Gun Control Laws to Blame For California’s Rise in Crime

The city of San Bernardino is feeling the effects of California’s restrictive gun laws. The 50% increase in crime compared to last year is being blamed on a dwindling police force that’s being subjected to cuts because of the city’s bankruptcy. That may be part of it because people have perhaps grown dependent on the police to provide protection. But California’s gun control laws are some of the worst in the nation.

In order to get a carry concealed weapon license (CCW), you have to convince the police department in your interview with them that you actually have “good cause” to carry a gun. Saying that you need one for general self-defense is not good enough. Your life has to be in imminent danger, and you have to be able to prove it to them.

Out of the 2 million residents in San Bernardino County (San Bernardino city sits in the southwest corner of the county), only 2,800 have been allowed CCW’s by the county’s police department.

Unlike most other states, California’s state constitution doesn’t even address possession of guns. It doesn’t grant its citizens the right to bear arms. You’d think the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution addresses that issue enough to apply to all states, but that’s one issue where liberals blithely bring up the importance of states’ rights.

In a recent San Bernardino city council meeting called by one of the council members to address the citizens’ concerns of rising violence, the city attorney Jim Penman spoke candidly about the issue. He drew fire when he told attendees to “lock your doors and load your guns.” He reiterated to the local CBS station:

 “Let’s be honest, we don’t have enough police officers. We have too many criminals living in this city. We have had 45 murders this year…that’s far too high for a city of this size.”

Meanwhile, the same is happening in Oakland, where officials say that they’ve experienced a 43% increase in burglaries compared to last year. Again, they’re claiming it all has to do with the police officers that are being let go because of budgetary problems. CBS reports:

 “According to the latest numbers from the Oakland Police Department, more than 11,000 homes, cars or businesses have been broken into so far this year – translating to about 33 burglaries a day. The most popular targets have been cars with more than 5,700 burglarized so far this year… One of the most likely reasons for the sharp uptick in crime – city officials said they believe it’s the gradual loss of police officers from the force.”

 If California would legalize the Second Amendment, the crime rate would decrease, and there wouldn’t be a need for a large police force. Just look at Kennesaw, Georgia, which passed an ordinance in 1982 that required every household to own a gun. The crime rate dropped 50% between then and 2005, and it continues to drop. In fact, it has the lowest crime rate in the U.S. But don’t bring that up with liberals. They go ballistic.



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  • Jim David

    If what the author of this essay was saying was true, the states with the strictest gun laws should have the highest crime rates. Instead, the exact opposite is true:

    States with the highest violent crime rates (in order):
    Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi.

    States with the strictest gun control laws (in order):
    New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Michigan.

    Not that any of you cretins base your beliefs on facts anyway, but ask yourself why not one single state with strict gun control laws is a state with high violent crime rates. Because the claim being made in this essay is BS, that's why. Don't get me wrong - I'm a gun owner and i believe in the right to own guns, but the claim here is BS all the same. The same pattern can be seen around the world when you look at other countries. This is of course conflating correlation with causation (never mind - few of the readers here will understand what that means), but the pattern is undeniable....unless of course you're a Godfatherpropagandics reader.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Where did you get your information? I live in Michigan and we are a shall issue state.

      • Jim David


        • Obummer

          As with most progressives...bomb throw a misleading argument into the mix without knowing how the content was derived.

        • Ted Crawford

          The "How" is obvious because of the "Where"! Saul Alinsky! I believe it's found in his rule 5 "Use what you have and clothe it in a moral arguement"

        • Ted Crawford

          NEWSWEEK? Are you kidding me? Newsweek? You can find the same idiotic misinformation on the Huffington Post, N.Y. Times, and the CPUSA publications! GET REAL !

        • Jim David

          Hearing a reader of Godfather Politics criticize the quality of journalism in Newsweek is perhaps the funniest, stupidest thing I've read all day. Thanks!

      • Gene R Swank

        Mich is one of the hardest states to get and keep a ccw. Anyone moving there from another state breaks the law when they cross the state line with an unregistered handgun. Gun registration is a violation of the law. It will not be tolerated in most states.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I'm not saying you're wrong, but where did you get that information. I haven't had a problem keeping my CPL (not CCW in MI, used to be but no longer). MI was one of the first states to have reciprocal agreements with other states and I don't believe that "crossing the line" with and unregistered firearm was a violation if you were not a resident. Again, not saying you're wrong I would just like to find out where you got that info.

    • seamus

      why do you own a gun if you believe that by doing so you're statistically increasing your odds of being involved in a violent crime? from your own perspective, you're part of the problem. You should get rid of your gun in order to stay safer.

      • Screeminmeeme

        seamus....Makes sense to me.

      • Jim David

        When did I say that by owning a gun I am increasing my odds of being involved in a violent crime? I think you misunderstand.

        Heck, if Screeminmeeme thinks your comment makes sense, you must be misunderstanding.

        • RogerZ

          "If what the author of this essay is saying were accurate, the states with the fewest gun laws should have the lowest crime rates. Instead, the exact opposite is true..."

          "How can the states with strict gun laws also be the states with low violent crime rates? Because the claim being made in this essay is BS, that's why."

          So, more gun control = less crime; conversely, less gun control = more crime. The implication in your argument is that a plethora of gun owners contributes to a rise in crime. I agree with seamus. If you want to be consistent, you should view yourself as part of the problem and get rid of your gun.

        • Jim David

          Logic really isn't your strong suit, is it?

          States that have laws that make it more difficult for people with mental health issues or criminal records to have guns have less crime. I and most gun owners don't have mental problems or a criminal record, therefore these laws do not affect my gun ownership, and my gun ownership does not contribute to the crime rate.

          Understand yet?

        • Ted Crawford

          Now you want to use Semantics, to avoid addressing your delusional statement! Proof positive that to use the words Progressive and Hypocrite in the same sentence, is to repeat ones self and also employ a double negative!

      • KINGROI

        BS SEAMUS...

      • Ted Crawford

        Prima Facia proof that the term " Progressive Logic" is one of the Worlds Ultimate Oxymorons!

    • edd

      I live in IL an the rate of murders an robberies is extremely Hi in fact I believe Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country an they have a very strict gun laws. also Fl crime rate dropped soon after conceal carry was put in place. Libs like you seem to love to make up what ever figures you feel you need.

      • Jim David

        "Libs like you...."

        Try to think in terms of concepts and information, rather than kneejerk stereotypes. We would all benefit.

    • John Illinois

      The strictest gun control laws in the country are Washington D.C., and Chicago, Ill. Guess where the highest number of gun crimes occur? Try Chicago, Ill. Detroit isn't any nice peaceful place, either.

    • axmickl

      Jim, would you mind breaking down the crime rates in your states by type. For example; does California and new York have more traffic violations than Florida? Is the crime in california sorted out by gang and juvenile perpetrators or by old ladies getting arrested for shop lifting? Your numbers mean nothing unless you can categorize the crimes in gun vs fun states.

    • David

      OH, is that right? Do you mean to say that the U.K., Australia, South Africa, are all also so much safer because of their "Universal Personal Disarmament" now?

      If by that token, Switzerland should have the worst crime in the world, where every man between 18 and 54 have to have his issued fully-automatic assault rifle in his home as part of the state militia?

      Illinois has low violent crime rates? Pennsylvania (ever been to South Philadelphia, Jim?)

      Just because, as you point out, that there may not be a direct correlation between gun laws and crime rates (we here in Oregon have pretty low ones, and shall issue carry permits), does not mean that you can draw a blanket statement about states that have "liberalized" them because they had higher crime rates BEFORE these statutes were enacted.

    • Tim Cogswell

      I'll bet he got those stats from the NYT. No crime in Chicago you know.

    • Gene R Swank

      The FBI statistics say you are wrong. The counties that issue ccw permits have the lowest crime rates. The counties that dont issue have the highest crime rates. This is right out of the FBI. Calif. Michigan, Illinois and New York have the highest crime rates. All liberal run states with strict gun laws.

    • KarenWI

      The 'facts' about guns and gun crimes you state are different than the 'facts' that I have repeatedly seen -- even from a variety of sources - so I have to say you are either ill informed or a lying troll.

    • Lou Rodgers

      How do you explain Chicago?

    • wildbill

      Mississippi your post makes no sense at all

      • wildbill

        I goofed the comment was meanr to be to Jim ( nut job ) david

  • Jude O'Connor

    Kennesaw County Georgia has an ordinance that each home must have a gun and it was checked by the sheriffs and free safety classes were offered to those that wanted them. Crime fell rapidly because every criminal knew that each house had a gun.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      That's what we need all over! If everyone had at least one gun in each home ,The crooks would think twice! I agree that some people are dangerous regardless but they can be weeded out!

      • Mike

        Then you'd love the sticker I have next to my front door! (the neighbors think I'm nuts! LOL!) It says..The door you just kicked in isn't there to protect me from's there to PROTECT YOU FROM ME!

        • 1_Eddie_1

          LOL! I like the way you think.

        • Robert Myles

          That sticker has been flying off the shelves at Patriot Depot as I am trying to secure a few for my home as well.

    • tthan43

      Hoorah....go Georgia!!!! Damn smart people

    • Mort Leith

      I have a place in Savannah, but am spending more and more time at my cabin in N GA (Blue Ridge, GA),,

      mainly because everyone carries up in the mountains, (legal or not, but mostly legal I think), and you'd be absolutely NUTS to pull a gun to rob or otherwise up there.

      I LOVE GA,, and surely hope we are granted secession from the new Socialist States of America (SSA).

      • ginger

        the things I don't like about Ga, are 1. The weather all summer and 2. the bugs. other than that .....

      • Arizona_Don

        I like Geogia also. I was stationed there, in the Army, Ft Gordon, Augusta GA. However, it’s a little humid for me. Arizona is a little hotter but no humidity to speak of.

    • OldRockerguy

      In Switzerland all males are required to serve in the military. Upon completion of military service you do not turn in your rifle - it is yours to keep. Each year the citizens are required to go to a training class for a day.Their rifles are then inspected and required to be kept good working order at all times and they are required to shoot and practice their skills. Switzerland only maintains a small army but in the event of an invasion they can quickly mobilize an armed militia. Politicians that advocate freedom and democracy encourage their citizens to be armed. Traitorous communist crooks such as we have illegally squatting in our White House encourage gun control.

      • gunrunner

        both sex's are required to have arm's and be trained,,till the age of 60,,rifle's and ammo are supplied by the goverment,,also have open range's..I spent 7 year's in Europe,,there are a lot of countries that require all male's to be trained in firearm's use..

        • OldRockerguy

          Thanks for that bit of information. That's even better yet. We should learn something from them.

        • JIM


        • ginger

          The reason the liberals think gun control will control crime is because they are stupid and don't live on our planet..have the sense of gnats.

        • WARII

          The liberals do not beleive that gun control stops crime, they know it controls the populace,. That is why they want gun control!

        • ginger

          absolutely correct.

        • Mike

          I think a lot of them have been drinking the kool aid and actually believe it gun control is the answer to control crime, the other half knows it controls the populace.

        • jack

          When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

        • Heywood Jablome

          When in-laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have in-laws.

        • DrewbeScrewed

          As far as I'm concern, the liberals in California can wallow in their own crap. The problem is, is that eventually they in up moving into more conservative states and infest them with their sick, twisted, ideology.

        • Robert Thomas

          Like us here in Oregon and Washington who get stuck with them and their attitudes. What would be funny if it weren't so tragic, is that Californians take their money and escape up here. Instead of joining in the communities and doing the things that attracted them here in the first place, they then try to change the new places into the messes they just left. And they wonder why they aren't welcome. What's also ironic is that the members of my own family that live in California are liberals. I married a gal from California who moved up here along with her sister and brother in law. They and their mom who still lives there are all conservatives. Who knew?

        • DrewbeScrewed

          I live in Washington and Seattle makes me sick with their progressive ideology and political correctness..

        • Robert Myles

          Sadly the Conservitives in Calif. are outnumbered about 4 to 1 and yes the damn liberal's who run from their liberal mess in calif. somehow think they can then make the same crap that is destroying calif. work in some other state. Put border patrol unit's on all roads leading to Oregan and Washington. Have them checked for liberal's and if found deport them back to Calif. It's the only way to save your state from them. I live in New York STATE and the crappy apple at the bottom destroys the rest of the state because of it's liberal guncontrol fanatic's and there is no way a Republican can get elected to the Fed. Senate because the population of the city and some other liberal sickened cities outnumber us with our minds still intact. NRA all the WAY liberal's are not welcome in my home

        • templepearson

          I wish we could keep them out of Nevada, too!

        • dane

          I second that!

        • emerutil

          In the 30s, during the Great Depression, something similar was done at state lines on roads leading into California This can no longer be done, as our laws have been twisted to accommodate the riff raff now making up half of the US population!

        • Bull7822005

          Most counties in California vote are conservative, except for the areas around San Francisco and Los Angeles. Like everywhere else in the union it seems, the conservative land owners are held hostage by the inner cities.

          Should change the Electoral College to count points by county, not state.

        • Robert Myles

          I read a report that said unemployment was down in Calif. due to movement to TEXAS. If i was in Texas I would have these calif. transplants checked at the border as to their party affiliation, all liberal's captured and returned to Calif.

        • ginger

          yup..and they bring their misery with them...kind of like the muslims..come in and multiply and take over the place.

        • Conservativesniper

          Well said, left wingers and muslims do not better any society they infest.

        • ginger

          and there are countless numbers of them..making swatting them a full time effort.

        • Ohio Tony

          Here's a novel idea. Ban all guns in California even the ones the police carry. Then the scum and criminals can take the state over. OOPS I forgot; they have already taken over and reside at the state house in Sacramento.

        • cmdorsey

          We need stricter LIBERAL/MARXIST/COMMUNIST CONTROL LAWS which would pretty much keep their noses out of OUR business. The LEFT are miserable, angry, unhappy people so they MUST make sure the rest of us are also.

        • ginger

          Amen..we have the laws , of course, but no one enforces them.

        • cmdorsey

          And why do WE have to follow the laws, oh, I don't know, like not paying taxes? These bloodsucking marxists don't pay much for taxes. We are taxed from the moment we wake up, till we go to bed at night, till we die and then they tax us again. It's like being raped over and over - with your pants UP

        • ginger

          very good question...because we are sheeple who obey the laws while those in power do not...and we let them get away with it...the "investigations" they do on themselves are less than jokes.

        • Conservativesniper

          Now, now, now hold on there Ginger. Gnats have a beneficial purpose, left wingers don't.

        • ginger

          point taken.

        • don

          please wake the heeeel up they know that if ever house had a gun crime would go down. this is not why they want us armless. please don't call them stupit its nothing but control. pure an simple. if we are un armed WE are under their control. when they diarm us it all over. an thats means you the ones who thinks a gun is terrible. you will know just what you helped do.whats coming ain't a pretty pitcure.

        • Arizona_Don

          I’m afraid we are getting close to having to resist. Watch this.

        • Robert Myles

          I just watched this video, I knew of the raids on Gibson Guitars under the suspision of some illegally imported wood or something to that nature. I did not know just how much these resemble Gestapo raids from the 1930-40's in Germany and occupied countries during WWII. We are in a undeclared war, a war being waged against our very own citizen's

        • Conservativesniper

          The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Thomas Jefferson

        • Johnny Morris

          I find it hard to believe that the sons and daughters working for these agencies would do that to innocent U.S. citizens.

        • Arizona_Don

          I also find it difficult to believe. However, as one who was both in the Military Police (combat MP’s, both 504th and 823rd ) and law enforcement after the Military for a while (until I found out things like this when I got out) I did not then and still do not now know what would process any "good" person to do something like this. Do they not know wrong from right?

          The Nuremberg trials after WWII determined, and the theory was excepted world wide as law, that accepting and carrying out an illegal order does not relieve anyone of any responsibility regarding the action performed. In other words, it is not possible to hide behind or use for a defense the carrying out of illegal actions because of being ordered to perform them by a superior officer. The person who gave the order is guilty and the person who carried out the order is guilty as well. In the Nuremberg trials both were sentenced to hang and did.

          The burden of knowing right from wrong has not ever been lifted from the fighting men and women (nor any police department) and that includes orders they receive. They still have to realize the difference and they do. At least they did when I was in the Army however, admittedly that has been many years ago. The GI’s today are just as astute as any ever were, in my opinion.

        • emerutil

          If the money is right, a great many people are capable of unbelievable acts of atrocity. The overwhelming majority fill into this category.

        • emerutil

          Believe it!

        • Arizona_Don

          Robert here is another one if you, or anyone else hasn’t seen it please watch. It is Innocence Betrayed.

        • kjenkinsaf

          Waiting too long will be too late.

        • Robert Myles

          AnArmed man is a Citizen, an Unarmed Man is a Subject

        • WM/LCPL

          Indeed and well said.

        • Conservativesniper

          Yep, that's why Americans are still a free people, But the Brits,.... not so much.

        • oldcoyote

          We have Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lautenberg, Kohl, Levin, Berman, Bloomberg, Waxman, and the rest of their ilk that are hell bent on taking our guns so they will no doubt get them.

        • Mike

          I'm sorry oldcoyote...but the only way they'll get my guns is after they PRY MY COLD DEAD FINGERS FROM AROUND A SMOKIN' BARREL!!

        • desuhu61

          Don't be so sure about that old coyote. Just hide and watch them try to take the guns away from this redneck country! None of us will ever turn them in, like the sticker said, "from my cold dead hands."

        • DaveP326

          Gee, officer, someone broke in and guess what? All my guns are gone. No, I still have all the cash and jewelry that was out on the dresser. Just the guns".

        • oldhead

          What did you have them for, if not to protect what was yours (including your guns)?

        • Roger12266

          As a firearms dealer all of my inventory as well as all of my records will mysteriously disappear.

        • Billca

          Citizen: "Gee officer, I was on a hunting trip with all my guns when the boat overturned in the lake and I lost them all."
          FFL: "Not only did thieves clean out the inventory, they took my computer too. I just checked my storage bin and those cheap 12v batteries for the alarm leaked acid all over the paper records. What a tragedy."

        • Robert Myles

          They will only get mine from my cold dead fingers after I have expended all ammunition. I live under the horror of Schumer and Gillibrand here in New York and I am not from thet city with the evil tower of Babble sitting in the midst of it

        • Conservativesniper

          Don't bet on that.

        • jaxholley

          I believe all these people are of the same religion...who would have thought it.

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          Please, in the name of decency and the promotion of good, harmonious and understandable debate: "LOOSE THE 'EFFING CAPS!!! O.K.???

        • Dan Alan Osborn

          Quit being a grammar Nazi, ok? You people put your priorities on the wrong DAMN things.......

        • Robert Myles

          The use of all caps is considered shouting and is both uncouth and most unwelcome by most that have more than an 8th grade education. also being able to spell correctly makes reading the post easier than trying to figure out the words

        • jack

          maybe he is hard of hearing LOL

        • jaxholley

          who just makes it easier for us old people to read it

        • Anadara

          In 2011, 32,885 people were killed in cars, vice 8775 killed by guns. Maybe there should be a 3-day waiting period to buy a car? Better yet, we should outlaw any car that Diane Feinstein owns.

        • Devon Sanchez

          Yes, we can learn well how to create a multi-country, socialist-repressive regime that controls EVERYTHING you do from cradle to grave and dooms its people to complete medical, occupational and fiscal failure and ultimate catastrophe. Yes, I want that so much...

        • auhunter

          Competitive shooting is a national past time in Switzerland. Practically every town has a shooting range.

        • R

          That's because Europe has a long history of wars and invasions. They remember their history and understand that an armed nation is the best means of maintaining peace.

        • UpChuck Liberals

          Bzzzt, wrong answer Bunky. The Socialist arsewipes are everywhere, even Germany.

          Germany is requiring the registration of all weapons in Germany to the EU......

          Meanwhile, Cecilia Malmstrom, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs--leaving to other bureaucrats the tiresome business of preventing the economic collapse of Western Europe--found time instead to muse about the "the harm caused by firearms" and the need for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

          In what could have amounted to an explanation of Germany's action, Malmstrom noted "the EU Directive from 1991 on the possession, sale and transfers of weapons . . . now requires all Member States, by 2014, to create a database on owners and transfers of legal firearms within the EU." Not satisfied with restricting the rights of Germans, she added, "we must continue global efforts as well. The EU is strongly committed to regulating the international weapons trade, and we fully support the successful conclusion of the negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty at the U.N. Conference on 18‑28 March 2013."

        • Robert Myles

          At which time Obama and who ever is his new UNAmbassador and Secretary of State as even hitler Clinton has seen fit to jumpship on the obama admin even after signing the UNsmall arms trade treaty. Obama plans to circumvent Congress once more with number 1000 umm i've lost count executive order

        • emerutil

          That is one of several reasons I no longer live in Germany!

        • Robert Myles

          Then explain to me why England,Germany and other's have forcibly disarmed their citizen's. At the end of hostilities of WWII all the American citizen's sent to England for their protection from invation these arms were gathered up and destroyed. They fail to learn and still live in a feudal state of mind

        • emerutil

          It is because the majority in Europe are %*#%ing socialists!

        • Conservativesniper

          Yep, look at Switzerland. Nobody f*(ks with Switzerland.

      • Robert W Velon

        In Cacafornia we have a little Hitler name Jerry Brown. He is in lock step with the communist in the oval office. We're lucky so far that they haven't goose stepped up our driveways to take them.. They do not call this state the People's Republic for nothing....

        • RedMeatState

          you have even more little Hitler's in the California Legislature!

        • OldRockerguy

          I hear ya. I grew up in the New York City area - I left and moved to America 36 years ago because I saw the handwriting on the wall back then. Glad I did because like "Cacafornia" (I like that) they also now have their very own wackjob - Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

        • john811c

          what the democrat nut jobs are affraid of is that the people will declare open season on them that is ( the people will revolt and march on Sacramento)

        • emerutil

          I hope that the necessity of a revolt does not materialize. I never killed anyone, but would do so if I ever got involved in a conflict with socialists. God, do I hate socialists!

        • John M Rolwing

          Ever notice how the use of the term "People's" never mean the average person, it means the government over the people...just like the term "liberation" usually means oppression, not freedom.

        • Mike

          I hate to sound like an a##hole Robert..but dam something about it or move!! We in the conservative states welcome people who have their heads on straight!! LOL!!

      • Kathy Jenson

        That's probably why Switzerland was just voted to be the best quality of life country to live in. US was 18th.

      • Bulldog74

        Funny how liberals always want to "Europeanize" us...except when it comes to thing's like Switzerland's gun laws or Belgium's embracing of school choice for parents.
        Interesting that geographically, San Bernadino county is about the same size as Switzerland.

        • OldRockerguy

          Yes, but Switzerland is populated by LEGAL Swiss citizens.

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          Laughing Out Loud, very, very loudly with mirth and merriment. Living in Calipornia, I totally agree with yer point. ¡Si,si, Señor!

        • Robert Thomas

          Another interesting thing about the Swiss. Just looked at their crime stats. They don't have a high crime rate though it is rising. Immigrants commit the majority of crimes, they even break it down by country of origin. And they get permanently deported.

      • Mike

        I personally don't care what the law concerning guns are in the state I'm living in! Thank God I live in a state (Indiana) that doesn't restrict guns! But no matter..I'll take my chances..I'D RATHER BE JUDGED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6!!

      • Silas Longshot

        Precisely why Hitler never considered invading tiny little Switzerland. Every single citizen of the country has a rifle and knows how to shoot. (And they kept certain gold deposits safe.) An army trying to march into Switzerland would be cut to bits as they attempted to get through the mountain passes which are natural bottlenecks and 'kill boxes'.

        • Robert Thomas

          Was just reading an article that had to do with Hitler and Switzerland. He had worked on invasion plans but knew, as you mentioned that they would have to fight a whole country full of marksmen. Had the Nazis stayed around longer, they probably would have done some kind of invasion but it was at the bottom of his to-do list.

        • jack

          America has been kept safe because no sane or insane dictator would dare to invade America. There are just to many guns facing them

      • danm3096

        DanI thank you for this post; it is most refreshing to hear of such truthful stances for reality. Our founding fathers knew these things and put them in our constitution. It is those ignorrant of and refusing to accept reality because they are only wanting to control and enslave the masses.

      • Steven McDonough

        America is not Switzerland but you also switzerland with one of the highest secular societies in Europe. America is exceptional in alot of ways.The right to bear arms should be practiced as the law of the land that it is.

      • Terrie Looney

        They learned this lesson via obama and hillery, er, ah, I meant to say hitler. sorry

      • samtman

        You get to keep the Rifle but not the amo, you will get the amo in case of a emergency. SWitzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, I have to say it on this posting that socialist countries like Switzerland, Canada and most European couontries have very low crime rates.

      • emerutil

        An efficient government needs its subjects (I do not mean citizens) to be unable to offer effective resistance. This is why we have strong efforts by leftist politicians to ban "assault riflers" and other effective weapons.

      • Anadara

        Good narrative. I believe that the true agenda is to disarm Americans who could form Militias under the 2nd Amendment.

        The 2nd Amendment reads... "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

        Clearly, the people should have the right to Arms appropriate to the needs of a well regulated militia.

      • Richard Holmes

        This is to ensure there is an army (a standing militia). The US has a program. After your armed forces stint you were placed on a recall list for five years. You could be recalled to service if needed in time of war. Our government doesn't want you to have that so you can't resist their take over agenda.

    • obhfwb

      Well, there's smart people in Georgia, Then there's that place called California which is just about full of idiots and illegals as you can get. Maybe they will kill off each other and clean up the illegals when things really start going belly up. Hey, they re-elected brown so you know you cannot fix stupid.

      • Robert W Velon

        You have to remember this is a Demorat state and Demorats run it... That is why we still have the likes of Comrades Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi... Republicans do not stand a chance here.......Only until we can exterminate the rats will things change...

        • Arizona_Don

          Your right, I wish you lots of luck on that.

      • Greggie

        Six weeks and I am gone outa Californication. This state is very disappointing! I wish no evil on anybody here, listen to your inner voice and, especially if you have little ones, get out while you can!

        • Pclages

          Legal residents [ and businesses ] have been exiting CA for a decade now....

      • Dan Alan Osborn

        Sir, I really resent your generalized statement about us Californians. Its obvious that you have never been here or if you have it was only to visit the liberal enclaves of of the LA basin, the SF Bay and all the points in between them in a 50 mile wide swath along the coast. If you take time to look at the voting breakdown from the last election for California, The blue counties were all in those areas I just mentioned. You will see that all other counties were shades of red which is close to 7/8ths of the state. What us conservatives have wished is that the San Andreas fault would finally let go and most of the liberals would be gone. Again, looking at the break down map overlaid by a map of all the faults, you will see that most of the liberals live on or west of the San Andreas....
        All we would have to do then is collect all the ones east of the fault and throw them in to go with their ilk.

    • cyberhackster

      Try to get that (gun rights) past Diane Idiotstine or Mrs Brady - Not gonna happen

      • Robert W Velon

        Until the eliminate her.... I sure hope that is soon...

    • sparky

      in good old kennesaw ga if come to rob someone here you will not need a doctor.

      • john811c

        no you will need the services of the undertaker

    • LostProton

      But it took a State Constitutional Amendment to stop the encroachment of knife laws in Atlanta and other municipalities to prohibit their enactment of knife laws, setting state and federal knife laws common across the state this year.

      • john811c

        who brings a knife to a gun fight

        • B Alan Eisen

          I do. And I am still alive. Most people can't shoot a gun. Believe it or suck!

      • regulus30

        WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?????????? west ashby street?????

    • Doodlebug

      And if the UN gets control over US gun restrictions, will residents of Kennesaw Co. have to turn them all in? How did Georgia residents vote this past election?

      • larry roth

        Wow!! do u really have to ask that question?Look at the map and you'll see a completely red state.

      • Frank J. Austin

        NO. They will NOT turn them "IN". The united socialist nations organization has NO juristiction on US soil . IF they think they do, let them come to my neighborhood. They had better bring a good supply of body bags.

        • Doodlebug

          But obummer and hillybilly are both working to get in with the UN and if I read it correctly they will side step the congress to do it. And, if I understand what I read (and there are lot of times I don't , way too confusing), if this happens, it cannot be undone. And, larry roth, no I didn't really have to ask how they voted, I know you are a red state. Wish we had your gun regulation and that we were a red state too. Home of the Republican party but a red state now, boo!

        • Ray

          Just because the poser in chief or any other politician signs our rights away, you really think it can't be undone? That's a weak statement! That's when the revolution get's physical! I'd rather die fighting for my freedom than live with a bunch of Godless homosexual liberals!

        • Doodlebug

          Then you will have to get physical for me too - at my age and physical disabilities, I am on the list of grannys being told "your too old, die." There is a hell of a lot you will be fighting for as one by one our freedoms will be taken away. And it won't take four years. I wish you and others who can get physical tons of luck. You'll need it. Remember 52% percent of Americans are behind the jerk.

      • Pclages

        Strictly speaking, the Senate has to ratify all treaties. However, I would not put it past the current Administration to back-door the UN Small Arms Treaty somehow.

    • ginger

      I lived in Ga. in 1996 and in Kennesaw the business owners carry snatch and grabs in their stores...criminals want easy victims.

      • Pclages

        Predators in general, human or animal, vastly prefer easy prey.

        • ginger

          well put.

    • Schnitzelschitzen

      Our government could care less about the crime out here in fly over America, their goal is to disarm us so it will be easier to control us. The Fast and Furious plan was to ramp up public opinion against guns. The remedy is to recal or impeach ANYONE IN OFFICE WHO PROPOSES ANY SORT OF GUN CONTROL as soon as they propose it. Stand together folks, there's strength in numbers.

    • auhunter

      It is not each home, it is head of household that is mandated to own a gun, unless they are mentally or physically disabled, or to poor to buy one. And it is not Kennesaw County, it is the city of Kennesaw. Four murders since the law was enacted in '82, one by a resident and 3 by the same man, a nonresident. The only crime seems to be petty theft, violent crime seems to be a thing of the past.

    • regulus30

      I live in Georgia;; no crime in Kennesaw [metro ] 60% black;; they know their lives are in gun owners hands.........

    • Bill D.

      Jude is incorrect. Kennesaw is a city within Cobb County, Georgia. Yes the crime rate has dropped more than 50% since the gun law was enacted in 1982. There is nothing that slows a potential burglar more than finding him or herself looking down the barrel of a .45 at very close range.

    • emerutil

      Criminals are not complete morons. They know the potential for getting hurt is great whenever to intended victim has an "equalizer"

  • CARLjr

    The article contradicts the title. It's not gun control that's the problem, it's the diminished police force. Shut down the cops and crime goes up - shocker.
    I bet if they shut down the hospitals in San Bernardino the death rate would go up too. Would you blame not having enough first aid kits?

    • seamus

      The diminishing of the police force is what the police officials said was the cause. The article above is known as an opinion piece (kind of like the comment you left). Whoever wrote the article is disagreeing with the official reasons for the increase in crime. There is no contradiction. The article just states that it's not a smaller police force to blame but rather strict gun laws that prevent responsible people from owning and using guns. In that society, all the guns go to criminals and law enforcement (both of which are becoming indistinguishable).

      • KINGROI


    • Jim David

      CARLjr, you're not supposed to THINK about what you read here, just repeat it over and over until you believe it, you're angry about it, and you have convinced yourself that anyone who disagrees with it is a socialist commie muslim.

      • Sammy Davis

        There isn't enough people or dollars to create a police force that can do what every citizen should DO FOR THEMSELVES....that's to protect themselves, their homes and family from criminals. By the time police show up to "protect" someone, the damage is done and its too late. Case in point, police can't arrest someone on suspicion...they have to wait till they either catch them in the act of committing a crime or after the crime has already been committed. Only an idiot would think arming citizens would not be a credible detterent....(or if they were a socialist commie muslim as you say). Criminals, like all bullies, target those they see as defenseless and easy to over power. Breaking into a home where the owners are holding a 45 in your face, in my opinion, greatly diminishes people from being defenseless and causes criminals to question their surviving their crime.

        • Tim Cogswell

          Also keep in mind that the police are under no obligation to protect you. In most cases, they couldn't anyway as they would have to know of a crime before it happened.

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        Calif. is nothing but a load of CROOKS anyway you look at it. Be it someone on the street or in Politic's ! Try robbing me and see what happen's ! You may kill me IF you shoot first as I am locked and loaded !!

      • axmickl

        That about sums it up.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      You don't make any sense ? Police force is only a part of Crime control ! We have allowed so many ILLEGALS into our country and the Government STEALING our money , This is what the problem comes to! Background checks and allow everyone a gun! You telling me you would rob someone who you know has a gun? Don't think so !
      Gang banger's would stop and think first?

      • ARMYOF69

        I am in California, and I do own guns, BUT...try getting a permit to CARRY outside on the streets, where it is mostly needed.
        Only criminals in California carry guns on the streets.
        And the cops are never around when you are held up at gunpoint. I have been through that myself, and my wife on two separate occasions. The black ba$tards got away with it, twice. It's like living in Somalia, here in my country.

    • axmickl

      Can you be serious? Cops don't stop crime. They show up sometimes after the crime and take reports. It is probably safe to say that there has never been a crime affected by the thought that a cop was out there somewhere eating doughnuts. Defense minded people stop crime when government morons don't interfear.

    • SirWilhelm

      It takes cops an average of at least five minutes to respond to an emergency. It only takes seconds for a criminal with a gun to kill a victim, unless, the victim has a gun, and shoots first. Most crooks don't have the guts to face a victim with a gun, there's no profit in dieing to commit a crime. How about gang shootings, like drive bys? Do they worry about cops? Both sides have guns there, and they aren't afraid to shoot it out, but, the guns they use are usually stolen! When criminals want to commit crimes with guns, gun laws don't stop them, and neither do cops.

    • wildbill

      Carl jr you are a f---ing moron

    • UpChuck Liberals

      Dear dummy, the police are there to write up the after action report. They are not there to DEFEND you, they can't protect you, that's your RESPONSIBILITY. Do not believe the BS that our Dear Leader Barack Hussain Obama spouts.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Gun Control: The historical record

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total
    of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
    rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964.. >From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million 'educated' people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    • S Rubicon




    • A.L.

      Somewhere between 2012 and 2016, Obama's America, will establish gun control. How many Americans will die because of people who he wants to be just like him?

      • wild bill

        A.L. I do not think the american people will allow that. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

      • regulus30

        hopefully 100 million socialist libs;; make them go away........

      • Delores109

        Gun control will NEVER be established in the United States. Fast and Furious by Obama and Holder has proved that 1,200 government guns are on the loose with the Mexican Drug Cartel...all over the United States. Obama and Holder you proved that Americans must protect themselves from your stupidity. It is equivalent to lettng loose 1,200 terrorists throughout the United States with your government, numbered guns. You have not protected the citizens of the U.S., but Holder and Obama have defied their Oaths of Office.
        Delores Smith

    • relayman

      Do you see a pattern here? Might need to ask yourself what are the gun grabbing, soft on real crime liberal, socialist politicians real intentions when they want the guns of ordinary peaceable, responsible law abiding Americans? Could it be? Naw, it can't happen here! When guvmint fears guns in the hands of the people, its time for the people to fear its guvmint.

    • john811c

      will there be 20 million rounded up in America ? ...Tryanny is growing here and the dictator is in the white house...think about it over a billion rounds purchased by various agencies of the government... what is all this ammo for it to be used against us by our own government

  • Screeminmeeme

    1."The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference; they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."..........George Washington.

    2. "The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed........... Alexander Hamilton.

    3. "Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property."..........Thomas Paine.

    4. "The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun."..........Patrick Henry.

    5. "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms.....disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes''............Thomas Jefferson

    6. "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
    ..........George Mason.

    7. "The said Constitution be never construed... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."
    ...........Samuel Adams.

    8. "But the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, and one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible."........... Hubert Humphrey.

    • Robyn Steele

      Great words, Screeminmeeme

  • Mike Grunewald

    Cal you deserve everything you voted for

    • obhfwb

      Yes they do and may they suffer the next four years more than the past four, maybe they will wake the hell up.

      • Weiner2

        Not. All cal cares for are homos and illegals.

        • UpChuck Liberals

          Excuse me, that's not true, we're for the environment by cutting off water to farms, we're for the environment by shutting down a 100 year old oyster farm and were doing our best to export liberals to spread our pain to other states.

  • JamesBoren

    I can''t believe that invasive illegals don't obey gun control laws.

    • Indinana_James

      I DO hope that is sarcasm.

      • JamesBoren


  • jsmithcsa

    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't folks out there understand?

    • MovingToNevada

      All of it, trust me, they're idiots here.

    • Dan Williams

      Around here in Texas, infringment comes with a bullet!

    • ginger

      WE understand it and they understand it...that is why they want to take it from us...easier to round us up and load the buses and trains and boxcars...right to the camps.

  • pamwms

    Better to have Liberals going ballistic than criminals. But, no one in the media, except Fox, would report these telling facts.

    • SirWilhelm

      Liberals are criminals. They use tax laws to do their stealing.

      • UpChuck Liberals

        Liberals are criminally insane. Cold hard fact.

  • Indiana_James

    People that know me here know I'm armed 24/7 and respect it. The person that dont will get ripped up by the dogs and if they STILL get in then they get a lead enema.

    • My country

      I'm right there with you. Once they get into my house here in Ca. The dogs will wake me so I can get my gun to finish them if needed. I believe that we need to arm ourselves to protect ourselves from the government.

    • Gene R Swank

      People tell me I am paranoid, I tell them no I was a boy scout, I am prepared!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Grunewald

    I sure know if some one comes on my property with out my permission and has a firearm he or she will leave in a bodybag

    • ARMYOF69

      Just make sure he has crossed your into your home, drag him in if necessary., then drag him back out, and leave him there for the flies to lay eggs into his wounds.

    • wildbill

      Mikw it just sounds to me that you have a fantasy about wanting to kill somebody. Statements like yours is ammunition for gun control advocates

    • UpChuck Liberals

      Then you will be spending some quality time with Bubba and his buddies.

  • JBQ21

    In the current environment, guns are necessary. The coalition of "radical women, non whites, non heterosexuals" are on the march in the name of Marx and Lenin. Be not naive. Religious liberalism has been infiltrated by atheistic Communism. This particularly holds for the Catholic Church and its secret deals at Vatican II with the Soviets at Metz.

  • Ronald Bill

    The UK totally banned the ownership of any type of handgun in 1997 following a particular shooting incident. Even the British Olympic Shooting Team have to go to France to practice. Since the ban, incidents of crime involving guns in the UK has increased by 40%. Say no more.

    • ARMYOF69

      Australia is in the same boat.

    • Robyn Steele

      Surely you don't expect the Brits to be logical. They've been inbread for too many centuries. JMS

    • Vincent

      Stabbings and gang attacks are on the increase in Wales, Scotland and the rest England. George Harrison was a victim of a home invasion, and was injured by the attacker. And he lived in a mansion with an expensive alarm system!

      • john811c

        The expensive alram system is a JOKE had he had a gun one 50cent bullet would have dispatched the invader nicely

    • ginger

      And they are pleading with us not to make the same mistake., as is Australia and others.

    • B Alan Eisen

      They did NOT increase by 40%. WAKE UP FOOLS! REPORTED crimes rose 40%. Real crime rose over 140%. Its like the buffoon in the White House. He lost by 1/2 a million votes. But of course he won. Being a demorat means you don't have to ask what the FEMA camps are for...

  • JamesPF

    Seems to me that the criminals will be employed as the new police force of cities when martial law takes place

  • Barbara Johnson

    I think that the reason why California (and other states like it) has them, is because the extra crimes committed will assure that more people will go to prisons so that the state of California can get more (Federal) money for the higher numbers in the states prison system.

    • Gene R Swank

      California has the highest criminal population because you cant walk across the street with out breaking some law. The guards are the highest paid in the country. The Parole officers send 80% back to prison. The average in the rest of the country is 30%. Calif. also has the highest number of illegals!!!!!!!!!



  • Fen Wei

    It isn't exclusively California's gun laws to blame- altho' they certainly don't help. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court ordered California to release somewhere around 45,000 inmates due to overcrowding in prisons.

  • Wayne Graff

    Gee, how do they like their gun laws now?

  • Ray Downen

    It's tragic when cities such as Chicago deliberately prevent citizens from protecting themselves. Only law-breakers have guns. The citizens are unarmed. A strange way to keep citizens safe! Statistics show how well that works.

  • Jim

    I never enter California if I can avoid it. I would never want to be that close to Nancy Pelosi.

  • Mort Leith

    Let's be honest,, Califruity isn't even PART of the USA.....

    And why doesn't the Criminal AG Hairlip Holder use our tax money to SUE the State of Caligoofy to make them recognize our Constitution ? ? ?

    I would sue them to death if I was attacked and not allowed to protect myself with CCW.

    What's the saying?:
    When a violent crime normally takes SECONDS,, the popo are only MINUTES away...

    just in time to tag n bag you...........

  • Ed Doug

    Switzerland has everyone must own a gun and they have very little crime, also it is the number on country to live in. The U. S. is number sixteen.

  • Ben

    California is reaping what they've sown.

  • Robyn Steele


  • Donna Casas

    There are crowded gun stores in California, so people are buying guns legally and going through background checks. Just because they don't have a ccw permit doesn't mean they don't legally own guns.

  • HDMania

    Jim David..I think you listen to too much lame stream media..your comment doesnt hold water and the info you state is backwards..the media wants you to believe what you state..when do you plan on giving up your gun?..thought so..when seconds count the police are just minutes away..

  • WilliamSpires

    Hey, California if you just raise taxes high enough then you can hire more cops to work for Obama's Gestapo Police State and keep the innocent citizens in check. Of course more cops to harass the law abiding will not decrease crime and won't keep the state from going bankrupt but then again with the fraud keeping the foreigner in the white house you will just be joining the other 49 states in bankruptcy, I'm sorry I should have said the other 56 states at Obama's last count.

  • Gman

    How many times do these idiot fools have to be told that the gun laws restrict the law abiding citizen and not the criminal? It really amazes me how people just cannot simply add 1 + 1 when it comes to firearms. The criminal will always have guns.

  • Dan Williams

    Proves to me that California is a foreign country compared to us in the Republic of Texas. After we secede, we will be careful to whom we issue a visa. There is gunfire all the time out here in the Texas countryside and no one gets shot.

  • Rosie

    Couldn't happen to a more stupid bunch of people. Sounds like the world is going to be ridden of a lot of them before the murder and mayhem stops. That's not all bad.

  • Phydeux

    'If California would legalize the Second Amendment'? ... i thought the Constitution and Bill of Rights were already legal by definition.

  • Mike

    i feel that our forefathers, through much thought and debates I am sure, came up with an excellent constitution that has kept this country free. They fought for and we continue to fight for these same freedoms. If people don't agree with these amendments they can move to a communistic country that won't allow the same freedoms we have. I have a license to carry and have had a professional license at one time. I respectbeing able to protect myself and our families.

  • Tim Cogswell

    An armed society is a polite society.

  • Kukye

    TIME to ignore the politcians from running or (ruining) your life. Get a weapon, learn how to use it so you never have to.

    That's actually what the Constitution does is to get government out of your life so YOU can run it, with God, the Bible and guns.

    obama want to run your life. He has no qualifications as a negro.


    Negroes never invent anything,

    Never farm,

    Are the greatest racist people,

    Live off of whites,
    Are lazy,
    And have never prospered any country.

  • SirWilhelm

    Liberals should go ballistic, and fear guns, because guns stop crime, in the hands of law abiding citizens. Liberals don't talk to crooks though, who would tell them they fear citizens with guns, except when they talk to each other. That's the real problem, Liberals steal from taxpayers all the time, and fear that someday the taxpayers will wake up and realize it, and if they still have the guns the 2nd Amendment guarantees them, they will turn them on the real thieves. That's why they try so hard to outlaw guns all the time, they are the real crooks.

  • Danmo43

    Of course state's rights overturn the federal goobermint's laws when it suits them. Otherwise, federal laws override state's laws. Make up your minds, liberal idiots.
    The absolute bottom line whether a liberal believes it or not, state's laws ALWAYS override federal laws unless the state gives its consent. The People created the states, and the states created the federal goobermint. Its time the states told their creation to get in line with its mandate, the Constitution or face abolishment!

  • Donro

    California is filled with nothing but fruits and nuts so why would anyone care whether they are safe from the criminals. As a matter of fact, virtually every person in California is a criminal.

  • CajunPatriot

    Kennesaw County we need you! We need your law, we need your bravery, we need your honesty....

  • Danmo43

    The 2nd Amendment is there to prevent the federal government from trying to enact laws to prevent the ownership of guns. The ONLY way that can be enforced in the states if for the states to consent to that govenship which it is being shown in several states that they refuse to be governed by anything the federal government mandates against gun ownership or restrictions. At that point, the only way the federal government can enforce its "laws" is by force. The showdown is coming, People. Get ready. The idiots in DC do not know when to stop or stand down. It will be up to us the People to show them where the line is drawn.

  • Ronbo

    I live in Shasta County, California (AKA State of Jefferson). Up here all you need for a CCW is a certification class and fill out the forms and pay a fee at the Sheriff's office. We are not like SF, LA or the rest of the Libs just captives of their dumba** legislature. Crime is up because Moonbeam is forcing State prisoners on the Counties in a stupid attempt to reduce budget. Can't possibly reduce the Illegals "Sugar T*T".

  • Anne_PA

    The stats have already proved that whenever or wherever people are
    "allowed"to defend themselves, all crime--rapes, molestation, and
    murders, etc.-- absolutely DO decrease.

    But the thing is, we ARE ALLOWED, per the Second Amend.

    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall NOT be

    And here's an additional little point...

    There is a reason the Founding Fathers did not write "may" not be infringed, or "cannot be infringed."

    That word, "shall" in the "not be infringed" part means there is NO WIGGLE ROOM.

    Any state, city, or municipality that restricts guns is violating the US Constitution!

  • jwright673

    It is californication after all. If they want to vote themselves to be cannon fodder, go for it. I promise not to miss you when you get dusted by a home invations specialist...

    • jime

      There are only three sane people left in California and they'll be leaving ASAP !

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Californias Progressive Politicians All Suck

  • John Whittington

    Liberals = Communism = Mental Disorder!

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      You = Stereotypical Thinker = Simple!

  • jime

    Nonsense !!! The murder(s) suicide that just occurred in at a Wyoming JC clearly demonstrated that if one intendes to kill another the lack of a gun is NOT and impediment.

  • John Whittington

    "The very first thing Communists do when they take over is to take away peoples right to bear arms" Benjamin Franklin. What do you think of that California? Benjamin Franklin said that!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    The Second Amendment recognizes only a right to bear arms. The Bible charges us with the responsibility to bear arms in defense of ourselves, families, and neighbors (1 Timothy 5:8, etc.). Rights can be licensed and limited. I think it's time we get back to honoring our God-commissioned responsibilities. So does Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America. You can hear his views at

  • Larry Cripe

    I was a cop for more than 21 years and carried a Model 28 .357 Highway Patrolman for about 5 years and a Colt .45 ACP Model 911 for the remainder. I attended Jeff Cooper's school at Gunsite in Paulden, Arizona and was an NRA-certified police firearms instructor. As part of my patrol responsibilities I told crime victims who anticipated further trouble to become familiar with firearms by purchasing one and taking responsible training courses. In the event of future trouble, I let them know what our average response times were. Those moments between their decision to call the police and their arrival can be the most intense, harrowing and horrific moments they ever live...and that's the idea - to live through it. I always respected an armed society because the police can't do it alone. This is a group effort. Those police who think they are the answer to the problem are more than arrogant - they're morons.


    CALIFORINA FRUIT CAKE'S ask for what they are getting 😉 SO let them SUFFER !!! maybe they will get rid of the D!CK HEAD"S that put talked into this mess !!!

  • Walt

    Take a tip from Kennesaw, Georgia:
    The most pro-gun city in the United States – Kennesaw Georgia –
    where gun ownership is mandatory by city ordinance. It’s not the “Wild West” like some people
    predicted when it passed a mandatory gun ownership law. Kennesaw “has the
    lowest crime rate in Cobb County,” one of the most populace counties in
    Georgia. In fact, from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw had been nearly murder free
    with one murder occurring in 2007.
    Other serious crimes are almost non-existent.

    “The city of Kennesaw was selected by Family Circle magazine as one of the
    nation’s ‘10 best towns for families.’ The award was aimed at identifying the
    best communities nationally that combine big-city opportunities with suburban
    charm, a blend of affordable housing, good jobs, top-rated public schools,
    wide-open spaces, and less stress.”

    In a 25-year period, New York City has had more than 15,000 murders – 2245 in 1990 alone – while
    Kennesaw, Georgia, had 1, and it was with a

    When the people have guns the criminals stay away.

  • wildbill

    Put a sign in your yard that there might be an armed citizen liveing there and the burglers will go next door

    • UpChuck Liberals

      I have a sign that just says "Liberal" with an arrow pointing towards my dear neighbor.

  • giley1

    The gun issue in this state is pathetic to say the least. We have a bunch of liberals in the state capitol that all they can think of is putting further restrictions on gun ownership and weapons. One recent law was to serialize every round of ammunition so that it could be traced to the registered owner of that ammunition if used in a crime,that meant, you had to sign a registry and give a thumb print at the time of purchase and should you lose your amo. or if it was stolen in a burglary and it was used in a crime, gues what?. More and more hand guns are being placed on a list that do not comply with California DOJ specifications and you cannot buy or posses them, it even gets down to the finish on the weapon. Getting a CCW permit for self preservation, forget it. Move to Arizona or Nevada if you want to excersize your 2nd Admendment rights as they were intended. One solution to the out of control legislature is to make them part time, they have too much time on their hands, like many states have they work well and save millions of tax payers dollars.

  • DefendConstitution

    I have my CCP for Wake County, NC and don't feel the application process was too restrictive. Hope I never have to use but I am ready if needed. PS, all my ammo has been anointed with bacon fat also. Wink wink.

  • virtualjohn

    California has been called "that great unfenced penitentiary to the west." How about we fence it. We could have a Federal make-work project to beat them all. It could make the Great Wall of China look small.

  • Delores109

    I have contacted all of the Attorneys-General throughout our states. I live in Arizona, where Eric Holder and Obama are responsible for FAST & FURIOUS. This involved their illegal gunrunnig to the Mexican Drug Cartel, 2,500 numbered guns without tracking devices were shoved over the border with hopes of blaming Arizona for mishandling guns...and ultimately taking away the guns of all U.S. citizens. These guns killed two border patrol and more than 200 Mexican Nationalists Eric Holder testified at the House Oversight Committee that there would probably be more deaths, because he couldn't account for more than 1,200 missing numbered guns that were in the hands of the Drug Cartel. Arizona arrested 17 illegals in Arizona with a large truck of hemp and cocaine. One of the numbered guns from Fast & Furious was on the truck. These guns are all over the United States in the hands of rhw Mexican Drug Cartel, They are endangering citizens of the U.S. It is similar to releasing 1,200 terrorists with government guns, not knowing what they will do. Attorneys-General, sue Obama & Holder. This is an ACT OF TREASON. Obama is involved because he stopped the investigation at the Oversight Committee. Each state should protect its own citizens. Enforce THE RULE OF LAW.
    Delores Smith

    • UpChuck Liberals

      I can just imagine the response you got from the friggin' idiot in Kaliforniastan.

  • CrustyOldGeezer


    The word has been out since they first invented 'gun control laws that "soon, only criminals and police will have guns".

    Now they're cutting back on police so ONLY THE CRIMINALS can legally carry concealed guns.

  • jerry1944

    Who would trust putting a gun are weapon in the hads of Cal ppl that say on drugs and are libs. Neather lib are drugs work good with weapons. And i dont think many there even have a bible to cling to. Down in my area i think everyone has a gun and bibleeven thought i am not to sure they read the bible

    • UpChuck Liberals

      Jerry, I sincerely hope you're not armed, if your linguist skills are any indication you're a danger to yourself and others.

  • Don

    Those sanctuary cities in California are spawning crime. The anti-gun stance of these liberals will only cause them to be afraid to go out of their houses. I don't feel sorry for them at all.

  • McClain

    Hillary Clinton has been busy urging the UN to take over control of our guns. we will have nothing to say about it. are we the united states of america going to go down quietly?

  • d_rash

    I know this is off topic, but I live in West Texas, about 50 miles south of Amarillo, Texas. For the past couple of months we have noticed quite a few "military looking civillians" running around our small town of less than 5000 people. In such a small town, outsiders stand out anyway, but theses guys with their short, military haircuts, their impeccably shined brown shoes, and creases in their slacks, coupled with the dual rotor, no marking, black helicopters hovering around our sky, at fairly low level, (perhaps 500 to 600 feet high) makes it apparent, something "military" is going on. This morning, one of the black helicopters flying at 200 to 300 feet slowly flew over, and "inspected " my back pasture area. Don't have a clue what they were looking at, as there are no crops or livestock in that field. QUESTION TO THE FEDS???? What in the hell is going on, in the skies over West Texas???

  • Delbert Gue

    Essentially each home in California has a No Guns on premise sign as a result of their decision to expand gun control. Meanwhile California's open door approach to immigration and other fiscal lack of responsibility ensures that the crime rates will only increase until it reaches a point where there is no other way than for those with firearms to protect themselves and give the royal finger to the idiots in government who made up such crap. Then it won't matter because there won't be enough cops to make a difference and moonbeam will have to call up the national guard if there is anyone who gives a damn living in the state.

    • UpChuck Liberals

      Uhhh, you do realize that the PRK has a VERY HIGH rate of gun sales per capita don't you? Per a 2001 survey, the PRK is #5 out of the 57 states (for you liberal idiots that's a joke). Gun sales in the PRK have only accelerated since the anointing of our Dear Leader Barack Hussain Obama PBH. Even the liberal fools are buying guns here and they'd can't explain why, but they'll say that BHO PBH won't take them away.

  • john811c

    well lets see since the citizens are basically unarmed there any other state that chooses say like Texas Could Invade Califorina to liberate them from the liberals

  • bowtonoone2

    Get Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand - and the rest of the liberals who think anything goes - to solve the problems. Surely, the punks will listen to their heroes.

  • john811c

    In Switzerland every citizen is required to own at least one rifle they have a very low crime rate wonder if that has anything to do with it...Maybe some liberals can get on here to discuss that

  • Uncle Sam's Misguided Child

    If they enforced the laws the US militia would work. Every man is a member of it. With equal rights that also makes every woman a member of it.

  • ginger

    Never gonna happen in the lala land of california...Diane Feinstein has a concealed carry but the rest of us potential victims of crime cannot. May not be able to carry but one may have a weapon at home.

  • pat

    The States either have ALL of THEIR RIGHTS or they have none. PICK, It's nice to no longer be a state or fed citizen=aka=slave. Hell they dont know what to do when you are not in the system as such and may explain some reasons they do not arrest illegals, tooooooo much paper work and legal bridges they would have to learn and we know they refuse to learn.

  • GWY

    Liberals always believe government is the best solution. Even if they become victims of violent gun crime, they always think gun control laws will take guns from the hands of criminals when the opposite is what takes place. Gun control laws disarm law abiding citizens and the criminals being what they are, laugh and use their guns to victimize the freshly disarmed citizens. The rest of the story can be answered by asking Jews who survived the holocaust what they think of Hitler's gun control laws.

  • regulus30

    I get tired of reviewing the real facts ;; chicago, new york, california have terrible liberal gun regulation and give maniacs the power;; the street punks.......will buy black market guns;; how well did alcohol prohibition work????????.

  • deebar

    In Kennesaw it isn't mandated that you must have a weapon because of cost or conscientious objectors or maybe say that it isn't enforced . However it is not known who it is that don't have guns . That is enough for the criminals to think twice . Living in a very rural area most have guns to protect themselves and their livestock and as a consequence crime is almost unheard of . Arm the people and crime goes down to a dribble .
    Mexifornia is a lost cause ! Common sense is gone for ever .

  • larrylunts

    Actually, Kennesaw has had an increase in crime since 2010, according to statistics ( 648 crimes in 2012, as opposed to 541 in 2010, an increase of 20% in two years. That's an increase in every category of crime, not just violent crime. So your statement that the crime rate there "continues to drop" is not accurate. It is true, however, that the crime rate in Kennesaw is dramatically lower than in the rest of Georgia, where the crime rate is greater than national averages.

  • Saltygi

    Where does the Constitution say that States Rights trump the Constitution? The Supreme Court has even ruled against the States (and everyone else) that they can ban guns.

  • FREE American

    I live in Texas, I AM safe in my home AND my car and any place I go.
    IF you five up FREEDOM for "security",,, YOU DO NOT DESERVE EITHER.

  • Wyatt

    An armed society is a safe society . It is also a polite society . The liberal left has no concern for halting crime . They want us disarmed so that we can't fight back or resist their takeover attempt

  • Tisha

    I. Love it Georgia! If someone is where they should not be, sush as basic as someone elese home, shame on them; shoot them! Give the criminals what they deserve; death.

  • suzy2

    I was raised in Orange county CA and California sucks in every aspect. The crime rate is awful, guns laws are stupid, and they constantly harass people about their pets, how many, license, etc.. I got out of CA where I have the right to bare arms in TX. Go ahead thief or drug addict, try to come in my home. If my six 110 pound dogs don't tear up your ass, you will get all 5 rounds. I'll sit and wait for you to break in.

  • Guest Poster

    Thanks for putting that information out there. If there are any people within several hours drive of Oakland and San Bernadino who have mischief, mayhem, larceny, robbery, assault, or any other crime, the state laws of California, and the dwindling law enforcement officers are sayubg you have been duly alerted.

  • suzy2

    Obama wants gun control so we can not protect our selves from his future agenda with the Muslim Brotherhood laws. Just ask anyone in the UK. It is happening there. And! if you are caught with a gun in the UK you go to Prison for LIFE, NO PAROLE. I talk to people in the UK everyday. The only people who really like it there are the foreigners from afganistan,kenya, etc. and the irratic Muslims. Boy! the Muslims there hate Americans. I had one start yelling at me over the phone when I said I did not like Obama. He said loudly "You Americans have too much! You think you can do what ever you want!" I said with laughter, "Honey, that's freedom!" .

  • suzy2

    do not comply with the BS...Keep your guns.

  • Bud

    "Your life has to be in imminent danger,"

    And by the time the Gestapo in its vast wisdom approves your application, it will probably be too late.

  • Oops!

    So let's see...the author praises a municipality for passing a law that requires every household to own a gun, but he goes ballistic over a law that requires every citizen to have health insurance. In the first instance, it doesn't cost the public a nickel either way. But every time someone without health insurance has to go to a hospital emergency room because they're ill or injured, we all pay for it! In fact, it costs the rest of us over $1,000 a year! But that's right-wingnut logic for ya!

  • chvietvet

    Well, at least those liberals receive the criminals' votes. There are probably enough criminals in California to swing any election in their favor. At least the burglars have a safe working environment. If the voters are criminals, they will elect criminals to public office. That explains a great deal.

  • Dirty Daug

    If we have gun control things could get nasty as like an open season on Liberals.

  • jb80538

    The only good cause I need is the fact that I am a law abiding citizen and I believe in the 2nd ammendment.

  • Richard Gibbard

    It's hard to believe that this is the same state in which voters rejected a handgun freeze initiative in 1982 by almost a 2-1 margin.

  • Wade

    The story is pretty much right on target. However, the San Bernardino county sheriff is relatively lenient in issuing CCWs after a thorough background check. "Personal protection" is a valid reason. However, the process of obtaining the permit is lengthy because of the backlog.

  • SallyE

    Gun sales have increased here in VA and violent crime has gone down.

  • BB111

    Leadership begins at the top, they elected Moonbeam again! I don't think it's just the crazy laws, I think its the idiots runnin the place. Are you still thinkin singing K um-ba-yah will fix this Jerry Brown?

  • Anita Eitmann

    This is a fact. NO one is taking the criminals weapons away. In fact our stupid dumbo so called president has taken our hard earned tax dollars and funded the drug cartels with the best weapons our tax dollars could buy. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this?

  • oldcoyote

    The jews were able to get their shill back in office so they will be able to take the guns from the American people. Money and crooked government can do wonders.

  • SicOfObama

    Of course, the unarmed citizens are sitting ducks for all the criminals. All it's done is empower the criminals because they know they won't be stopped by the sitting ducks who used to be able to defend and protect themselves. And they know that the police don't care, they are the ones who pushed it. So, this brilliant disarming pile of crap is doing what it is meant to do, disarm the citizens for power and control of the citizens, and this is putting us in extreme danger because they are taking our right to defend and protect ourselves. God help us if we don't fight this with more fierce determination than their determination to take our rights away from us.

  • guest on this planet

    Didnt all of the criminals and gangbangers turn in all of their weapons >I cant see why they havent since theyre living in the state with the most welfare benefits in the country , the land of milk and honey or fruits and nuts .

  • Silas Longshot

    I would suggest all sensible, conservative people that can possibly do so, to get the ell out of Kaliforincation as fast as they possibly can, leaving the libs and crooks to have at each other.

  • Saroni Kellogg

    I'm moving to Kennesaw County Georgia!

  • krhill

    the california constitution says the people have the right to enjoy and defend life in art 3 it says the US constitution is the supreme law of the land. so california is bound to respect the rights of the people protected by the US constitution. also the 14th amendment bound the states to the same restrictions as the federal gov with regards to the bill of rights.

  • Dick Frakes

    Old California's Liberalism is catching up with it'self. You know the state that has made all those wild west shoot'em up shows and we can't forget the God Father. Plus hundreds of other gun shows. As of late it's all about sex shows - as if we didn't know anything about sex sex sex and more sex. They're crazy out there. So is the East Coast. Don't get me wrong I loved most of those movies. I'm always watching the God Father. However; you have to admit there is a lot of irony when you compare their movies to their laws.

  • desuhu61

    Californians get get more foolish with each passing year and each crazy new regulation or law passed. I guess they like seeing their citizens murdered or raped and robbed. I don't know who's more stupid, New York City and Mayor Bloomberg or California. Glad I don't live in either place.

  • Hank

    I am all for kicking California out of the Union. I figure they are gonna keep up their liberal practices until they crash, turn into a criminal state then want the rest of us to bail them out. They can also take Illinois with them, the other state that does not allow carry and you see what that has gotten Chicago!

    • Wyatt Hill

      I'm afraid they might be given foreign aid as another needy country and then we would be totally supporting them.

  • bobalo59

    good, I personally hope that all the idiots that think by prohibiting guns you lower the crime rate, ends up being a victim of a violent offense. Sorry you crazy Californians, you all voted for these gun restrictions, and you voted to allow the greatest entitlement state its problems. SO now live, or die with it. Personally, I don't care.

  • randyminnick

    "Gosh! This is a tough one! Do we lay off our police officers or do we stop the handouts to the freeloaders and illegal Mexicans? We need to form a committee and think about this for a few years!". Sheese! Liberalism get more insane with every day that passes.

    • Devon Sanchez

      Both. Also, private law enforcement and end free handouts to Americans too.

  • Arizona_Don

    I don’t know anything about California, and really don’t want or need to. They are really messed up. I and my wife used to vacation in California every year. It is a beautiful state. Don’t anymore, even when we visit our time share in Tahoe we stay in Nevada.

    California has many unique problems and Brown is not getting rid of them but adding to them just like he did before. Seems to be a lot of them coming to Arizona.

    Here in Arizona a few years back the second amendment became effective. Certain crimes started going down and still are. Now keep in mind it has always been legal to carry a gun here if it is visible. However, now there is no need for a concealed carry permit. However, almost everyone here has a gun many have 12 gauge shotgun either pump or double. I personally prefer the 12 gauge greener for home defense. There are many Greener (18 ½ inch barrels) and Coach guns available (20 inch barrels). Good home protection weapons. Coupled with a 357 Mag. and/or 44 Mag. It is a perfect combination.

    However, it is common knowledge it is impossible to point out the facts to liberal progressives. Like I always said it is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. Most liberal progressives, if not all, are unreasonable.

    • emerutil

      Please say ALL liberal / progressives are unreasonable!

      • Arizona_Don

        That is the essence of what I said. However, in California they seem to be overwhelming.

  • Molon Labe 1776

    If these fools are too stupid to realize that they need to be able to protect their loved ones and families with their God given rights to protection provided to us with a 2nd Amendment right to do so, then they will get their just deserve.
    The lame brain left never cease to amaze me with their hard headed stupidity.
    Just keep dialing 911 while your wife is getting raped and your family murdered, I'm sure the cops will show up to help you and everything will be fine.

  • Devon Sanchez

    I am for guns in EVERY home, but I would never advocate the local government (nor any government) to assure that happen, nor offer "free" gun safety classes. It is a right for an individual to own a gun, not to be given one with free instructional course. And when I men I believe everyone should own a gun, I don't just mean hand pistols or rifles, I mean ANY kind of gun or armament; revolver, semi-automatic, automatic, etc. And I do not agree with many Scandinavian countries demanding military service from every MALE citizen...force is not patriotism...

  • anniedawn

    Did you know that 170 million non-military persons died in the 20th century AFTER gun control was enacted and enforced? These numbers do not include people killed in war.

    1. Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.

    2. Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.

    How? The governments had the power and the people, the victims were unable to resist. The victims were unarmed.

    FBI statistics for 2009 (or 2010) stated that 13,000+ people were murdered in the US at this time. Also interesting, 120,000 people died from doctors mistakes. You are more likely to die by your doctor's hand than by a criminal act.

  • Ray

    Other than the good people in California, that really try to live's become a cesspool of corruption & politics (ones the same as the other) and they'd better get cut loose from our tax-burden! We don't want to pay for their idiocyncracies!!! They're against Az. anyhow! Full of liberal self-centered idiots!

  • DaveP326

    Apparently in San Bernadino County one's life IS in danger. Forget the fact that "cause" is not a reason to restrict a person's 2nd amendment rights.

  • ArtF

    Gun controls may contribute to the high crime rate in California, but it has nothing to do with the cities being bankrupt. Heck, the whole state is bankrupt financially and morally. No, I think the primary reason for the higher crime rate is an attempt to pattern themselves after Chicago, AND the incredibly stupid and corrupt politicians and Governor the state has elected on a continuing basis. Hard to feel sorry for people in California, they elected these losers. And keep re-electing them over and over again.

  • isthisnameokay

    When CA banned guns in the 1960's, you saw a rise in graffiti and then, crime. So the rise in crime that is happening now is nothing new.

  • Plaintruths

    The police are, for the most part, honorable people with good intentions, and a very difficult job. But face it, they cannot protect you when a burglar forces his/her way into your home. Or when a mugger grabs your purse/wallet. Sure, they will usually do allthey can to find the criminal after the crime. But you can always count on them to be there in minutes, even when seconds count.
    I have only shot one person. But he shot at me first. The nearest Police were 7 miles away. He died before they arrived. Try to take MY gun, please, TRY.

  • Jefferson Dowda

    Look, all this talking is not preventing what is coming if WE THE PEOPLE, don't step up and do what our founders made our responcability, they gave us marching orders, they gave us strict instruction on what must be done when the government becomes tyranical, and that was the soul purpose for the second part of the second amendment, where it says, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TOO KEEP AND BARE ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. They warned us about allowing so much control, and gave us the signs of power grabs. They warned us about issues that Government should not be involved in, such as a centralized education system, and a bank, both of which we have allowed, and both of which are outlined in the communist manifesto, along with disarming the populace. Something that the Communist never had too face though, was a well armed population, so their experience in disarming a population as well armed as America, well, they have none. Thats why Obama, Clinton, Reid and Piglosi are attempting too go thru the UN. Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that a UN Resolution only requires Senate Rattification, and they are going too attempt too use that route, but, that is an unlawfull ruling, and it goes against everything in the Constitution. The Constitution is very clear on two things as far as Congress is concerned, They are the only authorized Law Makers, and they control all the Money expendatures, so their inaction on defunding Obamacare, and not overiding the Supreme Court and Obama, is total Bullshit, they have all the authority they need, Americans have been dumbed down by the public education system on purpose, just for this reason. The Senate was intended to be just the State Representation, not a house of congress which the 17th amendment made it, and effectivly ended the Republic. I said that because they try too apply some of the congressional authority too the Senate which isn't constitutional. We must regain control of Government before they gain too much authority, and they are moving at an expidited pace under the current communist occupier of the White House. He is a Communist, both parents, both sets of grandparents, everyone he associated with throughout his education process, all his unconstitutional czar's that congress does nothing about, his wife and her parents, even his appointments too the AG, SC, and most of his ambasedors are all either confirmed communist party members, or are in some way affiliated with them or the Muslim Brotherhood. I was raised by wise old folks that were in the Great Deppression and WWII, they told me, if it acts like a duck, walks like a duck, hangs around with a flock of ducks, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. I think Obama has proven on many levels, he is a communist, I mean duck.

  • Cdeavellar

    I think the rise in crimes is because of economic problems and lack of policing, not gun control.

    • Wyatt Hill

      Another one that doesn't have a clue!

      • StupidParrot

        Another one that doesn't have a clue!

  • Terrie Looney


  • Terrie Looney

    I think it's a no brainer that responsible citizens need to be armed. However it is wrong to force some person to buy a gun. i.e., to buy anything.....(like obama care) Riots and criminals are definitely a problem caused by the left progressive anti- gunners, but the main problem is a left socialist illegal govt that thinks it can disarm the people. They have a big hill to climb and the armed AMERICAN people are at the top,locked and loaded. We have the high ground ..........psychically and morally.

  • DavidE

    Get a gun and learn how to handle it or be vectimized.

  • Edward Ebersole

    Now I wonder why aren't we doing this, why doesn't our country step back and say hay why don't we do this. One could imagine how quickly the crime rate would go down in the U.S.

  • KittyKittyKit

    The BIGGEST DANGER in California, where I live, is the POLICE.

    Any time an officer, who took an OATH to uphold, protect, and defend, the CONSTITUTION of the United States, can stand in your face, and DENY any American CITIZEN his or her RIGHTS under the Constitution, while maintaining his OWN right (because THEY are wearing guns and you're not), is LAWLESS person. A LAW BREAKER, a CRIMINAL, a TRAITOR, guilty of giving AID and COMFORT to the ENEMIES of the State and thereby, the Nation.

    Callifornia is a Communist State, NOTHING LESS. The Federal Government is complicit because it will not step in and do it's job, which the Constitution states that "EVERY STATE, is GUARANTEED and REPUBLICAN FORM of Government". The Federal government, because communist, marxist, muslims, and WORSE have slimed their way into high offices, do NOTHING to uphold the U.S. Constitution and defend "IT" against all enemies both foreign and domestic. They are traitors also.

    The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads thus:

    A.......(means SINGULAR, or the numerical equivalent of ONE)

    WELL REGULATED.....(to bring order, method, or uniformity)

    MILITIA,........(organized citizens with limited military training who are available for emergency service, usually for LOCAL DEFENSE)

    BEING NECESSARY...........(absolutely needed or required, indespensible, or essential)

    TO THE SECURITY........(armor, cover, guard, protection, safegaurd, defense,
    shield, or wall)

    OF A

    FREE.........( enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another; not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being : choosing or capable of choosing for itself )

    STATE,......(territory, legal boundries of real estate held by whole of the collective citizenry, a constituency established by countries with a Federal government)

    THE RIGHT........(the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled )

    OF THE PEOPLE.......(the citizenry, inclusive of the non-governmental members of a society)

    TO KEEP........(to retain, hold as one's own)


    BEAR......(to carry, transport, to wear on one's person, to convey with himself)

    ARMS........(armament, weapons, guns, knives, swords, spears, axes, etc.)

    SHALL NOT......(opposite of "shall")

    BE INFRINGED......(encrouched upon, defeated or frustrated)

    HOW IS IT, that a person FULLY UNDERSTANDS and SUPPORTS this Amendment, until they are elected or enter into "Public Service"?????


    WE THE PEOPLE pay your salary and provide the accessories for you to carry out your duties and functions for the DEFENSE and PROTECTION of our CONSTITUTIONS against ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC

    That is ALL WE HIRED YOU TO DO. Defend and protect the Constitution. In so doing, WE THE PEOPLE (including you) will continue to live in a FREE and UPRIGHT society, State and NATION.

    When you, (especially ARMED POLICE FORCES) are too COWARDLY and DISHONORABLE to stand up and perform your OATH, what other choice is there for the CITIZENS than to have to take you down????? YOU'RE TRAITORS, you have become DOMESTIC ENEMIES to your own State and country.

    • UpChuck Liberals

      Obviously you don't know that our dear elected officials only have our best interest at heart. Of course it's all because we're too stupid to understand that. sarc/


    The second amendment is the purest of all amendments, it is non bias to gender, religion, or race, or financial means, unlike all other amendments.WOMEN COULD POSSESS ARMS 125 YEARS BEFORE VOTING, BLACKS COULD POSSES ARMS 110 YEARS BEFORE BEING SET FREE, TO BAD PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT TO IT'S FULLEST MEANING, THE LOWEST CRIME RATES IN THE COUNTRY, ALL HAVE CC PERMITS.



  • Redneck

    a response to gingers statement " The reason the liberals think gun control will control crime is because
    they are stupid" It is not because they are stupid, It's because they are the crooks and crooks never play fair and tilt everything to there advantage...........

  • TheBitterClinger1

    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is but part of the problem-although a big part. How is that WE, children of the Republic and children of the Revolution have come to the point that the state, any state, can have that kind of power over us? So our friends and neighbors have voted to live in a totalitarian state--our Constitution does not give them that right, our humanity does not give them that right, It is well past time that we worry over individual issues and decide what we are going to do about this fascist state controlling our lives.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "controlling our lives." My life feels quite free. How are you being controlled?

  • sarcasticswede

    See how this is working for O-BOMB-A! Less police MAKES it easier for chaos in the streets! Hows that hope and change workin out for you?

  • Tonto

    Laughing my ass off....this is too rich!

  • giant33

    Their is no answer for these A-holes that run our country. We have to do our own thing and pay them no mind. Lock ann load.

  • samtman

    Its simple math all over the country. The modre guns are sold, the more people get killed, the numbers don't lie.

    • Wyatt Hill

      As politely as I can say it, You don't know what the --- you're talking about.

    • UpChuck Liberals

      I'm glad to see you don't let facts get in the way of your misconceptions, oh wait you do. You wouldn't care to have some actual statistics to back up your BS or do you just do a drive by and call it a day? There is absolutely zero correlation between the number of weapons sold and deaths. There is an absolute correlation between restrictions and the increase in deaths.

    • forrealcommonsense

      So you are saying lawless criminals abide by gun controls also?

  • Ohio Tony

    Having a firearm either in the home or on your person is only common sense to defend yourself especially in high crime areas. But then again when does common sense apply to the liberal hanky stompers. "Some one might get hurt or God forbid even killed while they are committing a crime." F***ing panty wastes.

  • Jay

    Mr. Godfather makes some good points about CCW in California. But, he does his readers a disservice by using bad stats and non-relevant examples..

    But, the example of Kennesaw, GA example is a very poor choice. It is a different type of
    community than San Bernardino. Second, per capita violent crime rates across the
    country have dropped at least 50% since 1982.

    Note that many counties do issue CCWs fairly easily. It is mostly the liberal western coast-wise counties that don't. One reason I moved from the Bay Area.

  • sandman

    No matter what, if you own a gun, and dont leave the house with it, and use it to protect you and your family, in your home, after harm has come to your or a loved one, there is not a jury of your pears that would ever convict you! it is better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6!

  • jack

    I am willing to make a bet that Kennesaw county is also a very polite county, too

  • jerry sweet

    the swiss were asked by hitler what do you think would happen if i decide to invade with 1 million of my army.they responded,having only at the time 500 thousand.i quote.we will each fire two rounds and then go home.hitler never attempted it.he wasn't quite as stupid as he looked

  • MikeyParks

    My job is to protect myself and my loved ones. The police's job is to find out who killed me.

  • UpChuck Liberals

    Now, please excuse me while I spend some quality time with my grandchildren instructing them in the safe handling of firearms so the next time they're out of school we can go to the range.

  • Patriot-Research

    I hold a PhD and J.D. and know how to do real research, and what I have found, and the Data does not lie like the liberal/communist, locations that have Civilian Guns, crime goes down! Where there is a lot of Civilian Guns crime goes down a lot! These are the facts but to bring Tyrannty into America and the Communist way of life to every American they must disarm us first...!!! So Obama and the Liberal/Communist lie, lie and lie some more about Guns and everything else! Civil War is just around the corner people! All Conservatives need to go listen to Dr. Michael Williams radio show "The Patriot Report" on and get the real stroy of what's going on in this Nation...!!! God bless you Dr. Williams for standing for what is Right and standing against what is Un-Godly and Wrong in this Nation!

  • forrealcommonsense

    Imagine having a sign posted outside your door, "Unarmed residents strong believers in gun control". What fool would want that on his front lawn, yet when they disarm law abiding citizens that is exactly what they are doing.

  • Mike Young

    The gun policies of Kennesaw County Georgia, should be practiced and enforced in every County in the nation, if this would happen crime rates all over the nation would dramatically drop and many police forces could then actually be reduced and taxpayers expenditures for police forces could be less as well. Illinois should take a good look at the policies of Kennesaw County Georgia, that is If the State Legislatures and Governor Quinn of Illinois is really as concerned as he says he is about the crime rates in Illinois.( Which somehow I am really doubtful since Governor Quinn is the last and only holdout Governor in all 50 States that doesn't allow the citizens of his State, Illinois, to either Openly Carry a gun or Conceal carry gun lawfully.

  • bill conner

    Hey it's cali what do you expect libatards are beyond common sense i get tired of tring to explain things a 1 grader would get and thats how simple you have to make it for them because there to slow to get it

  • quipster

    I don't care much for california anyway would not want go on vacation there. Heck the whole west coast nothing but libs.anyway, let them all die in the hellhole they made for themselfs.

  • jd1958

    "Gun Control" is NOT about's about control!!!!!

  • jd1958

    A man without a gun is a servant/victim.....a man with a gun is a citizen/family defender.

  • jd1958

    Criminals just love unarmed victims. They hate when you can fight back and possibly kill them.

  • jd1958

    When seconds count, the police are just 22 minutes away..........................think about that.

  • jd1958

    A .45 is better than a Visa. Dont leave home without it. If you do, you may never return home.

  • Johnny Morris

    I hope CA never gets permission to have guns. They are nuts out there. And so liberal they deserve what they get.

  • emerutil

    I love it when leftists go ballistic. Something is being done right whenever that happens!

  • DAY


    • daves

      They need a lot better statistics in this article to convince me. They say that only 2,800 have conceal and carry but they don't say how many applied. They are talking about burglaries - why would a person need a conceal and carry permit to protect themselves from burglaries?

  • chuckster

    Isn't that county under pressure because the pensions are bankrupting them?
    Isn't that the reason they cannot hire police?

  • NRApatriot

    I am a southerner living in N.C. We just got rid of democrat control of the state for the last 144 years which is probably the reason for double digit unemployment here. Fortunately the democrats here were not fanatical liberals and were somewhat friendly towards firearms but did not have a stand your ground law. Before concealed carry became law you could open carry for as long as I can remember. Last year under republican control of both houses we got a much better castle doctrine law passed although some spineless republicans caved on restaurant carry. Said it didn't poll well. They didn't talk to the right people. Now with Republican control of both houses and the governership we might be able to get it through! Before Obummers done I may consider moving to Switzerland!

  • 912always

    Like the story says liberal go ballistic when you tell them crime actually goes down.

  • Lee

    We have enough Gun control laws in the United States already, They the Politician don't want Gun control they want gun confiscation. We have laws to keep people from coming into our Country illegally, More laws won't make anything better.

  • Gary Alan Adkins

    So any criminal who wants to get wealthy should go to San Bernardino & Oakland?

  • Gary Alan Adkins

    The Progressives want gun control because they want TOTAL control over YOU!

  • G W

    California is a Socialist-Police State. Great example of what the Democratic-Socialist Party wants for the rest of the USSA.

    • Romaena Kahmal

      Don't confuse socialism with communism.... At least I can go to any health care centre I choose.... With professionals who work there BECAUSE THEY WANT TO NOT FOR THE MONEY.... Funny... Statistics show our health professionals get paid half what American health professionals do, yet we have a much lower rate of idiotic and deadly errors... Hmmmmm.....your gun laws are idiotic too... When idiots are allowed to carry lethal weapons, they tend to do idiotic things... Arrogant, self righteous, foolish, LETHAL things....Maybe people could get in shape, learn self defense... Systematic... Something..... Not just say "okay BLAM BLAM" !!

  • BOstinks


    Fox is already cowering down to the president...

    In response to President Obama's complaint

    that FOX doesn't show enough

    Black and Hispanic people on their network,
    FOX has announced that they will now air
    "America's Most Wanted"

    twice a week.

  • Chuckiemon

    Maryland has the same restrictive gun laws as Kalifornia and the crime here is rampant also. The anti-gun, bed wetting crowd is too stupid to understand the very real correlation between restrictive gun control laws and crime.

  • gnarlierandy

    The traitor in the black house has but one thing on its mind, total power. It will stop at nothing to get it. It will kill the unborn, kill the elderly and brainwash the young and impressionable while mixing binary chemical weapons to use against any and all that do not fall to the ground and worship at its feet.

  • James Chandler

    The information in the above story is not quite true. CCW's are controlled by the County Sheriff and Sheriff Hoops is actually PROMOTING CCW's. The members of his staff that do the work investigating backgrounds and issuing permits actually go out into the county and present pre-application meetings in which potential applicants are briefed on the responsibilities of a CCW holder and how to properly fill out the application. As far as the "only 2800" permit statement, that is for ONE YEAR. Perhaps the writer would do well to actually investigate a story before publishing it. San Bernardino, thanks to Sheriff Hoops and his predecessor, Sheriff Penrod, is actually one of only FOUR out of thirty some counties where you can even get a permit. Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego county, forget it. While I'm not happy with the ridiculous firearms laws promulgated by the liberal Democrats in Sacramento, I AM happy that I live in San Bernardino County and can carry. As long as we have the political morons that we have, and after the last election we have even more, in Sacramento the concealed carry permit will be very difficult to obtain. Also, on the application, self defense and the defense of family and others is a viable answer. As for the police, they are not there to protect the citizen. It is physically impossible, unless you had one cop for each citizen, to stay with them 24 hours a day. Even the most adament proponent of "police protection" will see that that is impossible.

  • Ed in Florida

    The only increase in crime rates was when Obama was re-elected.

  • Richard Holmes

    A good reason to carry a gun-- To kill criminals that want to harm you.

  • LOIS

    NEVER give up your guns, EVER!

  • Rob Morse

    Ahh, but what would the politicians and police have to do if the citizens were empowered for their own defense?

  • Romaena Kahmal

    Let's look at zimmerman case... I am CANADIAN... I'm in a neighbourhood of largely African immigrants... Some of whom are criminals, serious genocidal criminals.... No, I'm NOT racist.... Just informed.... One lives below me.....I DON'T HAVE A SIDEARM... (very difficult to obtain legally in Canada) There is no culture for these semi-auto weapons.... I've been angry, out of my element.... As many others have been... WE DON'T TAKE TO DEFENDING OURSELVES WITH LETHAL FORCE... I blame your stupid gun laws.... Why would a regular citizen be allowed to carry a concealed handgun?! Wtf?!! I would take a beating from some punk if I had to, but SERIOUSLY? you think I'm intimidated by some teenager? It's JUST TOO EASY TO INFLICT A MORTAL WOUND WHEN THE REPUBLIC ALLOWS PEOPLE TO CARRY SIDEARMS..... It's foolish and incredulously STUPID.... IT'S TOOOOOOO EASY! However, zimmerman is no arias, not a psychopath... And clearly, George was groomed to use the sidearm.... Unfortunately, for that young man.... Sooooo tragic.....