Democrat Threatens “Blood in the Street” Over Union Vote

“There will be blood,” State Representative Douglas Geiss threatened from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives as its members debated legislation that eventually made Michigan the nation’s 24th right to work state. Union thuggery is not uncommon or new. It was Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., who said this about the Tea Party: “Let's take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

Unions are at peace as long as they get their way. Consider this from Breitbart’s Big Government when Steven Crowder approached union protestors with questions about their responses to what elected Michigan representatives had done on Right-to-Work legislation. Crowder was assaulted, and one person threatened to shoot him.

“In addition to the assault on Crowder, union members tore down a tent that had been pitched by Americans for Prosperity; Breitbart News' Lee Stranahan captured the union members' attack as the tent collapsed, with people inside, as union marshals looked on.”

Of course, I’m not saying that every union member is a thug. There are a lot of people in unions who have to be there because of the way our laws are written. Right-to-work legislation’s purpose is to fix this inequity.

Michigan is the most heavily unionized state and has one of the highest rates of unemployment. New businesses wanting to locate in the Wolverine State can’t compete in terms of market realities because of union contracts and union demands.

It’s shocking that a sitting President dismisses the anarchist tactics of one of his largest political supporters. The Nazi Brown Shirts come to mind.

The history of the labor movement in this country is a history of purposeful disorder. “As it entered the industrial age full blast in the 1870s, America had plunged into ‘the bloodiest and most violent labor history of any industrial nation in the world.’”1

Under the auspices of the first Education and Defense Society, “workers met regularly and drilled with firearms.”2 On May 4, 1886, during a labor rally in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, anarchists had thrown a bomb into police ranks, killing 7 policemen and injuring 70 more. The gathering had been organized to protest the killing of six striking workers at the McCormick harvester plant.

At the trial for the anarchist leaders, the following treatise, written by Johann Most, a leading American anarchist, was entered into evidence: Science of Revolutionary War — Manual for Instruction in the Use and Preparation of Nitro-Glycerine, Dynamite, Gun-Cotton, Fulminating Mercury, Bombs, Fuses, Poisons, and so forth.3 Most’s guide consisted of information he gathered from his experience at an explosives' factory in Jersey City. “With a certain zest he contemplated using ‘hand grenades and blasting cartridges … the proletariat’s substitute for artillery.’ Larger bombs were even more promising: ‘That which reduces what had been solid rocks into splinters may not have a bad effect in a court or a monopolist’s ballroom.’”4

Like all romantic revolutionaries, most believed that humanity could be saved only “with blood and iron, poison and dynamite!”5 As one would expect, “the Haymarket incident hurt the labor movement by associating it in public opinion with violence and revolution.”6

In 1912, because of a dispute over unionization, the Los Angeles Times building was dynamited and 21 persons killed. “Sixteen packets of bombs were found in the New York Post Office in April 1919.

In June 1919, bombs damaged the houses of the U.S. Attorney General, the mayor of Cleveland and judges in New York and Boston.”7 In September 1920, a group of anti-capitalist anarchists set off a bomb on Wall Street, killing 38 people.

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  • DontTreadOnMe11

    They want war? Bring it!

  • Screeminmeeme

    Just like his daddy, Obama, the celebrated community organizer, is superb at fomenting outrage and hatred in his slobbering sycophants. He has encouraged lawlessness and incited riots, fracturing our country on a massive scale. Acrimonious division has been whipped up by Obama between races, genders, classes, workers, generations and the schooled vs the unschooled......great achievement by a Marxist.

    The union aggression and violence in Michigan yesterday was a direct result of his bidding and had his approval.

    Expect more.

    • YoureNoBetter

      As if godfatherpolitics doesn't foment outrage in its slobbering sycophants.

      You're no better than the people you complain about.

      • coconuisse

        I don't remember assaulting anyone! Only "your kind" is guilty of that degree of atrocity.

        • Patriot

          He's a troll. Ignore him/her.
          Sissified left wing, goon supporting, Obama Drone.
          Something tells me that this is only the beginning with these Union Thugs.
          Lord of the Flies sound familiar?
          Petulant, uneducated, children in adult bodies.

        • PatriotIsATroll

          You're all trolls.

        • Patriot

          As I just informed another Obama Zombie, Union supporting thug, attack the message not the messenger. To0 much work numb-nut? I don't insult easily. I have bigger fish to fry. I Just love firing a-holes like you. It give's me a satisfying sense of revenge. Remember Revenge. Your guru Obama used that word when he gave you numb-nuts your marching orders.

          Adios Troll have a good life while it last.

        • PatriotIsATroll

          And again you point out that nothing you say is worth listening to by making baseless assumptions.

          Of course you enjoy revenge, you're a petulant child.

        • jong

          Nope just justice. Revenge is giving you more than you deserve in punishment. Which is rather hard to imagine.

        • Patriot

          Hey, numb-nut. Don't listen.
          I was right. Your a petulant child. I need no further proof other than your refusal to converse. TROLL- Last response.

        • PatriotTheObviousTroll

          You give nothing to converse about patriot, because you're a troll. Why would I respond to a bunch of straw-man arguments and insults, which is all you have for anyone who disagrees with you.

        • Hahasure buddy

          You have no business nor employees to fire, you lieing keyboard warrior. Lol you wish

        • Patriot

          Numb-nut troll.

          You are at a point of diminishing returns. (A little business lingo a-hole!)

        • DifferentGuy

          That was a different one.

        • The New Dealer

          All you have is name-calling and nothing of substance. What a pathetic creature you are. Hate and envy drive your empty existence. What a pity there are many like you in the Red States and luckily a distinct minority here in the Blue.

        • Jim David

          Sorry, Patriot, but that's a little statistics lingo which is often misused by business people.

        • Patriot

          What rock did you just crawl out from under.
          Haven't you been posting here using several different names.

          Hey, Jerk look up the Definition. Do you own homework. Your ignorance is on full display here. Aren't you ashamed? No I didn't think so. That's why you drones are so obnoxious. I don't have time to hold classes for you dribbling Obama drones.

          Now get lost and annoy someone else a-hole!

        • Ann Coulter

          What crap! Have you nothing better to comment on. Your bile is unsubstantiated tripe!

        • Patriot

          You must be as stupid as you sound. What alternate universe are you living in numb-nut?

          Unsubstantiated tripe? Are you out of the loop clown. Do us all a favor and go f off. Moron!

          Oh, sorry there didn't know it was you coming back for seconds. I bet you are sloppy seconds aren't you?

        • Conservativesniper

          Your last sentence describes the overpaid union worker perfectly.

        • Patriot

          Thanks, I try and call them as I see them.
          Did I forget bullies?

      • Tim Brady

        Pointing out the facts = fomenting outrage. I don't think so ....

        • YoureNoBetter

          This place is quite short on facts, and quite heavy on assumptions and stereotypes.

        • Ed Scott

          So, are you saying the thug who punched the reporter in the face was not Union. What proof do you have? He admitted he was a union thug.

        • YouSpeakForYourself

          No I'm not, you did.

        • M1A1A


        • gene1357

          You are free to leave.

        • YoureNoBetter

          And free to stay.

        • jong

          Yes. We do need a few clowns like your self here. Prepares the rest of us for the lies that might be told down the road by your kind.

        • YoureNoBetter

          No need for me to tell lies here jong, there are plenty about before I show up.

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          In case you missed the video memo dummass, the FACTS are plain to see for anyone with eyes. Go piss yourself

        • NotSoSimple

          No, a fact or two is plain to see. You idiots think one fact proves major ideological theses true.

        • jong

          When you see the same faces at all the rallies the Unions put on you come to the logical conclusion that violence is just part of the Union play book. Not just one fact but, a way of doing (or not) things.

        • NotSoSimple

          No I won't, because I treat individuals as individuals.

        • jong

          Like what??? Where you there in Lansing??? I was. Violence was second nature to the Union Thugs while no one who was for this bill was arrested. No assumptions or stereotypes just facts and the truth.

        • YoureNoBetter

          "No assumptions or stereotypes just facts and the truth." To then be applied to other union members, which involves assumptions and stereotypes.

        • Apolloone

          So why are you hanging around? could it be you are feeling guilty? I was a union member in my young years, there was a time when unions represented quality work and a fair-days work for a fair days wage but just like our government Marxism Rules.

        • BigUgly666

          Just how many "handles" are you using here?
          I've counted at least six without even trying.

          .... and you have the unmitigated gall to call anyone else a "troll"?

        • HoweverManyIWant

          However many I want, and it should be relatively obvious which one is me considering the kinds of names I use.

          Oh yes, many people here are trolls, they're just hiding in this cave called godfatherpolitics, spewing venom at groups of people all day long. This place is horrible well before I show up.

        • BigUgly666

          Well, congratulations!
          You spew as much, or more, than anyone else with each of your "handles" - so, congrats - you, all by your lonesome little self, make it much more "horrible" just by your presence.

      • karin zoanelli

        the answer to you and all the union thugs is this: WE AMERICAN have the

        RIGHT to work without interference and or threats. whoever turns to violence is wrong.

        the union is WRONG

        unions are outdated, their demands are self serving and do not serve the people they purporting to serve. in companies without unions the workers flourish, look at WalMart: everybody has health insurance, everybody has profit sharing, name one union job that does that.
        but the violklence they spreach is proof: they are outside of the law, and should be persecuted to the extent our laws allow.

        • Patriot

          Good going!
          Be prepared to be verbally assaulted. Stand strong and fight back! The trolls are out in full force today on all the conservative newsgroups.

        • jong

          At least once they have shown themselves we can id them and when they appear else where we can nail them

        • Apolloone

          Good post Karin I believe most union workers are good employees, I can say this because I have been a member of three different unions the good people have to make up for what the thugs are supposed to do,somehow this sorry minority think they deserve something for nothing. A company doing business in America these days has a difficult time to say the least my sister and her husband shut down their coal mine because of our over-intrusive government and too many employees wanting something for nothing. Someone said we already had the greatest generation now we have the greedy generation. I agree from the rich to the poor way too many people are wanting something for nothing, We who ask what can we do for our country are a small minority, the large majority are now asking what can our country do for us, if the majority were patriotic we would't be in this mess.

      • Patriot

        Want to bet. Who is attempting to destroy the social fabric of this country and it's economy? Who helped to put a racist Arab Muslim into the peoples house? Who are the people who fight every effort at getting to the bottom of who this Marxist Socialist is? Who are the people that are sanding up for morality, our Constitution an our way of life? I suspect it's the good people on this board (most anyway) and I bet you aren't one of them are you?

        • YoureNoBetter

          "Now do you see why you are so despised?"

          Because you feel like you don't control the world and you need someone to hate and blame. It has nothing to do with being a conservative, it's just you.

        • Patriot

          You see numb-nut, I do control the world. At least my little world which is more than I can say about you. You need someone to tell you when to do it and how to do it because your obviously unable to think for your self. Do you dress yourself in the morning yet or is someone else still doing it for you?

          Instead of hurling personal put your man or women pants on and address the questions you were asked a-hole.

        • YoureNoBetter

          As always, you can't make a comment without making baseless assumptions and stating them as fact. Again, why your politics are completely worthless.

        • jong

          Hardly baseless. Most liberals like your self want to have a marxist government hold their hands 24 hours a day including going to the bathroom(for the small percentage of you liberals who are potty trained)

        • YoureNoBetter

          More stereotyping prejudiced nonsense. Keep pointing out how simple-minded you are.

        • BigUgly666

          Maybe so you can understand?

        • The Oracle

          You wouldn't know Karl Marx from Groucho Marx. You hardly know what Marxism stood for and you, or none of your tiny ilk, can draw any comparisons between Marxism and America of today. But, you may think Social Security is Marxism. You may also believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth, But who else, with a brain, gives a sh-t what you morons think.

        • Patriot

          Just as I figured.

        • BigUgly666

          Talk about someone who makes baseless assumptions and stating them as facts!

        • The Oracle

          What's you world? Is it shooting gophers on the prairie? Is it sniffing glue? You are no more of a patriot then a anarchist who spouts anti-Americanisms every time you touch your keyboard. What have you accomplished? No one tells me what to do and I have lived better than you, have more than you, traveled more than you and know more than you know. I don't go around spewing hatred, bigotry and divisiveness. History has driven you rats back in your holes over the centuries, but like the vermin you are, who are driven by jealousy and hate, you rear your ugly head once again. But time is against you and your day is ending. People are being exposed to the venom in your heart and 2012 was the turning point. No one is going back to Jim Crow and ignorance and you and yours will be marginalized one day, and it's coming soon.

        • quipster

          oracle you must be from the hobbit nation of liberalism ! One day in the near furture we will snuff you baby killers, gay loving,mexs loving, welfare and food stamp loving union love'n butts off this planet !!! ( With The Help of God of course)!!!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Just a little FYI oh wise one: The Democrat Party was the part to fight FOR keeping slavery LEGAL, worked to IMPOSE the Jim Crow laws, and the Dred Scott decision. Have a nice day!

        • walter

          Phillip you're correct, but you "forget" to point out that the parties reversed roles in the late 1960's. Ever since RM Nixon implemented the "southern strategy" the democrats have been the party of helping the oppressed seek a better life. The repubs are the party of the angry white guys and the gals who love 'em, but that's not enough anymore as the 2012 election showed.

        • Patriot

          Keep dreaming you pathetic sorry excuse of a human being. Crawl back up Obama's butt you low life a-hole! Something tells me life just hasn't smacked you upside the head yet or perhaps it has and it was once too many times. Now go F-off you troll. You really need to get some anger management help. Also, I bet you have a severe case of penis envy as well don't you you little worm?

        • jong

          Control the world???? Thats interesting. The last group that tried that was the Communist Party in Russia. Liberals like you want control and you feel entitled to it and if some one else says no you get all up set. Go back and sit in your ma ma's basement.

        • YoureNoBetter

          And yet again, more stereotyping and baseless assumptions. That people like you think you deserve any respect for such ridiculously simplified political opinions is just hilarious.

        • maxiegal

          You are full of yourself and are one of the most ignorant breed alive. You hate you father for his honesty and you family for their faith in God. Your low self esteem stems from your inability to think at a higher level and keeps you filled with anger and hate towards those who can. Your thoughts are totally disconnected and you are a racist. You want to strike people who have scruples and a good paying job. You have no friends, just people who will put up with you because you amuse them with your utter stupidity ans scattered actions. That's just you Dude. Your moniker suits you perfectly for you are no better than the least in this country.

        • maxiegalTheFictionWriter

          Haha it's funny when you people think making things up about me is going to bother me. It's pretty much the same as when you make things up about others to pretend your politics are better. Reasonable people see right through it.

        • Truthsleuth

          If it did not bother you, you would not have responded. Now you have to attempt to prove that you are not what you truly are. You are indeed a sad sort of what ever it is you aspire to be. It is not fiction when it is true and you have just proven it by trying to make it politics. We .have no political standard and make a living doing what we do. You were simple. You respond to everything with glib cliche. Nothing with substance or meaningful, rather unconnected words with no meaning. One thing you are not and that is "reasonable". One thing that you are is pathetic.

        • JIMBYONLY

          He has no idea who his Father is!

        • Apolloone

          Thumbs up Patriot. I have had the displeasure of having to work with some of these buttwipes they won't work and don't want anyone else to work they are supporters of Marxism but are too stupid to realize it, their idea of a days work is to carry a strike sign or sabotage a company facility.

        • Patriot

          Thanks Apolloone.

          It's really getting boring responding to some of these Troll Obama Drones.

          When you present facts they resort to name calling. This is their hallmark. Have you noticed that this board is being inundated with them today?

          The fact that they are too stupid to realize it is what's at the heart of this whole thing. People, we need to teach our children well. If that doesn't work, remember "Spare the rod spoil the child." I think that there has been a whole hell of a lot of spoiling going on over the past several decades!

          Unfortunately, most don't even realize that they are useful idiots and are being used as such.

          Have you noticed that these Obama Zombies just simply don't answer the questions that are put to them. They can't even defend their defenseless position. I Guess verbally attacking people is their forte, especially when they don't have to deal with them face-to-face. Oh, well.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I believe it's one person using many names. All his posts are written the same.

        • Patriot

          Thanks DontTreadOnMe11!

          That makes a lot of sense. I'm usually a trustful person and accept them at face value until they prove otherwise. I will have to start looking through these posts to see if I see any similar word usage an sentence structure. I'm already suspicious of one in particular poster.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I have flagged every one of his posts. Maybe GF will do something about banning him.

        • Patriot

          Good man. Let us know what they say.
          This board makes it a little to easy to create multiple accounts
          and post to those various posts.

        • The Truth Seeker

          What facts has a moron like you ever presented? What statements of truth have you ever presented? You are in a haze.

        • Patriot

          Looks like you obviously have a remedial reading problem.
          Do your homework numb-nut, help is at hand.
          Now you too can go f-off. What's it like being you? I can only imagine how lonely, and self loathing it must be dweeb!

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I believe it has gone past the "spoiling" stage. At present, we are at the "rotting" stage.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          When they wind up "starving to death" I sure hope their signs are "edible."

        • The Truth Seeker

          What asinine tripe- no evidence, just bigotry unleashed. You are a gutless guttersnipe who hides behind the word "patriot". What in G-d's name make an insulting pig like yourself a "patriot?" The essayist Samuel Johnson stated, "The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism." A lowlife like you hides behind some phony name and makes outrageous and insipid claims and accusations and is backed up by the other dolts and idiots who crave this fetid and rotting garbage. What's your claim that he's Arab Muslim, wow that's original. His father was an Kenyan, not Arab and his mother was a white Protestant American, whose roots in America go back probably farther than yours. Your claim of "destroying the social fabric of this country," is so idiotic it defies logic no less imagination. Where has this fabric been destroyed? Because he's pro union, pro women, pro-education, pro-fair taxes on the most able to pay? Is that anti-American, you dunce? All you uneducated twits can rave about is Obama. All you dopes can write about is the destruction of America and our way of life. Cite the ways? As I recall we lost 8 million jobs because of the crash and the resulting recession, of which zero had to do with Obama.

          But, for you stupid and insulting morons, the stock market doubled, unemployment dropped 40%, 15 million autos will be made, housing prices are going up, the inventory of unsold property is shrinking, the banks are loaded with money we are getting out of the last unpaid for war and healthcare is now available for 54 million uninsured. Maybe you noticed that the government is selling the AIG stock and reaping in about $23 billion in profits. Real capitalism in my book.

          But to you asinine clowns this is Marxism. Marxism never existed, but communism did and is there any comparison with us to the Soviet Union through its history? Of course not! Not one of you geniuses could compare their state production, their quotas, their regulated wages, their five year plans, gulags or anything else. Any comparison is completely idiotic, but idiocy is rife here and it is echoed 24/7. So every one who disagrees with your brand of flat-earth thinking, racism, hatred and Bible thumping is in your words a "despicable human." Well you have ruled out a vast majority of this country and the world.

        • Patriot

          What a sorry little wimp. You really are one of the lost aren't you a-hole.
          Mindless children. F Off Jerk! You need to do you homework you Arab, Muslim Racist Ass-Kisser. Sorry excuse for a human being but I'm sure I'm not the first to inform you of that fact. You hateful SOB's are all the same.

          Take your sissified dribble elsewhere moron! Ya, your God and Savior has been long coming for you idiots. Enjoy while you have the chance.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          After all that, you need a nice glass of Kool Aid! Drink up!

      • Ed Scott

        You are one of the sick leftists who are always screaming for violence to others. The problem you leftist union thugs have is The American people are waking up and are not going to take your fear tactics any longer.

        • YouAreAJoke

          "You are one of the sick leftists who are always screaming for violence to others."

          Seriously, it's amazing how often you people point out that you shouldn't be taken seriously. You just make things up and treat them like facts.

          You are a joke.

        • jong

          Like what??? I have seen no argument from the liberal trolls here today that includes anything like a fact. As for mental illness and being a left wing nut they go hand in hand as they are ones who have committed more murders during their reigns than any other group in history.

        • StereotypingAllDay

          More stereotyping. It's rife here.

        • Conservativesniper

          Some stereotypes fit. Like unionized slugs who can't compete in the market, they need the government holding their damp, quivering, corpulent hands so they don't fall flat on their face.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Right or wrong, the unions stand up for what they have gained since the 1870's and the Depression. They built a strong middle class and many of them are just as conservative as some of you haters. If you ever worked in a factory or an assembly line or a trade you would be Goddamn happy for a union to fight for your healthcare, working conditions, and benefits.

          Unfortunately you clowns are so stupid and have so little knowledge of history that it is pitiful. Before Reagan over 95% of the working folks in this country had a defined benefit for a pension. It was fought for and well appreciated. Then the right wing, led by people like former Justice Lewis Powell, a Republican who sat on the high court for many years, decided to call for the swamping of Washington with thousands of lobbyists representing big business. The rest is history, which if you could read or open your blind eyes, you could find the story in Jeff Madrick's, The Age of Greed, and Hedrick Smith's, Who Stole the American Dream. It wasn't the Democrats, or your favorites the Marxists, who invented the 401K and shifted the pension responsibility to Wall Street, the money managers and to yours truly. Now the defined benefit is history, and the average moron like yourself has about $17K in their 401K. It wasn't the liberals that encouraged you to use your 2nd mortgage and your private equity line as a piggy bank.

          Personally, I am retired, own my own home in a very well-healed corner of America. I worked on Wall Street and Main Street and saw the good, bad and ugly of both. But for sure, all of you have always had personal responsibility for your own skin. No American so-called commie took it away, before or now. If you haven't saved enough, tough sh-t. I have, and my wife and our married children are quite comfortable, we all have been in the private sector for 4 generations, and by the way vote Democratic.

        • Conservativesniper

          One thing I forgot, I am DEAD SET AGAINST public service unions. I am a student of history because those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Even the deity of modern democrats, FDR, was against public service unions. Scott Walker did the State of WI a huge favor when he had public service employees contribute more to THEIR retirement. And that was what eliminated the deficit of the State of Wisconsin., from 1.5 billion dollars to a surplus of about $300,000,000. Left wing politics in this country fail because they are philosophically against the American ideal.

      • BulldogRedeemer

        Are you kidding!!! Unions once were necesary, and they have performed a great service for the working man---union and non-union. But now the pendlelum has swung. It is the unions who are now the bullies and the thugs, not corporations. And most union people now have tremendous pay and bloated benefits, far more than non-union workers, many who are highy trained with university degrees in the sciences, etc. Their value to society, in most cases, far exceeds the rank and file union worker. I have no problem with union workers getting a fair income, etc, and to have save working conditions (a must!), but when they riot for even more, when they are is just going too far. And the majority who are non-union, are sitting up and noticing (finally) what is going on.

        • gene1357

          The key may be in the scope: Big = More susceptible to corruption, as in big gov, big political parties, big unions, and... to some extent... big corporations. The criminal element infests all, as it's natural prey.

        • salim

          exactly! this is just the thing that was foretold since the 19th century as a long-term result of union activity. the most prolific woman writer in the history of the US mentioned that labor unions would be a major force to bring about national ruin. to get the big picture, I urge all ASAP to read (also free online) the book titled The Great Controversy, authored by ellen gould white..

      • gene1357

        And your point is???

        • tim meenan

          unions suck !

      • randyn1531

        How many people have been killed or injured? How many bombs Have been planted.

      • Joe

        And you sir, madam, whatever, are an idiot.
        If the truth offends you? Then by all means cover your eyes and ears and shut your mouth. Obviously you don't like people to be well informed.

        • YoureNoBetter

          People masquerading assumptions as truth offends me.

          If you come to this place for information, I doubt you're well informed.

      • jong

        Said the marxist when he did not like the truth coming out.

        • JongTheStereotypingIdiot

          Said the idiot when he needed to apply another stereotype.

      • Ray Ake

        MY DADDY was union from 1946 to 1992 and all he got from was nothing,, he paid them each and every week,,when he retired ALL THE MONEY WAS GONE !!! just like your's will be..

      • Conservativesniper

        Godfather Politics has not fomented outrage, to my knowledge. Do you have any documented evidence that readers of Godfather Politics engaging in felonious behavior? Put up or shut up, idiot sheep. Because there is videotaped EVIDENCE above of some union thug lardass committing assault and battery. Btw, I don't slobber. My physique is such that my body works as designed. I'm not overburdened by obesity. Unfortunately, it appears almost all of the union thugs in the aforementioned video seem to be morbidly obese. They ARE the caricature of the FAT, ignorant, bumbling American. To hell with the UAW, Teamsters and the rest of them.

      • SallyE

        I don't hear your president denouncing the violence. He supports it by his silence. These thugs are his voters, his friends, his supporters.

      • Edward53

        STFU, you little wimp. You commie POS.

      • Conservativesniper

        There is no need to foment outrage when the illegal, outlandish crap done by the left recently is brought into the light of day. It appalls sober, competent people to see how the spoiled little union bitches behave. The only slobbering done is by the morbidly obese, mouth breathing union members . I'd bet the tub of shiite that whines "get out of my face" couldn't defend himself in a fight because he is SO FAT he couldn't move fast enough to keep blows from landing. And myself and alkl my friends wouldn't pull the cowardly crap pulled by these union dolts. Like collapsing a tent on the elderly and defenseless women. What a bunch of tough guys.

      • Charlie Knight

        At least we are not dummyrats

      • Isa Gee

        It is obvious you belong to the union.

    • Patriot

      Of course he is. "GET YOUR REVENGE..." "The Police acted stupidly". Actually in that one I would have busted that black racist and given him some curb-side justice or as we say in Chicago, A TUNE-UP. Beer summit my A**!

      Dividing people is what Obama is all about. Remember the only claim to fame was his involvement as a community agitator. That's what a-hole, like his supporters, do best. Police training has really changed for the worse over the decades.

    • Al

      It is clear that Crowder went there to provoke this sort of reaction. You can see it even after the confrontation.

      • jong

        Nope wrong again. He did absolutely nothing to provoke anyone. Whether it had been him or anyone else favoring the bill they would have been treated the same way. I was there were you????????????

    • jong

      I live in Michigan (Grand Rapids) and have attended NEA meetings currently being a school bus driver. They always had one person sitting at the head table and if you disagreed with anything the MEA said he would give you a nasty look. I called him on this and he backed down just like bullies do. If they wish violence they will have to take the first shot. We conservatives will have the last one.

      • tim meenan

        will fight them in the streets ! union's are a past way of life! they are all most done--thank god !


      WHO is his daddy! Is his mommy even sure!

    • manuel a

      i dont care who is the pres as long as hes doing the job to the best of their abillity but you cant do a job if the workers are fighting you on getting the job done thats about all i can say. and on top of that boner just said the other night that they were not letting go of the purse that came out of his mouth so what does that tell you the congress is really telling the pres we control the money you dont we say what goes and what gives. which i thought we the people controll them we put them there and once they got in they forgot all about us and now it all about them what gives?

  • dondehoff

    I trust the news reporter will file charges against the thug and that he is given a at least 90 days in the poky for agravated assult. Surely, with all the cell-phone cameras around there is ample proof. The union rank and file have been led far astray by their leaders. Union leadership has failed to address "world commerce and labor". They cannot continue as if they were just competing with local management, they are competing with overseas lower prices and labor. Government too is at fault with their 35% corporate tax. Any high school student knows that a company passes along any and all taxes to the consumers. The DOJ needs to get on top of this NOW, else there witll be much blood in the streets. The non-union workers are not going to continue to be clubbed around, by thugs. I would estimate 80% of the union members are reasonable people and I also suspect the thugs are being compensated, which moves the reponsibility line up into the leadership. That law that now protects the union leadership needs to be revoked---if it is not revoked, then the DOJ (and the Administration)is "part of the problem"

    • I_P_Frehley

      Unions have long outlived their usefulness. They only protect the power they have accumulated, the lazy and the pensions they embezzle. I am all for union busting.

    • Beepster

      Crowder has offered a plan. Go to prison or one on one with him. When you are a trained fighter, as this guy is, you can take a whole bunch of punches. Personally, I think the one throwing the punches should take Crowder up on his offer of one on one. Then he can really show how "tuff" he is.

      • dondehoff

        Beepster, to engage in a fight makes the reporter "one of them", and little if anything gets settled other than increased escalation. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Democrat Threatens “Blood in the Street” Over Union Vote

      • Don39

        Shut up union goons, want to take on a retired Special Ops Soldier?

    • Emslykarl

      I wouldn't bet on that Union thug getting any jail time . Holder will dismiss the case and that will be the end of that ! This Adminstration has taken corruption to a whole new level in the span of my lifetime - 80 years ! What is particularly offensive is that they operate with impunity and are never held accountable !

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Holder has nothing to do with this. This NOT a federal crime it is a state crime.

        • Emslykarl

          Ok , you win ! But if it were a Federal crime , Holder would do nothing ! How's that ! I stand corrected ! Feel better ?
          Sent from my iPad

    • MontieR

      What DOJ. Ther is NO law in Amerika with the exception of the laws protecting corruption and perversion and communism.

  • crusader2010

    They might be in for a surprise, It could be theirs in the street. Time for conservatives to take no prisoners.

    • jong

      After all were would we put them to be reeducated.(LOL)

  • cathylovesyou

    Excuse me wasn't that Jimmy Hoffa beating up on Crowder? Tactics never change with the Union goons. Hey Mr. Union and Preident Obama, You busted GM and Chysler. along with Hostess, what target have you in mind now, Oh, maybe the entire school system.

  • Debra JM Smith

    They are thugs!

  • Carol Fryer

    This is just more,,,,,,give me what I want out of your pocket or else.....maybe Ill shoot you ...fear fear fear fear.....idiots.

    • Patriot

      Isn't that what these Communist Union thugs do best?

    • Mark Ward

      on scuffles at the MI state capitol (in National Review's 'Morning
      Jolt') -- "What's the difference between Mafia and unions? One threatens
      to kill you if you don't give them money, the other dresses snappy."

    • gene1357

      Unions and commies are collective operators. Their technique is a gun held to someone's head, ergo a threat of brute force and mob violence.

  • Gilroy Was Here

    We in the Military are not in a Union. We operate under the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States of America. If the the Unions want to operate outside the rule of law wipe them out.

    • Patriot


    • Donna Mohler

      So,you in the military--why are you not protesting the illegal potus,if your operating under the constitution??????

      • David in Dallas

        While still in uniform (active duty service), they cannot, that's why. They are still free to vote as they desire (assuming, of course, that ballots are effectively given to them, delivered, and counted--things that did NOT happen in the last election), but they are not allowed to gather in protest, etc.

  • Sha Jack

    All of those Union Thugs should be castrated and put out to pasture, they have way to much testosterone to be human anyway...kinda reminds me of Obama, trying push Americans around..."My way or the Highway" type of thuggery.

    • Patriot

      Hey, Sha. Haven't you been reading the Obama Zombie Posting here? We, according to them are no better. Good laugh. Personally, I think some have already been castrated. )

      • RageOnZealots

        Many of you are no better. One-dimensional raging zealots.

        • Patriot

          Oh an Obama Zombi speaks!

          See, I think I've made my point!
          They just can't compete in the arena of free thought without engaging in mindless, thoughtless attacks, Hateful spiteful lefties. Boy they are really out in full-force after getting their commie clocks cleaned in Michigan.

        • PatriotTheStereotypingFool

          Like always, you can't treat a person as an individual, it has to be attributed to a stereotype. You're a stereotyping fool.

  • Simon Jester

    Another story says they ID'd this drooling goon who assaulted an innocent man.. His name is clearly legible on his Marxist union

  • jonrmoore

    If the union thugs want some blood, please come to Texas.

    • Patriot

      Hey, Texas is as good as any I guess and they would surely know how to deal with them. Actually, I know they would.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      We in Michigan, can handle our own thugs, but thanks for the offer. If we need help we'll give you a bump. Take care brother.

  • jeff lyons

    Buy guns now

  • Val

    BOOOD, is just what that "crack-pot " in the WH wants. And he has found the people with lowest IQ's to deliver it.This is how the Democrats handle things .BULLIES- everyone of them and to show the whole Nation their faces is unbelievable. IDIOTS !!

    • Val

      BLOOD ! I get so up-set to see how Obama turns AMERICANS against AMERICANS, and he sets back like a yellow little coward, and encourages it.!! Someone should drag is azz out and beat the Hell out of him for this Union crap.He is thick with those LOW CLASS CHICAGO STYLE ,thieves. WAKE up America, LOOK what you voted back in. A PIECE OF FOUL CRAP !

  • winlockmike

    so now the union people are going to statrt killing people because they don't agree with their commie ideas. they may get a big surprise. woner if obama has talked them into this

  • Emslykarl

    This kind of thuggery should cause every fair-minded American to think seriously about the philosophy of Liberal Progressives ,and it's influence on our culture today ! When a member of Congress is seen on National Netwok News yelling " there will be blood in the streets " , and cheering for the anarchists , that should raise serious doubts about the virtues of Progressivism ; should it not ?

  • Free America

    Michigan is the most heavily unionized state and has one of the highest rates of unemployment.

    This is due to the fact that there is so much Democrat and union control in the state. The unemployment will just continue to rise there as long as both these forces are in control. Democrats and unions do not know how to make an economy thrive, they only know how to spend more money this country does not have. The roof on top of the house will soon come crumbling down. This ruthless and evil behavior is the reason why I am against unions today. They are all a bunch of greedy people who cannot be thankful for what they have in this looming economy. It is what is best for "me" rather than what is best for the company. No wonder why so many companies do not like and feel threatened by unions today. You could not pay me enough money to join a union and would never work somewhere I was required to be part of one. Glad I reside in one of the other 23 states where people have the cholce to join a union. The other states that do not have this right will start going down hill next if they have not already. You see the proof in CA and NY that the Democrat and union control does not work in the long run. It is just a total farce and the Democrats like you to believe it does work -- nothing but a big lie!

    • Patriot

      It's like that nationwide. Want high unemployment, high taxes, decimated cities? Vote democraps into office. It works every time.

      I'm often struck by how many of these union commie goons refer to the union as their employer or boss. Not the company that pays their bills.

      I'm amused that so many of the trolls on this board attack the Republican party as being the party of Old White Men. I wonder if they've taken a gander at the OLD WHITE MEN foul-mouthed union goons in Michigan? I guess we can add FAT and UNEDUCATED as well. :)

      Now they are threatening that blood will run in the streets? Well you un American Commie a-holes bring it on! You bleed and die just like everyone else. Jerks, each and every one. They need unions because they are incapable of taking care of their own needs.

      • YoureAnIdiot

        "I'm amused that so many of the trolls on this board attack the Republican party as being the party of Old White Men."

        That's because you're an idiot.

        • Patriot

          At least I have a successful life, I own my own home (two actually), a fat portfolio, and sufficient cash on hand to do what I want when I want. I take it your life isn't going too well. I interview people like you and they are the one's I pass over for raises and/or jobs. There are simple basics in life that you need to acquire.

          Hey attack the message a-hole, not the messenger. To much for you boy?

          Embarrassed you were exposed? That's OK. A lot of people go through the same phase. You can receive forgiveness for your ignorance and poor behavior but remember numb-nut, in order to be forgiven you must first show contrition. Look it up.

          Have you always gone through life being a hateful, spiteful jerk or did you have to really work hard at it. How's the pay now a days numb-nut?

          Do you really wonder why? I bet deep down inside you really know your a loser in life's lottery. Is that why you joined a union? Do you think that's going to improve your lot in life? Sucker. Keep trying! :)

          Well, it's been fun, but I'm continuing my pledge of firing two of you numb nuts a day and I have to send out the memo about the reduction in hours.

        • PatriotTheObviousTroll

          Of course you immediately go into making assumptions, such a troll move. The same reason your politics are worthless. Tell me, what's it like making up reality all the time? Personally I rely on facts.

        • Patriot

          F off A-hole. Look who's talking about making up reality. You live in an alternate universe you uneducated moron! Crawl back up into Obama's butt you societal parasite.

        • PatriotTheObviousTroll

          More assumptions and insults, just like all of your "political" comments.

        • Apolloone

          Wow!! you sure told the Patriot I can hardly wait to read your next post.

        • Patriot

          In case I haven't told you before. F off a-hole.

          If I told you before forgive me and go about tending to your useless unproductive existence.

        • PatriotTheObviousTroll

          Yep, I must be unproductive if I have time to type. Not like I could work at a computer all day or anything. More evidence you assume whatever you want to justify your beliefs.

        • Patriot

          Sorry, but you don't have a clue as to what I believe. I wouldn't want you to keel over dead!

          Why can't you work at a computer all day. This is (was) America! You can do anything you set your heart and mind too. Not to difficult. Just do it.

        • PatriotTheSometimesTroll

          Patriot, I do work at a computer all day. My employment status is just another thing to laugh at all of you about, because you're so sure you know I'm unemployed. And again, it gives evidence that people here enjoy deluding themselves on the basis of very little information.

          But I would like to say thanks for the cordial comment, you even said sorry!

          Sorry too if I piss you off. But sometimes you deserve it.

        • Patriot

          Hey there friend, there's no reason to be lying or acting like a smart-ass. There's plenty of those here without you adding to the clutter. Do you know the number of hard working people who have lost there jobs? I don't recall but if I suggested or assumed you were unemployed then I'm sure because that's the impression you gave.

          You know what? I've already made several sizable charitable contributions this year. If you are gainfully employed as you say, do your heart some good and cut a check to help those less fortunate than yourself.

      • Apolloone

        I owned a small business I was very successful inspite of the government, I cannot imagine having to deal with them and the union thugs at the same time. Both treat you as though it is their business and you work for them.

        • Patriot

          That's what drives me to the verge of insanity. They take this attitude that since your their employer, you owe them. They owe they're allegiance to the Unions. Go figure. Let the Unions pay their wages for a change. Let the unions pay for their Health Care. Gees, enough is enough already. It's not only not right at many levels, it's just down right un American.

        • Patriot

          That reminds me how the left would brag about bill clintons economy.
          My response at the time was the economy was good despite Bills actions.

          And they continue to brag about the surplus he left. It's my understand that upon leaving they cooked the books and in fact there was no surplus!

    • gene1357

      Let us not forget that Dearborn Mi., has an Islamist majority. Christians were stoned there, and police did nothing.
      Between the unions and the Muslims, I say give the whole place the boot.

      • Patriot

        I caught that video footage at the time. Disgusting.
        Give them some gasoline and matches and they will do us all a favor and burn it down!

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I't obvious that you have never been to Michigan. Michigan is a beautiful state (minus the Detroit area). Before you give us the boot, maybe you should see what it's really like here. You're an ass.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Granted, Michigan has the most union workers in the US (but probably not for long). But you have to realize Michigan is more than Detroit and it's surrounding suburbs. If it weren't for the tri-county area (Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties) Michigan would be a red state.

  • Top of the Mountain

    Unions once were necesary, and they have performed a great service for the working man---union and non-union. But now the pendlelum has swung. It is the unions who are now the bullies and the thugs, not corporations. And most union people now have tremendous pay and bloated benefits, far more than non-union workers, many who are highy trained with university degrees in the sciences, etc. Their value to society, in most cases, far exceeds the rank and file union worker. I have no problem with union workers getting a fair income, etc, and to have save working conditions (a must!), but when they riot for even more, when they are is just going too far. And the majority who are non-union, are sitting up and noticing (finally) what is going on.

  • Alexander Scipio

    Here's the deal: I have kids. I want the American Dream to be available to them. Democrats don't have kids and don't care about future generations other than how much they can steal from them. (Youtube: "Freeloading Democrats"). If the moochers want blood in the streets - fine and dandy. It'll be THEIR blood.

    • NothingButPrejudice

      More nonsense prejudice.

  • gbandy

    I sure hope this Democrat is talking about his own blood!! Well just wishful thinking.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    It will be union thug democrat blood.

  • pduffy

    Notice how fat the union protesters are? That's what you get when you sit around on your ass, doing nothing but the minimum, the union way.

    • YourPrejudiceFeedsUs

      Great prejudice you got there. Always welcome here.

      • Don39

        So is your stupidiy. Venting is good for the health. I am sure the Huffington Post is missing you and docking your pay. Or is the union making it up from their illicit funds, well it is less that can go to Obama and his fraud regime.

        • Don39IsATroll

          Make up whatever you want Don39, don't let me stop you.

  • swade_98_2

    Just look at the distruction of the world, not just the United States since Obama became our President. Everywhere he goes tormoil starts. The Middle East was just fine until under Bush we went into it. Even then it wasn't as bad as it is after Obama's visits. He goes to the Middle East and all Hell breaks out all over the Middle East. He visits the Asian Countries and now war is starting there. The man should be call the Destroyer because everything he touches falls apart. Now that idiots and fraud have voted him back in, now watch how everything will fall to pieces. He has cause more hatred than any one man ought to be able to accomplish. The blacks calling him Jesus Christ and Foxx making jokes about killing whites. The musilims making demands and wanting to kill the non believers. Now the Asian Countries starting a war. The Union threatening blood in the streets. Ron Paul warned us and everything he has said is happening. What FOOLS we American People are to shut our eyes and close our ears to the Truth and could have Saved Ourselves and just maybe the World would have followed. Now we will reap what we sowed, Merry Christmas Everybody, enjoy it, this will be your last.

  • samtman

    The right wing of Republican war on the working wage earner is pushing this country towards European Socialism. The American hourely wage earner is being exploited and demeaned by the lakeys of the Military industrial machine. The only way to for the workers it the ballot box. We are seeing the begiinng of the resulst in the 2012 elections, mor progressive Democrats than ever were elected. The more the Republicans disfranchise the American wage earner and the working poor the more progressives will be elected. At thlis rate, by 2020 there will be full conroll of both ouses of Congress and the Presidency by moderate and progressive Democrats and Republicans in office, things are going to change for the better for the American worker and the 47% percenters.

    • Patriot

      I don't even know were to start on this one.
      Was that Obamaphone women your mamma?
      The expression of intelligence or lack thereof is overwhelming.
      Hey numb-nut! What local do you belong to? Did they
      tell you to come here and make an absolute fool of yourself?
      No need to respond it was a rhetorical question (look it up).

      Troll Alert,
      Another one exposed. Don't feed the trolls.
      Sorry, Couldn't help myself.

      • PatriotTheTroll

        Once again you prove yourself a troll.

    • Don39


  • Fred

    All union people are anarchists". Y guys are something else. I predict the Rep governor will be beat in 2014. And many Democrats will win. The sneaky passage of this law in MI is not popular with patriotic Americans who are not in unions but recognize the contributions they have made to workers everywhere. You guys are clueless as to what is going on. And for that we are grateful. Keep thinking Obama only won because of unions and your wonderful people called moochers. Go get Karl to pick your next candidate and run as good a campaign as he ran this time. we will be laughing as we did just three weeks ago. I know the evil got it all by fraud. Hahaha photo IDS will fix all that. sure. go geezers. Eat more chicken.

    • Patriot

      Hey friend it sounds like your the one who is clueless. Your time is over get use to it. Remember Wisconsin. You lefties were proclaiming the same thing there too. Remember what happened. You got your Commie butts kicked and rightfully so. People are fed up with you and your union goods and socialist crap! Get use to getting your butt kicked at every turn. We Americans won't tolerate your kind of thuggery any longer. Enough is enough. Get the drift Numb-Nut? You take advanteous of those not blessed with intelegence and who can't reason or make sound decisions, Those legally declared mentally incompetent, engage in voter fraud, voter supression, etc, and yet you have the balls to brag about winning. You people are societies moochers and takers. Hey numb-nut, and I call you that affectionately, if we would have had voter ID's you low-life's would have stood a chance. And remember, just because you won a crooked election, doesn't make you right. History is replete with examples of why your wrong. After all the German People, in a democratic election elected your uncle Adolph, didn't they. How did that one work out idiot! Grow up, do your homework, study your history and join the human race.

      Here's another one!

      • PatriotIsAtroll

        Yes patriot, you are a troll, we know.

        • Don39

          Like we give any credence to unregistered hit and run leftist!

        • Don39IsATroll

          You don't give any credence to anyone who doesn't agree with you.

      • jg112

        If you have a point to make Patriot, why cant you make it without insulting the person? It makes you sound foolish, even if you are trying to make some sort of a point.
        What makes you any better than the thugs you are complaining about?

        • Don39

          Obvious answer, not being part of and a defender of the thug unions!

      • Uptite

        Mind you, we need a licence for more insignificant things, like picking up an antibiotic from the local pharmacy, or checking out bowling shoes, yet no need to show ID to vote!?!?...this was simple thievery of an election, as they knew it was the only way to win it. I read that article of the mentally ill being corralled to the RMV for ID's then to the voting machines; that was just one instance - voter fraud ran rampant, but was never publicized by the liberal media, go figure!

    • Don39

      Only a stupid pro-union goon could not, does not see that unions DESTROYED Michigan and every state in which they shackled the work force. That makes you a supreme idiot and who cares what else you have to say from your vantage of stupidity? Jobs are gone for ever because of unions. Manufacturing is gone forever because of unions. If you have a union job it is on a short fuse because of unions, and that includes government service industry jobs! Even if like you a paid union goon, you better look for reeducation, we are coming for your job. Their will be no replacement.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      You are FOS! It's obvious you do not live in Michigan (I have my whole life). you can keep your low life out of our states business, we don't need you. We have to many of your kind here already.

  • Dennis

    Sounds as if Rep. Geiss feels that only certain people deserve his support. What do you think about that, People of Michigan? Is that the person you want to keep in office? Go get 'im.

  • medivac

    obama supporting the unions is to be expected. He ain't got the sense God gave a goose when it comes down to what the people of the united States want and need. Only his own wants are what he cares about. jimmy hoffa jr. should know that his blood could flow just as well as the peoples, also !! It did before !!

  • Dukester

    Unions are made up of COWARDS who show pack mentality.. Anyone of the cowards seen during yesterdays rally would run away if alone.

    • Patriot

      In another life, I sat in a number of criminal investigative interrogations involving several Union thiefs. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Once they saw the videos, and was informed unless they came clean, they would be honeymooning in county jail that evening. What a bunch of girly-boys. They literally began pointing the finger at fellow union brothers and cried like babies. These guys are Cowards. They are only tough guys when in packs. Get them in a room by themselves and they become sissies!

  • Patriot

    State Representative Douglas Geiss is nothing more than a sissified bulling Obama Turd.
    In a real fight he would no doubt fold like a cheap suit.

  • Nikita63

    Douglass Gleiss needs to be arrested and CHARGED with promotion of TERRORIST activity and punished accordingly to the fullest extent of the law; along with every other union THUG who dares to attempt the overriding of the will of the people by violence or the threat thereof. If anyone at all dies as a result of this admonition, all, involved NEED to be charged with Murder, sedition and possibly Treason! These threats were made in the MICHIGAN legislatuire and that is a sorry thing to have happen ANYWHERE but particularly not in a State Legislature filled with lawmakers! How much longer are the rest of law abiding and hard put upon American Citizens going to take this crap from these criminals. I call them only what they ARE, by any legal measure or STANDARD!

  • Brendajanetorres

    Obama's Union Thugs!!! What is more important....The auto-makers union or safe cars, The teachers union or educated children, The Care-Givers Union or quality Care, Doctors unions or safe medical practices......Need I go on.....Federal Unions or the Voice of the People!

    • Patriot

      You sure summed that up nicely. Way to go Brendajanestorres! way to go!

      The vast majority of all newly created jobs are public sector union jobs. This needs to be made illegal! Very un American. Just like our so called president!

  • tierbb

    Boy, am I getting sick of Democratic threat, last minute emergency, and "phony claims when they do NOT want to negotiate" tactics.

    • Patriot

      No intelligence much like many of the trolls on this board. They engage in transference. For you Obama Zombies, transference is when you accuse your opposition of exactly what you are doing? I think we're onto you folks? :)

      Just bluster aka BS!

  • Hank

    As a dedicated marxost, albeit unadmitted, oboner is simply checking off the lines from his copy of the Hugo Chavez book on installing a Marxist State. Just as Chavez did in Venezeula, obama is ginning up the blood in the streets to ultimately shove the Boot of Marxism down on the neck of freedoms and liberties in America. The bloody boot prints of Marxism will become common place in short order. No, America is not exempt. Remember, America is merely a blip on the screen and will be void of freedoms and liberties in less than 300 years. Kind of sucks doesn't it.

  • Mad Mike

    Tell me again, the difference between this democrat party, union thugs, the Mafia, and the communist party?

    • Uptite

      There are no differences... they go hand-in-hand!

      • KeepLosingElectionsIfYouWant

        Keep believing it, you'll keep losing presidential elections.

        • Patriot

          Better right than wrong. The Dems are much like numb-nut Biden. Always on the wrong side of history. Remember the civil rights movement? You numb nuts got left behind on that one. Not surprising since you guys were the ones wearing the sheets much like the exhausted Grand Dragon of the KKK, Sen. Byrd. May he never rest in any peace.

        • ItsNotSoSimplePatriot

          "Always on the wrong side of history."

          It's statements like that that make you nearly impossible to take seriously, especially wrapping me up with the KKK or even democrats for that matter. As far as I'm concerned anyone who subscribes to party politics (or ideologies) is next to useless.

        • Patriot

          You really need to write in cogent, understandable sentences. I thought I clearly stated what I was trying to get across to you. Pay attention and learn oh Grasshopper. Are you familiar with the reference?

          The KKK was the enforcement arm of the KKK. The fortunately former Senator Byrd was at one time the Exulted Grand Dragon of the KKK.
          Are you following along so far? What is it you don't understand. Just a rhetorical question no need to respond.

          If you can't take that as serious go play with your Obama Zombie friends.
          If you don't subscribe to a particular ideology you are pretty much useless as a human being let alone an American. Perhaps you chose the wrong word. No response required. It was just another rhetorical question.

        • Uptite

          To the uneducated....We shall see, we shall see!
          You unidentifiable, Curious! Perhaps part of the DEM MOVEMENT?!

    • Patriot

      The space between them? :)

  • off2shop

    Obama is MAD because when Ohio & Michigan become right to work states he will not be able to dictate who wins the WH. That's what all of us need to do is cut the legs off of criminals, Obama and his Marx's group of friends.

  • rchguns

    The Union Bosses had better remember that as of this time they have yet to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa. If and when union workers Wake-up and take time to look around and see that the only people out there freeze in their rear ends off and fighting with police are union workers. It's a workers who will lose their jobs, look at Hostess, but the union reps, organizers and managers of the union haven't lost the day's pay and they sure haven't been out on the picket lines were skirmishes with the police. These union elites are using the rank-and-file to basically cover their rear ends and trying to make sure that the golden goose( the workers) keeps laying eggs. America had better get his act together and see that the only purpose unions serve is to protect the incompetent and the lazy workers who know that they cannot be fired or replaced.

  • USPatriotOne

    Obama and the ONE WORLD ORDER/U.N....all Communist all day long...!!! The Plan the Liberal/Communist/Unions are using is identical to the plan the Nazi's used in Germany from 1933 to 1935 to take complete control of their Country....EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES...!!! Go listen to Dr. Michael Williams radio show "The Patriot Report" on and find out what is really happening in our Great Nation!

  • Tim Martin

    These THUGS are Obama's peeps. Unions are criminal enterprises who exist to funnel union dues into the Democrat/Communist party machine

    • Patriot

      Where is the application of the Rico Statutes when you need them? If they aren't organized criminal activity I don't know what is.

  • Joanne

    As usual Obama and the good-for-nothing media will pretend this never happened, whatever would be reported if it was the Tea Party? It would be in all the newspapers and just think what NBC, MSNBC, CNN would report on this union thug protest.

  • Omar Kahlid

    Union thugs are like muzlims. They hide behind their women and children (corrupt liberal politicians) are their w & c. unions support pedophilia, sex with animals, corrupting children with homo sex manuals, force abortions on children all while singing America The beautiful. As a former union member I can say they are ALL rotten to the core. Well just look at the fat, bloated and extremely paid bosses. F union thuggery. They will all get their time in Hades.

    • MorePrejudicedNonsense

      More prejudiced nonsense.

      • Don39

        Shut up union thug!

        • StopTheStereotypes

          No, I'm anti-prejudice, not pro-union. I agree with right to work laws.

          I'm not pro-union just because people here argue against unions with horrible bases like prejudice.

  • Wild Bill Alaska

    was a time when unions were needed and provided a unified voice for
    workers rights and working conditions.Unions have now morphed into left
    wing political money laundering machines for the democrat party that
    cares less about the workers and more about lining the pockets of union
    bosses and filling the coffers of democrat politicians campaigns.

    Unions have evolved into parasitic entities that are sucking the
    lifeblood out of private as well as the public economy with unrealistic
    demands on struggling companies and towns and cities alike.It is way
    past time for them to go away.

    Wild Bill

  • Tyrone Conley

    If yesterday scared you, think about this: In California, even police officers are requiered to pay union dues. What are you going to do when you are assaulted by union thugs, then a unionized police force arrives to take your statement? Feel secure and safe? I have tried to get the law changed, but my elected officials are unwilling to take a stand!
    " of the free, and the home of the brave"?????


    that's ok;; the blood is going to be that of scum unigoon trash

  • Samurai_Sam

    Bring it on boys! Your nothing but a bunch of punk losers that aren't smart enough to see that your selling yourselves into slavery to the mob.

  • What's going on?

    These "union" people just don't get it..........the country is trying to become some kind of "norm"......with people having jobs, but the idea that a "right to work" law would harm the unions is wrong. It just makes it possible to HAVE A JOB and NOT BE FORCED TO PAY UNION DUES. If a worker wants to be in the union, okay, if not, the woker should have that option too. As for the "asault" by the "goon"..........he shouldbe charged and jailed.......I'm not against unions but I am against unions who willingly destroy jobs through greed..........

  • Joe

    Shouldn't rep. Geiss be arrested for insisting violence?
    Oh I'm sorry we're talking about liberal democrats.
    The ooooooooh so tolerant bastards.

  • MontieR

    Where the HELL were the police, [face palm] they are union to so the law is ignored. Unions ARE an illegal organisation, their sole purpose is to EXTORT money from ANY business they are involved in.

  • Saha

    So where is the label of terrorism? If this ain't terror I don't know what is!!!!

  • GilbertDavis

    those union goons better be in jail by now . No one has the right to prevent free speech and the right to work.

  • roger

    I was part of a union crap onetime with the teamsters they wouldn't let me deliver my product to a grocery warehouse in Kansas city they ultimately put the company i worked for out of business they threaten my wife and me with a gun but turn about is fair play a week after the strike was over I was driving down the road and there was one of the pukes trucks flip over from what I heard he was run off the road by another truck laughed for about five miles same-thing in cally with safeway almost ran them over just to leave my thoughts unions are done

    • Patriot

      What goes around comes around I guess. :)

  • GilbertDavis

    those union goons better be in jail right now . No one has the right in the USA to prevent free speech and the right to work.

    • Don39

      They would say you want to interfere with their free speech, but if you did the same thing against their efforts they would want to throw you in jail for inciting a riot!

  • newyorker


  • SEBtopdog

    So the Dems are the party of civility, are they? Wow, what hypocrites!

    • NotSoSimple

      What an idiotic statement. One person doesn't represent the Democratic Party.

      Posters here use group-think way too often. You claim to be about individual liberty but you don't treat people as individuals, you treat them as groups.

      • Don39

        There are no individuals and no one for individual liberty in the sociocommunist left movement , that includes the pro-left and communist unions. I think that two elections pretty much support that. You can delude yourself that you believe in individualism, but being a leftist pretty much proves that a lie! Not having the guts to register and establish a profile , being a hit and run commenter of opportunity, contributes to your lack of credibility. It also leads me to believe you are a paid union goon.

        • Ann Coulter

          The tape was edited, and Faux Noise went bonkers, but in truth what was the Koch Bros and their phony PAC putting up a tent in the middle of a large protest over "midnight" legislation. My sense, is that come 2014 many of the Teapublicans in the State Houses will be toast.

  • Johncavl

    I was once a union prisoner then I saw the light, their main goal is them not us the worker!.


    Yeah,before the coward sucker punched him, did you see that big fat pig telling him to shut the F up? He had to be a union auto worker with a gut like that and the money they make for watching robots? 56 bucks an hour? And they cut down a tent and try and lay on women, children and people in wheelchairs? I wish I was there and that big fat pig was telling me that. When his mouth opened wide enough when he said the F word--I bet he practices getting it open that wide during breaks and when he goes to the restroom--I'd of stuck my fist in that big fat mouth and that would have been the last word that pig said. Since I'm also in a wheelchair, my "special" black jack from 1925 would have made your voice a whole lot higher.Look up blackjacks from 1925 on the internet and you'll see what I mean. I'm sick of this crap, they want war??? Hey fat boy, you're not that far up the road from me, and with a gut like that, real easy to find. Maybe I'll come around you can try telling me that. Whaddya think union boy?

    • jg112

      Wow, what a tough guy you are, I am impressed

      • Don39

        More than we can say about you.

      • IRONSIDE

        No, you are obviously impressed with the bigfat mouth who thinks unions rule the world. Tell me it's wrong to speak up against these thugs? It was probably your husband. I'm tired of you and your ilk stealing my tax dollars. I'm going to treat you as the thiefs you are. I'm not impressed witht he attacks on women and children by the "big union men' so fat they can hardly bend over. You people want war, fine. Go suck one.

        • jg112

          Go suck one? That is a real classy response! Once again, I don't see anyone hear hear responding to any arguments made, just alot of name calling and suppositions.

        • IRONSIDE

          it matches your class except add a couple of zeros

    • Ann Coulter

      You talk big, you jerk- If he represents the worst of the union movement, you and your fascist buddies here are not much better. You morons talk of secession, violence and bigotry every day of the week! If somewhat cut your meager wages you'd get out your gat and shoot first

      • IRONSIDE

        We defend ourselves against violence and bigotry every day for no reason other than that is all the dems can do--create divide and hope for violence. If my wages are meager, at least they are honorable and not with some crooked union helping me keep my job while I drink and smoke pot at lunch. The benefit of the unions ended about 1960 and ever since, have lined their pockets and sucked up to dems so they would get my tax dollars. Nobody in a union, especially in Michigan deserves 56 bucks an hour while your cities and those left behind look like war zones. All thanks to the likes of you. Hope your proud. I would only get out my 'gat' when some fat MF tried to yell at me to shut up while he was taking part in the destriction of the country. Get off your pampered affirmitive action feminine butt and see what real people have to do.

        • Ann Coulter

          And corporate brigands who run Fortune 500 Companies deserve; deferred comp, stock options worth millions and compensation between 600 and 1000 times the average wage of their employees? Throughout the whole industrialized world our corporate executives are way over paid and under taxed. To a degree that is why we aren't that competitive in many industrialized circles. I would rather see a strong labor class, who are our consumers, then a widening disparity between the upper middle class and rich and the growing lower middle class. You xenophobes have no clue about what is going on outside your little sphere. Your characterization of Democrats is first built on a false premise and historical inaccuracies. History cites little evidence of "liberal" evidence of social violence. But, of course your limited and perverted view of the world defines your thinking. Union workers were protesting against "right to work" laws which emasculate protections for workers, plain and simple. You morons will defend you little piece of dirt to the death, but when others want to protect their livelihood, their jobs, their pensions, you turn a blind eye. What else is new?

        • jg112

          If you really believe that the UAW is getting 56 dollars an hour in their pockets, you are sadly mistaken. The figure includes heath care, pension vacation and other fringes. That 56 dollars an hour is the oldest trick in the book to make the union look bad during negotations. It seems like no one ever checks the math.
          It was the same a couple of years ago when the news reported that Longshoreman on the West Coast make 200,000 per year, but there salary is 29 dollars an hour. Figure it out, how many hours do you have to work to get 29 to equal 200,000. it is impossible.
          If any one wouls like to have a civil debate about the value of unions, I would be glad to do so.
          I am not going to debate with Name calling and ignorant responses and I will not answer the same.
          Thank you.

      • IRONSIDE

        Sorry, didn't mean to insult your husband. My "meager' wages are hard earned from a wheelchair and I can go to sleep each night knowing that no one was bullied into giving them to me. I went over 4 years with no raise because there is no money thanks to Obama. We got no stimulus here by stealing tax payer dollars. If someone attacks me, I have the right to defend myself and the biggest defense is against you and your ilk playing the race card everychance you get and inciting the very violence you now protest. what a hypocrite you are. People like that pig deserve what they spew. And so do you.

      • Don39

        You are a liar and a fraud!

  • adainv

    Where is the "Attorney General" Eric Holder? A newsman, reporting on the violence and idiocy, was wantonly attacked by a union thug and coward! What about the constitutional
    rights of the reporter doing his job? Can you imagine if a Tea Party member had done this to a union member? The video of the perpetrator would have been impounded and the DOJ and FBI would have had the tea partier incarcerated by now. If fact Eric Holder would have been plastered on the TV warning everyone that this type of action would not be tolerated. Come on. DOJ let's get going on this case of willful lawlessness and bring that loudmouth, coward union thug to justice!

  • Backgammon

    All this time I thought Liberals were pro choice. Guess that is only when it comes to killing babies.

    • Don39

      Liberals are never pro-choice. They are always oppressive liars!

    • walter

      You "pro-life" righties care nothing about babies. If you did you would not want to cut the programs that benefit them & their families. You care only about your own power. If you want to live in a theocracy, move to Iran!

  • bowtonoone2

    With the mood of the people in our country, this nitwit should be a little more careful with his words. He reminds me of Trumka spouting "we gotta take 'em out" during the election season. Be careful what you ask for Mr. Representative.

  • john

    why do these liberal creeps get away by making threats ? If a conservative say the same thing they would go to jail.

    • PersecutionComplex

      More persecution complex.

      • Don39

        more leftist libtard crap from an unregistered coward and supporter of the illegal fraud regime and the crooks that empower him!

        • PersecutionComplex

          Of course I'm afraid of people here, some are lunatics.

        • Don39

          And some would not mind kicking the ass of this nations enemies!

  • Walt

    Go ahead and lets have blood in the streets. Lets go to war with the Unions and the Democrats as well. When it is over and we win, there will be no more Dems or unions.
    I'm tired of them destroying out country.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      It's their country too.

  • The_American_Way

    Jay Carney calls this "passion". I would love to give Jay Carney some of my passion.

    If Barack had a son he would look like the thug in the video.

  • RicC

    Typical union thuggery. The masters and the slaves. The masters get all the glory for what the slaves do, kill, maim and destroy. What the union says become a card carrying member you have a right to work. No card, no work. Free America is no longer, its unions or government intrusion into our lives. Circa, Russia 1917 the start of commies regime, 10 million killed to honor Stalin. Marx and other cohorts. Its closer than you think. BHO is half way to his goal. Destroy America, and then destroy the world.

  • RocktheBenz

    Since only 7% of the populace is unionized it looks like they won't have much of a chance against the other 93% of us. Good luck with that and all I can say is: "Bring It"...

  • Don39

    If a conservative made such a threat the full power of the government would be down on them, It would be Waco and Ruby Ridge all over again only worse with Obama's DHS and the current FBI! At the very least we would be put on the potential terrorist enemy list, I suspect I am already there, and be warned in no uncertain terms. If I were knowingly a member of an organized group , like organize labor, and known trouble maker like organized labor , I would no doubt be raided and carted off to jail on charges of inciting a riot, which is exactly what should happen to these union goons!

    • StereotypesAllDay

      Stereotypical group-think nonsense.

    • Ann Coulter

      Conservatives have been bullying people, right and left, for a long. long time. Since when are your hands clean? Just read the the lynching and lock and load threats posted here hourly. But maybe you old f-arts are empty suits. Maybe some of these tough union guys who were the Nixon Republicans and the Silent Majority are waking up. I'll bet on them over you phallic toting toadies.

      • Patriot

        Get a grip. Problem is you folks don't have a sense of humor unless your watching a one-legged man being hit by a car. Your the meanest, most

        hateful uncharitable people. You need to lighten up and work at developing a sense of humor. It's the numb-nut libs that are always going out shooting people and murdering people. Conservatives by nature are peaceful people until you get them riled up by attacking this country, their religion, etc.You talk about bullying people. Have you ever seen a gay pride parade or out of control union thuggery like we witnessed in Michigan and Wisconsin. You never see Conservatives behaving in such an uncivil manner. Don't forget the violence of the KKK. They were in fact the enforcement arm of the democrat party. Hey, you do realize that growing old is a natural occurrence? I suspect, one day soon if your not already you to will be an old fart too! Humorless and all pruned up in your face and a chest sagging to the floor. Think about it. When you come at people especially conservatives don't expect them to lie down and accept your type of abuse. We bite back!

        • Ann Coulter

          Moron- the KKK may have been Southern Democrats, but they were far from being liberals, Northern Democrats or progressives. Both parties and their regional interests have long shifted from those days. Today's Teapublicans are not far from the racism, violence and anti-Americanism of the KKK. Just read the every hour quotes and compare them to the Red Neck rhetoric that most civilized people decry!

        • Patriot

          Boy, aren't we nasty today A-hole?

          Keep deluding yourself. There is a new kkk in town and it's black.

          Now we have two racist liberal groups that need to be wiped out like

          any cancerous disease. TeaPublicans? You can only hope to one day be as decent as those people, but I think your to far gone to even hope to begin to achieve that level of mature, adult, growth!

        • Don39

          ^You are a liar and a fraud!

      • Don39

        You are a liar and a fraud!

  • Jim Blaine

    Unions have outlived their usefulness.

  • am2sweet (sometimes)

    We need to get up a petition going to all elected officials to ABOLISH UNIONS. They are no longer needed and are nothing but thugs against the freedoms of America. We don't need those Communists in this country and the sooner we are rid of them the better for all workers.

    • The New Dealer

      You are an idiot! Unions serve as a counter-balance to management and in the "right to work" states compensation and benefits have constantly gone down and unemployment hasn't. Stupid statements like outlawing the right to organize has nothing to do with communism, you dolt. But corporations have the unlimited right to do what they wish with labor. Maybe you also want to outlaw wages and hours, over time, safety conditions, workers' compensation, etc. Have you ever worked? Doesn't sound like it.

      • Patriot

        Hey there that's your opinion of which many American's don't agree with.
        Unions serve as the collectors of money for the union bosses and politicians. They also act as boots on the ground for the politicians who are corrupt enough to avail themselves. During a political campaign over a decade ago, I was running for elective office. Sure enough the unions came a knocking on my door offering money in exchange for my backing their political agenda. This time it wasn't against Wal-mart but another American business success story, K-Mart. The money was tempting but my ethics wouldn't allow it. Besides, I don't like being used. You know, like America's useful idiots.

        am2sweet does have a point, like the buggy whip, unions for the most part have long outlived there usefulness. They have become a means of legalized theft. They live off the hard work and sweat of others and produce little themselves nor do they make a contribution to America's real society.

        After watching what was going on in Michigan, I for one say legally disband them.
        Lawlessness leads to anarchy. No place for that nonsense in a civilized society.
        We need to let the free market dictate things like wages, benefits, etc. we don't need thugs dictating those things. If you don't like what your employer is offering you, let your feet do the walking.

        Hope you find some agreement in the above. Just think about it and discuss it between yourselves. :)

      • Edward53

        Richard J. Garfunkel.

  • Politically Incorrect

    These union thugs better be careful what they wish for . . . They just might get it !

  • The Oracle

    So you hate unions, but you love the corporations who used thugs, lock outs, scabs and violence they deemed over the decades. All of you working stiffs out there who now are Tea Baggers have short memories. Your love of corporate America is pretty one way, because the could give a damn for you and yours. The benefits for the average American through the efforts by the unions made the middle class and created great wealth in this country, and for sure the corporations have never really suffered. By the both McConnell and Bonehead Boehner seem to be on the public opinion sh-t list.

    John Boehner getting bad reviews on ‘fiscal cliff’ talks

    Posted by Jon Cohen, Scott Clement and Aaron Blake on December 12, 2012 at 7:00 am

    By a better than 2-to-1 margin, registered voters disapprove rather
    than approve of House Speaker John Boehner’s performance during the
    fiscal cliff talks, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll – a negative rating due in large part to the lack of uniform support for him among Republicans.

    In contrast, Democrats overwhelmingly approve of the way President
    Obama is handling negotiations, even as registered voters split evenly
    on how the incumbent is handling the matter.

    While Obama is buoyed on the question by a high, 79 percent approval
    rating from Democrats, Boehner is saddled with a basically even verdict
    from GOP voters (39 percent approve, 37 percent disapprove) thanks to divisions within the congressional delegation he leads.

    Boehner has struggled to maintain party discipline among the most
    conservative congressional Republicans, many who rode the tea party wave
    into office in 2010. But in the poll, Boehner is weakest in the
    ideological middle. Nearly half of “very conservative” Republicans and
    independents (49 percent) approve of how Boehner is handling the
    negotiations, but that number drops to 35 percent among those who are
    “somewhat conservative” and further still — to 23 percent — among
    self-described “moderates.”

    Boehner’s relatively weak ratings comes at the heart of a month-long battle over Bush-era tax cuts on income over $250,000, an area of clear advantage for the president.exit polling in November showed six in 10 voters support tax rate hikes
    on income above $250,000 (or all income levels), a stance has contributed to Republicans’ difficult position.

    A separate Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll released last week found 53 percent of Americans said Republicans would be mostly to blame should the negotiations fail, compared to 27 percent who said the same of the Democrats and Obama.

    In the new Post-ABC poll, a slim majority of independent voters disapprove of each of the two principals in the budget negotiations. For Obama, it’s a narrow 42 percent approval to 51 percent disapproval among political independents; Boehner is in slightly worse territory, even as he’s more of an unknown, with 24 percent approving and 53
    percent disapproving.The Post-ABC poll was conducted Dec. 5 to 9 among a random national sample of 1,018 adults, including users of both conventional and mobile
    phones. The margin of sampling error for the full results and the sample
    of 861 registered voters are both 4 percentage points. Click here for full question wording and interactive results.

    McConnell is now the least liked member of the whole US Senate. Even thought Mitt the Twister won Kentucky by 23%, it looks like at this early stage Mitch the Gritch is only marginally ahead of Ashley Judd and a plethora of other challengers. So either way, compromise and make nice with the voters and take your chance with the Tea Baggers and you could lose your nomination to another no can win, or stonewall and curry favor with the lunatic fringe and lose in November. Better to be a hero and do the right thing for country for a change.

    • Edward53

      FO, Garfunkel. You're a faggot communist just like Obama. Bet you have wet dreams about him every night you POS.

  • Ray Ake

    I THINK A BUNCH OF THEASE A$$~HOLE'$ NEED to be taken to the oil patch for some GOOD OLE A$$~~ WHOOPEN !! AIN'T nothing wrong about a person NOT having to pay to ,least they aren't free~loader;s,,

  • steve

    Bring the fight.

  • kelso

    That's as stupid as what most Republicans say.

  • SallyE

    Typical left/union response. When they don't get their way they resort to violence. They support Obama and he supports them. Hence, he supports the violence. I don't hear the White House denouncing this.

    • StopTheStereotypes

      Could we please stop with all the stereotyping. Obama doesn't have to go out of his way to denounce this. Treat individuals as individuals, not as just a part of a group.

    • vietnamvet1971

      And we never will because the Leftist Manure Spreading Lying CNN, MSNBC, CBS,NBC,ABC those are under control by Odumbo.

  • Brenda Cibelli

    Obama has an agenda -- and he's on course --only the American people are to stupid and busy eating Doritos and shopping at malls to realize it

    • Jim David

      What was that again? Sorry I missed it, I had to run to the mall to get some Doritos.

  • Pat

    I love Godfather Politics, don't pay any attention to the barbs against you. Keep up the good work.

  • truthseeker53

    Corporation's misuse of workers caused union's organization of workers. Unions forced the corporations to do right by workers. Once this was achieved the unions only function should've been to keep wages abreast of inflation. But they gouged the corporations for more and more wages/benefits for less and less work till the corporations couldn't produce a profitable product. So they close or move to wherever they can. Unions are now just a cabal of criminals with a force of mental midget profane thugs.

    • Patriot

      Ya, by lawbreaking, thuggery, mob action,stabbings, maiming, et al. Unions were born out of Communism and socialism with a bit of Mafioso thrown in. Ya, there definitely were bad corporations and abuse of workers. But the unions conduct was not justified. Sue those bastards and hit them were it hurts in their pocketbooks. Not by putting sticks of dynamite under their gas tanks. The Unions saw all of business as evil and one big piggy bank. Enough is enough.

  • Nanette Gray

    I live in Michigan, gets me,they all know what the unions are doing to Michiganders, they do not care! For years I have watch these union people shop at non union stores, hirer non union electricians and plumbers, and watched as they treated their jobs with contempt. Where are the unions to stand up for the coal miners union? Oh ya Obama said he is closing the business. The union workers throwing a fit, when GM has been bailed out twice from the backs of tax payers that are NOT in a union and does not make that kind of money. When does it stop! We have only 17.5% of union workers here in Michigan and a lot of RETIRED union workers. GM still went to bankruptcy folks and they each got a $7,000 bonus! We have the 6th largest in the US unemployment figures! All I have ever heard all my life by these union workers is crying and wining! Where is that that the average American worker can make 29 an hour with great health plans and pensions with a high school diploma? They live on another planet! They are afraid sparked by the unions! They have been used and they pay the unions to tell them what to say and do. I think we can be better, our companies can be better the union can be better, it ill put all workers in the drivers seat...if they only realized it. My father was in the very first GM sit down strike. however my father was a smart man, when jimmy Hoffa got voted in, he said "there goes our unions"! He did not like the fact that unions became so corrupt and that had become so political expecting unconditional loyalty! One thing union workers can price yourself right out of a job, yet they blame the companies that do not want to give up any more profits or make them smart as this!

  • just ramblin

    Now there is a BASTURD that needs to be charged with TREASON found guilty and HUNG PUBLICLY,he has no IDEA of what this country is about or what the CONSTITUTION is,and he is elected to office (the only reason being he was put there to SUBVERT the CONSTITUTION and the COUNTRY),he has never read the CONSTITUTION and would not understand what he is reading,because he was INDOCTRINATED in a public INDOCTRINATION system,which karl marx was in favor of.
    just rambling

  • Gordon

    When the Michigan Governor is doing his level best to promote good will, good working conditions, good environment and good taxes for new business' to move to Michigan the Union raises its' ugly side and shows the whole country how dangerous it would be to start an enterprise in Michigan.

    Do you think non union business is even, any longer, considering Michigan? Way to go Hoffa, way to go Obama!

    When you wipe out the middle class, who will pay for all the free crap...Unions - don't think so!!!

    • Patriot

      That's is and has been Obama's goal-Destroy the middle class by sucking them dry.
      Then we can all be like the Obamaphone lady and just as ignorant and broke!

  • Robert Mo

    Looks like there will be new governor in Michigan. If blood is going to flow in Michigan, they will have to start with the governor. I'm sure a few other democrats in office.

  • Conservativesniper

    Blood in the streets? Those lard assed union dolts had best beware what they wish for. As big a target as those fat asses are, they'd be the first to go. I don't think kevlar comes in sheets wide enough to cover those foul, morbidly obese creatures. Thankfully, I live in a right to work state, my choice.

  • Harry Harris

    If a union thug gets near me he better be wearing armor. Say bey bey to all those union morons

    • Jim David

      bey bey, morons.

  • Charlie Knight

    Next time I think we need to come with some fire power and "liquidate" these bastards.

    From what I saw they probably do not know how to do a day's work anyway. And from what I heard the lot of them need to be sent back to grammar school to learn how to talk.

    If this is representative of the "rank and file" of most unions, then the entities should be outlawed as enemies of this country.

    By the way, how much tax so the Union bosses pay on what is collected from the forced labor slaves that have to give a portion of their income to them. Now let me see. 18% goes to social security if you are self employed. In this case the union slaves are employed by another so they only pay 9%, the what are the union dues, maybe another 10%, maybe more for state and federal taxes. Of course many say the union dues are only 1% of the workers income, but I think from what I hear from members it is much more.

    State sales taxes, excise, etc. and all the other taxes, like the ones on your phone bill, and I'll bet half of the income is taxed before you get it. Something you have no control over.

    Does anyone wonder why some folks go on SSI and such and get $800 a month tax free.

    With the unions and social security taking 20% of your income, say you made $300 a week. That would leave you, less 20% with an income of 960. That you need to pay things with. Now if you had SSI at 800 a month and 190 for food stamps, you would get $990 a month, not to count the free health care as opposed to the $960 a month if you went to work.

    I think Unions had a good reason for their beginnings, so did the KKK. But right now they are just a bunch of lazy bums that would rather, it seems, stand on a picket line than to do any honest work. I think they are just the same as the freeloaders getting the SSI and food stamp monies, for doing no work at all.

    Maybe the Union people also do no real work. One businessman told me he hired people for a little less than 2 hours of work a day. He paid for 40 hours of work, but with the coffee breaks, the talking with each other , the smoke breaks and lunch time and such he figured he was lucky if he got a solid hour of work from them in the morning an / or the afternoon.

    This video proves what I have thought all along.

    And I can not trust "union made" to mean quality any more.

    I want to move away from the cities, I will expect them to implode once real "hard times" hit us, as I expect to happen in 6-9 months, if not much, much sooner.

  • truepatriotintx

    Just like a wounded dog, the unions are fighting to their last breath! Hopefully, ALL states will follow suit and show people that they do not need a union to survive.

  • jim

    This is what Black Presidents, democrats and Unions want. When a congressman says on the floor, "there will be blood" something is wrong. The Muslim in DC, says nothing about the assault in Mich. Well if any of the union thugs would like to try that crap on me, please give me a ring. Im a strong support of second amendment

  • ARMYOF69

    That super fat bald guy with the white beard will probably have a stroke if you hit him hard in his Adam's apple. That's all it would take remove one union moron from society.

    • cmjay

      The VIDEO shows that the MAJORITY of those THUGS are FAT.These PORKERS are getting OBESE from using other people's money.

  • cmjay

    If this Camera Man was working for MSLSD he would not have been assaulted. There is an EXODUS of people moving out of DETROIT and the MUSLIMS and the ILLEGALS have taken over. The UNIONS have destroyed the AUTO INDUSTRY and are not done yet. The latest VICTIM is the HOSTESS company. These THUGS are fighting for their PAY CHECKS for their membership is dwindling. No more LAVISH PARTIES and extravagant VACATIONS at their MEMBERS' expense.

  • John Cherish

    It seems America has forgotten the very things that made this country great and exceptional, Our Constituion is a document which acknowledges the creator from which all human rights exist and it is from him they are given. Our rights are not what are given to us by a government but are from God. When you Take the creator out of Government, when you trash the very constituion which was written by far more educated men than the current crop of liberal educated non-thinkers spouting a Marxist Philosophy that has never worked in what ever form it was tried, Be it Hiler,s Nazi'ism, Mussolini's Facism or Lenin's Communism they have all failed.. It was not until China switched over to Capitalism dis their economy grow. The very Communists we fought aganst in the cold war have infiltrated our government and the Democrat party, which I believe no longer deserves the term "Democrat" in front of party and will call it what it is The new Communist Party. Using Union Thuggary to intmidate anyone that opposes them. These people that control the Unions are NOT for a free and Independent people, They ARE for control, The best Vehicle for that control is Communism. I have seen many Union shops,go bankrupt from the policies of economics they force on the companies. Hostess comes out as an example of out of control unionism. having dealt with the company that makes Little Debbies, and Hostess twinkies, many people do not know that Little debbies have to be deliverd on a seperate truck from Hostess products, yet they were both made at the same plant,and by the same bakers. Does anyone think that this inefficient waste of resources had nothing to do with the companies demise and bankruptcy. This inefficient policy was a result of the unions involvement in the companies operation by their union rules which were imposed by threat of strike if the company did not comply. The eventual result 18,000 lost their jobs because 5,000 on strike would not compromise. I also know for fact what a union has done first hand to a company I once worked for, they closed their operations in Pittsburgh because the union rules made it uneconomical for them to stay in that market. The result Job losses. I must also Add that the union bosses did not loose their jobs they still collect their six and seven digit salaries off the backs of the workers. Who really benifits from the Unions it is not the worker they are not better off,because of the union. Even though the union would like to have them beleive this lie. The only ones who really benefit are the Union executives. Unions don't get their way and they threaten blood, Politicians back them because the union money flows to them if they do. This money comes from the union dues they collect. The ones in control of the unions want to stay in their gravy train and get money off the backs of the workers and will do anything including embracing communism to keep that

  • Isa Gee

    arrest all these fa,t foul mouth , wannabe thugs.....I hope charges were pressed..

    Have they not heard of the constitution....they must know the party is over.


  • Devon Sanchez

    Union members are very ignorant to believe that their hard-earned money goes toward furthering their "rights" as workers. Workers are paid what they are worth to the employer/business, no more, no less. The constitutional (natural) rights of the individual have given workers in this country the greatest freedom that can be had in the workplace. Their is no more rights that can be bestowed upon the individual worker without stripping other workers of their rights/salary, and stripping the business and owner of legitimate profits.

  • williaml

    For a party to come out with this it is very sad. I remember years ago when the unionwould burn workers homes and beat them up. Are we getting back to that? The unions have brought big paydays and for some very easy life, but the fat cats of these unions have gained the most. Our people have a right to work. That is all legal people. The only reason I can see that obama and the dems would not be for the workers is the money the unions have put into the dems pockets. shinton needs to do things to bring the people of usa together not split us as is goinz sn today. I don't like what I see down the road.

  • Devon Sanchez

    It is a sad day that states have to write legislation to "free up" the working environment. If state and federal governments hadn't given unions "carte blanche" entitlements, taxation benefits and public monies, we wouldn't be in this mess. The states and feds gave uneven treatment to the working class and now they are trying to fix their faults. Sad and utter failure.

  • mac

    the prostitution ring that is the dnc in W.D.C.....totally set this up...anyone who was hurt should sue the pimp in the 'what house'...

  • PastorRuth1

    In other words: Violence is OK as long as it comes from a LEFT hook! But get a right swing in there from any conservative, and the twisted media will spin it to the left and keep spinning. There is NO winner where violence is concerned. Unfortunately, as Martin Luther, Ghandi, and others discovered, a movement of the peaceful masses is more effective for the "cause of the right" but has "casualites."

    We can ONLY win by peaceful means and in the Polls...and if the machines are rigged, UNrig them (nailpolish and screwdrivers? an 'accident'? a DE-rigging program? Paper ballots ONLY!) There is NO WINNING if the machines are already programmed for a "51/49%" win by whoever has programmed the voting machines...and as the programmer himself has already testified - that programming was in place prior to this election! So, forget "Electronic Voting" and give us PAPER BALLOTS and HONEST, CONSERVATIVE ELECTION SUPERVISORS! We MUST START THIS NOW in order to be in place for the next election!

  • TPS12

    Where are all the people who want
    freedom of choice? Forced union dues and forced to join is nothing more than
    stealing from workers who don't want to join! It's like having to pay a vig to
    work. Soon they'll send their thugs out to break your knees without fear of

    • daves

      If the government tried to take away everything I ever worked for, I would be out there fighting in the streets too.

      The only choice here is to lower the standard of living for every working American.

  • Gary Jones

    Union thugs are like Obama they complain for their gold and if they don't get it their way, cry like babies with belly aches or threaten with their CandyA$$ mouths. The unions want violence until they get into a battle and then have you arrested when you whip their rear-end and send them home without their lunch money.

  • walter

    You right-wing fools, the real threat to America is not unions!! The real threat to America is selfish, greedy, lazy rich people like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson!! Their efforts to elect that empty-suited, job-killing rich boy Romney failed, so they are doubling down on their efforts to destroy America. And you righties are helping them do it!


      Your muslim president has already destroyed our country and his thug buddies like Andy Stern and the rest of the union crooks that have been stealing us blind for decades, want to make sure they get to keep their ill gotten gains whille you and your ilk want to steal mine to keep you afoat. What do you think about the new death tax? Tell me Walter, you work all your life and manage to have something you can leave your kids, but Obama says, now wait, the gubment is entitled to over half of what you've earned and already paid taxes on? You really stand behind that BS? The lazy rich people are the loudmouthed actors on the left coast and the union rank and file, thanks to your president's income distribution. Why do you think those UAW thugs are so up in arms. Their74 dollar an hour job including benefits and I've seen the numbers accidentally release by your side (NBC) before they withdrew it from the site I got it from, is a fair wage to you? Look at the city they runined to get such awage and held fast until they got it, and Detroit looks like a third world country. But that's ok with you Walter? I imagine there is some exemption coming or already signed that will excempt the UAW from the death tax. Otherwise, 55% goes back to the gubment when they die. What crap. Pretty funny that what happened with Government Motors, a managed bankruptcy is just what Romney proposed instead of the bailout. They ended up in the same place but with the bail out, they got to ensure the top thugs got a lot of money in their pockets. Romney didn't kill any more jobs than the Rail Road did when they put canal boats and shipping via steamboat out of business. The Koch brothers have created more jobs than you ever did. This is about the right to work without being strongarmed by thugs who are extorting a part of your paycheck. No different than Mob protection of all the enterprises they have their fingers in. The real threat to this country is ISLAM and all this union bs is a distaction while obama continue to arm the muslim brotherhood. The time for unions has come and gone, especially since the big ones that are left, are thieves and crooks. Tell me Walter, if you were working in a factory where some of he workers went out and drank beer and smoked pot on their lunch break--wouldyou want to work with them, especially if they were operating forklifts or other heavy machinery in your vicinity? If you say yes, you're a fool. If you say no, then tell me how it is ok that the unions were able to protect these people and they still have their jobs? The UAW at it's finest. Look, the unions turned from caring about workers to getting rich starting about 1960. There are all kinds of laws in effect today that make them non-essential except for protecting jobs of people neither you or I would want to work with. You and I both know that is true, unless you were one of the people out drinking and smoking pot on your lunch break, and then I bet you love the unions. Every place I know of they would have been fired, and should be. And they get 74 bucks an hour for that? Wake up Walter.

  • Brian Maday

    It's hard to argue with deeply held beliefs on ANY subject - the demonstrators have UNION in their genes, and they continue to support "Genetic Learning" that unions are "GOOD".
    They will not be convinced otherwise, even though it is a PROVEN FACT that today, Right-to-work states have higher wages than union states.

    They live in the past, and it will take a long time before they realize "You catch more flies with Honey than you do with Vinegar". The RICH UNION LEADERS are simply sucking blood from their 'forced members'.


    jg112 wrote, in
    response to IRONSIDE:
    If you really believe
    that the UAW is getting 56 dollars an hour in their pockets, you are sadly
    mistaken. The figure includes heath care, pension vacation and other fringes.
    That 56 dollars an hour is the oldest trick in the book to make the union look
    bad during negotations. It seems like no one ever checks the math.

    You check the math dummy with benefits its 74 dollars an hour your MSM rellease the numbers today, by mistake I'm sure. But 56 is the hourly wage and it can be proved. Don't know who you think you're BSing, but it's not America.


      The union looks bad during negotions because they are mob crooks and a buch of fat mouths who can't resisting boasting what they earn. I've seen the numners and you are a sheepe just the way they want you. What a moron.

  • lorlan4

    Bring it on, you sorry, greedy thugs!!!

  • Captain Chaos

    Where are the militias when you need them?

  • mattzweck

    bye bye unions have fun try to find other places to try to push obama agenda.

  • greyhound44

    Hasta Luego you FOOL!

  • Karen

    Just goes to show what kind of person Douglas Geiss is. But then he is a democrat.

  • boyer68

    I'd love to see Michigan, right there in the heart of union territory, become a right to work state. Unions have long since run their course in this country. They're nothing more than corrupt, money laundering operations for the corrupt Democrat/Socialist party. I'd dearly love to see every one of those two-bit organizations (unions) thrown out on their ear. They purely suck.