8th Circuit Blocks Obamacare Mandate

A federal appeals court has granted an injunction blocking the enforcement of the Obamacare mandate that companies must provide insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortifacients in violation of business owners' religious beliefs.

The ruling comes in a lawsuit involving O’Brien Industrial Holdings, a St. Louis, Missouri, company that runs businesses that explore, mine and process refractory and ceramic raw materials.

"By granting our motion, the appeals court blocks the implementation of the HHS mandate and clears the way for our lawsuit to continue – a significant victory for our client," said Francis Manion, senior counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. “The order sends a message that the religious beliefs of employers must be respected by the government."

The case is significant in that it does not involve a church, Christian hospital or other explicitly religious business. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius tried before the recent election to tamp down controversy over the Administration's violation of the First Amendment by trumpeting a religious "exemption" that didn't satisfy most of the complainants about the original mandate.

If O'Brien Holdings is successful in its lawsuit, it could open the way for broad exemptions for any business whose owners object to the mandate on a religious basis, potentially severely cutting into Obama Administration plans for shaking down American businesses through Obamacare taxes or fines.

In October, a lower court had granted the Obama Administration motion to throw out the lawsuit, but the granting of the injunction by the appeals court overturns that previous ruling and blocks enactment of the mandate.

Frank O'Brien, the owner of O'Brien Holdings, is a Catholic and maintains that his religious beliefs provide the structure of his business, which has 87 employees. District judges in Colorado, Michigan and Chicago have upheld similar lawsuits by private businesses against the Administration.

An amicus brief filed in the O'Brien case by the Bioethics Defense Fund and Life Legal Defense Foundation claims the mandate also violates the Administrative Procedures Act by not considering important aspects of the drugs being mandated. According to the brief, oral contraceptives can increase risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. The brief also cites dangers from intrauterine devices and surgical implants to reduce pregnancies.

Religious leaders across the country are watching this and the other cases filed against the Obamacare mandate, which essentially  forces Christians, Jews and other people of strong religious values to abandon their beliefs for the sake of leftist dogma enacted by the Obamacare law.

As Larry Cirignano, president of Faithful Catholic Citizens, said: "Give up your religion or go bankrupt. This is not a mandate; it is an ultimatum."



  • mjh

    Nice work 8th!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Good thing the 9th didn't have anything to do with this suit.

      • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.joseph.35 Peggy Joseph


      • sandraleesmith46

        I was sort of wondering if they couldn't come TEACH the 9th circuit how this works....

        • KBreedlove50

          Given the state of California's education system, the 9th probably couldn't be taught anything -- except how to take bigger gulps of Kool-AId.

        • USAFVET

          Our education system has nothing to do with the idiots on the 9th Circuit Court. They've all been appointed by libs and are from out of state. Not a prune picker in the lot.

        • Elleryqueen

          Can't teach the 9th circuit anything. They're too damned far to the left.

        • sandraleesmith46

          See, that's one of my failings; I keep hoping for and expecting the BETTER natures of people to surface, even LIBS'! What I was thinking is that they all speak "legalese" and might have a better chance of communicating with Lib judges...

        • DAY8293A


        • just ramblin

          You can't teach the 9 circuit anything because it is full of TREASONOUS POLITICAL HACKS and has been for years.
          just rambling

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neal-Avery/100003816547114 Neal Avery

          The Supreme Court is going in that direction. Judge Roberts wimped out. It says in the law, "It shall not be treated as a tax."

      • William Wallace

        The 9th would have messed it up so bad that they would have mandated the business owner to become an atheist and exported his business to California and unionized all his workers.

    • relayman

      That's all fine and dandy. But it is likely to go to scotus where five "judges" who more than willing to corrupt the english language and turn the meaning of ordinary words upside down to enable the guvmint to usurp (grab) more power.

      • Doodlebug

        At least someone made a little headway in stomping on the arrogant dummicrat jacka$$. I hope there will be more to follow and let him know how the American people feel about taking away our freedoms. He calls himself a Christian but he doesn't believe in Christian principles.

        • L. Donoadio

          Right on!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/midwestrefugee1 connie foster

    Its us VS. the feds. States need to push back hard. The states can't print money.

    • d_rash

      No, but the states send ENORMOUS amounts of money to the feds, then it trickles back, in theform of education, roads, bridges and other infrastructure. It would be better to refuse to send ANY money to the feds, and pay for our own "stuff", and tell the feds to just phuck off!

      • Samuel Di Muzio

        Fully agree. Take away the funds by the state and the feds will behave or dry up. No money no wars and no national and international social engineering. Long live the 8th . Every dollar sent to the fed only 30% is returned.

        • Fair Tax ACT!

          THE FAIR TAX ACT Would do just that!

        • 7LibertyForAll

          Fair Tax? What universe do you hail from? There is NO fair tax. ANY TIME any government is given the power to tax or USURPS SUCH POWER there is no limit that they will EVER respect. Cases in point: Fed gov, state govs, local govs. They also all have oodles of money as evidenced in their CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) that they can run their business with.......AND any level of government MUST be severely trimmed; get rid of all the parasites. Hire the people, not the parasites. THEN you'd have something.

        • pat

          SLAVERY in the form of Labor = SLAVE LABOR. People have heard the lies too long and now they are reaching for a flat tax. WTF. Remember socialist security was promised 1% max and will never be raised. same with others now look it became 3 ss taxes in 1 for a ttl of 8.78% and they said only can be used for retirement by those contributing. Hell even the gov is borrowing money from it and they said now when proposed. Every socialists public/gov program was started by the Democrats and hey guess what they are the ones who broke into them and raided endlessly exciting the Repubs to follow. However the R's realized the end result and tried to reform against the Dems no dont touch. Look at the history the first 8 changes to SS were all by Dems and look at it now, this is your health now, retirement oooops wait they are looking into raiding that shortly hear. Remember the precious medal steal back in the day called a "Bank Holiday" banks closed peoples gold/silver disapeared and came back in the form of worthless federal reserve notes aka private bank iou's. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

        • 7LibertyForAll

          I agree except for thinking that the Rs are better than the Ds.......they're both part of the one party system that is manipulated to run it all.

        • sadbuttrue

          Fair Tax, oxymoron much??

        • Walt

          That is because they give the rest of it to our enemies as foreign aid.

        • Johnny

          "Ya took the words right outta my mouth!"

        • 7LibertyForAll

          Unfortunately, I think they'll still continue to borrow from the federal reserve and think that it's actually OUR debt. I do not work for the corporation of the UNITED STATES and therefore I am not an employee but a worker. It's all there in the US Code. I and most of the American people owe NOTHING.

      • Patriot

        Ya, just tell the Feds it's in the mail! :)

      • Beepster

        Actually, I don't think the states send money to the feds. The citizens of the state do. NOW, for the states to pass laws exempting it's citizens from "donating" to the feds. What the feds do with their bloated cabinets/agencies could be better served and done at the state level. About 99% of agencies need to be disbanded and sent to state level. About a 01% tax to run what would be left. The tax to be paid by every individual 18-years old or older. Also, that tax should have a minimum amount of $500 a year. Hmmm, now that means those sponging have to earn some money somewhere. No worse than the "tax" on Oslammerhead Health Care.

      • Brabado

        Dear friend:

        I believe, you missed one important step, while describing how the "money States collect, and send to the Feds, comes back to the States..".

        The Important step missed, was that "before" they send a penny back to the States, the Corrupt Politicians in Washington DC, skim their share of the pot - from the top, running to their banks, and whatever is left, goes back to the State...

        This Corruption Pandemic, is affecting our entire Nation, continues to grow, exponentially: they are insatiable!

        Have been listening to comments on the Radio and TV, lately, discussing that these Corrupt Thieves, are looking at our 401K's, as a "Cash Cow", to keep on spending for ever... while the Chinese have placed their Checkbook, out of reach to Obama and his Socialist cronies! I'm certain, orther private/personal Retirement Plans, have not escape their voracious appetite!!!

        • Dee cide for yourself

          You're right Bradado...they also want to go after IRS'a besides going after 401K's.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Actually, the States have the authority to issue money based on precious metals.

      Some States are already looking into the possibility as well as a couple of Indian Tribes.

      • Another Guest

        I'm not saying your wrong,but I believe you may be mistaken.Article one,section ten of the Constitution says, and I am paraphrasing "No State shall enter into any Treaty,etc., coin Money;emit Bills of Credit;make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; etc." I don't understand that to say States can coin money,I understand it to refer to what is allowed , and I don't see any amendments to over ride it. If I am wrong,and you can show me where,I would be happy to check it out.

        • oinker123

          Doesn't matter what it says...you haven't figured that out yet?

        • Another Guest

          It only doesn't matter if you give up....are you a quitter?

        • axmickl

          Precedent my friend. The fed and this administration pay no attention to the constitution whatsoever. They have set the president which should allow the states to follow in suit.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

          Actually, North Dakota and New Hampshire have been operating their own State Sanctioned Bank for over 100 years which amazingly is called the Bank of North Dakota, and these 2 States are one of the few that actually have a surplus of funds, well built roads, schools, and other infrastructure. These States also don't depend on Federal Government funding for anything, they must be doing something Correctly that the rest of the States are not.

        • patriotswanted

          Why did Obama win their votes Nov 6?

        • Roger12266


        • CrustyOldGeezer
        • Another Guest

          Thanks for the link.Interesting information.

    • Another Guest

      I believe you are right about the states can't print money.Check out Article one,section ten of the constitution,and I didn't find an amendment to over ride that.

      • Walt

        You are correct; they cannot create money but they can use gold and silver in financial transactions since the feds mint it and supply it to the public. Gold and Silver Eagles are already used in some places since they come in various sizes.

        • Another Guest

          Too bad Ron Paul wasn't elected,he would have shut down 5 wasteful,useless Departments and shaved a trillion or more off the debt the first year.This country is controlled by the welfare vote.

        • 28730 - -wolly dog

          YOU GOT THAT RITE obamanation and his socialist senate are our biggest problem and the R.N.C. is fast becoming the same as the D.N.C.

        • lilolady

          One thing about gold. It was once declared illegal to own and hold gold. Was confiscated by the government. Its
          value not ever determined and it was never seen again. Be very aware that the presedent has been set, and it could happen again. Is it any wonder people are rushing to the Cayman Islands to preserve what they have?

        • Roger12266

          The government only confiscated bullion. Coins are not considered bullion so, if you are considering gold, keep buying coins.
          Likewise, the states have the right to settle debts by the use of silver or gold so if they wanted to mint their own money all they would have to do is mint it in silver or gold.

    • Danmo43

      True they cannot print money, but according to the Constitution, they CAN coin money.

  • Moose

    Finally, a court with some common sense.

  • Breezeyguy

    Taxes go up and taxes go down. But forcing companies to fund what they consider murder is an entirely different matter, and it must not stand. The courts need to restore Freedom of Conscience in this country. It's not a purely "religious" issue. Atheists have consciences too, and the guvmint needs to respect that. Obama has tried to color this as a religious issue, by having a Catholic witch (Sebellius) do the dirty work. Nobody must be forced to cooperate with what they sincerely consider to be evil, Catholic or Jew or atheist.

    Yes indeed 8th circuit - nice work!

    • Patriot

      Sebellius should have been aborted long ago. Hag.
      I wonder if the Church has commented on her.
      Shouldn't she have been excommunicated long ago?

      • Hans

        ......and how about UGLY PELOSI ???????

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Meenan/100000230963967 Tim Meenan

          include her all so !

        • Kittyhane

          she's been hiding for a few months.Probably looking for something else we'd have to buy to see what was in it.

        • Weiner2

          She is probably getting another face lift.

      • Kittyhane

        I would have thought so

      • Bulldog1950

        Excommunicate a Democrat? LOL They didn't do it to Edward Kennedy and they haven't done it to Pelosi so they won't do it to any democrat. Besides, the churches support the Democrats because of all the "entitlement" programs they create. These entitlement programs often help the churches directly and indirectly.

    • rs1123

      Why is it that the Left has so little trouble telling some people (us) what we MUST do but turns around and tells us what we must LET OTHERS DO - and then pay for it for them!

      • GetOutOfTheBubble

        The trouble is yours, you imagine no lefties pay taxes, so you suffer under the delusion that only you folks are paying for things. Facts don't bear it out at all.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Ummm, when have taxes gone down? 😉

      • Breezeyguy

        Ha! Good question. The Bush Tax Cuts maybe?
        But yes, they go up every war, and then never do come down.
        I think my point was that it's a sliding scale, whereas Murder is an absolute violation. Taxes can be refunded, but babies can't be un-dismembered.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neal-Avery/100003816547114 Neal Avery

        It was Bush's fault that taxes went down for 10 years. LOL

  • dndvaughn

    Hooray !!!!!

  • Robert

    Get rid of the so called Religious Christian who is suppose to be a Catholic.She only goes along with Obama just to get the benefits other Christian people can't get.And for the popularity she can get.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    A Federal Court that isn't in bed with the marxists?

    • Mike6

      I expect the pinko Supreme court to rule that free sppech is hate speech punisahble by fines or imprisonment. Tea Party Members will be humiliated by our Pravda media and called racists.
      In the futue, if you say that American construction workers are living in their cars and feeding their children dogfood, and that Michelle is living like a French Bourbon King, eating too many fine steaks, and gaining weight you may be arrested and punished.

      • Hans

        Nevertheless she is an ugly BAFFOON Orang Utang living well on the taxpayers' dimes !!!!

        • Mike6

          I agree one hundred 100% . Obama hates women as much as Chairman Mao hated women, and that is why the WON married a girl that looks like a man. She is eating to many fine steaks and getting fat where it shows the most.

    • Kittyhane


  • Hoosier Grandma

    I keep wondering why nobody has filed a lawsuit against Obamacare relying on the constitutional guarantee of "equal protection under the law." If it exempts muslims, union members, and in at least one case a whole state -- this is not equal protection! It should exempt all of us!

  • P5Driver

    How will this affect obamacare as a whole? Seeing that there is no separation clause, would this then strike down the whole of obamacare?

    • Tionico

      it should... but it will take a while for someone to form up a case and press it. Actually, the first case, recently concluded wrongly by the SCOTUS, was along a similar basis. By a bait and switch move of chicanery, the court declared the penalty imposed by the mandate to really be a tax.. and thus legal. This ussue, that of individual conscience, seems to be getting more traction, and well it should. Money is one thing, being forced to violate one's well established conscience is another. What it will taike is for more states to nullify and interpose, perhaps the House to refuse funding, and/or open rebellion by millions of private citizens and businesses to "just say NO". Or would that be "HELL no". Time the federal government get reminded of those words in the Declaration.... that any government can only govern by the consent of the governed. They do NOT have our consent on such matters, this can not truly govern. Coerce, perhaps. But NOT govern. WHO are the sovereign here?

      • P5Driver

        Thanks Tionico, it should then, put the whole bag of trash on hold till it's finally and justly ruled unconstitutional....at least one would think.

  • oldmsrebel

    I have been told by politicians that we must cleanse the gutless repugnant party . I Said " Lets start a Constitutional party and vet each one elected and let them know their butts will be thrown out if they do not uphold OUR values " !!

    • Weiner2

      I totally agree. I am thinking of quitting the republican party and the tea party (they support the republicans big time). I definitely would not join the dems (they have no morals).

      • adamenochnoah

        Me too & I did it after 36 years & I am not going back to the GOP, & I am not a Libertarian or a Democrat.

  • RAllison

    Curious to know; Was HHS secretary given the job only because she was great supporter of Omama's first election, was instrumental in upholding abortions, at all costs, in Kansas? She now exhibits the same mental attitude toward Americans as she apparently did as governor of Kansas. God help us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004068401209 Robert Tetlow

      K. Sebelius is an evil witch. She does not believe in GOD and just takes the name of Christian for what ever benefit she can get. She hates all of humanity and worships at the altars of abortion and euthanisia. She fits perfectly with O and the godless demonrat party. She is the Devils logical choice for Sec. of illness and unhuman services.

      • Kittyhane

        But she can't fool God

    • Marj0120

      I think that can be said for the majority of his cabinet and those he has put into most positions outside of his cabinet. Qualifications have little or nothing to do with his appointments. That said we know the guy pays back his debts.

  • There May Be Hope Yet

    Sound like the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals knows and understands the Constitution and goes by the Constitution rather than "what feels good to me". Thank you.

  • GetOutOfTheBubble

    You're not going to win this one. Your religion doesn't exempt you from whatever law you feel like ignoring, especially when you're doing business under the auspice of a limited liability organization. You don't get limited liability for nothing.

    • Rick

      I think your assertion is without legal merit or legal basis. You obviously don't have a clue as to what your talking about and should refrain from talking our couch your comments as being simply your silly-ass uneducated opinion.

      • Johnny

        You dare to call GetOutOfTheBubble silly-ass uneducated? Check your grammar and word smithing above and see who is uneducated!

      • GetOutOfTheBubble

        Right, there's no legal merit of legal basis for the regulation of the behavior of corporations. Whatever was I thinking.

    • The Truth

      What are you talking about? An LLC only protects the partners from personal lawsuits, so it portects their personal assets. What does that have to do with the federal government stomping on religious freedom?

      • GetOutOfTheBubble

        Corporations are legal entities granted special privileges. People don't have a right to them nor to dictate the rules of operating one. That's what it has to do with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/informing.christians Debra JM Smith

    The entire law is unconstitutional.

    • Hans

      .....but declared legal by this TRAITOR ROBERTS. Shame on this low life Chief Justice who did not stand up to the CONSTITUTION !

      • GetOutOfTheBubble

        I'm sure you know much more about the constitution than him.

    • GetOutOfTheBUbble

      Apparently, the people who actually matter, The Supreme Court, disagree.

  • granny007

    FINALLY, a court with spine.

  • Patriot

    Good going!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlarochellemd Dave La Rochelle

    Just the beginning of the downfall of Obama Care. Destroy the mandate and it falls apart.

  • John

    This is total BS. Employees health care should not be based on the made up whims of the boss. Religion is rubbish and should have NO say in employee health care.

    • P5Driver

      were you the atheist on O'Reilly last night or the 'seat' in the 'library'?

    • FLShopgirl

      If the employer is paying any portion of the premium they have EVERY right to offer a plan based on whatever they choose! That's the problem we are seeing to often, employees think they have a right to the benefits they are offered. That's why it is called a benefit. If they don't like the employer's plan, they should opt out and get insurance on their own and pay 100% of the premiums!

    • takethat

      Ok, then forget religion, let's call it simply "doing what's right." Taxpayer funding under the guise of "healthcare" that allows you to stick your raincoated knob in whatever socket you choose and let's your girlfriend to flush the fetus of your inconvenient love child down the toilet is wrong on so many levels that religion can easily have nothing to do with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlarochellemd Dave La Rochelle

    If 25 states refuse to set up insurance exchanges, it places the blame and burden on the Feds and HHS to struggle with a very costly set up fee. The Republican governors are very well supported by major accounting firms showing what a disaster this law will be for states.

  • 2012 Watcher

    May God continue to Bless you, and our fight for freedom and liberty!!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    There needs to be a better understanding of what government does and what government doesn't do. It's upside down. There's come to be a misunderstanding of what it's purpose should be.

    Our government is there to protect its constituents, not to tell them how to feel, how to act, what to believe and what to say. The government is there to enforce the laws inacted by the people.

    How is it that the government has the audacity to decide what laws it not only does not enforce but what congressional decisions it wishes to waylay and defy?

    Shouldn't our government try to take care of its constituents before it branches out to thumb its nose at the laws and to give special benefits to criminals in our country? The government should not be permitted to withhold resources from its citizens in favor of criminals. Anybody that did not come to our country legally after the last amnesty is a criminal under the law and our president is a criminal for enacting his agenda after it was voted down by our Congress. Where is our Congress?

    Our mis-educated youth have been propagandized to believe that it's OK to breach sovereignty of the country and its states. Try that in North Korea or Iran, Russia, for that matter.

    Russia thinks that obama was reelected by an "illiterate society". They're right! We're officially stupid! This is the credibility that obama says he's restored since taking office 4 years ago.

    If I were made King for a month, I'd give an executive order that we are enforcing the law and that any future presidents would be impeached for failing to enforce the law or giving executive orders in opposition to laws not changed by Congress. It's hard enough to get anything done in Congress without a president cherry picking what laws he wants to enforce and countermand, much less screwing with religious freedoms.

    We need to stop the mis-education of our youth by the leftist unions in our public schools so they know the difference between right and wrong!

    • axmickl

      The mis-education of Obama at the hands of the communists and marxists is the reason he acts like a dictator. That is the form communism always takes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1206710220 Jolyn Rebecca Snider

    Mirena intrauterine devices are being advertised right now to be causing health problems. I took birth control pills for awhile and they warned of health problems. Mandating devices or medicines that are hazardous to your health are like encouraging smokers to keep smoking and drinkers to keep drinking. DUMB ! These mandates are simply WRONG !!!

    • Kittyhane

      Now the gov. is encouraging people to smoke 'weed'

      • GetOutOfTheBubble

        All for personal liberty until someone can be accused of being a druggy. Now all of a sudden a freedom should be criticized.

  • Denyce

    How great to finally see some good news!

  • Evermyrtle

    One down and I can't even guess how many to go, but at least that is one against the Kenyan, a win is a win, and I appreciate this win. .

  • bob s

    so right.... this communist community organizer is trying to destroy our country... fight back Americans.... impeach him for the killing of the 4 in Libya.... and his continueing lieing every time he opens his mouth....

  • gbandy

    Somehow the People must win this battle against the greatest destroyer of our Nation. Obamacare. We the People do not want it and it was shoved down our throats by the Dems. Are we a Nation of takers or a Nation of achievers? Unfortunately the takers won the election.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "Somehow the People must win this battle against the greatest destroyer of our Nation. Obamacare."

      The penchant for hyperbole around here is palpable. Gotta rile yourselves up somehow I suppose.

      We're supposed to be a nation. Unfortunately people love to divide into groups and hate on said groups. Unfortunately for you this is the "takers." A group you get to blame without actually accusing anyone personally. Pretty nice how everything wrong in the world can be blamed on some group huh?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    Well, the 9th court can take obama crae and obama and stick it where the sun don't shine ignorant fools.

  • Charles Lawson

    Finally a court with a brain! Unfortunately, the nut jobs on the Supreme Court will probably overturn the ruling.

  • conscience voter

    Then there's abortions. This should be shown to all young teenagers. The unvarnished truth about abortions; it will make you sick.

  • KittyKittyKit

    A GLIMMER of HOPE that there are still SANE judges left in our Appelate system. Remember their names and put'em on the Supreme Court.

    • axmickl

      Give Obama a little more time and every court in the land will be under his thumb.

  • FLShopgirl

    This is such an easy fix. Even if you don't have a religious opposition to birth control/abortion, there should be policies/plans available to employers, employees and individuals that do not include these options. And they should be available at a lesser cost. I am 50 years old and do not need birth control and I'm certainly not having an abortion. If I don't want it, why pay the extra cost? When they put together the guidelines, there should be plans available that don't include these. If employers don't offer it, but employees want the option of birth control and abortion, they could add those and pay for the additional cost. Back in the day if I wanted maternity coverage, I had to add that as a rider and pay more because it wasn't offered in my employer's base plan. Not everyone has a need for all these things and those that don't shouldn't have to pay the same cost as those who do. That's the problem with the government handling health insurance. One size does not fit all.

    • sandraleesmith46

      I paid for my own BC when I was of an age; and now I'm past all that; they're siphoning off 716 Billion of my Medicare, and that of all seniors, to pay for it for those who are too cheap and lazy to pay for their own???

  • http://twitter.com/ABUTOM ABUTOM


  • Walt

    This is what you get when you pass a bill without reading it. Personally, I think every member of the house and senate that voted for this bill without knowing what was in it should be thrown out of office. This is not what they were sent to Washington to do.

    • luci

      but you know some of them got re-elected. american voters are stupid. totally stupid.

  • Rusty S

    If the Supreme Court upheld HHS based on the basis that it was a tax, is it not null and void w/that decision b/c the "tax" originated in the Senate. Are not all taxes suppose to originate in the House? Trying to get clarification.

    • lilolady

      I like the idea of the House refusing to fund Obamacare. Is that really a possibility? I understand that parts of it are already in operation, with others coming on line each year through 2020.
      There is a whole lot more than health care and contraceptives
      involved in this monstrosity.

      • mudguy1

        Yes but we have a House that is full gutless wimps that do not care to uphold the laws or the Constitution. Nothing will happen until that changes!!

        • lilolady

          You are right, mudguy. Where and when, in this society, have you seen or heard one single Brave Heart who knows and passionately speaks truth? Leadership is what is seriously lacking. 50 % don't believe Marxism
          exists . The other 50% remember. Many here, having just escaped it in their own country, have actually lived it, but have no voice yet here. Looks like we need to see it up close and personal, to convince those 50% slow learners.

  • publius

    If this goes to the Supreme Court, who out there has "faith" or believes that this mandate will be struck down..anyone, Bueller, anyone ?!?!

  • sreynolds

    screw everyone religion except islam, that's obamas policy. Buck Ofama

  • DrBillLemoine

    In highly Catholic St. Louis, it's not surprising to find a legal challenge to Obamacare mandates and the provision of birth control and contraceptives coverage. But there's no breaching of church/state lines. Healthcare mandates and funding from the ACA statutes/regulations follow citizens, not religion, which is prohibited by the Bill of Rights. A local judge may curry favor from this city with a stand like this, but it can't stand--sorry Bishops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.bivens.33 Jim Bivens

    If the states decided to boycott the Feds there would be nothing they could do about it. The Tenth amendment reads that "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people". This means, the powers to the Fed Gov't are delegated to it by the constitution, the key word is delegated. This means we gave them the power and WE the people of the many states can take it away thru nullification. The 10th amendment limits the powers of the Federal Gov't. In delegating just specific powers to the federal gov't, the states and the people, with some small exceptions, are free to continue exercising their sovereign powers. Having said that, it is up to we the people to nullify this power with our amendments to the constitution. My point is that if we exersize our bill of rights as citizens there is no way Fed gov't can over reach. The first amendment gives us our heritage and the second amendment allows us to defend it. The fourth amendment cuts off their ability to snoop on us and the fifth gives us the right to be silent. The ninth amendment states that "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people". The ninth amendment says it all and is probably the most over looked of the bill of rights. What this means is that the ideas of these liberals cannot be forced upon us if we do not want it to, to remain silence is to accept it. If we flooded the Federal Court system about this health care system as a violation of the 9th amendment it would drive them crazy. Just sayin.....

  • Oops!

    A temporary postponement only. The other side of the argument that religious zealots like Cronn (and a lot of the readers here) like to make is...that while religious freedom is guaranteed under the Constitution, that does NOT mean that anyone has the right to impose their religon on anyone else. That's the basis upon which this lawsuit will be lost. Tsk tsk.

    • Marj0120

      You prove our point, you cannot force me to violate my religious beliefs by forcing me to pay for your contraception/abortions (which is what the law demands). My not paying for it does not force my religious beliefs on you, it only means you should pay for the extra coverage to cover your needs. The only fair way to resolve this is to strike that portion of the bill out.
      Being religious and trying to live according to one's faith does not equal being a zealot. Everytime an aethist fights against the removal of Christmas symbols or disallow prayer they impose their will on my religious practice which is constitutionally guaranteed. We do not insist that you look at the symbols and reflect on what they mean nor are you forced to pray when we do. It's not like second hand smoke that evades your lungs it's you choosing to ignore that which is of no interest to you.
      So, kill every fetus you start, I only have to answer for my sins not yours. Just don't make me a part of that killing by making me pay for it. Only when the baby is big enough to feel the pain of being ripped apart in uterus will I stand against you.

      • caskinner

        Well stated. I doubt Oops gets it though. For them it is a one way street.....their way.

  • rs1123

    My right to practice my religion - and that means not paying for the killing of the unborn, as my religion forbids this - supersedes anyone's right to have sex and then kill off the results, especially at MY expense by government order.
    If Obama is a Christian, I'm the King of Venus.

    • cottagemist

      I agree..thank you..

  • gypsy314

    Lets just get it on the blues states against the red states winner take all and loser leaves America period. I do not think democrat can cheat there way on the battle field and so the truth will shine the loudest.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Our president is supposed know American History and an expert on the Constitution. It is on these grounds that even Democrats have no alternative but to impeach a president who by means of special orders circumvent our Precious Constitution. These blatant attempts to circumvent the rule of law is clear, He is not the person that should be sitting in the Oval office.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Ditto, Good Work 8th Circuit, at least they are following the Constution, although Hobby Lobby got the shaft from another Circuit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Young/100001630951601 Mike Young

    It's about time some sanity is being used in the Court Systems, nobody should be forced to purchase abortion products or pregnancy products if it is against their moral religious beliefs or not. Good decisions.

  • del

    Excellent....one small step to save our country from the turd in the white house and his demon cabinet, czars, and commie minions....include old bug eyes soros and his ill gotten gains....should be locked up with the above and all assets seized and repaid to We the People for their fraud and treason!

  • Robertz

    Senator Dick Durban said when asked by a reporter as to why the healthcare bill will take until 2014 to be fully in effect quote : "Because it takes a long tome to pass the needed legislation to get the people fully under control". This is FACT. He said it! The bill is actually really about total federal control over the people.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2BZHO5ROO7QRRX6CJJJEBUBQPY Tim

    Contraception is not medical care. The idea that this should be even covered by insurance is absolutely silly. The paper work alone costs more than the pills. If the ugly sluts want birth control let them pay for it!


    Way to go 9th! It's about time someone snipped Obama's wings! A good first step. Now let's get rid of the entire mess once and for all!

  • Razstetter

    Thank goodness there's still a high court in this land with some moral fortutife !

  • RedMeatState

    This entire thing could be avoided if we did just ONE THING, pass this by state referendums to force Congress' hand! Think for one minute they would be under the force of ObamaCare?

    check it:

    Amendment 28:

    "Congress shall not be exempt from any law that it passes: Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to Senators or Representatives; and Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. It is henceforth established retroactively to all laws previously passed by the Congress and signed by the Executive or passed by lawful majority if vetoed by the Executive."
    “It shall be Unlawful for any government official: appointed, elected, or hired, to use the power of their Office for personal gain.”

  • A_Nobody

    Hey! Another judge with common sense. Way to go!!!

  • ken

    Everybody is missing the point here. It is not about fed money or state money or my right to do what I feel like doing. I will go a bit farther and say it is not even about the Constitution which is one of the most important doc. to an American. It is about getting back to God, Jesus and what He wants. Over the past 30 years plus, segments in America have been painting the walls red and we don't seem to care. What do I mean? Communism has been slipping into all aspects of our society because we have been feuding with our neighbor our rich friend our poor friend what is right and wrong we have been bickering between ourselves while they????? paint the walls of America red. We need to repent and ask God's forgiveness as the bible says, 2 Chronicles 7: 14 "then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land!!!!

  • pguild01

    On behalf of all U.S. Citizens, who are concerned about freedom of religion, a big thank you to O'Brien Holdings and The 8th Circuit Court. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA

  • dragonfFIRE01

    now if it can only be applied across the board to prevent implementation of law at all

  • Stan Shaeffer

    My heart goes out to all the people who were hurt by the Super Storm Sandy. Why did people take O's word on anything? Ever since he has been in office, he has blamed someone, anyone else for all the problems that have happened to this Country, it's people, economy, etc. Then, he is reelected to office because the voters who voted for him just don't listen or read what he is!!!

  • caskinner

    Wish Obamacare would just go away and take Obama with it. Both are BIG mistakes.

  • Revisionator

    Along those lines here's something else to ponder. What if the Doctor has moral issues with prescribing contraceptives and abortifacients? Will they have to suck it up or lose their license? I guess we'll see if the so-called enlightened Liberals that foisted this garbage upon us are willing to practice the tolerance and diversity they preach. I'm guessing, No.

  • daves

    So if an employee wants insurance that covers contraception what do they do? I guess they would have to look for a new job.

    It doesn't seem right to me that the owner of the company's religious beliefs can trump healthcare for the worker.

    • takethat

      Since when did contraceptives and abortion pills become "healthcare?" You wanna have sex then take some responsibility for your actions otherwise don't do it. Besides if you have an employer that means you're working and if you're working you ought to be able to easily afford condoms on your dime NOT THE TAXPAYERS.

      • daves

        Plenty of women take contraceptives just for the health benefits.

        Employees do pay for their own healthcare insurance with their labor and payroll deductions. It is not payed for by the tax payers.

        • adamenochnoah

          There are no health benefits from bc pills, dodo...

        • daves
        • adamenochnoah

          You should consider where your source came from & the fact that the Owners are behind the world population control agenda.

          "The House of Rothschild bought Reuters news service in the 1800's. Within the last 20 years, Reuters bought the Associated Press. Now the Elite own the two largest wire services in the world, where most newspapers get their news. The Rothschilds have control of all three U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media industry according to research by Eustice Mullins in his book 'Who Owns the TV Networks' ."

        • daves

          You know you can google health benefits of the pill and you will find 1000 different sources. I just picked one.

        • adamenochnoah

          1.Birth control pills more than doubles a woman’s risk of breast cancer. And not just any old breast cancer, but the most deadly subtype that exists; triple-negative breast cancer.The Evidence. (Boring, I know, but it’s worth your time to be informed): This was confirmed in the prestigious California cancer-research journal, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.“Oral contraceptive use ≥1 year was associated with a 2.5-fold increased risk for triple -negative breast cancer.” One year! And, they go on to add, it gets worse. “Furthermore, the risk among oral contraceptive users conferred by longer oral contraceptive duration and by more recent use was significantly greater[...]Among women ≤40 years, the relative risk for triple-negative breast cancer associated with oral contraceptive use ≥1 year was 4.2.” The evidence is in. The Pill leads to the death of women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000834538213 Olinda Moore

    this administration dont have nothing more contructive to do,womans need to be more sensitive to all there need why the goverment have to provide all this thing ...for me is abusing my privacy...i dont want every body to know my life and what i do when i need to buy my stuff,to me this is a corruption ,they want to change this country like Sodoma & Gomorra...we are not prosti....we are womens of sense with dignity and if i want to buy my pills i will do it for my self only cost less than 20$ i dont need the goverment

  • agbjr

    This is all well and good but do not rely on the courts to rule FOR the Constitution. Every State has one tool only they can use: nullification. If the majority of States declare Obamacare null and void making it illegal to implement the Washington bureaucrats will be powerless to enforce this bastardized legislation. The federal government fears nullification simply because it DOES work; check the Tariff of 1829 for precedent. Contact your State governor and legislators, demand nullification.

  • Don

    Kathleen Sebilus is selling her soul to the devil, all for one man, Obama.

    • agbjr

      No, not for Obama ... for Karl Marx. These people are as RED as the old Soviet flag.

    • Friscolady

      Who is to say he is not the devil.

  • shearwater

    When it comes to Obama Care, we are all catholics!

    • Friscolady

      Thank You N.Y. Wiseguy!

      I am Catholic

      My husband is Jewish and lost most of the last generation of his family in the camps.

      But tonight like you he and his family are Catholic and urge all people of faith to support the Church and all people of faith against the tyranny of Obama!

  • downs1

    Obama will do anything and everything to bring down this nation! The problem is that he has his mind set and nothing and no one can change it. He is not doing what is best for the people; he is doing what he thinks best for his own miserable ideology and for those who work behind the scenes. He is no statesman, but a politician who has an agenda which is foolish and destructive! Other nations have been brought down by the same ideology. The Communist Party USA was quick to cheer his 2012 election and to show a joy of success after years of subversion.

  • steveni

    How about a law suit that states that those provisions violate the Separation of Church and State and the freedom of religion.

    • steveni

      Atheists have their Freedom From Religion organization. Christians need a Freedom from Atheism organization to battle them.

      • Friscolady


  • giant33

    Good for the Christian for bringing this suite to the courts, all thought their not to friendly with us. (courts) These libs want to abort themselfs out of existence. I just can't find an answer for them.

  • Jean

    Explain to me why muslims are exempt from Obamacare because of their religion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    King Obama and his Supreme Court

  • sgtshel

    Maybe they should tearch the SupremeLess Court how this works!!

  • Hugh Billeaud

    Very good news for America!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Well, if we can't blow it to pieces in the supreme court, maybe we can peck it into oblivion with little chisels.

  • Al

    Can we continue to push Congress into using Obamacare? If they passed it they should use it. Both sides are at fault !!

  • N.Y. Wiseguy

    BIG Brother is watching people watch what you say

  • bobmann101

    Yeah right! See how long that lasts. Judges need to realize you do not go against this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, racist, bigot, half breed, foreign national, Muslim POTUS

  • jsmithcsa

    Obamacare is an abomination. Anything that weakens or kills it is a good thing for America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Morrison/1698892019 George Morrison

    it certainly seems as though this country is rapidly turning into a communist state,do as we tell you not as you want no matter what your belief is this has always been a country of choice I guess this is also a thing of the past,I wonder just how long the people of this country is going to put up with this nonsense

  • Elvilla

    Fortunatly there are still person like Mr. Obrien whom have firmness in their moral principles and are not afraid to stand up for them facing the democratic machinery.These persons are the ones whom will return our nation to it's roots.May God continue blessing Mr.Obrein and his works.

  • Freodom

    Muslims are exempted from Obamacare because insurance is haraam.
    So Muslims are exempt and Christians are not?

  • Nickpasq

    One wonders how any religious organization can be made to comply with the Obamacare scam since the SC called it a tax. Can't tax a Church/Religious organization.

  • Daniel Gray

    waiting for the 6th to hear their case and do the same thing. I would bet that with all these US District courts ruling against Dumbama care, this will be an issue that goes back before the US Supreme Court very soon.

  • theodorej

    Legal.... Blah,Blah,Blah..... To much emphasis on the letter of the law and absolutely no feeling for the spirit of law.... It is the spirit of the law that speaks to the human side of what is right and what is wrong.... This was especially true with John Roberts legalistic(to the letter)ruling that has allowed this anomaly known as OBamacare to stand ....To much law no common sense..

  • http://www.facebook.com/franklygross Frank S Gross

    But muslims continue to be exempt?!

  • Rumionemore

    Republicans continue their losing slide downhill. I used to be one, but no more. I've heard they might even be clueless enough to consider running David Petraeus for prez in 2016. You wring your hands about a woman's right to choose but think a man who cheated taxpayers and his family should be our president? Better vet him closely, which Saxby Chambliss's INTEL Committee failed to do, as well as consider his mediocre record as a commander. I would like to see Repubs do better, but it looks like you are frozen in time.

  • Jack Parker

    It's too damn bad that the court has to use relligion as the reason to oppose abortion. Abortion is murder and until this society recognizes that fact, we cannot even begin to correct all the injustices in our society.

  • Italiano

    Finally, we encounter an appeals court judge that bases his decision on both natural law and constitutional law precepts. I highly recommend the book, "A Clash of Orthodoxies", written by Professor Robert George who is associated with the Manhattan Declaration project for the protection of marriage and advocacy of christian virtue. In the book, Professor George contrasts the secularists with their erroneous understanding of moral or objective truth for the human person with people of faith who grasp natural law principles given to us by our Lord. Professor George skillfully and methodically starts with the premise that one doesn't have to have divine revelation or be a person of faith initially to ascertain truth, since reason, if employed with honesty and without prejudice, can bring us to its realization. He quotes the late Dr. King, who from his prison cell in Birmingham, Alabama, said, "if one reads the teachings of both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine, he concurs fully with them that an unjust law is simply no law and that one's conscience is not bound to follow it." Let us pray that we have an epiphany in this country and read the the texts of even Aristotle, Plato and Cicero, who urged their citizens to seek the highest good and follow the pattern of natural reason in order to secure it way before our Lord Jesus came in his incarnation to save us all from sin and death. Again, a blessed Advent Season to you all!

  • McClain

    it is my hope and prayer that our courts can make Obamacare null and void

  • Bulldog1950

    I fear where this may be headed. The Obama administrations (and his controllers) cleaverly put this into the healthcare bill. If it holds up, they reap billions in taxes , fines and fees. If it does not hold up, for religious freedom, it will set the stage for when radical Islamists push their take over here. These court cases will support their religious beliefs and women's rights will be doomed and murder will be legal too! Sharia law, already supported in some parts of the country, will expand and we will have a DUAL legal system. They may get away with killing your daughter because she turned down their marriage proposal!
    I don't want our religious beliefs trampled on but one must be careful. When the courts decide to support religion, it is for ALL religions not just Christianity. It is almost a damned if you do and damned if you don't type of battle.
    I don't care if you believe if Obama is Muslim or not, his actions shows he supports Muslims more than Christians. Even his church in Chicago had a Islamist converted to Black Theology pastor who never fully gave up Islam. And almost all major legislation, including Obamacare, includes clauses specifically directed towards Islam.


    Now if only congress would block up obama by sticking an impeachment proceeding up his ^ss.

  • fedup in fl

    There is something in the government that works, works for the people