Tea Party Getting Ready for Showdown in 2014

The GOP didn’t get the message after the election of 2010, and it’s not getting the message after its poor showing in 2012 against Obama. Typical of Republicans, they tried to appeal to the center and ignored their base.

John Boehner and a number of other Establishment Republicans are involved in a Soviet-style purge of conservatives from committees.

We’re seeing defections from a number of Republicans on the tax issue. Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, who will be up for re-election in 2014, has dumped his long-time pledge not to support tax increases. He’s not alone. Reuters reported that at least 16 Republicans in the new Congress have abandoned the pledge not to raise taxes.

Now for the good news.

Conservative opposition is building for a showdown with Chambliss in 2014.

“A new Georgia poll found that former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, whose embrace of the Tea Party briefly propelled him to the top of the 2012 GOP presidential primary field during primary, leads incumbent Republican Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss by 14 points in a hypothetical primary showdown.

“According to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll, Cain would defeat Chambliss, 50%-36%, in a potential primary.”

It remains to be seen if Cain will run since he will take over for long-time talk-show host Neal Bortz beginning January 22, the day after President Obama is inaugurated for a second term.

I suspect that there will be others who will challenge Chambliss before it’s all over.

Let’s prepare for a takeover of the Republican Party while the GOP is weak. Now is not the time to give up.



  • ThanksForTheShow

    Hahahaha. Hermain Cain?

    Ahahahahaha. Holy crap you people are hilarious.

    "in a hypothetical primary showdown." It should be noted, this doesn't carry over to real primary showdowns, kind of how a hypothetical "any Republican" would have beaten Obama, and yet Mitt Romney did not.

    Thanks for the show folks.

    • JohnGalt

      You disgusting, prancing, sneering POS think you actually "Won" with your radical RaceMarxist.

      Its now well beyond the venal corruption, politics, and Communist propaganda, characteristic of the corrupt Left. It is all about the undeniable mathematics.

      You want some entertainment, clown?

      Thanks to clueless parasites such as yourself, continually voting for thieving Collectivism, you are about to experience a "show" of requisite fiscal austerity, the likes of which your rodent cognition cannot even begin to imagine.

      • HappyClinger

        Don't waste your breath on this trash. He'll be among the first NOT to survive the collapse.

        • patriot2

          HC I was hoping he wouldn't survive the last election.it's obvious he doesn't know obama will be the cause of the collapse.

        • Jerry O

          Bring it on. Good luck to him when it starts to fall apart. His fellow leftists will kill him for his shoes or a piece of bread in a second.

      • jag

        Right-on John!

      • tex

        Bravo, John Galt!

      • Kittyhane


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

      And you look and smell like an ignorant troll that was STUPID enough to vote for Obozo again. Now go pull your head out of the toilet.

    • Oscar Dar

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA' You must remember your man is out of the woods . Impeachment, prosecution and the demand for his resignation are all in the air.. Wait and see, and you will find you Obaman is out White House and inside the house with a big BARS around him. We know you are ignoring every violations of laws that your man has committed, but you will face reality when the real decision will come down and America will be vindicated with all their aspirations and the chance of the continuance of their dreams that was interrupted by your Obaman's destruction and abuses of our government which does not belong to him. We want to see how you laugh when your man goes home to his own country Kenya.

    • tex

      stick your head back up you azz and return to media matters, troll.

    • Gidget

      Just go away and play nasty in your huff and puff play ground run by arianna. Bye.

    • Kittyhane

      it's hard to beat the voting machines and vote counters. I forget who siad this but it was a famous man...quote" The one who counts the votes WINS"

  • ARMYOF69

    I am all for going over the cliff, and STAYING down there until we run out of tax payer monies to pay for EBT, housing and other thefts of tax payers monies.
    THEN, perhaps those who voted for the obama freebies will come over and beg for a job, like cleaning my toilets.

    • patriot2

      ARMY I was hoping they would have been ready for the last election,we should have been well on our way by now to reducing the freeloaders on welfare.

      • Kittyhane

        you can't beat illegal voting and rigged machines. That was most of it

        • Matt

          You betcha. So why keep trying. There are so many dead and illegals not to mention the real moochers who came put in drives to beat Mittens. Must give up". Geeks rule.

        • patriot2

          I'm sure it was both times,but we have nobody in authority to do anything about it.I'm afraid we have nothing but worthless elected trash.

        • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.grecocanchola Deborah Greco-Canchola

          Why the
          GOP does NOTHING about voter fraud: ....You have got to check his out. I
          learned something today; and I DO NOT LIKE IT. I think you will agree. ~~~~~~~ http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/why-the-gop-will-not-do-anything-about-vote-fraud/

        • ginger

          The reason we lost is because we were WEAK and did not stand up and call out the lies...we Assumed that most people had some sense....wrong.

        • theodorej

          Hey Ginger .... We lost because we were cheated .... The weak never even showed up for the fight... Those who voted for Romney had good sense...

        • ginger

          granted, there was some fraud...but the major reason is that the gimmes showed up and those who stood on "principle " for Paul or others did not.

        • theodorej

          Those who stood for their principle were stupid,spiteful and WEAK...Take a good look at what their principles have left this nation with....

        • boccagalupe

          You've got that correct theodore,... We were cheated on many fronts First by the RNC/GOP by sending one legged men (McCain,Romney) to represent us in an ass kickin' contest. Both nice guys, but losers in a street fight. Then further down the list, the vote was rigged Many libs voted 2 or more times, and the machines being programmed for the left. Let us not forget finally, that our military was denied the vote if overseas. But the main problem was with our WIMPS!!!

        • BayouCoyoteisanahole

          boccagalupe - let's not forget the fact that there was 150% to 195% voter turn out for O'blammer in the known Republican and conservative districts in Ohio, Florida, CO & PA.

        • JRRS

          Weak? Three million of you did not even vote! How dumb is that? Just turn the government over to Obama and then whine. Too late now. More than 50 percent of the voting public is now socialist (democrat). How do you beat 100,000,000 on the government payroll?

        • Chemiker

          Yes, there was fraud. However, we had weak or idiotic candidates. Romney wimped out and did not call out Hussein on his lies. Romney's acceptance speach was among the worst ever. Good man; bad candidate. Maybe we should nominate a conservative in 2016 - if we survive that long.

        • ginger

          Correct on all counts...need Allen West, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin; Jim Demint and Mike Lee and Darrell Issa and a bunch of others to stand fast..and we need to support all our true conservative candidates...forget the Rino party and start a true American party.

        • 44rd11

          Let's see, Jim Demint just quit - he knows that he's in the LOSING party and it's time for the rats to leave the sinking ship. Issa is just all mouth - no real power, so they let him talk and investigate, talk and investigate, talk and investigate - Obama will be retired to his comfy forever pension at our expense.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

          Nah, DeMint is just moving into a position where he can actually make things happen.

        • ginger

          if we let him.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Bashaw/1066839458 Scott Bashaw

          its tough when Democrats own most of the media and Academia,....until we fix this,..we are doomed,...well and voter fraud,...we must attack on all fronts like they do,...its going to be a long battle,..perhaps decades and not sure we got that long?,....the first most important fight we got right now is saving the 2nd Amendment,....get out this saturday for the National day of resistance "against Obama's attack on gun rights",..cause without this right,we are done

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

      California's unemployed are "biting their nails" over the fiscal cliff. Their 99 weeks of extended UI benefits are about to end and I say "let it happen". This is what Americans elected in November so obviously this is what they want to happen. If they didn't, they wouldn't have been stupid enough to reelect the Spender-in-Chief.

    • tex

      I'm for TEA Party backing a combination of all of today's "3rd" parties and removing the GOP from legislation permanently. We need a true conservative party and candidates who are responsive to the base and understand they serve US. Republicans are NOT it. I wouldn't spit on Boehner if he were on fire and I have officially demanded to have my name permanently removed from any Republican party affiliation.

      • Gidget

        I too feel the same way. I wish the tea party would form a party. The repubs have forgotten who supported them. Maybe we can get Allan West elected again if he would run in another party. We lost a great man when he lost here in FL.

        • Kittyhane

          I am still upset over the dirty trick played on Allan West. He is a true American. They moved boundaries and that put him in a democrat area

        • boccagalupe

          Do not count A. West out!!! This is a man of character. He will rise again.

        • 44rd11

          AND Florida legislature is controlled by Republicans - they did him in - as Eliza would say.

        • Patriot

          I believe the RNC in DC shoved the FL legislators into redistricting West our of his seat so he would be in a heavily Dem area, just so he would lose - as punishment for speaking out against the inside-the-beltway mentality, status quo of the Repubs in the House - Boehner included. Really makes me sick. West is great!

      • boccagalupe

        YEPPP, love yore thinkin' TEX

      • ARMYOF69

        Good for you. I did , a long time ago.


      I hope the govt runs not only out of money but ways to get the money, and as far as my Social Security check they can shove it up their collective as*es, I dont need anything from the hucksters in DC.unlike the scum that voted this scam artist back in.

      • CDD

        I hate to be the one to dash your hopes, but they won't run out of creative ideas for "revenue enhancement" (THEFT) any time soon!!! The seizure of retirement accounts and private gold holdings can't be too far off!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ginger

        Seems we have plenty of money to waste on trash "studies" of garbage and enough money for our enemies but not enough to straighten up our own house.

      • boccagalupe

        How in the world are they gonna run out of money, when they run the press'

        • 44rd11

          It's easy, money printed out of thin air with no backing except the hot air of the President and this Congress - worthless paper - do a little investigating - it was called the Weimar Republic.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

          OMG!!! The first statement you have made that I actually agree with.

    • Kittyhane

      That's what I say. yomama owns it and more. We older ones will survive, the bamafones will go silent soon.

    • CDD

      Interesting idea. However, I would not want a Liberal ANYWHERE NEAR my toilet!! Remember those "Occupy" idiots???????????????????????????????????

    • RightinTexas

      We are over the cliff and have been since the Little Sun King became our Black Jesus.

      • http://twitter.com/franginter fran ginter


    • uncle

      The cliff means you cut tons from defense. Good old Barry might just come pickup all your guns and sell them. Right after he has that RF micro chip inserted. You, my middle class, friend will have to pay Uncle Barry $2000. 65% of the Americans who support increased taxes for rich will blame Repsmandm to vote for them. Nice outcome for the GOP. GO FOR IT.

      • ARMYOF69

        Dear Uncle, it will take a very painful but necessary step to get out of this dictatorial bunch ruling us. WE shall have to suffer some, yes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pat.pettie.9 Pat Pettie

      They probably make more mess on your toilets; better be careful with these people, they don't know how to work for living.

    • CARLjr

      Anything bad for America is good for the Tea Party? Actively fighting to destroy the country is the new strategy. Your hatred of the poor and disabled is distasteful. If the country plunges into further depression - I hope you get a taste of what it's like.

      • Patriot

        Carl, I hope you get a taste of what it's like when your taxes go sky high, inflation hits, and the rich are taxed to where they have nothing left to give you so you will have to get a job - any job, just to eat. Where do you come off saying that we who earned through years of hard work hate the poor? How much do Dems contribute to charity - zilch to nothing. Do the research. It's the Repubs who give to the poor and work with the poor, disabled, handicapped, infirm, ill, in prison, etc. We serve meals to the homeless. What do you do? Wait for your freebies from OWEbama?

  • HappyClinger

    "Let's prepare for a takeover of the Republican Party while the GOP is weak." I could really get behind that effort.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJM2AZCHZG4VSDKGAJ4G7OPAOI David Batchelder

      Yes, we must get on the local commodities. That way we can vote these morons out.

    • http://twitter.com/feisty819 Jeanie

      Boehner has to go.....put Newt Gingrich in there and watch all of them squirm. He would see they straigten up in a hurry. He has been around the block a few times.
      Let the House get rid of Boehner and vote in Gingrich.

      • Kittyhane

        I'm all for Newt. He doesn't take any 'bs'. He knows his way around.

      • Packin

        Say old white men. How ya gonna put Newt the Coot in. Give him Boehners seat. Do you guys do acid like those old 60s hippies. I'm beginning to think so. I believe Newt is available to set up that Moon colony. Perhaps rove will get some ofmthose billionaires to fund. That's an excellent idea. No moochers allowed. Only two token blacks...Cain and west.

        • go for it

          Packin in your mouth. move to n.korea and you will be at home.

        • granny

          May you be in heaven 30 min before the devil knows your dead. Stay on that acid Packin, so we know your brain is fried.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          It is not a "requirement" that the Speaker be an elected House member. Just because it hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't. Bone up on your Constitution before you start running your mouth.

        • 44rd11

          Thank you for the laugh. YOU do have to be an elected member of the House to be Speaker. They might even choose the Princess from the minority party there - but they will never have a speaker who cannot vote.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          WRONG. I didn't say they would do it. Like I said it's never been done, but it can be. The only thing the Constitution says is: (paraphrase) The House shall select it's Speaker. Now, I can thank you for the laugh.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

          Wrong, there is no requirement for the Speaker to be an elected member of the house. It has just been done that way for many years. USC Article I Section 3 states :"The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment." Just where exactly in there does it state they must be an elected member of Congress?

        • boccagalupe

          packin,... did they run you offa da huffy po? go on back an pologize dummy.

        • JohnGalt

          Race pig.
          You'll be begging for old white men to straighten this country out after 8 years of your low IQ, inept, thieving Kenyan.

      • granny007

        I was always opposed to Boehner. How in the world did he get so far? He's always been wishy washy and unimpressive.

      • ginger

        Y E S !!!!!!

      • 44rd11

        So sorry folks - Newt is not even in congress - can't be speaker unless elected to the House first.

        • DontTreadOnMe11


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

        Remember now, Gingrich worked as well with Clinton as Boehner is working with Obama. Seems to me we would be trading one capitulator for another.

  • henry de la noval

    Good job tea party.we never give up.look at cuba fidel castro for life :(

  • cathylovesyou

    The message to the idiot on the street should be how Obama played them for suckers on the handling of the Cliff, if they know what that is. We must lay all the blame on Obama and eventually it may get to the idiots. We can only have a Conservative party and a Democratic party, we can not be the same nor even come close to embracing their quest to turn Amecan into a Socialistic Democracy. Marx said Democracy is Ok just as long as it doesn't embrace Capitalism.
    Boehner is weak and I sure am upset over DeMintt leaving the Senate. If Boehner folds get ready for the New Conservative party and Republicans will have to make a choice. What is going on is criminal and I just don't understand how we are letting it all happen, and that goes for Democrats who also are Americans.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2BZHO5ROO7QRRX6CJJJEBUBQPY Tim

    Go Herman Go!

    • noitaint

      My choice foe President. would make a great Senator!

      • http://twitter.com/feisty819 Jeanie

        You are so right! Bill Clinton messed around and maybe Herman did too....poor judgment but, the intelligence remains which is what we need and NOW!!! I take that back...Clinton not too smart compared to Herman Cain.

        • Kittyhane

          clinton still retained his position, so why punish Cain?

        • Letty

          Cain never had a position.....Duh

        • kpjlaw

          Liberals will support anything that another liberal does. Liberals will punish conservatives simply for existing. Black conservatives are particularly threatening to liberals and must be destroyed at all costs.,

        • boccagalupe

          Because that's how the RNC/GOP acts and reacts. You've not heard of the RNC/GOP receiving any plaudits or awards for Smart, lately have you? By not funding Akins, McCaskill would be on her way out the door, but Cornyn, Rove and that noxious bunch hung him out to dry. RNC/GOP need to go!

        • wildbill

          Barry did too with other boys

        • 44rd11

          Clinton not too smart - where is YOUR brain. Who is still admired in the majority of Americans hearts - they will forgive a lecher as long as he smiles and is a "nice" guy. Clinton was much smarter than almost any Democrat in the past you can think of - much smarter than JFK - slick willy is still alive - and if they were to remove the bar to being president more than twice - would be elected in complete landslide.

      • Gidget

        He was my choice also.

    • Gidget

      amen, amen

    • Kittyhane

      Great. smart man.

  • Doodlebug

    I hope the Tea Party is starting now to get all that needs to be organized, organized! Out with RINOs and every dummicrat they can in 2014. How this dummicrat donkey can ever say he won, is beyond me. He STOLE the election and we all know it. He's been campaigning on lies since before he won the senate and he is still campaigning, handing out phones etc. Shouldn't he be sitting down with Boehner to get things done? I say go over the "cliff" and let EVERYONE INVOLVED know that we cannot keep on spending our way out of this. Come on Tea Party, let's get going and kick this dummicrat donkey out of the WH and all his Czars, his entire administration out. Wish you would have been stronger before this 2012 election.

    • tex

      And what are you doing to help TEA Party?

      • Doodlebug

        If it weren't for my age and physical condition I would be doing a whole lot more tex. How about you? obummer will be taking all my money until the day he pushes me over the cliff so this coming election I will be lucky to be around to cast a vote. I've sent money to candidates to help them win but I'm not physically able to get out and march tex, have you? I hope this satisfies you!!!

        • Doodlebug

          I might add that at least I'll get pain pills to help me through it!

        • kpjlaw

          Obama is such a pain that pills don't help.

    • Kittyhane

      Go over I say. Can't be any different if Boehner bends. yomama owns it and we won't let him forget. That's what he is afraid of.

      • Doodlebug

        kittyhane, you are absolutely right and this will just happen again next year. Let's go and get it over with rather than be bullied by obummer!

    • sam

      Obama is not campaigning he is out brainwashing the gullible who voted for him
      It is a pity that they do not see what is really in store for them

    • MilVet

      Why don't we help them go over the cliff.Wonder what would happen if no one pays their tax's

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.kriske Kevin Kriske

    Welfare, unions, liberal democrats, and queers are destroying our country.

    • David Roberts

      They are indeed, my friend. They are indeed. We need to pay attention to what our Legislators are doing [or not doing] or we will soon be living in the USSA if Obama gets his way. George Soros is the BIG problem.

      • Kittyhane

        George Soros owns the voting machines. I say go back to the old paper ballots with a receipt. I remember when we used them. It might take longer to count votes but the poll workers get paid good for their work.This way if the people aren't satisfied, you call in the 2nd vote of 'voter receipts'

        • 44rd11

          and you talk about Democrats drinking the koolaide.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Conder/100000478880519 Keith Conder

          Actually, back then, the voting precincts tabulated their votes and reported them to the county election commission. The county election commission then took the information from all county precincts and reported it to the state election commission. The paper ballots are always available for recount and if there are questions they voter can actually be contacted to certify their vote. But first, we MUST have Voter ID laws to eliminate most voter fraud. Then, we must have a system whereby, perhaps, the vote is calculated by disinterested parties before they are reported. The person tabulating and reporting should be required to sign an affidavit certifying they have accurately tabulated the vote. The vote count and the ballots should always match. Then, if there is any question, bring in a second disinterested party to swear a second count. If both counts match, send off the results. If not, bring in a third disinterested party and conduct a final tally. Certify the results of the two people with the same result. If we end up with three people who can't count, shoot them all and start over. That ought to provide a strong incentive for accurate reporting.

      • ginger

        Start at the local level..see if your community is into the "sustainablility" program of the UN agenda 21...fight now or lose later.

    • kpjlaw

      Don't forget to include RINO's in the list.

      • 44rd11

        Do you know who the RINO's are? Republican In Name Only. It's conservatives, Tea Party and LIbertarians that cling to the Republican party like ticks on a dogs back - hoping against hope to get a crumb from the progressive establishment Republicans like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. YOU my friend are the RINO it is not they.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2BZHO5ROO7QRRX6CJJJEBUBQPY Tim

    Tea type conservatives can have their own agenda and elect Congress members. We do not have to have the oval office, we could obstruct the votes (if we have enough) and turn this rudderless ship back on the straight and narrow.

  • cottagemist

    Tea Party is a dirty word..te party helped the Republicans in alot of elections, now conserveative representativrs removed for holding on to promises, and constitutes..It,s time to stand and let Rinos know that the line has been drawn.. Action is always necessary to impact them with the reality of how patriot American,s feel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

      Yep, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside how they betrayed us once again.

    • tex

      You need a course in reading comprehension and/or political science. TEA Party put CONSERVATIVES in office. Boehner and other RINO's removed them from committees because they wouldn't go along with what RINO's want. TEA Party will remove the RINO's and hopefully, will assist in establishing a completely new, conservative party that will push repub's off the cliff with the demo-communists, where they belong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

    Let's dump the RINO's and the Right coast "social" Republicans for some true blue AMERICAN conservative Republicans that CARE about thier constituents.


      another bonus in doing that is we'll pick up a larger group of conservative Democrats plus Libertarians, we dont need RINOS anyplace but Africa. call your congressperson at 202 224 3121 and ask that they dont vote for Boehner to contunue as the chair, he needs 218 votes I hope he gets 217 . and also tell your Congressperson that you'll check to see how he voted and that will determine who you'll vote for in 2014, if enough of ppl call they'll get the message.

  • Paratisi

    That's exactly right! The Purge of the Cancer Infecting the GOP, must happen in 2014! The rinos/eSTABrepubs(AKA: the Rockefeller Wing), must be voted out! When your only purpose for running is power, It's time to go! The eSTABrepubs are no idiots. they are not getting beaten by Benedict Obama. They are Surrendering and are part of the Traitor-in-chief's cover for all the Unconstitutional Actions(Such as the Treason of Arming Al-Qaeda & the Dereliction of Duty in Benghazi)! 2014 means no votes for rinos/eSTABrepubs! Get rid of Benedict Obama's partners in TREASON!


    God Bless America!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.lynn.940 Jacqueline Lynn

    OK here is my plan. As of January 2nd I will alter my registrations to Democrat. NOW WAIT AND LISTEN! Once registered as a Dem I will be eligible for some of those famous bennies. I will be harder to find for their ENEMIES LIST. I will be able to vote for their absolute weakest candidates in Primaries aND FOR MY OWN CANDIDATE IN THE REAL ELECTIONS!
    No one will know where to place their attack ads if we are all listed under the party of DeMONIZING AND DESTRUCTION!

    • tex

      That is a devious plan, but to work will have to be organizes. How you gonna do that?

      • Kittyhane

        Just the way my husband and I were doing. He died last year and now I am sitting back and watching.I get all the repub. mail news because I donate to them.

    • http://twitter.com/feisty819 Jeanie

      I like that!

    • Kittyhane

      I've been doing that for years because while my husband was alive he worked in a dem admin place and we had to stay dem. Then when electons came up for dems I voted for the one least to win. In pres. elections we voted repub.

  • Joanne

    The Tea Party is our only hope considering Obama, the fraud has been re-elected. The majority of Americans do not want our country to sink any lower.

  • Jerry O

    2012 = stolen election. Romney was a Rove/Bush setup. We saw it in Santorum getting the primaries stolen from him with at the last minute votes from the cities flooding in just like election night with Obama. The conservative media like cowards pretending t he vote was not stolen including Rush. We keep getting told wait til the next election. The GOP needs to impeach Obama for Bengazi. Cowards. Our advanced mortars were used by Al Qeada to kill our own people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    So let me get this straight. We are falling apart now , but the tea party is waiting untill elections in 2014? To a degree I can understand. It seems there not one thing we can do. The house is run by rinos that are working with the left to destroy us and no one is listening in Washington. Im tired of these games they are playing with our lives.

  • RH6194

    Forget taking over the Republican Party. They are on a mission to self-destruct and I don't think a new conservative party even wants to have the associated "stench" of the former GOP. Just let Boehner and company continue down their clueless road! Meanwhile, we need to create a new, TRULY conservative party. Everyone is always clamoring for a realistic "third party" candidate....so let's give them someone who is a CLEAR choice from the status quo. Whether we officially call ourselves the TEA Party or if we come up with another name altogether...we need to distance ourselves from the "good 'ole boys" club and make sure that the American people know we are the conservative party of choice. What kind of choice was Romney vs Obama or McCain vs Obama? Both of those guys are totally middle of the road and compromise so much that you really can't tell them from Obama. They may not get us to Socialism as FAST as Obama, but they were both headed in the same direction! It's time for a party that holds fast to the Constitution and the Bible as the cornerstones of our party's platform!

    • Gidget

      Yes, if there is a conservative party, maybe the repub conservatives who did not vote last time will register and vote for a God loving conservative party.

  • pduffy

    The founding fathers didn't seek to "take over control" of the forces of the tyrant king of England. You can't 'reform' something that is totally corrupt. Forget taking over the RINO party, it's finished.

  • BMoore

    You are wasting your time trying to take it over. It ain't going to happen. It is just more time lost. Better to start a new party and become the power broker. The Republican Establishment isn't going to change. The only thing they will respect is power. A new party would pull from all over as everyone is disgusted with both parties. A true American party would find broad support. The Republican is going to sabotabe any and every Tea Party effort. Wait and see...

    • Kittyhane

      Where there's a will there's a way

  • TransplantedTexan

    Herman Cain would make an outstanding Senator..and since I live in Georgia, I would get to vote for him. Chambliss is just another political class, Democrat turned Republican hack. Let's make RINO's an endangered species.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Before their can be any change in Reoublican party leadership must be thrown out. Current leadership has made losing a new art form

  • Nighthawk

    At the moment I am thoroughly disgusted with the Republican and Democrat parties. Whatever happened to America FIRST. Both parties are more interested in their parties agendas. Both parties have flipped off the Constitution. Let us stop the debates and arguments and start arresting people.

    • Gidget

      Actually they are all on a power trip. Both parties want bigger government so they have more power over the people they are working for.

  • disgusted

    If they can't get their 'Act together' - I'll vote for & SUPPORT (donations) to another "party" - all that these have done = SPEND! like a d-o-c. . !

  • ol' Lawrence

    Too little, too late. The US will be smoking radioactive ruins and 300 Million Americans
    will be DEAD before the midterm elections the Tea Party is targeting. Watch it start in the

    Middle East in October of 2013 with the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1), last 150
    days....and end around Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2014. The economic collapse
    of the US is just incidental to the coming nuclear destruction.

    2 Billion people will be killed by nuclear World War Three in that time frame...and the US and UK will be removed so the antichrist can arise to world power from Germany.

    ol' Lawrence

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-A-Naguski/100000894223988 John A. Naguski

    Boehner must go he seems to be in obama's pocket.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    The Hermanator would definatley get my vote over the RINO Chambliss. Cain would have had my vote for prez if the media hadn't derailed his campain and he had become the candidate. If Cain doesn't run, then whoever shows against Saxby gets my vote. It's time to show these career politicans that the PEOPLE have a say in the way their reps are supposed to run the country.

    • Gidget

      First commandment thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Well the dems did that to Herman Cain, That shows how evil they are. You might even say they rank with satan. Every time a honorable black runs for office they demonize him or her. I was also sad to see Mia Love lost. She would be a good candidate also for the conservatives. Oh by the way I am a white woman.

      • Kittyhane

        I'm white too and I was cheering for Mia, Herman and Allan West. The problem the white/black/kenyan ruined it for them.

  • Armchair Commando

    The problem remains how does the Tea Party organize an effort to take over the GOP? The Tea Party itself is not an organization nor does it have any structure or bone fide leadership.It's time for the Tea Party to morph into a Restore the Republic movement with a manifesto that states how the republic has been damaged, reaffirms the Declaration and the Constitution and provides an agenda to accomplish it. We can either do this as members of the GOP or as members of a new party dedicated to these goals. Obviously, it would be easier to accomplish through the GOP but only if we succeed in taking over the party.

    • Kittyhane

      It would probably be better to do it like you say.

  • Christian Archer

    Let the Republicrat party die. It will never again embrace truly conservative values. I'm the proverbial frog that jumped out of the boiling pot of water right after Ronald Reagan. Those of you trying to change the Republicrats are going to get cooked. The socialistic Rockefeller type Republicrats control the party and have for decades. I still can't figure how Reagan squeezed through. He was just too popular with the people and the socialist Republicrats had to swallow a bitter pill for a while.

    Now is the time to form a new conservative party. Please check out the party platform of the "Constitution Party." Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. First McCain, then Romney, please jump out of the pot of boiling water and become a free thinker again.

    BTW, if you think I'm harsh on the socialistic Republicrats, then know this, I consider the Demoncrats a group of misfits composted of atheists, NWO people, non-productive slugs, communists and new age people. I'm sure I missed some major categories that they have enslaved.

  • Return

    Is anyone listening?

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    2 Chronicles 7: 14

  • Angelkisz

    I say go on over the cliff and let the Obummer deal with it. I know things will be tough but when hasn't it been since this queer took office. I think we that believe that that our country is headed in the wrong direction need to get behind those that we need in there to replace the rhinos or those that no longer have the people's interest at heart need to be voted out. So, Mr. Caine if you run you have my support.

    • Kittyhane

      Mine too

    • Kittyhane

      I laugh when the dems say 'throw Granny off the cliff" WEELLLL Granny is tougher than they think. She has know a lot of hard times and she'll get back up and climb back out. I know this great granny could do it.

  • wandaz

    I believe as the Tea Party believes. And I would like to support them with what small contributions I can but there is a problem that has turned me off and made me highly skeptical about how exactly to do it. There are so many websites with Tea Party logos asking for support of causes and candidates and one can't help but ask if they are all legit. Money is precious to most members of the Tea Party followers but we would feel a lot more comfortable donating if it was all under one logo. I know there are lots of Tea Parties but you need to get together under one banner when asking for donations. I will not donate otherwise.

    • noitaint

      I know what you're saying, and i agree. But if the Tea Party was organized under one banner, they would become a centralized target for the libs to attack. better to fly under the radar till we become a real third party.

    • tex

      get involved with TEA Party locally, in your state, city, or geographic location. go to meetings and every rally you can attend, then you will know where to put any funds you can donate.

    • Kittyhane

      Good Idea. I am leary of too many asking for money. They have to establish ONE site that is known to be legit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tncdel Tnc Del

    Please see,
    "Should Michele Bachmann be Speaker of the House instead of John Boehner?,"

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.dubrucq Dave Du Brucq

    I am fed up with the Republican Party. It's time for a conservative party in America. As far as I am concerned, the GOP can go the way of the Whigs.

  • bill

    Lets go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

    The good 'ol Republican Boys' Club is fast becoming the thing of the past. The GOP needs to rid themselves of the baggage they've held onto for too long...people like Boehner and McCain who would rather compromise their values and standards than lose their jobs. The GOP needs more Rubios, Wests, Ryans, and Cains to lead this Party. Let's also get Mia Love, Deneen Borelli, and Condoleezza Rice to lead this Party! We need strong Conservatives leaders. Not wimpy, limp-wristed Republicans.

    • Gidget

      I agree with most of them but remember Condi Rice is a moderate and believes in abortion. I think she did a great job as Secretary of State but don't agree with her on the life issue. I am totally against abortions.

  • keyman66

    The "establishment" are the problem. Anyone with more than two terms in DC needs to go! Period! Party doesn't matter!

    • Kittyhane

      I don't believe in the Supreme Court justices either....they need a 'term' period. Someone else a little wiser always comes along and knows a little more

  • Biggies

    Have people forgotten the Cain was "seeing" a woman and "helping" her with "her bills" and forgot to tell his wife...? Not a good moral candidate on my list! I would always wonder what he "wasn't telling" me!!!

    • Gidget

      Have you forgot who the lawyer was. She is a liberal who hands out her cards to all the dems at their gatherings. Remember the dems cry racist, play class war fare, sexist. As a woman I never believed the lies put out by the dems. Go Herman go.

    • Kittyhane

      remember this?..."I did NOT have sex with that woman"....or...JFK and Marilyn....or FDR and on and on and on.

  • Badgerloader

    Boehner needs a conservative primary challenger.

  • Steve

    We're on the new Titanic folks, we're all going down, but I have a HOPE in Jesus Christ, one that promises a new tomorrow. I can hardly wait!!

    • Kittyhane

      Everyday I ask Jesus to come back.

  • dicksi

    By 2014 the Dems will have created a permanent majority by government give-aways. I believe the Dems will reclaim the House of Representatives in 2014 and every election thereafter. We will slide into a 3rd world socialist economy where the leaders and their cronies are the only ones that benefit.


    they should of DUMPED Boehner the first time he cried on national tv lol crying like a freaking cun* and this is our leader, call your Congressperson and ask that they DO NOT vote to return Boehner to chair the GOP house. this guys a weakling he proves it on a daily basis, the GOP is dealing with these stone hard commies and this is our guy lol laughable. if the GOP trys to resist our wishes ( REMEMBER US WE VOTED YOU IN ) then I think the GOP should be abandoned once and for all and get a real conservative party not this facade.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJM2AZCHZG4VSDKGAJ4G7OPAOI David Batchelder

    Before you support Herman Cain, he loves and worked for the federal reserve bank. I asked him one day while we were talking, at one of his campaign rallies. Herman, What would you do to audit the FED. He stated to me, He would not. They are fine.

    Well, I turned and walked away. He is an elite. The fed is the problem.

    • Ciaran

      Amen!!!! Bless you.

    • Kittyhane

      Maybe not because the gov. has hoodwinked everyone with false info for so long it is hard for anyone to tell who is telling the truth. REmember Benghazi and the lies vs the truth

  • http://saddlebum1.wordpress.com/ Timothy W. Lucas

    There should of been turn out events in large scale. Motivation tools. Didn't see any. No one excited over Romney and 200,000 Paulbots never showed up to vote or wasted their vote just like they said they would. If you don't bring tools to the party you simply are wasting the effort. Obama had tools as corrupt as they were and still won, I guess. Jury still out on that one like hanging chads. I'm one of your connections and freedom lover stuck in a country of tyranny with a egotistical Keynesian dictator from hell. One generation away? Not any longer.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6LE5GJQNKBUMSIWBTG2LMPFH4 Douglas

    A lot of questions must be ask before we start trying to fix this mess in Washington. First the question is are we all on the same page..or will we see another O re-election result? Most of what I seen in many cases several people failed to vote because they didn't like who the Republicans had running, and our fighting among the ranks allowed the other guy to pretty much win by default!! Say what you will about the Democrats (and this pains me to say this) but they will at least stick together..even if it is all hate in their hearts...they hate collectively! See that is what communism is...they join together to be one....one person thinks for them, one person acts for them, one person feeds them, and one person goes to the potty for them...they can not or want to do for themselves...have you seen a a group of cows one following the other! This is democrats...they may not be bright...but they are all together! The bottom line is I don't think it would be wise for us to separate the ranks any further and expect to ever win an other election!

    • Kittyhane

      The reason the dems won was because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi made it their business to get 'something' on everyone and let them know it. Then they moved in to get them out.Just like the dog and jjpony show the 2 clintons and yomama have going. They both have something on each other.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pmcconathy1 Phil McConathy

    I believe after Boehner caves to Obama in the next few weeks 2014 will be a time when Conservatives can work hard to take out a bunch of RINO's in 2104 through the primary election cycle. Now is the time. I am afraid if Conservatives can't make a huge headway in 2014 and 2016 this country will be lost to the takers and freeloaders until the money runs out from the producers. That is the problem with Socialism, eventually they run out of other peoples money to redistribute/spend.

  • Mcclain

    we need the tea party input.if I am to understand it;Boehner is eliminating them from the discussions on raising taxes.I do not believe that the tea party members in the house and senate want to raise taxes on anyone.therefore it makes me ask: is Boehner planning on caving to Obama?

    • emerutil


  • hagar2935

    John Boehner MUST GO!

  • Gidget

    I pray Herman Cain will run for senator in Georgia. I supported him when he ran for president and will try to help him as much as I can if he runs. Tell him not to let the dems destroy his rep. We will still stand behind him.

  • Deb

    I just read all the comments because I was very interested in the Tea Party ideas. I just found out you are just as hateful as the Dems so I will remain as I am and hope Obama gets fired as soon as possible to save our country.

    • Logicon

      What??????????????? Where did you come up with that?

  • SPR0949

    I agree that it would be best to let the financial cliff come and purge the freeloaders from the taxpayers coat-tails, BUT, you know what will happen, the freeloaders and lefties will be rioting and pillaging because the free ride is over. I have had it with hoping the Repub's will get the message that they have abandoned those who put them where they are. I am now registered as a member of the Tea Party and encourage ALL republicans to do likewise, but ONLY if you are a true conservative constitutionalist. I will not vote for a republican just because it the lesser of two evils, again. I believe Romney has the understanding of economics and free market that he could have solved our economic problems, but he is far to much of a social liberal.

  • ducks4you

    We are keeping count. Vote "Yes" to tax hikes and we vote "No" to your reelection.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000000541834 Ted Smith

    The Tea Party has been it's own worst enemy. In the 2010 US Senate Races the Tea Party injected candidates who won the primary races then lost the general elections, keeping three seats in the hands of Democrats.

    Colorado –Ken Buch (TP) beat GOP candidate Jane Norton in the primary then lost the general election to Michael Bennett (D) keeping the seat Democrat. Delaware – Christine O’Donnell (TP) beat GOP candidate Mike Castle in the primary then lost the general election to Chris Cooms (D) keeping the seat Democrat. At the time of this election, this seat was held by Ted Kaufman (D) who was appointed to replace Joe Biden after he was elected VP.

    Nevada – Sharron Angle (TP) beat GOP candidate Sue Lowden in the primary then lost the general election to Harry Reid (D) keeping the seat Democrat. And, in this case, keeping the US Senate firmly in the hands of Harry Reid.

    Republicans had three opportunities to pick up Democrat seats yet, the result was three disastrous losses thanks to the Tea Party candidates.

    New Hampshire was a different story – In New Hampshire, the Senate seat was held by Republican Senator Judd Gregg who was retiring. Kelly Ayotte, the GOP candidate and a moderate, defeated Ovide Lamontagne (TP) in the primary and then defeated Paul Hodes (D) in the general election. In the primary, Ayotte got 48K (38%); Lamontagne got 47K (37%). But in the general election, Ayotte got (60%) and Hodes got only (36.8%).

    Why did Ayotte do so well?

    Because, as a moderate, she appealed to a broader range of voters and the results show it. In Colorado, Delaware and Nevada, the Tea Party candidates made up the majority of the primary voters, but their appeal was too narrow to carry the general elections because the voters considered them too radical.

    I'm sure there are those on this blog who would call Ayotte a RINO. But, those people are those I consider no better than Democrats.

    In the 2012 US Senate Race in Indiana, Richard Mourdock (TP) beat incumbent Republican US Senator Richard Lugar in the primary. His Democrat opponent Joe Donnelly, a Blue-Dog Democrat, won.

    It was Colorado, Delaware and Nevada all over again. Only this time, we lost a Republican seat.

    Bottom line: As to the US Senate, the Tea Party has been a disaster. And, calling those you don't agree with RINOS only makes the Tea Party look worse than Democrats.

  • Old Puck

    The TEA PARTY factions need to get organized and unite to form a third party . . . For it's "United, we stand . . . divided, we fall" . . . and Obummer has divided this country like no other person or event in history . . . and the RINO's have been a contributing factor . . .

    • Kittyhane

      yomama and George Soros. Soros has crumbled other societies

  • TxGCB

    the payroll tax and unemployment tax should be part of the settlement if the repubs cave. No extention. Let all the people that voted for Obama get off the sofa and go get a job. 99weeks is absurd.

  • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

    Too bad the showdown won't be over God's law versus man's law. Eventually, when it's discovered that even the Tea Partiers ultimately don't have any answers either (in fact, they--along with a lot of other patriots and Christians--are promoting the genesis of our problems as the answer),our nation will start returning to their God and His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments.

    For more, listen to "Tea Parties: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" Part 1 at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/tapelist.php#T847 and Part 2 at T 848.

  • emerutil

    I can no longer support the GOP. They have squandered every victory, and chronically caved to their enemies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Obama is going to have to pay back his peeps for re-electing him by trying to bail out the failing Democrat-run cities and states that are close to bankruptcy. We must not allow that to happen.

  • regulus30

    are we marching in DC on inauguration day???????

  • LibertyRN

    Be vigilant for the 2016 election. Hillary would only be a carbon copy of Obozo. We'll need someone who is a strong candidate.

  • donl

    The Russian newspaper pravda quoted Putin as saying: Obama was re-elected by Illiterates. I agree!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RobertAlexander.Salvage Robert Alexander

    I Corinthians 15.36 Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die:

    Zephaniah 3
    1 Woe to her that is filthy and polluted, to the oppressing city!
    2 She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in יהוה (Yahweh;) she drew not near to her Elohim (God.)
    3 Her princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are evening wolves; they gnaw not the bones till the morrow.
    4 Her prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law.

  • David Roberts

    Go Herman, go!.... I'm white. Let them try to call a racist. They're a bunch of JERKS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    Changing America,

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for King Obama and his social sucide justice agenda. Now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. King Obamas Big Government Control and Taxing will now destroy America, the republican party, replace the Supreme Court with liberals and lesbians and anything else that stands in his way to change America.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about King Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.

  • 2bvictorius

    If the national tea party group does not start a movement requesting that all conservatives should quit the republican party and register as independents, they will have missed the train once again and become even less of a player in national politics than they were in the 2012 presidential election.
    There is simply zero chances of rehabilitating the republican party by electing conservatives to serve in the congress because we would have to elect at least 200 conservatives during one election cycle, and that is impossible.
    The only way to change the republican party is for all conservatives to quit the party and maybe then the party will realize their effort to become a second democrat party is not in their best interest. Independents have far more influence in the republican party than do we the conservative base. It is way past time to leave the party and make some serious effort to actually defeat the socialist tidal wave that is destroying America.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Surprise.. we've already gone off the deep end of the " Fiscal Cliff ", it happened just about 18 months after Obama was elected the first time when he wasted a year and a half on his Obamacare/tax instead of working on the economy and jobs. So as we accelerate in " free fall " before the sudden stop at the bottom. Obama is planing his 4 million dollar Hawaian vacation, The Senate is waching " Abraham Licoln " movie and wanting a waiver to have snaks/food on the senate floor while watching the movie before going on vacation as well.
    What's the House doing? Well, you will be happy to know they actually Passed something besides gas. They passed a resolution to ban the word " lunatic " in use in federal laws.
    What a Christmas gift for Nancy Pelosi, she can now go home without the worry of some law using the word " lunatic " to discribe her should she face charges in a federal court.

  • PatroitLady

    Real tax relief? Let this administration with its over paid, over hired staff, the House of Representative with their staff, the Senators with their staff, and first and foremost start reducing the cliff hanger by not accepting their salaries and retirement benefits paid into their retirement system, and their healthcare premuims paid by the taxpayers. Turn off the "give-away cell phones, turn of PBS, stop sending billions to other countries when we can't even pay our debt!
    This would save an enormus amount just in salaries alone!
    Let them be considered on leave as long as they will not come up with a solution that the public and busness' can live with.
    I hope the Tea Party does increase until it is a party to contend with!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    The Republican Party Leadership must be removed in order to bring in fresh blood. You and I know that a third party is a waste of a vote. It is the numbers my Tea Party friends. You send enough people to the Republican National Convention ( I hate to think it will be 4 years from now) and take over the Party. Christian pro-life people took over the Texas GOP back when Pat Robertson ran because the Christian Coalition taught us how. Send overwhelming majority to that convention and you will remove the dead wood who think only in terms of who can win they think, not somebody who knows the Platform and understands the issues clearly. It is a numbers game, but it is the number of people who make the Leadership--you must remove the dead wood by the numbers. That is how the radicals took over the democrat party.

  • Annie

    2014 will be to late. If the Tea Party wants to make a difference now is the time. Unite protest this fraud election Period. If we continue to turn the other cheek we will find ourselves needing plastic surgery. We can not keep ignoring what the Obummer is doing to this country. I would rather die fight for my freedom then be a slave to the regeim.

  • Anadara

    I agree. Maybe we should call their bluff. Inform the President and the media that we conservatives are willing to perform a "full gainer" over the cliff and start blaming THE Socialist at the top for his obdurate performance.

    • RescueKyron

      It's a joke. They are going to give Obbba everything he wants because they want jobs in the New World Order and know he will be the Appointed Chief. North America Union. Already dumping our Dollar, already freeing the Jewess Justice in our Supreme Court to rip our Constitution... telling Egypt that our Constitution is old and no longer relevant... and she has a hard time working under it. The Ingrate. They are all working to destroy us. Are we going to let them or get serious and stop them at every meeting and every effort they make? We can do it.

  • MAngel

    If Boehner sells us out, perhaps it's time for a new party, not the Republicans. We've been burned too often by the Washington establishment. We need to take him and a lot of them out, or it's a lost cause.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.p.cox Edward P Cox

    Get rid of RINOs like McConnell and Boehner.

  • FSHNT21

    Time to stop worrying about the Republican Party. The GOP is dead, they just haven't been pronounced yet. Their offerings as presidential candidates the last 2 elections stand as proof.
    Time to offer the conservatives of America a party that still listens to the public and actually cares about the Republic
    Pull the funding and let the GOP die quietly....

  • jerry1944

    I dont think the gop can be saved. With ppl like bone head as a leader. I f we go over the cliff its faster than a slow death which is what would happen with tax increase. I have talked to a few small companys that have just cut back before the healthcare get them and say they may just close up if the taxes go up. Like some doctors office closed soon after the passages of the healthcare bill. Around here anyways. Saying they would have to much paper work so close down fast and move on. The companys i have talked to have the same idea. When taxes go up close the doors and move on. No TAXES on anyone cut spending and keep our standards and morals

  • http://www.facebook.com/gmallast Gary Mallast

    There are two things important vis-a-vis 2014 that have to be taken care of RIGHT NOW!!

    1. The current and in the new year fight over taxes. The Tea Party movement has to make a strong and loud protest showing.

    2. Here in Michigan the Party leadership that will be carrying us into 2014 will be elected at the state convention this February. I am sure that is true in other states. The jerks who blocked Tea Party delegates and Ron Paul delegates from voting, attending, speaking, whatever need to be thrown out! The election of local party officials has already taken place.

    • RescueKyron

      Yes. Thanks to YouTube, we watched the GOP convention managers destroy the Ron Paul delegates and we have those facts, the thugs' names, faces, and have unwavering determination to drive those people out of politics. They are the enablers of those who are working to destroy our Republic. They know who they are, what they did and that the world saw them. Who wants to retain them as employees or to hire them? Clamp down on your selection of the lower echelon individuals as political workers because they influence grassroots efforts according to their preferences. Read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and understand the tactics used by community organizers like Obbba used. Turn their tactics against them. Time's a wastin' so don't hesitate. Watch out for the infiltrators in the Tea Party groups. They are worming their way in.

  • wminaz

    I agree with trying to take over the party now. It is in the hands of inarticulate people who are incapable of winning. They just don't have the stomach for the fight. The only other alternative is to try to use a third party vehicle and that involves building an infrastructure while one already exists.

  • dave

    i understand that a lot of you who are in inline with the tea party movement you first must understand from an outsiders point of view is that your understanding of how to govern fulls outside of the main stream you can win local elections but to gain a mayor footing in the us you will need to change your thinking to be more in line with the the main stream You are far too right in your thinking to be excepted

    • Obummer

      First learn how to use spell check, then check your history. If our fore fathers had thought in your terms, the US would have never come to existence.

    • jerry1944

      If i am to conservative for the GOP thats ok wwih me if they dont like it. I saw the gop went way mod when they put mc cain up and with romney the father of healthcare i new the gop didnt stand a chance Then with there attack on the paul supporters which i am not one. But if they cave then i for sure want be in that party longer than to get there to change to a conservative party

  • adamenochnoah

    The GOP is dead & has been for a long time. I'm for starting a new party or going with the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party, whichever one that gets their act together. I'm tired of being frustrated by the RNC, & with the govt moving farther & farther away from the Constitution.

  • williamboylan

    It's time for a third party or a complete takeover of the Republican party by grass roots conservatives, AKA the Tea Party.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Fossiano/100000765840731 David Fossiano


  • v steve

    Never reelect anyone no matter how good or bad they are.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Thomas Jefferson expressed it: In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.

  • wtram46

    Obama needs to be skinned alive and his carcass fed to the sharks!!!

    • Blue Patriot Jr

      SADSADSADSAD - So many examples of the f-ing EMBARassMENTS ON THIS SITE! GROW UP YOU ANTI-AMERICAN CLOWNS. Time for a little surgery on your self...

  • Yoikes

    Conservatives must rest control of the Republican Party NOW. You are correct that the GOP is weak now and only we conservatives can save it........for OUR purposes!!! God bless America!

  • cosmos110

    Herman Cain was the Fed Chairman for the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City all through the 1990's. He's part of the problem.

    Cain supported all the bailouts and promotes the FED every chance he gets.

    Why don't we just see if Tim Geithner wants to join the GOP?

    GOSP, "Grand Old Socialist Party".


  • http://www.facebook.com/john.englehutt John Englehutt

    The tea party made a brief splash a couple years back, then it faded away. Even as bad as Obama was and is, the tea party had not the power to get him out of office. Why? Quite simply, it is not a movement built on a solid foundation, but on sand. And we all know what our Lord did say about building on sand.

    The only solid foundation is the Word of God or, as Rushdoony so often referred to it: the Law-word of God (because every word our Lord speaks is Law). The tea party has no specific agenda to turn the nation back to the Living God of Scripture and submit to His Law as the Law of the land, nor do the majority of those who call themselves Conservatives. Obedience to God's Law-word brings blessing, disobedience (and disregarding it almost entirely is indeed disobedience) brings curse (Deut 28). America, the tea party, conservatives et al. all show signs of this cursedness in their efforts.

    "The Lord shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies: thou shalt go out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them"( Deut 28:25).
    Hmmmmmm.....go out one way, flee seven ways.
    Draw your own conclusions.

  • colleenf

    There needs to be a huge purging of the Republican elites. Anyone who has been there for more than two terms has usually become part of the problem. There are exceptions, of course, but most are poisoned as soon as they arrive.
    We need to keep a voting record of all those who vote for more tax increases and raising the debt limit. You vote for either............we vote you OUT!

    • RescueKyron

      Out with McCain and Lindsey Graham... many others and all CommieDems.

  • cmjay

    Now, more than ever we need to unite and propel the TEA PARTY to new heights. Get rid of the RINOS and hold accountable those we voted for in 2010.

  • Red

    Cain is just another Affirmative Action hot air merchant who rode the Republican party for advertising and helped to bring about the splintering of the Republican p[arty. Maybe he wasn't on the Democrat payroll, but he should have been He actually thinks he is intelligent and capable of being President. He and Al Sharpton would make a great team.

    • George Blumel

      What an absurd charge! Note that when these kind of wild accusations are made no specifics follow.

  • George Blumel

    Cain would be a fine choice but there will be others. The goal must be to replace the self-serving career pol Chambliss --see Did You Hear the One About the Career Pol Who Kept His Word? Me Neither. at: http://www.posterchildrenfortermlimits.com/

  • blue patriot jr

    How exciting seeing the self-righteous ultra conservatives self implode and blame EVERYBODY BUT THEMSELVES! "Oh, it was VOTER FRAUD (now THAT's FUNNY!)" "The public wanted GIFTS (like freedoms to not go bankrupt over health care, and actual decision making for rape, assault and in birth control)" "Everyone voted twice...(hahaha)!" "It was Romney's fault" "We didn't spend enough money! (of the DONATED MILLIONS from a few self-imposed decision makers)" "We WEREN'T CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH! (in spite of the fact that voters overwhelmingly rejected conservatism)"
    Keep chewing your leg off, folks, that's the way problems are solved in a Tea Party-led conservative boys club ... Un-freakin' real... and truly sad.

    • RescueKyron

      Keep laughing till you're blue in the face. Yes the movement is "un-freaking." The GOPzionistNeocons and the CommieDems are done. They did it to themselves. Good job.

  • Neal

    There is no "Cliff." They just want an excuse to raise taxes. The press as usual is stampeeding the American People into believing the "Cliff." The government caused it, the government can fix it by extending "The Bus Tax Cuts." It is just another lie.

    • RescueKyron

      They don't realize how close to their own cliffs they are. Watch the tiny positionings that are being surprisingly done and without much fanfare. Jim will head Heritage and have strategic power. Stage scenery is being adjusted. The rats will run back to their holes... to no avail because the exterminators are preparing to do a good job.

  • Ed Watson

    Me thinks Boehner & Co. should fold their tent and go home where they will be pee'd on. No tax RATE hikes, no negotiation on debt limit and go home till hell freezes over. The dlift be damned as they will blame Bush and the Repubs anyway, and if the "sheeple" fall for it let them and us suffer.

  • laporte 417

    There are 4 groups that should be wary in 2014. They are the Repinlicans (and RINO'S), the Democrats(and DINO'S), THE Liberals, and the Conservatives. Thet are all living in either a blue or red state. The tea party has been compromised by the Republicans and Rino's. Many of us wre not either and like the Phoenix we will rise in 2014 as the PURPLE states and take our nation back. Never before in my lifetime has the two party system been so meaningless. A third party maybe led my Cain will emerge. All we need is 1 strong group in each state with a national leader to take on the establishment. Id bothing else we need to rid ourselves of cry baby bonerhead.

    • RescueKyron

      Get the d*mned idiots out of our towns. We are taking our Republic back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000000541834 Ted Smith

    "The GOP didn’t get the message after the election of 2010, and it’s not getting the message after its poor showing in 2012 against Obama. Typical of Republicans, they tried to appeal to the center and ignored their base." What a load of crap.
    The problem was the Tea Party wasn't smart enough to see what a disaster their efforts were in 2010 and since.

    In the 2010 US Senate Races the Tea Party injected candidates who won primary races then lost the general elections, keeping three seats in the hands of Democrats.

    Colorado –Ken Bruch (TP) beat GOP candidate Jane Norton in the primary then lost the general election to Michael Bennett (D) keeping the seat Democrat.

    Delaware – Christine O’Donnell (TP) beat GOP candidate Mike Castle in the primary then lost the general election to Chris Cooms (D) keeping the seat Democrat. At the time of this election, this seat was held by Ted Kaufman (D) who was appointed to replace Joe Biden after he was elected VP.

    Nevada – Sharron Angle (TP) beat GOP candidate Sue Lowden in the primary then lost the general election to Harry Reid (D) keeping the seat Democrat. And, in this case, keeping the US Senate firmly in the hands of Harry Reid.

    Republicans had three opportunities to pick up Democrat seats yet, the result was three disastrous losses thanks to the Tea Party candidates.

    New Hampshire was a different story – In New Hampshire, the Senate seat was held by Republican Senator Judd Gregg who was retiring. Kelly Ayotte, the GOP candidate and a moderate, defeated Ovide Lamontagne (TP) in the primary and then defeated Paul Hodes (D) in the general election. In the primary, Ayotte got 48K (38%); Lamontagne got 47K (37%). But in the general election, Ayotte got (60%) and Hodes got only (36.8%).

    Why did Ayotte do so well?

    Because, as a moderate, she appealed to a broader range of voters and the results show it. In Colorado, Delaware and Nevada, the Tea Party candidates made up the majority of the primary voters, but their appeal was too narrow to carry the general elections because the voters considered them too radical.

    In the 2012 US Senate Race in Indiana, Richard Mourdock (TP) beat incumbent Republican US Senator Richard Lugar in the primary. His Democrat opponent Joe Donnelly, a Blue-Dog Democrat, won.

    It was Colorado, Delaware and Nevada all over again. Only this time, we lost a Republican seat.

    Bottom line: As to the US Senate, the far right Tea Party has been a disaster.
    Republicans, and particularlly the Tea Pots ought to come back to the world or reality and tack toward the center to broaden it's base or the Tea Pots will sail off into oblivion and be totally ignored.

  • mary

    Carl Rove killed the Republican party when he refused to support people who stood up for conservative values.

  • jango

    In 2010 the Tea Party was out on the street and in the media. The media, which toes the Progressive/Leftist party line was hellbent on portraying the TPs as racist and hated women yaddayadda. However because the TP was out and in the face of the voters, they managed to oust Leftist Libtards from the House and Conservatives were elected. I saw in 2012, very little of the TP either in my state or the nation delivering the messages and as a result we are chained to the Muslim's fence for another 4yrs.

    The Tea Party seems to have had lost its fervor..they've simply given up. The nomination of Romney was, in my opinion the same as that limp noodle McCain. Tepid and uninspiring with no stomach for the fierceness needed in a presidential campaign. Romney is a decent man, but was ill-suited to be the Boss of America.

    The muslim will succeed in destroying the US only because the GOP is akin to a toothless Pit Bull. Instead of putting up tough knowledgeable people like Herman Cain or Gary Johnson they put the limpid McCains and Romneys up...setting themselves up for certain defeat because the GOP/RNC is cowardly and run by a crowd of milquetoast pantywaists that cannot fight back. They are pitiful..absolutely pitiful.

    I knew Romney wasn't going to win. No Tea Party could help that man. I voted for Gary Johnson. It is to be seen after 4 more years of the muslim's tyranny whether the voters of the US get a chance to repair this once great nation by not electing a 'Republican' or Progressive/Leftist and vote Libertarian the go around.

    The Two Party System has stopped working..it's dead.

  • CARLjr

    Why not start your own party?

  • Guest patriot

    CRAZY to wait until 2014 to do anything that can be done roght now. Repeal th Obamacare, and everything Mr Obama has signed since January 2008.
    In all the polls asking if Obama should be impeached the outcomes were over 50% to impeach him.
    What is everyone waiting for?? For him to have all of us killed by something evil. Could be anything. Bombs, massive biological warfare, diseases spread or by gunfire from all the artillary and guns the fed is collecting but wanting the PEOPLE to have none!
    The so-called- president is capable of all of the above.

  • Don

    All true Americans need to convert to T.E.A.. TOTALLY ENGAGED AMERICAN, otherwise we will all live in chains. Time to clean house again. Senator DeMint was wise to break ranks with those who are out to help Obama destroy our great nation.Men of honor and principal will also abandon their doomsday ship. Rightly so.

  • Hank

    I just pray America can survive a Marxist State. If obama hasn' destroyed America completely using Hugo Chavez tactics, we may have a chance to exist.

  • deseartu

    I Love that Obummer wants to raise taxes on himself! Tax tax and tax again!

  • Deebar

    Kitty , The reason Romney lost is his ineptness to connect with the white male and Christian voters . Christian voters are the largest block of voters not to vote . Fraud etc was a factor but not the factor .



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516711224 Vic Bailey

    Chambliss is just another song and dance man, he is a liar that can run all the way around the truth, and NEVER tell it, just like Bama and his buddy Johnny Isakson. It's past time to clean the house of all the Socialist and Communist that has this great country get in this shape without raising holy hell about it! They don't care about anyone but themselves! Walking behind these low lifes would be like walking behind a John Deere Manure spreader! Need I say more. Their career of lies needs to end! Semper Fi.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Bashaw/1066839458 Scott Bashaw

    EBT stands for Extra Beer and Tabacco ,......We need to bring Republicans and Conservatives into the Tea-Party in order to win against the Communist Democrats