Jovan Belcher Was Responsible for Murdering His Girlfriend — Not the Gun

I watched the show Dexter for the first time — Season 7, Episode 10 — “The Dark . . . Whatever.” Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a blood spatter pattern analyst for the fictional Miami Metro Police Department who also leads a secret life as a serial killer. That’s why it took me seven years before I decided to watch an episode.

In order for Dexter to justify killing his victims, they must be killers themselves who have killed someone without justifiable cause and are likely to do so again. This makes him a sympathetic serial killer, like an avenging angel intent on justice when the system fails.

Up until this episode, Dexter blamed his inner desire to kill on what he described as a “Dark Passenger.” His claim was that some dark force separate from his own being was driving him to kill, albeit in a just way. In reality, Dexter was using the Dark Passenger as an excuse for his own urges, his own choices, his own murdering ways. In this episode, he makes the following admission: “[I]f there’s no Dark Passenger, then I’m responsible for everything I’ve done.”

There is no Dark Passenger; no Twinkie Defense; no “the devil made me do it”; no genetic predisposition. It was all Dexter.

Jovan Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, murdered his girlfriend, the mother of his 3-month-old daughter, before killing himself in front of two coaches. Belcher shot her nine times while his mother looked on. As usual, Liberals are blaming everything but the person who actually did the murdering.

During halftime on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” Bob Costas told viewers he believed, “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.” Kansas City-based writer Jason Whitlock blamed the murder on “our current gun culture.” For people like Costas and Whitlock, guns are like Dexter’s Dark Passenger. Guns are a way to excuse evil behavior. The gun didn’t leap into Belcher’s hand. Belcher bought the gun and the bullets. Belcher picked up the gun he loaded with bullets, pointed it at his girlfriend, and shot her dead. If Belcher hadn’t done these things, the gun would have sat undisturbed in a drawer. There are millions of guns in America, but not millions of murderers.

People are murdered by poisoning, stabbing, strangulation, physical abuse, automobiles, hanging, burning, bludgeoning, drowning, falls, beheadings, explosions, starvation, electrocution, box cutters, crossbows, and high powered bows.

Jim Jones led 908 people to their deaths with cyanide mixed with Flavor -Aid, not Kool-Aid. Muslim extremists killed more than 3000 people with jet planes. Timothy McVeigh murdered 168 people with a bomb made from fertilizer and kerosene.

Some are arguing that Belcher had a concussion. It’s possible that he did. There are a number of NFL players who have had concussions, and not one of them pumped nine bullets into his girlfriend.

Belcher and his girlfriend were in a bad relationship. She had threatened to leave him after a long history of fighting between the two of them. Belcher was taking drugs and abused alcohol.

Why didn’t Costas blame the murder on the violent nature of football that Belcher was involved in? If it’s OK to attack someone on the football field, maybe that aggression transferred over to his bad relationship with his girlfriend. If he hadn’t played football, given liberal logic, there’s a good chance that he never would have murdered or committed suicide.

Look what O. J. Simpson did with a knife. He also played the violent game of football. Simpson doesn’t count because he used a knife. Neither the gun nor the knife is the problem; Belcher and O.J. were and are.

Costas can’t blame football because he makes his living from football, so he has to blame the Dark Passenger – the gun. Maybe Belcher was a controlling and violent man. If he hadn’t used a gun, he was big and strong enough to beat his girlfriend to death. Maybe Belcher’s girlfriend may have fared better if she had had a gun to protect herself from Belcher. John Lott writes:

“There are two groups of people who benefit the most from gun ownership: people who are weaker physically (women and the elderly) and those who are most likely to be victims of violent crime (primarily poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas).”

There’s the story of the man who called the nationally syndicated “Schnitt Show.” He claims that Belcher had “regularly bullied and beat up his son.”

“We went to the police. We went to the Department of Education. We couldn’t do nothing about this kid. Around adults, he always acted like he was such a sweet little guy.”

The caller went on to say that he had to relocate his family to Florida, just to get away from Belcher. “He destroyed my family.” At least his family is alive.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Excellent analysis, Gary.
    You're right about Costas' failure to indict the violence that characterizes football or even alcohol/drug abuse for the crime. It's always the gun with these liberals.

    Personal responsibility is never the bottom line with them. Seems to be a blind spot there when it comes to acknowledging the innate potential for evil that exists in the heart of every one of us.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      " It's always the gun "
      Personal responsibility is never the bottom line "

      Except when you're wrong. You just want another excuse to complain about liberals or some other group you don't like.

      • John David Floyd

        It is YOU who is wrong. It was a decision made by a human NOT an inanimate object. He could have used a knife, a fork, a pencil, scissors, glass bottle or any number of things however he used a gun. The only thing capable of using any one of the objects as a tool of dealing death was the human. I have never seen a gun posted on the post office wall as a "Most Wanted" by the FBI, police department nor other law enforcement agency. In my lifetime I expect I never will.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          My point was in regards to screeminmeeme wanting an excuse to complain about liberals. I don't think the gun is responsible.

        • Screeminmeeme

          GOOTB....Right backatcha. Why do you come to a conservative blog? Could it be to toss barbs, criticize and complain about conservatives? I think that's pretty evident given your comments.

          It's noteworthy that you attack me instead of addressing the subject of the thread. Tell us....what is your position on gun control? Do you believe that by disarming Americans no one will be killed? Why not give us your opinion about that?

        • jag

          Get out of the bubble of innorance. You have missed the entire gun-grabber's show for years. If you get out of the bubble and mix with society or walk alone, or feel safe in your home probably will not live to be concerned with the socialist forming government.

        • Gene R Swank

          Its true we dont need a reason to critisize libs, everything they do needs to be critisized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • leo

          I agree well said

      • Pamela Dunn

        A liberal troll anit-gun nut with no brains.

        • GetOutOfTheBubble

          "anit-gun nut" So there's literally no point in talking to you. You don't seem to understand anything.

      • Gene R Swank

        There are more then 100 million known legal gun owners in this country!!! So why dont we have 100 million murders each year??? Most gun owners are very responsible people and would be standing there stopping crime if the occasion arose!!!!

    • Doodlebug

      To begin with, Costas cannot be certain that if this jerk didn't have a gun, the mother of his baby and he himself would be alive. Maybe he would be alive, but as far as the girlfriend goes, a guy this size can kill WITHOUT a gun or anything more than his hands. There are bats, hosiery, rope, pillows, HANDS, knives to name a few. If he was going to kill he would find a way! As for as himself, I being an EMT have known of the car that pulled out in front of a dump truck and also one that wrapped himself around a tree. So lets start a ban on all of these things and you will still have those who want to kill find a way. This was a totally stupid thing for Costas to say and nothing more than to start up the "BAN GUNS" laws. MORE FOOD FOR OBUMMER!


        Great idea doodle! Lets ban all the above! The libs will love us for being on their side!

    • John Nicoletti

      Please ask Mr. Costas, Why his bodyguards carry guns to protect his life?. If he is so adamant about gun violence. then all the so called do gooders, should have bodyguards, with no weapons. Perhaps, the Costas bodyguard could protect Costas with a little love and affection.

      • Gene R Swank

        Feinstien friscos anti gun senator has a ccw. Hypocrit is what I call her.

  • GetOutOfTheBubble

    "As usual, Liberals are blaming everything but the person who actually did the murdering."

    ", given liberal logic,"

    You were so close to writing something reasonable for once.

    Some day you should learn to ignore that voice in your head that tells you turn everything you say into a stereotype.

  • Native

    The fact that there is even an argument as WHAT, not WHO was to blame for the murder/suicide is amazing to me. Jovan Belcher was responsible, not the gun, and for anyone to think otherwise is just absolutely ridiculous. Absolute nonsense has gotten way out of hand in today's media and those fools who choose to believe the liberal media lies. Bob Costas was way out of line to start his drivel on the subject; he is a sports commentator, and this had NOTHING to do with football so should have never been said.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I don't blame Costas for his comment, I blame the microphone.

      • Sam in NC

        LOL !

    • DWinch

      Too bad his girl friend wasn't armed, could of been a happy ending. One mother saved and one violent idiot removed.

  • Tod

    Steroids,and Brain damage from playing football is more then likely the cause .

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      BS, there have been many football players that have taken steroids and have "brain injuries" and none of them have killed anyone. You have fallen into the liberal trap of blame. That's it, shift the blame, you are as bad as the rest of the liberal garbage.

  • paco12348

    People immediate wish to get rid of guns in this type of situation. Turn it around. Perhaps we should get rid of FOOTBALL that injures the players since it is most likely the culprit.

    • Ilene

      Here we go again. Games of football lead to murder?

      • Gene R Swank

        Lets see here. Hockey is more violent then football and soccer fans are more violent then any other sports fans. Maybe we should outlaw all sports!!!!!!

  • rich_47

    Costas is just following oblamo's lead that no matter what happens blame it on something other then the real reason!

  • victoryman

    Costas is a legend in his own mind. He has the arrogance to pontificate on matters he does not understand. Critical thinking is not his strength. To state that if there were no guns both parties would be alive today is ludicrous on its face. Costas is already backing off his statements - probably after being taken to the woodshed by the league office after being reminded that millions of gun owners watch the NFL. At least he didn't syggest lowering all flags to half staff in honor of this thug.

  • harpooner

    Rush Limbaugh said it best, Blaming Guns fro criminal activity is like blaming Forks for obesity.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Great analogy.

    • samtman

      If Rush din't have a fork to eat with, he would have to use his fat fingers and coul't shove food in his mouth as fast.

  • Plowboy

    If we say that the gun was responsible for Belcher, a football player, murdering his girlfriend then, by the same logic, are bound to also say that the football, not the player, was responsible for the touchdown.

  • Bruce Sims

    I STILL blame that lead pencil for making me get all those wrong answers on my tests in school...why did it do that! they should have banned all lead pencils or better yet had em lead controlled! Then I might not have made all those mistakes..BULL @#$%!!!

  • JennieWalsh

    Did Belcher have brain damage and mental disturbances from football injuries? Ban football.... a very dangerous sport. Both Belcher and his girlfriend would probably be alive today if he hadn't been a football player. I am sick and tired of the anti-2nd amendment ploys. If you do not have the right to own a gun to defend yourself and your property, you do not have much else.

    • DWinch

      Right on Jennie, My wife's step dad was addicted to football most of his life, one day he killed himself for no apparent reason. If it weren't for football, I believe he would still be alive today.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I think we should ban "girlfriends", Bentley's, and alcohol too. If it wasn't for those, he wouldn't have killed his baby's mother.

  • KJ

    If guns didn't exist, the mentally unbalanced would be using kitchen knives, ice picks, and pharmaceuticals to commit murder. So, I guess the bleeding-heart liberals and team Obama had better begin their war on cutlery now before the crisis of kitchen implements gets out of hand.

    And as for Bob Kostas.... Nothing nice to say.

  • Gary Rose


  • John Whittington

    You get rid of guns and they will kill each other with knives. You get rid of knives and they will kill each other with rocks. You get rid of rocks (if that were possible) they will just kill each other with their hands!

    • DWinch

      Get rid of rocks and we will all be walking on air!

    • Don39

      They killed each other long before guns! Ignorance and amorality are the facilitators of killers, the tools have changed throughout the ages. Fewer people die of violent death today than ever before in history. It could be even significantly fewer yet if not for the ignorance and amorality of the psychopathic left and the madness of Islam!

  • SammysDad

    What blasphemy, Gary! Your speaking the truth that Costas and his ilk don't want to hear. Oh, boy, someone's gonna come knocking on your door! If so, I'll be there to help you, for sure. Good article. It's about time someone said it. More people like you should start speaking out and overwhelm the anti's once and for all. We have had 'Nuf blah blah from Costas, I say.

  • McClain

    I said this before: we will always be infected with empty headed people that argue for gun control. we just have to keep informed and vote for and elect those who know that without guns nothing would ever be solved.not just our country but all other countrys depend on gun power to protect and keep the world rotating on its axes.we will always have the Obamas and the Hillarys amontg us.what they and others like them want.IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!

  • copakeman

    costas must be fired for spouting his gun hatred to the viewers. it was a football halftime show, not an anti gun program.
    belcher, i guess, accidentally had his gun (legal ?) go off 9 times, hitting his girlfrien 9 times and killling her. what a terrible accident.

  • jmark72

    Liberalism is a mental illness. Costas, the MSM, ObaMao and his entire administration and appointees, etc. are Kool-Aid drinking Brainwashed Liberals. Waste of time trying to figure out their illogical disconnected thinking. They won't listen to you, will call you a "racist" at the drop of a hat, will Lie, Cheat, Deceive, Deflect, Steal, Murder to get their way. They "Hate" guns because they know true Americans have them to defend themselves and attackers of the Constitution. That's why the Founding Fathers put a 2nd Amendment in The "Bill of Rights", to prevent tyranny from power mad government officials turned dictator (ObaMao).

    Second Revolution may be closer than they think! Recession on the horizon with unemployment going to 10.5%+ within 2 years, gas at $6-7.00/gal. Electric bills Tripling!

    There are 10's of millions Loyal Real Americans that are totally P.O. that this fraud was re-elected by an idiot on-the-dole illiterate electorate.

  • ARMYOF69

    Emptying a gun's magazine on one human being , tells me he WANTED HER DEAD , no matter how. The gun was the tool for this murderous moron.

  • samtman

    Guns are as readily available as posickles, guns kill, posicklles don't. Every year as more guns are sold, more people are killed in the same proportion as the proliforation of hand guns. Don't hear of to many people of getting shoot by hunting rifles, unless your name Dick Chaney.

    • Don39

      That is a bald faced LIE! And you are a leftist fanatical bald faced libtard liar!

  • Barb Patton

    The stupid black people are going to blame the honkeys/crackers as well. Can you imagine every trayvon thug that shoots and kills and robs can now say in "Court: "I did not do it the gun did it"... Plain bloody madness is running rampant in the USA.

  • rmwayne

    Same old story we always get from the left wing commies. They want to take away our right to defend ourselves in the worst kind of way and they use occasions like this to push their agenda. The goon could have strangled his girlfriend with a rope. I wonder if they'd be pushing to outlaw ropes.

  • Rob Roberts

    I have several firearms and carry concealed where ever I go. Not one of my pistols has cocked itself and shot anyone. How is that? Must not be the gun, maybe the person holding it ?

  • ARMYOF69

    Can you imagine how many swords, lances muskets and modern guns are buried all over Europe , and the U.S.A.? Must be in the many thousands, yet not one of them has been charged with murder.
    Could it be , because the problem is not the weapon , but the human that's the problem?

  • Ilene

    How about the woman in news who wanted to kill her husband with a tuna sandwich laced with aspirin and depressants.

  • Don39

    I would say that the leftist psychopathology that blames inanimate objects for the ills of mankind and refuses to recognize the pathology they foster by amorality is responsible next to the amoral individuals they facilitate!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    That "Dark Passenger" analogy fits. All the leftist pundits really need for a tragedy is a gun somewhere. That fits their agenda.

  • FreeBird

    Anyone can kill with bodily force . Why a person does so is the question...
    The gun didn't do it, the person did...
    A pen or pencil in the jugular is the same as strangulation when it comes to Murder...
    My foot in a mans groin, to follow by my key in his neck to protect myself...
    Guaranteed.. I will go to jail...
    Our Laws are half ass backwards....

  • Ernest

    This is a play of words typical of reporters . The huge SUV ran over the meridian head on into a sports car . The pickup truck lost control or better yet the semi truck careened out of control and hit 12 cars . The bigger the one out of control the better . The media thinks we should drive 2 seater cars that at the tallest point are 3 ft off the ground doing 55MPH and getting 75 MPG .

  • Ernest

    The last I heard they still charge the person with the gun . They don't arrest a gun and put it in jail so why do they blame the gun ???

  • samtman

    Only hunting rifles should be allowed in privat hands. Hand guns kill people, hunting rifles kill mostly anlimals deemed for hunting and as a food source, Hunting rifles satisfies the provision in the second amendment.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      What part of "to the security of a free state" don't you understand. The second amendment was not put in the Constitution to protect hunting.

  • SickoftheBS

    What ever happened to Liberals giving a free ride for bad behavior because it was the parents fault for the way they raised their killer son or daughter? Oh yea Obama, and his goal is to outlaw guns so now it is the guns fault. If it was not the Parents and it was not Football and it was not the murder and it was not the gun, maybe it was Obama's fault for turning white against black and poor agianst rich and women against men and Conservatives against Liberals and gays against straights. Yea thats it, it is Obama's fault so we should make him (even more) illegal and get rid of him.

  • paco12348

    I believe I was speaking with tongue in cheek!