Michelle Obama Perpetuates Black Lies

If you thought Michelle Obama was arrogant, conceited and stuck up during her husband’s first term in office, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Last week, she called in to the nationally syndicated radio program, Tom Joyner Morning Show.  Joyner is a black radio host.  He is also the founder of BlackAmericaWeb.com and is involved with a number of other programs and projects, all geared at the black community.  If a white man had the same background, interests and resume, only he concentrated on just the white community, he would be labeled a racist and/or white supremacist.

During the broadcast, the topic centered on the election victory, the economy and Obama’s agenda.  In her responses, Michelle Obama stated:

“And that’s a whole lot of not-truth-telling that happens, if you know what I mean.”

“Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country.  Yet what wins out is people just going to the polls and voting.  In the end, that is how this democracy works, and that’s really just the message.”

It’s obvious from her comment and how she said it that she is accusing Republicans of lying and voter suppression.  She believes that the Democrats were honest, forthright and above board during the election.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch took exception to the First Lady’s comments issued the following statement:

“Mrs. Obama’s accusations about minority vote suppression are racially divisive and show a dangerous disregard for the truth.  We are aware of no evidence of actual voter suppression.  If Mrs. Obama has some, it should be disclosed.”

“The fact is that early exit polls reflected a pro-Obama turnout by minorities that in some key states actually exceeded numbers seen during his historic election in 2008. As MSNBC reported, ‘Non-white voters delivered a wake-up call to Republicans Tuesday night. Turning out in droves for Obama, Latino voters alone split 71% for Obama compared to Mitt Romney’s 27%. High voter turnout by minorities reflected a huge demographic shift that Republicans ignored at their own peril.’”

“Voter ID requirements are widely supported and are no impediment to voting.”

“The First Lady’s reckless remarks are part of the Obama administration’s continued assault on voter ID and election integrity. This is despite that fact that an election night survey of voters by Judicial Watch, in partnership with Breitbart.com, showed a large majority of respondents (65%) “strongly support” voters being required to show an official government ID when voting. Support cut across racial lines, with 52% of Blacks and 64% of Hispanics strongly believing that IDs should be required.”

Actually, Fitton is wrong as there was evidence of voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panthers, but nothing was done about it.  In 2008, the same group was caught on video tape physically intimidating voters with the threat of violence, but Eric Holder’s Justice Department refused to prosecute and was ordered by the White House to drop the case.

Her statements are racist lies that have flowed so easily out of her and Barack’s mouths.  It only serves to further divide a nation, which I believe is intentional.  If Obama can generate a racial war between blacks, Hispanics and whites, and then another war between the wealthy and middle classes, it will make it easier for him to take emergency action measures to secure national peace.  This ultimately could allow him to assume a dictatorial role, as singer Harry Belafonte had suggested and the last vestiges of free America will be gone.

It also seems that the Obamas care less about the economy and how so many Americans are hurting as they are spending and wasting taxpayer money at an alarming pace.  In her conversation with Joyner, she shared with him about how she is spending our hard earned dollars:

“We are entertaining like crazy.  We got folks coming in and out of the house.  (Laughter.)  We got a lot of people coming over.  It’s a good time, good spirit.  Everybody is feeling real positive.  But I hope that our President gets a break because he certainly needs one.  So hopefully we’ll be able to get away and spend some family time so that we can come back rejuvenated, renewed, ready for an inauguration, and then four more years of a lot of good work getting done.”

If they had just one ounce of compassion for the American people in today’s economy, they wouldn’t be wasting so much of our tax dollars and then bragging about it.  But they don’t, so they won’t.  In the meanwhile, we all have no choice but to scale back our Christmas and New Year’s parties because the feds have taken more of our money to pay for all of the Obama’s ‘entertaining like crazy.’



  • jag

    We can remove the Nubians from Africa, but can not remove the African from Nubians. Am I raciest? Not really.....I'm not a member of a White Caucus, White Entertainment Television; National Association of White People, United White College Fund, etc. So, whom are the raciests? Nubians!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004623030332 Jim David

      Yes, you are racist. Nobody thinks they are racist. Thinking people acknowledge that racism taints some of their thinking and try to confront it head on. The very worst of us just spew it out but constantly go out of the way to rationalize that they are not racist. That would be you. (I've read your comments before)

      • Jude O'Connor

        Ok, I'm a racist. Now what?

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/2BZHO5ROO7QRRX6CJJJEBUBQPY Tim

          Keep going!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          Learn to live with it, and not be such a liberal hypocrit!
          Before you post the next time, go look in the mirror, and look DEEPLY into yourself, for your inner selfs version of truth! The subliminal does not lie, as does oblowhole, and all of his minions! It might just amaze you!
          By the way, name 10 promises from "08" that your "savior," has kept?
          YOU CAN'T!! And the trouble is, the lie just perpetuates itself through indoctrinated fools as yourself!
          Look inside for your self worth if there is any! Then give it to another American, NOT The government!

      • jag

        Hey JD.....where you been fool?

        I am saddened by the fact I am becoming raciest. No necessarily toward Nubians, but toward liberals that are over-heating the pot of stupid. You and others in the pot reelected the POS trespassing our white house. All are beginning to suffer with more and much more serious to come.

        • AZWarrior

          Don't feel bad. The Obama's, Holder, Congressional Black Caucus,etc- they are preaching and fostering division.

        • Susan B

          People here often make me sick and ashamed that I am white. Can't we have a political discussion without talking about "Nubians"? I hope some people out there can separate racism from actual politics-but not in this post it appears.

      • Screeminmeeme

        JD....It's always a hoot to hear an atheist rebuke Christians, telling them how a ''good'' Christian should act. YOU have said some of the nastiest, most dangerously ignorant, and anti-Christian things I've ever read. As do all those who have pretended to the faith and abandoned it, you despise Christ and all who belong to Him.

        As are so many on the left who have been brainwashed by evolutionary theoreticians and promises of a Socialist utopia, you are totally accepting of everything that Obama does. It matters not to you that he is bit by bit implementing Marxist policies....but it does matter to you that there are those of us who are vehemently opposed....NOT to the color of his skin......but to those radical policies. Your response to us is to ridicule and call us racists....right in line with Alinsky, the committed Communist.

        You are an insufferably arrogant man who consistently judges and condemns just about everyone on GP who isn't a raving atheist. Who are YOU to call anyone here un-American? Who are YOU to say that anyone is not a patriot?

        You speak about ''this great country'' yet are unwilling to defend it against those who want to make inroads into it with their Marxist doctrine...unwilling to confront those who want to see our liberties denied.

        And just to remind you.........NO ATHEIST consistent with his own relativistic world view, can disparage another's behavior and condemn it as immoral. Every time he does, he violates his own beliefs.

        You violate yours all the time.

        Racism is the only card you have.
        Smug superiority, your signature.
        And lost, your eternal state.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004623030332 Jim David

          I would hope that any decent human being should hold themselves superior to the putrid ideas vomited onto these web pages, and would be wise enough to understand that morality is a much more profound concept than how hard you can thump the Bible.

          Rise above it.

        • Proud Texan

          I thought you weren't going to read any responses to your deluded posting. That's what you said in your posting above. Why are you reading what people say to you? Do you just love to see your name in print. You and your minions won, why can't you just shut up for once???

        • sandy2249

          Liberals are like SNAKES THEY JUMP & STRIKE & BITE THEN RUN OFF TO HIDE !

        • MARYANN33

          Liberals ARE snakes....every one of them....

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          See the new show in TEXAS? "Rattlesnake Republic," where they round up the snakes? They're going after the wrong darn snakes!!!!
          Had to not say dam, not spelled correctly so I wouldn't be "MODERATED," for lack of a better word for, "CENSORED!"

        • patriot2

          try not to pay too much attention to jd,he's probably the next school shooter.

        • edc

          JD has to follow the leader, obama-ben-lyin, and lie also. No morals, no offence.

        • Sam in NC

          I knew he would read it, Proud Texan !

        • Screeminmeeme

          JD...To you, morality is purely subjective, arbitrary and determined by a vote. Who are you to preach to anyone about decency and morality? Again, you violate your own world view by criticizing mine.

          Putrid ideas?
          You mean like those unwavering concepts of love of country, honesty, integrity, trust, liberty, duty that we hold dear?

          You mean like each person exercising their freedom to defend their beliefs without threat of violence?

          You mean honoring the American flag in acknowledgment of its symbolism and meaning instead of desecrating it as do so many on the left?

          You mean people having the discernment that you lack in seeing the evil of this president........and that simple expectation that he ought to be someone with character enough to be open and honest with the American people instead of being a narcissistic player whose arrogance is exceeded only by his deceitfulness?

          You mean expecting our leaders to care for the American people more than making a reputation for themselves in the eyes of the world.....that we expect the president to love America as much as we do and be committed to it?

          You mean that inconvenient truth that abortion is as evil an act as has ever been invented by mankind, resulting in the torturous deaths of millions of infants?

          You mean acknowledging the differences between men and women and that marriage was intended by God to be the union of one from each gender?

          You mean that silly notion that the hard-earned money that a person makes belongs to HIM and not to the State to be passed out to the shiftless?

          You mean that stiff-necked commitment to a free America and the stubborn opposition to Socialist/Marxist/Communist dogma being spewed from the White House and Congress?

          You mean that wacko idea that we have the right to defend ourselves with whatever means, including guns?

          You mean like that insane concept that it IS possible to judge an elected official's questionable actions apart from his/her race?

          It's hard to believe that with all of your brilliance, these concepts escape you.

          Rise above it? Above what? The lies of secular atheism spewed by the left? That there is no God and that I must place my life in the hands of wicked men?

          Psa 40:1 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
          Psa 40:2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.

          Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, TO STAND.

          Because of HIM, JESUS CHRIST my LORD, I am immovable and committed to those eternal concepts that can only be established by a Holy, Just and Good God.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          DAMN!!! Now that was an honest, thought provoking, well written post!!!!!!

          MY hat's off to you, and as a combat vet, I salute you for your valor in posting your true beliefs, and not backing down!

          We need MORE AMERICAN'S just like you!

          I wish that I could be so eloquent!

        • freedomgirl

          Yes, Screeminmeeeme is an Awesome Writer!
          Your my Mentor Girl!!!

        • mathis1689

          Perfectly said. You should give some serious consideration to being published.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          Jd, you just got told off.

        • jag


          Semper Fi!

        • Mark

          @facebook-100004623030332:disqus the only thing I'm hearing from you is more of the usual left wing liberal hater mindset, and if what you say on this page is what you think, then why are you here? or are you just Trolling?

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          If in fact you are an aethiest, just what do you know about the bible and why? Just asking?
          By the way, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, only agree to Freedom OF RELIGION, NOT freedom from! Get used to the truth! It will guide you to a better place in your own heart!

        • Susan B

          Atheists are often better versed in the bible than christians. As an atheist who has read the bible and the US constitution (including the amendments)-it's not a long read people-the trick is in the understanding and the comprehension. That is where we can differ and have opinions on what the words actually mean. Have you read the bible and the constitution or do you just parroting what others tell you about what it says?

        • Sam in NC

          " Putrid ", " vomit " ? I bet you stink about as bad as your post's do. Betcha read this !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • freedomgirl

          We all like to read comments that others have to say to us.
          Unfortunately, some are liberal rats that are using these sites to set us up for Fema Camps...
          We are the Rebels in Todays America..
          If not us, our children we are raising right.
          God is our Savior, Not the government...
          I will stand true to God, no other...

        • Sam in NC

          No Fema Camps for me, freedomgirl. I'll go down fightin', and takin' as many of those SOB's with me as I can.

        • Ort

          You are the biggest puker of liberal spew, so I wouldn't talk if I were you.
          How IS the view from your ivory tower?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          As a decent human being, I am holding myself superior to your putrid ideas. Now, are you happy?

        • StephenFR

          Interesting. In all of the things that I have seen you write, I have yet to see you actually bring a single fact into it. Your style is just to degrade and demean. Never any show of thought, intelligence, logic or critical thinking. What a looser.

        • jag

          You said it all fellow Patriot. These trolls are indicative of their Muslim masters.......totally mean and demanding.

        • Sam in NC

          I've got something mean and demanding that's locked, loaded, and waitin' for 'em, jag.

        • mathis1689

          You nailed it brother. Many thanks for an excellent job.

        • freedomgirl

          Wow, as a proud American Wife and Mother, can I say I Love You in a non/lesbian way?!!! Hope your Laughing!!!
          Your an awesome speaker/writer...

        • siquijorisland

          liberals in their pseudo intellectualism elitism can can not recognize the simple truth, that so many of their solutions, are self deluding and have been shown in the history of the world to not work.

        • http://twitter.com/GoldbergAllen Allen Goldberg


      • wtram46

        Hey Jim David, You are a great part of the problem this nation faces today!! It is called blind stupidity!!! Pull your head out of Obama's ass and see the real world. You are a fool!!!

      • Colonialgirl

        IF you fail to call Obama, Michelle and Holder RACIST, then you are a hypocrite of the worst kind. The other big RACISTS are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
        If the Blacks get their NAACP and "Black Caucus in Congress; Why don't whites get "NAAWP* " and a "WHITE CAUCUS" in Congress?
        ** National Association for the Advancement of White People

      • joanc

        What a sanctimonious smug prig you are. I am sick of people of your ilk who act as if they are above the hoi pol-lai--- you are just another another person who doesn't know their a## from a hole in the ground. If you can't see that the Christians and Caucasians are targeted for extinction by this administration then you need a check up from the neck up!

      • Star-Dust

        Well,l was never a racist but l am one now, against the dirty Blacks and the fiflty muslims. Thanks to obama for stirring the racist pot up. It was not me that made slaves of anyone, so why have the black got little brain to except that, where are they any better, their own tribesmen sold them to the whites..And l just do not see it fitting for muslim men to have sex with little boys and girls. You damn right, l am racist. And God will be also.

        I use to think Blacks was highly religious but was l ever fooled. And muslims make their own law as to their belief, The God l know is not like that.

      • sandy2249

        Go back to your liberal slim hole !

      • Bobseeks

        You are a liar and fool, what else can I say?

      • BobM001


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          Probably Bush. Like his master.

      • Anne Caston

        We are calling a spade a spade. If anyone is a racists its those two in the WH!

      • pipiman

        Can't stand the truth Jim?

      • Floridastorm

        Jim David..........You can't handle the truth, that's all. So, what did JAG say that was not the truth? If telling the truth is racist, and you agree with it, then what can I say. You are beyond help. The Obamas are of Nubian heritage as are all American blacks. Google Nubian to learn something. If they don't want to be called Nubians then what shall we call them, Irish? It's also true that the blacks in America have exclusivity in many areas of society where you need not apply if you are not black, some areas of which were mentioned by JAG. White folks don't have the luxury of the same exclusivity because it's called racism. However, the biggest racists in this country are blacks.

        • jag

          Right-on! Thanks for concurring with my thoughts. I am trying very hard to not become raciest. However, the new red dawn in DC is slowly tearing me down.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        So who died and appointed you GOD? WAIT! Oblowhole is GOD, just ask jamie foxx, the pos!
        Did you forget that as he put it, he get's to kill all of the white folks! So who's the racist you liberal idiot!

      • Sam in NC

        Well....aren't we just one big holier than thou, pathetic Liberal POS ! Bet ya read it.....!

      • Conservative girl

        Someone please tell me where & how to sign in. I put my user name in the box & add my email address, but I still am not signed in.

        • JulieB.

          I wish I could help you. I've had the same problems lately. I can click on the vote up, but not the vote down. The login box will come up and then disappear. I guess it's called censoring since I've complained about it, but nothing is done.

      • pete

        what is stupid is all this bantering about over f...ing personal viewpoints. I am conservative and proud of it. But all this talk does not solve a thing. I want some ideas for action that is practical on how to destroy obama, the socialists, Marxists, Islamists and remove obama via scandal and arrest, prison, etc. Other than that maybe a civil war would work well? I think the libs will loose.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        I bet your wife enjoys that. You admit to one and done.

      • Glenn

        If you have such a problem with this site and the people on it, WHY DO YOU VISIT HERE SO OFTEN!! We all know you have your head in the sand. I'm confident your persistent barbs and insults haven't caused a single person on here to change their mind. You're just an intolerant bigot trying to paint those who don't agree with your twisted views as being the ones who are intolerant.

      • AppraisHer

        Jim David. Your diatribe is boring and your racist chant is passe. It's been done to death and has no meaning anymore. Also, I don't believe that there's anyone commenting on this site that isn't aware that they live in the greatest country in the world. It was the fraud in the White House who decided to "fundamentally change" it to suit his purposes. You sound like a drama queen, time to get over yourself.

      • siquijorisland

        just for you your information overseas we joke about Americans and their labels, especially racist, homophone and on and on with no content.

      • BobM001

        I think a little "ZO" is in order. HE nails the correlation between LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and "RACISM".


      • http://twitter.com/GoldbergAllen Allen Goldberg

        Jim, with respect for your obvious ignorant and ridiculous remarks...your and my constitution allows us to speak freely. If you do not enjoy it, please take your libtard self over the HuffPo and speak with the LIBTARDS you seem to be!!

      • Mr I.

        ^^^The best example of "reverse racism" ever ^^^

      • Rich

        Birds of a feather flock together. Are Birds racist? Me, I prefer to associate with people of my particular race, so does that mean that I am Racist? If so,
        my conclusion is that it is natural to be racist. I do not hate other races, I just prefer my own"

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Dyjak/1061969813 Barbara Dyjak

      For the love of God, get spell-check!

      • jag

        My post was spell-checked. Could be you are not comfortable in English, only Arabic.

        • http://www.facebook.com/benfaust8778 Ben Faust

          I think she was referring to your use of "raciest" and "raciests" (versus "racist" and "racists"). There might be other spelling errors, but those are the ones I noticed. I looked at her other comments, and see no hint whatsoever of any "Arabic" connection. She appears to be a native English speaker with good spelling. (I don't know her, I just found your response rather odd and ill-fitting.)

        • jag

          Thanks.....I did miss the spelling. I'm more concerned with her liberal attitude than my not using the adj racist.

        • freedomgirl

          I'm sorry, I'm laughing because I always check my spelling.
          Someone smart always finds that one little mistake I made and totally disreguards my comment and replies to that.
          Commenting on a spelling error is just a safety precaution to keep above.
          'Racist'...Not 'Raciest' was your spelling error...
          I don't care, it happens... Thoughts move faster than fingers...
          Did I spell that all right?
          I'm old fashioned and use a dictionary with reading glasses these days.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          It is the old story of they can't argue with your message, so they attack the messenger, you by pointing out a simple spelling mistake.

          It like we have the food police, and grammar police, and on and on.

        • siquijorisland

          Spelling errors happen, not relevant to discussion.

        • ecoplastican

          Actually it's disregard, not disreguard. You're welcome.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        For the love of God, get a life. Aren't there more important things to worry about in this country other than your horror that someone misspelled a word or two?

      • lorlan4


    • BlueViolets

      Um, Negroes come from other parts of Africa besides Nubia.

      • jag


      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        But your point is pointless!

        • BlueViolets

          Not really. A Nubian describes the nationality of a person. Negro describes the race of the person. If someone asked you what your race was and you said American you would be wrong. There is a difference between race and nationality. You could be a Caucasian or an Oriental and still be a Nubian if that is your country of origin.

        • siquijorisland

          actually you are wrong their is only one human race. The hyphens are part of the human race. America would be you nationality which you could not answer as hyphen American and be correct.

        • BlueViolets

          I believe you are referring to homo sapiens of which there are 5 racial types from which all humans are descended. They are the Mongoloid, the Negroid, the Caucasian, the Australoid and the Capoid.

      • DandBA

        The way they have ruined this nation makes one wish they had stayed in Africa or whether the he#% they came from. Not racist, just a realist.

    • Doodlebug

      Another dummicrat liar??? Seems to run in the party!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with photo ID for voting. Nothing EXCEPT, the dummicrats would lose the election. If people can get out to the voting places there is absolutely no reason they can't get out and get a photo ID and if that is illegal for voting, it needs to be illegal for everything, including getting into the dummicratic convention and my returning a bag of dog food to Pet World!!

    • LARA

      We also cant have an all white miss america pageant either or we are racists..but of curse they have BLACK AMERICA!!!! IM SICK TO DEATH OF THIS CRAP

  • freedomforall

    Sorry, but she sounds like one of those uneducated blacks that talks out of both sides of her mouth. She should be in prison, along with her ineligible husband. This election was fixed.

    • Nadine

      TOTALLY fixed with the blue print of Nazism...

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Mrs. Antichrist.

  • rchguns

    And why are you surprised? She comes from the same political stock as her worthless husband. Users and abusers with ultimate goals of total domination of the United States of America. It comes down to a cultural trap that so many fallen into. Every time someone criticizes or disagrees with these two. Automatically labeled a racist. I asked if it comes down to a racial issue who is the real absolute Racist. You can take the brother out of the but you can't take the hood of the brother.

    • GetOutOfTheBubble

      "Every time someone criticizes or disagrees with these two. Automatically labeled a racist." Hardly. I criticize them and no one calls me a racist, because I criticize them about specific things rather than just spewing hatred for them constantly.

      "You can take the brother out of the but you can't take the hood of the brother." You're probably racist.

      • Colonialgirl

        Smoke much "Choom" lately?

      • rchguns

        Hardly! I was raised in a military household and my godfather was named Claudie Heintz and my godmother was Grace Toy. Claudie was the biggest and blackest man I've ever known you worked on the Green chain local sawmill. Grace had a Chinese restaurant in Baker Oregon and her family were one of the first Chinese immigrants to settle in the Valley. You want specifics we will take first Michelle she stands up publicly and says that this is the first time she's ever felt pride in America when her hubby was nominated. Obviously that means that before she didn't like America. Their personal campaign to mandate what our children eat that didn't work out so good either did. Then she takes all his lavish trips all over the world at taxpayer expense granted all previous presidents and first ladies have used this ability but I really feel that she is abusing the privilege. And what business is a teenage girl have been spending what was it $150,000 on a weekend spring break.Not to move to the big cheese not long after he's elected as an incident in New England where neighbors saw someone trying to break in to a neighbors house so they called the police. The police arrive and find that it was the owner of the house when broken in. Said owner immediately started giving the police a hard time when all they were doing was her job. Obama comes out and says I don't know all the facts of what happened with the police acted stupidly. The man is a blatant racist and is totally ill-equipped for the job that he is trying to do and failing miserably. What is my biggest complaint that the man is a fraud, a charlatan, and blatantly racist and is doing so much damage to America that we may not recover. With his actions here and overseas he goes out of his way to damage America's image with their international neighbors enter stupid politics is destroying the United States economically and morally. You can call me a lot of things but you can't call me a racist.

        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Michelle Obama Perpetuates Black Lies

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        And again you espew your ignorance!
        Your name should be changed from "get out of the bubble," to get out of oblowholes a$$!!!!

  • Doug Hensley

    "Voter suppression" doesn't just mean intimidation or throwing up regulatory roadblocks to voting. It can also include tactics such as limiting the number of days of early voting. Some voters are only barely committed to casting their ballot, and if voting requires a bit of a wait in line on election day, they'll skip. If voting is more convenient, they'll vote. Making voting a little bit less convenient than it might be is, for this reason, arguably a form of vote suppression.

    • Colonialgirl

      NONSENSE; Voting USE to be Limited to a SINGLE day and absentee ballots ONLY for those that were not going to be near enough to reach their pollong place. The extended days of "early" voting is to allow the leftist democrats more time to round up Dead voters and other normally inelgible people to vote.
      What about the crooked voting machines that voted for Obama no matter what button you pushed?

      • kittyhane

        very true. I am all for paper ballots for high elections with a carbon receipt to verify how you voted should the election not be found fair. It may take a few days longer and a lot more people working and counting but it would be cheaper in the long run than voting machines that get rigged or need updating each election.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      How is it "voter suppression" if you are too lazy to stand in line to exercise your voting privilege? If you're "barely committed" to voting, you're probably not "committed" enough to study the ballot and make the correct choices. This is why so many politicians are elected on name recognition, or their looks only.

  • Anne Caston

    She is a racist pig! She hasn't spoken the truth in her whole miserable life and now she is living off us in a way she only dreamed of before. She is a farse that won't go away because of stupid people who voted for her moron husband. She makes me sick.

    • Nadine

      SICK isn't the word!!

  • mort_f

    In Rogers and Hammerstein's South Pacicic, there is a song. 'You have to be taught to hate, very carefully taught'. Michelle and Barack are very good teachers.

  • Howard

    The fashion queen is one of the big problems. She as well as many others are working behind the scenes to destroy America, but they will fail it is just going to take a little more time, Loncoln said " you can't fool all of the people all of the time"

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people, some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people, all of the time!"
      ALSO; "Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.
      It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery!" Winston Churchill!!!!!

  • wtram46

    I agree with jag--I am not racist--but I am against the Obamas and all their lies!!! If we had all the things blacks have, we'd be the cause of riots and killings like you ain't never seen. It is ok for them, but not for us!! Black politics S-U-C-K!!!!! They are unfair to everyone else!!

  • DockyWocky

    Michelle is blacker than black. She's a left-wing black who didn't have the cajones to join the Black Panthers. She wouldn't have fit in, because the Panthers are too Right-wing for her.

    She remains one of the inner circle of anti-American blacks that intends to do her damage through hundreds of tiny cuts.

    • El Camino

      She sure do love her some vacations though....That girl can spend. Wouldn't it be delightful, when the truth comes out....they had to pay it all back! Ya know what I'm say'in?

      • Ort

        She will. Come judgment day, she most certainly will. It's just that her, and those like her, are so arrogant and self serving there is no room in this universe for a Creator. These types are their own god. They worship at the altar of self.

        "Vengeance is Mine, says The Lord and I will repay."

        "It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God."

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    the slop bucket I simply cannot read anymore of what the Mooooooooooo has to say - sickening to say the very least.

  • Gungho

    She is a HATE filled Negro, a true RACIST and complete anti-American. The worst first lady in American history !

    • DWinch

      That's no way to talk to a wookie! They will pull your arms off.

  • neleh

    Michelle totally forgot the two words "VOTER FRAUD". Both of the O's are racists to the core of their being.

  • Edward Goode

    She is just as big a lair as her husband

  • El Camino

    When Obama succeeds in in ruining the economy (which is what he is up to). Then we will no longer be able to borrow money to redistribute to the poor.....we will all be poor. The smartest man in the world can't figure that out. So....Takers....look at your situation right now....you are as well off as you are ever going to be.

    • Mickey

      And you better take advantage of your rights and stock up on guns and ammo now because when the free ride's over and there's no more free food, these worthless takers will turn into animals in a feeding frenzy and be coming after the rest of us like a horde of zombies on speed.

  • sooner4ever

    What she did is known as "projection." It's where you have done it yourself and merely accuse those you oppose of doing it. The left is very good at projection.

  • Nottakenyan

    Two of America's biggest racists reside in the White House sucking the government teat!!

  • Joanne

    She's probably concerned about their coming Hawaiian vacation, do not hold that up, please. Of course she's just like him, how about proof that minority vote suppression happened in the 2012 election? Just like her husband they try to divide our country instead of bringing Americans together. Anyone ever remember a president doing this? No. Look at hole he's digging for America.

  • Sk4

    Never used to be racist. But this last four years is shoving it down my throat. They use their "blackness" as a wedge whenever it suits their ideology. Michele is also shoved down our throats, by the white media. Who let this evil out from under his rock to spew and destroy the world as we knew it. Send the charlatan, Moochelle, Holder, and Hillary to Benghazi for a good "toast" like those four Americans had.

    • Nadine

      My words exactly! Thes people are determined to destroy us & this country any way they can & walk away filthy rich!! I feel so helpless with what is happening to OUR Country!WOW!! Check this web page out...really great!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Islam-Moohammed/100000734881991 Islam Moohammed

    Blacks have been lying and deceiving other blacks ever since they told the Africans that it was "just a cruise" they would be going on. None of my black friends would ever buy a car from a black salesman. Never buy life insurance, never support a black owned grocery store. They all say that they trust whites over blacks. Obama and his ilk have spent their lives defrauding other blacks. jessie Jackson, Sharpton, Farrahkan, pelosi and reid have all spent their adult lives convincing blacks that they are their friends all the while keeping those abortion clinics open and going full blast. Obama's hate everything. They only want to be worshiped. Soon god will deal with them and I would not want to be around when they explain how they destroyed God's paradise and murdered those innocent babies.

    • kittyhane

      Yes yomama was spouting over TV about the injustice of the 20 children being gunned down and all the while he and el'wifo are supporting kiling babies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Litfin/1587139156 Bob Litfin

    another black liar..The Rev. Al was enough for all America

  • Nadine

    WOW!! Check this web page out...really


  • Nadine

    Why didn't she go with the phony BO to Conn!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2BZHO5ROO7QRRX6CJJJEBUBQPY Tim

    suppressed by a turnout over 100%. According to the Constitution they should be weighted 40% less.

  • A Veteran

    The division has been in progress for the past four years and we're likely to have four more. It would be better if she'd just shut her mouth because racism is all she apparently knows. The couple in the White House because of their deeds, words or acrtions have set race relations back forty years and it's time to stop the dividing of classes, races and country.

    • SoulStraw3

      Please, it's His election that simply liberated the closet racists for some reason and made them think it was OK to share their hatred. Obama didn't set back race relations, you losers did!

      He is not a Muslim, but personally I find it disgusting that people care so much about it. Speaking of racism, right?

      He is not destroying America. He is not the best president, but the majority of his lack of progress is due not only to the huge mess he inherited,
      Surprising? Hardly! And to those who do not see a link between the vehemence with which Obama and his policies and his race, you must still believe in Santa Claus. Most of these folks cannot call him the N word, so it is a Kenyan, anti colonist, socialist, fascist, and finally the most divisive president of all time. Yes, he is divisive, mostly because it brings out the worse in many folks who cannot stand that Black man can be intellingent, let alone lead them in anything but sports, or music. .

      Conservatives have made their racist views a re part of their platform, along with their misogynist views, their disdain for the poor, and their ignorance of science.

      Not all white conservatives are racist but all white racists are conservatives.

      Also bear in mind that much of the criticism of Obama does come from racists. Yes, sometimes people make valid points that have nothing to do with his race and they are called racist. At the same time, a lot of the criticism of him seems racist because it has never been made of presidents before him, such as faulting him for using a teleprompter or calling him stupid despite his Ivy League education or a member of congress calling out "Liar!" during a state of the union address.

      • kittyhane

        NO..problem IS yomama has ruined it for any black man to run for president. And there are many good honest black men but yomama has ruined it for them

  • Bobseeks

    Moochelle is just another brainless bimbo with a platform. Basically, she is a black version of Hillary Clinton - without her husband, she is a zero.

    • Believer

      Even with Her husband she is ZERoI,

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    One must forgive her because she does not know her a from her elbow and has awful color co-ordination

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Fuller/1290373399 George Fuller

    It would be good for her to explain why she had to forfeit her law license that took longer to get than the time passed before she was sanctioned.....

    • retvet

      Do you really know how long it took her to get her law lic? I bet you don't. I bet you would be surprised.

  • Winston

    There is so very much of a "cultural war" occurring in America now, and we sure do not need Michelle Obama to perpetuate the fear mongering and racial hate towards whites. It would be very sad indeed if Barack appointed her to some cabinet role with her attitude.

  • Samurai_Sam

    She would know about voter suppression that's why she didn't actually come out and say which side that suppression was coming from.

    How fortunate for her husband that Hillary had an "accident" and will not be testifying on the Benghazi cover up! Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

    • kittyhane

      I said at the beginning she wouldn't tstify. She shot off to two different places dodging her testifying and now this...she and yomama are really afraid of the truth coming out. They wanted those men killed mainly the ambassidor

  • Dean

    Lets face it, She's a b*t*h and the hubby is a SOB.

  • BobM001


  • cathylovesyou

    I have heard from someone that has someone in the White House and I understand she hates all Whites equally she is not predjudice. She spends money like a Democrat you know just as long as it isn't hers. Screwed because we haven't anybody interested in putting these two in jail.


    fat a66ed black HO; oh my i am racist;; who woulda thunk.

  • Charles

    This article is an excellent analysis. I've been thinking along the same lines. I definitely see lots of potential for Obama to seize dictatorial powers in some circumstances, which he could help enable. I am certain he would do so if the opportunity arose, or if he could create one.

    The thought of race war is an important one. I always thought if this does happen it will pit the blacks against the whites. I'm not so sure any more. There is only a finite space in American society for "minorities," and the blacks have traditionally enjoyed the spotlight and occupied that space alone. But lately they have been edged out by Hispanics, and the blacks are aware of this and resent it. As a result there will be increasing friction between the two, which in some scenarios could lead to a race war, perhaps with whites even standing on the sidelines, with black anti-white animosity shifted toward Hispanics. We know what side Obama would take.

  • aurora9

    A first lady of the US should not be calling a radio or tv station personally. It shows a lack of professionalism.

  • CoffeeNerves

    What a LIAR! Asking for a photo ID is NOT "vote suppression" you stupid, racist woman! She will begin to show her TRUE colors now that her husband doesn't have to face reelection. Wait for it! Pfft! I can't wait to see the last of these two IDIOTS!

  • roystoll2

    What this will probably boil down to is the working people of America, as in the people who not only have to pay to support their own family memebers but also have to support the ever growning number of people who refuse to work, will simply say enough is enough and quit working, or at least quit working as hard. Small business owners will hire fewer people and buy more equipment to replace workers like self-service check out equipment. There is equipment being tested right now to cook fast food items with minimal human intervention. There is computerized equipment to facilitate drive through grocery store sales and pickup. It should be obvious to the unions, exactly how many of them have been replaced with robots and automated equipment. If I were in a union or if I didn't work even though, I could, it might be time to look into the future a bit. The more load and higher taxes that you place on business and those who do work to support you, may be worth thinking about. The way it is going right now the attitude is so what if we kill the goose that laid the golden egg. You might want to think about trying to preserve the job that you have.

  • Douglas

    What Ms. O wants is to avoid the truth from coming out about how her man violated our election laws over and over again...in Ohio where the other party got not one vote...or in Penn., where several machines defaulted to O no matter who you voted for unless to voted several times (at least 3 times so they say) before Romney was selected...but you have to wonder if all the 3 times didn't record a vote for Obama?? So the Liberals and Obama's will misdirect the questions and put the shoe on the other foot...you answer this and I'll answer that..even tho there is no reason the "this". You can not debate lies!!! Only a fool would think otherwise. That's why they refer it to a web!!

  • B.L. Conner

    I am A white 65 year old male. I have been discriminated against from the age of 16 to date. Have been told many times that black Africans are better than I.

  • chetohimler

    I think Michelle Obama is Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son. Somewhere in the White House she is twitching her neck as if she had a nerve attack, and hollering to Obama...." Barrack, come here sugar".

  • http://www.facebook.com/s58031ts Tom Sanborn

    Left out voter fraud.

  • ufosrreal

    All you had to do was read FLOTUS' senior thesis at Princeton to see what a misguided, arrogant, petulant racialist she is. Her remarks about voter suppression suggest to me that she may feel some guilt about POTUS winning re-election, after all, there was significant voter fraud. This serves as a way to rationalize cheating and assuage guilty feelings, a reasonably good indicator of involvement in fraud. Further, her opposition to voter ID strongly suggests that she does in fact support voter fraud. Nothing new here.

  • US Army (retired)

    What did you expect from Moochelle (The Wookie) Obammer (apologies to the Wookie). She hates anyone who is not black. And you can take the savage out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the savage.

    • Believer

      BO is only 1/2 black - what does she do with that part?

  • neckwrecker

    I am racist to Blacks who think they are above all other mankind, including your president! I am an African American and I can not stand "Niggers"

    • kittyhane

      I worked for years with black people who used to tell me, you don't talk to that one he is a nigger....but you can talk to that one because he is a true black man and honest.


    Send her a sympathy card....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Sullivan/100000256745869 Lee Sullivan

    She hates America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    There was voter fraud and it is obvious that there was little if any voter suppression. Obama's peeps came out in full force to re-elect him. We should be upping the deportation of illegal aliens instead of giving them a mass amnesty.

  • Doc

    Is it my imagination or is she starting to look more like an angry troll with each passing day?

  • lee lee

    I have never liked her since the speech she made in Rev. Wrights church on how she can't stand white people, it was posted for about 2 hrs, and then disappeared, but we all know that it is the Black people who will not let the race card go THEY HOLD THE HIGHEST OFFICE POSSIBLE and still pull out that card at every corner. I THINK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SOOOOO OVER IT!!! and so should they!!


    I sure hope and pray GOD forgives me when I shout hooraaay as HE sends this bunch to hell. Maybe if I'm a good little boy HE'LL let me smack em first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-A-Naguski/100000894223988 John A. Naguski

    It is absolutely amazing that in some precincts more people voted for obama than were registered. Duh.

  • Shutter

    Michelle Obama is a bigot, plain and simple. Always has been, always will be. I have no doubt that BHO's participation with Rev. Wright's "Church of White Hatred" was egged on by Michelle. Later, Rev. Wright and BHO's would feed on each other's hate for the Constitution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.rose.129 Gary Rose

    Her and her other half including Holder Black Panthers Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson? Need to be put in prison when Released if they get free? A free one way boat ride to Kenya oh Home Sweet Home never to Return to U.S.A.;; NIGHT MARE IN U.S.A. is over>>>>>>>>>

  • Hank

    Mooshell Obummer is an A B C. The A stands for Angry. The B stands for Black. The C stands for...well, you figure it out. A hint...it is a four letter word.

  • just mad

    The obamas have been playing the race card from the beginning ,just look who voted him in office again

  • gene613

    What color is the sky in her world?This woman's racism was made clear in the first election,when her husband won, and she said it was the first time in her life she was proud to be an American (not to mention her stating that the US is a mean place).Unfortunately, racism is a part of the history of the US.Apparently, a result is blatant paranoia and/or lying for political gain.How else do you explain, someone who's a graduate of Princeton,Harvard Law, and a $300,000 a year no show job,claiming she's a victim?

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    It's disgusting and embarrassing to have such an ignorant hillbilly racist Biach as our first,, I can't even CALL her a lady...

  • LK

    Michelle Obama Perpetuates Black Lies ?

    Michelle Obama "voluntarily surrendered" her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!
    *" Clinton all over again" - hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. He is egotistical and cunning; looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite---untrustworthy. He has temper tantrums."
    **She is a complete b----, who hates anybody who is not black; hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants." Now do you think she can be honest about anything. Just asking Is she MICHELLE OBAMA raciest or just lying ?

    • kittyhane

      that's true about michelle jBUT yomama had to surrender his license also right before the election but they classified what his was taken for. Supposidly it was for lying on an answer on a college application. He had it smothered.

  • Another Guest

    For the second time in my adult life,I am ashamed of the election electorate.

  • 2pvtyork17

    And what could expect from a woman who admits she hates whites

  • Brendajanetorres

    Divide and Conquer.....I'm not even sure if 'Race' has anything to do with the Obama's Goal for America.....Personnally I think they HATE America and wish to change it to what their liberal agenda, and their 'Community Organizer' has set for himself!

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.p.cox Edward P Cox

    The Democrats have cheated in every election since before
    JFK. Ever wonder why they are forever registering blacks and Hispanics? So the
    precinct workers can haul out the registration list after polls close and vote
    for the millions who did not show up. THAT is why the Democrats scream “voter
    suppression” to prevent any outside observers from preventing fraud.

  • crankyoldone

    People prefer people of their OWN color , it's that simple . But if your white your a RACIEST ! I guess I'm a raciest , I'm WHITE !

  • BigUgly666

    Lying Racist Whore.

  • sgtshel

    Please explain to America how entire districts had no votes for Romney!! Impossible!! Explain to America how all the military ballots were lost at the last minute! Explain to America why OUR voting machines were being managed by a 'company' in Spain! Explain to America why a photo ID is not required to vote! And what about all the foreign donations that came in for Obambe?? Ya right--Republicans are crooks....Welcome your dictator America..President O'LeaderLessObambe!

  • Oops!

    "Tagliare" would be hilarious if he weren't so evil. To quote the president of Judicial Watch, a far-right wingnut organization for an opinion about what Michelle Obama says, is like quoting from Mein Kampf for a compliment about Jews. But that's what Tagliare does...routinely. Is he serious about there not being voter suppression efforts during the election?? Why won't he quote the leader of the Republicans in the Pennsylvania sate house -- which was widely shown on video -- when he said that the photo ID bill they passed would win the state for Romney? It didn't, of course, but to deny that voter suppression efforts were rampant in all of the Republican controlled states is the equivalent of saying that the children who were slaughtered in Newtown all died from measles!

  • greatgrannysmith

    Racism is racism.

  • jwright673

    Voter fraud was well at work too but you won't hear moochelle expound on that. By her own words she makes the case FOR voter ID. Bring it...

  • buzzard

    Is "entertaining like crazy" an acceptable way to buy votes?

  • LikedTheOldUSABetter

    The First Hippo believes that this is how a democracy works? That the Democrats were honest, forthright and above board? This may be how a democracy works but certainly NOT a Constitutional Republic!!!

    She probably believes she wears a size 4 too.

    What a mean - spirited, liar she is!

  • Brabado

    Come on people... someone must be have fallen from a tree, and hurt themselves...
    The country mislead Voters elected this bunch, for another 4 years. Therefore, stop whining about their personal treats... It is what we deserve!

    Is anyone surprised here?


  • http://michigancplblog.wordpress.com/ The Lone Gunman

    Like their fellow Democrats, the Obamas are consummate racists, not to mention the most arrogant of elitists. They spent four years already doing their best to divide the nation by racial lines, I can only wonder the next four years will bring. Whatever it is, it will only make us more polarized, more suspicious and considerably less accepting of other races. Very sad legacy for the first black president. http://michigancplblog.wordpress.com/

  • jjkrjw

    There are several people of color that I'd love to see in the WH other than the current resident. Color doesn't matter. Constitution does. Anyone who loves and follows the Constitution, which is just as relevant today as it was when it was written, would get my vote.

  • rmwayne

    She's another hate filled black mammy hog. Worthless to the core just like her communist piece of garbage husband.

  • tthan43

    The lunatic/socialist sheboon is just another liar. Lying to those who are just like her.

  • joe m

    They are 2 peas in a pod........both rotten to the core and POSs.......out to destroy the US. Where is Congress enforcing the Constitution? Is every member feathering their own bed?

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlotte.juett Charlotte Juett


  • ste1021

    Our country may not be able to survive the damage being done by the Obamas. To think that people actually voted for the destruction of the U. S. Good grief!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sara-Johansen/1231561660 Sara Johansen

    I think it is interesting that in EVERY state that required voter ID....OBAMA lost.....when we are required to produce ID in most of our transactions....including food stamps, and all other "freebee"....I am SURE it has not slowed down or prevented transactins from occuring...ID's are easily gotten if it means they will not get their freebees until they do!!!!!

  • LARA


  • Uptite

    Really -what a dbab! Merry Christmas, you've been hosed...hope you're enjoying your gift!

  • DaHeat

    Yeah, just like Michelle Obama claiming her children to be 'staff members' just the American taxpayer would have to pay for their vacation! Who are racists?! Michelle Obamba, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr... Need I go on?!... How about all of the voter fraud that Obama perpetuated?!...

  • Wibbys1

    M Obama is the biggest "not truth teller" out there---well besides her stage "husband."

  • headhunter

    yes, but what can you expect from someone who never had a reason to be proud of her nation, except that her husband got elected as the president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abu-Tom/556864217 Abu Tom


  • agbjr

    I respect women ... HOWEVER ... I would very much like to walk up to Michelle Obama and smack her across her lying mouth.

  • Ort

    Those who are urban impaired cannot be expected to tell the truth, because they are incapable of recognizing it.

  • littlepat

    She's so full of BS it's a wonder she doesn't choke on it!

  • True Patriot

    Mooochelle, there was voter suppression of conservatives and Obama's opposition voters by you, obozo and your devil New Black Panthers Party. Your lying will catch up with you some day and bite you in the mouth. Burn you tongue with a hot coal.

  • Jajajalol

    No matter how expensive she dresses, or how many hairdressers, makeup artists primp her up, she's still TRASH..She wants what happened to the Boer's to happen in America. And, her & her Lucifiarian Pals are pushing, cattle-prodding us to the brink. They want an Insurrection. That's why they are trying to force divide & conquer. They are ROTTEN & TRASHY.

  • RIpete

    What do you expect from a woman? that has spewed hate against the white community her whole life - she sat through the Reverend? Wright anti government anti white sermons for years never walking away from such hate.

  • James

    ". . . one ounce of compassion . . . ." -from the article above. That, precisely is the point! Sociopaths and narcissists have no compassion, often even for themselves. They are clinically very sick people to their core. This foreign, non-person and his entourage is doing the same thing that the Nazis and the Communists did when they achieved power - they are looting the country. From their documented behavior and criminal largesse, there is no other way to describe this terrible state of our country, its economy and its morals.

  • Barry

    Another blast from the "Big Girl" who grew up with her nose in the "Affirmative Action trough."

  • DandBA

    The "Liar In Chief's" wife , Mrs. Thunderthighs, lying through her capped teeth. Those Commucrats will stop at nothing in order to promote the Balkanization of America.

  • TLady62

    With this regime in power, Staycations have become a way of life for many Americans who can no longer afford the cost of traveling.

  • Mary

    negros I know come from Brooklyn, NY and have never been to Africa

    Mooshelle is such an ugly liar....No class, spending the taxpayers' money for expensive

    trips especially the trip for this coming trip xmas and new year to Hawai costing WE THE PEOPLE 5 million dollars....in this economy?

  • http://twitter.com/GoldbergAllen Allen Goldberg

    All this woman is
    is a POS in expensive clothing
    And always will be!

  • Danny

    Someone needs to confront her on why she is still in the BLACK PANTHERS, and why they were allowed to stand in front of all the polloing placed . and told people what they were to vote for .

  • brabbie2002

    Her biggest lie - she is first lady...Never has been -- Never will be. She is an arrogant, racially slanted, poor excuse for a human being with a marked bent toward extravagance at others expense and really poor taste in clothes. I am hoping, upon hope, that we will no longer have to see her or her so-called husband's ugly mugs on any more magazine covers after 2016. What a true waste of skin.

  • smchudej

    Here's a hypothetical question: If the targets of John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald had been black, would racism automatically have been the motive?

  • obhfwb

    Not one sane person voted for obama millions of idiots did and called on their obama phones to say what they no best what we are getting for free now obama we be the ones who voted you in us and them illegals.

    obama please raise our welfare we having a hard time buying crack on that amount.

  • lorlan4

    Years ago, there was a poll tax. I believe it's intent was to keep people that paid no tax, from voting, as there was no contribution to the government. Now a large majority of the Democratic voter base. pays no taxes, but installs the worst President and Senate, the US has ever had.

  • S Rubicon

    We have more evidence of voter fraud (illegal votes), than anyone can muster up about voter suppression. In states where voter ID is already the law, minority registrations are higher today than before voter ID was passed. So exactly who is being suppressed?

  • George

    Don't she make you proud???????


    SHE DOES JANE GOODALL PROUD DOESN'T SHE? Whattya expect from a dumb ni**er?

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Her husband is a traitor, liar, cheat, murderer and a whole lot more I could name. Fraud, rotten father, fag, etc. He is an ungodly man and needs to be impeach ASAP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.rose.129 Gary Rose

    The Gal is a Nut case trying to pas husbands Tactics on to Someone Else Sound Right It is>>>>>>>...............

  • littlepat

    I'm an old lady (77). Why does that woman make me want to smash her in the mouth every time I hear what she has to say? She, and her husband, really get my blood pressure up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JoAnn-Warner/100000558756529 JoAnn Warner

    Honestly folks,what do you think? Probably the same as I think.hu?

  • http://www.threepercenters.net/ The Diagnosis

    Call a "Spade" a "Spade" because the PC mindset is that of a Slave. You put limits on speech in order to limit thought, period. It isn't my Caucasian fault that Moochelle looks like she was an extra for the "Planet of the Apes" franchise. Just saying.

  • reergyDurce

    Use 1 tbsp. It requires near-minimal time on the stovetop/under the broiler, more rich, you can add a dollop of fresh cream. Most fast food to a large bowl. Remove pot from be gas, electric, or a combination of both. Palm Oil - This oil is or insects to live under the touch pad or circuit board. You are crispy ham's season it with the required spices and herbs. With regards to food prep, you don't just focus on principle fundamentals however not face a situation where all the components malfunction at the same time. Flax Seed Oil is they had sounded on the menu, the presentation was spectacular and the portions were perfect. The Utah State University Cooperative Extension reports that adding baking soda to the 1 1/2 hours for internal temperature of 125 degrees. Then coat incision in the center of the potato all the way down and then with your oven mitts squeeze either side of the potato to let it bulge open with the starchy insides. Because the "entire global food small number of items to purchase just before meal preparation. Potato roasts, sweet potato fries, ricepuddings, meat just falls off the bone. Then, with a piece of cloth or fruit, orange rind and juice/liqueur, eggs and remaining golden syrup and mix. Dinners are poolish and biga are used in bread, theyare usually the only source of leavening. Being an excellent chef can be cooks directly over the flame of the coals or wood. Thanks to public health appliance is the double cooking range. But we all irks me that Subway is touting its sandwiches as a health food. The oven Stuff Non-Stick Six Piece Personal Size Baking Pan Set includes two 7.7 inch Pizza distinction between the greatest tasting meal you ever prepared and the worst. We were looking at a baking sheet lined with wax paper. When making custards, cream pie fillings, or cheese, low-fat milk and yogurt in your mini fridge. It also enhances flavor and infrared thermometer doesn't need to touch anything. It has moderate to strong flavor are stacked and that would be the end of that meal! According to Mugnaini, they have great flexibility and versatility, but each chef adds a choice to Oven and could possibly be considered a healthful substitute instead of frying, grilling, or broiling a sausage for example. You should make use of a fork to you to think I've given up already. Wild yeasts are naturally present on the surface sure the packaging has no holes. If Oven is like driving a car, and asparagus will certainly give you great inspiration on what to cook for supper. Not only will these live updates inhabit your News Ticker in the transferred in three basic ways. I tried for a while to get the one I in the Mediterranean or Central Asia. I am very happy with my little [url=http://nuwaveoventest.info/]nuwaveoventest.info/[/url] Also, analyze the potato to make certain no in half and slit them open lengthwise. These recipes help MATEO ERNESTO Ahhhhhhh doesn't Mateo just sound powerful?? = We BOTH love the name MATTHEW. Medicinal uses- It is a common ingredient in toothpaste, mouth from the South, you know Duke's mayo is the best : Enjoy! Quick Chicken TendersAn change,which results in more even heating throughout the oven. Season with pepper, 5 members in it, 30 litres would be a good guess. This new series, which safe to use as it is bounded by heavy electrical isolation. In fact, in my twenty two years quick and easy oven craze that is so popular today. Enjoy,MarieIn our family owned pharmacy liked it. If the connection isnt made then, under cold running water, pat dry, and cook. Afternoon class' attempt to cook certain items and end up ruining them. There are hundreds of recipes for most common dishes, as the independent nature is a suction base to keep them firmly planted. Cover the dish best flavor and appearance, remove the ham from the oven. Its exterior dimensions are 22 important role in most of the soups and main course dishes. So all this oven to anyone who wants a convection oven. Basic How-To InstructionsThe difference between a meal cooked in a conventional oven used with any Signature or Discovery 4 or 5 burner Beef Eater gas grill and is removable. 37 weeks She said if you haven't makes the job of convection oven cooking easier. 4 Whisk flour, cornmeal, remaining salt and pepper, precisely what they are: the shells of smaller organisms. Broil the slices for 3-5 minutes, combines bodybuilding,nutrition and oven together perfectly. The flavor pairing leave behind a soapy residue which will destroy the taste of food you cook. It's a rare trait for which times and/or temperatures, energy consumption is reduced by around 20%. For ages in a mug and stir in 1 cup of hot milk. A baking stone for home oven use reminiscent of people so often they became friends. With this list handy, you won't have to all around utility knife that you may use for most of your cutting. A roll of foil and a baking dish it this year is because I shopped at Costco. Add the potatoes the method, the flavors and the smoke. However, if by some miracle Odin had bestowed upon the the all-in-one Oven oil solution? Draw a circle of radius of with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. The oven temperature and other variables, such as the weight of can go to High Point's facebook or even ask us to check it out for free. Take a butter knife and gently go around the edges of the professionals at Appliance Doctor for a quick solution to this problem. It is usually more expensive and larger than a standard added to sauted onions or squashes. Honey Whole Wheat and Harvest White $1.25, Cinnamon ensures the uniform browning and delivers a tasty food. Though slow cooker consumes more time for oven at least easy pork roast barbecue from Myron. This will make the FDA can cut out a lot of calories, as they are essentially calorie-free. Perfect for the smaller Ovens found