Obama Economist: Taxing Junk Food Will Help Prevent Fiscal Cliff

Obama’s former chief economist Larry Summers thinks that one way to break America’s fall off the over-reported fiscal cliff is to raise taxes to the level they were under Clinton’s administration. Echoing Paul Krugman’s 90% tax rate nostalgia and pointing out that it was conservative icon Ronald Reagan who cut taxes to 50%, he said, “It’s hard to believe that raising the top tax rate to 39.6 percent — where it was under President Clinton — will do grievous damage to the economy.” Of course, Reagan also cut the top tax rate to 28% in his second term, but that’s beside the point.

Raising already existing taxes is only one way to cushion our fall. Summers, a professor at Obama’s alma mater, is certain that soon we’ll have taxes on carbon, energy and junk food. In fact, he was surprised that Americans didn’t yet have a tax on carbon and energy, considering that carbon and energy usage is directly related to the solar cycles that affect global temperatures. Or so liberals think. Taxing such usage will surely convince the sun to alter its behavior so that the average global temperature will go down a couple degrees and stop all the hurricanes from ruining everybody’s lives. And if taxing doesn’t work, just tax more.

As for the junk food tax, Summers cited evidence that tobacco taxes directly correlated to decreases in tobacco-related deaths. He said that 700,000 fewer deaths per year were reported as a result of tobacco tax increases. Based on those data, he extrapolated that the same would happen if we taxed certain junk foods. Since diabetes and obesity are linked to eating sugary and/or fatty snacks, he reasoned, maybe a tax on those items would discourage people from buying them, thereby decreasing the number of people affected by nutrition deficiency diseases.

The government can pretend to care about people affected by those diseases, but raising taxes won’t do much. If they really cared, they’d stop subsidizing food crops that contribute to obesity and diabetes. Food companies use those foods not because of popular demand, but because the government makes them literally dirt cheap. The government dumps billions of dollars into the production of wheat, corn and soy, from which food manufacturers derive all sorts of additives, preservatives and super sweeteners that all contribute to the diseases that Larry Summers pretends to care about. If the government wants to stop people from smoking, then why does the government subsidize tobacco? There should be no need to tax it. Just stop subsidizing it at least.

The Washington Post pointed out that taxing junk foods would only prompt people to find it elsewhere where it isn’t taxed. Americans may just go to Canada or Mexico if such a tax were levied in the U.S.:

"As a way to promote a healthy diet, Denmark levied a special tax on foods like cheese, butter and bacon that had more than 2.3 percent saturated fat. Danish consumers reacted to the tax as rational global consumers would — they drove to Germany and other tax-free locations to buy their junk food. Realizing that the tax was simply shifting consumption out of Denmark rather than reducing consumption, the Danish government scrapped the tax effective January 2013. "

I don’t like that they call cheese, butter and bacon “junk food.” Fat is not the culprit. Excessive sugars and refined carbohydrates are the problem. And this is why we should be wary of the government deciding what “junk food” is. A couple years ago, it was reported that the psychiatric industry had invented a new mental disorder called orthorexia nervosa. This “disease” was characterized by wanting to eat only whole, natural foods and avoiding real junk foods.



  • jag

    Tax...Tax.....This mindset will destroy the remaining fragile pieces of this Country. Businesses do not pay added fees. Taxes, fines and fees are passed on to consumers, usually with a fee added to pay for the expense of passing on the extra money baggage. Proof? Peruse your bills from telephone, utility, cable, satellite service along with public transportation added charges. Money baggage charges often out weigh the basic charge for service . The gaggle of over-paid professors and government bean-counters should begin thinking toward cutting spending to include many pork grants and foreign aide.

    • kodster

      I agree... Ron Paul's farewell speech to Congress on 11/14/12 explained what needs to be done, very clearly. They need to cut to the bone, including the planned budget increases for each year, over the next 10 years, to each of the federal agencies. That's what they think is cutting spending... just reducing the annual budget increases every year, over the next 10 years. We need cuts to the bone, NOW!

      • oldcoyote

        AMEN to that.

      • JoJo58

        Not only the government, but all of us simply because WE need to be prepared to take care of ourselves

  • cmorplante

    Insurance is the problem. When people had to pay out of their pocket for medical care, they were much more likely to avoid things that might cause devastation to their savings. With the advent of easily affordable insurance, that caution was thrown to the wind. Before insurance was so readily attainable, junk food was largely unmarketable, viewed as an occasional treat if consumed at all. When the economic threat was removed by insurance, producers of junk food had a green light to push their products on a much less cautious consumer. Obamacare and Fed-nanny will exacerbate the problem rather than alleviate it.

    • lucky joe

      Then explain to us foreigners why Americans voted for Obama care in the first place ?

      • Robert

        I agree with you.And one reason is because the younger generation never had to pay for their health insurance.And they get anything they want from Obama and his crooked congress and senate .Wait until they get old and have to go through what we older people who worked all our lives are going through.Even senior living residence keep going up on our rents.

      • JennieWalsh

        70% of the American people were very much OPPOSED to Obamacare but the enemies of America in congress and the presidency shoved it through anyway.

      • sreynolds

        Americans didn't vote for obama care, it was forced through with no republicans voting for it, remember the bribes and such obama committed to get it through?

      • Dan in NH

        It passed only because the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats and even then it passed only by a slim majority and just because it was passed doesn't mean it's popular. I don't know anyone who likes it. It will destroy medicare and will be far more expensive then we think. We are already seeing the effects of Obamacare and it hasn't even come into effect. Businesses are cutting employee hours or staff to pay for Obamacare. Even backers of Obama are laying off people to pay for Obamacare. I don't know anyone who likes Obamacare. Just because a law gets passed doesn't mean it's wanted. Many doctors are quitting the business or not taking any new patients or refusing medicaid or medicare patients. The Government is not known for managing anything efficiently. We need to cut the size of Government drastically and return controlled to the private sector. One of the problems with taxing the rich is they don't pay the taxes they raise prices on goods and services to cover the taxes. Taxes are an expense and all expenses are passed on to the customer. People by this non-sense about taxing the rich because most people know absolutely nothing about how business works and that includes Obama and all of his minions. In 250+ years the US under Capitalism has done more for the benefit of mankind than all the other Governments in the world since the beginning of time. In that time we've taken the World from an agriculturally based society barely able to feed itself where 40 was old age to an Industrial based society where in the period of 9 years put a man on the moon and returned him to earth safely. We now can transplant organs. Illnesses that used to always be fatal are now curable or at least manageable. This type of advancement doesn't occur under socialism or communism except in time of war. While some of our advancements were due to need caused by war not all of the advances were so. Obamacare has mandated that all these things have to be covered by insurance. It used to be that you selected the amount of coverage desired and the more you selected the more you paid. In other words you could buy a Yugo or a Rolls Royce depending on how much you are willing to pay. That's not the case anymore. Now you don't have any choice all insurances have to offer all these things so there is no longer a Yugo you now have to buy a Cadillac. I think the Government you stop trying to run businesses they aren't good at it.

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      Get your calendar straight. Health insurance became a staple with employers just after WW-II, because wage controls were in place and the health insurance was a great recruiting tool. It was also after all the troops came back and the US economy started rebounding (after the recession of 1947) that people bought cars (auto production was curtailed during the war, in favor or tanks and such) and starting traveling big time. Up to then, most restaurants for travelers were Mom/Pop operations, with only a single site or two. Stuckey's started the chains, and the concept caught on with some people who decided a chain of hamburger joints could really make money, if one took advantage of the changes in food technology developed for the war. There were others: White Castle and White Tower come to mind. Then KFC used the same model for fried chicken. The rest is history. "Junk" food is no more than food that is fast, tasty and cheap.... and that's the market niche in which they operate. You want to talk about Houston? Where do think Levittown came from? Please get your history.....

      • cmorplante

        I wasn't referring to fast food. By junk food, I was referring to chips, sugar snacks, cookies, candy and "junk" like that; the stuff we once regarded as treats. These "foods" have little nutritional value and yet account for nearly half of annual grocery sales.

    • JennieWalsh

      That is exactly what they want to do. This is just one of their (America's enemies) many ways to destroy America. It is all very diabolical and well thought out and planned.

  • Screeminmeeme

    If the gov starts taxing donuts, cops will go broke.

    • RogerZ

      Not if the cops get them for free. :)

    • Doodlebug

      How can they tax donuts when moochelle is getting all the junk food, including donuts, off the shelves? They will have to start taxing the "good for you stuff!"

      • Beepster

        Ya think moochelle is a big, fat hieney?? HUH!!!! Just look at the rest of them on Soetoro's staff. Only one slightly slim is Rice, and she ain't 'zactly slim by any margin. Just start taxin' the Cabinets and their followers.

        • patriot2

          you got that right,she is a fat hienie & an ugly one at that,I would suggest a tax on liberal obama supporters & democrats but that wouldn't help anything as they are all worthless.too bad almost all of the politicians are the same or they would be fighting back against the illegal presidents illegal power grabs.

      • SallyE

        Did you see the White House Thanksgiving menu? Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese and 6 kinds of pie! Not exactly a low calorie, low fat menu. But what does Moochelle care? She tells us how to eat while she gets what she wants!

        • 57girl

          Surprised? Look at what the *itch spends on her vacations ,at taxpayers expense, while she tells the rest of us to make sacrifices. Sickening.

    • lucky joe

      good news for once !......fewer traffic tickets §;-)

    • Phil185

      They won't go broke, but many just might lose twenty or thirty pounds!

  • lou7

    How about means testing for ALL WELFARE programs to avoid the fiscal cliff. Quit spending, cancel OBAMA CARE, shut down the EPA, shut down the Dept. of Edu. leave it to the states, etc.

    I could do it real fast. Go to FLAT TAX AND ELIMINATE THE IRS AND THEIR THUGS.

    Want more? Just ask.

    • RedMeatState

      abolish the federal reserve and you don't even need a flat tax.

      • JennieWalsh

        A jillion thumbs up for your comment!!!!!

        The privately owned and operated criminal organization known as the Federal Reserve has been robbing and cheating the American people for almost 100 years. It must be a miracle that we even still have a nation left at all. Iceland kicked out their bankster-gangster crime cartel and their economy is now prospering nicely.

        The American people were too dumbed down, disinterested and indoctrinated to have the brains to vote for Ron Paul who would have worked hard to ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE and THEIR PARTNERS IN CRIMINAL GRAND THEFT, THE IRS. As long as these 2 organizations exist, America will be plundered and struggle and go downhill economically.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

        Also ; abolish welfare '.

    • AlwaysRIGHT

      Good ideas... let me add a couple - seize all the assets of any owner of any company that employs any illegals. Give illegals 30 days to leave, after that, round them up, deport them AND put a $25,000 invoice on each of them, billed to Mexican govt for our fee for taking care of their worthless asses! And also, take all the trash along the border, dump it on the front lawn of the Mexican govt with an invoice, too! If they don't pay up in 30 days, drop a nuke on them. Still no payment, drop another.

      • Al

        @AlwaysRight. I would add to seize all of the assets of the job outsourcers too. They are traitors.

        • Sam in NC

          I agree !

    • JoJo58

      Yeah, I worked at Sam's Club and you would be amazed at the food stamp people that had memberships buying lobster, king crab, imported cheeses, and exotic fruits and vegetables....then they would whip out their welfare credit card and pay for that 50" LED tv. It must be great to be poor in America. Food stamps need to be ONLY for the basic staples and they can get their stinkin' cheese and butter at the government surplus stores. Who CARES if it stigmatizes them? It's SUPPOSED to be a motivator to do better! Sitting on your arse in free housing eating free food getting free medical and dental care and having liberals tell you that "it's okay" is NOT going to get these people off their duff!!

      • Jane

        SAMs is a cheating corporation. There are simple programs most corporations, grocery stores use to BLOCK debit card use. So why not report SAMs, a Walmart subsidiary, for fraud. They certainly are guilty. I will take the lead. The grocery chain I worked for discriminated between food items allowed and not allowed, same for WIC. This showed up on the receipt. Typical of Walmart to cheat government, employees, consumers.

        • JoJo58

          No, actually it's not since food stamp cards can be used to make cash withdrawals, tattoo parlors, strip clubs, restaurants, fast food joints, minit marts etc. I see the signage prominently displayed everywhere.

        • Dark Patriot

          THEY ARE NOT COMMITTING FRAUD! F YOU, ASXHOLE!! They are getting paid for voting demorat. My neighbor took me to dinner on the EBT just to prove it was cool. The SAMS Ladies cry when trash buy stuff that they can't afford. This BS is legal (in PA).

      • fcsuszka

        I agree JoJo58 but bear in mind that the welfare programs and food stamps are regulated by the states not the federal government. As for buying all of the lavish items you mention… There is no law, rule or regulation against it.

        I think one approach to this “free” stuff mentality would be to force these people to work. I mean why not. Aren’t we forced to pay taxeson what we earn so these people can sit on their “arse” and watch plasma TV and drink beer? Travel someplace and you will see trash by the side of the road on the streets and in empty lots. Want your free cell phone and free this that or the other, you must work to get it. Deduct a percentage of their checks if they don’t.

        There are many needy people out there that deserve a leg up but for the most part these lazy good for nothing dopes are like a cancer on our society. It’s time to draw a halt to this kind of way in America.

        • karolh

          Yes there is regulations against buying prepared foods, imported foods or even toilet paper, laundry items, cleaning supplies. Only basic items are listed in the regulations. Blame the stores for cheating and letting them buy other than on the list each register is supposed to have. The states have been trying to stop this for 2 years now. I have a neighbor that trades her food stamps for drugs, which of course is illegal, but she gets by with it. There are many culprits in the food stamp fraud game.

        • Dark Patriot

          ou are wrong. The stores can't cheat. Its all computerized. EBT cards may be used to buy anything that you can eat except alcohol. Find the most expensive restaurant that you can't afford. An EBT card opens that to you. Been there. Watched that. Wished my pictures were light enough.

        • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

          you forgot lottery tickets, hell i cant use my own dept card for lottery tickets but they can use them for beer, smokes and what every.

        • DandBA

          Within the last few months Obama REMOVED the work or looking for work portion of welfare, food stamps, etc. They now have no incentive to work. It is all free. Free, free, free at last. Yeah, free to finally be able to legally stick it to "whitey"!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

          This same thing ' , happened in Germany ; in the 1940 's ; and we are headed for the same ' ; demise '.

        • http://www.facebook.com/eileen.pressler Eileen Pressler

          Yes, I have always, since becoming a Christian helped the unfortunate. BUT, I do it with my money without filtering it thru the government. That way it all goes to help people I KNOW need help and not to Planned AParenthood or the Muslim Brotherhood..The govmint of Obamanation wants to put a stop to us using our own money for projects he doesn't want to get it by taxing us to death and into poverty.

      • barefootmtgirl

        Everything you said is true, except the TV. Can't buy non food on the card. My sister is a Social Worker. The dental care is for children. Adults, extractions only. And do you watch what vehicles the put their goodies in? New and almost new avehicles. Of course they have a job, that doesn,t take out income taxes. And the illegals, living in one house, as many as that house can hold, working under the table, and receiving FREE, health, food, clothing, school supplies, shelter. All from our tax dollars. It is amazing what they get by with. Illegials recieve more than legals, and this I know and see. Yes all true.

        • Firsty

          I'm a dental hygienist in WI and the dental care here covers all preventative including a full mouth series of x-rays once every 5 yrs. for adults. The only things it does not cover are tooth-colored resin fillings and crowns or root canal treatments. That's why so many on medical assistance have missing teeth or very large Amalgam fillings. The problem is finding a dentist who covers medical assistance patients because: 1. These patients usually aren't responsible enough to show up. 2. You're being paid like 20c on the dollar when they show up on the 2nd or 3rd appt. 3. The paperwork is ridiculous and must be submitted in handwriting. 4. They finally accept the paperwork and pay on the seventh submission.


          refuse to take the welfare scum, let the teeth rot out of their filthy lice infested heads.

        • lifelover

          I watched three under 20 (?) mothers toting babies use their CA welfare debit cards to purchase shoes and other "necessities" at a shop that accepted EBT, so Yes, if the vendor sets up the service they CAN purchase non-food items. Nail salons, beauty shops, you know all the important things, while they buy sugary drinks and salty snacks to "nourish" their babies...what a scam

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

          As long as you have the ; ' one ', in the White house ' ;it will only get worse '.

      • PMM

        and now you know why Obama won. They are all iiving the good life and we are paying for it and doing without!

        • JoJo58

          Nah, why he won was a no-brainer LOL

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

          He won ;because he played Santa Clause .

      • Al

        I agree. Food stamps should be for the basics, period! It is the food industry and Dept of Agriculture lobbists who have taken food stamps to this level. Corruption.

      • Jillian

        I've seen lots of things I can't afford to buy in the baskets of Welfare shoppers. One woman had four rings of shrimp coctails and as many packages of fresh salmon. The Welfare card, EBT, should ony be allowed to buy essentials, not luxuries. This doesn't inspire these takers to help themselves, it only inspires others, even illegals, to jump on the gravy train and demand their free stuff. One man I read about used his EBT card to pay his bail.


        a civil war will !

      • Sam in NC

        I agree that there are lot of people that take advantage of food stamps and welfare, but there are also a lot of people that want to to work and can't find a job. I'm one of them. I used to be a Telecommunications Technician, and since I got laid off four years ago, I can't even get a job at McDonalds. I've had to sell everything I own to keep a roof over my head, and when I ran out of things to sell, I got evicted. I've worked my whole life ( I'm 61 ) and payed my taxes, never asked for Gov't assistance, and now I have nothing to show for it. When most people are looking forward to retirement at my age, I'm just trying to survive from one day to the next. Food stamps are the only benefit I receive, and without them I'd starve to death. I've been living on the street, in shelters, and right now I'm lucky to be staying in a friends garage. I don't want to hear that I'm living the " good life ", as PMM mentioned in the post below. For the last 20 years the Gov't has been sending our jobs overseas, and that's the big reason this country has 25 million unemployed citizens. Sure, there are always bad apples that take advantage of the system, but it's unfair to generalize, and lump all of your fellow citizens in that category. There's a lot of people like me out there. Once hardworking SOB's that just want a job, along with their pride and their dignity back. Not everybody's the Obamaphone Lady. I'd like to shoot that pathetic POS.

      • Mad Dog!

        and most hard working people do not live that well and are paying for it! Whats wrong with this picture? Every new tax is just the government taking our freedom so they can have more power, are we mad enough yet?

      • Remington 870

        I've witnessed similar as big butted Obama MaMas and their nappy headed brood aimlessly wonder around stores filling their carts up with anything. And these fools want to be called African-American. No way will I ever refer to them as such. They want to be Africans...go to Africa and live like the Africans. Ever see any big butted Africans? What to White Africans call themselves if they live in America? African American? I doubt it. They are Americans.

    • JennieWalsh

      America is being run by organized crime.

      • regulus30

        OBAMA MAFIA''''''''''

    • lou

      That was Rick Perry's ideas and everyone wanted Romney cause he was a smoothtalker, Perry warned us we have a smooth talker. Were stuck with Obozo for 4 more years

      • LARA


        • 57girl

          I think had Ron Paul been on the ballot, there would have been enough difference in Campaigns, that the GOP may have had a real chance at winning, dishonest elections, or not. A lot of us 'Paulbots' would have gladly voted for Dr. Paul, rather than dividing our votes among the 3rd Party Candidates. I couldn't, in good conscience, vote for either Obama or Romney, since both are members of the CFR, and both favored such unconstitutional laws as the NDAA. Once Ron Paul had publicly entered the debates against Obama, I think even a good number of Democrats would have voted for him in a heartbeat instead of Obama. Would have, should have, could have, it was after all dishonesty in the voting booths that kept Dr. Paul's stifled. Look at the controversy over Dr. Paul's delegates from day one. The GOP was their own worst enemy in not giving Ron Paul the credit he was due. Now we will all pay. So sad for the future of our Nation.

    • guest on this planet

      How about eliminating demonrats?

    • wtram46

      I agree 100%--but it'll never happen even tho it is the best thing to do!! Our politicians are not trustworthy when it comes to doing what is best for us--they do what is best for themselves!!!

    • jwright673

      I think you nailed it Lou7. It would be great if the idiots in DC followed your ideas - we would be doing much better.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Kuykendall/100000982787451 Mark Kuykendall

      Good ideas all.

    • JPCEC


    • http://twitter.com/theoldstorytell Gary Alan Adkins


  • Karen Bracken

    I say it is time to STARVE THE BEAST. With no revenue pouring in for them to steal then they come to our table to talk!!!

    • JennieWalsh

      Can American citizens cut off the funding for UNconstitutional laws since
      congress isn't interested in defunding UNconstitutional bureaucracies, agencies
      and programs?

      are two of the ways that two citizens kept the Satanic government crooks from
      robbing them.

      OMB numbers on IRS forms could be why Robert Lawrence won case over IRS.

      Article from the Welcome.FreeEnterpriseSociety.com, free catalogue:
      All Charges Dismissed! On May 12, 2006 in Peoria, Illinois, the attorney for
      the U.S. Department of Justice motioned the court to dismiss all charges against
      IRS victim Robert Lawrence in Federal District Court. The motion for dismissal
      came on the heals of a surprise tactic by Lawrence's defense attorney Oscar
      Stilley. The
      tactic threatened exposure of IRS's on-going efforts to defraud the
      public. The move put DOJ attorney's in an apparent predicament
      and with just days before trial filed a motion for dismissal, with
      Sixty days earlier, the DOJ had indicted Lawrence on three
      counts of willful failure to file a 1040 form, and three felony counts of income
      tax evasion. The federal Judge dismissed all charges with
      prejudice, meaning the DOJ cannot charge Lawrence with those same crimes again
      for the same years.
      The trial was to have started on Monday
      morning, May 15.
      On Wednesday, May 10, Stilley mailed a set of documents
      to the DOJ in response to DOJ's discovery demands. The documents revealed to
      DOJ that
      Lawrence was basing his entire defense on an act of Congress, 44 U.S.C.
      3500-3520, also known as the "Paperwork Reduction Act"
      In Section 3512 of the Act, titled "Public
      Protection", it says that no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing
      to comply with an agency's collection of information request (such as a 1040
      form), if the request does not display a valid control number assigned by the
      Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in accordance with the requirements of the
      Act, or if the agency fails to inform the person who is to respond to the
      collection of information that he is not required to respond to the collection
      of information request unless it displays a valid control number.
      Section 3512 Congress went on to authorize that the protection provided by
      Section 3512 may be raised in the form of a complete defense at any time during
      an agency's administrative process (such as an IRS Tax Court or Collection Due
      Process Hearing) or during a judicial proceeding (such as Lawrence's criminal
      In sum, the PRA requires that all government agencies display
      valid OMB control numbers and certain disclosures directly on all information
      collection forms that the public is requested to file. Lawrence's sole
      defense was that he was not required to file an IRS Form 1040 because it displays an invalid OMB control
      Government officials may have been concerned that
      if the case
      went to trial, it would expose the
      fraudulent, counterfeit 1040. They may also have been concerned that a
      trial would expose the ongoing
      conspiracy between OMB and IRS to publish 1040 forms each year that those
      agencies knew were in violation of the PRA.
      Any information
      collection form, such as IRS Form 1040, which lacks bona fide statutory
      authority or which conflicts with the Constitution, CANNOT BE ISSUED AN OMB
      NUMBER. If a control number were issued for such a form, the form would be
      invalid and of no force and effect.
      Under the facts and
      circumstances of the last 24 years, it is safe to say that IRS Form 1040 is a
      fraudulent, counterfeit, bootleg form. Government officials responsible for
      this fraud should be investigated and face indictment for willfully making and
      sponsoring false documents.
      Robert Lawrence's documents made these
      points quite clear:
      A) IRS Form 1040
      violates the federal Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) and is therefore a
      invalid form.
      B) Under the Public
      Protection clause of the PRA, no person can be penalized for failing to file a
      1040 if the IRS fails to fully comply with the PRA.
      The PRS statutes explicitly provide that a PRA challenge is a complete defense
      and can be raised in any administrative or judicial
      D) The IRS Individual Form 1040 has not and
      cannot comply with the requirements of the PRA because no existing statute
      authorizes the IRS to impose or collect the federal income tax from
      individuals. That lack of bona fide authority makes it impossible for IRS to
      avoid violating the PRA.
      Since the case did not go
      forward to trial and since the DOJ is not and will not tell the reason for
      asking for a dismissal, it is impossible to determine, with any certainty, the
      actual reason for the motion to dismiss.
      The DOJ must have felt that
      going forward would result in a probable loss for the government. If that
      happened, the press and others would quickly spread the word. The DOJ is
      exercising more caution probably due to the devastating loss against former IRS
      special agent Joe Bannister in 2005. That case has received a massive amount of
      national attention. The PRA is a powerful tool, and one the freedom fighters
      have used for some time. In fact Free Enterprise Society was instrumental in
      developing this issue in years past.
      Was the PRS the sole reason for
      the dismissal? I hope it was a main reason but we will never know. Still, IT
      Congratulations to Robert Lawrence and all involved! Order his
      DVD #06DRL for $11.00 plus $5.00 shipping:
      Free Enterprise Society,
      6083 N. Figarden Drive, PMB 208, Fresno, California 93722

      Subject: Vernice Kuglin reveals IRS's fraud

      FexEx Pilot Beats IRS! FedEx Employee Beats IRS in Court by Kevin

      (from Free Enterprise Society's free catalogue article)

      Substantially reprinted from the New York Times article of August 12,

      FedEx pilot, Vernice Kuglin, 58, legally has NO taxes withheld from her
      paycheck, and the IRS, like a child denied his fifth
      helping of ice cream, is throwing a temper tantrum.

      After being charged with six counts of "tax evasion" and having
      her passport stolent by the IRS, Vernice was acquited by a federal jury in
      Memphis, TN. Like many other income tax cases in which the victim has won,
      Kuglin's testimony was bolstered by a stack of letters
      she had written to the IRS asking the Internal Revenue Service to tell her the law that requires her to pay
      taxes. True
      to its track record, the IRS refused to respond to her repeated inquiries.
      Instead, the agency used its standard "bluff and bully" strategy to try and
      force Kuglin to pay. though many women, or men, for that matter, would have
      buckled, Vernice stood firm.

      As court documents show, the experienced pilot filed a
      withholding statement on Dec. 30, 1995, directing that no taxes be withheld from
      her pay. From 1996 through 2001 she earned $920,000 as a pilot for FedEx, but
      no taxes were withheld, she said yesterday. Had she ignorantly allowed
      withholding for the period, a total of about $250,000 would have been stripped
      from her pay and given to the IRS. Sandra Munoz, a company spikeswoman for
      FedEx, said that the shipper was complying with all IRS regulations on
      withholding and did not say that Kuglin had done anything wrong.
      Minoz also did not say how many employees had submitted similar requests via W-4
      forms or otherwise, and were having no taxes withheld. Joe Murphy, the federal
      prosecutor in the case, indicated in court that the agency intended to find a
      way to take all that it can by way of a civil action. Mr. Murphy did not say if the actions of the IRS were
      lawful, choosing to dismiss the issue yesterday by saying that he was not
      allowed to comment on the case outside of court.

      The lead defense lawyer, Lowell H.
      Becraft Jr. of Huntsville Alabama, said he built the defense around the absence of response by the
      IRS to Ms. Kuglin's
      letters. He said the letter showed that his client lacked a criminal
      intent to evade the tax laws and was instead operating from a sincere belief
      that her conduct was proper. Mr. Becraft, who 12 years ago was part of a team
      that won acquittals for 17 defendants in another Memphis tax trial, said that
      jurors told him they had voted 7 to 5 for conviction on Thursday. They then
      told Judge Jon P. McCalla of Federal District Court that they were
      deadlocked. He ordered further deliberations, and the
      jury voted to acquit on Friday. "The whole thing could have been resolved if
      the government had simply answered her questions," Mr. Becraft said. "It
      didn't happen. I made an argument to the jury that an American has a right to ask the government
      for answers. A lot of people in the tax movement do not hide, they are
      in the face of the IRS and they write letters that set forth their position.
      And while a lot of them are not articulate or well grounded in legal positions,
      they have some things they want answered about their tax liability. But their
      questions are usually ignored." Mr.
      Becraft also said, during an hour he spent with jurors after the verdict, their most focused comments were about the
      absence of a response from the IRS to Ms. Kuglin's letters. The IRS was unable
      to state yesterday what policy it has on responding to letters asking it to
      specify the law that makes people
      liable for income taxes. Nancy Mathis, an IRS spokeswoman,
      quipped that the IRS had posted various items on its Web site and that it had
      issued press releases stating that taxes are mandatory, yet she did not cite
      any sections from the Internal Revenue

      In interviews over the last nine years, scores of people who
      affirm that they are not required to pay the income tax have said that they had
      sent letters to the IRS asking what law makes them liable for the taxes, yet
      they had received no
      response. Ms. Kuglin said yesterday, "I believe the 16th
      Amendment is constitutional and the Internal Revenue Code is constitutional,
      but I also feel there is a gross misapplication of the individual income tax
      laws by the IRS. The questions I have asked are what
      section of the Internal Revenue code makes me liable for the individual income
      tax and what law requires me to fill out the Form 1040 tax return,"
      she said. Ms. Kuglin said she hoped to resume flying as soon as the government
      returns her passport, which was seized after her indictment early in the case.
      Congratulations, Ms. Kuglin! Her DVD can be ordered for $11.00 plus $5.00
      shipping. Order #04DVK

      Free Enterprise Society, 6083 Figarden Drive PMB 208, Fresno
      California 93722

      http://www.welcome.freeenterprisesociety.com/ phone:

  • Doug Hensley

    Carbon fuel use is in fact directly linked to atmospheric CO2 levels. And those are linked to the earth's temperature, though not to the sun's, because having an extra-thick blanket of CO2 makes the earth warmer than it would be with a thinner blanket.

    The moon is much colder than the earth, though it gets exactly as much sun. The reason is that the moon does not have an atmosphere and in particular, has no water vapor and no CO2 in the atmosphere it doesn't have.

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      Where the heck did you get your education? I suggest you read Alexander Pope, who reminded us that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    • Reasonbable Doubt

      Exactly what percentage of global C02 reduction, below current levels, will lower global temperatures by 3 degrees?

    • sreynolds

      It doesn't get the same amount of sun DS. With your thinking a small solar panel would produce the same electricity as a large one, here's an idea, keep your stupidity to yourself.

  • Ihatelibs

    It might not prevent a fiscal cliff but it will fill burial sites from the WH

  • kodster

    They tax it already!

  • Bobseeks

    Before to long we will be taxed on the air we breathe. It is time to dismantle government or we will have nothing left.

    • kodster

      They're already trying that.

    • aryton senna

      Actually, it's way beyond time to eliminate all in government!

    • sadbuttrue

      Hey sweetie didn't you get the memo? We already have taxes on our air. The clean air act etc all comes from our taxes. So whoever says air is free just isn't keeping up with the times or the taxes. Same thing with water. Any EPA law or mandate is coming out of our taxes. So anything environmental costs us through taxes. So yes NOTHING is free anymore. Thank you government...

    • Julian DH

      They all ready do, its called the EPA. Plus they tax every form of excrement from our bodies, and given the chance will tax our souls too. Hey, wait a minute. They already tax our souls, obama sold them to Satan after he was elected.

      Though we need to stop spending, evaluate all government programs, sunset those who don't work, and get rid of a major number of Cabinet offices, and all obama's czars. NOW>

    • LARA


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PKMLAM7GHCGHIGNXECMO7YYMUI nancy

        " Communism " ; is whats ', coming .

  • chris.

    When are the people going to rebel against this communist trying to run our lives. Telling us what to eat, what to buy, how much money we should keep of our own. This is only part of what he is trying to take over .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Ivie/821714719 Charles Ivie

    Obama is far more concerned about controlling behavior than he is about solving economic problems. That is classical dictator philosophy.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Sounds like a cereal ad: XX will help support lowering the debt, as part of a sound economic diet. This is just as silly, as I could send Obama a single penny, and it would help support lowering the debt, as part of a sound economic diet.Meaningless to the point of stupidity. CUT THE SPENDING!

  • RH6194

    So much for only increasing taxes on those who make over $250,000/year!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002616537403 Phillip Lake

    Let' see: taxes on IRS forms, taxes on those of us who have worked our ass off for years and have a good health insurance so the blood suckers can get it free and now he wants to tax a hamburger. When are all of the people that support this fool going to realize that he is after them just like the other 49% that voted against him. What is going to happen when he enforces his obamacare and makes everyone lose weight. That means no more buffets. This is not a prejudice question so think about it: how many black people in this country are extremely overweight, who love thier food, and they are going to sit by idly and allow thier leader to tell them to STOP? This is the very damned thing that Hitler did in the beggining to make the perfect human being and kill off all the others who did not look and do as he commanded. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Julian DH

    Stupid is as stupid does. Seems this administration will buy into anything to escape responsibility for it's own actions. Even tax those who can least afford to pay it. One more reason to secede, or one more reason to fire them all. Either will work, but the later is more effective.

  • Gee

    America is Getting What It Voted For. Cheers Can't wait For 2016 To Arrive, It Can't Be Too Soon.. Semper Fi

    • Julian DH

      One did not vote for Fearless Leader, but is pleased the imbeciles who did are getting their comeuppance. Problem is the intelligent ones will pay for what these imbeciles did. 2016 cannot come early enough, but impeachment is far better. This slave, his masters and minions, are already guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, so time to get him out before they do much more damage to the US>

      • studi30

        Julian, unfortunately the ovomit voters are too stupid to realize that they stupidly destroyed themselves.

        • Julian DH

          Yes, that is the irony of it all. Slaves so stupid that they will meet their doom laughing gaily all the way. In the process their Master and his minions will enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams. Look at FL's vacations which cost the lowly taxpayers millions of dollars, and of course other Demorats.

    • JoJo58

      You're forgetting the 2014 election. Those in the house and senate are the ones that are supposed to balance out King Obama. During the last election too many people were wee weeing in their pants whether to vote for the mormon or the moron and not even thinking about who is in their state house and sitting in the governor's chair...or even who they were sending to Washington to represent them. ALL of this stuff was and still is important, especially with the 10th amendment being challenged and Obamacare being stuffed down our throats. Personally, I had hoped that RINO Bob Corker would have been voted out and the Constitutional minded, independent who would have caucused with the conservatives had been voted in, but too many people saw "R" after Corker's name and pulled the trigger. Hopefully, the state of Tennessee can rid itself of Lamar Alexander, a POS if I ever saw one.

      • Dark Patriot

        You are right. We could have nuked obozo if we got a super majority in the House and Senate. We could have cleaned his house. They would have all fit in 1 FEMA camp. Hey, how are those camps doing for you?? You earned them.

    • Walt

      Perhaps all those brain-dead freeloaders will be gone from hunger by that time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GXK4OXD6SQZZM5LN42KQVY7KAE Racindavid

    How stupid are these people ?? Seriously .... how stupid are the people running this country ?


      devious not stupid they want to bring it down, what they forget to address is the standing army of between 30 to 50 million armed citizenry that will be wanting answers.

  • amiee

    HMMM...we want to start taxing junk foods that will go over big with the people who worship Obama! Here is a suggestion for new revenue, any congressman or senator that does not do their job and support the taxpayer should be taxed at an additional 60% of their salary! We either would get more revenue or we would maybe have an effective house and senate!

    • STMA

      Taxing or reducing the salaries of these people will do nothing- they get stinkin' rich as soon as they get elected- their salary is nothing compared to the dirty money. The only reason they give even just a tiny shiite about their salary is for the continuance of their dog and pony show.

      • JennieWalsh

        True and very accurate!!!

    • studi30

      According to the Center for Disease Control Heart Disease is the number one killer of Americans. Obesity and smoking are the biggest culprits. Blacks make up an inordinate amount of people dying from Heart Disease. Their diets are horrendous(fatty foods are the cheapest). When we, as the tax payer, have to start paying more taxes to feed these people we will be the ones feeling it. Just an aside not related to the article,according to the FBI Uniform Crime report 80% of all Blacks are murdered by Blacks. That makes it overwhelming evidence that more Dims kill people than Republicans.

  • tod

    Want to fix the fiscal cliff,throw barry off it !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002616537403 Phillip Lake

    Burn Washington DC to the ground and start over. Make sure obama is in his office when the fire starts. Blood sucking SOB

  • CaptTurbo

    They should just figure out how to tax morons instead. That way the democrats can fix the problem which they have created.

  • VoteLoud


    Keep the pressure on the Republicans!

  • RH6194

    This idea is about as stupid as telling people to over-inflate their tires to improve their gas mileage. Isn't this guy an ivy league graduate? Geez, I guess the only teach what an evil, imperialistic nation America is at those schools. The sure don't have much of a MATH department!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    Dumb ass politicians are trying to tax their way out of a recession

  • sreynolds


  • Mike Tanco

    I have a better idea, let's fire all of the politicians that spend more than we have. That would include the guy in the WH that has spent billions on solar power and lost all of the money because the companies go broke. That would go for Congressman also that get money for studying the sex habits of bees which does nothing for our economy. And how about this, cut off all foreign aid to countries harboring Muslim radicals that want to destroy the U.S.. That would save billions of taxpayer dollars.

  • junkmailbin

    vicki jackson at the epa will notg o for this

  • aryton senna

    Thank God I retired at age 58 and left the USA and all these idiots in 2003!

  • AlwaysRIGHT

    Politicians are pathetic. Stop creating taxes on everything and just cut your F***ING spending spree with OUR money, you worthless pieces of SH**! Do you realize that even if you not only raised the tax rate to 100% for everyone earning over $100,000 and SEIZED all the assets of all those people - that it wouldn't even pay for one year of their current spending? I'm serious! That's all the wealth, all the homes, everything from everyone who earns over $100,000 (that's all of Gates' money, athletes' money, rock stars' money, Buffet's money), not just their income, but all their assets - and it wouldn't even pay for the spending that the idiots in our govt go through in a year!

    Politicians should be put in prison for their role in destroying our country with debt. It is going to lead to the demise of our nation. Seriously. Roll your eyes, but mark my words.

  • Delores109

    You work on taxing our junk food, and you and Michele will be doing the cooking in the White House. No more chefs to bake all those junk pies for you. Also, I am working on reducing your salary and health benefits. Guess what? If we get stuck with the Health Plan, all of do also. Don't worry, it won't be for long....you are almost on your way out. Count on it!
    Delores Smith

    • Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™

      I doubt that.
      You guys said that 4 years ago.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    How about if we charge this guy for every word that falls out of his mouth.

  • JoJo58

    They already tax junk food every time you buy it at the store, restaurant etc. I guess by making cr*p as expensive as smoking, the government will "nudge" us into eating Monsanto genetically modified food so we can be a nation of malnourished (but thinner) idiots. Good times ahead.

    • Julian DH

      They tax food in some states now. What if our puppet president taxed all food, he would starve half the population, and get nothing in return. No, he would lose his voting base. Maybe a good idea.

  • RedMeatState

    Taxing junk food will simply put the junk food makers out of business.

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.robertson.984 Susan Robertson

    why don't they just quit sending money to countries overseas that hate us, problem solved!

  • RedMeatState

    Actually, it's time for government to collapse upon it's own dead weight of fiscal irresponsibility!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Fallis/1173604605 Donna Fallis

    Don't look now, but junk food has always been taxed...sheesh, anyone who has worked as a cashier knows this. I don't think it's junk food we need to worry about, but products such as milk, flour, and the like, because they aren't taxed. This administration is one hair ball away from choking the life out of the wage earners.

  • Sam

    I am against additional taxation of any kind. The problem is continued over spending by the feds. If taxes are raised on anything, then the feds will just continue to spend more and more.

  • Nottakenyan

    We do not have any political leaders in DC.
    We just have a bunch of frickin' idiots being highly overpaid!!!


    "Obama Economist: Taxing Junk Food Will Help Prevent Fiscal Cliff"

    Another imbecile from the Administration Of Imbeciles and Morons for
    imbeciles and morons. Hey, Larry Summers. Why don't you just write a check each month to the Dept Of Treasury and send them an extra amount for taxes over and above what you already have paid? We are taxed enough!!! in all respects, areas and parts of our daily lives. Why doesn't the federal government learn how to balance a check book??!!

  • noelle2011

    Obama Economist: Taxing Junk Food Will Help Prevent Fiscal Cliff

  • rchguns

    Here's the answer just charge everyone a tax on the amount of oxygen they use. He takes a person size, weight, physical activity, and age. Then figure out how much oxygen their body uses and tax them accordingly. While we're at it this tax how much water you drink and how often you go to the bathroom and the cost it takes to supply both needs. Let's put tax on thinking this will really get the conservatives because they enjoy thinking and the liberals can skate by because they refuse to think. Let's tax the sunlight that we used to see, grower crops and make the world a livable place. But let's don't forget the big one let's put tax on the taxes we pay that when we get twice as much. Welcome to the world Of Dirty Diaper Head Obama!

  • Moose

    Summers is only one of the dummys Obama has or had in his administration. Multiply Summers by 1,000 and you will understand why we're going over the fisical cliff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Veselenak/100001118018542 David Veselenak

    Here's the bottom line: Wer are winessing a communist regime doing as they please! Until all of AMERIKA, minus the illegal aliens and black grifters with their palms out, face this reality and decide to start DOING something about it i. e. a national work stoppage, tax revolt, manning state militias, you can kiss your ass and this country good bye! - got that? The time for whining on the internet is over, the heavy lifting must be started pronto! actions speak louder than words... etc, talk is cheap! It is time to start UNITING and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is the order of the day! Why is it that the Left has no problem demonstrating but the punk^ss Right can't seem to utilize the same strategy? I 'll give you's a nice antecdote: I just talked to a friend back in Ohio. He had informed me that a shopping mall near him, that was mostly white has become mostly third world! An apartment complex now houses mostly illegal Mexicans and blacks living on section eight! This is occurring more and more rapidly throughout the country! He also told me that while at the store, his wife asked a black woman counter person for assistance. She was talking to two other women and did not want to be interrupted. She very snidely after a time, pointed to where his wife would need to go, as her and her two friends carried on and as if the clerk were to say this: imagine the nerve of hear to bother our conversatio! And lasly, as he was parked , waiting for his wife, he noticed a black male parked in the Handicapped Space, without a sticker, smoking a joint nd the radio blaring with his gutter rap-sh^t playing! THIS IS YOUR AMERICA! It is only going to get worse! I'm sure that the "Revenge" that the Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler was refferring to was "GET BACK AT WHITEY." WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP or be DONE AWAY!!!!! That is what you are facing if you don't get off your asses and DO something!

  • djw663

    If you remember here in CA at least we had a snack tax for quite a few years and you can see the good it did for CA's. And what about O being the champion for the middle class don't the fool's who elected him realize that taxes are based on percentages and with prices so high they are paying a ton in taxes? The government gets over 60 cents a gallon of gas for each and every gallon and people take it out on the gas station owner because he might make 8 cents a gallon heck even the credit card companies make more money off the gas the gas station owner makes most fees are 10 cents plus 2 percent per transaction at $4 a gallon he doesnt even make any money until someone buys 6 gallons, Look at how much it costs to heat and cool your home, look at how much it costs to keep food in your refridgerator. We don't need politicians running our Nation and our states we need business people with politicians and lawyers working hand in hand and that have to abide by all the same rules that we all do. Tax increases are a temporary solution to a long term problem. Control spending, live within your means that is the solution.

  • kpjlaw

    A tax on carbon and energy will do nothing but destroy the economy. A tax on "junk food" is ridiculous as long as the governement is protecting/subsidizing the United States sugar industry. The Obama administration and its economists think that the producers and people with jobs are to be milked until dry, and then give the proceeds to the government workers and those who depend on the government dole. There does not appear to be even any sanity left in government anymore. Obama's policies failed during his first term, and will get worse in the second term.

  • American

    How about creating an environment where jobs can be created and utilizing our resources instead of trying to find ways to control what people consume. Quit making waar on the people.

  • armon

    just tax 1¢ per item sold at all fast food places (McDonalds, Wendy's, Hardies, Taco Bell, etc.)

  • Mac

    they are worried about our health, so thats why they use toxic plastic bottles, No GMO Labeling, Toxic caned food, Chemtrailes, they don't inform us about the fall out from Japan, and they put Fluoride Poison in our water, It should be illegal to target a legal product and tax it to death, that's just wrong.
    This is about killing Jobs so we will all be to destitute to fight back when they drag us off to the reeducation camps

  • BobM001

    So WHO determines "junk food"? "MOOCHELLE"? Give the "Worst Lady" a "new position"? Might keep her off the "vacation trail". Maybe THAT would be a GOOD "cost cutting measure" for Obozo to think about?

  • Jean

    Some of the responders on this blog do not think there is means testing for welfare. Have any of you have contact with reality. Look at yiur own state website. There are specific income and asset levels yiu have to document. Yiu have to document legal citizen status. It's there for every state since welfare is administered at state level. Sometimes better to do a little simple google than rely on inaccurate right wing non facts. There are programs used by most grocery chains and corporations prevent use of debit card for restricted items"..like TVS, crab legs (the cell phone lie of the right). Ask your check out girl at the grocery (or guy). Easy fact to check.

  • SallyE

    These morons want to do socialist experiments with our economy. Far be it from them to try something that is known to work. What idiots!!

  • Les

    This is so simple to fix. First off, reform the way all of the government (federal, state and local) spends money. Stop wasting it by burning leftover money at the end of the year. Stop penalizing departments for not spending every nickel they are handed. Stop buying crap that no body actually uses and then hauling it off to the landfills at the end of the year and buying new crap that nobody uses. I've seen tons of stuff dragged off to land fills by the Department of Defense and other BS Agencies. At least sell or give the stuff back to the people.

    Secondly, learn to fire the incompetent in government. It's really quite simple, you just say your fired. Oh by the way you need to start at the top for this one to be affective since it is the top that refuses to do their jobs correctly to get rid of the ROADs in government. There are a ton of those but upper management is too lazy to document the poor performers and have them removed. They only fire those of us that speak out against this crap.

    ROAD = Retired On Active Duty.

  • JennieWalsh

    God only asks 10%. Get rid of all the lying, thieving bureaucrats, politicians and their cronies and all the ILLEGAL and UNconstitutional bureaus, agencies and organizations and the government could be run VERY inexpensively. The Obama crime cartel will suck out every last penny from the taxpayers if they can get away with it.

  • NJNurse

    Good ole Larry must have invested into the Chicago carbon exchange created by Obama and friends, one of them being Al Gore, to trade carbon taxes and everyone who made that investment would make billions off of it. That's why he's surprised no one went for the taxing businesses carbon footprint. This exchange was set up before obama got in the first time but he couldn't get it thru. The investors lost. Poor Larry. Boo Hoo

  • Dasrge

    Carbon and energy usage is directly related to the SOLAR cycle...huh? WTF...? Since when do the things that we do on this Effect the solar cycle. Nothing that we do on this planet will ever effect the activity of the sun...it's the other way around. Or am I just misunderstanding what the article is saying.

  • neleh

    Taxing junk food will help prevent going over the fiscal cliff? That is a total joke!! Why not take all illegal aliens off our welfare system?

  • Walt

    Won't do any good if Congress is just going to give it away or spend it as usual. They do not know any other way and do not listen to anyone.

  • Big D

    Taxing junk food will endear Obama to Pelousy and Moochelle. In particular, Moochele might reward him...

  • http://www.facebook.com/pmcconathy1 Phil McConathy

    Well it is easy to understand why this nut job is a FORMER Clinton economists. This guy is just another Marxist/Socialist who never saw a tax hike they didn't like! I agree with lou7 as well. This runaway entitlements to illegals and lazy SOB's has got to end. You either perform some form of work or starve!

  • http://twitter.com/angel13wowings Faye Shamblin

    You low down trash we need to tax Obama in a cell without food and water to get rid of his dumb trash...All the idiot knows is to tax We will get rid of this nut + any body that stands up for him and his trash He is no good for America and we don't want him to even think he is going to tax us to death the idiot

  • sreynolds

    What liberals DON'T get is, when you raise taxes on a corporation they rasie the price fo the product, ANY taxes imposed on corprations will be paid by me and yes you welfare recipients as well, (in other words, you wefare check will by a lot less if taxes are imposed ) The company's are not going to just say, gee , ok, guess we'll take less profit... LMAO

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    G.S.T. - General Sales Tax is the only way to go -- across the board - from a safety pin to a Mercedes Benz. Start with 10%....and then work up to 12% - that means whether you are the pelosi or me we will ALL PAY THE SAME TAX.. enough already

  • sreynolds

    Sorry, meant buy, not by...

  • NoU4EN

    It's delusional to think it will stop with fast food restaurants. Other chain restaurants whose entries are high in fat and sodium will be next in the crosshairs.

    McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Classic AND large French fries:

    Calories: 1010

    Total Fat: 22

    Sat Fat: 3.5

    Cholesterol: 45

    Sodium: 1340

    Panera Cuban Chicken Sandwich on Focaccia (NO sides)

    Calories: 860

    Fat: 36

    Saturated Fat: 10

    Cholesterol: 100

    Sodium: 1700

    Olive Garden Chicken Marsala (NO breadsticks)

    Calories: 770

    Fat: 37

    Saturated Fat: 5

    Sodium: 1800

    Macaroni Grill, Chicken Marsala (NO breadsticks)

    Calories: 1090

    Fat: 66

    Sodium 2060

  • wtram46

    Get rid of the whole Obama can and all his appointees--that will save us zillions of dollars!! The Obamas are the most expensive most unappreciative, and most arrogant bunch ever to be in this position!! They are jerks, real snobs and just plain UGLY in their dispositions!!!I hope Moochelle chokes on her lobster!!!

  • Ihatelibs

    Everyone stop paying taxes. The Nazis can't catch us all

  • mikeledo

    What a stupid article. Everyone knows the only way to balance the budget is to cut public broadcasting funding. Reagan lowered the tax rate but eliminated deductions such as credit card interest and income averaging which increased overall taxes, something the spin machine always fails to mention. American Cheese is overrated.

  • dc

    Tax like tobacco products! If true cost is $0.50 then tax $5.00

  • Penguin9penguin

    If they were REALLY concerned about the health of the population....they would get on the case of food processors. I believe that the diabetic problem, heart problems, stroke, and obesity is directly related to the over processing of food, all the additives such as extra fructose and all the other junk they add to food. Lets get back to reality and make food wholesome again. Most of these health problems only started in the 70's after they started playing around with the food supply

  • 57girl

    Bringing our troops home, cutting off aide (including housing, medical, and foodstamps) to all illegal aliens, foreign aide, and retrieving the power of coinage (thus stopping the need for paying interest to private bankers) would save us billions. How about that for starters? How about passing the 28th Amendment to our Constitution and putting Congress in the same boat as the rest of us, as a premo way to cut expenditures? If Congress had to play by the same rules as the rest of us, including retirement on Social Security, instead of full pensions after one term, we would no doubt cut spending by billions as well. We also need to make a law stating that all personal (including vacation expenses) come out of the pockets of our 'elected' officials, not the taxpayers. And how about no more bailouts for anybody ... then, the 'too big to fail banks' can either sink or swim, like the rest of us. The answer is in cutting spending, not dreaming up new ways to add more taxes to an overtaxed society. While we are at it, we should abolish the TSA, and let the private airports provide their own security measures. I'm sure there are oodles of other ways to trim the budget, not listed here. But in this paragraph alone, I've probably save us a trillion dollars, or more. Maybe I should run for President, huh?


    Why not tax zero $1.00 every time he lies the National debt would be paid off in less than a year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1268319957 Doug Schexnayder

    Same ole bold lies repeated and repeated....

    America went over the Fiscal Cliff years ago.
    The 16+ trillion of debt plus the ramped up
    freebies and older obligations means we have been
    realistically in the “Fiscal Canyon” for at least a decade.

    The tax thieves that cleaned out the treasury
    are now going to solve a debt problem that will
    take at least 20 years? Do you really accept that?
    How many lesser problems have they ever “solved” for
    over a year or two (by postponing reality)? Many.

    Taxing the rich is a bold lie. Mouthy billionaire Warren Buffett
    has 44 billion but if he gave every cent to the federal
    gov-meant today that runs the monster socialist
    state of America for 5 days. Yes, its that bad.
    Its the spending stupid and always has been.
    The pawn media fooled you again with class warfare lies.

    The thieves are the 30+ year power hungry congressional folks
    and their penchant for toxic socialist policies that
    grow the monster gov-meant, create dependency and buy votes.
    Any attempts to freeze, reduce, consolidate or reform
    (outside the military) are met with angry warnings of doom which
    only keeping the status quo socialist minds in charge can
    remedy. Please, all of WeThePeople are not that dumb.

    Now the socialist game is to get a lot of taxes past the Republicans
    then blame them for the further rotting of America…all the while
    boldy lying, boldly borrowing, boldly printing money and blaming
    demons instead of their wild spending toxic socialist policies.
    Gird your loins.


  • Janet Lynn

    Don;t forget Suszka that the FEDERAL GOVT is paying a stipend to the states for EACH FOOD STAMP person they sign up, so it does have Federal involvement. Not hard to qualify either and no drug testing needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    I am sure that when you buy your hamburger, you will not be taxed unless you make more than $250,000 per year! Yeah, right........The insanity continues............

  • KJ

    IDIOT! This is the same Larry Summers who made sexist remarks about the intellectual supremacy of the male brain and who created a financial nightmare for a major building project by making unwise leveraged investments while the President of Harvard? Would that be the same Larry Summers who did nothing good to rein in Obama (and the Democrat majority Congress in both chambers) during his period as US Treasury Secretary?

    Think about the scales of history Larry: Alexander Hamilton was an author of The Federalist Papers, our first Treasury Secretary, the founder of a bank, and the man who created the long forgotten doctrine of fiscal responsibility. By comparison, Larry Summers is a bug. Taxing junk food! IDIOT.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I wonder if putting a tax on Government lies will promote honesty in Government.


    better yet lets tax welfare and SSI people,we on SS get a tax.

  • Guest

    Why is that governments answer to everything is a new tax? They don't care about anything other than taking your hard money and your rights.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435790400 Stephen LoneWolf Cline

    Why is that governments answer to everything is a new tax? They don't (insert expletives here) care about anything other than taking your money and your rights.

  • Pazuzu

    Butter, bacon, and cheese aren't junk food.

  • jsmithcsa

    We need to tax hot air from politicians economists!


    ATTENTION : all you low lifes that voted for Obama here comes the first wave of new taxes to hit his so called base LOL so when you eat that greasy burger your going to pay ALOT more for it , this is a gift from the Lord and Savior you idiots voted in lol its laughable.

  • gnafuasusual

    When will this government learn what "Spending Too Much Money" means? Czars and Assistants up the kazoo and what do they do? Czars who have never been trained for their job titles are doing...What? >Demanding homosexuals can marry each other!? An assistant to an assistant to an assistant...What! Welfare and Food Stamps! Suggest that everyone capable of working gets their bums out and plant their own food and work on dairy and cattle farms...even pig, chicken, turkey...farms. Work and Feed their own durn families instead of demanding working people to pay for their life style. Tax my chili hot dog and there's going to be a little ruckus. CA is the closest thing to Agenda-21 that I can think of and their taxes are the most ridiculous; yet their coffers are empty! They are running on empty all the time.. Those people are crazy. Eat out in CA and you get charged a percentage for some unknown reason, maybe taking up 'space.' Then, get charged a twenty percent tip for some drip to spill coffee all over you. And, a sales tax on top of that if you "dine in." Maybe take-out for all I know. Raising taxes has proved to be ineffective and causes more damage than good. Ron Paul could explain it in a heart beat but no one listens to a saged, well educated man. Paul Ryan could also explain the dangers of raising taxes but....

  • http://twitter.com/laforetmary Mary Laforet

    I saw an interview of Steve Forbes on Newsmax and this Clinton tax level would be OK with him as long as we were to make the Spending cuts thst Clinton did. Remember, that was when Newt was in the House and the gov't actually closed down until Clinton did it. We need to take the same approach today but unfortunately I read today where the unions are not so keen about budget cuts, Trumpka said so and BHO bends over backwards to please unions. I also read where the Congress is reconsidering increasing taxes...without corresponding budget cuts so the success realized by increasing taxes will probably be negated because of refusal to cut spending. We will not see Newt's success.

  • freedomgirl

    Fine example of our Governments mindset. Tax what we don't think is good for you, force you to boycott, closing more business doors...
    Brilliant Idea:-(
    They have no concept of a budget. They are overly paid and wealthy, so they are clueless on how to run a household budget, yet alone Americas.
    You and I understand, if it's not affordable, don't buy it.
    If you really want it, you save for it! No Brainer...
    No Brainers are thinking for us causing the problems and forcing us to pay for their mistakes.
    This is pathetic...
    Guess I'll eat a Bacon Cheesburger on a Doughnut while I still can...:-)

  • Greg Richards

    ...and the tax revenue generated is just the start, make the most heinous offenders do community service. Hmmmm forcing them to deliver Church's Chicken after FIRST picking up the EBT card that's to be used to pay for it is picked up from those fortunate enough to qualify for free fried chicken through our welfare system.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345810345 Carol Lynn Ward Staggers

    food Stamps should only be able to be used on basic items, but I also believe they should be able to buy body soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, personal hygiene products etc. No junk food at all. No expensive cuts of meat or seafood. I can't afford it so why should someone who don't work be able to by steaks and shrimp? But they should be able to have soap and toiletries.

  • jwright673

    In case no one told this morom, every time you have a Big Mac, you are taxed. In my area, prepared food is taxed higher than the normal sales tax. I guess their goal is to grant moochelle's dream of a fat-free world (I would suggest she practice what she preaches) and not worrying about whether they will kill off more businesses. Let the maobamas go to Bangladesh and solve their probelems - we don't need their kind of help here.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    I can see it now......10 or 15 heavy duty couch potatoes waddling down Penn. Ave with signs protesting the Twinkie tax. It could happen. Junk food tax. French fry tax. Thumb tax. Carpet tax. As long as the citizens sit still for it, they will tax everything they can think of. Or INVENT, like 'carbon' taxes.

  • DandBA

    How about background checks to see if "welfare, free childcare, food stamps, and on and on, ARE REALLY NEEDED. The minute an illegal steps across our borders, it seems as if there are people with outstretched hands full of all kinds of 'FREEBIES" they can get just for being here ILLEGALLY!

  • regulus30

    obama/libs=================tax tax tax tax tax tax

  • budman

    lou7: I think you should run for office as it seems you have more common sense than the entire population of Obama's Cabinet.
    Maybe someone should point out to them regarding global warming that only five per cent of it is man made and that natural disasters cause the rest. With the way they think, maybe they should pass legislation to ban natural disasters. I imagine the democrats would buy it and the population would not notice as evidenced by the many people on the street interviews which proves they have no idea of what is happening on many issues.
    Raising taxes on doughnuts may be a good thing but it won't be popular with people and all the police departments around the country. I am not joking about this.

  • Retro Ranger

    Yes, tax the hell out of junk food. Look at all the new jobs that will be created by black market junk food. Since most people will still have the knowledge on how to make junk food, we will see many stay at home people making extra junk food and selling it to their neighbors. The economy will boom overnight.

  • regulus30

    WHAT is junk food;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;CARROTS GOOD;; DONUTS BAD;; WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE THAT-------------ME ;; NOT Obama.......fu666ck you central planners;;big government parasites........

  • skrumm

    everything this administration goes after , is exactly what each and everyone of us need to take up as a neighborhood occupation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Kuykendall/100000982787451 Mark Kuykendall

    Obama's administration has no shortage of delusional idiots.

  • aurora9

    Oh boy! Here come the bureaucrats, again. They just can't wait to con more money out of people!

  • sarcasticswede

    These liberal idiots are soooo friggin stoooopit! How's that hope and change workin out for ya?

  • 1775concord

    Prof. Summers: You seem to "forget" that the fiscal map of Clinton's two terms includes1)the upswing in the economy beginning 6 months before he took office, under Pres GHW Bush; 2) the dotcom boom (and beginnings of the bust, which occurred under Clinton; 3) that much of the fiscal control was by the House, led by Newt Gingrich; 4) lowering the capital gains rate masssively in 1997 brought heaps of money to the govt. Nonetheless, Clinton increased the national debt by 65%, and the last year of his Presidency was marked by a plunge in the stock market, with the NASDAQ going from over 5000 to under 3000, on its way to under 1500.
    But Obama has scheduled a massive INCREASE in capital gains tax, which will slow funds to the govt.

  • Winston Smith

    OMG! The Bloomburger clones are MULTIPLYING!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eileen.pressler Eileen Pressler

    Thisis nuts. Don't smoke, don't eat "junk" food and yet the want to solve the fiscal problems by taxing the very things they are forbidding us to to do?


    Have you ever met a liberal that wasn't so full of BS their eyes are brown?

  • QuisPercusit

    According to some Obamanites the plan is to tax every thing that cannot be paid for with food stamps. thus starving every one but them to death thus insuring Obamafrauds Coronation as Emporer of the world.