Congress and White House to Put Thousands of Charities Out of Business

Most charities in the United States rely on donations as their primary source of income.  When donations are made to a non-profit charity, they become a tax deduction to the person or corporation giving the donation.  Subsequently, many people only give donations because of the tax deduction they receive.   This can be seen in the fact that many non-profit charities receive a third to half of their annual donations in the month December as people begin to think about income taxes and the need for deductions.

Now, those tax deductions are in danger of being reduced or disappearing all together and if they do, a large percentage of donations will also disappear resulting in many a charity having to close their doors and it all has to do with the infamous fiscal cliff.

One of the economic plans being put forth by Democrats calls for the reduction of allowable charitable tax deductions.  Others are proposing a cap on the amount of allowable charitable tax deductions and yet others are abdicating dropping all tax deductions for charitable donations.

Any of these plans will have a drastic impact on many non-profit charities.  Reducing the deduction amount or placing a cap on allowable deductions will hurt many charities.  Dropping all tax deductions will be devastating to non-profit charities resulting in many of them no longer being able to afford to help those in need.  Hundreds and thousands of charities will cease to exist.

But don’t think the Democrats are alone on this idea.  The plan put forth by House Speaker John Boehner last week also called for a reduction in the tax deductions for charitable giving.  In this respect, his plan was no different than what the Democrats are considering.

Did you know that in a socialist nation that all charity comes from the government, not from people and organizations?  Kind of fits in with the rest of the socialistic changes Barack Obama has been making, doesn’t it?08

If I still worked for a non-profit charity, I would be getting very nervous right now, especially with both sides of the table talking about reducing or eliminating tax deductions for charitable donations.  Will non-profit charities have to start laying off staff or cutting their outreach?  For many, their future does not appear to be very bright as we enter into the Christmas holiday season.



  • Doodlebug

    Nothing our government has done in the past four years is not producing anything "bright" and cheerful. When we are being flushed down the toilet, what's there to be cheerful about? our freedoms being taken away? the spying on our every move? every cent we saved for retirement being GIVEN TO THE GOVERNMENT TO SPEND FOR US AND GIVE TO OTHERS? obummercare? giving the UN control of our very lives? I don't see one bright spot, not one. This may very well be the last time I can say it but,I'm going to say it - I'm from America and I'm going to say it, MERRY CHRISTMAS! TO H with happy holidays!

    • Screeminmeeme

      Doodlebug...I hear ya. Keep in mind, though, that God says that ''In every thing, give thanks..." (1 Thess 5:18)...and ''Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.(Rom 12:21)......which sound absurd and impossible to do in light of the wickedness going on around us.

      But we know that ''God works all things together for good, for those who love Him....(Rom 8:28). And as frustrating as it is to watch all the diabolical shenanigans of Obama and the rest of the Washington thugs, we can safely trust a Holy God who is watching and working behind the scenes.....though it is not always apparent to us.

      Jesus said:" These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.'' (John 16:33)

      In spite of everything.............Merry CHRISTmas to you too!!

      • ddt

        MERRY CHRISTMAS to all
        even the athiest

        • TheSunDidIt

          Especially to the atheists. We who know the Lord Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as our Savior and Lord know EVERY day is a "merry Christmas". The wicked need to hear the message so they don't burn in Hell.

        • Paul Wilkes

          Fear not, for they are only talking about lowering the MAXIMUM deduction for charitable donations which is now 30%. That will only affect people like Romney who gives more than 30% of their AGI to charities.

        • Geo/USN/Ret

          The dems don't have to worry about the deductions since they rarely give to charities. Just check out presbo and bidens last years tax deductions to charities compared to Mr. Romneys.

        • Jack

          Romney gave all his inheritance away. He started from nothing and made 250,000,000 dollars that is who we need for president.

        • Ray Downen

          There are good Democrats as well as good Republicans. I know some Democrats who are generous rather than selfish. And until recent years there were many good Democrats as well as good Republicans. And Joe Biden smiles well, which surely means he's a good person. Or does it?

        • joanc

          Are they going after the so called charities operating under the guise of being a 501a {C} type charity when they really are bilking the system? I don't mean the true charitable organizations, who do good for everyone, not just for political reasons, and power. There are a few that come to mind, that exerted all their power to influence our elections for one paticular group. I don't think the reason the exemption for that type of charity,was what lawmakers had in mind. Who funded the Wall street occupiers and other disruptive groups all over the USA duing the last election? Take a guess!

        • Ray Downen

          Yes, AARP is very bad and most members of it don't realize the situation. AMAC is equally good for its members and does NOT contribute to ungodly politicians.

        • undrprsr

          Yes and that will effect the charities that benefit from such genereous people,look at Odumbo's 2008 tax return,gave less than 1.5% to charities,even thou both him and MOOCH-HELL lived on taxpayer money(yes I now she worked at a Hospital that created a $350 job for her)!They only believe that the Gov can distribute money(even stauch supporters B.Gates,Warren Buffet leave thier wealth to Charities)! We need more LIKE ROMNEY THAT ARE WILLING TO GIVE TO CHARITIES,Instead of GOV. confiscating to "BRING HOME THE BACON" to Destroyed,MI(Detroit)!

        • hotrod


        • DAY


        • Ray Downen

          I wish DAY knew better than to send a note in all caps!

        • ccalreds

          So what

        • Jack


        • Ray Downen

          Because it's much easier to read when upper AND lower case letters are used. And often, those who use all caps are angry and expressing their anger by use of all caps. There's no good reason to send a note written in all caps.

        • Neal

          So you can't read all caps? The message is what is important. Even though I don't agree with it.

        • Karen Griffee

          As a person with failing eyesight, I recognize that some people who type all caps may not see well. Please don't criticize if you don't know the circumstances.

        • Frank629


        • Ray Downen

          Books and magazines use sensible typography--capital letters to begin sentences and then lower case letters for the sentences. The difference is in the true fact that use of all caps indicates anger rather than sensible discourse.

        • OBAMA SUCKS

          GET A GRIP Ray! You most be the only perfect person on here or in the world.

        • Ray Downen

          I don't claim to be perfect. But I know some things, including that it's not polite to send a note in all caps.

        • Karen

          As I understand it, I think he was trying to get his point across.

        • obhfwb

          They did not know it typed in small letters also.

        • Bonnie J. Wren

          One little thought....there are ALOT MORE of us than them; power in numbers, and in our Constitution! Of course, the unGodly media doesn't want us to realize that....any wonder why?

        • Kenneth Lee

          I could never be an atheist. That word is the ultimate definition of faith. To believe there is no God.

        • scatteredshowers

          No, they don't believe there is no God at all. They just are filled with pride and want to do whatever they want. They know there is a cost and they don't want to pay it.

        • Duh?

          I'm beginning to think that many of them PREFER Hell.

        • medivac

          I'm sure that they will enjoy the CHRISTMAS holidays !!

        • Pastafarian

          Thank you ddt. Merry Christmas to you too.

        • daves

          It's really nice to hear someone saying something positive and kind. It seems like all of the other posts are very negative.

      • BobM

        Folks should start praying since if this does go it will put not only charities but churches out of business. Remember churches live off of donations also.

        • sirj

          praying for obamas loss in the election did a lot of good!

        • Screeminmeeme

          1. Christians should pray always that God's will, will be done and that our will, will line up with His.

          2. Historically, God often used the despots of the world to judge His own rebellious children. Obama is a whipping stick in the hand of God judging America.

          The Bible says that the powers that be are ordained of God....and it would seem that a self-indulgent, infanticidal Nation has gotten the godless pro-death president it deserves.

        • Ray Downen

          Most who voted for Obama are in favor of death if a new life is inconvenient for the mother. Do we deserve a godly President?

        • Screeminmeeme

          Nope...that was my point. Until America repents of the murders of our own offspring and submits to God, our captivity to drugs, crime, deviancy and corrupt leaders will continue.

        • Greg

          Perhaps it was God's will that Obama be re-elected so that the economic and political ruin that will continue to result from his policies will humble our great nation so that some will repent before He judges the U.S. for its sins and turning its' back on Him. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TO LATE TO REPENT!!! God is extremely patient so that people will repent and be spared, BUT once judgement is decided it comes at lightening speed with no more opportunity to repent. Seek the Lord Jesus while he can be found!

        • Ray Downen

          It may be that our only option now is to secede from the U.S.A. if a majority of U.S.A. voters now despise God. Voting for Obama is voting against God and Christian morals. I realize that some who seek to serve Jesus thought they were voting right when they voted for the Muslim. That the future will convince them otherwise is probable.

        • Ray Downen

          God does what is best, and He obviously thinks it's time for the U.S.A. to be tested and tried. Do we deserve better than Obama if half of the legal voters may have voted FOR the Muslim? God gives us what is best, and it's obvious that it's best now for us to quit claiming to be a godly nation.

        • Bonnie J. Wren

          That just wasn't in God's plan; He does have a plan, tho and nothing will stop it!

        • Ray Downen

          Prayers telling God what to do never do any good. Prayers seeking His will to be done always help. God knows best. If it's His will that some states now secede from the U.S.A. rather than submit to Obama's dictates (he is in control and hates us and God), then it's our job to sacrifice and serve to accomplish separating from the nation we have long loved and served. It's been lost to enemies of liberty. We do well to seek God's will for the future.

        • Screeminmeeme

          BobM.. Don't worry. It's impossible to put the real church, ''the Body
          of Christ'' ''out of business''. The True Church is a living organism
          composed of those who have trusted Christ as Savior, and inhabited by
          God, the Holy Spirit who has promised to provide the Body with all of
          its needs. (Phil 4:19, Pro 19:7) Remember always....that WE ARE the
          Church, the Body of Christ...and everywhere we are, the Church is.

          ''churches'' you are speaking about are lifeless buildings bought, paid
          for and maintained by parishioners. In many cases, obscene amounts of
          money have been spent on padded pews, lush carpets, works of art, and
          stained glass windows...and the pastor's 401k, of course....all to
          '''worship'' the ONE who dwells in temples ''not made with hands'' (Acts

          Many might say that some of that money could be better
          used to help others in need. I know of several churches which are
          bare-bones, no-frills operations and they wonderfully serve their

          We are to sacrificially give of our time, talent
          and money to help those in need....the sick, the widowed, the orphaned,
          those in prison, those in need of the Gospel. We are HIS hands sent to
          do His will.

          One of our mandates is to comfort we
          have been comforted. (2 Cor 1:3,4) And in my experience, comforting
          others is rarely comfortable. Yet we are called to do it

          to me that way too much money is used to support churches which are run
          like a business, have an ostentatious facade, and are more concerned
          with the trappings of a fantasized Christianity than the true tenets of
          the faith.

          The majesty of God is not found in the Sistine
          Chapel, stunning as it may be, nor in lofty cathedrals though they are
          architectural works of art, nor in the myriad of paintings by those
          attempting to capture that majesty. It is found in the eyes of
          children who have been fed and clothed and loved......and in the tears
          of a forgotten widow ministered to .... in the Name of Jesus.

          just might be that the economic crises will force church members to
          rethink their commitment to Christ and the way in which they choose to
          serve Him.

        • Ray Downen

          God blessed His world with a Christian nation for more than 200 years. If the nation has now turned away from God and truth by voting for the Muslim Santa Claus perhaps it's time for patriots to form a new and separate nation loyal to the Constitution which Obamaites have turned against.

        • Bonnie J. Wren

          Obumma was NOT NOT voted in!! This election was fraudulent to the core!!! The whole thing was and is a crime against the American people and against the US Constitution....what are we going to do about it?!

        • Ray Downen

          In some states there was no need for illegal votes to be counted. So in those states, likely there was no hanky-panky. In the swing states there was much fraudulent vote counting. But it's not easy to prove even when we know well that it was dishonest. That's much like the deaths of the Benghazi four. From the beginning many of us knew well that they were left to die by orders directly from the White House. But Obama has so confused the facts that now some suppose they really don't know that Obama was at fault directly, so they don't know who to blame.

        • Kenneth Lee

          If you are giving to a church for a deduction then you are giving with strings attached and therefore not cheerfully giving which diminishes the blessing you will recieve from God for giving.

        • Mark Howard Giles

          Amen Kenneth, amen!!!

        • scatteredshowers

          Oh, Bull!

        • Ray Downen

          Kenneth Lee is right that Christians will support the work of God regardless of what the government lets us write off from our taxes.

        • Bonnie J. Wren

          Absolutely are so right on!! Even in the most oppressive regimes around the world, there are many Christains who worship in secret, and no government anywhere can stop that! We do need to spend much more time praying for America and for Israel! Bottom line...when the moment of Christ's return comes, there will be no stopping Him!

        • Greg

          This could be a blessing in disguise if you consider that many churches are afraid of speaking the truth and preaching politics from the pulpit in fear of losing their tax exempt status. If the Government removes the tax exempt status from the church the leash on the dog will be cut and it will be hard for the Government to continue to jerk the church around to do its will instead of God's will. I believe we will see revival in American as a result of all this because people are getting fed up and frustrated with the restraints the government is imposing on the American people, especially true followers of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ spreads like wildfire when the church is persecuted. Economic and political hardships are just going to get worse, but the Church will prevail because its' foundation is built upon Jesus Christ, the Rock!! Praise be to his name!!! Be sure of this and take comfort in it: GOD IS USING THE EVIL THAT THOSE IN HIGH POSITIONS ARE IMPOSING ON US TO HUMBLE OUR NATION AND BRING ABOUT AN AWAKENING IN THE CHURCH (A SPIRITUAL REVIVAL) IN WHICH MANY WILL FIND "TRUE HOPE AND CHANGE" IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The battle has been already been won since Jesus has already overcome the world. God is at work behind the scenes of ALL that is taking place and He will bring about the highest good for all mankind through the crises and tribulations: Eternal salvation with Him in Heaven forever for those who put their trust in His one and only begotten Son who died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. Experience true hope and change; experience Jesus.

        • notlib


        • Bonnie J. Wren


        • Ray Downen

          Churches which "live off of donations" should go out of business. Members give to support the reasonable expenses of their congregation, as they surely should do and as they surely will continue to do regardless of tax laws.

        • Karen Griffee

          Don't ALL churches 'live off donations'? If they were supported by the government, they would be even more under its thumb.

        • scatteredshowers


        • Bonnie J. Wren

          Obumma would never be able to bring down the true, Spirit-filled Christain Churches....not without a full-blown revolution!

        • Ray Downen

          If churches are dependent upon government charity, they deserve to go out of business. But churches of the Lord depend upon God and His people and will keep right on serving as always.

      • Beve

        I say Amen to that. Obama thinks he's in charge, but he is wrong. God is in everything we do, and he provides all we need. Some times it isn't all we want, but he knows our needs. We were going to buy a House if the Republicans won, but not now. Don't want to buy anything the Government can take from us.
        God Bless all of you and a Very Merry Christmas to All.

        • Ray Downen

          Be warned that this government can and may take away EVERYTHING we cherish and have bought or own. They're preparing to do just that.

      • SilkyWiley

        Beautiful reminder. Merry Christmas

        • medivac

          We need to flood the forums with this message !!

    • joanc

      Doodlebug-- I'm with you, and I wish you a very merry Chistmas, this year and for many more to come. Any store, that says Happy Holidays in their circulars or mentions Xmas can do without my shopping this year, and every year if they continue to take Christ out of Christmas.

      • Jack Fahy

        joanc, I stopped by a tree farm the other day looking for a Christmas tree. There were none to be found but there were plenty of Holiday trees. I told the clerk that when you stock Christmas trees, I will purchase one. As for Holiday trees, give them to the muslims and atheists.

        • medivac

          I have never nor will I ever buy a holiday tree !! I will buy a CHRISTMAS tree every year, though. If the place selling the trees want my business they'll have to sell CHRISTMAS trees and not holiday trees.

        • Doodlebug

          Hooray for you Jack and Merry Christmas!

        • joanc

          That is the only way, stop going to their places of business if they refuse to acknowledge Christmas. After their pocketbooks take a hit, they will wake up. Merry Christmas, Jack

      • Richard Ochoa

        Ditto on that one on this end joanc! I even refuse to buy ANY Christmas card that has a Happy Holiday Greeting inside!

      • Davnkatz

        joanc - I was shocked that you Xed out Christ.

        • Ray Downen

          She did it in explaining what was happening, not that SHE would replace Christ but that some stores would do so by "in their circulars (advertisements) " mentioning Xmas rather than Christmas. .

        • joanc

          Thanks Ray for your understanding what I meant. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Joan

        • joanc

          I would never X out Christ! I am incensed that any one would refer to Jesus Christ's birth as xmas, which means an unknown factor . He is not, nor will he never will be an unknown factor to me, and I will shun any person or establishment that uses that reprehensible term.

      • Doodlebug

        I'm with you and if some one says happy holidays to me I return it with a Merry Christmas back. It is interesting how many people will then say Merry Christmas back so, you know it's the stores that are telling people to say happy holidays. I really detest the "Xmas" thing too. I send out quite a few Christmas cards but still I write, "In God We Trust and Merry Christmas" on each envelope. I basically do it because I know government is doing their damnest to get rid of both. Ever since the jerk made obummercare a law, on each piece of mail I send, (no matter where it's going), I write, "In God We Trust, Obama We Don't! Merry Christmas joanc!

      • notlib

        I stopped going out to luncheon during the season at work because it was a Holiday Luncheon, not a Christmas Luncheon anymore. I only celebrate Christmas not Holidays.


      If the feds are spying on me, what they see is the extension of the middle finger. Sorry, I just cannot be polite to these leeches concerned about what everybody is doing. The Secret are supposed to pay for the sex if that is what you agreed to with the woman/man ahead of time and when you do decide to pay, use your own money. We just learned it cost the taxpayers $1.4 billion to support the obama family last year alone. The federal government selling guns to violent Mexican drug cartels is unconscionable. We should be spying on them! Ofruitcake believes the federal government should be the charity. Just what we need. More roadblocks and red tape in the way of money getting to those in need. Too many bureacrats with their hands in the cookie jar. The problem all along is an unaccountable, out-of-control, enept and clueless, big government that put us on the course to go over the fiscal cliff. If those involved in Washington cannot see that, the only excuse would be they had a lobotomy the last time they went in to have their teeth cleaned.

      • Anne B.

        What's been going on since 2008 and even before? Socialism. What's going on now? The next step under NObama...Communism. We are seeing now, a grab for as much money as he can get, so that total "redistribution" can take place. Interesting, how he gets richer, as the people of this nation get poorer. Does the word dictator put a light on this? He has made clear, by his actions and by his own book, "Dreams From My Father", that Communism and a totally weakened USA, is his goal. People in this nation, are only fooling themselves, if they believe he's anything but Communist. Research his past affiliations, read his book, read about Communism and the steps to establishing it. Simply put...wake up and see's all quite clear. Can't help but wonder too, what will the blind sheep who follow NObama do, when the bigger fooler arrives...the ultra deceiver...the Anti-Christ.

        • Davnkatz

          Anne B - you are absolutely correct. When I pointed this out to my brother, a WWII Greatest Generation he threatened to cut-me-off as his brother. Unfortunately, this is the attitude of a huge number of WWII veterans. They vote democrap no-matter-what and refuse to see the truth. They say 1,000 of them are dieing each day - we buried one yesterday who is a long-time friend. Because they were instrumental in electing bozo and THEN re-electing him, I'm feeling like they ALL should have died long ago. They are all heroes fffor what they did 70 yrs ago, but all who voted for bozo 4 yrs ago and again last month are traitors.

    • Anne B.

      Merry Christmas to Doodlebug and to everyone here!! May the Christmas Season bring God's Blessings to each and every one! In celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, may all people hear the calling of our Heavenly Father, turn to Him, repent for our sins, and pray for His Mercy and Healing upon our nation. Only through God, can this nation be saved! Merry Christmas!

      • Misty Strohl

        Anne, you are so right. our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only way we will save our nation. Merry Christmas to all and Gods blessings on our country.

    • Kamaut Longbabilon

      Governments are almost just as bad as private funds for losing our pension funds (superannuation). Greece raided their pensioner's funds, and now 70-year-olds have to find jobs again! - In Australia, some private superannuation funds have crashed with bad investments (legalised gambling systems) and the recipients now must rely on State Pensions! - so the only way apart from that is robbery of the richer... Oh, sorry you are OPPOSED to that arent you?!

    • Jayplynn


  • Screeminmeeme

    I know that there are people who give to charities so that they can have a tax write-off. ...and it's legal to do so. However, I always thought that charitable giving was something you do without expecting something in return.

    I think God is less impressed with the amount we give than with our heart's motive in giving.

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      I am familiar with this, but I think it a myth. First, you don't get to deduct anything until you donate a certain minimum, linked to your Adjusted Taxable Income. Then, if you donate $10,000, and your tax rate is 35%. you get to take a reduction in your tax of $3,500. Would you spend $10,000 to get a tax deduction of $3,500? If so, you are an Obama voter. Do the numbers. In this case it ain't about the money.....

  • Uptite

    I would like to think donating to a good cause of your favored is not solely driven by the fact that it's a tax deduction, but more a kind and caring gesture. I donate all year, not just at Christmas - United Way for elderly care, SPCA for all the good they do,etc. Not once have I submitted that info to my accountant at tax time.

    • ddt

      only the begining from this commie pres
      bo has to go

      • John

        You have no clue what communism is. You have no clue full stop. You lost the freaking election. Liberals do not want communism - - they KNOW what it is.

        • SEBtopdog

          Liberals are Marxist socialists, for the most part. You're just afraid to call it what it is.

        • coldwarrior

          Putin knows...and says Obama is one, according to Pravda

        • Jo

          If "liberals" don't want communism then they were fools to vote in a Marxist ! And for your information, I do know what communism is b/c I am old enough to have gone to school before the federal government was using public schools as propaganda machines and before the NEA had a stranglehold on public education. I know people who experienced it first hand. Yes, we lost the election and that means we ALL lost freedom!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          I'm from the old school also!!!!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          Okay, but they sure want SOCIALISM! "Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's only inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill.
          By the way, Pravda, a communist newspaper for how long stated that America voted for a communist by an illiterate society. I think that they know what they are talking about. They've experienced it!

        • Anne B.

          I think it's you who does not know! NObama and his henchmen are NOT Liberals! They are Communists clear through. Does the "Communist Party of the United States" mean anything to you? You need to educate yourself about it; especially the Chicago branch. Have you read NObama's own book? Apparently you have not. Do you know who Valerie Jarrett is and her background? This is not about the elections; it's about the blind sheep like you, who cannot and will not become educated on the facts of what you're leading us as a nation, into.

    • Paul Wilkes

      Maybe you don't itemize deductions but take the standard deduction instead. Otherwise it would be foolish to not take all of your donations as a deduction.

      • Uptite

        Well call me foolish then, but I don't think two to three hundred a year will break the bank; it's just that, a donation - beside I'm not good with tracking receipts, too busy... BTW, what is the standard deduction?

  • JohnGalt

    More relevant is the simple fact, that as our ever-insatiable Socialist government (at ALL levels), takes more and more from private citizens, there is that much less to give to our treasured charities.

  • regulus30

    uptite;; most of this is being misrepresented to promote the left/lib/dumocrap socialist agenda...


    I donate to charitable causes too but dont take tax deductions and I have a choice to pick and choose. afterall it is my money and I can burn it if I want. When Govt becomes the main charitable giver, my choice/liberty is taken away. that is the difference

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Actually you can't burn your money, it comes under destruction of government property as only they can print money, so it technically belongs to them! B.S. is what I say!!!!

      • PYPYPY

        Figure of speech to make my point. As you said, "techinically belongs"...a moot point. In any event who is to know if I do burn it. In any event, I would not be that stupid to do that, and would rather give it to a charity of MY choosing

        • Jacqueline L

          If They can burn OUR flag nothing is "off the table">

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          You may have to burn it soon to keep warm. It'll be worthless anyway.

  • toongail

    The only "charities" that should be eliminated are the foundations that enable the Marxists to rule - other than that cutting spending like the EPA,NEA etc would do far more to balance the budget

  • JamesPF

    What else is new? People witnessed the DemocRATic convention. These people took GOD out of it and promoted anti-christian behavior and rhetoric. Yet zombies voted to re-elect the Muslim. Muslim is Anti-Christ, Anti-Jewish they even kill their own in disagreement. A lot more than charities are going to be axed since people will not be allowed charitable deductions, Lots of people will lose their heads over this election. Guillotines are in reserve


    HO HO HO...were screwed !

  • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

    With the government wanting to be the ultimate caregiver, whether its the least functionally capable of doing it, why would they want charities showing them up?
    Charities understand better how to give in a manner that actually builds the person up and can't afford to hand out to the demands from people that don't want a hand up. But there in lies the real reason for obama's 'fairness'. True charity doesn't produce useful idiots.

  • Janet Martin

    Obama has made it pretty clear that he expects to be the one to select winners and losers, whether we are talking about businesses or nonprofits

  • John

    Home of the misleading headlines. One day Republicans might get honest but I doubt it. Scaremongering is what they love, well, besides conspiracy theories and lying about alternative energy and global warming.

    • AnyoneButObama

      Well, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black. Your hypocrisy and that of those you support is just mind numbing.

    • Jennifer Rupp

      Yeah, it was Republicans saying Dems were going to "throw Grandma off a cliff" and "put y'all back in chains" - oh, wait... (BTW - the earth stopped "warming" about 16 years ago. Climate is cyclical. Always has been, always will be.)

  • craig

    oh well i voted for mitt watch who you vote for

  • Christy

    Yes, giving should be done without some form of 'benefit' in return but if one may not have the initial notion to give, the deduction might change that persons mind. You can also look at it from this point. This is just another way of of the government forcing others to become more dependent on 'the state' and not to seek out a more truly charitable source such as the church or other entity that would direct funds in a more appropriate manner other than just 'free phones' etc...

  • Thomas

    I have a business model that is able to help all those charities. Keep all charities funded, with no donations.


  • Harry Jismsm

    One delusional caveat that Giacomo does not understand: "Did you know that in a socialist nation that all charity comes from the government, not from people and organizations? Kind of fits in with the rest of the socialistic changes Barack Obama has been making, doesn’t it?"
    My thought: when a contribution is tax deductible, does that not make it charity from the government in a roundabout way?

  • geneww1938

    It makes sense to these evil, ego-centric, tight fisted parasits ... They do not give to charities. The only reason they will refrain elimination of the deduction is that they will loose votes.

  • dean

    Obama has got to go!!

  • neleh

    O's plan is to make all Americans as poor as possible resulting on dependence on the government. NO WAY!! Americans will always reach out to those less fortunate (like what was done in the "old days")

  • forrealcommonsense

    I wouldn't be shocked if the muslims are somehow exempt from burdensome rules and regulations...

    P.S. If I am not mistaken they don't have to pay for the healthcare bill but are allowed to use its benefits to the full.

    • Gidget

      I believe you are right. I heard the same thing.

  • Bill

    Does this mean that taxpayers who do not deduct charitable contribution should not make them?

  • Nottakenyan

    If you think this government is working in your best interest, you need a brain transplant.

  • TheSunDidIt

    This could be a GOOD thing. Think about it. ALL those liberal outfits that managed to become 'tax exempt' will no longer to give the donation tax break to their donors. It won't just harm the church. It will harm these liberals even more. Why more? Because MOST Christians will continue to tithe to their churches and continue to give offerings to God through the ministries that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, if the Christians continue to give; and they will for the most part, then the progressive crowd will no longer get their deductions. And, because they don't love God and don't love anyone but, themselves, the giving to these UNGODLY organizations will dry up. This sounds like GOOD NEWS to me. Bring it on.

    • rivahmitch

      Nice theory... except that the Marxist organizations will just apply for and receive government funding.

  • Ronald Homan

    I don't give to charities for the tax deduction nor do I believe most individuals do that. On the other hand corporations may. The problem is the elitists in congress continually make a mess then try to clean it up on the back of us unwashed.

  • SJvet

    Boehner is an idiot and must be removed, just like obama. Yes, they're both idiots, and Boehner certainly doesn't understand economics. I notice a number of companies that pay dividends are accelerating payment before December 31. What a country!


      I remember when Mr. Boehner presented himself as a roaring lion only to roll over as lamb. This dummy doesn't even know simple arithmatic to realize that taxes never solves huge national debts, and the first thing he does is to think like a Democrat that raise taxes when he should be fighting to eliminate socialist programs and useless agencies in government. Like I wrote to so many political leaders in the Congress... generate a Congressional Arrest Warrant for the immediate arrest of the foreign-born Muslim communist known as Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. If members of the U.S. Congress are afraid to have Mr. Obama II arrested; then swear me in as the arresting officer and I be only too happy to execute the arrest of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II with the charge of "Saboteur."
      USAF (RET)


    The U.S. Presidential 'dictatorship' we have experienced in America since the White House was conquered from within can easily be solved if only our weak U.S. Representatives would execute a Congressional Arrest Warrant for the immediate arrest of the foreign-born Muslim communist known as Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. If members of the Congress have a yellow streak running down their backs; they can swear me in as the arresting officer and I'll be only too happy to execute the arrest warrant myself.
    This dictatorship would have never happened in America during the early years of our nation. It happened because we allowed members of the American Communist Party to infiltrate the major political party [Democratic Party] as liberals. Today's Democrats, liberals, socialists, communists, all wear the same mask of marxism. More importantly, Americans themselves left their country unguarded. How did it happen? Former Soviet KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov explained it best to the American people how our nation will be seduced to a non-freedom nation. Even our U.S. Representatives were warned. They heard him, but they didn't really listened. I did!
    USAF (RET)

  • Dawn Brayton

    If people donate to charities because they can take it of their taxes that proves they don't really mean to help the charity out. So maybe since the fiscal cliff will make tax-deductions a thing of the past anyone doing things that way will want to figure out if they are the kind of person they say they are.

  • CajunPatriot

    Idiots in both parties think that raising taxes is going to close the huge gap between revenues and expenditures. Only stupid people, media enablers, and politicians believe this. Cut back on spending! Cut out some departments, and boondoggles. Stop the huge costs associated with ObamaTax. Stop spending money! Raising taxes and taking all money from top 5% will do almost nothing to close the gap. Take all money and all assets from wealthy and it will not cover the deficit. Apparently most people and media are just stupid. Stop spending!

  • Captaingh

    Too many non-profits only really profit the owners, managers, and employees. In order to be non-profit you should have to have to prove 10% administration and 90% distribution of funds in order to be tax exempt.
    The tax deduction for individual and business should be 50% not 100%. 0% if congress removes home mortgage deductions.
    (I do not donate much but do not ask for receipts of claim any deductions)

  • JennieWalsh

    Obama and his globalist bankster backers are putting everyone out of business except the government tyrannts.

  • Chris

    It's another way for democrats in government to make conservatives "pay their fair share" and affects conservatives the most since democrats donate so little to charity anyway. That's their "balanceed" approach.

  • joanc

    Does this rule include Obama's Kenyon brother Obango {Roy} who was running a charity out of a Virginia Post office box?

    • Gidget

      Roy was suppose to leave the US a long time ago but did not. I hear he is getting another hearing.

      • joanc

        Gidget, I was referring to Obama's Kenyon brother, not his uncle from Boston. Obama's brother started a charity in the USA in 2008, named for their late father. He operated without the proper paperwork,and when his fund was discovered, paperwork that usually takes a long time was handled within a month. He had a person in the US who picked up the moneyat a post office in Virginia, then apparently sent it to Kenya where Obama's brother is a village chief. The article I read stated there was no record on how much was collected because no one filed the required reports. The money was to benefit the Kenyon villagers.

  • glass

    No pay increase, rising prices means I will notbe giving to charity. Most human service charities benefit illegals and the gimme-class that voted democrat. If they want their kids to have toys this year, they should get the money for them. it won't be coming from me. I want them to suffer the consequences of their votes. So I say the repubs should let the democrats gut the charity loophole and let the United Way go and complain to the government. I am just tired of hearing about it.

    • Gidget

      I use to give to United Way a long time ago but stopped because they will not support the Boy Scouts. I also believe they give to planned parenthood.

  • ahughes

    If the charities close the people who are effected by storms like Katrina and Sandy will surely perish..We already know the government won't do anything for them..The Charitable organizations are the ones who came to their rescue..But once again we have to say they voted for their own demise..Bad part is the ones who didn't vote for it have to suffer right along with them..

  • Hudmar

    We should all stop working and let the government take care of us, if you want to be a slave that is, and then again where would they get the money from.

  • freedomringsforall

    I guess the marxist, commies know best!

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  • CommonSense

    The folks in Washington DC are changing the name of "Tax Deductions" to something with "Entitlements" in it to make the poor feel better, I guess. Still, if you celebrate the gift giving this time of year created by Wise Men, then everyone is celebrating the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ, no matter what they say. So...Merry Christ-mas and Happy Holydays!

    • Jennifer Rupp

      Thank you! Someone else who understands the origin of the word "holiday" I see!

  • E. K

    I am so sick of House Speaker John Boehner . Why don't the conservative republicans stand together and jerk him out of there. He has been nothing by a crybaby, Demorep, selling us down the tube along with all of the other Demos. It would be better if he just came out and confessed that he really is a Democrat - would have much more 'respect' for him in that regard. So sick of traitor behavior.

  • jmscrcrn

    No one gives to charity solely for the tax deduction. Find me one person that does that and I will admit you are right. The reason no one does that is that it makes no sense. There is no benefit to the giver that outweighs the cost.

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government,to wayne/nra donald thrump,wayne there,s over 5 million members,theres no time left,no more talk, they neither care or listen anymore,there all stealing our tax payers money,and lining there pockets,wayne/donald ,were and when,the un americian un building,were these un americans are trying to dictate policy to america,and have no right or power to do so,or the wh were the ineligible treasonous traitor lives.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all american veternas/citizens.wayne/donald let the evolution begin

  • Tobit1234

    Wouldn't it be nice if Mr. Boehner would just exercise his catholic faith and depend on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide him and his colleagues in these budget negotiations? Notice that none of these men or women speak of the real moral rot and decay that are besetting this nation and that have played a direct role in this fiscal mess. It would be wise to read the Old Testament account of Isaiah 10 & 11, where the Lord allowed the Assyrian's to be his instrument of correction against a rebellious and corrupt people, and, yet, where he preserved a remnant where our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would be born from the stump of Jesse. Obama and his cronies are our wake up call to come back to Jesus and serve him with fidelity, zeal and the rectitude that he demands of us, his chosen people. Be courageous, loving, sincere, and hate every abomination that this administration is foisting upon our nation, and our Lord Jesus, who has overcome the world, will strengthen and protect us by giving us real, sane and dutiful leaders.

  • phil


  • SilkyWiley

    THe government will hire them. That is the plan, 87 million collecting something from the government with a 109 million private work force. We are about to sink into the dustbin of history.

  • awkingsley

    Rand Paul had a clever idea - Republican Congressmen should just vote "Present" on all of the spending issues. Republicans will get virtually no concessions anyway, so let the Democrats have full responsibility for what they want. Make Democrats responsible for their spending boondoggles until 2016 rolls around when they will be smashed in the polls for the destruction they create.

  • markle

    Government is the new "religion" and "Barry the Most Holy" is our new Lord and Savior . . . so sayeth the 47% . . . .

  • Jo

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing! He has taken the nation so far into debt that anyone in political position who tries to be responsible has to look at any way to raise money to lower our debt. This avenue, however, is playing right into Obama's hands b/c he wants ALL people to be dependent on the government so that he has more and more power. The Democratic Party have been willing aiders and abetters in his destruction of our country. This is just the next step in his plan. When all the charities fail, that will justify MORE government programs and then MORE taxes. Etc., etc.

  • bob s

    guess what....that is what they are trying to do..... destroy our way of life and freedom..... obumma is another hitler and is doing just what hitler did in the 1930's and all the freeloaders in our country love it.... so the only way we can stop it is with a bloodly revolution.... lots of life's will be lost and families destroyed... but do we want to live in concentration camps .... that is what obummma care is going to do... the elderly will be expendable.....

  • Stan Schaeffer

    I guess that also includes all gifts given to Churches will be non allowed deductions also.
    That would be an about time good idea. Tax all Religious Organizations, which includes mine, the Catholic Church. They will find Billions of taxable dollars there!!!

    • Bobseeks

      You are a fool.

  • Gary Rose


  • Jim Greaves

    Blame the states that ratified the 16th Amendment, and then write and pester your state representatives to promote abolishing the 16th Amendment. If they could abolish prohibition, they can abolish income taxes! Do it, or stop bitching and moaning.

    • agbjr

      For years I have advocated repealing the Sixteenth Amendment as it is the root of ALL today's fiscal trouble and currency manipulation. Before 1913 and the Sixteenth Amendment the Constitution FORBID the federal government from directly taxing an individual. Income tax, the federal reserve, promissory currency, and Obamacare are direct descendents of the Sixteenth Amendment; all are abhorrent affronts to personal liberty and the Constitution's limited government.

  • RicC

    Government control. The demonscrats all they want is your money, all of it. Term limits, term limits, term limits. If congress can't abide by the rules we must live by, they should be held in contempt and put in jail. RNC get rid of Bonherhead, he starting to act like the demoncrats. America is suffering, are any politicions listening to America as its speaks. Any cave ins by the repubs further enhances Americas destruction, and we will not survive 2 more years.

  • Jim Greaves

    The time is now. What a wonderful world it would be, say, if next Christmas (ooo, politically incorrect word) there were no April 15th to worry about!!! The only bitching and moaning would come from the cyphers, bureaucrats and politicians who suck from the federal teat.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Typical of the demorats, as it has been proven that republicans donate way more money than dems. They are just after republican monies again!!!

  • Randell Danner

    well since this doesn't affect liberals as they give the least amount to charity i'm sure they are all for this as well as the job killing obamatax.


    Back when I was a child my father drove a dump truck, there was a bad storm in southern Illinois and a local saw mill was asked by the Red Cross for volunteers to haul lumber down south to help the people my father was going to help out but when he found out the R.C. was involved he refused. You see during my fathers service time he chased the Japanese back to their homeland. The R.C. and Salvation Army were there too of course helping the soldiers but the R.C. was charging more for smokes than the S.A. and would only give them 3 matches. There were many other differences that turned Dad against the R.C. besides the aid they gave to the enemy at the time. Yea I know THEY'RE NON-WHATEVER. To da. bad. The head honcho makes more money than gates and isn't worth the powder----. There are plenty of other charitys much more deserving regardless of what the criminals in this phoney government say. Just do like they do and hide your donations into something else like maybe their opponents campaign.

  • webegone

    Since when should a charity depend on a government 'subsidy' of tax exemption or deduction? Do you realize if you are made to pay for government you have a say in that establishment? I will give as led to do so regardless of tax exemption or kickback. Many people give for reasons better than a refund at the end of a 1040. They can't do what honest charities thrive upon: meeting real needs of all indiscriminantly who are in need.

  • Cheryl

    First of all, if its from the government, its NOT charity. Second, I give donations and don't use the tax deduction. This is my opinion: its not charity if there's something in it for the giver, other than the fact that you feel good knowing you've helped someone.

  • Linda

    With the new medical deductions needing to meet the 10% limit versus the current 7.5% of AGI, I'd propose using nothing less than the 10% for the cap on charitable contributions...if they do anything with this.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    The original intent of the charitable contribution deduction was to encourage people to support their own local charities, thus taking some burden off the govt. Obama thinks just the opposite: the government is responsible for everyone's welfare, therefore private charities are not only not useful, they are an impediment to a socially just society. Hence, isolate them, marginalize them, and they will wither. Big Brother WILL take care of you, one way or the other...... OT: I'm sure that some Roman senators had similar misgivings about the intentions of Julius (Caesar), and feared a dictatorship. These are dangerous times..... or as the Chinese say, "interesting to historians".....

  • Peter Charette

    Wow. Unbelievable.

  • Mikey

    Get rid of the charitable deduction. First of all, there are now TOO many charities competing for fewer dollars. Second, these charities waste dollars with multiple mailings throughout the year. In the meantime, people who feel they want to help charities will help regardless of the tax deduction. It's turned into a joke.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    It's MINE! MINE! MY PRECIOUS!!! More , More, MORE!

  • del

    Merry Christmas to one and all.

  • DockyWocky

    What the F does king Obama care about minor stuff like this.

    He needs money, and he's gonna get it even if he has to sink the entire damn US of A doing it.

  • kimmerd30

    Unfortunately one has to do something to offset the govn't tax increases. I'm afraid my donations to charties will decrease proportionately as my taxes increase...I will also have to lay off a few workers or lose my ass in profits. increased taxes and hospitalization costs.
    Where's Ronald Regan when you need him..

  • Sk4

    Lets lay the bulk of this on the charlatan in office. Congress can keep putting things in front of him every day but we all know that his talk of "reaching across" was BS all along just to make him look good in "campaign mode." He may fool most Americans but he doesn't fool me. He has his own agenda and will push it through no matter what. Why?...because he can, of course. Who's going to stop him. I'd really love to see all of us out there protesting against this sham who thinks he can use his color to get away with murder (literally, if you consider how he turned a blind eye to those 4 in Benghazi.) Guess he needed his beauty sleep before he jetted off to Vegas for more campaigning. He's disguting and needs to go away...far away.

  • cmjay

    These CHARITIES are taking care of the poor and the homeless and they do a good job with a limited budget. The DEMOC RATS think they are taxing the rich but they only hurt the very people they are trying to help.

  • bowtonoone2

    It's simple. Charities don't have the money to line the pockets of the politicians.

  • Twitch

    This is definitely not the Christimas spirit

  • The Oracle

    That suggestion was forwarded by Boehner and know Democrats of any standing has suggested that course. Typically bamboozle headlines

  • medivac

    I would expect this coming from obama since he is NOT a chartable person Neither is #2. I'm wondering just how much pelosi gives out of her income back to charity ?

  • Libertji Rock



    • DAY


  • 1JBRice1

    Another DC plan to have "EVERYONE" dependent on the the government. Where do the idiots in Washington think the money to support all their entitlement people is going to come from when everyone is on the dole? I still believe that obama was placed into the White House by his muslim handlers to destroy America. Anyone with thinking power knows that he is the worst thing possible for America's future.

  • tommyee

    I think we should be able to deduct their salaries!

  • Paul Wilkes

    Currently the IRS allows up to 30% of AGI as donations. Very few people donate that much so lowering it to 20% would have little effect.

  • medivac

    Here's some food for thought !! Let's start chumming all around the Hawaii area where El Supremo is going to be on vacation !! Maybe "Jaws" will show up !!

  • LTBrown

    Many need to go as they are there only to create wealth for the directors and workers, not truly help the needy. Many are out right frauds and here is an opportunity to clean house of the frauds, and greed driven charities.

  • djw663

    This is why I have been calling Boehner a RINO and that the brotherhood that is Congress all have each other's backs and that Congress, to me, looks like the WWE except much less entertaining and it affects everyone's lives in a detrimental way.

  • Darrell B

    Of course; our 'broke' government is now gonna support all charities...makes sense to me!!

  • Silas Longshot

    All part of the plan to make more and more people dependent on the government so that the goal of socialism / Marxism takeover of the nation can be accomplished. If there are few or no 'Christian' charities or similar organizatoins, then were else could these people go?

  • Jacqueline L

    I don't care about the deductions at this point!
    For years I chose 3 charities annually. 1 for children. 1 for Vets and 1 for Disaster Relief (BUT never the Red Cross high earning bosses)! Then I would make regular contributions quarterly.
    In 2010 my son lost a job he had held for ten years. We are a three generation household. By 2011 I was forced to drop my charities, my home alarm system, all vacations etc. Now I may be forced to drop my underwater Mortgage Payments!
    The saying "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME" has never been truer in the last 60 years. Too bad for St Judes, The Wounded Warriors, The Salvation Army and many others!
    Hello Fiscal Cliff, see you all at the bottom!

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    Back in 1992 Non-Profit churches in the United States were annually expending in cash 225 Billion dollars per year in renovations, upgrades and church construction.
    This same amount of money could actually meet all the medical needs of the third world but American religionists spend it on themselves instead.
    This annual amount nearly doubled by 2000. The Ideas that churches are mainly charities has long ago vanished at the IRS.
    The IRS sees Churches not as charities but self indulgent tax Free community clubs. The National debt is now so bad that the Government wants all the money that used to be non taxed.
    Municipalities are likewise looking at taxing any and all religious "Club house" property.
    Obama declared the US is no longer a Christian Nation to the shock of comfortable Christians - he will ensure his words come true. After all the only religion that will kill you for speaking against it is Islam. And Islam is happy when government turns on Christians.

  • Rocker mom

    Paragraph 3: advocating, not abdicating.

  • Gary Mallast

    RE "...yet others are abdicating dropping all tax deductions for charitable donations."

    I thing you meant "advocating." I wish they would "abdicate" dropping all tax deductions for charitable donations.

  • jreg9304

    are they saying that this country is getting bent over the table again? also when are the libs that elected these madhatters realize what they have done to this country? the federal needs a total enema too flush out the miscreant.

  • downs1

    One more nail; in the coffin of freedom and capitalism! Many charities have a religious basis and outreach. Since Obama is diabolical, it fits that he doesn't want any charity that seeks to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ or that support Jews and Jewish interests. Ergo, hit the charities where they are vulnerable, in donations. Scripture tells us that in the end times there will be an outpouring of satanic activity. This certainly explains all the turmoil in the world and the increasing persecution of Jews and Christians, especially in Islamic countries, but all across Europe as well. Most people look at one little piece of the puzzle but miss the big picture. To others, it is very clear. But guess who wins, and who loses!? Those who would be "first" will be "last" and those who would be "last" will be "first". Those who yell the loudest for "fairness" will get absolute divine fairness in the end . . . and they will be most unhappy! They should rather cry for "mercy" . . . now!

    • "Dallas"

      A simple reminder, quote; "Wars are a "chastisement from God for the
      offenses committed against Him.", unquote. Events revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary that will happen if "mankind did not heed Her warnings and cease offending God", as spoken to three little children, ages 7, 9 and 11, in Fatima, Portugal in 1918.

      Mankind didn't listen then and everything revealed has become historical fact.

      Well, The Blessed Virgin Mary is purported to be appearing since 1981
      and still does to this day in Medjugorie . She has stated, quote: "The
      world will be "chastised" for the way the world is living.", unquote.
      She was asked if the chastisement has begun and She replied, quote:
      "Yes!", unquote. She also said, quote: "Satan is beginning to lose his power and has become more aggressive.", unquote

      With all that is going on in the world before our very eyes, She also stated,
      quote: "The elements will become upset", "Upheaval in a
      region of the world." natural disasters, but most importantly, and get
      this, quote: "Global Economic Collapse.", unquote.

      Liberals can be thanked for Abortion, Gay Rights, open promiscuity, Same
      Sex Marriage, vicious offenses (Christ in urine held up as art) and
      other "acts" directly offending God Himself.

      This is the legacy Liberals are leaving, they own it lock, stock and barrel.

      Again, mankind isn't listening, so here we go again!

  • Don

    If they want to cut out tax deductible items, the FIRST should be the allowance for "entertainers" to deduct political contributions to a political party. Ain't that right "Bill Mahr"???

  • Susan

    wrong again. This is part of Rep plans to close loopholes. Not even part of Dem plan. The Dems havemrhenplan you hate. Raise rates for those making over 250k (that's net and only affects income over 250k not the initial 250k). So check yiur sources. Dick Morris has been known to be wrong as is Fox. Hate the Dems for real reasons. With Dems, millionaires can give all they want and deduct. Yea.

  • Guest Poster

    Congress should be charitable to the American people by deducting Obama from the Earth.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama is stealing America from us and his plans for unlimited borrowing will end the country. When Obama came in to office the country was at a ration of 43% GDP to debt in 4 years under Obama that ratio is now 70% when it nears Greece's ratio of 100 % we become Greece and Obama goes back to Kenya or Chicago, both quite similar.

  • joe

    i have read every comment and no one has hit the nail on the head,,,all the talk is about communism, socialism,,idiots and ect, ,,dont you realize what is happening,,,where we are purposely being drawn ???? wake up and see the dawn,,,we are being drawn into the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT now who are you going to vote for from your F>E>M >A barbed wired deluxe apartment ???????? you are fighting a stupid war without knowing who your enemy is ,,,,,your acting like a blind person,,,,yes oshit head is taking us down that path,,but he is nothing but a figure head yes he is doing a good job,,and getting very rich at the same time,,,but who are the people in the darkened back ground ????of course its the very rich,,,no not millionaires,,,they will be persecuted and destroyed just like us,,,its the elite,,,billionaires,,,trillionaires,,,bankers from the federal reserve,,,which is not an American organization associated with our government its English just like the C>I>A> its English not american ,,,,,keep getting educated by reading the liberal lying news papers or watch television even F O X is owed by a billionaire liberal yes,,you get a little leaning to the right but never the truth as im giving it to you,,,,and you also have European royalties like the queen of England and family,,and did you ever hear of Kissenger ?? he with the Rockefeller family the Duponts the Morgans and many more of the elites are planning our demise how ??? the F.D.A,,,. its in their by-laws you can only cure a disease with a chemical ,,,that leaves out anything that is natural such as vitamins from fruits and vegetables and minerals,,,in the past fifty years and billions of dollars for research,,,there is no cure for cancer,,,i know of at least fifty ways to either stop or cure cancer and i testify to the fact,,,i am not a doctor.....this is one way of decreasing the world population and now we have g,m,o, genetically modified organisms monsanto being the world largest supplier of seeds,,,run by the Rockefeller foundation,,they have been feeding the world for almost fifteen years now ,,,did you know that ???it started with everyones favorite food CORN this killer of food was planed by the executioner himself,,Kissenger and how disease have been started in Africa ( u.s. made ) the United nations is very explicit when it says,,,( the earth only need five hundred million people ) not counting the elites,,,what is to happen with the rest of the population SIX AND A HALF BILLION PEOPLE we are not needed,,,we are depleting the earths natural resources oh,,,i almost forgot contrails with the many deadly chemicls they drop down on big cities every day,,,i know first hand because i lived in los angeles its been a daily event for at least ten years anyway know your enemy it starts with our government and the super rich,,,,,,,,,they dont need us anymore read learn there is little hope,,,you have slept too long

  • Greggie

    What do you expect? Charities are a vessle giving to those in need and that blessing can go a long way. Unfortunately, the gubmint wants you to be ingratiated to only them! Tax them out of their ministry by taking the source of their donations out of play! Amazing!

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    We don't receive a tax credit for donating money to congress in form of salaries---why not----this is throwing money down the drain---we receive only a swift kick in our teeth---for every dollar we send to congress----but again --- it shows that you can't fix stupid-----just think with this collection of poltical idiots---we would never have gone to the moon 40 years ago!!!!!

  • Shane

    The Republicans proposed limiting deductions and exemptions to increase tax revenue as opposed to Obama's plan of raising tax rates on the wealthy. I'm not sure which plan is worse.

  • rae

    I'll bet a million to one they have their stuff protected in some crooked way. I do not understand why they want to put charities out of business unless it's to make the people become even more dependent on them....... I hate this man more and more every day as more stuff comes out that he's doing to hurt this country...I can not believe there were people that really voted for him....and I can not believe that so many democrats go along with what he wants....what hold does he have on them to get them to agree to this stuff that is so bad for our country?........God Please Please help America

  • Saltporkdoc

    Just another maneuver to make people MORE dependant upon the ever benevalent government so the Communistic/Socialistic Democrats can continue to purchase elections with their "base" of whiney beggars and selfish "gimmes"! Shut down the charities and the government, out of its largess and benevalence will step in to fill the gap, thus creating even more dependants to vote the Ass's party!

  • Common Sense Chick

    As much as I hate to say this, and I am a Christian conservative, the fact that charitable donations are tax deductible means that the individual or corporation is not really making the donation, the taxpayers are covering the contributions. Many people do not take a tax deduction because they feel that it is a 'charitable' donation, not a tax-deduction driven contribution.

  • IamaproudAmerican

    We are a generous people and I give to charity's without thinking about the tax deduction I would get for it. Of course, what I give is much less that a much wealthier person might give. Maybe it would be harmful to the charities to eliminate to reduce that deduction.
    Surely there are more options Congress can find where there are duplications of programs and spending that can be eliminated. How many times have we heard there are such things? Congress has to dig and eliminate the unnecessary programs. Or reduce all department spending by 10% or more and eliminate raises for all government employees for a year or two. We do those things in the private sector all the time.

  • Conservative Vet

    Liberals don't contribute to charities, liberals are leaches, not producers or providers.

    • KarenWI

      This is true, I worked in government with mostly liberals for over 20 years and almost all of the liberals were the stingiest and those of us conservatives the most generous, not true in All cases, but in most.

  • JacktheFAC

    Let's fact it: Obehner and the Demon-crat party, and the republi-crats who have knuckled under to them, know that charities, and especially religiously related charities, stand in the way of Obamanation taking completely over of welfare. As long as there are church related charities, there cannot be total Big Brother; Big-Government control of charities and having a completely government dependentency class of slaves.

  • JoJo58

    Of course this administration wants to cut deductions to charity because Obama wants everyone to depend on the government.

  • David McCall

    If the government were really serious about handling the deficit they would be willing to think about cutting spending in real terms. They would also be ready to think about getting rid of all the subsidies that cost billions and taxing the money the union shovel into the political campaigns and leave the charities alone. But they know that killing the charities will result in more people who used to be able to get help form the charities turning to the government and, as a result, they will be more likely to become dependency block voters for the Democrats. I do not believe any of this just happens, it is a comprehensive plan developed by the 'progressive' left to destroy the capitalistic system that made our country strong and reduce its citizens to the status of serfs serving the government overlords.

  • siggy

    Where are the safe guards in the USA Gov.system dictated by our Constitution to protect our freedoms??? where are the watchdogs???

  • Marine Recon

    I am not necessarily in favor of eliminating all charitable deductions but when you look at salaries such as the CEO of Red Cross receiving over $1M plus benefits it might make sense to take a real close look at charities.

  • Public_Citizen

    It won't be just what most people think of as "charities" that will be in jeopardy if this actually happens.
    Many museums, fine arts groups such as Opera Guilds, community theaters, youth sports leagues, and extra-curricular activities booster groups for schools will also be in jeopardy.
    The government does not have the capability to replace the funding for these groups, even with a 100% tax rate on every income earner over $250,000 in the country.

  • Guest

    Who cares? Not I. Let them all die.

  • John Whittington

    When the church can no longer help the people, people will not be so close to religions. Typical Socialistic B.S. !!!

  • markinla

    Good plenty of "charities" are out and out frauds who only benefit the people who run them. Churches are also too political these days to receive tax exempt status.

  • Conservativesniper

    Quit reading this tripe in the middle of the fifth paragraph. This is all bullshite. Boehner is in on the fix. Read "America's Ruling Class" by Angelo Codevilla. If that doesn't shine the light on the problem, then nothing will. Just go back to sleep.

  • CJMcRat

    In a Socialist Nation the government is the one who funds charities. That means that the government decides which charities survive and which ones don't. That means that Planned Parenthood will receive money and survive and Christian Charities will whither and die.

  • freedomgirl

    I read this earlier, but didn't leave a comment because I was just too p'o'd at what's going on today. (There were only 27 comments then!)...
    Instead, I put up the Christmas tree and Prayed for US~~~
    Right now I have a sense of peace in my heart that God will protect us.
    I have read these comments and want to Thank all (well, most) of you for your support and reminding me that together, we shall prevail...
    God Bless you all and Merry Christmas...



  • KarenWI

    I've already predicted this.........and many of the charitable organization employees are liberals and they will be losing their jobs and their charities closing down. My family members have already stopped giving to charities since obama was reelected......we need to save and take care of our own for the hard times now and continuing. Besides, obama is taking more and more of our money already and giving it away. What a stinker (to put it politely).

  • slickzip

    Talk about the "GRINCH" stealing CHRISTMAS ,,,,

  • aurora9

    The government doesn't want the competition!

  • Weekend Cowboy

    The Simpson-Bowles bipartisan committee recommended that the tax base be broadened and the tax rate be lowered. The largest base and the lowest rate comes when there is a flat tax with NO deductions! This means no marriage deduction, no interest deduction, no children deduction, no charitable deduction, etc.

    We already have this tax (up to $110,000) for Social Security (FICA) and it works very well. It is the same for all (fair), it is easy to figure, and no one complains about it.

    In exchange for deductions, we will get a lower tax rate. Isn't that what we want?

    The charities and colleges and billionaires will scream bloody murder but they will survive!

  • Linda Dommel

    I thought there was a $250.00 to charity cut off (not sure).

  • Neal

    It is just as important to replace Boehner !

    • Ray_Downen

      I'm a life-long Republican and I certainly don't want to replace Boehner as a leader in the House of Representatives. He's done as well as anyone could have with Obama in power and Reid ruling in the Senate. The House has faithfully done its duty for the nation. -- Ray

  • SouthernLadyNC

    You put charities out of business and you leave people nowhere to go but Obamacare. Then, you will see those fantantic "death panels" begin to function as the New World Order parameters will demand -- eliminate the infirm. It's coming down the tracks, folks, gathering speed. Soon it will be impossible to stop.

  • Jim L Adrian

    There should be no reduction in charitable contributions.
    One dictates where their contributions go. If the Govt. gets control of this free market contribution then our right to choose is eliminated.

  • William Vincent

    And Obama is asking for charity to fund his inauguration from corporations, hell with him.

  • Richard Holmes

    Hang all liberals and atheists.

  • deseartu

    Why don't people just say NO! He says he is going to do Obamacare, but if everyone doesn't participate what's he going to do put 318 million people in jail? Or to give or not to give is what christians have done since the beginning of time, we don't help others just because of a tax deduction it is the old saying that works called what comes around goes around. And Obummer will get his, it's called karma!

    • Ray_Downen

      Wicked people do not always receive here on earth as they give. Many die wealthy. We can't be sure what Obama will receive in exchange for the wickedness he has shown and is showing to all who are godly in this nation and elsewhere in the world. There is a religion which thinks badness always is paid for here on earth (Hindu karma), but what the Bible teaches is not karma at all, just justice in the end. -- Ray Downen.

  • John Everett

    I am not surprised at all. Obama's biggest pet strikes again...I just can't believe this caught anyone off guard as John Boehner has betrayed us time and time again.

  • thismustend

    THIS is why public schools quit teaching TRUTHFUL, REAL history. Socialism has been a GIGANTIC FAILURE in EVERY COUNTRY that has tried it along with Communism, Marxism & dictatorships. In ALL of these forms of government the masses suffer EQUAL POVERTY while the "elite" rulers live in luxury. The idea of EQUAL wealth under Socialism is a LIE. Hussein ObaMAO & his racist, hypocrite family have cost TAXPAYERS $1.4 BILLION so far for their outings & vacations. So ObaMAO will give YOU $150 in food stamps while he lives it up on $1.4 BILLION, now THAT is EQUALITY!

  • Kamaut Longbabilon

    "in the last days they shall think that what is RIGHT is wrong, and what is WRONG is right!" (Prophecy). Of course the "last days" prophecy is conditional - meaning that if the NATIONS go into mourning, and REPENT, asking GOD for forgiveness, the END shall be put off. However I believe that there was ONLY ONE such occurrence that happened in Nineveh, (Jonah). As far as pure tax dedsuctions go, for having Social Emergency Assistance Organisations in place within churches and synagogues or Temples, that should REMAIN, otherwise the destitute may rise up like The Russians did, and overthrow USA from within, wiping out all politicians in rage. We should learn from History. Churches should RE-search their BIBLES as well, as they have defied God for too long, and as a result have influenced their congregations to choose immoral and unethical candidates for election to Governments. I suggest thsat they start with their greatest MISTAKE, and read all of Mathew 5-17 -->.... and confirm that with what Jesus was talking about in Gen-2 and Eodus-20.... And UNDERSTAND what law they REFUSED to keep, which was to show allegiance, respect and honour to God and Jesus (as the "I AM" Jesus referred to). Maybe then, without a war, can America become humble again and strong in morality and ethics.

  • "Dallas"

    A simple reminder, quote; "Wars are a "chastisement from God for the offenses committed against Him.", unquote. Events revealed that will happen if "mankind did not heed Her warnings", as spoken to three little children, ages 7, 9 and 11, in Fatima, Portugal in 1918.

    Mankind didn't listen then and everything revealed has become historical fact.

    Well, The Blessed Virgin Mary is purported to be appearing since 1981 and still to this day in Medjugorie . She has stated, quote: "The world will be "chastised" for the way the world is living.", unquote. She was asked if the chastisement has begun and She replied, quote: "Yes!", unquote.

    With all that is going on in the world before our very eyes, particularly, quote: "The elements will become upset", "Upheaval in a region of the world." natural disasters, but most importantly, and get this, quote: "Global Economic Collapse.", unquote.

    Thank you Liberals for Abortion, Gay Rights, open promiscuity, Same Sex Marriage, vicious offenses (Christ in urine held up as art) and other "acts" directly offending God Himself.

    This is the legacy Liberals are leaving, they own it lock, stock and barrel.

    Again, mankind won't listen, so here we go again!

    • Ray_Downen

      Mary was a mother to her children. Now she's awaiting the final judgement just like all others who have lived on earth. Jesus lives. Jesus hears our prayers and answers them. Jesus calls for us to love Him and serve Him and for us to serve all who are loved by Him. -- Ray Downen

  • Obamanation

    Obama, busy doing satan's work.

  • Glenn

    John McCain already said this a couple of weeks ago. And what you say is true. Most good deeds will come to and end, Churches will perish and the scum bag government wil control everything.

    This is another way to reedistribute wealth since the pimps in Washington will have more swept into their sewer and they can dole it out to all of their fellow commie scum bags.

    All of you who voted for Obama and all of you weak RINOS deserve whatever happens to you. Remember, we have the guns, most of you live in citys where the zookeepers already have ones and you don't.

    • Ray_Downen

      There are many cities in the U.S.A. where citizens are sensible and are armed and eager to defend themselves. Only a few of the large cities are senseless and defenseless. -- Ray.

  • Big Al

    I work with a proclaimed Atheist and I said to him when you are on your last breath or maybe two...YOU WILL BEG GOD TO SAVE YOU!! It will just come out and just maybe he will save you. He said I don't know about that...I said" OK JUST DIE THEN"

    • Ray_Downen

      Jesus instructed His apostles what message we were to carry throughout the world. It surely was nothing like Al thought up! -- Ray Downen.

  • ltbl123

    Everybody believes that if we just sock it to the rich, the middle class and the poor can keep getting handouts at the wealthy peoples expense via the governments re-distribution programs. Ultimately the rich are not bound by their citzenship or our borders. There will always be a home for them and their money and if it becomes too expensive they will leave and take their wealth with them. If we believe the government has good intentions towards the poor, ultimately when acted out those intentions facilitate more poverty not less.

    • Ray_Downen

      Why assume that "everybody" believes nonsense. Many of us do not believe such things and we do our best to get sensible laws passed and enforced. -- Ray Downen.

  • nvrat

    Welcome to the world of "O" enabled by the Modern Moderate Republican.

    • Ray_Downen

      The Republicans and others at fault for enabling Obama to proceed with his plan for destroying the nation may be "modern moderate Republicans." The Republicans I know are fighting against Obama in every legal way possible. And I'd thank you to not misrepresent the heirs of Lincoln and Reagan who usually are patriots and immoderately so. -- Ray.

      • nvrat

        True Ray some are still Republicans but, what I call Moderate Republicans are the RINO versions like Bohner, McConnell, Rubio and many others that follow the Democrats ideology of the New World Order.

  • wandaz

    I think it is in their grand scheme of things to kill charitable donations by individuals. The government wants to be the only Candy Man. Reminds me of the scene in "Babe" where the teets dropped down and all the little piggies ate. No mother, no warm fuzzy feeling from interaction with siblings...just machines with teets that gave sustenance.

  • froggy13

    eRe: Karen Griffee: There are churches in America that make money not from donations. You would be surprised at the number that own rental properties and land. In addition, day care centers and schools are profit centers as well as renting out classrooms (my daughter's nonprofit day hab for adults with disabilities rents space for $1200 a month) and facilities for weddings, etc.

    Regarding Merry Christmas: My church is Bible-based Christianity. We celebrate the Savior's birth and life every day of the year. Nowhere in thr Bible is Dec. 25 mentioned as Jesus' birthday. The holiday was created by the early church to celebrate the birth combined with end of the year pagan Roman observances. Even though my fellow Christians do not observe the date as Christ's birth, we respect those who do and usually respond with Merry Christmas. To my Jewish friends I also respond with Happy Hannukah. So please do not bash those who respond with Happy Holidays for you don't know their past or beliefs.

  • Just me

    Giving should not be for tax deductions in the first place. I give a big portion every month and have never claimed a tax deduction. God will not be indebted to anyone. He is the one who will see to it that money comes back to you. It is one of His promises. Remember, God sees the heart.

    • Ray_Downen

      If God had promised that all we give would be returned to us, then we'd be wise to be very charitable. But I know of no such promise and still think we should in the name of Jesus share whatever we have with whoever needs it. -- Ray Downen.

  • Concerned American

    We are complaining about the idiological path toward communism/socialism that the Obama administration is taking this country; but, how many of us are willing and able to revolt against his policies? How many of us are willing to go out and exercise our rights to protect and defend our Constitution and our laws? None. Rather we sit at home patiently hoping that time will change all and in doing so we are following the path that the Jews took during the Hitler regime, while we are giving the Obama administration the time to destroy and demolish our country.

    • Ray_Downen

      I agree that action is needed and should have begun at least seven months ago. Obama is a Muslim. His aim is to destroy this nation. Every day sees him closer to accomplishing it.

  • obhfwb

    Give us a fair tax plan or a flat rate plan and stop this insanity taxing everything on this Gods green earth. Did you idiots in DC every hear of a budget, well we responsible people have one set for our house hold income and we cannot just print more money because of stupid mistakes. The 545 that has ruined 308 millions of people lives are just to stupid to realize, the bank is closed.

    Please leave our charities alone and stop spending money you don't have to spend.

    • Ray_Downen

      Will all the idiots in Washington, D.C. please stand up so we'll know who you are. I'd rather the spendthrifts who are NOT idiots would "leave our charities alone and stop spending money" that has to be borrowed from our grandchildren. -- Ray Downen.

  • mattzweck

    it's called out of control spending of the gov't. and a power grab. yeah merry Christmas

  • Jude O'Connor

    Charities along with church groups were the welfare of the past but like many other things in life this was taken advantage of and the government took over and now it's out of control.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    And for good reason. In a tight, socialist society, there can be only one dispenser of goods, favors and livelihoods... and that is the State. Private charities (especially Christian ones) must be slowly rendered immaterial. This process has been underway for quite a while. Obama likely thinks he can finish the job in his administration.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    People time to take back America from these Socialist.

  • Gregory Rice

    the last days of Rome .... Obama is our Lord and Savior and Government is the only Charity.this all because Christians will not fight those
    who want "Christ" out Christmas

    • Ray_Downen

      Christians got along fine for many years when there were no celebrations of Christmas at all. Did early Christians celebrate ANY annual feasts or feast days? We have no record of it if so. But EVERY first day of the week, the early Christians together celebrated the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. I don't think it matters how anyone wants to celebrate Christmas or not celebrate at all. -- Ray Downen.

  • michric

    This leaves the gov as the only "charity" and takes the church further out of our culture. Thanks for electing the socialists my fellow Americans.

    • Ray_Downen

      If we accept as truth that many of the "votes" counted for Obama were fraudulent, we will see that it was not a majority who returned him to office. It's true that many millions chose to sulk because THEIR pick wasn't picked to run against Obama, and yet the total counts were very near equal of for and against the Muslim. Those most responsible for electing the Muslim are those who preferred Ron Paul, a Libertarian, and didn't vote in 2012. Our thanks should go to those who didn't vote against Obama. -- Ray Downen.

  • keepersleeper

    People in general, won't be able to give to charities anyway...all their jobs will have been lost, thanks to Obama's policies!

    • Ray_Downen

      I rejoice because the Christians I know are charitable and generous with whatever they have, much or little. -- Ray Downen.

  • gregz

    Satan is still in charge of the U.S. government, Both sorry parties.

    • Ray_Downen

      There are two major parties in the U.S.A. One is godly. The other is godless. One we can be proud of (usually). The other we are ashamed of. I'm a Republican. I know many Republican politicians, and they are godly people in every case, seeking what is best for the nation. -- Ray Downen.