somewhere is not Congress making a law to make people believe in a specific religion or region at all.
    Everyone has the constitutional right to believe in a religion or not to. No one has the right to prohibit anyone from freely expressing their religion anywhere or not expressing a belief.
    Wake up Americans! I have just as much right to express my religion as you have not to.

  • southc0ast

    Let them whine. They are reaping the harvest they have sewn.

  • Anne_PA

    “There’s no room for the baby Jesus, the manger or the wise men this Christmas ..."

    What? Baby Jesus and the manger IS THE ONLY REASON for Christmas.

    These atheists just get dumber every day.

    And btw, the 1st Amend. stipulates the Congress shall pass no law establishing a religion, and I'm pretty sure displaying the Nativity is NOT establishing any religion.

  • BlueViolets

    Between the atheists, the pro-abortion bunch, the animists, the vegetarians, the witches and warlocks and the homosexuals and their attendant sister organizations I don't believe I even recognize this country as the one I grew up in. I am sick to death of people judging me as unfit to live because I don't believe in abortion, I am a Christian, I don't worship trees and rocks or the devil, I'm a heterosexual and I enjoy the taste of meat. I am sick to death of people with such thin skins that they become offended by the least off hand remark not even directed toward them. I am sick to death of the smallest groups of people being able to dictate to the majority on how to live their lives. I am sick to death of the government enacting laws for the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many. Frankly, I am sick to death of what this once great country has become. It is a cesspool of malcontents who expect others to feed, cloth, house and educate them. I am tired of a country that has the poorest and least productive demanding that the hardest working provide a living for them. I am sick to death of other religions coming here and trying to change our country to conform to the country they hated enough to leave. If you don't like this country leave. For the first time in my life I am sorry I had children and wish I hadn't brought them into this hell hole our country has become. I know there are decent people out there but we are losing the battle folks. I feel sorry for my children, your children, my grand children and your grandchildren. And unless this country takes a turn for the better I don't want great grandchildren. Anybody who disagrees, I don't want to hear from you. I've heard enough of your whining and complaining about how everybody owes you. I don't care about you or your needs or you oh so delicate feelings.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "the pro-abortion bunch" i.e. practically no one. Being pro-choice doesn't make you pro-abortion.

      • BlueViolets

        If you think it's ok for someone else to get an abortion then you are pro-abortion. Minor point anyway. I was just have a long needed rant. Thanks for "listening".

  • Howard Grant

    They enjoy the fruits of this great country of ours founded by Christians and attack the one that made it all possible Jesus Christ. IF CHRIST HAD NOT COME THERE WOULD BE NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! That is a fact not and opinion.

  • notislam

    I would like to see the atheists stick it to the Islamist that are causing too much hell and commotion for their SAVAGE behavior. They need to SUPPORT THE CIVILIZED MAN -SUPPORT this Christian land and DEFEAT JIHAD! RACISM has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT---get it????!!

  • Vikin Bz

    Why don't the atheists go back where they came from.....Hell

    • dHb

      Such amazing love

  • John P. Dal Pezzo

    I came up with an idea to blow the minds of Athiests. I modified a "Betsy Ross Flag"
    On it I put "in God We Trust", "Ten Commandments", and "The Constitution" on the stripes. In the center of the stars I placed a Cross with the Star of David. Star should have been bigger. The idea is for a Christians and Jews to hang this flag on their home or property, not fly it on a pole, so the words can be read. If these flags are seen all over the country, it will send a message to the Athiests. Order a 5x7 flag from a flag dealer and have the words put on.

  • John P. Dal Pezzo

    I forgot to mention, you can see the flag on Face Book.

  • vietnamvet1971

    They are Satan's little demon workers and are Useless for any thing else, poor pitiful fools to think they are Smarter than GOD they show their Ignorance.

  • oldurkey

    Here's one for the atheists, to the tune of God bless America:

    I am an atheist
    Think God is bunk
    Criticizers, I am wiser
    Than you fools who believe all that junk

    There's no Heaven
    There's no Hades
    We are stuck here
    All alone

    I am an atheist
    Flesh, blood and bone
    I am an atheist
    Once dead, I'll be gone

  • RoadRules

    HEY; PEOPLE. The next time some whiney; subversive; azzhat trys to tell you that the Founders INTENDED complete seperation of church and state; you can shut their sickening pie holes by telling them THIS.
    In 1782; the very 1st English Bible was printed in the United States. It was commissioned by CONGRESS to be distributed in SCHOOLS.
    In 1798; many of those so-called atheists and agnostics; went ahead; and did it again. Those well known deists; Thomas Jefferson and John Adams; PRIVATELY funded the printing of more Bibles; along with a number of signers of the Constitution AND The Declaration of Independence. THAT isn't my opinion; BTW. THAT is historical FACT.

    • dHb

      Anything to promote peace and harmony. Jefferson and Adams both being Deists also fully recognized way before Marx that religion is the opium of the people.

  • DocJimmy

    Well folks, I believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and of course, God. I feel I'm a better person for it and I feel sad for those who have no such beliefs. They live a shallow life and are void of compassion and sensitivity. The happiest times of my childhood were at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving or loosing a baby tooth in the hope of a dime or quarter under my pillow the next morning. I feel sad for atheists and agnostics, however; do not dictate to me how and what I should believe in, either openly or in privately...

  • haroldson

    why is it that atheists can put down the Christians and in any way they want to, But will squeal like a scalded dog if some one even looks at them, They can be what ever they want to, When the time comes to kiss it all good bye, They will answer to the big boss man, Wonder if the will try to snivel their way back in to his good graces, Look for some serious back tracking

  • Linda Falke

    It's not okay for atheists to mock believers, nor is it okay for believers to mock non-believers. Both parties (the atheists who mock believers, and the people who painted the horns on the atheist billboard) are in the wrong, and they both need to repent and seek God's forgiveness before it's too late.

    • Pastafarian

      Except the Atheists did not mock the believers.

  • The Original ???

    If one does not want to believe, it is their right. As far as the Nativity scenes and other religious artifacts are concerned, if one does not like it ignore it and walk away. Atheists have no right to tell other people how they should conduct their lives or where or where not they can display their artifacts. In this way the Atheists are actingl ike a Communist government. They are getting as bad as the queers in this country who want marriage rights. Keep your radical beliefs to yourself. We don't want to know about it or care.

  • David Pitruzzello

    Boo Hoo!!!

  • Dan Myers

    Atheists are like other religious zealots in that they won't be satisfied until everyone believes as they do. However, using civil lawsuits and government infringement on human rights is currently the preferred method of the atheist and terrorism is forthcoming.

  • ltbl123

    If you are embracing perdition why not embrace it horns and all? Everything in the spiritual realm is superstitious nonsense anyway surely from their morally superior position they can handle a little ridicule?

  • harleyrod45

    Do atheists say TGIF? Do they go to TGIF restaurants??!!

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      We try, but we can't grab onto the door handles, our hands just go right through!

  • Magnolia

    Athiest means anti-God. If ti looks like Satan, walks like Satan and acts like Satan -- it's Satan. Get used to it. Satan is alive and well living in this evil, perverted world.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "Athiest means anti-God."

      No it doesn't. It means not a theist.

      Closer would be anti-theist, but even anti-theist wouldn't specifically mean anti-God, because it would be anti-any-god.

  • Marlene Berggren

    We, the Christians in the World, don't complain about their national holiday- April 1st- so why can't they leave ours alone?

  • Megamimi

    If the shoe fits, then wear it, I say. Atheists who decry the presence of God, and who would deny all that presence are Satan's co conspirators at the very least.

  • annimhere

    Hey, non-religious does not mean non-believing. Just because someone does not always go to church or preach the Good news does not mean they don't believe in Jesus.

  • jo_ella

    Atheists are evil vile haters. I am so sick of appeasing the lunatics of the world, just because they either don't believe in what you believe , they don't agree with your values or your point of view or just because it is the fad of the day to speak out against a particular topic.....they believe in nothing, they stand for nothing, they have no values in which they believe in, so they want to discredit your beliefs and values and try to drag you down the pathetic path they have chosen for themselves. What ever happened to Live and let live?

  • hfh1

    An atheist smiling- seriously? I've never seen it. They're the most dour, down, sour people around. And those hypocrite judges who turn their backs on our Founding, and all its Christian vestiges? We Christians are still a majority, right? Where is OUR outrage? Why are we not showing it? Not here, where everyone's on the same page, more or less, but the people who hold offices. Write to them, call them. Form groups.Does anyone think-particularly atheists-the Muslims will be meek and mild when they begin getting the upper hand? Where are "Onward Christian Soldiers"?

    Scream bloody murder! It's a Christian country, despite what that commie in chief of dubious provenance thinks or says.

  • oldurkey

    © Ben Burton

    Why is it
    So many godless people
    Are offended by religious words
    Spoken publicly?

    Does reverence instill fear in them?
    Of what?
    The church lady
    Swinging her purse?

    If shuffling off our mortal coil portends
    The end
    What then?
    It is done. Finis.

    Who’s afraid of the big, bad nonentity?
    Where is the sting?
    Why is it troubling
    To nonbelievers
    If I proclaim to the very stars
    Belief in a Divine Being?

    Will it harm their children?
    Influence them so much
    That they fall prey to false belief
    False hope
    Thereby opening a path
    To the glorious Never-After?

    Does sincere prayer
    Uttered before atheists
    Lead them to despair
    If so, why?

    Do atheists have commandments
    Precluding their admittance
    To a nonexistent afterlife lodge
    If their ears are violated
    By a believer's

    Or does apprehension take root
    Nourished by the idea of being wrong
    Thus, wrecking their chance
    To make it to the dance

    Maybe it is best not to believe
    Risking no disappointment after death
    When, upon looking around, one sees nothing
    And thinks, "HA, I knew I was right all along"

    While huddled masses praise His name
    Elites look on with stark disdain
    The common man remains inane
    Blissfully inane

    What flies in the face of logic
    Must be wrong
    Though theories with highly suspect reasoning
    Are showcased as irrefutable
    And spoon-fed like poisoned pablum
    Ultimate proof lacking either way
    But, oh, what spoils to the believer
    While the atheist looks forward to . . .

    Ironic as can be
    How easily it's changed
    In fewer words than these
    A simple prayer in His name


  • Donna

    These atheists surely do not represent the mentality of all of them. I certainly hope not, because they appear to be bullies who are not satisfied with their own status and want to pull others down into their unfulfilled world. It they were happy with their existence, they would be content to live and let live. People of faith are praying for them.

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Dear Atheists: Too bad.

  • annimhere

    Why does everyone assume this is about God? Even the atheist has his god. Usually his money or things or job or agendas. This is about Jesus. Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

  • Robertz

    You can't say anything about the atheist or Muslims but they can bash christian's all they wish. WHEN are WE going to stand up and fight back? We truly are in the end days as the book of Revelations says.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Hahahaha. Hilarious.

  • Stinson47

    This very small minority of troublemakers seems to be provoking a giant backlash by the majority. I believe Christians and other religions have had it with whining and intolerant atheists and the politicians and judges who pander to them. Atheists seem to have a strong need to put out of sight what they are so seemingly terrified of.

    • becky

      They aren't terrified. They just want to shut all of us up. I hope the backlash gets so huge none of us can control it. That's what it will take to stop these control freaks.

  • Freodom

    Looks to me like they are making atheism into a religion with many followers.

  • James Michael Foster

    May I also question: Why would an athiest care if horns were drawn on their head? They don't believe in Satan or demons either, so why would it matter? If it DOES matter than it refutes their belief that there are no demons. *shrugs and the hypocritical Gaylor*

    • becky

      Because the issue NEVER has been religion. It is and ALWAYS has been about control - them over the rest of us.


    The stupid woman actually said "Stigmatized?" Does she even KNOW what THAT refers to??? Anyone who says they are an atheist should just be happy that they live in the USA-
    let's see them go to Iran and see what happens to them.

  • StephenFR

    What is unfortunate is that while the First Amendment is supposed to allow each individual or group of individuals the opportunity to follow their own religious beliefs, or not to as that is also their right, the atheist believe that their rights should take precedence over those who wish to practice their religions. They actually go to the point of declaration of atheism as a religion and state that all reverence to other religions is against theirs and therefore should not be permitted. That is ludicrous.

    • becky

      is and has been for a very long time. Dems/progressives/communists NEVER really do give up if you've noticed. They file suit after suit after suit and will do it for literally decades on end. As they have been doing. The only thing that will stop these freaks is to return sue them until they're so poor they can't keep doing this. Or they are spending their lives in court until they HAVE no life. We also need to get these attorneys who keep filing this crap disbarred from practicing. Then there won't be any little commies left to sue Christians.

  • Aunt Lala

    If you were as secure in your conviction that there is no God, as I am in mine that there IS..... you would just smile at the oddness of something you do not understand and walk on. I do not go around trying to force my beliefs down your throat, so STOP trying to force your lack of belief down mine. On our final day on Earth, one of us will be proven wrong, if it is me, what have I lost? A little of my time trying to ease the burdens of a fellow human. But have lost EVERYTHING! **Shrug** It is your right to choose that path. As it is my right to traverse my path, so stop trying to push boulders onto my path.

    • becky

      These control freaks need to hear MUCH more of this back at them. Nice response Aunt Lala...

  • Jack Parker

    Sounds to me like all the whining is coming from sobbing christian cry babies. I the situaation is so bad and if god is so tough, why doesn't she do something? After all, isn't she almighty?

  • MissTrixieB

    The First Amendment to the Constitution reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
    assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." No where in this amendment does it say anything about separation of church and state, etc, etc, etc. I defy anyone to find that verbiage in the Constitution itself or in any of the Amendments to the Constitution. Therefore, I believe my rights to exercise my religion are being infringed upon by those who deny me, as a taxpaying citizen, the right to have Nativity scenes on public property.

  • Ruth Walker

    I can't believe some of the comments. Of course it is a crime to deface a billboard, not a legal expression of free speech. The article said: "Now an atheist group has its panties in a wad because someone drew horns on a smiling atheist who adorned a billboard paid for by the Freedom of Religion Foundation."
    Some even had the audacity to question whether the people shown on the billboards are really atheists! Read a little at and get a life!

    Read more:

  • Taylor Wallis

    Christmas isn't the only holiday this time of year. And can you blame atheist for attacking christians who attack them. Christians need to check themselves first and get right before complaimg about others.

  • satelliter

    Wonder what a hypocrite looks like? Just go to the nearest church.... I went to church when I was growing up until I realized how many of those Christians talk the talk but don't really care to walk the walk. I decided it wasn't for me because I will not claim to be anything unless I fully intend to follow the teaching. I have no problem with people who "believe", I just do not want to take part in a religion that lives the Christian life only on Sunday. I'm a firm believer in live and let live.

    • Aunt Lala

      Satelliter, I am sorry that you were raised in a non-christian church. There are many of them out there. I hope that some day you will try again and see that all christians are not like that.

      • satelliter

        Thanks Aunt Lala for your concern but I'm 71 years old now and have pretty much accepted my lifestyle as is. It's ok, it has served me well, I do live (more) of a Christian life than most people I know, who like to spout Jesus, call people ugly names and judge anyone and everyone. I am aware there are many good Christians in this country and that's why I don't judge anyone simply because of their beliefs. In the end, I am a believer in the teachings of the Christian religion, I just don't feel it's necessary to take part in the rituals to live a good clean life and be respectful and helpful to all others on this planet.

  • [email protected]

    Screw-Em You Reap what you Sowe, They want to go Trolling around the Towns during the Holiday season Whining and crying that they are "Offended" then that's Their problem, Don't look or listen, Turn your radio up louder with some of that Ghetto Trash you probably listen to!

  • Gene Leone

    Hey, now everybody be nice to the poor atheists! After all, they do not believe in God so it follows they CANNOT believe in satan (lcit) and they are therefore being compared to another "nonexistant entity". Sheesh, you folks are hard on the poor atheist! 😉

  • Ruth Walker

    A lot of the religionists have no idea the history of Christmas in the USA.

  • Janet Lynn

    Tell them to go to Hell, they don;t believe in it anyway.

  • gapch12

    Serves them right!

  • DefendConstitutionj

    I am sick and tired of allowing a small percentage of the population dictate what the vast majority can or can't do. If the atheists are 'offended', they have the right to leave the offending area and go to a place more to their liking. Any middle east country sounds fine to me.

  • louise

    Who cares what they think. I know I dont.

  • Danny Strunk

    A true atheist doesn't fight against what he/she doesn't believe in as they are content in their choice of religion. So why do we have so many lawsuits or a freedom from religion,group ? Obviously they aren't content with their belief because of their need to always be " right" thus revealing they are not true atheists. Any one recall the scripture about itching ears ??

  • Gerald Jones

    F---k the athiest's they should understand that, it's the norm for them they are worse than the gays.

  • Greg Harrod

    Atheists and their willing accomplices in the Christian and Jew hating (but not Muslim hating) media have become the American Taliban by beating us senseless with the political correctness cudgel, of which the annual War On Christmas is just one spike.

  • hw

    If your not with God then you MUST be one with the Devil. Black and White Good and Evil
    Tit for TAT Atheists how does it feel with the shoe on the other foot?

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      It still feels like you're delusional.

  • Kimberly Woods

    WE should put up Nativity Scenes on all privately owned property that is located where the traffic is heavy, We can not back down, We still have freedom of Religion in this country, Let's use it.

  • becky

    Time to start suing the beJesus out of these heathens! If Christians can't have ANY of their adornments at a season that celebrates the Lord, then shut the atheists the hell up! If they can't hear our side, then THEY SHOULD BE SILENCED as well. Somebody out there in Santa Monica file suit right back at them. Then work on getting these stupid communist judges OUT of the system.

  • ddt

    they should all be rounded up and put on a boat to china and timed to sink halve way there
    then you would here them call for god to save them pukes


    To deny our Abba father, and deny His son Jesus along with the Holy Spirit. This who are of the ilk that are the deniers are only pawns of satan for they dont believe in God and since the are always dening then they are of their father the devil.....For the scriptures explain this perfectly...Especially now that the season of the end of the beginining and the begining of the end is upon us....Things that are taking place are coping the down fall of rome.(due your Homework) they paid for sexual morality , paid for abortions with tax money allowed all kinds of perverted sex.....with the great distraction of having games take the place of worship(..I.E. all sports).Families worried about socer games football games hockey and other being played on sundays which take the place of going to church as a family....Children today can tell you the stats of wining and losing teams and the players records but dont have a clue about their eternity along with most parents......So when these persons of the dark come against Religous Holidays....(Christmas, EAster etc.) only to leave the Muslim holy days alone...Just goes to show you they are the devils henchmen...You who are in the position to nullify their actions and call yourselves Christians have committed the most henious sin of all by dening the God. of Abraham Issace and Jacob..and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you have shown that you are a carnal christian who only will just mouth your believe..Well now is the time to stand up for the truth,,,your future and your eternity depends on the outcome...Where will you be ?????????? For no one knows for whom the bell tolls.....I pray that you all will accept Christ in you heart and ask for forgivness of the sins.........Just one man's opinionj

  • nuzzybuzz

    That stupid person said it all when admitting 25% of the population identifies with the non-religious. I guess that means that 75% do identify with religious organizantions. That SHOULD mean that the 75% should win out!!

    • Pastafarian

      The Bill of Rights gives protection to minority opinion. The power of the Constitution is that is protects INDIVIDUALS from the tyranny of the masses.


    Atheists for this I cant understand why do you fight against something that you say does not exist....You see buy doing what you do gives credit that God does exist or you wouldn't care whether the Nativity or The Cross is out for all to see....You are really a joke that you cant see .....Even the demons of hell and their leader know and believe God exists....Now since you are overloading the courts buy using the taxpayers go against our first admendmant righs.....I am writing all who are in congress and demanding that all funding to be denied...for the reason of discrimination and for offending my God given rights to promote Christianity........Bet if you have to use your own money you would go broke...and by the way why dont you start demanding that muslims stop their acknowle of Sharia law and allah...Because you have not got the intestinal fortitude or the stones for fear of being erradicated.........Hey how about we start sueing you in court for your Practicing your holiday of April 1st......Just one man's opinin

  • snakeman52

    i think the hornes is the way GOD sees these JOS.


    gas em............

    • Hitlers and Nazis oh my

      Jews too?

  • American

    do they need a tissue for their issue

  • connie foster

    This story made my day. Thank you! :-)

  • Jim Campbell

    The Atheists Need The HORNES Stuck Up Somewhere Else

  • Jim Campbell

    Those HORNES NEED To Be oN The Other End.

  • JIM


  • Annie66

    Of course they have horns; they are just angry because no one included their tails and cloven hoofs. It is a hoot that the clowns of this ilk find it so easy to ridicule, denigrate, insult, castigate, and demonize those who do not agree with them, however, they howl like dogs, whine, cry, stomp, throw tantrums, and wee-wee themselves when they are treated in like manner. Should we appeal to George Soros or Jeremiah Wright to supply pacifiers to this crowd?

  • disgusted

    Perhaps devolution is a more appropriate explanation.

  • rmwayne

    These atheist scum deserve to be demonized. They're constantly showing their ridicule and hatred for God and Christians, but can't stand it when the truth is told about them. They're of Satan and are in for a nasty surprise on Judgement Day.

  • junkmailbin

    whiney little bit_hs. this is the group who always sniched on everybody, was part of the AV club, and had a pocket protectors.

    if you serve a dish, no throwing a snit when you have to eat the same dish.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Science tells us that the entire universe is made of energy, and that the attractions of those tiny energy particles combined until they reached critical mass - resulting in the "Big Bang," hurling outward innumerale particles of that energy melded into mass by the pre-bang pressures.

    That we (and untold other critters) can think is empirical evidence that some part(s) of that universal energy is sentient with the ability to learn. That Near Death Experience survivors seem to have broken through a "firewall" (not unlike a hacker entering a main-frame computer) and accessing whatever was at most interest to them at their "death;" that Edgar Cayce ("the Sleeping Prophet") could break that cosmic firewall at will, flat-lining and returning - without failure - with whatever information he had been seeking. That Cayce’s (and NDE survivors) energy did not dissipate while out-of-body, suggests the energy that is each of us is also cohesive and perhaps eternal, supporting the reincarnation view embraced by many religions (and "past-life regression" hypnosis as well), or immortality in some afterlife (in Heaven or Hell, or elsewhere), proves Atheism borders on pathetic stupidity.

    If the reality is so simple, why are there so many religions, sects, cults, philosophies, cultures, etc.? How could a creature composed of pure energy possibly experience anything except through material things and beings? Would those experiences from a wide range of world-views be more or less preferable than some narrow approach? Might the view of a cosmic couch-potato that is also a part of every aspect of the universal soap-opera (Panentheism) be more interesting than all, or most critters fearfully lined up on their knees? Perhaps Francois Voltaire described the latter best: "If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated.," and: "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." Voltaire's quotes are from the Vero Beach, "Press Journal"

  • Joanne Satmary

    Unfortunately athiest are threatened by Jesus. If not they would not care who believed or did not believe. They actually know he exists but are truly afraid of him because they would have to change their sick lifestyle. However, I will pray for them everyday of my life.

  • ICorps

    It's a good example of irony that atheists are being depicted as having horns just like those on Michelangelo's statue of Moses.

  • Yup it's just me

    They all better own asbestos suits!!!

  • Richard Bensen

    I think it's hillarious.Atheists whine about the beliefs of Christians but when made to look like their leader they get offended.Tough crap I say.

  • Wayne Graff

    What should they care what we Christians do? How does what we believe cause them any harm? OK they don't believe in GOD, we get it. Now shut up and let us live our lives and celebrate how we want to. Just go on ignoring us, but don't get in our way.

  • danclamage

    Separation of Church from State - make public employees work on Xmas.

  • Plumbly

    Pity these hollow lives, they are tortured by emptiness.

  • libertarian58

    Atheism itself is a "religion" so why aren't the judges shutting them down, too? Nothing in the Constitution prevents the people from following their beliefs and public parks are not "owned" by the government. This judge is totally out of line.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Atheism isn't a religion, it's a lack of belief. How can you call a lack of belief a religion? Is your lack of belief in leprechauns a religion?

  • Joe Zimmerman

    IF THERE IS NO GOD ,,,, THERE CAN BE NO DEVIL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Rich Day

    Oh poor baby's Didn't daddy love on you enough when you were little?

  • Suzye

    I have always considered atheists Devil worshipers, so the horns are
    quite appropriate for them. This is the Land of Free Speech, so what's
    the Judges problem?? v

  • nic

    atheists are unhappy in their sinful state of existence and they want everyone else who has true joy to be unhappy also

  • G W

    In the athesist own words, “It reveals how nonbelievers are still stigmatized, even in a community like Portland, where statistics show that a quarter of the population identifies as nonreligious.” She went on to say that “atheists don’t have horns, it is literally demonizing us.” Here is a novel idea athesist people; IF the athesist stopped antagonizing the 75% of Portlands population which celebrates Christmas, then perhaps the athesist would not be preceived as demons?

    • Pastafarian

      This is not an anti-Christmas or anti-Christian billboard. No one is attacking you.

  • Ray

    They've evolved into little whiny's funny & yet so pathetic.

  • Talltrees

    Atheists actually are disciples of Satan; although, they don't know it. He may appear as logical, intelligent, kind, or rather his ideologies appear that way. He lures his victims with propaganda, deceiving the gullible, by appearing to be the most handsome, sweetest, thing on earth; however, he is a werewolf in sheep's clothing.

    Atheists bought his doctrine (there is no God) and it is they who are being deceived. Satan's demons are everywhere trying to keep people from finding God or luring believers away from God. Satan may appear to be your favorite university professor, or best friend.

    His demons are numerous in universities and non-Christian/Jewish religions.

    Of course, Satan doesn't want Christian symbols anywhere; therefore he works through atheists to destroy them, but God is King, not Satan, and only He will win in the end.

  • Ole in WI

    I have this theory about atheists. If they are truly non-believers, then why the tremendous attack on Christianity? I mean, what do they care? If they are truly steadfast in their non-belief, then why do they feel threatened by any show of Christianity? I think deep down, they have doubts, they have fear there's a chance they could be wrong, and Christianity is easy to attack, as we believe in forgiving them and turning the other cheek. So it's easy to assuage their fears on Christians. Ever see them go after Islam? Not a chance, ever. Bottom line, if they are right, then we're all just worm food, right? BUT, a Christian will still go to their end without fear, knowing in their heart there is something better after death, whereas the athiests go to their end KNOWING there is nothing else, but blackness, the end, nothingness. However, if we are right, we will get to experience eternal life, whereas they will suffer for all eternity. Either way, we are better off, it's a win-win for a Christian, and they cannot undo this logic. So, they attack that which they fear and a logic they cannot defeat. Ironic part is, they are generally liberals, and support the tolerance of Islam...which if ever in power, will put the atheists heads on the blocks first. They'll be wishing to return to the tolerance of Christians, but alas, it will be too late then...

    • Pastafarian

      No one is attacking. The purpose of the billboard was to show that we are not so different.

  • amigo

    God says The Atheist is a Fool.

    The Wisdom in God's Word states that it is Folly for a person who Answers a Matter
    Before he has heard ALL Facts of the Matter. (Proverbs 18:13) In short, God says he is a Fool. Any wise Lawyer would Not risk his reputation in court (asaFool) by Not investigating All of the Facts in a Legal Matter. He would want tobe prepared for uncertain rulings that would depend on the court's acceptance or rejection of evidence presented.

    The Bible teaches that the man who Cannot Reason is a "Fool;" the man who Refuses to
    Reason is a "Bigot;" the man who is Afraid to Reason is a "Slave." The Fool wishes he could Reason, but cannot, (he has No Moral Compass); the Bigot is able to Reason, but Refuses to Accept Correction, he is Prideful, (don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up), the Slave is able to Reason, but cannot, he is Fearful of what people will say about him,(don't make waves, let's go along to get along, Strive for Majority's acceptance).
    But the Willing Man has every good opportunity available by his "Ability and Willingness" to Reason.

    The God of the Bible is a "God of Reason."
    God's Word says, "Come now, let us Reason together, says the Lord, though your sins be as Scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be Red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If you are (key words) Willing and Obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword; for the mouth of the Lord hasspoken it." (Isaiah 1:18-20) God speaks to the Fools when He says “My
    people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

    "The Fool has said in his heart, ‘There is No God." (Psa 14:1;53:1) “For the preaching of the Cross is to them that perish Foolishness; But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks Foolishness." (1Corinthians 1:18, 23)

    The Psychiatry profession claims that man is a two-part being; he has an 'Intellect' and a 'Body', and that the "Goodness of man" lays within his inner most being. God's Word says this is Not correct; there is No Goodness in man in his "Fallen State." (Romans 3:10, 23);
    “As it is written, There is None Righteous", no, "Not One". For ALL have Sinned and come Short of the Glory of God.”

    In Genesis.1:26,27, God says, "Let us make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness," that is (Three-Part being) in the likeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the HolySpirit. The spirit of man is the most important part of his triune creation. The spirit of man was created in the express image of God and is Indestructible and will Live forever in eternity. God created Adam and Eve in His Glory and they were spiritually joined to God and they were exceedingly blessed with His Grace in all things. But when Adam and Eve rebelled against God's instructions, their spiritual connection was severed and their fellowship with
    God was destroyed. Because of Adam's fall, man received as a consequence for his disobedience, a sin nature. This sin nature, referred to as "Original Sin," is an inborn propensity to commit evil. God is an All-Consuming Fire and He knows that sinful man cannot stand in His presence without being destroyed. So God sent Jesus the Savior of mankind so that sinful man could be forgiven and reconciled to God, whereby enabling man to stand before a Holy God in Right standing with Him and without being destroyed by His All-Consuming Fire.

    In the course of 4,000 years,God sent His Son Jesus, to save fallen man by becoming a
    propitiation and sacrifice for man's sin, and thereby reconciling man back to God. God is loving, merciful, forgiving, and just. The greatest Promise in the Bible is John 3:16,17; "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent Not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved." The greatest tragedy is John 3:18; "But he that believeth Not is condemned already, (the Atheist, Agnostic) because he has not believed in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God." God in His love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace, satisfied his Justice and hatred for man's sin by providing a way for man to be reconciled to God, by placing the entire sins of the world, past, present, and future, upon Jesus, the Lamb of God Who is without sin and Who takes away the sin of the world.

    God takes No pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezekiel 33:11 says, “As I live says the
    Lord God, I have No pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and LIVE: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?”

    The problem with man’s sin nature is quite simple. Man cannot save himself from his
    destructive sin nature, therefore God provided a Savior to deliver him from his evil ways. The Bible way to heaven is achieved by a simple Confession and an act of faith found in Romans 10: 9-13; that says, ”If you Confess with your Mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in your Heart that God raised Him from the dead, you Will be Saved. For with the Heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the Mouth confession is made unto Salvation. For the scripture says “Whoever Believes on Him will Not be put to shame.” For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For whoever calls upon the Lord (Jesus) Shall be Saved.” When a believer Confesses this prayer, he is making a proclamation of Identification. He is vicariously
    in agreement and personally Identifies with the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus who took his sins to the cross and was raised from the dead in hell for the forgive- ness of all his sins, enabling him to spend eternity with the Father in Heaven.

    The Atheist and Agnostic says God does not exist, yet They Have Not Searched for Him. The man who does Not Search for God will generally Never find Him, But the man who steadfastly searches for God Will always find Him. God invites men to Search for Him, and He promises to reveal Himself to all who seek to know Him.

    Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. ”Jeremiah 29: 11-14 says, ”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and Not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I Will listen to you. And you will Seek Me and Find Me, when you Search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back from your captivity;”

    The Atheist and Agnostic is without excuse. God has given sinful man a plan of redemption and eternal salvation. God has given us His son Jesus; He has given us His Holy Word, the Bible; He has given us His Holy Spirit.

    All man has to do is Choose the path he wants to take for his eternal destiny. God does not Send sinful man to hell and damnation. God has given man a Free Will to Choose his eternal destiny. Sinful man Sends Himself to hell and damnation by default, because he has Not Believed on the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of God. Man has to make this Choice while he is Yet Alive, for he Cannot Choose after he experiences the First
    physical death.
    The Great White Throne Judgment.
    Revelation 20:13-15 says, “Then I saw a Great White Throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and Books were opened. And another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And thedead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the Second Death. And anyone Not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.

    The Second Death is Not Cessation of Physical Life, but it is the Eternal Separation of Life from Jesus, the eternal source of life. God’s Word is His Will, and God’s Will is His Word. The Consciousness that we have in this mortal life is Immortal and Will Live for eternity; to be Vividly Aware of eternal glory with God or Vividly aware of eternal hell and damnation.

    Only a FOOL would choose Eternal Hell over the simplechoice of Eternal Glory with God. John 14:6 says, Jesus said to him, “ I am The (only) Way, The (only) Truth, and The (only) Life. No one comes to the Father Except through Me.” The Word of God is Divine Truth; inspired by His Holy Spirit; it is self-evident truth, and it is beyond debate. The Bible was written and canonized over a period of approximately 1700 years by 40 different authors, Who were All inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible is all about Jesus and He is the main character in every book and all of the books are in harmony with Jesus as the central theme of man’s salvation. There is not one book that contradicts any of the other books.

    Jesus is the "Word of God." In the King James Bible there are 66 books, 1189 chapters, 31,102 verses, 773,746 words, and 3,566,480 letters. Now imagine taking all these books, chapters, verses, words, and letters, and wrapping them all over every square inch of Jesus’ body and then covering Him with flesh. The apostle John constantly refers to Jesus
    as the "Word of God" in his Gospel and in his book of Revelation. (John 1:1,14; Revelation 19:13,16) “And He [Jesus] was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His Name is called the "Word of God." And He [Jesus] has on His vesture and on His thigh a name written, "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." Jesus is the "Word of God" Who became flesh and dwelt among us, (John 1:14) and Believers are the flesh who become the Word as we study and meditate on the Holy Scriptures. “And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free.” (John 8:32)

    Dr. Lewis S. Chafer, Dallas Theological Seminary founder, sums up the Bible in 5 topical words in his Christian Theology. Christ is the Central Theme of Scripture, and as bearing upon His Person: the following sections of the Bible are classified as:
    1.) Old Testament as the "Preparation" for the Coming Christ;
    2.) Four Gospels as the "Manifestation" of Christ; (His Humanity & Ministry Revealed)
    3.) Book of Acts as the "Propagation" of Christ's Spirit (Birth of His Church);
    4.) Epistles as the "Explanation" of Preparation, Manifestation, and Propagation of Christ; 5.) Book of Revelation as the "Consummation" of Christ and His Church. The Glorious Consummation of the Creator God with His Redeemed Creation; the Church, the Bride of Christ shall behold Him and Become One With Him and Eternally Joined With the Father.

    Logic dictates if the premise is true, the conclusion is true also. The "Word of God" has a truthful premise and ends with a true conclusion. Atheist, your name will be found in the "Book of Life", IF you invite Jesus into your heart and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is your Lord and Savior of your life. God declares in His Word, the Bible way to heaven is to choose Jesus as your savior. God’s Word is His Will; His Will is His Word.

    “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto right- eousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame. For there is no distinction between
    Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:9-13 NKJV)

    Atheist, May God grant you the wisdom to choose between Heaven and hell; Non-Smoking or Smoking. Amen! PTL!

    The Bible is all about Jesus. Martin Luther called John 3:16 "The Heart of the Bible, the Gospel in Miniature." It’s so simple a Child can Understand IT; Yet IT Condenses the Deep and Marvelous Truths of Redemption into these few Powerful Words of Absolute Assurance: The following verse, John 3;16 from the King James Bible, is the greatest promise to man for Eternal Life from God, the Creator of All mankind.

    "God" ~ The Greatest Lover.

    "So Loved" ~ The Greatest Degree.

    "The World" ~ The Greatest Number.

    "That He Gave" ~ The Greatest Act.

    "His Only Begotten Son" ~ The Greatest Gift.

    "That Whosoever" ~ The Greatest Invitation.

    "Believeth" ~ The Greatest Simplicity.

    "In Him" ~ The Greatest Person.

    "Should Not Perish" ~ The Greatest Deliverance.

    "But" ~ The Greatest Difference.

    "Have" ~ The Greatest Certainty.

    "Everlasting Life ~ The Greatest Possession.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "God says The Atheist is a Fool." No, you do. You just have the ultimate arrogance to claim that you speak for "God."

  • QuisPercusit

    If Athiests are so adamante that therey do not believe in Any God Lets collect therir names and send them to some radical muslim organization with that information I sure the Arab Brotherhood Jihadists would react emotionally enough to end any further Atheist squealing, whining and complaining

  • SouthernPatriot

    No such thing as an atheist . . .maybe an agnostic; but most of the time both are aaas wipes who feel that if they deny God that they can live their lives as morally corrupt as they wish; anything goes and anything you want to do; God stymies their ability to live the worthless, moral less life that feels good; so the idiots feel that if they deny God, then everything will be OK . . . God will forgive them because they "didn't know that He was for real" . . .and they will be the ones to scream the loudest for God when they sheet their last turd.

  • WillyT

    The Mulahs forbade Obama from using the word Christmas so now it is called "gift giving day". It's just another piece of the islamlo/socialist Obamboozle.

  • A Believer

    I many Atheists will, have take time off of work on December 25th, and how many will enjoy a family celebration of some sorts during this season? Does an Atheist refuse Christmas gifts?

  • Skillet56

    Hahaha. Atheists just crack me up. All their whinning and gnashing of the teeth over a God they don't believe in. I've never understood how you can file a suit over something you don't believe exist. So I guess we should all file suits against the boogey-man or unicorns or something.

  • kpjlaw

    Free speech, but on the other hand, the bilboard should not have been defaced. On balance, however, I am on the side of the guerilla artist. The atheists cause so much trouble for others that it is really funny to see them whining and crying over a couple of horns on one billboard. They can dish it out, but they can't take a little bit of humor directed at them. What a bunch of wimps!!! lol

  • michael3ov

    You do realize that Christmas never was a "Christian holiday". Christmas is pagan in origin centuries before the supposed birth of Christ. The Church adopted pagan holidays such as Easter and Christmas because they felt it would be easier to convert pagans to Christianity. Atheists could care less about Christmas trees or manger scenes, it's when explicit religious symbols are placed on public property that it becomes a violation of the First Amendment. I am curious how Christians would react should Buddhist, Hindus,Muslims, Sikhs, etc. place some of their religious iconography outside government buildings or on other public property.

  • cmjay

    Adding those HORNS was a stroke of genius. Thank you for an early CHRISTMAS GIFT for us CHRISTIANS.

  • Tonto

    THE LEFT is the biggest set of whiners around.....and when faced with the truth, the proof and the answers, they go absolutely nuts and shut down like a broken toy.....amazing idiots.

  • Mr. Pepper

    Atheists have every right to be of no value to themselves are anyone else!!

  • CaptainDLW

    They don't believe in GOD because they don't want to live by moral laws that would restrict their way of life. Like others have said, " If there is no GOD then there are no demons!" They are going to be in for such a surprise.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I believe in defacing property when it's these worthless pieces of manure who are attacking Christians. The Constitution CLEARLY states that there can be no establishment of religion. Folks, ATHIEISM takes just as much or more faith and BELIEF as Christianity. I say more but, for argument sake, I'll say it's the same. Then, if we're ripping Christianity from a nations symbols and structures, lets go all the way folks. Dump the ten commandments. You know, "Thou shalt not murder". How about that one? "Thou shalt not steal." Another good one. Now, because our leadership do both ALL the time, they're probably tired of being reminded that God will send them all to H-ell for either or both. They already approve of murdering babies. I think they have a different god and that is the real problem. They worship themselves.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Merely calling a spade, a spade...

  • Silas Longshot

    Is this typical of the left or what? Throwing their poo for decades, hating on Christians, destroying the Christian heiritage of the USA, denying us OUR 1st amendment rights of religious freedom and expression. And they get all whiney over this trivia?

  • Emberrassed Atheist

    I'm an atheist. My fellow conservative, atheist friends an I call ourselves
    "embarrassed atheist". I have no I'll will toward religion. If you don't believe
    in something you simply don't care about it, not attack it. My parents are
    religious, should I hate them? NO, and this country was found on religion wether
    we atheist like it or not. Too many have died for this country with a cross over
    there resting place for me to not acknowledge and respect this fact. I do feel
    that Christianity has done much good in the world. I was very upset when the
    atheist made airmen take religious symbols off there planes they where flying
    into combat missions. Ridiculous, leave them alone. From here to Christmas I
    will see atheist attacking a great holiday that I thoroughly enjoy now and when
    I was a child. I want my nieces and nephews to enjoy it just as I have when I
    was there age. This is why I am an "embarrassed atheist".

    For any creepy libs that read this and don't believe I'm an atheist...The
    denial of Christ is a sin. I did go to religious instructions as a

  • mike

    I thought they did not believe in the devil either. So making them look like a goat is offensive?

  • SirWilhelm

    It takes as much faith to believe there is no God, as it takes to believe there is, because you can not prove God does not exist, anymore than you can prove He does. The Universe is structured to give us Free Will, so each one of us can make that choice for ourselves. That alone, is evidence the Universe was Created with Free Will in mind, and if the Universe was Created, it must have had a Creator. But, if you don't want to believe that, that's your choice, because you have Free Will, don't you? On the other hand, I won't tell you, you have to believe in a Creator, if you don't tell me, I have to believe there isn't one, ok? After all, it's wrong to take away people's Free Will, isn't it? To tell them what to believe, or not to believe, isn't it? Isn't that tantamount to slavery? Wasn't that one of our greatest freedoms, freedom to believe what we wanted to believe, freedom of religion? Believe what you want, atheists, but leave our freedom to believe what we want, alone. Or is that what you really want, to take away our Free Will? Your belief there is not Creator does not offend me, why does my belief that there is a Creator, offend you, to the point that you want me to stop expressing that belief? Is it because atheists have no symbols, like the Star of David, or the Cross? Ah, but you do have symbols. The Hammer and Sickle, are your primary symbols. One of Marxist/Communism's main tenants is atheism. Not all atheists are Communists, but, all Communists are atheists. Can atheists attack Christianity and Judaism without indirectly supporting Communism? I think not.

  • RH6194

    Brothers and Sisters...those of us who call ourselves believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ need to really examine the attitudes of our hearts. I understand that we are being persecuted, mostly verbally and legally, by atheists in America, however Jesus told us that in the last days we would be persecuted for His name' sake. We are told in the Beatitudes that we are BLESSED when we are persecuted for His names' sake. We are not to get even...but we are to turn the other cheek. We are to be Salt and Light in a lost and dying world. Our Savior told us that in the world we will have trouble but that He has overcome the world. And finally He told us that He will never leave us nor forsake us, but that He will be with us to the end of the world.

    We need to reach out to atheists, as well as all other non-believers, with the Love of Christ. The time is short. It appears as though we are living in the last days. We need to desperately be reaching out to spread the Gospel to any who have not come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    I know our society is extremely frustrating today...especially for Christians who are being mocked and persecuted at every turn. But think how much more so Jesus must have felt this way during His ministry and ultimately as he hung and died on a Roman cross for your sins and mine. Pray that He will give you a forgiving spirit that will be able to honestly pray "Father, forgive them fpr the know not what they do" the next time you feel persecuted.

    Also know that you are storing up treasure in heaven where neither rust or moth destroy.

    We will be hated for the name of Christ in this world and it is only going to get worse as time goes on. Try to focus on how Jesus dealt with persecution in His life when the Jews hated Him!

    • jonbernal

      Love your post! I myself often find myself getting angry and it is so right to be reminded of this. God bless you for your gentle reminder of what it means to be a Christian, especially in these trying times.

  • Walt

    I believe that the athiests have a perfect right to choose to go to hell if they wish. I just wish they would hurry and get gone.

  • JRP

    I am a Christian and not an atheist, but your belief in the Jewish Genesis Fable vrs. INTELLIGENT DESIGN THRU EVOLUTION is ridculous and makes God into a simpleton like the Old Testament Christians

  • No Moshe

    Forget the athiests in terms of the war on Christmas , the Jews are twice as bad.
    In my town, they want to ban Christmas lights, you can't use the very word Christmas. The 100 year old Christmas tree lighting is now called the "Holiday" tree lighting !

    Of course , if we dared call the Menorah a 8 candle holder it's anti semetic.
    Every other religion can have their holoda by name but Christmas ? Oh no

    Such hypocracy and lies coming from the lefty Jews. No wonder - they are Obama voters.
    Don't worry Jews, we will all continue to send you all our money, fight your wars and let you tell us what to think by your control of the media.
    You are the chosen people , after all, right ?


  • John Tashjian

    Oh, the "poor little darlings". They can browbeat, lecture, badger, and bully Christians of all stripes into taking down anything that even remotely resembles "public endorsement of religion" (so-called), cow Christians into submission and call it "freedom of speech/expression", but start crying "foul" when they are shown to be the bullying buffoons that they are. The poor little crybabies got themselves black eyes and bloody noses, so now they run crying to the Sugar Daddy "knight in shining armor" to make the atheists' victims pay restitution? Please! That kind of temper tantrum went out with bell-bottoms and disco.

  • haroldenewelljr

    The point made is well taken but ignored by most. How can you be an atheist and still take the holiday off or receive a bonus? Prove to all of us believers and work those days of religious meaning and return all money received in conjunction with these happenings. Refuse to take any money that has “In God we Trust” or enter any building that mentions anything religious. Lets see you work the entire week without taking Sundays off. The list goes on and on. But you get the point. If you don’t believe in God you believe in Satin. There is no hot without cold. No light without darkness. Semper Fi.

  • Truth Bringer

    Yeah! Atheists really are demons, how can they deny that?! I mean, demons go around tempting people and trying to pull them away from jesus... Sounds just like an atheist doesn't it? Anyone who denies god obviously is cursed and will go to hell, and they should be vilified as such. I think it is time to start rounding these demons up and put them into camps so that they can't hurt anyone else! Christian power, Christian power!!!

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      Pretty ironic that you are the same people accusing Obama of being like Hitler, and here you are encouraging concentration camps. But you'd have to have more than one thought in your head at the same time to see that, so I guess that would never occur to you.

  • djw663

    Your right they would whine and cry for being depicted like thaqt because if they do not believe in GOD then they do not believe in the devil but boy will they wish they had GOD in their life when it comes time for them to meet their maker!

  • Kari

    It's all part of a BIGGER plan....and apparently it's working....get rid of God and anything that has to do with God and goodness and make no mistake....we are heading in that direction quickly. If Atheists can get courts to do that when they are in the minority what does the MAJORITY do? We have to get conservatives judges that believe in the "majority rule"'s crap what happened in Santa Monica and those people should be protesting big time!!! This just isn't right but that doesn't seem to matter any longer........we're going to Hell in a hand basket as the saying goes!!!

    • Pastafarian

      Constitutionalists believe in INDIVIDUAL rights. We do not want the country run by crowd sourcing. Don't forget who won the election. (hint - not your guy)

  • Italiano

    Atheists always find it difficult to believe in Jesus who is "the word made flesh" and love itself simply because they themselves promote just the opposite, the tyranny of relativism, as Pope Benedict has rightly called their so called idealogy. The most troubling aspect of their delusional thinking is that it has such an all encompassing negative effect on our children and people who are searching for the ultimate truth in their lives. In fact, it is their false religion that the this foolish administration finds itself advocating and in constant violation of both the first and fourteenth amendments of our constitution. The very "freedom" from the "constraints" of all religious thinking and activities that atheists always strive to attain will be the bondage from which they will find no liberation. Our country is mirroring the secularism of the European Union where its constitution of seventy pages doesn't even reference our Lord and their creator even once. The result: massive unemployment and riots in Greece, social upheaval in England and a renunciation of the Catholic faith in Ireland, just to name some of the most notable ramifications.

  • LeSellers

    It may be hypocritical, but I am glad government employees (pointedly not "workers") get Christmas off. I wish they got the Day of the Moon, the Day of of Oden, and the Day of Frieda off, as well, because it's cheaper to pay them to stay home than to allow them to screw up our lives when they're in the office.

    The lion's share of the things they do would be better undone. (P.S. The "lion's share" is 100%. See Aesop's fables.)

    Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • di from Oregon

    Hhhhm, so if atheists are hostile to Jesus we know they are taking sides. There are only 2 sides, good and evil. Hello, logic should be their strong suit? Simply stated, Jesus Christ the Son of God is good, the other side is evil, namely the Devil who is the Prince of this world (outside and devoid of the Kingdom of God).

  • seediore

    Hahaaaa!!! ...oh, the IRONY!!! :)

  • Wapitiman

    I never understood why atheists (who do not believe in God) spend so much of their precious time on this earth, thinking about the God they deny. Why can't they just get on with their lives and let us unenlightened people 'wallow' in our Christianity !

  • Tony Bulver

    I don't know why atheists are always whining. After all, their organization is one of the few anti-religion organizations that has its own holiday...........April 1 of every year.

  • granny

    Atheists made their let them lie in it. They are devils and the 1st to complain when there is something they don't like......whine, whine, whine. Then we have the Booker T's, who try & stuff the swill down the true legal christian citizens throat, but expect us to be quiet about their stupidity. God bless America....

  • bluejersey

    i am not religious, but what is it my business what others believe in? If I had a neighbor who placed a cross in his yard, that is his business, not mine.

  • guest on this planet


  • GDC

    The belief in God/s IS a BIZARRE DELUSION and Religion IS a PSYCHOSIS!!!

  • Josey

    Hey radical Muslims, Atheist are free-bies ... they ought to be worth 142 VIRGINS!!!! Gget'em!

  • Bob

    I have a major problem with the large number of the population in the United States. If you were to look at the news media and the people in our cities they are like a bunch of sheep roaming without a shepherd. As a people we need to get back to worshiping our God and stopped letting the atheist dictate to the Christian things we're doing today. I find it sad that our judges and our politicians are not protecting the Christian values of this nation.

  • liberty2012

    atheists are Godless, Soulless creatures without humanity, no reason to live or love, no hope. This is the cause for the mean thoughtless behavior that we see in their words and actions. I do not see them with horns but as slugs.

  • Wes McKay

    Just how do they differ from the ... muslims ?
    If you don't believe in God ...
    You must be a product of ... satan !
    And they are born in the image of ... satan !
    HENCE ... the horns and tail ...

  • Richard Holmes

    atheiosts believe in nothing but themselves and they are always wrong.


    Ya know, when the green tracers were incoming, I couldn't find an athiest anywhere to save my soul. It was once said, "there are no athiests in a fox hole". When it suits them, they harrass the majority of the citizens that DO believe in God, Jesus, Buddah or whoever.
    Who cares that someone drew horns on their billboard!! When they depict religious people, it is just fine for them to paint us as fools, ignorant, stupid and morons. Now that the page has turned a little bit, they don't like it! Let me call the Whaaaambulance for the little sissies!
    Why does it bother them to see something that brings joy to the masses? Why can't WE express our freedoms like they do? If you think that the athiests and government have become too restrictive on OUR religious rights, just you wait!!!!!! I am sure that "the call to prayer" is coming to your neighborhood soon enough! Take your little rug with you, you'll need it to stop traffic in downtown L.A.
    Question, what are the athiests going to do when muslims tell them to convert? Are they going to tell the muslim brotherhood no? How about the radical islamists? Are they going to have the gonads to tell the head muslim in chief no? My friends, times have changed and they are NOT for the good. Be aware, be VERY aware!

  • Tom54

    I have the perfect answer. All Christians take their Christmas shopping somewhere other than Santa Monica. The city will lose millions in taxes and the businesses will go under and the city wil be a ghost town. Let the 5% of athiest support the Santa Monica economy. That will go over really well come next election.

  • Jim


  • SittingMoose Shaman

    ...the message of Christ was never intended, and is not to be, idolised in displays of any kind or fashion...His salvation...Holy Spirit and our communication with Father is spiritual -in our deepest thinking...within our minds...Believers do not need to have these material stages...
    These only fuel a fire started by the evil-one long ago...long before this universe came into existence...,which "nature": The actions and reactions of what man named, "physics"; Father Creator, Holy Spirit and I AM produced, as stated by the Bible -being the "heavens" and "firmament" and "waters"...then the "earth"...through that nature, They in the form as "Us"...produced..."man" ...from the dust of novas...the very heart of suns He made, "we the people"...of Earth...who cares if it took billions upon billions of the Earths' annual solar cycles..." A day is as a thousand years to Father [God]." ..."Us"...have a whole plethora of things to do...forever in the any any dimension...Father, Holy Spirit, I AM produced all...and in all...
    Humans...set the barriers to communicating with Them -who exist and work, as One. Continually. Pure, Trans-Dimensional Energy. Living!
    Science is of late...discovering a few elements of how "Us" had done this...Creation.
    Science in its' depths, does indeed believe in 'God' just won't accept the deity... Science spent ~8 billion Euros to build the Large Hadron Collider accelerator at CERN Geneva, Switzerland...just to pay 'Him' a visit... One of its' purposes I to 'crack' a tiny 'hole' into Heaven...and extract an extremely minute 'particle' of this energy from another dimension...
    CERNs' magnetic fields can capture and decelerate a lively particle as well as accelerate them...The Energy of this universes' creation...could power things rather extraordinarily, don'cha think?

    • CARLjr

      ........whoa dude, I'd like some of whatever you are on!

  • kyra

    Like they shall be as if they never were obadiah 16 get a good understanding of thisit's about you

  • Cuz

    Atheists Protest, Cry, and Whine for Being Depicted With Horns they are right it's more like a donkeys ass. Wait till they realize God created them and for the person that mentioned Allah God created Allah to. Now run off and use your guns on yourself because you can't handle the facts.