Union Violence Doesn't Stop Michigan Legislature OKing Right to Work

As hordes of union protesters clashed with police and tried to mob the building, the Michigan Legislature gave final approval to "right to work" legislation and sent it to the governor for an expected signature.

Police on horseback and in riot gear had to push back crowds of foaming-at-the-mouth union supporters who were incensed that politicians would do anything to reduce unions' hold on power.

Michigan is considered a stronghold of America's union movement, and the state has suffered through the results. It has the highest union membership in the Midwest and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

As Gov. Rick Snyder and Republican lawmakers have tried to turn the state's economy around, the unions have bogged down the process, finally resulting in the current showdown.

Proponents say the legislation is about giving workers the choice not to belong to dues-eating unions, while opponents say it's about weakening the unions' power. Both sides are right.

The stranglehold unions have had on public and private workers has long been at the heart of economic woes in the Rust Belt. And any effort to limit the unions' power meets with staunch resistance.

Just on Tuesday, 26,000 children in Michigan had to miss school because their teachers called in sick to protest the right-to-work legislation.

It might not be any great loss, however, as under the unions, only 7 percent of Detroit eight-graders are considered proficient in reading, and only 4 percent are proficient in math, according to the Department of Education.

Statewide, only 32 percent scored as proficient in reading on standard tests, and 31 percent scored as proficient in math.

The reading scores have not improved at all in the past 10 years, and the math scores have gone up only 3 percent.

The right to work battle has echoed similar fights in Indiana and Wisconsin. Wisconsin one-upped Michigan, however, by stripping most public sector workers of the right to collective bargaining.

Incoming House Democrat leader Rep. Tim Greimel vowed that anyone who backs the right-to-work legislation "will be held accountable at the ballot box in 2014."



  • Doodlebug

    Congratulations Michigan!! Get that billed signed Gov. Snyder and tell the creeps to get back on their buses and get out of your state! Go home where they belong and leave you and your state alone. As for the incoming dummicrat leader, Greimel, your state will prosper the same as we in WI have since kicking the unions in the butt! You may have to eat your words come 2014!!

  • S K

    Kudos to the Michigan house and senate.

  • True Patriot

    Yep, those unions in Michigan are corrupt and get violent when they don't get their way. When anyone tries to recall a unionized politician that person is usually run out of the state. It's about time Michigan stopped these unions.


    Anything to get liberals' panties in a bunch

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    Many teachers in several Detroit area school districts called in sick to attend the "protest", forcing these districts to cancel classes. Steven Crowder was viciously attacked by union thugs and was sucker punched in the face 4 times. Union "protesters" tore down a tent in which many women and elderly people were gathered inside. Another union protester attacked a female state trooper and had to be pepper sprayed.Tons of trash left behind on capital grounds. Keep digging your graves union people, you are losing support by the minute.


    In the beginning it was knowledgeable that "unionism" was a necessary force because of employer-employee sweatshops, long working hours, low wages, poor working conditions, etc. Over the years conditions have changed where potential employers became more compassionate towards employees. In later years I've witnessed union bosses threaten employers if they didn't fork over their demands. I've witnessed a proprietor in the garment district commit suicide by jumping out the window when union demands had destroyed the business as a result of monetary losses. I worked in the garment district when my employer was forced to move his entire sales office and factories down south because of union demands and corruption. I worked for the Transit System earning top dollar, but the union bosses wanted more. There is no question that unionism have destroyed many businesses in America, and those that were forced to leave the country. The biggest corruption comitted by union bosses is stealing membership monetary dues for donations to their political candidates who will grant them absolute power over their union members. And there are union members who believe that their bosses owe them the riches of their business. It simply doesn't work that way because if you demand the impossible monetary gains, you are guarantee to loose your jobs. I've seen it happen many times. That's why jobs are pretty scarce today.
    When an individual goes into business for himself or herself; their only obligation is to offer you, the employee, a decent salary for work performed and nothing more. The provision of medical coverage is never the responsiblity of the employer nor the government. As an employer, he or she may allow an Insurance company to offer group medical coverage at their place of business for their employees, but only at the empoyee's expense and not the employer nor the government.
    As the late Ayn Rand once said; "The individual [This means you.] must exist for his or her own sake, neither sacrificing himself or herself to others, nor sacrificing others to himself or herself. The pursuit of his or her own rational self-interests and of his or her own happiness is the highest moral purpose of his or her life." As for myself, I have never taken anything from my friends, family nor the government. I earned all that I have the old fashion way... I worked for it!
    USAF (RET)

  • I_P_Frehley

    Greetings from The People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Cook County, the bastion of liberal cowardice. We have this exemplary archetype of institutionalized failure called the Chicago Public Schools, possibly the worst example of unionized extortion. I bet that our fine model of gimme gimme gimme rivals Michigan's compassionate and loving one.

  • Ruggedlark

    Can't wait to see the unemployment rate fall as the union membership falls...Nice to see the Michigan Legislature do something positive for the people of that state.

  • Yup it's just me

    There will be Union Thug blood shed very very soon. Personally, I can't wait.

  • Dennis

    I would hope that this is something that is supported by majority of Michigan residents and not just the House of Representatives. Look at what happened to the state of Indiana, when the passed a right to work. Jobs came back to the State. Isn't this a good thing, Michigan? More jobs, more tax revenue for the State, hopefully lower taxes for the people and a chance to make your OWN decision as to whether or not you want to join a union. Question.... Why is it that liberals viciously fight for their right to choose, but Conservatives are denied that same right?

  • Marcus Cato

    RE: "Proponents say the legislation is about giving workers the choice not to belong to dues-eating unions, ..." This is grossly and unfortunately misstated. It is NOT about "giving" them a choice. It's about acknowledging, respecting and defending the individual's RIGHT to be free of contrived interference in the harmless exercise of a natural right -- period!

  • am2sweet

    Michigan has done a great service to all their workers in that state. Now if only the rest of the states would follow suit that don't currently have a right to work law.

  • salim

    this is just the thing that was foretold since the 19th century as a
    long-term result of union activity. the most prolific woman writer in
    the history of the US mentioned that labor unions would be a major force
    to bring about national ruin. to get the big picture, I urge all ASAP
    to read (also free online) the book titled The Great Controversy,
    authored by ellen gould white..
    be blessed!

  • shearwater

    When unions are bloated with power everyone suffers!